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pmsuuMi gazette.
by ebastus linooKK
»'?*>■•• • IIOZfDAT WORKING, APRIL 26, 1847.
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• Ttmicnna Dailt Omni ,* nuKisUd
:Psßir, Tn-WrekJr, Weekly. Tie Dm dr tsStrea
fiollasspvr theTf^WeeSiy.« Five Dollars p«i
aaatuUt the Wwtly is Two Dollars ocr annum, ttnctly
in mJvancc .
. _ , *QW »u AdTertl««r»,
•.?* •' . uT*' to aecute insertion, should lie
: bOMMi&Oy BTfaetock in the afternoon. Attention
x-tetai*.eaUiep»nof oareosiMoer., would 1* pn».)uc
•- ■' : dTeorinmaafbtnefit. I
JA.usg uvis,
(of cccrt* conm )
JOHN CSUNKEL. Dauphin County.
WILLIAM M WATTS, Cumberland:
Daniel m smvser. Adam*.
JOHN P Wt.THERII.L. Huladelphia C.ty. <•
. ■ THOMAS McGRaTH, Philadelphia County
, UILLKR LUTHER, «erk*. '
\ ROBERT M UaRD- Franklin.
• \ THOMAS ,M T M’KENNAN, Washington.
* ANURKWJ OIfLK. X>picf*et
• t HARM -»K DKN »Y. Aiicgrtcny.
RtUHARD Itt" l?f,
i • i H Kl il sS, WePtrnoxrltnd
! O J Hal.UKmc.
H l> M .Xtt KI.L. Northampton.
j it •'Al.lMi,' RV. i<u»qu«Dnnok.
El.”A>tN9 I I 11, V\ \ommg.
'<fc.NRV S EVaKSChetier.
ROtIKK T T i'O'n^.MonumrejT.
For Ut# Foreign marketa see commercial bead.
Let bi be bumbled for our Lout*!
And for our ofiencee too, many will add. There
is occasion for both, and wherein we propose in
,1' • few words lo state to our reader*. Wc hare jub 1
"7 testified our joy for victories, obtained by our ar
' mies in-Mexico, and with a proper sense of whit
• U due lrom us as. publieJoumilisia, cannot con
v went to withhold what is undoubtedly the public
sentiment of a large portion of the moral and re
ligious community among us. We psrticipaied
■ in the illumination of the citv as requested by the
~ . Mayor, in accordance with what seemed to be pub*
• j lie sentiment, and fur the reasons given by us in
/ tho Gazette of Saturday. We find real occasion
' for thanksgiving,—iiot that so much Mood bin been
i' j " abed, or that our Government has waged a war,
&c. both of conquest and upon the Constitution,
. God forbid we should eTer rejoice over butchery
' or usurpation.—but in the fact that when the bat
tie raged,ourooußtiy'sarmsweretriumpbanL We
V.- love tho land of our birth,' —«vcn its vices and its
follies too well, we confrs»—not to feel a thrill
* 'hf joy, when' told, that in fighting against fearful
?. odds, it has proved victorious. Much as we de
f- test war,—and in our very heart we believe it not
only unchristian but devilish.—we boil amt em
brace the sentiment:—“Oun cocstht mat *hr
Perhaps, tested by the *C«rc*t >)hleai'of clbiei
OT«a a eenliment like this Will be deemed blame
.able. Wo cannot help it, and the only answe
tee make to it U this: We tied our country in
Tolted in a foreign war, —and invoked in it !•;
Executite Usurpation. We find the Congress o
the United States ifeogniziugthe existence .f ilu
war, and appropriating millions of mmey, and
thousands of men, fur itj prosecution- It, (h<r<*-
fore, has the sanction of the Gnver ument, though
.wo believe it has never rtceived the constitutional
approval of the proper Departments of the Govt
emment,—-and we cannot, deny
its existence, or withhold tho earnest desire we
feel, that if war must come, and battles mutt ho
fougM, our flag may never he lowered to
who are fighting against it.
Bat we doubt very much if euch a war, or Tic
tone* ever such an enemy aa Mexico, affords the
proper oecstioo for rejoicing. It is not England
wa are coping with, nor France, nor any uf the
great power* of the world, but a nation weak
- prostrate, tom bv .-intestine division*, andi
otto of those doomed people who raiae their
hands'againal every man, and in rctam find every
man’s band .raised against them. For a nation
like oars to whip such a toe, aa a mete point of
honor, is about as honorable a* it would bo for a
fail grown noy to whip bis grandmother. The
war, indeed, seems all the more monstrous to tu
Wtt*-n me r»memb«-r bnw we have slunk away
b fofe a f«eol *qual strength with ourselves. It
'tiok a tong life time—fifty-nine weary years,and
half of them spent io diplomacy—to settle the
q-.«S!6' <>' Boundary upon the North East with
Eiihifioi. It took nearly as long to find out who
owimo! mo«i of Oregon, England or ourselves, and
■Her daimiog. M tbe whole or none,” we ate our
■mills and yielded up that to which the Execu
tive and his Secretary of State, who negotiated
the treaty, declared our claim waa “dear and un»
We yielded the payment of five millions of
dollars to France, by treaty, for wanton Spolia
tions\committcd upon American Commerce by or
der of the French Government, and yet, wbrn it
is Mexico, and not France, who owes our citizens
a debt for Spoliations, then, like King Ricbjtd,
oar “soul ’■ in arms and eager for the fray.” With
bomb shells, we can storm Vera Cruz, “upon a
L polnt of power,” and ptu by all tbo frowning
battlemcnu'of JobnJJull and Johnny Cr'apeau,
from Hallifsi to Algiers, with salutes of brother
hood and of hearty good wilL These are some
of “our good old Anglo Saxon customs,” as they
are called, that .make us; ashamed, not of our
country, but of those miserable myrmidons of
power that fear tbo strong man armed, while they
would lay the hand of the heaviest oppression
upon the weak. Events like these, which the
people have i&buked mote than once, and will
again, afford irf'no occasion for joy.
Nor docs war in any of it* forms. We loathe
it carriod on by oar Government, as webavo loath
ed it carried on by France and England in Algiers
andlndia. We have hsanl our orators in Congress
“split the ears of the groundlings” with their
* abundance of superfluous breathes they have n»r.
«d against“old lEnglanJ” and “Young Franc*.”
' making widows and orphans in a war of con;
qu«t. Wo are doing tin* *e!f-aamc thing this
very day of our Christian era, 1847, Tbirfield 11
which the God of Peace has made fair and beau
iul with the fruits am) flowers of Spriug, we have
crimsontd with blood. The homes he baa mad£|
hippy with the smiles of womanhood and child,'
hood wo have nado desolate by death. The con
notation we speak to the young andtinnoesnt who
' have lost the protecting wings of husband* and
fathers, is from the brazen throats of our death
dealing canuon. ; The houses and workshops of
our citiee-have seemed as dancing in the light of
more than the that illumine the heaven*,
and yet,at such's lime, tho very windows of the
•oulhave been htmg in the drapery or sorrow for
the loss of those slain in battle. J« this the only
consolation wo have for widowhood and childhood
and orphanage! We mean to utter no homi
lies, for we despise them, out of practice, almost
«• much •• war itself. Onrcohvictinn i», that nil
war* are disgraceful. This is no new dogma.
Oor own Franklin said,—'-All wars are follies,
audit would be better for nations lo'setrle their
difficulties even by the cast of a Jic, than by fight 1
ibg and destroying each other." And Jefferson,
the boasted oracle qf our war-loving democracy,
is an instrument entirely inefficient
towardairedreasing wrong, and multiplies,instead
of £od««n‘o l,D l loesee.”
Dr. Johnson wrote for ua, aa well os his own
countrymen, when he aaked at the conclusion of a
long war how men ware to be recompensed for
the death ol multitude*, and the expepse of mil
lioh*, but by contemplating the sudden glories ef
""paymasters sbd agents, contractors and coromit
siooer*, whose equipage* rise like meteors, and
„boae palace* rise like exhalations! Hera we
have another of the fruit* of war, but' we will not
eolorg* upon of which we recently
' badoccaatoo lf, however, this
nation »• ever; to bowsed from the eurseol ■
race of military'Chieftain*, flcttfcd to places of
high civil position and ieMmioJntmtut be by cul
tivating the bteenng* of than the arU
of war. , ■ /
We hirpudht reader will bear with ua 0011 mo- j B«W BOQKS. , Tbt City lUu»
meet longer. In the Goxernmeot Orgen .1 . We ere gI.J to leero Hut the llook bu.inefs U , The cil; tn. in .Uw of light on Saturday
VVeihington, w. tend .King „f 0» ttne da- | tereuing In Pittsburgh. end thel uotwithataud- c-euing from eight to ten or eleren o'clock. There
eigMof the nt upon Heiie»;‘ Iliaamd there on ing the Veit amount of busineu done, there l» no were men; exception*i among the cmiene, hot not
| thie 13th of April tbit General Scott-ie now ad-l lack of reading here, in the county or in the conn- enough to mar the general brant; of the aeene.
saucing hi, ttlumphaot rule, upon thecpit'd. to «» •'“•W | From b,lt “P» “ i“” ** »'7
- ...... t ~i I which Cincinnati or auv other \V eslern ciiy can , river, the ciiy seemed like a blaze of fire. Ihe
conquer a reluctant peac* from that infatuated, | wu . w . fc , - ■ . i‘ .
. , .- . ,j. , „ * hare for lbs Bovk business, and baa a right to aery atmosphere was illuminated, and even the
untst-ridden and armv-tvtatn people. . 1 . .
. And elwwhere we a",e told that -the credit of >“ k f “ * ■ h »'« ° f “>« "» J '' fh ' -'eWtahmenu ; moon and the el.t. rented pale before the bnl
haring accompliehcd pdf fhia belong. , me large and well applied with ever; d« | liant coloring of light. W e bar. not room no,
to the prerent administration.' And Me. Polk bai ° f b °» l “' IVo hs ” , ‘ c ' iv, ' J ,h ' '‘’"-“■S time tbi, mornmg to do jcuce to the d„pla;, and
. .. , , . , , .-.L node® j least of all to the crowds of people who thronged
to this instance, again redeemed the pledge ol the ...
_ . . ' „ “Education, its elementary principles as foun-.i the city. It seemed to os like the masses one
a t more o0n»eouon. . | Jed on the Nature of Man,” By J. G. Spurzhcitai. i meets m New York ol a gala day or night, when
So. then, the U.lttmor. Contention pledged u. ( 71b Uo a. Fowler de Wplla. pi. V. Fo, .ale . InuUilul!r ,, Meht 10 j,, h „. The New
to tttia f-reign war, as it di'J to*** domestic war i by H. 8. Boaworlh Sc Co., Market street, with . ,
upon the tariff, the currency, common two pampblelU, one entitled Temperance. and ur sr l,r a rr * WoU * r y ,Te ma e
ownership of the Public Funds. We are warring • on Phrenology «»d Physiology, and ;il»* ; room for the throngs of people who were parading
* * other upon the evils of light-lacing, ot wmcliwo ihecity. The house* were deserted and the streets
too. upon . IWe.tWn.y.enpfr, .re we. It .. . lb ,„ u but |UUo in pentice; -S-uud : IVr . f,„ m Al ,„.
the religion of-Mexieo that we are to conquer,— waists or no wives, is the motto of the book, and • ~
it. churches and it, altars, .1. priest, end thou, j a good one fo, men in uwrch of a wife. 1 «■•"» '» «*“ *' lwm '' “ uJ »'•“ •«»»
whonill die to defend their bith> W.sirfo, thi. | o |Jn WB; .Neville U. Cm,. pel- . .be neiglibrnhood around.
, j. , • i lished by WriguX & Charlton. To those who AmongtlioeilulntioiiswcromaiiylranFpaien
the Executive made Uua war' Is »t lor this, our | j kemernber the eailv history of tbo couu-'l . . , f * . . , *v...
arm; i, -ul-ancing iu triumphant to .be | ~,%„d “eTd of 1 c, “' “ nJ m “‘ “ f ,ht " ,h ' hc ™ ot Bucn.-V„-
Capital"' Was it lor this, that two Peieala, ofthe j fathers, a work like this ,nu.l Iw of real interest..l « wnenilwred with ihe admiration becoming
order of Je.uit., were appointed from the George- 1W« have nor had lime to read Ihe March num- ! hi, piildie service. General Scott was temember.
j town College a. Chaplain, in the Arm;,-in dir j ,7' '“**””*• *" J
vide one order of the Priesthood against another, i'acqaaintarice with the olden tin;*'. . ’ c ear ' ln ~,um{ d*s wef * doi
and to pull down the Churches of Mexico oaer ! Tbe f jUu „ in|( , Kwt , be (oU! ,j. „ rtw .! ,l *"' “7* -Mel. J “'
the.head, ol tbe de.o.ed wor.hippers within!— of Lutb Loomis, Agent of the liarpera, Apple- i ' ln B u " l,,!j ' ,l " “> ■>“ interior. If it lw ro,
An Army-ridden-people; too! And thia, when. , olub and olheru . hcieafte , w, mav evpret llinl the nnlj remembran
jea. now heard the, propoaition H i.ud; of U.e Valle, of the Mi... j ',,oo< l. ' ha ' ,h "'
through Senor Atocha, to keep np a Standing Ar- ufjppi; 1 \ a .« vok. and giving a history ofthe) ‘ *' ® IMUW human misery that may be
ray of ten thousand men upon the borders ofMex- discovery and settlement ol the Valley ol ilto ( inliictt-ii. Uur boniiret* and lights should then be
ico, to.ensure peace end independence within her
borders! - Shame upon such. i man, and upon
sacb motives and objects, for such a war. To
what end does'lhe Constitution prohibit an Amer
ican Congress from passing laws ‘‘respecting an
establishment of religion, nr prohibiting the fall
exerciscTlheteof,” when the President appoints
armies himself, to conquer M a Priest-ridden and
Army-ridden people!”
At such a time and for such s<snduct it becomes
the nation rather to mourn thin rejoice,—to xnourn,
lor tho slain in battle,—-for lbs grieved to spirit, |
who have l*etn afflicted by the dcsolatioos of War,
—fur the just principles which have been trampled
under foot, and for the unjust detnls which stand
out in almost every prominent act of the Admin,
i-traiiou since the annexation of Texas. Christian
turn may well think that for all this there is equal
jccasioo tor adsy of fasting,humiliation and prayer,
- for a day of illumination and public rejoicing.
oathy with the afflicted are equal to out
sympathy with the afflicted are equsi
>vc of pomp and parade for success in battle, or if
jur regret* at the misdeed* of the Government are
cijuil to oSir real to serve a party, we shall*cer
tainly find ns much occasion for the one as the
We cannot belter dose the subject before os
than with the following extract, from a recent let**
tor of Mr. Clay in reference to the war, which
our readers have nut seen. Speaking of the war
he says :
“The brilliant achievement;, and the glorious
laurels acquired, during its prosecution, gratifying
as they are to our national pride and character,
can never compcn.«ate for the exceptionable man
ncr in which it was begun, the braveand patriot
ic livrs which have been (sacrificed, and the fear
ful issues which. 1 tremble in contemplating, may
grow out of its termination.—But I have not now
a heart to dwell on this painful theme. I turn
from it with hope and dutiful submission to Him.
whore no doubt wise but inscrutable dispensation
has permitted this awful calamity to visit our be
loved country.'’
—We know the tacts related below from the Ports J
land Advertiser to be (rue, for at the time we >
were an bumble looker-on in the conflict then ■
waged betweeu the Slate of Maine and the (Sene- j
ral Government upon tho one handcand Great 1
Britain upon the other- Mr. Van Buren was j
then President of the United State*, the bland, |
Autily-i’pokvii Mr. Van Buren, with a tongue more
oily than the content* of an oil flask, and with a
smirk upon his face, borrowed from Old Momua.
Like all'other pretender*, he was one of your,
men who “talked much and said nothing.*' Eve
ry thing was promised for Maine,: but nothing
eras done, as every thing war ihreatenad against
England, and nothing p«*'f The Oregon
hurrah was another “mud, jJo ub >ut nothing,” in
which Mr. Polk played Mr. Van Buren over :
again, or rather went t step beyond him in
empty profeeeionV Alt this, however, was to be
expected from the nun. He was very polite to
John Bull on both occasions, while we have
blustered and bullied Mexico into a war which
haacoslus tkwsanii of fires and ru of dol
lars. The Portland' Advertiser make* tho follow
ing remarks on the difference of conduct whieb
hu characterised men of the aitao party when
tho principle was the same-
In 1839, when the territory of Maine was inva
ded, and its dismemberment threatened. General
Scott appeared in Augusta, before the Executive
and legislature of this State, sent by a “Demo
cratie” administration as a “paaficatur," to quiet
the hostility against British aggrestion, to per
made Gov. Fairfield to withdraw bis troops, and
ip give a written stipulation, that be would keep
the peace. He came also to give to the British'
Provincial Governor,thestipulatioh of the afore
said “Democratic'’ administration (hat the peace
akvuld be kept In all this besoceeeded.
to 1837, Genexal Bcott, under tbeordeTs of a
kindred “democratic” administration, speaking at
the other end of the Union, despatched with
twelve thousand troops, and a large naval force,
on bb mission as a “conqueror," Ay the tlaugktrr
of men hundred women and children, compels
tbo surrender of Vera Crux and its Castle! -
Was the difference in the original aggressions
of the two offending parties— Brxti.fh and Alexi
can—so great as this difference in the results!
The Qrogon question was settled ebout a year
ago. If it bad not been settled, does the “demo*
cracy" think that Gen. Scott would by ibis time
have compelled the surrender of Halifax?
Would he even hava been ordered by Mr. Polk
to invest and bombard that-firi/i-vA fortified post’
'When will any American general hive tbe op
portunity to kill seven hundred women and chil*
1 dfyn, in a fortified town belonging to a nation
equal in strength to uunwlVet? * i
Tbe supporters of tbo Wiimol proviso at ihe
last session of Congiess gradually cooled off as
(hey perceived that their U*k was hopeless, and.
many of Ihq most slrenuoup .defenders of the
mil-slavery clause, nay Mr. Wiimot himself, par
ked 1 believe in perfect good humor with the
and thomemhersof the Cabinet; though
tbe Utter were kno"n unanimously :to oppose iL
The Wiimot proviso will he no serious obstacle to
the conclusion cf peace on a 'liberal basis; fur
while the government U probably notdisposed to go
down further than the thirty-second or thirty.tbird
degree f'-ir a frontier, and the degree is
recognized by tbe Missouri (Compromise ss the
proper limita for slavery, it can ha{Jly be suppo
sed. by the warmest friend of “that .any
Southern slaveholder will settle, with his “pecu
liar species of property,” on the] little strip ot
land between the 33d aodiJCth parcllels; nor can
any slaveholder rationally insist on that portion of
territory, being, in express terms, reserved for the
slaves by treaty.— Waihingtoncor
rtajiond'nce pf the Philadelphia ■ J.edger.
We hope no body is to be caught by such po
litical clap -trap as this, which.eminales from
one in close communication with the Stale De
partment, where negotiations in reference to
Mexico will be conducted. It U with us, and we
believe, with avast majority of the American j*eo
plp u tine or i/iui *u>n, that file re shall bo nomore
Slave territory added lo l bo Union, nor will we
consent to trust anything to chancel in the matter.
The Texas humbug,—the broken promise of e di
vision between free end slave territory,—stares oa
too conspicuously in the face, to trust to any delu’-
lusive enlicipalisn hereafters
In regard to Mr, Wiimot end his Proviso, we
have fconfidenee enough in the man ml know[«
edge enough of the facta, to know tin he did not
part upon good terms with the Prwkent. We
warn him, however, and Ml freemen, Lelong to
what party they may, to beware, they arc not he.
trayeil into another Texaa juggle by Use political
huckster! at the aeat of Government «
Bxiito?*, dedioea being a candidate fri
tbo Presidency. Hefbould have remembered the
liule song:
Will ywi marry w* my pretty, amid?
Ye# if yoapbase, sir .ihs nni, >ir th' 'Oil, . .
l.Wh*l»» roar fertane, my P«**T nuidr
Mr fan ii wy tartans, »ir *b« «d, iir »*« w»d,
• 1 TKrn I*ll «wt marry you my pretty mid,
at kid yev. »V ils #efcf, nr iV ia»J’
Mr. Benton might hate walled for no invitation
before sobimUiDg hie unwiUingneas to serve the
country*! the White Howe.
Mississippi by the three great European powers,; :
Spain France and Great Britain, and lhe f ‘subse- i ,
quenl occupation, settlement aud extension o(l
Civil Government by the United Staten, to the |
year 1840. A work like this is one of real value
to cveiy reader, and in a small compass it demon
strates the growth of the Valley of the Mississippi,
i We regard it also as a valuable book inasmuch
1 as it supplies an important omission in a work of
this kind. For the general reader it is adequate
to every requisite purpose, though not, perhaps,
for a critical scholar. The author, however,
has had accejs to the best works, and tin* given
all interesting and necessary information for a
complete understanding of tbo suj<i:t.
The Cotlstitulional History ol England, by
Henry Hallaro, embracing reigns from Henry ,
dfII to George II- l volume octavo. In tins vol- j
jjtne all matters arc excluded which do not hear i
upon the Constitutional history of the country. The
work is, therefore, one of great value to the Civtb i
ian; The work Las passedthrough marry.cJiitoti* ;
in London, and the volume before us is from the :
fifth liondou cdilioo, aud has been got upin!lar>
pert'best style.
itlsjorj of the Roman Republic, by O. Michelet,
translated by iiazlelt. ami republishfd by Apple-1
toll 1 &jC«., X. V. We have not boJ time to read 1
this wprk, but the author of thp History of France,
one of tho beat books we have seen, needs no eu-,
logy from our pen. The;HUuiry of Homo em
braces a large share of the history of the world,
am) thje work before us is coudemeJ into one »ol*
ume. 1
'J’ravels io Africa, with plates, is »lt-o another
interesting work from the ,prv»i of the Appldons
Tbji following works may also be had of Mr,
Loomis’ Book Store:
The last number ol the Illuminated Shaks|«eare
a worlt of brilliancy. .
No| 20 of the Fictoml Hisiprv of England. I
| Zujnpts Latin lirammar. tl I
! Rujes in Declamation.
!.• Kujuel’s Juvenile Speaker,&*’. &c.
Kick it Homs.—Theattempt# made the just
scasoji to cnltjve rice at Uomchavc fully s-u:c«d
-«d, apt] a company has l»ocn termed tor growing
rice op the extensive flats if that country* An
attempt is also about to he made c,i introduce it*
culture on the Delta of the Rhine where there aro
sboutj 50,000 acre* capable of In-mg flooded and
luitiiid into nee fields.
We see tlvewbere that that the new Pope ol
Rome has also ordered the draining of the Pon
tine JMarshes for the purpose of cultivating Rice,'
and what is therefore, now a vart and barren waste
u likely to bo improved for the piomotton of a do- :
hie and humane public cnli-rpri-e. Mines of wealth
havejl*tforc been expended upon ihu great enter
prise' hut •xpebditure and effort of every s.-.rihai
generally faded, Something only ha* been done
to redeem this vast tract of country which is
aomq24 miles long by 12 wide. We remember to
have'become weary in a journey over the monot.
onous and Iratrcn waste. The only interest it lias
given tha atrangit .was the knowledge that it
was classic ground. It.' wb* here Hortcu made
hia journey to Brundusiura and heic, too. from
almnet the first dawning of the Roman Republic
the freasury of tile nation has been encod
ed iri an attempt to gige cultivation to the land.—
| Wejbelieve that the whole waste may b« reclaim
ed, kad become even frnitful, in that land which
many regard as the garden of the world. Instead
'•of brandy and cigars,'* which travellers are told
to rJsort to, to drive off the malaria, we hope tn
lee porn and nil. and the "tig tree and the tire
plant yielding the sweet perfume of summer and
bar Jest.
\\je presume the Edildr of the Gazette will
•quit us of participation, hitherto,in the hide brush
between our reporter and bis, when we itdl him
it occurred wbil? we were prevented veiling our
office by indiapoeilioii<—Our Reporter seem* to
havrj the best of it this lime, but tbe controversy
stops here, on our side.
Vi’e have a siqgle cause:- nf complaint dgsmsl
tbat paper.defered for arbitration, which w\- shall
ast forth, wheu well enough to write without suf
fering; meanwhile, we l*g to have it distinctly un
derstood, that we are behind none ol tbe Gan-tlr's
beat friends in a just appreciation of it* merits,
and this acknowledgement it is no more our dui> ,
than our pleasure to make public.— Juurwti.
the above iu the spirit in which il
was written, and assure the Journal :t will always
give us siocere pleasure to meet im n.nrtr.shvt and
kindness with a moat cheerful reciprocal yo»>d wilf
We hope too, tin- Editor in bis M-crn
ing occasion of complaint against us. that ibe
Gatette was not in fault.As it isc-ur desire loamid
thatjiublic slander, of a quarrel
of kindred political faith, so we hope there
may bo a jh*t occasion of any disagreement be
tween us. il is thnef.ire with drop regret we
find its reporter again tolerated in a rude b4*jiuH
agalnst.u*, which is both wanting in truth, aird
doblgned fur our injury.
In looking otcr nur mbscriplion b>K)k, tve i,rr
fauttiy thal hevo Iwn upon (ho h»t of ml>4f nU-rs
or pearly bilf a ccntu-r, aiul w nr, lor a much
longer lime. The venerable William Wood*,
of :We*lmjrul«Dil county, bai taken the l-i*-
zetto from il4 atari, more than til year*. We tru»t
he may live for. many year* to come to adorn
oar list. We ere proutl to raconl the name* of
auch ■ubtcribere, but e-teem it u* on
anawcr to all thft -n the old (fszette hu*
received from llltue whb'jnr.t wivi.*o« of n* tuft?-
-V- X
•A Irlter from Commodore IVirv
TiU Nivt.—;
lo the Navy Department say« in-. rclererjcc to th<
capture of Alvarado:
‘(The enemy, beforeevaeutlir.g the place,burnt
•lithe public vend#, and vpiked or buried «n.»*t
of the guns, but those that weie concealed have
been diocuvorcd, and I have directed the who!.,
number—about liny either t> be destroyed nr
«hlpf**d, with the ahut, on board the guti-boMU. n»
thejr may l<e found of Ruflincnt value to lx- re.
General Quitman finding Lieu'. Hunlet in iju>*
et possession of. the town, returned to ilm main
body of (be array at Vera Cruz.
N«w PoTATora.—Wc hove keen new
toes of a fino quality and grown in the
neighborhood of Pih*burgb, upon the firm of Mr.
Hpence. This is not early, bin show* a rommrn.
dalile real 1 to bring |ho earliest productions to
Distils. Drum and McClelland arrrived in our
city ynterday frosi Vera Cruz. They are, we
wife glad to see, in oxccllrrjl health and fine spir
it*., The Piiuhurgli volunteer* were all well when
Gigut Drum left Mexico, and the friends of Capt.
Poster will lie gratified to learn that he ia entirely
recpvoreil from hla late He also in
formed ua that Capl. Herron, Lienta Tiovillo,
Ankrim and Hague, were weiL— Q/inm. April
Governor Dodge nf lVDcunrin, haa called an
other aesaion of the LegUlalure, that authority
majf ho immediately given for the organization of
a aecood State Convention to'recnodel the Con
ftit|2tiooi that adopted hy the 'previous Convention
hating been rejected hy the people.
as m the blood of the slain, and a fitting
memento of the horrors ‘of war.
The finest sight iif the rily was (ho Mouongs*
hela Moum>, and next to it the Mb Charles Ho
tel. Mr. D iris's Bakery was also brilliantly
illuminated, and aim the* AcaJt-my of tbo Catho
lic Church.
'Tlie_cily of Allegheny and the Iwroogh of
Birmingham were also illuminated, but not to the
same ixU-nt as in the- city. «
Among other tran*paicncies and beautiful
■dgns. we noticed ihc^diowing:—
Mpmt< Jotimun Jc Stockton, u large tianspa*?
j retity. with the inscription— l ‘-Alight for the. mar|
! who never .-urrenders." ' |
t aloh l.<e. E>i|. —two transparencies, with |
I "Wohtu make-, the man,” and "It takes nine'
; men to make a Tsviun. Mr. !„>,* i„ a Tailor
! himiolf.
' The winjows of Mr. Geo. R. White anJ other*
j were snr.nged with pyramids of tajiers, making a
beautiful' appearance.
Mr. Philip Romi—a transparency with the i<v
| scri| linns —Buena Vista, Mnntetey, Resaca de-la
; Palma, Palo Alto, Vera Cruz, and otherwise of*
’ ■ nimenteJ. 1
The Engine House of tha DuquCsno Fire Com
pany was illuminated. Colored light* were hung
around the lower, and a large transparency with
these inscriptions—“ When duly calls it is ours
to oliev," “Union for the sake of Union.*'
Three large transparencies decorated the Thea
tre. One representing the U. K. men of war off
Vera Cruz. “The V. $. Squadron saluting the
bur spangled Banner, a* it triumphantly waved
over the walls of San Juin do Ulloa at noon, on
the 29th ot March, 1c47." Another of the
“storming of lire heights of Monterey
In several large windows the lights wen- arran
At the Bank Exchange, a transparency, with
'Rough and Ready."
A prominent Democrat had emblazoned upon
his window—-Glory to Piesideut Polk, fits nffi
<vrs and men." Did he mean Santa Anna and
hi* Army .whom Mr Polk pul in command against
(iein rsl Tayloi '
The firemen formed a torchlight procession
U-twren 9 and . In, and marched through the
principal street.-*-of th>- city. It i- among the
plea-iug remembrances of the occasiou that not
withstanding twenty or thirty thousand people
were in the streets ol the city, good order .pre
vailed through all. Many feared a fit* from the
great numi>er of lights and bonfires, ljut the lynx
eyed vigilance of the multitude preserved the dty
in safety.\
KuKKKiN M list K1.1.A.S V HV PUB < ' \ MBKIA.
_ The Cambria had boaiPwind* during the whole
panagc. She brought to .Halifax 125 pasrengera
and to Brstnn 79, with £500,000 ot specie. Tbe
fall <r. Corn is *aid u» have been caused, by the
large arrivals from other countries, and partly by
the general belief that unlimi ed supplies might
l>e drawn from the United Slates. The protjiccU
i f districts arc less gloomy than
hitherto. ,
laruiMi ha* been inundated with provisions,
and there t* now more fear of pestilence than of
Ismine. la Dublin, typhus fever is very preva
lent. and in Uclfut. Cork and pliers in the inte
rior, disease is also raging fearfully. The
symptom of the country 1 i* tbe apathy, and indii
fercnce which have seized upon the people, wh»
rely entirely upon other* and will do nothing to
help themselvis. The prospect of spring work
are improving.
lii.H iii i , it 1- naid, the /ollvcrein has resum
ed tK-go'Mlioii' for a commercial treaty with lbs
I’niU-d rotate*. The King of Prussia has recom
mended a law according a degree of libcrty lo th#
pirss, and Havana and Wurieraburgh h-ive de
clared in its favor. The nf Cracow,
M. Tysotltki, hs* left for ths I ruled Slates.
fn various part* of have l«*en ri
ot* growing out of a the government
i* doing oil in its pmjcr to relieve ihe distress.
Tronjs to ib« nurntwr of 12,000 or 15,001) have
l*ecn sent by Russia to watch the movements in
The sutlenug trom famine in Ireland. Scotland
and on the Continent dot's not appear to receive
any abatement.
Tbo distress in Poland 1* as great as ever. It is
said that the nobility, with but lew exceptions, are
not favorable to Russia, but they do not enjoy the
confidence oflhe peasantry.
The- amount of rash remittance* f.u America
received by the Ccnt>al itrhrt Committee of the
Socirtvof Friend* in Dublin,for three days amount
ed to £9,000, eirluv\i»Vsl the large rousignmoiit*
of pr>.visions 011 ibt'ir wav as free offering*. The
Hriti-h Americnu had nude up £240,000 for the
relief ol Ireland nud MnlUnd, 50.000 of which
was Iruin the Uovcmment.
The l-’id I.iriit. of lidand ha* ordered Relict
t "oimnittec* to bo constituted jn eitchof the districts
«1 Irrlund.
Many aui now loading with mau« a
Vig), tm Knglaml and France; am) then port
ation of potatoes, whirh aro excellent in Galicia
lia* ;>lso been c ui-.iiirrablo from thurpart of the
Hpani-h roa-.t.
f )n« fifth ol the multitudes emidoyed upon road
work* in Ireland, are struck t'lV bv order of the
Treasury. Tn*h work 1-1* lie continued, and all
fH'twin* holding ten aero of land will tu discharg
ed. Daily wages will l*e ȟb*t tuted. and under
the rate paid bv lormti*.
It I* rrjsirte,! that the first *ie»ins|ijp conveying
Ihe mail will leave Havre about the fust of next
month for New York.
KviiHiuTiuff to ms U. S.—All the inhabi.
tints of tbo ivwn td Kglesb.«c!i, in the Grand
Dutrliy of liesm Darmstadt, MOO in numlicr,.
have requested jicrmission to be allowed to emi
grate to llie I 'rulod MUtes.
Frityi H remen the number fcf emigrants haa
brcn'ftlraordiuaiy, and in April and May will
bn yet greater. Throughout all Germany eilen
mve preparations are making for emigration to
the Mtati* Indeed »nmc districts are threatened
with complete.depopulation.
The liistrers that exUt* in all parts of Prance is
very great. and in wma departments cart* and
Ikiu’s laden with corn luvo to be accompanied bv
detschmimU of soTdiets to save them from being
pillaged by thp j-'ople.
Mr, O'Connell has goneto Italy. Ho is not so
ill as the l.ondon papers have represented.
Mrs. Uaucrolt, the lady nf the American minis
ter at the court'of St. James, was present at the
Queen’s drawing room. Mr. Hanrroft left Ron
on a -hurt visit (0 Paris.
An inquest was held yesterday by Cotoner
Richardson on the tiody of a man named George
Hullenback. in Hcservo Township. The vnrdict
of the jury was (hat he ramo to his death by fall
ing off tho steamer Mary Anu and drowning,
in inutiey was found on his person.
Tho niagnilicent Hibernia No. 2 Was caught
by a “Polk aiolk" on her upward trip at Ilig
Mindy, which ripped up her starboard guord,stairs,
rook house, Ac., but injured no one. It will not
interrupt her reg ular trip*, and she will leave to
morrow a- usual.
Tut Jlarriibnrgh Telegraph hoists tho Bag cf
Crucial Scott fur tho next Presidency.
0 MM: TltEGfiAPffi
Correspondence of PlUibavKh OsstlU.
CaiTrspontSetice of (he Piltst/u'rgh Gizeiie
Wc have received from despatches from Wash
ington and Philadelphia, giving all the news in
Washington last evening. The result is highly
sitUfactory, though from 'cveralclose districts wc
ate act able to state tbe result with the precision
we yvould wish. There are fifteed Congresflonsl
District* in Uie itatc.and all of them hut one (the
9th.) returned Loco Foco tucfihbers to the last
Congress. |
Tho returns as received aro as follows:
First District J
whi K . :
L.tcn Foco.
Isle of W ight,
Princess Ann,
Sussex, Surry and Southampton, to hear from
results doubtful. Results to far very favorable to
luc Whig*.
Second District.
Petersburg, 191 Vi big majority.
Bolling, ’(Whig.) reported elected by our
Washington correspondent, by a majority of 69
over Dromgoole
Third Hi dr id.
Mr. Tii-Jwuy, (L. F.) elected.
Fourth DLstiiet.
Irving, W, 5 ro’n. 550 maj. Bocock, L. F. 50.
Fifth District.
Favorable for Whigs. So far, linth partita
claim the member, however.
Sixth District.
Bolt’s majority, tttst.
Sft-euih District.
Uayly. (1,. F.) rc-electeJ.
Eighth liidrirt.
J'm'blp, (1.. F.,) probably el«*rl-<!.
■\itilh Di.slrirt.
J’eJiJb'lon, (Whig,) r,'-ulectp,|.
'lt nth • / H.itncfi
"* K«*nnnly, W. Uoilinger, 1.. F
Frederick, 725
Bf-rki-lw, find
JrflVraon, - fiUl
Kfimcjy p maj., s<> far.
Thu other in this Dial, not yet heard
from, are Clarke, Hampshire, Warren, Page and
Morgan—which gavie a majority for Polk in I*l4,
of H-lti
llth, 12th. Kith, I4lh, and 1.'.1h DhtricU,
Mesiif.-t. McDowsll,Chapman, Goodson, Thornp
son and Brown, ( Loco Furor, re-elected.
The Whigs have- elected Mw, »nd probably
Jin w.<u' member* uf Cvngre*-*,
There hate been some -Whig gains tor the I»e
-gialaluro, but the majority will be largely I.oco
Foco, os belort'.j '
From Vm* Cinuz.—The despatches are
from Vera Cruz to the sth inst. At this time th»
city sn>l camp was tree tram coses uf tualiguanl
fever, ami as tfje Americans ore to occupy the
water front of the city, ami great care will be taken
to preserve deanlinoa, it is hoped the health ol
the Army may b«l preserved. .On the water front
looking to tho castle, there are,'at the crtremilies
ol the city, forts bun Jago aud Conception, and
tous and well ventilated jmlh
i troops, h«i>prUh and depot*,
had also a part ol the sub
'ration, and ought change the
roops —taking the ca.-th: into
it is said perhaps it might be
throw down, for hotter vcnli
wall* uf the city.
Dear the mole, epic
lie buddings fui the
A medical board
j«*'t under cociid
distribution of the
fouuJ nr'cceeary
Gen. Mcolt urdi
try Iron) Tauijdci
o Hln'iiglhen ilk? nains,»ui.
I' V.*u I'ruz. mulcr tin* <T<*d
The inhnbil.tnl
leu! (j »re(a;n« iit ol tJcii. Wurth, are beginning
to U* assured of |>rul?cl)o(i, and to ror.vver their
chwriuliiesi rfj>|nrit«.
Fhok UtMnu TiUua.—(ien. T-uylur wjn
enc«u)j**d at Walnut Spring*, about four iuilm
from Monterey, on the Nth in«L |li<sf.>rev car
aisled of a of dragoon*. under (-o’.
Faantleroj.aod the Mississippi regiment of Tolan
teers, under f’ol. Jefferson Davis, the latter num
bering only -49 men. i\i|. May expected soon
to visit the t oiled State*.
General Wool, with about five thousand tfOJp*.
w«> encamped at Uaena Vm&* Im*u
that (Jenna! Uirca wu at Liuare*. at tho head of
two thnu-iind cavalry, and o corps uf siul!eu*ts.
Thare wu 10 ne pn»{iect of “an affair" coming off
l«twren the rrapeclive force* of these two Genera!'.
»pojuJrnc>'ol Uie (iazctte.
• York market.
April 24th.■)< I*. M.
To-Jay (ienivM' Floor sold el per bbl to
a limited extent. ' 'his is a concession to bovent.
Some Western sole'at £7,12} per bbl.
< H W heat a par 'el of While sold at I *>'<c j*rr
Corn is in mode ate Jcmand only. Of tr.r sales
to-day some 15.0011 bu were nt SIV tor W hile and
D.»s9'»'c I 't Vellow — prime.
lixriun IT »'«rrc»{
t'otion i* rather active- tilrM Louisiana at It Jc
l*-t lb.
In thi* (fro« sry market mi change am] moderate
, Provi-ion* arc firmer ami price* rule about a*
bflore —dabs, bowc-vcr, not large.
vc l'orir*|ui|ul«-'u-p o! tlir. IVtM.urch »!
AprH 21, 71 !‘. M
The market for Flour it rather uinf Illed-to-Jay'
Holdeo claim toi standard brand*, which
buyers retosc to pay—they oiler fti.7s, Which hoi
derj refuse.lo accept. i>o (lie murket closes for
the week.
_ The maikct for Grain is quiet. Few sale* and
at ptnvious price*.
I*r o v rmuiis arc in moderate JcmauJ—prices an“
«lcm!ily maintained.
Nj local new- worlti leloKfaphinjj.
Ki' cl ihe l’iil*Uuifti lijmi-
April 2-Uh, y P. M.
The demand lor Flouri* uofverjr active; How
ard sL sold to-day at the extent of 100(1 bhls at
£<>,7s. I’ity mills i* selling at the name price.
Groin Market ufeaJy; sale* prime While Wheat
at I6oalo. r ic, l«> extent 2UI)0 bu. Some Hed
Wheat <>l prime quality at ISfir.
Sales Yellow Gem at 90a‘Jf,c and White at SO
bß2c. lUoSOafitc.
Sale* to-day sno bags Kio Coffee at 7‘aHc.
(niidly 7jo"'c. Some Lsguayia at 7t»Bc. .
Hide* Ltvo Hogs ot $7a7,25 per 10(1 lbs. The
average price of Ueof Cattle grwii wl, is $4.12}
per 100 Iba.
A belter demand prevails f>r Provisions, and
prices-have adtanred slightly. Sales Western
parked Mess Fork at slfi; Prime at $13.75 —
quoted extreme* $13,5(1al 1.00. Mens Ueef $1 I;
Prime s9,so*lo,(lo—vales 10-Jay at $9,75*10,00.
For Westerii Uacou an active demand prevails—
Rales today 40,000 lbs at 7ja7sc tor HlimilJen*,
9jlUc for and for Huground.—
Lard h llnMume—loe lor No I keg, and 9}a
yjr—mostly \o.Jc—for bbls'with very moderate
sales, »<»nie l:T(> peg* 10-Jay.
BOSTON MARKET. a nil. i; oV. p. M.
The demand for Flour m this market is rather
limited partly owing lo prices of freight, hut quo*
tatlnns are jirrtty -teady. Sales at
per bbl.
Yellow Coin of prime quality is selling at II Be
per bu; Prime While 99a 100 c. The stick of both
kinds of corn is now quite light and holders urn
*tirro at these figures. a
Live Hogs arc higher —now realising $9.37}
j»tr UlO lb*.
The English advices bus had the effect of stif
fening price* here.
Provisions—Pork has advanced. New Me**
is jmw held at $lB, and Prime at $l5 per barrel.
Tiro market is firm, the last sales having been at
these iigutOH.
Lard has gone to lie lor Western No. 1 Keg
and sales. "n
Bacon Hams aru selling to a moderate extent
at I lc per lb.
Letters from Washington, stale that Mr. N. P
Trial has gone lo Mexico, ns o.bearer ofdespalal*
es of an important character. I> is aaid that ho
will remain with Genoa! Scott’s division until he
witnesses iltnmrmrnt. Mr. Tr»*t, it it: said, takes
with him proposals of^Peaee.
Tpciiunr Note* Sid United Slates luwcs
solJ at Unllimnro, on,Saturday, at 10-1.
No late in on‘Mexico, at Wishing
ton, last evening.
T'fom ihe Liuug Aj».
The F.iotgranVi L&ntttl
Ob! why leftl rar hotpe l
Why did I crcH-rf the deep 1
Oh! why left l the laud.
Where my forefathers sleep !
I'sinh tor Scotia’a shore,
AnJ I gazed across the sea,
But 1 cannot got a Mink
Of my ain rountree.
The palm-tree waveth high.
And fair the myrtle spriugs,
And to (be Indian ,’maid
The bulbul sweetly sings;
Bot I dinna seethe broom,
Wi* its tassols on the lea.
Nor hear the lintie’s soug,
O' my aincoontree.
Oh ! here no Sabbath bell
Awakes the Sabbath mom,
Nor song of reapers heard *
Among the yellow corai
For the.tyrants voice is here,
And the wail of slaverie.
But the sun of freedom shines
In my sin countree.
There’s a hope for every woe,
And a balm for every pain,
Hut the first joys o’ our heart
Come never back again ;
There!b a track upon the deep,
And a path across the sea,
But the weary ne’er return
To their ain coontree.
.ire now prepared io execute u» a superior
:u»d ripfilitif.u* iDX'tnrr, nil ,fc.itd< of Jun I’ai.vrtsu,
-urli a>’ janjc Poster*. Sira-nloai liilln, Ri 11 e of Lading,
twiner Sheet Circular«, Handtuttx,. Cards, Ac , Ac.
4 00 prqr
500 - .
French and-*illr cntF-roiilcfy, 3 OU l *
Embroidery on periorated Card, x
worsted work, fringe. raided
work ami was tlnwcrs, 3 UJ li
to Aitvertlaer*.- The .nlver* atsic.
t.eluent* winch tipprur in rhr J)i>ly Morning Ga/fyi; • Instrumental munc, and use of piano. KCO pt fjf
‘■'--l- li. Tri- Wr.t 1,, r*.**. ’ is ;
•Ul ■>( til-; escalation of all. without any aJdittoujil 0(l «• 10 UJ '*
■•bar*. Th.rT*™ Advantage to our vK-.-rt.irn. Witimui Hoarding: Tuition and Light, SAO per tr*.ioi», payuble
' . , . _ ,„ „ , \ . half trnn m advance. Wmhing 37} cent. per dozen.
-H.miiK*-. ,V.,.J No , ch „|. r lm ,f „.,V 1 •
.nil pajn-i i.jkoi reasonable Term-. . |), c will commence on lb«i I*l Monday of
‘ _ .. . j day nt Xt 'l'ue iul.scribcr would inform the public that
r 7* A woril of AtlTlce.-IA.! individual. sufleS- : nwime Unbv-mcrea**d patronage *h« lia* rrreived, she
r.a iron. it,.. l*,u-* have uunn-dmm rrsmirrc to l>r ba.* nude extruMVc preparations tor the kccomm*»da
t> Vegetable Klt-cwarv. From the uniform . non of hauler* l») tU crernor, oflar K e reetunon and
« -ii . \,i iite'nr 'vrn in itic ino*t oli«ii study room*. Arrangement* have also been made, try
’ * ‘,J ' . _ t4 certain fcrurdf wtncli »].•; expect* an additional te»cher from lire teat,
.-V.i.f 1 ,il i.a.i Ifein.i in- tvYa FT A •" die omamenla! brandies. Parent* and guardian*
Kl-rt'liwi l'l Fulinii-ircfi N-w York; « Tiinn.i, may rest a**ur*d that '•he will exert .icr‘elf to promote
MurVc; :,;.et OM P U -tree. the Wvl arc.comfort ami advancement ;n t be Mod**®.
i'iii.i.../.-ii I*, fm,-*! nrri«i amfllw '. Iho-e placed care
-Scholar* entenug a iduiii|i ufier the commencement
*• ” _ , x ,>f Hie Ae»*.on. will only be charged* from that lime
$5,00. BOOIS 5,00. :
FORMER <>F I'fiST OFFICE A 1.U.) | .wv were pn-sr-nt at the «cm> annual examination of j
Ttu: • rr»i.c.>iiuily mtorm* the r/bbi- Hmt , lllf , 0 , ! Cniimsburß FemtieSeminary, uuder ihe !
lie 1,4. eon,ineneed the manufacture m UniUunnt ( . o ,,r r ,n«enilance of Jlrs. O. j. French, and are convin
><t«« Hoou, of ({nod nraierntl aid wnrusiuii.hip r „ IS th A wc j, UI s ' sVl . nncrnnce to the veltt mcuUof the
wh et, i,r will tvarraut .upenor loony Hoot iter nmi..; ai)dirnt . c p, c ,r m , i n .ayiug that the examination«u
-,n t .ut.imraS tor ilu- price. Tlie-e bantTronicdumt fl|o - t| thottJUgh , „„j t | K yoinl( , lndie*“acquilcd them- •
wsl i-e n,.„[. muicu.or.., and warrant ihem as rrprv , >(i|vei . w „ h p(U cleJl(i a ,„i reHcered the btfh
.-nie.l, ar -he vi ry low price oi Hvh, IK>LLAH. estpruiseon their ifochcit We would take thi* op
v-\>U t eci■ I rmen arc fc ‘tuc*ird to enll ami | K ,f( Ull jty of-recommending to llto favorable consideia*
nr them. |vd< . _ 1 ' (.on of ih* pubi.c, tin. school. Convinced a* wears,
** _ ' r ' ’ ~ J . ' that Mr» French ami the able aiiisiant teachers *he
(Xf* Salter's Oinacufp Panacea..—SlKde*!. ( a y o d ß ? e rving of u'l pnuae. for-the manner in
—Wi- beg icuve to call puiibc auentiott to , which they have coudoctcd the Seminary since itv e»-
(..llowinp, .Vom #, W« >,f Wi,1,.,n.v.11.. '«UM .urp.-.U for f.lfo .nd
Cler.imut t .1, and one of the very lii»t piu'CiK"’!ief» to j jalnbnty, and ihe high tone of rrtofals and religious
•j,.. count) -n wli.cli he reside, and Iwte Senator irt-thc . of the population.
T.,, ..tieennr ih u . 10 -cc the lead- All the om uneniu! branches 6f n female education
Male it . . hecruic uu. to cc .im t ((re , augh , befri , (> . llie lnotl fk ;if u i teachers, and the
mg men ot ihe proie«»-on. Imrsim* the bond- oi proic*- , nimc# i department appeared in be under the most »nc*
- nmil jif., and giv.tig merit ,t« due ' ersiful teacher, judging.lfont ihe exeeotion oftlie young
■s„ I ..!,«» ““iS"- J„ M.r.H>. S h,
<; n«Mt-Prn.v rn and. M» far, am well plr»»rd m It* _ TM K Wilsntu ; Wm McDaniel,
effect, .u CaUrthai and Hruuchial Complaivi.. Plea.e John 17 Ulack. Win B UiOWlt,
me MU .1 J 0,.., :.,>m.. ~01 Urn .. i..,v „ ,oo : . W»w . . .
.-an a* I riper.,: .; com. mi'i in render as general *3l- SEIU.ND (IRATOBIO OF TOB BEASU.V!
I.iin .Ml' .r has liereioloie. to keep it etir.ctatuly on u y Tj t y; pnTSUL-E«*H MUSICAL ACADEMY,
~.,1 Itc-i.ceuulh unit Wm Du*\. M. n. At M- Cumhirhiitd PittLi/terian Chunk, {Err Slt.
_ ; Tuesday ermine. sRit» initant. at 8 o’clocV. uit-
To U iler the direction ot Profe**or BINCHAM. Prof.
>*E3IPRM9 t AST PACKET LINK , koIIBOCK .will pre*ide jafthr. Piano Form. The Or*
• FOR ehestra wilfbe l>-d by .Mr } WHITE.
I _ : part first.
:u. an> <*xirui eierut-d in die I>rM ina.tnx-> . and all
kinds of I’niimiß sU»m* wiiU accuracy :u>d mihr luwen
| fctclum-ii/ fur Pautngtn } . , n—ciir.rua—Awake. O Aju» of the Lord —N«wkototn
r pHK Ca.inl and Railroad tunny now m exrrllent —Consider llie fjtliei, ToplilT
l jmlrr, tt.e r.n kci* oi t'u» Line will w:ib j*as : 4—Oitoru«—L«t u» with p joyful Mind, Mozart
*_« t.»N«w». evert unlit at tf o'clock I s-Durit—Wlio’* thitT tfctft on the Tempest ride*.
I'nrWrt Kentm-ky, Capl. Tiuuv. .Monday, April ’4(5. .■ Shaw
.in ojj.o, Cra.y, Tuesday. Apt: / 'J7. ’ fi—Clioru*—Holy I«ord God of Ho-»0, Mozart
,t„ Inj.Aiin. Berkey, Wrduetdui. Aptil i ; . 7 I> jctt. Solo and Tno—On Thee each liviny *oul
,ln Capl. Tnooi[i«>n. rt»or*<lay, Apr. a£l * Aw»ii». Hayden
.in Kiiitunky. C*p> Ttu'.v. Friday, April Ifli i—CKorus —Halleluiah to the Father, Beethoven
Jo «»a:o,t'r».p,‘Sktiinlay; .May 1. PART *KCORU '
•in lii-'.Mia. !trt'if Sunday. M:i V "i.
la>i..vJi.i* O-ipl Ttioutfiuin. Monday. May 1
Ur-nui- . > Cut" Trnhi;, 1 ..i-aday May 4
0ii.0.-C.ipl Crm*. Wednesday. Mat 5.
I,ul.'ana. Capt. Uerfcry. - Thuttduy, May C.
.1..' |<nm> aim. Capl rtioiup*on, Friday, May 7
jo K«*muf Wy, Capl Trntiy. sSa’.atiUy. -May S
On.n. I'apL Crai«. trunda;. Muy U
|. ,„0 .leCfi- ir.tVfl'inf and cotufona'.le arrant
iiknUtioi:«. -rr<ire your ticket* ni the I‘uckei Oflire,
Mnunorjlmlu itou*'*. Water «treet.or of
4,,0fl .33 _ » LKKTH .V CO. Canal Attain
i.l tiis'urv of England. fi.ioi th- nee.r*- *
»,un of Henry -VII tu the death ui (iconic 11. By.ileu-j
ry liahum Pypin tin: fil'm Juridnn ■•rtiiion. 1
ti'rem Kvrr.sp. drwrtbeU by distinguished hjewriam*.!
eiirnti.rler*. afiJ other writer* Collected, ami in part l
Iraiisiuted. UViPrnnCi# l.ltber |
The Joveuue Speaker’ c»mpri«ing pigmentary rule* '
art-l cietv.iri ..i Declamation, with a sWecfion of jnr- ,
e-t fui [>faet.ce Ity Pranet* T Ko**fl. instructor in J
KJoeutwm at Princeton ami Ruliccrs' Colleges, Ac. [* by their ttighl Names, uud other stones, fa- !
Dip'- an.l iiinriil piece* in pro»e an 1 ver«r; srlreted and !
ur'jur'il iwmtup >vrnin«nf Mi* HurMijlU. With a !
.im.-tiot t.-r in- • '*v Mk.S. J Male.
7he Juvrmir Beiyos Opened- beirß selections from 1
iUc «riitni(< <>i Dr. Jtm AiV n lly Mrs Mule. ' !
Directions for Invocoraimc niul I‘roloneiqv Life, or t
lUr tnVAl{it«oracle. By Wiii. Kitekiiier. M D, Ac- I
\o yfi I‘irtnrial England.
y.mui-L"’Lmiu tiruiimisr, ai>nd|>ril. For sale by
HiW J l» HEAD, <ib near market «t
POETICAL \VOfUtf»-i'o>-i« and Poetry or
Am* its, «• Ilr edge
Hr>ris *I*J J'neiry Of. Enfr.|. • •!•> do
,|d <!o «• Kngiund. do do
ilu do oT Ai>r>’-m>. do do
Book «>i Itri;«li Hod': do do
ill, Miluianand Kent*
Cole rule'. v '**el!•*>' toil Kca:* do do
Mdiuui Vonnif. Oniv.dleuti.t, Collmi; do do
(VU’li l|-l.r-r and bollock; do d.l
towprr and Thntnpvon. do do
('umi-bct! • J’ue(i. al Work' Ti.-lilv bound .11 '
l-aJ«. ‘ Dili , |
l'o. Ural Work*. do
ll.inuoi d.. do «k>
l.undi-n; Moore; lUiion. iiut%a, Hog*, Hood, Ac
The atkive, with a Urge ji-cHirtinent of ln**k» tn nil !
dei>mr'inem» ol'liierutute, ju»t rv.-eived and for ante :
VP , y l„w Kt.Uf»TT AKNUUSiI
s p-jti inarkc: M bet. il * <th «t»
N'n. 133 Wood •Ireol, Plttn'Mirßh,
SF.VKN Door* almfc iih, nud l door above ]|
1 Co'- Shoe Watrbou**:. Now opentu* oaJ
ibr -ale t.v RICHARD TiI.KKCU Jr. Importer and
de*lt i 'U Foreign und Douicmic Sttddlrty Hardware A
rtarnsv' Tnmmmgv of all descriptions, a veryrbcap
and well »eteei«>d *!ix Vof Hood* in hif hne, all freah.
0/ ihe new/*! >£!«•«. puielia>rd wr,em*li, float (he be»t
•ource». atnl W|fi be dupoke.' u| wholesale uild retail,
at 'a small advance on 'he ••.«»!. I'uiehasera ate tespect
full) invited 10 cu-l and 'iun ilirmrelvei.
—Saddler*’ uviU. warraoird, Deer and Curled
Han, U'lnpV, lila»«. I'nper «Ve . nlumfmn hand, nud
a* cheap b» eUewhrte ■{•‘JO
i\ *vlr, a vajniridc unimproved property. handwmrlt
Ull (eel on Chnsnui. by feet nil North Canal
.irm. e.m be divided and unproved on either rtreeU
• Al-o. t hon<e and lot onSo'itii Coomion. 150 leri irom
Federal .:rrel the lot nY3 lee| I.) W teel. IIIC home 1*
a i«ie»d lim-l dneliunr. well nri-nged Thr«o prnpft
t.e» wil: 1..- sold low. and t-nin aeconimodaiim*.
Alfto. vr.ertl budding Unv situated on. and near
Finnkim sired.‘JS feet by lifleel; prir. from VlO $ »*>,
i P rmi A't.iiin hand, balance in yean.
np->t; Real F.*taie AgenC ‘tnulifirld *t_
A TTRNTION --The First Hrgiihrut. firteemh
A I>i\ i«ion. Pa. Milma v.-; I meet for n nallion tnun
lU ,I >it 111.- luuae of John Stephrn«on. on the Steuben
viile* F'ke on Monduv the l(nh day of May. at It) o'elock
\ M undlhe Second Elaltdltou oil Tuesday, Itlh. at
the tinier |>| Mr I'rvrvv on the llrOWn«1ille IMII. at 111
..viork, A M Armed *nd equipped aeeonlmx to law
sp-.n V-JiT* . J.\'U> IrttiM-AN. l.ieiit. Col 1
OINDUIKH-'Jkeg.l.-trd; •
k> *■ d.v Ruben
4 IdiU rtdl Muller .
•1 do pnr.d IVnehc-; • |
o do Cranberry'
ll* do dr.ed Al'plM, received on |
C 1) ITiilTalo, and lot -ale. by TASSKV A HVyl* )t
X*i wood' .
wool. UAGOINC.
Al\ INCH U.irlup*. roduble for Wm iUvhv Also.
-Jl I bit<s"'C plum and twilled, n Rrmi varie
ty. l oifl.-iuity on hand and for i-ale by tli. bale.
npVbddw . 1. Market «t. ‘hiladclphm
RICIIAUD T. LRKCII, Jr., mixiner and
Draler 11 Foreign and IVHtiettie Skddleiy Hard*
ware, and tl Tr■ nun 111 »£», id all deicnpnuu*. No
i n Wood -ireel.l'illOmtgli, I
I 'INK WIIITK I.lBlK— Jir*l received, a few
tibl'ot very fine White Lnae from Si l.oui«, for
rrlmliuß m unv qunnlUV iosuii en«ionieta
ISA Ai’.llA KRIS, AffentA Com. .Me,
Hp'JtS d ll Nn|jl>iill .trret
BOARD I NO —A few doaider'ean be ac
eoratnodaied fty «ppl) mar loon at Nq- d. Kolnnsoti'*
new Row- Federal »ltcetjilie|li«uv Cay.
LINHkGD Olla—ltfOdO ((all* lnn»eedQd. m «larr
and lor .ate by • J JORDAN A SON
up "JO ’ ,9 liberty »trvet
■ 1.1. t t.*cou, ju«tf reiving t'roia *moke
IUU.UI JU lio*i»c- For«alpl‘f
HOHRK FOR JJAMC—S'oung.MunU uti.i e*?n
“ Al .,, )ylo H. HHKK
ff*t Pe*j" anrwm*ts_
7. x» I> t>l• Mp»» I'urk;
; tO It ilrt prime do. For «alr l>v i
Pi<j m tCT AL—IOO inn* Hoi Ilian.l Tor fa!; by
B |CM FRIf.NU. UHKV A Cp,ft waters!
D“ APPI.EH—W) bu for sale by
, a ' r .-\ J JORDAN A: HON
rpK.AS - < I'xiia Fiac hnprral,
-j dii >to do (Juirpowdf t;
i (!•• •!•> do Yonng Hyson;
r, do Chulmi Powriinu*;
K....a1-l‘V ap‘J-1 i pWM.UAMSArO
IHH--Hi bhl« No 3 Maoktieli
4 a do do - di>
M-'J do do* 4 do
£ do do Illt-fring.
m <ale by ap'J-1 J D WILLIAMS ArOt>
DniKnTrtiuiT— :.'il.n«»icl Prachf*;
T’> do Apple*, m *iore and
Un «olf liy J I) WIU.IAMS V i.'O r .
__ _ MUwo.»dW*_
MOI.ANAKK- I0bld« S?uß»t Uoojcj
«» do NO:
l-orwlrl.y . nr*l _ J D WIU.IAMSA rO^
POTASH- ~d cartel Pure Instore and for isle by
A p94 . [ JAR FLOYD, US liberty it
_ _ 3uttion Salta s
By JoMn D. AnrUOMtr
Honsctiold Furniture •! Auction* -
“ ON Tuetdsy moraine. Oic'JSih insi. at 10 o’clocr, at
the clwiH'mp boose Istelv occupied by Mr. Junes Coop
er. m Aln*;ct-> Rom.-. VV»'le «irr<i,wrli 1.-e sold.hisealire
«ioci_nf hou-chold add kitchen lurnilur.',atuoin which
i are. purlnr and chamber caniet»,:l do*, and Jilf ntahoc
| any umr M-ai i huir«; l pair mahogany pier rabies, with
[ marble l dofreneh plate tfier looking glasses; i
1 -I > do rockier clianic 1 common do do; dmttg aotl
• table*, work and wa*h*, high *wd low
r«>*t beds k3d* .
Together with a general a*sorttßent ! ofhou*ehold and
t:a hen turn.turn.. Sale positive, at he is declining
/housekeeping. Terms cash Currency. apIO
Dry Good*.
ON Monday morning, the SCth Inst. at 10 o'elock, will
te -*>>d an exten»iv.f assoruoeni of seasonable, tuple
ami fancy dry goods. Umbrellas, parasol boots, shoe*,
bats, caps,-whip*. Ac.
At « O’Clock, P. M. -
Household furniture. groceries.-Ac, among which are
i fine dressing bureaus; French.faacy and
ftmiiun ehatrs. hjgh and low post Ueaditeads; high and
low back rockmgcliaus; work and wash stands; wash
tub*; transparent window blinds: leuher trunks; look
ing glasses; l superior S day eloefc and cats, mantle
lamps; feather bed*; maiirajuom Glauwtfe; Queens
. ware. tinware, coal and DeronsUre shovels. andwwiver v e
seires. Also, a quantity of V i< Tea; tobacco; rice;
chocolate. Ac. I
- At ?i O'Clock, P. M.
A large collection of valuable new hooks, embracing
jhmce works in vanou« departments of Literature,
ap-e; {American copy]
Canoniimrg Female Seminary*
IN addition to the elementary Branches, the following
ore taught , _ . _ ’
Kng!i*b Grammar, Geography, Defining, Rudiments
of Botany- Philosophy and History. Biblical Autiqui
tic* and Wane on the .Vlitid, Natural Philosophy, Polit
ical Economy; lloianypChemisiry; Anciei t and Modern
llmory; Aneirut tieogruphy, construction of maps.
Self Knowledge, evidences of Christianity and phyloao
nUy of Natural Hi«*ory. Algebra; PbysioloeyjGeometry;
Astrar-oint; Rhetoric; Mental and Mojal Philosophy;
l.eeic. and element* of Criticism: Bible and Composi
tion bv all ihccla«Ks. There will be ncourse of
lurci tree to uli the das**:'*, on Physiology,comparativo
a-iaiomwcherniMry,natural philosophy. Ac, by gentle
men well acquainted with the subject*.
•J-Ueetiaiive and Chorus—The Arm ni the laird wan
upon them; Hayden ,
3 Trio—Star of the East, Anou i
4 Choru*—Night’s shade ao longer. Kosini
ft—Daett—When thy )>o<oiuhesvestbe sigh, Bra ham
O—Ctiorus—He gave the H.aiHtonVs, Handel
7—Song—The wings of a Dove. Eevereaox
.-—Chorus—Hallelujah, ' Handel
Finals —By the Orchestra*
JkrTickets #5 cent*. To be had at pilncipll Hotels,
Music and Book store*. and at the door. •p*J4-
" N' rVv' AND MOST BFFKCriVK , BKAU , j£>\"!
DR, WOOD'S Sarsaparilla and WUd
Cherry Bitters, for the eure of the following
d.seate*: Jaundice, Liver Complaint, all B'-llioosCbm
plamta.sick'Ucadilebe, Heart Burn, Indigestion, habit*
uni Costivenr**, Piles, Palpitations of the Heart. Loss
of Appetite. Dyspepsia. Nervous Irritations,Debilitated
Stomach. Languor, Depression of Spirits, Chronic Kheu
maij-m, Cutaneous Diseases, Canker. Syphilhld Disea
*e* Scrofula liripufme* of the Blood. Pimples and
ruMuln oa the Face, Hansors, Cold Botes,
and all disease* arising from an injudicious use of Mer
The attention of the invalid publlq. and of all those
atflieted' by any of the above diseases, is respectfully
called to the tncnt«ofa new and invaluable prepara-,
non from an original recipe ofi distinguished physician,
combining m it»«lf ihe most active remedial properties
o/ two ol tbe very first articles in the Materia Medica.
The Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry Bikers were in
[ trodured to the public about twelve naptha ago, and
during that period their surce** has beetvao great as to
t induce-die proprietor iscgcr them with suit more coufi
| denre. m-the rail belief that by cntenrigimo more ex
( tensive u*e, they wjll prove a blessiug to alt those
i .utTrnnx from the disenses above enumerated.
Sold, wholesale and retail, by WYATT A KETCH*
AM. (teneni!jgenis, ltd] Fultotistrcet, New York; Wii.
I Tiu>e\. Market street, hnd P. R. S*wtxa, Smilhfield
street. Pittsburgh,'Pa. Priee Sl—large bolllef.
melr.’-.hlVni , 2dp.
1* ’I NKS--d<jr i->k* treble grape'Port
. '! do ol‘ tbe eclclirnted Koncoa brand;
do l/mdon Pori, very old;■*.
)u do different brands and vintage*;
:| ijr oii-ks l.isbou wine; V
• a do , do dry Malaga; ,
•J libd* *up ('larel wine; .-j
»1« litku tup down brand 'Chain-wine
a gr c*kVmp L M'Madiir* wine;;
'£ do do Para «BJifcrry;
5 do Madeira vintage,' 1F46;
13 do different brand* and milages;
a do o»ks sweet Malaya;
6 do do Red. wine;
Pari i.i ilie above winci.hiivt ju»t arrived from under
CtiJioin llou*« l<ock*, mlNen York; person! wishing
to pnrcbane, may rely on ceiling a pure article., in
ipiannue* m mil. For sate by- r C .MAIITiN
tpaa cor umithSeld and front sts
City Property Xortale, In Columbus, 0.
MTIIK (ti'ifcriber ofTeijs Tor rale several lot»i in
a desirable pari of ibe ciiy, on whiebare taro
romioilable brick dwelling houses, and bis let
"teusivp Taualac Katobllahment, all m pood re-
lljviiij dcirrmuieit. in consequence of infirm age, in
itireonimue thr tannine bu»ines», a fins opening now
pre-mu nsrii to any onu wuhipg lo carry lion.
Coltnnl-Li* i» probably the best point inihe Slate jot
proeutmga unu'nnß supply of hidrr. - i
(hie m lath of thr Jwelling bouse Wiliboaold arpa
ime fr.ini the ,re-t of the property if drnred. The oi>-
•IrMigii'-tJ will give any further Jiiformnnon relative lo
.m<] i>rni>ertv,'ienn«, Ac. on upnlieatiou to him. - '
\Ll.per*eti«-are hereby cautioned not to purchase ei
ther of the ixo I'olbvvmx dcicnbed note*,a* for junJ
mid -udictent rea-toim. the undermgocd, mailer* of
note*. are determined to.r-einthe|«yntenlofthe same:
One note loathe ttim of two thousand' five hundred
dollar*. datt-dTiti*hurgh January I/1.M6, payable two;
>cai»*nd three mouth* alter dutd to Zmaii M. Cotton,
or lonter. m l‘i" Metal, at the rate of tweuty five dol
lar- per Tori , '
One rioie ihr muii of twolhoutand Gve hundred
dollar* dated IMi-hursti. January .Ist, * 11*46, payable
three year* ami three month* after dale, to Ranh 11.
CoMon,«.r order, m I'i* the rate of twenty five
dollar-per Tot. • *HKNRY UIGBY, -
Third !*uen,ncxt door to the Hank of Pittsburgh.
THKu'tuttr*ieiiP‘l.l»uvmgiP«'om«ni*nced hu»
snic**. tin- established In.iusrlt at the above
_»mnd. vvi.cie Up will, kept constantly on
iiHiu! an-! fur 'air. ai reasonable price*, aU
dc»ciij' ron* «i? E-mnfurn of the best quality—tuch a*-
Burer uh. Bedstead*. Chairs, Otmruiins, 8of&4, Ac Ac.
A'l in* furuiiiue -• eratmntrd ul ihfl fuir*l i|UJli|y.
nnil iv.l! t>c mid u> luwl, anjol the same kind in the
c;ty • ./
A few good hands, and none othcra nved apply, will
hint employment on application. /
MORK NKW GOODS-At”vv R Murphy*.
Dry Good* .Hou*e, north tail corner of 4lb land
Moikri <trp.-t,-». Received yesterday, au utorttaeniof
L-neii Table Diaper* ‘from IM to tj 4, including some
very «u|»*ri*>r Damask. Aim, Bleached attdunble chj
•ed Linen table cloth*. very low for quality. Aim. Ah
parti* and Alpaca Lust ret. a full asaqnment. ft out com
mon to vety superior, including toot of very 1 high
Lustres. ' ap73
White goods kor drrsses-iv r
Murphy invifr* the ailentiou of the Ladiei to hit
very mil a<*orimcni of while good* for dresses, consis
ting i.f Swisr and Scotch Mulls, Nantook and Jacko
net imi*hn* burred Jadkoncl, vuperSatm. barred and
striped, *oft finithdn, Ac Ae. .
A* thew goods are puwbascd immediately the
manufacturer*’ agents or importers, they can be told
at the lowest pri.ccs . ' . apBl
AGENTS fnrj II Anuant** Extensive Steam Pugar
Refinery. Always on band,a tarueatock of
Powdered. Crushed, Clarified and Bastard Sagars, tn
Tierce* and Barret*. Al*<>, Sugar House Mo!at*ca.
Prices liberal and a fair allowance made on all sales
of,or above. 50 barrels. ?■» ' ; mchll .
acquainted with Pliintattoit work; can have per*
mmeni employment at good wager, in a healthy part of
Northern Mississippi. Foi further information apply
mchl'Af , ' _ . NoSSwoodtt
Ct AN ARY SERD-tlbUO lb* Italian Canary Seed,
' ju«i teccivcd and for sale at the Pillibarvh Seed
Slnre Thl* I* probably the bc*l Article ever ottered id
tin* market. -• > S N WICKF.RSHAM
•M*S3 . ' _l for tilth A wood One Engiith 'UtraMt. a 'fine •inainr
will l»* mlcf low. EiK)utrn at tb* PiUstmrfb fWJ
**»*■ • «|WSI S W WICKKfMHAMr
LATKR STILIj I—lso yd* extra tuperlitiTe
• French Cloth*, of that, veer **a« remarkably
Cheap lor. Aleo, lho*e *jfmu*iu:!)i rick «lyle \>«tinir*.
. • ROUINdON’s doth Emporium?
°r &h«l near wood.
TJORM-. RADISH, grated mid pul op in vinegar for
M inline ante utr, on band atihe Aluttatd
and factory, t? 7 FttltTnrert. ' •
f?" to; Sjooo EiouUifOfl C«p»T*i
■ ■ r ' 5,000 Erculapio do.
SCHOOL* bom dm
.9 000 Regalii do;
"... iOOODqs Amijo* ' do;
-• 10,0011 Jotta Sana Principe* And Steam
boat Croud*; pan warranted Imported Havant Cigar*
: For sale by PC MARTI \
_ l ap‘- > l ___ _cor junith6eM and from tin-eu
-17 bx» “Lower V* Plug; ss. and 0#;
17 bra “HartV 6*;'
MbX»“J Ire’s”ss;
(0 bxs “Rnssell A Kobtton't* S* \
7 bfZtiXS ■‘Webster’*" As; .
HO do “A. Cabinet*''Congress
00 do *-Braßeh’j Bucktre pound s
? do i ‘Bnjce’»" , ss; on eon.*irnment and for
i apil A CORDON, wat. r *i
lirarrißG paper, *«.- , • •
VV Ruled and PUla Cap Paper* White and Blue;- rV-
Do-. da Letter oo do a;*-
Do- do- do do aworted color*,
Paney Note Paper, Plain and_Emboa*cd;
Note, Letter and Legal Envelope*;
Letter Clip*, Sealing Wax. RedTape.&c. •
For aale low by KLLJOTT A KNCiI.ISII
tpQQ • Market *uvet,betJVl i '
IjCNDßlKS—4l>obig*RtoC©Sre; "
COhfcheat* Y 11. Tea.
10 do Inpetial Tea;
30 do' • PouehongTea:
. 9)0 bbl* N. O. Molaaaea;
SObbtlSUl. do;
‘ 3 rerootu 3. F. Indigo; for aale hv
apli- JOHN GRIER, Liberiv at l
ICO bbda prime N. O. Sugar;
' 35 bbl* IxJaf .do;
SOObbla Plantation Molaaaea, Pittab.’gh
SO bbla Sugar House do,- heat quality;
b liereea Freib Hire; received from Nei* Or
lean* and for aale by W &->l-MITCHEI.TRKE
*P 13 •' ‘ No ICO Liberty- atrerl
BUAJVDT —3 bf pijyr* A S Brandy, Jail and pair;
do do Chard, buprr *3l), Jo viniagra
"i Jo do Plnet Canilioo Jo da
4 do do ofoihar brand*; *
5 c'kt cupojd TcuneueePeaeb Brandy;
For vale iu qnaamie* p C Al AHTIN
apW '• __ __ \i*>r amiihfield and Iront
S USDRIRfr~4ObhK Cider ViiWxarf
10 hblaOld Hernnr
M«lJe Jw;
' CO bbU Plantation Mota»»r*;
30iieree» Rieejoneonuxnmnc;
._Fo,r tile by »P>3 xy qtU.KR
RAISINSi Ac—SO bx* Ramn*;
iu bjt* Pure Rag. MurtatJ:
at keg! do do;
5 bagn Prpper; for uje b -f"
ap!s .
Sl)j>DlliKa-<V Jblt and 10 baftTlirTAprilV
dbapiKUuaced; 9 l-agi Timothy Seed
. 3bbi» Pork; Scaika Potaiii;
30 bu»Drjr Peadiea; 3 bl>U prime Buh.t
- Ju»t received and ibraalc low by '
apatl ENCM JSHA UKN NKTT, 37 wn o4 »i
APPLES, 4fce«—Cl hhta Green Applet \«u en <\l
Lett kinds, fIOO Iba aopenor Cfcee»e:
6 LbU (.‘filer;
.. . 3hfbLla Apple Duller,ir-adem'suii
eu Him. a »nnerior article.:o arrive: lor aale l.<
u PI9 ISAIAH DICKKV A Co, water anil tiont *t«
± Seed Sweei Potatoes just terrhflj in Kuo j
lion,and for saleai ihc Piitvburtb wd»u>ir ,ni.,ri i.,
woo*Uad Cih »t*. np'jo £ NMyiCKKR*!! a \li
Wf )HO n»i*on ll(4jiouu'.!, iu j.iiiuc* in,|pr
,UUU v-j WILLIAMS a! flll.VvfilCTli
; -iEJ2
CASKS Sateratu*. For Vale bv'
O ap9g QEO MORGAN A Co. i;ji Wu6 ,| ; t
TNDIGO—IOCeiMUiNbF. For sale by
1 a ; GKO, MORGAN it t.O
a’ASSKY * BEST—Wholesale "cStnceiiT* i
> MercbJUti, jmd dealer* in Produce -
no3i Wood slice i, Pittsburgh.
PI.OCR—IOO bbt* Family Floor, received an<t~i<>r'
i. rale by. aptf* TAMSKV \ URjef
pOTASn— lficask* pure, th ilorc and lor *s|a hr
S SALTS—27 bbls p’rime S Snli*. bn Land and far
aale by ap^U — TASSKV 4: BEST
B BOOMS—laydot corn llroonts, air--, be-1
gilt handle*,received per tleacuhoat Newark, and
tortaieby apa; TASSKV AnKST
edition of Hasweir* Engineer’* PoiLel
-LI Uook. dost received and for sale by
ap« JOHNSTON A STOCKTON—3pipe* of mpiwan brand Holland
_VT For *ale by ap« I* O MARTIN .
01*BRYE WHISKEY—A few bid* of *up l>
MR W hukey, di»tilled IsflT. For tale by
U,^T^jr1 c * i,e ,a P er - **■* French.!>rap
*■“ O cie—or fine Black Snmmcr Ciotht-iu.i opened
and for sylc by atflO SHACKLFTTr A WHITE
SB£l* — 1W boxes P»Ln Soap landing from framer
Ringgold and for tale by
ap'Jl ISAIAH DICKEY A Co, water and fiom u*
PLAYING CAROS—I4O doz. for (ale by
ORANGES AND LEMON'S— KjOUx* prims Birt*i
Orange*; 'lO bu prime Sicily Lemons for aala
b X a pan rc martin :
/"^.BOCERIEB —A full assortment of Sugnr, Te*
VJ Coffee,Brooms,Bucket*,Rat tins, Bgconi Ac, fo r
tale-wholesale and mail by I* C MARTIN
coramithfieldand lnint«:<
C'y*A3CBKE|> OIL—I 6 bM* jmt ree'il atui for sal
.•vVr, s at w iiaruauch
a F*l No 33 wood r ireel_
C^ORK- SOo hut, prune Yellow; to arrive in & few
> days—for tale by
*P3> 9 A WrllAßßAUGU.ttwoGdft
O and forsale by BRAUN A REITER
_?P®_ cor Libeny and gt Clair ats
C®*AHISH \VuiTXBfO~3O bbls, a superior diy
kj article, on band and for sale by >
DOBS* Pi SlS—Shblsof the very best quality, for
*A sale by BRaUN A REITER T
*P*Q cor Libeity and St Clair rtftcti
pEPPKR-t cases Powdered African Cayenne <5
A Pepper, ju*l received and for sale Hr ,
BIjUK ORILLIJfQB-3 case* just opened and
for sale by SHACKLKTf & Will TK
, ■PS O . No 99 wood street
RAGS WASTED—Country Mixed Bays want
ed, lor which the highest price in Cash will be paid.
First street, Ixilow Market
FRESH TEAS—-ISO chests and hf chests Y. 11.
aoiTGiinpowderTcas, for'sala by
aplS StEO MORGAN & Co, 105 wood »t
XfETAL —60tons No I Foundry, receired per ttmr
IVA Motive and for sale by
aplfl M ALLEN A Co, « water si
LISBEKD Oils—so bUIv landing
uak arid for sale low by -
aplO M ALLEN A Cd. Ad water at
D ACOsr—B,ooo Iba, hoy round, in siore and for sale
144 Liberty street
DRIED FRUlT— lTSbut.Peicbet;
” SOO do Apples; in tuire and
fortale by npIP CUNNINGHAM & BONDER'
/"ARKEBI APPLES—SJ Lit Choice Appb.V, re-
VJ eeived and ror taJe by
_ »pH> a F VO.N BONNIIORST A From m
T'jmACCO —itt kegs No 1, b TwifMrecivcd per •
X Itaac Newton nnd for tale by
»PU> FRjEND, RHKV A On, 57 water.«» ,
LOAF SUGAR— 3?bbl».N’o?,jceeiveil per ctrur
ißobertPulien and fortale bv
_apj» FRIEND, RHKV A Co, 57 woierji
BALSAS— 13 do*. \V<ttar’*Bal*tm 01 Wild Cher
ry, ju« received and fortale by
__apl9 -'l KIDD A-Cu, CU wood »l
CORO— 1,100 but. prime Yellow, in' good sbippug
order, for tale by
. ap_l» S k W lIARBAUGU, 33 wood «i
'"POBACCO—100 bxt.Sn, 8t 18*, and 16-; ; iu|>erior
A brand*; 50 ken 0 Twitt Tobacco; ioi rale b y
adls GEO MORGa N X Co
V°RR SUXTURES-I rate rec'd and ii.r talc
SCIFTKTIHIHe —So ox. ju*i received and tor
*»leby aplB i KIDD, CP wood »l
T ICfcUORICB ROOT-350 lb* MnaH sticks, ju-1
JU-ree'd and for tale by J KIDD AC* ,
A bCOIIOL4I O bhlt Ju.*t received and for tale by
*R}? _ d KIDD A Co.tij waier ti
QCORCIIINGS—Joti received and for tale bv
IYUTTEIt—4 bblt Fretb Roll Batter for -:*le by •
X>apl9 WICK A MeCA t-SUF.F*S
POTASH—Prime Poush Ju» received tor «*la ,
■T |>y npltt U’iCK A McCANDt.K-SH j
T KAD—SOO pljtGalena Letid,recriveap.>r Mcimct l
XJ Cambria and torwle by \
CHLORIDE LI3IK-3 caikr for **], { .
«P» R K~BF.LLEnS,AT wri,J M _ N
I7LAXSJBKD OIL—ISbbU ferule by -
YELLOW OCHRK-I.soalb*. turn VwJfil
J saJe by »plO R E SELLKfc?, a? viooßT
pUIPFEO btlWoMile|,y "
y apl» R K SKI.LKrT/J; troadM
Flour sulphur—souibi'iori&ieby
_ «plf _ R B SKM.KKS.37 wood vl - '
f>PSOM SALTS—S C8«k« B&lumore, for role by
iap»B • RESELLERS, 57 wood«
/■'LUE— lu bbli Glue for' tala hr
yy apiu v R K SELLERS? wocd «
BACON— 7,UD Ibt, hog round, in More and for rale
_ hy «Pl» 8 A W, HABHaLUH
WOOL— Fleece, Tub Waabed and Fulled Woo"
. • apl> 8A W HaRBaUGM
BROOMS— 200 dor. in aure and ibraaie by
NO* MOLASSES— 29O bbla in More,and for »ale
• by apls _ OEO MORGAN ACo
QPAKUH WHITING— 4O bblt for aa!e by
O oplS OF/) MORGAN A Co. 109 wood ,n
RIO COFFKK— frun Canal «nj
formic by »pIS OKO MORtUNfr Co
SCOKCH BAl«TB—2'tnn* for talo hr
«pl* 'X_o_ RR *«» r wraw_aml .<«
A PPLKR—IQJ bbl) Romania AppW forVaV |.y
1» w nm-vA
POTASH— 15 eue» I'oiatb bf
*.*???.' ; \V GREER
TSt2uh* r ****** BllckTea » am'tiof from CwmT
*TIS . \9 kkkkr
.-V ,e «'U to »*lc iiV
■ WIM.IAMS&DH; :nißTti
riOFPBS=S9O Us* pan O reeit R«o, ibr«»l«V“
V »^ t7 W GRKEtt <J
c “** 0,1 coocijnmeni, for ul« by
iJ * W ■ W CJHKKR-
bit writing fag Cinclontti, far ..In by
OPT*. bblrlu.TTirtSS i
P fat ..In by ; J J JJORC. AN '
piTCII— x pptgnndy Pnch for la ; e R y > ■
l a moroa si
DACOS-au,** lbj.fcogn»n,}, I„and far«la
-ij®. : :IP»7 R RODION 4Co
Oy£? bbUUtt, « ei ' u *» ‘anwe^todi^Mjgby^*
W?.f7 ,!fQ ‘ Mbbl * Botion Whiting fot tale by
® MCK -W»ben Driwot Veorin* Hnek,
AJ foraalo by aplt J SCHOONMAKHB kCo
T o|t-.4 t>)ii» pore, t'of»ale by ~ ’'
»P»4 -• J D Wl>ROAiy;Wlvroodrt
Wbbi Diack Leather Vamiafe. fcr
y Mi* by apl4 \ JOHN D MORGAN