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JprTM* jm»iaau Dmr Oitmtn Mbfi*ed
D»iijr, Tn-Wrtkly, ecd Weekly.—The DeilyLi Berea
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Two Ltolfer* per annmn,
FOEOOTEaWOE, • lavis,'
(or emu cocurr) h
POE cabal coiuubsionee.
JOHN C KUNKEL. DaspbinGooniv.
WII.UAM M WATTS, CamberUoit.
JOH . I*. WhTIiRRiLL. Philadelphia Chr.
THOMAS McGRaTH, Philadelphia Ctasmr.
M T M-KENNAN, WArtunipm,
AAXAKW J OGLE. Somerset.
HAftMAR PENVY. Allegheny.
KUHNS. Westmoreland.
O ) BALL, Erie.
H 0 M aX WELL. Northampton
J U.bALISUtRY. Snsooehanoa.
ELHAAaN S' ITH, Wiomin*.
ROBERT T parrs, Momgoiterr
E«e fourth Par*for RUeellaaHUlnn,
Formcrr Commercial Intelligence, Domestic-Mi
kcit, Ktver News,imports, Money Market, Ac, •
third page. •
i pArmr. Pcffi«a*«*T.—We Hod a dispoai-
J tioo to discom the question in the community, tad
/ so far as the limited space we hare will admit of
it, we haTe o objection*. We, therefore, five
place to»d*j to a production In verse upon the
aubject,—eomstimea the beat form of treating even
eo eeriooa e question os this,—-though we should
prefer to see It presented in sober ptoae. Wsare
however, fer ourselves not disposed to multiply
many additional words upon, a topic rnryTning
which we btve folly expressed our 1 opinion.
An idea ihfown out in the last Catholic has
■ arretted our attention, in ite connection .with the
sentence of Rtidel It i«, that if he had r «allf
believed his end to be eo near he would have been
more tractable and have paid more attention to his
eternal welfare. It is obvious' that in most cases
•o hog as a gleam of hope is held out to the un
happy convict, he will not addreee himself to bis
xptsre4s beyond The grave with that devotion
which hr* csie demand* The coo tinned eSjrt*
the reprieve of Beidel,were,in ourjodg
meotj eminently mischievous in' their ejects, and
the s ene in tbe District Court on the day previ
ous to the one assigned for hU execution, could
not but disturb and distract the wretched mao’s
, mind. The motives and efljrta of hla persevering
counsel and friends were, no doabt, 1 well omot
But the arguments then used must seeasardy
hive influenced any mind in the caime dream*
stances by injurious impressions, and have excited
' a strong sentiment of hostility Is the beam of the
prisoner to the law, its administrator*, aod
fellow men', ■ ■■■ 4:
We mnit believe, too, (bait when the fanr epyg
n sum mu«t die, it U mach more cruel than kind
to allow a prUoner to know that any eflbrt
baa Ueo made for his reprieve. The prisoner
oboold be left to hi*, own resources, the zaarcyof
kia Creator, and a eommanionwith those friends
nnlj Who are inte reeled in bringing him to repeo*
unca for the put and preparation for the future.
We h'ave been called to account by theEdikn
of the Journal for a previous defcoee of the law
of God, declaring that the shedding of man's
■btetia shooid be punished by death. Tha words
of the law and the drenmstancet under which
it was uttered, ere important.
We find it in the 6th and 6th verses of the 9th
chapter of Genesis, as follows: 1
“Aad.BOralT your blood of your lives will I reesiie
ttuehtmlor every beau wm I require it, sod at the
hand of every' man; si tbe hand of every uaxrt
will 1 frqouc ific life of man*
-Who© ib«"detfj man's blood, by roan aballhi* b%trri
be abed \for in tieimogtqf OodmttU ht tium,”
Now this is no Mosaic jaw, assojne bate anp>
posed and argued, but older than the law of Mo*
ses by some eight hundred and fifty years. All
attempts; therefore, to couple the law with Hoses,
or witb any parrs of tbe Manic law, that strike
at eusiems not sanctioned by what is called a mild
er Christianity, arc rain attempts to pull down a
solemn decree of tbe Almighty. Nor is it a Jew*
ish rite br'cu'lom. It is the law of God and tha
wards of God himself, and (he rsason given is u
peculiar as the law is distinct:—“For in the image
of God created he man." Thera is s power in a
rsason { Uk« this that must answer all tits cariliogs
of the sceptic, and all who are not bold to
meet and denounco both the solemn law ao£ lan*
goage of the Almighty. We base not the hardi
hood to enter into any such controversy, and only
seek now to vindicate tbe law of God from the
perversion it has from time to time ,received by
men more disposed to sympathise with crime than
to punish offences against both bosun and divine
law. ,
It true that lbs Jewish law includes the death
penalty, bat it did not originate' here, and is of
mach higher authority. Tbelawaof Moses riaod
repealed in the Book of Books and t-y the >ft"g,
■ of Kii)g& The law of God remains, and oar!
Magistrates are tolh its ministers and the servants]
of those wlfo have added haman to divine law.
The mots! effect of this law we rnani in fat fir* 1
tut» consideration. :
LiczxnsQ iir N«w Year.—ln «hnn«t rrerj
town hesidfrom, the vote is large in favor of Dcao
ce«—as large aa it was a year l «lnce against thesk
We do not onderatanu the cause of the '‘umplftt
and extraordinary Somerset. The Albany Argue
"We do not regard these retails ae an expres
sion of the poblie sentiment in relation to the tern
peraqce cause in tue abstract. Many of the & tends
of Temperance doubted the expediency of the li
cense lew, and have regarded it ms prejudicial rath
er than ssroceablc la advancing the
reform. However thie may be, it is vary certain
that the popular expression is not in favor of it,”
The New York Tribune upon the contrary re
gards it aa a real triumph of‘Kmg AlcahoL’ The:
Tribuno gives i!be following as among the ?pri
dents ot thaelection: * '
“It really didnot took right to see the Flnt Judge
ofthe coouty leading a dmnkan rabble-aroond to
every -grog-shop in town last' night & drink'ln
honor of the Rum triumph. You can hardly im
aglne the ef£ut made Ly the party; to car
ry the‘day.” ■ ■ S
. A cbne*poDdeot »t Aogurfa, Oneida-county
year* of *go, Toti
hitJOUt year.”
We ire iofofr , that M.
Allen, Eftji .(hi >rthy ■—« t ,
bis shipped, ta-i w’s Lins, 1
tea > ton*, sml by ilrty too*
of. produce forj Mr. K.
also stotfi (hat (1 inanUttea
nf provisions from , and to'
day they tcknowltv.^
' Com, from Salem, Ohio.
.. iThe following ire among (be recent contribo*
tio&s {■» (ho Irish;
Mifflin township*
• SU Clair Congregation,
'■-Baldwin township,
S«Thia speaks well for the t
all around u« of (hehindtoi
the and country.
£4OO in produce.
250 l
»unlry, end we hear
>me contributions io
Botbce*~o? EcriotTi
Burgbeas was held at Elit
Sdjaat, and reaulUda* folio
~ Egbert Walker, Whig,
B- Wilson,Loco
CocntiJ, highest Whi*.
do Loco
-The election tor
tth borough oo the
The Loco Foee* attached it
ticket !© their own bad name
J*vatationi»(j of 'France did t
the disguise was detected there
a* by our intelligent friend# c
• nameof“chkeos*
if Loco Foeo. The
ie eaae thing, bat
ItnwjhDot •oaaoo
f BlnheiL •
‘ Gar. ggcjcx has issued a
cation of James Rigge, colon
cnFrfday, ;i2ih afAugip* at
errant Corlbe ext
men, to take piece
% T** |tjlsoo Writi totu Ci*RL<|(roß roL-i
amt* of the put TTnnA rif garii'i a»ii 11 ■ ,j]i; jfWTona.— Mart at Hast,
i&m in tfc* afik, - : effete -g# £ &ere granted aitanparary injunction to be made
S, ii thfcPctober term. to reetaln the pites*
■"‘"l 1 •*** 9* °**t Cflttp***. «q) tiiultifT of-fits town aod hi* *citmm*r in of
f»sro politiMT divided ajTfiltowa; f *3v £s : fiea, £ron*>iajinf over th* $l5OO i*sted by the
Wairt. - 4 “ t ~ . town mwting in to-be
.. i?y a *. ••••'. l i distributed to CtpC Barker's company of rohuj
~ ’ r "‘ > " '-y* 4 "' 'ttn^Thlsaidtfßrdid*^^
Jttude ikiud ' .i!.!"!!!!'.'4 to be illegal, and stoles the duller so far as eon*
' -4..... 0 cams the town. ' i -'-■:
Vermont , 3 .j,> 1 . , • * '
. New York-.-. o at -L, ~ ,_A traitor ■ The 8l Loon Republic** gives
feurr&uti • - „I 7 ■ .. ‘*7 '**• aecmesporident at Btnta,,Fe
gg™*.;; ' * 0 whodoe»oc<ipreft* f 'hoi»f*er, to have personal
* kogpledge of the Batter:
slinhCeiiiioa. J Z.!!!'!!'!? Ule aald that an American who wu mil
..Cmffii ...» 4 known in Baste Fe, fodght hard against the
** *-© • ‘Americana, and with hi* very goad rifle killed
A rtiom- : aostof tho«e #ho fell dead. When the fortress
Texas; .' .4 3 was liMirhreadeavared to make hU escape, hot
Viiguua a........... 9 the traitor fell with thirty odd balls through him.
Total so Ur S 7 \ m
DoobiU!—New York. 1. Ohio f—Total, T
aiaitn tn TO n>n.ra-MM. r . TtttTTT
Ftate*. Whin* Loco loco a.
Marne j
New Hampdhiro- - i j ’
Rhoda aland i
Maryland*--I/ .......g
Nortb Carolina „,j
Alabama i-....
Hiuulppi : j '
.. i .
Kentucky- .• ** .•
Wiacotuin ;..,..n i
<«>» 5...
Toni... 1 ..'.j, .
t ,5K ‘ i 0?
W« have given (he Loco Focoe the two men*
bare from Wisconsin, bat tt » not certain that
ihla Territory jrepresentad at the cod*
tnencement of the next Congres*.
From the Richmond Whig.
We tuve the pleasure of tnnoanciog that An
drew B.TulWo, the Whig* candidate for Congress
in the -Little Tenne-aw” district, (a elected to
Oongreee—beating Cokpel Fayette McMoilen
aboat 70 votes. Three cheer* for the Southwest!
The following are the namee of the members
electi |
Wkigt Elected. Democrats Elected .
JohnM. Bottt,; J Archlbuld Atkinson,
~ Wm.J,. Gcggfn, Ota C. Srouuoolc,
John 8. Psodieura, Tboe. 8. Bocock,
Wm. B. Prsstoo, - Thos. H. Btyly, '
Tha*. S. Flournoy/ I;. T. L. BflJe,
A- 8. Fulton. James McDowell, t
(O-WHIOOAIN.S. Wm.Q. Brown:
Tk, Kaniwbr District if be tfesrj, from—in
wlafh Ihsrs is rsuoa to before the Whig eandi
dividing the Virginia delegation. t
fa the Hook of Delegates the nett Wbl* gain
ia equivalent to the armikilation of the T jsrn Foco
mojotllf of last winter! Tho Whig majority io
tha natt Rome of Delegates, ahoulithers be no
fittberchuge* in the fagr fottnticn tbit remain to
be betrd from, win be lft-the Loco Foeo Uaior.
ity io the Benats the aame.j' ■ T
Esnusn—We for seven]
wr«ki pun, various Patties of emigrant to the west,
posmng Ul} cjtj. An ppnyutlpnjtion ol
them sn we II draaasd, intelligent parsons, from the
enstem slues. We think they ue the oou sub
•Uhllsi perrons who for. gone wen for , long
Ffaws hrn noticed none appwentl*fa~bet
ter dreamstanees. 1
TUTjut snfprlse o genll.roan who luaVvety op*
pottnnity of knowing, assort. „ the |rsttrr»jor
ity, of them are itormma. We hire no doubt,
fa* on infirrmsm’s knowledge titrt meh' i>,fo
fta. . It is a eooree of daepyagnt thst numerous
ftmifoo—for ths patties tnctndad t considenbte
number of suche-shonkl hare been ltd swsy by
this strange delusions .. 1
St*** wit* Emiorr.—The Berth Bshds will
least New York lot Liverpool oo the 11th, The
Cambria left oa the let,, and a steamer ja now
about doe. Hereafter the Boston atsam peekrta
will be semi-monthly, and tha NewYock packeU
will aoon give ua wwkly cosumnicatun wUb
Eoglind. Ofibeatcamer Waakfagton. adtertb
cd in our coiamns, the New YorkHeraid aaya o#
the (rial of the engine of this vectri, that the ease'
and grace with which this maaatve stnaSaiwftnt
mnred.w*a really creditable, a« wail a» gratifying
to the scientific conatnxcturf; .. ,i without wishiog
to disparage the English airamabi;*, we can truly
my that the ia one of ths most beautiful, substan
tial complete venels.u all her
that ever floated on oar watere. ;
Aar xwroxTAST nxemon was given at (Phila
delphia on Thotwliy, by Chief Justice Gibaon, in
relation to tbe suit ayfcinst the county for damages
resulting from the destruction, of Pennsylvania
Hall by tbe mob, in 1844. The claim wa* resis
tod by .tba county, on the grout*!!, that the
cbuich wit owned by a foreign society tnd order,
inatitsled by a foreign potentate, and Cable’ to bs
dissolved at hit pleasure; and therefore could Dot
be legally incorporated by tbe Legislature cfPenn
sylvasia. A writ of qoo warranto wa* therefore
asked for against the cerparators,to show the le*
gatity of the charter granted. The decision of
the Chief Jostice dismisses the application, mod
pronounces the charter perfectly valid. Thh suit
fordamsgeewtUcomeup hereafter.
And in all towns sre presume. ' There is no law
to appropriate the money of the* people for any
each purpose and we think all our coarts would
so determine* . .
.Voluxtxkbs row a*-zai.(*TxxxT. —ThsGov-
emoeot era in expeetioo that a Urge number of
the volorifoere under the ad of M«y»
re-enliat for the war, expecting it may be ended in
a few deys.or taootha, anil the eoldiertfaas reen
iutiof will, at the end of the war, be entitled to e
double boon ty—l6o acre* lor the twelve months'
eervice under the l ew; end 160 teres Tor the term
of terries under the to the end of the
war, of an aggreg«i« «f 320 acres of Und;*/, aa a.
sabstitnto,-$2OO in Tieatory script.'.This ia a
atroof iodncefnent to those, already In the field to
remain to the end.
T«« U. S-Taziscaxa'a vTATaxaKTjor May 1,
■teles that Ihcte it $5,051,550 of the pcWie pa.
ney subject to drafL We obeerre tbs eani ofpdb.t
525 on depomtlln the Sank of Middletown In ibis
State, and which hta been there 'for sbouttwo
years without be inf dimtnhhed one dollar. Mr.
Walker has been called upon to explain'this po-
Ktuai mystery,—for the pablle interest sever re
quired ooe dofiar deposited in this bank
but issOerit ai the crave. An vflort was made to
tenet pat the canee of the deposit, and the parties
U, in thp.Usi Cobg?ess| but the me.
jonty would am afiowthdr secrets to be revealed.
Tb the Editor of the Pitltburgh Gasetlc.
Tmn LaeuiuTcna.—The time appointed tor
the meeting of the Antimasorie and Whig Coo
ventaoo* to nominate suitable pernor* for the State
Let islet ore, b frst approaching. It may reasona
bly be presumed that the members of that respect
abte body will be Infloenced neither by retook!
preferences, bar. predilections, bai, on the contra
ry, solely by eoond discretion, and a sincere dswrs
to promote-the pabfic food. Thahoatoessto bs
tram acted by them is very important, ahd, to be
conducted aright, strict impartiality most mark
their. proceedings. For the credit aa well as the
interest of oar dty, an honest and capable, person
ooght to be selected, to represent the people of
Pittsburgh. He should benot only a' passably
good public speaker, bat familiar with the leading
principles of jurisprudence, Samuel Palmer, £sq.,
who b a candidate for sotninatioa, is sopposed to
j- nsieas, fa i good degreis at least, the qualifications
above enumerated. He Isa young man ofafndi
ooa habits, and excellent morals. In the eetima.
tion of same .extremely fosUdfoti* persons, hi*
yoothfol appearance may operate against him; bat
it should be remembered that egeis not always an
evidence of wisdom, nor youth of ignorance. The
first Ume Mr. Randolph was in Congress some of
the members of that agost body,who loved amuw
ment, taking advantage pf his yoothfol appearance,'
to »qoire-howo|d hewki” .He
replied in hie peculiar, and characteristic style,
M Ask my constituent*.” ' ■ Z*hi ■
Tub New York Canal opened on thc tit inst.
The Bqflslo Commercial of the 28th April says;
•Pratty-moeb all the canal boats ml this point
ere engaged, and as high as 1 1 per barrel bnAour
kto Albany has been obtained. We understand the
Comptroller bks noUflcd the collector at this point,
by telegraph, that 2} feet water would bejet info
the canal today, amKthat light boats would be
admitted to pawweHbfßyrmcuae.,
. Boiurxofc—A large namber of .buiidißgsara
l* B * op in thecity, Allegheny, jßirmingbgiojuaf
neighborhood. Theta is a eearcity rfbufli
ing awterial, and tostost the |
waaie of the community. . } ;|
One hundred mart have been fired upon him sim
ultaneously, bo great was their indignation—
The writer says he has forgotten ths name of the
Gese*al Tirtoa; in the year l&l, purchase
-ed, it ii'nidt a plantation, stock, .& linear Rod
ney, in Mississippi, for which he paid, in. cash,
bioety-fi*e ihoosioddoilais- An exchange pa-
-banui from Hon. W. M. Gwin, at New 1
Orleans, friend of Genera! Taylor, that
eome miscreant opened a breach in the levee, a
■boot two miles above the plantation named above,
and it is how wholly under water ! The lon of
the crop follows, 1 *! a matter of course, and a mod
eietg ea tiro ate would, set this loss at about, thirty
thousand dollars,' This i>, tmly. a'tnost uohaod
some way to reward a patriotic soldier, who
stands in jeopardy every hour for his country’#
sake and service.
Liar week at Cincinnati u German girl who
bad been poning, and bad left a basket of clothes
□ear by npon morning found (hem on fiteaodtbe
room fillet} with smoked When the cry of fire
was first heard, the girl became so frightened- u
to lose all command of herself, and in bet terror
‘leaped from the window of the third story, and fall,
jjng into the. entrance to the basement. • She i*
horribly mangled, arid it u feared the 'will not re
cover. •■ £ - :i • • I
MuaircziT bkruut. —We twdrrstiod that
the late William Oliver Esq. of Dorchester, left
(he whole of his property, rained at not less than
a hundred thousand dollars, to be, divided squally,
between the Perkiria Institution for the blind, at
Bcuth Boston, and the McLean Asylum for the
Insane, at Somerville. One (hud of this sum is
lobe paid over immediately, and the remainder at
the decease of his two( sisterr —Boston Atlas.
Col. JoHsaoa,—This officer was wounded near
Cerro Goitfo, was engaged at the time in a recon
notssance some eighteen miles beyond the Naiioo
el Bridge, at a print called the Black Forest Pan.
He was formeriy/Cspt'J. E. Johnson, of the Top.
ographical Engineess—now Lieut. Col. of voltig.
ears—and severely wounded with a shot through
the arm ;anjd another in the thigh. 7
Taisemaraic.—The Directors of the New
York and Buffalo Telegraphic Company, at their
recent meeting in Utica, resolved to ose in their
operations an iron wire known as No. 10, weigh*
,ing about 260 lbs. to the mile. The English
Companies adopt a wire called 1 No. 7, which is
•much heavier and much more lasting.
Tsa rooa iv Lokbox.—>Upsrards of 50,000
ipersons are now inmates of the London work*
ibooaea; 60,00 kre receiving outdoor relief arid from
1400 to 2000 nightly sheltered in the refuges for
|the hoosetese. ‘ The eggrrgaie exceeds IOOJtOO. •
In addition tri this number there an many thou*
sandswt^Liveby beggmg, and'thousand* more
who live JjtTcriminal practices. *7 - '■
> Givi Tax Dim au sex.—. The Washington
Union claims for the Proudest all the credited the
battle of Bosna.Vista. vXjte Leoisvills Journal
sajs it'is unquestionably ambt, that, if Poßcbad
not sent Santa Anna into Mexico, the battUof
Buena , Vista would never,hose occurred.
It is proposed to tonne! the St. Lawrence, op.
polite the Hand of Montreal, in order to connect
the railroad running to the AlUntic. The pro
posed tonne! under the St, Lawrence, at its nar
rowest part, near Bt. Healeo’s Island, will be I
aboat one>thirJ of a mile from shore to shore.
Bamsv Deszrtzrs.—The Canada papen tre
loud in the complaint of the great number of
Brftish troops deserting their flag and flying to
the United States, to enlist in our army. It is es>
limited that not {hr from four hundred have taken
“French tears” of their posts.
The amount of notes of the Bank of England,
in circulation k i£ 1 >,444,3X5, being tn inw«»M nt
£375,135; and the stock of bullion in both dr*
partmests is £l showing a decrease of
£316,047, as compared with the proceeding re*
Jam-... ...
Hf. Caia,' (he reformed gambler, and ami*
gambling lecturer, has accepted the challenge of
Freeman, the acknowledged gambler, and a public
diecuswon is to tike place on the 10th, 12th and
13th of May, at Philadelphia.
Rrr. Thomas M. Clark, formerly Rector of
Grace, Boston, and now of Si. Andrew’s Philadel
phia has accepted a call to become Anistaut Min
ister of Trinity Church, in Boston, oq the Greene
Foundstion. Rt Rev. the Bishop of the diocese
of MaisachuseUs ii Rector of Trinity.
A Maine Stur-owwsa, on the Penobscot, has
three, vessel* building one of which is to be call*
ed**Zecbary Taylor,” and the “Gen. Taylor,” and
the other “Rough and Ready.” .J'
The personal friends of the Hon. Richard Rush,
of Philadelphia, purpose giving him * .complimen
tary dinner previous to his setting out on bis mis*
«ioo to France.
Mr. BABcnorr, American. Minister at 8t
James, is making a short tour on tbe continenL—
. Mr. Brodhead, Sccratary of Legation, officiates in
bis abeence.
Tax Usxvzrsity or Locisiabta.—The legis
lature or Louisiana has passed a bill appropria
ting $25,000 and plot of ground for the Btote Uni*
A Loeofoco paper in Kentucky nominates Bi
las Wright, for Geri.W.O.
Ky. for Vice President.
Tax Peoria Register ays that the steamboat ar
rivals at that place average five a day. There is
a Urge quantity of produce to be shipped from that
New potatoes are wiling in New York at 124
cents a quart.
Sslectad from Fbreirn Periodical* and Newspepert for
.. the rittshurgh Gazette. i
_ Tax Giaxax aaiLaoaD.—The Journal de*
'Debits puUiabes a letter dated Leipaic, 57th ult,
mentioning that during the last year tbere were
conveyed by the Germ to Railroads 16,413,229
travellers and 91,893,939 quintals of
produced a sum total of and’
represents an increase of 16,331,208 f, that is 43
per cent. t
, -*• i* A Loxoox duwiso moajts— '‘The
Queen wore a very migoifident dm« at her
Drawn* Room. Her majesty's train was of green
poplra, figured with green shamrocks, and was
nduy trimmed wuh gold lace; the petticoatswas of
white satin, trimmed with gold lees and ivy, orna
mented with diamonds. Her Majeety'e head-dress
was formed of a wreath of ivy and diamonds.and
also of feathers.
- U H. R. H. the Duchess or Cambridge wore a
splendid costume. Tho train of red velvet trim
med with xatin.and gold, oyer a drew of white
aatm brocaded in gold, sad ornamented with Bros
•els laee. H. R. H.'s head-dress was composed
Of leathers, lace lappets, and also a tiara of pearls
and diamonds. The stomacher, necklace and ear
rings of the royal duchess were also of pearls and
Pxrbc* n* Jonrmtx, “Young France,” at
they call him, in England is, it is said, to suit
New York daring the rammer, with an expert*
mental squadron, and will have under bia com
mand, among other vessels, the Hercules, and Je-
both 100 gun ships, and the steam frig-.
ate Panama.
A OALX.AWT Ibisxkxx.—An Iriab gentleman re
maiked, “Never be critical on the ladies. Tako
it for gianted that they are all handsome and
good. A true gentleman will never look on tbs
faults of a pretty woman icithoui ahuttme hit
eyur s
**** trine of Hallicarnaasus a has
bea xbumed containing 'two eggs, which might
es*Hy be confounded with “newfy laid” ones
though two thousand years may bate elapsed
since their informal.
_ Tbs Emperor of Russia has issued a ukase
lerdicting the dreuktia of the Polish coin, even
JP “T.part of Poland,, and forbidden all the pob-
Jic effieeta, from May J; to receive aoy each coin
to payment of public does.
The Journal de* Debut* state* that the Arch
bishop of- Rouen had- caused to -be distribu
ted every day, throughout 50016 weight of
bread to the indigent poor.
, Mr. Georgs Thompson, the President of the
Anti SfoyejyLeagoe,bas been.boond over Jbr trial,
; oa a charge oT assanUbg one William Wardell
in in omnibus.
According to the Prease, 299 failures took place
In Paris during the first quarter of 1847, vix, in
January, 112; m February, 79; ad in March
The Lirwpool Albfoft' says that recently a man
sold bis wife hr the public market at Barton
for a shilling. ’
te Afri » : “ri the
Weet Indfoe have anhecribcd towarifa the stalut*
of their benefoetor, Sir T, F. Buxton.
fe!” 1 M ”* “ P “ i » -«•' «!«».
tr ojvMfiOH. ;
gw 1 — l —*r-
JpanacfinseUs Stale Agricalwoi Society ba«e
|aid gmx attain to of foroifß
meam hav»fy*atijr improved
«n stock; The Ndrth jßtvon' Breeds am
tf£ • hhfdj amt beatnifulace of cattle,not
so' deep milk«a'aa the Ayrshire, which are atilT
•y°g°t>*nd do nei yet afierd the means of judging j
at to the quantity of milk they will yield at a ma
torer age. J
Tba State Society have also turned their alien.
lion to ffie dUeases of animals. The report of pf,
John. C. Warren, to the Society, oothia select,
states that the figure of e horse of full size; so
constructed as to takers)! the pieces apptt, baa
been imported for tbe tue of the Society. [This
figure eoutains representations of the mosclijr,
blood-vesids, heart lungs, and other organs, ot
thejy natural size and appearance, and was recent
ly oseJ at the BiaU| House, by Dr. Warren;'to
illustrate a lecture on the noatomy of a Hoik.—
But the Society will tutotop here. It rattber ap>
pears Gem the report that'the Committee have
directed, ibe preparation of fulbrieed skeleloaeiof
the ox and horse. jTbey have also invited Dr.
Brooks to give a course of lectures on the diseases
of the hor<o. The gentleman is actively'engaged
in preparing these lectnresj'and will probably be
ready to give them next winter.] The
ibe diseases of anima’s baa until recently torn
much 'neglected in this country, but our State
Agrieultufhl Society now uken hofo of the
matter in earned, and its, labor* will doubtless be
of great benrfit to ibe farmer.
Reported lor tbe I’itulmrgb'Cazcuc.
Irish end Scotch Belief Median. :
At a oeenog of the c.tizens of Peebles Towi
ship, held in l£e Borough of J £asl Liberty, Thor
Davidern.Esqi, was callrd to the chair, and The
mes Aikrns appointed Secretary.
Tbe object of tbe meeting having beeo stated;
R. ,B. Robert*, E»q. delivered an eloquent and ap.
ptopriate sddnsj. Ho »ix followed,by the Rev,
Dr. McElwain, who, in e few feeling remarks, ur
ged upon the meeting the propriety of liberality
ond argued (hat it was a duty which we all owed
not only to the Chrjstiso world, but to. ourt elves
The following pervoua were then appointed , a
Committee to solicit contributions in tbe various
school districts: i
Ist District, Mestrs Douglas* and Kinsey, 2d,
Messrs. Stuart and. Barr. 3d, Mem. DavidaOn
and Wm N Boreb. 4th, Messrs A ike ns and GiG
Negley. sib, Measra Beeler and MeLellao. 6tb,
Meaars Patterson and; Irwin. >
Mr v Daniel Negley was appointed to receive
and deliver the contributions to the Treasnrer In
the dty.
Correspondence of PUtsbnrch QiuUi
PfIILADELTBIA, Maj 4th, 1647,
We have Brazos dates to the 22d. All was
quiet then. Father Rhry and a private ".7ml
Carson, bad been murdered. Several Volunteer*
were about leaving Brazos for New Orleans, and
.the Kentucky Legion would be off as mod at other
Volueleers arrived to take their places. But ftw
have rt-diluted.
Col. Cushing has issued an order to put
the disturbances which have prevailed In Mato*
morns, and to close all gambtipg bouses, dandrig
booses, grog shops, anti prohibiting the sale of all
ardent spirits.
No later news from Vera Crux.
Oar New York Despatch failed last night.
Eie!tui*Correipondeo«e of the PmibarrfGszcua
D -May 4th, 7$ P. M.‘
The Flour market has maintained a quiet ap.
pvtrance since the clow yesterday. The tales
reach 2000 bbls of standard brands at 36£3?a
IfiO per bbL ■
Tbe recent operations in Wheat, with the
supplies amving, have reduced the sleek to a
small amount, not equating tbedemand. Prices,
under this stole of things, arp very : firm. Bsteei
tjday of prime samples White at 165 c and Red)
of nmilar quality at 157 c—to the extent of 1000
Of Corn some sales choice samples Yellow at
92a96e—a further improvement in value.
Some sales Commeal at s4.6o—the inquiry
continues; but tbe transactions or ten days past
covering 12,500 bbls, have pretty well exhausted’
the stoek* on ale ra the dty. The quotation is
firmly maintained. 1
Holhmj doin, in Ba,.r»_7}c i. the cohral
price fori*. O.
Whiskey in bbls is worth 20c pti j gationJ ts&
500 bsgi Rio Coffee solj at aome Ls
guajra at7jc, usual credit fur sIL
Nothing new i n ihe market for Iron. The small
supplies restrict trausactiens. Boiri« Blooms sold
at $65a70, otberwiso no change.
600 galls Linseed Oil sold at 72c.
The market for Cotton is firm, and sales to a
very fair eitcnu Prices range as follows:
Good Middling,
Middling Fair,
Goal Middling, I2.*al2fe
Middling, I3'.iaic
fair, 131a14c
A sale of Tallow at 9jc per lb.
Blnck of Wool quit. li s bt, .od hcnco .out
Exclusive CtmejiwKtenc*! n( Ulc rmil.urfli ußustic
, r , , M,, 6,8 P. M.
- 111. Floor market hu Hol e,rind .ince rat,,,
d.,. and c!, prior, of la.l eeaning are main-
Uioed bol not with moch firar«c Modern,
aale. .treat Flour to da, at *6,70, and
aome Lit, Mill, at $8,87 J pet Wd.
i nnrij. R ! <l . Wh, * t * rnnl| n°» iu requeat. gale,
IOOObu 10-dl, at 156i168c.
Co ™ •" 1™“ w *nd receipt,
wa-, TTl® damand to day wu moderate— ufea
Wbmat 83,84 c, uid aomeaemplee of Yellow el
o*t* ‘are In request at 50c per bu.
Rye is taken a* wanted at 93c per 1 bu.
The market la rather bare of Whiskey. The
lota arriving are taken at 29*29J c for bbl*—de
mand fair.
, ® de ‘ a bmttod dxtent of Commesl at R:
43| per bbl, but the mirket cfoaea heavily, and
tha tendency ol prices it decidedly downward.
The market for live Hogs has not varied rince
rrujaj, and sales continue to be made at $7 25
per 100 lbs. *
Prjm«ioM us In nth., UlWr d.n.nj. S,l„
top bbl, Wm[ Ku, Pork .t $l6; Prime i. in
more Tsclive demand, and the sales are
1000 bbU at 513.62J.13, p „ bb |. oi Bcf
..le. M.u to .om. extent *tsl3ri4per bb |,. n j
Pnm. .1 »10. Th. rapplj u nlhnr limits,
and prices fully supported. 1
No i Keg Lard sold moderately to-day at lo e .
Holders are disposed so press sales at this fi*.
ure. but t uyers are shy. ,
Bscon continue# in reqaesL The sales of We*i
tern cure to-day were at-7ia7je for Shoulder**
Side* at 9fe, an advance; and Hams at lOalOici
also an improvement. The transaction* hav*
prmapally been on Foreign account, and to ri •
considerable extent. The stock is very fair -> ■
Rice is setting at 4sc pec lb.
J|No change in freights to the West—Euronesa
continue dull. • *
Money marketralher easy than otherwise
No local news worth telegraphing.
A Month Later from Sew Meiico.
S*sta Fe, March 24, 1847.
We have now reliable information, that on the
UBih Febniiry, CoL Doniphan fought the Mq*i
ean*. four thousand strong, at; a place called B*c*
ramento, eighteen miles this aide of Chihuahua,
end rooted them, losing onljr <me man from the
army.Serj. Kirkpatrick, a young lawyer of Lex
mgton, Mo., and Col. 6. C. Owens, of Jackson
county. No other. Americans killed. Mexican
loss three hundred. Next day CoL Doniphiuj en
tered Chihoehna in good order and without resis
tance; but, it is thought, he wiU abandon the
place, perhaps for a march home by wey of San
Antonio de Bexar, though tbis is merely conjec
ture, as we do notknnw his intentions farther than
can be gathered from'an order to his Quartermas*
-ter to be ready to march in two weeks from this
tuns. I
Thr ''
entire American force in the fijbt was nine
hundred. end twentjlfour, including the traders
and their employees. | •
Some difficulties aesm to be brewing with
puts of the Navajo tribe of Indian*, with whom'
jou willrecollect, Col. Doniphan madq a treaty
withoot/ra/ whipping them-, but we do not ex*
pect any thing aeriooitto grow out of our preaent
relation* with that people.
Tho trial* in court attract some attention, and
tb* eonvictioo of TrulUo fbrltreaaoo againat the
United Btales, concerning which I wrote you two
daya ago, clidta much comment. Man of all par'.
tie* seem to concur in opinion; in regard to it
Sieknesa still prevail* in the army, and death*
era freouenL The grave yardehowaa large nnm
bor of thorn little .mounds, whkh it depreuaa
one’* spirit* tO'look upon. [
Z|Fiaa at Bt. Lome—A hre took* out on the
371 h April, at noon, in Roe KarehmTa hamp
warehooae, on the corner of Grew tad,
■treet*. which defrayed a large, amount of prop* 1
«rty before it waa subdued. BcoU’* Hotel, the
York Home, and other property wu deetrortd
Lot* |50,000.
•f Aewiraih mad metey loOisraaieJ''
i . Begarding neirtot* mma Mr GSI? '
? shall |be aannerer -
ri Jfc msuce wtteft Li* eiimedeataudi • *
Artarv va.wGllßf 10 partake - . "J ;
* 4K ikbraes hb'.lianJ,'*
ll eannot he.—we fear the Lord
.. And *u 11 oar fellow .hum rerard; -
Aitovs aod mercy both accord
— W, “* ttntL’s and-judemeni’, dread award
tbe wretch lhat dares »lift hu hand
To tabs his brother’elife aaray— * ’
It i* Ihe plain and just command
Shall with bis giuti|-.tife repay 1
lu* the mandate of UpA skies J- <
• Andmercr daresnotiaierferelf
The blood that’* »be«Tibr ever crik*'
And God, t|m livmeGod witltWiri
Misitfdgniebl Jfe will Mod abroad)
If law and jastice.we entomb, /
Behold ofyore hi* awful tod j
In 9odoa and Gomorrah’s doom. \
The mon who *bed<leih blood.for aooeW i
l ? e V. f ho P e *• venganee Hr— \.
Wto sheddetb his brother's blood iaVugbiN
That for that brother’* blood ihall die * f
The image he bar here defaced J
_Tbc foiteti of bi* lifesha'l paV;,, f
Tint image he for naught effaced \
And nwhing may Oo.r« sentence «iav t
The (a»v, in love, the Father, eave,
Tbe.tSavmr catoe but to fullTl—
I.tke him Hwa* given hut 10 «ave
ll came not to destror.or kill:
I-o! tliusiibe blessed Baviour came
To seek and saVr wben>lljrms lon.
But «Im*e that Mill despise bis name
Nial! parish at jlieir; own dear co*i:
The gospel offer* life again
Bin rfoaks npi either cmneor fraud-
Nor doe* it ranee] hut Austajn " ’
Tlie law—ihe holy law of God
By faiih it R.veih life and peace-'
And say* -dnth|*aiid tbon *ball live'-
Itijert ami die in cither case.
And judgment then xbslt have
, > !
It is not justice to destroy,
,'Vhen rcft.tntioti wootd nuScr; f
Nor ta it mercy pasaeth by
Where justice—stricken juatice die* ’
Tlieymeet toßeth.-r and enibrace—
fheyktsaeaeh othcwwd approve:
Who gives to ju*uce iffrrcie’* place
• Is not made perfect yet m love 1
The itglitning* that around it* glare-
Tt»e l>oli tliat Nirile* the maitniain *id*.
A* hig with love and raefry are
As *weet Siloam’* glassy tide ’
wa* thf swnrd that unote the So\-
l* ve the »pcar tliatpierced his heart ’
Tulove. will say/ye bleueil corneV
Antl love, the murderer but* depan!
• We jpntJy condemn the duelliil tbracting beneath
ihed.igefir of ■mau,ncvcnbele..we throw aroundtb.i
nturdeier the shield ofour unholy cyiopathies. Ala*'
oT wiV OI < *°' l i * oflcn ,a ' J <t hl u * by the commanduienu
t W e know of hut one exception m u,., cate uatne j y
rbere the individual ha* given evidence of rn« repea
ince There methinkt mercy that received liim in
ignmcantly saya a* in David rCase Th, Lord a Uo htu
vtaKay thy itni. “
. Adicisioj irrtCTtno libel—JuJgo Wilds,
ttt Mass , at a Marion of tbs Supreme Court of that
State, instructed tbe. Jury at (hs (rial, that if the
Publisher did not know of the publication of the
article, or that it was aimed at a particular individ.-
val, he was not liable, though it might contain li
bations matter. The remedy in such a case was
against the Editor, and it would tend to abridge
the liberty of the preat if it were otherwise. The,
inatiuctioreof tbe Judge who presided at tbe trial
were sustained by the foil Court, and judgement
ws* ordered for the defendant. The decision, of
coarse, does not apply where the time pcrsjn is
both Publisher and Editor of a newppaper.
Not nin.—We dp not know that tbe following
h**’, appeared in the Government official. If not,
it is singularly remiss :
Appointment bp the President, (without the ad
to be hie'>tenant General and Commapdcrrin-
Chief of the Mexican Army to rank a» each froin
the date of bis passports exhibited to Commodore
Conner, at Vara Crok— hlarlinMburgh Gazette.
Reil estate xrc Ibxlasd.—lt has been asrer.
tained lhat seventy Jive per cent, of property in
Ireland is mortgaged. Thejnrw poor land will
swallow op tbe remaining twenty-five per cent.,
■othat in effect, Ireland will soon have a new set
of landlords, more liberal, it U hoped, than the
-CoL Jqcob Palmer, of ißarieyaville, killed
the past winter, fourteen wolvc*. tmo moose, nine
deer, eleven foxes, three cals, two otters, and
file sable.
May 6— coirTqjrTS m past.
PoETRT—MtSCXLLASV—The fiauitM Jose
phine—Foreign Gossip— the
Continent—May-day—Letter from Jtiau
thow—Execution of tragedy at
Georgetown—Washington's birth day at Rome-
New* from tbe Army—City news—Mr. Web»trr
at Richmond-Workings of the Salitreasury law—.
Letter to General Taylor from Philadelphia—
Sketch of Gen. Taylor’s : life—Letter from Lord
Palmerston—President making—The country
wants peace— Capital Punishment—Old Federal-'
ism—Virginia Elections—Washington comes
pooJenee—Forctga and Dornrstic market*—Com
mercial new*—River intelligence—Csttle markets
—City markets—Stork, sslos, <fcc., Slc., &.C-,
For ilia at the dejk, aipidy or. in wrapper,.
Price 6 cents single ropy.
Subscriptions two dollars a year iu advance.
Mr Kern*—SAM’L PAI.MKK, Km. h** torn -
ken of hero as eii excellent and caiJdidtte
(he lerislataro. Dy catting auennon to the above ,
will oblige ra’rty Whig* 01 the cay. ’
tnjOdAwlc | COUNTRY
,t J w? AXT t E . n, ° r thec! *>/. w, 1 ! l,e supjwrted btfoi
the Wh s anil Antimasouu Conrcnuon for nommatio
a* tke candidate f.>r the olTit-c of county Treasqrcr
Ri<it*.vo£ B*x* or FiTTsst'Siaii, /
May ith, IM?. \
Thu Hank ku lhi« daf dcclaicd a dtv.dcnd of thre
and a half par cent on iu capital stock: payable i
stockholders, or then legal tenresentatives on. or afie
‘ be tSsdlw"' TUUS - M ‘ ~O' V K’ Ca*hier
PiTTsacsnii, May 4, IHJ.
Dmutsp-Tbe Dircctor.of Uie Maieham*’ and
Manu securer*' Bank, this day, declared a dividend of
oar par ccaioa the cagiul .lock, out or the profit* fe/
Uie la*t six month*, payable on or after Uie Hih in*i—
Eaatern aioekhoWere willbepaid w the Commercial
Bank of Penaiylvama, in Philadelphia. *'
rnyodlw . W II DENNY, Ca*
Bass o» Prmncncii, >
The Prewdenii nnd Director, of ihtaUk I 'have fhii
day declared a dividend of three and a half per cent on
mLtW 1 ,tOC £ for ~ h* . 1,, l »'* ra°"th., payable to
Slock tolden or (heir legal representatives forthwith
' > m y* dlw / JOHN SNYDER, Cashier.
EEUEP FOR SCOri.AND The rollectmg Co*
rumee. for ikeßelief of Scotland, are raque.jeS to “
porl to W m Blaok.ioek L Tre^ u ,^ t Fedprel ,t,ec . A
L**heny on orbeft>r® v.ednrsday next A. it i* in
tended at Hrettimc to forward a* much money a* p 0..:
» 1*? "v a « W"* i leave, phtladelphi
about the lSthMay. A. D. CAMPBELL, Cb*n
ID-Imporumi to adver.
usemenu which appear in the Daily .Moraine Gazette
*l» appearin ihe recYivmg Uie hen
cfii of the eireslation of ail, without any additional
charge. Thi* 1* an advantage toour advertisei*. without
any extra expense: Advertisements are also inserted
in the country paper upon reasonable terra*.
tuisd strxxt, coasim of roar office *ll*t.
Ot>Wa are now prepared io execute m aauperior
and expeditious manner, all kinds of Job Pxixtiko,
such as large Posters, Steamboat Bills,'Bill* ofLading.
letter Sheet Circulars, Handbills, Cards, Ac.. Ac.
to any extent executed in the best manner, and al
kind, of Punting done with accuracy and at the lowei
rate* ‘ :
DT'After “Proving all ibmga, hold fan to that which
is good.”—For the riles, it w'i|t be found th.i Dr. LV
hAm’» Vegetable F/cetaary, it the oiriy remedy for that
eomplamt, upon which the suffering can retv with con
fidence—it i» indeed a friend in the lime of need
ID-fc*©ld, Wholesale and Retail, k
KKTCIIA hi, 121 Falun street, New York; Wm.Tiioi.v
Market street, au.l P. R. Satvtaa, Snmkfiield street!
PilUburgh,Pa. Price fl per box. ap3o lw
in7"'Vi ihviln the attention of our readers to ihe ex
traordinary cures of Scrofula performedby Dr. ''“lien's
Indian ft zttablt Pantutn, which they will find record,
ed ifKunotlier column of to-doy’. paper They .re
wttbont doubt the most wonderful on record, and have
•sobeenjroiioancedby many of out most resjieeiable
physieiuns. The afflicted and bihert inicresicd are re
quested to visit them at their several places o/abode
and learn fiom their own tips the wonderful effects of
the medicine. The first one named is Air Isaac Biooks
who may be seen daily, between the hour* of 0 A. Al’
and 4 P. kl-slthe office of Ruwand A Walton No 776
Market *U i’hilada. ’ . j-
55.00. BOOTS 5,00.
/corner of post office alley
I THE subscriber respectfully informs the puLlrc lh«t
he lia« commenced the manafacturc of (itntlanen
FtuAicnaiU Smo, of good material and workmanship
which be will WAtraut superior^any Coot ever made
in Pittsburgh for the price. These handsome Hoot
will Ik; made to measure, and warrant th*m ns retire
*' u,e ,*eor low price of FIVE DOLLARS
CA.HH. Centlcmcn are requcsrvd to mil .nil esam
tie them. jv-J-l W B KRSKINT*
£W-H.ller’a Glnaeng Pmnmctm Maotrst.
Testosobt-Wc beg leave to call public .tinm an to
the foltowing, from Dt. Wm. Dqani of 'W.ihimsvillf,
-Clermont and one of the very first pracliUoners in
the county <a which be mMea, and Senator in'the
Bute Lcgtstaturo. ItU dwcringOta. lovse tbo lead
ing m«Mi of the pTofaisfeir, bursting the bonds of profes
atotial prriedjae.aad giving m.riut* duo:
“Bir: I hare ut my practice been using some of your
Ginseng Panacea, and, to far, am well pleased in it*
effects In Catarrhal and Brqoehial Complaint*. •, Please
aead ma half k down boltfc#—pfft them as tow as yos
ail expect if it continues to reader as general sat
refaction a* l| has |ieretofbre, u> keep It constantly os
band. RespeeiTutly, ' dpt? 1 Wa.Doan, mb.
u&r^KLr^r^ a
-~^Ss»isfjLSisU!!»iS: < is
into the mine, present})’ in one, bu been nrwl?^
bered nnd i, .«*%„ fcr LxrcSS. i"'^.
lfo<aUie •*>«!» of the tniae te the haJk^f
fir y. r ’ dcr l h ' , «»> there »* i bed of fireclay, from which
r*-lmelr* of a (operior description hnre been made
Connccieil with the (team engine lrr mill fer rrindin*
«« .bed*, ior ihe m.nufwlurc
r>nw*H ,^l ‘ * alroin connection wiih Ihe (team
Si ,he •*“«* of A c •ad offi
racnu ? * ! *' W * r n find detent employ
»ion..t. < ’K?,. M ' N w, ‘ erec, e<*J«i year, with one ran of
T* f°' ~lracuul •» «o admit of a (ceoml ran
ikVwtole iVchS fWitemcntf >c™ Mill, wlih
° f
two floors a store bouieorbewn 'ftgs/fiJlrrf in with
IScuon* 'AnT,* b, «r k, »'*’- uw ai £
i Aurdan A 1 " fh “ ve >»««» fenced in for
•r£ may.bav* also « mule, well broke in
mining. with a large number of roll wagon* and box
► e*. and unplemenU for coal muting and brick mikin*
Til: accea*. both by land and waier,i*ore»ei.tlv **».!
and will aoon be greatlyUy improved. xim Bcllekdrein
load.whicb leaite to .he mope/ly. mil £ mSSSSSd
ihu > ear for more than halftbe diatanee; and it baa been
proiKued to «r»tend it rna direetiou which would carry
ii close by the mill.. The ledge of rock, known U 4
tlrand Ct>a:n. ran* into the r.ver Aom.hJ c “u of.hta
property, on which a pier eouM be «■ curdy eoo.truced
at am»ll cod, capable of affording a landing for ateam
boau at all atagra of water. There ia, st nreeeM an
rxecneui landing about half a mile farther diTwn. ’
whole will be diapoaed of on aueh lerroa a« will
cnaure an Humriaie aderjnaw return for the price, while
Ihe yearly nee in .he value oflandin 8t Ferdinand town
*h'lV Bold* oui; the certain pqwpeci of the inventment
proving n hig&lY advantage*)<i< one.
.KWB, on die pretniaca, will exhibit the mill!, bliildilS;
tc ; and to mi* or «ale will be learned on application at
the office ol TAYLOR & FERGUSON.
ryy4e«ttw No. SOSeuth Fourth atreet Jl Led,
[Late of the firm of Malcolm Letch k Co ]
Wholesale Grocer, Commialon A Flour
Merchant, ,
D BALER in all bind* of Country Prodoee, Cop*
per. Tin. Tin Plate* Tinner** Too!*, Zine, Lead,
Kb»ia Sheet Iron. Iron ead Nail*, White Lead,
Die Stuff*. Cotton \ am*. S*!t, ko, and Pittsburgh
Mimufhctnre* generally, eomer of Liberty and Irwin
►irect*, Pittsburgh, pa 1
0(?-Liberal advance*, in Ca*b or Goods, made on eon
•igummUof Produce, Ae. m ys
HOOKS-Suitable for Common or 8, School Libra
tJ ne*-Suudar Evening Conversatifn*. Thing* by
u»eit right name*; Juvenile budget opemd; Jay. t»nd
*e«. f«-open*-d; Picture* of Early Life; Scene* in Na
ture; Columl.u* and Vetpaciu*; Beauties of Kng. Histo*
rj, do of P rench do; lialboa, Corte* and P.zarro: Hut
ton • boor of Nature; Pratae and Principle; tiarmanf
Bohemia; Twin brother*; Chance* and Changr*; Mean*
enJ hud*. The above, with a large variety of other
boot*, suitable fortbe same purpoae. Formate by
- 2 J L READ, itli street
•utAonred 10 negoutie for ihe following lo*n>:
$2,0U0 for 3 > e»r».
$1(100 for 5 ye*r».
61.UW for 5 ye*ri; fbrwhich (be beiiofu
oumy in the cm- will be given. All eommanieaiion*,
.- ra >’ s „ _ No IQ waithfield M
#fH#m ' Wanted.
ANTED la purcbaie from tie country, a pair of
1 1 Jj Ti hor *V* •>* year* old, from IS to IS
Imid. high, good in double and lioglr barney, for
f./f r ? nce S' vcn - Daik colorpreferred
Affjj |,fb >* Ici.'cr, pot paid) to John Gill, Cutter, 111
Wood Hired. Pittsburgh. mySdlw
D RfSTEB’S IKK—Joit reeeired at the Pek’&
T^, ,t 0- 7*Fotjnh •trcet, 33 keg* Prow’* newt
Ink, 10 lbs fine-job ink in J )h ran*—Ai*o, a lot of Red,
uteen and Blue Ink, Lead*, newrpaper eut», brass
rule*, 4e., and for Ijle at tie muufabtarera* price.
W^?,? ,^, ?CrV To ‘i h^ n ’ , ! n »«® cwb “ acquainted
t ¥ with the Dry Good* busine**, and wbo can come
highly recommended for urbanity, activity and for mor
al and industrious bgbiu, and who will be >comemed
/TAr * “>«werate lalary. may addrea* Bor SOT, Pdat
°» c *-. myS
S t ?°s ?R T 70 1,,u3, N ° S“*»r.pan prime quality;
landing from steamer Gennanrowa, direct from N
oricaiu, On consignment and for *ale by
r * tVJ No 109 «econd at
VfACHINE CARDS— Juit received,"* fresh tup
*■ . p 7 0{ •“ eel wool carding machine*
comb-plate and card cleaner*, (or sale by
®7 4 GEO COCHRAN, No »S wood n
f OlL—l*bhl»Chevcr A Co’* superior Lard
*-* Uii ot; ioi *alej>v
Npjll wood *t
pOTTOJI-n: ba!e*ju»t rec'iMwr itmr Union, and 1
V-/ ( <>r *aic by FRIEND, RHEYACoi
L m > s N 037 waier it
SOLID BOX VISBR, of rinoei tiretj received
oq consignment from tiqmaaufaclarer, tor »aie by
. * ! 50*‘ d Peaelict
.•o-« rcc <1 auif for *»l« «.y MYERS. HUNTER ACo
m >' s No I<6 liberty .1
FISII-.-KbbU large No 3 Mackerel,
4do do do t do, ,
» do, small do 3 do; for male bv*
,n > 6 . E SELLERS
r OIiISVILLB LI«B-*3bbl. v«yVbitom,t
Ai recM and for talc by POINDEXTER A Co
m > 3 _ .. No 41 water »t
SHAD, Herring, Muekexel and White Ftah: con
••*mfy on bund amj for sale by
( \ILS—4 bbL winter Elephant Oil—bleached;
\J < do do Whale do do; for aale
.. «!» . F SELLERS, 17l liberty tl
k BUTTER—S kg» ui good cooperage, now
IV landing; for sale by 1 DICKEYACo
. water A front Jt*_
BEANS— M I<um»*)l While; for *ale by
. ... cor wood A water »t»
pIDBR-im bbL. ju*t received and for ulc by
.. No 33 Front nt.
QCOKcil BAI.TS-HJ b>,', to, b.
O myS W GREER,cor water and •miibfield «i*
B.\S Cnicmtimi Soap; for tale by
Lr ~ ni J W GREER
i CSKS Salcraiu*; for nalo by
- mri ... WGREFR
15 M>l« fwh roll Botter. fbi
“i*jjy m >i MYERS, HUNTER t Co
lIKKSK—Ia bz* now landm*, lor tale by
V- m > s I WCKEY A Co
f APPLES— IOO boa; for tale by
ANVILS— Wroughuron-tuivjlt: forJate by
CORW— 2000 bua prime yellow Corn in tack*; for
»ale by my 3 ROBERTSON A REPPKrV
/'IICRUAH CLAY—In c»k» and -Jia; for tale by
V* ?>'?.. k REPFERT
C A f, T , OR OIL-ti ÜbU No 1; jn*f ree’d and for
aaU by royb J-KIDD A Co. 00 wood at
K XT^ OOWo6D “ i00lb M«« ree’d; foTaaleby
•*7* K!> 4 J KIDD ACo
~ br ”>' 4 J KIDD ACo
(t*® CAMPHOR—GOO lb* jott rec*d; for aaleby
lj*iore andjoraalr by «n>s J KIDDACo
C, ALK - 3 ,on » dry Chalk 7n •(•.for rale br
C TURPISJITIBIE—I4 bbla in excellent 'order
O . for mIo by m,i J SCHOONMAKKR ft Co
B L *Sf fa A f°s BCARF ’s-A few block Lace
Scarfi for Ladle*—a tearce ariiete—a few jntt
received. Alw; Uera«e and B,lk IScarf.-at ibe i>ry l
GoodiHou*eof tu y< W K MURPHY**
lWT> * No * k b **»«*<«>* Rock Pi*
Jt Iron, lamtmpj from Meataer American, and for talc
Jb. 1 <*
water &. front iu
f H k K^ ZEI -T OIS - WbolcWe Grocer,
Jj cb»i *“J« of the Diamond, second door from Dii
auuind Alley. Piu»hur;h. tny4
\f ACItERKL-50 bbl.i»r*e No 3, Sooth; -
i VA , SOhlfdo do do do;
. e**i side of the diamond
QUNDRIES —Ground Pepper, Sardkie*"
do AUpice; CtoTesj ’
do Llovct; Nuiraest;
oo Cinamon; Pimento;
'■> »>:< LwSES.I. * «&«*&
Ofin bu* dry Apple*;
v Wdo do t'cncbe*;
»r» *"
On ra*k*-Scorchingt, prime quality; for iala by.
OU - m J A .. . . KNULlßtjfc BENNETT
|*) bblt Herring; 6 do Shad;
» do S. Mackerel; for aale by
2IK) {* forwle lowtc* cloaei coniientnent
in bbl. Tannet*’ 6»t, for ule aoon by
in bbl* Sugar jlotue Mo■ u tea; for tale low by
.... m >* ... t_ ENGLISH 4 BKNNfcTI^
I>X< Rock Candy;
* ,»bx*-a»soncddo, lor tale low by
||)(l Eeam«i Wnipping paper for tale low by
2t7,Q I*** ' VlMlJow GU»«,ju»t lendineand far tale
•V.J ’ y 51 F VO * N BONMIORtjT ft Co
, __ . _____ No 35 wood ft
('HKKX; -
VJ _ 25 bzi ia OaUi for sale bv
~,yV _ S F VON BONNHORSTft Co b>
R°f; L BUTTStt— 4 libU juei fee’ll end far .ale
- i'L „. »".*.< _ _ S f VON BONNHORtT ft Co
BEAK*— 'ifeke Tcnnr»«re White Beene (brlule
_ Ly _. s P VON BONN HO RBT ft Co
IyiHDOW euortTd \tzeL
m V /° r “ Cbr ® y VON BONNHORST ft Co**
- 35 front *t
IJ'OSlff—' #o blits No I tbriale bv
_ _s>y4 » F VON BONNHOR3T *Co
OUMBtER BH&WLl.iob, had of
Qfl Rio Coffee, jim received end for sale by
__"»ya _ ' No iso libotty«
UAGS lUvana Coffee, for ie>e by
688L3 White Beene, jast rtt’il on eonsirnaeot end
7 forsile by uiy3 MILLER <t RICRETSON
I r ' g
My JAb 'O. D*tl||
',-j ** liMi at ff"~
-.: OX SaiardayftAeniooa, Mat V Hfii&tdu iift be
•oUon tfee prMßfct, «4 iota of (mud. wry hrmtoaniL
'*7 *«aated » U»-7Ui nri of ifea einr, aearlr nnjAiin
to too residence of j D ftfaboa, a pita of wbicamay
Term*, om iftbctii, or srpnred aodonodaote at
w . dß 7*> tae balaaro io ibar eqsal acsaal psrnests.
«aela* ,er ** t ' ** orc^B ** t * 10 P*7 con ray*
- . fl Utf# *ale of i J o oli,^ ii(Mi .
Ture'ereom* si 7 t-tf Commercial'
fT***® 0 "* “ raer *c *°o4 Ud »k «s, will be .©ld»
* M °™a«uof Saleable sew books; las letter
P%s£ t blmak bo *k*; peat, 4e *e.
imS?S? *i* “ w "«7 for delivery, aad tbe book*
•rranfod for exaolaauoa. . .. ■ ym}S-
. Dry ifft'nita
boott;»ho«i n „b re ll M; p. IMO |? B J3“ I £«F 1 .
At t O'clock,: P. M
baresas; toanon do, French, fancy *?!£!¥
Ji,b t to. pon Iffy
do, settees; rocking chairs; üblea: BuWmnVk«
, Ali«M3»kin f .tore, kitchen utensils, it. '« b za
JunaKed Orange*; glassware; qaeensware, jmecri"
At ?* CPClock, p. H.
Otic eiicM ihip carpenter* tool*, embracings general
assortment Joined' tools; hardware; fee tahVaad
pocket cnlldnr; gold and ulcer watcher ready made
clothing, stagle and ftney dry good*, Jtc7 ayl
■ Bleamboat Arana «t Anetlaa« -
ON Monday afternoon tie JOH'uui.'aM
board, at the Uonongtfaela wharf belowthe netjthor
Market street, where she now /tea, will be told for
c«t» by order of Leri Finley, aralfnee, the li«>i
draught steamer Arena, with alf her ftmiiinre and Uo
which (■ in eood repair, and machinery nearly
Second lund \Banaeh«;
ON Thursday afternoon, the flth
front of the Commercial Bales. Booma, earner of wood
kndOili •ireei*. will be told one handsome »nd‘debttaa i
tie! Kcond hind flareoehe,. with 'falling yon, mhldwvi
*«. in food order. ' «j 3 •
(Procft Iheßpiritof thcllmeit,
A gentleman of Scrofulous habits, from indiscretion
of the Throat in a Ito'e, usd a disagreeable vxt dob*
blesome eruption of the Skin. IndeodThii wSSlowt
n? re ; he ?«« o( saturated’with AreSso- :
Oni hind and wrist were *o mack afeeted -that )m bid
lost the use of the band, every put being covered with
deep, painful, end oflctuiTcUlccrs, m 3 eenuhoi.
low and potoni mi honeycomb. It wasatthiastaS*
of. hit ceapUwl,when death type axed laevnahW. riS
ailoaihsome disease, thu he commenMd ik« nlTl
jAynbs alternative,
teen bottles. U now perfectly etred. .1
STbi* 1 ALTERNATIVE operate! through the
•on, and parm** the Blood usd endieitea
from the tpiun, where* ft located, and lha ntuaUrocm
earei it bis performed in diseases of Skin, Causer;
Scrofula, Goitre. Liver Complaint. Dyspepsia, and other
Chronic diseases, is truly astonishing. * . •
For m/e in Pittsburgh at the Pekin Tea Store, 7*'4tb
street, near wood, and also at the Drue Sun of H p
Schwartz, Federal st'Allcgheny eity. myddAwF
MINER’S LitpraJy Emporiii? ;
t was] ingnm and Us Generals By J T Headley, a*
ta?n«°4e apoleoa 40,1 bil Marshals: The Sacred Mom.
BCaptivity of Napoleon at St Helena.’ by General
CoontMontholon rand and •. • -
i. General TaykrYLife, Battles, and Oerpitches, with
the only correct portrait yet pabluhed; ineltfdine h/rb
ly important letters fee; aeeoeois of the ftonoesuutiea.
poapiled from awheniie soirees. -- , ....
Tb« String p{ Pearls; by G P. RJame*, £*l . t ■ .■ .
The Mjstpnesqf the Heaths; fresh sippJr. • / v
TaMrediortheNewCrasade; hy»Ureeli. ‘
Phe'iH% Travellers* Ooidej accompanied with a new
M*P of. the United Btatca.
A splendid assortment of individaal State Mans
among is an improved tlapof Mexico.’ ' ‘ ;
A Urge variety of handsomely booed Hoagrters ' '
A comdleu assortment of the Modern fluodsrd Dra
ma, locloping Feodal Timed; or the Coon of James the
Third. //*
_, • M A MINER S
WOOD’S lamparillaand Wild
Cborry Bluer*, to the care of the folfowa*
diseases: Jaundipe, Liver Camplaiat, all
p, V2£*!P k He *^. ebe, J , s* ir ®F°i Indigastion, habit
sal Gosuyeacsy, Piles, Falpitatkias of the Heart, Lorn
or Appetite,Dy*pep»ia, NerrotttlrritUioai.Debilhaied
StonuehjiLanguor, Depression Shew
aantm, Cu’iueous Diseases, Canker. SyphiioidDisea
*ei Scrofula, Impan'iiei of the BtoodrPimpJes and
Funnies on the Faoe, Hereditary Hamors, Cold Boies,
and all diseases arising tom,an injodieioos nse of Her-
of the iovaCd public, and of aft those
afflicted by any of the above diseases, is respectfeUv
called to the .menu of a new and invaluable prepare
>ion from an original reeipeefadisungpishednhysieUa,
combining 10 itself the most active remedial properttas
of two of the very first articles in the Malaria medic*.
• The Sarsaparilla ind >Vlld Cherry Bitter* war* in
traduced to the public about twelve month* ago, tod
during that period their sueceae ha* been » great situ
ind ace the proprietor to offer them with still more confi
dence, in the mil belief that by cuteriagiate more ex
tensive nse, they will prove a blessing to all ihwr
•offering from the diseases above enumerated. -
Sold, wholesale awl retail, by WYATT A KETCH*
AM, gcoeralaganis, Ml Fulton street New York; Wm.
Teoaa. Market street, !aad P. B. Sawtxx. Bmith£aid
street, Pitubargh, Pa,. Price»l—largeboSea,
mchV3dtm t • -^ p i.•
IJ <at Initruvuna, 180 We.W 'ttrt^PKiUddph^-
Have juai published,—Friendship: or Scenes of other
days may Fade. _
Le Petite Dansenaes VienaoUcs, by U Kens.
False Friend, W V Wallace. j
Pas de Flehr, Maretxek. ' ii- . /-j
Ulendaiongb, \V J Lemon. '
Bneoa Vista March....
Rudolph Polkh, CF Rudolph. : r \-
Ravel do t( Keller/
Gen. Taylor’s March and'Quiek Step, Ac; Ac.
They are constantly jmhlishing mad receiving alt ths
new musie from New York.Bosuoi Balumota, Ac.
Orden respectfully tolicttcd, and attended to with
Always on hand, all kinds of Idatieal Instruments,
Violin Strings, Tuning Forks, and ali articles of Musi*
cil Merchandize, at the lowest prices. myadlm
_ _ _ Eueator’i NotloisT • —T~
TX7 UEREAS, LeturtcTavtitueiury Aave been
* * raaied lo the undersigned. Executors of the
ait anil and testament of John MeHastcrt,
lateot Plumb Toarnship,.. Allegheny County, aotiee is
hereby given to ail petaoas indebted ti* the- Estatsf of
•aid decedent, to make l payment; and to those having
claims against the same,to present them duhr authen
ticated for settlement, to either bf the under*heed.
¥sSS%pjiriS5 l ElWuhl -
Piub’gk. April aodSAw4t*T • ~ •
rtiTtt.*?i ell HUI Barm forsale.
G l^ A jy ) . * 5 nules from Piluborgh, 3 mile* from
O Deer Creek Lo?k v «mihe nonh tide of the Allegheny
n«er, containing shorn 170 meres well improved—e goad
boose and bam. with stable, granary, amoko bonne,
•pring house, Ac Ae. A'coariderable portion of the
land u. cleared and pwley rqo«f feneea and In • very
h'gb auto of caluvaltoo. ft iswell adapted (or fmit
trees, of which there i» treat variety aadabahduee.
<n a healthy condition; the lead is of Mart watnni soil.
This farm baa been the residence of Henry Parer.
Eaq, for *7 years, and will be sold oh reasonable lema
or «*cban(ted for property in or'adjoining the city.
Eaqo ni oi Tho* Parry, at hfo 103 wood si Pitta
bnr*h. or J C Pkiry ■(thpfowa Foundry, mar the Oaa
Worka. -v , . . . / » r «dtm»
eon haa new commenced for makiar Brieksthe
tapsenbers beg leave again, to hall the anemia of
bnekmakers and others 10 this very etefal machine.—
we will warrant it equal if nnCaaperibr to any other
Btick Press, of the tame price, sow-ln me:' •
We have a numberof cenl&cates of their perform
ance, which DCcnpytoo macb space for advertising, bet
can be seen at our office.
respeetfally [anted to give ae a call
’’ e L WI “ °® r «wn yuereßice for the- perfonuoet
or the Press. Sute or County right* lor sale. ■ -
_ epB9 <?Aw3atF cenal berin Rpcan at
f\ M’ICK-Mr. Joha P. Jennings baginr disposed
„.,°f “i» interest in the eopar.ner*taip *f Coleman.
T*'«?* n . * Co -* eeMe<J »b« »member of the ffjxa©a
the «h ultimo.
The Imsinete it continued by Oolemin. Heilkan i
Co, et No. 43 Wood meet. Where they have a lam
Mock of Eliptie Springs, HamM A B, and Sprint
Steel, lojeiorrwith a general assortment ofeOMhtxint
mm*», to which they invite the attention of deafen •
pby mtiiea the auunion of honae keepen to an
monoen: of ll*4 and lt-4 colored Cooatenaaae. A
new and beautiftil article, of differest an
asaortineai of while counterpanes. fromlowest tofiae
qualty. Alto; Linen DamaartihleCloihs, a fall*»•
eonment of newest TowaU'and Towel
in* Diaper—at the northeatt eoraer of 4tk amLmarkej
,lretl> ; rerl.
TOEL and Apothecary/ N. W.
Jcomer of Wood and Sthtu, Pittsburgh, will Leee
eoattamly on hand, Bran, Pn-nts, Oil*, Dycetaff*.
N. B —PbyiicitQ's prescription* carefully compound
ed fromth, best mater any hoar oT tfiPdey or
nifhi. Abo, an arfsomnetu or*ftwfuoiery; fine Ttwth,
Heir, and Cloth Bru*hes, Ac. AeVwhieh hewill eelj
to r cs*n, - .; may l,
° . Ask me not what lam Thinking;
°> *mbyou well by D*yN*h* !
SlaymriheDeet?- •
Bawn; ~ ~~
• Widow Maehree;
Thc tow b*?kt|d C«n - ~
The two Birds; -
Indian Sommer;
Ronr O’Moore; ,
My Mother Dear;
Angels Whisper;
The Fairy Boyj .
, The Bowl'd Sever Bor;
Just received and Car sale by • . JOliN H MELLOR
“l' 3 .. 81 wood aired
.VTADAM BONNAFfON re»p«if a !ljr ioferma bar
,T:r,c? nd *>>s -ill own. on Thnrt
day, the &h mat. the moat eatenatve umtuocol of F«a
-It** ? h#ro r n cverpwiart ia this
° .3‘* e A er ,?J* ‘choice assortment orfaaeyeni'
c »’ tibbooaaod flower*' •
AJiof Straw Bocmettof crenr ▼arieir of style and
price*, at the atom on Market nil door fnnsTMipa
• • myU3t
Oiu-O.^ r
x Marpby bat lately rec’d ia awcrtmaat of, above
food* for Cape* and Capa, of new style* and b**otiloJ ;
patterns. Also; Lace* and EdjnmC* ' ' I
BIIAD—9O bbl* liernof;
ikfcuuve ASi
SO do Shed;
0 do No 1 Mackerel; •
3 hlfdo do do latgiatud
- B&qcsfc Co .
liberty at opposite amilhdeld '
Eagle sa^oost—ice cream—TUa molar
place of resort will be open fox (he itimil aeec*
nmg, May art. •'''* ’ ' ay>
GELEXh FLAHIIEIrrI Laleina miUedGrcei!
BROWIT IHIKTIaaS-A. iMK iaroic 0>
Mstem Brawn Shirtien—light, nudtam, ui k>*l
T7.i3«treeeiTed«iid(oruMiir”' \
j *H*tonjsrtk-WBtTE-
OPASian OtriTAHB— Aati» tafUiKioarf.
P nwmofwpraporior BptnttbOoHm^bT Ike Loll
Pul. muoftetort^Jo,, feriKoJ
■ 2£~ .1' '"' JII MELLOM
p'sss'us sssfc I*** 1 *** **** »
_. ; '
jR intDcioE»-00.
g >u j t—cy, w— of wiif ’*. ■
-s jrs&s&fiy -—-1 .*▼
*J - I
ss^a^»iß*»- I
«pW«w »»Urttw w. TMlafrfrfcii ...
w ? CT| Mb-. twto ano?
vict sr.s&& M .»«
T^SS^LfSnSS 1 * '“"“t*
T>tTPT*R * ZiARD—9 bbU Moll Bmier • *• 1
:»p3O •■■■.—_■■■ P <raad «n#J» r
COVTOVTAMSj'AC— 9S»000 lb« y»_.
Carpet Chains; CwonTwi»t*itd &mi. *»*,**
Foraatoty »y« . FRIEND, agSvAgu
ft STANDS Bornndy Plicb, for cate by ‘ ‘
’DBAIUMaiMe jutdWoloby : •
J> • . , : WKXA MeCANW^SSfV
■P3O COT WBWtA W«fr >fc '
]UOUUKM.HoiwadS. Ortnu. far ;
R* c J£-I»Moc««itdferttl«bV.< *,
_ «pao wict 4 :.,
g *>» i Wick A MeCANDI.ESS
fcweb Saltfr far ula by ,
■ •a.>aptt-,. t WICKo McCaNpIBSS
Term. Cotton. to arrire.te
\J <*!♦ by tp» t MCKEY ACo
“ : V
> >* <• l«Ht?fer»»tabT
-SB :■■ -I . /- IPW.g»««ln' ■'
t -^^XV
U —Wfcy 11,1 ,- 1, D. WILLIAM* A Cta
gr-»yt~ - -= * JPwluliamsaCo'
}? — A prise ankle al*as» ad
luntf ao4 pu «i« by J D'WJU.IAMSJtCa
b “ ft** talc icnra
n y f «cialK—■|j> m fry , l ,
. ar> FKIEgSTBUBr* do, wiltr » rram,a
PWHH. »aih . -_ 1
* W ■ -'tv.! .rntißKD. Enr.Vltt.
1 JOb«!e*tottrivo. fcr utebytt -
TO7HITB Ultl-MO bo for s*le by
Tt "7 L - ■■ -FKIKND. EIiF.V
nOLDBV ntibf " ~
°»r» f BIEND. BHKV k. Ca
}BlCasl AJiD p«S
WVfini. ~ gAFAHjremnrg * Co ’
IAOOa-IUjQOIbi Bb«BJde7«r
_' • ' Wfor k. front nr—
K BALES 'Velvet Saule Cork*, J««t received aaA tor
•St 1 tr 84 PABNESOCI k Co
522i_ • : ear 8m 4 w»dm ;
FbruJeby - *?.
SSgg lt, S^ T ”^rnSa^ i g^
OJJ-HDUSB-J301,!, CiliDirrjd Q.0diM.t0,.,!,
, .*0 ‘""“BSE®* i of-
CCtmcMrai_ B fibt.bBWfciB t »; br«^^
BOCKETS-60 doses, fcr «!. by -
*m poEaYtatcp
( 13 to* »*Se bj . J".
OR sud 10 lb ceoUtcnof Mntard,fomJobV
<V »p« • PSKLl.feßft
if bbU PUatttioo. for ulebr
lVi. «t 9 ___ FORSYTH* On
T / erf ISON HAMS. Ac—l hi n»M- _
. 57 WTMyi ft.
and far sale by
aptS .
e^ a 7sshskssistff i ''
,ayp . ... ~ cot Ui t woo 4 »u
-JW ISON—IOO twalwi aad-eeld bUM JUereerei
* Pif to»iiß *»tb uu) for ml* by
UCOV«4 bkU h»wj
POBK-KM By Baa Pa„. no. _
._t! df °'“ lebr IBAIAU DICKEY t CO*
- •• - .ftmu* water am-
JS*L_ .■■■;!» IttMßißMtu-
100.000 -»*
-!?*: i joipam *«ph
wja by- ; t nfl BHACaTgrr t tcmite
'bbli Mewifek; • • T . , .
, iL 11 - Pri “ e ?Of«a*b* ...
*** • . J Jordan a sens
Sfott*— i«hob«h«
P"»!5. mby *a?w££ i.
• 5 'bbt* ' « • • •
lisdfttjihbjr. . UDTCi U
-■P* 7 :• N»4B wtCT. *
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