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40 ■*"”
tonModj <"• b>ai b| t OOSRAD,
M Martel It. FHil*4tlph‘»
]‘j a i«r|{e AMonacntof BeriiA lr®oß**keu,«f m* :
iTfil pn.ern «uiUbte Ibrpirtor orn«m e nt»or <or wota
oi':»rdt,»tkei«;for«l«J>Y , myO Fli EATO.^
’ (ium o,»tiußi Pepenne;. .
ffcl«. « *ptetjdid ron: wood te-reß r, “®
GiI«ASS-4uotix> sxlO,
r ito do ion*
!«£ !Su» “'»/ c » B rDwS3!”‘
•" J fy “!« kr- "* wMcronol
B" DrfpiPEE BOIEI-A IW A'lSfl”'”
of Bolf P«p-r lM*ie»,of owned > *
atom, Kcriwtl tbudi)' »nd for **l* •* -p; ETON’S
"S f V‘“ “■* ■•"‘.ii'itK'Jj.iEAfi? i£a«-< « _
SUNUtUK»-« No lUnif
1 )**.« I DICKEY k. Co
nve—for »*lc by ....
lM SIIAD-iJil !.W«ll«rnnp
sdJ do s?b4J,
0 jo >o l Mackerel;
sMfdo do ' do now landing■and
* 5 buao R BRUCE 4 Co
r Moppo»‘te tmiibfield
E pi«e of rr#o« win i»« op«« forlhe teuton it «e*e
nin(r,,Bl«T 3rd. 3 _
SPABKftU OUITAttSrAi»«« and larjt a»on
meut of vcr, -uper-ir ai»aru»b Guiurt, Le *'
Farit maaafaeUirea, u*t received audfor
S _ USiuUBB-Ground Pfrpper, Sardaiet;
do AUpiees Cjo»e«,
du ClovcS Nuitnefctj
oo Cinamm; PimenW ~
;>»** kSoESh * BR&MflrrL | £
For**te |>y
ohn Appier
4UU Wdodo Penclic*;
an do do Bc*[>V? r Z£l ,i
mfi RViiLISII A Bi^^CTT,37woodM_
ill cast mde of *b« L».m-nom), **««<! «>oor fro ® “**
•amond Alley.'»*ni*ttorjh_ ... --
n «i uvWtCIN!*, Attorney at
R. Hirin’. d«iui»e.. ~**'r “ !,p “ ' o ; 3 J: w
Court lleuw-. ’ -
MACKKiIKL 50 bbU ian?e No 3, So«lh; _
Suhifdo do do .do; ;
For.»lt bv 1S0»"D IIESZELTON,
Black lack scaufs-a fc» iii»ck Uc«
l'tii U*die»—a nrarce article—* few ton
received Alk>. t>rv S e»nd S,H ‘muRP^IY
Oooda_Uoo«e.r hi? 4 W K MURPHY
POTASH —« c»k* aup, I’olaJb, juviree’d on eon
r .ins «« .nd tor -1, L, iller t RICKBtsoN
my 3 No l?u liberty,wreot
OUANUKH AND LKJiaXS-liAllbi. (brut
1 0 bbl» Heine r. t> ilo Shad;
ML»“ r; ksSu% a bennktt
O' bX*KuelM’u.ul>; ...
.... ""■> *A BENNETT
47S K‘ v'v;i.rnoNNi;f.*B“' 1 r f A £"
,*i Norwood *i
GILKUN APFItoB»-»sc»rk«; •
lii Ui» tn Oat*; Car ante by
A A BAGS K.O roßc-.jiiM received nnd for Mile hy
mv3 No 16U liberty M
- u»J«.toi«r,OWtt"'BimDESAAIJOBN ‘
9 my 4
P „ff to A Co
BACON Is,«>u ll>- SboolUcr*; ” ~
is n »i hi* Hjih*. in *moke fo
101 " “ ArWOOD.JONhSA.Co.
water A front««
YVnivom ha MS. ac-*i r>lr'Vetii , on Ham*:
r*NlS*>M |IAM..,*C lacan •idr*.jo« rcc'd
fkibn D, RHEY *. CO
57 walei «.
ami tor *-Ue t.y
A eat Ut & wood m
tllll IRON-1™ “»• k»> * nd . c “f. d l ' 1 "' M "“' '
P.S‘ woiUL
and fofjale by ®P.2.
iJ andiorwcoi- • front.*- water »'■»■
rniS-gDOUMS®«*yjj feSSSIi «5“"
JLj »ndfoi**lel»3r . ie
. fKrTnnn li.. t>a«> ni jb« r s ccnflny {nm ,tnoke
‘ 100.000. to«. tor »te JORDAN A SON
, apid
XI He. Apply w* gpr ptnn k. irwio «n
~A /* bbiTMess Potk; '
v 4b 11 ao !•"“« i °- F °' t SOS
ate® - - --- - •
Oll*S-COU ftiiw W»a«r bleavbei
200 ~ whale
5 bbts **
F^ C J?iSK" ■»
■t »nd for •*!« «y w«iar. * W wood «•
»r"fr _
9QB» F “ur-ood^fot~2l,Restock * Co
for Ui fc wood.»«
QCOBCHINOB— <9e*k* pritne, rcc’J on coongn-
O men., *nd for « ,e & NNISG HAM k BONNER
lU libcny *t
my 3 1 —5
•fvBT b[ l., „
TBAWip Galen* Le*d,««*™ d per .tem*
J_l Cambria and lOT “IeWIS HUTCHISON t Co
A.UCOBOt-10 66U 6
XX aale by J NoS* wood «t
TmEEM fPWilt»-Ato« 1”
(j .MiMrWdUTillc.mJto aRBA UGH
No 33 wood •»
lo e lo«e qaaaignnicnt rajJ . —*-
I?|A HXi Bni»n Cb,llicc'i= eM „i lb,
l' )0 _ *W..&AI"«ErSON_
j * ssirß * nr ° r '‘ n °“ “**'*““
rrSiSH? ou—w^ l *
X lifßßciH, »n<* <OT * ,Ic a VwOOD. JONES & Co,
■ wiier h, front m
w, ° L^ t y,s&*a aa , >c .
200 K^aawo.r,,
p M“ST
- myl r-t"
—ITTg Blaiclt— ** Je 10
..„'? * c»., * ftont...
OUO*»-I°0*W. .m«>7 fcO?"
O »«l* br Nn 30 wiicf »i
ray 3 _________
fc Voon* Hywni
I HywaSkinfcuunpowder,
•I 1 "’ cor wood *nd wtef*t»
mnitiTO CATSOP-* c»*e* Tom*lo.C«uup
T “**•'*.
rcired ond l<n ** lc No 17 liberty «t
Libenytf, ne«r the c»n»i. t
JJ uid tor «*J« ><> w »y 01 wood *t
* /«»«*«>
;. Lj and (or •&)* *>y " Ul>enr «i-
- T'AKD per .i»r New
. *H>,f *p SELLERS
' fot MIC m>t»eny n
PKPPBR-/ cai«» Powdered AJh* an Cayenne
aS?I** 1 **’ iu * 1 rctclTed “ d bRAUW * RPTFifr.
R ; ' AOS WAS T KD—Country Mixed fSRJSd’
“• *'^ kt ‘ l P?f^, c “raLLW ’
a pl7tf Pint itrcct. below M«rkct_
COFKKB— Uoa»w>d Mad Ground, for Meanjboet*
hotel* and grocer*, at ibe Mnitard and IC ® *l, *
torv. Fifth »l aa» RHODES k ALCORN
fS KA N U r?*—l Conned for cunwaen, at Ibe Moatar
r«nd Since Factory, srt F‘fd» atreei.
SUbblt and litfkenon band
No 37 Fifth street
G'l ROUND OlNtil
f and for »m!e by f
Ground PEPPER, in bbla, keg»andta>xea,fie*b
.na coimuillr - ■*&„,
- No 'ft Fifth atreei
OJA LCS squltl., ]«• C
~ cor fiiat fc wood Ml
SSI rfE»CHB-OTta« 1
ri 50 do do Appiei,-
» re .nJ tor •»!« J C BIDWELL
j isaBBD °i 1 *> 7
XJ No SS front it
LA WHS* far 1* I*3 «e#» P« “
D“S”««' *"'“ 4 “"^TObphy
Ov •*!• by wmter i front *t»
lo"bbl» lwire««l»ed and for sale bjr
,pi? J UDDACd,*lwitMfl
* PITTSBURGH BOARD OF TRADB. j ~ 5 ri« ID im witir >. t uk cb.kbel
COMMITTEE FOR MAY. ’ #«« 111 m. w*TK »« «» CBinm.
Movements of tbs iusaihlpi. . ;
Steam, Las Liverpool. Lmt Antna.
Barth Sands, Thompson,' M*r2fl ll*r 8
Cambria, Jndkms, April 4 Msj l ■
Csledonis, Loll, Apr 16 • May 16 ;
Itfbentia, Ryne, W*y I , Jjof I
Washington, Hewiu, - May I
Orncs PiTTsauaoH Gazette,;
Monday Morning, May 10. S
Weather Saturday somewhat rainy, but pleasant.
The River* continued to recede slowly—there was
4 feet Binebes water on Saturday evening.
Floor has excited more attention sin£e the Steam*
er's news, and prices have iteadilv' advanced.— 1
Saturday the market stood at £4,69c*4,874, and S 5
istsked by miny. Tho receipts having been bm*
gre lor sevorai days, the transactions were mainly of
Floor in store} oo Thursday evening alter the tenor
of the was known, a round lot or 500 bhls* “ Bnfialo
Mills/’with some privileges of freight, was taken
at £5,25; sod on Friday 500 more oi same at same.
01 the 1000 bbls, 530 were delivered at Canal; and
650 at River. The sales Irom store Saturday were
On Provisions the news jias bad but little efleet
either way. No bbld meals of any kind on the mar
ket. For 4>*eon tho demand continues brisk, and
transactions include 40,000 lbs, at prices showing no
change whatever. j
Freight to go below continues scarce—freights
utter what the extent of the slock ol flour
ii at the Kart, the opening of the State Canal* al«
way* baa ila influence on price* below. At prcacnt
the atock in Wew Yofk ia amall, more *o than for
*»njr yean, and it i* alto believed that the Boato®
demand during the winter abaorbed much of the flou_
vat os tale or stored in Albany and Troy, pre
to the resumption of river navigation. Such (
at waa at hand to ship, bat already gone
ird (rum those places, and has been pot on the
market below. The appended table will show the
period at which the Hudson river opened—the time
or the opening of the State Canals—-together with
the price ol wheat and floor in' New York at a cor
responding period for a series or years .
Canal open. Hudson do. Flour, bbl Wheat, bn
1839.. Aprl2o Feb *1 S 8 25fi8 3151 0)31 65
18-10.... •• 20 “ 21 5 8836 00 l 09c-l 12
1841.. - 26 Mir. 24 4 9035 00 943 J 00
1842.. « 20 Feb 4 5 26&6 38 1 2*127
1843.. .May l Aprl 13 5 1235 15 I OOfr
18-44.... Apr! 18 Mar 18 5 0035 06 1 0631 08
1845.. « 15 Feb 24 46884 75 943100
1846.. " 16 Mar 18 5333 5 44 1 223125
1847.. ..May I Aprl 7 7 5037 624 1 403145
—(Bofi. om.
‘ The principal articles that arrived at Cleveland,
by way qfthe Ohio Canal, during the month ol May,
are the following:
Wheal bu 281,443 Flour bbla 87,48.)
Corn 60,244 Pork 4,024
Mineral coal.. 63.450 Whisker 4212
Iran,nails..lbs 1,423,82? Glass, G Ware 190,511
Haeon *31,571 Lard 389 241
Butter 48£08 D Fruit....... 151,213
Pol and Prl Ash 16,217 Wood ..cords 724
HoiTO’ berchawts’ maoii»!»«, lor May, opens
with a striking paper on the progress ol Wealth in
Massachusetts from 1790 to 1840. The abrolute
increase ol wealth during these 50 years, has been
5255,855,989 34, of which neatly three fifths have
accrued within the last 20years,from manufactures
Phe details of facts in the article are curious and
minute. There are articles, too, on the subjects of
Aonuities. Life Insurance, Jtc, on the vast Coal and
Iron Trade of (be Ohio Valley; upon the late United
Stales regulations with Mexico, and many oilier
topics of special interest to the mercantile commu
inly. 'The late Hichard Kicardo is the subject of
the biographical sketch, and in the stitisticariables
there is the same systematic and lucid arrangement,
ntd the same abundance of valuable inferinaiion for
which this magsatno has become world wide lamous.
There are counterieit notes of £1(0 on the Plan
ters’ Bank of Tennessee, in circulation, so well
executed as to deceive the best ol judges—on the
Nashville Branch*, vignelje, railroad can and steam •
boat; engraved by Kawdoo, Wright. Hatch fit Rdson*
New Orleans. The plate it said to be a genuine
engraving, with the words Planter’s Bank subititn<
ted (or Bank of Alabama.
This is the name of Cspt J <i Woodward’s new
tat, jest out, and,loading lor ber first trip. The T
first class low water boat, fitted up in elegant
•tvlc, and admirably adspted for a passenger Packet
daring the summer. Thereat Ml the diflerence in
the world betweeo boats of even the same draught.
The larger and swifter a boat may be, tbe more
comfortable will she be for travelleis in hot weather
Roomy cabins anc| a swift motion both ereate and
promote tbe circulation of air. The T bas peculiar
advantages in this respect. Her state rooms are
large, guards wide, and decks high and open. She
draw* only 22 inches water, and measures over 200
too*, though in good water she will carry 400 ealily.
She hat cabin accommodation* for ’CO passengers,
and they are ol the best kind. Her dimensions ate
—length I St ft; beam 2GJ ft; and hold, if remember
aright, 5 ft. Dunble Engines—3 boilers, 24 feet in
length, 36 inches diameter. Wheel* 22 ft, and 10
ft bucket. Cylinder 17 ioche*, and 6 ft stroke. Hull
by Pringle) Engine* by Snowden. She was built at
Brownsville and furnished. We commend the T to
the public aa a very fine boat, staunch and well fitted
up. The Captain is worthy of special mention as
one of the cleverest gentlemen oo the River, and
or great experience in hn bnvmcas. "No one w bo
travels with him will him will have cause to com
plain. Mr C Hay*, hi* clerk, ia a gentlemen to
whom we are under obligations for bis oniform cour
tesy and attention. Succcn to them. .'HieTleavea
to-day lor St Louis. *.
Ebis, May s.—Lumber and gram has come in
pretty freely. We saw some splendid | wbitewood
or which $ 9 was offered and refuAd. Barley is
arriving by wagons, but is dull, and the price is fixed,
generally, a* to the teller* necessity for moner.-
Wheat—no sales of eonseqsence. Corn —1 iCW bu
vellow, Crawford Co., told afloat fer Jsc Tor New
Vork drafts. Coal scarce, the boats being engaged,
wrineipallviin the lomber burinet*. bale* Saferd iy
at S-fe'™ Monday at J-Lfi3. Freigbulrom here
to Buffalo 20c V* bbl} ano from here tu New York
but will be lower. By the canal to Pittsburgh
25623 c p ewi.
: >.».
•BEAVER PACKETS at 9 and 10 a « and 3 r ■
•WELLSVILLE, WelUvilfe; 9 a. m.
•D. LEECH 6c. Co’s. PACKET, Philadelphia sod
Baltimore,? r.
•HIBERNIA, 'Wheeling,lo a.w.
•WILMINGTON. Steubenville. 2, r. *.
-HUDSON, SaLfish, 4 r. m.
•MONONGAHELA, Cincinnati. 10 a «.
•AMERICA, Looiitilfe,4 r. w.
•TRIUMPH, ‘ « 4r. m.
NORTH CAROLINA, St Louis. 4 r m.
•These are regular Packets.
ST LOUIS—Per Brooklyn—2 »nchor«, J May
-60 bate* hemp, 718 d hide#, D Lceeb & u >~ s b “;
Tttle At O’Connor—l bx. Hanna At Watermao-t-IO
pen peltry, A Beele n-l b*. 51 d hide*. J M*j-M6
kS feather*, Hutchison At Co—3B hbda
I4y bbla pck.TG Odiwne—Soega.Liarka it THiw
—S3* ions pig iron, Koapp AtToUen—2o bbl* corn.
3 do poutoei, 10 ack* corn, I; bill d tkioa, I hide,
bi feoiioo, Poindexter At Co.
WELLSVILLE—Per Wellirille—GB tibia flour
S& W Harbaugn—9 do, Church At Larothera— y
\ do, 50 aeit corn, (Inah Reiiel), L Ta«fe—Bl *ekt
oaU, J F Perry.
WHEELING—per New England—o peg*, 10 Mia
paper, jII Meltbr—M bbl* flonr, W J
Orum. MeGrew 4 Ho-5 IKS’,' IV Wub-.
«001, VV Bi ogham—l cak ware, R Curran—Bl bbla
floor, lot aundriea,owner*— I bbl md»e, A Fulton.
NASHVILLE/—Per Ben Boah—7o ack* leather#,
lbi 6 bbl* lard, Dickey At Co—34 mt bbla, 10 pg*.
tj W Smith—97 bale# cotton, owner—l bi, Butler |
At Bco—s ack* hog* hair, Clarke At Thaw—2 hbd*
tobacco,’A Gordon—7 do, 13, bale* hemp, H Grafl—
-10 dod *kin* *nfl lur*, W B Holme* At Bro—bbla
bam*. Forayth &. Co—l 2 bale* hemp; Jordan At Son
—3 hbda tobacco, J Maiurie—2s batea moat. Bur*
bridge. Wil*nn At Co—l 2 bbl lard oil, D Leech &
Co—s 3 acka leathers, 50 ,keg 4 *au#age •kina,23 hhda
bacon, 4 balea wool, W Bingham—l 992 pi a iron,
Coleman, Hailroan At Co.
CINCINNATI—Per Triumph—soo d hides, 25
tret bam*. H Grafl—3? bx*bacon, 9 hbda do.Taafe
lb 'O’Connor—29 do do,BobW« ham#, Bingham—
foMatta collbo,, Bell 4 Co-« bbl.
*"L J Grier—so do flour, F seller#—7 ackafeaih
sriw-fw .»j»
hbdi bacon, Jordan 4. Soo-= pep, A k olio.,
I .... i..,r Newton-10 bbl. lard oil, 10 do .inegar,
' %5£JSb» local, Butler 4 8,0-3 l bbl.
lime, Poiodexter At to.
WARASH RIVER—Per Db Kalb— II hbda ba
*7l', 1.7 Vi hide* J Laughlio—2s hhdi
eon, 3 bbla peache*. 5J nioea, ■ , ,i -l:-, j
bacon, A Laughlm-H do **.?.,! 7d
cak and I bxwax, 8 ack* **nf. ? %VU*
raga, 3 do peaehea, 6 do apple*» a/co
ham* At DUworth—2 bxa bacon, G Morg*n fc Go-
I 0 bap raga, 0 bale* d *kin*. t *ek rettbera. Poiodex
ter At Co—3st bbl* lard, 35 blf do, 1133 keg*, Me
| Faden At Co.
Ladiea, ladle*, I’m ailonltbed, >
When you know that yon are promised
A natural, life-like, *oowy while,
That yoa will Rill usa common chalk,
And look a deathly yellow fright.
The theme of laughter and of talk
If yea would »*e a box of JONE** Lilly-white, it
woaMfWoTOurakm kD alabaateryet natural while,
and at the aame time clear and improve it. Bold at
JACKSON'S, W Liberty at. Pnct lift cents per box.
Beaver, Hoops,' Beaver.
Swatars, Clarke. Brownsville.
Harlem. Baird. Mon. City.
Michigan, Hemphill, Beaver.
Consul, Bowman. Brownsville.
Lake Erie. Ball, Beaver.
Rambler, Haughtoa, McKeesport.
Monterey, Sedgwick. Frederickstown.
Rhode island. Dawson. Sonfish.
Hibermii No 2.
Monongahela, Stone. Cincinnati.
Despatch, Nelson. Monoogahela city
Wilmington, Stevens. Steubenville.
Hibernia. Smith. Wheeling.
WelliviUe. Catlett. WclUtiUe.
Triumph, Caflrcy. Cin.
De Kalb. Johnston, Wabash River
Beaver, Hoops, Beaver.
Michigan, Hemphill, Beaver.
Lake Erie, Ball, Beaver.
Harlem, Butler, Mon. City.
Swatars, Clarke, Brownsville. -i
Consul. Bowman. Brownsville. j
Rambler Haujhton, Mon. City.
Isaac Newton, Mason, Cincinnati.
New England; Ebbcri. Wheeling.
Messenger, Lmlord, Cm.
-yMoqterey, Sedgwick, Frederickstown.
American Star,Hanna.Cin.
Gondolier, Lyons. St Louis.
Pacific, Campbell, Louisville.
Do Kslk. Johnston, Wheelitg.
The fine and staunch light draught
steamer TRIUMPH,
tiafl>*r, mas H-rf 1 will leave as above
Monde, evening, at 3o r e'ock,P M
For freight or passage apply on hoard.
__ ’ tnylO
The Dew and splendid steamer
[IQLJ| Boies, master, will leave as above
Monday eveninjj.Msy lOih sHo'olock
frcighlor pajssge-apply on
I mylir
W MDBN> THE finonch and elegant • trainer
Devenuey. tauter, will leave at
Ljri.*jr?ysgJvw above 4 o’clock, Manila)’ evening.
May 10. For freight or pa«*a*e ap
ray 10
ply on board _
• opw The nannrh an*! fine eicaraer
ftiiiLl jiij iDfj FINANCIER,
master, will leave a» al>o»;
Tuo dav evening May I lib at 4
o'cioek ntylO
. The new and splendid steamer
fr!^*^rfT s 'irwy Lyon*, master, wit bmh expressly
Tor ibi* trade, and will leave regu
larly during the seaton. Her day*
will be advertised hereafter. myTtt
- - - The new, light drought and faM run
■ rfv* A ning steamer EUREKA,
iwGgrEglW Cromer. matter, will run a* a regular
betweeu Pittsburgh ami Louis
ville, during the tca'an. She leavci'on Thursdsycvr
arog, May flth, at 4 o’cloek.
_For freight or passage apply on Jioard. _ m>6
nr . . k The elegant and fan Packet
Calhoun, maain.will leave u» utmvc
■BMEISMon Monday. MaylOtb. at 4 o'cloci. F
M. Pcrfrerglti or pnsaage apply on t>oard mys
TUr new and splendid steamer
Woodward maner.will leave a» übove
gSUBSb on Monsay. May Hhh at U> o'clock A
M. For Height or pit-age. apply on
hoard. > my
1 he elegant and Maunrh Packet,
UoH46£fltr Bennett. mister. will leave a* above.
at 10 o'clock. Wednesday morning,
May !>. For freight or postage apply
on board. _ _ myii
_ The light draught and fast running
~fL . . A stearabosi MINGO CHIEF.
Moore, master, will ply as a regular
jirlwre.n this place and Zanes
ville. For freight or p***her apply on loatd or io
- ni >l I l«EO B MILTENUKRtiKIL Act
Regular Pittsburgh and Zanesville
A The new aad light draught simmer
KuVcwSfM rrgalar packet b-twren Piiishurgli
and Zanesville. Having had her enbws fitted up anil
famished in superior style, ihc Comet otTem the finest
arcontmodapon* to passengers She will leave on
Tuesday, May 4th, afJo'eloek, P M.
Foi freight or passage apply on hoard, or to
mar Id l> WILKINS*. Agi
The very light draught and siaunrh
■ steamer eWAl.[.ulV,
Wilson, master, will run a« id-ove du
■QSXSCSS&Brung the season, making regular trips.
The S. draw* only 114 tnche* water. For freight or
pa»aage apply on ap3U
w Tie splendid and staunch Packet
, noacoc,
Jarena. master, will leave at above,
Saturday morning. Mty let, at I" o'-
clock. For ircght or passage apjiiv.on lioard apV)
Rc|uiar Pittsburgh an«l Zanrti lit*
THE light draught steamer
t iF 9 . 9 Jk NEWARK.
Hurd. Muter. wdi make weekly trips
the above port duttng the tea- on -i
. For freight or passage apply on bos td
or to ap7 . U 'VihkiNS, A gen
Flttabargi) aad SniUUh Packet/
The new and fine steamer
(iUdiMsl El bert, master. has irsumrd her teg
ular (Tip* and will leave Pittsburgh
u above every Thursday and Mon
day at 3 o’clock, P M- For freight or patsage apply
on board.
Nelson master, will run as *!>o*c. !• a
Pit ahurgh every Alondav, • d
nesday and Friday, at 91 o'clock, A. Al.. and Moootu *•
be!a City every Tuesday. IJtiunnU)- anti Saturday. »i ►
1 o’clock, A.M. For ifcighi or pawage apply on taw- id
. The munch regular lll'iioi* Rjvei
racket COLCWDIA,
UIMMBr O'Neil. ni>ir», will have at aboveoi
April ITU.. ai 10 o’clock,*
x. For freight or paoage •pl’lv uf
bo»ri. __ • -
' AlU|hfar lUtclp Trad*.
The 6i»e and fi»i Sieamboai conim
„** lun ~ « R**ot»r F»ck*l tlo
ring lliC ■ca«on between I’nubor**
■ndFranklin For freight or parage apply on U»nrd.
octttf ___ . . _
The icsv iiramn
c*pt. John V !<■>«. Will con.meuee
regular mp» w the abote port on
Monday, the ana m»mm ailDorioeh.,
••*-„!» ,M 7Wil SKa s*.
’ prrrsißUUuii and wim:kmw« packkt.
The anlen'Jnl and f**t ninom* jbnr
P jrfll mT, r, ir'* : - ° K**« rl ' wlll eot»«*'‘ l,r •
u« abore. on the *1 «lay ol
irnr*m*mrm r- ■- ■-March, lea\ii>K Fiiiaharab «-»cry
Titeaday.TbaraJay and Saturday, at tO o-Noek. A. M
and leario* Wberlinit ecery Monday. Wedne-day and
Friilar. at J» o'clock. A M. _ ,
The New Kntlaod ban been boußht t rprr«»ly for th'
trade, and will lea re refcuiarJy a» above - lorjrei*t»ioi
FI - ACK ' A r*“'
- The new. fUxafli and f»*l Paekri I
[ifeadLfcMSl C. 0. Called wa« IjUiII M
dk-.hlv for lln» li«ilr, auJ wiil makr
g Bil » np# ~o rinpl , lir *.,*«. i r *..n K
-Falwrr » Pa'.tui rnaßWWt lo, "£* b
' V " X ' : ?*"
MPMk 11 "" lt wi£niMOT6N,
|) m Steven*. mavier, leaves Pm*
wmß.. bu( i h * v> , r y Monday, Wedne»d<»>
SHbBBBB i?, |,|]« || 3o'clock, V. H., Iti***
nville ever*/ Tor«lay. Thursday and Saturday
SSffi For fmchi«-»unße
Kami** rrmwgoirAiio wiiekli.n
The Siramei
f Samuel Smith n>a*t«r. will coinmfnee
JCBfflL romiiim a. a tricolor parkepalioalihe
*■■■■■» lnH.lra/nj IMt-burfh e»«ry
Brwll Pnlur-
P.. -V J
Oil board. _ - • r
rtoui-aii *niw«o"» B Ro W N.y..xr.
’ TUB nrw and fern running «tramer
(***+ Ik HAULKM.
U&J*ftta .will roil »« 0 regular Parket between j
JKSS& the above place., leaving Hitt.burth ,«d«v ond Saturday,.! lOo’elne.k,
'*"3 ■ T ;,“ U > ,™n°”n7c..r,
iFiou) the spirit of the Tm.ce)
A M.til'eman of Scrofulou* habit*, from thdurre.ion
ipm bore the mark, of twit* •» l «"S d * i^h.d
One hand and wn.t were »o moeh h
tod the u»p of the band.everT part being coveredl wti'
deep, painful, and otTen.ive Ulcer., and were aii hob
low P and poroua a. a boner-comb It
of bi. eonjplaini.when deatb appealed lne I v,^ lr '” tl “)
a loathaome di.e-wt. that he commenced l«w« Bl
JaYNK*S» ALTERNATIVE, and having taken .tz
teen bottle. .« nowprrfrrlly ewed. .
—TI„, Af.TKRN ATI VK «.prr»ve» through «»* *'» r "**
tion, and punfie* the Hlooj and eradien'e. di» •
from tt.e .yftrin. wherever located. and the nurnr-oi.
cure. »l In* performed in »lnta.e. f'< Skin.
! Scrofula, (Joitre, Liver Coropla.nL Dy»pep*i*,»t»d olner
Chrome di.ea»**.-t. truly Mtonitlnng. .....
For »ale m Pituburgh atlbe Pek.n Tea Store, ri J'U
' itreet, near wood, and al«o at the Drug Store of H r
- Schwam. Federal .1 Allegheny city myAJAwh
SOMETniNO IS SEASON—We leant ih*?
Dr. Jayne 1 * mediciue, for the core of ibe tSOKb
THROAT, baa beenidoini wonder, daring (be )*lc on
nleatant weather under foot. It 1. better to attend to
•liaht cold. In time, and to procore tho remedy applied
?«.m.kitfnlDlir»leiau*, than from unknown and irre-
auacka. DrVJayne ha. e.tablt.hed a repota-
JP®*(jn e c (or prufeMconal .kill, and bla rcmediea
Aland cold, have been proud effieac.ou. bv
of tbotUanda—Sot St. Part
SSiifln PUttalrnrgb. at the PEKIN TEA STORE
JF-VrX and at the Drugstore
n PSSaSS/Federal .treei, Allegheny Cty.
V. S . Mail lint to Covts, Soudttmpon anil Srrwtfn.
THE splendid new tieamthip WASIUJtU
fVj*Pi TON, 1750 tons burthen, Frederick Hewitt;
£saa commander, will sutlfroin New Yorkogiflic
Ist done next, carrying the United State* mail! _"y
touch &l Cjwe« aad Saathampioo to^Jand
(assengfers and freight, and deliver the mail* fof'.Eng
and. Fianee and Belgians, and will then proceed to
Hremerhaven. * x
Returning will leave Brerierbavrn on the 25th of
June, and Southampton on the Ist of July, where she
will embark, -pa-sengcr* and freight from Englnt-d,
France, and Belgium. Arrangements have been made
to forward good* from Havre op to the last moment, for
winch, if deyired, bills of lading will he atnged by the
agent at HaVte. , „ .
Southampton connects by Railroad* wiurall part* of
England, and by steamboats.with all the Continent
From Bremen access may be had to all Gcttoany, Aus
tria. Russia. Italy. Switzerland, 4c.
Tne Washington i* buiii in the stronger mannfcr.wn'i
a view of being converted into a ship-of-war, and sub
ject at any lime to inspection by officer* appointed by
the President, both during and after construction. She
has tworngineiof IOUi horse power eucb, mid accom
tnodat.on* for 140 first class, and 44 second class pas
Pasrage from New York to Southampton or Bremen,
First class *lBO
Second cluaa _ 00
Pasrage from Bremen or Southampton to New \ork,
■ First class Slso
Second class,
She will carry a!>out 300 tons freight, which will be
charged according lothe nature of the goods offering.
AH letter* must pass 'hrough-ihe Post Office. Parrel*,
for winch hills of lading will he signed, will be taken
at *5 each.
For pamnei* or freight apply ntlbe office of the Ocean
Steam Navigation Company. 4) William «reet. Neiv
York, or to the Agent* at Southampton,
The Washinjtnn is intended to leave New York an
second trip on llie first of August next.
The second steamer of the line is in tine course of
construction, and will be in readiness m the ensuing
full myltHm
j ule vial producing wonder/.—Read ihe following
from ihe Rev. S. Wakefield, Paitor of Liberty «. M t.
Ihllsburgh. Match 6, 1*47.
Mr R. K. Seller*: It t» from a sense of duty, a* well
a* with great pleasure, >bal 1 bear tes.itnony to the vir
tue of your justly celebrated Vcnoifygd- I procured a
lingU boiilt, and gave it to three ot mf < btldrcn, who had
been ill for several week* The eldest was seven
years old, lire next four, and youngest rnthfcii
months. The fir»t passed fiuy-m worm*, the second
foity seven, and the third a considerable number not
distinctly recollected. Since then they have been dome
well, and are now in good health Z
Yonrt respectfully. P.'W*EXltt*t>
From the Krv. S K Babcock, of ihc MelhoJm Episco
pal Church.
Mr. R R. SeJler»: It i* wub great pleasure I would
inform you of the good effect* produced mi rny **>n c»i
four year* of ago. by your Justly celebrated Vermifuge.
After hi* having convulsion*, I jravr hint three doae*.
wh'ii he pn**ed an almost-incrchitil-le number, from
which time hi* geneia lirahb ba* been improved.
S t Babcock.
„ Rev Chailt * Cooke, m" ihe Methodist Epi«-
trch: _ .......
lWeuiher 14. XstS.
Mr. R. K. Seller*: f gave h ) l-ulc daughter (between
three and for year-* oM) three do«e« of t our \ irmifuge.
according to pie»< ripiton. w>'b the li-ippn «t *ucce»»
The number of worm* e-iprttej 1 do nut know piecue.
Iy. bul it was large. Stir * now in po/wmon of cord
health. I ibmk the nwy he confided in with
great uore*etvednc»«. L LootK.
As tins-Vrimn'ugr bn* u--vr-r been known to fad in
•ay miianec, when worm* actually existed, pj|ents
should give >1 in preference to all other*
PrcpateO and sold by R. K. SELLERS. Im-iwcch fid
and 4th. on Wood street.
For *ale by Word. »»»>'»
From Rev Charles Morion. Minister of tbe Uapnst
Church. Wooster, Isle of Ashtabula, O .
Me*»r* H. Morn* A Co.’ Proprietor* of L Dean*
Chemical Plotter, tiruileinm:— For several year* I
have fmiu lima leslrd the nnuriof K, Dcbq - # tlivmieol
Plaster Iry u«mg it in my family a* » remedy tor llneu
mut-sra; weakoeisand lamene«» ot the back, pam m
tbe bieaoi. lOiUroanttn of tbe throat ami e* e». ague *t>
ibr breast, Ac; nod I lake p!ra»u'e in soy ng anil
to the public, that m every case I have found u useful,
and I do Udieve that said Plaster pim«««»« yituie* of
more than ordinary character and that I veil, general
ly be found u sufficient remedy tor tliore disease* tor
wbiebiii* recommended, and i* justly entitled to ute
notice and patronageof an enlightened ronimnniiy.
Vouro liuly. CH.iS MORTON.
Wooster. (».. Dee.. »». i ,
Sold by U A Fahnestock ACo corner Fir«t A nod
st reels. . J myldAw_
HAS Removed in the hon*e on Penn
A* he i* ilr*irou*«>i 'em* employed by mine hut
ii.o*e who will make .mt/Wieir payment w.mout the
nrcewny *>n h<* pan of rollecnnc he would invite par
ticular attrnliou to the 10-lowiny letm*. A.l bill* let
unpaid nt the exp.t*w ol thirty day*, will he rhar*r,|
ai the following raw*—
Fur FxiiscbneTeetli. SI
• For K.tline t».nn SJ to S:l per cavity
All other opeiat-op* in the .ame proportion.
All care* in cnenjrement* are not continued,
I.IIU will he considered due accoidms to the above reg
illation* ... . • 1 t
N «-There are lha*e indebted to him wbo»e ac
i.(i-j„n ,1 not paid .nr-Hl-ntrlr. w'H be placed mtl.e
o' a properlor r0.'rr1,,,. a-l 5-1 l.»w,fh_ .
‘ a» Cart! Wo «*•>•» PUeal lMleat
T\R Jack •on « laid roei>-.ioii i« the only rnedieme that .
l) wili cure thi* mi very <ommon uiil ttooblexXne
di.ewe. It not only imrtird.eM) allay* P»m and intla
mauon, .top* all bleedu-c. *m.due. that mtoleraidc itch
” rurtv m. ' "•» •>»" ' •?' I
live* have been rendered m.*f rahle for year* .
lu application produce* no pain, bni tather tn aeree*;-
t>|e ana plemtant If per-om afflicted wul
eall and hear of the errat number of c«*e* that have I
hern cu*ed. they re..i be a«if>n.-l:r.l A
for* wo*nr*ihiee nme* w.thoui lei.ctf earcd-La* by u • (
,nroboule*of the Embrocation been erad.rally cured.
& liTftAm? ! hJ
•TIOKK%.* Kounl. mrn, neur wood, and alec at the
Druß Store of 1! P Schwartz Federal »t
IS 17. fg^SSi
| HAVE Heaver daily ai 2 r * !:f r ' b *
| , » f , i*al o' the >teanit>nai Hh.A\ER from P.u*nur<t>.
and arnvr at Warren next morning m *e«von for the
tbarr* wb.cb reirh Cleveland i-eforemght-
Patmur-r* will »*e r» cnp» d thinieh. vei-orm* berth*
on the Packet* arid aunt* m Hie Mar*, on application
on board »ieami*o«t Heaver. !>atn.g PiU'hmfh ai V
i. Vioc k * X lor to the aarnt*
<, M MARION A Co. IMs.burth
CI.AKKK.V Co. Heaver
JESSE n.Al.DtviN. Aonttguown
81> I . M 11 TAYLOK. Wairen
GALLERY, rhird »t|r*l. ad.otmng pomlHLi-e t -\rZ
bargh. Pi.-Mi PORTER I'rotn lurmnorc) _re- ,
.pertfulir invite* tbe ladi*. arid gentlemen of Pi;t»t*gb. ;
and the public generally, to rail and cxanime the fotge j
collection Ol Datuerrrot pc l*«rll»'t* at h.« (•»! • r>
Tbc .peeimrn. produced by Mr I ~ tor heimy, .
ey, di.ti«ctne»», and tone of coloring are-wt .arrowed
by any >n lb.* count')' A numl« rof the tnma.i* t:
f’ltuen* can b* »een at th* - (Jallery ( all and eiafmne |
for your.rlve* 1.-krne»ae» takrn n clear or r|..u4) ;
weaihrr. _ . „ . . I
N. B.— ln«roctjmi».appara'o»aMd “f' * i
Ol.tied. Term* moderate " s
r>arur.rcotyp.*ti entrance Pb-to .Hail Stairway .3d
adj.aimit«Vo.t Otter I
Third Mieet. next door to tl.r Bank of Piti«l>urgh
«ng TllKonder.i*oed.ha*mcier.»BnncJiccd l>u
4na9bilW t.ncs ha* ealabliahcd hira«ctt at the at.occ
band Wid for *a.V- ai rca/nnab.c price.*, ail
dcacTipion. o' FuraiTOf" of thr b*«i a.
Purer ua. Bedhead.. Cbatr.,Oi*om*r»a. Sola-, Ke Ae
AH bta fura'iorr n warranted of lb* hnr.i qjal. y,
nn>l will be «M aa lpw;.«« any of il*e rarae kind in the
C< A few good hand*, and none.oibrra need apply-; will
W ‘"
.1 do Ixmdon Port. *rry old,
to .l<> different bund* ami vmt.fei.
.1 qr ca*k. Li«l««n wmr;
•j do do dry Malaga;
V bhd* .up Claret wiur,
IS b*kl> .up ciown brand Cliara. w*nr
X <,r cl. »up L M Madeira vru.c;
'l ] Jo do Pale ShcM);
3 do Madeira vm-age, t»t«;
t 1 do d.rfeiTPt brand* and vintage*,
g do «i*k. *wrrt Malaga;
3 do do Red wtac;
Pat L r.i the above w.itc. havejy-t arrived I tour .mdcf
Cußtom Houte m New \ ..ti; per*«u» wj«
i»pureba*e. may rely on actimg a Jf“/*l'lf-rI-M
s o.-».».uv sA^;- ii i-^ , - Ti:nlin „
O, watch you well by naylißtn;
Slaying the Deer;
Oh! Molly Uawir. .
Widow Marhirc.
The low bucked Far,
The two Uird*.
Imlinii Sunmicr.
• Itory (►‘Moore.
My Almhrr Dear;
Ati*e l « Whi*prr;
The Kuirv Hoy;
Tl.e Howl’d Siger Hoy;
J n«t received and fur .ale by JO,,N fl [ l
OKI. MOHI.BR. Dnigjti.l and Ap.>ili«cary, N. tv .
cmner of Wood and 5tU aU . Pjtulmtgb. wt'l keep
n.tnnily on hand, Drug*. I‘a:in», Od-, Dye-Mud*.
* D Phy.ician’. preveription* cnrrfully rompomtd
e*l from the be«l mnteriaU. at any hrxti ot the day pr
night Al»o, an acMirtmenl of Perluinrtj, lm ** •'»»
Hair, and Cloth Hrud.e., Ac. Ac, wairh "‘ # l V ,
luwforca.h. ’
tftrt DO/. Apple. (Inifl*. emhtaring about forty kind*
10O£ .X.,.rt and . winter
Irrted eipre*.iy b> .üb.cidfor, rmm the crlebralrd
orchard of the Hon Wallet l-.irward, for »ale. t heap,
At*n gruditig c|.,lh. ■ item and convenient arnt-le for
grafimg* l-addHtg and coveting wound, on Ireland
,(irub», prepared liy a •kilful amntrur.
ap£r * » N tVICKKUMMAM, rnr *Hh A wood *i»
AOKNTHforJ II A>maiit’« Kzicn«ivc Sietnn >ugar
Refinery. Alway.on halid,« large .forh oflxicf.
Powdered. Cru.hed, Olanßed und ll.i.lurd Kopie*, >n
Ticice* and RurrrU Alw, Sugar llnu*" Mo n*»c •
Puce* liberal and a fair ullownnce mi;- ;"=' ,u *“! r *
of.or above. 50 barreU. iu<!hll
rriMK partner.bip eiimlng under the mle of Hamilton
I;,r" in « ■’jSiWs' 5 ?a , i.-ss" ■
.. .h-U •»'"> * ,r "
, *VJ'li'r" l “ n ' l,! " ,,hr ''‘ , ' , JOliNs‘n"illl.TON
t tLKRICBIIIP WASTEO-For a la.lfmm N
York. Ifl year* of B*e. ■ Htuavon in »oine reaped •
able Commercial K*tabli»hrornt in ibr env A* in
the tieiira of lit* rarenu iliat he »houlil ar<juiw a know
ir«li*/Of huVineia a •mall remuneration. vroul.J only be
required fed the fintyear. - Reference ntuy he hart to
Eifhorof Catetic _ npiu
«TAWTict» lO S5,«Xi
; VV on t notieue on City Property worth four nme*
I the amount—naffer of lea»e for *l.0«)U per year, fen
I the buildlap. w*H accompany tho n»ri*age.
Apply at ihmOlEce.
TrAVOIIM* «iXT^ittß- v «0(lh^• , VrreuLle
-V UibonVhnpiic Mixwra. for ihe core ol Orop»>,
<*.«>, *J-|. b«. I- W*v-
Wholeule an 4 Re*** l A*enU for Alle|henr County
ap» j No * Commciciel Row, Lioeny R
IMPORTER and ManaCaentter of Cutlery* Sameaj
shd Dental Instrument*. Saddierssnd Tinners’hand
tool*. Taylors’ Pattern >hn*ra. Ac. Ae. Also manUfae
tureVTtusses,supporter*. Ac .in *ieat varietv.
' J.'iC. Minuiar turer aud Importer o I Pen. Pocket and
Table Cutlery; Razors. !»cis*ors. File*, Saw*, Tool*, Ac;
ba« removed to . .
83 WOOD STREET, Pittsburgh, second door be
| low Diamond Alley,
A ltd has lately received aJarre assortment of
Pod A roe tret Knives, Knlvea * Forkn,
Also Rodgers' and Wbostenbolms’ •'
El ion*. RodgersJWade A Butcher’s Rarora.Sciiior*,
Razor Strops, Ac. Damascus ami Wire Twin
Al en ? * Colt's and Blunt's Revolver** Powder Fla*k»
Shoi Delis. Game Dogs. Walker’s A Cot's Kxira Per
eusscoh Capa, Bowie. Dirk and Hooting Knives
Tools.<ucb as Callipers. Dividers, Pljera, Nippers.
llanA Vice*. Squares, Mule*, Braces, Bitu. Spoke
Shaves, Stock sand Dies WireandlnmGuages-Mitli
umalicii'lnstruments, Ac, in vety great variety
07- Sobbing and repairing neatly and punctually
done. _ _ ap»_
j lilLli A BROWSE.
[Successors to Uoldship A Browns.
Manufacturers ami importers of paper
[HANGINGS, No *7 Wood street. PiiLburgb.
The increasing demand for American l'upcrh** induced
to enlarge and improve their Factory, and their fa--
ciUtucs formsnnfuelunng are m>w equal to anf in the
eastern cilir*. Having adopted the eastern scale ol
pricey, they take pleasure In inviting their friends and
dealers 'to examine their Mock, which is now] larger
Ilian ui any forme} period, And may be found as IpIloWi:
Transparent JVmdow Fbades, j
Fjrrucu. American. Satin, Glared and Common Pn
jptr Hangings? ' i j
Gold, Velv t and Imitation Borders;
Lund-cape*. Statutes and Fire-board Print*;
Curtain rapef. yard wide plain green, and fig’d;
Writing. Printing,and Wrapping Paper.
Bonnet Boards, Act
Rags and Tanners’ Scraps taken in exchange at mar
ket prjee*. mchl7d3mAwflmT
MINER'S Literary Emporium.
"‘til mgton ami his Generals By J T Headley, au
thor of Aapuleon and his Marshals: The Sacred Moun
tain*, Ac.
PCap ivity'of Napoleon at Si Helena. By General
Coom ilnutliolon Vartsando
Gen -ial Tayln's Life, Battles, and Despatches. with
the on y correct portrait yet published; iucluduig high
ly imp >OBlll letters Ac: nernunts iff the glorious battles,
compiled from authentic soutcc*
' The String of Pearl*; by l» P R James, E*q.
The M> Meries of the Uralhs fresh 'apply.
Tuocred: nr the New Crusade; by D Israeli.
Phelpo'* Travellers’ Guuie; accompanied with a new
Map the United Slates. J
A splendid assortment of individual; Stale Maps
among which is an improved t>ap of Mexico.
A large variety of handsomely hound
A complete assortment of the Modem Standard Dra
mu including Feudal Tunes; or the Court of James the
For sale at M A MINERS
tn)4 siuithficld st 3d door from 2d it
Hardware Store Removed*
tIfWT.MORK A WOLFF having removed from the
» i corner of Liberty and St Clair streets, to. No AO
Wood urcet, thtee doors above Charles Hotel, vrot/ld
respectfully ask the attention of buyer* to their stock
Rer ships Saransk. Monongahetu and Russia, direct
’om the manufacturers of England and Germanv.
Al*o, supplies of American Hardware, fiom the prin
cipal uiauuiacturer* of the Eastern State*
Their stork being entirety new, and parchawd upon
the t»e*i tp.rins they feel great confidenre in l»cing ahle
*ucve*»iully to meet competition fiom nny quarter*
whether «fa»l or west.
The Hardware business will be rout.nurd at the old
•land. ; .• . 1 * *£s
.11 KICKS* REDUCED—Thomas Palmer, No 47Mar
llteet street, heiween 3d and 4 h slrreM. rerpectfullv
announce* to the public that bis prerent stock of Wall
Paper and Borders of bis oten manufacture is very ex
ier»Vivr,, I liiid daily addition* are being made to it, as
they are finished—of new and *plend>d pattern* Also,
a well assorted Mock of Frentk Paper and Borden.
Having recently reduced the prices of the above
articles, (and oilier*, in hi* line, nut enumerated.) he i*
prepared to sell forcash. rnssraa than any cMabUh
irirnt of the kind, East or West of the mountain*
No. i»3 Wood atrael* Pittsburgh*
SEVEN Doors above All), uhd I door above Jl
Child* A Co’s SJmc Warehou«e. Nowoprumg sad
fur sale by RICHARD T. I.KKtJII Jr. Importer and
deaiir <n Foreign and Domestic Saddlery Hardware A
Carriage I'nmniing*, of all Je*cripi>ou*. a vrrj ebcap
unit well selected Mock of Goodsdn Ins line, all fresh,
of (be newest styles, purchased for cash, fiom the best
sources', and wifi be disposed of wluile«j|e ond retail,
at a *iunll advance on the cost. Purchasers are icspect
fully invited to call and satisfy thr.mwtve*
ALSO—Saddler*’ loot*, warruolcd, Deer and Curled
Hair, Whips; Glass, Paper, Ac . always on hand, and
a* cheap a* elsewhere. ajdJG
. \JO 17 Marie: sirm. i» now receiving b>* *pr>ng
; L’l stock of Hou»*-Fcni;*bmg Hardware, Hnuuma.
i roA‘i»ung in part a« follows:
e Las' Jnpnutied Ware, English aud American;
4 bxv Umnori'tt do do do,
•JVa*k» English Tntird Saucepans,
I do Ovul Pot*, I eaec.Tmysaml Waiters;
I dn Ename led Ware,
) do Pressed Ware. I c ask Blight Ware;
l-Ullbs ae«orted Copper; 3Uplaie*T.nned Coppei
IfitUi lb* Juo.ats Wire; 60t>x«T>a Piate;
ap'd JWIIN DUNLAP. 17 Metket_*t_
Drawing paper and pkncils-
Pinr Ani 'piar'an Drawing Paper. 3t x,’>3 inches.
i! i llnubl'* I .r]n ml ,1» ito XT III) do
do -Elephant do do 7'x.'t7 do
do Coiuinbtnn >o <lo a3l do
'd.> Imperial do do *Jtz39 do
Together wus slarge aioekof smaller sizes.
DRAWING PENCILS, oi Cumberland and prepa
red lead, of four, three, two and one 11; * 'erge supply
lust received by ELLIOI I 1 A ENGLISH
ap!3 ' No f< Market strret
•rriber rr*pe -ii'ui;> nm-m* biMfrirnds and ibe puidic,
ilia! he t» raswiPce. v,«g t.i* *pritig as*onmei>t of goods
.elected by han«eU. oi saperiot <j■«-riL>. and rrduced
pticca. I'rrsont a*-out (ufisbing tneir Lousct would do
well to call, as hr is determined >o tell tu small profits
for quick returns
tupplwd a« u»u*l. wiih oil the vanoai
kind* of Looking *•!«*»» *n«l packing t »rrfatly at*
tended to. Liberal >1i»oouul >or cub.
T A IHLLIKR, l,ook>ng tiiaM Manufacturer
»p 3 •rrccr.near sth
104 Wno<i
\ f NI-l'INl. WARKHOI4M -No W.Uood »;r*ei.
tj;i . «;f» I Ju«t rr.-c.vrtl ami nor* <’|>hiior a lull a»-
*omnrrr of il>o*r vrrj a -e and medium Tray
mai.uiaciured Sfi.r'.*, Itowm* a»d Collar*. Stun adjuai
,ng >:r*ck»; Hombar.w dodo (Maui; Sauit llow atocka.
piaui. Iliark Italian Cravaia, Fancy do do, Gum Su*-
pcr.dera, K. Ac. Ac.
Ju»i rccnvd from ibc ni-tonfac'urci. and <or »aleni
manufaciuirr * KDWARDT.GDD
rayt ' Mannfapiarrt'a Aft '
Kdwnrt) Todd' ’
U7OFLD t' - »prpi , u!ly announce 10 the merphaoti of
Pimhuißh.ibtii hr ha* opened • room for the aale
of K»»tern mutmfaciured good*. *uch a* Stock* of every
de*»'iiption. Shin*. |lntom« and Collar*, (>ura Su*prt>-
der*, Nonli'i* Hook* amt Kyra. Ac , lor »a!e ai roanu
fariurer*’price*. A!*o, »«iaire awonra-m
a cut Fancyft'ravnt*, for *aic ai Kartern pnr»». whole
sale ? / HOWARD TODD
No 20 wood ureel, op naira
tn.-h2* Manofaeturer*' A cent
Addreaa Card.
TOOD. Agrnifot Kaaiern manufartarri
la lor llie laic of North'* liookiaud fcvc*j (ium !*ui
pender* of Ihe Booell Jktanufariun&f Co . Cl; Stock*
uf eeery de*criptlan, Shirt*. Oo*oin* and Collar*,oi the
Troy manufactory Ac . at! «*f wh.eb arc lot laic ai
manofaetnrti’**, wUoleaale.
No 28 wood atreeunp ’Hair*.
Order* r«r»:*r«l inr Airi-t'cni Hardware. mrhVA
BOOKS— Suitable (or Comrooo or S, School Libra
r.r«—Suudav E»etnn* Convertat-rn-, Thing* h>
th?ii tight name*. Juvenile budget npen.d, Jn» bud
get rr-opened, picture* of Karlr Life. Seerici in Na
urc, Colombo* and Vcapartu*; Ueattbe* of Kng llmo
ry; do of Frem-A do. Balboa, Cone* and I*.into; Hut
ton’* Ixiok of Nature; Train l and Principle, Martvt* m
Bohemia. Tw-nllirolhcr*. t'hance* and thauge*. Mean*
en i Kmla The atKive, wiih a large. variety of ofhri
lock* amiable for the aamc pnrpo** Fur *atp by
m>o J I, REAP>4ih nteei .
iircot Wtiltrn Jiutt Hinge"Manofaclory,
\<jARDNFK A Co., would inform ibr trade that
, ihey are tiow mamifaeianuf the b**»t Run Hinge
evermadc in the United State*. A* tht* i* our pnnci ;
pie Ituaini I ** we intend 10 tend our aacomplete an n*
tide a* ran po**d>ly !«■ made. Tho«e engaged >n the
hardware trade, wr think. wul find it to then nttereal.
in trr our Buti* Alt order* tirnrnptJy.»<iended w
,nyi A fSARJJNKR A Co. rorof tub »■ main «i«
STATION*CRY-Ju*t received a larjre aupidy in
Fl<»ral, S.lvet rtlged, Knibo**-cdg«d. l-aee. Gilt and
Plain Note Paper; Note aml Caid Envelope*; Wreath.
Flo at Knot and Motto Water* Ac . Ac , and for **lr
Coi Maiki-i and Third «t«
Author’* Mind, the Book «*l uTe pagr«, a hookful
of Ixuik*. ot thirty hooka in one. Edited by M RTup
nrr.k>i| M A-—i'luuKuriL* an aid to Faith, Ly the
author of the above work Foi «ale by
and hi* Oraiial*. Uy J T. Headley, author of
••Naputeon and hi* Maraball*,'’ ‘ The Sacred Moun
ia.n*."Ac Ac; 3,y01*.12 mu. Hlattniled With HI Pot
mtiU Jn*t received and for rule by v
MiOn , ,Vo 41 murkfi »t
• NOTHKRNKW WORK—Wit and Humor.
i\ aeleetrd Itom ihe Toet*; wuh an iltu*tra
uve t-n*av Mil critical comment*, by L* ish Hum. For
...iebv • np22 JOHNSON A STOCKTON
I Tuiiiwr'iT’iofeflnat Thilo*onhV> Ui»l received and
eormnrket anil 3d *i*
■ ’ Mp n ßT|;ll, ‘ Dealer*
Saddlery. No'fW Wooif tired,
Ihree Charlea
|(|,ate Walker A Woodwetl)
WOULD' 'nnnnunce to Ilia friend* and Ihe public thai
te .till cMiiHtuee «he !J»rriware tuame** a the
old -iaml. No -SAVood *treel/ He would rn.pectfully
Milicl u roiiunuAiiee of the pairona*e herclofoie rn
kindlV he.lowed
LAMPS-A laric and beuunful a**prtmen« of ! at
em Solar Lord Lurpa, att'iuHle* for Sieamtmat*
Hotel*. Churehe. and Dwellin(C*, CS"*vv’' \<lu ‘iiW
the lowevl price* T...
corner I'h and Market *l*
c.llOVtCi.* AMU BPADKB— A «ll.pgr>iil A
& Co-.nii.lnr A. Lomoni. ha*. ;
meni of I .nmnni'i ,upp,io, do.l, canolp on,!
poll.c,, »>..! No. I •»* 'I Pp-lo" tookil
LdOKINU OLAIISM® .nd M.hoj.ny
Looking (iU...., L.II ! ,| «K".CtoeMA.Coinl;-; ■»“!
a eonrrkl iuMjilmf nl of Variety (lood.-kll »1 lowo.
O 5 000 |u»i received Al*o on bandKeltegf ATliay
er’* Trini*i “nd Thelp’* Map* end Chart*.
Merchant* and Tcdlar. . U ppl-ed mice.
a| cor 4th and wood an
O bhiater, I’atieni Maker. Atlfgheny tuy Oil Mill,
lint ibe neweit I’anern* for Sloveaon
wood or iron. Mill Geatmg and allotber pattern* made
tn order. ?P. t3lf .
—lOO ream* Cap Writing Paper;
50 do Letter do dp..
IM) do 8. C Straw Wrapping do,
200 do Medidm do do do,
ICO do DC. do do do;
ICO do Teaßag do m>,
On band and for tale by REYNOLDS A BHEE
roe b4 : eor Pena and Irwin ataj
PIG IROH-30 toot No I h b Roeh Pi K
“ i'sxTr™ ■nffiss S's"
wttar ft front'll*
And dealers in foreig»
Fount «, nearly oppose kin-Bank ot Piusbarffe.
CURRENT MONEY received oa Depoaile—9i*hl
Cheek* for ;*ale, and collections on nearly all
the principal pomtvin the United State*.
The liigben premiampallor Eortipj and American
Adrmore* made on coaupnaießt* of Prod ace, rhipped
Euu onjitxral _____
WH.'biRUUCB»Ji£; t .
FOURTH Street. next door to Bank of Puubargb.
Banker and Broker, and Dealer m Exchange, Bonk
■•ad Coin of all descriptions, Ar.
Notes mad Com oi . .
Selling Rules. Buying Raisa-
New York, i pr- New York. Jdi».
Philadelphia, Jo Philjulelphia, fdo
Baltimore, do Baltimore, ido
Western Currency, do estern Cur. 4do
City ft County Scrip, do CuyftCo.Senp, fdo
All good Currency fdo All good Cur’ev, \do
Pennsylvania da, do Pennsylvania do, *do
Tennessee do, 9 do Tennessee do.Jdo
Brownsville, do BwwMTil'e, fdo
Washington, do Washington, fdo
Foreign V tils o Exchange procured.
■D’JdAwtm* ■
n.,hoi.iiks * jojiV _ .
Banker! and Dealer* In Esebaß|e, Coin
and Bank Bote*,
Selling Rales. Exchan re. Buying Rale*.
New York, I pr. Cincinnati, *"*•
Philadelphia, J do Louisville,
Baliimore, St loots, o’,
Hoyingßate*. BANKNOTES. Baying R««
Ohio, | die. Co. k Scrip Orders, * dis.
Indiana. Ido Relief Notes, fr«»®
Kentucky, IJo Pennsy Warns Cy. *oo
Virginia, *do New York do, ldo
do Wheeling, Ido New Orleans, *«J®
Tennessee, a do Maryland, *do
•P^ r _____
JOSEPH H. IIU.L, dale of the firm of Wm. A.
Hill k Co,) and WM C. CURRY,,laieof Erie, P* )
hare entered inlo Copartnership, undrr the name ol
■■ILL fc CURRY, for the.purpose of eanyingoa the
Banking and Exchange l>u*iness in all its branches, at
No 65 Wood street, three doors below Fourth, west
side —where they solicit the custom of their friend* and
the public generally. JOSEPH lIBILU
tnchlS WM. C CURRY
No 65 Wood street, third door belov Fouitb, west side.
PAR Funds and Currency raeciyed on Deposiie and
collection* made on alftbe principal Cities in the
United States.
Sight Exchange on Baltimore, Philadelphia, Now
York. Boiton and Cincinnati constantly for sale:
Ohio, Indiana. Kentucky, Virginia and Pennsylvania
Bank Notes, bonght and sold on favorable term*
Exchange on England, Ireland, Germany and France
procured, kc , kg.
Ns. 04 Rood Sfftft, on* door abors Fourth, £o*s m*,
me hi *•) PI ItShttHh, P*» [dkwF
Remittances go the “Old Country."
MONEY sent to all parts of England, Ireland. Scot
land and Wales, in sums ol £1 and upwards, to
salt purchaser*. ALLEN KRAMER
mar 9 - Exchange Broker, cor 3d and wood hi
OHIO, Indiana, Kentucky, and Penn a. fand*i al»-
Couuiy and Ctly Orders purchased at reduced riate
of diseoani, by N HOLMES k SON
. ,W£. Exchange Broker,MMaiket at
Cvof 1 ectVona <u 'Cincinnati. Louisville, St- Louis
/ and all accessible poi-.w m the United Stales made
promptly, and upon the lowest terms, by _
N HOLMES k HON, Exchange Brokers
me.his No S 3 Market «t_
Collections vu Cincinnati, Louisville, St Louis and
all other accessible pomti m the United States,
mude on accommodating terms. HILLkCURRi
Wood sunexnlooi to Eagle Saloon
Exchange on New York, PhiladeJphia. and Haili
iitnre constantly for sale by HIhLkCURRA .
- B pfi Wood «t next doot to Eagle Saloon
Currency of the Oluo Indiana, and Kentucky
Banks wanted at very law rates of discount.
n|rft Wood it, next door to Eagle Saloon
/\ HlO, Indian*! *n«l Kentucky Rani
U Noie. pureh».c<tni low ft 80N
meblG No 65 Market ft
City Property tor **le, l» Colttmbo»» O.
jLj TllEaubseriber offeis for **le several lou in
a desirable pari of the ei.y. on which are two
■I * eomfo-ialitc brick dwelling houses, aud bis xe
lenvive Tanning Establishment, all in good re
lieving determined, in consequence of infrm age, to
discontinue the tanning buwne**, a .fine opening now
presents nselt to any one wishing to carry it on.
Columbus probably the ben point in the Stale for
procuring a uniform suppty «f bid***. ~
One oi both of U.« dwelling bouse wilt be sold *rp»-
r«t<- from the rest of the .property if desired. The un
dersigned wiU give any further information relative in
y 1 on • pi ”"i"a°ac°t?yloe
IN pursuaneo‘of an order of the Orphan’s Court of
Allegheny County, 1 will expore to sale, by public
vendue or outcry, at the Court House in the City of
Pittsburgh. >m Monday the 17th day of Mar next, at
the hour of Ifto'clock, a M .aceiiam Loi and two half
Lota o» ground- being pan of 'hr Coal Hill I-ot*. snoatr
m Lower St. Clair Township, and conveved b) J. H
page and Wife to James .MilhnlUni} and D R. Milliol
land, and now the property of C. F. Milht>lian«l,a minor
child of James Milholiaml, dccM., boondedand de»en
bed as follows, via: ou ihe North by a lonyfsot street
and lot* of Pew ou the East by lot# of E. Jone*
and D. R. Milholiaml, ou iheSoutb by il.e Pittsburgh
and Coal Hill Turnpike Road, nt»d on the 'teat by jots
of Sarah M. Philips, said Lolf-bcmg twenty-two feat
m front and extending back to afore
said. By order of the Court, CALEB FOSTER
apil-idAwE Guardian ofC. P.Mithollaud
FOB SALE. , 1B , t
mTUE advertiser offers for sale a splendid Bnex
dwelling lloure situate on the North East comer
of ihe Public Square in Youngstown, Mahoning
county, Ohio. It is large, commodious, finished m el
cr (lent-style. and in the best location in \oangsiowa,
rtihi-r for« iwelling or public bouse; attached to it is a
yard, with water, stabling, and all other convenience*
"'•rhutowni* improving very rapidly,t*siiuatrdji*-
mediairly on the CanaLand wbeulhe various Furnsies.
Rolling Mill, kc., now being bunt axe completed, wdl
be ihe tno«i flourishing place inthi* section of Ohio.
h will tw- sold tow for cash, or on. tune, or exchanged
for property in Pittsburgh. For particulars inquire of
. LkJ I) WlCKrforncr of Wood and Water sis, Pitts
iiunrh. who will give all information.. ocMbwlt
*e?ibef* offer for aale a bon»e and lot in Weat Mid
dleux, Mercer county. The hooae tf well ealcalved
ior a aiore aud dweJlin*. immediately oo the Ene Ex
tension Canal, lu a floonihlisg village near bj, are
•ever*! funuei anU iu the initial oi a r.ieh farming die
"aUo, a booae and tot in the flooruliia* village of Or
angeville. MeicercoontyrThehouaelia wellealcilated
wiUUi-M. «•
ro m7j»a.iin,ic™V' |
\LLKOUEKV dTY PkjoPßß.T»£Fi ;
A Sl ie. a aatuable wni»pro»ed rirgpenjr.handaoinely
i.waird MO feel on Chemni, by foot on North ttn»l
«ireeu can be divided and improwfcd! on either Mreat.
*l*o a bonte and lotouSooih Common, IM featWOßi
(VJ.,.1 .inn-lbi te .. !B tol I.lMte*
a rood brick dwtlluifc, wll arranged. Thcae pn>p«»-
lira will l>e »old low,and tr.inw arcoounodatin*.
Alao, ar.eral bmUlin* loia, aitaated on. and near
Franklin aired. *5 feet by l3Tfee'.pn« from* to *VKH
...,» k.nd.LlU** ■» 5 ’"Scut, mER T.
Till. 30 withheld at
Real Estate A|
Real estate. habket-E"'
house and lot on Roe*, near 4th * feeL “be dwel
hng ii well arranged tar comfort and; convenience.—
Price anJ term* accommodating.
AI >o, a good frame dwelling boose and lot,Bl ft by
110, litoaied on Denman aueei Birmingham. «nce
*740; pan in band, balance on lime.
Alim, a well unproved property on Tatmel, near Wy
lie »irret.4U ft front hv sU deep. Price *SOW. tens* ae
—«* SCUTHBEBT^;^;,
Vainable'lteal Estate for »•»•.
rplIE ui.der. gncd being aboutto remoteTann* rr
1 jo the eoarnry, offfr. for sale SIX BUIUWSU
LOTS on Second .treet, between. Ferry street and F*;
doobi Alley. Each lot will be twenty, Teel front on W
•trert and eighty fceliadepih. TTie foU Will be sold
singly «.r the whole logeiber. i*
•utucnberon tbo prcmiws. JOHN CALDWELL .
■ P<otf ; ...
«■ HAVING removed to the city, for convenience
Ji&to torofi'Mional busine**, 1 wifirenttheManuon
House, and na imified ate encloaare, siwaie on the bluff.
•“ "" .*!*«»
PERSONS deitroa. of purchasing Low In UA. Cerae
lery are refer mi for information to the Superintend
ant, on Urn grouud.. or to E. Thorn, Dniggut, corner o
Penn and Hand meet*. Pittsburgh. -
By oidet ol the Board, J. CIUSLETT, Bopenntendant,_
REAL KSTATK m A Urgheny CilV-tteaobaertbeia
offer for .ale a lot of ground in Allegheny City, 80
3S’" ,t wi " lr ““i»ssif n Dic“Kv»sr I*' 1 *'
; aVl* water and front its _
fsß A WELL Finished second Mory Room, with
JS&a nod entrance on Market street at present oc
ramed a* a Daeuerrean establishment.
AlL>. a Long'Hoom.Sd story, entranceat Philo Hall,
R kal ESTATE FOR SALE-A goodtanse
b,id lot on Washington stfeit, Allegheny City—,
T Dwelling Houses on Bank Lane,
A Al2?a nSlding Ut«,wby »fe*«,ALlbeny west,
Allegheny Cay. A^ p [J L | , J„DKRT.GeM»'aI Agent
tptl No do gtalthfiold »trcet
A Lt»T Why US fret on the Muprmlle.Road,, Tib
A Ward. Tberei»onlhelotatlb-«torybr«kdwJ
wno«(. with well and cittern re the yard, rrait
ch.n*rf fe, . ™.II F.rm, nc« jj R»
ranSr”Front,b.lw..oJV~d urdMutolttL.
t’ UTS FOH SALK-Two joiaon
for dwellii g house* or loandltea. wTh _- 1 »o- *7iV
Tbev wiilbe offered at public *ale«»Th«T*d*y,*7in
dayof Maynext et IS o'clock, *L WOODS. !
apicDdtd ■ - i— .i. ,
JiIVKH. IiOTS* * _
FOR BALE—Some valuable Lot* of Ground, tituatea
on the bankofthe Allegheny Riter, eonwoea to
the citv The»o lot* are most advantage*oily stinted
foi Iron'Work* and other large J£s?DEXftnr*
lifhawßta. (nov7-d*wtn _ HABMAB DENNY.
• ; yoniALßi • .
FOUR LOTS—Boomled by Pena, Liberty end Hay
■ueeta.eaeb lot having ti.feel front, and extending
back HO fret. Two ©f them are cornet tots, and the
position of the whole pioperty it one of theaoat edvan»
uureou* in the city. For farther Information epply to
taeeou. u. gWARTZWELnKR, frank rt,
oovstr between Wood and SmlihleW
A. hath asTsii a*T»; i . m
toeabfe establishment* la Heyr York
the andmigasd taka great *»«*»*• «•««*.
to aaaoßsee to their nni«*ns ft leads and the pnbytf
season, comprising Beavers, Neumas, and extra »«
Moleskin Silk Hats, either wbel fle KING
marfftf a cor, wood and Cth «a
m ; —removal. jfc
J& 8 MOORE, list and
as removed to No T 5 Woaff street, three door* above
Fourth street. HU stock ndsisu e>f evenr variety of
Hats and Capa, made lathe west stylo: al»o,Panama,
Leghorn Pedal Straw Hats, wholesale and reutl,
at the lowest priee. > 8 MOORE
gplfl ?S Wood sudhitd,door above Foarth
TEifi»t» certify thallkaow Df.UjeUAySMa Spajj#
tabcaceytawcvnudwfc rtmt&j. lUrinf am it* aßei
ta itmil cum. aaooctt ay cenamou, is
u 4 imn aw «( &• E***> ■l* l * wad* ta cslirc
I cbOTT&Uj t'nt wj iMdwooy “ ur ?* c V u “VL** ta^
N™ T»k, Mn. 16U.
Mr. Bella—Dear Kb—l »«•*• P**”"* IgJlffiS 1
EG. aabeiMiafiaiiWc.anddoadtßiaU ***»" **°*** **
U» »<kfc,u
J *»“ J will .-. ; •
j. WaIChMUr.N.Y', M*y15,1845. ■
- Dr laraUrkr—Diu Bin—ThU J°o “J ™t«l "U.
» will a » ■■["■ ■> .>«■;**
, Ik. kadi I kit. jTS'ol froatbi .M of If*JS"SJ*i£.
fcU»hol—t ai iUul bjWlTJlciSoJ,« kiFu
at HrikbTwinluabßk 5,?
Ukatj B»t, W-f *°<" ! . Pitukurjk rna^socat.
CONTINUES to mannfacilare, nod
eonsuntly oo hud. evgry varety of H»«
and Cop* of the latest style, Cad price* very tow ii «»
W Wood street. Kastside. ' i rJT
F&U FmSIMi 1»4».. it
BEEBE A COSTAR’S style Gentlemen's Hsu
be introduced at KEEvIL’B on Thursday
August 87th. Gentlemen wishing a cheep, Cash-
ioaable Hat of Pittsburgh manufacture-ahead of
fashionable Hats latponed ind adyemted by romeof
the trade, pleasdfeall at 1‘ _ KEBYm£.9? *
TUgBStf { \ - 133, head of NV ood «t
WOULDUnfonn bisfrleud* and patrons ' * 7*
tbatfae has now on band a Inge stock of the
Spring Fattnon if Hsu and Caps. vhich will be intro-,
ducea on Saturday next- Those in wui of a superior
article will call at *• _ .
meha No 73 Wood street. East side
■ Fall Fashion for Hats*
THE subscriber has just received by Express.
Us new Fall fashion for Hats. Those m nee 10l
an extra fine Hsi willileasccall and examine
” jjii* splendid article. ' 6 MOOHE
M pg No. 83 wool
R. H. PALMER offers forsaieon asforor-
terms as any boose in I Philadelphia, a
mtr complete assortment of Straw, Florence, Rut*
SOU* land, and a great variety of fancy braid and
Leghorn Hats; Ani
fieial Flowers. Ac- Ac. ‘ ! » ch * _
a superior article o htench Moleskin Haw. Fall
Oarsst and Dry Goods WsrshodM,
RESPECTFULLY informs his friend* ud ihe public
generally, that he is now reeelvmx a large Ud
sDleodid assortment of Nxig 8ttl» Carpeting, Ur*
Cioiht, fce , direct from the Importers and Manulacin
rers, composed inpail of
Superfine Brussels CarpelK /'
Extra or Tapestry Brussels Carpeting;
Super Imperial 3 ply ud Extra do;
Superfine Ingrain, Fine and Common Carpeting:
54,3-4 and 4-4 Plain Venetian Carpeting*
5-8,3-4 and <-1 Damask do do; :
6-8 3-4 and 4 4 Tapestry do do;
gM—tlwt lVummag*. .
Brown Drillings; 4 4, • 4 and-C-4 Sheetings; JM 7-4
8-4 Table Linens; Unen Napkins; Crash and Diaper;
Hockabuek Towelling; Carpet Stnpes; New. Style Ta
ble Covers; Oil Cfoiht from 87 inches to\B4 feel wide,
cut to uy size; '
iwnau «.**•»
Rich Embroidered and Printed-Table and Piano cover*
Figured Floor Cloths: »
Chenielle, Brussels,Tufted,and Wilton Rugs;, .
Tufted, Cbemelle.ud Sheepskin DUr Matt*;. Ii
Muilia and Gram - do do;
Brass Stair Rods Flat ud Oval; v
Damask and Striped Stair Linen;
Carpet Bindings; ■ . i..
4 4.6-4 and 0-4 Plain and figured Indian Matting;
Colored Spuish Mailing, 4*-, Ac. ’
Person* fitting up Steamboati,Hptels,or Ppvate Hou
ses, are requested to eatt, a* he feels confident they will
find it lo tneir advantage to do eo before purchasing
He would also invite aueobgnto hi* extensive stock
of NEW SPRING DRY GtRIDS, tembraemg every
thing in that linej now opening at die abovustand..
m arlO<Utw3mF ’ ' IcrNoTIO Market street _
AaNCKER A MAYER, wholesale ud retail dealer*
in Eastern Ready-made Clothfug, would respect
folly take this method of soliciting the mention of their'
customer* ud ihe public generally, to the following
liitaof their stock intrsde. ami sssure iheu also, that
they will sell as cheap if noiiheaper than any other
establtshment in the city. Our facilities of purposing
and manufacturing goods, are such aa to enable us ai
alt times to keep a follassonmenhof ready made eloib*
in*, st less prieea thu they eap he, obtained elsewhere
The present stock on hand consists in part of Ihe fol
lowing description of good*—. -
ISO black ctoih dress cuts, Item *lO to 330.
180 do do French do ! 10 ** .38
TObrown and invisible green do 18 —45
800 sack coals, splendidly mane * of good material.
I9UO pair puts, of all styles, qualities ud __
8400 Tests do do]' do - do
100 dnzfnlancn plain and stitehed bosomehinsjttocks,
scarfs; cravats; boaoms; collar*; auspenders, •«■*»;
drawers, ud under shins of •zsnfjariery, all of
which have been reeenlly prrQused and adapted to the
preseni season. Merchant* and other* who are In
want of olotbrng, et nntft do bettetlhan to give us* cell.
SIIAGKLETT k WHITE, No » Wood street, above
Alley, are now prepared to offer to mer
chants a large and desirable stork of . ,•
All of this season’s purchase—of,laie and desirable
styles snd qualities. - .
Coen try Merchants Visiting or passing through our
eilv>, will fiad ,i clearly to tfu >r advantage topic ura
eal(. as we are determined -*ll*i such small profits,
a* wilt magb ii greatly >- .•• •' imerettio make a bill
Our slock is now foil and complete, comprising a
general aswrunentef such good* as are usually kept
by dry goods booses. .... ,
A mod -supply oJ heavy and light brown Sbeelinp
alwayaonhud. ‘ mebSf_
B» imnwa A THRUM. No 40 Market street.
are now receiving theirstock of New Spring
Good*, asdiaeite the attention of purchasers to their
aaiorunent of Drew Good*, which is particularly de*»
rable, consiatine in pan of
Rich Embroidered Lawn*—eeryeboice pattern*; ,
Rich Organdy Lawns—fashionable browus; with,
jther-eblore. very handsome. '
Printed I .awns, of different patterns;
Rich California Plalda—styles eery handsome; ,
Sopenor French Gingham#—entirely new and beau
tiful patterns: one lot Terr handsome at IB| ctt.
Bnpetior. Manchester Ginghams, {warranted] at »
<C mch?* No 4d market street. 3 ddora abort 3d
VL \y R Morphy has now open an aaronmentof the
above nods, all wool, inelndinj some very fine.% Also,
Mohair de balnea, very superio;, plain mode colors.
Also, plain Drab Bareges; pink, bine, and black do
AIM. tfaluri nea, brown and fucy colon, some aa low.
a* 16| coma; and* larjo aaaojtment of newest styles
drew nod* generally, meloding black wamred, ana
fancy SULKS, of latest tsroonaSona, and at low pnc«
for nastily. Bayer* will pleat* eall and exanune at N
B eoracr 4th and Martel sts. . , . _
rrr Wholesale Booms in second story, whore a very
choice stock can be aeen by deplean, at low each pn>
cea. » *P l °
Ct ROUIiDEB care of pain in the
O Breast, mads after pattern* approved bjrtho Wew
York Bandage loititoto. •' ._ . _ _
Suspender*. Suspender Eads and Webbing; Be»
ediosunc eravatr, plain and fancy satlp stocks; floe
shirts in great variety; shirtf and shm eolars; oi'od
silks; drab moreen; sea grass,.Rc Ac; on
sale by : myd ■ _ r- H EATO.N
SOKDEUBB— Bonnet Frame*, Tabs aw Roches;
Tonoiee shell and bora, .tuck aide and dressing
combs; inlaid aatln and bnuhes; too*,
nail, comb, cloth and hot do; Arp* 1 . bin ?‘°r. J** ‘"“j
brown, black ond white hollow: colored cambric; silk
and onion galloons; flannel binding; safety
note paper, scaling wax; motto waters; Barnhill a in
delict# ink; pencils andpendtl points; bnu&as,pm*,
needles; tape* 1 spoof cotton, Rb. For sal# wholesale
j. H EATON, fi» Market street
J\ dlo Worked. Laee CspA-nnwsai s yleo-a lot
a few poa Chameleon Poolt
jßo.Boi Drees Silk*—a beaaufalaruele,nnd scarce—^
apt* • i N K cordih end Market *t*
W Morphy Inviwa the attertiou of th* Ladies to his
very full ns-enmehtof white good* «'***'*> ““‘J**
ting of Swiss and Scotch Mofk, Nansnok
net moslins. barred Jackonri, super Satin barred and
Striped, soft finish do, *o Ac. a.
Astheeo goods are poicbascd immediately f.omthe
i tosmifmeUtrers’ agema or importers, they can W sold
1 at the lowest price*.
phy Invites the iiientron of hoose keepers to an
assortment of IL-« and IM eejoird A
new mod beaatiflU article, of
assortment of white econierpspes,
onml tv Also; Ltnen Damask 1 TableCloth*,m toil as
sortment of newest patterns • Also; To™*** l£3&
ing Diaper—at the northeast corner of dth and market
I streeta ~ ,
M" OtUC HBW OOODfl —At W R M«pW»
DrT Goods House, north east corner of 4th ond
Uarketstrreu. Receivedyeiterdsy,an
LiMto Table Diapers.'frow M,to 8
eerr aunerior Danask. Also, Bleaehed andnnble*c|i
cloths, very low for S o * lll *-
naeas and Alpaca Lustres, a fall as ■artoent, fion «>»-
non to-Ttry •superior, including some of ' ,er y^ b
l.ostreF • ——
P*c—Tran*pareni Window Shade* of boibUlue mu •
OU prepeiatiou?'n great wiety ©f "*!•L*2ls£2!faJ
titeiK Venetian BUnda, of aaacmed "weand eotote, fer
EEoncSSnteeten, Shade Fixtures, we laju>| Bolter.;
end Blind Trinuniufa, aaioned
M br exore*. thit’dar a fine aaaerunentor
Mantilla Batumi; white linen and Week aillr
rich black frinie; eol'd dim Fncxea. Seperfine Bob:
bina, Uwni md GtnghuiiObrnla
F'Vwobmww asdliatii raw-
MlNGS—Faney and plalnheadcolored dress Frio
-ff nchmantUla black do: flin'Ula, polka and chain
(tap* black and-colored Ufcrlan tumminn; blaak
W *» i» M RATOpjtg
QI1«BY AID TABHB—GultOfl, fUk end
iwsriw Hom end half Ho*e, in peat ninety for
I m ,b end children; Knitunc Yarns and
I ffotw I *.oaoned,eo!on; raendm*indtidyceuiwafld
»!:■»■» .i^ TCN<g
JUST Received and fofheJe at the manaftrturert
lilt ptiect, a law* invoice of pium Gran Elude
tod Skirted Soaectuirn, of the Roteett Manatoetarlnf
Go.. Cl Per mw by the Atent. No 96 .weed street, ej>
i itair*. wbeteeale. fa)WARD TODD
m eMt_ Manafactarer , s Agent
F. B. KATO&, , _
TtEALEK la Trlmniiip end Variety Goo*.••*«»««
1) The«, Ivory «ad Horneefcht,«d
Wonted»,.Baueß», Needles, Fme, T» p« d *•
: No 69 Market fit’ between Piawrsdend «£«"«*•
Pituhetih.. ‘ —— — m
Cnruiaj, to be fonad »l 4*7 * dod *w K MURPHY
ft fi eorftfc wiMukrtiti
whlek * r *,r, C jS5t-Ki.W«i mad for aateby
■wJUU «r lo f gfjffin-BTT fc WHITE, Wwood H
rtnwKX i*j. u. mm* om
G%»»«l,Jwi ft WHITS
MED. •
D- ~ I pj-l-.eV
R. JItGOLBSBT’B W- Spett.-
a cartak aad wAial carat *m»>,
bMbcor bUadiabo, br initatkm oftka
dar.paliu ta Um bvk tad kda, habitnal«.
jl f!lai-i *—'f,TT' —* * * {
wife eoatfinlioa oT tb« bowab w coatmam, u j
ptlaa. la all web ccaea Iba Spcofle caa ba takra.* •
Hctaafttr. aa4 la a certain naiitr. Tba Iprik •
pcmtiTa. and baa entirely referable remedy, witbwtf* ,
iH».rf|«»bp,taliqiic«iiriwi plaaatioUbwl
Actly banalfja ia tbc aawt ddlcata cam.
for the cure of L»»er Compliint, and
ling from tbe Liter. la sick bud*
3a£aiireaod Anti-Bilious Fill, sbt>
all disease* aril
icbe, and u a
taflamalion ol.thk Liver, when not IbecoDseqaroce
ol id icnta MttS or tbo d«TO. S'"''*' 1 / .
wilh symptom* of a functions! duorder ofUie dig*** _
live and biliary \organii and djFpept.a rroqnentJjF
seems to be the,only affectionpresent. Tbepatient
coiDplaina of irregilar a»eUie and mi pairedTSoweea
of digestion, aeiditJ;flatnTooce, slight cbohcpsios, ,
occasional nsoseaaod vomiting, and a slight doll
pam and weight are *eU in the rightaidn, aecamp*.
nied in some cases with a dragging haw * B **•« ”«“{. .
ah odder.' Moat commoner however, no diattnct
pain is experienced-in tfie ( regioli ol *-*? er *
except whenifina pressure is made on this part.—
The bowels are always aery -
being ecronon in some instances with diarrhoea , the
discharges eeentv, dark colored,Jiffenuve, dimy.
meSihor One of the nfost content and
characteristic symptoms of Liver
plaint is a dry, bank, constncted ftata of tM akin,
a abort dry coogb, with wbretthißg,
ia a (recuent attendant on this disease, lot be
chronic's* in the apote form ofth >P dl “j^ t j£Ee
tient csn seldom rest as easy on lie left u :-ga ijj
rinbtaide. A» the disease advances, slight fevers
come on towarda evening, attend*? "‘tb a borning
heat in the palms of the hinds andsolea ®* ”• r JJ*»
the nights are reatirsa, and when thennflammaUon
terminate* in aoppnrauoDvhectiriand rapid emacia
tion consume the vital power*. V
Manolkctnred and retailby
JOHN p.iMOBpAN, Diuggist,
oeb3l Wood street. Pittsburgh.
of Longevity, and mode ol preserving male ,*»[*•
male hStn; symmetry and beauty; exposing <■«»«
. M con of Iboao duenna Unt
tioa, OI ihorten life.aa Aflecugoapriho Skio.SpiM,
Slomtcb, Bogota, Kidoeja.Liafcr, Sciolola, nlea,
FITCH, a;M.,M.D., at7o7 bRPAIMYAY.HbW
Any person remitting fifty cent
one copy, by mail, to any part."'
Feb 10, jo47«d6m __ 1
•fileted wltts Dlsewaai
ila, free,will receifo
trade supplied.
ofthe Lbß|t.
I with the Empre*
n, that I have-been
uronchi, aoreneaa of •
aany medicine*, bat
if medicine,'tuttil I
i valuable medicine
c d it to relieve when*
tuon-aa an Auction* -
j ntly engaged, cantcs.
r :ry alarming, when 1
there fore take plea
ins, that other* aflbcl
-1 expectorant organa
alt healing remedy,”
mended Or. Duncan 1 *
f my
—Tbit it to certify to ibote aflictw
■wmimry tymptOlßt Of COMS®ptiO
laboring for aeveral yeara with ml
the throat aod boarveneaa. I uaed t
found no relief io any preparation
made b»o of DR- DDNCAN’Sj
REMEDY. I have been sting tbi'
for aeveral years, andalwsjsfio
everT make'aao of it. My occupy
eer, which keepa me-almoiteonau
my ditease, at tinea, to beeome el
at onee procure thia medicine, "1
core in making thia public aiaiem :
i ed with a diaeaae of the lotga at :
may koow of thia
and may be cared. Ihaverecooi
Ezpeeiorani Remedy to many
whom ewe their Uvea’toibi* me< I
Somerset, Ohio, Oct 13,18tf_
The proprietor of the above :
reiier to the soderaigned persons
coDsty, on whom any person
eonTineed that there are virtue!
that cannot be excelled
David Caibenaan, Somerset;
cia Goliber, Jnekton tpj-Mrrr'
medicine,woald, also
who reside (a Perry
aay eall upon and b«
, found in t£e abova
r. B. Stone, do; Fran*
Eey, do; Geo. Polben,
OFFICE, 150 Bye
,qE&ON, W Liberty
7 | apl#dfcwT
Sdlliek ip; JenodDaeisen, Hope
1 non meet. Cincinnati, O'* l ®; ..
Sold in Psltsbnrgh by WM. JJ
head of Wood street.
INGSu—Scroiala in ail lu mnltiplied form*,
wheilier in of King'. Evil, enlareementa o iho
elanda or bonee, Goitre, While Sweliipgr. Cnronic
Rheomatinn,tinier, di»ea*e« of the bkm or spine,
or of Pulmonary Coruumption, emanate from 000
and the aame'eauie, wbicn ii a
more or lew inherent in the homan ajateo Tberea
fore, anleaa ihie principle ean radi*
cal cure can be efiected, botif the principle opon
which the diaeaae depeoda, i» (removed,.* care
muitof neceeaily follow, no milter onaer.whatlorm
the dtaeaae abould manileit itaellf ■ Fhia, therefore
it the rewoa why Jarne’a Altiiutitk w ab tuft
vereally eoeceeaful 'in removing to many malignant
n deitroy* the. Tirua or principle Irom
wbicn those dueaaeTbave tbeirongin,by entering
into the circulation, and with thq blood la conveyed
to thn-minoteat fibre, removing ol
disease from the eyetem. Prepared abdaold at Wo.
8 South Third Street, Philadelphia. ■ '.
Sold at the Pekin Tea Store, Wo-TS Fourth atreet
Pittaburgh. ! meb3L ,
IT THE BODY—It i» an established lact that * **n
lam da** of disease* can only ba cored by wehrem*
SB i ifl enter into «d wiih
it thiocgh_*very pornoo of (bebody, fot MlTbTihi* eaa the remedy be brought into immediate con
tact with the disease; andto aitaientlxis end.
no nreoaraiioa bas ever been »o uniformly *ocee**fnl
IS SKaYNK! ALTERATIVE. \ Strata., Krai*
Evil, Cancer and Cancerous Tumours, 'Mmc oael*
line*. Enltigementaftihe Bone*, Chrome Rhcomauim
ISS CoS Eraptia. dlfcsse. of Urn Bfcin.old and indo
lent Ulcer*, Goitrous Swelling* of Uie Tbro* l aw
cored with a eenainiy that os* astonished every bo
bolder. It is beaides one of.the most pleaiant article*
taken into the system. opwemunc m* m tons*
and moving Dyspeptic and Nervous *ffectlons, and
imparting a glow of animation and health onequallpd
bvanytbing in the whole Maiena Meoieu. For »ala *t
tbe PEKIN TEX STORE, No 72 Fourth street, «ar
Wood. 1' aplSdAwF
ftoiE OUITMBHT, for Teller, Bigaworwe
It Pinmle* otftbe Face and other Caitneon* E ruptions
Teyers, Bin»worm», and ben*eiie eruption* *en*w»ly,
am among tae most tedious and diso areeabia affcrUOM
to which*tbe h«TP«g frame i* liable. Situated a* it
were. on tbe verge of vitality it i* almost impoemble p»
reach them br.inward remedies. Hence the mefieacy.
of undergoing a course of roedleinej «r snb,ecting our*
Mice* to the uncomfortable. «yatem|of •tncidicu *ach
means by reducing the *J*’cm merely pallitte the
symptom* while they are In practice, tO tecur a* t»-
lenUy, or more eo, when a generous diet is returned to.
And the generality of external application* have no
other effect than to heal the dheMO. to one P>*ee, “on
to show, itself in the sahae or another part. When all
these means have felled, and in many **' re rc ca*es, iL
nerteversaee for a short time in the
Ointment has proved effeetus). cThere is no trouble in
“**"■ '^J^iHßEsroiaf ac»
aplB cor 6th and wood sis, and.ltt and wood »t
V—“ About four year* »lnee I was aiiaeki-d with a
violent ceogb. I tried eanoua retmoies,and conw.ted
severs! physicians without rsliefWOn the rtcoaaen-_
dstfoa of a fttend.l commenced pstng tbe Vegetable
Pulmonary Balsam,-and derved immediate rebel from
it, and by continuing tbe used ub short time myeosgn ,
was entirely removed. I have »inee always taken U
myself, and recommended It to others, when attacked
with a cough, and never knew itiofollol giving Imme*
'diate relief, although I have recommended tt to many^
1 can therefore, with confidence rtcooioend itjo the
public. I J ITTIUNefc.
B ¥S^° b 'r b " M bTfA..NE3TOCE A Co
epU cor l«t and wood ns and wood and Btb *a -
Worms; Worms! ,
Locumu.*, Aran IS, 1547.
Messrs. J. Kidd A Co, Gem*:- Tbt* l* loeeniff that
a-|h"d of mine wasafflietod with Wow*. I procured
various kind* of Vermifuge,! and them,
but-with no effect.. Ithenpurchswd * vialofDr Me-
Lane’s celebrated Yennifeaefand aft** giving a few
dotes, the child discharged about a quart or lame
Worms! The health of the Child Improved immedi
'atelr. I wouW recommend Dq McLane’* Vermifuge to
she public, aa one of ihc"mostsafe and •
wood A fourth stt A L p ,
'HDr. ■eLtt«l tl?«f PfH**
X ,TEBSaS.'J'KIDDi CO.—Genu: m
a boxe«~of Dr. MeLeaeV L»»er Pill*. My w "®
ba»B*ediwoboxe«oftbeDoc<or» , P»H« {“f!? j[®“
Utey here dofte her nan food Ikxn m
h*»by two jeer* auendenee. A Vra JOMS *
m»», Win «f..i. «... Up
These Ttixeble Pin*<j» “!® b 7 J KIDD
;to WondwreorPiuibßrnh. _
xexaoTti their NVboteaaJe bnuneaa, wbei» tb«y w *'
always hare cn hand a a «*««■** •«»“»*« ®JJL“
the snides in their line, to whieh they mnie the auer
li TheDr» btuineea will be ccatinned atthe°p»t»od
coTfceret *th and Weed «t*- i ' - Pt _
TITHE’S HAIR TOHICr-Ato S"”*? 1 ! A.
J trwlwe unhsajlatiocly praoounee it lobswiutit
f-iht best article, w»tt«iraay cwtptioe, «
mtoralioaandpreservationor thehemaa hair. "•■■Jr'
of aawsrog* iastanew where hair has been p»w»Ato **•*•
whkhban beta bald for Jean} aad we tbiak wnojl d* ■,
cmtcrfcrer than to rscnmmmd to.alT oar. reader*
tssfayfrele mate a trial of this Toal£bnine<Httrlj
*?o?£ta ffltabnrxb at tbaPeakia Tea
Fonrth street* near Wood I
r«UT« in «U cue* wken ike
uy of the otrmsieooeerscd
a* ate dlwriered. ; Al«o,--for
-1 A «Mv«rMl re*>o>
ftssuobi !
is tk» dytecUva fsaetiaat
fever awf «fn«,'lnwrmuu
itee, dfeenur?, **;
| - Bffld - twt«<ao4j
ftTir, biUcru WW, ivu*
tjjiood aadtib tod wood M