The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, May 10, 1847, Image 1

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    : ' , 1 - ~ Pi
AL>KIk GORDO*; Cwmmiawa and
Kora-u.itn* Merebaot, M Waier and lUS Fronltta,
r S h __ P» g A»—
ATWOOii, 40J8B8 di Conunisaion and
I’ofwanhuK l»a»« relumed lotheiroUl
01-I ki»d I'lOlll . OCgl_
A ICIIUt LEWIS, AlWey at Law. Fwmb
. at. an<lWly_
BWINCUIiSTEa, dealer ma|i kinda«r »«-
.ported *od!>iiie..ut Spamab *“j
he eooues ltrtd**S «h«w*"g I’ooaceo, whole**!* and
evatl. No. U*,-fh) rd rtirm. l , . . J** l .
riniKmaisjui.-*. o*nEB*a«Tz»-
BRALX db ÜBITBR, w > o(, ** ,e ..,* n ,
l>rua<i*»,'comer of Liberty and Si. U *"' ‘iuI** 1 **
I'niaLurp!.. I‘a. . . . :— -‘S***.*-.
4tS MtuLcj *i.J door, lion* Ihtrd. ■' -“v ..
« A.'-FAHarBBTOCKA.CO^ IVho3e«Ue *
LinKianu enrrorr \% ood and <Kh
__ u . nnaniv i. Co.» Grocer*, Commiaaion
DcaL-r» in P.tul*urKh Manufae
lure*! KR,“o Jhlubrny ••.«c_L.Fliwb 1 iwbu f gh._ ocS»
MAO ALKY'* P.niTH, Wholesale Grocer*, IS
B andtWVVoodrrret. Pmfirjrßlt.
' aailTU. DAGAI.UY Wholesale Gro
-831 iiniduLL' .V.i>rs, No.- s£d) Market »tre«. l»e
-/ V al'mcAxl'LtV * CO., Forward!!* and
Uvreha i-. Oanal Uu»m, F’UsWrL,
/. oiILAXUO LOOMIS, Attorney at l*aw, of*
\j. ficr on 4th stree i.ttl* vv SirlitliGeld.
Win rjiteman Jutm if. Jrimme* Jat. \V. Hailmnn.
«V,K, d »l'. oi.t-‘«"it A'l I Unite, Hotel. jaIUM
u ... •, j.fcaLrolhera.
(*','« U ici.".v OAU«T«BIIH.
r!«*S«U SlfcllU"iVi fi M W.K7 iurf 115 I'roul
crr», S - , 1 " | ‘ r .', n ..t <• t:*i.ui«;ii muimfaciuret, fto
at*a|.‘i» us » • tii jwifi
<4l l.ilirnv *•. * _ __ —. • -————-
'ti-*--- ■■* ~ B. J BCKSiaUT.
#W«>OnV MrK.MUIIT, (*uccc»ora to 11.
/ 'A \\ ti»lr«4lf »in^er*,Cummn*ioa
Vy i nuiri c- I>rali*r' m Produce end
■ Ui! h.uwnr." ■ •‘ v j tl IwUrreli Wood 1.,1«*r.v. “•
1 ,r s' j
Uur<<i, l's> . - 2- ——r
K'li iv-jler jn I'toitucr anil r«mU>
D. k. >. “ ?£! £ m»i*™ «. r;,?,r
net vf M.nV' t ‘i- *— "
- - . j. UamMii Sewell.
lioStOP 1 * HKWKtt, Ailotnty. " I-".
hk-i-s-I) . .» SSTSSSST"
* OEIIIIA.RT, \VT»le«l« Gn
'nWALTi * „,*.!„(■« junl IMuburgh raanulae
l.a.Ay .u., IMuborji, P.
, "Z,.’, Ss’ t " UESSISTT, (laic Knsl.*, «*>•
\\ ',. L ,lirocanr. Comnuna.On and
£■ W“' r Wsiliani.. anJ I Wan in I’nJaaa and
Voiw*ril»iiu. • Wood aired, between
l’iU.bur*U Muiiuiu* Uut », .So- 43 V> 004 «Vrt«,
Second and Tninl ..... , .
- ~ Huev Jarac* Wooa. S'
P.i>l. _ „ ... ‘ ■ _.
f} , ' ,, - ,OUS *• fOMITK.
J? MerrUain Batin* I'jttiburgN
fce.A.r, No. i. *- , jrn y Rope, ic. mlway* on
(N. B. Oakaro, J'-'ctt, Maniaa iwpc, my a)
Ijr t «M ai»l CotiuwMiou Merchants, iu» u
I’iusl>antb i’%_
U mnrw>Q I’liuburKh; |
P.twlunth Minuimarg*- >« »» - '
• * ■ ■ *“■ . ij, O* Un)^®*
ilico, VV Swift. ± Rrewers, MaUtcl*. 1
*4“ ss-;
ericsPcrcn a»d Pnt«WW» . —— :
uri'ft. I’liiiborc®- ii- ifnTn* l
ivS imiNCT, wa-mfi"*S.CE*»
-M Winsr und 107 KroiU •twW.l'»w>?W‘-
I«»KIM1 KNOX, Allomer tV;ift , SS! , ln'
LI i>. h» Uie practice of hi* P f ° ,e **~‘‘
£.*«*cV. No 7, « a * e " en ‘* fl ?j r W £ ,S j* ■>'■
Iruptrtl liuriM h>* ■»•■«»« h * f ‘ J ' S ,**l4.wtfF
jChn‘U«iK*o r ** • ~ ,
1 lAnv n MitRUAN. Whole**!* l)n»gp*Ji * na
j°i;s^M"^^« s «s l sssrs&
✓NoUJi Wood »ued,«ne door w>*»u» oi y j >n i
AJUCS K.KUIL Ji- *■ Cj. S'"
o. Davi») Ship Chandler*,3o tV » ct* l- .
(□'‘H“C* t*ou*M *> r Uirn_‘». ’ * i " '
V' BCII6d»MAKKR*CO.«toI~I* »•«•
J. »V«p4». Pill'ini'K'*- r - -
J | ~re..J.M .VcrrlMii >, Nn H IMnIJ ">■
S»n<’«W«tJ^.Hi , P** ,nHMo 7’ -• ' JT'
win I..■'V^, , ?.td A -C'SK ‘2sw"
■"™' uy -ssr:
„tu«- aii]oim»«<s iounnr*.. ‘ '
,l “^^.W'^^“-“ , " l “* r “ ul " r *’' , ! n ‘“
iiovii ii
*t; ■ ■-
'■»' ■ ‘-uvad*S Book Sure, ilh, neir
ilTr<.u> -.»<> Melliud..! lk»V< ‘SL.
j rss»»«
tons OBXKK,
J ducr, PiiutmrxU numifrcuup*. Tm FJ*«.
No «! ljlwny »L-PJtwburgh. - *- - -
- - , ,-, ~ -HidioM Floyd.
T t »vn. (U.o J. Floyd i Co.) Wboloolo
Mirl > nil-ZELL, Wliole**le Grocer, Con «Jfr
.Tdie!s?ri«l-l>»l"‘'*'‘, *■= ._N°; “
Water »*»*gf-tlV 1 ?- 1 --*- -
—V" L... ‘ " John shiptpn.
r 1 aSbKJIT & SHIPTOH. Wbolc«le Grocer*,
Xj Porw*n:»n« und ComralMton Mf
■ n PfodureHiJ«l.»r*h m.nartcl
135W00d it
»'VI" M-Cill S. H. Uu*li6«lt3.
Ti 4’Glilis A nUSKFUCLD.CI
M. mii'-.flii Merchant. No l!U Uibe
-\f "'.7r~NiroiciT vv-m. K Niraiek
-* r & Co., Commi«*lon •f d t l ' ,or^vood
M.. Merchtni*, WuwruodFiwttt^trelweenWood
un.lM.rkti. -—£2s
VITKUS UL NTKII. JtCo, Wholesale
IYI-No/Ijift !.•>.,-ny «u . _
WK. KILL**. c. W. BCDCrtO*.
MOiLEU fc IIICK.KTBON, WholeaaJe <lro
err* and Comtnuaiou Merchant*, Nu 170 LibartT
_*ur«-u l’>n»iwnhi.l , a ■ :Janl4
McCOItD A t£IKG, wholesale and retail Hat
and Ctp manufacturer*. and dealer* in Fancy
K»r». earner of'* ood nndFtfih tu. jun 8
Mtc J. BLOAN, Wholesale (nocere, Dealer* in
. rriKlure »nd Sale and Forwarding and Commit*
non Merchant*, No* 63 Lil»eriy and US3 Wood strati*,
]>,u«t,orah- ;
iT HOLMES * SON, Ji« »MajUl«rMVKc*
S.-affiSS? STJ^SStiSS^S,
*** P ri ’ uiF<a t * tu ‘ Urrt, * i
jr, sr«.<. —-‘si
MOtitic No. b Wood <u«l, I-,.ub.,,t
P?l?S£i££.“=.iF.nrid.o, ««"*»*NJU
\Va:er*irret- ;
V, It. iIA'VKTJIB, Attorney *l
Court How***.
i ttKPPEET, Prate* Oral-
R“S^“co» *° ■>*
r.r.TTnn' T. LKKCU, Jr., Importer and
Forcipi and X>w»aua Badaltiy Hard*
B. UrCK.jr. T. 6* BO&1SB05.
RBBvvE fc CO,'Who!eaale opacer*, Comrai*
■ non Merchant*, and dealer* In Produce *nd
Pin»bur*t» Manufacture*, Liberty *t-, oppo*ue Smith-
Held «i, Pitubttjyli, Pa. ‘ ' ‘' royS
RICHARD BARD, wboieaale and retaU dealer
in Leather, Morocco, aheemaken’ TooUaud Find
in)?*, Tanner* and Can ieta Toole, and Tanner* Oil, No.
ICi Wood it. PilUbufgh. aeplS -
tOBBRT -DALZELL h Co., \Vho]e**leGro
cersyComcjiwon aud Forwarding Merckanis,dea
to Prodace aad Pittsburgh Maoatacure*, Liberty
rt, Puubargb, Pa. fob**
, moBT. Kositov. B. *o»iao3r.
R ROBISON *. Co., Wholesale Uroeexs, Pro-'
• duce and Commission Merchants, aad Dealer* in
Pittsburgh Manufactures, No. ISO Liberty street, Pitta*
burgh. ra. JanlO
ROB£RT UOORK, Wbolcule Grocer, Bcenftr
ing DUliUer, dealer jn Produce, Manu
facture!, and all kmdi of Foreign and Domestic Wme«
an 1 Liquor*, Ne 11 Liberty *treet, Pituburgh.
l IETN. B. On hand a verylarge rtookof eaperror
Old Monongahela Whukoy, which will bcaoW Jow »r
cajh. _ ■ •• mayg-iy
L. O. Reynold*. ,/• ?*??•
REYNOLD? * 8 BEE, Forwarding and Com
miuiori MetcDaiu, for tho Allegheny Rtver arade,
dealer* iuGrocerie*. Produce, Pttuborgh Manufacture*
and Cbloridegf Lime. . ... .
Tke higher-price,, In, euh, P«« •>. 11 •
Coun'iy Rags. Corner of Penn and Irwmata. )an33
!1 c Shaeklett TkotUl While.
O ter* in Foreign and Itotnetue Dry <*ood*j No w
Wood at reel, F.tubtirgh
SAW.IIARBAUaiJ, Wool Merchant*, deal-'
. ere m Flour ami Produce generally -and Forward
ioc and CommiMion Merchant*, No 33 Wood^aired,
Pititbargh. J± n i.. .-
SAMUEL pALKKR, Attorney at Law. Ofiee
•n Breed’* building, No ft* Fourth «ue«t, between
Wood and Srnith&cld. ~ novGdAwly
STEPHEN BARRETT,ManufacturerofFan
cy,Sharing and Toilet Soap*, Winter and Sommer,«*ed LaidOtl, Ae. No 17 Fifth *l, between Wood
um! Market »t*, Pnttburgh. Pa. ocJt
o'p vok BOSSHORST A Co., Wholwale
O. Grocer* c orwardmr and Coouniuiott Merchant*,
Dealer* m P.ll«burgh Manufacture* and \Ve*tern Pro
duce, have removed u> their new warebotree, (old eland)
No 34) comer of Front *t and Chancery Lane. nov7 _
SAMUEL M. KfER) Forwarding and Comtais
*ion Merchant, Dealer in Salt. Produce and 'Pm*
burgh manufactured article*, Canal Ba*in, near ?tn *t
. ittt , . -
N. WICKBUMIIABIi Dtsler m Seedt.jFlon
O* '(•. Flint Trre»,and Agricultural Implement*,Ni
t a Wood t-ireei P<tt»batgfa.
mils. KtiNftKOY, Jr., Cooking MU*» Manafactu
a. nr, and bcah-r In Clock*, Comb*, and Vt«eiy
iood*.corner of-Woodand Fourth street*
TP Forsyth. RJFormh.
rp, pORBTTII i Co, Commission Merchants,
• dealers in gait, Lumber, Groceries, Produce and
rnultorrh Manufactures, Canal-Basin, Liberty street,
Pittrbtujh. . %*»18_
r p~A. HILLIKR) Loo king Glass and Picture
J. - fume Manufacturer, ana Importer of Looking
uiass Plates; dealer in. House-furnishing Hardware,
and Fancy Goods, 104 Wood Street, near Fifth.'
JOBS d. wick. naviD M caSDLxsa
tstick A II’C&SDLBSSi (successors toL4
VV J D Wiek.) Wholesale Grocers, Forwarding and
Commission Merchants, dealers in iron, Nails, Glass,
Cotton Yam* and Pm*ba'Rb Manofaelttre* generally (
pornerof Wood and Waurau, Pluabwiyti wdi»
WW. WILBOS, Waifciuaaker anjl
. comwnjf <ih and Martel «trwt«.
«otne a* 10 1
ItJKraTJuvilaa tho ladu-sto call and
mine his stock of Fronrh Worked Collars,
as 33 cents. ’ mchlJ
iir GKKEH, \Vhole^aJeGrocer,Forwarding and
W • CommiMion Merchant, and Denier In Produce
and Pitulmrgh Manufacture*, corner of Water and
«t*. Pi|i»liureh. Pa. *PIS
lITHITMORK * WOLFF) Importers ud
W Wholesale Dealers in Hardware, Cutlery, Sad*
llery.Ae,corner Libertvand St. Clair streets, Pins*
,ursh._J ; »P*g ;
WN» .GLBSBL Bookdioder, hat remored to the
comer of Wood and Third sis, above C. H. KiTi
where he is prepared to do every description of Holing
ind Binding. . • T>!P
tit w.WALLACilTMiU* wne »ndmill furnlsh-
W « ing establishment, N 0.344 Liberty «tr*t, near the
itaaaL • mart* I
wa. m’cutchxos. , suit, a cctcbxox.l
WA a. K'CCTOBSOSt Wholesale Grocers,.
. and Dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactures, and
Western I’roduce generally. No. LSS Liberty street,
Pittsburgh, Pa. _ _ ia3l I
W' it n; aiTCHELTKEE, Wholesale Gro*
. eers. Rectifying Distillers, and Wine and Liqedr
Merchants, No. IGU Liberty stteet, (opposile’StZth sti)
Pittsburgh ; msyttf-dly
\\ O. 11. UODINSON, Attorney at Law, his
V » , removed bis office 10 the Excbante Buildings,
SiClairstreet.nextdoorto Aldeiman Johns. 1
ttpad3m I
H. OhA&ARDi Dealer in Haney and Bta
. Dry Goods, No TO Market street, Pittsburgh.
rayrr.i.TiTMk a bn.W4>hfH t uisiaiiitbia
W District.) Wholesale Grocers, are now located}
Xo.Jie Wood rt, wberether offer for sale a large asso
mentofGroceriesaod Pittsburgh Manufactures, at to|
prices and on favorable term*. i mayKl
W. WILSON. Dealer m W.tcßss, JewcifT,
• Btlrer Ware, Military Good*, Ac, No. 57 Mir*'
set street. i_ 00 .' r T
\tj H, wholesale and retail dealef In
VY .Foreign anUDocneslic Dry Good*, north snsiejor*
ncrof Market and Foanhsts._!
lITM, tfTlKWitr, dr.) ba* ng‘parehatod jlhe
YV'Drugßinreof Edgar Thorn, cornel of Penn iud
Hand street*, will seep.a constant supply of ibe lies;
inieil«ines, perfumery, Ac. i [
PhyKcisn'* prescription* carefailjf eotojoandea.—.
Medicines eu» be liadat all honr*of the nigbt
fehlOdly* L_
JTM Walimsford. John P Silver.
WAffUaoPOBO A Co., Commisivon and For
warding Merchants, Second, near Wood street,
PimUorgb, Pa.
itTJI, JL DdBLIHOfONi Attorney at Lire
W Pittsburgh, Pa, voinnti«sioiier to take the be
knowledgiaentand proo of Deeds, leases. Contract*,
Deposition*, hr anr othe- writ in* (nnoer «eat ernoU»®
hr W| or Teeorded to the j State of Ohio. Ofieelon
rbird street, above Bunt - t-etd. I VT_
W,C. AGUiiIMBACbu, Attorney at Law
.Fifth street, near Sm.thfield. Collecting,Men
eies and other bnsme** to with punctuality.
Ilnraucis— . r .
Dissells A Semple, Wm. Ctoghsn. F..q„
ii A Fahnestock A Co, John Herron, Esq, •
Greff, land*«Y A Co, John W right,
James McCully, E*q, Maj. WlUipui Unmer.
jeiM-ly ; -
J. BRTAtt,
Hit. 114 Liberty tt n and S 3 Diamond. iiiiey,
nrrsuußtiii, fa.
iL i ?- d, r "oITH
Wi I OLR» M ■ 11 Dealer in all kind* of
or»,t««okinjt»nd Cbewmr Tobacco and Bono:
IlmonitrefL Mnf the Diamond. ..
Rtriken, Ikaitn •« KztkaHft, Bani *>•«*» and Ctn,
Corner of Third and Wood *«rrei*,
„.lUI, PU«borjrfcj_Pt_
|| wVV Ilham*. . w ™ * M sh‘un
[Surra** to Lovn* k
attorneys AND COUNSELLORS At l V v
OOOffice NorA »iile of Fourth *t, who*e SimthfieW-f®
icbl/dAwlyF ' .
wall»Apohi>& Co., .y..—
Ascm ro* Natia* * c ®;*,^ T “b
Have on bud a (all •••onmtni of Oa*t, S«*a»,
feMS . Duttak and (j ttxAa Srro- .
OHIO. Colleetionf in Southern Ohio mad in Indimnm
C uni*, Win M’Knighi.Chureb k Cmroibeim, IT«Hmy«,
bUq, Jtrnc« P. Smart. wiltock A D*ti».
Oliver Bl « k g^ CKßDß j r^co, U '
WIIOLEHALK Gtoeeri and I>ealet» in Oils, Bwft
•lores, end riustuirgh MancCicmrtai smelts, have
on hand at all i.haft *>» and £-«■*»»■f
(OPds in thflir line, Wawr nroei, near CfeerrrAHey,
IffflflUllSK OF THIS JUJIUfI ttOffiT
.' roa tbs t*t» or
Having taken ike Warehouse formerly oceapied by
near Emb'i Steam Wll t
Will keep on hand a full 1 snpply of all sixes of Boiler
Iron and Hesds, Fla® and Fire*Bed Iron r fltade fro®
biafeor/anfata WooauJ which will be »IJ at ihh loweai
market rates. Engine Builders andotliers, are myited
o call and examine his stock. Orders promptly at
ended to. Jy3l djy_
Toils' H* TOWHIEKDi Druggist and Apothe
• I esry. No 44 Market at, Uiiee doors above Third at,
Pittsburgh, will ba*e eonatantly on hand a well select
ed awoiUnenlof the best and freshest Medicides which
he will sell on the roost ressonabio terms. Physicians
wndina older* will be promptly attended-to, and sap-
Sllcd unth articles they »*y. rely apop as genuine. ,
P in-phrsician*’ Prescriptions will he accurately and
neatly prepared from the best materials, at any hour of
safe, a large stock of fresh and good *’«'*“*
mery. —. L.—
attorney AT law.
Office M it, oppoct. «•
WSJ £S"«"r.',T:"“
8 Retie to
• j P.«,.b.^
! D. T. Morgan )
. r aNUPACTUREK of Tin, Copper, and Sheet Iron
rsfSM s!p«p iiEni.'re *•“'■'
mem of Imported Uo«*e Fon>'** .. _ Bre , n »i
I WhalrMle buyer* and lb« public generally, awn™
| ted to call. ,• , ’ " - - -
Corner Barker* Alley and Pann 9t, and fool of Pjllnt»
pmibarih. ?*♦ _
J. sTConbnrti. ~ W. Bonbrfcbt.
J. ». Aw. bonbiugut, Bnll
TV in MteUnited (hues, tad which will dl«poM
of «t low Priee* and on food Tornu,
■* H. P.-A S. »UOS * co“
»jf ANUPACTURBRB of HuuMred S'xrvela ud
. M. Wml.logferiL ’ F. Singer.
. , '' N “ntuLxx* w
1 TTAREIIOBSES Second street, near Wood, and
YV r>n«‘ Basin. Liberty street, have on lmnd and for
sale ICO,OOD lbs assorted Steel, viz:
NayloyACbbCan.Shev, RH«»r and German t<rl.
Jonei A Qulrk’s Aw Htistercpring and Fork
SOT dox Shovels, Ppadca and Forks ;
Carriage Springs and Axle*;
Anvils, (mouse hole;) Vices, (paunt and common;)
Sledges, Sledge Moulds,Crowbsrfj
Furnace Ringers,iJuftrata Injh;}
MtuoekSjClty end Coal Picks;
Axes,Scythes, Sickles, Log Chains. Ac.. Ac.;
|o*SalamaMder Fiio Proof Safes, lion. Nails, ulus*
and other Pittsburgh Manufactures sold at the lowesi
prices. ' - • fcblb
C R Dsnenhower, J Renaldo Sank.
No* ®> Sooth Wharves, and No 117 south Water si
ruujAubii) uui.
BEG to inform the trade and dealers generally of
Pittsburgh, that they hav.rissdehacb arrangements
with the -Virginia manufacturers and the Growers of
the West, West Indies, fend other pUccs as will Insure
a large,and constant supply ofibe foUowingde»cnp
lions of Tobacco which will be sold Upon a* accom
modating terms as any oiher house in this city or else
where, and all goods ordered from them will be war
ranted equal to' representation:—
Havana; St. Donungo; Conn., ) _
Yarn; Pono Rico; Penn’a., J Seed Leaf To
Coba; Igumij ‘ and Florida,) baei-o;
ALSO—Branch’s celebrated Aromatic Slag Caven
dish, with a large assortment of other popular bran*,
and qualities of pounds. ss. hi lII* IC* and this Lump;
ss6ss»&nd!os Plug; Ladies’Twist; Virginia Twist.
Ac, sweet ami plain, in wbqle and'half boxes, wood
anil tin. together with every variety c f article belong,
ing to the trade. ictdnll)'
' J I) LxtiMxm, O W ahdsiuox.
Late of Pittsburgh, Pa. Imte of Nashville, Tenn.
LEHNER * AKDEUSON, Dealers tnUMton,
Forwarding and Commission Meichams, No. 8
Front street above Broadway, Oiucinusn, Ohio.
Run to—
M Allen A Co, 1
Bagaley A South, > Piuehurgh.
Win. Uiiictiun. )
Seay A Shepherd. }
Moron A McAlister, i Naskv.Mr.Trnn. '
Vnotawn A Armistead. )
W F Lane A Co., l.ouii.ville,'Ky.
ft>tln«r A Whiteman, 1, q.
James Johnston A Co. }
llcwctl, Heron A Co., New Orleans
Miurtnat A Morris, New S ork.
Duvall Keißhler A Co., Baltimore.
Sniuh, Bagaley A Co., Philadelphia.
Partial Deahon, Boeton
J. (i. V
jj a,
Commission Merchant*,
PARTICULAR attention paid lo consignments of
Sugar Mil!*, Engines, or other article* for <>pe'ou»a«,
Messrs Sheffield AlJghllow, Mi. Tho
mas Limerick; New Orleans. ,
Messrs. LunonA Uettenoo, Mr- Z. R.Slcrltpi urn*
,-tilesar*. Uall * Speer, Mr. Wm.’ O’Learr, Robert
wighunan-Armstrong A Nicholson; Pittsburgh.
Messrs. Revan,Todd A Co.; Cincinnati.
Messrs. Hynes A Craighead, Messrs. Edward* A
Wbiieall, Mon. Zonou Labaase, Hon. John Dutton;
Plagocmipo. La- eclS-iy _
LIBERA cash tdrucu made on receipt of con
iignmonu. Tliose •hipping 10 our address will be
p«n> three-fourths value in advance in Cash, by apply
me to our friend*,
- Messrs. Wallingford ATaylor, Pittsburgh.
Messrs. Thos. Bell* Co. Bridgeport, Ohio.
Philadelphia, May#,
N. B. All produce eon»igned 10 o* t» injured when
in the warebouM of Wallingford A Taylor, Pittsburgh,
or moor wore in Philadelphia. C. B. i to.
ISA. Itffi Wood Street.
ARE now in the coane of receiving Urge aldmons
to iheir citcoiin stock of Hardware. Cutlery.
Sail lery. *e.. which having been purchased on the
mo-1 mdvantegeoo* terms in England, and direct from
the Manufaetnrersin ihts country, enables theta to of
fer .oods on termii surpassed bv none and equalled by
few Purchaser* are respectfully Invited to call,
let S 8
No 26 Wood Street, I’ittbivhgh.
CONTINUES to Iransael a genera! Commission
Business, especially in the purchase ami aale
of American Maituiactu'cs and Produce, and in
reccifiag and forwarding Goods consigned to bis
’care. At Agent for the will be
constantly supplied with the principal articles of
Pitisb&rgh Manufacture at the lowest wholesale
prices. Orders and consignments are respectfully
BF Conway. I, h
PORTSMOUTH, übm, Commission and Forwarding
Merchants, ahd Produce Dealcr*--«i»o to the
Purchase, Bale ud Shipment bf Pig Iron. Coat, «c
Atwood, loaf* A Co Brown, Bailey A Co
I,orrni. Sterling A Co Henry Gr»a\
Gtatt, Lindsey A Co D I.rech A u»
Lyon Short) A Co , Clarke A Thaw
roarlOJI) -dPtm* ti ? n ~*'.
alexandeh levy a UKOS.
OFFER to sell at either r»iahli*hmeol. all hunt- of
Mcrchaftdi»e *t the lowe»t rale* of Cotntni«.-on» anti
ire always prepAierf to make advauee* The he*! of
reference. given, if required. Letter. addre.'cd to
either Hou«a will he promptly attended m. >*
joTm a. RtcuAEDR,
TTyiNDOW <3la»a, CJla.t Ware, Dnrd Fruit. Re*.-
V\ wail andOooßtry Produce.
Advances made on consignment*. Fit. .factory irl-
lo those addressing by mail. ■wpl'lf
jajua Ttiovnoa. __w»n. r ** r * K - 1 '
And MXn«Jfcetttrer» of LUuted OH,
Su. 20 Columbia Street,
r*it> roa
aepXS-iy _ N .
Redbank, Pn.
HE advertiser would respectfully inform hn fr.cnd*
1 and the public that h* ha* taken n.e Warehoiue,
formertr occupied hy 1 K Gould.. where he will Iran
sacra general Agency. Forwarding ui.d t munut-ion
bu*tne*v Particular aitennon* gurn to. all consign
ment*. Chargra reasonable. maiUu
Hedhauk. March I ■ NT t
Second street, near Wood.
DEALERS In Pituhargh Manufacture* and llearv
Hardware—will keep con.inniiy u» hand ■ Mock
of earri*ge*pring«att<l axle*,haiDe*.»cytbe*andi »i*k.
lei Cte proof ufci, anvil*, v»ce* blaek»inuu* bellow*,
■ledge*. Ac., Ac- nxch^_
LATE M. LEECH k CO, Wholeaale Grocer*, Com
minion end Ploor Merchant*; dealer* in at! kind*
CosntrT Produce, Copper, Tin, Tt/v Plaiea. Tinner*'
Tool*. Iron end Nail*, Zine, White Lead, Dye Sinff*.
Ru'iia j'heet Iron, Leail, Couott Yarn*, Sail, ke., aod
Fit)*burgh Manufacture* generally, No* BI.KL and VI
liberty ureet.onr door above the bead of Woodilreet,
fitus.urgb, Pa. , , .
Liberal advance*, tn ra»h or good*, made on con
tignaenuof produce. Ac , fce.
J. ?. ALbBS,
NoeVoUTH water sr, phii.ada
Has on hand arufcgffer* for Sale-H:e..ebrd W inter
and Spring Sperm Oij, Bleached N\ in rr and
Sprinr Sea Elephant Oil, Blearhed W inter ai«d npimf
Whale Oil, rarked Whale Oil, light color and free irom
feeling, and Tanner*'Oil Al*o, pore African f.uaiio
and barrel* _ . marfdim* .
‘' v atKRCKO, OfIOTUKRfI k Co-
Fortbe •*!« of P*odcc* generally, j
ryLlheral advance* made on consignment*— QJ
Decemlier »• dflm
b^’v.'athTStWi. »• i. raren.
No. 48 Water Street.
Will give particular attention to the telling of Pro
duce, and in order* for porehaimp
Rcrt* to— George Morgan k t« , 1 nuburgh, I a.
aogll . . -- -
~Joho MCullougb. t M’Kcehan. C ltCalbeM-wn
J ”"oiia*H’ctn.i*ou©tt dt co. I
CammUsum and Forwarding Merchants,
NOS. 93 it, os SOUTH ST.
Jantfly* BOWLINfPS WHARF.Baltimore
thos. a. cabsos. dt co
commission MERCHANTS,
»- 8 -» d “ L \ h^i« 0 n K .
advance* wttl he made on consignment to
‘'i" AMritwoirr. «»■>«■.
• IjEA l> WOIIKS.-rThe urulenigned have
completed their new work*, located on the bank ol
Ibe titer above the Aqueduct, in Allegheny city,
opoodte Pittsburgh, for the manufacture ol a «upe
norqujlity of white lead, both dry and gtound in
oil* alto, red lead and titherage. Having ■**l^
.. *—-t .«f u>e rectal improvement* in »■
mannftclare, anitrectod the btnldingt on a very
Mtanrive acaTe, tnd with capacity to tnako lead tn
CTmiKU U„J -ill l» -bio to nrplj «ntot.
atmnat any extent- < L ,, . * p . f -
split Bimaii
Bitwt P»
Washington, D. C.
ryiiNAri C. ROBBING Mechanical Engineer and
LA Agent lor procuring Patents, will prepare ibe ne
cessary Drawings and Psper* lor Applicants for Pat
ents, and itanaaei all other business in the libe or hts
profession at tiie I’atrni Office. lie caa be cousulicd
on all questions lo ihe Talent Laws abd dcot
•itms in the United States or Europe. Pe sbit* afh
distaucc desirous of havijig examinations made at the
Palem Office, prior to making appltcaooa/or *• patent,
may forward ]po« paid, enclosing a fee of fiv« dollars,
'a clear statement of their case, when immediate atten
tion will be-given to it. and nlltha information that 1
could be obuiued by a visit of Hie upplicant in person]
promptly communicuted.
All letters on holiness rmrsf post paid, and contain
a suitable fee. where a written opinion is requited.
Office on F. street, opposite the Patent Office.
lie hits the honor of referring, by permission, to
lion. Edmund Burke, Commissioner of Patents;
Hon. H L Ellsworth,late do do 'do}
|| Knowles. Machinist, Paiedt Office;
judge Crunch, Washington, D C;
lion. R Choate, Massachusetts, U F Senate!
lion. W Allen,Ohio. . do;
lion. J B Bowlin, M C,'Missouri;
lion. W|]|is Hall, New York;
lion. Robert Smtth, M C, Illinois,
Hon. 8 Llreere. U S Senate; *
lloa. J H Kelfe, M C.'Missouri;
Capr. H M Bhreve, Missouri;
Erastus Bunks, Esq., Pittsburgh. «pl
riTtißunou ycßjriToaK vra&t Boosts,
A LARflEaudiplendid
assortment uf Furniture,
suitable for Steamboat*.
Hotels.apd private Dwcl-
Hit**'.'ronsfamly on hand and made to order. .
Theprewut nock on baud cannot by *ny
manufactory in tho western country. Persons wt«hmg
to purchase would do well by giving me a call, a* 1 an*
determined iny prior* (■hall pleat*-. Fan of the stock
&oSofa* with Flush and Hair-cloth covers;
Vdoi Mahogany Nurse Chairs,
14 pair Divans;
1J dot fine mahogany Chairs;
Id tuabogtny \\ ork tMandpt
3 dor mahogany Rucking Chairr; ,
15 marble top Dirking Bureau*;
> pair Ottomans;
Btnarblr lop Work Stands;
Is cherry Work Stainl*; • . , .
Mahngsny. Maple, Cherry and Poplar Bedsteads of
all descriptions; and u large aswiniu-ni o< Common
Furniture and Chair*, too nunieruu* t» mention,
mart if ‘ ;
NKW ‘ H All 1» W It E II oust. ,
Corner of Wood ami 3d its, PlUlburghi
HA VINO withdrawn from ihe old Drtti of Walker A
Wood well, „,» ihe l.i of January, .1W,.1 «bc
pleasure in anttnunring lu mvffn iid* in the city and
country, that I have opened m> new store at Hie above
naiuedplacr. Having pure!*u*vd my good* for cam,
and made arrangvoncift* with manufacturer* m Hit*
country and in Europe to be « on«iantly supplied, I am
fully prepared to lunii»h Hardware of all kinds. onas
good tenas aud as low at any hou*e East or VA est-
Merchants and others arc respectfully invited M cal
and examine my stock, before purchasing elsewhere.
Tbo following comprises o part of my stock.
Steamboat and Saddlery Hardware. Gun Tnmaunxa,
Files. Naylor's Steel, Cutlery, Edge Tools, Anvils, Vi
ces, Locks. Latches, Sickles,'Scythe*, Butt Hinges,
Screws, Union Factory Flanes.Saws Mahdganv hoards
and veneers, and all other articles coontcted with the
Hardware business __ melt lit*
W i. O. Wil*ou
a n inunxtni opposition lotbiainver}
\Ajgx9nsSw tjon of a F.tuburgh Mechanic,» m»-
jorny of the Cabinet makeia ol tbu
Asgg=W and Allegheny city, and iheirnamer
ffSSSSS ''ou»cu*tonier*lia*e»howiithenUtelve»
■hove the vulgar prejudice again*! Aam* inrcuioiu,« and
they give o««am> B.drtead tbe preference, timply
titeau'ae it dntr\«t iL being the fell. urwigut, end nif
tone eniou Bcduead in uae. The following leaumoniaJ
* r Wc!the •uhtcnl.erit practical cabinet maker* of the
eitie* of Viiuburgh and Allegheny, fa, do hereby cer
tify that we have bought the right to
eteada with Gaaxam'. Patent Fa.iein.tgs,
the aarnr superior to auy fattening* with which we air
"’rtSffu— **■ «w
-t n YounriCo Rni.rtt t airman
JR Hartley U »■"
Jolpi Liggett. Jr £**l, ' "F fLA.'Tf?
* Lowtie A
Tboma* Farley H«*h It A '\?S ’ d
f>«v:<l l.uher RamvtyA .U’Clclianu
Hugh Wallace , U^luck
David t!ukey „ , .
*V, ,„ R " k “ “ pS2t B **E
P delto Pateniee
I 1 t subscriber* ha vine obtained a pnieaT. MAT 18
[S46 | ra !*ten Bnrk Machine, and having «inee then
thoro ehtyteau-dua ability, ate now prepared to ae«
right, and contract to deltver inicb.i»c»« any part of
ll* l imd Slate. T%- machine ..deugaed to
Crick from crude el»y. avid wll make *l,l*o «od
.moo. firm bneh pci ,U>. wiftneniU bardtnrticK op
<ii Uic kda; tbua aroding the cipcnrc and labor oiare
parin • the eUy,dfy:«g and ba-nllii.g the Lnek after
I.CJHI noaided It i» *.tnpre »irong.not habfeto rettml
ouio? r-nair. and larooetrurtcd that ifeait lie »»«•■ »»
piece- and pot together with great farility.iha* read**-
„ -onablc Wr are now building.machine*,and
can tumiahthcm on abort notice- Fora full dcieoption
ore w jld refer to a machine now in aucceaafal »*ta
'ioni i M«ll ern It hot loin, near the W c*» end of l.ightb
.tree., whe.-r wc *hail I* heppy ’0
connected with Hu> all who call " * **** «
oe autbonxed Agent Ail Icilcr* toouraddre*
’"TuUSrSw, m.miu.rn»c...
EXTENSIVELY u.-«:ed and app-oved during tbe pan
two year. b> tbe prmop.l iro.i miutufa;iorie»in
(be weilc-n cottniry. and throughoat the interior of
Pem.t Ifan.a. will be traJy for delivery an ibe oremng
c( Nav igat oo ■1 be material on wbicWiteir durably
ulid *'jlic»:u»'tv d< pend- i. •efecierl by c Jpcr.e.nci d tn'-
ucr* brought tro.ii Murvuad. where the di.eoviy »»<
made—ihe fumble mutter, will. wb-rh uiauaued-
Jed. i» carefully' uepai a ted I bey wjlMw tboruugbly
' burned and company ptri.ed b> millinery, aad in.-
nutr l.i Ylr-*t. llarky A Co tbe ort>-
ppeu.ri. a.I ir-pcti. to ma.ota.n the.r acknowledged
‘“itrde.Vuc mm.l ~r otherwi-r. vr ll !*■ promptly ««tb.
tc.i on an'i'.iilimi io J MIIW AIAd.AKK.N
fo.NFKirnoNAKY and rutir st«hu--.«in
op-n ..n MnndaT. April Sth. font door* frmi* WorJ «l.
mod or it .lour to A Jayne. IV k.u Tea Jmo.c
A *i»!ei*lid a*Mirt»iM‘iit of hat-C) ‘ ak*'. 1 oisicetioliai ,
i'ruil, Ac . trcUion the count. 11 very day, uuunig wb rt.
:nc the lotiowmg 1— • . y,
Ylnrxiom*, • I’oYind t*atc; lti*eoii.
Jelly, AUpond do. Muia-«-«l ‘ «*'■-
<iincer Nut*; Wafer Jamb'c; Ppnnge L-.ruu,
Federal L’ake, A P’», , J ' , ; .
rtrd?/* lor Ice: Cream.. Jelly nr.deCCakc. » ai.ry
Ac ~Ac., *
tnem in till* city > . , .
Fte.t) Dread. Twnt. Ho*k. Ac . nianulaeiiired rifely
from While Wheat Flour, and lire Horn.lldn.gH rve.y
uaoaing ANDHKWB
all thowj now ?bavr who never Miawd befo/e.
And thore wlki alwav- Sbavctiow BU-ve the more.
IN offering U>i« virperor Sharing t\mipj»urw to the no
tice nf the public, 1 can with .-oobdenee ray tUai the
Opuivn of ■» yvlio have tiled U proaouaee it the m*i«l
pleji-tnl eu*l>oiiiiOii that they bavr ever un-d, mail in ,l the r«. h«f all. I have reduced
iki price b»w ciougb m afli/M an opportunity to ever?
uerwdi to give it a trial and juogc for llietiiaelvr*. ="».
UcnDcmen. if >bu wi.h'fnr i rich. lu*ur.o«i» 'have, on
with roar .having don’t be *c.< red- n won't coal
much lofill'Uico; asd.if *tr nm
,• willl* returned SThlllKN HAKRr.I I
Iron f’iij- Lard Oil Factory and Fancy Soap Work..
3tb at, opponte (toil Citv Hotel
Hardware, Cutlery, BaddUrjr,.***
IMPORTER AND DBALKK n, Forr’rn and fomr-ae
1 tie Hardware, wsaM re»pectfiiHy mioim hi* frierul*
*flrfU.epttbltO|ce«i«r»Uy, that he it now n-«.v<nf h..
Sonne tnpplr of'Hardware,*! iherdd Hand of Walker
A?\Vaodwelt. N«i>3 Wood aUeet, which he wdlditpoae
oi nii the rnnat reawmahle term*.
He will be continually teeemn* freah tupplietdirer!
™ arc Incited to call and eaaroine
t,ia «tock Wore pnrchannit c Iwwhrfc mara_
kon Kn» now eotmr.encrd lor making Hue** in*
tniiitiiber* beg leave again to call ihe attention of
bnefcmaker* and other! m ihi* very ••eful laachinc.-
Wo Will warrant ii equil if run »upemr to ■“? other
Hrek Of >he tiimi 1 pflre. now m uie
11 \Ve have a number of certificate. of ilwir perform-
Bfu-r, w|ueh occupy mo mack »pacc for advrrtinng, l»ul
cun lie *een at our office.
- lltiokintker» ate re*|-crtru!ly invited to give u» a rail
Wr will give our owu tuarniime for the perloTißaner
"< Bi *" oi 6 ” ,n ftnsfmlf jSSn 4 cb
aplsdiwOraF . canal baiio & pean »i
W'K the undcM'gncd. bavectiieied into Copartner
>hip for the porpo** of transacting a I roduce,
Cornmtaaion and Forwarding Imitneas the »ty.e
0( OUUM,«o«RBW*CO.,
and bate taken the warehouse, No 6 tommercial Row,
liberty nreet, formerly occupied by Mt W U
where ell bo»ine«a c.niru*ted to our charge will bo
promptly and faithfully allcnded to.
MORRIS ORUM. formerly of Philadelphia
TIKI?* H MeORKW. “ Southfield, Ohio
i’liuburjtb, March ‘JI. IH7.
- Krott and P*;^*'! 00 (*"«ore.
\vhulkj*ai.k anp itKraii.
BKNJAMIN IJOVVN would rc.per.fullv inform ..J
old friend* and the puM.c crnrrall). that I»« *'»*
■(•in cmmr.nrrd "> the al.pv* t ' ra ‘ ,e '£*; l ‘ ell
door u, hi* old stand, where he hope*, hykccjnnga
! 0 7Jt>"r*Ood.,“le:. selling low for r«fi. a«J P«»-
in* aulct attention w hi. patron*, to merit a
public palronagn.
Housk. hign anp dkcouative paintka.
pared 10 undertake the above humic** in all » u
l.ranrhei, "Mil wa/ntnt* to Rive •attraction m every
re*oect. Military Standard llanner*. H»*». Ac-nami-
S S older Odd-Fellow and Masonic Apron* klwaya
on hind. Imitation* of wood* and marb'c* none in a
•uot'ior manner.
of rll kind* done at the shortest douce.
JfpltUlm No4< !»iOlai r Pa
inn non a>?NTß^sWxeu bags
100,01)0 for which the lughe*t price to CASH wiU be
P *Alway» on hrnd, every description of WtiOng a"* l
IVi.ppin. r r . •»> “‘»f“'.^ LDS tsilKF
mcbl (lomer I’enn and Irwin *t»- I'iiflmrgh
JUST Received, a splendid assortment qfhngiisn ana
French Kncravutg*. colored end plain, pf« areal
variety of •übjrct*, suital.le/or Fram'ng. I oMfolio*, or
Scnptfaok. T A lIIIUJUI
• racWO u»l near sth
Bl’ldli.1 5f TKA STOIIK,
! No. 7t FWU tlrrrf, near IToad
All qualities of Ureen and Clack Tea*
in quarter, half, and on« pound oaeka««, ran
ging from &4e per !*««'»
B |tti - A(t for Pekin Tra in
nIcKERKb. aEUauio, SiLHOIIf ACi
milF. tob*eriliei* keep an nasrinmant of Fiekled Flab
1 of Maa*arhn*etta and Halifax ln»peeiion ( for»ak
In lota aa wanted at their warehouae, No .10 North
W S55C‘“ , "’“ , ‘' JNO M KENNEDY A CO
.iterary kstitdtions.
THIS Institution, under the e*re of 80/;
Cosuosk *3D Labi, tn which all tie «o*‘* *°® 9J
natnenial branches of a finished education are taugnt
is now open for the reception of pupils at '
Bfo. Sll, Irwlas Uow« LiMrtr Stroets
between 3*l and 4ifa streets- The Second Session **4-
commence oh Monday the 6th of Ftb'uary. and it is
important that any who may desJrn er.tennu should
hr present as fat as praciicaoteeiiber before or at that
They have wcored the service* of Profeaaor RHO
ROCK m teacher of Muii’c on ihe Piano and OoJtar,
who too well known to need recommendation AU©
the cerviec*of Nom.CABI.MIB LADREYT, aolhoroi
“Cbrenomatblc'de !a Liltratsre Franeat*.I’and 1 ’ and other
valuable achool booW In bU native lanjraage. Won*.
L. ia a graduate of ihe Umvereity and JSormal s®“®°*
of Pan*, atid eland* high as a teacher, TTioac who do*
•ire to obtain an accurate and thorough knowledge ot
the French Language woouldo well to plaeethemaeltea
under in* mairnction. _ ,
For lenca, aee Circular or apply to the Principal.
eplUg limitation fam but recently been opened antfer
A the tuition of Mr N. W.MeicaJf. nitho
Corner of Sanduafcy end Strawberry «ti.
The *ucce» winch ban than far attended ibia School,
in iti eatalilinbmeni and progre**, ha* fojly equalled the
ezpeeialioiu of it* Instructor ana Ptoprietor, and war
rant* the hope that lie will be eurtained tn hi* effort* to
render it a deniable Institution for the education ol
Young Ladle* iu Allegheny anil vicinity. .
The Fir.t tV.**ion of the next Academic jear, will
commence on Monday, Feb 6th. .
There are yet a few vacaneieeto be tiUed, but a* the
tiuniber of pupi'* i* liinited an early application t« de
sirable. For particular*. relative to term*, kc., eottvull
Circular*or apply tolha'ln»tniftor. febgtf^
HOOKS, MUSIC, &C.\III.E BOOKS-.Pnbli.h.d br J A
& IJ P Jamcf, Walnut street, between ► oarth 1 Fifth, CiacinnnU. ,
Guitul’s Utbbon—The history at the decline tod
tUU of llie Roman 1 Empire By Edward Gibbon,
Esq. A new Edition, revised and corrected through
out,preceded by a preface, and accompanied by,
note* critical and biftoricjl, relating principally to*
the propagation of Christianity: by M. F. Gnirot,
Minuter of Public Instruction for the kingdom of
France. The prelace,notea and correction!, trans
lated from tbo French expreaaly lor thia edition.
With a noticed the Lite and characteror Gibbon,
and Watson's Reply to Gibbon. In 2 vola. imp.
War— Complete, I vol. imp.
Bro.UOUpages. , . „ . ...
Hallam'i Middle Age*, Chamber a m
Scotland, Robertson's Virginia and New England.
Hassell's French and English War in America, nod
Ramsay's American Revelation. vol 4to.
• Lttnryol American History—Containing selec
tiona from the beat author* on American History,
Biography, Travel*. Commerce, Statistics, Indiana,
Revolutionary Battles, 4tc. dec. dtc. Alao, Anec
dotes, Poetry and MUcellaaeoas articles, lllnatra
led with more thanfiOO engraving*. lvol,impBvo
G4O pages. . '
Universal Pictorial Library—Containing valuable
papers on various subjects, comprising Niton!
History, Natural Science*, Agriculture, Rural Econ
omy, Biography. Fine Arts, toe Oriental*, Travels,
Geography, Botany. Miscellaneous reading, fcc.
die. I vol imp Bvo ,640 pp, fall sheep.
Tbe Family: Medicsl Library—A. Treatise on the
Prevention and Cure of Diseases, by regimen and
simple medicines. Nsw edition, revised tod enlar
ged With the addition ol a Vegetable Materia Med*
ica, pointing out the virtues, preparations and dose*
ofour most valuable native tueaical plants, and an
outline of Anatomy and Physiology.
with one hundred Engravings, six 6f which «r®
colored. By J G Norwood,M D—B64 pages 8?o.
American Flower Garden Companion—Adapted
to the United Sutesjby Edward Sayers, Landscape
and OroameuUl Gardener. 12 mo, third edition,
retired, enlarged and illnslmted.
Palmer’s Oregon, Rocky Mountains, &.c. Stc.
Family Tesuroer.t. o«-uvo, with and without
Polyglot notes,and Psalms in metre.
Rice and Pingree.’s Debate. BaroVWorks Lady
of the Lake. Ulla Rookb. More’s Private Devo
tion. Juvenile Boaka. Cheap editions of various
works in psmphlet form. 1 c>ch29
NEW BOOK®—The three Divine siswrs. Faith,
Hope slid Charily. J _
i ,Tbe ©rja direction to HeaTen. BvKev
Thomas Adam*. w(th an introduction l»y Rev. w. 11.
" Mctnor* of Mis* Mary Jane Graham By Rev.
Charles Bridget, M. A. Author of, Christian Win-
System of Theology, on the bans of the
. shorter 'aiechiMii Ky Kev. Alexander Smitli Palter
ilAmenesn History: comprising hutoriesl sketches of
the Indian tribe*: a description of American Antiqui
ties, with an inquiry into their origin, and the origin oi
the Indian tribes. , ,
History of the United J s Liles: with appcnpil showing
,«• connection with European History. History of the
present British Provinces. History of Mexico and
Texas by Marciud Willson.
o Tk. .bo.<ENiSJJsi""
IBr9 ' 57martte» s».
Constitutional lliatorv of England, from the aeeee
aioo of Henry VII to the death of Georg* II: By Hen
ry Hallaiu Fronr.tbe fifth London edition.,
Great Events.described by distinguished historian*.,
ehrontrlerv, and writer*. Collected, and in pan
translated, hy Francis Lather.
Tto Jurcuile speaker elementary rule*'in Declamation, with a selection of pie
ce* for practice. Hy Prunci* T. Ra*-el, iintruetor lo
Efocunuo at rr.ncLiun and Katgef*’ <folb gr». Ae.
ni ngi (<> ihe-r Itmtit*r.». and uiher .lories, te*.
! tile, and moral piece, in pro.c aifl v,*r»r; .electrd andi
arranged irnnUi. wn;ing«t>i Mis'UarMuld. With a
.ketet, of lilt: hy Mi*. S. J. Hale,
I'hr Juvrnllc Budget Opened: being »elerlions from
the wrung, of Dr.Jno Amn Hy Mr. Hale
Directions lor Irtvogurtuing and Protongtag Life, or
the Invalid*orach-. Hr Win. Kiickiuer,M. D. At.
So tilt IViorial-Englitpil. :
Zumirta'Latin Grammar, abndgeJ. For .ale by
,|,X J L READ. 4th near market*!
POKTICAL WORKS— Poets and Poetry of
Ain-nea. GiltcJge
t*oe»« sod Poetry ol Europe; do -flu '
Jo do, of .Engiaud, do do
Jo do of Ancient., do Jo
Root of Hriush Poets; do do
Uowilt. Milmen anil Heal*; do . do
t'olei •Jjte.y'lirllcy and Keats do do
Milttin,»oi*i'ff. Gray. Ueattie,Collins; dn ilo
Grubb dirtier am! Pollock; do do
j t'owiier and TBooipwn, do do
t'amnbelpk PoeiH al Works, richly bound m white
Call', i 0,11
Milton'a Poetical Work*; dd
ileuian* dn do • do
l.andou; Moor*!; Hatton. Hurnr, Hogg; Hood, Ac
The above, wiih b large assortment of book* mall
tr.T"" , ' w, "" , '' , au< t m r VK4ou»H'‘
market *t bet. 3d A 4lh *ts
iN MKNT.d AM) MUSIC- lniln 11. Mellor. No tl
tVubd sirret. between piumond Alley and Fourth'.,at.
i* now opemcr, acd tor Halo at very low price*. an
elegant assortment of Musical Instrument*, selected
from tale importation*, consisting of—
French, Italian and German Violin*,
Very superior Guitars, >n rase*;
Fjtglisli onditaiiua Violin String*;
Frriich Areordeon*:
Violmtello*. witKpUin amt patent Serewa;
One very superior Double !U*t Violmrello;
i’larioneu*, Flutes. Fife* and Flageolets;
Trombacdio*. Trombooe*. and Trumpets;
Frenchilotn*. Cornetts, Ophieltde*;
Druid*. Tamborlni*. Ilanjo* Ac . sc.;
• Kvery article m the. Mus e t.B*ine*i.
MEDICAL WOnKB-A Treatise on dtscasei
oi the alt passages; compriWn* an inquiry mi*
the History, I’eifiokgy, Cause*. widTieaUneal of tho*t
affection' of the ■ntroel called Bronchitis, Chrome I.a<
ryngms. Clergyman’* Sort Throat, delete ; by Hor
ace Green, M I). ....
. Fame'* Insmuies of Medicine;
Treatment of Insanity—bt Galt;
Disease* nf Children - by Stewart;
Majcndte’a '
Cooper’* Surgical Dictionary;
Hooper’s Mettled dt»;
Copfand’* Dict’y ol Medicine;
.IVwee’s on Childicn;
*F.berlej» Practice;,
Webater'* Dictionary. '2 vol*., Pro.
For sale by aplf J 1, RKAIMth, near Market at
NEW WOUK—In Pie..-ll»tory of Men,
co, her Civil Wars and Colonial and Kevolu
ttonarv Annuli from the period ol the Soantah
Connueat, JMOI to the present lime. IM7{ including
an account ol the dialing War with the United.
<«atea It* Causes and Mihury AchleTemenla. Bj
I'lulip Your-g, MD. J A U P JAMKS, ■
l’nblubera, ClnciPPOti.
New MUSIC BOOK— Pamphlet Form.
—Tito Melodnos: a choice aeJection of bongs.
Duetts, Quartetta, ttonndi, Waltte*. and Marche*}
wilt, a Hutory ol, lUaitmted with oume?*
out ensrnving*. Imperial octavo. Price 15 cent*.
Published and for sale sy J A& U
Walnut street, bet. P ourtb and Filin.
Cioclnnali. March 55J.1847: .
—. pianos i WAlfoin
ITFNRY KLKBKK, Dealer,in eaitcin Pinoo Forte*,
•j- | w Woodwcli I *, No, B{J Third Mreet. The
’lunnt may be oxamiued at alt hours, und the *ub»eii
ber will l.c there from II to It. A_ M., and from 4 toA
|>. M , uach day. IVttab’ff, October tt*, ’«
We, the un'der*igncd, would Inlortn the eitixena of
Pittsburgh and vicinity that we hare appointed Mr. IL
Kisbvrsnle Agent for \ye*lern I'eiin*) Ivama, for the
•ale of our Piano Futte*,from whom they may b00b
..... own [New Vo.kyn,.^
New York. Sep I. tftHS-ocfeldlf
New Piano*.
JUST Received and opened by the jmb*eriber, the
following new Piano*;-- ~ .
One ctcgajit Rose wood, Oocuve Pikno FortCjlFreneh
1 Rosewood,«i octave Piano Foile, with
carved Gothic Tabkia-a splendid mattwneni- ■
Also one very good second hand I taito, muuo hf
Ixiud k Co, Philada. HKNRY KUEBRR
; at J W WoodweU’*iBsThird st
brine a copy of General' Arl»ia’« map, taken ui
t«.*ara do la Palma, with addition* and «r«*tipn*.
laibeliihcil wnh diagram* of the UalllciOl Bth and Wb
of May. node apture of Monterey, with aiMiF>randa of
lairc« rnraec't, reaulu, Ac- Ac t and plan oi.* eraCrua
and Castle o| Ban Juan de triloa Ac. *«LA few coptcn
myl cornar of market and Jd »t*.
M plnDM*
A LARGK and ■plendiJ a**ortnient
nthseany and rotewopd grand no*
II V I f •uonl'UrtO*, W'thnttuUic.ffinw* ■nd
wiitt mil tbo latevi improvement*. which for durability,
loiw and loach are warranted to be ejjml t» any made
in iln* country. For *ale low for ea»b
ti U door above Stli
No 113 wood
Tub book of comwkbcb, b\ sea
AJ«D LAND; exhibiting in connection with Agti*
'cuitnr*, tbo Aru. tnd Mnnofr'ctore* Jo wluehi•«
added • Mntorr of Coontree, tod *Chro»otorc»l
•pH Book*«lJ*r,cprM*Tk«t.widM*tt
D U Q- U E S N 1 Ei
COLEMAN, lIAILMAN.ACO., baving-tompteled
their New jvotto,' am ngw-preftred to_maaafac
lare esery description of Coach and Eliptic spring*
Iron aile*, Atm*ieha : Btiu« T spriagaadploujh.tJ«el,
and All site.* of small aqaare and. round Iron, whteß
•they offer for aale on liberal tarmi. at'their-waesAsww
No. 43 Wood atreet; wheyo.Uiey. alao keep on hand a ;
camnleto and handsome aaaortment of Coafeh trim
mings, Carriage hardware, malleable casting*, Nails
|”3t CO,have made arrangementa withMeiir*
Day h Crottr, manol>cui revs ol Shovris, Spadea
Porks, Ac., and will keep constancy on hand «Wh
kiltien,dtbrlira. "f.WfJ'fHSJS 1 ..'
cited to chlLas price* and texns will ho madojiuyjLi.
—i RtaaoAaUon, Vi‘; • ~
THE Partnership heretoford existing udder the Em
of Marshall, Bradley, fc Co., wu oa the
sth instant by mutual consent- The buameasofihe
lateGrm will be settled bv MarAaLU Wallace A Me-
THE business ol the above Foundry will beeontln.
ed by the subscriber*under the firm of Marshall
Wallace hCo.,4n*U its various brttchea, vie: .
Hollow Ware . Mill Gearing .
RloveVhAd Stove Plate* Lightk Heavy Maeh’ry
Wagon Boxes . Engiue* .
Grates A Sad Irons Engine Casting* .
Plough* Plough Castings, Ac Ac.
Madeof the beat materials, and at the lowest price*
Purchaser*are invited to call and erarame oor Rloek
at the W arehouse in Liberty street No. 61, neat the
b ..dorWo<K. j 4”^Nvm.l*ce
, pßTsitmoa. Pa. *
jon« waioßT aco.,
A RE prepared to build Cotton and Woollen Maehin
ftetty of every description, *uch as— CardMr
ehine*. Spinning Frames Speeders, Drawng Framei,
Rhilway Heads, Warpe*m,'Twilleni,Spoot;
Frame*. Loom*. Card Grinder*, he., \\ roughti Iron
Shafting tun.ed all tires of Cast Iron, Pollies and
Hangers, of the latest pattern*, slide andJiand Laihca,,
and tool* of all kinds. .... , .
Castings of every description, furnished on sbortinor
tiee. Patterns made to order for Mill Gearing, Iron
railing, Ae> Steam pipe for heating Factories. Cart,
Iron Window Sa»li, ami fiutcy Casting*.generally.—-:
UrJers leR at the Warehouse of J. Palinerh Co , Lib
erty .treet, will have prompt aueutioft-
Ruil TO
* Blackrtork, Bell A K Moorhead A Co., G F.
Warner, -John Irwin A Son*; Pittsburgh.
C C 4 J 11 Whfncr; Steubenvlllr. Jaitlßt• - r
Farni*bmg Warehouse. No 104 Wood street, near
Filth, Pittsburgh. Pa J \V bojesafo and Retail:
Kngli.h and French Enrravingr;
Japaftnod'Waliertmid'rroyajii t !*’
• linking tilas* Plate*, by the box or. single light;
Table Cut'ery;
Picutru tslaaoof all sixes;
Britannia Tea Ware, inaetts or single pieces;
Portrait and Pislute Frames;
Fire. Irons and Fender*; ,
Mahogany Tkiilet 1.2. add 3 draw*;
German Silver and BmanuiaTea A Table Spoons;
Hand Magnifying Mirrors;
Candlestick*, Snuffers and Trays,
Gilt, Pier, and Mantel Glasses;
Gentlemen’s Sharing Cases;
Combs, Hatrßmthes, Ac, „
ft7-.Merehants, Hoiela and Steamboats supplied on
liberal terms, and paekin* carefully attended to UlO;
at discount for cash. lel»i< .
this method to inform his frien d *
and the public at large that hit Factory
’iSa» in full operation, on the Eaat «ido
otlbe Diamond, Allegheny, where a con|
H|H| attAi of Btinoa, or variou* colors
udoualitietfareconstantlykeptoii band,
’SKV* al» atNo.yWood*t,Pituhuigh,atJ-.A
B 0;. H. Philiips' oil doth waieroom.
Veuiti.tut Shutters made Jo order, in the best style.
Blinds, repaired at the shorten notice.
N, B. iLs Bliuds will be put up, without any addi
tional exepnse so that they can be removed in a mo
ment m cum of fin or for washing, and without, the aid
of a crew dr e oei4dlyAwlaroly
B«U and Brass Found-
A er, has rebuilt and' commenced busineas at
hi* old staml, where he wIU be pleased to
■ . see hit old' eustomera and friends.
BaS Church, Steamboat, and Bell* of every
aixe,.froo) 10 to 10,tXD poandk, cast from
most approvcdtnodels..aad
warranted to be of the best material*.
Mineral >Vater Ptmp*, Counter*. lUilmg, Ac. An.
ogether with every variety of Braa* Casting*, uretiulr*
«L tumd and finished in the neatest manner.. ;
• rT'A P- 1* the tole'proprietor of Baskt’s ATrr-
ATTumos McTAL, tojustijr; the rfduc
liun offtictioti in piachinnr). The Boies and Compo
sited can be hadof him at all titnea.;; V: i janMf
Warthp%t*c coma of Wood end. Front atrtcti
THE aubseribers having purchased the Franklin Iron
Works, formerly owned by Messrs. J. A. Stockton
A Co, and made extensive auditions to them, are now
prepared to furnish to older Iron A Valll of all stxea.
tsarrantad equal to any in the market,
We'also keep ou han-t Sprimf and'American BlttW
wt««lof (be best qualities. v-
Oui fcieuda Viaiung this market will find u# prepared
• supply them wiin a first rale article, and °* »» a -t4j
c ‘° Wimim -a.
Wl. ReCDLLY * C«».
HAVING recently 'made eery important improve.
nenuin the maßttfaetare of U»« above artlelOi and
adopt? ' be late*l improved eaMcrn wheel oven lor I»t
-len'me we ate nowprephreil to furni»h anarticleof t\ m
dirw Ulae*. equal, if not eoperwr, to tinder,
made in th«- l-mletl Sune»,*liil but little inferior to tht
fcJi»li»M'rown. . , ,
NVe are alco eery exteawvelfefl (fated to the matt*-
faetare ©fCommait Window Glaao and f?«h
end £oalo of every deveripuon. Dealer* generally r
invited (oeall and examine <br thnn*rr*e*.eiour wa
iKmte, No. tf» Wood aue«, Pittsburgh, Pa.
n , n , JAILLAtti, "
Hot 4M and 9« Utxrtt strwLT ntat t k* Canal
AI.WaYSoo hand and madewoniar, alarg* »««•■
iy of Marble MameW. Pier,Centre Tablet, and
Rat rau Top*, To cab HionM, Monomenta. «e; an which,
being made o( the choicest marWe, and manufnewted
principally bv machinery. w' ll *» *°W low tot caia. ,
, N> B. I’enon* wishing. 10 pareha** Mantels, ; ate
informed that if is hencetotib nnneertsary tor them to
ro East, aa I aan furnish them with nnanteleia all
respects at good, and U'reigbi; iottuance, Ac; eoMKler
riSa* cheap aa they can purchase•them tor rathe
Rau. Call and.»«*> : ■ I&a>
No 6 Market aircri, PiuMiorgb. Ponnt: *.
rpHE “■ d sJESLk« P ktovv£
1 in tlic* ?oti*truflion of tbeir CfJOKIMJ STuVFS.
reipeeujilly l »vile perrona butMyig lMeain»*au to ««!»
-aiidesaiuuie before purchasing, e» *f C* n •tipplyiMW Deck Sio*e», Forge*. » nd every olbar kind pf
Copper, Tin and Sbeevlam work neeroeary in fufTinb
ina a Siraraboat. , , „ ,
Wo al«o make in orJer oa ibe ahoneit notloe B*l
Tube* and Chamber; Copwrr work for tftenm Knginea
Birmingham, {near Plttaborgh^Pa.
Ware/uruse, No. 137. Wood street, tUlgburgh.
VWlLLconaiamly keep oil band a good a*»ori
ment oi Ware, of oaf own tnanaikciure, and
iupenor quality Wholeaale and country Afe»-
chanti are reapcciAilly.mrned lo call ana ex
imw for thermal***, :e» we are determined to Mil
elieapcr lhan ho»e*er before beeiyofferea to the pub
tte. * •' ' ....
Order* mu by mail, accompanied byUiecaahor
sfr fence. will he promplly aMended >«•_ fcb!B__
r fEoTtlt Bp*3* and Pork~H«nnft»»
HaViNO eoomtneod'lbe-'manufacture of Spade*,
Shovel*, Hay and Manure Fork*,Ac,e« an exten
sive *c»lC| are prepared to fill alt orders for aueh arti
cle* at Caitern prices. “ " . ' ‘ .
for the coaeeflieaeeoflbetretmnmswanddealaram
for 1 the tale ofthelrtnanufaerurea. All ordertaddreaa*
asjssss?” •
, Pintlmrgh, July &—dlj ;
JWO.O. aU.LßflPllil >* - \
No TO Wood Street. .. I }
MANbPACTUREIW ofOiltind Mahogany Looking I
Ulaatea, Importers and IWaICTs ia I
Plaiea, Aocor*ron». JPercuMion Cap*, Clocks, I
lbeir bQßincu, with increased foeiliuea m-the porcha*«
of Domeiiic, and, the imgonauon of[ »amr .Forejia
Good*,' they will bo able lo ieli at KdittrwpHtti. The? I
reapmfully silicif the Attention of ' 1
nnilE ■ubaeribera are now enlarging ibeire»»bli*n-
J m ,ntand are prepared to make oIF ktnds of Gftttad
and Woollen Maehiwy. on tlie»»ma*nablaleniis.
Lacock afreet,- Allegheny Clif
N Wifhun*a» Who baa a parent for a eery.
Important improVerae ..ton tka Card, at»d who hw been
--iiihllihment - jan«dly_
jonn IBKBIFV *'
Cot, N«x.B3tudW FrpntW,
Bum FoosDt«*«ndOA»FU-
Tui; Btui or til itui en*
. frtol tho liteii usprowed-Bitr
tern* ind warranted - equal ; w
mr' "AUo, Bti»» C«»iiiie*i
' fimkbed if ; ordert3, Gi« Pit.
'linftf pit np promptly md on
kreirotubletenitt. , > t ,
"■ wm#dir ' ',[[
. v rraflUJiou-sTKEL works andsprjnu
' axlekactorv. ..
‘'• Iliic ioxii. ‘ • JOBS j. QCI«-
MANUFACrURFJW of Ppiihr »w* Better-*“*’2 I
PJoitb Steel, Steal 1 « j
KlipUc Spmn#. Jlwnmered iron mSt i
MkWbit c*»iiru*>_»rKi cowh Ts!“5"!C C? , ! T
comer of Rom eni From ■ueeU,l , Jtt*bßiib, ™>-t *
IHOM 1 WOJUkB* . :
mnd Neils Shovd*,' Ac. (or »*ld et onr new
IwLkli«,No. MW««r« »i»r DU,*
•* Kollial Mill, »li
b ' 6111,1 p "”S I i*FP; LINDSAY A-<*
‘ - TACt
KAjnnucrvttft* Of ,
Taitem Maker? Tainiti of every iekriptian.
Ottce No. t SL <sujiel Hotel, Third ,
frM . ' ...... Wltrtwfh!*
Carner of Third atrteto,
Pittsburgh, Pk.
B."W«n*wr, PwptNtcr.
THIS -new ondspimow* *mce the
GREAT. FIRE, «W» -tonus* oo .u*o.of t ihe moat
Dttblic streets, is unsurpassed in the country, whether
u rvcirdt- Brraftgrmem*,©f-tl«ele-
-Satematfsteyfeinjtr of Uig LAD
«fai BUSINESS -ATEN desirable eenvehtences; jfchUft
*l® FAMILIES and GENTLEMEN of leisuie, tu. inr
wAaTarrangenlenU aflord every secommodaiioirthft
most fastidloo* can desire! Tba-Fur loro and
Chamber! are all famished In modgni style. with
entirely new and elegant FunutureJ an efficient corps
of aitentive-aed obliging- servants ismuintained.-nndthe
Tnblo will alwap abound with the choicest ddica*
clealba , i,;.;
. The Proprietor* who bastad knag experience tn this
line of basmess, astute* the piblie tbit nb enoftotr his
pan will be spared to satisfactorily accommodate those
who may favor him with their custom. ' *-
An Omnibas and Baggage Car win alwajn m la
readiness for rbe guests of the house., »
fell 19 . ;. r , B. WEAVER, Proprietor.
Pearl street noese, ciaeiMatt«
OHIO—Tbe subaonbera baying purehaa-'d.tbaen*
tire interest of Col. U If Williamson, late of this well
known establishment, beg leave to note to their friends
and (he publie generally; that titer havr taken this
roauMdkwa Hotel fox. a term of year* and will exert
their belt energies u> make it a desirable home forTtav
dlert'abd City Boarders; - . ' '
The Hotel is ipaeiousnnd admirably planned for con
veuicnce, light and air, haring- a number.of parlors
adjoining chamber, presenting unusual attraction to
; families, ; ■ ' ' . . ' ’’ ‘ .
Tbe present proprietors hating had the expenencew
: yean mVhiacity and elsewhere,hope they, wall
toVgWfrgeneral satisfaction. being determined to gi»e
itnaiTtdedbUention to.lbe house alone. ’
Theloeauonot the Pearl direct J Ion*: u oneommonlj
eligible, having fronts on Penr), a|i\ut and Third sis,
withal it U equntly desirable in View of the conveni
ence of business ntesorreiiretnant-for unvote boarders.
It 4* nrar by the Banka, the.Pa»t Office,,the Masotuc
lidJl.Odd Fellows Hall.and buloncstjuaredirUnl from
Mgi;t »trret and two squares frornlhe CltY " hnif. tbo«
dflemie the greatrst inducements, espeeisltv to country
ragirbiMs and generally to n» pe j™^ T ftQßf jr DC “'
Ttw, - . . JOHN * HtTDI.K
r ' nOUKT.VERSCjW house,
y Ml. 95 N orth SttanJ Slrttf, Philadtlpkla: ■
;mUE subscriber* respectfully inform fh« Htlssas of Pill*-
1 buret, tod Western Peawytroaia, that they bate token
the above bouse, where they ora perasred to areommodaU
prrsuos rUiting the City of Philadelphia u> the best style, and
ea' the most reasonable terms. Thg house iP within one
square of Market street, rad has undergone* Ihoroagh reno
folioo and repairs,,tad is w*U cakuUud to sewtanwdaU:
person* who mar,»ror u» with aeiH. • . .... . .
Oire wefceleonfidentroowiUWealufled.-
Kcbruaij23 r l&t7-3iß tIUVEIyJI P PARKER.
Cogrtor JHalB attd llHh; at*, Clnclnnntl*
Tllllf establiebment is now In the best order (or tbe
reception of the Traveling Public. Having under*
rone a tbaroogh repair,during the past winter, and
having-Ihg moat experienced ipea in the west* in the
various departments. I flatter my*elf,that all will be
pleasedwbo call;' Tbe foeatidn is centra], commodious
andpleasant.. Fare•! perday.' • 1
Cinoinoati.March. . • \f.-s !
N. B.—Although not exactly a new Broom, ll I* the
same— a new whist on theotd handle: ap^tf'
o*r.JACKaox. ; a. cßurayoa.
of the Astor House 'Of Pavilion, Rock away
J ACicSON «. CR A N St ON,
Coaches will be in' readiness at the' DxrOrs and Laws?
tms to convey Fai>iengeni, fn* of tXarjt, to
the House.
Indemnity onlnat or Damsgs by
With the additional security, of a-Stock CapiwL
Tht RcUancc Mutual insurance C&, of rhua.
George W. ToUnd, , John M. Atwood,
TtomasC SocUuui- ' Lewis R, Ashhurst, • %
Wn. B. Thompson. , George X- Baker,
George M- Stroud. ’ John J. Vauderkemp,
George-W. Carpenter. •
WILL make insurance agatnat Loa or Damage
bjr Fire, in Pittibcuoh and vicinity, on
Houaei, Stores’and other BuUdiDgs*4nii on unti*
tore, Good*. Wares and Merchandise, on the most
favorable tenni.- ■ ' ' i •* 1
■■ The Mutual Principle, combined with a Stock
Capital, and the other provisions nt tbe Charter of
this Company, bold out unusual inducemonul both,
of profit ami safety, to those, desirous of effecting
Insurance, towhlen the Company ask the aUention 4
and etaoinalion of those interfcstcd. " ' '
Tbote effecting insurance with this Company
Sava,beside* tbe usual protectiomegainat losgjby
the ordinay method of in*»ranre, the additional
advantageof a direct pa" ; -., m>j iu. the ftojiU of
the Cumpvnv, tttlhout v -*> ■ ,ifiiy.
(JEORCE IV. I‘Ol.vND,.President
BJd'.‘HifcCHifi* J -&«retary; — 1
The rabecriber, who iu the doly authoriied Agent
ortheabov&named prepared to make
insurance,’ at the Office of the Agency, in the
Su Cba*le* Upte*; Third st n third door from tVood
itredl. and will gree all ftirtber mlurmatioh desired
mySMiy. • TilOSt J. ffAMPBELL.
JOHN FIMEV, ait., •
.>cc.vr *i ,ro* in*,, .
SaTety XsuorsuaceCompssay ofPhUadtla,
FIRE RISKS upon building* and merchandise
of every description, AnaMAKLNE RISKS
upon hullsorcargoes vessels, D)kea upon the
mostlavorable terms. " ‘ . ;
I][j* Office in the Warehouscn! W."B. Holmes
At Bro., No. 37 Water, near Market atieet, Fitts*
burgh. t- - i: , f , .!
i iN. B. THr »ucce*««f this Gmnpony since theCstsb*
lisbmento r the Agency in this city; with the fnmpinat
and tiherebry with Vfbich every claim trooit them Tor
loss bos.been adjusted. fally
vitutg the confidence and piirontge of fits friends asfi
die community at Tatge to the DelswareM. B. Ijisu?
rantw.Company, while it has tbcaddiiiotUl advantaggs
as an institution .‘among tue molt flourishing ta
Philad'ta—us havthgshsmpiepaidlneapi<al,irnich
by the operatioaornachartci4scpnstatiilyiacrea>ing
as vrrlcTing to • gch persoo insored bis.due share <u -
thwphiCts oP the'company without 'involving him
m : aov reaponsibility and therelore as
pbeeesingthe Mutual principle' riNcsted of-every
obnoxious! feature, ani iaiu most attractivo form.
nav4 : .
rraHlSwell known and rewoable'.eompanT ta ore?-
1. pared, through theit PITTSBURGH AGENCY, 10.
■ake insoranceof r**rt kindVohnerted with risks ot
-tiporutionoad inland navigation} to ioscre.agtnnn
or damage by Gee, Dwelling lloust*,
’i«g« in general. Good*,* Ware*, end Merchandise,
irtif deaenpliod of penanat prtpeHy fcu -the mott
xableriena*.: o ■. ' ■J.
• iipUcaiioiisfor insurance attended to without dciaT
theOffiefc.NofcJ Wood street ■ ’ t ‘ '' .
XT an Election held at the office ‘th N May,l4th,
the following named gentlemen were eho*<U Director*
if thisCotnpany, for thecnaumg'year, d* •'•••
Joaepb tY-tSavaae. , , , . Stephen Holt,. -
1 John Brouwer,' J " ' John McChain,
William G. W*fd, : - William W.Cimpbelt,
. John NeWhOuie,. ' , •. -Jacob Miller,.
.Williams. Slocum,, . ..• MarcueSpnng, -
John F. Maekie,: " Joseph 5, Lake, ..
John J. Herrick. ■
Aed ai» subsequent Meeting of ihe Do»rd, JOSEPH
\v. SAVAGE, Esq-, tfratunoiiiiDoiuly re-elected P»e-
Ideittfortheenmpig year. U'ra. J A^iESDUGGS,
-.jf» ' PostaJoumnlcopy - ■■■ -Secretary.
YTlHil’ Insdrince Company of North. America,
1 throQph its duly rtlhortrcd Agent,‘the eutacri
: her, ©Sera to make permanent and limited Insor
l anco on property, in thih city «nd its riciaity, and
oa abromenta by lb< Canal and Rivero;.:l
. - j. ' DIRECTORS. -v
[ jYthhC.'ifnuth Krea’ti, Samuel Brooks, ...
I Alex. Henry, “ ' 1 Charted Taylor,
Sami; W. ; Wne», : "-* Sami. F. Smith,
I Edward Smith, Ambrose White,
I John Brown, S.+.. ■ . Jacob M.. Thomas,
John White, J Johnß.J^a,,
v - Thos. P. Cope, Richaihl Wood,
| ~Wm.Wel*4, L . .ArtburG.Coffin,Sto.
1 Tbit ia the oldest Insurance the
I’Uniled States, hiTingbeen’charlcretJ Ta‘l794. Its
( charter in. perpetual, -and from iU bigh standtnff,
I long ejpenencsj ample means, and avoiding, all
i'Mki of an eitra harardoui eharteter, it may be
=«.nc, ? » P U
At Coufiting Room; of Atwood, Jones i'C©.,
i Water and Front streets, Pittsburgh:: i.apgg-lf -
-Ag dost Dots by Kire-TbeFRAWKLIN Fire InTO
• ranee Company of Philadelphia,
WICL makeUiuranee. permaneut andlimited,
I onfttoribl, couphajt hu i pirpeWil
Office corner ol TbtMPmtd Market its,, r'itub'gh*
Anserlcwn irit'e : Xnaiiranee Conapway
Chaktx* PxtrrrciU Cxrtui. ms m.
Office in No. 72 Jbalnut Sirttt
‘ — " WJftDAVIDSON, Prert.
: Fusftucx *'ju£rr,See > r.
THIS old and weU*c«tabh*hcd Company continue* id
■ intun Building*, and prop*
.erty iwtof**! extra a«x4rdocfcstkW*«er,af»ii»at4o*f or
damage by Sr**. - •
Apphrationa for huuwnee* • m Tittiburgb and it*
neighborhood, will bl teceiTedoand riaka mken <iwcr
perpetually or for limited period*, on favorable tenn* by
■ ■■ • > -- ’ Agenb
-.••• '..-i'- • No aflJVoaß_«l^_
W ..corOft «lh Bud sltrkcivt. 1
selMteO .lock of w.'.chn, JetaalrT.
MUiury Good.. Mwaya on '
lain pucea, Gold PamnrUrrai, /all ornlcMn,
’BSp‘n.>‘ rt *”* in ill. owyTiatt Igonnar.
miiiKT A BEST—Wholesale .Grocci*; A
T ****&»-.
—NO. 234
i rJich a loutrel*
. n«IVC sow «m "boitll ofihefr own auu&cture, ncdta
Hi nlct*_a**orUarot Jwiub, Da? Book*, [ln
nkt BcMi.lCaA, Order and BjU Book*, ke, of rarioai »«e
-and ttyles orbindior, (rain which kU of Account Boo** cat
be (elected at rety fow price*; al»o nude toorder, ruled tn<
brawl tonne pattern, ntobort brtke. : • ' j :
I Foreign and Domestic Stationery. j
‘ l’n*. Black and AcdJok,
. Vritinr Fluid, Lead Pencil*, Sole*, InkWnd*. Sand Boat*)
BortCaUo, I’ihet-book*, Gold aad Silver Pencil Cwe*> Pn>••
laitn, Peal Rack*, Pen Holder*, Gan Ticket*, Playing
Oard*, Backnma-.ja Board*, Clmimm, Dice,' IWfT Fouen,
*faMrts, Heitor Stri>p«, Pink Tape, Twin* Reel*, Twine, la-\
<£a Ink, Parrhmeoi, Indie Rutter Ermr*. Sciaon, Shear*,'l
Marking Ink, File*, Rock*. Dark* fcr lw, ddf anc* Book*. I
Inter**! Tililnj Siih Book*, Tuiß, Er*h|* Tabl**, and j
• *li-oih*rarticl«**old by.Matiooer*. , .| .1
i f Cheap Account Books.'
• A Urge week ctjaftanllyoa head, auitabla'br fataH trade |
and country] ntrchiuiti at ?*ry chap rate*. p
; 1 A Large. [Assortment of Papers. j.
; FooLcapJplain and ruled Xettir Paper, plain and ruled
’9Tote p|*ri Wrappine PopcPyßoanet Baird*,.Log, Cloth,'
no*wry,EnelopeaodDlolting Paper Colored FaperkThi* '
.Frtneh f> wni, Packet axed Bank P«l, !nm«
nd Copying Piper, Mtule Piper, Gold, Tracing, Enhoned,
and e*ery qthet description of taper at rrty low price*. -
• Gold Fens, Dtamond Point, '
; Rieh k 1 oaticl* i, Bagalcy tad all other etle-'
tinted r,-.t rn, in to (nit purchoien, at the rrry
lowest man iCtctunlrU price*.
Letter Copying Presses*
•, Twenty-1* different price* and ityfe*—the Iran Copying
prea*, wity btr and octew, tha most etp*ditio»,<coacau>
eal, and *unple mode of taking a topy of ony teller or MS
without wiitingHjorer again ...)
In proved Manifold Letter. Writers.
By wbic i the Utter and copy, it written at the one tame.
The target t aworttnent ««*r ottered, and at the loweit price*.
Pubtira Bn*, Bsnke, Irwurtnre Companies, Merchant* ood
other*, CuTnbhed Iwith sets of Account Book*, ruled and
jtioand to i by pattern, tf *hort notir*, jUo with tutiooery
Of the beet quality, ' ■ . • i |
J -I ; Notarial Presses, - ' i
For tha a*'ofßeaks andCorpckotloos,tqafix theaealoT
luch Bank or poraoValMs to their' document*. Tbit opera
tion i* per orated by any cne.evra at fint trial
’ 1 Find Premiums -
‘ Award* I ton* by thnAnkrrican Institute, at the Utc Fair,
- * . i
bettßuled Blank Book*—A Silver Medal i
beslManifeU Letter. Writers— K Diploma i
otifal Cabbed Copying Prtac* A Diploma [
Pletu* Call ana Set foe. Yountlett . i
Trade and Country Merchants Supplied.
■ ■ - RICH- * LOUTBEX, "• j
of French and £nelt*hStationery, i
nuneioelarcnoi' Account Bosk*,
Moxu/bld Writer*. Fscebior, Blank
and Camine Ink*, +c,<Fc, Cl WilUaa,
one door helow Cedar (treat, W Y. .
Ti HE subscriber* beg 10 call the of all those
inter sieiUa roofing, to Uieir GALVANIZE!) TIN .
* PLATES, and to the many ‘advantages 'which they
rrf all metalic hod, other substances hitherto
'used foi this purpose,possessing as they do, the strength
■ and lightness of iron wnhoot iu liability to rust, having
'now been tested several Teats, both in ibis country and
in Europe. Thty are also less stobjeerto expansion,
and contraction from sodden changes of the atmosphere
■ than common Tin Plate, Iron, Zinc, Ac, br any other
: metal now used for roofing, and consequently tom a
thuch beiterandtijrfcter roqf, requiring Uriels frequent
repair, whilst khehrsi cost is but a tnfle more.
The. subscribers would also call the attention of-ati
dealers and workers in metals, to the many other pur
poses to which Iron thus protected, can be qpplietL—
In general terms (t is applicable to all articles of iron
which it ta desirabte-io protect from thd action of the
atmosphere. And they would especially call the at
femloir of tboseimerested InTKLKURArIIIC LINES,
to iheirGalvanized,Wire, whieh,ia now almost entire
ty used in Europe, and wtLph answers every- purpose
as-a eondnetor only about oao
half as much as copper, and possessing equal durabili
ty with that metal: <
Having lately ’erected works ini this, city for the pur
pose of galvanizing nails; spikes, bolts, wire, fee., they
> will be Able to funuaHany article which may bo desi
red. A supply of PJtftcs [manufactured in Europe,} k
constantly on hand .from lAtoltt wire ruage. - ■
Nosit4 and 18Bearers:, HRW TOBS.
• The Pautu Right Cor.this article has been secured
for the United States as welt asUreat Britain, andother
European coontnea, and all legal measures will be ta
ken to prevent any infringement by importauot broth
erwiae. ' 1 - ■ i ; ocB7-ly’
Oentleraeiia FuraUhlngiKstshltihmant
tIHARLES B HATCH, 97 William street, New York
; mliclU sllwtics to his aMOrtmeat of Ooou la tbs] Gen
tlemen’i Furnishing Low, imported and manufactured *a
premly for ths Spring and Bummer tmnoi. particular al»
testioo is called lo the following artielew . 1
STOCES—SiIk, Satis and Bombasine, all styles and qaal
ities. ■ • ► ; i •_
WASH 77E5—Fancy
mat.': - . j .
sad FtartLiaes do, to’
<«t of tnfa ml quality.
LiiU Thread, Ucriso,'
manufacture, Silk, Cotton,
black elated dd, JsptnneS
DRksSOiCf GOtmi
• sod twilkd SpitalMd. In
dia Stoehew, roo*«, 4r, plain and Uncj Linen Csasrie,
* C biIBREA£J3JUfD PARASOLS- A MU iLortacnt.
CRJI VJITSTtFFNER3-\txv»a kind.. I
- ‘ilsvnuH state Ihstba is now n*fng, is hi* SELF-JtB
■jUBTISd STOCKS. In entire diflwreat Spring from the
i.ur ibmeti/ awd, nUkli Tender* them muen sore eomlar
lakW and ease to the neck Ilian formerly. feb33-3a
— CHE AP . • -
FRANCIS A. LOUTBEL,77 Maiden Lane, taanafocto*
rera bf'every description of Blank Book*, Memoran
dam, Copland Paaa Books. Croton Ink, Manifold Letter
Writer, Diamond Point Gold Pena, Ac*, &n-i and in
porter* of English and French’Stationery and Paper.
A large assortment constantly on handof the moat
improved styles— Ink-atar.da. Wax, Wafer*, Slates,
Pencil*. Steel Pena, twines, motio seals, ivory tablets,
ivory'iblders, card*, rum labels, pen racks, card racks,
tnfcpowder, black, bine and carmine ink, mien, gold
and silver penrifcascs, quills,portfolios, copying pres
‘see, Ae;,Ae. j
• ENYELOPES Letter a, Cards, Notes, Ac-, in gteat
Variety. . . .
■ Letter and Cap Paper*, roWd and plain, at Manufac
turer's price*; note paper*; tiwae piper; perforated
board, bristol boards, bonnet board, colored papers,
i T^£l i n^&! «*d! t Doeltet'-'and other books foi -Coomy
Clerks, Coons, Banks,, Iwuianca CoojpanieSj-Mer
cnanu, and others, eonttanily on hand, or. famished to
pattern ai.short notice.' 'Warnauedtobesoperioi.nj
quality aad very low in pnee.
• : Country Merchants, de'alereano others wilt be-sup
plied at ike very lawestpriee*. •• We shall constantly—
nave on hand a large stock of Blank Books; Paper and
Stationery; arid request the favor of a call from those
who require articles in our line. a .
Manufacturing Stationers, 77 Maiden Lane
fiMdSm Stw Tork
1847. . \.
N 0.44 Cedar Yqrk.
BEO IdTttoiiftni Mai m Dry (m that they bar*
nttiietl. and ar* bow exhibiting,at the WAREHOUSE
EXCLUSIVELY for. 'Primal Calico**, 300 CABBB,
coapminc all th* Sew. Sprlß| Btylti, of Bdtiib,
French ana American Manufacture; which, in ADDITION _
tolheir Bml*(ock,,T«Bd«n their aMortowetoMof tbeoMt
beaniUUl ami auraetit* in lh« city; and hariagiut been par*
ehmdforCASHAND SHORT CREDIT, an eßrraitly
tb»*a®« tenw,at sadbtfowmttu
lactam* pnee*.- in-th<
■..CaUWwM af, prices (cmm*cddaily,) an placed :■-j
-liandicrouym. . nar.
. FarehasrowiH inform (hemsehnof the (tala'of Jha,
ket, asd be well re£*H for an ctasuaalioe, even if the'
botpureha**.’' ||hr
L, AB, hare pecalor sdvmtagts: for ranting order]
' print*, which an ropeetfblly (elicited.
. wcha ! LEE fc BREWSTER, 44 Cedar Stmt
" ' LdflPV. UUUAUObKS, , .. i-
SpriagTndr. DIETZ, BROTHER f CO.', 139
William Mnet, New York,’in,the WwhinjUm Block, are
aanu&etarifig «"d hare alwip ot> hand a compete' amort -
ownt of article* ta their tine, of the folknrfo* dcscriptMM,
which they will acDat wholesale and retail, at .Um Price*,
Cheolml Oil and CampHeaaLampa.
: Bokr Lo»*, ,0 3t and Browed, utrrat variety.
Oirendol>smionipatUrß» r yilt.eut«r*dorhro*ari.,
Soiwndin* Solar*, Doric Casphca* Lamp*,
Bracket Mars -•-• . •■*»'« *» "• ■••••■
BoUr Chandelier*. . Bracket do
Praetit Lard Hand Lamps, - Stand do
Britaah Hind Lamp*.. Camphees Chandelier*,.
SapcTtorCbcsial Oil, : 'PuxeSptmOil,
do , Camphene, . . Solar and Lard Oil, .
1 do ’ Bunting Fluid, - Refined Whale Ojh'
H Kew WarthetiM for Print* Oily. > .
attWrtpeciou* five.atory Wsnban*e,No. hOGadar iL,
New York,(lba of which hdevoted to the eihibitioo
and mile oPlhiaung)* article,) offer for ink by the piece be
(rUing aD the de*ir*bk--nrw styles, a targrprojiutMa of
which hath* been eoatracied for before thaw* ri*e in the -
market, wiuoefoU at leas than nMnafoctarm , ptnt pri -
ear. M-i • -*-•
Pnatcdli*t*ofnrtee»ar«potintothehaad»ofbiiy«r*. ; -
; N T LEE, late kblot partner la. the original firm of
hMA.Brtvita, (m which he retired is IBts)jba* jdined
the firm of Lee and Judton, and tolidu the patronage of hi*
old friend*.: The bnism'b-oooduetcd coder the firm of
February 33,16t74kagp LEE, JODBON ALEE.
'] Wholesale Drag WarelioaM.
B| A. KAHNBSTOTK fit Co., No. 49, Jobo at.
• New York,'offer tor sate a large and general
aaaoritnent of -.Dregs sad Medicine*, Dye - Sitiff*
Paint* ,and Oil* of every description, wticb thfy
ifa'piepitaraiid determined loaeil low.
-Contry’Merckanuaed.Orbggiat* aro reqoeated
to call end examine their article*. Order* elated
'with fnthfnloeaa'iod deaptich. • B.A.FalineitoeV*
vVonniteeo eoealtntly on hand. • ‘
v •
' - B. L. Fafihcatock, SPitUbargb.
:• ... g. W. Fahnestock.' V
A. B. Hall.Naw York, , »pr£
mo; g’BVBLiBQ slip* sew yoUL
(tVRUA IV. FIELD oflera for ante :nt>tbo lowest
'• fiUnfcfaetnrer*’ price*, a .very extensive uaon<
an•Sa of PAPER, eomprainf every poulble eanety,
•iUptrd to thewaau of eoMWoeram all toeiioni of (bn
coimtryC Paper of all kinds .made to order *t short
.ie «tock of PRINTING PAPER ianannelly large
■ partofwhiebisofwetyaopenoreoalitr.
of every asscriptioo, impotted and kept eonsuntlr on
'haa>» visi FeUisga; Wire doth, Foordrinlar Wire*,
Bleacbing.Powdcr, Bloe Ultramarine,Twine, Ac.. Ac.
<1 .f-.-y, t. .n . . RAGS. -
CnnT*a*,Bale Rope,Gras* Rope, Bagging, Ac.,
paielitsed.for which the hlgbeilprieeln Cash t»e
pahl.~,t irZty ■ New York. J^i*ilßtB.
. p&Mf.anft, ««Tori ;