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.1 . Oiiiiiiittrlli' . 6anftit.
7*. ..., ~,..,
-OptDAY MOBNINCE=:::DEO. 14,1888.
3 tlme• • 2 Woes • 1 time •
bally week. week. week.
9 0 34 2 1 1 w 304 1.1 34. q 1.3 X5Ol
1320....8 1 GO W
31214.... 100 66
113132941.... 125 29
1 ere4Y—. 2 001 134 150 90
w• 411,... 150 175 2408 IWS 1 738 IOM 20$ GO
a v01.._ flOzi 150 300 t5O 150 226 150 90
10 900 300 400 200 300 160 180 I[4
21995121. b• 903 160 680 290 460 225 3001 50
3 e1e40404.1.1 00 650 760 375 510 275 3751 90
4 91125.13 00 700 30 456 65) 325421 2 26
6 014.14 00 7 . 60 020 500 70) 375 460 250
Girw 00 If 01 10 CO 550 750 4 Ce) 5002 80
930011114.23 OD 11 03 13 45 7SO 10 0) 675 6954 25
1 ye•fr......23 00 15 00 17 00 10 40 12 50 760 8505 50
(Changeable ow. a week.)
Daily. a week. e. wet. a week. Wkly.
Blx imatbB.-$lB 00 /14 00 12 00 $ 8 40 800 V)
One tear.—., 00 21 60 18 75 11 60 00 01
AdmldWr. Rotten, 1 time a week 0
Nultaga 76
Tunelal rtotleea„ each imertion 00
The . Primary Elections.
The Union voters of tho city assembled In
that; several election precincts, on SatUrday
afteSnoiin,.to elect Ore delegates to the City
Con:Mallon, which meetaon Tuesday morning
nanl at ten o'clock, at As Court Home, to
place in nomination candidates for Mayor,
Controller and Treasurer. The contest for
Maim was Unusually exciting, there being
thee; candidates in the field, Mann. Lowry,
---'-- bflutby and the present incumbent, Mr.
fla err. The vote polled was much larger
Uteri usual, and woe taken part in by
men who seldom attend primary elections.
The I contest, although warm, progressed
peacitably and honorably in all the wards
savdthe Eighth, where the proceedings, we
remit to say, were anything bet creditable.
The result may be stated them: Mr. Lowry
dads the First, Third, Fourth, Sixth and
Eigtk Word delegations, which will g i ve
...him Votes in theConvontion. Mr. McCarthy
carried the Second, Fifth, Seventh and Ninth
. Warils, and will go into the :Convention with
.' 20 nitell. 'Mr. Sawyer failed to secure a sin •
isle delegate. Assuming this to be the posi
tive itif affairs, Mr. Lowry will be nominated
- r
on the Out ballot. Mr. McCarthy made an
Sa was 'ilimustrously defeated. Tho re-
AllilltiaefollOws :
`cloir..Wrgrcf--jazace Rees, Samuel Fulton,
damns Eennedy, A. Fryer and Geo. Scheid
n*.ei--for Lowry. These delegates were
i .. elected 1iy129 majority over the Sawyer delc.
..i.... .IDtere: 'Xs. McCarthy no. no delegates hero.
BreinClVard—Jenathan C. Mattorn, J. 11.
Said' ` l4m. N. Ogden, Thomas Davis, Wm.
Davifor McCarthy. The vote stood, Ma
' Cm "— delegates, 141; Lowry, 91 ; Sawyer,
l'hera Werd-First Precinct, Andrew Sims
.as n. Simpson—for Lowry. The rote wee,
' i
,_ : i- 196; Sawyer, 93. Mr. McCarthy
~.. co content here. Second Precinct—
•,.l'n Kemi , , , - , 'l;imnsts Geoghegan, and W.
`Colville-for The vete was—Lowry
dole tot, In; M 'arthy,l27 ; Sawyer 33.
.. . Vara—Samuel Scott, W. H. McVay,
Da Lewis, Edward E. Rinelused and B. M.
• Leo or Lowry. The vote stood: Lowry,
149 ii'McCarthy, 134. Sawyer 5L
Fit Ward—First Precinct, Frank Ardary
• and rid Beck, for McCarthy. - Second Pre.
ellid,•ltichard Thompson, Peter shieWhirter,
and 111tobert, J. Idotiowan--for McCarthy.
. 'Sawyer:give egithecontest here at five o'clock,
• Wadid nbt get; the vote.
alai Waref--Jared M. Brush, A. G. Mc-
Candling, John Wallace, John Lowry and
'Johni:PhMips—for Lowry. The vote was—
Lesrti'delegates, 272; Sawyer; 42. This is
Mi,Lotrry's own ward. Mr. McCarthy made
to taidest here.
, Seeinti Ward.—Samuel Barekly, Albert A.
Moote;Sobert Thompson, Lewis Roll, and Si.
N. Moorhead—for McCarthy. This is Mr.
McCarthy's own, ward, and neither of the
otherlaeadidates ran delegates here.
lEiiktb Ward.—This being Mayor Sawyer's
' . own Avard, a desperate struggle took place.
Mr...Lowry undertook to "beard the lion in
his din, and succeeded in conquering not
only the lion, but his whelps also. The- Saw-.
yer Mel got the organisation, but before pro.
modbigto rembrethe. o , Mr.. Hutchin
son who was an Inspector , and favorable to
Mr..Lowiy,..en that they cuie a bat to
depogte the ballots in. B.C. sawyer,Sr., the
, ' Mayor's father, then came In, with a paper
box,Whieh he pasted to Mr. Smith, the
Viet Inspector, who was about cutting a
. hole - ,,in 7 :3,1ie lid, when Mr. Hutchinson,
snip:sating some trick, took' it out of his hand
' and Omit a shake. To his astonishment, he
discovered that it bad been stojfef. On open
ing=Stir lid, the box was found more Mae half
,;gted'aeith tickets containing the 11...11.1 Sawyer's'
deferafai/ The old gentleman (Mr. Sawyer,.
Sr.)monied surprised, and male some remark
'aboi4, the box being been used for some
other purpose. The tickets were not counted,
but Mr. Hutchinson is positive that they would
. havejeximbered .meriderably over a keedred—
perhaps two hundred armors I The balloting
"then'. d, and it was not long until Mr.
'tliatelitatati was compelled to object to Cop
per/Mad voters, brought to the polls by the
Mayer in -person, but he wen overruled
1111 every instance by the other two
member. of the Boa rd, although some of the
rotate admitted that they were democrats :
Parsons under age, and residents, of other
wardi, wens also brought to the polls; and
Mr. ;Hutchinson, after fighting the Sawyer
fel:thin for two hours and a half, withdrew in
diagnit, giving u the contest es hopeless.
Tins friend/ of M c. Lowry fought manfully
- on, however; and when Mr. Hutchinson left
=Mime took bin place. Towards the dose,
phettlbut one friend of Mr. Lowry stood at the
winoinw to challenge, he was struck in the
, , racoilth a brick-bat, by some cowardly ref.
flan,‘Olia stood in the dark, and had his nose
and aback badly eat. The polls finally dosed.
and - tse interesting process of '‘connting off"
oemr*onoed. The Lowry men had given
up in despair, as every copperhead vote
' ' oared' nes received, in spite of the inertia
:. tititiehr the Executive Committee to the con
trary. His Honor, the Mayer, was admitted
Inside, to witness the wanting, and he ire
' quangr eantlested the officer' to be ewe eeme.
ft/, iithere Tore seratched,tickets polled. He
and ble friends were confident he had carried
- the .delegatian, but they were utterly amazed
' , 014 'that, alter all their efforts, Lowry had
' -
carotid the ward' y dews majority! Means.
;Joseph- Nixon, Phillip James, Jame, Me.
Whiny, John J. Steer and Lewis Garber re
ceived 210 votes. while the Sawyer delegates
'retedied but 199. There were twenty-two
-r. raorevotar In the box than there were name,
on th;t . tally lists, but this is supposed to have
arise from the fate that the clerks found it
at Orris impossible to take the - names as fat
aelli ' ballets were rushed in. It Is not alt
' -Leged,that there were any votes thrown fraud.
ulna* into' the box. The Mayor admitted
. himself Icahn, and left the polls with down
cast Ornteguence. On Sunday it was rumored
• .gbatllbeAlei7er 'delegates would claim a scat
. ...:
in Uniemention, but we are informed that a
• - -nradwirttlir of the Board will slgethe credentials
of Outi,LOlTj delegation. .X"
' ''' "Ifiatklritsgt-4n this 'Ward Mr. McCarthy
~...'i.,;.had- r initterilpretty =ugh hig own way. His
-rAiririVitwisMeas. Charles Normine,Wilson
- , - --- 4..Milish Itobat.M.: -Reed, J. W. iamond
and-Jo eepti H. Nobbs, ware selected "by an
ave vote of 252. Mr. Lowry's dalegates
la ' 'ffi,aisd Mr. Sawyer's, 48.
. 1:0 ,Mtotts To nix Attaraurr Lame' Sot
raliganAne 'Seam, roe • rus Wm Sarum
Thcs.lota, 1833.—Three - pairs seeks, 1. pit
aliptighi,l3 battles currant wine, Ms Carrier;
Mari Iliiedpatb, 3 handkerchiefs, number of
misplepersr .Mrg. Rorie, 14 neckties, 4
pairs den. / flannel shat , 3 muslin
Marreirell *Ethan, 1 past:idol; frozen friend,
4 rata seeks kedt byes...feeble old man; -Mrs.
Cremnten. 2 pain muslin drawing Mist Cue
eron,ll pair wollen =Otani, 1- pair gooks, 1
.wellep cap, number of newsnlfoll; MI,, Plea
-1011 1.',, flannel shirt: . Mn. Preston. package,
atagerittes; cams, 1X bushel potatoes, 3
iltemilars; unknown, 1 pillow.,• •
- `:Work by the ladles of the Society-;B l ; i Lairs
halt, Seeks, 38 shirts, each ' shirt con g; a
pocket with * handkerchief and some religious
Tmlegglvitig collection . f rom Disciples'
Ch, Allegheny - $12 , 50
A triepd. '
Tars. SaW7O , . a oo
A Prirad ....ri. - 3.00
r s i
- A
4. 0 ,,
• COAL ton Votrartaxa• liftettu .
xt.We an
dentiend duet P. Doberman k Co. will de
nim' se tie Birmingham wharf, text week,
about two thew/end .tels of coal for the ra
tter of Bee families of volunteak. Wives of
yokutteers need of mel Mogi ing l eave
their ARIZ e , Ana Pace a ridiriewatth. or,
'' ~~~i
3 times 2 times 1 time
our ~Baok T b e.
Km a Coco tizurr.^ A Story Ibr the Betty
Christmas Thee. B Cotufn Carrie. lie. Sort :
D. Applstoa Co. PltUburgh We by R.
Davis CC Wood street. =Fp. 18=3.
The moral, or lesson of faith and trust, in
culcated In this interesting story I. intimated
In Its title, and no more worthy one, in the
whole range of doctrine, could be chosen for
the illustration and enforeomont which the
pleasant art of the story-teller so completely
supplies. "Cousin Clint." relates in an easy,
simple style, sure to win the attention of
her youthful readers, the history of two or
phans, Lillian and Eva, who triumphed over
many troubles by faith and trust. or, in other
words, by "keeping a good heart." It is a
pleasant profitable book for boys and girls to
rend—and a very suitable "story for the merry
Christmas time."
Srarraczn roa Tomo Eon. !dorm, By Snob
W. Lander. Boston: Walker, WW 8 Co. Pitts
burgh for We by Henry Miner, 71 twin Fifth
street. 932 pp. Igloo.
An interesting description of the Russians
and their ancient capital city, by a lady who
has evidently seen what she describes so well
and vividly. The youngsters who shall be
favored with this beautiful book,(for both the
author's graceful pen and the publishers' taste
ful getting-up in typography, paper, Matra-
Cone, eta., have co-operated to make it beau
tiful,) among their holiday gifts, will find It
biohly eptartaining--and it will also incident
ally, and so moat successfully, convoy a great
deal of real Information.
—Mr. Henry Miner, 71 and 73 Fifth street,
has just received from the publishers, Messrs.
T. B. Peterson ,k Brothers, Philadelphia, Mrs.
Caroline Lee Honiara last novel, "Ernest Lin
wood," which, as the fourteenth book from
the same prolilio pen published by the some
publishers, as wo find by their catalogue, can
hardly have to pass over the debateable ground
of criticism, like the production of a new au
thor. The admirers of Mrs. Rents will, there
fore, probably be ready to receive the fallow
ing from the N. Y. Alien's in reference to
"Ernest Linwood": "We have seldom boon
more charmed by the perusal of a novel; and
we desire to commend It to our readers In the
a st ff r o oxst wo e rds tn o m f dti praise tha
are t our
Ti. vocabulary joi
scenes beautifully descriptive; and the inter
est admirably kept on. But the moon( of the
book is its higheat merit. "'Ernest Linwood"
should be as welcome as the dove of peace to
every fireside In the Union. It cannot be
read without a moistening of the eyes, a soft
ening of the heart, and a mitigation of un
christian prejudices." It Is a duodecimo vol
ume of 467 pages; price, one dotter.
The DraftVolunteerlng
Gov. Curtin has issued "General Order No.
48," calling upon the people of Pennsylvania
to raise their quota of 300,000 soldiers called
for, by volunteering,: lie also states that when
practicable old regiments will be returned to
the State to be recruited; volunteers will be
under the control of the Governor until ready
to be sent to their regiments ; premiums of s2'
to veterans and $l5 for new recruits, will be
paid vecruiting officers ; volunteers furnished
by towns, etc., will be credited on the draft ;
complete com panies of infantry will be raised
for regiments that have not the full number
of company organisations; colored volunteers
will lus accepted, for colored regiments; and
credited on the draft; camps of rendesvous
will be established In various veter
ans who enlist will receive one month's pay
in advance and a bounty and premium of $410 ;
others than veterans will receive one month's
Ph T
Governor no ay
a r
sbousn-ty and
abort time
new remaining, within which to 511 the quota
Of the State by enlistments, and the, avoid
the impending draft, admonishes the loyal
citizens of the importance of providing, by
local bounties, the strongest inducements to
volunteers. .11tunieipalites of other States, by
this means, are seducing from Pennsylvania
the able-bodied men who should replenish her
own regiments. Pennsylvania, with" a defi
ciency lea proportionately than say adjacent
Commonweath, should show,by her promptness
and 'Vacuity, now, h& ability to maintain the
high !malen she uul heretofore, and still oc
cupies among her sister States, in contributing
to suppress this rebellion."
allroad Earnings.
•.g statement, prepared by Mr.
mptroller, exhibits the appro.:-
ings of the Pittsburgh, Fort
• lingo Railway Company during
f Novemberinet, compared with
'id of last year.
183. 1842.1.
2124,213 4..M7.722 21 F 1,284 I 0
122401:0 lu
g, 12 '21,8U 04 im
2,18021/ 41= far mn 3.l in
7,X2.3 no 7,825 01
7.083 34 7.083:11
645 47 1.814
Tho folio •
Kessler. Co,
Wayne and I
the month o
tbo IMMO 662.
Fr , fel
Boat Itolbray
Earnings from
J 't to No m 1
ember 301
13,74 42 E0211„:.73.51:7
)er, 2.554; per Cent. ; fn
IA; 373 per .eerd_
Increase 1.
creme to N• •
Shoe-king Death of a Female.
On Sunday morning the body of an un
known female was found lying in a rite it
at Port McKnight, on Mount Washington•, in
Lower St. Cm ii township. She had evidently
fallen into the excavation, during the previous
night, and being unable to extricate herself
perished from her Injuries and the subsequent
exposure. She was about twenty years of
age, and is supposed to have been either in
sane or intoxicated, as no marks of violence
were discovered. She had on • reddish col
ored calico dress, a faded Shawl, and a nun
bonnet. When found she was lying in the
rite pit., with her right cheek on a large stone
or rock. Coroner McClung hold an inquest,
bet no evidence was elicited tending to show
who she was or where she came from. The
body was removed to Devine's coffin MOMS,
on Grant street, where it will be kept until
this afternoon, for identification.
ROMOILIiD MCIDFII.—It was rumored in the
city, yesterday, that the body of a peddler,
name unknown, had been found in his wagon,
with a bullet wound through the held. The
story goes, that the team was seen passing
along the Perrysville road, fifteen miles from
the city, and that, no driver being visible, the
hones ware stopped and the dead body found
in tho wagon as described. We have no poz
tleubsrs and cannot vouch for the story.
TRIATIZZ.—This evening 111 set apart for the
benefit of the pleasing and sterling actress,
Miss Annie Ebonite. She has selected a
splendid entertalmnent, the new prise drama
(written for her) of "Melons, or the Evil
Eye ;tt. a variety of singing and dancing; the
boxers, Mackey and Loudon, wilt appear.
The performance will conclude with the beau
tiful-Irish drama of "St. Patrick's Eve." We
expect to see the largess home of the season.
Tutorztv Trroosts'iLzertrast—This popular
author gives but;o lecture this evening,
being the only ol d ie could offer this season.
From all we can, Lafayette Hall will be
crowded. Go -e if you wish to Bemire
good seats. The - lecture Committee, with a
view to accommodate residents on the Penn
sylvania Haffreaff, have induced the company
to run a special train from TurtieCreek to the
city. ,
Dan are more numerous in the northrew
counties of ibis State than they have been for
several jeers liest, and .Then the winter
weather sets In we may expect a good supply
of venison in this market
• Aceinzse.—Mr. H. Hart,,lihiperinten
dent of the Monongahela bridge, was serious
ly injured, on Friday, by falling on the side
walk on Second street, which was covered
with lee.
RIPON:ZED Pros AT OIL Cnr.—ltwu ro
ported tint s t 'r may 416th:tatty° Ere hada:coned
of 0U City yesterday. lio particulars.
Cot.. lifolCavy has again been ordered to
tile' command of Camp Convalespont, near
Tereus PAU; Plain and °Tasmania'
Plate Hooter, and bank' Pansaylnnis sad
Vermont alste of the bat quality at 'airman.
Ohio st Mex. Laughlin's, near the Water
Works, Pittsburgh, Ps. •
You rim. aim Warn Wua.—The ,Bum
melt I put, and by the raornlng's frost, we
begtn toappnltend, that fall and winter wiu
shortly be upon u and we must p ro vide our
selves with the ma terial to keep as comfort
silo. A nine fall salt, or • good, and well
made overcoat are the vim thing, sad we do
net know of any pleas where oar readers
would suit themselves better than at Messrs.
W. 14 IdKite k Co's clothing establishment,
6011107 of Yetteridstrset mod Disband Square,
Allegheny. They have also reamhed a com
plete assortment of paUsuien's • gurtdshtng
goods, and great varlet; of kir patterns for
•.:,-IroursemitAtnattoxt—Yar the deranga
lientkeitthteistein'ttieldeatel tti the cheap
2rtiretriTastai; l oollc 4 #; PiPosuctl
Facts von Ismillons.--Embroldariag ma., !
chines are not the thief; for family sowing.
Read the following :
One prominent defect of the double thread
loop stitch is the waste of thread In kerning
it. Ruh yard of steam requires on an aver
age 7% yards of thread, or twice and one-hall
the amount required by the "lock stitch." An
estimate may be easily made of the compar
ative expense of using the two. In the skirt
manufactory of Messrs. Douglass Jr Sherwood,
a day's work of ten hours for one person is
estimated at 1,000 yards of straight seam, ten
stitches to the inch, with the look-stir& ma
chines, which they use; this length of seam
requires three thousand yards of cotton thread,
and with the doubt° thread chain or knitting
stitch machine, 7,500 yards would be required.
Tho cost of 3,000 yards of cotton thread would
be $1,35 at wholesale, and the met of 7,508
yards would be $3,10, making a difference of
$1,85 a day in this item alone, or more than
$5,000 a year ; with costlier thread or silk (at
present prices at $ll per pound), the difference
would be much greater. In shirt and collar
manufacture, where the stitch is finer, and loss
length of seam is sewed, the difference per
day is only about7s cents in favor of the lock
stitch machines. In a manufactory like that
of Winchester k Davies, where ono hundred
and sixty of these machines are used, the
saving is $l2O per day. The result is that the
chain or knitting-stitch Is not used en this
work. In quilting, where silk is used, the
difference each day would amount to more
than two dollars and twenty-five cents on
each mahine.—Scicalifie Asterisms.
The Wheeler to Wilson is the boat machine
for family use. Office No. 27 Fifth street.
Gurrtinsx, have you examined the fall and
winter stook of goods at the Merchant Tall
losing establishment of Sam. Graham k Co.,
No. 64 Market street 1
A fresh supply of goods every week.
Nave you examined the prices of goods at
the Merchant Tailoring establishment of Sant.
Graham & Co., No. 04 Market street; If not,
it to now time you would, and save 20 per
Sent. is yourelothing hill.
Every garment warranted a perfect-It.
thstuxt. (buns% Geo. McCain:mem
Kemeny Bynum AVPRICIATZ.—Mrs. Anne
Routs, of Louisville, Ky., lays in a letter :
" When in New York, this summer. I pur
chased by way of experiment some of Mrs. 8.
A. Allen's celebrated flair Restorer and
Zylobalsamum, which I have found valuable.
I now write to have you send ma a dozen of
each by express, for the use of my friends."
Elold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 198
Greenwich street, New York.
Jew lisorrron AND ILIA= nos Bas.—The
brie . assortment of Fall sad Winter Clothing,
lately received by Moms. John Wier k CO,
Merchant Tailors, No. 146 Federal street, Al
legheny. The stock of clothing consists of
the finest variety of gents' pantaloon'', vests,
coats and overcoats. The style of patterns to
tasteful and fashionable. We would' invite
all of our reorders to give the shove gentlemen
• cal.
W AVM RZLET, a0.—.1. M. Robert.,
No. 17 Fifth street, is now opening the most
choice stock of fine. Gold and Silver Watches,
Jewelry, Silver wars and Fancy Goods ever
displayed in this city, and is selling them at
remarkably Jew prices.
Owners and carriage call, will be taken at
the Omnibus office e No. 410 Penn street, day
or night. All order. left at the above place
will be promptly attended to.
_All calls most
be paid in IaVOSICS. •
Dnrirm. 'annul.", No. 2.51 Penn street, I.
the place where you can not th. best cheap
dentistry in the city. Don't forget the place,
No. 251 Penn street, sear Hancock.
0. Stu., Dentist, 248 Penn street, will at
tend to all business of kit erofeirsion-
)I , CEha N—WOOD —On the leth I n.,. by the
P•e. Jun.* Prattl.•7. IL D., at the naideoe• of tt•
brid•'• 'MI.% new. J. Wood, Philadelphia, Mr.
PAWL It. MeOLICA N. .( Pltt•bhrgh, add MI..
LLENIIIETTA the former
WARD —On Satatay:Mernlng all &dock. Litztr
daughter et William W. and Jaw. If. Ward. aged
yeas!, 3 months and II day.
The funeral will tok. Oar. from ilao rooldoaco o
ber porobto, Nn. 47 Inver AM:MN Allegheny,
oat'. at 2 p. at.
Manufacturers of ItRAZMIN` AND
Al., Importer. And &slot.. to METALS, TIN
PLATE, SHEET IRON, WIRE, Ao, Cortutortly oa
140 ►iRST sod 10 B►t'oXD STB.
Plldbo•g6, Pa.
Special onion of envy,. cut to ouy Ataired pattern
TO doArstrifilltlirts.L7fli Rev - .
E. A. NILSON'S tecualy t r tb.. ro e ui
0. b. obtslued lu Pittabumb of
105E1'11 FLICII/ING. Drage,.
Corn, Ituknt otroct and tbo Dternotoi
CL.11.71 4 G lELVT'S
• . _
144 Fourth 19 11 floor
Claims for PENSION, BOUNTY, BACK and
HOBSIti lam or k Iliad ill the denim, promptly at
tended to.
XSEBIPTION CLAMS LLt•add. to without dm.
lay. deE:t.
Licensed by the U. 8. Government
tat ILTTII STULL?, 34 door t.k du OntloaraL
Pennay[rants Soldiers .set of the ntramtalas, Diet.
ern Ohio Sailers, and Weal Virginia Soldiers. can
hang thair Pertisions, Bounty and Dark Pay secured
al this office.
Circelan vN to seat siting roll information to
the Soldlrns, or to /ocean/ BoUlers' Balm ebowhee
who are entitled to the Peneloo Bounty and Bea
IV. and the manner of eectuing the ism, by apply
log to me by letter of toperson.
A' No charm natC collected. Lytklylee.t.
po. 114117711 STREET, Priascriaa.
tlellectiraw In Allegheny andey Mining arentles.
Prommates SOLDIERS CLAIMS, of every
d V
like ; BOUNTIES Poo Alecherged Soldiers. P.
SIONS, Sr wounded Mikan sad Soldiers; BORN.
TIES and PENSIONS Ihr Warm, Paws% Orphan
Children, Brother. and SOB" or Mbar legal mgrs.
eentathes of thou. who hare Mod In the angles, at
have died altar discharge from dimes contracted In
• MrNo charge =all collected. end no letter teal be
varbered neler•eterno b tucked. 611 8 31.0
CLAIMS of emery description, collected b 1 the enb
ecrlber, st the followbag nab, chi: Pablo= $lO 00;
all other clefts 53 50.
C. O. TA17,013, Attormay it Law,
No. 73 Grant 'treat, Pittsburgh, Pa.
N. D. No chargs are made If Oa claim dos hot
ammo& and all infoniattms [lna gratis. inktly
Wag. l —Wis bike thbi method of hiforaihts oor
Meads and the pubis goartally that we are now
rtr practice of Dentbdry. Moho who here been
poinceinlng Mb much dreaded operation may DOW Ley
sidde their fears and give at a call, UP the
we hare ID we hal been tborobighly tatted d=re
poet Scar years, fell; estatashhsti the NOe.end palm.
km character of the operation. No Drags or ITheml.
oda oar Oskar& Batboy med. All those 'HAW;
the males of a good and tellable Dentin 'will do
well to all and consult JA with
DES & RUIZ D.lO, 8.,
N0.1d2 "earth Minot,
orln Dia C. &IN% No. 47 atellhAeld street, PUte.
VIANHOOO t How I.oerilll (IV
AMI grATOSIILD l—Jost poldlibsd.ts a smiled an.
valve. Prlos 811 Coots. A Latium a, the Natant,
Trestiasat sod nadirs! Coo/ of Elpsrmstorthoss. or
Seislosl Wsskooso, lorolootair 111soloos, Elerlaid
Debility, sad ltopadltnents to Alsnisie
Consomptlon, Tpllspsy sod =Vet I
tat sad kayaks.' lacspaclty. malting from WI.
fame, fro., bi Bost. J. CoLvistEttA, M. D., matho
fdm ..13Isso Book. lc. Boon to Thoassods of
Bonsters," soot order asst. to s Oslo sonslops, to
soy sddrsee. patupad, m nocedirt of 41 emu km tlso
pottsf rr sumps, Dn. CU. J.O. ALM&
llosarry, Now York, Pal 0110, 800 Altel.
MlLX:—.Bordesu's paF
NJ eat, prepared tem pare MU and Loaf taw,
pot ttp in du cans, met .111 tarp good Ism; ellsabl;
• troth 'lmply Just neared and tor sale by
deg home Mat, sad flood idneti..
604 BUtill. OATS, in sactbi_ . _in store
sad tor aids ' /lUD • MOSTWAB,
eal7. . - No. 2.10 lAbtrty abed.
Special DEspatoh to the Pittsborgh Guetta
WeBIIIIIOTON CITY, Deo. 13, 1863
News from the Potomac army sounds of
nothing but hammer and saw. Men are busy
erecting cabins, and preparing to spend the
winter in martial peace at Brandy Station.
Ten day rurioughs have begun to be granted
to officers, and the ntlen—other enemies be
ing at o safe distanceattack the army at
their leisure. Three years man am rapidly
re-enlisting, and receiving furloughs. The
first Virginia cavalry, left tot home on
Saturday to recruit, nearly every man at
tached to it having re-enlisted. Detachments
an leaving dully for the same purl:core. A re-
COMIOI/111113C0 made on Friday towards Sperry
villa, found portions of the Sixth Virginia
cavalry hanging on the skirts of oar army on
that side.
The Committee. of the Homoe will be an
nounced to-morrow. Speaker Colfax already
has them prepared, but their composition is
carefully kept secret until the hour of their
official announcement. The pressure of into:r
ested parties has, of course, been tremendous,
and for the last two days the Speaker has
been compelled, during a good part of his
time, to 'keep himself locked up in his room
in the:capitol, to avoid attempts at interim
once by outside parties. It is understood
that the cast of the Committees Is unusually
strong, and it is believed that they will come
as near giving general satisfaction as such
things ever do. I think It safe to say that
the following will probably be found the com
position, in part, of some of the Committees:
Wage and Morine.—Thadow Stephens, of
Pennsylvania, continued Chairman. Meng),
of Vermont and Haver, of Massachusetts,
continued. Blow, of St. Lotus, added. It is
understood that the general comporition of
this Committee will be sattsfutory to the
friends of Chase's financial policy.
,llifitary Gostwirtec.—Mal. Gen. Schnook,
Chairman, M.J. Gen. Garfield, Brig. Gan.
Loan, of Minsouri, Brig. Gen. Farnsworth, of
Illinois. It is underetood this committee was
satisfactory to Secretary Stanton.
Novel Cosuadtes.—Mr. Kelly, of Philadel
phia, prominent member, if not Chairman.
Jbrrig. Relotimte.--Winter Darts, Chairman;
succeeding to John J. Crittenden's place, and
Mr. Goooh, of Massachusetts.
(Ississsrm—Mr. Washburne, of Illinois
Road and atnalz.—Mr. Arnold, of Illinois,
Chairman. It to understood that these two
eottimittmea are constitatedsoas to be friendly
to the Intents's of the North-West, and ~pct
o the ship canal.
Poor Office glad Poo Hoods.—Mr. Alloy, of
Massachtuotta, imcooodod to Mr. Colfax'. old
E2...mice..—Mr. Daum, of Maassohomtb,
„rodic,nry.—None bat two of the old members
of this committee remain. Messrs: Pendleton
and Wilson, of lona, are both on again. •
Trrritorial.—Mr. Ashley, of Ghlo, Quit
The Senate Canons Committee has revised
their committees and made nue:throw import
ant changes. The old We of seniority ham
been consulted with regard to the Chairmen,
bat not in the remainder of the committees.
Mr. Clads remains Chairman on Territories,
and Mr. Sherman socond on Finance. Mr.
Sherman was also made Chairman of the Com
mittee on Agriculture. Mr. Collarner, of Ver
mont, le removed from the Himmel) Committer.
Ile fought talatly every &Janata ukiisine of
the Administration last wmion, and the Ad
ministration men protested against continu
ing taro In such a place. Fortunately Grimes
and Malthus retain their old positions. Orate
Brown is not yet assigned to its place.
The following Ls understood to be the reor
ganisation of the lire most Important SeimLe
Committees :
Fen-riga liciatioalt—Sumner, Pastor, I).little
Harris, Jobncton and McDougall.
Fierreee—Feasendon, Sharman, Mown, Cow
an, Clark, COMIONS and Vanwinkle.
Military Ajaira—Meaara. Wilson and Lane,
of Indiana{ Cloward, Nesmith, Morgan
Sprague and Drown.
diairs.—il aura. Hale, Grimes, Ram
'ay, Wiley, Harding, issahony and Rieke.
Pod Offiee.—Messn. CoHamar, Dixon, lien
damn, Cosiness, Ramsay, Bowden and Bucka
Among the doctunonta sent la by the Nedra
tary of War to accompany his report, to Idc-
Ciollan's account of his Poninmally campaign.
for the publication of which dm tory prima
bas been raising nob a pusistant clamor. It
will make three octavo volumes, about the
siso of the report of the Committee on the
Conduct of the War. No each report tumoral.
been sent in in the whole course of the Gov.
(Taman!. It is an elaborate history instead of
a report.
Speaker Colfax has taken the house en Four
and•a-half street, and wine& the ens to teary
Speaker's relleption" hamedlately after the
Senator Wilson, from the Senate Military
`Committee, will offer to-morrow en Important
bill, to Increase the bounty of volunteers and
pay of the army. Section one provides that
there shall be paid to such parsons as have
enlisted or may enlist under the. President's
last call—to veterans four hundred dollars, to
others three hundred dollars; section. two
provides for the payment of twenty-Svc dot:
lan premium to any one procuring • Veteran
volunteer, and fifteen dollars for any other
section three appropriates twenty millions (o'o
the payment of these bounties; section four
increases tho - pay of privates to sixteen dol.
tars a month, and non-eommissioned °Moms
In proportion ; section eve provide, the same
pay, rations, equipage, etc., for negro troops
as for white ones; section six provides for
credithig cash- county for troops r►fud by
volunteering, either in the army or navy, be•
Toro ordering another draft; rootlets seven
provides fall pay, without rations, for chap
lains who may be `wounded, simply putting
them on the same footing with officers.
Orders will probably soon- be issued from
the Qeartsimuter General's oMeo, forbidding
Quartermaster. in the Ilsharouruseltbeg any
purchases of grain or forage, and deiolrlag
the whole duty of such purchase. on the de•
pertinent here', or its *Mears at the principal
supply depots.
The Presideht hes no Information of • the
arrival at Fortres Monroe of Floe President
Stephens, with proposals of peace from the
rebels. &report to that afoot was put In ets
=Litton hsre this morning, end o eonehlerod
a foolish camera.
m•roimisi. or 0011XISSIOXIL
Charlton 8. Leads, pastor of eoncrsgatlon
In Cinallisnatkandsan of Commissions: Limit,
boa Deal' appointed rtiplity Coomfuloolit- of
Internalliorosoo, to fillthoplooolcufto scent
by Mr ? . IPahbrsop, the nrvi olark of lb.
-Aninitan a► TIM 14TAL AWOL
1210 taut Leaps iloaraatloa le la union
hoist., tm dal toad that acy have raids
torniciiitallou 14: ths huideat ,0012M141111
th• ratrallati Of Milt tuyl Datiilbn . kat - 9h -b:
test. -
• puitoustito ,Idgaraiw ;law&
• -
11=0 32
vitt =unman%
The Preridont is not so Irani and van com
pelled to keep kir room yesterday, but is bet
ter to-day and ablo to attend to business again.
A bill will soon be introduced far the for
mation of s new territory, out of portions of
Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska and Duo
tab. - Efforts will be made this session to
organise Utah, Colorado and Nebraska 1111
Upon the recommendation of den. Grant,
Col. A.Chetlain, of the Twelfth Illinois, was
appointed Brigadier General fur the negro
No More Supplies to , be Received at
Richmond for the Union Prisoner.
BAL?12110112, Doe. 13.--The following dis
patch was received this afternoon
Fen Momrchr, Dee. 12.—T0 C. C. Fe/too,
ewers( Please giro notice that the rebel au
thorities decline receiving any morel:stoker's
or provisions for the Union Prisoner, to that
parties interested may. refrain from forward
ing any more good. to this point.
(Signed) B. F. Byrum,
Major General commanding.
Rev. Mr. Torrence, whu went to City Point
with Dr. C. C.Barklery, returned this forenoon.
He had an interview with Captain Hatch, who
was sent from Richmond to meet him. lie
Inforrieed him of the decision of the rebel gov
ernment, and gave.. a reason therefore, what
they alleged to be an imputation on their
honor by the prase and also by the Govern
ment authorities, that they were not
delivering all goods forwarded in good fhith
to the prisoner', and averted that, of his own
knowledge, the pincers In Libby prison weld,
from the supplies they received, set ■
table from the stores on hand equal to any
hotel to the United States. He admitted that
there had been some irregularity in the Sup
plies at one time, but the °Moors who had
been guilty of neglecting the prisoners had
been Immediately relieved sad punished. As
to the bud eondition of the prisoners returned
to Annapolis, he said they were extreme cases
of consumption, and he said it was a grave
error on the part of the authorities to hare
allowed such prisoner. to return for the pres
ent. Nothing will be received but letters
and enclosures of money, aed Southern money
had better be sent.
Southern Dispatches—The Bombard.
meat of Charleston—Proceedings In
the Rebel Congress— Longstreetls
Foam= Itokaos, Dec.l2.—The following
dispatch.. are taken from Richmond paper.:
Chariestas, Dec. 9.—Thin afternoon the ene
my opened fire on the city and threw eight
shells. Moultrie and James Island batteries
returned the Ere, silencing the enemy. Five
buildings were struck, but no persons injured.
Richwoed, The. Il.—Yesterday the Senate
passed• bill prohibiting the employment of
enhaltutes in the army.
In the rebel Congress, on the oth, M r. Foote,
of Tenn., in a speech said that the President
never visited the army without doing it in
jary.--DOTer has ho visited any of our armies
but what it has been followed by disaster.
Ile charged him with having ruined the coun
try, and he would meet his champion any
where to discuss IL
Cleo-lestoe, Der.lo.—The enemy shelled the
city between 10 sad Il o'clock last night, and
3 and 1 o'clock this morning. Twenty ',hots
were thrown. Our batteries opened heavily
upon the enemy during Ow shelling of the city.
We have kept up s constant fire to-day, &iv.
ing the enemy's working: pasties from Gregg
and Wagner. No firing of any noconnt to.
dayan Sumter, and no shelling of the city.
/friend, Dee. 10.—Longstreet's forees are In
line of battle at Rutledge. Ws rear ie skir
mishing with the enemy.
From Henke Department—Western
Tessa Under Control of the Union
Forces—Fort Repentant Evacuated
by the Rebels—Ten Gene Captured by
Gen. Washburn.
Wassissolos, Doc. It —The following was
received at lifead Quarters from Gen. Banks:
The following dlirpatch was received from
Msj. On. Washburne, from Port Esperenass,
Pas Wall°, hlategoda bay. The command of
the bay give. us ■ubstaottally the control of
Resters'. Texas, and all the important points
on the- coast except Galveston.
Zost /barman, Les. =At one o'4XkOn
the rroarnittg 'orlifor. 30th the rebels blew up
the magatine of this tort and evacuated it two
brows before. It. Is a very large and complete
work, lamb proof, partially clued with rail
road iron. It had • garrison of 1,000 men,who
escaped all bet sly. The continuance of the
gale prevented the gunboats fornlahing me
with launches to enable roe to cut off their
eommunications ; oar could they take a part
in the Clack on the 29th. We drove thorn
from all their earth-works. We advanced
our sharp-shooters to the fort, cod captured
ten guns, ranging from 21 to 28 pounds.
Reported Proposals of Peace
WASHINGTON, December 13.—The Okroniele
publishes a rumor which it Is not able to
verify, but believes it to be true and not hn
probable, to the afflict that Alexander H.
Stephens and Ave others, bad come down to
Fortress Monroe, under a flag of trace, with
proposals of peace, .ad they asked to be re
solved in their official capacity as Commis
sioners of the Southern Confederacy, but this
request was refused. Inquiry was made this
morning in a quarter where ouch a fart, if it
existed, would probably be known, bat
nothing could ha obtained confirmatory of the
rumor. If any such Commissioner or ponion,
acting by the authority of the label govern
ment made a visit to Fortress Monroe, it was
In retard to the exchange of prisoners, which,
for certain reasons, is more probahlo than
the rumor referred to.
From San Franclsco...The Treasure of
the Golden Gate—Murderer Clung
by a Vigilance Committee.
ell Fatima°. Dee. 11.—News bets been
received from the wrecking party engaged in
searching for treasure where the steamer
Golden Gate sunk last year, to the effect that
tons Additional hoses of treasure hare been
wavered. The search will be continued_
while the favorable mason tuts.'
Tho Los Angelo. Vigilance Committee have
taken another prisoner from the possession
of the Sheriff and hung him. Ile bad been
tartlet:ad of an attempt to MU, and untamed
totem yearn confinement in the penitentiary.
Previously ho bad committed murder and
confessed hi. guilt.
New York Items.
bitlr- Voltz, Dee. In.—Efforts are making to
add regiment, of volunteer artillery to the
regular army.
All the Indiana soldiers in the hospitals
around Wuhluaton, us to be removed to
The Iteniltra Tartrate Monroe hotter, of the
11th, states that Oen. Butler had addressed a
note to the rebel Commissioner NMI, accom
panying • package of vaccine matter for the
relief of the Union'prisoners afflicted vith
small pox on Mello Isle, and that he received
a courteous response from Mr. Ould.
The National League and the kliesourl
Ditll — ZulUes.
Wesetseree, Doc. 12.—A special dispatch
to the Now York Eon:illy Pow, says :
The National League, now in session bore,
bu taken Wong radical ground m Missouri
matters. A committee waited OD the Presi
dent yesterday, and requested him to remove
all obnoxious man from °flu In that State.
• Mimi. Bates and Blair, of the • Cabinet,
heartily stipport of the President's proclama
tion, and this dispose of the organised efforts
to induee'llm President to dismiss them.
The Blockade MT Wilmington to be
Neer Your, De5.12. , :61t is rumored .t the
Brooklyn Navy Yard that Instrnotlons have
been re...tetrad from the Secretary of the Navy,
at naval stations, to dispatch a large force of
naval Is to strengthen the bloCkade off
the port of Wilmington: Seventeen or eighteen
Teasels are now In tortoni lames Of, prepara
tion for .sea at the =Navy Yards And rumor
Pays that ten or twelve Of theta bore been or the destination named.
Gov. Totem and hellllnote Logisla.
tint . .
Cameo, Deo. 12.—The Illinois Supreme
Court. by a decision rendered today, be,.
sunteleed Go►. 'totes'. Wien In prorogu
ing the Legislator° hat rammer. Judges
Walker and Breese, holding that the Freels.
mation . by the Governor and stoonleseed in by
the General knembly at the time, terminated
Its *gallon on the 10th ot June.
Blockade RtinneeCaplured. •
FOIVILVIS Moues, December 10,— The
eteartum.Clrcaulan, from the Ulo °made on
the 23th alt., errlvedhare on the oth; When
one day oat from" Charktetent thi CiTeulioz
captured the huts bloolutde rennet. Mona,
teDh a Teri voluble mooned neripa. Bbo
towed the 31Inna Leto path ....Rhoden was the
Captain of the latter.. . -
. River nuflYwder. st'kentivliler,
urtinrmu,Daa 22.—Thate1M/hielliniter
ialltand rata fez tha Itodill vi Mar,
3 whel, 'beavy.
frwit . tillogookeriliaatt
- _ • '' ' •
• _ _
Frog Calm
CAIRO, Die. U.—Adlt• aeooun i ata below
ingiaioring to
unite his forces with -Plies, who was said .to
he crosdng Red Mar into 'Peru. Priam
force is much reduced and would number less
than five thousand man. A Luse federal forie
le pursuing him. The rebels are mach dis
Tha steamer Platte Valley passed with three
hundred aad nicety-tour Wes of cotton for
St. Lomb,
Two deputy provost marshals of this district
arrested two deserters of the 109th Illinois,
near Dongalo, yesterday, when the deserters
attacked their captors, killed one outright
and beat the other till Insensible. The de
serters escaped.
PIILLADLLPHIA, Dec. l2.—The Subscription
Agent reports the sale of $942,650 of eve
twenties on Saturday, and five miWons for the
weok. The department will deliver during
the coming week abbot four million. of de
layed bonds daily.
The Chesapeak.
POUTLAND, Doc. 13.—A dirpatolo from Hal-
Wax this morning data that the steamer
Chesil:mak left Shelburne Saturday morning,
with an incroandcrew and three clialdront of
coal. She is anpposeid to be on the track of
some coal vessels.
Heavy Gale In New York
New Yogi, Dec. 13.—A very heavy wile
from the eastward, accompanied with rain,pre-
Tailed hero on Saturday night and to ; day.
No disasters are yet reported.
The river ender the le finance of the recent rains
had Aeon some fourteen or filiteen;lttelicsM lids point
np lv tart evening, and was still rirelllng steadily
with tiro feet In the channel according le tbo pier
marks. It wee reported yeeterday that the
sheer river had ilsen wren feet et fill City, which,
If correct, ought to make at least eight foot of water
here. It Is also probable that there will be • siren
In the Monongahela, to which event • one twat rise
le not improbable. The:weather continnee cloudy
and .um, with indlentione bororuble for more rein:
The arrivals since our lest, Include the Jolla /ram
Zanesville; Loclalre front Portsmouth, lard Loot
from Cincinnati, and 011 (beers from Wheeling.
With the exception of the Genera, ell of the above
Mentioned boats were detained at nililen lime"
from one to twoOnys.
The Julia neared for Z agalu leet evening,
being Diet tweuty.foor home behind time. Among
her pee:woken we noticed Cept Tanhook and 51r.
Armstrong, clerk of the reamer Starlight, who go to
Buffington to bring her up. The new "Golden
Eagle" wee towed rip on Sainrday from Freed,om by
the Dig boat Storm. She will be crwipleted et the
earliest partible period, and judging from present ap
pavane., oho will be a nrii ChM .reamer in every
rwipect. Capt. Donaldson, we underatand,
placing the Golden Eqle In the Cincinnati and
Memphis packet trade.
The new .tremor Eat. Bablawn. had steam op on
S.turdnY, an we presume her I.l.rhiney performed
to the antlafactlow of all cancan: ode Roblinn
expects to bare the Kate at lanJlog n • .or abort
time. ready to rontaterwa
The splended steamer Darling. Capt. /bachelor, was
heaped up to the wharf ruetarday, and we am rof
quested to .7 that she will karts tar Memphis on
Tuesday eveulug without fall. Paeveugeteutel ship.
pore 1.111 bear this to tuln,he
MO It.rv• rival Cirol.anett, t. expect.o to vele
hero to day. W. • mot but w. p •
elm will again cuter the Vb.oltup trade, In eeccer
non with the Geneva.
The Jennie Hobbit fermi Cincinnati, krill.e bare
bent tceineriv.. The Jennie is attached W the
'ILA, Willta and nine• packet line.
Tly Emma Graham from Zu:wwwqle, Is dm. her
his mnenlng, and will return again as used. to num
Th. whit, Ikw, rapt. C. W. Diekerwow, lam.
isetinceal to Imre Lr Pi. Louie to-morrow evening
1. 3f. Whittaker. still has charge of the elks .
Dike Leorilitria, Capt. J. W. Ai:await, it op lerSk
Lonii forthwith.
Markets by Telegraph.
new ei.o, Dan 12—liewir firm, with • goal demand
for Interior and nestorn tend. Meat. Arm, .wady
and quiet. Corn beta 1 $1,30. Other grain.
net Weather milder and thawing.
litr. Lome. Dee. 12.—Cottoo—keeiripte of sDlwlw.,
we make. flour dull and drtiopms, with • drellno fur
Ike week of 2:/e to Ode. Rheas, drill and drained
I.Y. Corn to fair demand. Oete firmer.
Bra"At°, Dec. 13.—flottr d dell and uncaused.
Wilma qrsict, 'dab pothhag &Aim. Core (maw and
to Mt linchand. Ottwr oaths qh4ol. wad au Nei.
WEArrlg Air &mail fropurfal—W,ooo, Lama
now, 5;080 bashala Mast,
t?.—Tloar dull. Wheat, Ono, and
Ifhl , ire higher. Corn, dull at 91491,1ia.
.1,au1,41, Moir, bash wheat, ZDAto bosh torn.
Ilse toilet, and 100111 c loom br goal to prime;
ks . ;,c For Interior tots. Drank! bop, doll and
wittiest material coatis..
New Torm, Bre_ i 432. better, .ndi
4.aketr move active at POWle ; middling uplands
are now bold higher. Flour miler, and no material
ammo 111 prime. ilndu—Wheat Mary and a *bads
lower: $1,4,401,46 for Chicago spring; g1,43(31.47
for Milwaukee club. Coril lc lower and in moderato
demand, fiats opened stead) and closed a shade
Mawr. Potrekem dull. Pork quiet, and a elude
easter at 117/317,U3 for old mime; 1f I 8 for mar
lILM kir war prime, and SIG.:MaII Air new prime
come Beef, quirt and steady prim* mess beat MS
fair demand, Dressed bogs quiet and unchanged at
egie for western. Lard. without material
ebangg but in gooddemand.
Neer York Stock and Money Market.
Nre To D. I.2—Morny in MG demand at 7
par cent. on ea& Gold Irmo.lar and unsettled;
opetang at 44%. and eluting quiet at 10.
Cr:mm=Bmi storks err: G. S. Ca 81 coupons
108%, 7.30• 10(71i.
Stocks dull and km,
& C
44s 'nu. C. 5erip......_.-117%
a R. i------1"
& Tol—.
The En• pasampr stramer warn
ROSE, Capt. O. W. I:armed; aka. I. /I. Who
tak•r, will Iran en TUESDAY, 16tb Inst., at 1 p. m.
For fra%ht or pump apply en board or tr.
den J. L. COLLONOWOOD. Agent.
./: VILLE D Lool4.—lno
dos otos:moo MINIMS, Capt. .I.W. Attatro/t, trW
loom as otboos on ICESD4II,ISth Infant at 4 p. m.
Yor freight or psonwo apply on board.
IPOR lifEhinfla—The fine
A: we alda-mbeel eteamer DARLING,
Capt. T. T. Batchelor, will lam as abort. on 8
DA T, lost., at 4 o'clock p. as.
Tor freight or panne apply on.'board or to
011 H TUCK, APO..
TA AND setasvaLg.—The fine
Inelager steamer ERMA GRATIAII, Munro. Ars,
Commander, leans Pittsburgh error) TUESDAI, .t
4 p, m., and Zanesville every FRIDAY, at B o'clock
m. The isms Memos JULIA, Wm. Coulson, Com.
mander, leaves Pittsburgh ovary SATURDAY, as 4
p. m., mod Zanesville semi TUESDAY, at asclock
m. For (might or dd
J. TY. P CTITIVII . I;I3D, Age4q, "
Pittsburgh ;
R. 8. PIERCES M E, L . aut.,
A Ohio.
JPI4JrOB. Jrll7SlG,lfc.
Ths Modal Moans of the Soot ,-"'""-
0 1 1Mrtt Wm. of LOWESIL , B - '
"'ARM Melee asamineetthe Phew Torte. of the
Mears. DECKED BROS. very ceseiblly, we ben
come to the coach:don, and clumittilly testily, that
they *min medynemoctsuperiarinstrumsata. Thotr
time M VIM rlca brilliant, vary distinct, and of .n
entirely lombeid character. Their eruclumaddy to
.. he very ... 41.,
of the verzlert,plabil damonstratta that runts Mt ;
ovennem and uslity of tuna throughout the who:*
octuyemolthe ey baud, unanyaswd by any other
Plane gotta have yet seen.
S. D. 11111 s. Thmdma Thomas, Wfillani Masan,
Ch.. radon, hags., editor of Um Hanical
Review and We fd; Carl Ai:whets, Directed of the
0.... Opera Jahn Znudd. Miter lemma cf-Pree
les Wordilpi F. L. Dltter,Oicl Wollholin,'Phlin.“
A choice. lot f them supeoior inatetunents jut ar
riving. J. li. normaN a TIRO., - -
dal i- al Fifth street.
eIHIIIST4AI3 PIANO' ~,-'4'_:- -: ,„,
1 ....) Time the Celebrated Factories of .-T "'• - " -;— ''
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The finest Mock ever remived In this city. among
which to one
They ere wemanted for eight yoars,and are ecknoyel..
alga to be the ten In the. world. , '
uld Pianos Salmi la szctrasgs. Now Planoiltria
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Fall and Winter Stock,
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thlar stock, vttlch h tb. Inmil old mod =viols
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TEIS Monday) morma,
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MW us
Comic Song.
JOIINNT MACKET and pupil evil' appear In
Sparring Scene.
IRISH BYBELLIO.i E . peatticra uvs.
. 7 . ChlPlWAthae.
0 Mack .
The popular author and lecturer, will dellm the
third lactate at the come miler the anspbes of the
Mercantile Library Amchitka, at
111ondoy Forming, Dee. 140416113
Busarrm,THE RATIO L 7. 3IP.ABS.
11:1T l'annsylvants Ma nx& Co. via run &spa:
dal traisCfrom Braddocks Station, to accommodate
thaw who wish la ottwod tho Lahr..
Tickets 25 canta r ta Isclutd_st Behomrte a, EeDY'll
.d li. 0. Coolinna's, Allegheny ; and aII tha Book
Denting Mate Storm lu 'Pittsburgh.
Ilatarnd wan, BO Aaron.
Doom ay= at 1; Doadlng to cotosoenco atTg.
W. H. Engsto, Gnomon W. Wmus L
Simon. A. Lola. T7IOXIII Dummy.. J 2.
Wagnit W. W. En, Itgang 'IL Ammo,
delo:tg Ireton Contalttag
Commencing Monday. Ecc...l.4tb, 1568.
In • Bread
sir Tor partlogalars Bee Pr0g2.1321011.
The Great Night of the Season:
The performance trill commence frith [hatless set
eastaation play rolled
A 1.., the) mimic rep...ration of the gnat Inter.
wttlat. l aglit hettrorh Heenan and Slat, by .f.
Barb and and .
13 as eta lag by Cheap Jobs, Bratly,.llob.
*rt., Ileser Burt, Becker, Jeanie.
To mocha& with Lam. Keen:. hey Iliberelan
drama of the I=ll BILBELLION ; or, BT. PAT
ati t tx.est, f i ren6aart
LT Tilt
Industrial Exposition, Paris, 1881,,
I. matatidoe with el Me leallneSewing Mach M'
in Europe and America, end the Vaned
iltatecA .trimalteral Amectuites ihdropolliest Ere.
dianica•lnattede, Wachincton; Frantilie Zonings,
Fldbidedthint. Agachanicei Anociatien., &Mor;
American lestibus, 8.: Yvk;.ltar74cidlnstitote,
Baltimore; Eschanit. Ainlation Claciestatt;
Knitarly Institute, Lentrillte; ilectserne
tote, Ike Francisco; whe re every Sista Mid
County Pair Exhibited . Ithia
Aldct which treks Isobar than words tithe enema
and oopoLvttyof tlu mkauated WirElLlitt t WIZ..
BON IMMIX alaWo . o liaClUNL—thechaaped
liachhae b the world.
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♦tnnTl weer TO giBISITT An C1L11.J1,3
tir Omah., containing an asplanatlOn al dr
machhm, with tmtlatoalals from lidlm of the MA
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SA Alf Fifth litivat.—PlTTSlll73oll. PA.
Pikes Opera' Elen.sialliNATl. O.
Masonic, Templo.----LOMVILLIVKY.
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Thaw Walrus wan 'martial the Mewl haat;
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Bel Wert, at the following mart TAM,
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Oblidsalea (b. (FL) Au .1 Sons ,
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Pardon Air- • ;;
Sankt. 7.) Pair. - ""."-] •
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