The Daily Pittsburgh gazette and commercial journal. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1861-1863, December 29, 1863, Image 4

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ollitioDeMearalge. . - 11310.-Crareintiolo,
Theweatamilied," Demberatak OliMs' softy
lid ] omallied AT the „,..twillm4l ] 10- 8 5 tels
I , B;ffilltar aiming l ittitortfolet Cowell'
£oA today , at hie N-1. -°.c/ftt; to t'llimgili
.ra4. 1 4142 for Idayors Cenirollar d Tries.
]*. /t ins' denied vo* im - ' to oa t
suuse'' the perigr,and get fa lupe .t rim far.
Abe, Asir l'resiffeatial al/atlas. 11, the
primary- mottings - were-ealled, but t would
appear Chathway four tut - brae wards
itheitdedlo."thealationef delegate .
The Carreatieterni, In- the Lth Coat
Oman*. the atialhdance was eery, meagre.
I down o'clock the body was ealleotto order
'Mr." ,,, lthrs Quinn, 'sheathe sortaleattalSiif
aptaawerecallslfora. There ware twentr
,I ngslespresentseitting the Second,
Third , thxdfandlifitla Wards. . ,
There being tees tit= "half" ateenven
a, Mr. Eludes Barnett lamed trt they
aaralmtil half poetone &Cloth, a order'
give the delegates from the bth was&
no to repent.
Mr. John 8. Conran append the Motion
i =nodes an amendment that ] sane:
Matomization be effected.
credith,lisq., lis.rored the amendment;
l asked whose fault it islOkiltatiate Ina/
ovine were absent? .
Mr.ltarnott rentathed-that Mr. dlth'i
q ul itlea was by no mesas orl It had
asked lay Martin Van ' in the
a of 1825., It was en evil omen Diu, and
en nil mum now. . ,
I _
.The above was a "settler" Co -mor.._ -,
~...„ -, gym end Motedith, and on the spt den be
- tog ailed Mr. Ilarnett's motions parr led.
'-]] ,' The Coaventlon then au/loaned Of meet it
that, I the ineanfline, enough 11- 1 , STAltb;
101" sea be drummed up to Intrall3ll thethe
- _,lnampresentederards. - - ,
- ', • , Ann/100X 1113711011. ,
--- - At half past one o'clock, theanvantionre
-",„ easembled - --Mr.galunfu thli, chair l
-] " On motion,Mesars. A.l'. ellshrits Ind Wm.
I. McGinn was chorea temporary Seactarlea.
„,- .. The credentials of delegate:loran then
, tA' _c
111anes fa, when the following panictl gentle.
F... , , mf:' ~ , 01 - 3 Were admitted to sesta s' - ' - I
-"'"'-: - piret Ward-J. C. Buffalo, T. A.' Spenee,
W. I.lddlina r Wm..McCreary,Jaaff s Neat
,alga, ----
Second Ward-Mntes Barnett, 4cha B.
Camera, A. P. Anshan, M. Nieman, 060.
," ', ; IN A '. Third Ward.:-.3. J. Baker ' Thal Magee,
' ]
] ] 'jobs - Barri, John O'Connor, John Molfeo;?",
- . a - Fourth Ward=Not represented. - 4
Pifth Ward--John Madrinirrederick WIH
ham, O. O'Donnell, Peter Coltheiner, and
-,,, ' •:. ' ~.. _ 43Ixth Ward.-Win. Linn, SolitlWard, W.
C. Wall E - 11. Ciabley, W. A. IPLanylffiri.
~..".].‘'. 1 .:.,-,ii ; thsvetith Ward.-JacoliTomer, John N. BP
' -1 '- ,- 'Mowry, Thos. M. Little, John - frays
'..." %,, - Eighth Ward-Win.- Alexander,: Earthry.
'' . ; '-'• =,,,,- " Campbell Simon Meredith, Samuel ft. Vatter- -
„,--'.,,,,-: 2 .."aaa,t,indo w Conlacf. - 1
41 ';,--- , ..\ '.. -.Ninth Wardllugh Calo,John Pow er, Jas.
t,, , '22- Beeson, Wm. Cid% Patrick MeAvoy h
..,_ .... ;... on motion, Andrew 3, Baker was ‘ osen as
- i-, -permanent Chairman, and made le spread
-1 eagle” speech, in which he highly extolled
~./.... ~,," ”a, oast prfasiplee of At' Vemocratie
~. c , Th a haaaarary Secretariat were tined.
'' -'
John 8 Commie and Wm. McCrea 'Elea.,
]_-;'---,_. I ' 2 ] , SI -1
, arinaelitaion Vies Presidents.' Othef gentle
_ ",,' '`" laded for this position, fat
~-;.-, i , ,-,.. - they did, not 'appear. , .
t] .
_- --___ - ~,,_
_,__ftayaotion or Mr. Alexander, the 41m:won
' -no ,pa vended to nomhusta enuali tea for
- .-
,Mayor, Controller and Treasurer.
_ The name, Of Tama D. Vanier antl Joseph
B. Bunter, - Eggs., were placed In Inomtha.
Con father - ogle° of Mayor. ' 1
The names of James Baia= audiWm. lc
Eagar,"Zsgs., were also suggested, S at sub.
eopently withdrawn. ] .
The Convention then proceeded to ote eau
idea. foe :ha mayaratty carldidates. f The - re
‘ 1 -a o li sepTir: f a bi b i a l r s .......... ............. 4........1e
J. It, Verna.......-.-........
o t az l i s .
Hunter Wei dedared "duly n
It ;ill be seen froathe slew v , that,
, While thounmet of 40 delegates were homed;
- 0417 31 were Prefmt lu ilos.,threvee rs. ,
A aietienwas Imo° tW ] " a t t aha e :41 GLlnfali,
f t,
Non i t in t in tw iroost ory bul to l utit q tter
Were beard. •- ' to hi s f ee t, ald a
Mr. Barnett hem
d that. would
„ . excited manner
_declare o
Tor 7 t g o ; had
- •- never _ 'vote for amen who, We rows g s ad ,
—.-there the epeaker'S votes was
Lion• we
,'' -"' - -]* gam charge which Mr. Barnett abo u t_to
.-,- -. , prefer - against Ms political friend.) -
kvs Wm. .11. Edgar, EM., wee WMfelmotte7
r.r.,, _ nominated for,,,thipekw of ikntrPlu'etriey nom. :
. Brands Felix eq., was ue
, ,„ „Lastatfor the clan of Treasuter. ; f
„,.,'''' ''' ' - - John Et. Cassano, Esq., submitted the o
5 , " :.. '...".. " lowing resolution: - _ -- I
2.0k4,2 , hat this convention meets to .1
~,,,..' - ' nominate city officers; that the Convention Is
loyal to the Constibation andtrueto t Le Cason,'
fr 1 ".: :, I Iced rooommends nor nominees as so h.
"'--]. -.-.. ']-. '-* On a inotta being made to adopt ,he react ,1
lathe, - ' 4
r-'... '-, '
, i-.. do anohttlon in a "ranteltherous snow: l4
'' A,, Ho dated, in substance,. that the goof;,
- 4,- - - the nsolutionwonld be, In effect, an knowl,
/ - dgment, that they had riot, been yal--or ,
e o color' of taut in the '
~..,,..,,.,, t hat : .Ikewas ,
j le n irtr fats that oarati
"_ : : Ammo of the A °B l
07 , 1 .6 1
t,.. 1- ::: : '''''
was ee_e init"l ih Tuv i ertioal a rsa I 10, be
„,,]]]-' .]'•]. '''‘ ,' - 10 ka ncialt a t nestio p u-aud what - Wan • use of
r -- o - '- ile a g al t ar opponents a handle, by solving
.-","-.” ;',..' "]'.. that scereloyal? " . - '
.„„,...1” A very stormy debate nose Tallowy apon the
L ,,,,,... refasstien whether It was proper fo the Con.
]l ? , ] lc - :
„., - 'flatlets' to sravisly . re t !die that it l and in .
7. e' ligGinn finally mak m an
Z , '].
a Mr an l i, that the Conveation rablve that
~ ,o-,... ~ .", ; ,,,7]. . .! they ware Dream* ; beg:ague, as itheb, they
' ]]-=7 - - Were the only truly , loyal
,sad Cons
w ort o ottty i,
C. ] '' ] ,..," ; ' Thla idea took like aclutnn.and lordly
-,-,'" ,"--"„ , - ',oplanded. It wee empty snot mode of
''-' , -
'] -- '' ' tingle fa the word Neaa. , ol that it 1
,',,,' ] ;"i-, ' - -reaballate; sad die IMOndo,q4 wiA opted
-,,; -, 7, - = - unanimously.
rya:: -'-' - ' After providing - „for the appoints
_,- Executive Committee, , the C.
Tiristal Baliroad liettileap.,
Ix-Sturrilf Menlo,. of Bajritat, prawkata
-•., r... - itaanti, Ohio, was lilted On the Patebtaib,
Port Wayne and Chicago Railway, a inn
- • nights-since, ender the following -dAmms
] " as f iriaia been emploied as night watch
theivilabid;lilrelophis to go
' / th II P. N.
~, -
~,.- ~- , , ' out on lafi,-eat,intniedinlallatfor th e 6
' t]]] ' s ]]. ' ' '''' ]] l]-' tale passed wen, - siad returned
.b re ''''
''','t] A:ht. WOO Vilma ' m . l l
, I °4 Tu t sc a aa tardis end r
4-1 ~^ -- ." night Imill:company's/I „ Jam es . ,
'''' r]. - "'Eteldel ilelltwell, *Wad on ids d cas a
ci , ],
-"- ' bedtime befole the II I'. M. was rive,
i-s" -2 ' ,' - a - I k e 'whale freight in was
':,) - , :v. 11 1 11thad not gone
sled from
Sees onming--the bend ear 11 " 1.61a i after
-.,r': ' e, :,----„, j , ,, en teeth pad the train f*ase',4 •
it,iq,l'l ` 2.'' - ' - th ilballillmr was eaPsin k l' i m e r ie l Q s : • tricky
I] ] ., l] . - .: ,
..., _ 02.0 tho eisgit7rugg,„
,a,t o remover
-f" ..- " ‘ .."-"-, - 2, ` h " L 's car ; out the ea./..,,,Mr.. - B. Ito was t
, mama " 2 the ear and whose hawk to th e .
coming suppOnatrainsVriltilted ] Tile:,
and Andhagilletregrithr trait was peen ,
renerked that they could cattily , g to i Me-
a,-5. merlin ( lident aboutl wo bun
' .5, er- . --- n's 4 g , 1 , . get :out of he way. ,
- 'lima
lat'll) end
S '
ra bill '
],, ",-11nding that the - supposed train .w , P .
--"' • .. - appreaddegibleNeet said, "the 'n teal.
=atm us," stadia the nuns tt he an ]
" 7 , " "-]- '- ,:] Malihrell Jumped froselhonr. At Janata*
,„ amp Instant, a Leeman
- limb* t Its 4.1" 1
Waring it to olocca, end thr wfag ear.
feat, lie' ke, his teak, • fl. lived .. -2 . so°'SAWL mahicet, leg never
undyal hour ape"th e
~,_e , ttr _ • noes . 4 ,,
- : wftemmtds *oho. ^ 21 , 16 W ° 14 L ,
raped unhurt.
a De - be,
Onbaistanco to
8 1 ;9 4 Sicklee.,
ct rty, zed
the war
Ho red AI
hot . fillens.
t Ita filially.
~, y;
: ~~i: L;
v .!.':.,
~: - ,
.... _... .._
, - ..g; -,, 7..,. , _, , f:'
~ :,4
, ,
, : %
:~ 4.~•.
?:~': ?:
. ,~;i:.
!,-;•,. t•
Y 41
'~ ~+'
~^ ;,'.
'; •
N , 4zz: , '
S'+.-:' ,
li .. _
....:;3 . ' 1.7q , •e.,V,, - .:.. 5. - -;i'„ , ,,
; ':i.' '...-_'::'.',4l.'••'4:
c .
r .... ','
+' i
E;2 1 .1
tvzilais/libin. tiiiiiraa Maui if °lllO
4 1
i'Xiii l 4o l ol4 - firwfsclispthl•k
this monist ten wsl6-04:-.114.44:4"ttrz,
I Prubir,4 - shruhasa i sLvf etc, 14.111131.
aNsmastuentidtmeolinoW- Autplikai
dalitered sr.___Tevir,clenty sad semmeketalvit
charge to them, is reference to' Steil' dittbd,
fitid`tut iisisibitioei:d'aielihitiii
The then took occisileri - bil
'speik - or,scarmierlosin terns osaistirglic,thej
community,, which taimiligttimately
the scope of theft funetions and upon this ,
head waistite his remszks satire
Tha.condltion Of, the roads ottite;cottiliy,"
ind' the sirieto of the Aid - and bdenghti
- suparsationld be tad.. Plmkmad
turnpike.road shouldl44rameded
traderagainst, der the w, their toll skarcd,s
and the_ 'Milberg indicted an punished,
wherever obey, fail to lump their,.- roa ds
in the condition required by thaY
rem; and--all.pirsons, ercorSalWAdiG•uth?g•
or detracting the street), Of 'our, tottruo, or
eitl.o, contrary to law, sho uld be Natal cat tit , 4l7,gtilP any gitmg &daubs
along the most - frequented portion af AMC
city, without being struck ,by, this ,absotut•
disregard to the rights of the public, mail-
Cutedby -the 'manner In which our, Argots
are. used. Confectionary stands axis image
nimeriao ,placer,'-aped the +side walks,
'whet, they are most deckled - attractions to .
pissengersi(but whether actudebatrittions
or not they- , arnimisances In law.) Cheap
jewel* Worn crowd the pavements, and I
have lately . °Wand what spend; tole a
ant ciliated inedleingie.olll "Malin) on this
outside of a honse:."Situnerdut other , things•
of similar character' abased to maim%
tent that it almost seems as thougli;peoplis
hadismitied fhecoithints of their houses Upon
tliestreeta i and taken to doing /album there.
These things are all done without is shadow
of lad tight "and are Judith* source of
pirate emolmnent then:mu, and'to the
annoyance the public. They should be
Of worse chas
ceteris the obstruction of the
loiiisVloecnnottres• Mamas to:stand along
theca,,froui minutes to hour", thereby : -_, not
only.serleasly Impeding the travel upon them,
but actually endangering the Ureter the peo
ple. Trains massing thit,streits are Ibreys
antra of Inesizinaleitca and 46161, ,to per
ilous traveling 'rover them, , and the portico
having Mini In dirge': thould'be compelled ,
to pity strict regardto therequitemtnis of the
They.bare'mo right ! to stop, as they are
In the Wit of doing, so .ea to block , up the
whole great; iztipt in case , of accident, or
nnavoldablo nateadty.
The Mere conventual; of talbeadaiiiiiszthri
'W their eV i PIOYeeS IS DO, &SCAM We bare
no desire n the practical op:dictation ,nt
the strict rules of law, bearing-open xtl these
assea r tosee yen "Itsregard,the genital inter
wird I bmlnewi'dtha bads of the city or :'
• te, but hen the rights of the public in the
use - of this itiee6 iscinitantly,reekl 'may and
istwir violated, as officers of the Wrote'
_would beourselyes recreant to eel duty if we
should diatom' tryie - te th e tali - ina . IleCleafin
point it out. It would be Whetter"' if the weo ,
*faint *mho:Sties would attend, as is their
duty, to theta matters of obstructions td their
awn thoroughfares, but firthey fall to dose ,
the only remedy the public has, is thtough,
' Selling liquor without licence, and on Sun-.
day, should abo receive yogr due attention.
Sometimes It happens tbailndiridniflurnm
entertain the belief that laws restricting
the sake of Squats are 'ANA indoPPrwshlii
and therefore they feel inclined not to enforce
them. With the polity of the law, courts and
juries hare :made:to do. It ictheir duty to
enforce that which, to them, at- individuals,
the mod odlone,mally„and with the same I
spirit, les thesis 'they , map= deem the best.
They. are not in the exercise of their func
tions, to play the part of common Idformers,
or self tonsiltoted "detecting, Impertinently
going outside their legitimate duty, to , carry
own amide egsfast the violators , of la*, but
When matters come properly before Cams,
they are bound to sustain and en
tire ' the ^ ea they Sod • it, ro
b-idled-Of feeling, or 'toast/mean These .
remarks In the main will apply equally to all
raitteri that Will emote before you, and nudist
any further suggestions of particular CUSS
uniusomouiry, Yon can now entire to your
raiz, where the DistriaGittorney;wm Jar
before yen nob bualama 2,4i7PY be ready.
The Reverend Isaac - sisvier.
,-..(14-54..biA evening the Eel. Ipso Saone
the Ninth
Rini Barbi:Mitre-1i keti4 about to take
charge of a church in the State of Now
Yorke - islecti4 for his teat, PhilSpplans,
Ist ehaptry,-271h eerie. "Only let your min:.
serration be-ea it , bitociastit the.. Ooepei of
Christ that ;whether I come and see, you, or
else be ate:teak' may hem of yedd entre,
that ye sterarierrin onespirit, with ens solidi:
etrlvSog logether - fottlre faith elle *spiel."
The enbjecd, which %Mill be - Sea woo a very
alT7filikain4 'treated In a masterly
and' mann Mlle, Md. • WWl
sloe: encibearap d attesnes,
menykl,sriortersoled inn unto teen when
ho referedli*Otter of their ieparatien.
Re have keerca - I, Sawyer for acermal mart.
and Paii-beat.de4pony to his &motion to
the militinalsitOgiarter, his mans both
is a IdDireletri raddraetor. The &doh from
which-hi tialottEcikeparate is a recent or.
bat Silas deariehed marvellously
nailer hispastotatiabote.; The members are
rata grieved itlhe.septinclios,n.n4 dismiss
hirdwith most earnest and armors prayers for
hi, fatare welfare and, prosperity. lir. Saw•
jar es:ries:with him the hearty_good wishes of
-a lira* number of frieokelltaMeibi eanlPll
TM XiMAI CM Trifle.
-.The on poi Ri4ter;oontaltuo the following
review of the local oil trade for the past week
lho.marketluis jean only Moderately astir
Up to ifitardaye imp amount was !seat f
ward by the river. But on Saturday *real
„di Jeannine too thick for cab narliatic
though korai hicstr, aIsAM .thelisit of t
-oiliest, 'natal and -'no 'doubt, willies
throngh.„, The lilardiSklt in navigelionlas
.streeted. "di
transaction tch biro boon vary
limited during tho prisont week, an the .
road 'motto upon - tondo bas an*tiod pro
vietri of both barns and seams. , Solders
aslant $t per Lbt.tit this 'wails, oph_go bop
AO not seem diitiosod to Oro oft, Site ;
liking rohold the oL hem said stage,
rutvigation would doubly Improve Olen.
the absence of material ttr asaelionr , we gl
the notolearqunatideat ideliSlSid per bb.
-at the well,, and 14,5458 , 5 Par Mil• ht. this
point, in talk, and $7,10(3.58,..bb1e. included;
Mete We kkrbell:in the ebanael sad What
fest; Price oftienati, s2,lltolt3m for rein
second band, lid .f. 3.25 foie new. Th• mar
lilt dos" quiet And Otto. _Ths,.rtatttot ;
qicitral., l 4/ thsviaSlPtlit l 7. • •
At in:adjoinitid'lneeting of - the Citizens t
the borough held on *lxtrtta)
20th biet4 to ' , provide forth. better
support of absent soldisnl femurs/{ the cam.
mkttoo eppointedala prerloee mm rung to ; ot.
liet mangy Aid diatribe ill the saukkilvirillei ,
ituvesa In, making ; collections: mut also that
they lan demininced,viyinir out the sante in
:sachet= 5e,4411,-Isi jatigatenti lie pro
portionate la en amount oolleeted.'
'thanks .vis tendered to/ tho
Matted for the faithful teinner-In ',Mob they
pormod their.dnitoi c
The - eonimitts•• mai
.satherised co' receive'
all moneys - dairl.helemakii of lifanchnteri
from the : Cnnty.le.o temissioners, ifor relief
Tb. emintittia.oonshie of .We.. a B. nen
Jesse Stewart, ChM, tOotherell, irk;
out a $ .
BAD': Ocetraiusirce,..4e.l3eteisTsyt
the wife mtAti;. Joel s'o • Marian
c 00547, W. V., sum theme fronts arse aad .
Isiidentiyl 4 ,4 Um in !rodristott -
Aatiog the day, sad ?rststrulng, ',tufted. beaus
tittle &flair desk 74,"Anght, Wier ' hastily
teisegtel from theliouieast - sts-adishS see to
her upon Ts/1 1 ,4 1 hItsking
tterskell prodifeincieitutddah. • •
- ,Tas Bazaar Banyan Sun.—The labs or
reserant seats , la Um' Vandal:lbw!' Reading
Tarayette Bairan Tafteday esi r ior, Com
menced LIU =grant it the lib Booms.
.Betweeu thrill rad, 6ur Imsalnal ti ets ware
sold, bat the 'sate are to arranged, that an,
with a few exceptions, ero'well belted. - We
learn the sale of reserved seats wip akar on
Tuesday illernoon, at Ere o'clock. t
r the
. Blab
J.ZaioplBs,i4aril rtnet, 11471 m
two totuy , • goios ; "Flag g ol Oil Union,"
sad AfAiassicsa flywrorhagszy;l ills .14-
mir xypsinis," Ibl Jiang 24 IM• dr
stivutpfiy7 .11walk." kw Deembet.
vAiinuc k 4.6fibinaimzaz trallin ,
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nary iittioltitair.ww.n.. ; 0...7
. .841501aa
ta ll dtzp *ere 414 i antet ; nit Ent
Li Framed klocrelas &Neil»
tut, Wks imams of loss isnot 'OM -
.or. •.. -:: -.....: ,_ , , ....., .. 'i. i.
eh- 1
0 1:1 41
,r 4 ... , _ ,
*sauna it the-011 Exchange.'
IrhlOftinuegiinfottAnralt4lni •
WPIONWAFAW r yfia4 , 4 O I 4 Plemtngr
jahoeltethiebt eumenored that the meeting
1n00.1111,10. :Ow Pankow :et taking each
lleteemeteltudgbb 4samed most_ozpodiont
4. Ma*. ;to go propessa tar-dpeAcru4e and
emit petrobeui.;
?! . .404(!i la Nbtebit'iterteeemecieede4 - ther
ef'debigatii frobObe'
intrideritt parted the eocatry intamated &Oita
be held in New l'ork4n the , Gth , dry Afgaiiv'
3a35:1804; fair thrptkept3444 41alibar4tloit Ara
mantadtationottut atnltiag upon .aonato Vitt to
_cooomiviandiao .rinigresiwlLlab Rely bring dos'OTC,object .au Wartime of
Amato, witliont noppating with the inter-
Pintiock.rneyed tho appointment
ofireoinmittes'ettito`, to attend enacting of
the New Iforlfoll Anoolitlon,
• 4: lli.:Tierr- mild& to'=end - by bierming
thientaxtbir. - to , Ste,-ie lea to kale& two re
hners,;-t intcbreers;end one broker, eiltiolr-
:TheCtOtrthanappolited all the Coinnattae:
Menn..-Jas.,. O'Hara and . J. H.
Itotohinion;,,nnttneers,. Mimi. 17,m. Frew
andl - Johclorta,cid Broker, John klesitog,
thini moved that tho Delegates
be entioniedlollll commando that might
ocoar. Carribd - •
It etthsteiption taper; for the parpOse of de
fraying thecowries of , the Committee, was
thested, • astd - thir:eitlicripttene were very
Ilbers4 and stip Inerissing when we . loft the
• ;Ames P. Dnnein the
111ri!ilkbf,i02g - th PLie Township
Ali ineetisigertheolt,tien!of Pine township,
it - thoOtOi;i4oodstioSnolliOnoo, on colise
um Eve,. ther-tollowing resolution§ were
eatapfri9zpli tdoptefr . • •
, Theeil..:.2bat. it to expeaket-to ralsi foods to
atibrnaltolantew kamttee to till the quota for
PintitoMultif4noweallortforamt Isquired,
That rem. =DIM% redraftta.elther clan, end
allotherperserefeTorabbnotbeolliw.3, he lulled to
cotomito tol& fund.
That therm of thirty.dollors ha solicitad from
ororyloarmltabloto,dratt.r. • •.. .
• :,..L.Thatthi:Sundsralord titbit soloctipttort shah
hepieadiathahaadaoftomormpooathlepmqu,tube; small% • tolontrors ham nr o'cru
trornablp• t figs raloof,Thrro ilondred • DoUart- to
. .
anD. Thalia cnosuehcolcmteara cannot be obtained,
d thecombantatton clause 19M111113‘1111.11 change,
tbest-thicanai shall be applied to the PaYrota of
.thoconanutatlonott ouch palms ea may lie drafted,
parcklatatch person .petwas .141 lace contributed
:to thla retro:lotion thedrproperslaii:
& That In Use event that r olantecce cannot be oh
/alma humour townshlp,ar incase tho commutation
dame at tho coomiptlan act dull ba aulcken out,
thin this fend' shall to &petal to the !inuring of
ntlanteara tom ammeters, or anletiostas, au the rir
, emastanecif may Menlo!. .
with;albordatacts of the county,
la sating-Wanting action to lacy a tax for refund
/wall menprerheadedtn this tnholf.-
8. Slat we will - lamas co-uproot, in .ustaluing
our Cedar/rib this bar hoar of trial, by all the
mans in oar. -
,Aftor theadoplion of these resolutions : , the
meeting proceeded to make the subscriptions
propoiedd-the tann of Twelves Hundred
Dollara"Zialiscribed on the spot, and the
forth.° stun of Three. Handul,Dollars wu
guaranteed .to be. mired by three individual
eubsortptions in addition, should the faith bo
immediately needed. This • fully tut the ob
ject efthemesiting, - as.therequasition on Pine
torstaltip Ls only five persons. It was also an
mooed that one person bad volunteered out
of this district since the draft, which wilt no
doilt be fnlij credited.
Dr. IdeAboy woe appointed to receive and
disbuisi the fends.
Tut Nona Barnett Ran/W.—TN' Norm
bar number 'of this 'excellent Quarterly boa
jut been Issued by tho American pihlishers,
Masse. L.r'Seott Co., New York, and is for
sale by their agent here, Mr. W. A. Gilden
fenny, 45 Fifth street. Oue of the articles
will attract come attention In this country, as
it haa'aliendy done in Great Britain, because
it has. bocW.attritestod to Lord Moberly, the
sorLof EarlllusselL It is entitled "Clerical
Subsctriptlidt• in the Church of Eagland," and
may possibly promise that the house of sPed
ford will add another name to the lid of "no
ids *adhere." The other contents of the num
,bra,szo Onthe Ancient Glaciers and Icebergs
of Seotlandr The Soiforth- Papers; Recant
asospraphicalDiscorary and Research; Pot Mar
jorie; A - Y•yuge to Alrzandria'und a Glimpse
of The Scotch 1101renitiee Com misaion;
Harlold• Nearside and Magnus the Good;
,England- and,Egrope.
..Barria Oti, Pantrixas.- - A verp-frere4o •
tion of oil paintings to be sold by DaCis
hieDwaine, auctioneers, on Wednesday Morn
ing;by catalogue, are now arranged forpubllc
examination on the second floorof `ho auction
room,' 54. 'Fifth atreet. The collection is
hrge,'and eierypicture a gees that will please
the connoisseur add borer of fine arts. They
are'superb cabinet pieces from the Italian,
Daissidorr, French cod American schOole.
'Their delicacy of finish, and beauty of sub
jects, willawaken the admiration of the most
critical Judgment. We advise all to look in,
and examine this superb gallery of paintings,
and obtain a catalogue. Tbis collection is of
altogether a. dtrorant character from any
former one sold in oar city.
Sestancina—OnEattuday, &manna Bolton,
of 'East•Liberty. was sentenced to pay tee
(on three - Indictments fbr illegal liquor ail
ing) .moaning to $lOO, with coats. The r
foureyears Edtoi7
each in the and Tappan penitentiar, were sey. ntenced to
Brawdy,.for keeping altawdy house, was ten
lanced to pay a fiat of $2OO, and undergo one
month', tnquisonment is the'county jail.
. ,
Ws. W A'. Oroursirrrr,4s Fifth street,
has for solo bliss Rescition's recently pnb-
Robed dory, "As lnorcr's Secrd," to which is
added...Me Moony of Fermeood," nod a new
story by . Dr. 3.D. Robinson, emitted "OA
ctriits: or, do &end RtbaL". - It is 0130 el the
Kees of -"Xs/any Stories." 'llO price of
"' • • alLinzaaesoo..litatk
.. • •
inviLLYl.-ab. OPtildid i tn ' ta "
'lttliZiTg, Live. D. N. Herm, tato, ablne
SHL DAT, lath 1.4.00. 1G o'cla* L at. .
Not . frOglO pump apply cm trautoi
- • J. D. 001.L1 WOWOOD
•UN • JOHN rum,
W0R7411 (YURAT;, ' 1, .
lbw stoarnor 011 INT, Capt. O. A. Thartoo, taros
for lb* &boys ports 2111/r.DAT, lltinst., at t + 4 Fab.
/or Irstebt or passage apply on board or to
• JAS.. COLLTHEI,a , Apnty.
4.55 ' - Joax-rucK.
Wer-Asseltholdsomf tht.PrITUNNOW GAZETiN
'ALUICIATION will be - bed Ami Tway, Jaanary
.12,184400 Ir. Our Molded 11■11, Jeclopeoes
Stabile*. maw Art Put and SA.Vbilr street*, for
.04 •uarpho Of Mir otistifthe c.cilltiao,
intectbakbf Dlokatato Awl other- ofilars, of
I. Ay4sip, And Us• enutaixibil emir other wkineu
Nap be bmski bars Jacettos. • •
BOBIDIZ Assircanar; A.' naawN,
At. toyo, • - • JOUN WAIT, •
.• • .
Dee. W. issa.
.1. , lITAXIIJort an domotodoollm. • tap 'apply
%ot = slLoao7 on band, at tbo 'stoma Domes
0 So. 07 Wales divot,' oat door to City Thai
01 7. . ' ; - DAVID N. lIIIITZ,
* of Ulan's! Borroamo ,, Mt DIU. I`•.
-itor abmLL
a.—Lottani ohoold be doodad to •043037,
- - vcla Amu.
fag.). Wa* Began
: - SAD Dn. Itadenbial Mann
n"1"4 U 4 **rep imarzu &co., .
Iroalt) and It 2 &road street. -
CtinnYRIMENTrI: r _• .
t 410 bbla Dry Agana • .
Pun God= Mane
• '.;..22f. 01kanakan• Met y
ied i'4 , 411111* "Pa z veit comma,:
psi— oi r I . "Nub just rem
. "
. y
C0.Y3112014L RECORD.
. . ,
'alitittlii-:Tha ;rata Market boa boon
today, owing - mainly to the. fact that thaw, la tos!
/11.11eheris to alai.' ISM Whoa: is rim with sales .
and from atmn at $1,43 1,4 W .•
trantmelizogrd; sales of 100 aactatroar
d lOO . Dies.-Bate, of 200 trials at 85—do
Battey hirinchazireil at itus Re Spring and
A1v:0 them'. - • - •
yion.--1, quid hut arm will; a n‘gatir local
-mand it former quotations. rates Family fa salt.
67.001D7,20 sod fanel.braints at $ 7 , - P 3 .
Matra may be quota s : riontinstiit KW. Smikwhisat
flour ts anliag f ie malt way from anima& *4O
iIIOVISIONES—Decoa is firm with =ill Weed
Plahs Sam Oared MUDS at U Lard Is held Small at
IS% for Prima am.. Dried Reef is dead, frith email
isles et 13. Kea Pork, in the alssomurpr ealeh mar
ho quotiA astscliim Per bbl•
0110d/Isigar V gam though thii &mud
Is light; .mall asks of Itawat 1530121 Lad Beau!
1417618. Ooffaisla firm with small tall of Ulo at
5ta,36% for mime to chigoe. Molasses riomlnal
APPIZEI- . -Tbs -receipts coati= light .4 the
'market, In otosettesnes. 6 steady whit. , peleet are
rmebanged. Quotations may b alrly itielm at i2AS
to 12,75 per bbl.
HAY—A. =sat, during ant weather, and boa
toads, the receipts ars wrr light from.,tlue conntiy,
.tad ere are without quotations fa lease. A rax load
abated ass sold at 633 per tan.
CILIEIUM—Ia steady with a molar demand and Ire
note mike at 14 (or Waders Sewn* and 13 for Ham.
POTATOES—Tbs market Is quiet, tlumgh goal
qualities are selling to the email way &box store at
85(390 Me per bushel. Yale 0(44 bbl. common "Bak".
eye" at 12,60 per bbl.
PM/burgh Petroleum Market.
• bac 211.—The market for both aside and reined
volyoletetn has been exceedingly dull and ringlicted
dayilbt notwithstanding, no sonde dllligent Laud
rita, rro•tere unable to bear of a .11kil• tiantactien.
The prospect of . rise In the Allegheny' river and
ennsequant Improved reeelpte, had a detraining edict
oncrudo, and some-fen bottler. appeared anion to
tall at a ti/ght concengon. This nerobtai gnOtations
ars NI la 'bulk and 2S In bbl., though ere beard of
bulk being offered at 19 end 19%. Rednoil laignint
but steady at tO in bond and bn. free.
The reeolpts and ship naeuta during tp. twenty-fou r
Lamm endlag at noon to-day are sa follows: Ship
neat. to nne York, 54 bids Crud.; to-Phiadelpbla•
651 bids !Wined, no bills Crude, 48 bib Malaita, 44
bbl. llasidulan; to Baltimore, 101 lads Unlined, 16
bob crud.; Waat, ldl blab§ relined and 20 bbis Coeds
&nai142,115 table Crude and IR2 bbb Bsllnad.
Petroleum, Tobacco and )Thlskey In
It ft mated that the COSOLOULSO of Way. and
gleans hero realised from tbe Secretary of.the Treas
ury the draft of shill...ding tholutarnal Uvulas
are as regards the tun on Whiskey Petroleum, To
bacco and a few other articles of this clue. Nailing
dentate is known, loft it le inhered that It Imposes
- a
las upon Whiskey of seventy croft Instead of Wk
ly., oo recommended la rho untosi report, and that
the taxes upon Toluca°, Petroleum, and all tha other
Itftnries embraced in the bill, aro at keg sa large ea
tisae recommended. The .hole matter la uld to
hare bean refernist to utiti-Colansittes, consisting of
Moan. Morrill, Ilooper and Pendleton, who are to
sit during the recess.
New York Petroleum Market.
Spire!al Diapateb to the Pittobargb Garotte.
Titer Too., Dee. 24—Crud. I. firmer Intl without
quotab/e ebunge; salsa at 3P.6323 on lb. gnat and
.2234 for January delivery, hi m's option, ft:triad,
also, is firmer and a dude blew; tales on the spot
at 46€.43; January and February delivery,t4f,gl9%
alai March at CCM Free all la trominal at H. •
A. S. Macrom , e Petroleum Circular.
I..ncnrocrt, Drs. s.—Thintat week to the Wt
month of a very excited year, awe Patrolman in •
position so unexpected and so ustretatmerative, asJo
render any pnalletlen for future gaidoac a greater
unmetainty than ever. krona in the heyolay of de.
mand—in the very height of the senson—we have
ftrtinel at I. 7d, while It was 3. &beet same thus
last year; and though at half price, with experts:o,w,
statistic., and facts In its fever, prosteets as to le
gitimate shoots* In its itteporMan more ell.courming
than were ever known beton.
The pith of the outlet is now fat beteg exhanst.d,
and after this. and for many month. to come, prim
will not be neglected by a-natur a l demand, but by
Ike spirit of ipecelatiou sad Int . The letter i
cants. thine it in the hat mummer Into most extra
ordinary high rates, but what will be the ovum
next, there 11215 so far no Oats to above,
• .414 tinftin.^CanadLact 49. No
Wes reported. •
StETLNED—f.KM barrels Acne...tem at Is Tel to Is
75EI YI iid, Canadian nominal at Is.
RIT—Ho mks, Is tolsJd.
stock of Credo American 7100 casks.
" Canadian cow C.
• ..
}leaned American
" • Canadian
Wool In New York.
From Om Commercial Mel Dec. 2i.)
There . rather more movement than meal et ths
dos of the year mod with unexaolly light .took.,
holders are very ' Arm In their elswi for both Domes
tie mut Foreign. nu nake:lnelnde 50,0001ba. Ohl.
select - 4 deftest 01,4 e; 30,000 do, kat* BOCIOWS(., 100
bales hop. Polled, 700:00; WM do, California, 11(150
for fair teatime; MONO U. Constantino ZS; 15,000 CD
African 30; small parcels/lotlca, Z3023;Cape,4130
45; and .WC , balm Black Domkol, on private terme.
Th.. dearth of Cotton npply, comentwat upon the
rsbellkm, bon cheated Wool to • much more Impor
tant pardtion in tho woridk eanoturciaban formerly.
the trade to thin commadit two moaned gl:antlo
proportfoas In the cvmmer marts alike old world
and dm onr, aod tom to a largo extent taken the
place of Cattah, whieh way eat be Inaptly tomood I
the &thorned King. la Ma COaßeettaa WO May re.
mark that the most ante:wire *operation of Wool
grower. and Mock mimosa ever venod In Pamirs,
teal be hold In Columbus, Ohio con . on the lob day of
Manuary, It I.
Cleveland Market. pee. 26.
flour Sake 100 NAB XX abital VA% LO bbl,
XXX.IO $7,50; 100 abb. XX nd at UM; 130 Gay
choler do do at so,oo;;Abby extra at *SAO. Wheat
—lLarket dull. B•Lea lair choke .111. on track at
110 c; 1 car very choice lid on trek at 125. Cora—
Market !Ina; loadpta Uttar. Paley *yin am on.
toaeltatlloo. Old Mon Moro F.
Aura; 8 3 888 oats sad cam idsaa Liogn " g lofl
loather; A . 0 Tsggart.
Imports by River.
ZASTSV/LL F. era JULIA-500 bbl, poor, 14 pkg
Wm, Clark. Cb; sets wool, Win. Liarksn 1 0 0
pkg. min, /Wear it Armstrong; 25 plypi, pm 1 P
pock Co; 150 d& floor , 155 50.0 11 .1.4 T Cotrin
ilk Co: 100 on bbls, - Flautist Beau 127 sets corn, 1
bbl Lunge a Jars lard 04m. nsisaky; LP Nets nom.
Jlea & Kell; 72 carboys, Jas trolls; GUS arks oars and
Lad, AJ I.lApari; 7 Lids Aube, Lbok, paw A Co ; II
sets earn, El llaterty; p MIL gine, Wei Meng; 1 dos
&gni. • Milliken - A Co; seks cord, Zug a non.
Awn HP on Link 13 Canfield; 47 pkg War, Lll
- VelAt; 7 selui driod apples, Illidgmalusi Lunn 200
Edgnston Stewart; II No feed, .0 0
jigger, 4 Inils dup. John O'Connor. , 934 :dos breoena
Atwell, - Lea • Co;. 3 flues. I ant, .11 II owe; • Mocks
cam lon Swift:lo2 pkgs sundries, Wm Whlterolll
e d. men, NM,. AA Anjer; I beg, 1 carpet met, II
flaynch; bbla apples,' 11 &orals; WS scluseom.
ming* We; 1$ Op irtindrio., 3!r i Panama;
I pkp do (I% Lerel Howell; SOD net Ipmbsr , J 11
Brass Work, Pipe, Pumps, Valves,
And LT/ Endo of Mari fat Watat, oas .nd g Lem
ffip, Ilan b1.,11 b • lbw puma
• goo. IS IVITH
300 BB
1 1,, , .. 1 90Fies I►t.La, FAH I
zoo ts deen ar tl `rV't
- Wen at
, HUGART'S CALKING f r-4 00 poki lllot . fts 0. r rlpo4 sorwr 17:
KO d N St m"jtin.t
. • „ •
..."6 4 .441 "
Ter further telbrruatlon apply at the Ckeloars
0111rea JOHN G. DALE, Agent.
15 Broadway New Turk.
JOHN rnoupsoff, I s ms,
Had wrest, Ina house tram the das.
Me '
witzeon AND lantmErrowtr
=kb gold,: or ha oculralant to earner.
been ennommed through the peer that .1.4.
Mintract for wing the Hide, and Tallow of animal.
attughtered Imo on Car•TIUMIUt soconnt has been
atomdedtota mai parties who ham had it from
the beginning of As war" and ar, mob awardhav
ing beent matie, and the time for readvlng prop:male
not having yet welled, notice Y hereby given that,
in order Incorrect any adennderstanding that may
aad to mecum for the Government the
Errthe greatest number of bide, and the higheet
Hide and Tallow, Hoot and Hone , e
for offering le 6 attended mall ?vas.
PAT, December - loth, 184 at 19 m. No prepoesle
will Wagond began that time, and no bide will be
imosidered =bee acoontomded by the meal puma
tem, and the Widens are present to respond to their
le& OW. EMU,.
dld2ht.d Lieut. CaL and C. S.
Rorie onrotantly on band • largo AND 742
orsofnol dock . f ZINCKING, BOAT
antrato. ~ BPOIISINO, Lanz, PAL.
to, to.,
Orlll fill orlon for BAWED nun . with
proraptnew lad at that rum.
N. H. Pesos rrantingLONO TINDER or POP
LAR arvparliculary Invited to onoonltto bbt stook.
MlTOOloroa Craig arm; now Bobinoon.
A ems moody for Chronic or common
To public quakes, it le httebtable.
To pawns debilitated by long eteodlug Cough
Consumption, It mete► both Cough ►ud debility.
Prepared and for oda by
• • NesUM mid 'riled amnamt °t
lionninenta and Grave Ston
Ali Hiss
Au =ran 011101 C, No., 2600 .tract, W. 6441
to., Dolman 14th. M.
IROI2.IOILBALE .—I "W E adi publin anction, at
the °reap and Alexandria Railroad Depot, to Alex
andria, Va. i on WEDNESDAY, the 130 day of
Jemmy mn
Tao Lot - motive Engler, 4 feet IN
Menem gang&
Abend LIDO tons of old RalleT and II patter%
300 " Car Wheels;
" Car Axles
200 Oast ,
IttO "
" Wrought Scrap Iron
A lot of Ikea Springs, Sheet Iron, to. •
Bale to
Terms cas to Gover n m e n tbade.
11. 1.. ROBINSON,
Captain and A. Q. X
QTRAY :.HORSE.—Oame to. tho prom.
fsoi of the .o.wilber, on the 111/i of Die., 1833;a
SORIIILL uopar, 'tor 13 yowl 0141, orldbrou
liolltralitad luta on tee Plod foot ; tio hi. bind
ft.r. Tra. oweir It moaned to come tortard ; prof.
pro - petty and take Mtn sway. •
dellehet •-.. GLUM WEIGHT. lialcloin TO.
.L SE,, = lTheeif‘ Iron of
" 15, 30 sodto barrels capac Cami
I o vokoplotil
Thurston of Ilanas Oonnewing Pipe..
You largo crud* Oil Tanks.
• 50,000 suoind,hasid -
sk hit of /looting Iron
-Ono Oil Pomp and Now. -
Ono /04toros pawn Eosins, with Boller load Stack.
LotorOss and Clocks." •
Lot anus and ossonddiand Oil Dairen.
Tor pontathiorloqulre of H. 5111TH.
daMlu Ninth Ward foundry.
KAHN.-29 hhda. prime N. O. tluzul
' . so do blond
60 DOL. crogbott dol
60 do A .13otrso". do;
' 13 do A do do;
60 do El do do;
ID Otero MS Am solo by
doll' - . ' J. EMSPATTUCK Ai DSO.
_..._ ._ .
Doan to
100 moo Coocontraled Lys;
140 tome snorted Bap;
100 do Nazi Starch:
00 do 111.1 m 01.4 Starcbi
Red 8 °A do s
. Card Starch;
10 kozor do;
10 cooks la. 150d54
NON tad for oalO by
Id •
r ~«as~c:.=_
i~i~::; ,:G~:7: W O:s , ::;~r,•~~~:~
as 23 Fifth-8,
in - .DD rfch of Um
CMELIIMMA.§3 3 30 :7-APAIr6r
Wipes opezi4 1 Diro. aatrolenti4 userkunt of
Ocuiesifili of "Victoria; liitoioql dnd
?MILS •AIID ILIYNO 00V1011- Plain sad GUI
Dordord WINDOW eI:HADES; Volvot, OlumUle aid
ANGST !lain and haw NATO, HAS.
ways, ix.
Also, tbo largest mast comploto Kock of
Carpet Sag%
on Cloths,
Hattings, te,
Zoom brought to the ally, at is thee meant mar
Jut rataL
Wi that! Ins% dming Inegrennt month, stmhokisale
gat real, wrraorr ANT ADVANCE IN mar,
atoll ilm d
Floor Oil Cloths.
In shaft to Start wide.
WOOLZN Drowns oar ammo CLOTHS,
yru, BIIGIS,
Tina goods bane advanicd, OM bands, ham
fibo MERIT-111TM MR OMIT. within: thin,
.Caos. and am imam at =SS MAN MAY
-0/617112111.1314 RE.16111. Our stack la almost na
l/tail now, all tutting boon pncebsoad within ninakf
dam On sash, at lbw Tarr lomat prim of Ins year.
icßarlind, Collins & co.,
_ Nea. 71 AND 73 RUTH lIIEBZILT.
BahmarPait Oda and Dirstski Salaam. del
ADRIATIO,'LEYO , fIorme-mmer, 4.000 ton.
HIBERNIA,.I,O(EI Mao-power, 1,0130 tom
OOLUMBlA,7,oooflonie.pnror, 3,030 tons.
ENO LTA, 1,000 Bona.power, 2,000 tom.
The =VIM:ma Steamship HIBERNIA will sao
from New York kw Liverpool on TUESDAY, the 90th
of Danomber. . •
Ailt.• ofp. from New York to Liverpool, ;my
elin In t~oolld or ha enuhalent to alrietcy.
Find _
Peasengaralitrwarded oleo to tendon, part. Ham.
the lowesantaa.
burg, More, Bremen. flacon:4m, Antwrrp, &a., to
Area - ft= Liverpool or Clehmy to New York and
Hooton, $25, IF* $75, We 1105.
tee pane apply at the Mlles of the Agp.ja.
BABEL I BEAILIJL 23 Broadway. _
Calm= Jokes, 2.lkmeger.,
or, D. O'NEILL,
&atm (Ikaidi %Palm N 0.70 /NM et.,
/Ilthlywe sad VA I .
Sailtkteld at.,.Plttabargh..
qrEAlkt lirmikLY TO LIV
kJ =POOL, tomehlag at QUENSTOWN, • •
Molt Eftearm.) The efell•komm, otremem of .
Llistpx,l,lll4 Took and Philadelphia Illeamehlp
Company me laieedod SS MAME
NDINIIIIIOII .—.—..Serarday, Jae. 3.
arrr or Jan. S.
Ala every socomaihmig eatomday, at mom, from Pb.
44, North Moor.
Rambler Ge er ewairelod 1. Ownwer.
Pair Irma:Wm —63o tb
do to London... SS 00 do to London 34 00
do toPula..--. IS CO do to Parts ... 40 00
do to Pm:berg. 00 do to thumb' 37 00
hosearers oleo Stewarded to Cam, Beetaaw, Rot
ten:4u% Astrererp,do,,, at ovally low rate..
1 . 1,111 (root Liverpool or lteetowtoma ; lat Cleblo.
$33, .11 0 4 SUMP. $3O. • Mc. she NIA. to
wad Cr thelutrleads cao
rates. taw tickets ben at lbws
/BON lIIW 10118, 535 6 owls."
?ilk ovary week. Apply to
corm Ohio sad federal streets,
per steamer BOrineta
d. 17:9ralani . Vlt, o:
. . . .
fi...\--,417 _MY__ =ZS.
Biliensedams Witgi ha Orocisforu; of ei Act of the
Bealtral Amemahly of the Cammonernaltfa of Pannyls
I tants, prtreldlair for the incorporation of the City of
'Pltratsualt, sound' the rations mrplements to arid
Lea. B. CI. 0 eWTEIL, Jr., ilnyur of mid city, do
keno this, toy proclamation, tluct on the' TIIIST
TUESDAY IN JANUARY, A. D., 111f4, being,the
Tina. Der -or tura Norm, Olt freemenof milt
Ward of mid city, queliflecl to note for members of
the House of ftepresernotirm of this tanamonweelth,
will Meet at the/aim:MAU, of holding elections in
their roepective multi mut precincts, elect, by
ballot, tho ton Miens of at:Act of Amembly,
pasted the lath cisy of May, A. D., 1ti.57,
One person to sorre as Illeyor of sold city,
One person to mew, es Controller of sant Gay, end
One petson to surto as Tremors, of amid city, —
Mach of whom shall hold their dike for two years
On the mme day, In coearmity to the erase cited
anthoritint, end also to the Min:tams of Commits
}7:t eald
ard , Aly A rAe4tiLls of the
Tlr toranber of the Sehat Cuancilt o raltrcity ' fo 4 ; l* tw t o
yea" and two porno= Lo members of th e Common
ftledon — d Ward —Otto pomp. to Ito o member of dm
Soled and two pervons to be toczolooto Ow dm
Third Rand—On.. pecan to bc • ntember of th
Select and oh Vernon, to be lambus of the Cummu•
Tomah 'ofd—Ooe person to be member of th •
&bed mad tee persons to to member. of the Cum
••• ••• •
• 711th {I , ttrd—Ono poreon -Vbe a member of lb. 13o
loft =ld tlx rwrsoun to be members of the Common
Birth Wtoti—Ono ',croon to to •tormber of tt,
&Ito: anJ tourpenoota to be comber. of the Commo.
&math Ward—Ono person to to a member or the
Select and too pereorm to be members of the Common
Eighth Ward—One ' , moo to bee member of th
Select and tbro tenons to be members of the Oum
mon Connell.
Ninth Wurd—One person to be • member of lb.
Satre and three persons to be members of 020 1:461
Mon Oescocil.
_ .
Each of whoop Wall be trealltleol to serve et me.
ber of me Into. of Itaryreeentatives of Ws Comex° ,
At the election to be held a. atbrneald, eo TVINDS2,
the fah day of January, A. Ih e Ito 4.
The elector,* of the Fleet Ward will rota at the
Public School llama In &aid ward.
The electors of the Sewed Ward will rote at the
Telbllo School Home In wild ward.
Timer:ohne of we roach of the Third Ward t. lies
.tooth of und treat of Grant street, precinct No.
I of Add ward, will rote at the hotwo of B. Malay,
on the corner of nixtb and flinith4eld streets.
The elector* of to, touch of thy Third Ward ea Ilea
tooth and met of Grant street, beln2 precinct No. 2
of said word, will vote et the house 010. Kennedy,
at thecerreer of Wylie end Tunnel streets.
The atectswe of thnlrourth
...crams of the Fourth 1% ard yore .t the
Public Schoirl !loam In ufd word.
elector• of Aoinruifi of the Fifth Weed tt Ile.
north unit curt of .53.4ung rtreet, being, precinct No.l
amid ward, sill rote at tbo Public ticLwl Ilooao,
In mild ward. •
The elector. of .o touch of the Fifth Ward .o Ilea
month and tart of Ada® street, being product No. 9
of told Ward. will vote at the Public bcboel Lome,in sold yard. on
The electors of the t3eseuth Ward will cote at the
Public School Roam hi earl ward.
The electors of M•e
I.ighth Ward will roto at tha
Public School Bones In laid ward.
The electors of the Bluth Ward will sole at the
Public School Horne In saki ward.
Wren under my hag:dad:ld the rat of the add City
Jr.,of Pittsbrugh, 16th day of Demadoer fa. ISa
delt:dto B. C. SAWYER, Mayor.
The seadarful effects a( thl. article la nafforing
Hair to Its original color, and producing Hair urb
Itod altogothor Mho off, or booms. No, Is ovary
day No:min wore math.; sad utablloboa, b
yoadteabt, the 14te--.
Thal 4 Ai, 4 seerrs4 ern oroorcr, proton, Bros Hs*
to As oripiso/ color.
rA. el .nit mak. LI pros es sdd Hada
11.1 u era rrwort, A. 11.04•1 ihrostioas
Thar II WU resew A. Dartnif art Doking.
Tlal awl owl* 04 Hair Sop and Glssy.
rAai i oat yroorwaho Origami Color to Otd Aga.
TAW Y enllproora A. H.Linort, rank, Of.
natal sill own all Dirsesor qf au &alp.
It la set •Hy. ; contains no Nitrate of Sffvrr, or sny
other Insredkat 14=44 to raker Skin or 11.10.
inks, ON'S DOLLS&
SIMON JOHNSTON, Sonora Azr , , , n . , ;h.
Orr. of Smithfield and Fourth Sts, Tit
no l / 1 0torosawIr
[ES/aka/MD 1760.
_ -- -- --.
All a
propotals received .de this advertisemen
sill be opened nd examined at r
this aka o WED. t
INESDAY and SATURDAY of each seek, at 19 m.
Bidders an responttidly Invited to be yrosent at ttel
opeaing of bide, it they &aim
dell:den B
. D. U. BUCKER, .
INIII7 AND TOBAOOO NANISYACTUIZER, T_ rig. Gen. and Qua:trimester.
16 AND 16 allAitillia STREET,
Orormorly 4.4 Chatham street, Now York.)
BROWN 2111177.
Mambo,. Pin. liappeo, Gewm liappea, Mutt=
()outlet:nen, Dom'gr., Pan Virglois, Nnchltorlay
_ .
&etch, High Yoshi Scotch, Irish nigh Toast o
Lscodyfoot, Honey Do. Scotch, Fresh Honey Scotch.
Fresh &olds.
- - •
Attantion V called to the largo redaction In prima
el fine Cot Chewing and Smoking Tobacco', which
trill b. (maid of to 'interior grainy.
Ilzooroo—Loog, No. 1. No. 2, Zoo. 1 and 2 nand,
Puts Cr, Cnnerso—T. A. L., or plain • Conn
dish, or Sweet; Sweet scented Oronoco; Tls Poll
&talcum—S. logo, Spanish, Oansater, Turkish.
R. B.—A circular al prices Iriti be sent on .plropli
*plea ,
(D 2811111%)
The preparation of this Pin has beau the result of
Teen of study sad maim. They are purely veg.
table, sad therefore will net Wore the teethe,. gam.
They will ma the meet viol's, Toeth•Ache In • lew
minutes, vim property omd.
Dined,lo—Clean ant trio of of ths Tooth affect
ed,and dry it nom th ► n d
than oat t►a PM
size of Jim vo and P*• it tight into the
tooth, tad cover cm with Iron or cotton.
nom Pith aro ooe of the teat recosdlce for this
shocking min.'
Prepared and eald wholesale and rota% by
No. 214 OHIO STRUT, AU bony Qty.
And also by all wbolenals and rota ; , Ht „l n i fflon . fn
Plosbargit and An-bony.
Notwithateading the alleeke below
r. Veshow, who aspire to the named Oef.
• A. reeel•lpt delly the grentiee. eaderstmente °lair
citizens. All exited Is to mega. att etbaz
,Wra on th ... en ft! 4t 6 ul
t in y amine the RUSSIAN*,
J. DIA Practical Optic
Illonafactiror of the Stmt. robblo IlpecUr.ko,
ISO rim istruil. Morning lust Du
They° Chimney, aro latotalad for the flat &rah
botle; all puts of lb* glue equally, dun not upon
It ttectoettos. E. T. DITtIIIIDGE, •
Tort 'Pitt GI Work*, Washington unit,
017 1./linnet:Puma_
L PAM.—Wu take Ude seethed of taftireshig oar
Mende and the pubic generally that we ate now
rePsred to =and= - MTH WITIOUT PAIN
Ilan the poetise of Doutterey.,_ Sl o e . who he's bees
postponing Lida Turk dmded operstfon may noir iv
eatdo their Your. and give ni nell, Welke
we here fn ase boa been thoroughly tasted d=g r e
M ft fmr ,
!nt " ;tl ei=itillo Dro th"a's and
Dela nor Galrenio flattery wed. All thaw wishing
lb. swans of a geed and reliable Deintst will de
well to tall and roesnit with
No. lfd Iltrerth
ZINO, Nes 47 bkalthfield arreed, Mts.
arse. Oldo cm_d_ndaral &rats, AlLokay,
0110. i. KELLY, Peonatiaa.
p'PLpktaua' preseriptioui arshily cem
considilllZ PhpiCUSI of turoini launch*, Dank o
N4w York, tubsiepeadd 44 44104 all No. 47, M .
FIXLVEITIMT,Ibr the pm_rpodoixt mardllbUtuld4
and admltilstarlw OXTOZ# - Alld mismoamii
oxyarruzsD ALS,,ds i = Ally, neat' la . issues. Chromic Gamplatals. sad 411 Isoptuitles
tb• blood. Clams resion474 Lod cares certifs., ,
.7.. ' .
rpm & BEVIGLE,
- faaortoar , iiumnissa,
Cat AND 82141111 PUBS.
- - - "P•:" 1 .0 11 7 81317, Pi!•!,.
a.. ass many etetair n m . - by
• --Lot ; Nct , 45. As - snatootata tortturor
.' 1114 "" m " hki°m 1:17 . !(fIM1 144 krM!41!!::';
:4 " - • ri" " 4114 a f:?'1--1 -'-.i..Y •:,,,,,,,. -:,-, j- ;: t .- " - j - '' L.
. 4' , :' - '. 7 ?'•'.! *t.
r• - - - V ----, '-'-':' .. ` 7 " - :. .:, ' .:'-'
~, : f:; ; I:
....,.;= ,.. . 1 ; : , 7 4 .:
4,417- '''' - ' 7, - ,,, , 4 -:-
--- 4 .- .1 ,, ,A r i.:#-.p.,5 , , ,. . , ,,,, u , • ,'..*---:!:. ~ - .
~ . ,
' AL' .:,;,:-..;,44air, ' , . .. . f 't '-t • +
• • • Cattar-QUairmailimuses Orrieo.
Washington Depot, December 8,13G1.1
- Pleated peoples:Lime ineibeiby Mt undersigned for
supplying the U. S. Quartereamter's Department, at
Washington, D. C , lislttmoro Uld ., Alexandria 1111,1
Fort-Monroe, Va., or eithoVof thou places, with
lIAT, CORN, OATS and slam.
fible - will be received for the delivery 0t5,000 bash.
of corn or cots, awl GO tom of hay or area,, mod un
Dbiders must Mate at which of tha aboye named
potato they prtgoate to make dellveriekandi rates
at which they will make deliveries thermal, the quan
tity of each arUcle propmed to he delivemd,ithe time
When said deliveries shall Do cOntnarcieed, dnd when
,to le completed.
The price mint be written ant in womb on the bids.
Cern to be pot up In goal shout sacks, of about two
'Mabee each. Oats to like wk., of ahead three
buthels each. The sacks to be furnished waliout ex
tra charge to the Governance LI The bay Mid Wig,
to be securely baled.
The pertimater kind or ductiption of Louts, mono,
kay, or
pro etra po l prposed to be delivered, =mile stated
in the
All the articles o ff ered under the bide herein In
vited sill bo subject to a rigid trispectbm by the
Goveroccient Inspector, behate hying Iseceldied-
Contracts will be awarded Dom time to titoo to the
lowest rotponarbli bidder, as the interest °CLAD Car
-1 eminent may require and payment will be made
when the whole ansocint contracted for shall bare
been delivered and accepted-
The bidder *ill be ratatral to accompany ide pro
pose/ with. • guaranty, signed by two respomible
perm., that in mon Ms 10 accepted he or they
ten within ten days thereafter, execute the caldron&
for the came, with good and eutildent enrollee, to •
the eqnatto the amount of the contract, to deliver
the Ringo proposed la conformity with the terms of
this advestisement; and fa cue the mid bidder
d i to enter Into the contract, they to make good the
difference between the offer of mid bidder and the
mat tensest responeibie bidder, or thoperson to whom
the outtraet may be awaited.
by T tre =ce bi r i t i L f t• of •U. D IMri wt boohoo.
c Attorney,
Collector of Customs, or any other officer under the
Coital Statea Gmenonent, or responsible pore. -
known to this pace.
All bidding will be duly notified of the aweptence
or rejection of their proposal.
Tho full name and P.'o. address of each bidder
moot ho 47114 written to the pinpteal.
Prop aals moot he to Brigsdkr General
D. If. RUCKI.III, Cblef Depot Quartet-mentor, Wash
ington, b. C., and devoid be plainly marked "Props
ea6 for Forage,"
Bonds, Ina MID NMI to th• Itpotint of the eon.
tract, tigned by tba contractor and both of bte gnat
utters, sill be required of the anceesafid bidder or
ladders tapon signing the Contract.
Blank forms orbida,gnarantoes, and bonds, may
he obtained upon application at title oak.
(Town, Camay andEtaft,)
I, thasobacriber, do harebypropeoe to faint& and
deliver to the United Slade, 01 the Quarterroaster'•
Departmental agreeably tot he
advertisement, inviting preposala for lump,
dated'iritahloglon Depot, December 8, IBC; the fol
lowing articles, via:
—bushels of Corn, in "at pct Inabal.
of 66 panto!.
—bushels of Oats, to earls, at p.o bushel,
•o U= 6 / 4
tons y, at per too, of 'AO
luau af Straw, al per ton, 0f2,000 pomade.
Delivery tacos: mane on or before the =day of
—, 1110., and to be completed on or before ilia ___
eb.7.1._, ISt-, and pled... myself to enter Into et
written contrast with the United States, with good
and approved securities, vrilthln the space of ten dap
after being notified that toy hid has teen accepted.
Your obedient inerrant,
Irigadler Generel b. if. nitrate,
thief Depot Quartermaster,
Weeldngton.D. 0.
We, the mderelmted, reabhmte
the county of --‘—.,atl State of --,
hereby, Jointly and eerandly, covenant with the
United States, and guarantee, le case the foregoing
bid al ---- be accepted, that km or they wal e
within ben dayaafter the acceptance of said bid, oz.
cute the contract for iilo mane with good anti sufficient
=retie., inseam equal to the mounter the contract,
to furnish the forage propowei in comformity to the:
termeof advertise:mew dated Decembers, 1563, coder
which the bid was made, and,ln can the odd
shall fail to rater into a contract es eforeaald,we anar
wan, td nuke good the difference between the otter
by the said and' the next' lowest rm.:Whit;
bidder or the tram to whom the centred may be
k . .
Witness, J Ginn modereurhuds and male
I this --day of _ _
• :*lll
II hereby certify that, to the beet of ray km, to
alai belief, the ahoy:muted guarantors are palatal
Mclean as earetles for the atonal Gar which they,
otter to be secari .
To be twilled.y the trolled States Markt/Mar
ney, Collect= of Customs, or anyather of undo
the UnltatStates Govorameet, or rerp,mlble perm ,
kuosns to this office.
Orrise or rut Cams Qrtormaxteran,
Washington, D. 0., Not. 23, 18113.
eollenot, and ofil be received at Chi.
limedofs P ee=elnralshingof Canby /loran, to be &-
livered at Waahington, D. C., St. Loa* Do., and
Tho •Chi' % 4lll. 't Iy
Hon, To ° lls- 6. - d)
hands Wan, th. 92 flee (5) to Top) years old. troll
broken to the saddle, compact! bait, In good /bah,
and Be. from oil &beta.
Tim abfUM'of !be bidder to follill hls agreement
must b.
teat by too midble., pumas,
whom Mandarin mutt to appendedto the guarantee.
N. proposla bentertained only the oath of
on tUa La this atm
allegiartea atlas, person or pe rs o n y bidding shall be
Thu resipmeiblllty of the guarantor. mmtba damn
by the obiclal certificate of the Clerk of the nearest
Maria Court or of the Malted States District At
•Ytnwsals must to addroned to Weal. Col. 0. 0.
RAWfZLLNy ChLtf Qttartantlanar, Ottalry Bureau.
and be
.'" melorsol on the envelope I. Proposals for
Carsiryas syncing with the etwaspecflUs•
tionswill bweaned in elan market, a hi=
at the Owes, via: New TorkRIV,
Rodeo and Rocheter, W.. .1 Pittsburgh, Penna.;
Oolanbos, Ohio Rio
k A Pia; sae
liadhan, i4fa. O. G. WV TEL t •
Lisa. Clot. and chid ay
no2bdif • Oundry Dare=
John - Marsb & Co.'s Soda •Ash,
Is constantly nearlog lb* same, which b will sell
on tb., mat fteonhy terms. • Thla ♦sh t■
laxly adapted to the laanotacture of 01m.
sa soma num 8131=7, redhatapht..
I M. M'STEEN, Bad= Forrames,
. Gas aro Ellsea Yarns. Partterder attention
Mott rn :1 4 1 o ;Hit= o t f itO I N L CUM
wade to order. - Also BRASS CASTINGS, •of all
Muds, rude at the thorteet ." • •
All order, lett atlfen..ll and Et WATZIt
neer Ltbartyorill prompt.l7 atteuded "
ildrEtte members ot this Ana band pudica se
.elostee, amend' loan' ezpernmto to th eir Indium
flu lame to ere dalletertian In erstrreepeet.
We on alto agent. tor Guild, Garrison i• oo.'s
EMITAEL PIMP, Syr pumping Water, Crude and Ito.
goad OIL, du. dalnly
- - 1864
A largo snortment cf ..1.001:MT AND COITMMISM ,
MOUSY DiABIIW, for 1244-14 riper, In cloth. la '
roan, la Imitation Turkey.' In Turkey Earcoor—,
with alt edigra sad artlta_marbla edges—with toots,
=:bacirm'd .1"Pos-thrialt*nintal-Aillgeal'buit
nmaaaabla rates -
WM. a. MIWOMISON tCO Stationer; '
oolalaw4rram ,• • ST Wood Pout: •
.1) an d t
. 4...t0t of th . • Gnat
qfttlioter.' 1 rel.- "Ika
3.0 =1 Lliow jt - . A tootle 1%140t= Lows
Ike Marion, Nilir Hook-- 4 M7 }arm Of tdpirooL .
. Tho - Logt Tina, by &du. ' - ' •
Wendell Plalllps' Bpeeehty aiO Lectirec
Our Sunday School, and 'Horse - Unzip It.
stool soppi, kid zontrol.
._llO4-, • •..J. L. RICAP:Itt Fourth emit.
F r I I
sas wp - it Ml=
Itsiltav tie alfalfa of at others is Ida
abadhl 'sack of GEM, BMW, IIEVOLV
aralllaa Ka ary Mad. Ina stack.lata lave era
taaabt to this =rat.- •
. ,
ioaerrarrnEnziwanuro f
ifams_ tut notlymf /select /Ark of am P/ANO3,
very slob fm - Hcibliy.Yrmente, /bleb:limy ear kor
'The V 11/ efiesiat taktelqy Invited to
, .
Pa AND-WV - Elm% WARE.
nomits# -, .,,,,„„ Jd ,
. 41 . 4 21374 1.0 L 5x
a fr vut llD aij oitus. ranns.,
colors sod
tosoKilorialo , '
RECNT': gus4c4
'bum °tithe Itaimiactin Um:- • •
- •
Duos' Sappho:m Jfanuto ot 's-Dicticraary.
id of Uro
G oolody. • -
• • rdgi
antrall* Antiquity of •
Rrukoo do . Ram
too of Om Old World...
Ptinelp ot
darted's-On:la nose lloolt•ef - Mdmo.- • • •
Assad* Studios la Notand Maury.
rist Ws by • t 00.„ d 3 Woad stool: ••:
O rr-
.ffPrielatia tlitiattanbi
deli := mootaaAQlmoßtoro.grlititist amt.:
r 1 : :=
FZET:! toys
,Drl Rani .11 1 m.
A., 'dim tor& ri6stias 41m^ .Tlie int
mitta,trligtzl.s VSTL"96.
.14 ata nostriez.
rumba IMA. ISSA—Ppu. • .4 47 ,"
BA/LROLD-.L..5/llrDdala. -
la ma tba rammer - Duda/4
tail idi man Ittna•
ban* and - Ph 'AU matirvitract mama
Ilan 52r NeirTark anA - PhllMv i . ;;im
ranger &Atka eve ry - niarataga a sanday,) al
DEA a: nt. ruildte nett air Ora, ab 4
making 11.11sa =en redlonalit
more and WsAlNctrii. and for Dm I via Ma.
' The TIGIODGE tan= Ilattrlaane%a
tad p. dapping ccelatallotte.
dlnan =nsa.. bUrg Der glaltnin
Err Tart via Allavanin
"d na MAINZ laard Do Stalk* daily (name
Sandal) az szss‘sc,Euradas anlr Ininelpal atio
m, at niarriaburg Air Baltdmare
StildlAtklpila Ibr New Tat.
_ .
The JohnsTarn -- dem ijtfoa T lams daft
(amaprausiaits)it SOO X.; lan, at as Wakes.
sad ssmaira as ;Sias '
AColasdnadayol.. nib ..lbr Wars Stake
Wises daily (aunt thusday) at k5O a. am..
Box dad dassamsodathaa !rata Ate WAN Malan
kayo; daJily (mamaamodaypat 11:40 a. as,
Thad Accomaddaloa - Train 'mr Wen Boas
leavesdaily Papaya lamday) aS &SO p.
Tsmrth Accommodailm U , ah ltre INN stews
leams daily (except Smsday) m.
The Chards-I'mM imam Wall'asa may Sun
day at SAS ad m. ; remain, lams PatammA at
1245 p. m.
• Mtn. Traits &mini* m PlMdscsiti se Moils
Baltimore —.....
Philadelphia p. D.
Past Lino LSO a. in.
Through Mall LSO a. is.
Adulation accommodation.. Wel a. is.
W.W.Pint Station Accomincalatlovv....... e. 21 &. mi.
Second Wan Station Accommodation_... &SS► m.
Mini Weir. Station Admtommiamm p. NS.
forma, Wall's Station Accommodation..... ILOS m.
Baltimore Erprese 'FM arena wit!
Expos at 1..J3p. so. Mt -Wooded&
imam forlilairrtilloandlndtmacommet al Lift
vllle Inters:4lf= with Thronstr vlosstearadimlos
Johrodown Acoorcuntidation sad 11=1:Tis
sad with Baltimore Erma arid J A,orren.
°iodation Won. - •
Trail. fur Mssastnarg comma at Cresaim with Itz.
preen Traim and Mad Train Watt,and with ibtagh
accommodation mid Emma Tab Sot"
publicsp will end it Mal y to thole Wens; b
going Wart, to tby. be. reinsybazds
Railroad, so thoramonsirratilied
=mot be sorpmarri on rum other cor.M.,Tha Brad
Is ballasted with Masa and laantlraly ttsio tram dant.
We ma prombs tlrft7 mooed, and tart to al
who may favor We mad with their pobsiap.
IlenNiceir----1112 car icalcmoi r
m : .,—su co
To Philadelphia-- la CO SO Lanciaelar $BO
to llarrisburg......—' to
Baggage chrekod to all tallow oilliiTeseeryltes
tn. Omani Bathos!. and in PhilaaelPhlle
tb,and Bas York.
eats ertpl
an en , atd.lng La the distance trawled,
In to the ninon taffy except lapis Mallow
idlers the Ccanpany has no neat; , • r
NUTICE.—Ia asa of loak aelPart_illal hill
themaelon apcoisible Abe pme• •Dallaialpe =are
and tor an m re on=
: r.
N. .11.—An Onuarbin Mao ban been - elplerieel to
mom planners and tea* b la* tha Do
tot, at • charts not to exceed ta aetitiOnmi nob go.
manger and baggage. .Itor tiddler lyeal
, Ataat.
At the Pottatyhaoto Otatral-:I RAVART W:ItiittO' Pootaar
Gull* en Libettp and OrsalstiottA. ,
CLEV.ELAND,. I . b ' 4O ,
PITTSBURGH AND re " - emeersl4l'.
HONDILT, Noreenber 16%7 -Thi/lug MU- leans
She Depot of thee in PIO&
burgh, ma A:Aloes: • , . • •
/*Wallet and. =MASI ids. - ',
L Ite."'D.V.W. 111 1 .'-``'...:9 l l`'z' Tr . ? .
do Steuben••• kW " .d 1.5 „fie 6115 "
do. W allac h.'heel 11.50 " 11450, ". OSS •
Arrives B.- 6451 " MTh " fat "
Comsocting at Btordenvilla sad Menai. with atm.
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