The Pittsburgh daily gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1847-1851, May 01, 1847, Image 4

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tTr-* ,^ptiTe ’ 1 CoMoUtlonT - - '*’ !-jgfc4J
> Tt' - Trrifti yfrrn’T"i'* tw *" Tt< ' !
■•'Or'fci£ng,«fl*t7o<ar'bTe«M < •
. Jrf,Vr. Dwx**'i i£w#"g ir,, . i 0 ; *'■
»«i./And-it will give you re»t« ip-j pirrsßi
< ■< *r(i eteftis miy tte mitiy elofid
vv >. t *;' K*e**e*preadnoVrihd*ool, , tings I f T ,,i^ l i”’
whupera through the gloomy ihrouri. | rated |
be whole.'\ 1 j t>nvr »io--v
i j- V*i public ( road Cup
;■ 'y-fievysader rote of lovely bnc' i winch wi
*’'?'•'*TU withering wtthdeeay; cat***- J i A *‘" c *
, Jtpeartcly atpa the t&onnre drw. d a Urge i
"•»««.*»#6*; «»«r. enl.l Iron i
. • crn.uteo-j (),„•
The Worn of Deoth waaiu tbentem. ,r»t t>f Iron J ,h e Uni"
•'; u ’ jAad amrßgUumed ** it grew-* *° iifgrrit | •;«.«! -
• W : a . * Asd when it blooraedrin lovely if™.) n'.v. im'-tdc .
• U Bippwi throvgii «ttUtljrocgh. ‘ ] „t m },u I'al | U ® u^iu
-• That tV<mcnf Death might be <Jefi*d.’ j ha*- employed! K j
'' tf Df.Daacan’a 4ft were tried; y.wbiwc whole J
«'•'• .**■«» i>«*4wmlM.T«4,
' Tbe&l*! of u untimely grave, , ‘ ;
DUNCAN'S WESTERN OFFICE,NoIS© K |»; upri enir. ;
Qftvmr* «««»Ctneiunau, Ohio;'where SU valuabio; ,lrucl - j OM> I’-
madicme i»Mid. 347 d£ u,, l?_. pllll A
Sold in FitUbargb, l>y WM. JACKSON, comer, of . VATC „ ; r, M4 K
Wood and Libert'yju. ' apitUAwT ' “ ‘ ! 1 <" n '
: 1 ■ on *t c ,„
ESERVEf i» on • s
-■‘th - - »*5 JX
CONSIS' »!"V. : »-on or
.Uiq ti i rt j • B»H*
ouafloc't <w wend'
tTi 4lf i The
, “ U * t « d - ,v..t and lU.r Rabba
"?"*[ retold !
when al »*t Rn -.i k. •
P|JCew 'Jfd jewelry of every
Ottered j ‘ Aii I want i J a cal! :
h»»io rr , ■
dl*M „j cmcl. ■
jarone yea*; old gold nod .1- j
4t* ci«u>ge , f
* ■ iihsrtv hour brs*%.Clock*, at pi
. ' I.KWJS LADO«lr>* ! .PI 1
W welry Siore. No 4t U Mnrke j Q 9
North ude, Philadelphia. ; ■■■
/ d and Silver l«cvcr* Milleheaper TT* l
Am j A- ■
f f\ M HAMMER. :
'. ~%(•*«!■« many ndviinlißea over al.-
w-lnehmuy he mentioned,
f ,,_y), r an«l tjieeoi l-iov» •
, xnih ine fteatrtl e*.«e. While the .
• rai on, and the hammer may be in- ;
»nrt •B*pended al any.lieight- 1 V
iv. of mparuv to eieeute work ol s*H
ifgen lo lt.e •malle-i. utder the 'smr < j (|
, t:.MJ*l>tK'liirV. "lei t’lienpnr w
lily upon all tide*. l». the workmen jj.
WM ure made Sell Artinir. • ifc
Deo continue m exeeuie orde*» lor ihe«e #
jll n»r». upon rea*onable ienn» I,
-""•"‘"“•jiffiSuTOWNl'. •:
nreiof Ihe Palent for the l!mted Male-*. ,
foundry, Phllnd »• ,
„i abort Spring flonim Sfrr*i, PAiLiiJWpAw, ,
«iabli»hment i«eiepied on an impioved pi •
,v the Hid of Sirnm Powvi manufariurr. all
.tlarhle Work ~i a aupeftwr MjbN ami at ihr
arge*t f aaeonnieni or Marble
• fore otfeml lo the public may be s, ' r *L
Rjwra, to which ihr aliemion of pnrrlm'er* i* ;
iited Garden Sm’uary ami Va«e- of the ma«l j
i! de*.gn« and pattern*, made ot ,l ‘ r
.nmol dvcnplion of liaiiait Ma*l U lr, T _ ;
mg, imported, mid alwayw ory hand, and for «al
r°Ma r rMe C«ser?c« I- applied at all'lime, with
unmbe- of fim*hed MnnteW ot Table Tons at re
ed wholeeale price.; nudthr Trade wtH be furt. :»;
the *Uonc»l notice with all kind, of MnrWe .it ibe
,ck,nr rmi» W BA|RD
nidee Road, alwve Spring Garden -t
Ph»l«d*a.» Febtuaryn. ;* l :\ writn -.
Manufacturer* of-.
wagon covers and grain ba^
Ko. 3H4 6oaU> Front Str*'
lad- of T. A. Viihon't Cabinet Wr
A LLonlers left with S. S. Moon, r
MeielitntV lintel. P.-jAbumh,
uctided to. » ,
scplll-d t V A^
M POUTER of Watcher
i . Watch Material., vv’
\ ian;!y ou hand a Ufgr
j nd Plain Ulne*. Me
t laud*, and a comp!'
f crml? belonring *
fi >f tinfCand Silvr
« all of which be
a. York price-.
AgeOv- N U— l
- "I HAVR FOI’KU IT.”—Eurrta. j t*";‘
Cincinnati. O , March Ud; ltH7. j
Pnr Sir—Thu it to certify to the public, particularly u>
.then afiktrt with a duewe of tit« Limgor Comuoptioo.
rfnt ia lit Spring of ISO I ms attacked with a **tn cold
which mob became waled upon a; lungs, .bowing all tli
ijaptsaa e< au apprtAchiog CouMimptwa. Sly rough wat
tight ttuoded witheopiou*night rwrat*; I ._ ,■•••-=.
tfk iif daily • conaidcrable <j«antity nf hk*d, aiied *<»b jnb
ivub dark mtlxt. My wlnalioo became wriou. and alano- 'llt B,
bf ‘ Dorieg thia tioe attended by tuo of cur ow*t J 'o^u
fhjiieun.; they did the be.t they cosld’br w, |
gate up ril hope, of ay ncov*y, afisrauas • ’ "uiCJPrf T A MTATThI
»a that nothin maraeould be done—thalwy lung* were fc- j IIUUIJ.
tnHydueued, and beyeed remedy. 1 wa»tbeay<r,u»dedby ~~ -
• {rind of Bine to make a trial ef Dr. Duncan'* Experts 1
rani Jtrwudy which ay Pb jticiau pmitttd agaiuit, wying
thatthii atdicioe would do uo good, and wouU .till add Am.
mon Umy .uflering. I told them it wa» my U« and only Sol.
bppa, tsdthat if I aut die of the dunie, (which wsi cri- Sig
dent to as,) then would be nothing lort. So I ** u V n gSBy Sumn
Clnriaoati Office asd obtained 5 bottle, of lhi» truly Value- S 5& qnita
. bb Medkiae, and eomaeßCtd uuug aeesrding lo the dim- rt
( | tiosi, which, iif tend of adding to ay w&riog, immediately
T m ma nlief, al cnee aiTMtiag thrMroubVaoar Cough }■
I . the pain and tightneu in *y Chert; gt»i»g m a new Prrn
5; »ff*Dgbi,-Which woe enabled me to ba about again. plaJr
I Tbit coeiinued iu good work, wltich it to nobly " I ® c ,
| oenmnetd, until I wa» mode a wand man. Ibmuaecbeen }A
tttsd.feg to my butisua, (upward, of 3 year*) and fral at- a Di
healthy a. 1 wuh I hare recommended Dr. Duwnn*. Et- tJ O ’ ll
faetonßtßcmcdyiaDasyin.tasteitsthow.imilarlyafQktrd > C
asd itbas alwtji proved rwcceatfiil »o far a, l hare witnened
ill elect*. U.u medicine at prmnl. £* » J
Dinoud Liter and an Afftction of t\t L*uig», which .be Ne ‘,
ladwomrcd with for mm* time; «ke ba. nearly nrorrrcd
by the tot of th*» medicine, and lam coahdenfthe 6 boUlr. Roanei Ri!,lmn», Bonnet Silka and FUn
ihrt l-ttka with me to-day wiUenOfalyeure her. lammrry than reer Millmrra a.ueual^a^
Wkaowtbar there are thoumndi of valuable per*™* waiting made.
away whh thi. dreadful deatroyer—CONSUMPTION.— *,i Janu
!’ Wan it only pomible for tbo**» proeuia thiv medicine iu it stock
, time, baftre it b» too late, many bve. might U prolonged and >M?Crate .
their iaailiif and relation, again rendered happy. Tb.»
oodidae will gite tsetant relief, and at tb* aame-Ume tmi | ~^e i ,pi _ __ tißtlßfiK COCHRAN
\ , the hard asd ptnful Cough, mnoee thetighlnea»in«l.eOi*«
‘.J prt 1-Jtngth to die rafeebled aod emaciatrd trwie, -nd u>
mm earn., 1 am certain, wdl cure.
.-j I . Montgomery, HamiltooCouotj, Ohm.
u ; »< b. Thovc wbo may not ki acquainted with me I r*&i
t*the undmigstd otoea. of Montgomery, Hamilteaco.iii
tr. O .the* will at any time vuluiiulrile the above •utcmciiU
. r * } ’ ' Nog**.* Beowwu,
y * .- C*rr J.Swptjt. • ■ -- -
DR DUNCAN’S WESTFJIN OFFICE, lit)Sycanuat flHMnßgßnß9aaHßH||
itract, where thi. valuable Medriiw can alway. be
' Wold in Pittaburgn, by WM. JACKSON, corner of
Woflrt and Ui'cny an aprldjilAw > n I .
*. j arjiißM ncvraincn.
rTIHE be.t article known for elennmg and wbitemn*
1 the TceUu .ucngthcmac Um .weetramg
i uieath.Ae. It should be uvd every night with aMd <r-—jS=zs^~
bxnahiaad the tceto and mnuih willonly rwuirea.lign B
;■ aSSog ia the morning. Wrt the tmiah with VKNETIAN BLINDS.
•f „ vroier or cold will «n»wer. and nih u a lewume.nn rTWHErreorevtand Im.l variety everotfiered mihieinty
*t. y,, pteu, when enough Will adhere for «leaning ihe | i.cforr-msde on the mo.l approved plnna-
leave*a dcLciou* ia*te in the mouth, and im #n<J f,.t,| e naticrn* and color*. Al«o
nanaa mo*ldel:sbilul fragrance to the breath. It nand» y, 4 |: CHEAP ROU.. or BOSTON BLIND, on bond
•» a elficacious eonvemert. -and af m>(Jr w orJcr o( #u tizv ,_ w j ~ a -| priC eji.
•-five. It ie warranted not to injure tbe teeth, Cnumiy Mrrchant.v and other* are invited la tan sod
■ ,„«v. .b, u„«,
1847< SfMjj&i $ r
tv vdeiphla. At this c<t3bli/.laßcnttr«y be found pENXBIfLVAJSI4. CANAL K j
the greatest variety of Plan* arri b**utifol Pattern* ! EXPilKas PALf-PACKF.i j
for IRON RAILiNOS in. tb*: United Mate*, to j *»m , i
whichthe atfea»ioo td those, in *j>ntofany dcacrip- pnTHRrRGU to I'HILADA *.*» i*Ai.rnw»"
tioa.aad especially for Cemeteries. i* particularly l Errit'irtWy/o' fo-unr'”
'pnncipa! pvl «* ill '«r lr*nd«onir Ratling* |TS £miieu£ rTtmS'w. or
a t Law-cl Hill. Monument, and other celebrated j au ,| Cf , n i;u.,~ nnoi'gliom il>*- r! """ .... anil RaJ t
OCBlf teriri. id the city and county ol Philadelphia, j i, av e now pi-icii * siiprnor • mr-«" ltcrotlll1KMln ,; 0 „,. I
which have becri cn highly eHolled hy the public | road Cur* on »hc route. f h , , rtt v.-Ui. / .
prnta, were credited at this manulartyry I winch "J 11 ?•**■ f'| .»= pun, 'if ! i
V A large WjrcsKooni ■» connected with the cst#»»- I ' I "<■**• “* w , lcW j if c*l! «"d« '
lishwent, where,ta Wept constantly on limtid a large j to l-»"£ C ivi' l 'fu!m \ its ■ !
stock thready-made Iron P.atliuga, Ornamental Iron . P • ‘ f-'i'l''* ; ,r
Settee?. Iron Chain, new style plain and nrnattieo- j oiitic F*< ; hr, , * 1 IV i rwniVi fv„' I,r
tal Iron fialca. with ai) eHeiisivennurtinrnt of Iron J the tinted Mtmf** JiV:«»ek
Poata, Pedestal!, Iron Arbon, fire A!«o iif great j '.'at.* ! '•«rry*"#£l mV; DA*”, Moiurnguhcla
variety, >Vrouglit and CaatlrunOrnamentv. ant'ahle . m (•*»< • •*' /jY.kKCH 4Co
for Railinge. anil other purposes. | ” ,c " w ’" street n.«J Canal
The Bubncnbcr would alro »ij*r tint m hui’at r !pnnTATioN CO.
tern ami Designing Department he ha* employed.
une of ihc best talent :h the country, whine whole | Bafet
attention is devoted lo the buatness— forMiiug altf* | —■'—?*• /S .1 *7 *
getherone of the inuut complete aud aytlcniatic i
Übtifthmcul* of the hind :« the Into*. i p, LEECH A CO’S.
Ridge Buttontro*** ,lrLCl ‘ j OLD I > PITTSBURGH
Philadelphia, Marchj2. mi#***. j A ,^LPHIA' t BALTIMOBEA.NI>NK" , ' < *Rh
beservedß'celebkated ! ».i~r * £ r# on ■ 1 S2ZSZ, *.
- ’ THERMEL MEDICINES. £?« - gg i a..fom.rfrtf.«ol ...y rt»r
0. U;ii remedy ior ell ConicMrTlTS ! fg I .en-memr.., |
■■Mnorto all Other eitrteta. haring gi*e» reliel « tnrv> a*»onne:n <“ ' .J j * ft LRKTII A Co. Propr.e-or*.
ffUB ill othcra have failedibeing tbroegh a or* n snirr nnrv hres*» enVlncTk.i ' Canal Ba-in. l’m*Lurgh
procea* moro concentrated thaii any other ever ] l fc ,Ker apoonr, «uR« r i of every 1 , HARRIS A LF.KCHyL’fopruiarr,
offered to the public. ASTH.MATM- ELIXIR. ® fo heCnr’. Ru»nl ari?i : No ,V 3^ 0 ta VLOR idt
htfiog eflected permioent rurev df that stubborn I j P , c ripn.'n. ai cnually lo« pr , Jf»> ; FA J LOR A S ••. c
dte«Me, »ben ol more than I? yean «ianding,i uieonT*ne'*eu»»mer'- , cmcV* rewreil and war-; r '° l \Y Wll SON*Aetm*
htoceittuoda without ft rival in that much dreaded ; ”j p»d yrat; old *°!ri and* l- | TOthls k 0 { \Vmi »ireet,NewYork
LINIMENT, Tor «tTe»™ »r«« k ! p,mTABI.£-a
-newor oilo. »nd aconrplete forbhstere. . .. v„ n u fttnrke 1 IM47 JttfeEEwa^Sß
t*b«rehiiowa,4« «*ed in preference to any ier lUmmrr ««»■'? advantißr- over ai! HORufmKih A oa>H
-tSRSrTOSu ANTI-DISPEPTIC. !o, Ml i M~ ‘ . TJIAI PEa'o'ciinnok" • ;
•’dltWtJWfl* the Htomieb and bowcla, L'Merx in- j |lja l h(1 cJl.iroiici vnih inr rrcatrtl, while the . Cor I'euu and u '"r 1 “ 6
.ftlSoS&e Too bigb' an eneomium cannot b» h J raf , „, n operaic. nnd U.n Vv's n'TAPVon’VCh .. A « rnl *
SSSSin the* merits & thi. medicine iu cure ol I work of uh Veil™S ** P^-,of<
Hntpeptla, and ttidtMUft* thlt result from weak . » ioVt.e utd.r ihr ™»dcd U>e.r u«k and ea.en.lrd
fttomiehoibad dlgertion , kind*, trnm U.Ma»t p dur . nf a .r winter, and air now pieparediotor
s Dr. Rote’s FEMALE »lIIS. ft more valuable , i: (HlH M ( .u,r*.«J‘V»l'''” i ward irr, K a w.d. rreutar.iy ««<l *li«l»tch un*urp»^d
• remedy (or tboM general eompUmtstAwhieh te- h< A ,. r i rMlL , llly uiu.drA.l.. the workm.n bv B ny oihr, l,m. . u, ''6 UcM Stjurm,
OtJeoire tublect. , ■ Allihp liumitM-r»ure made Sell Artmt. i hr iupr-fionn «»J 1 ' rj , rr „f it,e ware.
* Roar’s TONIC AITERATIV E PILL N - The *aK«ei.bera ronunae U. raccuir ordrr, .or ih a lbr * rr,i b n f ir< . arr p< , ; . o |,„ly ralruln.
'No pill ever before offered the noblic w tia ?P .ly fc ,«,,» ; ,r .i ol ' ' Wm ..uiVAtui iolCllheir ePftM«mn,u
•combines thetjualmejol a nhiaole medieme an L" l “ r,l “’' p 1 ' A TOWM'- ' „nj u « rommodaie tlf if mwoni-n oonful-nih
PLASTER,IO, »avre» o. IS. bMk.elde. £?%£? &,« «'be 1
SPECIFIC EPILEPSYV ■»“> «" , ."'ir,',.”,,” I '"'' l '''"' ,: ” r i "I." '".T,2^^' m e>
MIXTURE—A/ter m.ny • l-R T*™S IBS
; ‘SfegM i3S KMST
si? > -w c“ »-t“ M -~» u 3«iN B A.iu»
remedy for spiuinc bloodrjindeed l ®f ‘? , '\ ha Rid RC Road,*l«ve stpnng Gardm-i • oB ,aH« y . Ml h« lowest cuirefe-rate#. R,IU m Larinx
blood.vrhrthcrfrotuL»ms»iboweU or other pans 01 the ph „ md p c bnt«£ lrß n»risrt:e.J, ami all ui>umi»V promptly aiiendidw
fttuid to he the most wcewaful In arretungtt, coring waOON COVERS AND ORAIN BAl»0 „ a vrry ! af - c and .-omnu'diou? •.vareliou*-.
>juon tenth* of n» those wha u/cd il. , , 0K all irtsCKiFTioKS ate Tirep*red to receive (:i. a.ldinon t«> fieight .or
What may be »aid of one oi theep remcdiet «na> h' ; 6<mUs Front Btreat, • sil 'p me ,i , B UicCßmouat ol I’nidwc. Ae .01. storage ut
! SocA* of T. A. Rt'/jon** Cabin* Wore X<mufy ‘ p*J . . >-1.. L * A >J; o.
?oMoMhfvsnou* maladies ihai'«*ie» •> PHILADKLPUIA PICKAVORTII A CO’SLtllE^^^
body alitfat be gives.ibt.l *1 are W'llinK io rc.Mhc LLon i„ s left with S. ». Moon, at foe otLc* *of *« . TT¥a 1$ ( 7
maneron the merit* of the compounds 'V have a | Metdl , nt v Hmd. J’lUshurgh. will be ■ J * 4 fl tSII 11 «■!
panaeea for Scratala. tnus varum* form*. 10 | atiended to. TIIOS. O.DbRRA for die liajiip'H'at .-a of «Al
and efficacious that a* healing po+*t hi* » bi^ hrd A. O. NICKERSON . KfrkiohT between P.iisburKh. Hlmr.v.lle. John-
SJf&rvcrror in a! TO W ATCIIWAkERS aftd DBAbEWd ! .lolhi.ay.burgh. S„ir. IV., r-hunh ard
few month* The cancer «nby j J , LADOMUB, ri : B! Kisihr wnrrhdnsc er OA Me Antrity
piminomSurgaou*. and renewed itself with increased , poUTKR of Watcbe*. Tools, aud Fiu-burab cvetj day. lejvecpi Suada) »,l
SSdiraity,)« noiwiihsuoding the .Icbi.ity of ComLtu | vVaieh Material*, wholesale and reuihoml ro.:- 1 A t* U lul uarmf tucr S «*J«
boa and reinovol of the soft parti, the ore «f* , WMS !y on band a large »»«inn,t«ior Lunei.c, Eaten.. .huuUcUraml at fair raw*.
phylactic completely removed every «’< « c 01 ,hc an j rum Ulnrv. M*m*.pnng.. Verge*. Dial*. M «icli w*rdc fo , , hc , pctia i «ccoiuujo,l*uom
diacasc. . ii a, hi vi I Hand*, and * complete assortment of all Tool* and Wa- bti'.nc?-', and the j>topi'»'tHf* rr*pc*-iini %
CS the varwa* t««. JiUi ; beionring to the trade; w.ih a Jarre Mranem j of pauonegr
followed the use of these are tn on' 1 of tmlC and Silver Uvr.r. Prajn Watrl.t *. . h'liui* 1 r,mir. ( vp.
aion.btttn u tmtdccmod ncceMarT toenutm-tate tliciu a( , of w , ltcll W ill guaranty to ?cll at the lotve-t N«:w I'tCKWORTII JOHN MU.I.FR
as the ate of tbetp will recommend them to *ll- Vorl am order* from tlm country punrtrnll\ , il HXRNL? 4 ROOf.RT WOi»P*«
TsCHtiONMAKER, 4 Cc., No SI o.eeJcd. , , , ~ . ’ ° WILLIAM .m.n
cant* for Ptiwhnnrli . ~ |. < ” h ' N V, -LVuuti) ond miiti? ; ni.: <nt f.t J- mjji\ MlUl-HR, | '" '" J
Tiiam. .-j jru.if -m die Old I" mud INc >» ,-ouih I ourlh h „ OANA N, John.lo" " ,
**'. >*''..w : C A McANI'LTY A o<>. I
CARRUOEB ‘ r.LS'Ktvtno*.
IVILLMM OOLZ, CO>ICU JSD , j j John Father, Hoheri dt-r l'.rß i t.'
J'lg, H.tRXESX MJIKERSiSO Chesput .■. ; K s.n.ih. IMubargh. . 1M “« -
%&&& LAKE ERIK AM) Mil'll I lit .V U.tli.
■tail 1 ™i audtbt. public, list be and will ketp j k _/>’ |1»1 / a^tftggSTfia
J.nrtaatJf o* hand sod for .J« ? a handsome •wortmeul «l *° l 9 ’ ft HrK^ftgfaO
••htoaahk Carriares Vehicles of all *tylaaand description* ( »«,,,»«, ( ~,r < n*.j <-«:•! <»i r» ••i»,i.l-o,ifi I-,, e J ,r..
.B.:de to «»d«r *1 t!,r shortest po»»' ♦ eotiec, iftd eyveufed m | <Wij UitwßO,
ii.. Tver bc.l inaaaer. ufwlaeted 1 d. fekw ly j y^ 4%l ,'. 11.41.1 and j» *- nger C0u.,1 BoaH j . .
,R- -&* ' 'V"u.,.‘- w-,l ; . TO ..LKVKLAND v... WABHKN^
SSlITII»-BAf*Al*EY A. CO»» wboletak deal- kc u tl( nri-par, ■! opui, die car»ir*;upen- s I o^*7
No«!l Market j * "»..y Krcgi.i - ; .d P.-rengn, ~ t 104 i • 1333^00
tireet. below Bucili. North aide, Philadelphia. tSI . utH f, hß LVnul *i.d Luke? ■“* T»pt»ur.ll iK* 84 HOURS*.
• living everv faf.l.ty tor cmivcymp ire.aui al.d pa* v-e r IL.yi--w-'row and Telegraph leave Ilea
' scugerr with piompinc;? aud di.pniL-ii. me pnipi.ciot IJA' Kt * . . '•, 10 ,. k , x . ailrr the arrival of the
' and agent* ic-peeifully 'oUn irom ihcn fruiid- L wt ' a .‘• ' p.iutmrgb. andarrive at Warren m
- he putd.c generally thnr patronage. - v ,! mL" i ,„ t or Stages, which leave imincd,-
WKW YORK 8TOU&~»8 HAIUCBT BT. joil.tfX UALfiHKk . IMi.b’ dpcdn-ous and comforwbte
.• NOW OPEN- . W*tr,si* o P po-mr me Mononga- 1 u,. m-.v ,s ih« mo*, chpedmous
uotber lot rich , gm hela House. .virKt s IEFKINiWvF.LL. Warren, Propr'*
.«S>£ B 4' Wbeelcr.Crock”fc‘c.., T New York JOHN^ACAUG®^
iw« new; plain j J*as A Armstrong A Co, Detroit PITTSBURGH-AND ORBSSVILLB
and printed McClure & William*. Milwaukn- ir w
BAREOES; JSS” Rene,.«.,e.p. . AmL-jj 184/.
innted and ersn Wm Power*. Powerftown, Fe.i.i, , HHHHB •
JA'VNS; <jco Maehelmvre, Evansburgb, Ivnim AND.FRfcIGHT UNK.
nibro. rd Boats; , , . . J# A „hJ r , Hnnmown, do crAfflS Line consututg of freight and paatenger rack
’rench AScoteb \V,ck A Acker.Greenville, •«** 1 ci*. will run regularly dunng the teadon between
lain and printed Crai* 4 Fraranton. Clark*v,l!e. do Beaver and Greenville. Pa .by which freight an^p*»
toe* de. LxIVKb; Hty»4 IMomb. t*harp«burgh. P» senders between the two point*, will be earned prompt y
few nch Drab ' vv ’ c M oIa „ Sl.aron, , ail ,i „t .he lowest rate*
Satin Striped R W CnnsiHcbsm. NewCaitte. do m«rs WICK 4 ARCHER.Greenville, Agu
OAMATAH,' ,.*rr CRaIG 4 FRAMPTON, a»rh*vi!le, do,
full assortment 1847. JS»9EgBB HAVM4 PLl'ilO Sharpshurgh. do;
GOODS, 7 ' r MaTvi*iT\v»? MAI HF-'vV/pJlasii, do|
Gentlemen*’ TVVF-fclN PITTSBURGH AND TH>. RKED, 4 Cn, Ueavrt. ' do; .
■RaVaTS; . CITIES, WITHOUT TB*«SH|PHE>T. JOHN a OA DOHF.Y, eortter^Water and Smithfield *»,
ew York made rpHE improved method of carrying u*cd l*v tin* long lpl ; iy the Monongahe'm Ilnure, Pittsburgh
P .„. -wlf.rySflir 1847.
VYOTlCK—ApplTeaiifin h'«* been made for the r«- t in fiout «n u> xeven dav". i '
i\ ncwal of OniCcaiF N«» ITA dated January' 17. The capacity of nor W airbous.* enable* u- t. rnr
IMS- for lh.rtv ni «harea of the capital *tnck ol the 1 uiy cooatgnoienu maile tou« •K. cr.vm*.•loruiv. «n roH THE ThiE*rnATSTIOK or
roraoanr for ereenne a Bridge over the R.ver Monon j ,dvaoce» free of charge*. a 1.l KIN DS OF MERCHANDISE TO AND PROM
mheta oppo-.ic Pittsburgh—winch *ai.l t'eiiiCeate ha* ) ikmg f«IK prepare,i to make s».e. ot » ro>t «<-.•.« phlindclpliln, Bnltisnorn, Haw York
Ceil deiimvcd t.v fire nr lost ; respeeimlly *ol,r,i eo..*ignmc«.|. ol we-ien. I mur. * » nd Bo*ton.
-meli'in QRoRfIK COCHRAN < Bacon, Lard,Buiier.t U mil-tcather«,aml,o be, encouragement th'i line hrurtccivcd atneg
"~\Vm »• Young "t’ Ihm'en F Plunkett." - (1 Ha rommencetnitnl ha. induced thjr pippri*;
" ‘ K .<*Mu>en: * i»l lIKKRTT 1 !2wr* ib'al any l.urine-- er,iru-ie«l to u. *hal! i.e a- I (ora to .nrreaae the stock by adding a number ol first
tOIING, ~I 9l»*uN A PI*UW « j ronip'iy e*e,-uir<t and upou «« <<“' »*»" »*,»•>' »"* ' claw bonU; add .nilead of giving receipts a* hereto-
H.IJST GLASS M A N D It A ( T U R r. KS , j P rr JNO MrFADPKN 4 t-o fore aa agnnU, we will giae our own receipts lor
WAHKHOL’SK No* a Water nod IM F.nt •met. . Canal Bmjii,, IMr-l-urgh ~- la fU|pped by , hsl | lne .
IM.-burgh The liU** mnotofoc ured by «* b JA- * *}. >*'’ J* . -fhe botu are all porUhle, con.e. t ornlly freight
IrTaUelii™ -"J filled on reasonable rorh|,r j H D 7cKICY ’ ; taken the whole distance'without transhipment,
! FOEWARBINU i OOJHMIRSIOS HBBCUAST, on the mule, and a* eacfi Isoat it 'owned 1 by the
fchitf ‘ Bfirrcr Point und HriJi’etodicr, Captain who runa them, which is a sufficient guar-
B.ivn roim FA.. antcr that there will he no delay on the roote.
. ' . * All I'roiluco or Merchandise consigned lo the
._x [T f % undor.m. ed will be forwarded FBKK OK COM
f* UC A* MlSSlo»\jnr advancing and forwarding, and will
SBBHBBh* t ,t l ,pi>ed wttlioul dohy at the lowest rate*iOf
DAILT BtTWtRR riTTanunciti Ai»P »e*vk«, Wrrrßiiertliillyaolicitaahareot'publicpaUo-
Wl!,l. be p.epared on enrlie.iopenuigof .•attain., v . n3(fr _ WALI.I NGf ORD &l Co ,
icaiion in receive property in h'« wharf boar or Canal Batin, Fittaburgli.
ImnrovemenW Apply to or addre** .> r MILLMt. Agent
JAH Uowley’a Wharf, Baltimore.
PITTBBURfiH & OiTKV^I,AND LINE. Pittsburgh. Kith. 18,1847. ,
1846. wssm ~ m(] ASD " IB4 J,
" CI " TkC CLARK*E t CO:r ! * r '' USSSt
F0r».,*.»8 A || o.»mi..u,» : T(( Tgg gMT gV ffIDSOItBJBBLA' ROUTE,
r y* lIC Axcituainl ProDrieiofs ui tin* L'«‘c (so »* . rp| t |.; u ,„|,. r ., c „rd :«>e imir nr-parid lo loiwanl pro-
X- ftbty known to the p,i .hvt will be t.i.-purct on to- j A< . u> , l|C }? a , lc ,„ Mirkei* daring ihe cn«i>-
carlie-l oprn.op ol canul miviguti.m to tetrive prop . , w.niei, mi th- t.i.W Hiouble icitu*. l-y lht,ripc
eriy at Pitt«l-ur*h and Beaver, noil deliver the «anic nt i • ’
ah) point on d.« Ohio canal*, and-Goon t., <" ; AU ‘ rt) , „i,Mß,ied to u* w .11 t„t \» althe
and Michtgnn, vriih the preatr»i ftrr*.. . U| ,, A ;.‘V^i.,vvtth de?p*iah. _
onsole rric. , , . , . „ lihibli.c rcreivcd by thi* route prbinplly for
The proprietor* of this I me. tolu.t !!>•• Im-mr-* «> j 0 UI DWELL, Ag't, Pituburgh.
thnr former cuatomcr* with r«,„r,.lrn.e knnvem:. w nmwnarillc.
thelrfaeilme* are second lo nmie. „ ftw KKGKRToN A t’-o,Cumberland
Apply u> or adore** . - - -
1846 •*>*» if,- 1847
T RICHMOND 4 C< r *«r.|s.»l ,
~ to'tiik public. WMpHB'lpiSH
linfcuMAn ti tooth *-~-
«. i traitrM ntnurict
fTIHE best article known inr e leaning and whitening
1 the TceUu strengthening the gums, swerlroms the
weath. he. It should he uvd every night with a *td
MnaSand the teeth and mirath willonly rtouirea.bgn
-washiag in the morning- V\ et the bniah *tlh wtinn
vraier ox eolrt will answer, and rtih H a fewumeson
2r?asur. when enough wtll adhere for cleaning >he
Sd. p . v ui.r«..dtLtfou...•«... .k. i“
MfT« a pan deltgbtlul fragrance to the breath. Itnaad*
unriTiiled *• • pleasant, eificacious, convenient. and
'jSfedcMrifice. It i* warranted notto injure the teeth.
b B? it will remove the urtar and
JSrSea. acenmulatum—i re V: «l the toom.che
TcmtffScn the gums, ar.dTtrer? tit all dDcMM "A I ***®
Cfcwrnit*. physician*. and the clergy rreornraend ii b_
decidedly superior to every tb-ng of the kind 11 uw ’; .
A»h for iherman’aCompound Oms Tooth !«*.?, ■*»-**
observe hi* signature is attached to each pot*
lUrwainenocdby Dr. Cattle, Uroadwai, one of
our best Dcnt.sts, and by t«>*t ot the old established
• one* inthe United States, and ever *i«t»ivrly used
bytbo Nobility of England a.vl t-tf'*
A large proportion of the dizcase. * l-atafli.ct mankind
arise from sfcntc derangement o; tin stoiaaeh or bowel*,
wfcleh a timely n«e of the Cathmtc Lozenges would
eatinly oov.atc. Persons or bihc.js habitc should «(•
wave hare a bor at Land, and take a dtwe whenever
they feel the least dcrangrmrmtntlielr health. Ajudi
'-Tta«« oio of there wou.J prevent il«oo*and»
“fSKS..: \VM. JACKiI
• NO PAY . "
REMEDY— Wsrriiitcd to care, or the mow.
, v ,-turneil. Thu medidne is prepared frum an In*
diaa Receipt, obtained fAui one ol Hicw m ihc i at
»t-«rcat expense* J’ho*e ♦'ho lute lwe»
famUtarwilh tie Indiainh, knot. that they cid and
do core Venereal -rthint the kho’-Mje "I Meo
corr. Balaam, ot anything or the kind. Ihc at
meted have Sot* an opportom y of being cuted
t*iuS« 'the oao ol Balaam. ..Thw medieroe la
to the title, and leave, no tn.ell on the
Paired by HOWARD A* WALTOR. ami aold
«mS!o and teutl, by J. T, R"*""d. «7o M.tkr.
“rS-JHK ta tj.KMto.
atrtet, and by kVa ««•.«« MaHre t ~6d-T
nmltOAT.‘tresbeeo doi « wonder? during ihc late un
nfartierenFJ than from ontno*»t ,rrc
fiSiS. MMkT Dr.tfeyne ha« enabled a repum
2nioni»?nee for skill, and hit
»lf. have '•ttn pm; Vd e«e.r i ,ea, ...
*is;Sii e “pUtUWt“3 n S'if PKUN TEA CTOWS
JKS&- fSr«!warYtfood; andai the Drag Store
n *ireeU Alleglieav Oiv.
• ••••■• ii_ :—:—
: nr ICTi'upt'rtVonß specific. _
, itn. 1 mu! hire iwo met/ CIUIOgE ~
/WUkiaf Tawwfeip
, 'ilthY J W>!> :* <w
c .*
■jfesES saggS?;
Spare rule*, etc.
__ a *ica^van
tty of Second hand Type, from Nonpatwl to 35 bite Vi
... Fliiwr* OrnniornH etc .which will he «/>!d low
r;r • joiowni* * ,
uieh*7 TJM-wlccl't
OX'S, corner of Wood am)
FROM 'lie very liberal encourage
.mcniiho auloriitwr h*f rwciwd wnce
has located lnni*elf in Allegheny,
ha* induced Inin In lake - tca.-c.fora
» ■ M, iftm of year- HOW
ov.ttmrv, m Denver •tie-', lunncdiStrtyHn™* *•*
rVi-UirrinuClitiMli From rt.< forts cipemncc in llu;
iibevr | <UMIlr ., wnl a d..,uc hope- »■
H ami rrcrivc * -Lure of public p.atimacc.
No* on liHinl ami finfJimK u> oricr, Korkawny Bur
e.c-.. mxm and iop Uugßic*. and every <le-«ription «»
Carnages taade to onlrr. from rt-eemi'-five doII«»r u>
eifb' kurtarct CwtvMtfl JOHN WIDTH-
ARIS T»l ROCK M O RTO N !**• lo nc«|on»nt hi#
fncml* that* he t* again tejfrc. of the C»ALI
110 l tSK l4oub.vllle.Ky .where h= hope* lon**t all
bis old inni.l.-,, abjuring them and tlid public, that no
effort .lull bi: rpat.-d <0 ut*k*; wlio favor
hull. v*itF their patronage ■<r-*v >■ ' janlldl/_
a VISING KOhiisi Ko»«* and Fver
green*. Ac . iuituliiclJor plautihg in Ceiuetfy'a
can be futm*hf<] c.i alipbcatiou at the seed 'inrr,
iroitx Nur»enc»of Ja- Wararop. Manelieater.
mrliliin No I3i coi wood and 61 h *t«
I HAVE in fiorean.l f*n «M» low— •
Bunk FrHii*'-*, r Maitijw.,,'
Cotta; >kd*.
PiUowfc; Quilti,
Wheels and Trimming* of all kiu.l*,
And allmhcr urucle* in my line, which 1 »Ua!l *cll
lo*aadbn accoraraodatingtetnu. WM NODLK
mtSlf Siort f OPPQ<i»c the Bank oT Ktt*Unrfh,3d el
/TgtjuND ALLSPICE, i Cinnamon amTc«>*e* in
rr bM* bolf< and mall package*, coniiantly on hand
laM prepared to do all kind* of Cabinet Staffing
Soto*ul)i»an», Chair*, Chair Seat*! at abort notice
OtdoraUAatMr. NobliC* on Third at, promptly attend.
*• Printer*.
JtIMT Received wiJ f«f *#!e
(tom ilic Foundry of Oro, Brace
K Co. New llie fiiHn-i.n*
iftiuof Type
•.*uij ll>l Uouryer*i>;
l?j IU- MiiwmT iW
£>} ]!.•
*)?l ]><n Million.
*. ll>-iTwo Line MuiHin Cjp.
TMIK Hoa’ifteu’# Portable Horn Vompan) !- iiik 'I;
• olvrd. t!ic Company again wmi itn« ••nu l. • „i »
puriucr-hip under the name nt the. "lir.alinrii’' Line,
anil liVcrvoe agreed In irtit the Slnrl ♦« »
imniti-r <>t Boat* U»r Ibc i»rir|»«»-*’ m <
tltlougU m hunt «ti to righi due ■. will, < en.-iniy-mu' cm onrap-O by the r<*l*x> *>•'*» » I'*"'’"
ugl to null HMHC I-lim Mfiarm/lITIII- Ini «I|C 1-n
tiling year.
Wt: would iluiciiirr. it " comma
■ni r nt our Imnicrpairon-.HM'I inn all ttf.w cn.iotm'i -
to ilroee we have done btimicaa lor-
For (he tropepoMauoii «>i
A|.l. Klldia »y •tt KRt'IIA mm»k. TO AK|» i.hvm
I’niL#t>M.riiu, lULTlsronx, Nrw VoU.ami Ho-ml
yvMFtJi.WIhHT.MAN & Ca,
Corner l,*l>ritv Mrert and Canal Hji«hi.'
No :>» .Mm tei *i»r, i, PldUdcipli'x
_ llalntitnrc, SM.
I’irraDURHII-Ju*. MrCully. Gm Morgan A Co
W MeCullyACo. B A tiaiupmuAi'n, M A lien A Co.
PHILADELPHIA—Morn# Palter-ou A Co, Reynold*
McFarland A Co, Fleming & Uuaby. I ctcr WrigbtA
Son. i Biapbam. Jooeph Citatr. •
NF.W YORK —Goodhue k. Co, Thro Perry A C«.
BOSTON—Reed. Hold A Co.
CINCINNATI—Admins A Crcagb, W W Searbot
Norm—All merchandise from New »ork und
eonaigt ed to A I. Gerhart A-Co, Philadelphia? will be
prompt y forwarded fru of coiwnfation. .
Pi«k*f« Biprtu to Plilladel|.tila>
mm U m HV- THE Canal being now open, the
j Eipr**» which has been e.»-
tattlitbOd-tor me conveyanceof valuable package* oi
me reams <bac, specie, bank note#, Jewelry, Ac , ebth;
■Beaded nHißlogon Tharvllay, March IS. 11
Aa|tsosCn*yw}ll bedlopaiehed laity anvil the elm*
of tM cmnHac tefttss.
Abnlpto D LEECH A Co
mult .eorPmnamtwnd Cmnml •
PfTT»BV J|>vU<> U>Nl: OF
MAllM* n vi,|popular Lm< nt b.ewncr» bn»
r |MllS "* n a .|j u,.i,ro.* d lit-- part«, l*y ili»* »*J
1 nrw •mil tuj£n:bc?)H boats.. liaift
. O.r**” ly , oC . ,1„ i*-», k- i a*it*l the eMtirc*r.mMe
i f, £ < •)■! eir.lit ol ill* Urgv-t.l.cM£ut>lt<d atrd
•«..! mo.'ipof.rrtu'.bnai- XV B ia, of
11,- VV, •' r- '«; •roMiji.odulltin lllUl U.OHC> WHiplO
ruit i,»- i-ro> f, n Ptiiaenget*. and 10 s*»ins
will be ■ fj,li < comfortable and the nips
~,,,.<l,-' T'*.v l**!*' • r:*l»l'iirpli *• >*«l HaAv
bT,/,,,,'. ...-t, j- lUoV'xl. \ Si
T,,.- M'*\OV. .MIKLA.Cop’. Sim', a r*t ■ Pm*
. Monday mofinni; at in.o'doek. Wheeling
*Y-r, M-. 4 r’:.*. r • nlli» SI 1» I’. M , «iM -•
rf> nni>M.»> l"n'r'wi A. Al
H r HMUIKNI A NO 4, Cap'. J Kl oir/elter, mil
leave r.nd-j'jof.n tuoiumg at M o’elorW,
Wlreeiins . vru IW«l/o al 10 1’ M • <*"H
rvvtv Kinla) iti M'o'eloek; A- M
Thr NI.XV r\|.l.A\l». NO a. Cajtl. S. Dtn», will
i,.,v »• <-v-ry U'.-.lnt.*,!ay mormng Bl 10
o'clock. XV lire! ,i* r-.-i'. \Vr.liic.-«'« >’ evening ■ * 1° P
•tiini" rvrij Salnrd*) at 10 o'clock, A M-
Tin- Wjyf.-OSMS. C.ipv- K. Ji Grace, will leave Ptltv
r-,-/v Tunr».!nv tnornmg at 10 o'clock; Wheeling
even- Thur=»«v evening ■< 10 P. M-, and Cincinnati
ever. Seurtix ai 1« o'clock. A. M
The CLIPPER. NO. a, Cnpt.Craoit,mil leave, Pitta
bnreh rvrrv Fr.ny morning nt ibo'cloek; Wheeling
every Friday evening at 10 P. M.. and Cmrmnan -very
Nlbiuli.Y HtJiiiii lock, A. M
The M*ys»KSGER, Cap:. L**forJ, ml leave 1 ui»-
burch every Saturday morning c,oel1 : '' j
b S rv -s„iur.iay evening at 10 P M.; and Cincinnati
every f-ie«ctav al lOo'eloek. A. M.
The ISAAC NKWTON, Cnpi A. O. Maw. xr ill
everr Sunday iMniiM •« :W o’
Wbeeliuc every huir.ia> evening « 10 I . M . and Cm
nsnait every wednrutay ni lOo’eloek. A M
Packet* wiUl.e atihrirbenhaut PiM*bur*h
ninic.u<M!i!>m., rr*ut»rh, Uir day pteviou* to Imjrui*
r-urii J.OU. i'*f 'tie reception of riei«ht. ami entry of Pa*
Urntior Amte Room r.«n«i>lefederi*B*i'J
VlbUil l/A ft MOU.\ ISO piCKIifFOR
, T ° ,
. . o . I. 1 » V and fl.-aver at 9 o’eloek, P *•»•
,U »npr. amt rievelandl.ine ofCVI
1 rr* ‘ .;,iV Cleveland. <>; Beaver, Warren and
s.'ftr -jY?-.arASKr«ss2s
;! > : Trl >nvillp. I*a : Erie Kxininion Lina
Nr v. a u\.T a „it i-'rir Neil. Moore * (V* Line* ol
r tVvrUnd and Wno«t*r. leave H*»-
Ver da-?v on «b- arrival of »ieamlvo*l Beaver from
Pitt'i.i" *l* A| ' p,V /; , j k | HAIITON A Co. Piuobungh
. M OI.ARKKA Oi. Beaver
TiTios* liVsK* __
jgfcaEgsij IS 47. jj*
u n pM*KS.'ii«“'s'7 ,1 i" j
\v T MATHER. Pm«hi»mh. * a- »
mm? ,i2vr Line «« now folly prepared .0 transport
Tt-, *h?mnd ■««**"*«■ from P.Ual.urihandClrve
lidtm any poim on ill- Pennsylvania k Ohio and Ohio
' ri'iico* raid Line are notemailed by anron
Jn-an.'” ..number, and eapaeny of Boata.ezpc
* an nnd promnt»e»i> af Apenta, *e.
n T ifc.m £!,“ "* l"lt" .U'gli'and ‘Cleveland daily run
r,„ ... . omiet-'ion with the Steamer*.
.5 _ ,„t ijite Erie, hutween Pnt*uu.eb and
It, aver'?nd a 1.4 of firu daj* Steamboat.,' JTI* 1 '
Iri«. Urif. and Schooner*. on Lakee Ene, H » n,
fhij-au and Oiii>r_n f hf Union with
Property forwarded many |i Cleveland, A*t«
dv»p*-et. PARK'S A. fco. Bearer. A,t* •
W T MATHEK. Pittalrargh,
ap-.j Cor Water and Hmill.Scldal.reot*
'£££ H 47. WWk
B8 °" ANu nni.Aum.pmA
I'm ,r id ft) IbJclph'.-* • • Jtl
1 ! Mrl unr-i'J * ,w * ,s, r»* hM,, cf*inniencedia«tart<
: * * •),. ; v One )«MM Will jravr Oie Monoop*-
Joul.V dai.' 'T-T* ' ~,,,.,*,.17 it*' * o'clock.-
; |£" r '•> >’*' ««""•“* (.no w.H*nriT*-»i* U«lti»oorr
1 ::.!v tor "1C fi»il»>l>'lph‘» M«>l Bntu.or
i nV, llm'il «•»■'• Tt r\pi«*i« Uo»t will ten** - *h«
"" •'; U '!,'.•i.ioiokjW*- jwir
; ' I. !!,'. Urou’iiaiillc n«ll *« * , ® , <l» ,:k »
’o[i*j**jioJr« inC ®?‘
!w”«. »• I'.-" •»i«*'->--
k mr-'ii HfH'.i il • ,i... ,0.1(0 »;ij lll****
"‘‘ n jh,.“ e eLo,ci of lU*l R«**»
! ” B*ii-o»oir Ktiti piiii*d«ipi»i»
, , o. . v jiu-t*o« I II ~l ir„ mwi i •’ ibtt dr*!***
1 cbnr*. .r,l (•* 1 ««*£ll-.'-v
'• 1 " “ k J MEtflUNjuN
,'v. l'.C',! 1-
OHIO |lAll.itOAl>.
rj#||H -nb-< r.b.:i» will icripl Itrr UiC delivery ol.PfO*
I iiin i-m Kxliiiiuiie b) ilic Maimnfsbel* Slackwa'cr
m ih' following price' -
A Uacun, llnllcr. IJ*r J. Pint. Tallow.
Wliinkcy, Checv. and Glut* - Sli ria per |W> 11...
Totnirco, Hemp. Fla* and Wlicai-tH ct* per lOM H-
A the*. (Pot! Apple*. l‘bee*e. Ha*.Heed, Ola#*,- amt
iM'ailirr lMcl>. p* »|HXI 111*
Oil-, Skm». Seed*. Wool—llo c«h per IMV ll>«
UteiiWajt.Fcuiheri, Fura, ti»M*eng, and Snakr-ltoni cl# pci I HO Ih*.
Alt property i*ou«ißtied «■ ruber of ibc undesigned
w;|| be fonvurded without delay, free of CoauniSMO'i,
niiil ove rate*. W H CLARK.Brownsville. '
NOTICK'. *‘ ’’ *' '
„ _ _ FREIGHTERS and otheto wiahing
. to have Fire Brick, Produce, Ae.,
yiMMaC I brought to tbn place from Stnibeivlllc
intennediMtc landing#, can make
by calling on me, a* I
have a Boat tunning rcgularlybetwflea PStuburtbnnd
sTcaltenvillc. Ulfo BJUILTKNBKEObII.
Steambaai Agent, M Water st
_ _ k THE Steamboat HARLEM malted
t D m - B> and Tefitted in handaom* atylo *Qd
now at the Monongahela wbart A#
#beu improved the is welladapted for
carrying freight and pa*«engera;ox Tor towing; ih has
great capaeny and power. Any peraon dtipos< d to
purchase willofcour#* inspect her.
I alao propoae to leave, forone or more yean mj eaaJ
Works- and to a man of energy amlbuime*# habtja they
offer groat advantage*. I can furnish the leMee. either
on sale or ebarier,my towboat MNMLn { gp «an
alao have on fair tense aix bargea, .three data, tad two
coal bottom*, afxtwn egra with ropaa, Axturea,
mad* tat Toll Aaexaminauon oflbe*#-
lablishmentia intiied. Persona diapoaed to-nifotiaie
with me in reference to any ofahe
miy«ddrw#o»®a».iE|lOficaAAStßaria Baildin'.a4»
■ ■ ■ ' DR. BUKHMAN’S . -V/p^
DR.StuIK>IVN ht«<l«wm4> wayt« uuLfmedteia'
j4eM*di. eothat children will take it reaoiij wrncry for
attar. See [that Wi*/a<rimilr t* around each boi of Lot'a
ges, apnl o/TootU Put* on the hack of each FJ*;tfr, tad on
e»rh FLU ofj Direetwos T
This*- Lsptnjej «i* the. or»l<urt and 'tin
c.lj fur rmflii, cukb, e*r|Uuflip»ioaa J uLouplOgcotlgbs, «»*h
um, tightness of lb'l wigs or chest, etc, etc. 'TU juojwittut
Lei tieser known in uirLace where they ilnl uotgwe perfect
r»H)f4f<!<ni| S»«»r»! llioussTvi bnivs Imr been .old wrthta
t>,e l«*t )rnr. resUirsoi; It* health person* in almost »»e?y sftige
ot'VK w»ipiwu,si«l thure laboring Cuder llit aoM dlitr*m*g
tuMt rtudtiugU* They ilo ButtVcVoßd-dry «>> Use cough,
but ttoder it tas), pruaaUe 'tp'eior* lion, allay the ticking;
irnuom. «»d tmDo lb* protfauu or eteilrog rsn*c.—
They »e* ond« from • eowhaisuon of a tw»t >il<i»hlee«pe<-
tonal, or cough medicines, and arr undoubtedly Saperinr to
lift) thing inure far thus*complaint*. Hundreds upon bun
dle/* nfiarlificaUt hair been offend ol their wtmdetfcil »»r
. Ives, kata iLose ** bo bare IwtnixMj trust an untimely grate.
«nd restored to jwefert Iceallh by uuug'Qwtn.
Where Jb*n Momth-pain m ihehresrt*»riidr,i>it* «fsl»er
in«a'« l'«or Mao'* Plasters Iprier only 12| witi, 1 ! should b»
•ppUrd uter the |«rt, and worn Ull rrlimd. If attended
with cosUirntm, • few eathnrtie or Li*ii*e locrogr*, or any
. uiild ralltartic medinae, should bf u*ct a* ort.-aiion tripilm
Tim* worm loirwt* h»> r been proicd inmate than 1,40 V
000 cam to br inhlhblr; the only certain worn deitrejinj
medicine everdisrmrred. Many direwei arises froutwomw
ami occasion long •sidfßUa»»*l‘rrißg, and«t dealb, with
outllrtir rrer btiug suspected; grown persons are rcTj oftca
aflicted with them, and an doctornd for carton* eqssptaints
without any benrlit; wlwn one dose of these Locengeaurbuid
speedily cure them. ■
SfmpfavM *>/ Honsis. —Fain* in ibe joint) or limbi,ram
»tte btraib,picking at the nose,grinding of theteethdaring
ileep, asd at (Jan * paJenea about Dm Up*,with Sdabcd ebVtki,
blcedii>eattbebciw,a|sawlox Mtialimt at tbe'ilomacli, ftaih
eaof bnl ortr Ibe eurlaee olibe body, ifigbt ebilli or (bir
<rtcg>, litadacbr, droKtiueM, vertigo, torpor, disturbed
dreams, sudden starting a sleep, wilb fright aba screaming;
sometimes a troublesome rough, ftrerkhum, thirst, palbd
hue, fits, bad taste ia the month, difficult breathing, pain in
the stomach or bonrU, fatigue, nausea, sqestn{ihaca| rgra
nous appetite, leanness, bloated stomach or limbs, gnpmgs,
shooting pains m rariout parts of the body, a sense of some
thing ruing in the (faroal, itching of the nnus towards night, a
freouent desire to jsauiomethipg from the bowels, and some
time* discharges of tllae and mucus.
They git* tmprdiatr relief is nerroai or eick htadache,
mlpiUltoa of the heart, latsea of (be spirit*, dejpondrticy,
inflammatory or putrid tore throat, bowel ormmmer cod*
plaint, fainting, oppreaHoa ortnawof ainking of the cheat,
cholic,itpaama, cramp of ike ctstaach or bowels, hysterical I
a&ctioos, a&d all uerroui d beats a, drowsiness through (lie
day, m»<l wakefulneta through Ike night; cholera or chol
era otirbaJ, diarrbtea, bueituda or a tense of (aligns ?er
eon* trarellug or attending, laiye parties, will find the horn
ret rcallj itmuf, and imparting Jhe buojaney of youth; nted
£fter dbMjmliea, they will restore the tone of the ryttemrenj
e rally, *3 remove til the unpleasant symptom* anting from
o free living- Persons who have been ban high liven, and
• - • *v#*# Lozengriad
(hem, in pfffmtw to
. adhcrr better,and affoni_jr«»t
.pc ration, ibey.»re stitnalent, tunic, tod
comnawd of entirely different ioeiedi
.ran any other, and xcwwn from (be ejperitscr o( ail- I
.tons who haer turd them, u well u the united tali moo y of
Ui t!i« celebrated tod distinguished tlerp tad physicians, lo |
b« the mat useful ud highly medicated piaster.
Bctm) persons hare called at the warehouse to cipreit
their sorwiseand Uumks,'*t the almost miraculous cores these
plasters hare effected.
Directions for use are on the back of each plaster, with a
facsimile of Dr. Sherman s name. It is important you ahenld
alwap ask for tthtman’i four .Man’s PUiter, and see that
too get (he genuine, as th»f» arc mane wurthJew imitation
hawked aUnit and suit] for.'the true £hetman's Plasters, bj
onprinciplcd dealers, --,
Sold wholesale and rctail.hy TV, J ACKtSON at hia Patent
Medicine Warehouse, No. eV, Liberty street, Sign of the
810 BOOT. >• i*-4iy._
PERSONS- alfliclcd with Scrofula, King’* Evil
Cancer, Erysipelas, Old Sorea; Ulcers, Tetter,
Mercurial Diseases, or any other complaints ariiiu?
(ram nnpanlie* of Hie blood”are requested to
(tie following testimonials, id proof of the wonder*
ful properties of the above named ipcdteiue.
r KEAir read:: read:!! .
v-\V*. Ifad'Undersigned, hating visited Mr. Isaac
CrooVl, Jr.'it.thh olTico of Messrs. Rim and and
WtlUm. 37u Market street, Philadelphia, consider
his cise the utr at remarkable one stf c luvo evrr "it
ne»*cdor heal 4 of. ''
Ills disease was SCROFULA, ami terrible muat
ha>e lerii li ; twelve year*’ conflict with the dc
*tr«*)ci’. *
HisPalate,' e f ulifO roof of his mouth, No-c. Up
per Lip, and lower Ltd of the Right Lye have beer
ocatrmed. hi- > nee nearly eaten up. and part of tbe
Jaw Rone earned awn;. And yet we can give no
dcsenptioit of hi« cate.
Mr. K mlnirm ui tint in Ami an Ilir v hole |
interior nf Ini oKiulii, i.« well a» im»«t ot hi- ia r e
was a uum of beep and panda! ulcers!
On the llth 'hf January laid. he commenced taking
CEA. "hieh checked tf«r discaer in a lew days, aud
rorn that time the core tut progressed without in}
lertmasiott. ’
' -New flesh ha<t supplied the; place. of the de<rp]ul«
errs, snd thongt) badly dirligured,' !*!»■' fare i< »-«>urd,
sinl his general hcaltlm iMlo'cii.
, iVc arc assured Uu) in tlie trc-Uuirut .of Mr.
"Brooks' case, no, Meren rials or cAttsOc
application* fmvc l»cc*i used,—irt fact, (he PANA-
I.KA ALONE, harwruoght thi* wonderful change
ouvid Smith, Back* county; Pi. •
Charles L. flowand, Mfcadviltc, l'rawford cot’*..
I J W'Jones. M D .South Second street. Phila
Jacob Lee, Pemberton, N J.
■ K W Carr,44o N Fourth,-above Poplar si, N. 1..
S M’Cullough, Lancaster, Pa.
I r M Maddnck,lB North Eleventh at. Phila.
■ (' W Appleton, M D 46 South at: do
| Timulhf Marion co. Missouri.
Daniel Veakcl, Chesnut llitl, Philadelphia co. Pa.
John Horned, 39U High street, Pbtla.
William Steeling. M D, Camden, N. J.
William Hale, 3?8 High street, Phita.
j H Poller, Manufacturer ot Mineral Teeth, 109 S.
Nintliatreet, Phila.
L A Wollenvfeber, Ed. Pbila. Democrat ITI N 3d
atfeet, do- j
George W Menu, Brush Maker 1 , 317 Market St.
Esra Carr, 169.Chesnut street, Pbila.'
A D Gillette, Pastor nf Eleventh Baptist Church,
Jobs Bell, Ene Street, Philadelphia, (North Araer
can office.) ‘
Aaron Sands, 104 Catharine Street, Pbila.
Daniel MeGinley, Kessler's Alley. **°
Andre* Sweaton, Camden, N J
R H Evans.'West Pbila. '
Richard K- Young, Uilder, 409 Market st Phila
John W Aihhiaad.fiO South Sixth street. -do
T S Wagner,lithographer, llS,Chesnut street, do
B J Kensil, 123 Eleventh street, - do
Peter Shea Smith. Editor Native Eagle, , do
Joel Bodine, Glass. nianufaclurer, Williamatown
William Steely, Farmington, van Buren rn. lowa.
L B Coles, M D, Boston, Mate.
Russel Cantield, Phisioiogist, Philadelphia. -
Thomas P S Roby hi l>, Harrisburgh, Ps.
Peter Wright. 259 Market street, Phila.
James W Newlin. 103 Filbert sC do
John Good, 171 Spruce st. do
William. Une, PaatorSt. Paol's M E-Ch.Catharine
' St. Pbila. '
Jobn.(’hamber* r Pastor let Indep. Church, Broad
st, do '
1’ L Sanders, Publisher of Pledge and Standard,
Phila. ,
F P Sellers. Editor Olive B *rch. Doylestuwn;
Bucks co, Pa- - „
Wholesale and Retail by Rowand V Walton,!Pro
prietors, S7G Market St. Philadelphia- H E Sellers,
57 Wood st. Pittsburgh, Pa.; Wm. Th • •», 51 Mar.
ketsl do.; E U Perkins, Marietta, Ohio; caton &
Sharp, Marseille, K Y;John W Danenho«er,Cin.,
Ohio: >idell 6t Reeves, Madison la; MSoble, Louts*
ville, K V; Deverotick' A: Pellout. S{i Lotlis, Mo.
P il McGrsw, Natches.Miaat Hardhwav Ac John
vloii Vicksburgb,do; Charles Jeokini, New Orlean
hotel for invalids,
rivHE object of thi* eatabliahraent i« to mpply a wan
X xteatl) felt by reapecubletravcUraon our weatars
liiabway? by without family, uken «ick—
and by patient# from the aanoundingrown* and country
who iwort to thi# place fer relief from turgical and other
■li*en*e*. Such have offen suffered from the want of the
varioui comfort* and attenuoa# so necetamry and agree
able to the *ick, and from carele** and tuifailhinl nutter,
and been aul-i« Wed to heavy ami unreasonable charge*
Invalid" will here be provutnl with eon#tan|,failhl«t
and eoiufonablo Allcndanvc, aud nr« - muchiielnw
''"wiiUMhe (■an- of Ixtih pliy*!Ciatt« will be ezirudcd
every variety of di«ea«e, it i* intended by !>r Speer
nve-peonl attention to all -
ritmccr.*PL* to
disease* of the eve.
To there Imiicbc* of" profeuaion lie lm« jiven a
laue»U«*rvof lin* attention fortbelaat twenty-five "yean,
•ui] iic will eomiime to devote to them ihc experience
acquired l>y • con»wi»i practice dun tig ilirn time:
Tkc Hotel for Invalid* i» twt an experiment. - tin e*ta!/;
li'limciil i» euxßenirtl notonly at urcearapr to (apply »r>
emdem omi'mi U.Kcitjr. m tho -umreaftrenee of titty
rpecmlprovi-mm ten tl.r alw by
ihc -uctoe* of -miilar m-.iituUoiCs at Uuctiinaii ana New
OT j ( , #n «_il lc former antler the-care of Prs. Taliaferro
Mat*li»U*n<l s*tr*drr—lb' Inner under ihnlof Or. Stone
The lu-Miii* rclri irrt for the purpose ir pleasantly si •
oafedwi «l"* north bank of the 4Hi|beny rivci. near (b
A«itttdn« i It i» imnmodipur amt roomy,and fariiiidic
wiili nil iie-’cmtno.Uiion« nectary for thc'ait-k.
- At'rliratuni. for adini«.imt to l.c made to the <‘ub»er
brie, at ihurollirc on I'cnn Piltsborjib.tiral ij»-
esiablUlimnit. ' -- ....
!CrNo.oniacM..«..l.M:n»eirr,Ubcadß^ied. j q .
»! KUHN,. DM. :
WilOSßmeaimcaacen cgujU year*?- Lookm your
fall young wife, with her bright auuuy fact! Look
b< your own, pitted witb .eruption* and biulchee! Yet.
rou bic 100 mean lo give fifty cent* for a cake of ihe
e»eat Jialun Chetmcd Soap, winch wuolil cutirely-frcc
ydn from lUem, and make your yellow rkin dear and
healthy. Uoutonee taJaektokt’U » Liberty ►.!
Piu*l>ai«h.'and gctucake. i . m . ‘
N' U Jackami'a i* the only place, in rutabmjin where
the ÜBNUiNßntobe obumeti. Beware of Counter*
Big Bout aland* m the doorway.
mebb , . _
VfOROAMJ COL'OU SIfRUP-'-n ahould b*
JVI published and made known to the public.” ’flu*
waa the caprw»ionof an old man who tried the Syrup.
' Pimitrmoß, February*!* 1W-
Mr. Morgan:—Thi* may eeftiiy that belng'afflieted
With a troubleaome cough aome lime, {I bought a bottle
of Morgan'* Cough Syrup, and am happy to aay, alter
u*ine tt, my conga if entirely snred. I pronounce your
Coogh Syrup the beeltaedieinO ! have ever n»ed. No
fafliDv ahould be wlthontthis valuable medicine.
- DAVID MeROBERTS, Allegheny City ,
medicine i» prepared wholesale and retail
4tue Drugstore of JOHN P MORGAN
wpdd atreet, one doorbelow Diamond Alley
per bottle. ; frM
viag Greaaeapota, Staina,orA|arka
: Veoltexli, Carpet*. Ac., and- w sde * pot *
white it IP Applied clear, bright,
-Sol3 ewAlfuil dtrecliena. Fnee aseenta • cake. • -
VM.iACKSON.SP Liberty •‘nßktai*
of ,Vue(l,'«llififßoOt'and Shoe *tere, *'gn of thejßif
lN*«rt:<e Upper Bridge, AMetWtiay&tr J
riilli: proiM.-Jf-r*. uf iht-.Vimr Colton F-dory ie«pe« «•
1 tulh ioloiin ii>c
ini npeiHtioi> Haviugemployed,the eerv.ccFot C. W
llarnr* «« Nanaser, who ha* had an experience oi l‘<!
\ian m the laetnrlea of Allegheny City,
iliev would inlbmrNereham-and Dcxtera in genera'
t!i»’ they <h’!l alwayvbave on band tnpernr Com.:i
Yj,im'l alfNof..Batttlig»,'W«tpa I «ud Brown
of .utKiior make. KVOHiTldt^
N n -‘itdeVf lefi at the Mill, or •' the ,icmc ol rar
ern. lluulr* A «*o , It'S Libortfcalfeei. will l.e piojut")
aiirndtil in v wehB3d3nj_ A
rpm« >Uj.u|ji icry (fonts m/alland tooiolcie opera-
I, icceived mid replaced all their “r
• u neri tlie ia;e»i iuiprorciawiuj arc uowinaVins
„ [„bv) silicic of*-* Brown Sbcevuxt.. 1“”®'
t»i icd, iimid-'onic rood-,, [branded Allegheny If.,] aud
• !■> uoiiL-.of the aawe rtrle, in the cptjttu y;
■m. i.Aeii czclumrlv for the \V«»TM?i and tsoWiiaair
u«d-- Mrn lmit* visiting oor city are iyvned locall
and rumme proyioua to making purcbeaca. [Ordera
now ■ distance promptly ancadcq-KKJwijoofacy
fullyf flipped warm orde red. fcbtJßAwaaT_
Candle-Wick. Sattlna, Twtna, Corarlel
(Soeceoor* of Afbucktea A Avery,)
Jan .i Proprietota
THE above eatabLaiimeat being row in wceeatfol
oprraiioiuw* m« tnanafaetnring. very* extensively,
an article of heavy Sheeting#. well adapted to the mail
trade, which lor beauty and tjaaJny camot be excelled
by any other make in the country. The attention of
imrchaaeraUaolieitedloan examination. •
1 frllilSmtwll KRNNKD. Ifllll-TO fc O.
•'\Vh* Rboogh the emit* may nor ba explained,
' S,nc« their an- duly
not drln»ion. prejudice, or pride,-].
Indore mankind to set the mean* ajtfej -
Mean* whirh. tWsiranla, are by Heaven dewjn «l
Toalb viaietheill*ofnuman kind.*’
fplUr* remarkable invention, which ha* received the
1 iiulveraai approbation »f the medical proftMioo ol
(•real Britain, comprise* an entirely now application or
Galvanism,a* a remedialagent, bymsans 01 whiehtte
ordinary Galvanic Batiertc*. F-Wtne and Magn* ,lc J“»'
clone*. Ac., are entirrlydi*pen*ed with, and the myst*-
noil* power of Galvaniun applied wuhoui any ofttoe :
objection winch are in»«par»ble ft om the aencral «odo
now in oh. The Wrung do*«», and inopilar unerrtla,
in winch Galvanism it applied by the Machines, ba*
beea pronounced, after a fair and Impartial . b *
-tUtuudlw tnjanaur, and it war to remedy th£ tad’cal dfrd
feet that Utw new* application wa* projected, wbrt ti, *W
tor nnceaeme toil and perseverance, has been brougni ,
to it* preaeiii Mate of perfection. The Gait-ante *Jw
answer all ibc purpose* of the moat expensive Maj i
chine*, and in ir.anyoiber re»pects are inorc*n/» ana
«rfam m accomplishing the desired etfect. * I |
The Goteaatc Kinp a»ed in connection with the Wf ■
nttfe Flui.L orr confidently recommended to au *mr? I
dm which aritt/ratn a** tnfnbUd or waheatiAy ttatt tf
Ur sm*t *f rtrel#w*xan, and tbe»e complaint* are
among the roort rminlol and univrr*al to which w* are I
•object. They arise, without exception, fiouj ouc «in»* I
pie cause —a derangement of the Nervous ayjtem—
and tt uraa In these ease* lhai other ‘remedies haring
so often failed, anew agent was greatly needed, which
rt i* confidently believed, ha* been found 1« the ptoper
aud judicious application of OalTanilo. . . .
_ -The Guranic Bine* have boett used with entire sue*
m aUeaoea®f-ttHwic*Tt«, «e#ie ot^ronie^
ptjiiig to the head, face or brobei
■nwrtaeA*. Bn.uititU, rmtf t fwnvwtor Suh HtajUth*,
/nrfig*«M>K, Pota/yu*. falsg, EpiUptf, FtO, Cia*np,
PalpdatU., e/ t*r «««. ApofSy, bkffnm »/
Spinal Cor’ipbrint r, LuvAago, JV«nralgia, NrrrouJ Irt- \
wrr, DirziZL eft*'Head, potn in tA* and Wr, ;
Urntral UtbOitf, Nrreeti* I
wry. and off NERVOUS of |
confirmed .Dyspepsia, which IsnirapW » *‘f rv6 ‘ l *'“ e T 1
langemcnt ot the digestive organs, they uave been foond ;
eouallT socceMfu!. Their extiaordluary effects upon ;
the »y tie in mutt he witnessed to be believed, aud a* a
certain preventive for the preceding complaiuts they ,
arc cuuttl!} rccoinrociidcd. The Riitn art of different j
piicct.Umg made of nil sires, ami ® f ’STyjuiilE'te I
tuemoi puitcm*. and can be. worn by the mo*t delicate
female without the. slighter mcouventence. In (act.
Ihb seunafion it father agreeable than otherwise, \
The tiidvaaie Belt** Bracelets* Bands*
tiarters* Kecklaces, Ac. ■ \
In itunc caice.ofa verc revere chan»ctei,aud oflong
•rending, the power nptdted t'T »he Galvmwc |
i. ihm *nir;civttl tourrrrt t!.( piogfCM oMUcase and ,
ultiniMtelv hoaWn The -uiproved i.mdtficaimi l |
it, tlie Gaivaniv Welle, tftaeciu'*, etit.rel) tetue
,I,r, ibiaobjvcUoit; any degree of power that ts
readily he obtained, and no amplaiiit ’ which
the tntrtcriout scent of (ialvautsiQ tan encct-rruuaji
lo be perJmTmuUrrrliersd,; Tbcae
tH lothewutst, ann*. vnb-t?, Utnbr-,aucleh,orany pan
ci the body, with perfect eouveniotec- The balVßHte
Nerklo.-c* are with gtcater benefV '
Umitefnti'oraireilioni orfln: tLrual aefterall), al*"”ro
cAt- Soi Neivou* Denfnci.’i and with altooM untfonn
s prevenlive for Al’oplesj• El , ‘ lr r ,ir
»ii<l MniUrrotiiylainia. ...
Chru>th?’»Ha»ncUc FUU
i«u.*cd hi eonueetioii wtilt the Galvanic Ring* ua.* ll
ihrir modification*. Tlii*cfnipo*»noah»a been pro*
nounccd by the Freuclt Cbem*i. in be one <rf IM mm
extraordinary diKovcne* of modem Kienee. ll«oj
tieved topOMeulhc tgmarkabltp owerof tndwwf »
,ut rr» «ou»r«* • gofranie bytbi* nwana eaaam*
a ronceotraiiotiof the influenc, in-the acat OfdtaeMC,
Uiiw giving lapid.aad permanent idipf. no QW
composition in cherainr i* kncwmoprodoeetboeiijm*
effect.or to impart, emiilar property U> , “ e r ner iEri
i • mean*ofon outward local application. »fto
aznciic Fluid contain* nothing eepableofute info.. -
e*t injury; itt application i* agreable. and U t* a*
hannlesa i-i inaction at it ttbenafietaJ mite «»T».
Full explanation* and direcjioM-tttompmny It The
combined invention* in in every way perfectlyhana-
Icu; they are *old at price* wiutm the reach of all and
tbe J di*coverer only request* a fair trial uatettof
their summingefficacy and permanentbocSL
Christie’* Galvanic Strenjrtheuia* Plas*
. These articles form another valuable application of
the mysterious Influence ol Qalvhni«n. Thej are an
important adjunct to the Rtnra and
their modifications, actmf upon the same ptlnelple, but
bavin* the advantage of more local application. They
are confidently recommended a* a valuableadditwa in
the speedy cure of Rheumatism, aeueorefctooic; mall
nervous complaints, and as a positive remeor in caaea
of Pain and Wtainta in l tu Chat or Back, Pain sis <U
Sid* in dsfhmatie Afftcticm, and ift Wsahnsa ar Qaprw
lisn of tAr Pulmonary Or gam In Spinal Complaints
their effects are oi the room decided they
have often been used with complete suewSjThej are
i also of th«*re*u*iadtantafcLa Patna tad Weagaota
of the Breast, and ara highly recommended Car taanrof
those complaints to which females are espeetaHylUw*.
AS an eflectual means tor atrengthening the system
when debilitated with disease oroiberoauses;n#neer. |
urn aid in Constnntional Weakness, as a Praventiva |
for Colds, and all in affections of the Cheat,generally,
the (ialvanif Strengthening Plaster Will bo boa* ol
areat and permanent advantage. In it
embraces all the virtue* of the best toajo preparation,
with the important addition of the falvanle'lnfloeaco,
which is neither impaired norexhausieiLsrhile thaac
tion continues. Theac article* wilF be toottd antircly
free from those objection* which are a oocstaat aourre
uf complaint with the ordinary plasterr jn common use.
CAimol« t '
,10“ The great celebrity and sects* of theta article*
has caused them -40 be counterfeited by unprincipled
Eersons. To provide ag»ia«t impoaition, Dr. CBltftxr
as but one authorised agcijt ia each coy of the Unior
n#( „.*ni .. .<ct chy oi
Thr nnlv accnl in Pitubanb, W. W. WILSON.
Of the htgbe*l and inoo re»p«ieWecharmeter, are coo
•lanlly received, regarding the extraordinary 7aloe
and iuecrw of the above article*. It-is believed that
m the city of New York atone, upward* or KIGIIT
THOUSAND PERSONS, doringa periadef lets than
a year, have been entirely relieved of the aoat painful
chronic disorder*. *omeof| which have completely baf
fled all former effort* of medical an. Indeed many-of
the KrM pkyeietanv of tbia cltr, who diaapprove of the
Galvanic and Magnetic Machine*, conatantly recom
mend ihi* application in their pracuee, and vriui the ex
ception of tiio*e *Vi are. too prejudiced to give il a tri
al, the invention ha* received unanintoua favor with
the mo«t intelligent among the American Faculty. Dr
Chriatie i« at all time* ready and mo*t happy to give
oveiy facility to nhyaictan*, and all interested, for lc*(-
iog ine truth of liia tureniua* and the cfßeaey of hr
in PiU*hnrgh,'rorner 4th and Market
tepZodly . i .
Having been regularly rd
ucaieoto'liie medical pto
fer-itm, audbcen fortouie
lime in retieral practice,
now contuicahfaaUcniißD
10 ilie treatment of tWe
private and delicate com*
Iplttinta for* cppor
Vtanitle* and experience
' pcculiariy quality ‘him.—
Eleven year? aiN3smt r devoted w riic study and
treatment of those eotopl j tv\ (dornty Which lime he
has bad more practice aii«l i.«" cured more patients thau
can ever fall to the lot of a -V private practitioner,
ply ciuahCcs hint to offer as gnuices of speedy, f«r«a*
item Hint witiafactofy cure totll afflictedwithrfrUref*
diaca«e", and all direa-e? an-nig therefrom. . .
Dr. Drown would iuforui thovc afflicted with Jw*e*M
di-ea>cs which have be<-otuechronic by iinicorsggrSTa
ted liytlic nee of any of the common nostrums ot lhe
djy, that their complaint- van bcradica ly and thcr
miHilv cured he liavinc given bu caretul attention to
of mttaiuies m aifraj perron»ofmd»maWiiolUdJiech
ot the bladder, aad Sludied wbUrfloAen PMuli
nnu thos« caw* where ottais have coneiyned Inytr
hopeless despair. He paittculariy m*il«r*aeh U-bare
bccnbmgand unsuccessfully treat'd
n»lt him. when every sau-far lion will beyiveii thertiand
their cnee- treated in a careful, thorough and iiilelPgent
manner, pointed oat by long expencare, rludy and m,
vceugation, which u ia impossible -for thoeoengagvd to
i gcnc”l practice ofmedteim to give any one eTasao
[ d n!rilenu« or Rapture-Dr. Drown .'to.’JMtw
: perilous afflicted with Hernia to call, as he haa paid
1 particular attention tin* disease* ... .
Skin Disease*; also Piles, Palsy, etc- speedily eared
1 CHunresverylow. - .. . .. I
I N. Is.—Patterns of either «X living at adwacce j
by stating their disease inwrnmg, yirinfall th£ayte4
toms, can obtain aedtemes with dueetiaßdfer-Me, 'by
addressing T. BROWN, pettpaUa&dwretoi
*'cShce No. «5 Diamond alley, opposite the Waver ip
itOUK. . ..
fry Noeata.n par l . • deU,
EIVKR CUnPlsA'AfT—Another care perimr
cd by using the original, only use and genuine
Liver Pill* „ _ •
Astutm. Brown county, Ohio; I
March 40,1647. < .
Mi. R E Seller*: la April laat my wife wa* attacked
with Liver Complaint, and had the ad vice of two pbyt.
•■eiarta who men •rarioo* remedies whh producing aoy
good effect. Having heard ef year eeiebrated Li*«r
Pills, 1 concluded (ngivettcai a fair trial. J purchased
ooe box of Mr: SeotL Aberdeen, and g*»* Df m
ingto the directional) which ahe was greatly reoatrud.
I procured a aeeond box,.which entirely cured My, “J
: she now enjoya excellent health.. I haw
myself, tad preaoaaec them the best family madteiaa i
have eye* tried*. Yoara, py«^ w v
: BrriKW SS6
kaewn fcr the cure of Liver CoajPlaiat-
Scnfula IkM Jrf*. fr%*Q~l~' : —i Okf*"**
— mi— & fvtmltt eo A* Fees, JU*»aSe».
Jw£ cSmJbM ßrm,
lieu), Eafergennil and pun </** ~T?!*
SfbMem OarKSgrbtou Sfnpami.Setag**'“«•
*4«0,«”4 Du«*fs W' *”“**/£*•
dflU.-y, Aitifn or
bi{'- A l *a, CA*wre cWtorM** l W*™"* . .
rr& tuac>r«dmau*tration 4msSeen
1 h appictt result* tu many anotnaJoui
iti«cUteSy intended wB««»e voidwUcUexwtsbetween
eatbeftic and aperumt medicine*. beuce t|*
.on*' ij.-thni of an nlteraUvc direcrf) - indirect!). P*<b
t mg a larfiuß ‘wtic to-thr ■>) «cnt ....
It .r highly concentrated tor convenience and por»a
biht' , lOutaiiiiQg iiothitigbut tWo.e*pte*3eU.«W«».
and i- the ccpiO'cntativr. ef the SarfapanlU Root, id
the Mtnc laaiuM'X »•> <4nmine i« of Peruvian Bart.or
Morphine of Op urn- It i« an iftabli.bed fact, that *
few prmmaof either Quinine nr Morphine eontataanU
IV; tnodscnia! valacof a large quantity of thoomde
sabstsucei; heacc ihoatiscmm; ofthop* preparation?
-and no invalid would dewe io dnok anUonaixture
when a half pint contained the tame medicinal valne-
Tba Sar.apanllacan l-c diluted when taken agreeable
to the direction*. and made to *uit the Wile of the pa-
** The Stowing certificate addreoscd w l *J® Aftnl« *l
CUiemjto, furnisher conclusive proof of us great v»lot
,nr "*' M F ‘L v,tSo "'- Chicago, lU. Sept I*l W«.
Messrs gijbbios It Reed—tJentr. in May, °b
‘»Sna itw «o« * *» nle ofßa»d*&tmMris.lhftdf
wknibeo confined to my bed, witbom *J«ea«« •
accuußMd by violent pom from a regal a fcTOf *>reof
SJrSSSWoB my tigUier. My
JSetohiro uelimbamputated,saying“ «'*e,"«*F !
means likrly to preserve,my iif*' AAet 1
SfuUthe oinl«na to'subiide, and by the ume 1 h*d
bmrlvtbreeuttleo,iwaaoble totranoue t mytbf* |
bofbrel h*d
ili ! wi> n« well end toand as evefl bed been. IMX*
EVelhiliion in wyi«B that Sand’s
raeui*, under Provldenca.ofjusm* ia f;j. l s°i-!r. l .
’ doubt aotray life. 1 moM'cheertaljy wcoownd »y
T“.nJl« .iuuii fcrife p«ii£t.i«ffl of U>»
*»"*• mo.. ro.p.elfollyj AHES MILLEa :;-
The followio, eenib*& io oolr Uol im ihe
greoichoinof wMitnooy'to u* pentK. ■
* SouTHßot.rox,C*nide E*«,_Apni
M«m flujiu-Oemlemen: Expewd-»i wedfo f*
fetarsananlla. I have been sorely sALeied «w ® *«f»
witha diMoee about which-**doeto»*a
iheu prescription* were Mill mote diverge. .1 T*J
rioa* remedies but found no relief until I commenced
using your excellent mediem* tl-which time I woo
whollyconfinedto my l-ed- u ““* rt
I era now sblc to welt abotibride out,and «wy a com
fortable decree of healthy which I attribut* entirely IO
C e u*« of Sand’* tfitsaporilla.. I*len»e aceept my A*-
*" d '""jollN M NORRIS -
B«in« personally acq minted with.the above attic
fllhKv' Til MKHRIMAN I
Pamue TmntoiCT.—Tho: following ia an extract 1
Mter received j
f «i twenty team- suffering at t-mea what language
A. Crugk, *^ 1 b >'
Druggists generally throughout th« Uroted Bute*.
truer bouJe—tiX bottlea for »5.
The nubuc are respectfully requested to remember
Umt b it ia Baud’# Sarsaparilla that«is cousuadf
iS such remarkable eure* of tlie most < ****■» ««g.®‘
jiLue* m which the human frame is subject, there-
Sand 1 * Sarsaparilla, and take do otter.
•ASTHMA , , ..
■ whtt U* rtlimd hitria «eh »»bort Ujm fra Mo dit
Gculto of kroiiioj, CooiU jU oJocMKC? Ho
»iU ull or AU-
HnlitfW” A* th« «B«*pUT«
■vk.i ha* aUaitd bit Cotyb* rtaorta
ibtPaia is kii 8»d» IM Cbnt, ,
- . . rlieekrd .hit nlrlil tweult. j
th* rote of bealia . **
| \ 1 ms hit ekeek? tad
J VmnitlifM
1 gHK ww * yg OLOSAONIAJI,
ALL-HEAISo balsam.
,00-rf<.. Tl^BOtr3aL*ibc«*rtfte4jblrod^A‘o
lubJW BdicT mhieh U* V*« aneh P°* n
*> short a »r*« of time. Rt*d llie.feHowtflC 1
Aa tout alt Ins Car*** -,
W*. So*», *« orkbnirf bSw c~k;r
0.0 knol. Bo»Ah», k»U. IhU hll «fc; hp
»ilh A-lkoobt*J~o,»* WjE*"Sgߣ;
liof th» U* ** Otjical «d>«« »Uok
■rmVltn otiM «*■&*». wttiadaadtojrythlitmlTew*
noaHy nrD • ffltdayEUl
An3)i<tniiaaiuttl*ati4 «• “ 4»nal.«fc>» ■*
, £ , »SWI
•bout ou* half of om bottk. , „t ,
. Mr.CoWorr.aSWhit. *Uu*Vwit » lowa tto
: of Dcceabar toLttotb.
fraud* eat*rt»ix>Wj»o hop* offi*
deltatntbtOloaaasias, tadto hit
to lohtaltb tlilt btit to* tW« to talk iboot U*
*Mn iTTUtotln wik ofWa H. Agrfjlitaot^toMt,
Mr*. Taoc»otW t 33, Moorot rtmt,wfao too bw
i (rcubk* tat • pr*t Wurth of tarn to * 1
i bjwWdr^ntol
1 OJoaoekn, tad daekrall tfct f«*U* raandjr *■,£*??***■ i
i dSSm Ktua. 98 W*u> Mm*, wot tho wltewAjww ]
jKasaSfififflsgffl 1
boukao/ th* rtotodj'mbkd fcto'to f*tan to-ha-ttOy
* t SV» H *aSISS;S‘tSi, oTrool,Ooo W.B—U,
fcnaerijof Newark, N. JsTlCurj Uttoa, 1»
•tmt.oaA uuanroatothar pertQutow* .*•«* •
wraueuth cu*4 of »h<«m* bf Uuorraodp. , „
" • vtu Amy of BontM J
whfeh ro«U b» proioe*4 of pmow who towotej
MMd;would£s* Hm tiU'Mfcaau A I
££b dU«.i3eS.*L;Mr*.MCdßm.soAim
•£Tf. Rttflb.^ThkdAertu*,M» W».H.AUrtooflhn
ritV.kaa Mr*. AithttoM,® WWW »»- w ~
feUwbokaW nd rttoil bt WW. ??S l
kUdldsa Wwohoute nikMni Bhoo Wty, No«8Ub«-
t^otwrt,he*Aof Wood*tm<)Prtbhuch. Pr*»
1 ®RT—ABlettin*! AMiraele!! A 'Vradef!s
—To core Eruption* and DrtSforemtau ofraftMlo,
FiKpl*a.Froek£a, Sunburn, Ball Rheum, PrtorTy.' Sgw
H Foot "*r> U«Anf**t*lhe -capital of-F»*aee
in* a»tont*bed in coewqaeace of * oi*fo»«ry m*a* oy I
hi Italian CherniM. Many doabled—U *eemed aln»*i I
art impoMibiliiy thai anything made by ike hand* of
man. could ba»# loeb tiamlar power* a* that claimed
by Antonia Ve*prtoifbrni*'invention. Many clawed
him and hi* intention a* a rtttnbw, (and. ala*l many
Jocditrt pyrtooa ’ without trying. doThe MWJ
length. after totting it in*, the Medical So*
clew of Pari* [ihe be*t crtemut* m the worldjdelnerad
tlft foUowingreporttd SignorYeiprmi} ' i
-We ha*e now minoiely and eartfully examined lit
•inmilai inyentionof Vetprini." We hate analysed it*
'component pana-wthwmoteditln te/eral ea*e*,and
we -neniiate nol-to {the Italian Chemical
Soap] u a great rtleMing,' and a UuJy wonderfot reme
dy tor any cnianeoc* eruption or dufiguremenfof the
»kin. It* tntentor we consider the lio: philanthrope
0f * ofl^W nkind - LEOPOLD DDPREY
W ? * Premdpt"
Fnxn ihe inventor himself lo theprewaiPioprietor.
Pali*, Not. 4, IMO.
In consideration of the sum of S3£UQ, I have derai
led to Mr. T. Jones, rtsidin* in the city of New * oik.
N. A-, the whole process of manufacturing' together
with s statement of the lugtedirate composing my liaw
tun Chemical Soup. Ue i» to manufacture It for uue in
the United (State* only, and to have the privilege of no*
min* it“Jone*! Italian Chemical Soap." , „
Wimes*: Kerry J. Iloldsworth? _ -
- by W JACKSON, at hi* Patent Medicine
Warehouse, 68 Liberty street, bead of Wood, aithe
•icy of the Bis 800 - - _«.
Tlieonlrplacc'iri Pittsburgh where the GENUINE
ean beohtalned. All other* arc Counterfeit. _■
LET. i lew dooro liilo*
Wood street, toward* tho
market -
... Dtt* BROWN,
■’ No Cure, SoTiyl •
Dt. Jmtkmn' Pile* Kmi>rontti»n timr F9i* a'! •
THERE are few disease* more common or iron*
Ueaooto than ' Die Ptlei, and yet. notwkhiUad
ins treat eltorta have been made to cure by the «*e
ofpill*, electuaries, linimenta, &ic., all were lulile
audoi little benetiL Now the Embrueatioo it the
only medic tne'luted. A perron wlto i>u been suffer;
mg with (he Pile# of the wont kind came front s*-
Urn, New Jerray, almost, on purpoee to espraa* bia
gratitude for the apeedy care that thia medietoe bad
effected in bit cac.—Phila. Sat. Poat.,,:
aalc in PiUtboruh at the I'EKtIN TEA
STORE,?? Fourth st< and aUo ai the,Drug Store
IP. P Schwam, Federal »t. Allegheny City*
feb!BT . . .
Effectually auii apcediiy cured i»y ti«<ue»
the Ureal Hetoedy of Nature,.AMERICAN OIL
ltatiuofTnrfracutai'l)' reduce* Inflauiiuelloui and con*
warranted in all ca?e« to leave no seam or
wfaolcaaJe and retail by WM. JACKSON, athi*
Boot anil Shoe Store and Patent M edicine W******®;
.# Liberty street, head o'Wood, Pitirborgh* rnce w
cema aiw tl per bottle. ■** - ‘ '
W Jackin beins the Exclusive Ajreiufor Wa««rn
Pennsylvania, none i» geiioinc bat what i* •«“. > ,
or HI9 appointed Areuu, . ,
• febl7dfica
' T ADUC. Wta
1 A flftan full itffl flow IHJAA . ' _ m ll . . VA |r^ w
udubuMiTS'S('<»™’ ,l| o P«p*rcd
*vS&e itn p«rftcUr liu»tm,btiit rxuifajsf >ll
a!lVino»i ,«*!“«•; » M*M* “J" rtin » »•»-
I®, hTe«Jthr.«i* b “ M,f » e,eif i white, Mthewae
' s eo “ Bet, ?® tt **‘ n > ®*X ia l.l , ,* on
U Dr*Juae» Fr»ciie*l Chemin of M*m- ■
elreietW. «7** “Ater totljrtftt* jofte*%9j>»iUihLlll?
Wbitt* I taJ it potwMfi the mt beoatifml u 4 aim*
r«L u the mm tine l&oocetu white I inr.nv. I
ccnelalr e*Q cenadeatioulr reeoamesd it* «** to all
*wto*e Mia-reqidre* betmCrioi”
tn*FiiMlSei*tllbot' I
E7*aold by WM. i ACH®9N» •* hi* Boot «od Shoe
Store, eVLibnqr jaeet* head of Wood, u theatn of
the Ble 800t 1 • ■■ ■■-
YiitLOW OCHU-4bblibe« Abowu;.
3 do French;
--For -Jr Or > BCHOOttMAIBttCo
ip| tHII WfIKW
i DB. SWATS!ra
great discovery.
Valuable Medreuie. thousand* have been rcsto
red lo perfect health who but by ita u*e would sow
be in the silent grave. i
Akotmkr tivtiic witms*.—Read
rshment the wonderful cure performed'by. !.'•■ rtor
Swsyne’s Compound Syrup of WILD CHEEU V.
t'KiLii'kLrim, January iiS.ltt:.
Dr. Swayne—De*r Sir: In jusUce-toyourteli r.rd
4 doty l owe to suffering humanity,! cdeertstH
•me my testimony! aud-dcclare lo llie wd:io i*.V
most aaioaiabthg effects, and the great cure vour v
tompouoa Syrup of Wild Cbeny performed nr. me, V
urder UX most unfavorable circumstances. I «r»
teken with a violent Cough, Spitting of Blow. se
vere Pain* in the Side and Breast, which seemed
to break do*t» and enfeeble oiy constitution,* . Dial b
rarphyajCttnUtOOght uiy cate boToßdthnpowrr ot t
Dedicinc. and toy friends all gate me up to die; but
thank* to too and the effect* o! your great disrove.
tr I now feel myscll • fell ®an, * cd «i**d Ihw a
£tc skclttoß to B. u.d_be.llhv « «m.l
b.r. l*ecs for lOH red dull be plcaudlo jiT<- tr.y
inforaution tapecung m, *»«. by ci l»t u my
rMldeaee.MechtiuCilreel.third door below hfarge
rtreet, Northern Libertie*. Jacob PAi.TtK.
Talimonu u nolo received from all qUarltrtoJ
the Globe .
The following lelteiß oro pieieolei] wMb a rlew •
of more filly ihowieg Ihe omoloo. of PbrtiCi..o. jo
relatioß tolbe Mediell raloe oT !>;• S'VAI Nt S
Dr. Swiroe—Dear Sir: Harii g utid yoor I obi.
pound Srrao or Wild Cherry MtesMiel, in p, _
practice, !' iaa reqoeated by yoor Agcot, Doctor .
Crutcher to expreaa mr optoion lo wntipg ol its
propertiei a* a remedial rigent, i most chcer.ully
1 comply, a* l feel by sju/dbmg, 1 will discharge
fdebt I owe the'community at large, and Physician*
in particular. A* much a* I detest (Juack Htme>
1 die* and Patent Nostrum*, 1 was induced Iruui
a lailareof the most potent expectorants, re-coot- ’
mettled la our malens med|ca in some cases ot
Diseased Lungs, to uy yoor preparation ol Pionni
Virginia or Wud Cherry. ilia sufficient to say that «
[• wa* *o moch pleated with the result of that and
) subsequent triafe, that I now prescribe it in prefer
ence to all other Remedies where an expectorant is
indicated, to the much dreded Pneumonia or
Disease of the Luoga, in the alarming Jona in w hieli
it appoara in Kentucky, 1 regard it as an invaluable ,
ReoedrUn the treatment ol that disease. To all
who know ma I have aaid enough, bat as this may
be *«en by person* out of the vicioity-ol Frankfort.
I will briefly add, that I hare been ergaged in an
aetire practice o! my profeaaion ol 1-2 years,and am
a Regular Graduate of Transylvania, and this is the
first Patent Medicine 1 *ver_ibought enough ol to
express an opinion in writing.
J. H. Eitiso.f, M. I>. *-
, January 7th. I&I7. Franklin County. K>.
U Frarkfort. Ky., Jan’iy «ib. f«4i.
1 The above certificate is f*om one of our Physi*
cisns lifioa a few miles from here, he is doing a very
good preeuce, and i* considered a goodsPhjncian.
and stand* fain he i«. aa be aays, a regulargraituau-
Dr. W. L.CRi'tcurit,
.... Druggist and- Apothecary.
- Tentimonials irtll never reoit.
j From the Temperance Pledge.
Now that Winter ia upon ua with' it* attemUu t .
train of Pulmonie and Bronchial affections.! *ua g b*
Colda. &c. &c . we would advise those afflifted is*
thi* way to make Immediate trial of Dr.Swayoe’*
Compound Syrup _ ol Wild Cherry. It will mtc*
fail to perfi rm a permanent cure. The reputation
of this medicine ha* cawed many apnriou* articles
lo be put forth under itt name; but the preparation n
of Dr. Swayne, besides being the firal ever ofiereu *
to the publie, is the only one that can bo relo d on.
The other mixtures soldfor Wild Cherry Sjrap,
Balsams, ike., are all spurious and worthies*, ana
contain none ol the virtues of the original prepare*,
lion, Dr. Swayoe's Cotnpouod Syrup ol Wild
Cherry rom the Springfield Rxpkeils.
Of the thousand* or porp° rtcd cuntire m*-irum*
now before the public, but very few are im.ndt..
nuesesatbe besling tirtneifor which they .tre m
commended. Among the latter we arc pleased U*
team none stand a belter test than Dr..s»nyne’e
Compound Syrup ul Wild Cherry. 'I be afflicted
in thia.vicinity are beginning to use it, and in their
ioy they find in ila u*« their hopes basul upon iU
recommendation* more tlwn realirctl. The affiietcd
need not despair- While there is lile, there now ■*
" rrySineetbe Introduction of my article to 11. e
buhlic, there hare a Humber of unprincipled indt
i vidoalsgot op nostrums which they aseert contain
' Wild Cherry, some art'called-Balsams," •• Bitten,’
1 and even Syrup of. Wild Cherry, .but mine ia lW
' orifina) and only genuine preparation ever introdu
ced to the public, which esn be proven by the pub.
-lie Recordi of the Commonwealth-of Penntylvacia.
The only safeguard againat impoaition ino roe that
ni, iignsturt t. OB Bad.
Freparedonly by JJr. H. S«»tsr, at his I’nnci.
pal-Office, eonier-of Eisut and Race' Street*,
rhiladetpbia. AH Wild Cherry preparations being
ticUtlouaaud counlerfelt-vriihout hia sigrtirrie, ;
For sale iu I’iltiburgl. wholesale and retail by
WM. THOKN, W Market awed,
OGDEN*. SROWDEN, corny lied A. Woodsts.
S. lBO Liberty slrecL ; ,
Sold also by J Mitchell, Allegheny Ciiyj Boyd,
Csrns * Co., Boiler; Weaver fc Hcndeimn, Mer
-een Norman Calendar, Meadrille; 'J : tt Bnrton *
Co.. Erie; M’Kcnaie & Kaskell, C.lerelatdy Dents
Sc Son, Colembus; Miller, Brownsville; Mynfi*
Wheeling, Va.; K B Hinman,Cinciunati,Ohioj Dr
*■ Co., St. Louis; J. S Morris 6c \Co.,
Louisville, Ky.; Andrew Oliver & Co.. New Or
rnow oatremUy acknowledged to be the IN*
FALLIBLE REMEDY for Rheumatism, Spi
nal Affection*, Contractions of the Muscles, Sore
ThrtNt aad Qninaf. Dance. Old Ulcer*, I'arne in tie
Back and Cheat, Ague in the Breast and Face.
Tooth Ache, Sprains, Bruises, Salt Rheum, Burns,
Croup. Frosted Feet and all Nervous Diseases.
TheTRiUMPHANT SUCCESS whicb-has ai
te&ded the application of this most WONDERFUL
MEDldNEia£rtng the most severe ease* nTthe
diflerent Ihseare* above named,—and the HIGH
ENCOMIUMS tbit have been bestowed uponii,
wherever it has been intmdnced. gives me the right
to call on the AFFLICTED to resort at once to
° rrThe faculty enite in recommending the cele
• sited External Remedy, Hunt’s Liniment.
The followi'ag letter frojn the ; highly eminert
Phyaieiana who have been atUcfcedto the Mount
Pleasant State Prtsoo lor many years, is the best
evidence of the faloe of Lhis celebrated Liniment.
Si«o Si»o,December %, 1845.
; My Dear Sir—l received joor note of yoMerda),
asking my opinion in relation to' Hunt's Linlraenr,
as prepared by Mr,George E Stanton. Knowing
its composition, and banng Irequently a red it. 1'
'ean recommend it to you as a safe Eaternal Reme
dy Mia is ay opinion, the best Liniment now ia
. Very truly and mijectglgjounj^^^
\ Col Piene VanCortlandt. Croton Manor.
1 hllj concor i. lh.
Vorktows, Jan. 14, 1546. .
Sir— to jour letter, I would *ay that
have used jour external Remedy, called Hunt'*
Liniment, to my pmtlce tinee you made.roe ac
quainted with It* composition, and unhetitaucgl)
u> xhMX, I believe it to tie the best Eternal Heme
dy now in use lor the eomplamu Tor which ten r«
commend it. Yoarsrespectlully,
Geot '
T hroni tho N \pon.
XTAmoag the maw of worthless article* and
humbugs that are ponred forth at the prevent da*
upon too tountry, It w really refreshing to find
something of real practical utility, something ami
pie, speedy and edectnat in it* operation, and cl
the aatne time free from toote injurious efleei*
which generally attend powerful remedirs. Hunt*
Liniment, prepared by Geo. K Stanton, ol- Sing
Sine, though it bn been hula abort lime hefon
too' public,'hat already obtained the confidence, nw
only olour moat wealthy and inlluential
but our moat eminent.physician*. . All acknowl
edge it to be a sovereign balm for many of the UL
that flesh it heir to, eootbing toe aching limb, and
by its genuine stimulating influence,banishing (lit
ease from thesyvtem.
Mr. Stanton-^Sir—Seeing your aiHcrfiiemeut
ofHunt’i Liniment, 1 waa induced to try it* ederU
on my eon, whd had been crippled with a law*
back from an infant; and it ia with gratitude I beas
testimony to He wonderful healing properties. M/
child, wboianpw five jtarsolagc.ia now iaafi.ii
DEMM^7.^KERS o N .
’ , pony Qrnce, Towy i ns. Putnam Co.
I certify that 1 am peraonalh it with
too above named child, and think toe ftther-wnuW
be sale in saying that hit ana ia almost wnll.
1 ■£is» W DVKMAN.
W0t5,1543. DcpulJ ,
t*. S. I would gleo slate that 1 hava.iiseo tor a
number of yearn eubject to ircqocnt attacks nl the
Rbeumalism. which in ouny • instances prctentwl
my attending to my bnaioes*. ,iwo «' , t, -’? e *PP‘ -
cations of the Liniment mveneb y remove aii nt
fecUona of the kind. In ewe. oi brms«.
andeoree,loonutneroue to mention,-it: l.a« m »hi
vicinity proved a certain r *“** < {' r * * . _ it f
only bs estimated by those who have given it a fait
Tbi. I.u>im«» •»««*? 40 'V’lt p " k b °!'
Ue by all toe end Merchant*
.» S'* IW-.
RUSHTON A. Co, 1 it) ». roadway.
'A B dc 0 SA.NDS. cbrncf-Knltoii and William.
USPINWALL. 86 Williamstreet,
tinier* addressed to mo at Sing Sing, N Y, win
be attended to. GEORGE R STANTON, .
I - ‘ ■' • Proprietor.
Korsale in Pittsburgh by L WILCOX, Jr. and i
HDD & Co. Allegheny City; JOH!? SARGENTs
BirmlngtuP.JOHN SfldlTH; Jfcbtt
:mBIS medicine U lasttaking the pltce of *r eiy
; JL treoataiioaheyeiofore need for di»ea*es ariaiifg
front Weakaeae or other causes.. AUthai4n,Rece»‘
sanrto secure tbta medicine a plica in the Dosser
; tier notice of ever? family, woes each • medicine
is needed. Isia trial.
It speak* for itseU—-i« innocent in its operation,
and no injury eta arise from its use at any time. -
Wholesale and Retail by ROWAND & WAL.
TON, Proprieties 376 Manet Sheet, Pbiltd's^
: For sale in Pittsburgh by R E Sellers, 67 Wood
street and Wm. Thera.aiMtrketst. . orfd* T
neatly dyeing Light, Red or Gray 11*'* •*'•**•
Brown of Week eolor,. without dyeing or
•kin. Sold with fell dirattioan, rriee ®
“ (E7-»Jd &7 W*. JACISON, u til P«“V55i‘ e isl
Wuduue, 9 ÜbotlT «n«, i»d of Wood, « 0»
For sal* by
t do Ametteae; •