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■ By KRAyTt'S BRUjOKt? •
Thursday mining, April 1. 1947
(JEN. J A »K N llt VIS,
- ’"*th covstA)
I’.'nt ?:.\NAt. L.'OMMIf'^VoNFIR.
I . ■ fife CTSIBULLftXU corsrr ) \
(£}■ Suhicß&rs changing their places ol.Re***
deuce or bu&jfsi, on thy tst of April (10-day)
-will please KSoi d* with their addresses
iThe subscriber ha* purchased the estahluhl aent
J‘ long known a* the I>ittsbc*gh Gall its,
aid ? ilh tbi* number hi* interest and rcsponubil
ity l*gins.
We hare been diawn to ihi* favor®] «pot. Wily
from a conviction .long impressed upon oar muds,
that in the wlijde exjtent of the Union, there ihoo
place in the ipterioijoffcring pnwpccls i 0 desirable
fir manufactures, trade, and for inland commerce,
.ahd; partly-because tjic city and neighborhood of
Pittsburgh present* every social inducement which
tie heart of mail could desire foA pleasant home.
No quarter of our country was ever tilled with a
severer calamity than this devoted city was leas,
' than two yes'since; and no where have the fruits
of a noble perseverance and an indomitable energy,
• wrought change* sojnurkcd, or been attended with
more persona 5 ! sacrifice, and in the end with greater
(üblic prosperity. ■
The “oo iKci u” spirit of our age and onr caun*
jy is stamped Upon every visible work upon which
'/the eyes 6f man can rest. Where the despair ol
' defeat would havo controlled many, the hope of
that enduring courage which never dies, has pre Ttys action of the yoang men here
*\jm* to have ibeen, in .its spirit -and teal, of that
Jdnd which lliclielieu gave la his'young friend
* When he said l* him, “there is no wueh word at'
fail." So let it continue now and to the end, for in
.iH*the examples of**l life, there ate none
moro useful, hone more worthy of remembrance
’ 'and emulation, than a manly perseverance, obi
form industry, and that energy of action and de*
4 termination ol purpose that; ntvor falters in what
it undertakes.
; There an) fruits ami proofsto bereofawisoand
hearty co-operation between men of all ngee, and
all ciasecs and conditions of society. There base
been good' counsels from the old, j> well tf a vig
orous pcisnverancc from the young. It is not a
fabled city that bos sprungTorllj boro from the
ashes. but a city of Using, industrious, tbrising
m , :li a city whoso, foundation ft upon Iron,
whoso gates, (be noble Ohio and lira Allegheny,
whose avenues the great East and the fat greater
West, whose walls the noble mountains embowel’,
led with mines mote precious than gold and sil
ver, and which, as. far as the mind of man can
sco into the future, will eodulff to borrow the
a-rong words of a German poet, “till lime itself
rhall grow- gray." Hole indeed we arc upowthe
great high road betwern-lhc cities of the Atlantic
and the Valley of the« hc » J 01
the noble Ohio, itself emptying into Jho father cf
watets, and this again flowing on |o the ocean.
By our canal 100 we'arc wedded to,the Delaware
and thus once more to the ocean. We loblt alao to
the day. ond that net fa? dirtant, when the boon,
darics of the two great Organs shall be spanned by
. those iron bands and cords.-lhc-Rail, Bead and
the Telegraph,-i-whicb, for the V“ ion “ h * ll
be aa hooks of stehl in keeping us-of "one con*,
try.'onc constitution and one destiny. Shsore
upon the man, or seerion of the Union, who. for
almost any cause ssvo the loss of his fteo iriheri-*
Icnce,. Would interpose Ur destroy this'Union,
but a double and undying shame to him, or them,
’ who would seek to mtr.sJuce into lhe Union an
enlargement of that greatest element of political
cvil-3ft; institution oj Slaccry,— every ingredi
ent of which fa disease and death—a curse to the
hearts and interests of men who touch it, and-the
very Riagno spot of our country ai it is. But, ns
it it, the mantle of tho Constitution is thrown
around it, and we have not the'powcr to touch it.
But against its extension, —end particularly the
foul conversion of free .into sieve territory,—we
will write and speak so long asswo gan lift a pen
of give utterance to a free thought- ’Wo are for
our country,"whatever its hcu'mTirics, hot a thou
sand times we say give ov notupre territory, if tho
price of territory is to adt even;. rood of ground,
for a habitation for-onc additional slave. Slavery
in a Republic established byJtlf men, is in anom
aiy any way, but ihc doiib'arateaextensioa of alave
territory, in tire middle of the nineteenth century,
is and that at the price of war arid the risk of disuns,
ion, is a piece or iniquity So bold that a man canj
hardly-comprehend it. Al) political abolition and
- all interference with the esfiblishcd rights of the
Slave. Slates, wo oppose, end ss wc would not
- practice injustice towardsthe Southern Slatea, so
we would not loicrate any interference with our
own. Slavery aside from the great moral wrong,
involved in the institution, and forever incident to
that abuse of power whore one rain jexcreisea own
- crahip over another, is the great-enemy of free
. ’white labor. In ’defending lhe rights of laboring
i men who ire free, we should feel bound to oppose
■'tho institution ol Slavery, It is the wage, of labor
which lias made, and which-still makea the South
-■ hostile to the Protective Policy, for so long as
slaves can bo brand to work for their hog, bom
' money and coarse clothes, and to be completely
~ under the control of overseers or maalera, to long
will there masters oirpose. any system of tabor,
which admils.of a liberal payment of wages.
’ for ouraelvc we ore brought incidentally to re
msfk here we intend to defend, aa heat we
may, the Protective policy of the epuntry, ft is
tho true interest or the people in our judgment to
.-, adopt'it and to abide by it. : ftis a ayatem entire
]. consistent with a liberal revenue for the sop
j] pprl of Government. Die a-check upon there
! enormous importations which have added at time*
: atn-largely to tho foreign indebtedness of lhe conn
try. ft provides, as any good Christian ayatem
■will ever do. fuel fot those of onr own household,
and thia without the infliction of injury upon any
country or class of people.* ltd. forjthc greatest
■ good of the greatest number,and upon this good
old principle of Jeremy Benthslir we rest out: De
mocracy. ' , ■■''- -
' For the same reason we-opposc tho Bub 1 reaa
nry law. It draws a dividing line lietwecn the
Government and the people. It is. no Action to
say that it gives one kind of currency to the one,
. and'another kind to the other. But tho itwtitu
lions of the States are overshadowed by the con
. “tril power of ‘the Federal ■ Government. It, sup
•s pnse/lhat a few individual part, aan officer, intb.
•5 service of (be Administration, are refer agent, than
- the ,'worn officer, .of a Bank-lhan » corporal**
• „ ilh L Board ot Directors, a President, Cashier,
’. all receiving power from the State., -here they
are,’and all responsible to tho State. 4nd the com- |
, " muoity for the manner in which they administer
their trusts! The Sub Treasury law is Ism eon.
. Venient. more expensive. not-».sfoM the
in lacllco before the Sub TrtW act bream. a
' jaw, dtwaconstanl violation of that divine prayer,
j ' which’ teacher u> to pray, • lead «> »<* ““ •'“P’
. tatron bul -deliver uv from evil,” for surely no
scheme which the wit"of man-over conceived of,
wU belter calculates] to tempi men from
; ujrn that which place, forever befort their eyes,
ui l under ibeir own control, lhe tml tre»»afe» of
thi i Government., Defalcations are no new thing
jn our Government. The documents are foil of
i -.the®, and we hVveAehans.and JoJaae.too,aa,of
1 i pld,’ who have bern seduced Item virtue by fheir
i lectured thitsl for gold- ;•
! i - IWe shall 'enter heartily into the great Rail
i! fed moavucea which .re designed to make Ihjp
t - city the lino of communication between the East
'i ■ " , 0 d the West, and we can nsrero the people of
|. I ■ HtUhnrgh. wd of tho neighborhood, and particn- j
) ■ lily thoso ot'ihe line, of communication, aasrel|.
! ' Las (hue to 'tho vicinity of such Ilnea. Ural trttrj
I in .uejtaWtltocf dnlctjullm
1. . wt” ■
ioth the products of die txui and the labor of the I
woikihop. RailKoads h»*e made Boston morel
Wealthy than all her foreign comnSfcrce f or all be? |
Un<l trade, great a* il is. They have contributed j
lo de»e!o|**mei]t< i, f the one whtrh,without them,
WoqU never have been known, and largely al*-*
trf the prosperity of the other. So may it be with
ju. With KaiJ Road* and JJiiuli*. and lli»er
communication, and with mines ol wealth beneath
our aery feel, this city and neighbor'n»od cannot
fail lo bo prosperous Some one—Talleyrand,
we think it was —baa apokeu of the Revolutions
of Space as distinguishing the new world, while
the revolutions of lime only marked the old. Il is
peculiaily BO of the great Weal, and yet ateam and
lightning have annihilated, as it werr, both
lime and space. No man, even with a Prophet h
* eye, can pretend to read the future ol a favorci/
Uml like this. We only know that if we ere true
to ourselves and lo our history, we shall as a na
tion realize the Prophet’s prayer—“lire forever.”
We are then for Internal Improvements—for Pro
tection, ami m it* spirit anti substance, though not
necessaiily for tho very letter of the act, lor the
Tariff of 1542. We are for an equal currency,
for gold and silver, and bank paper, redeemable
upon .demand in the precious metals. j
We are for Peace. adJ may God iu his mercy J Jvohlt D »*t tjrnit Smith has contributed
hasten the day of its coming. it come in a j (w) thousand dollars finite relief of Ireland.—
reunion between us and a aister Republic—in the .pj n<l i t .s tcV cd t > be tho largest donation yet
return of our brave men from fields of bl.*od t • the ||ls j t , (I , country. I<y a single individual.
•more joyou. fretd, where lire «ickh' and Iho plough' ni Wnllaclowii, «£..(UnJ,
lalro the place of the bayeoel and the awerd. Ut g jr al .b11.1, la el weight.
It come, whether mere ter.ilory come'of it or net. „ c h, a .t. l.«n one eijhth of an
A» wo iteith«f greater, the wealthier, and the tnoic j* 1
cisitized nalien, ,o in our rtrenglb we can atrerd • (!otI _ v Per,,, growing in the open air were
to be the more magnanimous u«. it wee.n- : J anvoti.anlt on the S3d.
live down that slander upon the American name, , . . -. ■»*■ *-
by which *e have been styled tho creal -land . Maulers of (he Thirtieth Congress.— W sltch
' stealers of; the new world." Lit Prince, it rhe D,. hn» .been iiomiuaied as the Democratic
I w ;jl ( i,y tiuleut hands upou tho poor Arabs, and candid*’* lor ('ongressin the Richmond, Virginia*
I the rrnw defenceless people of Tahiti Eng* .district. Mr. Siunov rcceivtd the nomination in
| land gloat over her conquests in the East, and let ij, e first placet and a resolution w*s adopted Jecli-
Russia. Austna and Prussia, with their triple ulli- r ; ng th \t the Convention did trot mean in his nom
inee, combine, if they will, to Mot from the map mutton to express confidence in Ms. »j»Lnot*.
of the world the last remaining vestige of pour Thi* Richmond Whig gives thr following in-
Poland; but as surely as the great Ruler of men formation in regard to the nomination:
and of nations is a God of Justice, so surely wi I <*..\ committ* o was appointed to wait on Mi.
he in hi, own good time punixh the of fcant.oa- who n» in wfth Iho commit!*. »nd,
. , ~ hi an addriKs to the Convention, declined the twin
the weiik. L.l it be on. MU to follow no *tk jnjUon m lhc snM)l j afu . r h ,„„ s , „
examples of tyranny, but rather like the fathers conscience be thought, faithfully .served hi*
of the Republic to distinguish ourselves for that he could not consent to accept a nom
honesty of.purpo» .nd sirtuou. conduct, only in ' ination ..wonipon.ed by . io,olution which, in
. . 7 - . / ~ . . • Ifl¥ -.if* .view nf hi* known opinions, he could not but re
the. practice of which we have a right to invoke 2uf j M#rV rt . eli „ n U| „„, llini ft.lf. The Con-en.
the blessings of Heaven.' rhm. after several balloting*, timing which
In defence of our opinions we hope always ti. , j olm \\\ Jones and Henry L. Hopkins were voted
be fonnd manifesting that te«pecl to the judgment? tor, nomiti.ted Mr Ji.t akc L-y s dose -ole over
of other,, which msy he due to men a, sincere, ill . H".wrt f». etcotl. . .
their consictione, snd n, honec! in their conduct a* . Mr. tide,, nf Md, declined being o curd,-
onrseiveo. Toleration is. the foundsiion of oil true j dale lor rucleclion to Congreae.
liheity, whether of parties, creed,, or in Covern ! lion. J. M. liawlov. M- <’ elect from the
nr-nts, showing » respectful regetd lo the right. • Wayne I»rtcT. Xcw Vnrk. pied of apoplexy, in
and inure,la of the People. *e .d 1 .you-, on Thuj.da, of la.i
.Without brethren of the Pio--* in lb. l my.'-wet k t>
neighborhood, Slate, and every where, we dc.-i.'*‘ ; (; l X!Illl . Scorr*s?!.titkh.—'The following
to enjoy that intercourse which bt-cumc' mm i | cl . . r n| ;| j IC iei ,\ a ; tfaij itmc with iuterot
whose duty it is to be both faithful chroniclers -mi [-‘r.vHif ,i n j c.u&iicnimi.i—
commenutors upon the great c.enu of the day. .. i"
The freedom of the Pres, is a liberty Ino great , 0 „ plJ . v :„,j , xfcrt to embark for New
either to be lost or diminished by the p»-ion. , < 3l ' is .'tf„. :jtnii in*um. Uy the 12th uf Re
epleen, or the di«courtcsy of those who control it- ~ m l*': l mnj'.bc m that' city, at Point Isabel the
•We may find occasion often lo didVr trom those j l?ih. and O'marg.. say the 23J. in order m 1*
we may nnu ocots. wi-Um iafV t«ir.*pondmg trom you. It
arennd n,, but we hope, our d.lTorencc m.J a Ihil u-able to vbn. Monte- | ” fcl „ , t „„. (g„ h »,
wavs be ciptowed in manner and term* sUf.i as ( a , j citcuinstatiees may prevent yuur coming ! ; . , _. . .
Z gire no oiVence to men wilhn, to her that! “ } ' u . ! ,| n&ch regret' no, hating an ear., ; Itepolre of Santa Anna-Phre. D. . Ftgbn g
, . b . , «„ 1 .rmstgriant ; ~t . hoMunit v *..l felicitating you in person upon —Mexican Loss five luousand Men Amer
which other, regard a, Hue and important. ■ rrlror mstrk ho. -e m„ Ele.en Hundred.'
. In taking the place of nur rc*pea<ii pr<.c.Lk - t ,., nil . v> i :Cf H m the intcrior'of Mcxic.*. -j* he Wdluirn Fretian bujust arriv-
Bare, wo hope alwaystnbe found mxiiitsirnng 'hat j arp IjfJ my dear gmeral, to eupeicede j ro|n lhf; which pl*ic »he tell oo the
interest io all que»«ons of moral and soriil im- ■ V ou in the immrd ato commaud on the the line of lQll) j n|Uot# this arrival twe learn verbally
t,.*» biiherto distineui-'hed the ! uu-raH >n» .rehdr-ied illusliious by you and your h G Taylor, who had fallen backbeluro San-
which have hitherto ,tt . 2 ‘ lUl , t artll v M . ~rop<Hed theatre is diOerent. “ Ann . t Monterey, and had been atUck
colomns of, this paper. We c*u hardly fUi that |.y (tu may imagii, • it. and 1 wish very much that 4 SBUta Anh#< an J f after three daya’ hard
the Gaxelte loses tho servica of Mr. V\’iiiTt. ; jt wprt . j, rU( ],. n t ft i ih'w distance to tell you oil ihst the latter hail li-cn rrpulso*! with the la**
•tnco we havo hi* promt** of a heart* g-si will | ( Vl ,,oci to.atteti pi or hope to execute. I have f 5/)0() men> anJ General Taylot’a loae
onr,n,he„, snd we .h,„ expect hc.,0.,,. con- j | b, o^n ““‘ '-' o °,
trifcuiion*' from bis pen. The service* of • ,r 'V irnig , w ,n be aided by th* Utter* of the ' v y c are indobte«U> Uol. Huht for lhe following
Manats will be secured to the office as heretofore, j s*.. cr » i. fV ~f Wi . conveyed by Mr.* Armwtead, ■ r f a | etlcr> addressed to him from Captain
and every oossible attention paid to the cummer- i Msj »r Graham, aid Mr. McLanc. . bgden. of the Department, and
•i A of tie natter We shall make : But. my dear! ;encrul, I shall be obliged b» Uke ; l whieh j, Jb e only written informaUbn we hav« H
cial departmen P P ■ ( ju m ~u f liit , g a || sn t officer* and men . Jieen tb(f , to o t^, ni 0 , the vessel brought no mail,
•rrangments also for-constant cvnirintjunns ir /f _ £u!V!| . I;iJ t ,! ol ,teer*) whom you have so i •j- IIOUR h the details given above m»T hot be exact
abroad, and for the tran*n-. ; ■ r the eurliot „ m | n o!*( Cwtrom-udid. lam afraid that . there i*. we think, every reason to be
news hr telegraph. Our out -...J i -riiMt wish is ; i ,hatl by imperous necessity—tho approach of lhero hftJ a jj^ t> aD j it has resob*,
to win sucre., by nuking the Gxxettc wonhy the ; yellow fcser on ho Gulf c.rx.t—reduce yon. for ; gl , )lioul | J fa th. AoMKfa irms. The are.
to win juccc j & a i :tX u., to stand ou tho delennve. This -will Le cx i csn repjrt* tend viry mnch to confirm
confidence and respeci of the community. , t „ ynlli ,nd. for that fefts ; ,n * i , uc h a resulu Several vessels are hourly expect-
ERASTUS BROOKS. But I rely upon your patriot- I anJ jt pro hsbic that weiaball have later and
[o the temporary sacrifice wilh m o fo authentic advices /befori morning.
’lita ihioj In!*; JufniU‘t.
Which i» ihr gr*s»«»i to*.l rtiiuirJ
Thi'mu that mnoctr.Ujr wcot
Or bt that him dc*ign’*ilT wot.”
Thai raas a song io Poor Robins’ Almanac fo»
1760, describing a costom more common then than
now of playing franks upon wboceer would con
tent to be, or be whether he would coftsent or not*
the subject oflhc merrimentof thedsj. "Sbcve*
lew errands” they weto called nearly ibreo bun*
dred years gone by. What tHc origin of the cus
tom is we cannot now pretend to determine, but
for a time, whereof the memory of man runneth
not tothe contrary, it has been a custom common
to almost all countries. The Frcftch name the
thing, Voiuon f Arnica April fish,” mjjca.l of
April fool. Poisson it is said by sorab of the old
writers was a corruption for our word passions, ns
the Passion of ourSaaiour took place about tbi
time, and as the Jews sent Christ backwards and
forwards to march and torment him from Annas
t> Caipha", from Uaiphas to Pitale, from Herod to
Pilot and from Pilot back to HeroJ. Hence the
custom. Sach is the explanation of Uellingford
u we find it condensed in an interesting work on
Popular Anliquitaries by John Brand. In Asia
the day is observed much mote than in this coun
try dt'perbap* the observance i* lew hero than any
wbero else . Anciently the day was observed in
Britain aa a high festival and uninterrupted hilar*
Ity.wp are told reigned through every order of its
inhabitant*. They call peraona imposed upon in
the North of England on this day, “April Uuuka/'
or a Cuckoo, that being the meaning of the word.
iL Scotland they boot the Gouk by sending silly
people upon ailly errands, and there i* a couplet
which runs thua: .
•Ontli* fint day ff April
Hunt the Oouk aiwther mile.*'
In India it is a great day even now, and high and
low participate in .making fools of their peighbors.
The great day among Hindoos is the cloce of
Mirch when the greateatTnirth is made by send
ing persons upon alcctelea errands;
One writer supposes the origin of the Gustom
io be the tricks played by Romulus upon the Sa
bine* who instituted games on this day.. The Sa
bines flocked to see the celebration and the Ro
m»na seized upon, and secured the Sabine virgin*.
| Tho true origin of »bw custom we think is ex
! plained in the following from au old number o
I the Gentleman’# Magazine.
.•Our year formerly began, a* to some purpose*
.JJ in KID. resell, on theSSth of M.-rh which
.nppowJ >o be iho Incin.lion of oui l.otd.
ainl l dsuelly el'cnded with on Oc
l*.f, (or eight d.yi) where the fir.t end the lot
were th. principal. April 1.1 r. the Oef.e of
the 21th of Merch end we., therefore, Iho o'
both the Annunciation end tbeold new year. day.
This ia the opinion of many who hare given
much more lime than we have to bestow upon the
subject :
The following pretty veraea upon the day are
quite fifty years old, but they are aa good a» new
•nd indeed much better than many new thingam
the'way of the poetic art dmne:
•>Wfaj itmv dear rir),n>make» f-«l
Of ce< aot wiie twurc . i
Vel b»»ior,e»c»P*d fro** folly *• tcliool
Ali if 1 ®°‘l to wboot again,
mil iho* .
I'm lure noltwoo wißbv vaui
JThkh tbo* eaart g»»* to ««■
Ob* of thykiaiawt pntUVwk*,
Tby mOw d*v«d
.Arid beyond *IJ crabbed book.
To rvgoWa wy heart.
Tboo need* not caDMae 6irj elf.
•To hfnuelf *
j Or«tt4tfl«a^ n f*
3i**r» ltrmr*
It ik stiWd tbit there is to be established
tt Sooth Trenton, a stock companj,'eon*i«ling en*
tirclv of colored The object j* tacttry
on the tinning lutriue»». with a capital of $01)00
Jtrided into of None but colored
person* arc permitted to own slock', Ihe shares
are »aid.lo bcM.carly all laketu
It is ■r*T»;n that the pxqaisite painting of
the I’iituig of Kutb, Orpab, and Naomi, in the
rotunda of the f’spitol ai Wishitigton, ha* been
of to a gentleman in Ncjt York for the.
•uis uf $5OOO.
Tho Wheeling Tiroei it urging the efection of.
a Bridge over tho Ohio, the city has been solicited
to subscribe for $30,01)0 worth of the Stock of the
/n>n Relief amount received by
the committee in the city-of New r«tk
578. Albany committee hare receded $U,*
Gen. Gadwalnder, of Philadelphia. armed at
Wheeling on Sunday nighl. ft mute, for Foil
.Polk, (l\.int I»2h<i,) to; receive that {.onion of itio
itn new regiment* which ha* been rai.rd and or
dered to that (Mint. (idij. (\ lelt Washington on
Saturday inoniiiig
infiniti*tv -paitift
di-trc-sUig tJ mi
Htn to submit
♦ttcralTtfd'to Jo so. Rea-r.i tic- .
_.h euniii'MJ*’, and l flatter
0,-lit that may result t.i me per- \
um-qurl of.lroops allcdco
c pain of inv:- i
,\.i nun fan
I ,n«s on lhat h
' „,>f/lnli»l a:.y
saiially Irom thi
»r • t.> will lessors t
awaie of the rccqot call for uip»\ ■ j
volunteers, including one ti( • ,
’ho President may soon ask {'t ■
1 wo are no*, without hope tnat :
l( jJ ton oi ttvi'lve t.i the :
Tncsc. l>y the -pring, say April, [
o bounties, lu? field—ihuuld
ier termt of ocpanurioda
before the spring. (Maidb.) it is ;
If be again in force to resume of- j
V..u wtll bf
regiment* of
Tfiiis h-jrsc.
ina'iT more, 3t
t;.,rii;r*!3 may
m iy. bv lOe la’
Mciir.i nut es
lit n. and Ion:
j.r.ibabls -you - ’
fen«'ive nperali
3 at a late hour uf.lhc night, anl,
•ick of a cold. I rnay dmpiteh atij
ro I embark, but from New Orleanaj
cc n you »h»H bear from me official*
I arn wiitir
more than bal
cither uoUibeft
Point Isabel,«
ly o'id fully.
f oseiblc for me to find lime to wri'.if
i ton, a* l much desired. I only re>
i wtion t » hold myrelf iij prcpnrali »i
] the IBlh instant. Muchhaa been
that end, and morn b ■
It W 93 ncit-1
from Washin
, eivt.l an min
f>r M'cxtco or
done towards
Your deiai:
od report of the operations at Mon* the SecretaryV despatch, bj
mislead, were both received two
css iniliucb-d to South,
y dear General, yours faithfully.
oral Z: Titi-oh,
’ ,4r my, iff.
tfrev. .and re
l.irininnt A
days af'ei 1 1
, In haste, n
1 ue(s. gmnes remarks.
\t ihn public ilmner gi«cn to Mr. I*. B. King,
of Georgia, in New York, one of the toast* *a»
to (he Army) which was responded to by C»en*r#
Gaines, of the army. .On n-dng he was greeled
with protneled and gnlhesiastie applause. He
said ho had Ln ri«n In inflict upon the company,
ihere speech; tut a* the sem r Ma
jor General i»f ’the Army, it vrould not be becom
mg in hmi tn ailitw tho- toast, just gjreo, to bo
passed over wiihoul a reply.. It .was with thru
drepe-t mollification, mingled with the higher
that be was present o,t all. (ap*-
plau«!.) Elks place, if the choice was bis. would
Win the fiic<“ of the common enemy. (Cheers.)
The new* Which we hare been receiving f‘»r the
last few days from the sent of war, ho w«. qriev
ed lo.eay. was of disaster and defont. But trwUy,
thank God. more encouraging tiding* had Tench*
1 ed us and from authority that seemed reliable, he
j was happy u. announce, that the gallant Taylor.
I had t-afclv rescind Monterey. (.Tremendous
I cheers aru appbbtt ) Sit. 1 know that'
I mm,' and many of the brave and rapable officers
j under his command; and I feel warranted m a*
| Buriug you. that bis position is ono of safely—
(Reri«sre.liappUuse.)r Aftef a high eulogy uppn
| Gen. Taylor and the-annj, ihn gallant t*rnr«ri
commenteii upon the inception of the present con
tost- • VV«Thad gone, said he. into tbu war. entire.
Iv unprepired; it was an nflimswe war, and tho
preparsticn for it was inadequate.' lie wished to
bldme no jne for thsi -it would, not he proper for
him to d.fso. They whose fault it was. »f fault
it was. if fault them, were, had perhaps been had
ly advised. (LtughWr and applause, long enn
tinued.) (Sen. Taylor had knocked ■ down h.s
urny. wh< Ujnl rose again* W»1 be fouud himself
unprepared up the blow, and was com
pelted to mcafnp in the valley «f Grande,
during the sickly season of the year, for the space
of-four n Mb*: for lack of proper, reinforcement.
(Scn.ati|n.) The General wont onto r.y that in
.[ho-onur, ho h. 4 mj,Jo *n«tro,rto
li.ted in'the .nlloj of tho Hto Grande on arm,
df50,006 mon, with: on in.lftietl.. o.tohh.hntont
on tho s mi; the cnnwqurnccs of which be bo
lio.od then, and otill 'believde. would here boon,
in four ot fl.o monlhi. to pnt-en end to thd war.
fCiioemt Dut ho woo deemed inoono. (ItoUßh
ter Juil Oi, 16, jeaie ago, tho man w» tbon B ht
to be insane who talked of'Hailruada in thi Slate
repreeerijed by the honorable goeat of the c|onmg.
(ItfnewOd laughter and appleuse.) But bo
ir.tulotA himoelf that thi. imputed innmtj bad
-prosed the mcarta of bringing him to this groat and
EiJci.y, where, .aid ho, I hare enjoyed ond
am enjoJing, e.erything that can make * Midler
abwmt flomthe field of battlo. while the war la
raging. JaliaGed and happy. And the .eteran re
anmed Ilia aeat, amidat lha moat daafemng ap-
Manae. J •’ ■-
rotu’* recent work pa ‘‘Th# Prow Wriera
riw,” c*U* Mttgtwt FoUat’a ((hr*'of
fortes** in the 19th Cant
- ‘' 4 .expression of her discontent
S*w Pinut—We leceiecd yealei day tb« S'* | JJY JIAG'NETK' TELMI'RAPB
Dumber Of Alfieon'e Dele Daily. fuW'Btebben- : :
eille,'Called the Heiald.lhe aimc : ei-the old and
well Inown Weekly. The Daily ia I email, racy
iheel. If the merchant* and bji»ine*a men of
Steubenville give -it a liberal nippntcthey
•huuid. from every principle of ♦elf-iuieteal —by
i tubscriling and auverti#ing, it Fill of very
I great service to that town
Ii i« complained that ouc paper doea not reach
Steubenvillo regularly, and we are as! ed to rfcmedy
ibe evil. We hare been trying tc do that for
month*, but hardly expect to auccred until the
rda»T* get tetter and we hare- a in if* energetic
Postmaster General. !
Armt Miiuami.—A Corapa
troop*, recruited at Philadelphia ’urv
gimect bill, and under commanJ uf (
arrived yesterday by canal, and w<
ly shipped on t»oird the (Jermantpwi
for New Orlefos this muinic*. ; Ai
ny, which was to lure arrtTed last
to goon that b-o»i. The two mdsto
A numl* r of army Forge* fca»<
on iW t'.i'imur. Tim Voliiguefc
stand, will i*rl thrir homes in Ken
J.icitl Elrr'iun* and IV'Aig 1 7/
WhiKi'fcf Huntingdon Borough,
election the loco majority f<
fall, which w** 110. lo 40. ami thi
new towM»hij> of BraJy, with a
Whig*, hail been detarheJ from it
The Whig* carried llie boroug'
burg at the primary br
gain of'44 cincn tlnJ^prermuarlect
It is stati.ii in an English p»i*«•», that a com
pany is shcr'ly t) he loiaied iu London 1 , for the
erection of jur'dic n»rw, on the principle afbalhs
tui) *»a»h-hi at which the lab rring poor may
make their mvjj bread of any reality suited to
their menus. An establishment of the kind has
m Paris, and is
*aid 1 1 w>*» !»*••»! iujst
Anti H i hn«t t’rorisu men -Senl
duna baa bad a aon appotntttl nl
St**, on bund lb* Gernuatnwb
Norfolk, h n alao aakl that he 1
law appointed under iho ten regl
Mr. Brteae'a vote is now account
\nnirr or a Fi’orTivs rank Ecacrt.—A#-
«i»wnt Capiain Hirnmo and Officer VVilherby.of
the 2 I Ward, New York, arretted on Friday a
German calling himself Natbaq Levy, altai Her.
tnatiT-Bondy a patscnger on board the London
packet lbi|> Prince Albert, which arrived at thii
port on Thursday night last, who atanda charged
i with having crab*tiled some 40,000 ducats, or
S about §20.000. from the hoy** of Rothachilde di
i (; 0 ., *ituate at Vienna. Austria, with whom the
j accused «!• employed as clerk, It appear* that.
Le*y obsrondrd last August, and aince that lime
I ho baa been irereted in London but was finally
j pipetted to make his appearan'ce in New York,
> consequently a watch was plated on all the pack
ets, and yesterday the police succeeded in mak
ing the arrest. The accused is detained on &e
affidavit of RolbscbTtda' agent in thia city. The
prisoner and bi«~biggago wen} liken before the,
: Chief of Police,’ and on searching the latter a
! [ ltgf , amount of gold and Austrian scctmlies were
; found in bi* possession, evidently the proceeds of
| the eme* The Chief committed him for
a further examination, .
Our. commuuity is awaiting with profound inte
rest the'result of the proceedings of the Commit
tee appointed no Monday last at the meeting of
iho Stockholders of thcsßallimore it Ohio Rail
road Company. It is a subject of very gcoeral
regret that the Committee did not propeed to Pitts
burgh. in conformity wfth the instruction of the
Stockholder?;the expectation being confidentaud,
we think, well founded; that personal inleicourae.
maintained on both sidfs in .a frank and friendly
' .pint would accomplh-h. amthapplly, the object of
. restoring g.*»J feeling; and a hearty co-operation
m the consumation of a purpose of deep concern
j u both citirt —liaUwtore American.
■\ Kloi b MtacaAHT op Bo«to.y. was mads
: S.) happy by the news brought by the Hibernia on
i Saturday night that viaion* Of prwpectiye propu
•| mingled with his dreams’, as he quietly snooted
j in church on Sunday morning. The minister
1 was dcscauting upon the unsatisfying character of
: sublunarr- things. -What is the prico of all
: earthly happiness V ho asked in.rather an ani
mated tone. "Forty tied "ihWng* per barrel,
..j: replied the flour dealer.
(JAZKTTK job office.
The Proprietor of the Pittsburgh Gaxette has
purchased the interial of Mrsers. White &. Hams,
in the (Tjactle Job Printing establishment. Mr
PißKis will, ns hitherto, superintend the office,
and all orders for books _nf Job Printing of ■any
kirm; willjb'c executed with [promptness, sad upon
satisfactory lerms.
i* a disease thst i* hurrying it*
v.csiM*!' thousand* in die iomb, without bavin* Its
|irogrr<* miall retarded by die medicines in common
„ r; but nj.tirighit-r day if cpming; nay. b’ss already
mine, wb«-L" this dreadful djscnse can be successfully
ei.mhHiird. Or llogrM* preparation of Liverwort and
Tar, not only give* relief lujall case* of Cold, sealed
Cot,eh, Ae , immediately,'Voi from the testimony of gen
ii,-men of the h.gticsl plane* hr, i* making some veiy
' cures of Consumption Improvement in the
li'-aiinrnt of disease is r.nwsrd, and nothing can arrest
it* .pirn m Hi.* prugien.<ivc ige; in uvidenfe of winch
wu mviir the ut.rriMU) af uU i-insens to Hie certificate
„• I>r F-.x lute Professor 11 lh c Cincinnati Eclectic
C<!«.rge, which «E publish in anoiher column.
lirthlEY. H.
Posiie, iia.nk Norks, and epKcn-k
(•■mirth St, nearly oppotiii tin- Bank of Pittsburgh
i L’ftRF.NT MONKY n: :etvcd on Urjmsile—S>ißhl
('iie, ks fur sale, mid iolleituins .made on nearly all
tl.« principal |N»inlsin tlje L’ tiled Mates
Tin- highest premium paid for Foreign and American
Advancr* made cm consig iments of Produce, shippei l
F~i>' nil bl'cral terms. .. aichid
TO TUK MCK-“I have
u«cd Walter’s liinscng Panacea and I also know several
<>i toy ai-'piamtance who have used it. and they «P«ak
very highly of n. 1 certainly have no hesitation lu tec it a* a valuable medicine for coughs, colds
Iron City llotrl, itb street, Pittsburgh
Krml ihr following from Ksq. tiray, Alleghrny Cil'ys
- Walter's (iiiiseng Panacea is the best medicine that
ever 1 used for a Couchor Cold.
Common, Allegheny City."
For s*tc nt H. Harrell's; slh st. opposite Iron Qty Ho
el, di-tributuiß Agent fortpiushargh and
by Druggists generally. Hoe adveiUsemem. ll£l
n~T-Feraa!e Modesty often forbid* the gentle
*cx from *cekmx relief, when suffering from peculm
coinnlsniu • The Vegetable klectuary. prepared b|
Ur Uiibnm, will be I'numl mn invaluable Remedy'’"
ihe rnrc«ly cure* 11 effrnu m lli« mo»t »«veni ca«e
l*ilc< • Thousand* b«veite*uSed a* to it* very emi
KKTOHaM, l*Jt Fulionlj
Market »lrect,.»ml 1.
l*»U»bur<h,r*. Pnccf!
ls»d Retail. by WYATT AT-
Jucrt.New York, W*. Thors,
$5,00. BQOTS
THK »u«)*cnbcr rc'pe“ fl,ll s‘ i n^orm * **»o public lit
he hu cormneuerd iMI «i«m»fmcinre of Vtntitmn
FntkunabU Boou, of Botyl material and workraambip
which he Will warraMW'norloany Boot ever made
in l’muburgh tor thp pice. Tbe« handaotne 800 l
Sotle«' Adt«rtliu».
irr AdvctLiement*, » ,«ee#ie thoulJ b«
balked in by fi*e o‘cloelh«r ibe •fltmoos. Auentio
» o,>. onlbrpmftorPUrcmiamct-.WuUbe pnxli’
>f malunl b<nefi|.
!• Pttt»bßflh
aiporltd ; fOi
We hue- receiretl ao important d t
morning, confirming the important nn
two day* sioce.
. On ibo S2d iostant Santa Anns
the battle by an attack %hich. be le
against General Taylor*
The cannonading was long coo lint
| the moat deadly cfiect'on both sides.;
| On tbo second day the officer* mi
j exertion* and distinguished them«
I point*. The American force* were
gallantly ted and Tayler was found i
ol tbo fight.
Santa Anna attempted to outflank
ly of regular j
er the ten ley
!apt. Barnard, i
re immediate*
. She leaves
other Compa
night, ia also
250 rank and
lor. •, • |
The first attacks were made tip
ea, and the rumor* are confirmed..Cf
battle a* previously received.
While foremost in the fight rcc
in hi* overcoat, bat was nol'injiiri
Blta*. at hi* aide, was slightly worn
been shipped
tj, wo i under*
i uckjr.
i lumphs. —The
, at ihe recent
V r CoDgretß Uit
i! too Wheu the
majoiity of 25
Adjutant Lincour greatly
self and was killed. Tbi* battle lit
o’clock —when Santa Addewm*
that ho was compelled to retire to
These reinforcement* awaited hii
he wa’s much stronger than before.
i of Holliday**
30 majority, •
At this point communication!
flag of Hurt between tho commani.
Armiea. Tsylor at the last accou
bhfpositinn undisturbed.
Taylor bad the promise of Sant i
would get back O. M, Clay, and bi
Mexican prisoners enough to com; n
the eichangc. The|prisoncr«, it i
terw&rds ordered to be exchanged, i
and all under his command.
In the battio General Wool gre illy distinguish*
od himself. “His officers and met foaght like he
roes. ’ i. ’ •
Alter the battle. General Tayl<>f demanded of
Santa Anna that be should immed lately surrender-
This was declined, and Taylor hi auelf wt*-called;
up tosurrender. LieduCHttend m took back thej
answer, and said to 84nta Anna for his General;
Santa Anna’s Adjutant Geherd
captured and an exchange made [ 1
On the 24tU and 25th General Taylor oecupiW
his command and position unmoh sted and witho
any show of opposition:
lbtot Brtoae oflo*
lijihipraan in ihe
n ju»t«*i!ed from
hif twd sooa-io*
[meat bill,' and bo
UeJ for.
Colonel Margin for whore uf
ietj baa been felt, cut bin way
my, and ,arri*ed *aiely at Mon
the 24 Ohio Volunteer*. •
The Mexican* were in ptfßK
China. Mier, and all the town*
and Monterey.
, the Killed were Lice
tyof Mt«. Colonel Veil and Ci
Adjutant Vaughn, Col. Mel
Jr. Captain* Moore and Mill*,
Captain* Skinner, Walker,
Parr of Indiana.
Colonel Harding. Captain Zabriakie and
Woodman, and Ida. Hazleton, Brnnton, Fletcher,
Ferguraon.llollin*. Barthwn, Atherton and Price
-The above alt killed. \
Colonel Jefferson Di*u. A
General Lane, and mimeroi
Etery Votuntoer iColone l
killed or wounded. '!
Tbe slaughter among the
immense, and also amqng the
Gm. Taylor’s official despa
All Rife and quiet at Uraza
No later new* from Vera l
Other account* represent o
to be not more than l 7oo, and
It i* said, however,'that th<
eludes tirti/’lhree officers, which it an. immense
proportion.’ Santa Anna * officers weto also »Uiu
in great number*,'* ?* oof > »f biilced proof be
wanting, tbit they fought wrjll. The odds agaiott
Taylor were at lea»t. accorling to the best ac
counts wo ba«o teen, ten thousand men. Tho
retreat of Banta Anna deck
him, and ifr was an alternat
forced, aud which was beyo
battle took place ot Uoena
Saltillo, aud between Haiti!
The volunteer* joined heart
in that valorous impetuosity
discretion of a true soldier,
the great sacrifice. The p
by the hatteric* under com
Bragg, and Thomas, by sqc
second Dragoon*, and hy c<.
*1 Volunteer regiments froc
tacky, Mi»«iasippi,..BUnoU.
The Mexican* made a s
md here we .are compelled
jwn army in undisturbed \
try between Buena Vial* a
Oornext intelligcbca.wi
tie between the ”Meximii
General Urrea, and thers
command of Colonel Ctsi
between Monte'rey and Ua
■and men, and Colonel C.I
■and, under hi* command,
fought, our troop* are nod
such odd*, in the event* e
bly boen a very bloody 01
of warfare hardly preset
and cotinurd *trife a* ha
tlce of May, September, a id this last, whiqh took
place on the 22d of Fe iruary. Tho victories
hate all been remarkable, and the laatadda a now
and imprest!** incident U the day memorable aa
the anniversary birth d«y of the Pather ofh.a
ioontry. To us, however, U must be a day of
mourning for’tho loaa ol the brave and honored
dead, as well as for the birth of hfm who was
alike distinguished for lie triumphs of peace as
well aa the conquests of war.' Our sin Care hope
now is, liiat the successful war carried on by
General Scon on the fr utiar, Mil by* General
J’aylor, in the interior, w .11 lead to peace.
NNA 4. CO.
Puii/s, March 25th, —lO P. M.
The |inc of telegraph, are in complete opera
turn between New York. Philadelphia, Baltimore
and Washington. Then is oo later news from:
the army, either by way if Veta Crut:or Monte
rcy. The office of the North American is illu
minated!for the Victory of General Taylor over
Santa Atma.j There ts j real excitement in town
at this rysult, mingled w th sorrow, of course, at
the loss of *o m»ny bra' o men.
Pmt-a’u- March 31 7 o’c. P- M*
The receipt! of Flour ire large and increasing,
but the wrivals are moetlyvdelisered to fill con
tracts roafle to arrive. The demand exceeds the.
supply oh sale, and. is unporving. There have
'been salei to-day to the extent of. 3000 bbls stan
dard brands at t0.06i5«J124 per hbL The weeks
sales have been 15,000 tjbls. "
Cornmtal is selling 1 o a moderate extent at
M. 50 per bbl. - . , •
Bye Fleur is in fair d< mand at $5,12$ per bar*.
R. .SAWtKR, ttmiliifiield «i
|jxr L-ol mubUl 1
An active demand prevails for Wheat. Sales
to-day of 10,000 bu prime Red at 128a130e, anil,
a few tbotpand bu print Whitest‘lS-Ul3se per
b °Com i, m itqocrt. The e,lee “rfS! h ”]
been 30,000 bn el 8.1,8: c for prune While, enu
88e92c lorYellow. ’
Belee feu Ihounnd bnKjre el 8S«81c-
The tnetfcet for Sngerae eleeJj, wllh mode»l*
Xa eclin inquiry pre’ eile for Moleoee—fcUee
300 bble NO et prerloor price,. . ~ .
Market to Coflee atti' e and considerable, sales
at prices' showing no change.
i .'FocFUnMaMtlw* i» b» inquiij ih.n prt.i- ‘>TO COM. wnn
I . , j 1 1 - ii u- * 1 ar.drmsned solicit tniormalioftof lapse * c Vrfi*vTr
ooily, but pne** nominally higher. ; wtthit.eTSt-.Dode of working cool Siney brtattA^
i'. .No 1 Wait Lird rouges from 9Aaloic in bbla' xti>-re oil l terna! n» wcnard iaibi* coami-y *t*depifc
1 sod kecj i 1 of Joo,o UWO.eei.ondH. K.ielandsiJtOO ftct betnw
; i me MHiau-e' Of the several straw m this pro|<it}%lte
baJeafßetiJereJ rallow at fiaSic per Ik pm, C ip«ioi»e. <• at ab<»i<one*ie|tih of the t«ierit*rwt?s«
Cotioh is firmly heli!, but the sales an* very Tb-«c shaft in t|ieer**fufop«ralion near
miblerat* i k - * thi« city ot' 4 purer aVpele ll»*0 our.p.l Cnal.llW ;
j* . . .1. !. r|| • . ai >**».e*prn*r man p.i»*e.neraiiy. iH.ciadicefcaalH-'K']
Unwed i< felling a| per bu. i „ ai 3j:, ;on uur principal strata is two. to thi<;e
No Ideal newsiol importance. 1 • . th<- iii>rknc«* of ibot in p>t«. and wah. another.
I ! urea, advantage, iliai ii could l»e used on loegroono
_' L TT' !" , ", ala d even w.lboul the eJt.i-
The TeOnesacp liver if reported to It*
Th? w _Mb. .i« ta tu l
Ofiio, CutabetUbii arid Teunessee, hu neatly ture and puniYjjaajhbgVmpiril t-> ihc manufuctuirpf
, r | i • ' Iron from U.,rt)r«;, f if wiU'olFer great indfccaeuta
overdowed the. tdwn of Paducah. for rxi.iusfrc-npeiaijeoson this aide of the nyti- :,1
>«. ' .11 L .■ . I - „ tVi* lufve hHjl ai'plteslidii},Crum person* a^coatonrtu
iThe water lacks, aaya the Kentuckian, perbufs to wo ,£ 0 * t»A i.y *haila V J*A» have fu-ongljt>ged: In
two or three feet of being ro high leached in nd.irdi&'uY«s.u<hei!>gin,b«ryiwniofvieivadjij^p
ble BiuLlnelily We ire de.iiropvfpl
the great freshet of 1835, and it is now at this o:nn on the suljcvi. and slioqld
i , . , . a prove »an*fa*«aV^ f " ill fell or leaie tbepridilege
place some inches higher than it has been since OI - »:,ikrnc a ihaft su.d weikinßiUe Coal ,1 n
| liiit memori&le Good.; ' 'SSSBOTI
ij GiUtte.
Jews OF
rapitch Ihi*
wi received
ltd and with
ado immense
l tit at ail
njthe thicke*
| \Yashh\gton, D.
ZKNAS C. ROUBINk. Mechanical- Engineer and
Agenttor piocunncjPatents, will prepare the ne
cessary Drhwingj* amirPupcr* lor Applicants fur Pat
ents, and imiixeLall outer ’lurn'M in the line of hi«
profession at thell'ateni Office. He .can >tc ro;»u'lr-l
on all question* iSlatiug to the Patent f.nn-k ami dre
-aroQtJti the Umicd Sutra or Europe I’r ioik n) a
haying examinations made hi the
PslifAi Office, prior to making appliration for a iiatcnu.
thar forward (pou paril}-enclo*ing a fee of five dolUr*7
a clcttr xtalrmrnt|of their rase, when immediate oven
tion will he glv4n mjit aml'all Kn- mionnatufri iln.t
could he obtuinedjtiy a yisit of the applicant in neraoi-.]
prompt')' communicated. \
All letters cm business wmil It po*l paid, find contain
a suitable fee. where a;wntien opinion is required.\
"■Oilier oa F. stfiel.-npiiosiie the Patent Office,
lie ba« the honor of referring, by penni-*"ion. u>
Jliip. Kdmund Burke, Comm ssioner ol Patents;
Hon HI. Kllswofth laic do do do.
11 Knowles, Machinal, Patent Office;
Judge Ornnch, Wil*hineinn. I) C;
Hon. R Cholir, Massachusetts. U S Senate;
Hots. VV Allnn, Ohio. d oi
llon.i.H Itowim. M C. Missouri,
Hon. \Vtili* Halt {New York;
lion. Robert Smith, Ml. Mmois,
lion. S Brrese. U S Senate;
Hon J IlMlelfe, M C. Missouri;
('apt. it M SnieVe; Missouri;
Fjh»(u» Brooks, K»<i., Pittsburgh. apl
tod until three
) hard preaaed
Agoa Nuoar
command and
tased under i
era of the'iff
, To Travellers.
| ErdtljicWy fot Paatngrrt )
rjnii: Canal and .Railroad being now in exrelleni.
1 order, the Packc\« ol tins Lmc will leave with pas
sengers as follow*, etferv tngiil Bl # o'clock-
Packet latuisiana. Capt rhi.mpsnn, Thursday. Apr. Ist
d.o Kenturky. Cap! Trjfby, Friday. April thui.
do i Ohio, Capt Craig. Baiurdny. April Hnl.
do 1 Indiana, Capd Her key. SunJu., AptiHih.
do ’ Louisiana, t-a|n. Thompson. ><ondaf, April fish,
do ’Kentucky, ('apt Trnby.TuesJar. April 6th
,1b Ohio, Capi Craig. Wednesday. April ?th
do Indiana, Capu Uerkry. Thursday. April eth
no lmui*ia|ia.Gftpt. Thompson. Finlay, AprJ_k;h.
do Kentucky. Caj»L Trilby, Saturday. April 10th
do Ohm, Cupi.Ofai*. Sunday. April tlih
do Indiana) Cmpt. Berkey. Monday, April 12th *
For passage apply at the Office. Monnnrahela Mouse.
or m • ' D LFKCII It CO
apl . Canat Basin
Us maintained
i Anna that he
l '■ ad, it it said,
aand and make
a aiid, were af
including Clay
Reduction in price—The »übecni>er f.-*pen
fully calls the attention of the travelling cominuiw
ty, and rtpec »Jly lm*ine»«men. to the fact that thi*
hcTute ir now omen ainl i» offered for their patron 4«t- ut
tht low prireru ONE DOLLAR I’KK DAY.
It* location for butlnei* It n6l «orpa?*ol in > . t ork,
and every comfort, With rood livtnr, clean bed*, airy
room*- 4c., cap We be had a* well a* at the mo*i er
irnvagam homes One call will »orely ratify anyone
of thr*e fan* hnd insure to extensive patronage far the
hoote i- HAML C. UIMHOP, I’
New York, April 1, I“4? .11
ty ao mneb apt
through the en«
ercy. He U;■
Bxecator'm Notice*
Noricr. i* Ker-'liy Riven wall prr«on» mdel-e.l . 0
the K«ialc of *o<natt Hamilton, laic ot M;tH n Tp .
■Allcelifti) (Pointy, glecra«rd in make immediate pay
mntt. anil mil beuntt* l.aviii* claim* aga n»t «on! I.*ta’ir
to premeni them proper.)' auilirnitcasctl for *c;tk-inciit
10 either of ihl; *ul>*crjtier*
Of Uoiiio-inTovriMhip;'t
-JAMB.-* R C
lion of Ccralyo,
•tween Camargo
aprlwUiF V
■ hr AeeSunts cf the Over*err« of the Poor Im ih<*
vrar < nJin* t»i April. ISt“. drure nil claims upaiiM the
l>ver«cer4 u»|tie prn»eni<d (or adjustment an<l payment
before (hr l&rVi msum. theywi.h to make a final *ei
itemeniof all account* prior to U>e UHu.ffr of thpt<ooki
and paper* under the new Law, the -Guardian* of the
Auditor* wr«h- the Dnplirate* of the different
Collector* »eltled, not later than the tIHh instant.
IV M. ALUKO oflVrrt.l
j Will A HIM.. Aaditon
a P M3t t Jos*Kl*H M’CULI.OCII)
j [Posrcopy} ,
FOCI BAk*E—A Mtrply of the foimwin* nrii.-le#,
ju»t reached from the mtuiuiactory at Jnincilown,
New York; , •
*5O doxrrt fcmshcd Patent Scythe Sneath*;
. 30U do '■ do Ca«l Sieel Hoe*, finished ami liaii
died lit the «-*•>• be»l manner and warranted to
tic tniwel tempered;
100 do/eit fcood Hay Rake*, 50 ton* Hat;.
50 <roM ‘ do Matchea; .
The ahoae will l»c *old low and in an* quantity to «tm
,11 cia>*e» <if norrhitef*. who will cWI m my 'arcc
Flat lloal. j't*t below the M. Clair aUcet Allegheny
ecu'. Ai^„ AX mowy |f
a. Moore,
pt. Poriei of Ar
t -
Henry Clay
all these often*
Fagkatt, and l*t.
J-de-Camp of Ger
• other*. |
at one wi* «llber
:sie«n officer* wu
Pitticfcboh Gti Wobu, let April, 1847.
1 N adjourned mei-unpol the SiookWders andTru*
j\ -ereof the Pittsburgh «*• Work*, with the U>m
niittee of Council* appointed ibe i?slh of January last,
constating olf Me**t* Shipton, Denny, Allure, b rankjm
and Thompson, will he held on Monday, the s:h April,
instant at tj o clock. I’. M . in the Mat or’* Office.
j <;K.O iv l*n a t
k\ jlj*n M’Candlon.Fec’y. ' . »p*d'd_
men. .
che* mt» iutorccf'
ur lon irr the battle
Santa Anna’* 4000.
; Dlaaolutlon of P»rln«nhlp.
THKj>arlnet*hlphereiofore rx M.n* between the un
dex.Wd, w (he publication of ihe Pm*t.ur*h .0h
,,,1,,. i« ihia *>»)' ili*»ol»ed by wuioal e n n*e'ii. -All the
J-u-mc-u oi| ilif Ule firm will he '''Hir’d bv D N' While,
...i.., .* uulboiucil to clo»e ihe »at»e. ,
who. ttuiWMUct d N WIIITK
Piauhnnib. April 1.1M7-d*«3:K K_F lIARRM_
TUK nartnet*h-p heretofore ei'Minß between ihe
, ‘-.nußiietl, in the liu* l- -* of Job rnnunß,ujhi»
American li»** in*
ed the battle against
*e to which he was
id his The
Vista, not far from
!«• and Agua Nueva.
|y io the pursuit, and
, not always the wist
is found the cause ol
1 —Tint (rreatMt raririj-ever offered m.lhj* citj ie
fore—made on ihr'moit approved huMern ptaua—
inoat- (4»hion»tile Kattetn natierM* nnd eolor*. « »■
TMK CU-Kal* UOLU or Uo3tt)N BIJNP, on band
or made to order of all»i7M, and ai a.l price*.
Country Merdbania and olhenpre tnviied ,ftCa ’ l al ?“.
eiam.Aeftbe above for ihemaelve*. aa «tl will be » d
Wl,olr*a!e.or reittil.aiida liberal deduction mad. 10
wholesale porcba*ers. ...-uiTcnvpiT
apldl>* A ttfc?TRKVM.j_
irsuit was conducted
nand of Washington,
adrons of tho first and
mpanies of the seser
i Ohio, Indiana, Ken
and Texas.
tmd at Agua Nueva,
to leave them, and our
oosession of the coun
id Monterey.
.1 probably be of a bat
is under command of
raerican troops under
is. ■* Urrea is reported
nargo, with eight thou*
rtia bat but two thou-
If a battle has been
mbltictorlbus, but with
T a battle, it hu probs
e. Indeed the annals
a series of such fiefee
i distinguished tho bat-
Pearl Street, New York.
SIX CESTB RKWARD-Ka» away from the
lubfirrtber. living in Ohio TownjbiP. Alll**hirn>
CountT 'on the*‘i-ili uItMINKR Mcit-LUKh an in
dented Uy. rbfc public .reamed .*».«« ua««ng
or h*rl*nn« »nl l. .y on toy "«ount. or they will be
proceed*! against according it> ■». me aiovc r
ward, but no chan"* will be paid for be 15 WJ» of
boy. 5 ft plw3fF HUGH VI Ft
FOIl 'RENT- A very coinlbnable dwelling hou«*.
w«|t:«rr»!.ged for n large fa«n_iv. .muled en l-ounh
abovo s*rnitbfield »troFi-
a koo<i dweihßK ,rui ? p,e A!?; rljjiiixz
n" J ft'ik"”'”''”"''' ?Vc“™uellt -
U V‘\ 9l Nofifl Sm fofield «trrrt
OUNUIUKB--J •■cko Corn; . , ,
o • • 3 da Oat*; :
a Jo Applet
. 4 do IVat-hi*;
l Jo Fenthejs,
3 barrel* Kiß*.
110 niece* llaron; landm* t»om * l,nr
Comet and for sale by J aR,KJ * n 1 o « water* *t
TVJ AILS-iS lifßi Oliphnnl’a Biand, landing from a
2'*‘ b™“io: '
N«« landihß *4 to, ..It by
B’ ULK POUK-I.UOH llaui«:
V.OOO Shoulder*; neatly trimmed
‘■'“l"™' r ”'' nl 'i'lAOM.F.y t SMITII_
- hhd* New* Orleans sugar*;
poll „ *5?Jf
4 n pj .'io Southfield street
SCNDRIKB— ?.bbo lb* a»*orted Bacon;
l.OuOlba Vctuaon Ham*;
v 3 libl* Lard;
-j tibl* Uenns;
■ ‘ •.» »ark* Feather*;
t 4 ” Ck * ?ofNDKXTKU ACo
•** nl 1 No* is anJ W wood *i
■ 100 l>oXc* Orancei; . . ..
aa do Lemon*; m P« ime °f de L l»uding
F“‘ BIiICK-c; T un,; > y rD k»n ?E » ! , i fjr^=
*■ ,' 50 wale/ and 107 front »t»
C IiuARA i'a MOI. ASBKB-2J hhJ. JW,
50 bill*- Moiatica;
In *torc amil for »*le l*y ISAIAH ACo
g pl 58 water aud 107 from afa
—iIBKS APPLES—IOO bill* Roioaniic Apptd*;
yj lilili Apple*;
10 liOla I‘itiimit, in good Muppinfr order, for
cor vraitkficld and from «t«
Roll BUTTER—O bblt Fresh, just ree’U und f
fat uls by. i* C MAIITIN
>pl ‘ cor «tnitb6eld end ftoui it*_ \
Cl OTTOS—3W bale* Mississippi Cotton on hand
/ and for sale by ATWOOD, JO.NK3 * Co
■p| waicr and front «n
tIOTTOK YARNS—B 000 lbs No 11» r V r £* U
j by « p i _AT_WOOI). JON>' iCo
C* ID ICR rc’d.}}»» * ■*}>*
sale by spl t aTWOOU; JON^L*
p AiTOH 00-1 *«. t BE ,ter
'■' cor Liberty snJ S> Clan »<
AAYd i in »ti>rr an«l for**alr by
OOAP-JOOJir.Cm. no Jj BJ , A cKUURN A.Co,
cor water u w.J chetrj allej-
IJ.nn.ngl.ita. Art«l 1. Isl*
lCnn««pei* copy.}
IJRISTB, PRINTS!—A larje nswnmeat ot
J'nni'.ju«l rreeivrtl AIM on liand, Kfllogj?
A Thayer** I’pnu—l’liclp’* Map* and Chan*. .■ f|
lVil*afa<un:>lK ti wuli al<otc nt lowr.«i nrter*. Ij
11 T KKNAKDV, Jr , .1
a j,l cor4;h and wood »ii
T OOKIKG CiLASSKS and I.- <> Plate*, Clocks,
Lj Cr«vai« und Vurjtjy all ai lowert rale* lur
s. «, of |,
Indemnity or Damage jf>y
Wuh thtt additional security ©f ■ Capital.
The Reliance Mutual Insurance Co., nj rfitt a.
ihrkctoiu. , • i
(J- orp.-t W.TrtJaml, _ John M. Atwood, ' •;!
C. Ilf'cVtnU, IrfWis R. A»h
Wn. K.Tliomptoii, * Ocorec N. Lakrr, jj
Ueon-r M Stroud. . 'John J. Vaudcrkciupj!
George 'V. Carpenter. ; j ' -U ..
WILL make insurance against Loss or;U.amagt
hv Kirft, in Pittruukoh and vicirnty,' or
Homes'. Stores and other-Buildingi, and on r urm
ture, Goods. Wares and Merchandise, oh .the too*
fator.ble tcruis. . .»' ■ 'd
Tlie Mutual Principle, combined
(Capital, and the other piovisions of thejCharti?!
iliis Company. hold out unusual induccnkentd.boU
of profit and safely, to those desirous of cHcfting
insurance, tnwhich the Company ask thfe pUenli.oi
aud examination of those interested. | • • |;
Those effecting insurance with this
hu*c. besides the usual protection agniAst Joes, b;
the oniinay me lliod of insurance, the, additions
advantageof a direct participation in tUefpio/Us.o
the Cdinpcny. iritkout any .tabilitv. * !|
(iKORCK W. TOLAND,.President.
BJH. fliNctratis, Secretary. : fl
• The subscriber, wlio is the duly authorised Age' t
or the above named Company,is prepared t«jn>aUc I
insurance, at the Oir.ce of the Agency; to IHc
Ist. rha Us Hnte*, Third at., third doOr from J:\uda
street, and will give alflurthcr infrrtnatiori desifred
np.K Nl)Tt*—Roasted for customers-, at the Mini* "d
I and Factory, »7 Fifth street. .
.a i-nromers at the Mil**
SI'ICKSof nil kind*, ground for customer* at the Mi
lard and Spice Factory,27 Fifth street / in
HORSK~KADISH, grmicd and put up in vinegar
immediate u»r, cdnitantly on hand nl the Malt;
ajiU Srpice K»cU*ry,Ji» Filth *W«cU ‘ rj
mC ljl RjfUDKS A. ALCOR.'
RICK FLOUR, frcel* ground and constantly t>\
limit) ntthc Mustard and Spic«* Factory; iff FflV
sited. mcJ»a: RHODKSkALCOR?
PEPI’KR SAUCK-IW hose* (pint boit(«,j ffa
India Pepper*, on "hand and forsnle by ;!
No*J7 FiAlTiircui
f \ ROl’Nl> <JlN«KR—2obhli> and 1(0 kcgi on hi
l.r'aiM lor .dir !.>• KUODEf* tc. ALCORN
mchll No‘27 Fi{lh.»tjec
Gk(KJNI) PEPPKR, iiilihlt, krg«nnd boxjji, ft
ifuund aud connan/H' on bund tor *ak; l>r~
No V 7 Kiju/ktre
(t IUU'N'I) ALLSPICK, Cinnamon and plove*
1' li i« boir«anil>mallpacltage»,con*lantly'©iihi.
and lot *alr uillie Mu»Urd and t-pire Factolyvitt Fill
iiirb.ll KItOUKS k ALOCIUfr
morning) always en hand and tor .laical No 5:7
F.ub«U«ci mcbJl KHOl*K3'& Al.gOH^
SOAP— 4 I.Mt» Hull A Son’* lu*l
frc J a»2 lor mlc t.y R K SELLERS
•me ii3l - NoWwwrtbi
X3KED—S blits Flux*eeil for *iie »>j* |] :
Nod? woo<^'»tre
SARSAPARILLA— l-lialc V«-ra Craijuil iteM
Un »ale l*y •' H-KBKUUKIIS
mehlL • No 57 wood tin
Rick ani> loaf scoXii— I""
Ui uirjces Rier; :
•AS bbl» Loaf Sugar, for «v>c by !
• - ' J DALZKI .L .
tarhH ' Noa4 yr»ieii»i
MUSTARD— Scperfloc Milliard of qurfafn m»nu*
fkcture. warranied equal lo the bqst.Enaluh, for
•ale at alow price antic .MuMard aud: S*pic«[roclor)\
SffFifili meet. mebSl RHODES&.|Aj|COItN
CIOPFBB— Roa’ied and Ground, for] atijambloati,
j Ixoiel* and erocer», ol ibe Mujtard anil SbicejFac*
wry. if* Fifth «t mcITJI. AIICORNi
BA3D BOXES—A laifio ai«mtoerjt l*jr theiDox
rn, Ne*l ot ilnele llox. for *»lc cuiup.atttae y> *H
I’Rper WareliouM- o( THUS PALMER, Nofl? Mather
mrrri, tirisvceaSd amJ 4th M», PiU»lAit|?h,-risnna- \
inrb-~li:3t i._ .Jj i
F“ OR ItKKT-nie’Df’y Uood*’»Kie}; Np 41 'Mar
ket «»cci. above Third. Apply to ' ! -i
inch*'. 79 Mattel aiftcl
OIL VITRIOL—7S carboys just reCeij ed&dtor
*a!e at (be new Drue wnreboute of !' I I
mchtl „ . cor l«t fcinlfrroo4 »tt
BALZAKINES>t IS|—l.milie* witniii* Mar
pticcd llultannrt. Cue early Spring will
find an aa*oruucui at above low price, ai ilia ilryxoodt
haute of . \V R MURPHY
mcli’H • - N F. cor 4th and ■ l 3,»rkei «t»
SPRING -SHAWLS-eW R Mnrphvf ha* now
open an assortment of new and rich *tyte Ca*aißcre
rind other Spnoß s*dbwl» ' I
French needle Work Collar*, Jaconet and Saris* In*
jeniHß* and Kdfiiuc*. • - li I.
;>wi*» and Scotch Mull*, Jaeouci*, Nspsooks, mid
Bishop Lawn*. : (I. I
Navr tiyle Barred Muslin* iwid Jacoiicl*J2lc e., all
ut reduced price* _i ]! ,
LOUISVILLE LlMB—i’rrsli huriji LodWviltc
I .hoc, of the lie si qi-anty in full iircd &artt}l* con
•lamly on hand and for sale m any quam.iy, from fivr
to five hundred barrel*—on the n:»sttavoraJ)le tejrp* b>
uich3l “
31 Sycatrorv street, pucihonti
ALSO—J Hulnie'a Louisville !iydrau)ic&em4nL iho
only nruele of the kind worth osiajrftnkdftjin ihfe >\ e»*
irm Country —always on hand al |»n
he*. jtneh3ld3t*
GL aiii! ]"(mTfil«s«Jin »t«t? ami
for sale by O ULACKttUßNAjO
tndijj - cor water si and c||erryj*Hey
I -*ARD-5 bbli No 1 Lard now llcamei
L, NailiviUc. unJ for ,ni^J IAH DI fc K L-Jr„
• 31 water-nnd.pS frtjnt ns
. [ a • 1
PBFPER-I.'U t>og« Pepper in slor# *ridlfor •«
mchlC __ lS»nfSU»joo(l*t
W’HlTfc LEAD- .
">5 ke<i pore,‘‘J Hannen a,C04,” ( v
’ 3U “ No I; in *tore and for «»le by
! H£Lib :ny »t
COFFEE— band tome Rio, [land ng from
•learner Uaae Newton and for MUe by .
. i' J It ft FL ( ) i n
inehii7 i ' y Librrty rt
RICE— l«)ticruc» Carolina Rice, l*n<]jng. from USi
(iudlaior, for Mile by J AK FLOYD
meh’JT . ISA-Lilrny M_
APPLES— go hbU Koinati lie Apple*! tn prime ibip
ping miler, for »nle by P 0 MARTIN
ni C U'J4 cor>niitb&eJdjand from *ts j
ROLL UDTTER-4bbl»frr»li,fo/MWiy
1' o martin
eor nniihfifntrand front »t»
L'GGS-MW dozen for sale by J' I i
tncb‘<24 cor ini J from m_
GLaV— 55 iniu *\r,naan Clay in cadi* ajnl 3-ole*,
now in .-Uiic uml •<»< fair tiy : .' [> I
mcfoU • _ . __J luVfr*co4«l fircel
iOr *hil*pi*'E- oilered 00 contract.‘pan t<» dmye in a
few iluyn. ROUKRTSp.VAj’.Kfmrr.
iiirli'Jl lt-0..«--eo(ul»uecl i
O' IITviTHIOI.—isia?l.->* Oil fctir Jl for file
l,y - -UfIOD&Co *
Nil 15) WO Hl^4tiret
LINAMf N gu.« N»ivc ut*l Jfime IJfiainrnl
ior liv ; JjKlj>>&Co
- meh-24 ; . *L
PTTY-iW il,.* J*utiy *1 Uiadoeiifibrslilc l.y-
■nrb'.'l : No CO wood at
Molasses andirice—
MU lfol> I’laii'niioii Mo!n**er;
‘ »t>bl* Sugar llcu»e tiorj
41 Uerccuii'nme ilicei'arfaleitiy
No 4 water *»
17»ISU —*0 No 3 Soul!) Mackctel
4 40 ht lil't- Co do do; i . r
10 I liU No J do do; -j , . ,
•JUbfbblsdo do do: iu»i refc’d iOf'lal*
mclit'4 , _ _<l vrluer»U«t
SIUiAR— 2H) hlidi. nntnc N. O-, iu *i>wl«nd for]«l
by J k[H H.OYIJ
mcbVl '.IW hibtriy Mr<eV
MOLASBKH -41.0 l>Ms N. 1
COTTON YAHS-Oi«J lUi VrnV°rV'-' fl
S KE "-St::¥;r!^, V ;4 ?cs -;'§
• iiUdjjdiffiy sifffeA.
r i -,p —i-.-r. .. .j.—
QUNDRIKB-’obls . ! {
O i! bl.UTuooih> >«d; ;| ! j *
■ , 4 u,( ‘S&SBMSS&’'
U Sdl oor lW>mllrwin>t-
SiTfj Alt— tliJs pf imc N. O , for
_ mP hv4 j ‘ i.j|«jHbei
F’ 'KATIIEUS-Ji,UU lbs pritna Kyi jinl ret
CorMleby. I’OiNDHjTKR A.
me h'.’S
4 ipii ASBKS-lS t>b)a Sugar Ho'ufi?-1
jyir 113 N«w Orledi «;| for..
_mchtll_ \ [ |.144;
FlSn-ao bbti No*Mackerel, : i
JOKfbbtado do: .![
35 bbl» No3Booth-Mackerel
•JUbbU Non Norib do: | ferule
r pOBACCO-ao lij« 1 U» tump To J»eco,
’ ii»'34*
itnttion ; Salts
U, Ancilanetr
Bjr John D. Dr
ON Thursday trorrnuE; A >fi? I»t, at Ui o'clock, attbe
Commercial Auction Kioto* corner of Wood and Frith
street*, wilt be told— a assortment of Silk Lawn
and Velvet Bwuteis iiUbon*; c;*p*, face trimmings;
leghorn hat*. Ac. an extensive Kionmrm ot
staple and fane) dry good*. Ac.
At 2 O'CTock. F. M. ,
A large ijuatuiiyof (inequality household iiinnKiu*,
embracing a geheral assortment, among which are »«•
hoeany dreMiug bureau*. jitnitaiidu mahogany eban*,-
h:eb i*o«» bedstead*, French post do pau m spring
cot beds, wash'stand*, wilhiewera and basins; dinine.
1 breakfast and coni tabir» fancy and Windsor chair*,
larze ami mm all rocknitf dlialrs, carpeting, fioor mas
tin* feather beds, matna**?*. locking gUt/em, cooking
i stove* gltvseware,queensware, groceries, Ac.
At 7 O’Clock, F. M.. |
>wck of Pry.<?o4<|» from a co}intiy*'ore. A
i handsome anaonmentof |it» cutlery, ready tt.ode-eU
thtng, ivjttchck, Jewelry', fnuOcal instruments, fancy
article*;_*£• ■ 1-^—.!
~wTluam A. [Hill it co^
/ i 'asd puLbm lit ~ ' ,
i A N niSPKOI E.
y 0: 0* Hoed 'Slnet. on foer.abort Fourth, East tide
inchiej PHlabi rgb, WAwh
— l *~ " copaTifiernlilp. P - . - .
JOSEPH 11. lIILI*. pile of the firmer Wm A.
JlilLJt Co,)ami W.Mi C.CUKfU,i aleofErie,l*».)
have entered'tr.m'Copartnership* utu«r the rame ©i
lIILE 4 CL'RRV, foi* H purple of ranrTinßon the
L’auking and Exchange |iu*inet» in nil Jt* brunches, at
No 65 Wood Street. ihrer door* | below Pootth, wr>»
aide* —where they solicit;!! © custom of their friend* and
the publir grneiully, * jJOSf.PU H lUU.
._mcMS , .j_ ;j i WM. C CORKY ,
jujirtl UJHILIs iH- W*. c. CURBT.
; HILL* jj CtiRRY,
No 65 Wood ttrcel, third l>e!ov louilh, weataide.
PAR Fuitdh still Currency received an Dejiciiio and
collection* made on ill the principal Cnii* inlke
United State*. i '' l M ..J
Sight Exchange on Baltimore, Philadelphia, New
York, Doaion'aiid Cincinpati conwantjr for tale.
Ohm, Indiana. Kentnekjy. Virginia Pennsylvania
Bank Note*.bought nnd favorable term*.
Exchange bn toigland, Breland, Ueimany and France
•procured, Ac, Ac. I ’ *•' mchls
PROF. MOKIULL.wiII ddhver a
general principle*!pfiPrrrnou»GT,
vratrtaiieiin/ HtaU.\>andditprettntU
EVENING, at half pant IT o'clock,
Lertnieupon »b«
a* applied to tie
n cf i>i*MUf ( TUit
These Lectures will bo illuffrated l(y numerous large’
Painting*, Diagrams u [beautiful Skeleton, splendid
Models,Ac., so as to render the vat io is *ubjrcu treated
of readily undemood. ; t
ID"fur the subjects of each' Lei* tare, sad funber
particulars,’see Programme*.;
Tickets, With Programmes for sale at the Bookstore?
of Kay 4c Co, Wood »t; Jphnst&n A ffiockion. and Kill
ott A English, Market stj J IJ Rrad,jand at Cook's Lit
eiary Depol, 4ih sti and, si the door-of Philo Unit, on
the evening* of eucli Jytiijiare
Admission, ttticents—-Juveniles, 10 cents.
jis“Froni Seau reserved for-Ladies. ra2*MTTFtf
M~~ AP OF TiiK Seat OF WAR—A correYt~Map
of tne ikat of War m htexicos being •« copy of
(<en Arum’s, Map, taltpa at Rcssca de la Palma, with
addition* and corrections, embellished with diagrams
of the battles of theSrta and 9th of Muir, and ike capture
of MoitteieJ. with a memorandum of forers enraged,
r:sult«.4ic. ami Plqit of Vera L'rui,and Castle of Juait
De L’Uca- Jdsi rcceivrd'attd for sale by
me hit j • / cur Market ami Third »t*.
AI.L pettoat knowing IherriielTerindebieil to t!i«
Ute:finn of Holdikfp <s• llroient, are respectfully
notified (o>eall,and »ettlp itieir accounts without deli?,
•wriitithe ui derated »t>c«Mor». who are duly ouihoii
teiiio icttlfc up lite buiiiieM of the'late firm. \
" ! i •No S 7 wty>g urtet
RtCEI V'BD tlii* u>ota'n|ui Barrow* & Tuilier’i—A
■ fi'iiend]rciion of California Plaida, new anil beai/ti
fulu» lc»; K«ucb Gin^bam* - . very nclt paucrij*. at *.3
eenu; Mrmcbcater Cipßhoms, warranted, anbt li w
price of 80 cems; Prints Uruwn plaid*'and
■tripe*, netv and No 46 Market meet,
roehlO ; Between 3d and 4th meets
fpilEaubscriber* keep nn aiamriutciit of Pickled Pub
X«if Mauocluuau* *nd Halifax Inspection, for ante
in lots tut wanted a< their wartbotwe, No 40 North
WliarveaJPhihidelph a.
meliQ’dd'itn ■ JNO M KENNEDY * Ct>
\TOTICE— Appli otioabaa been made for the re
i\ newal of No 170, dated January 13.
I&45; for thirty-six a inrea of the capital' stack o( thn
company for ereclinjcajlfit**!* over the River Motion
gabela. opposite l’.u*)*tirj:tt—which said Certificate baa
been deairoyctl by finsoriou.
f\IIKDOP*Sj DIGEST—The general laws o*
XJ Pennsylvania, ffonvtbe ve'sr‘lTbtMo April 23nd‘
laid; chrbQolqgically! arranged: with nbies and refer
ences to all the decision* ol the Supreme Court of Pcnn
ld sylvania jpTtng constructions to said law*, and a very
I copious Iltdexi Compiled by Jas. Durtfop.of ibo PhuJ
I burgti HaT. ! For said by fJ l. READ
I mdh3U; l ? Fourth, pear Market at,
NEW, BOOKBpMargaret Pen
of “AtnyHerbert.” -
. *> ‘ Gertrude,"’ Ac.; cjdneii hr Rev."
A system of Intellectual PhiJosc
Mahan. i
Letters oa Aairondmy;, by D. bjlraj
DTsrafli’i Amenities ot Literatnr
Live* qf Eminent >y,
Pliilo»opby of by Salvene
Hooper* Physician's
The lives: iuid tides of the uopt '
linn Fathers, to the clot# oi the 3
W. H. Coffin; j
Cookery; by M'uk Anon.
“• by M;is Beecher.
Cook's Own Boof.
French Domestic Cookery.
mch3o _ | ' i-| ‘ "-j Ft or
io Htrchant Ti
JUST Received frontjtbe ma iiil
voice of Ulackjand -Fancy Si
Adjusting Stocks—nil qualities an
Black arid FandyCravats. Bo*
the. Troy maoufacmre; Gnmsaspi
For,sale by the Agent; No SO M
fehole-ak. • 1*..-! • ,'«
. rochOO • . Vj: MjShji
L&ton Federal street,*! by if
feet alky. i it,,
Alto; l Lotadjoininfthe above; of thesameitze.novv
leased to John for twelve yeata at the rate of
SI per foot and the tales. Thehbove ralosble proper
ty will be sold upou favorable terms. Apply to
■ SCUTIIBERT, General Ageat
mc LS6 * J . | [No 13 market street
Tea, Grocery, Prnlt ana Provision Store,
IYF.NjaMIN DOWN would rfespcclfuUy inform bis
13 old friends nnd'tbc public- generally, that he has
again fcommeneed bo«ine»e tnjllielabove branches, next
door lb hi* old aland, -where; he hope*, by keeping a
supply! oi good articles, *«'«•««: In* for cash, and pay •
inn strict nuentioa to bia patrons, to merit a than of
pubtieipatronase. . • - meb?t
Sew Ware home for Prints (Inly*
at the spacious C»e story Warthiase, No. 56Cedar
New York, (the whole of which udtteled to the ethibilioa
4tld sale of this tingle article.) offer (or sale by the piece or
prising'all the desirable Bew styles, la targe proportion of
which haring been'contracted (or befpre the *ste rise in the
market, will be sold at less than suna&etartrs’ present pri
Printed lists of priee* ire put into the hands ofbttjrcrw. •
N B—B>FLEE,Utt senior partner m ;»e original firm of
Lee* Brewsirr, (from which he re(\psd in,lMs) harjolned
the bra of Lee and Judaea,, and solicit* the patronage of bit.
old triendi. The bastatn'i* conducted undef the firm ot.
February gUMT«ansfr LEE.'JUDSON * LEE.
Dr. WOOD’S Struiwrlllt ud Wild
Cherry* BUtera* for the cure of the following
diaeasea: Jaundice, Liver CompMnu alt Bilious Con
platnu, tick Headache, lleatt Dura, lodifestioa,habit
ual Co*tivene*aj Files; of the Heart, Low
of Appeirte,Dy*p«piua.NerTou« Irrilfliona, Debiliioird
Stomach. Languor, Depreastonof Spirits, Chronic Khca
matiam, CutnneoßS Disease*, Caokler. Syphiloid. Diica-
Scrofula Iropuriutt of the Blood, Pimplea and
PoMalca ontheFmee, Heredttar) lloraor*, Cold Poier,
ami all diseases arising from eq icjodieiouajise of Met*
CQ, Of the invalid public, andof all the**
aflticlcd bv any'of the above di»ea*ea; in letpcctfully
called to the memo of a new and invaluable prepara
tion l>omanoriginal'rec»peofadi«tingai*bcdpby*teia», •
'combining in itself the non active remedial properties
of two ot the vtry 6t«t articles m the Materia hledica.
The Sarsaparilla and Wild Cherry.Bmcra were in
troduced to the public, abotli twelve momhe ago, and
during that permit their aucce*a ha* been 10 great aa ta
indu'-c ihe proprietor t» offe? them with atil! iuoia confi
dence, ia the tull belief that by entering imp nwfreei
tenetve «*e, they will prove a-bleaaing to all Ihcua
aufferinKifrom the diaeaae* above eitbutrrated. ’ : .
Sold, wholesale and retail, by WYATT A KfTTCII
AM, general agents, LU FuUoaatrart, New York; Wr.
Tiioek, Market street, and P. H*. Sam as, SnulhGekl
street. PittaburghJPa. Ftiee St—large bottle*. *
inch«ftram.‘|l *dP ;
statiusukY and paced dunk cooks
HAVKjodiVJa baud,of their own ncmutkclurr, aeon*
nleteartorUßCut of Ledger*. JountlU, D*V Boob*, In
voice Book*, C*Jh, Order and Bill Book*. Ac, of nnou »*•*
ami *lTlr»bl bimlicg, from tthieh »ct* of Account Book* can
he *clrcUd«t*cf7 Jovt-jirim; *l« «» d « border, nikd W»d
bound taatii wtcrtb •hortaoUce.-
Foreign and Domutu &atwne ry.
Quilt*. YVafen, Scaliog Was. Peat, Bbck and fird Uk, ;
W?itii.rFluid,y>*J FeociU. 8M» t MMaada, Surf Bum,. j(
Portfolio, Pocket-book*, 003 and Silrer l eacil Ca*e», Peti
knilej, J'ea Ttn Holder*, Gum Ticket*, Pbring .
Card*. BarteaaSioft Board*, Che*w«». D*e, tocy bolder.,
Tablet*. IlawrpWpaj Piak Tape, TwiaclUel*, 1»-
dia Ink) Parchment, India Rubber IjrawrajSeiwora, Shear.,
,-l HiU*. Hack*. D»arte» for IN?, Advance Book*.
; lntprt»?Table*J tTa*h Bool’* T * riff *> £lch * c T ;
all other a»liele4*old by *ttti«*er», '
j i \Cheap A&ount Book*.
A liwt alack oosklandy on hand, auitable&r: retail trod,
- j Large \A*toriment of n riling Paper*,].
- Fookcap* pkunsßd TO led Letter r*ner,plain and ruled.
Note paper* ‘wrapping]Pajwr, 800 net Board v Log, Cloth,-
ILaierj,Enrfhfceanlßk>uißg Paper,Colored Papery Tlwn -
trench. I’apertf Packet Port,cxtni wzed Bank Port,-TWo* ~
And Copying Paper, Untie Paper, Gold, Tracing,'Emboaml,
''and <Teryj>tb*ilde*eript*oo ot paper at ray low price*, l
Grid Pen*, Diamond robtl.
Rich A Louuel**, fiagtlcy’a, Brawn’*, and all other e*U
bratrd't&akert/hMjuaaiatk* to suit, purchaser*, at tha tery
kiwtrtmuuftciunr''* price*. * *
: — Seller-Copying Prette*.
Twenty-eit different price* dud itjki— the- Irdu Gjpyieg
Pre**, w/lh kvir and actewl thd mn»t eipcditiou*, ecuaua*-
cal, and aiapla mode uftakuig atopy of any letter or MS,
without brer again . ' _
Improved Manifold Letter. Wriltru
i By whkh_tW Utter And copy i» written at the aame tine. _
f The Urre»t asaortnevt ever otfcred.aod at the kwrat jwiee*.
. 1.. Publicoffleeii Bank*, Iwuranee Loapanie*, Merchant*
'“I" 1 !! ( other*,| lwith »et* of Account Book*, ruled and
UnmdV My jiuern, U »lwrt uaUct. Abo with »UlioeKry
, (if (be >e*t niUKlyi '
• I • I Sotartal Presses,
Vor 0* tuciof B*bb* wd OrfOrtJioo*, U *ffi*«b*
*M »adj lty h wit nr Dorpootiqw to (belt djcmpeei* Ti(* cper»-
' r(i«« ii nerfuiniwi vj any ooe. trni »t £rti
‘.i \Fint Premiums . / -
U« by tbe'Amencu »*.W* »**f (
'^•t^iwßuledßlank Dook*-tw! Bi,TW rij^'' ■
drU-S'.- For (he MMinifcldUUrr Writer*-* Dykm±
• TS9 * For be»«liIUJ 6ty*heii Copying Dipkwu
>'• I
* ccTThi Trade andCounlry MerdutnhSappKed.
t,v '&• I j -I \ IUCK* Lotrrßß7,
:k -! 'ißporUrtof Frtoebwul f-acl»*BW»«n , (
AetoumJ ,
MadifcU WrW
Iwd Corwin* Inks, *«,*?. «• * '““®» „
•| . ca* door b»io» Ced*r NY.
Vv I ', ' " Metewti?
Jt«J> V Rif■
leal; by Uieautl.oj
. Sewell, B. D.
?byi by Rev. Ata
>iMinf(U»iie4 Clint
-1 century; by Rev.
For sale l>r
h, neat Martel st
i Liars*
j faeturers, s large in
tm and Bombazine
j I priec*. •
Joins and Collar*,.erf
Anders, Ac. i&c.
flood street up stairr,
■nqfociurers* Agent
jUXHeet-deep; ioi!!S