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(rrTM rmaoiaß* Dailt Oi«m .» »uWj»hr»!
Daily,Tli-WeekVy, and Weekly.—Tin*
OoUaißperannoto/lheTri-Werkly u Five Dollar* per
■aaoßj Uu Weekly i» Two Dollar* per annum, xaieil#
i* aJranu • • i
- \Sotlee to Advertlaan.
iiy~ AdveruietneolK, to secure ,a*f ttiun, *UnuM >»
banded in by. fire o'clock in tbe oi'tcrcooti. Au<rii*oi
to Utlv.OQ Uie part of oar cuitomro. n-uultl he y>rodue
lire of maujal benefit. - „
; j cur** cocifit-l
(oy ccMficm-AXti cocxrr )
\ JOHN C KUNKEL. Daupb.n Uountv
: thomasduncan, ••
JOH.S P WKTHERU.L.» , b,I:„JrI r M»<\ty.
; - THOMAS McGRATH, Philadelphia Codniy
DILLER LimiE»[ Berks.
' ROBERT M UARIf Frank!,i.
. THOMASM T M’KKNNAN, Washington.
ANDREW J OGLE, Sororr-ct.
' lIARMAR DENNY. Allcgbeuy.
! RICHARD IRlVlN,.Venango
•; JOSEPH H KUHNS, IVcsuiwrclttiid.
| G J BALL, Erie.
i H D MAXWELL Northampton I
I , J U'SALISBUUY. Suxiuebonii.T.- I
{ HENRY 9 EVANS, Chester.
; : ROBERT T POTTS, MoiUgopory
-'i |
Democratic to ho lit
as» Tatlob.—>The friends of the i
with singular assurance, are ende« 1
something out'of the brilliant viti
under Taybr and Scott at Baena
Cruz. We say .with singular assu
months hare not passed by since ■
_ while demanding to be placed at i
Army in Mexico, was laughed a
bait of ridicule by almost every 1\
and partizan in the. country. He
“in fronland rear,” while atlemp
and serve bis country to the wy l
ity. From tbo White House, lb
Department, in Congress, and out
pecked at| crowed over, and pnuuc
, ry croaking raven in the ranks of
tration. And now, forsooth, wher
. hat beaten the enemy in front, *
rear” ha* ceased, and Democratic
are to be paid to tbo Hero of Low
( ' Vera Crox!
And General Tatlob, 100. has : uddcnly grown
into favor with the Adminiatraiior, and the Dem
ocratic party of Pittsburgh have called a public
wo sec, to do special hor or to hi* victory
a t Buena Viita. With’allourhnrts to
whom honor'is due,” and /or >uch victoriei a*
* those achieved under Genefal* T iylor and Scbti,
we all owe the homage of grate u! hearts. Hut
do not let us mar our rejoicings : ndour gratitude
by party demonstration*.. They aro unbecorriing
the respect,yre owe to tbo Army, and originate
we fear, in no special regard for tl e men who hr»ve
been so greatly instrumental in the victories wii
commemorate. We can count Whigs by the
•score who have fallen in battle, and our sincere
belief is,''from what we know of those who com
pose the regiments mastered into sprier, that a
-majotily of them are Whig*. Webster and Crit
tenden have gallant eons in the Held, and
Henry Clay mourns the loss nl a son; whom Gen
eral Taylor esteemed as though one of his own
offspring. ,Tbreo Whig Colonels fell together at
the head of their .Regiments at Buena Vista, and
kindred spirits, politically and socially, dropped
lall ar*uDd them, and in the very thickest of die
fight. We are ashamed to single out
->(’ all parlies,
sde to give a
aid we pre
jads of those
Whig* in a victory- gaii
The aHem|>t. however,
partisan character to ibi
diet ‘that it*will recoil i
who originated this .act
would *eem, lor selfuh
lie good.
The friend r r
of the Ai , hire many
y and uni al Taylor, l>c
; to ride up rm of his jx>p
sball have . hereafter to
. Ficklin, Thompson and Farran,
i irabcrs of Congress from Minot*,
i] Ohio/onJ to rrfci to (bo unhand
* drainislercd to General Taylor by
era of the dominant party in the last
[ reeentntitcs. lN'ever was man more
ban General Taylor by this Adpin
-11 the President to the humblest
-ingress—and for such a party notv,
i to shout hosannas to his name, is
is it is ungrateful. How due it is
; enemies arc those who fawn upon
i ess and frown upon us in our mi"
f ould the Democracy of Pittsburgh
leady to honor Gcneial Taylor
>1 circumstance, twcnty*onc thnuyiml
deredour gallant little army of' only
4* number?
thingito urui
fore ■ttemptin
ularitj. Wo
quote Mcdi
l*oeo * Foeo m
Mississippi at
some rebake i
all the membi
House of' Re]
badly treated
adherent In
in his ducccss
that oar wore
| ' at in oar^uo
. I fortunes. W
base been as i
i : . ,sorae •dverse 1
| men had mast
| : oae-foarth tb
It is very t ard for us to forget that it took a
Democratic C augress six long weeks to adapt a
vote of thanks-to General Taylor and the brave
army under his command for the brilliant victory
at Monterey, land tbo friends of the Adrainistra*
tion in the previous weeks of the session bad
not the manliness to propose a vote of thanks nor
thejo’itice to assent to them after they were mov
ed hy a Whig from Tennessee. They wetc ban
died about between the two Houses from mid
winter to spring, tbe*tnajority of the House adu
a|Sy censuring General Taylor, and pcr-*cvrrinE
in the attempt until the Senate refused to concur
with them. ‘J'he fame party, which two month-,
ago would'have crushed General Taylor because
he wrote one pointed letter to Mr. Marcy, and
another to General Gaines complaining of the
cruel delay of ;the Administ ration to furr.Lh him
with supplies, now" throw up ihfir caps and
shout, “long live King Richard l-
Tat aivi *rox Mexico. —Our last advices
from Mexico leavo Santa Anna within or near
the .city. It is said that he wa»ealled thither from
San T.uia Potosi to act as umpire between the old
Government—lf any form of Government can l*e
called old in Mexico—and the Pronundados
Santa Anna reached the Capitol with a remnant
of his, defeated Army, and would strike a "blow
whenever and wherever it would tell with must
effect for the establishment of his Power. If the
popular demonstration shall be for Peace, he will
be for Peace iko—if for continued War, he will
continue to ujak* * »bow of light
j Gomel Farias, the Vice President under Santa
‘Aunt,’the enemy of the Priesthood, and President
ad interim In the absence of Santa Anna, seems
to have caused the late insurrection. Resides the
dissfiected at i home upon questions of domestic
poliey, there la V large Peace Party in Mexico,
and Santa Anna will probably Ik: compelled to
decide between those who are for Uiccontinuatijn
pf the war and I those whoraro against it. Tho
Government (rooris and the insurrectionists were
at open war at [he Capitol, when Santa Anna
reached there. Blood had been shed, and a derp
excitement pervaded tbo city. The Iris.aMeii*
can*paper, says [that the revolution bids fair not*
to finish except by weariness and inactivity, which
Is the work of lime, forming a sad prosperl for
those who earnestly desire the. prompt and com*
plete re-eitahUshment of order and public tian
qointy. To such a pitch of indifference have
these misguided men brought themselves with
the public weal, that daily they establish
; an arm!«Uee for a few boars, to take food or sock
• -The ProuuDciadoa were to tho ascendant in
Mexico, and this was legardod as favortble to
Peace. Tile enemies of Gomex Farias are the
enemies of the War, and Santa Aim* as umpire
between the t« J>, may lead a powerful Peace party
If he wilt A letter to the North American, da
ted Mej«h iIU , (lbe day before-Banta Anna r« t
outVor the dty of Mexico,)' asy*thal "the general
y—irt-w »n»«icd.'irilh.egtraordina*_
»g Z>e
Of. id
terr ft
ctad t<
Hah this morn
intertatiDg le
fromjuur Pitt
.friends will br
with fortitude
!L .17,-/847!
enemy and in cndur
and cayj|>! to tthieh
Pennsylvania, .and
gofhj reaefcn to be
Sol the !e»*t interacting portion af those letters
to timer ati horne. arid by whom their absence ic
daily mouthed, ic the announcement of the prob
ability of Uie'tr returning with peace secured, du.
ring the month of Joly. We say amen to thi* t
with all hearts:
Cw rc ■jvuulef.i-e i|j,: r,i:»'.urnii d>te lie
Cami- \V amuvoto.v. Vr.n* < >nrz. Mexico, >
March, 22d 1847. 5
f havten to inform you of our present location
am! prospl-rts. Wo were landed on the 9th, about
9 at njgbt, uud had to wade iu the water about
2} fret Jeep for more than 1()U yards, and then
had to lay ih-w.i on the sand close to -the waters
•dgr, with nothing-to shelter u* hut our blanket*;
we were alarmed about threo in the morniug by a
iMidy of Mexicans that were stalled by our soldi*
ncl«. but after thrre or fiur rounds the Mexican*
retreated in double quick lime. At day break we
! weie all engaged in dispatching our breakfast—
which consisted of crackers, salt beef and water,
bli of which w* relished as much as though it
had been served.up in the St. Charles style.
We commenced our march for the rear of the
city at 9A. M. The day was oppressively warm,
and marching over the plains and hills of hot sand,
buttoned up in tight heavy uniforms auJ carrying
our knapsacks Ac., I cannot give you any idea of
ihe- apjiearanco of'.some of qor .Northern njcu.
Many threw away their kua|«ick«, blankets and
roundabouts. Other* fell from Ihe ranks and crawl
ed to.thn shade completely exhausted. We had
(kirmishiug all day—but sufcrL’edrd in taking the
magazine and the height* in the rear of the city,
and commanding a full view of the city and css*
lie. We have been quartered in chaparal and
sand hills ever since wailiog for our batteries,hors*
ea and ainunitioD to Ik* lauded, which could not
I** Jone on account of a very severe norther which
continued for five days. We now have all nearly
landed and I think will ho ready to commence in
in two pr thrtje Jays. They have been throwing
h»IN and fhells pt urj from the city and earolc ever
~»)fice wr have but doing no execution of
‘‘Any noli*. W*’ had, one f'.iptaiu and. a private
(of thii killed ami 8 wounded,
nnu ratal ufj enemy have been killed arid
wounded tho* far.. One of Company G of the
first Regiment j (Capt. Morehrad’*) was shot
through the breast oil tho 19th anJ was taken in
this wounded condition, nearly dead, and buried
by the Mexicans. He-with some others having
gone out foraging, his comrades tried to carry him
<itT, hut hsd to leave hira*to the mercy .of his mur
derer*,—his name w«i* Miller. Wo have been
working hard for thij last three nights throwing
up brv.iklworks and [dinting batleries." Yesterday
afternoon at a o’clock a body of lanrer* numlwr
ing about 2,409 tritjj to break through our line
ami"gpt|into thoicityjliut were beaten back. We
have cut off all coinmumrjtiuujwirfe the city and
ensile by land since the »th. - 'The port is biqcka
hd, but on ttie J3lli a French Barque passed the
fieri and look a large quantity of amuniliori into
the castle I do not know what ihefh.mmodore was
doing at the time. They are in a starving condi
tion in the city. I have tu-en within 400 yard* of
ihe wall twice and each time could them
crying and moaning most piteously but was fore,
ed to leave in quirk lirao. the la«t time tn-ing dis
covered by (heir picket guahl, and bad a dozen
bulb ts whistling over my head. I write on rnv
knapsack in t».n rhnpp.-iral and tlie aan.l driving in
great Hikes over nnJ around me, and am only
kept awake l>y the *he|l* bunding all around. I
have slept only about j of an hour m the la*l <H.
" « have to pack and carry our provision* about
6 miles’over prq,ligi.,u< sand hills and half the time
we ronubt get our proper rations owing lo the
negligence.' laziness and ignorance of our (Jom
nv*sary, Mr. Shuggatl. of Louis. Complaint*
■re universal!? and daily made by the
Many day* we have nothing .to rat but ,cricket*
and wati r. This privation and oiftrs We are
willing in un let go, when nrrrwtarv.
.03011 TO SI'OTT
i soring to make
lories adhered
Vista and Vera
anco. as twelve
General Scott,
thi bead of the
i and* made (be
loco Foco pros*
net with a lire
ning to advise
: e*t of bis abll
ongh tbc War
: of it, to was
:d upon.byet*
the Adminis*
General Scott,
;be fire in the
>artizin honors
ly’s Lane and
But w«- rnu>t compbin when we *t-e all other*
faring much better than we do. and caused by the
reason -assigned above. We find in this place all
kind* od| vegetables which you will not have in
your for two or three months ret. viz: On*
ions, Taautos, Salad, Celery, Cabbi|e, Radishes, ’
fee., all fresh and green from tho garden. We :
cm occasionally gel'Mime fr« * e t -f cr veal, by
plutidrn|ig, but thifwe J > i ■ apt, only when
compelled by necessity. : iur ihgimeut i» with
few exception* well. CapL of Company H.
'has not been with his men since we have been
aahorv.being reporteJ rck. He and Capt Hay'are
l*>ih going home in the first ship that sail*; both
having Ix-en enable to perform duty for 'two weeks,
('apt*, lfcrron ondTotler are Iwth well,and prov
ed ihrinseltes soldiers in earliest. Lieut*. Tru
villo and Aukrim of tho Greys, Dennv and R »tr
ley of the Blue*, and Knru* uf ihe Groens. are a!!
fjvorib* in ihrir^companies, and Ho Joutit should
in opportunity ircrur. will distinguish tiiemmdvcß.
I bavt*)U*t been informed that a large fire ha*
IK-cri raging in the cjly lor an hour past, but has
now been subdued. It originated trum the firing
from the city.
(ten. Scott told us yesterday be bad no doubt
but what we would all Ikj un nut road home by
the first of August and probably . sooner. I
must close now a* it i* ncaf dark awl we arc nut
allow**! any fight* after *un set. I must spread
rny blanket in’tho sand and retire for the night.
I remain your*, truly, R. H. K.
led mori*,. ir
i /or the pub*
I 'mli-pnu.lrnr.- <-f s-i- J*m»l,uii;i| tiui-Vf
C i si' W amii% liTuv, iVcm (ai*7, {
March 26th. 1917 •$
As 1 antiripaU'il our Hajl has iqirurd now.—
It opcnc.l on our fid« by flrn. Worth'- l.alle
ry. at J IJ.l J . \f.. on Monday the 22J. and hi* con
tinued evi-r without c«*sati<m- The officer*
of tho Navy have exerted a tine battery in a very
prominent postir.iri about Kil(t yards, from the wall
of the city whirlj opened voter lay morning, l*ing
dtrcov.ired bv the cr-.cmy just u the last gun hid
been planted. Our men worked hard night after
night m digging trenches and ihrowiug up breast
work »l tin. point. aq.l fortun itely were not no
tired !-v lb* enemy until the\rry moment thel.iit
cun wan planted, whin lliey n .cried 7 r«y wick
ed .viol batteries on it fr. m the city. Hut it
was gallantly Kus-ainril by the seamen, who min*
sgnJ (hr gun*. This battery mt,Mint* of four 32
l-ounder* and two (it |<»un<lcrK, end when three
old fellow* growl at the wills jwd fort-* of the city,
you may *eq the sUinrH. morfar and brick flying
in i-my direction id tbe city.
Gen Worth's battery cnrisi-its nf C large mortars
and throwing with great accuracy and precision
each time into the city. -They have lost .1 or 4
men at thi« battery and severs! wounded, yesterday
I regret very, rhcch to slate 4 lof the sailors were
kilbd, and whilp I am writing I hear frequently
lint others havii Uren krllr.l to-day.. 1 aptrit all
morning looking t»t the destruction that waagning
on in the city, and 1 assure you I cannot give you
any idea of the scene*.- Our Batteries 3 in.imm
l* r C, gun* each keeping up a conlmusl firs upon
the city. and they in retufrethrovking back (from
the city only, the castle being,unable tu |**ar up
on us) for alAu/t three hours when all their batte
ries were eilrnrpd but one. Th* walls in jnany
places are broken and the building's in the city
much injured and haltered down -- Hut you must
not think .their dwelling and store-houses ore like
I’iiL-imrgh. hduecy, I tell you there is not a bouse
in the city; but wbatjj* B strong fori in jist-If, be
ing all built of Cornlßjick and Brick, and cdt-
•t. il over with it strung coat ill crrocnt, the roofs
(icing all arrbed and made of the warn?.: material.
Our .hells were bursting in the city til last night,
one bur-ting about e??ry jl minutes, all of which
did execution. We have* not l«-en called ori yet
but I expect we will Foonlhavo to make a charge
a* Miniias the «a!U have |>een sufficiently broken
and *-<inc of rhe batteries JilrnreJ, it is not design
ed that the fleet should ncl any part in this. As
soon as we take the city, (:and that wn will have
by Sunday) we will direct the guns of the forts in
city upon the castle. | '
SiTrmut Evening March 37th 1817.
I have delayed Rending the above, on account
of having no opportunity to do so, and now
can give you a small item of news.' This night
Vera Grot and Castle arc ours, and’to-morrow
(Easter Sumlay,) will sir. the Stars and Strips
waving on Iwth, having obtained them with the
Ins* of only M or t 5 men. This communication
I feel satisfied, will be doubled by nvrvy Pitu.
burgher, and, indeed, I would doubt ii myself
did I not sro our men pliced around the City |<>.
night, mi guard, to keep our-men from entering
into it, and the-citizen* f pro coming out.
They have been canonadiug ns ever since we
landed, viz: fmnMhe.' ibth until tho morning of
the UCth/aod wejost only 15 men on the outside,
and shout SO wounded. ]Wo commenced as I have
already Mated at 1 P.MJ,on Monday lbo22daod
ceased when their white flag camo oat yesterday
motniog; and tKb .-evening they had surrendered
uncondiliqpaliy both city and castle. Geo. Mor
ales previous to tht surrender wished x Uj resign
hia command, and it uni*) even did so. doubtless
fearing he coot j not hold oat against os, and did
not wish the city to be taken under his command.
-Tbo hattcrv manned by the Sailors, and General
■ ' tcri item the A#my. . |
tings w# would tike !to .pub. ;
fimf room for tbe following,
iom Vera Cruz. They'are]
. soldier*, all of whom, tt.rir 1
•f \
. know.conducted thrmrenea
rsrery, both in ihe face.of the ;
i ng the hardships of the coast
they were but little used. 1
particularly Pittsburgh, has
rouJ of such men as these.
The loss on qor aide was principally confined to
the Navy battery,Toaing f> *»il6r*,bne of the first
Pennsylvania. Regiment, and Mi«i*hipm»n Shu
: brick. Thedty has been much Htuered and ms>
ny live* have been lost. Ido not know yet how
many. We all look now for jreabe, and a speedy
dismissal Irom the army. I must now clou* 7 by
once more assuring you of thb truth of our first
victory; and ihe next letter you receive from me
, will oc dated from the city or castle of rSjn Juan
; d’Plloa. Vour*. Ac . | R. H. K.
Our corre*{«on*lent will prove a true prophet
] Confidence m war is of itself a tii,wer of strength
and one halt of a Victory. (
Case WaaittTVGTu.v, near Vaa* Criz, ")
Match 28th, 1847. S
Dear Brother:—lt it with more than joy that 1
address youi st thia time,’knowing that you will
bo painlully anxious to hear from me.
The 11 th of this month we were shipped from
our respective vessels, lying at Anton I.izardo, on
to the different war vessel*, and ran down to Sac*
nficios, which i* about thieo mile* from Vera
Cruz. About 3 o’clock. Worth’s' division com
menced landing. It wa* our ot ibe most mngni
ficen| and exciting sight* I could have imagined.
There were over 39 large ertf IxmU filled .with
men, each boat bud a small cannon in the bow
and the star* and alripe* at tho stern. It was art
anxious moment, and the whole finel scarcely
breathed. The city and casllo were glaring on
U» at a long shot distance. Onward ibe brave
division marched—not n boat out of line—they
•truck their shore, hod in 10 minutes they were
formod on the beech. You should have hcatd the
cheers from the fleet. In five minutes more our
glorious banner wai planted on a sand hill.—l
thought I would have gone crazy with excitement;
there wa* a simultaneous yell rent the air from
ship-side, mast* and Vard arm*.
Our division (Taltersou’s) commenced landing .
after dark, and a time we had of it. The tide
was out, and we had to wade from the surf boats 1
about 200 feet, with our muskets, knapsacks and -
all. and were formed about 29 feet from tho wa- )
ter a edge. We were ordered to stack arms and !
retire tu bed, which we did in our wet clothes oi£ [
■and, anJ I never slept more comfortably in my
life until about 2 o’clock, whon we were aroused ,
by the alarm drums, firing of musketry and tho !
whistling of ball* around' our bfad.->, between
our ryes, arm* ond every place excepting wbcrfr
the Mexican* would have lilied them to
hijve gone. We were ordered un in liue, and
to load, which we did in the nhokesl |***<ible I
time there wo btooj perfectly sileqt, and in ac- }
tion for about an hour, exposed to the shot of tho !
enemy/ When the firing ceased, and the |
cause of it explained, 'it appeared a relief picket j
guard going out, had come across about -190 .Mex
inns, who opened a hot .fire upon them. The I
guard had to retiro to the beach, when they got
a reinforcement whirh put the Yellow boys to
flight. The Mexicans wore not rouc'i over 290
yards off of us among tho sand hills. Alter tbit
stir, we turned in and slept quiejjy until morning.
We were ordered into marching order, and to ad
vance, with not a breath of air stirring, under:*
scorching sun. All along the road yon could
see knapsacks thrown off, and under the bushes
l*oor folio .vs lying, aoinc done over and some *un I
struck, several of Ihe latter have since died.— !
About two miles from the beach we got inlo the '
chu| a a', when the Mexicans cnmmenc. d a fiie"
on us. We routed them out of every |>osition i
they to.ik •luring the day, and just before *un
down, gamed a height which roTnnamUd a full
view of the city. As soon as we gained the sum
mil. we received three time three from tho divi
sion that wa* on the sand lull* we left behind.-*—
We.hadnt h'-en there more lhan ten minutes,
when the fort* from the city o|>ened upon u* o
hot shower o! shell, and round shot which did us
no more harm lhan fill our ryes with sand.—
This height (lencrai Scott gave us two days to
lake—we look It ill less than twelve hour*. In
21 hours we hail Ihe cily pi-rh-ctlv »u.r- imJcd,
anJ their limps drum in. From the Iftlh tu the
22d, the cut batteries were playing on us while
we were landing aitdlrric* and s*6rr*,jnd planting
balUnr-e. Oa the 22d. \\ oiih’s ballety opened,
and ihe next day I‘atlerson'*. Thev kept ft up !
nnliHlu- 2Gih, when the city requested n cessa
tion foi the purpose of negotiating, which resulted ;
in a surrender of ihe city and caslle t>n the 27th. i
'I his achievement is glorious, particularly so,
when wr consider the few lives l<i*t on our side.
I must stop, a* we are to march hark into Al
varado. which place will have to surrender. It i*
said (Jen. .s.-ou ha« inlinvited that wiowill all
4l b.rmu in Ju'v—tins l heire»e i< certain, a»
the country cannot hold out.
Taylor’s vjetory stunned the Mexican*, and the
surrender of tho Vera thmz, their ijol, will wal
th>*ir fate. h.
Mr. Wr.uirrzß, having been gro»*lv *landi red
m Richmond Enquirer, as giving utterance to
tin- following atr..n..Ls.senUini-m !!.«•' Enquirer
giving currrncy to tilt- falsehood, hut not ongma
ting it—answered as follow*;
Wssuivoton, March 29. l*H7.
To the I'.Jitur.H nf thr Enquirer
Sirs,— \ friend has shown men late iiuint<er of
your paper, in which I find t[>fse ('..flowing par*,
“Hut thi* same t>anir| \V«>b-t.'r, during tf.,»
war nl ISl'i, employcii ev,-jj (-tr-inger language
t 'Ward- n.:r own virtu-'U* .Midi«-in. The Federal
orator, und clilois ,d the pn*seiit day rmpl <V
tern:* ol obloquy u|-m Mr. I’oik. similar to what
their predreoxot* used towards Mr. Madi*.>ii. In
an exchange paper we find the loilowuig fummarv
of what Mr. Webster said of President M,adi»*iii.
It is for the.'Repubhcana uf Virginia to sax wheth
er they will sustain a parly whose attacks ujion
their own government arc quotrj as giving •com*
foil to the enemy.
-James Madison—this modern Nero—thi* worth*
less confederate of Napoleon Uomparti—deip.
sed at home and ibroad—this obstinate, infatuated
man. who plunges u« into a wanton, wicked war—
a cringing coward—our cowardly captain general,
who galloped his |»iur lx*a,t thirty miles from a
ballb- ground—lb* baseness, cowardm* and |<eifi*
dy of James Madison—the crazy head, the tjli*,
vaunting braggadocio—the more cowardly he
act* the rnoir heroically be talk"— the cntidui-l <d
such a man i* in.the highest measure disgusting
and degrading. Gan we woii.ler ’hat EngUtid
(Mexico) dallies wii’h u«, whm -he. ha- .-mh t
I'Ujffin to deal with’’ ”
I know not Irani what pj|x*r you Love quoted
the foregoing ••summary," n- of s.>melhing spok> ji
by me at some lime. It t< altogether false, and
without the slighte-t foundation; ar.,l *« you have
transcribed and pubhrhed it irj your paper, | trust
you|will do iue Hie )u*liee to publish also tI.H my
denial <*f it.. I never uttned either sijrh word* or
such M iilimetiN re-qx'rtmg Mr. Madison «( »„y
tune or on any occasion. The whole '‘summary ”
l* an cnlirr and ul>*olule.fabiication.
J'or Mr. Madison | always rotcitained a high
degree ol regard, which f have manifested on ma
ny <-ccoston*. early a* well n- recent. Ihff'->uig
with him f.n several political questions, | never
treated him otherwise than with pr.ipor r<.-|Hrt t..r
In* ehif-icler ,ni<( ilie highly vahtai-lc service* ren.
dcnil hy him to hi-' country in the .d a
long (Hilitical life.
Although I haves requested you to do me ll.e
justice to publish this letter of denial, allow me
to fit, that 1 do so merely |,>r ihe p<ir|* K<i of <li«.
iihu-iug those who do not know me; ih».y wlm do,
whether friends or h*-, are not likely to hehevg
that 1 ever uUerrd lauguigc a* your eirhinge
pajier imputi** to me, either toward* Mr. Madison
or any other man. Vmir obedient servant, ‘
r*» reuijer of Vein Crux.
BaraiririiM, Morrh ti<l.— tP. M,
About three bundml yard* from (be town i»
theermetry, which wii* in posies.-'i-m „f our men
Juring the bombardment. It i* about KMt yard
square and surrounded by a wall mi feel high. In
tho centre m a pretty little chapel, uUmt 2b hit
square, with a smalt marbio ul*<ir in the centre,
surr-.uiidcd by a large crucifix. On each of tin
four sid» * ol the building arc largo uiahugitny
doors, extending from the ground to the roof, and
on tho lop i* a very handsome cupola. This buil
ding 'was a mark' for the Mexican baUcries for
some time, nnd is completely riddled—seit ral t-hot
Went through the dome, an I the brick foil tu all
directions, but the crucifix i* nnhirraod,eicepling
the r'rc.wn •>( thorns, which was knocked off by a
splinter.— Sun. 1
I'he Madison ami indianopolis Railroad will he
completed lielwrrn those cities bjr the firat of July
The Senate of Illinois, postponed indefinitely
the bill allowing the right of way for the Eincin
nati'aiul St I.ouis Railroad, A petty strife be
tween Alton and St Louis led to thirijgiulL
Edward Miller, E*q., Engineer of the Gontra!
Rail Road, tlarts immediatuiy for I'ittbburgh, fur
the pur[Mi!to of surveying a line Eastward from
your city.— JottmuL
Tur. Rail Rexn to Newaiik.— lt is aettled
that tho road from Lake Krio is to be immediately
completed (n Newark, and it remains' now for
the pecqdc of Zanesville and this county to extend
that road to this place.— Zanatillt Courier.
Kant'CTiojt iw tics mica or Gxa.—We under
stand that tho Trustee* of PitUhnkgh Gas Works
have reduced the price of Gas from three dollars
per thousand cubic fret to two dollars and fifty
cents, with five percent discount if paid upon the
presentation of bills. They have also divided the
city inlo three districts in which bills for Gaas will
be presented alternately.— Telegraph.
A* many as twcuty.foor Iron Steam Ships are.
now building on tho Clyde. Ono uf them, the'
jdiin..SQQ.ha!ao Jruwcr, jsjßearijy
[l-,.rr>...«,<Wrvf the l-lulargl. fijrvllt J
Itallrnidl Movement*,
TWO Mexicans killed—u a.meri-
We haro by the St Lauiapiperi of tbe 6lh
instant, a confirmation of the *id new* previous*
•y given of the misucres in Santa Santa Fe.
Alter the first misaacre of Governor Boot and
hi* patty, there wa* a second at Ano OnJo, 12
mile* from Taos, where nine American* were
killed by 390 Indian* and Mexican*.
On the 20th of January, the murder of Gover
nor Bent and hi* men was known at Santa Fe,
when (101. Price determined to march out of San
ta Fe and meet them in the opcu field. He took
with him three hundred and forty men.
On the evening of the S-ltH/CoL Price encoun
tered the enemy at Canada, numbering übout
2090 men, under tho command of Geocrg! Jesui
Tafoya. The enemy were posted on jhe bills
commanding each sidi: uf the road.
The artillery imt having much effect, the ene
my were charged and routed. Tbe enemy wcie
2090 strong, and lost 3G killed, and dfi prisoners.
(TOl. P., un the 27tB’, took up bis line of March
towards Taos, and again encountered them at
LI hmhoda un the 29th. They were discovered
iti the thick brush off each tho road, at the
entrance,of a defile, by a party of spies, who im
mediately "firoJ upon them. A charge was made
by the three companies, resulting in the total
route of ihe Mexicans anJ Indians. The battle
.lasted half an hour, but the pursuit was kept up
fur two hour*.
The inarch was resumed on the next day, and
met with no opposition until tbe evening of ihe
3J of February, at which time they arrived at the
Pueblo do Taos, where they found the Mexicans
and Indians stmugly fortified.
On the i*xt daya figi.l en'tued. A ebureb
which had l*een u»ed as a part of the fortifications
was taken by this charge. The fight was hotly
contested until night, when two white flags were
but Were immediately abut down. In the
morning the l.ut wss surrendered. At this battle
tell (’apt. Burgwin.
The total loss of tho Mexicans in the three on
gugcmeJnU is estimated at 283 killed- the number
i»r theit- wounded is unknown. Our total loss
wa* lllkillrd and 47 wounded, three of whom
have died.
Tho attach upon Murb ia also confirmed bv this
news, dnJ buth the upper and lower town* were
laid in ashes.
Wc thafffiivo full account* of theso battles to
.l.v '
'The hews is also confirmed of the capture ol
Ohtlmsbua, but it wa* after a hard-fought battle,
the juiticubis of which we have not received.
f (<**t or KinKserrso.—Our city wa* yester
day morning the scene of much excitement, in
consequence of an attempt made to carry ojl a
iljvb belonging to Jossm Loosn, of Winchester
Va. ir seems that the slave has been lor tome
weeks a fugitive from hi*'master, and during this
time ha* been a resident uf tbi* city. Last even
ing hi* master, accwnpanted by two other person*
from hi* town, Jatnca Johnson and George Kra
mrr. arrived in town, and put-up at Ihe Monon
gahola Ili>u*e. By some moans the olllcers, with
aid received in tbe city, decoyed the slave into one
ol the chambers in the third story of the Hotel,
! where heiwat confronte«J by hts master. The
scene here, we are told, wa* a mostexciting ouc.
< He cried loudly for relief, when ooizej by the of.
] fleers, nnJ wa* board all over the immense eslab
I pshment. The n<>i*e caused mach alarm and ex
: Cilenent aumngat it* numerous iuaulc*. In the
I -mnm while, tho colored population of ihe city
Cam.- by r.-me mtuns apprised of was going
• on. an,l j large s>«>Jy ul them gathered around ibe
.entrance* of tho Hotel, ready to rescue the »lave
1 from the grasp uf tho owner aod officers, who
shortly afterward* made their appearance with
the slave in custody, at tho private Joot of
Hold, intending to convey him un board the
-tvamer (dipper No. 2, then rcaJy to leave tbe
wharf. Tbe moment tho man appeared, a regu
lar rarii wa* made to hi* rescue. One of the ofiw
cuts. (Kramer.) wa* knocked do*n,'.though but
slightly injured. Mr. JohnsonaLo received a blow, j
In the Di.-jmiiii.-, ihe slave made his escape, and ]
ha* not sioce t«ecn seen. Jli* name it Daniel i
I, ictbiri, amj hi* friends have sent him f*i lv i
ynii.l ihe reach of master ur overseer. \
The nett scone alter the wipe of the slate
who Wat borne oil under the protection of a bo
dy guard of his friend* was at the-Independent
IVlice office, Mure Alderman Steele, where a
commitment was mule out.and by mutual cor.«
<*m, the cj*o was brought before the District
('oun. Judge Lowait presiding, upon a wilt of
Habeas Corpus.
Mr. UrouA’H acted a* counsel for the pnnecu-
Uon, and Messrs. Deur, Ersrau aud. S.xowutv
for the Jr letter. The arrest of ihe roaatrr ;*nd
hi* associates! was made under the recent kiduap
ping laws uf lhi« rttale, where it ia made a psnal
offence to at>mpt to rescue a- slave in a riotous
tumultuous or unreasonable manner. The time
of the Court was taken up in an examination of
witncsTM, among whom were tho jiroprieWrs of
the Monongahela House, and several colored per-
*on«, in behalf of ihe prosecution.
The rase rested yealerday with the examination
.if wiinrws, and Will Ur argued by counsel this
morning upou the motion to grant a Habeas
The rase excites a j»oud deal in Uie
cit) 1 , an.l wc fortiear comment upon K fur the |»rci
Me»*r». Logan. J.ibn*.m and Kramer were ah
lowcl to give bail for their apjiearanco irt tho sum
ot Si out) each.
Sivwi Hews.
rtnlney Hinilh’* Advice to the Bishop nf New
‘/••aland, if given in the life nf the sglh-ir ol the
Ineule-liy Eegemle. The veteran joker recom
mended his friend to have regard to the minor, as
well a* Ihe more grave duties of his situation, l.»
fa given to hospitality; and in order to meet the'
taste* of hi* native guests, never to t*c without a
stnokr .1 little hoy in the bacon-rack, and s cold
dergymen on,the sideboard. “And for mysclf.roy
lord," he concluded, “all I can say is, that when
y<>ur now psri*hnncrs do cat you, t hope you will
uot disagree with them.”—A'. l r . Courier .
WnuLKsaLt “Lancixit."—A custom called
••Larking” prevails at Trurnpinglon, which con
sists in catching larks. During the last two months
no lc*« a number than half a million u said to
have l teen thus caught. Mr. Necvo secured a
beautiful lark completely white.
Uhicjht Giul.—ln the district achool at Sand*
wich. last winter, the master informed a littln gi r J
that Sunday i* tho first day in the week, and in
quired of her, “What day is Monday ?*' “Wash*
tug day, air," she promptly answered.
An eminent patron of femcnino abifity baa late,
iv deceased at Padua, Italy. This was ihg distin
guiihrd and urbane Count Lropold Ferri, who
died on the Bth uf February, leaving a perfectly
unique library composed of works written by female
authors, amounting tu nearly 32,000 vulumea '
ExTokasts— In twelve days j a New Yoik
there strived ten thousand and thirty.four
trngrrr, of whom a large portion have hardly the
means of uubsistencij for twenty-four hoar* after
their arrival there, and must bo provided for them,
fme at the expense of the city*
General Wool was formerly the Commander of
General Taylor, but it does not appear Ih«t the
advancement of Taylor has created in any
envy nr jealousy.
Tm. Assembly of New York have paisej a bill
making betting on etectimu, or being eontemed
directly or indirectly in a‘Ut, a forfeiture of the
right (o rote'.
Deaths in Now York last week 265. Of this
nurahar, 36 weie victims of consumption, am) 27
ofinflsmation of the lungs.
A, effort I, making to open tho New York ami
Erie Canal by the 20th tnxU '
Tho following are the Pennsylvania
at. West Point:
Jas. St. C. Morton, or the 2d Congreaakmal Dm
John C. Kclton, of the oth do 'do
t.'hnton Scott, of the lSlh _ Jo* • j q
Henry F. Witter, of the 13th d'o ' • -i n
Alex. Pipsr, of the 14th do do
David Ant. of the iStb • do - do
Isaiab N. Moore of the 17th du do
Alex. Murray, of the 19th ' do do
The amount of Aeraorßia by the tut Con-
1 o, ' a •- , p.......
{The Committee who were sent to Viduburg j Ts.xuiosv—Wr t, e g leave ,o c*il p u t,!i e aiienusa to
for the purpose ofl ringing the remains of Serg’t. | lh< ’ fdtowmg, from Dr 'V’m Doaarof \Y’ithanuvi!)e<
L. G. Robinjon to this city, have anived. The ' * ' c,tßOnl t><, » *" J 0:1C * r die very first practitioner* m
t , -,I . s '*' coun, V !n whi.-li Inr-re*.dr«. and tale Senator ii.Nhe
funeral will take place on to-morrow (Sundav) >-j-r 1..,,,-,,.. . ,
-. , r ' • ' . - * .a.urc ii ;* ttireruig Unis to rer the )cad
•fternotvn, at 3 .j clock, from the residence of his :,1 < "W” *•» ia-- proiV-* on. fmr«uni: ;he bond, m pro'c*-*
mother, on Liberty, opposite fith street. The t’ f^'J d.ce,and giving mmi u» due.
military anJ fi«cmen of thb city anJ vieinitv, and ' n l,rtt t- ':;cc ~rr« u‘-n« *on>eo( your
' „ * «• .n«cri|t Tanncea. and. *o far. am well nlcssrd n .i.
the citizens generally, aze tMpcclfully in.UcJ lo , ,a«u iku„ w ,„j c.n, r i„-.,. i-i,,.,
allcnd Ihe funeral. ~..1 ,ne half l do,en U>ule.- r u Iliem a. a. „a
The Committee of Arrangements are requested ran a< I expect if <t confißuesio reader as general ia
to meet at the store ol Goo. Bealcvjr.,-\VooJ street a ' 11 to k«ep it con.tanth o
-this morning, at lOo’clock. ' Hl * T P cp ffufl). a 9D* x tl
« "c , ! CTimporun, to Adrertlsers.-The adv„.
Hospit*l t air.—lc-day is the last opportu- 1 > wl„et, appear m i), L - Duly Morning (iaretie
nily our citizens will have to contribute their ; n ‘'° m the Tn-Weekly. thu* receiving ibe
mite in aid of this must worthy object. Thu* rI>U Cir * uli| t'o'» »f an. without any additional
far, wo are •ralifitd lo learn. Ihe Fair baa been ‘ ll'rrFiirTrjwn"' 1 ”^
v,. , | ' eipenw. Advenisemrniv are al*o msened
exceedingly well patronized by }>er*onf of all re- ■" the countrj- paper**inable term..
ligiouj’denominatirm*. ,Thi* is as it should lie—
Charity know* no religious distinction*. It is her
□obio purpose to administer to tho wants and
suffering* of Humanity—and surely, an object
like thi*. i* worthy nf all eommeudation and sup
port. He that gireth for such a purpu*e-*hall find
it restored to him four-fold.
Steam boat Excursion.—We regret to learn
that the utcamcr Newark exploded a Flue on
Thursday evening at Liverpool, Ohio, while on
ner way up from Zanesville. The Flue in the aft
end of one of her boilers collapsing, it blew off
Ihe bead, which paued op through the cabin
floor, tearing it up for about twenty feet’ and then '
parsing up through the hurricane roof. Her
upper woik* were much wrecked hyithe catastro
phe. Eleven jwruons were scalJcdttfiree of them
dangerously. We have no other particulars. We
presume..*ho will Ik* towed up to this city for re
Trarspamemt wimdow siutiE*— Wc with
pleasure call attention lo the extensive assortment
of Oil Tainted Window Shades, which are offered
for sale at i’hilu Hull as per advertisement in our
paper of to dajtj\ Tho collection embraces a very
great variety of LandjcajM**, Gothic ruius, Italian
scene*, and also Scriptural view*, mauy of which
are exceedingly rare and beautiful. They are
also warronted'to wash, and are offered at Very
low prices, as tho manufacturer is anxious to leave
for New York.
Tho splendid steamer Northern Light arrived
last night. The last we heard of her, previous
to her arrival, wa«, that slUwas on the Fall* at
Louisville, in a Jangcroun [Hi-itton. Wc arc
glad In know *hc got off safely.
The Commercial Journal ha* nominated Gen.
eral Taylor fur the Presidency, subject to the de
cision «d o National Convention.
Corrtiponilenrc nf I'ltuburcli Cazvlle.
dot'll I)\V« I.ATER piOM EHHUI'I
Nr.w Vo**, April |(j, 7 u'c, P. M.
The Iktiili arrived! this from
fiffi'inH'k, ScutUiiJ, and brings later accounts
from England.
The I’attain hiought no paper*. bul report
tlial Flour ai>J Provision* wen* declining in Ibe
principal markets in England
Hewlate* that the .torehous;** wfre tilled with
prudurp.. i
Thia mu»l he taken for it is doomed to l,r
Hilt. April 16. .'I I*. M.
In the early part of the day holder* worn de
manding $7.00 per bid fi.r Howard. *tro« t,
which InotpiH r. f..«cd. Mtihjo.jiiontl* -»|p* nt $C> •
7f.40.61i J*-r L-ld; but most holder, .or.ii-iur
$7.00 a* their price, without cllrctma sale*.
Wheal continue* in demand ut IGO.jITOe for
While, and .ale* 5000 lm.
There were sales of an amount of Com
8f» unJ »1 a air for While and Yellow, per.
T he Precision Market i< si.’gjy. and r.l> impor
tant change*. MaW Me*. Pork at $l5 7f»alf».oo.
and Prune at $ 13,25 a ri.AQ p,-r hid. .Son,.,
rale* Me»* Href at $12.75. S\>. lat >ll>s(JaiU,-
75. (tune o*lting $ 11; and Prime at $8.75*5,00
Bacon continue* m gn.H demind. Mali-* some
50,000 ll.s W’ rn at / Ja7r lor Shoulders. 8*
«Bjr,a9<-'f..r tSides. and Ham. at Ha9,'c. fmiie at
10c-- Of Lard, •ales ISU jh-jj? at O'.c fW lil-h.
and 10c for Krgs—all VVenU-m i\o t.
April 16. 7 oVlork. rl M.
Tho market o{>ened this morning at f'j.UU us
the asking price on the pari of holder* t.J West
ern brand*, Hovers held back, out towards after-
Dion came forward. The transactions thence to
tbf close of the market wer*r 0 t p7.00ii7,! *»l r
showing a still furthrr advance.
Thu market for wheat i»in>t *ery artive—«.ilr »
prime sample* White at I r>fsaf.T7y, ami of ji
Mt>»ll7o per bu.
Of lk>ru .*>ooo bu prime White al 'Ji;
The sales of Cnrmnra! l iJay wen- utii)
54.605f.tj2} per bbl-
Hoblers of Pork are firm—the *nl.‘s a
moderate extent at fl 6. fur ul.l We*l>*ii
cd Mr**, and f'r.Otl fur nrw. i
. Apti! 10-, 7 ,if
Although the «tm k ol Flour in Dt l
Ix-ltcr, y«l tin* high iiretcnsion* nf Fact
tail njK-ralioii* milornllv. I'hc «alrs of (i
Ft-ur l-i day were at 57;?. r i per bhl, Bl „l
crate extent.
.Some ■ ales of White Wheat at Ifm c
The ilc inand for corn continue* iarti
day buyers took 20.U00 h,i at H'Jc L.r \Vb
U7r for Yellow.
There M no particular rhanrp in the ma
Prwvisjon*. but a* in the arlirlo of F| », ir .
res nml term.* rljiioi d by bnhler* ie*tr
ness to the sain if lots fot the sup|ily
Today sales 4lH> kega Wiitem N.i I
lOtr. •
I >ur local news i* „| () o very general
April 16, 7 P. M.
The sates of Flour to-day, were at skoo |K-r
bbl for Oonevsre, and 57.37ix7.43j peribbl fin
Fnr<*orn ■ «lemanil an-l free *alei, White
ntHAaSGc, an.! of Yellow at I 0()« per hu the
quotation* are for prime ■tampion of both iletctip
I c, on the
Sale* 1000 bags Rio CnlTce al 7 1 .»7 1<
usual term*.
TbeMomind for Iron is fair. Scotch Wry Pig
ia sidling at >3O per ton, C mo*; Amriiean at
to >37, as in description anil quality! name term*.
In Pork there is no new feature of mordent.
Western Mesa is sidling at y_10.5ii.i17,00 |Mf
and prime at >l4*
Of I,ard sales Ua7oo peg* at IttJalOjc (for
Western Rendered No 1 in bids and kegs.
March 10— contests t* f*ur.
Latest n**wa from Vera Cruz, and Hen. St-oit
and from Gen. Taylur and his command.
Public meetings in New Vj;k, IMiihdol|»|tia,
(Jon. Taylor's life, and nomination f.»r the Pres
idency—Official despatches from Scott and Perry
—Letters from Vera Crnz.
Late Election news from Now Vork, Drooklyn
and Rbqde Island—late newt from Europe—com.
mercial news. ,
Foreigjand Domestic Markets, See., ■>
For tale at the dt*k.
ftMlarnden A Co's Remittance Office.
—Thr siili*jonber r. iuil. itum.u* >o England, Ireland.
Scotland urn) WaW rreul.trly m tH-ran-m nn> dolt*
to the Xl—without any additional charge lien- or
where- Hcinitunire- by the *iiMircrut the tit ol Mu>
■nun be inhiird on the aitli m-t. Pun-cngln*-brought
oulon the uruul trntis. und m> extra t-tinter at Liver
pool. JOSHUA ROBINSON, European Agem
uplGdlw I Fifth kUrct, one door l.eliov Wood
|i/*Bwt«l Is Pleasnre after Pain. - So
rari the PoH, amt *o exclaim* the tufferer from Pile.,
aOrfr teslingjDr. IJpham’* Vegetable Electuary. mi m
ternat remedy for that complaint It* crlchruy has
been honratly arrjoirril from its own tuerii*, s< thou
rands would proclaimed id nnt « *r,u*cof delicacy, from
lire nature of the di»eare forbid.
|T/“Jtold«j Wholesale and Kctail. by WVATF A
Kf?TCHAM:„ttM Fulton *trccl, New Vork; Wsi.TnoßJt.
Market »tnlet, amt P. K. Sawtiu, Smithfueld street,
Piu*burgh, Pa. Price SI pe:l<ox aplG tw
6n the tCfli m*L, Mr. JOHN PATTERSON, In lb a
4511 i year of.liit age.
The frirnd* of the family are re»prctfn!ly invited to
intend hi* funeral irnni the te*idcncc of hi* sister. Mrs.
)l. Campbell, on Ktpluuadc *i Sandol* Row, Alleghe
ny Oty, at Hlo'clnck tn-inorro'a without further notice.
fD“'» k invite ihf attention of our readers to the ex
lrj«ir,li"urv c-.irc«i,t Scrofula performed l.y Dr-iCwUm’i
I 'ttjM /i D«.*ifc.e Pataaa. which they will fmUVeord
« rr h f r k fa ‘ uma «« '“-d»V« paper. Thi-Y arc
” iluut>> the most vvon.ljrful on record, and'have
‘' )’> '““"V of oui tno-t rcspeciatile
liv ■■• a- J In* aUhctrd and mher< uitcrrsielL arr re
ijur*ie J lit v: *11 them at the,r «evc/al place* iiT abode,
utui learn lioni thnr own lip* the wonderful rtfeci* of
! h r - ri>« first uiif named ,« Mr Hue Crook.,
wlio inny i..- teen daily, !.r|w«-,-„ the Lour* of 9 A. M.
nnd 1 I M i,t the ojjicrot Rowand A Walton, No :j7ii
Mark . cl M. J in’adu. orl i -
85,00. POOTS 5,00.
r r’ t Pu- Nh ; K ,° F »FFICK a J.LE V.
1 llr. •ul»rril><*r ce.jwclfully informs ||, C public that
. r 'T'c' n f rll / I,C o' UmUtmm
> «.'i.c.uuf. fiuoa. mater.i.l pud workman-hm
»ln«h lie will warrant superior to any )loui ever made
m I’.UTsl.ufjtli for lire priett. Tltc.-e hamlnomc 800 l
Will l„: Iliad- to ineiikiiru. und warraut them a* renre
V!"?- v ”>’ low pf<e of FIVK DOLLARS
i AMI i Ciiilcineii arr to calk und tjam
"c (linn. - Jrd> WJIFKSKINK.
{l7*CousDmp(loii is a disrate that is hurrying it*
Victims !■)• Iliou-iind* to the luiuli, without having Us
piogrr.. at all retarded hy the* m common
u*c, Iml u brighter day it; nay, ha* already
■•nine, when tin. dreadful disease can he MirrtMfully
i-ntnbnti<-,| Dr Hog-i •'preparation of Liverwort nnd
riir, not only give* relief in all cams of Cold, seated
I'oueh, Ac , miim-Jialrly, hut frunt the testimony of gen
tlemen m ihe highest minding, j« making soincvciy
femm LuMe ruM in < oiiuiMipiiort. Jnipmvi luenmuhe
ir-.iimi rit oi -I- i> onwaid, and nothing can arrest
H- -I'.nr in tii.- prn|;i<-...ivc'age; in uvidcticc of whiclt
» » niv.n ilt«t aueniion our enuen* to the crrtifictHc
of Dr lot, . iic l'rot.-.“dr ,n the Cincinnati Eclectic
».'-o:i. K ,- t wlin hwe publish in nnothcr column.
TstMtrv. J. N. n • fTKI will preach in S>uth
l M. E flhuirh on Sul,hath neat at II) n’cioclt.
I HI. ‘ul'her i. .|i. cttoll'y i,norms hi* friends and
, ' <lr puhlic generally, that hr ha* cominnccd the
u M .k l.mdiug *. on the «ouih cunt. , of 4th
atul Mark, i -tieet« —entrance from Fourth •! vvheie
In- i. |>ri-|‘iited m do Hunting ,n all it* var„ i.,-., with
liraiiie»> ail.l dispatch
lluving n ilinroiigli knowledge of the Ul,.„k ILtok
nil..lies, be .. pirpj [eii u. muouiucture M. n limt's
Account Ihnik*. ('omit) and Aldermen'. Du, k. i., Ac
Ar. l)Id ikn'kcl.- re hound with duraloluj an.l ,h*.
O‘*ok« IVnodicai.. Ac . r. houn.l on a* (••a.nna
H.... I.Vjiii.-, F.r. olnrii, Ac , rulrii to any irilirrii.
l-mk h.inf-i'. Flnugh Knw.-«ot a •upecior < |U nlitr.
inwav - on hiiMit npir ci JOHN WILLIAMS
itiriu ul !• r••ui’h, American and haluin Landscape*,
><‘r i’lurii l \ .ew., Hur„a„ A<c».e., fiothir Kmii-,A.e..
<l i .iriiill idvu.MT mi wholesale prices - lirom f I to SIS
!>• f pan for «nlr m ihr Lrtnar) Kuom, Th.lo Hull,
t-l .irrci. hy a WaTKIN I *. Manularturrr. ,N. V.
_V H. p.«ler, supplied j
T!f t: ? lA ), u 1r AL woiiKsrii^;~i lcf kies .
1 u d'fks. JKviglil', Theology. Mctlville’* Scrmona
M.»*«illon * Srrrni.nHarnr.and Alriamieron Itaiah:
-uni. i,i. .lie K-.lirrr, noil Hridgr* on Ihr Chn<tiau
t."‘s '• ‘ 'V«.rk»,
arker r « erk». lllisil„lirli| » ~f r Te4ta.l.rut, The
Hook 111 Jo.hrr. tor .-lie hy II -j * Co
••P' 7 _ No 4d Mark-t ttrrel
I H\II.K«»AD COAJI'AN N —An s.ljouriir.l meeflng
m til. >iie** holder- iii the above Company will he held
I me ‘*7ih :i o’clock,
** I'l'liid K D (i \7.7. till, Secretary *
.CilV rup) |
MAGS WA NTldD—l'oumry Mud Hag* want-
IV cl i..r wh.rh the high, in C.i*h will |.e paid.
I’l KRS A Cil(,l,| N -1
F,rsfktreet. |.elow Marker
l\l AS-*— J** ion* Mi re«-r County Meta!. ■‘Hlauche
i*l I uitinoe ' landing and (or «ale hy
\ fA< UIIO.I, Herring, Shad and While Fish con
-•amij irn na.1,1 amrfor .a!r hy W GItEER .
ai ’l* cor water arid si.mlrfieht
DHIKD Al>Pr t KS..||, ( e;,. u - .hire aid for
• i'*i : .... Di ed A|.|.V*
»- ,!r i. ;• waterman
HCLK I , ()lllt-i0l*i l ', ( as.orird also ItMJOIb.
H.I-0.1. ,11.1 r. cr ve.l und lor-alol.v
; ,j: , t. S WATKG.NfAN
A I’l’liKS- '<| hx* iloinumir*. Tipp'tn-, Ac . ju-t
. V N-.-r veil and for s.iie h 5 I, >W A TKIt.M A N
.“’’.'j. . _ . Ni>* 'll water and OS from au
j) - |t* Fn -ii. ~u<i rcc'.l per •ivanier
K Hi 'll ■».» \ A J-0 I,iherty st
J AKL> -
i »r-J anil for «ale l>y
k Ki)m>u.\ a t o
I ItKKX AIM»LKS-tt. i, t 'J prr
II ,j..J r |. >• 1{ I>< ACo
No 1 “li J,it»rriy rt
\\’ ANTKii ; uoo li'a-Urr.
II A l'AHNhi»rO(’KiCo
\|Oi,AN!.KS-'jii l.i.U N n. M„l tt ,»ri.V
•’ * lo m-i* ?* n. . do. in morr for
*-• ' ■•« *pl7 A KOUISON *Co
V O. Mt'Ci Alt —.V) !ih*U N O Suttr.Tn .tore aod
in'Trr- .v u Roiusu.v & r 0
1 ii‘ i IJ.j -k IV.». ijrrvinc «'rom Canal,
•>’ «rl? I \Y tjRKKU
I AIID l j M.i* \u 1 I .aril r"-\l ntid l'r*r nalr l»y
1-i aj.-T WIU.I-AM.-j A O.'l.WoKTil.v? wooil ri
U,i., ,1 r„ t , a!r iIV
r-» aj.|T « W11.i.1.V MS A DII.IVOKTU
/ iOFKKKf'y l |,i;.|.: 1 ::i. ( ,.r,i n,o. r..r*4fol.v
V' ’I" 7 . 'V (iRKKK
t SALTS ia«k* im tun • r.imirni, for «alr L v
*;>'• W.OKKKk
•i* ,»rrrviiij» lYmn I‘irirmuat-. lot sale hy
BKA VKH U(CIII::TS-4ii ,i., wn for « a !rl.y
’r'- w <;rkkk
l-PTK. TI'RPBSTIXK-3 i'.W. ju.Tr'ec’d .cd
V? ur."r|.y J H .MOIUiAN
PITCH-| 1,1. i Uuicun.ty l‘.:di icf «aii l.y
a P |: J 1) MOK(.A.\
\ JATI lIICS • 15 R m»., Uo. » tur «;ifb l.v
'>* *tr. J I) MllftfiA V RI 1 «* \v(Kht «l
HATO.N - ~Hl| i,.«. ln. K rmn.i, Jn >kllt . amJ lof , a|c
'•> a,.i: H RimiSON A <*..
MK\l> %ND MUSIC- 1.*,, h. Mrljor So\l
r nil i’'uu"l',i
-'.‘l ml.- itu|.'>rta‘Miii«. -I.i. K or
•• ri-urti l.ui.-m uml V
.Uj-rorr <.mtar«. n, .-a**.,
*...pei.>l. un.l 1 1o 1 1.n11 V,M,„m«
l-.-mn Ac.-oi.l
I»i.r v.-,i ..| I JX IU !.I.- lU.Lv!*Whk
I 'lnr>i>rvlt« I'lulr*. I an.l riagruirli.
T>t.inl’4( «•!!<•*. Ttoml-otn-* anJ Trumix'lt;
Kffii. ti Iloin«. l iuiii-i|", I <!<••,
I>nim« r.iiitlmritir*. Isui>jc»». ,Vr .Ac ,
J.vr.v ... |kr'.M.|v.- llcii.r" ’ oplfl
\|KIMCAI, WORK* a I'.ruiMt .-V
-IVI m 11><- n( ». i]>n«iit»; .in iiiciiiui unit
111-- i . I'arl.ip|<i«\ . i aiiit 't'r i-ultti'-iit oi stin»c
*" '*>•• I'l>rc»3l Ivill.-.l Itlunrliru«. (')ironii' (.K
-.yiiKii.*, H<m. Turoit. ri,- ri.- . i.v llor
:irrCi,rr.i..M l).
I' . |||..,I U IV« „( Mr-IIICIIII-
i Hurif .-ul Itu-utiiat).
- Mfi*a it .Jo.*
• CoHnixl • I).. I'y .>1 Mc .litfiiit*,
U'Wrr'.on I’h.i.lun,
Ki.. rl. . l-u.-.K
- Jl.< lu.mir). -J vnl'. -vo
Inf «nl.- l.\ ? J I. KKAIMm. nrr»r 'larkrl_«i
/ \ I'AIMUM.K P A RT V-A' »u'nal-*FU\'5
V V w-H I'kf .iw! r. TuiM.lny n.-xi •.’f-iU
(irillK-m.'»'» Tirkru u. lx- lik.l i>| A. U
“• arrari,;.-mpnt.-w.H i.r made not r.> u.lmufm
Witlid'il <V-it.ij .11» \vSin«r> <|juilrr<' liovr r!)>!•
>••<!. are I'liv.l.-pi-.t in .men.l on llim rvfiiim. amt A It
«•>! I In* li.!['|>v lo *i •• iUr*rti All |inrrm* nip jno-i re
• l>. < ■>v 1 i««f r.i‘kfi< f«r children («cliolnr«) will
i.<- .li liv.-inl on SiituriliM . t?tli niMam, at t lie loom, (no
rtiil.lii-n wili tic nditi Itrd, Tile jbli.-uiian I'nlkil
:ik..l I|ii;;.- will on lijaJ*l-vrniiiK The
r<iik.< U.inci r* will id. ii-e tn attend a I’Mcii’iug on the
I’ S.
A IJ iu>< opportunii) of ii'liiriimp
•»* prni« - itii n<-lui'»wtr<l)-mnit». lu Um*«- wlio tmvr »o
lit-ruUj |>-Ur,.tii/c’.Unin iln« ►ra-mi. a| Kml Ii
(>r«ham'i Magailnr for May.
pIX'KIVKtI AI M A .MIN KK‘S—<> mimin'* Mara
ll z>nt; lor Muy.
The Dowei let*, or the Loot Will; by Madame Ctiarlca
Flirtation, a Mnry m ihe Hear; l.y Lady Charlotte
Itiiry. unihnr <>l "'H,.- Divnreed." Ar
I't.e h"in< »f tin- N-.v a talc ot ihe Fetirle** atnl Free:
l.y Neil Itimll.iir
Am tent Reypi—her Monument*. liieroi;l) jihica. ||i»-
lii'V. anti A rchu.-iloev. and other ruhjert* ronnretrd
•.vnh llifr.)«l)|.i.iC..l, l.y Ueiir K e It (ihddon.
Oiaml.ei '•, No IS For oule at
Smilhbeht st, 3d door from 8d
i\ die Worked Lore Capet—newtit nytcn—a |m
received tin* irtonnnp
Al-O. i li:>meleon Mlk*. a few pco Chmieleon Poult
dr Sot l>rr** Silko—a beautiful article, and octree—
ojiert tin* mot mriif
Ftcitrh; o few piece*, choiec atvle*
- .1 the Hr, Houoeof- \V K MURPHY
••I'J, 1 * N K eor 4ih and Market »t»
H IIKMOVAL; >.. ' fM
A » M'.URt; H.VmJ Cip,'MaaaraclaKr.J&
lin. removed to No 73.W00d street. three door* above
» norih - ueet. II i« iioek conticta of every variety of
Im* un.l« :»!•*. madejft the latest ityle: &Imi.Panama.
I ei;hunt ami I dal Ktrmw Hats, wucterulc nnd rcutl,
ut the lnw e *t price. S» MOORK
. n l'H> tCi tlnrd door above Fourth
IH hit Cincinnati Mould_Candle*,
QJ bxi Half Ppoimlj Ci?ar>;
la, ooo Common Cigart,' 4 ten C Twin Tobacco
IJrt hand and for tale low for caih or barter,- by
• OHO (5 Mlfi'l ENIIKRfJKR
np|o NoSfi wate^*treei__
'T'O POTTERS- H onied untmr.lintHy, two Dip
X Turner*, two Otmi Men u> •« l»i»cuit arul *lo»w.L
ami a Handler "To mrady hand* (rood price* aad
weekly payment* wtli he *i*crv Apply to
K U UKKCII, RrtuintUm Pottery.
aplCd'h ' Philadelphia.
MMOOKK. Fn«h»onalilr |)rrt» Makrr, Fourth tl
• u IfW ilixim at'OVr Snlitllfidil »Urr|, |,a« jyt| tr
rc-ivnl irom Nrw York ihc tprmg ttylr* tor Ladies'
Drcue*, alto, a nrw tiyle of Vitrttc. aptftdli
p. ' '.'
!* Ulnrtion Sales 1
By JotmD* DtTlir, Autloam
Lir|t Sal* of Book* by AwcCloi
Atthe Commeie'idl Auction Room*, comer o
•nd Fifth streets onlSatnrd. y evening the- 17th
at • I -2 oYlqck. will'be *old an extensive colic
just received from the eastern cities, cm
the various department* of Literature.
Among them will be foundj-Eaeyelopedii Atpenca
['}■ ru, ‘- Siliorne’* Waterloo Campagt » Preieou'i
herdmud and Isabella. 3 vola; do Conquestof Mextco
j 3 eoU. Rush** Residence at the Court of London; Lord
Bacon » Work*; Lord Bolrngbroke do, 4 voH; Wal
poe » historical end posthumous Memoir*; uibbon’s
Herl tie and hall of the Roman Empire, 4 vols; fine li
bran-edition* of U) ron. Colendee, Moore, Born{.Scoi',
Go.d.rnith. Howeit, Mitman and Kent*, Soelly.lSbaks
rcare.Thier. French Revolution; Warvrlr Novelet
Ufeof NapclMn; MiW* Workr, Ranke’* Mi.tory
of ilie Pope*; Mill. C rusade and Chivalry; Browning's or ths'lluntenots; Clarke’.CommeMaifonthe
Te«am,nt; l-.eldiax'. Select Wort.; Swollen’,
do do; Scott • Life of. Napoleon; D'Aubierie’* |H;«’ory
o< the Refoi matron. Combe’. Phrenology; MjU Net.
ord-. Wo,k.; M-rd-air. Ltfe of £K;
Bulwrr * Novel.; D'cken • Novel* and Tate*. bharle*
O’Malley; Torn Burke, Ac, Ac .-with manyX" iw
numrrmtf.foj.iuc limit, of an advertisement.
Al*o,'a ger.eial assortment of family and pocket H -
lile*. Prayer Book*, Ac , in ntrious editions and .tv'e’i
, p ty
O.V Monday morning the 10th insunt, at 9 o’clock,
will !<e *old—a large ai.onmettlof new rea.
clothing. oinonf which ore 120 paif pantalooi $ of va
rious description*. 21 doz. fine linen bosom new ftyle
»hiit«, lOdoz hickory (him, S doz. fancy do, ihirt bo
sotnOknd shirt collar*, oveicoati, toundabotii, fancy
and common'ye Ft., camlet coat*, gambroon at d cotton
do, oil cloth coats, cloaks, Ac. Also a quantity of
frr.h seasonable dry goods, Ac. -I
At 3 O’Cloek, I*. M.
A quan'ity of door*, windows, window frames, win*
dow sash .hutter* an Jollier building materials 1 , cooking
Move*, writing desk, shovels, ploughs, Ac; a large as
sortment of new and secbhd hand household furniture,
consisting of mahogany dressing b&reaos. comtnou do,
. dining and breakfast tables, fancy and cofsmoijCbain.
work and wash stand*, wardrobe, book case, tigh and
low post bedsteads, feather beds, maitruMes, bedding,
mantel clocks, looking glasses, csrpeting, tinware,
glasmare. queen* ware., groceries. Ac.
At 7 O’clock. P. M.
: A large collection of vsrtnabic new books, as pet ad]
in another pin of thispsper. | spiff
IN the R'gih Ward of the. City at Auction—On Sat
urday afternoon the 17th instant at 4 o’clock, on the
premise*, will be u>ld; eight very handsomely situated
lot* of ground alum tone square from FoarihjtreN rood,
opposite, scon's Field, and near the centre of the Eighth
tVard, l.eii>c No. 14, IS, IC. 17, fronting on si,
Nci* 52. 51, W, unJ S 3 fronting on Margaret-street, in
Greer’* plan of low, n copy of which maybe seen at
the Auction Room*.
The above embrace very desirable situations for pr
vate'dwelling, and pubic purpose*.
Term', one third ea<h, balance payable in 0 and 1
months vvi b rutrrfxi. ■ * p t3
CM A RICHARD*, Wholesale
e.*; a large'and complete a*
nt*. Oils, Varnishes, Window
ices, which wc offer vcry.losg
our Drag* to be pare and of
rich nre—
l?OR 3At.KbyFKK.NC
J? Druggist*, at low price
sortment of Drugs. Paint
Glass. Dye Stuff* undone
lor ra‘h We warrant r
prime quality; among wbii
sftuoz l{uintne; | fit it lb* pure Oil Peppermint;
sft o/ Morphia; 2MJ lbs Opium;
tliooz Rxi. Bark; | 2ft bl.|. Casioy.Oil;
Including every article u*cd by Druggist* anil Physi
cian*.’ Our. assortment of Pmnl., Oil*. Vnrnisltr* and
Window Gla«* i» large, and nur price* such a* cannot
fail to please.
50 fon. Pure Lead; 10 bbl* Coach Varnish;
2(Kift bx* Window Glass; 5(1 bbl* Copal do;
500 Wes* Ven Rrj. and lUlfloz Paint Brushes;
Ochre; 50 bbl* 3pi*. Turpentine;
I .(Sift (ini lon. l,ui«erd Oil.
We offer a superior Coach Varnish at 83 per gallon.
Ojr »iock include, every article used by Coach and
I{obu) Painter*.
Dye Studs we offer at purtienlarly low price*, having
a targe «too it of every article used by ibe-trade.
2*io t|bj* Dyewood*, I 5000 lb* Ground Pepper;
too rarlu>j«Oil Vitriol; I 2OUO do Cinnamon;
siu lb* Indigo; | 500 lb* Nutmeg*;
Cochineal, Madder, Mace, StWatu*. Ac- Ac.'
- Also. 50,-tnn. Grmd.ione* at low prices. Give us a
cull, no charge for making inquiry. -
Whole-ale Druggist*, N. W. corner 10th and Market
splOdv'w Streets. Philadelphia
"new and"most effective rEmedy!
Du. WOOD’S Sarsaparilla and Wild
Cherry Bitters, ~frrr ihr cureof tbe following
J,*eu*e»: Jaundice, Liver CdmpUim, all B ilious Com
plaint*. tick ilradacbe, IJran Burn, indigestion, habit
ual (’octvdsie.*. Pile*, Palpitation* of the Heart, Los*
of Appciire.Dyspepsia. Ncrvoaslrfitalions, Debilitated
3tnmacii. Languor. Depression of Spirits, Chronic ilheu
ntaii.m, I’utßneou* Uisea-e*, Canker. 3ypliik)id Disea
•e*. .Scrofula Impurinr* of the Blood. Pimples and
PuMule* an the Face, Hereditary Humors, Cold Botes,
anil all Jisca-c» arising from an injudicious use of Mer
The attention of the invalid public, and of aJl.ihase
stflicicd byanyofihr above diseases, is respectfully
called to toe merit* of a new and invaluable prepare*
nou from an original recipe of a distinguished physician,
combinuig in itself the mo.t active remedial properties
of two nfthe very first article# in the’Materia Medico.
Tlie Sar«aparilla and Wild Cherry Bitters were- in
traduced to the public about twelve months ago] and
during that period their success ha* been to great as to
induce the proprietor t* offer them with still moits confi
dence. in the full belief that by entering into more ex
tensive u*e, they will prove a blessiug to ail those
suffering from the disease* above enumerated.
Sold, wholesale and retail, by W\;ATT A*KETCH*
AM, general agents, 121 Fulton street, New York; Wss.
Tnoa.v, Market street, and P. R. Sawtkr,
.’reot, I’ut.hurgh, Pa Price ft—large bottlei.
Od i,
TJIK BODY— It is an established faat that a very
large cla»« of disease* can only be cured by such rent*
edir* a. W|ll enter into the Blood, and circulate with
it through fvciy portion of the body, for only by this
mean* can the remedy be broujjiliuio immediate con
tact with the disease; and u> attain thi* desirable end.
no preparation has ever b<-crr-*o uniformly successful
a* DR. JAYNES ALTERATIVE Scrofula, King**
KviL Cancer end Cancerous Tumours, White 8«tl
l .igA Kulotgeuirnt of tWUone*. Chron c Rheumatism
»ml Gout. Eruptive illrehscof the 3kin, old and indo
lent t’ leer*. Goitrous Swellings of the Throat, are
cureij wnh a 'certainty that has astonished every be
bolder. It i. besides one of the most pleasant articles'
taatran be taken into the lystem. operating a* a tonic
and removing Dyspeptic.and Nervous affections,and
imparting a glow of animation and health unequalled
by anything id the whole Materia Medlea. For sale at
the PEHN TEA STORE, No 73 Fourth street, near
Wood. _ __ aplSdAw
To TroTeUers.
“KXPUKsa past packet
1 [Exduiivtl}/ fa* Pauengen)
'T’Hp Canal ami Railroad being- now in excellent
■L order, (he Packet* of this Line willleavc with pas
sengers as follow*, every night et,fl o’clock:
l'»ct 7 ef (.ouisiana.Capi- Thompson,Tuesday, Apr. 13th.
do i Kentucky, Capi. Truly, Wednesday, Apr. 14ih
•h> | Ohio,Capi. Craig. Thursday, April 13th.
rto ; Indiana. Capi. Uerkey. Friday, April tilth
do Louisiana, Capt. Thompson, Saturday, Apr. 17.
<lo , Kentucky, Capi Truly. Sunday. April 18th.
do 'OhfO.CapL Crajg, Monday, April lVth.
7 do ilnd>H«a, Cant. Uerkey, Tuerday, 'April 2thh.
1 do >l,oui»iana. Thompson, Wednesday; April Sl*i.
do Keniui ky. Capi. Truly. TJmrsdir. April 83ml.
<lo Ohio. Capi. Craig, Kriday, April 83rd.
do Indiana, Capi. Berkcy. Saturday, April Milt.
If you desire cheap travelling and eonifonable accom
modation*. secure your ticket), at ihe Packet Office,
.Mnnongahela House, Water street,or of
aplU . I> LBKCII A CO, Canal Basin
LKAVK Beaver daily at 2 o’clock,? after the
anivaloi the «teaml>oat HKA VKK from Pittsburgh,
ond arrive at Warren ttrxi morning m <eaum for the
Sinjr. which reach Olevelaud l-el'ore night.
l‘a*if.ngen wilt t.e receipted through, securing berth*
on the I’arkci*. and seal* in lb** .Stage, ou application
on i>onrd ■irarutaat Ueaver. (leaving Pttubargh a’l 9
o’clock,* a .Jor to the agrtits:
t» M HAHTON & Co, Pittsburgh
I'I.ARKKkCo, Beaver
JKSSK. lIAt.DWLV, Youngstown
j*|>t-■ M B TAYLOR, W a ,ren
Y —"About four years since I wus a tucked with a
violent rough. I tried various remroTes, and cousulted
several physicians without relief. ' On the rccoouneu
dation of a friend I commenced using the Vegetable
Pulmonary Balsam, and dcnredJminfdiaie relict from
ii.snd by continuing the u«eof it a *bori time my cough
wa» enitrrly rymoved. I have since always taken it
myself, and recommended n to others, when-attacked
with a rough, and never kitrw u to fail at givingjmmo
diate rrhet. although 1 have recommended it to many.
I can therefore, with confidence recommend it to the
l ,u ,W"’ M ' J B PttINCK
. Bo«tos, November 2U, IH7.
For sale hy U A' FAHNESTOCK;* Co
apM cor Ist and wood sts and wood and Sth su
T. 8. FLEMING, “
HorsK. SIGN AND decorative painter,
jiajnl 10 undertake the above business in all it* various
branches. amimrrini* in give satisfaction in every
i •••pert Military Standard Hairnets, Flags, 4c., pauii
cd in order Odd Fellow and Masonic Apron* always
ca hind. Imitations oC wood* and marbles done in a
•uno'inr manner.
of nil kind* done at the shorten notice.
Bpl'-’dlro _ NoJ4 t*t Clair «t. Pittsburgh. Pa
'PO UnUJGK BUH.bKItH-PropttfaN w.llbe
I lernvcJ aulie Commissioner’* Office, until saltir-
Jay, tiJih inmant, noon, for erecting one br four Lriders
-ibtre ovrr Miller'* South Fayette Township.
and oue at the month of Cork’s Run, in I.owerSt CJair
lownsbip Ueser puutt: Smite abutments and wooden
‘uperMrnclnre; masonry m be bid for by the perch,
wooden .ui.crsiructutc by the foot lineal, embankment
by the yard. I tans andepecifioarion* can be seen at
the • oinunf-ii.nrr > Offer until the «l«v of letlina
JOIIN MTKnVEf.i,, | Commiisionnr*
mnd Bl ***» Clnelnuatl.
nuis establishment It now in the best order lor the
X reception of the Traveling Public. Ilavinr andcr--
roiic a thorough repair, during the past winter, and
naming the non experienced mm in the wait, in the
vanou* departments, I Hatter myself that all will be
pleated who call. The location it central, crimmnilimn
anu pleasant. Fare SI per da}-.
Cincinnati, March 13,1M7. WKMARII
I* Althouah not exactly a new Broom, it is the
■rnne-a new W hint on the old handle. a p_Rif,
Pantlly Uroetrici.
RhoJei k. Co.,]
OUTH WKST corner of SinithGrld and Pronl st*.
opposite the MononpaUela House— Kreps..slw»yt
on hand a full varietr of Faun!) (iroertie*, which he
will tell very low for cash; amongst which are the fol
lowing article*:—
Coffee*; Oil*;
Tcai; S»ap»i
(ignni Nultj '
Fresh pure ground Spice*. Cbee*e, Foreign and Do
mestic Fruits, and Pittsburgh Manufactured Article*.
Fresh Butter and Kg** always on hand.
• LEAD WORKS. —The nnderaigaed have
completed their new worti, located or the bank ol
the ri*er shore the Aqueduct, io Allegheny eitr,
oppoote Pittsburgh, for the manoiaetare o( s tape
ftot quality or white lead, both dty and gtouod in
•l: also. red lead and lither Ha Vine
• ~-iHaving trailed
[tieuuelre* 01 all the recent improvement* is ils
manufacture* and ereeted the btmtfhrgi no a verr
fitepme aeale, and with capacity to makrfead in
large qaantitiea, the* will be able to aapplr orden
to aliuoal any ealent. aprfi
'TUIh tubacrtbert keep ■njuv.ruoeniof I’ickled ri*h
Aof Mattacbuieiuaud Halifax InipectKm, for tale
W&c“p"2J3pU^‘ I K° « N.,.h
, S Y, , * ce '• hereby firen that (be Sd.'iasalaefit
of F»»e Dollar* per abare oa Lbe Capital Stock of tke
yooinany will bo required l® be paid un Or before iha
founhdayof May, at the office.
Uy order of the Board of Maoaeert,
•pMrn.yl s V MERRICK, PS,idctal
C?Xoaiß*-400 Uf» Rio Coffer;
V’ 60 hf cbcCU Y. 11. TV*;
to do ImperiafTea;
JO do Poaebone Tea-
SU-bbU-N.O.aioluea;' ’
SO bbM. H. <jo;
. .» 3.pen»n*S. Ftndifo: forra’e L*
-■pi*. ;rJo«N «rirr.
1W hhd* P r W N. O. S««r K_
500 bb!* Plantation-MoUtce*. PittaKV*. nn .
- aJbbU&mrHoa'e do \Vitf 1 : 1
• *!>«*«• Prr.h Ricr; received fnm n,
Iran* and far »aleb r W* M -HITCHKLTKKr °
O . , lObblsOlJ Herring;
i\hj»l< Maple Molaireg
lobbies. 11. do;
O) ÜbU riantaiion MoTs**e» : .
. TOlierer* Riee t oneon*i<naien"
_T° r L Mf GRKKR
p AISIKS, Ac—so bx« Raiiin*; ■
• *>bx*P«reEn g . Marta*}-
Mkeffa Jo do;
5 bags Pepper; for «afo t, v
DBIUD PKACHKS-;«,.ck,, 3
juti retM on coDdfnuirni anti far tale In- • >
_lPi* (iKO.CUJURAN-, „
t<fc» ?hoo!Wcr*i A)0 Harm; for itle i.v ’
Mi* ~—W r.KKKI^
TEAS— laOchcti* tndhf clte»i» V *ll
A *ad o(iupowr?erTea», fora*l« by >
—* !> 5 - - _ Oj-O'MORGAN A iQonca wojj it
TbfMd.®^ o^? »,**».*u*l IC>; '«oprfior
»di? - **kpg« CTwut Tobacco; for »al*by
* a| — CTO .MORGAN *Oo
L OAP IH« NoM, G, Ud 7; . •
by BD |E 5 U>uble Refined; for mlr
u ‘'S'"«Th" a c a i'ir 1
S™?° VurSS - * “»■ f “. «i. 0y ■
,j b | , Itanuiu, a w i;. fcrT.TTT
r i \v (;ki:ku
5-sai razors*
ptsu -
l-aOhfMl* While Fish;
10 do Troul;
Sbt,,k d °i -forTalpliv
-Pt J Agt
S 8 AV?*“" Lbl * priaie > i ail ree’d ami idr -air by
V--* , . , . 5 . J C UIDIVKI.|„ Act .
Cfc?.?iff, -4 " n-cVI nml
y lomtelpr . M s 3 C lIIUWKLI. Act .
Pn^ ASl, »'7 2i C V k ,‘ l urt ‘ tlri« day ucuo o K .
anJ for * a| e by JAR FI.OVD
ap, r IW Liberty mrcvt
S^, I r CTI '“ . Rl ‘ ra Not. rre d mid for <m lr by
Onp>3 _J D WILLIAMS* Ug, >|o wuoU fl
O t'< ; AK-lo hlid» i)rtm<* in more, for raT?~i.y
- npl ? J D WILLIAMS,* Cu. HU wood „
MOLASSP3-a» bbUN.pV„priui ß ;rd C r t for .air
?Pi= J D W i LLIA Ms * C«,
S C^ CHIKCB - 4 ' ‘'mA?*'*!*! ,ec ’ ~ * n ‘ l ,or ’«!•■ Lv
Jl 5 W ICK A M cCA N Dh h„ss •
by .M« l#e,kl f«M mid for sale
VJttY APPLES—2U blit, jum tec’d and for .tile
■Kj!y «Ei® W»CK * McCANULKS*
ROLL BUTTKR-3 Hi!. F,;.h; > u. t ;ec'd and
fofjyjej>y__ ap!3 ■ WICK & McCANBLESS
T ®AD—4,9OO U»» l*ed in itore ami for «ale by'
POINDEXTER & Co, 41 wat« «l
CIDER VINEGaH—9 bb!«, a i very, prime article.
justrec (land for »aie OttU.M, McGKKW ACo
No C Commercial Row •
IJROOMs— lSUdaien Fomeroji* Extra;
, 30 do eomoion and medium: for «a’e
b l ap» J 1) WILLUMSA Co
*-/ MO but Apple*; Mini. Peachea; on ronmen
mem, for .ale by JAR FLO VI)
4 ’KOUNDTISPFek, 10 bbii7t~rg. and loir., f.r.h
VJ ground ond constantly on hand for sale, by
- “P 2 7 ~Xo *7 FifUi street
-*-/ so Diamond Bparks;
. 70 brs super. German Clay: for sale bv
v 1 cahson a Mcknight, sink m
FISH-39 hf bbli No a Mackerel; v
») bbl* Shad; 15 hf bblt Shad;'•
par tale by ap!s _ Pt)[NDt:XTI^ACo
MIO METAL—23 tons landing from mmr Lake
A Krie and for sale by JAMES DALZELL
•P' - No tM.waler street
L'LAXSEED—IbbbU receiving and for salo by
BAGS— 1W) bag. novr receiving from Canal and for
>* le b Y apl3 ■ JAMES DALZELL
TOBACCO— 20 bis superior Lamp Virginia Tobacco,
oo consignment and for rale low by
P« J C BIPWKLL.A gt-.-aaierm
OIL— 4 bbl* Uiuecd Oil in more aud for aale by
\AF HITINU—au bbl* Boston Whiting for tale by
BATH BRICK—3OO best Bristol Scouring Brick,
for sale by ap!4 J SCHOQ.VMAKKK ACo
LINSEED OIL—4 bblt pure, for f&le by
*pH J D MORGAN, «u wood at
VARRUU-t hf bb! Black'Leather Varnish, for
»foeby. apli -JOHN P MORGAN
AL VAIISUU—2 bbls Eastern, for sale by
f GBR—Wtiie Jamaica Gine»r, pure irrdbnJ,
XJ for talc by _ aplt __ JOHN DjiIOBtfAN
OaaOME —Yellow and Greco, ’different brands,
V..for aaleby - : apM ' JOILN D MORGAN
U. for talc by apH - JOHN U MORGAN .
SPANISU WHITING—S bbl< for tale by
r PA9IARINDB—I Jar Tamarind* for tale by
IXTHITB LEAD—CO keg* pure, for rale by.
INK— I bid, manufactured am]-for tale
U*ICAC— l caac ju*t rec’U and for -»a!e
A .V? *pH UJ-: SKLI.KRd
FM»» MAOMBSIA-O do2eo Husband’*, ju*l
rec’d and for *ale by
_ M? 14 • R. K SELLERS. 3? wood «
QPTB. TI7RPE NTX If E—s bbl* just icc'd and
kj for tale by apM R I; Bt.LI.ERSI
ENG. ULACK. LEAD, Lobelia Seed I‘rcion Oil, 4
LauaLobcU- Ac., jure received ami ii>i »nle |,y
Kj: SKLI.Kua
PKACHKB —SCO bu*. lor *ul«r low 10
■*-' clote a contirntoeni by
a P*3 FRIESI), KlllvV t Ca.i* wiiitf ti
S AllD OIL— 7 bt»l« and C hf bblt No l—Wmifr
U Lanl Oil, a very aupenor anicle, in'e'Wrd mi ii,.
beimaNo 3, and forsmia wholenleorrriail | y
«P tJ ~ FSKLLKRH, 17 LiUmy n
' . . _ 1 4 t>b)« ClGVcr'red:'
■pl3 Fori*|eb)r_S F YON RONNIIOHSI'4Co
TXRIF.D FRUlTS—2s l> til* Dry Frachc*;
y» 51 f von m‘wNi‘ioi>A I X'iv'£JwJTl
ACON-VOU4XIU ILi Matty trimmed ann m linc'oT-
Jer, fat »«Je bjr MtfKKS, MJNTKR ACo
-"P ,J No IW Uteri) »i
pOTATOKS—6O bmAVhitfs, liiiltimore Mur*, and
A Ked», ju«i recermrand for sale t*y
pmiEßi&c-4 Ul» Hull Uuiwr:
-IP* 3 SAW
TX7HITK BRABfß—lg bug* Whu* iitHiis, ' >
SfaUa do; .
tfgl3 Fbyalchy. , WICK A_McCAND(.f$S''
kc K * No ! Lertf.iu-l r.c’j'and foTTajo
M 6W * J oa, jafjf mie, f. i -.sir by*
RUI.L BETTKII-lt hbU iV-h. for by »
*P >a — MYKR3. HCNTKK A Co
APPLES— IS bl'l* tircvn AppU a for isle by
. "P 1 3... ..*fW IIARiUUCH
f' ARD—a LliirT'io I, luinJini;.»i.d lor »ale hy
-±Jap9 J ARF;U)Vo;iwiJ.»tMrity»l_
on band and for •al.: !•> - -
WUffE DKANR-WJ bu*. tm&il, jdM rreeivrd and
for tale by \Y ICK A JUcCaNUI.SSS
_apO cor waier and wood «ta
DRY ba<. iurirec'dflnd,formic by
■l* - • cor wood and \\ ucr ala
CIDKH VINKGAIb-tfhblk rcc’d ihta’riar, lor
ule by_ apl ATWOOD, JONKR ACo
BUCKETS— 94 doz Beaver bucket*, laminin from
Ketit Boat Chippewa and for pale by
apS : . J DALZtIC, R waier »i
DRIED FEACHKB-HU ba» in More and for
tale by «p 3 .. J DALzkI.J,. SKI wallr «
CIGARS-IM bit Half Spasirh Cirart;'
|0a««00 Common Cigar* in | lS >- on haftj snt j
1 for tale by JAS DAI.ZKM,
“P 5-, t No wafr «i
MATTINb— <«/ uic» »\u« 1 m -i.r ~,.“.1 _
J? Afoitihu,
_Lrf No
r '° m
|}Sfc»acki foi talc Ly ’ “
" gAUALEVfc SMITH, lb and tt)WLj«-
AJBATS-IfOQ’r OIL-IS bblT j«.t for
b ? ■ WVERS, HUftTER *Co
ractl '* ) 2r-_ Ul,en y«««
jati ree'J and7of mlc
R— - -JiO Liberty itreet
I^^ > f ?FI6B " ,<a9 - , ' a J5 ,pri ® c K rocn
T *P‘_ _ Not IS and SO wood tt
J.OJ.V butt*:it-ti bbtoTss7isnShfSJ
IV (Of ~i« b, PC Martin
- leer roiih&dd and fn>ni*t*
NUTO-RoMled ferctnuaert, al tbeMvwd
apd Sptee Factory, *7 fifth atreei.
(*s* RHODES *ALC:\
lOFEtlv—7s bag* ppm® Rio f ur uTe by <
'•V* J D WILLIAMS *- Or,
naOilcßfcirw, j HM : , £rsffTcsrts "*•
V ■P 9 ISAIAH DICKEY a. »*ft
•71» fai. in iiore and fcr *alo b j
__ rgmXER9,I7 Litx»f * •:
T>I«OOMg—SCO piecea Btoom»,on e-.-'v,
X) mem an & for aale l*y -r
J»pb C A McAWULTY * Co, eanal l h- ,
SIIORT3— ioo Ola on raniifnnem and for *
apt* F aFJXERa, I? fcjber.