The Daily Pittsburgh gazette and commercial journal. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1861-1863, December 29, 1863, Image 3

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At halt past one Co*ClOCkil3looo - 11TCW101110-
' amenalded-Mr. ;Leann in the choir..
On motion,ldessra.A.P. Anshuts d Win.
s i r,
: I.
3 Tree lhui rren7l24ll te m porary
' called for, when tho following Amgen gentle
** wets admitted to seats r ' ;
Ward.-4. C. Bertram, T. A. Spence,
W.I. McGinn, Wm. McCreary, Jacob Kest
-I"lieorid Wird-Charles Barnett, John S.
Cosgrove, A. It. Anehntr, B. Keenan, flee.
' Word-A. J. Baker, Thos. Magee,
John Barry, John O'Connor, John McKeon.
Fourth Ward-Notewpresentled.
Binh Ward-John Mackin, Tredelick Wil
helm, C. O'Donnell, - Peter Coltheiteer and
James M. Torten ^ i -
, sixth Ward.-Wm. Linn, John Ward, W.
C. Wall, P. If. - Copley, W. A. It'Laughlin.
-.' - _Seventh Ward.-Jacob Tomer, John N. W-
C - lowly, Thos. M. Little, Johnillay.s.
Eighth Ward-Wm. Alexander Bartley
Campbell, SiSOLI Meredith, Siunueet! Patter
-"eon, Andrew Connor:
. Nicith Ward-Hugh CAM, John Polrrer, Jae.
Neuron, Wm. Cain,Patrick llicAvoy,
- On motion, Andrew J. Baker was }boson as
, pormanent Chairman, and made wrimmed
cagier.; speech, in which lie highly extolled
"Ike' crest principle* of the. Drocratio
The tetaturery Secretarres were retarned.
John B.Coegrave and ITtn.MeCreery, Eggs.,
=were chosen Vice Presidents.' Other gentle
men were nominated For this posi ? _caa, but
they did not appear.
On motion of Mr. Alexander, the Convert
aleseded to nominate modu.ates for
, - Mayor, Controller and Treasurer.
I The IMMO., ofJarnes D. Verner an 1 Joseph
E. Hunter, ENO , were placed in no mina-
Um: far the oNee of Mayor. ;
The names of. Tamas Hardman and? Wm. M.
Edgar, Esqs.', were also suggested, hut sub
• sequently wild:wen. •
Tke Convention then proceeded (o r ate aim
for th e eyoralty candidates. The le
salt nos is 10110 WV :
!''Joseph'll.. Iftmter ............... ... .... . t ... ..,..14
• J. - H. V1WWW.......... 1 15
Mr. Muter was do ctored l ' 'duly nominated.
It will be seen from the above le, that
white the:macs of 40 delegates were tamed,
.only - 31' wen , musts in sfrothwmoo u.
i ,E. motion was made to-make the, aura:M
-k thin unonireons. but on the question being
, called seem* ear/ ' ool Phatin 'Mint " rote,
were heard.
Mr. Barnett bare rose to his feet, and In a
vary excited num= declared that to would
never vote for a man_wbo, two years go, had
-;-( I llote the speaker's voice was weed is
d i
a V 1,01711 of Maser , weave and ignore t of the
grave charge which Mr. Barnett =ut to
parer against his political friend.) .
we t :. 11,.. Edgar, Esq., was only
nominated (mike office of Controller',
• Francis Fella, Esq., was emsnamou.sly nom
hated for the °Noe of Treasurer. I
trohni3. Cosgrove, Esq., submitted the Tol
,r-,,. ---I 4 lowing resolution.:
;;; „ , c. , , .., , .., - i , R,,,,,4,0, That this r
I:P 4 2' II, 'nfordnate city Mean ; 1
re, : - . . - ...„,',"-., • 1 Air to the CI ' w ir e ! a m.%
"C . ::: 1 7.' -- ' l. • * - 00 a motion bring n
..‘...-:",:- ' 1 hition,
4, . , ;,.. j' 1 " 14ro..linn, Esq , tot
~t -'-.- i , r the resolution in, a"
•t.,:"."' -'-' H e dated, in substant
~,, "'" t.ha resolution would be,
'„.".'" ~. 1 . , dginent that they he
that there was some ~
f the A ..
rr; - „ WOOO iiltitet3. /10 we'
' I inethat. The Corr'
ff-tit, , ` ondall question-ant
" - ,: 7 1 . fin t ith'gr nr: i n ti
t i
1 1/e l '' ' A- est:yrern4iyuideat
,-- ~,,_.,' 'din whether It we.
: 4
- ' *onion to gravely molt
nominees, were loyal i
..,,,...: ,-.;', . ' Mr.,Wro. I. McGinn Sash.
r, - '=, decent, that time Canoe calm.
3' ,r- they wore DelltPerata ; because,- as
i mes
2-5. , -- , Z.,:'. 4 -._ ", orate the only truly Loyal and Cons thtionef
b I rni arloak lib Santo and indl Y
, - . ~, idea took e r 1
"- I.& pplanded. Lt was simply seethe/ mode of
',,',;\:!, .. - r :,., *wink -their loyalty, but there Was ouch a
-,- *ask In the word Dramertx that it bpcuree ir-
I! , .mei/tilde; and the amendoesd wan adopte d
_,.s' . - "I" ' 1 WILVVIVIOUSiy. •
'-'. Atter providing far the appointment of a
ity Executive Committee, • the Crnvention
(:34- ~ gime& , -
, k . ,''
..,,. '... • - ' Fetal floilmaad Aegidel4. , - V
. .
.I.E. --r e
Sherif Beale of Bucyrus rawford
1- ,;• ''' , - ,`_' onty,,,Obio, was killed on the P taborer,
''n :" ; Vert 'Wayne mid 'Chicago Rail • * for
m i'
''',' ';
.‘• i-- u elite since sander the following cittamsMia-
I F < ' II had be tun lo .e..l4t.ateb.
& ,-2 ~.. ,- •
~_ , 'Sir H. 'F I P I '
',a ,` -. saut onthe r railsoad,etbeing bin ensfora to go
;- -,- ',,ift on bid 11 P. B.
e , 1 ,_.. - i nt .. e a * . and roamed be r• third
" -- - - Poe e°7
`.-. - C A.M. train passed easL Cu t aut aturday
'••."•i-_ - .. - eft he,la company with jantes td eel and
,- " . ",, \' - Mel Seawall, started on Ms nd ,car a
.ir -,;,- ' ' t ' -i rt time before theft P. N. was doe,
'e t lutd not gone for whaler freight n was
11 d o ming -thelind ear was rem red from
OS, , , ... track and the Loin passed. nst after
'l` -. .. * . 2 .‘ trands,mwat win piaeed on the track*
tip of the partyretnar ked that an metals
Iros mining, turderrged 7dr• B•t° n nn ' imm
1 . '.,...""•" - ' "e. ''' 1.13 - elr nut of so. Ms. 11. e ho was
1 ~- ". itosking , tlut ear sad whose back to the
'""t1-," ----" -: ~ coming „uppoos tnale,Apostated s watch,
~., " `, -, ."1' -_ e` igagtarlingthe regular train wm yet due,
Ira- th at they amid easily to hie
Cr en ' s moping, (distant abou tl wo hen'
ir: ' - ' '"ldre yards) and than get out of he way :
~,,,, -,,, -. ylugag th aithe 14 PPOB" tigthl I d :
w ll
. " I ''' ' '''. - - riepreackleg,Mellest old, tithe troth -
„,'. 'i r ' l ''. limit en es,” end at the same time ha and
„.,--," ...r " -• Molliwell jaMped from the oar. At Muunttite
,"-'• game instant, a local:roller strnek Vie hand I'''' -- - ,tildritring ft to tdoces, and wing Mr.
--< - '.„, - B. 'me ten feet, Dinka his n ea r . lived
4- -I-
- - tear r an hour seer the melded, t never.
I t "!
.. '4, -;aft*FOrds spoke, _The two other prisons 01
unhurt. -
4 -
1 '
. 1.- - '" ~ ,f -' ... '`-- .-Ca .- pt.eroseph De
lierrtoted coma:demo of t 3 tense to
0, __ 15 c...... late Gen libiklesr.
k ":,,`,e - , . -- the et AP. > • ri ....L .
c. ' -c. Oip Dennison 1 kn si k to et..• •ee and
r - -:- ' ' ' has "a la 'the SO over ski the war
".17-..,•'Z'','; end, heel ft, the ' city Idesdon-
' ', q : -... ant tloc...'l l 6nd. Difies." tr a mitred .
, .„.. wound letter Sett battle offfiTilllanis
r, r'
. ..-t . :','" sad has rarer eeeoreMd'frr it telly.
....rile , s beam', windier °Neer, sn# l dezenn 3
11, 3 " - a l o °thlt--:-.....z--- z 1
• - ' - . '-• litolo.-02 • Tataldly ' lifterlioo2.
idol . to thic tib m wa . of 4 44 - t fig saa I
with Mel/hat,
, • , boll 4 tbn impileataineqed _ titt „..,
_gap9 delartment of the •KanWV, T u Z.
. saw*, ingested- their lailannte ' It h
Afidihtl in Ma M.J. Doidna b 11 .
e.thta, . L' A. D.
-.) * ad
ri o —A, Tim
ik, Naarein
Imp?* 85
F, ~>~__
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• "
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.. ,—.
..-- -...--.. ~-
1. ,',.J.--:•:',7;4:,.-ri ,•„.,-..:.7..?:.:.i; i:-•",-,•,,i.!
• 1, -:-*i',..':l•:---i• • ••4., :••1!:,1P, - ..
-, • , ' ,- :•„1':'-•„.i..i4.7;•-.7,• ..73,-.:••••.-•:
4.,.-;•,,, • ,--- ... , ‘-:;• , ,• : t .:-
.;; .:•:,.•-',..',';,.,,-•,••.,,-,,,-, . , .. - ' „ • , c , .. , • ,- ,',.. - , - .:-. 7 :.,..- .: ,,
; : . ?,' , ...."7„....!,,,... ;:: : ,
ii.t;•.,:•':.,,i- : !•', i,','. •,. .,:;:%• , ..:. - ,',,:f.„-•,•- f •, 7 -,
,1 i1 -14-.f;.;:7-:,•. •, , i 1 •7 ,- ,1."...4:-''
.:,,, %i1'F . •••;';.i1i : :'.:c. , ..,••:- .. - - -•
....,,.._ ~.
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A+. r.
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~ c--. ~ ~,,: ;:', ,1 :•- . .C-i. t
1--. :";V; 41 :`:: 4 Te - F'• - Vl' ' i . '. , n - ' - ' : .
..I•it' . 4 , ! l‘ ,Z ! ..&: , :i l fi l zi = „ - •
.. , ,.,.. - ..... , .••:1 , .... , .; , -,i . . , .., 1 % •
- , q4r s e'., t'.t.g . - - IA.,
~,: .,i.: ..,. t , .. - , V-..,
1 P'.«.(l , ti - - , '' 'l , ',A;i:-.,1 , .;, - ,..- ;
' 4• ,::::;:F ., :'t'C , : ,4 . 4 , ,,, , , !!: .
-i,'5 1Ai! :..5.": " 1-14tr :44!' ..-
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l i- ' r..:_..:-"..;:,;!,;4 1 , : : : ,,
• ....1,M,:,;...4,,,,;,.A.v.tt1fy+.:--_-:
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e.f-Fi-:-: v, , ..' ev-a-.:,. : ,-
~, ,,, . i.,•,:.r-.....::- 1 .,„ ~,,..,-,.:-.;,.
l•-• . 4 1, .;:-.4 , -:-,.. , ~-
4...• • •!: , , , ,:;: 1i_,... <: y_
..„...,, ;
... , 'la-
l',Ittf?;1!, !5T;',,,,,11fz•511,!......'
glV: = k;i-k1z,:.t.r.v.. - .
~ , ,,•1, , .....-14,, , :.
•,.';'.4,"'••-•:-,,,I.,4 'r' • .1.',., - .-.....; , .= -t , .
,frt1;44,%, 1:„.....:,;•;214.r.::
" , ; 4 •AT ,r ; 1? .. :- • 1 . - -4-;;t:',N . : 1
i t- 14A.V`t5 4 .,, - ;
. .s -ri;; 4 s ; - itrift : . .i 1:
:05!i*: - il#A 1 1141 1 ;
.":•:4 .4 iti* iLI!-' 1 ,71 .::,
I.,l*lti,*te:',. qs.AililAtf .
.PX -14 404 1 ;1! - '
.-. ,ml- , T;Fii
444 - 14.4,..* ': • .-:-.! '
• ~ ,-:: 1 , -, is -t:-'- • ~ , t-c •,,,
M i !, `;;_ .. IIi41; -
a,t7 * *4 lo- z i ;; r '''' , : l ':r4i!
:- 4 .1 •-•, ,;:l'!• 7 -:i.:
%fe...:- . -7;•:- ~,t':t., ;:iioiNtiv.
...; ...,-r,
t ,.", •i f ; ',- ;!:j ,, :4= 4 R.V.;'! .
o-,, t .>;_ s ii. ot
tx,...:4,p-_44,.,-,:ti.,*... 1:
.J...„........,5,,,!:,..„,,,,.t _4,
~,: t ::::,,,,.
..„,...4c...7t.,..„..1,14„.. t .. m ,.
~,ct,....4,..,,,,t v. 4 4 i4
1 „.....,.„,:,.; .. jA', 4; ;litk,
-S , ~.7 2 . ....el: ''',*.,,
L 'v r k: , >' . ;: .4 :lZl
:,,,.., ••;.::".'.: 4 :t1,..f.".L...i.
. ;•: , :. -,, q. , ':,+.: , , - 4-„,,f , !.. 1 1;•1.4;ni.; : , :es
‘i'-,''!-1:;.;.•.-:'1=•'11:=',!;41,7.i'iks.,if, N
~ i -;, 1 eii.q..., "e-i4i:, -
, .f.....1,4:1 :1
sfet- - :.•;A%- ), --,, ;;f4s:l:i.
c ., . , . , ,m..,i-`, l- 7,_;:
.;4 k:::it?4:•!, -, Y.Z
. I:4l4iiilErflfot,s,3 i - ~.
,•.,-. ;7' ,- - , t4:g , q;,z.m.
, - :t.,4* - 1.7'46' ;' , ..1CV4 .;•,-,.: ~,
(.....:..,:t--„›.--,- -, .:.tv4t, -, •"...!.•-•,.%' V
ti 4 ::, ,• - V I
a ,•- •:,'''' , . : -•'''t
.;-, i':, ,- ,<: - 4••?'.‘ - i... ,
i...,.„4- - i_r..P 't, :;%;
t5,:,,-,,-;.-.-L'IY- "., •i - - .':. ;;.,,
g-- .. - 4 , .. , :.. 1 ;-` , "'".
[ 1, ~-,-,-...,....-,-,, ,1 . -- .?..,-.%-,.-i.-:•,.; :,,,, -; , .4 1 .,
A t
ikk. 1.!. ~. i •-•.„,-.,1-...-•,,,-,,,;., '---,-,
~ • •,,_, - -- 1 -. .• ; •.:, :, .- .• -, : - .4.-1
‘ll,-Y,,,,---z,4 ~',.-.:-•'. :!-, *--,.. ~V;i-:.3,
,'1• , , ,," - .7 5 :' ,... .-'',L i'•7. ', 2 . : : •-• '-1,--.:: ig,-..•4V1.
47i' - :••••:.1: - -,:i- • • :r.".., - , -; -* - -‘,.., , t ,
it. -;-.1 ',, 1- ...,.; .---' :1,- -•,-: ~.. '
s; :..,- .- ~,--„,,,...--_,..,,..;•:,.-.
',.. '':.;.' '•)-- -:- - - --:- --- - -
- 1 , .:":-:-_':.-.'.;: . -•,'i...1,; . ! , 7:!;
,i... .074TAND,-11/8V114.42k
::;.4-,;---.TL-_-::,•_.:31.4 '
, firegateratty'oEvenzag quota
rizi.4 , , , 1% , ...t.: , -..'...:,..1........ • .; , 4.1. ~..,
‘7„......l2iC4',insoceass *Wpm
11 .:,ffiliterilleir,..thittiieentrOf ' city
t1414 - siriaigo • forli4 .416W01 bigigth
-1 400 1 4r:iii:411: i hitTiGil2loot COUTIM•
ntlik: l _ Waiiiiit-11#44 , iit*teV; to =lute
*fEdilei for' gay et,-.tontrallei ind-Trine-',
veer It deitied:veiyhiii to
ilettlse7thilartyiandAstin pupa trim for
coiled, n l
th6:ll-411tPlul .celhigt tlantilit s , C . e°Tau. - . talt ; 11 world the
r , lIPP lir aUll '42 c , 4 . 1," i We
onl'orliti s wards
< , ..'F;;AWSdedlistlei eleetlenot delegate
~ ...'i'', h ii, C ontientlUftlet-'.IA the District 'Coon
itsizei bat the'Attendance .wal
istil meagre.
; ,4- 4ederenceedinkthebodywucalledtoord I ' O l7Xr"l ht Q hn whmthecredentias of
4 1: , ‘,i a gsPlellternPaltif"; - I l ui Plu re se t- e z
. 5 ,g - ,.. - .';lttirisicLiendt i uravr en a. '
.. , , , ::...r. , ,7,- , Thefotoeln- it lee/ - tlfan'a,half" e; Concen-
I3: -- ..: ,, thitts'hlty - Charlos Barnett - snored that they
..'",... 'adjourn anti half 'past one ceolultAn Larder ,
'1" '''i toe s. the delegates., from , the other wards
, . ..-..... ....._.
elk 11..
r'ffas: . 0 H cos grave °Noted the; cotton,
iota. nusia.As aa , azionamant-thit perma
aeni effected. ? •
..-. - B.2dezedlthiTisq., favored the amendment, ,
and-:asked whose fault it was .that so many
'.idelegntea weieratitent? ' j
Mr: /nano ta'aimszked - that Mr. lforedi th'a
.. . , gwesgan -wu by to meazto . Miginall It had
boa =kat 17 Martin Vow lln the'
among of 1825. It was an evil o men, and
aiw evil'omen now. ;
The shows was a "settler" on Messrs. Ca
, ammo and fderedltb, and on the quentlon be
ing tailed Mr. Barnett's motioiigrovalled.
• . The Convention then adjourned td m e et
e'cloek, and It; Is ?wrobable
-Ihat,in thinieantlaae, enough oftbc wfitith
ter, tan bi drammadmp to eopmen the Zvi
, „
_ . =s'
I - •
I A ,
• . •
y ' ''_-:•s_ ' r
-A' . 6,
...... : ;1:~.
~.. ,
7N - t .
-- •
4 / 1 6
G 41
Amt 40krer,„,ixt of OAF
0t 1 920 2 .4
10 Dmim aer
.wweAtavil ' ow
in d alto* thiu."-
gra _
delivered a vary clear and cootprekerustve
Ahem to them, in :Irene. to their; dotter,
ankW' e ,
udinet of dliietWitit
The Itirried -Judge then took ociembiiii to
apealt.of acute 'serious..orib 'slating the
community, which - c ame teeth - irately within
the seeps of thefr function' and upon this
head 'm g t.. his remarks entire : , ' - •
Nbe-eendition of. tiro roads of_the!cerriitry,.
.`nod . the street: a 'theseftlii slid bottorghei
ramirldlepirtieulerlytlookeAaftems ! Negteetful
.supaserr should ke tad..Pimkand
turnpike Mad tont - should..hU s rteeedesi
against, under the law, their toll a clouds
and the 116 - cen Indicted an d
wherein... -they, fail to keep their...roads
in the condition required by their char.:
tars i and all . , persons, Or etTP.94 OIO ;
or obstructing the- streets terstei or.
cities, contrary to ' lair, — shatild be pentiked.
No erne cM *47, pose any great dilute
along the most 'frequented portion of this
ell'', -.without Whit ;Muhl* - the absolute
disregard to the rights of the public, mail-
Gilded by :the - WACIIOCIII which onr,,strtete
are used. Confectionary stands are mated
.enniereas Iwo; upon the - side walks,
where they are mint decided obstructions-to
passengettiOnt 'whether actual obstriotions
or net they are nuisances in law.) Cheap
Jewelry - Starts mold the pan:rams% and I
have lately observed what seemed tole a
sort of patent medicine store stuck up on the
outside of ahbtia Numerous "ethic-things.
ofasimilar &anew aborand lo"stiel an en=
tent that It almost .seems as though- people
had the - eantinte of their houses upon
the streets, and taken to doing /Maness there.
These things are all done without
.* shadow
of legal right, and are .made the saute of
private emolument at theatpame, and to the
annoyamm of the public - They should be
Of a khxdred,butincompanddy worse chor
ea* le the olatruction of the et:metal/ al
lowing 'ltecomotives- Wheats to stand along
them,. from minutes to bun, thereby. ;not
only eeriest* hipeding the travel upon them,
but actually endangming the lives orthe'peo
pla. Trains mousing Piclltreits ansolways
asource of- theanraitieuct -Aid delay, to per
sons trovelier'orer them, and the parties.
haring thaut.ln charge - sheuld'be compelled
to pay strict regard to the requirements of the
law. They haveeio right te stop, as they are
In the habit of doing, to . as to block op the
whole street, 'except in cue of accident, or
unavoidable ~
The mere con e I i
ce of railroad munise
sm ti
. cm their employ es is on-excuse. We have
no desire in medial apullcatien of
the strict rules of law, bearing opine/1 these .
-ease!, tome „von dbregud..the generalintet
',latent initinesi, or the tends of the city or
fidayr, ba k whoo the tights of the publics In the
e o
usf the streets are constantly,reeklossly and
aptly violated, :am officers of the law, we
would, be ourselves recreant to our duty II we
- should shot our eyes to the fact Otia negleet to.
1 point it out. It would be far better if the eis
wicipol authorities would attend, as to their
duty, to, these maim of obstructions td their
emu thoroughfare', Out of they fall to do ag
the only remedy the public has, is through
Selling liquor without lieence, and on Sun
day, should also receive yogr due attention.
Sometimes it happens -that individual - jurors
entertain the belief that laws restricting
the sales ofliquers are nalustand oppressive,
sedtherefore they feel inellned not to enforce
them. With the policy of the law, Torte and
Jurieshave nothing to do. It is thau duty to
- enforce that which, to them, ai inclividnals,
4 1 the Most *Woes, equally, and withtbellll7lo
spirit, •is those ANT may deem the best.
They are not in the exercise of their fano-
Sone, le play the part of common informers,
or self constituted detectives, impertinently
going outside their legitimate duty, to carry
on a crusade against the violators of law, but
When matter" mime properly before them, I
they are bound to curtain and =-
fore •• the law, as they fi nd it, re
girdle.' -of fee ling, or Consequences. These
remarks in the main wilt apply equally to all
matters that win come before yon, an/render
any farther suggestions of partlenlar uses
unnecessary. You can now retire to your
mien, where the Di-Strict . 41.-terney ; will lay
before you inch business u may be ready. 1
1 The Reverend Isaaclawy l ere
n Nnikhath evening the Rev. heal Sawyer
preached brewed iermOti in the Ninth
Ward Baptist Church, being about to take
charge . of a church in tho Site of Now
York: Me Ideated for his text, Ybillipplans,
Ist chapter, 27th verse. "Only let your con
versathe be as it becometb the, gospel of
Christ r that, whether !come and see ; you, or
else be absent, I may hear of your affairs,
that yretandleskin onespirit, with one mind,
Whin/together feign Mgt of the Gospel."
Thentibjetet, which [twig be •601 TIN a very
approtrr*foits, was h ltresd.etil In a masterly
=Welcmed. style, end made a deep Impres
slon.onithelargei*d Intelligent. audience,
many althorn sonewed even =hi teen when
he retenedie lan Untie: of their eeparation.
We have kriiiwgo Sawyer for several years,
,eits -beir...histintony to his devotion to
the eattießWßlster, and his maven both
Citinietiaindirreator. The church from
wldelebitikeparats is a rewind or
ganisation; bat it has „Sourished marvellously
under hispesterallabton., The Melberg are
Meal grieved teperagon, and dismhs
hirdwklt most earnest and prayer' far
his faturevelfare - and prosperity. kir. Saw
yer earries , with him the hearty goodirishes of
a large nungar of friends, Outside the =gra-
1 . ' The Oil CityErYisrcr, contains the following
eview of the local oil trade for the past week:
The markethas been only poderately active.
Up to Saturday a lirge amount was !sent for-.
ward - by the river, But on Saturday evening
.i.ho lee - beeime too thick for .a te navigation,
though wend bents, alatt Wriest of the
oil fleet, 'started oat, and wo'douli. will get
through._ Thi ensPeaslon in ,titivigiition luli
.affected . tramottious r Whloh. hire-him very
limited during the present week, and the pro
peeed excise tat opener-ode bu aoskttled the
view. of bothhuvers and Whirs. Holden are
asking $5 Or biol. - at UM wsll4.Mlos buyers
donut seem disposed to give over $3,60 4 not
24 / ica
liking to hold the oil here . -- A ,-goo eine of
navigation would - doubly tfloprovep .In
the übsetiei of Matilda! transtetidoe we sire
the uomblat'qitots fi mi at. 449 pet bbl.
at thereat, and 44:50:2413 per bbl. at this
point;in bulk, Wuds7;so®sB, , bbls.lnoludod.
'Them are 20 inittos In the chattel and falling
COL - Prim etbirrili, $2,76 to MOO for Prime
salts &baud. acid $3.25 fop new. The tear
-kotrelosee quiet and Am. Tbe,weathar . is
moderate and thawing slightly.
Mancheiter Beller. Meeting.
At an adfourned meeting of lima Mauna of
the bamugh of Manchester, held on ;Saturday
ereelisg, idth Met:; to imorlde for She better
sipper of ablaut- 'oldie* families; the eon.
mittee,appohited - M preiloniMaetfog to
fait auirray-mia dliiribrits the tanse i tstrigited
lin making collections; andalso that
they jute einamincetpayhtg one the man In
Pooh elan aemlll;lA:thelt inditmentoho Pre'
=to,: th. Mr . :radared Wale cons
adtteefor the faithful manner in .whieh they .
performed their.d9llai. .
The ecneruittoi-las authorized- to receive
all:meaty& dcuc , tharboroligh Of Manchester,
from-the/. County - C46IIIIIIISIOnefS, 4"tor relief
I W:mmltinis consists of Wm"' B—Rosa,'
1"nao Stewart, tieo. fdetherell, WA.
Sin tkeskisini.- - 4r liitardeyf sitatni
the wife - ,of ,Mr. Neuss:sea Math=
sounty,lT. It:, was threw* from a berm end
Initantly kilted: She hid bean In !Fairmont
during the dayiand - retaining, Mirka home
after , dark A light. beinr_hastily
knelt trom thebonn4halnbs might lee to
diamornit; frightened the Iterse4 *Melt amt.
Ear italently open s'ille - ormlLVbrankiss
thwiknlt imdlyrodirlegliatantadath. -
1 ,- ,Tas Soul or ,Itzsavrao, ftekts- - Thsoals of
reamed seats Ulla. VandsaborS Itudiag
ate In s l at Zafiyotts HO; 51 Tai ate log, Som.
mowed ibis mosalrig at the' lib Rooms.
.Batwam ne sad.foor bandsod ti its won
sold p .stt the seats an so assail *that all,
with a few *lmams. sir woll toested. We
learn the , sale of warred outs willolois oa .
TossAy aitaraixot, at Oro o'atinik.;
--iiirrasx-Wsouctassaaalloa sat r; J.
44100 ilistanle 11411. Itittb Was and Mt.
- J. VRamp* .10 Zodstil *awl; ;
lumilogioda,the Bastost.'lElliOr n a w losi."'
aid 0 /doeskin Vlar t ",(oo - ; thsTffa.
iiirity Wictash*" fat Jassalf- 4, , .d.s.:,
my cod Sissy Joarzud,'" far psosadost . .--, --; •
. .
- - - ,
Aua iisictsruarstaj ming Ca IS a
Hap, Johgli torn, cuates stsnat7,, Vs, tru
by Ist. The eiglolia Orphan's
Fah 'U Is Ina 1 el 4 • 'mai Univ.'s/2d
; 'Airy araelsAtzsd s tr adjiiinalt
barldrap weis=ad 41e i suit Tba art
Ifs mamma to ban iserananne &Putts
dast,.lkrt I
•, • -
•-- ,
The Loci' 011. Trade.
litatlag at the •011 Enhaige. •
liatatlisbil-Twiehigiidiiimpminir:o •
albt-T, ol ln *lamb&
n.: Tbs : l?raldaat annotmced that the reeetizig
inaeoalled tax,Sho.parpose of taking such,
witintree as teighi be deemed most expedient
istregar`dio gni rowed tax uportcmde, end
ed:petrolimm— circular enutoating
airit Ike - New :Ira& l'itroleTitit' Association
liitS read; ib - vat - reeominended Mg'
a Remake ceniention of - delegates front 'the'
diketitparta - af the 13ornitri interested
be held in New York on this 6thi daref,Tann
:xriVlBo4, far thirporpowof deliberation and
eenerdtation, and uniting.upon -some plan - to
roman:mod. likingreas, whirl rev bring
about,. the desired-.object of an increase of
pretauo, without cenilicting with the Inter
Mr.l. M. Peandai Moved the appointment
- ots oemuilttoe °their, to attend a meeting of
the Nair YothOtlAssoetttion.
' Mr. Fiaii:-tabtdd to amend by Increasing
*el:timber 'lO the,- ao as to laoludo two re
flarra,-two piodaoea, and one broker, which
.was natio& .
.. :TheChair thennpnoMted 'slim Committee:
•Relinary, Ideurs..Jaa., O'llara and. Jas. H.
Hutchinson; ,Frodneme,_ Masai. Win. Frew
imidjohn 41,0, and Dreier, John Fleming,
Mr. Frew then moved that the Delegate.,
be empowered anyvacaneles that might
occur.. Carried.
A subscription paper, for the purpose of de
fraying the expenses of the Committee, was
then opened, and - the.tahscriptions were very
llMnli and - still inoreasing when wo loft the
On !notion of Mr. James P. Duncan the
Wee Meeting in Pine Township
Ate ninth:got theoltlzons of Pine township,
at the Crou Roads Befiool Howe, on Christ
ens Bre, the -following resolutions were
sthanimonsly adopted:
-73makaid, L _That tt Is expo:Meat to nds• Nada to
afar additional voila:dam bonathr to fill the quota for
Pao tatntslap, now called foram' tequirod.
2i That entry anolLbt to draft to caber data, cad
=bathall otharpmaoss World:data ltdo be la vital to
e to thlarma
3. That them:32 of thirty dollon be oollettol from
entry lo.n liable to draft -
, ate fundolobed by &Ls subeezipttou
be plated to du Wad. of lame xmpororibLs mem, to be
Amplhod erg to somm - low volunteers from ola owo
township • t the rate of Three 'laughed • Dollar. to
each volunteer.
B. That= cutosuch volunteers cannot Le obtained,
and thecammotationclause remstmuithatit change,
them the fund shall ho applied to the payment of
the commutatlettof nth potions es may be drafted,
provided such pen= or percent =elitists. contributed
tothissuberription their properahare. '
$k That in the masa that volunteers cannot be ob
tained fromom township, or im case the commutation
ehmee of the conscriptiou act 6811 to stricken oat,
then this fund shall Itie applied to the watt= of
=lot:door. from =yeomen, or schstitute., so the eir
colnetatima may rennin.
T.. Thaelarelt• erlthiother dletrieu of the mum y
to asking *diva mains to levy • tax for tafueel
lag all =Mei expended thla behalL
d. That we will hrertily co-operate In rustaluing
our amotry,.th this her hour of trial, by all the
!plans lo our power.
After the adoption of these. resolutions . , the
meeting proceeded to make the subscriptions
proposed,•and the sum of Twelve Hundred
Dollars nee subscribed on the spot, and the
further sum of Three Hundred, Delh,rs was
guaranteed to be raised by three individual
subscription' in addition ehould the funds be
Immediately needed. This fully mot the ob
ject of the meeting, as the requisition on Pine
township is only fiTO person!. It moo des an
nounced that one person had volunteered out
of this district since the draft, which will no
doubt be fully credited.
Dr. MeAboy was appointed to receive and
disburse the fonds.
Tux Norm BRITISH Rertaw.—The learem -
bar number of this excellent Quarterly has
just been issued by the American publishers,
Meaux. L. Scott Co., New York, and ie for
sale by their agent here, Mr. W. A. Gildect
fenney, 45 Fifth street. 0120 of the articles
will attract some attention in this country, as
it has already done in Oren; Britain, because
it has been attributed to Lord Amberley, the
swap( Earl BuseelL It Is entitled " Clerical
Subscription in the Church of England." and
may possibly promise that the house of sped
ford will add another name to the list of "no
ble authors." The other contents of the num
ber are : On the Ancient Glaciers and Icebergs
of Scotland; The Seaforth Parma ; Recent
aleographtealDisoovery and Research; PetAlar
jorie; A Voyage to AlexandrisFand a Glimpse
ofEgypt;TheScotch tinirereities'Commission;
Untold Ilardrada and Magnus the Good;
England and Europa.
Suntan Ou. Parnimos.-- 2 ,4 very finer collec
tion of oil paintings to be sold by Darts dr
McListable, auctioneers, on Wednesday morn
ing, by catalogue, are now arranged for public
examination on the second tl.rof 'ha auction
rooms, 54 Fifth street. The collection is
large, and every picture a gem that will please
the connoisseur afid loner of fine arts. They
are superb cabinet pieces from the Dalian,
Dnueldorlf, French and American schools.
Their delicacy of finish, and beauty of sub
jects, will awaken - "the admiration of the most
critical Judgment. We advise all to look in,
and examine this superb gallery of paintings.
and obtain a catalogue. This collection is of
altogether. Is different character from any
former one sold in our city.
ScrrzacEn.—On Saturday. 1101/UMIL Bolton,
of Bast Liberty, was sentenced to Pay fines
(on three indictments. for illegal liquor tell
ing) amounting to $lOO, with costa. Tho for
gers, Emory and Tappan, were eentencod to
four years each In the penitentiary. Barbara
Brawdy, for keeping • bawdy home,
tenced to pay a fine of $2OO, and undergo one
month's imprbonment. la the county jail.
Wis. W. A. Girdmostxxxv, 45 Fifth street,
has for Isle Mu Broadens' Intently pub
iiihed etety, " The Lowstr's &ow," to which Is ,
added "V.. Moor, of Ferntrood," end a new
story by Dr: T. 11. Robinson, entitled "Ciph-
Mae: er, the Sterpt Otbal." It Is one of the
series of "Iderctu7 Stories." The price of
pooh is IS cents.
ACCIDZIT.- Mrs. Margaret Potts, residing
on Lana street, First ward„,, Allegheny, fell
on the tee on Tuesday but, and was severely
injured. Eli complained of her side until
Saturday, when a phyikdan was called In,
and it was discovered •that two of her ribs
won broken. - . .
Prrnmesou Ifburnous To TIM WLSTLUX
8.13111/I[7. • Funk—The following donations
from Pittaburghers to the Great Western San
itary Zeit at Cincinnati, have been acknowl
edged : Mr. Thee. Woods, one valuable mitre
euttint machine, worth s2i. Mee. D. C.
Clapp, a coral basket, rained at $l2.
Dtrrun.d.--Two interesting litltadangl
ten of 81r..1. D. lition'e, of litennington,l9
V,i, died of tliptherts but west.
Illtzetaiao.—Espt. E. C..Wileon, A. A. Q. M.
at Ilarristault for nearly two years, bas to
alipned In consequence of tll health.
r .
TA. AND ItAtiZAVI'LLZ.—Tho lino
stoma lIIMA 0 SAILAN, oors* Airco,
, ham Pittsburgh 'my
I p madZuworrillo mai 11111 DAT, at II o'clock
sa. The sow ammo? JULIA, W. C.. 11.32. C.
ands, ham Pittsburgh uteri PATUitlkar, as I
p. m., lag faanrrillo anti TVZSDAY, at➢ o'clock
a. vs.:. fag Crolibt or vamp apply on impt or to
Pittsburgh ;
PII3IOII OD. Ar to rn - .
VOW 41.1 & LOU- - -
.1111FILI.E.—The spleid.kl geyser , PHt-N-r
ETANEVIL COL D. Ilarerros,.rlll km as .bro.
Alin DAT, VIA tut, at 10 o'olock /11:
' II:4":I.74IIt"Ig. OOILr FSY STW b"r4 OOD7 j )
l A g en ! 4
C: 4.oUle ti g
IMLLE AND 8? . 1,01010-11 r
too (tame 0111KIrt_ <Dye. 0. A. Horton, wit Dan
for Ilicaboro portirTIIIII DATiVib last.,st p..m.
For Doled" or tensor Avg," cm bout orNV-1 to
. , lonx sum. lA!g'°i'!..•
llteekluildera•ftbS prrawriumGAZLTTZ
AILSOCIATION WS at Itiaday, Jewry
- 1.11114, at a p., a., at , tits Malta Es 4, Serksee's
Itallars„ - mar a Peso. aid: at, .441 r streets, ter
the - popes. of. tally' Omaha* aid p tioo,
elation bt Directors aid otbar = *Mom, Dee or
Dpassoad the traumas" sr such ate
aTt i ell=lP7o3lll, - •-• A. • • BBOWN,
• &IL LONG ' ' - JO2l WATT, •
••D. 111. DOOR.. . ; •
Putastrits, Dee. 11411183.. .
MRS; of dl''denoolaatla - m'A MI amply
aoattantlt band, at the Internal &means
Me; a Ws2ittneetotext door to :01ty Tram
nty, • • • Mkt.iif
eg:lnteinig" lOADIet.
%/tante-Lettere 'should' to t4' Allegheny,
tfa bbti.emi anon" Applei;
•000 m. Backsittast rend;
1- • • J. rtAroiirti c 0...
, '•":" MIL" r/41:411211irdotaltrod..
kl 115 !Ala. 117 .145.34 .
mlxams Oat= Cbmi _
rim e_opals:cio Oda;
Jaiit nixift4 It* sta i ' - • -
T bIZEIL Whit*jp_kra;
4.4 whit sad be 114
• t •":
_ . Wpm; paatatter WO= •
leillAtf—The into market to been eery iot
to-day, owing - =fitly to the fed that thus 4ta t.
littleltent offer: Zed Wheat b. trot +dila Sale*
vomit-note at 51,37 and from stns at 61.43431.4r
t0nata ttniat hat unchanged; oleo of:lCepactittreett
whiWat PAO. Oatse-Sake of 200 busti at 81=4
Heeled. Battey trunottanged at WM for iipriogn.d
St re 6. von. - -
rtouB-1, 4 k ulet bat arm with a iegiliz toed de
nosed at former quotations.' Maxi Fatally le adt•
140.1 Jim $7.00 a $7,i5 MOOl
Itxtrasany he quoted nonalnal at . 343,23. tlutkwheet
dour !sidling In the small way from Odra at SP
per cert. .
PIIOVISIONS—Bsoon Is firm wiLb smell salse o .
Phan Sum Cured /Lams at 13 Lird le beld firm/pit
133.5 for prime sew. Dried Deaf Le steady irßb mal t ,
eales atl3. idees Pork, to the atonal of man, alai
bo tinoLod at Pp.66l= prr SILL'
OROCHILIDS—gagar Is firm Clones tbo dm:surd
Is light; small solo, of Dow at 133 f 13 and Donned 1
at4.7d18. Conee is firm erlth small solid of Lilo et
ting,36)f, for prime to choke. ilolassee nomlnal
at 63. .
APPL76B.Tha -receipts =Unm light and. lb
coarkat, in anmsguemos, I. ataady mtg. prirsos ats
unchanged. Quotations may be talrlyglain ats2.2A
to $2,73 per bbL
11d.1 , --/Ls u•ad, during wet weather, and bat
roads, the recalpta are my light from,tha country,
sad we are without quotations far tome. 'tar had
of baled was midst US per tom .
CHrlaY.--is steady with a maim detumad mad we
mate lobe at 14 Oar Ream Enema and 18 for Ham
POTATOES—Tbe market la quiet, though good
qualltlew are wiling le the small tray &bra store at
65(300 eta per bushel. gale of gi bbis commea
eye" at 5!,5D per blot.
Pittsburgh Petroleum market,
D.- TX—The market for both crude wed refitted
payola= bag been exceedingly doll and neglectudb,
der: TUT uotaithetandlug r we made dllllgent
tin e era-were unable to how of. single trausectim
The prospect of a rise In the Allegheny river and
consequent lroprorod receipta, had a depratting effect
.• crude. and eome (...b01d,,, appeared ienaleas to
sell at .eight concesalk The neralaal quotations
are 20 Is bulk and M In bb!. Om& Ire beard of
bulk being offered at 19 and 19%. Befined Le quiet
but rte.!) , at 401 n bend and M. free.
The reealpta and shipment. darlag tip tvanty-faa a
boars eadlag at nova are ea nova: Ship-
meats to !Sew Turk, 31 bids Crude; to Philadelphia•
Ctt bb, notinad, 719 bbl t'avds,4l7 661 s Elaptha, 44
hbls ttasiddlro; to Baltimore, 10! bbl. Refined. 15
bbl. ernda; Wrat, 131 bid. rob tied and 20 bbis Crud.
Iterelpts. 315 bbl. Crude and 352 bids Baud.
Petroleum, Tobacco and ;Whiskey In
It ts mated that the Committee of Way. imd
Nemv have received from the Secretary aflite Tri.
ury the draft of w bill amending thv Internal novenae
act as regard. the bum on Witlakey Petro/emu, To-
Game and • fur oilier article. of this class. Nothing
dentine le known, hot, it it believed that It imittree
a hit upon Whiskey of Iteventy mote ineload of six
ty, u recommended le the annual report, and that
tame 'upon 7.41mea0, Petroleum, end all the other
Interim embraced to Ma hill, - ye at twat o. !art. Oa
them ttoommeoded. The erttolet matter Is ..d to
here twee reternel to ItenMOotratotttee, emisteting of
and Pendleton, wbo an in
pit during 1111 , 1,,15.1,
New York Petroleum Market.
Sp.rita Dutch to lb. Pittatortrgb Gazette,
Near Toga, Dee. Da—Crud. Ls firmer but withont
gootabio chant - is.; .elm at 3203.11X,00 tho .put and
:123; for January delivery, buys'. option, Defined,
also, la hem. and • abade higher. tiles on the ?Pot
at 46.J43; January and February delivery,te 1 . 3191 t.;
sod March at 47t341. Freta oil la morainal at H. •
A. Macrae'. Petroleum Circular.
Itscoroot, Da. s.—ThCllnt wick la the toot
oath of • oty excited year. Neu Petroleum to
position so unexpected and so oureattinerative, my°
erode any prediction thr fears goidancii • greater
ancertainty than ever. Don, fo the hey Slay of de ,
sand—la the miry height of the emacto—we ham
Celoed at Is id, a kite it wee 3.• abut gams Una
loot year; and though at half prim, icith emporium;
statiotbt; farts In ha fever, prospees se to le,
Otiose. emcees to Its impute.. more dlecoureging
than sem over known before.
The pith of the outlet to nowise befog exhumed,
anJ after this. nod for lousy months to come, prise
will not ter neglected by a natural demand, b e by
the spirit of @pastel. ford foreement. The fetter
warn Moo It In the led 111.1:121IIR Into moat extra.
ordinary high rate; hot what will be the toms
test, there are no fat no egos to etas.
entiDa—cft tAL197 , C..41. 1 Sol. Igo
ItEFISED--linoo barrels Alaimo at le to le
71. A. Canadlea notoloel at le. .
/SPIRIT—VG uks, le tole 3d.
Stock afro& American Toim mike.
Canadian alop 4.
Banat American ZO,IMIV "
Wool In New Tart.
From the Commmdal "Do, 2..)
There is rather more movement than usual at the
don or the yens, and with oomolly light stocks,
holden are very firm In thole neva for both Dome.
tie and Foreign. Ti.. eairs'inclod• 000000 n. Ohio
Ntested fleece at (IV; 30,007 do, Mate. ling 2.3•, 100
th* hop . , Poljed, We do, Colas:lda, (‘Aso
trr fan to prime; nlkino ft, Constantine 35; t 3,000 ib
African SO; small townie *bunk Cg/21.5;(hm,
Is; and 300 balm Blacii Dankol, an private tams.
The dearth of Cotton supply, eaturjuant upon the
rstrellint, ho. elevated Wool to • much mon impor
tant position (
this world's romaerc• nom formarly.
She trade In commodity haz antioned gigantic
proportions in ohs communist marts of tho old world
and the our, nal has to • largo extant takva the
Flu of Ulan, which may not be inaptly tarmad
the dethroned King. I. mu coanection we may no
mark that the mast annuals. sonventlin of Wool
groom and stock raison user cottnnad to Amon.,
IB ho held to Colombo., Ohio, on the fifth day of
Cleveland Market, Dec. 246.
floor— 4m tan Ws XX whit& 17,33; CO lan
XXX de 117.3‘;'10D bale XX rod at /AU 1301,14.
chola do do .1 KW: so bbla extra at 0,40. Wbeot
—Bartel dulL Bates I car clerks _whits ea tract at
I60c; I car very chats nal no tract at IZ. Coro—
nut.: arse; remlpte totter. Ogles 4 ma auvvr 00
tract at 1100. Old from stare bald at =a. Oat.—
Salo 2 canon track et 7*, and tar do at 1134,.'
Byt—El.l4 al 120. Barley—lfo make reported.
ket doll and oomlall. Dreamed Elop—ll.ealptsontt.
hoary nod market weaker. We not, gala et 41, al.
erasing ocer 400 pounds, at MOO. Illtoa Port
/Heady at 4111,00 for caw city puked; It2o,oofor dam
Lard—D•tter. Sale. WOO Me city rendered Id Mole it
19 1 2 34 e to amv, u,Van% to. eoaatty. n.m.
—a fair ratan eleteuld. - New ontar.coned area at
Shealdere—Pirro 0106 erodarate ooreet at Te
for city eogasAtuctal.
Imports by Railroad.
Prrrostuail, It. .Wan it Cuzeitoo llotkaoag,
Dec. 2ii.-25 bbl. totecco, 11 Dalmyer; 14 bids why.
byte J Adler* Os.; 1 ter silent, HeusiodY * Bro; 12
id dry opplo, Little I Trimble; 2 tibia seed, T.
7.04. a; toils broom, W Cooper tea; 12 carboy;
W. illuksoorn;•42 bids all, HBiddle; 1 Oar core, 11
Wallocs; tblo flour, John Zeigler; WO do do, 3/111
McCully too; 100 do' do, Lindsay I Tolktrillllo
dodo, Oeorgo A Diorkor op; 2 tible bolter, its h.
Sr* 10 soda corn mot ghosuaker t Loom 11 Wm
dn7 apple, C Q Baldry; 12 1.411
taaremagn A Premien.= Ransom). Dec. LL
—230 sae wheat, nomody A Oro; 21 aka rap, McCul
lough," Smith A co; a bbladlotoor, Willhun Clark;
.k.., Joseph Woodtrall; Y bble dour, James Meet'.
ly dt. co; 3 bldo gkohol, 13 1' Vandlyort; 10 do &vat
Erart; 20 bblasplrito, 11 Haltom; 20 do do, Thee.
.aloore; 2 beleorago, C U Balder. 2 bbls t0t0t00,11k....
linger k Dawn IT Ms .21,21 A 'Pahneetock..6 0;-
103 oke 'had, J S Liggett *to; 002 sko Blae.
*taker A Lang; 2411 ilea blau,_ Knox At *can; PI
aka corn. McKim.
A ILLOXICIII Sutton, Deo. 20-400 bid.., Greota
anger A sun; 20 bbl* hlghwloso, u Iltejelohetdo;o2.
Ftp l i c t i t2 fr"
re a ti i" 701. 1"1 su :4 /rim ad badi n
hundrod hot IW:ober, Zink.= Andregg; 62 4. 4
11.221110 ugh, 411 Co, 6 tare dards. 21
Cater, 23 ago oats and torn, *dam Lippert; roll.
loather, * 0 Taggart,
• Import, by River.'
ZMIEStrITLE rs JULIA bblo door, 14 pkg
Mae, Clark Ja Vo; thieacke wool, Wm. Barker; 1011
pkgs swim, Fetzer gr - Asaietrong; .25 pkga P
Beck* Co; 150 Ms Scoir, lte bags flea,* T Calvin
a Co; 190 oil bbim Fleming 'Brom 137aCke corn, 1
bbl Gotta' jaralardi Wm-Bagger 55 mks corn,
Lim triCeil; 72 carboys, /as /rain; 01:9 irks messed
feed,,AJ 1.1; 7 this Wee, Cook, Pettit t Co; 91
sets corn, B Rafferty; A bbls gine, Wm Mum; 1 doe
chills, A Mllilkezt 15 Co; Wicks - corn; Zug A alm
.ter; 142 oil bits, B Caziffeld;97 pkg. tam, 1. II
Valet; 7 mks dried apples, iliteamsAer - A Lutill ACC
- oil bensie, Ifdgerson A Stewart; 9 bbil feed; 0 CI
Utley; 4 bble door; Jobs O'COetwor: - 93 - 4 'dos linkans
Atwell, Les t Co; 3 lines, 1 cheet ] I Ilowoe;!&) mks
earl.LOX ihrit.inPl43 , suwar i wm svidek-.62t
Kka cops. Moßane Aqier; 1 keg; carpet seek, B 1
J Lyneb; tot Mdsopplet,,,7 More% ZOO at** corn,
naming & Steele; ld Are meddle., Wei PandllKM;
5 pt do Mk Lett Howell; 500 feet limiter, I ii
' I
POR E.Thi•eil CAM Igin 131111 s, of
.0 16,9 0 510 bamila capacity, breciatpleta order.
• Thcoesital rugs Oasoctutiag Plots. , .
nay A da OH Tanks.
&woo '44saiintir.h.:
tot of Iron
.ona MI Turnip am! Iltai. c
Oas.lo.lxy pouts Easilno, with Bolleracol Stack.
Let,osoaji ID•apd Cocks. , . • • .
Lot olio .104 ateond.baad 011 Una.. •
Tor Finkel- ars forint of IL U. SIIITII;
daftly - lllntb Ward Soutar]
GA B AND MAN 'PhITNB... IS01488:.
ta :
Brass Work, Pipe, Pumps, Valves,
/04 all lands of =top ttut PW ,an old l,
somil,rirls num*
301)Juu.s...00Frs JULIO SMELLY
, sums:
80 antes whin LIA - 7 LAID ;
inor. ADS tor al& by* , D. VALLICII,
fiAlli-,100 !ruts prime OW for sag
1 ./ br • WY.. 1
.!tßicx goo. •
• -
•t ,••
i MPB•FOR-94113431431ADA-143,- •
- 339 Fifth etre%
In *any of the approach ef the
XESTllklit 0P01.4 I large luseepleald anserteneut of
Congaing of Vidor* Embalmed tad 11:mbroldertal
MBE AEG NANO OGIVEB11; Plato lad Gilt
Bedard WINDOW 611.1 DES; Velvet, Obsonle and
Tele EEGS; Plea and /snap Malta, ILLE.•
EWEN to.
A 1... the tenet and twat maples stock of
Olt Cloths,
fate brought is the ally,e e'n than preset mas.
Set s.
delll tik p1P441250130 ,
We &nil sell, &Aug thiprement asantb, st•rb.kid•
ea - Ma % WITHOUT ANT aDvA.Nez IA num
eta tin. a
0091= TS
nen goodilutve advaniod, to lint bond., hoe
and so &num mato' at =33 THAN HAN
truarmuura P13101E13. Oor &oak lc alsnoat on
droll' an, all hooltig, boon pootbootil olthlo 33114
dvi, Ito sub, it the oar:lowest prim of the your.
10.7arlaakeollitui ft Co.,
• • Zoo. 7l 73 min mum,
alt•tati Poet Offic• and DroodzA
TION 00111,PANT.
ADRIAT/0, LD/O . Ntrothere 4000 teal
Ronsporrer e 3 , 000 hot.
GOLONDLS,I,OM llone-Mentr, 3,oootons.
Ali 0 L TA, I,ooolloree , poreer, I,ooltolta
The magnilkerot Steamship If INNIINLA .111
from Nes - Tort for Liverpool on TURSDAT, the It
of Dermalrar.
Itatm neate gemage from Ant Tort to Liverpool, pay.
' able la or im multalent la cllrrefaq.
Intormadlitea.......--... 401
Paseramna Porvanied also to London. Para, Haus.
horn, llama, Dream.. Rotterdam, A atarn l / 2 Ad i et
tha lowest, mesa •
Pares from Liverpool or Galan le Loa. Tort
Deem. STS, SU, VA. IMh 1105.
NM panne apply at Oho olSee of the Amato
SABEL A dra/u.s. S 3 Itroadaay. _
Raman Jona. Map,
or, D. O'NIILL,
Mae* ethressiere Derllding, Na Iti Wirth a.,
jelthlyma and OS Ihnithleld at-, Plashoralt.
(Cali. ILUmos-) Tb. irelhkamen stearrarA
T ork and Philadalphia Steamship
Company are Inteaded u thllows:
CITY or Anscit—..—Saarday,
Jan. e.
or Rive
may ammeding Saturday, at ama, fromfrom Pia
44. Nth r.
Pearels Y Gold,go• is
Fan oentaaam • '....1131 CO
do la Loudon... 35 CO do to London OP 03
de to Parla.—, 114 00 do to Parla (0.10
do tollauseburg. 00 00 do to ifFettg 37 00
Pamennene also tormadmi to Dana Dramas, Rot.
lardant, Antwerp. to n at equally low rates.
Warr from. Liverpool or 'Queeratorte ; la Cabio.
$71.133. $lOO. SUMP, Sat Them who Irish to
mad Lr their Okada or. ten Rotate here at these
raga •
Y. tartb, taxman, apply at Om Comp:1141
°rms. JOHN O. DALE. Ageal.
16 Brandin Has Tack.
Maud wag; drat boom tram O. Mo.
. aattllktf Pittsbandi.
CUNARD LlNK—Steam fromak
ainatPoot AND.Qtrtmsirrow
gays gold,: co ths Kolvalaat ha =Fraley
!WU rwry wart. ipplirto
PX.I T ENgiON Ore TlDlls .— lt paring
hXI ban annoanned through the prep that .th•
airnet bar waving the Hider and Tallow a .alma;,
nghtarad ben on Govarroulat account he* bora
inoordad to Lb* aame parties who hap had It rpm
W beginning of {bra war," lea ao nub award bar.
%sheen made '
1132# the that [.r rwakieleg mynah
tot herbs pt arrived, betide la busby gime that,
i order to carnet any calaudarstaadhis that rosy
aid to Poop tor the bloProntent the ulna
! E . of the gradate{ aoralseur Of bids, aad the {diktat
{lids and Tallow, Hob% and Horns, dm
tor ofertliVrowpotala la extruded until ?VIM
PAT. lbezeinber Mb, ISM,. at 12 at. No prepowds
EU be eplbeed bd.* that Um*. and no bib will be
anehtered olden aeoompanled by the areal papa
tam Mil the bidden are present to eleven{ to their
bide GW. BELL,
deSktd LIAM. Col. and C. I.
imp wastaatly on Wad a bow and Omani,ly
?Laza, WINDOW rumis nun . LIATIMS,
10311411LL11, Jourrs, memo, Lau; PAL
MA *a, ae.„ Aa.
He will All Wan as !AWED 611777
prataplame and ai a& ram
N. B. Penns wanting LONO rLlmPai or POP.
LAB are pertiostal7 WOWd to examine Ib ataalL.
laratata as Ora* alma, amar y Dablzwait.
A nail mod!, fir Ohronlo or common
r. pubis. sp•altm It u haTalustl.
To persons debilltabid by bug standing Cough .
Gousotoptiou, it nacho, both Cough and debility.
Prepand and for. Ku by
• a ta6tiatt sad wanes s'eartamt at
tip= iffarrinue.
M ourn te and Grave Btone&
- .
ti#vl. rover of wa
4..0 D ornot. N. SW 0 stmt. 'Washin g
tan, D. 41, Doenaer.l9o.; IVA
Loco*mill .raiatsts AND HAILIIOAD
noir= BALL.—I wW sell et putllo suction, as
the Orange and Alezaudria Ealimed Depot, to Ake
andel; .Va, to WILDNICIIDAY, Ibt )3th day of
Jemmy next
Ten secoadkmod Locomothe Engtoss, 4 feet 11%
tubes gouge.
About I,too tom of old BallAy and II vellum
0110 '
pOD " " a l r17: 1 1 ;
Wrtoubt many s ea;
" Out
-A lota Steel Sprlngs. Almerfroo, k 0. .-
Gals to commence SS It S. m.
Tarots cub, In Government foods.
Caputo sod A. p.
QTRAY :HORSE.- , .Came to. the prom
/s) We of the so.ectiber, oft the etti of Dee.; nes, - e•
loop 80IMILL HOESN, IVor IS tears odd. white on
hY>Dr— • and ett enebled foot; shoes on hiellatl
Mt 'Lb. o • rLe requested to tome liantattl, Fen
ptoptely. • SelleStlth ' •
• • deSS:St • WILLLS/41 - WEIGHT. Behhels
: --
--- i
ITO bbla. crrodierd do: . 1. iii
..." 4 • • ' BO do • "Odra".' ;
$3 no. A do do;
80' do B - do .
Lo store sod SO Lao by
u • 1 :41' . -
• 100 t,... Concentrated ij.;
100 twzmukikalad &op;
110 110 Pesalltarch; •
.dolteg6 a. ikdi;
100mb ed. lloda;
IN store intd for nt.lrr
7.•araipavalcx alma.
1:4:4 pot stossnor lionpete 0
Cl 7 Wallin Mistime.
iab ;1.",1120.1 . 0.
SHUGART/I VALK44 6141b5/18—g—lit
Te th ' i r a *Meicrint`issiii.s mat.
• • •
.. ...-.
Floor Oil Cloths.
In sheik. $ to SA LW mid.
/BON 211 W YORK. 1.3.7 is atinsaey.
mar Ohio and Mind stneta,
-20 hh p ...e NU. door:
so. do bland . 614
ISO Wrest 42?
, . ,
ictaretin. 'fir/. of a• Act of the
-Oariatilslikaistidy of tho Commohlrealth of ratansyb
storl,llBA for the incorporation of the City Of
and of the
, rn" atipplemmals to said
8.. C. 8 eltTllll Jr.. Mare, of said at,. do
bran MD, .ovy pclamation, that on the TM=
IN JNUARY. A. D., 1864, being...the
tint DAY or roe Mom; duo freemen of each
Werd_ * Ol cite. •Tindillod to rote for member. of
the name ofltepresentattros of thin d ing
Moot at the sescrat phew of holding de c tiona ie
their rears:dire ICILIAi and precincts, aod elect by.
Writ, ander the provisions of an." Act of Assembly,
passed the 16th day of May, A. D., 18 1 7,
0310 lICTSOLI to .rre as Ilayor of Add city,
040 peas= to cOntTuilrir of sai d city, and
One peas= to reet T.asurer of said dty, '
.Each of whom to
1.101,1 their offer tor tiro years.
Ou the mole day. lam nformity.. the above cited
antloorities, and al. to the Online.. of Com:die
districting old city, the ritinms ore.
/Oat Ward will elect, by ballot, one person to be a
member of tin. Sch. COIII.II of mild rte for two
Ytarikand D.j... to to members of the Common
11001.8 N.
&amid Ward—ove perron to be a member of th
flelect and two tarts= to be mem:chore of tha Comm• •
Third Wars.--On.. pm= to IN, . eilemby of the.
Select altd per .to to. moo borr of the Common
Tottrth Wahl—One person to be member of the
&tact and t.o pencem to be members of the Com
mon Coo.octl.
7YRh Wert—On
act porno,' terbe • trtembar of the Bo
fact odot puntona to bo mom4oro of the °imam
Ward—Otod pantos to b a member of tb •
&lea and bourporturoi to b. momber•of Comm •
Seventh Ward—Ono tenon to be member of the
Meta sad hro pm." h., be member" of the Comm.
Eighth Ward—One lemon to be a member of th
&lea end three person. to be members of the Coa
non Oaancit.
Math Ward-4Mo penon to be a member of th .
Select and three pence. to be toember of the Com
man Council
Foch of whom elan Ito qualltted to merry as a mem
bee cello House of fleprowatolino of th.b Common
At the el.tinu to be held .. aterresid, Tun.;
the /sth day al J•nmr7, 4. D., ISA,
The electors of ths First Ward will rota ' . the
Public flcluol name In laid ward.
. . . ..
Thanlooters of . much of the Third Ward as U
north of and wet of G t stnwt, twin; precinct No.
1 of sgd ward. will votn al the hon. of N. Matsy,
on tbs Don or of Sixth • d Smttlalcill dr.ta.
Thlt electors of .. ma of the third Ward aof 11.
souN and .t of Grant atroot, bent.; precinct. No. .'
of add ward will tn../ the honer of GS. Net:wady.
at theetwner of Wylie and 'runnel droots.
The electurs of the Fourth W.rd will rote at th
, Lilo School tlom.le cold went.
The etectort of so model of the Fifth Ward as 41.
north and rant of Adam. street, being precinct No. 1
of said ward, will note at tb. Public School Novae,
In sold want.
The electors of wi much of the Fifth Wahl at-Ilea
math and tees% of Adams W.A. bolo! mocfnci. No. 2
of mid word. trill rote at the Public tabool thaw, on
in sold Irani.
• 1 , 114 School Howe said Tito elector. of the eeTenth W.l will vole at lha
obllo School Boom In sad w.f.
Ths electors of We nth Wanl .111 rote at the
.talc &hool Homo la Rid ward.
The electors of the Math Ward .111 rote at the
. .
• • Ulla Reboot Roma In add ward.
Wren ander my band and tbe seal of the odd City
Plltabirgb, the lath &ye(Deconyh A. D., lent
delE J r.. B. C. SAWYER, Jr.. Itayor.
wendarful ttfects of Liao arttcl• to roatosing
.lo: b 11. original ca.. .od prudocing Hair vixen
l hall altogether fallen off, or begone ail*, le mar,
day becutobsig wore smallest, aad establishes, be
yftl4 dow6t.:4lbe
Tut 4 wiII, •ateenrs dm mambo, r swa Gray Hat,
to it ariarf•al rotor.
raw 4 In2l,aala lt arms, Said Haas.
flat it NW MOT Ma Matra! Stororioms.
Tact I NW rm... d Ihmatrydr end Orkin,.
Sloo it KA mate Al Hsi Sill cod Glow.,
That Seal premolar/. 0,11.4 GLter to ON do.
Tad 4 tal prnorat Oa Horr,franot Fa*, al.
That 4 vitt ern alt Du. 1f A. &alp.
It la mut • Dye ; mutat. ao Woo of &. r, or sty
ingredient laJarloal to either Sala or Ilatr.
UNION JOHNSTON, Ocorial = e d.,
o.r. of Bailtatiald .ad Teton!,
16 AND II CIIAI I / 1 588 87217ZT,
(formerly 49 Chatham error, Now York,)
.Would all the ateatkm et &skin 1 the ludas of
hL masautaaaa,
ti2J .i
Ilacabo.), rine Ran., Canna Rapp., Anterkan
Gentlemen, Detract.. Pure Virginia, Lingbiteclies,
. .
&stub, High Toast Scotch, Irish High Tort or
Loadyfoot, Hooey My Scotch. fresh Honey Poach.,
Pratt, osotsb_
Attention Le celled to the large reduction to prime
of floe Cut Cheering and Brooking Tobaose, which
will ho found of • superior quality.
- - - -
Swamp Long, ie. 1, No. 2, Nas. 1 and Y salad,
r, Crr ca■.na—r. A. L. or phln Cam,
dish, or throat ; Swot scooted Oronoco; Tla We
Burma o-8. Jar., Spada, Clanutor, Turkish.
N. B.—A Alma.r of prim* yr 11l be went oo maks
The veneration of Mb Pill has been the result of
mtes of windy and ;arctic. They axe purely me+
tad., and Orrefors will net Won the Wither cam.
They will our. th. non 'West Tooth-Ache In a Inir
citheutay when prowl, mod,
Direakietii—Oeas oat if. wiry of th. Tooth aged
.d, nod dry is well with cotton; then oat the PHI
the else of the vacuum' and par It tight tuts the.
tooth, and cover onr wits or contn.
run PM. are ow of Oa b..t ramadles for thla
abocklng pals.'
Prepare.' and sold whole's). and ntall. by
AUG. WRl:lsllMilif,
211 0010 81 AllAirbay aty.
AAA abo by .11 mbobamlA sad retail Dined , In
Plitsbarst sad Ai - Emmy. sollthatit
Noterlttodandloa the attach of bacon
=r b lo , Ponders. who . l ate to Itts- Dam of itpd•
tvoslthei dsfly -Um eroratit ondorsoorlnia of oar
oltlroos. All that.le until Is tomato. all odor
N st d t w' y th" 113381"..
J. DIAMOND, Pracllcsl Opt
ranatsetimor 'oxf it* Boats Pebble 61,:lbil:8,
39 Irtftb amt. Morning Pen Beadlni]
now; Chimneys on tutomdol tot the eat Camp
boding all part* of lb. slam uoli du.. .1 expose
It to cracking. E. T. MUMMA
Fort 'Pitt Ohms Works, WitidaLogton *treat, :- •
spl7 . Pittsburgh. Penns..
TEETH . ErniAcno wrniotrr
... PAIN.—We take this method of tafirteing oar
Due& and the pal& generally Out we aro now
.red to IXTRACT TIELTH wnaoirr PAIN
cp 4ogio
gibe in:wilco of Dentietry.• bawl lam
postponing Ude much drviWed 0 avow lap
add. their Rem and give ne ' wv die
we here In toe lug been tbo Patted d=tr•
gait Nor yearn folly the safe sag pain
. two chalactlawf the o Dyne or Chant--
ash nor Galvanic Denary _ ,-- All Abe*, writhing
the IICTILMI of • good and' ialtably Dentist will de
Well tiritell awl tossup with • - • %
JAN e/1. into, D.: Dal, •
N0.1f4 Faulk etnwc
oi, Do. O. NOG, Nal 47 • gralNdleld street, Pitts.
Cbrwr 014 hard &nth Allfilmay,
QW. A. !CELLI'. PPonarroa
arPhyskitatue prescrlitloni wstall7 cis wad:
Oot sialtlog Pkiatdizi tbaLsig Instadte, uffalo,
Now Yoh, 1.4 opened an otho aS //o. 47 BYITH.
I=l 3711= , 510r Mow of noulubcrorlag
and admlo OEI , awl 3111DICLV
OXYGENISED sa a the malls Law
Dlesses, aucalto Complatati,sod' ail Imptuitid* at
tbo blood. Chan.. roamaN• 4isd atm artaio,
4On 11311141
- oes'm
Ijj Fl-6 ffrice L.
" Chips 010//fin
+NAY - •
• • -
• 14i::
. _
ploP9skts FOR FORAOE: -
• _:..rgaZriZalrlZMPlrrnei OrriK l 4 I
WILIIhiniGII Depot, DecemberB,4ll63.
' - Sealed propores.are torihy the rieidertipled .
supplying the U. S. Qes.viersoustrea Doputmont. et
Wuhinton, D. C, Laltlmore,lUd., Alessuidrfs and
Port-Moore, tio., or either of amiss pl.leos, with
Dias will be rrcei writ fur the delivery or 5,000 bush.
of emu or oats, mud LO tom of hay or etre*, and op.
Bidders meet state at which of the aboy'e named
points they pumas :a snake dotter endings , rats
at whlchthey will make delivering thereat, the quan
tity of each article proposed lo be delirerad,gthe time
when mid deliveries slcall bo centroonced, trot when
to be completed_
• The pricermint be written oat In words on the bids.
Corn to be pat up In goad stout racks, of abut two
bushels each. Oats In like sacks, of about three
bushels each. The woks to be furnished without ex
tra charge to the Gortrusuragt. The bay end stags
to he sentroly baled.
The particular bind or ginctiption of cats, COM,
hisy, or =pond to Iss dilivered, rung be mated
I the p
All the artiels offered ruder the bide lane' hi in
vited will be subject to arigid Inspection by the
thirenunent Inspector, borne beteg svented-
Contracts will be awarded bout time to titer to On
Intent reeponalble bidder, are the Interest of the Gov
ernment may regains, and payment will 'be Midi
when the whole amount contracted for shall hare
been delivered and accepted.
The bidder will be soared to tamospargy hie pro , -
Potal with • g....tay. gaped by two responsible
persons, that in sae his lot is accepted he or they
will, within ten day. thereafter, execute the contract
for the same, with good and minden! sureties, to •
son equal to the thartait of the cmthrint, to dellerr
the forage propased In conformity with the terms of
this adv nt; and In see the said bidder should
mil to otter into the contract, they to make good the
difference between the otter of sid bidder and the
next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom
the oxotraet may be awanied.
The nopoositillity oftho guarantor. most be @tonna
the oDlcial certllleste of • U. 8. /Metrics Attorney,
Collector Of Ctletollax, or nay other officer under the
United States Govertintent, or responsible person
known to this office.
All bidders will be duly notified the anceptenne
or reJectioo of their yroreeal.
The Dill name sad Y. O. Wmw or each bidder
mast be legibly 'mitten fn the proposal.
Prot:Neale must be addend to Brigadier General
D. IL ItOCILEII,ChIef Depot Ow...lrma/der, Wash.;
Ingtoo. D. C., an4.thould be pinball markol••Prope-
Nth tor F11nk,66"
Donde, lo a sum eq.] to lb. =met of the COll
- signed by the contractor arid troth of hi. ..-
.lora, slit be required of the merestrui bidder or'
hidden or Waving the contract.
Blank forms or 4d., guaraness, and hope% inn.)
be obtained upon pplication et a ffi
le oce.
(Town, County an/Blate,)
I, thoenbesiber, do here/insets. be furnish .4
deliver to the United States, at the Quart...We
Departmental —,apeesbly to the tem.(
your adrertivernemt. Inviting pnpouts for forn , ,
dated Wishlngion Depot, December 8, 1883, the fol
lowing article,vLs
—bluish of Corn, In cm., et per brothel,
of 58 wands.
—boahelauf Oata, In racks, at per
- of MI pounds.
—tone of Need Hay, at per ton, of 2,030
tona ofStraw, at —per tan, °MOOG ponads.
beltway to cosnawnce on or before the—day of
180-,and to be cospitted on or Wore the
day of--,130-, and pledge alyseit to eater into •
written contract with the tatted Elates, With good
and approved eectiriUm, within the space often cloys
after being toward that my bid has been accepted.
Your obedient tenant,
brigadier General Tilt !thrice,
Chief Depot gnartermaster,
Washington, D. G.
We, the undersigned, reseidsnte or
the county of and State of
ketebY. Jointly and severally, covenant with - the
United States, and gnarantes, he cm the foregoing
bid of be accented. that he or 03 will,
withlz, ten days after-the acceptance of old b
cote th e contract far the sense with good and chat
urnriles, bran= rut:alto the =mut of the contract,
to (=del the forage propoeed in contformity to the
term of advertisersent dated Ihweinher7,l=l, ander
which the bid was made, and, In ease the said
shall fail to eater Into a contract se aforesaidore guar.
ante. to mks good the difference between the othr
Vide*. or th tic, old e
to gad
whomt t he k"" = "P" .y 'ibi. , may bo
a warded. _
Witness, f Ginn =doses; hands and sods
this —day of
• I=l
hereby certify that, to tho hostel mj knovtdse
and belief, ths abase named guarantors ars_ pod sod
Eiclont as sureties for tbs amnia the which thsy
ofTer to be &rarity.
To he rectified by lb. Vatted States District Attar.
nes, Colleen= of Customs, or .mother WE= under
the United States Government!, or responibls pas=
AU propoods received ander ale advertlaeotwat
will lw opened and examthed at this office on WED.
KESDAY mid SATURDAY of each week, et 12 m.
1111deni are norpeetfelly limited to be remit at the
opeaing of Ufa, If they Maim.
ail' EMUS,
Brig. Gen. Quarteimmter.
Cs TALCS Drossy,
Omrs or TIM Caw grammes/Ts;
traahington, 25, 1803.
oar=are aolkfted, and will b s received at this
trembling of Carilry Corp, to be do
neared as Washisgton, D. C.; AL Louis, gad
Chicago, Rt.
Theltooke to steeply yr= rt. tetheertng epesubsw
lions, 'to. to is from Aiken (IS) to sixteen (161
ken, ikorn_des (5) g a r j 9) yews old , wed
bro to the naddie, wow ball; In good Ash,
and free from all deco to. -
The ability of the bidder to ball Ids averment
wort be guaranteed by two,dble Innen;
oboes slipratatree must b. appended La ths guarantee.
Ns proporla will be entertained mho the oath of
aliVr of the moon or perm= bidding shall be
tho The = ib oa t re r orteGßeettrt t
Diarist Court or of Ow United Stater District At
Plowed. rant be eddmaed to Lint 001. C. CI.
andh= Chief qtuuternuarter.Carairy Bares";
and be endorsed on • tha envelop Proposals Err
Horns." ,
Caryl ry Items egnelng with the abcnelperiltes-
Mos will
ow be mr.Wkood In *pen tale A Zs,
st tb• follbg places, vls . New Tack PIN
Babas sad Bochetter. 21, I', ; Plaltbanti, Psalm
Oolvalbm,Olato , Baton, Usu. itavatiy,
X •.; tad
Kullson, Wis.
Lieut. 031.4nd Chid Quartermaster,treardtg - .
Cavalry Baxeaa.
John Marsh a Co.'s Sods
anutEntly making th• mete, width la will well
==ttl i tt l'UnaL nuofio Pu " .
coltia• Ara news ernsrr,ria.biptaL
j .11' STEEN hum Forannars,
U. Gas Ain Onus Trunks: Particular attention
Id to Um Iltßog up BR ASS repairing of OIL RUT
made to 'atm. • Also BRASS . CLSTINGT,: of all
Rl:also:Dade er the slanted notice. • •
All orders left 5a1105..31 and SiWATER srainior
mar Liberty,.•lll an promptly attended
WIT•The merobort of this Inn pranged Ma
clean* of many rare ' thelr .Duelness
Imam to gin WwsPert. •
We ons also agents for (kdkl, GarrisonA Oo.'s
STRAW TURA for pumping Water, erode mut
tined Oils, Jo. Addy,
DIARIES. - t ' / B e 4.
ilo A u l 7sz D'acq""lanum. fmr"fIicVCEICTPPfrAED,4I243OO4
mazy la Imitation Tark . a7. .a l m7 "froceo utz
yids en edged aad with mai& edges -1,
pima damp' and idastla hateadagd•
firep4 IMty UM. 0"....61
t Telink MILMOMSII...
• CI.
Dater and Settering.-- bistoi-i'of - the Gnat
EtkilariAttreetury la Aketzis, - by rata: - Willie*
tbe Llitee t'or, A Kant* Pliancy Lap*
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Our Sunday &boo), sad Haw n ` 14=0
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1.... - • L. arra; ra Awn
WOOD starer.
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Mail% and , POUOMlticDttAlt /LAM, sod us
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Br.lll:prifrrEClTlito IMMT,
Uwe jot robbed a. Wed stock of eseti PL&NO3,
Twr7 Dam Irofidei-Preesate; width tbey earn Ibe
-Tbe fit glessiai
pAprB, AND %-ENVELOP,I3 :W14.11,1f,
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glom*, thmeytagc ,,, ,Talsitily . • - •
REas.tir :_(;N•xtrip-,:ru84041
Tenn on'tbstit‘itatinrisf Vita.
• .ntryt to Dreo Dictionarwy.
tlinfot thy - Antiquity ot
rradriataas of the Oa Wald._ •
1111 1 1 1Prirelplos at l'olltanil Detnitroy.
Angora Dritat BUM Booker' Mann.-
Apinia's to Natural
.'.lrtrt ado by • •• t 2.EAT it. Mai 55 Irma ce
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M a s: Fkl a t js=. l lll . ,s.• 2
is • pals at •132- 9 / I ,oot 1109TIL aft
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ISO —mat.
...b.." 4 1 nit0 941 "T5t1 2 7 3 " 11. r
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mg, TIMOUGW.. 4900 OD N. .If •YRAISI
Lacas ea ramagor Ewan - thradara
at rap a. at, cloppla Wall Ma.
bargh ct4Taloda atakaap4pact COMO.
tloa Or otaYoraa4 V..
no TWRWUCLIZ NAM - the pas.
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240 aOW '.l \
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MOTS sad W, ',and tar Now Y via PM
otalakta. • ' •" • •-•'-;* '' . •.• " 5 .
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4,51 1 ,.. 7: tr01i at Findpalealloas,
dlroci co
WasTaWiall Ibr Weir York via Alka.anm ?oat"
The raitrz imiTtall the Station datip.(caampl
Sunday) a LIS p. ao...atcPW4i4 a 4 11 .41 Plaolpal Wt.
Ocala ocacaooting at Ilarrtarra Oar Balttroor• aa4
Waaticatzw. taulai Pilladolpitts for Nair 'Mat.
accgatmonAnes Amantis
The Johastalra Accabtatolillaa 'bib lawns daft
taxerp[Stulailf)alpOopmegrplag at szetakes,
and mania; as far aa C 22.2
Wins A=aodatkaa Train Mara masks
Irrees daily (ar.rept Batuby) at WO a. m.
Acommaadallas Trab Itir Walla Mali=
hid (exempt Bablikaat LIAO a. far
Thir Acuarabalatioa 'hub br Wall's flat&
.I ""jl7 .ALawa m"s oduk au'g ri Vla s4° 43iP m fbirs . L
asree datrcept Strodaykri=
aria Batk.
day at liAdi a. s T r 4 " 4 ail las .
12AS a. al. Pf ' ! Pb!Illi !!
Itattom ...vb. te Yfttebarib is Lm.,:
Baltimore ~- " p, 11650 p. is.
Philadelphis ' Q.. mil._. , • la)
...............-... p. ta.
ri.41.1. ~, 4 UM a. la.
Throe& Hail Tralee'' -
, ___,........0. - 00 a.s.
• .
Actona...*--10:0S s.
Wu s. Wail'. Station 4 •lona GASP in.
&and Walit's Station datotososdalbso SAS a. ie.
Stied Nur, litatfott Accomtsalation.LSS p e.
roccrth Wall's Statism AototomodaPpl.... OPS s.
Bannon Express vlrl brit* with'
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dli. Ink/action erith Ettomsh .- dern mmadatfm
J abzigtrura decoponodation and .s. Train
and • Ith lialtimora Expreft and l Amon.
Toles ex /Gresstrard connect it Cows wltb Ex
pos TrLittl, and Nut Train watt, and with novo&
Accommodation and Tams Tula Staab -
The politic will And it vastly to thole fotealsb to
that...t taat or West, to Wave by the Tearaylvants
Ballard, as the acaxonextatkowitOW alleed
cannot be on any other tecta.-illta Head
We can bellw asprOol4 w stone, and lientlralj
free Then anat.
be nary, to
who easy favor thia woad =ler and
potreclap. .
To BO Lb Nll
Tu Philadelplda... 10 60 To Lettcnelat II SO
fo TVS
Daum* ebocked to all witliaCTaniwybs.
rda Ocatral
wad Earned, and tollaladc~taLUneas
Nese York.
- TfAlnotlfe In Ow ibt. will le
an mesa, acoordlnga tes, to thedlstaxwe pa
tio= to sCrellon to the Kellen rex cept frill Na
Where , the Company has
of lotydie Caton, ea bold
tbamsdrov nwponelbla .1w *WNW Gab
and fir an anwront not
N. 2.-10% Omnltna llne,bairbeett
convey pumps end banns to "and ban Do.
potott a charge- net to mooed 26 cemtbAbt each pr.
waxer and Hwy, Syr tickled to:-
At th. Tennaylvsnia Chitral , Nallzwall
Station. on Liberty andOrantetteetc
PIra'SBUDGH ..LIIDirMt7. J. ...Al
W 114 TN. it ABBANOEMENT.-01‘aind atter, ,
MONDAY, November IMA; 1 -Tripigi *at lean
the Depot of the Pansy n Fitts.
burgh, as follows: ,i
liliel ; ' MM. ' ' .
Matbaryll ma me
Leaves Pittsburgh 1-451..• raj .oMl.a:m. 1:45 p. sr.
do Welimilts. 4:111 " ' lila 'vt * 4:05 "
do_ Ste acme* tab " %48 .9" &CS "
do Wheeling. COO " mock . cos .
Anima Balar.- 601 " 11:15_ 9 0.111 "
Cannectlng at Steubenville and Bellite with Sta.
ienalle and Indiana Bailmed wad IhuhrblOble SAIL
mad for Zonsalle, Norm*. Colombea, Beam. Dar
ton, irollanapolls, ChttliaLltf. Louisville, Cairs,El
Louis, ilt. Joeph, and all points westand malinnat
and at Wheeling h Baltimore and Oblo Bahasa
sued Olemisad LW.
do Well
Lame Pittsburziu....-., Hap.=
-.......—....... 4ho ". ale .
k5O .._- 51.3 .
do' =we 01.5.3 " . 0415 "
do 5amna_'........-.....-..... 7:40 't. -. ISM
do Madam.— • . 811 -"- 7,11 "
Arrives at Cleveland • • _ .... - 4t.Z --... . &411 .
- Connectin a Baprd lath- eese-traneb lbe
Nam pas and Canal Dover_ ,
,at /Mums with
l'atsbtrrgh, Fort Wayne and Chk - ago la/Dad; at
Banana alb Atlantlo and GreaVesteth lialimad
for Warren, Granath, Meadaile - Dann, Cam
Jamestown and Salanumem at . l,,. erith Clem.
land, Zanesville and Cluelthatt go =
Foyaboga Falls and billttmlrarg, sad it:XI
with 0.4 B. B. B. for Edo; Dunkirk awd Banda
with C. 4 T. B. M. for Sandusky. Toledo, and also
with stamen Mr.DatrolL • ~ - - ...
Stentetvill• cid Well;rfils lAttonessodetton ham
Al=sCtty at p. .
traits arrive at likOtre.ii., 330 p.
axe gm. and 2-1.0 a. m. •
I=Tickets to ail Pronthleat prlntio tea to
1 the Liberty Street Detegt, Pintbarik.
peßal Tllket Agent.
And at Allegbeop CHM
Pat farther hatrostlan apply - •
.Itt the Compare* Wks ter indsfattlatite, hats!.
F imT NAT 1014.1.11
Onatr. or Outman= ow Tax Cnaxtscr,
. Wedateston CifTe Anett
Itannaup eattsfactory err —mono to
the =Alas lt has been =deli, that
in tho County of Allegheny mid fltatenCltallits•
nla.haa been duly organiad ander and aceardlag to
. tho reqedreenenta of the Act orikaptes, entled
.as Act at-bract& a National Currency; atinered by
a pledge of United Hates Stock; and to paddle for
tM chrcalattoa and; etdomptben tbenad,.. approved
February YAM, Isol and "Ma complied -tab 01l the
=lora of geld Act required toln. can:glad iv
Now.=the Wainer of Banking : •
Boor Itbeetruncr,,
of tbe Catrency, do /matey anti*. tliat 4k Vi h ab ir t
county of Aticichafr. dad .Btal3Vatrenzaylvails. it
.qty to.oomence the butlnesponNadat
dar. the Act afoeaid.
- ,
SfAat et im •
n*,s e lf e efpnf -;
• i •
a/lan• f • a Blo S = .
, 49f 0 *
MSS/IDMH a t P 414 •
(lOS P,1TT8D1330 . 11 :grim Ooze Aim)
CLutrax,e4oo 000 vitlibleensm,
- to 4 1 ;0d0.000:', 7 - 4
' The Pittsburgh Snit Detaisay Mite( astiltdise
under the actin pedal& • Naticual Cerreney, mann
fW - nt • the. Fran •samoziAx.. i t ar . l4 B :
ppPESDIMAI4 Unslist air the the
cohlankat-of No•Ta7=lUatif
yeeatta Ermeary as deposit, gestbuy.W mit Az
th.mite ark all Porta et Ito =a
- Ths mums which he-
Trost Compan, ahem Its urs;antsattats to lA .
Fa us' belleve," be a , isontekatt gumbo that
ankmtcd to ',al metes the
Ham prompt attention,
very lita
'sad 1 16 = throughouc rtemat th• - ecsantryineh Wins we
ton c EntAlirs to 16 #e 1. 1 4 de "'WM
. - -
V4ablab,qiiiMb•coisdactidlii tispa• Mart
• I 11431 — viiiiipmr.
110bata, ilyr.. ••1 • Valuta ClAlikiry, •
Mamas Itatt, ' WA=
Thomas Wighttna. • ,-- Sam Ike. • •
4 21 4. - • ••• .
JAMILd iiirin3Proltb3tut,
iosiiikiottiar.aiwar; -
Avor bah urzt.-; NO. 66.
OpmQatlf swats to icer.bxKasesiii Wedneedal
iatt Sotento etuatto,lhas Xay.leito Namable
tot, from TAo 9 o'clock tad' togoa4Artestbat-14 to
X=treet to. to'clack:,... - -
reWred of OW wow loOt Wolk=
llnd 'addend Otitilroilltsilidand .
year, to Jaw sad lhermbee, litenat hat boa
eland mod ;5 jots sodakeester, data
the ilia% us oßwlmd, at the, let tott: - .
Wart, 1/...a0t t
dram le pieced to hietattt
ef thy deparitorlirginttpolout,, and bears tho row to: -1 .
hard from emit's; dilir
pomdl take 17tar,tttboat. =spite/ the oL.•
tot to WY - ar mole petrol lets tar hook: At th.". • '
maseT etin doublets] kW
Books, cOntalalnig: to. Muta t : -ot•Talra Z
othilltitiel . t?toygoaTqlear 117Plketka
?...John Haw* ,
f Mundy r pee
Bad .. - rikao*.
Gibbs Juba;
lota maseatiai - ' ,
• J 0.11¢0.1
',Gaze Black,'
likaiso Chinig r
• Chatigle COILOCI,
Fillagtor,:- • 7 -WalissiTaaktrly, • •.‘
Richabt URI*
VIM*" Lavitl;t:' • 4,
*amours LlVairmik4;lll2lll6:oo
14s *amok,- :';,',-,
-- Jilmaio 21: D. Mesdi,_.,-
'W.AAILF9CIock. IL 4 . :"•-
•!_linOl Un itrrk
=011.11 . " : 7 : - '.7 .-
r., A tt. ... tit icaterv.r 4 ria
- • - EO 3 4 I2I •ANDIIO4ASEMI : .-..-:
I g •l tt i t i Vi '-;`, --.-::-. .- -:•-::.--;--
:----; k • .". tsralaat .-•:damaiiri - , .:rr"-r-: ,
.. . 3 .'W,i" .. .. : ..... ....151 , . ''.so /WO* , 4N •• . ... . ' II I •
.7...• ~ y • .135-baqus aimed 3111111•111
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Prime' Iry Ltrt - Ifitqa - •••.••• • Pia... . •
storirot watimYbrair.lkes. Ilir =Nam
arrtelaji er. , -7 , 2,14 . 10
!-Ire -' • -.-.-
-- . -- " A , =- a vr.T.aftg4 f• s' .-. . .., ....
.... ..,..... .. _._
.........:71... ' :... ' ... . 1. :, '. : 1 :..:: : . '1. :1 : ;;. '''.7..::: :.
..,:,- - , .. , .. , :fc. - ....... , :-...... , . , ,: . : ,.. 7t- - - .•,'
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..•; - ...i,.. - .. , -. - ---. , .F. - .. .., ~ . ...i .fi,.
..-7—.. :77—.7...„....,L.:.!...