The Daily Pittsburgh gazette and commercial journal. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1861-1863, December 09, 1863, Image 3

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.„-..ti,dtimdie of; th° nal' Dr.
' indeed,
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~,nunt,......i repetition,
thiabsittlauxkigeo•-‘"e 1 - ring - Lrmor t -t or tho bonporen.;
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114tailre, --..----' 6 left that hall who did cot
fief his aink hepei ll - o ° r . ° I
11 4 1 -111treeeeh.e.cidou-Scualunias, his lore of o d
• 44' 'igtaa 11.1" tfie - d i. , s--7*--
and-his l'olabra to r s took a
' - 7 I.sl32tetts,determined.- alto tritito.,,,..
:,, op fast moat
fat "Jolt of ere q•"*"?'
''. -,,' w cheering:elm! hug. - eloquence * Tan- t °
• ,7 ' - and dwelt with Or g God sit through our
favor of ,
way _
W 1 ~' to/telle of
, 'the an d e la/17 111..-1" W.:
''' '-,_ -.4....131tiazia"....21,2 auct ardnital)llll4 th r;4ll
'' . 1 wa r - " bilimb ic V
shall not attempt an abs .
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this tiing :bort of ifell report would u° ?`
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' - ll* Wil l.eirri g We loeotiotaTo Beteo
lifila, i'l l ^lt_
--- on the If orthnl
• siiiirid i1 '1:14244b*4 do g in the - instant
A . . ''Vllgiali}` ilattioag, 11.1.14-4.
e .,,- - fil er ,. et aa
r , - '' Add- to° --"""
.. - deathdranflFn , as
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_ hod to ,a fretit,
itbii• The engine 1r
. ..1 g the time of the
kiwi wee tinder v it , a blown over the
soddento 'The 4to_Mg.faletraild amaaTitt;
-, ; _ tree tope int° szt 'o,l_. tit, hebraweitet• d
~ , hie aliothhig was *Nwiii d into the smog
-' ' • head and nook wire: horribly tart
'4ll 1.4
when - h e fell, and the body bed7 s o i dd w ased tha in t hea
~mon wee eo
Talkille-.4.--.f nem. wore piled QPweehl,7io ,': '',--=en-"" tow and tin oar :let
.•- I% ••• • .. s • ' r„, adarte dishicc •W. engineer. The
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~ • ...; ;'• -;" .; •* ' ' •,44 7 -'., ~ au -we
.he 6,. 1 , 6412 add
:. • '', ~ • ..;• • .". . , .. 1t; ' , ' the mum of . f.-dmont,
1 k 7..., .' :1: :4.. ~ 4:•';' ...** ,
tatter re,td,a as 411
. '.. ,'''. , . . • •*-1 -' ' ' -i he lieVaY•
1 ''..•:: -. f•:' r;
...i. of espu -0-- , k
t --o.`"'
...boat three o clot r
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Tuesday lallell 2oo D , ~ , the NOrth Cote=
t..e he hliV4ionsialigcla was seised
• •,1 Oaf- ° • 4 tram, Allegheny,
t r.
• •:. . - ,!. ' -*,mon;Eleeerk • •adoug : Ohio' street,
L ,.1 ••: • ..t. ' 'ist, while-walking * ta ken
=-• • :-: I. • ':' • ' ''•
wither the Majoea•offlee : /la Wil#the
•"' '1 • ...ti1.1.',". •.....:',•' : i -,•Z't aIiPPIIt• . where he remained -until
!'-)...,:! • ' ; ..
~.: 1 .. •ti ~... ..„:, ,-:
httow erlittt,7, then h atted to to ,
0 " , ',.? ':•-• t • .„ , ~. ~_•
.__.- ' ~ •s pasm had aubsided T Re
, . • .
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itetn`attaeltediaa d befit
. .., , • 1 - adgeLOPb4 4 was I- here he e/lin a it i u
* 7 - ' to the Me7eiji°//*'„„..,..41! was. well -km*
•- • 1 -• , yj ,'' ..*.
~- foot o , eleek. The
„,-1,1330rtr. eonditotall, a
•i,, ' • •.'• - 1 ' • tbo - dait,n and:
ke .woo
seised" -.noted
-,,,t 5 ,,, -i ~...,•-..:i,-.A" . • ;, - lii 5 ble heathers.
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-..- 4• 4 1 .•-• .','' '1 4 i'. "4 ; ~.:,.. litrilitid Pre sa
rise; but had
•:;:';'%-..t:', :-.:.•:: l'' ..• 4il ' ]
~'', fi - _ . u.t.-. vmsw d ..n„ ~,;„,,..i.._Ea
71-4.....T1----‘".'::77!::!!'',1:.:"142:.*'' ‘:.•
1- "• ; .* •;:' 4 .. :- . •,% f --1 I:':;lll)maraanart''''''n;spn- re spectably cOne m e aara oted, tali
,;-• ~41,, ..,•:..-,/-11.:..,1 4, l'' ; :1:1 . 1, ' '- t t.
owe of !ritual to
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l r** i:i - T . ..:::• .' ,:...1 •:11 ' '
*.....:1i. , : ...; "...,11: ',I. "'''•:..4•4:z. ' ' x - ;
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.• ; . „.. : b!„..1:,...,414 '..,:frt '•-
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.1 i.;......f,-;,:: . ;'.:...:i::•i,
.--,-.;1:v.;: , ..;.. ; .......
440.41 , 1414-3*!-
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, I_;;,;,::ii::,! . it'st' , : : .l-; :! :,',,1.:;.;..i,-
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"",rIPNE§DAT 1494Mii".4)EC.,9,186g
exam suiriartons •
a; S. Zatici k Co. - An- nix authorized
apalrtlifidevort, Payitto ninth Pa.
. • •
Ceti Boa' rd of 'Education.
[.;:.;:'.--: '...."7 - 4 " .. I'll.. Cordrid Milord of Edatstion met Tau
!„...44._Orenhig, December lith,lB63.„_l'resent--
.. .;:;.,::,;;;;:. 7,Olosire."llfluih i ;: Morison, Lowe, •z , Blarshell.
-.14, Aii07i FiergeMit_and Gingerly.. dlr. Mar
' 1,41411( Itt idte'Chali.
- ....., . ,
' --.- .Ilto inigniii of the last meeting were read
,- and approved. Lf”
'fits M 01144 re port'ef the Principal of the
,-,,,...: . -.*iiiSeiSM:d 'Si read, and ordered to be re
.-... 'efife - d and fled. -== - -
';.-; . -Tits Inciniki ieport of the Pilncipal of the'
. - -".n . ., , ',.. .. Colored School-its- lead, and ordered to be
2-0 0 •Ivi!ilkild idoti. --, ' • 1 -
- ...':''lltel deeietaii* - mcinthly 'report, showing
' 4 '..' -. . -, ' 1. :• .-- - r '. •-• ll L...etroMerated. ittendittos at the Ward
as follows; wu read, and ordered to
betsseeliett 'and Illed,/riz: -
L ', -?. ,•••-•.'''' '..-:.:,-"',;..",-. --' ' • "
.... _
• .. ,
~, Gram. Lutz's, Prim.
_ ~.:- ~ ' Dept. Dept. Dept. Total.
, •-rtntt li'eni..---.-...:.. TO , ' 86 232 407
4144mul War2.....,....i.' re: TV 185 313
Jrcntatlt Ward;,
- ~........... V PS 122 , -=2
'2lnte Wani....., ,
-....,.. 144 ' 162 , 323 eoo
Drnentb Weed........ 60 46 252 356
• ~ :,-;.--, ....:',.211142 Ward...--... 7 ma ~ 581
Math 111
Ward....,........ 7 .. 70 1 1M
32 Sin 601
‘ ' ' ,.' ilr ''''.. t '' 4 l;2;itli..• ::.., .-- .' .7 7 1:9 .8 . E6 - 1 - 017 * ;375
'',, •• • '.. :10: 7 817111111.6;ed that the highest sebool in
thit -,, ltitirmediste.,,Department of the bizth
i' : .-;:‘• - ..7,l„l ll rik4' ti eolared In the _ grammar Depart
..4:4-, -, ,T , mant„, ~, lieferred to Committee on Tent Books
.` - ..27 , ,', - --- ;adttitagiee;“-_ -v . - " . '-'
rt- - -': :'-4:ln motion of Mr: Lowe, an adcUtionat teach.
'._ -:. - ' - 'ar wee authorised in the - Intermediate -De
',•`: ... - .: - .:1 ; I.:gine:nit of the; Seienth Ward School, from
and after Jennary i5t,1664.. , -- • , ,
-Ott motion of Mr. Brnsli,a . vaaativn of the
Olty Schools was anthotiged-from the evening
orltote. 24th, until the-Int Monday- of Janne
-1 ,rn
',:•; On m :i. -
-',::,' ~- -- • iiii4ottni, adjourned. ; - - ,
• - Found Drowned.
04 Tuesday afternoon, about tine' e o'clock,
the body of an unknown roan, was found float
_ the - eanal,:at ffinguesne bormigh. A
hrboatbadagitated thb tinter, and threw
'the empse,to,tho surface; when, it woe noticed
b.y i ss Wen nsuied"Phielbaolu'l was dragged
and Coroner McClung was
• strummed tp holden - inquest. No Information obbilnedelanding to show bow the
was drowned.-:The deceased was Spy's
tinily- about fillyty-Ore years of age, was
1; dressed in a emit of line clothes, with an old -
-fashioned stock about hie Stock. - Ile had
dandy beenin the water but a short time. A
email silver watch, and aPolsketbook contain--
; - sl s ten Nutt 'cote, were found upon his per
! sou.. The body will be kept atDereree' coffin
room: Grant street, until Thursday if not
" saer
- 1 '2 44i-,4artniesvi Dratt.
Tbefollowing itisfrietione have' been -is
lad from the
War t !esperionent for tb
PcY r 77 . --MarAutls
fiend that itif sal eriwp ai io itteh. sob!
na7-: their -rote of
troktatam,itader-lhaxleoeutseatt, that-"they
!Hi Wier4tett f roo o l4 l' o2 4ini draft. :'•
--sa , the :atonal sno,distriets receive
twill such vidastoirs as , mity:hate
mattered , into service sitte the drift;
that Olin nomlior so' ireditod bo" dedeetod
thi:1 1 1 -0 4 a igned,
cm halos ander this regent eau. ;v_
lowillosbythit that erreryinowarsge ,
Ultima gio,sub-dliprilts,to in the
aoiaaloese T-
* P ansolone,;.Dr. Charles P. i
ciPtired- a 4. Didebunaulii,
.Ikali tj Ullii - his Juir returned from Libby
triton,bl sg of
* te; - The Dolor titetee'i
- *stilts articles et,proviateas, clothing, kew
aeaito Dolan ;Witten stßieionondtrozo their
Iliertisern friends Sad asetseistione hive been
-.meenivetiletheta 'except& a few cases. Tha
requested As; one; °Mout now in
Libby{ to_iontay to their frientr an
to- the - necessity of itonfining
thazaallasa to, sending forward staple
the.tkrafederate modes
,; , -, - 7..forttialphstation ens now taxed tO tko!Lr at
,fieltnistrentity. '
#llll4ii i 'TECE Mastcto This eel
‘tobiitfittAp!abis) lad maittelia what. tleseowl
each Wound winder - DIED: =
and astonishment in em city sorne.linie age;
. 0 140 M—On iradad ith ' ai n s
nd 4 f the zu"aoGolligigh*d a° ` 24 ,......"V 1AS i t; m emi t jeer ot hie
'44llste tit Of exlte7, azPired 6fivr4sisgkee tits setospr.; tanned on - The p iece
Ironstheeffsete of an seeitostapon the 81111, mot. at 123 0 itten the reddsice or Ms 06 ''
altdMtehlititezt railrOed. The waren reale. near Lishinoto Hotel. Dose rh. fawas!sirs
elf the treek, t agl ia th a e s og n osa t ii4v i t ni ty a jt4l ; p ai r: wed to
ikmfq ! I n s o s ent Dam=
ionic of
'throug - re.4 his feet. - . * iraferrita,:.ths isidayoratifng, Dee. 40, Me.'
I?" . ILICe - ketwaine t m. hoist will take ;beetle= Ms We mediate,
'snettonioinjatt,theessiso nsercou Sales Booms; newt editetleo; Conine township, an;Wan.
Ho. 001/D i lt afnut‘9 ll , 22 astlVivin/PRP Dr!
-' iissio ArnieracW, Dec*, ittlt, ceeladt. Curlers
• • hate IC U. Devozo's;Na; 101 Grant 4anat,
$ 6 ! CO Was aaa wh'stur,...tbiali3satuaon
6 i Thin titi ;the haterirroli. IL will kiwi: the
_at Pitta,tatrOG,.;!..l...T.l v ec i t r monied at 11:40 el.
~ .0r g i a. t.3 . 41 4 , 1 "..-14;;;#
a 106 Yaw cut hi. Tiy l'ltts JOIE* NW,.
hesaron Boni. xewm ate.
00 z s m . * G iu f fre "ittabitZtti ;Wee, pla
23. lbsath per of age. ' • :-
• , BAIMOLL-CiMpakr t .Dailitabit7l/1, fated**,
-A stile -enjoying- DOSCiaarTD.: er Asas7 -
'out hare. wit ~ : zbefigarairut tikik pticie 'from tharseldesice at
11 #0..1 004 0 I ;i r s=qrsiOssull l "f.
siliguatio4. **llollAppoki' 5 2 1 0, Atios . 1 , 11:1 11 !
f latakas ". ollll4 P- t ." 1 1,-!°: 11 , 0 0...
• •. -
• _ .
. .
Marian .111'; Colvin, of the IstSzeeTtlor arig
ado, (Friend 'Ram) and George Rlnelin t,
of ca.,c, 6th Sieeuior , bothbelonging to this
city,-were recently...captured by
_guerrilisis, in
United States uniform, atoßrandy, Station,
Vet Sind are now doubtless inßichntontL, Af
ter-Rhea:my had. moved forward, thesirtueli,:
*lib :several others, who were attiehedlo
amps. Headquarters, were ordered to remain
in shebang. lately vacated by Gen. Freud,
when.' gaud of Moseby'a guerrillas heppen
ed along that way and gebbled them op.
Paor. Joan Zvirner., failing to arrive. in
Pittsburgh yesterday, in etinsequenee of hiv
ing misled the connection at Philadelphia,
will pcsitively'ineet his Wends and &Movers
of mule at. Central nail, second story, D;..
pawlßuilding, this (Wednesday) evening.
BZJOTICAATOk Vorgae HAI/ Is not a dye ;
contains ao Nitrate of Si '
hrer or any other
Ingredient injuzio • to either Skin or Nair.
Pricei'osz no For sale by all-respoct-
Able druggbds. Siitor Generhi
Agent, corner So •• • and Szolthileld eta.
Dnowfii.—Darid Bay and Jacob Jarrett,
residing near Belintrrova, were drowned In the
river, opposite Stininn7, on Friday. They
were crossing wi a at loaded with coal,
when all sank in ire feet of water.
Tat Znaftetta
talaments at: Vtdo
day, Friday tad Ss
Tn 011.413 ELM; ! Plain and - Ornamental
Slate Roofer, and dealer In Pennsylvania and
Vermont slate of the bast quality at low rani.
oi:deist Ales. Laughlin% near the Water
Works, Pittsburgh, Pa. •
Ten Camargue Itaaencn.—Men of un
doubted ili pronounce the Gro
ver & Baker me wi n gmachine to be the clime
terie perfection. The principles of its aim
'traction are too simple toadmit of improve
merit. In many res no machine
can posaibly compete With ts ,
them. ' other
& Baker is the only niachine that embroiders.
The opera thinks in the windows of the store,
incredible as it seems, -were embroidered by
this Grover '& Baker Machine. The cloak
manufacturers have found this out, and have
additional reasons for using the Grover &
Baker machine. A temporary diversion from
the Grover & Baker, might be secured by
immoderate puffing, but In the end no other
machine Is found to answer the idirpose 4 .l
Every 'day, in the various furniture auctionl
rooms about the city, we find machines to be
sold for what they may bring. We never yet
saw a Grover and Baker thus offered. The
Grover & Baker 'ditches, hems, gathers em
broiders, fe ll a and performs all the operations
In sewing. A child can operate them as well
es an adult., There is 'no labor in working
them. However delicate a_ lady may bo,
there is ne toil in moving the Grover & Baker
machine. They are not as hard to work as
the pedal of a melodeon. Persons accustomed
to use them are unconscious of any exertion
with the foot. When to these advantages we
add that the machines are nearly noiseless,
are saying gnat things as well as: true
things. The Grover & Baker patents cover
the wideetrange of improvements yet known
to 'deuce. With some considerable personal
knot/ledge - and inquiry, we Eerier yet knew a
ease in whichOstitituver & ItakEr machine fell
short of erpectation.--Noitfe Arstericers cud
U. B. Casette.
Paces tat van Pzonk—Embroidering ma
chines are not the thing for family aewing.
Read the following
Ofie prominent defeccof the double thread
loop stitchls the waste of thread in forming
it. Each yard of seam requires on an arar
age 73‘ yenta of thread, or twice and one-half
`the amount required, by the "look stitch." An
estimate may . he easily made of the compar
ative aspen's of using the two. In the skirt
manufactory of Mesas. Douglass .t Sherwood,
,a day's work, of ten hours for one person is
• set/mated 1,000 yards of straight seam, ten
'stitches to the inch, with 'the lock.atieh
chines, which they ILO tkis length of sears
Lrequires three thousand int-deaf cotton thread,
and with the doubt. thread chain or knitting
stitch machine, 7,500 yards Would be required.
;The cost of 3,oooyards of edtton thread would
be 01,35 at wholaale and. the cost of 7,606
yards would be s3,lo, ' making a difference of
$1,86 a day in thine item aline, me more than
$5,000 a year,; with costlier t h read or silk (at
I present prices at $ll - perpOund), the difference
would be Much_ greater., in shirt and collar
mannfacture,where the stitch is finer endless
length : seam is sewed , the direitnee. per
day I, only s eam
caffein farorof the lock.
stitekmachines. In a manufactoryilEe that
of Winchester & Davies, where one hundred
and 'Mgr 'otthese machine's ant lased; the
saving is sl2o t The - result is that th e
chain or hnt f , ,is not need on this
work.; In quit ir,'.:ithena; silk is used, the
difference each day:- would .amount to more
-than two dollars' and- arenty-Sre. cents On
each wahine.--Seient(ffs "
•TheMbeeler & Wilson is the tiost machine
Tor TamUytnoe, 'eget, No. 27.Rifthitrest.
lwditw r
Sol Pam. axis Wzgrai Elon-
Merl s 'cast, and the' aserribieefrost, we
begin to apprehend, that , fallaltad,w4tar
thud, be upon to, and we nikst provide one
-selves with the material ,to *top , wi comfort
able. A nice fall suit,' or a good-and well—
nal& otercoat areas very thingoiad we do
not -know 'et any whine cm readers
Arvid:salt themselves ~b etter than. at Masan.
W. R. McGee &, Co% clothing establishment,
comer of Federal street and Diamonq 13tpuire,
Alleghang. They have almi received a com
plete assortment of iridium's furnlihing
goods, and a great variety of new petterns for.
er.'nrsair, banyou isiamtn - ad tie tall and
_Pinta stook of goods that ltarobaza Toil
ettabllahoient of Bala.. Graben Co.,
No. 64 Mgrketottoit.t- -
A freslrdipptysit goods every week.
Hare yes examined, the prices of goods al
the liferebsul. rallariag
_establlsbment of Bans.
Grassi Co., 14. 4 , Market street if sot,
It is now time you would, and; nn".2o pee
Out. in your Clothing bll4 - •
- Irmo, Smartt werrauted a perfect ft.
Sarnia, asuzette Elroelloasotsus.
_ .
ilirrrcrr DettrAitrrucrent.--Mrs. Anne
sajs.- in a letter
When IttNew. , Vork, tide summ er . par;- -
ohlwed brway of experiment some of - . 13.
A. Allen'e celebrated H air- Itesteior and
Zylobablamum;which here found valuable.
I now write to hare you send me a.dosen of
each by erpreie,lor the use of nip'friends."
Bold by Druggists swerywhere. Depot, 198
,Gre Muriel; street; MIS York.'
Anse Itsaamsb ail lie so; Sara:—Thy
Ani esiortmeat of Pall aid Winter Clothing,
lately rooked by Mein. John Wier k Co.,
Minroltani Tail° , lie, 141 Federal street, Al
legheny. The stock of clothing conskte 'et
:the:lnert 'earl of paw pantaloons vests,
_ootkeind ov The -aryl% of *lane le
patella and ihablona'ble.. We:would invite
All of onr rowing to give the akin gentlemen
a fall: ' -
Vows:tans Ammo* I--Vor derange
ments of the e7otent ioaidentatio tba Chsnge
,of diet, Wounds, Hruptionsiand exposures
whioh Wrory :Volunteer is liable to, Wrenn
no =Ladles sit tate, convenient, and reliable
as Holloway" Pill. and Ointment, 25 ante
per pot.. 209.
GU- almnftst of. ladies' farm this ism.
Ines, at J. Final', cams of Ghia aitd
stteete..• -
dun bassist _it Assists at Pinsk,
*niter cit thsst and Riftb. Stmts.
Spuds! Dtipateb to the Pittsburgh °motto.
The Democrats displayed the same state of
disorganisation to-day on the election of the
other officers of the House as they did yester
day. On the Speakership they made our ren
egade and cast off Clerk Etheridge their can
didate, but some of the members refused to
veto for him, while for the other oMees they
°Couldn't unite their strength on any one can
date. They tried the game of nominating our
Sergeant -at-Arms, hoping to get some of his
former friends to rota for him and so run
him in, but Mr. Ball war too good a Union
man to permWhimmelf to be used in that
way, and promptly demanded the withdrawal
of his name.
will give three enter
611,Johnstown, Thurs
Tho Senate unceremoniously kicked out
Wilson, of Mo., who, is trying to hold on to
the place to which Grate Brown has been
Will not be announced until next Monday
The pressure on the Speaker for eligible
places le tremendous, McPherson being be
seiged by applicants for clerkships under
la.drawing for Feats to-day by lot, in the
Homo, the right to make the first rholoe fell
to Maj. Gen. Garfield, of Ohio.
General amusement is expressed at the dis
appointment of Little Mr. Samuel Cox in not
getting the empty compliment of the nomina
tion by hie party for Speaker.
Mr. Washburne's friends say that be would
not accept the Chairmanship of the Wayrand
Means Committee if it were offered him, but
Othi he prefers to retain his old place on the
'Committee of Commerce.
, The report of the President baying a relapse,
are stele!: jobbing inventions.
Of Ohicago, gave notice that he would Intro
duced a,bill to prohibit slavery in the Terri
tories embraced in the President's Proclama
tion of Emancipation ; also, a bill to recall
the clans° in the Conscription Act authorising
the discharge of the:lnman drafted on the
payment of $309. _
Frauds in the Quartermaster's Department
at Alexandria, are Increasing In magnitude.
They will reach over a million dollars. In
addition to Chief Quartermaster Ferguson,
and • Captain Stoddard, heretofore arrested,
Capts. Gay, Carry and a brother of Stoddard,
hare been committed to prison. John Go
rode, of Pennsylvania, Is here urging another
Committee of Investigation into the frauds of
whatever ibaractor, against the \ Govern
A Bill providiog for the mustering out of
aerviee of some forty or Ally hisjors and
Brigadier Generals, their flag-armors, kte.,
will bo introduced, so so to giro a choose for
: promotion to worthy officers new in the field.
Joshua C. Gunnel. an old resident o('Pair
faz Court House, has been allowed to go to
Richmond by the- government, in order to
effect the release of some citizens, neighbors of
his, captured by liloseby'a guerrillaa.
4A other band o gum:Ulna have 'been die
coesred to Vstrfaxi county. called Bradford's
dismounted cavalry They Altai horses from
oar eltiuna , &0., and commit other deprods•
Gen. dorm; toosoiostider of this department,
pays an official ♦iaitfn the Ruastan Oast to-
arrrapni rep#Arty roar.
Mfrs. Lim:obi' returned from s trip to Now
York this ermaing.
Members of the National Union League are
arriving in large number, to attend the anent.
lag to-morrow.
.OrN. 8111111114111
has been placed In command of gait Tonnes
U., ander Grant.
Caaso's Report was neat off by a sped.'
messenger today. He rooolatoonda •n to
crone of taxation of StatO Boob.
commits) minim§ to vzsrs rat 'emu's rum§
' The Emilia *dicers haie tendered Congress
an invitation to visit the fleet, where lunch
will be Provided. Saturday will probably be
axed is !hp day.'
Went heirnieto-day bb Wounded son, suf
fering from 'a ball pessirigunder one shoulder
blade and coming otle:undei,the other.„ The
wound is severe,but no . ). dangerous.
• •nuitnucaz
Tbe-SenatiaCommitto Reptddiefuticas ro
ported back the standing confnaltioei that wore
teconetindad, with :;ho exception of on
,:lbe most important cd_whith dual itikinfli bal
lot. Caucus, infused to banal, and -reconsid
ered the 'subject. goini western Sonatorm
think N ew England ' has too . inany •
.11%1918111 at FICRACCGRISZLXT
Horses Greeley lectured toltight to si largo
sodium it Odd• Fellow's 11.11,0n' the ques
tions of the hour, treating first of the dead
quastiolui which wore aline two years ago,
.when he spoke here last, and then of the lir
-114 Woes since, en negro eginelity, tho Union
We it wee and a s st is, and reconstruction. On
the last point he said there was no `difficulty,
`atter slavery was 4 .lebelished. ; That until be
done at'bslag tke mairieause,
rAtTrro, a.cao.►r
The Secretary°, the Interior is said to :a
eommead a bumph of tho Ettainiad from
Dearer jCily to Bortj Fillmota and Rio
°mutt To moos TO OTN. BAITS
*los A. D. Drills, A. A. 0. to Cion. Hart
siaff,,bai been Orderedto ioporl. to Gen. Banks,
at Sow Orleans.
The sales of Pubile bonds, for Ifiiverober
brought 523,050.
►zsecor sularoles arronrup.
Dr: 07r01 M. BlocTiro% of Port Iladson,
idioidgan, sad Dr. C. J. Lae, of fdarysvilbi,
Kansas, have boon appointed Pondon Sur-
First esatbridgv Ohio, femme ) First
Oti4013o;o00 Vint fiosinouttille,
Peiciloylvanis, 43_0,0001 Second • St.
Iflsimarl, .200,000; Second 137rsopo,.,Ifew
Toth $lOO5OOO.
aim Gnat had lined in 'order regalidOt
thd "tuition Lzhabltiddeltd, be hold Torpo7 01.
blifor the dimaptillollohy %obeli:2l . l4ot par
pinotions hod poonolotly.- : '
01114 Lonia,ls IllielyitO be- one of Ito {new
lotobots on lii":cciiumitte•- et 37 •7 1 anti
and 3isli;-16.ua1116111114-ili 5144.
• , =.•• - _ l _ ?•:;r::
, „
lteiiiirt — :iirtii egii,6l-- e.
i• - •, ,, ;...-- - . ,, : , :- .i -. 7 . •::::1iatry; . :1. -.- "' : .. - _,,: , ,
iSpenal Dinadth tiiii:artts ' 6.idi. ,-
"' . Boxyptriaal- Ath,lS63.
I This report embratenthirty.3ll pares, and'
tart y
, ,
begins with the blockade. t. pi . , I=taut of the,,
coast blockaded is thlitiflyelT hundred and
.forty-nine miles, with one huatired and eighth.'
nine harbor and river openings, and much of
the coast- - presents a double shore to , bO n
guarded. In addition, more than one kith&
red vessels have been employed In patroling
the rivers. The distance dt. patrolled on
the Mississippi and its tribitarles le ..N855.
miles, en the golf and the t Atlantic ,2;001:f
miles. Sounds, rivers and • inlets have sled
been penetrated and watched with unceasing.
vigilance. The blockade ii hemming 'more
effective and complete. There ,1:01 - been
progress in repelling the rebels, from
the coast. The rusprincipaled traders who
successfully violated lair and Dahlia mo
rality in illicit traffic with the rebels during
the early Dart of the war have found .their
operations during the En t year most dssas
trout'. Admiral Lee continues to command
the North Atlantic Squadron. Tho highest
encomium is pasted on the naval officer, as
men of sleepless vigilance end heroic bravery.
It is not known that any' vessels elude the
Vigilance of the South Atlantic Squadron,.
More than a year ago, operations were com
menced, with a view of interdicting all Oahe
and if possible of capturing Charleston itself;
but by reason of delays and difficulties in fit- '
ting Qnt the In-clad fleet, la demonstraion
was not made ti ll
till April 7th. A history of t the'
operations before Charleston IS than given. `
The Secretary then alludes to the conflict
that took place in Warsaw Bound between the
Weehawken and the Atlanta, and Concludes
that this remarkable result was an additional
testimony in favor of tali Monitor class of
vessels for harbor defense and coast surrey
against any navy vessel/ that have been or
are likely to be constructed to Visit our shore.
It appears to have extinguished whatever
lingering hope the rebels may Dave had of
withstanding oar naval power by naval means.
Admiral Bailey continues do command the
Eastern Gulf Squadron.
Then fellows a history 'of the operations of
the Southern Gulf Squadron under Admiral,
Farragut. Had a land force been in readi
ness to co-operate with the fleet Vicksburg
could hare been captured after the oceapation
of New Orleans. The blockade of the Gulf is,
satisfactory, and recently the rebel trail°
through Matamoros has become insignificant,
since the capture of Brownsville. Admiral
Porter in command of the Mississippi Squad
ron, is complimented as an officer of groat en
ergy and extraordinary vigor. It in but a lit
tle over two years shire we had not a naval
vessel on all the Western waters. Now we
have a hundred Vessel carrying 462 guns and
5,500 mon.
Commodore Harwood commands a flotilla on
the Potomac to Intercept the Illicit trams be
tween Maryland and \ aginia. Admiral Chu.
H. Bell continues to command the Pacific
squadron, which comprises the same vessels
as last year, with two additions.
The naval force at, the commencement of
'the Administration consisted of seventy.eix
reseals, and of these only forty-two were in
commission. The additions which have sines
been made hare elevated the country into a
first class naval power. In the following ta
ble, an exhibit is presented of the altered,
numbers and deseriptitin of our naval vessels
at the date of my last report, and at the pre
sent lime :
Navy at the date of the present report, 538
vessels, 4,443 guns, 4,679,612 tonnage. Navy
at the date of last report was 127 vessels,
3,268 gune,34o,o36ltonnage. Increase, exclu
sive of those lost, 161 vessels, 1,175 gun.,
120,031 tonnage. 1 vessel of the navy lost
since December, 1862, :Captured, 12 vessels,
48 guru, 5,978 tonnage. Destroyed to prevent
falling into the hands of the rebel., 35 vessels,
297 gnus, 2,883 tonnage. Sunk Ist battle or by
torpedoes, 4 vessels, 28 guns, 2,201 tonnage.
Shipwreck, fire and collision, 13 vessels, 61
guns, 4,834 tonnage. ',Vessels platted under -
construction since eember 1882, double
end ' iron sfeamerti- *1,030 tons each,
seven vessels 81 gent, 1,710 tonnage,
single turret iron clads, 014 tons 'each; 20
vessels, 40 guns, umo tonnage; double tur
ret iron clads, 3,150 tons each. 4 vessels, 10
guns, 12,520 tonnage; clipper screw sloops,
2,200 tons mien ; 12 varlets, 94 - gusts, 20,400
tonnage ; screw sloopar spar deck, 2,200 ti,ns
each ; 13 vessels, 160 guns, .17,606 tannage ;
screw stoops at great speed, 3,200 tons each;
5 reseals, 40 gnus, I ,ooo,tonnitge ; screw
sloops at great speed,9,eoo tons each • 2 ves
sels 16 guns, 6,000 tonnage.
General exhibit of ' the. navy when the
vessels under construction are completed:
Iron-clad steamers,
eoast survey, 48 Is,
150 guns, 0,218 ton nage; irea.clad Steamers,
Inland service, 29 vessels, 152 vas, 20,784
tonnage; side-wheel steamers, 203 vessels,
1,240 guns, 126,517 tonnage; screw steamers,
10d iessels, 1,576 guns, 107 ,01. 1 2 tonnage; sail
ing Te 8206, 112 vessels, 1,323 guns, 70,238
'There hare bans added to the nary during
the past year, by purchase, some thirty tugs,
over fifty steamers for blockading and supply
purposes, and over twenty other vessels f.,r
tenders and storeships. At least , twenty of
the steamers were captured in endeavoring to
violate the blockade.
The Secretary then discusses at some length
tho improvements la naval vessels. Alter
speaking of the wonderful revolution that has
taken place la naval architecture since the
war broke out, he proceeds as follows : The
Monitor class of armed ships with revolving
turrets, and from guns - of hoary calibre, has
proved itself wall adapted for barber defense
and coast eerier, and in some emergencies
these vessels, from their great powers of endu
rance, hare shown themselves efficient and
serviceable In offensive operations. This form
and description of vessel which originated in
the inventive genius of Capt. John Ericsson,
will : : - perform not only all that should be ex
pected of them to make our harbors secure,
bet when of enlarged capacity may supersede
shis or higher pretensions.
10 maintain our rightful maritime position
and predominancy on the oceans, vessels of
greater sloe than any tarretted vessel yet
completed may be essential. . Not only moot
they carry.guns of a heavier calibre than have
heretofore been used at sea; but In order to
make long cruises and to rope successfully
with any force, these vessels must have all
possible strength, endurance ani speed.
Their structure Mist therefore afford space
enough for full sailing
. 101/or, and for the
most powerfal steam mac hinery; =id the large
supplies of fuel needful tqlcoop it at work be
ing unlike the other great marine nations,
without distant collieries, their coal depots
eon be, established on the shore of almost
every ael• We must eanfOrM to the limes
silica of eurcondltion, and build Ships with
capacity enough to take ott board a fall and
suillciest auppir for aloes g cruise. The space
for other stipplies,feinsunitlons of war, for the
necommodation'-of etlicens,ana crews should
also ho ample; and in addition to tale, each of
Ahem!' vessels multt,in order to accomplish Its
work, present in its construction, armor, ir
ma) Bent and .propulsion, all the power that
the resource of modern invention and mechan
ical sleuth and art can tarnish for attack, no-
Altana. and - pursuit. A vessel of this do.
icription most, of sours., cost, a large price.
But thenwise etatemanship will not fall to
1 perceive that the posieesion of - even rely few
ou c h incomprehensible, ships must, while the
vastly augmenting force and . renown 'Of our
-navy, afford us tt the sanittlineen Inestimable
guarantee of peace with foreign nations. Nal.
occulting the cost of such floating' strnotures,.
aanverforgef .that large.a. that eosa may be,
it yet sinks into insignificance in contrast with,
the expenditures andeaerllo„4 , of 6 s i ng l e
year or even the amounts of literal/to war.
In order that. we may, have at our command
a navy which shall Atilt these 'cuseiampled
..o: ru di, e zet an ingtsonditioni of efficiency, a tom;
'men/MN •pe p li rv o ' "as esta u b o l zi Li s hin u im i l d f inm ov i ns til
l eo bi n s ... -
A navy carried on a large reale main every
misses/ of the new plan, amply fo ro l o h e d -
wi% all 'the paper facilities and aide for its
operations, ahem machinery•for apemen no
be inanafaotured, iron 'vessels :constructed,
made nd testedoad repairs of every deectip.
lion executed; is in absolute titionisity: • In
view of!these facts, I bad the honor of sue-
Toesstraiioesslorui 'to owe this matter open the:
attention of the last Pongreu, ant Musotolso;
ilon of that body otsueb establishment; 10:a.
itilefefilme ibl.c6 th*,1441/.1.1.111Fr.7 mode to'
' -As miatels - frainentir teed repilta, audio.
our publlo yards are - ardlrely liedequitt for'
the mujoifootitio and' repair of steam maim.*
sy,:great delay mid lotsof aidlitary opvtroun.:
• ittoolatio occurred itteadokiiritit riot:lora of
money. .1 again thenifoitsmest earteally la -
• vokailie idaeLdl9n of Cooilra# . 1 ..0 Okla/West
Amithiampletala Tnest,--tiutt, o ut pirobriiii^ t
bait nada= itifloiont, ptorWotrin ;Its ?MAW
lehadishilleabiler-top ezhtflnkreolivrnitiur
SY nazassaa
14 -
~.‘ " 3 -0'. #
, _ -
• - ""'
of iatil Wiliam": oir efratilarl is better pre.
Pliett fnsadieus* than. almost. Any other
Ctiliaritinlla altitsfi," for era: have Ind fetir,SaiLtng
"Tesuis of 4 1 Ore thee, and theatsfew to Which'
Steam canneetberned to adrantagct for other
then fighting ,pnrpeces. The disadvantages
of wooden vessels ere want , of etrength as
compared with theta of iron steamers,and
the' Moro rapid decay ogthe =erial,
partienlarly when covered with Iron
plating, the action. Of the lintnersed iron
armor or copper sheathing near it, causes the
copper to Imeome fortl a and the immersed ar
morplatesto waste; the difficulty of keeping
,vessols tight under armor plates, and the
Probably greater strength of iron, permits the
construction of ships of greater silo and finer
linos, and having greater internal capacity,
their parts are safe from lire and are better
protected from great leeks, as they can have
water-tight compartments; their repairs can
~generally be more easily made, and from their
great durability they aro prob ably in the end
not more costly. An iron vessel, moreover,
can be taken front the water and placed on
land for preservation, which cannot be done
With wooden vessels. The disadvantages- of
iron vessels aro the serious local weakness of
the thin plates composiug the bottom of an
Iron ship, the danger that would result from
getting on rocks or submerged obstructions,
their liability to rapidly become foul ha salt
water, whereby their speed becomes greatly
impaired—there requiring to bo frequently
docked for cleaning, the great danger from a
shot striking below the armor plating as they
roll, the injury caused by the splinters of iron
when the plates are broken or smaehed by
shot, the corrosion Inside from bilge water,
the difficulty in making temporary repair of
allot holes and the limited number of artisans
yet procured having skill in this description of
It should- also bo borne in mind that while
we have several navy yards for building yes-
sole, the government possesses not a single
yard and establishment for constructing these
iron vessels, nor even for making plates and
shafting. While the principal attention of the
Department has in this minis of our affairs
been necessarily given to present and more
pressing necessities it has nevertheless kept
in view the important end of eatablishing our
naval power on a permanent basis. There aro '
no parties in this country fully prepared to
build Iron vessels of the magnitude and de
scription proposed, and the present high prices
of uustenal anti labor unavoidably nuisance
the cost. The Government itself is unpre
pared to execute any such work, having no
suitable yard and establishment, and is conse
quently wholly in the hands of private par
ties to demand what they think proper, add to
prescribe their own terms.
Besides the turreted teazels for coast de
fense, and large armored ships for naval con
flict, ..we nerd, and should have, steamers of
high speed, constructed of wood, with which
to sweep the ocean, and chase and bunt down
the versals of an enemy. Fortunately we aro
able to supply ourselves with teasels of this
description, and a competent and healthful
competition exists for their construction. A
large proportion of the establishments adapted
to the construction of nautical engines have
been enlisted by the department in the man
ufacture of steam machinery for vessels build
ing at the nary yards and at private estab-
I lishmenta.
The Secretary advises not only an additional
navy yard, but also the enlargement of the
yard at Philadelphia, which could be done for
three hundred thousand dollars. But with
that addition the yard would still be wholly
inadequate to the public necessities, and to
small for an extensive establishment as the
want, of the Government require. It would
uhdoubtedly ho the part of wisdom and true
economy to procure ground with ample water
front for snob an establishment as the increas
ing peblie wants demand in -the vicinity sf
Philadelphia, and so 11040 as it tan be made
available to dispose of the present grounds
and apply the proceeds towards improving
the new location. League Island and Berens
Hook, near Philadelphia, are suggested us
suitable locations.
I deem it proper to again allude to the ex
pediency of establishing at no distant day a
naval depot, yard and foundry at tome acces
sible and suitable point on one of the rivers
is the valley of the Mississippi. The selection
of an appropriate Broaden for this purpose 1
where vessels can be constructed and repaired
is a question - of - national importance. The
United States have, at this time, ono hundred
naval versals en the Mississippi and its tribu
taries. Iron and coal, Al well as wood, with
all the materials for ships-of-war, are attend
ant, and may be realist contiguous to eligible
Steamers of iroa will eudate for ye•rs in
fresh water, and the naval rissole which the
government may place In those rivers will ba
preserved. Should the projected water com
munication connecting the northern lakes
with the great interior risers by an enlarged
ship canal be carried into effect, the Minis
sippi squadron could he made available for
the decenee of one northern frontier, when
circumstances required it.
The Secretary makes a strong appeal in Le- 1
half of Naval Education, urging the thorough
instruction of every officer of the line in Engi
neering,ein addition to their llama acquire
ments. The naval service and the country
have suffered injury that eau scarcely be es
timated, from the want of thorough; capable
and well educated engineers.
Many of our most efficient respell bars
been disabled and crippled is the midst of
their cruise, and sometimes even at the very
commencement of theirsortice, in consequence
of the incapacity of tie engineers, whereby
the country hare been deprired not only of
the use of tho vessel Sro weeks and sometimes
for months but the °abler' and crow have
been eensaained tubs tetivity instead of being
employed against the enemy. Some measures
are necessary to contract and prevent these
disasters so injurloy to the country, and I
know of 120110 so thorough and complete as
that publicly educating and trainingengineers
to the service.
The most important branch or study at the
Naval Academy is very appropriately sea
manship, a general knowledge of the applica
tion and use of steam, and practical mechanics
should follow, as almost equally ersential.
Line ofileete of the Navy, of whatever rank,
should, moreover, have the privilege of at
leeturei and pursuing the study of
steam, mechanics, and, indeed, every branch
that may be taught at the Navy Academy,
and it is recommended that arrangements be
made for carrying into effect these suggestions.
Fronting, as our country does, on the two great
oceans, this system would insure to us, let,
reseals built and ready at alt times for fighting
purposes. 2d, An organizattion of able and effi
cient officers with well trained and educated
seamen actively employed, and alwdys ready
for naval service. Id. Rapid mail communi
cation with different parts of the world, the
whole furnishing a nuclei], for the navy, whore
both officers and both class of seamen would
be constantly improving and fitting them
selves for the highest public usefulness. No
better school or training could bo instituted
for modernnaval warfare. When seamanship is
so much In advance of Whatprevailed when
only sidling vessels were known to the navy,
such a system would, besides being
St nursery for the navy contribute to the ex
pared= of our commerce, which itwottldetint
elate and encourage, and with width it would
not come Incompetent under the naval and
merchant service, would fraternize and be'
educated together when the country last nese*,
and in time of war would combine the power j
of both for tationalpurposes. Muth employ
ment of our untiringl vessels would conduce to
the interests of pence. These suggestions are
intended to invite the attention of Congress to
the Important melded of establishing some
system forth. permanent bench_ of tho retry
atter thi present hostilities have ceased.
.Tire Seeretarythen gives coallderafile at
tention to the piratical rovers that have in
felted per commerce. -When the Sumter, a
vessel stolen from.our merchants, Wide her
escape and want abroad aimed, bat without a
recognised nationality, to seise and destroy.
our merchantmin upon the high seas, she
found among the dlgerine corsairs Tillage and
Protection within maritime juriedlotion of the
great Earopean powers with *hem the United'
States is in friendship,` and iinally„'after being
followed by oar embers into the harbor of
Clbriltar, she was permitted by'the authori
ties to remain, not only 'twenty-feu hours,
but more than twelve months, and watt even
tually transferred to English purchasers, watt
to `an English port, Wee refitted, and lea Eng
lish shores With Is contraband cargo, and has
elnesnos the blookadeosarrythg supplies
the rebels, -
The Alabama, the klorlda, sitid the lleorgla
are aimed cruisers, built in England, haveen
zoguil k situment onboard, and aro:manned
by crews wheats almost eitaltisivetrEaro
,pean, Sometimes under tho 'Engllih
and 'sometimes under' the rebel deg. These
rovers without a Dort of their own, ',mob they
can enterior, tomhlelirmean send a single
prise for sidJudicallon aurroyed the seas,
centering z'cud T destroying. the -ooni merce :d:
ibises Of :a =alerted - peke with Omit... Britain
ant! Frsz .13411•Chwhim,theits- Comite
lathetheedildrepel:gm Stipples they toe ex.v
• A- 1-
. .
a . ; _.
`; :r , ° ~
-.~: .
came It bid beets deited: expedite% teseent , l , , - Die Atm:Lms
nice th,*Pleas eiel!en4leFeete• . j*istrititDie.*:ilsitiblifidliii pig
Nid .one 03'1We:us , yesieli r esittieed hi ears of the UtitedStitessteimersßilhsembiel
these - sours' hsis :ever . beiii jtuUttaltr -eta. lattelitermisied,Weitesszited Itabiasei,-acts
deemed as trlegal ensure. - Areitin - deshtie; s wi l l e d ;:ibssidhi m - lii:defehitam a
_l t
blen line been the object- 8411PeurCe.-0;" the rdory—by - Jnektspaprepareil feirattack..T.....*:-,.-
eaptors, who bare burnt , and. destroyed" the 1 f. _,,' _,
__ i"-,
property of their saerchar4 vitthiss; -, ' -' . -, Stihismi : - tdDlsidendi
„ - . ALBarts tote. 8.-:-At emceeingf"
ILITIII cons sr; Tetoli -of, the..'rerE" •Itoik Vezina Ratified
' I-• . - estitilif,lt sedipmeitardli4deid d'art-pi.
ccent-, flee of. aosisieinisit , tit, was - deslised
payah 2 tgia-this2oClV-?fy
( . , The „eotosaae Itehtt: , -•--
i is4stuiatcui,, Doe. B.—lidsiesi;teoss- the
Army it the Paton:tap up to - Iste!" - 14#.11tateR
that ell war etdet.--'
' OaltUtopi, illVitiikinithlitlalegilitOtt*tif:
WASIIINGTOS CITY, Iles: '9 1863.
Stsara.—'.,Senator of Mattachu
setts, tabulated a reselation,that,the Com
mittee on Military Affairs Inquire what leader--
lotion-is necessary .to facilitate tho payment.
of back mend pensions of deceseed soldiers.
Mr. Davis, of Kentieky, sabniitted the fol
lowing resolution '
- that the refusal, of the
rebel authorities t o exchange negro soldiene
and their white Officers, should not prevent,
the exchange of; our ot her soldiers and . t , ol-,
tern in rebelprlsons, on just terms, suclCai, -
.will prevent suffering to our brave officers and •
soldier' In the handr• of /he eaemy..
Mr. Sherman: called up his resolutionPilliat
the JudieierY Committee inquire -and report,.
whethertßobert•W. then wa g s still a senator
from 311Xtouri. 'Mr. Petecuden objected
tirelylto recognising Mr. Villson,'-in'any wan:
as a senator fromXiSßOttri.
Mr. McDagall said the law on the pestion
had been settled, and 313 the &hied of the, gen
tlemen from Missouri, he was sorry, as he
hid no claim:
Mr. Powalriald that thererhole question de:
Pended on the feet, whether the legislature of
blissouri had really adjourned eine die, or only
took a recess before coming together lately,
and electing a Senator. If toe Legislature
of Missouri adjourned without electing a Sen
ator, the appointment of th e Governor held
good until the proper aseeinblitig of the Log.
!stature and an election by that body. It had
been raid, however, that the Legislature only.
took a recess: "Ile. would, therefore like to'.
have the JudiciaryComuiitteeinqaii; ititolhe
Mr. Trumbull moved to amend the resale.
ion by deofaring that Wilson was not entitled
a a seat in the Senate.
-- • .
The amendment of Mr. Trumbull was
agreed to, and the resolution adopted.
The Clerk of the Rouse here appeared and
announced that the House had organized and'
appointed . a Committee to watt upon tins
President, with the Senate Committee , to re-'
form him that both houses Wore ready for
The Senate took a recess for bait an hour,
end at the end of that time,
Mr. Foote, of the
Senate Committee, reported that the Commit
tee had wiited'upon the President, and that
the latter would communicate his message to
the Senate at half past twelse o'clock to
Mr. Wilson, of Mom., gaze notice of a bill
to increase the bounty of volunteering, and
to make an appropriation for the lame.
Adjourned. •
Hooss.—Tbo Howe tho present
incumbent Doorkeeper; He reeoived OS rotCF,
79 being necessary.
W. S. King, of Minnesota, was re-elected
Postmaster by 104 out of IGO votes cast.
Mr. Dawes presented the credentials of
Messrs. Seger, Kitchen and Chandler, from
Virginia, which were referred to the Commit
tee on Election.
. Washburne, of Illinois, offered a reto
lation presenting the thanks of Congress to
Major General Grant and the offleers and sol
&ere who have fought under him during Lt •
rebellion, and providing that the Presidents
cause a medal to be struck for General Grant'
in the name of the people of the United
States. Pulsed unanimously without a word
of debate or explanation.
Mr. Can said he desired to offer a resolution,
respectfally requesting the President to take
Immediate stops.for the exchange of nor prig.
emirs in the prteencof the South, and that iii
.all the correspondence In the
War Department relative to the exchange of
prisoners. After the discussion of the resolu
tion it was laid over.
Mr. AMA d gate notice of a bill to prohibit
shinny in the Territories included in •tho
President's Emancipation Proclamation; also
to repeal so much of tho enrollment act ; 'as
authorizes the discharge of a person drafted
on the payment of $3OO. Much limo was oo
copied in the selection of seat.. The (loose
then adjourned.
The Rebel Cabinet
New Yost, Dec. B.—The Richmond Wlog,
of the 31, talks in the following plain fashion:
With no other motive or thought than to
advance the public interest, we would again
suggest to the President the advantage of re
constructing his Cabinet, and calling to his
aid the very ablest intellect of the country.
' We have a Department of State that has tot
been able for nearly three years to establish
relations with any other State—a Treasury
Department that has fulled to keep Its finan
; ces from running to ruin—a War Department
in the hands of a chief, whose studies and
coerce of fife has been purely and practically
civleal—a Navy Department without a navy;
4 Post-office Department with a very shocking.
system of mails; a department of justice va
cant. The business of its departments Awn
the want of a more master hand, aid the:
united powers of their ehiefs in candid council,
If councils aro even held, fail to supply the
quantum of wisdom the council .needs.
We aro getting intu deep waters, and a
feeling QT . dread is shaking the soulsof the
do that :U h l so in
reanimate teir P he id e 4 arth aCanin3
stimulate their confidence in affection for him,
as the calling to his side,as his daily advisee,
a cabinet of the wisest, truest and most ex
perienced men in the - canntry,regart!lesa of
what may have been their former political as-
sociations, The time is propitious, the occa
sion urgent, and the people smaiormly expect- .
ant for his own continuing capacity for useful
ness and future fame. Au well on account of
the sorely necessituons and exigent condition
of the country do we earnestly press this
Gen: Butler and the `Alegi.° Troops,
New Yens, Dec. B.—Gon. Butler, has is
sued a lengthy order relatire to colored troops,
the effect of which is to call upon the male
negroes to volunteer to fight for the freedom
of their race, and to instruct every officer and
soldier in his command ta'aid the coming of
all colored persons into our lines. The negro
soldiers are to be paid a bounty of $lO and
paid $lO a month, while their families are to
be tarnished with subsistence.
Gen. Butler, in his correspondence, asks
Congress to place negro soldiers on the same
footing as other!.
Diettiottst Church Burned
Bosrost, Dee. B.—At an early hear this
morning a tire broke out in the Bromfield
Methodist Church, which rapidly gained head.
way, and yd the entire building.
The roof fell ina bout u two hours after the.firei
commenced. Ten steam fire: vngines were
promptly on the spot, and through the efforts.
of the Fire Department .the Bromfield Boise,
Music Hall, studio •buildinge, and other valu
able property were saved.
Accident to Coin. Hanlit.
haw Toax, Deo. .B.—lresterday aftornoon
while Com. lianlit was driving along the
Bloomingdalo Road in a light wagon, ',the
vehicle tam*, b collision .- with another) bf
which his carriage was upset and the Cninmo.
do re was thrown forward on the grotin4wlttre
for some time he lay unconscious, but was
soon removed to:a hotel near by \where he re
ceived medical attention.' Efts injuries are
acid not to be of a vevere nature.
Secretary Chase's
_lt.eport-,llealth of
the Paesid-eat.
New Tons, Deo. epeeist to tbo
ins Pat, dated Washington, Dee. 6th, says:
Chase's report will probably-le sent to the
press tii.morrow. It is considered art*
,that tt reeCtomends a hirtherlisne of legal
Mr Lincoln Is very lista' t;etter. 4.,
The Ennatatentor ItHuori:
- - • , .
-19„coutuoroN,'Doe. T.—Judge idilmote
'iuut deeded that tho-P,residelit's Prooli,
matioa siltpeud Int tbelealt of • hahoie, corpus;
iindentitedly includes twits prorielous tho '
cue of a minor, enlisted without hie parents'
'consent, is Whose belay, therefore; such: ,
Writ cootie& be Issued. .
Steaurr Between - New trtwk- and
2 . ll kagnY 8 0Panded• - _
;. ,- .Nitr - litr, Doc. 13.—The reopleo Ino of
'flew Tork and Albany steamera,hai
tended operation, on moonlit of feila the
taagy, certain t;
be feinted ale
..t.cniktrill"nosh fen
below Albany:' •-1 •
_ .
"' --":;:,-.: L. •
- • -:• Wiidlingt ol - 4111n1'
0 . , ~
'Wiiiin ii6"-- . 91t ;- D ,t -e * B '.. .....,A i2m i a n fi cimem : g ea - t ion ,
ealteni;'-but Uneb u 4 r o h'sre• , ingeo.lcE
t Gin. Plassaiston hVi ' beep
the 0 40 111 4 br the-41irtek, 1 and
It IC tePoitglitAidetet tha'co..,zutl
, Mtexin-witah...,,,. accept,. ttiO , :,*„ .,
t uiti d r t mt.o . V-- - ..,- -- .... , , 14 ,- .,' - ..- - i
msnt..,-,!-°--if.7._ N :- ': .' .-i. : . ••-_-.: :,
~1 • ,,•- : ',,'
Z,,,.:. - -Ad-, • -.,• _ ,, •
' 4 `. .:
•-- '-`: :::''''',":7--•::
-,,-.:•,,,'".. -- -
- -
• - '
13;ariyer to miss tang dafflijo4 2 4, Po4its.".ll l i , '
..fin?r,troitareortling to thirpitrairwke, thringhAere.
are ttot, retilith ,
noose:. fire weeLthar rirti " ecirierrhili . entitker.
dig, rind ire'lurerestrotg • taigirei Oat" the hoonbiiiin
trate wig bring = ram r-
Dnsivaa TraiZate attire atOil . 1 04IniitiadqV
and iiith lmprared recalptS,Aera'apPektvliii;tie,rare...:T.
Irbil:Warder otheight a:kaiak
• !mats experbiiee" no enmity ircce:;4istll.n—ibrii
mint' at remunerative prices. '
The:Sartain attired from' at..Lortilt 51111
card,; ibis \
trip, tutlndlog tome two thoatint! .
d. sill ite seen hp
cepa ofcept. I. 31. Breiogi miaow* pi 1444
tat Cincinnati and Loniertht,toray,rt VT.titraltdst,
The-ulled, White -and; Slas,,:packett•UriCattaneri;''
Cricket Na 3, got in from elaeinaarl
a good trip tneludiag Tate butniefoiilli*agere.
The Cricket will. leirair.t,dgell tO .33 aKvaiticirtr; foe
sad sbWeis*.iattese
tb~s`iagt in mind
Tbittsulight r liairiErizarille; cal lbe 401404101 k.
frorn'anelnpati,.?weiti both . duo List s~bt~ : adsut _'
probably be found 'at
The Itearn.hleareddor_Chiehanthl sag37;tryeliAg;
with all the freight she tiitold.:tnkib; a» tt tuU . gf psi
acagete..The EmtionoMittit'idso'leftleiZadstrt*,:.
.with a m oderate . '
The Geneva, in com Mind of Calie."Gio:-;.1.04i,'.-.
(formerly of iha ki:tarifa int
tared tbs Bittibtirgti and Illh4lhiar
Th " . w . i‘na
cast ; F.: Y. Ilatchektr.:la 444ton:toad b t o,
Mempil; and allinteristatilittOlminii
firm Tow Bolt—ln - Oar usuelitioßaliad the
lama, yesterdaY,'our attention 'was directed to•iiiew" . -
Tow Bout, opined, we wale told brthe
Donald. An old and well known Captain' wits* UV'
that. she is tbamoiltperfect model, for tiowlitiu', „poses which heyustyMetii.,her lines are round,:
and baautifuHrtahflitio Model for getbinO k .
easily, Madid nefight.- neeisilM
will carry a good load, which the Shirt, elippey
so generally built, will not do. -
This fine boat is from the yard; of Mr.. to SP'
Belleventiono; the-workmanship thiningbotritioye,_
very best—and this lea characterlide of lifs. : l4*arle ---
yard. This boat redacts great credit chi hailiDnehars'' t
and cannot but provo a good ' , Old protitilhi:DcWt for
her owoem. We wish them success, they ism sour.
prising and industrious yonag , mea,Maddiseir•
Wrenn., of, all whohave Lashes to do kahati
Itfr- Tra•lbe, a mare/maof Bt. Lou* crap pObbiat _ •
of PV,OOO on antorday on board ttutsinsmer
*nee, en route to ltemplai. The *Marts:tried r
:anteroom and adMinittelia'Cl4ol . ol.ina: • .
Tim recent tiring Into boataby geterllbar,oit *P
lower Milaselppl, tint bron g htlot ib,9ti,iotipriat •
excellent order:
• tiercuil, - BT ins.; Itedinabei•— •••-
Illpetlel Orden, No N.] • •
Military commanders at their respective pasta and
elationt on the ItimitalppLrlver, 75111 catustord• •-•••
nanceodicara of their carnmands to tar:dal - 11l 'faun.
boats in Government." tuiploy" 'twenty-Om Mind of
Ith a entdeleat supply of ammunttlca So en
able employee, on said boats'to protect themesahrat:
Captains of beam wlll,reutlpt for'the onimpies and
ordnance more.% sad bo - held responsible farina
keeping of same, and that no least; is ms,dei.of
The order tuned In the ohm:mica of Major-Garevral
Grant, United States Army, from .ths -Immedbids vi
cinity of the river and in consequence of sOnit at
tacks by overrillaie on many orthe boats pikiabis tiP
and viovrn the river, She order is hanid,nihjecl to
such modifications as Sfejor-General Grant anydceta
By order of the Secretary of War, _
L. TiWYLII. Acklakkak4kaaral..
Markets- by Tele/oapll. ,
hirer Your, Dec. A—Cot ton a shoot ioaletsad wok •••
doing. - Flour 10s1Sc lower; 50.L001t135 foe/Oslo.
57.4147.80 for Extra IL H. 0., and St.SCALSACI for
trade brands, rho market clon ing heavy. Mask*
firmer at SoB9oe Sur State anttAktafent: • Wheat 40
tower and In Eric demand, at 5L41@142 for Clacsiblf
Sprmg, 01.35 for old do, 5LA1(41.14.; Air Afilstattkag
(huh, e 1.4761.45 kw-Amber 3 111watikee,-antl 111...=44
I . l G•for.Wlnter Fed Westem. • Corw2c;bottrr, ad* -*
an attire eheinlatlco dernandiatsl.2".4l,2s.ltt Moroi: -
and S/'- 3 kc151125 alkwri'llicludineloo,ooQbtt Mime,
able from the Ist to the 10th of Febraary; baroire
opflon ' at $1.40. Oats le lager at Bs3oa7a. Wool.
firm. Collett without materiatchange, Augarcialat.
Petroleum dull: - Crudo - -.71e;. Refined, free,,aletww; -
Itefined, to hoid •4034.0.113,4 k ;and 60 bias do Or Jan.' ,
473,,A . p o rk ,idemes,at VASSen7.oo.•the emir
$11L0,312..50 for new Prime andSlE.oo for veer
Prlmoidetia Beef quiet 'and steady: , Cut Wadi
Mir demand at l'@7.V.e forSboulders, and-10011e for - - -
11ams, Bacon Sides 'i l eter. - Dressed Hotfriteadyi at.
7Xuritlic for Winton. Lard quiet and.a skids iam" -
aler, at 11,}1,,,31Ne. •
f ratuumunnA, Dec. B.—Dieadolu4
quiet and but little dottur. 'Plasm Antet ; *dim. •
bola at 87 .75, Wheat dull; salmi 3,000 bulled SLltil
@Les ; Whits el.soegur.. Cora dull: ealms bp'
51.12 for-Mined and BUS-for unielLted.
dons and Groceries quiet. :Nitrate-atm tumektledi:
Crude 32(5=e ; Itednett, free„LICSSc.;
at 85e. •
neona, Dec. 1 3.—Flmsr Bina for sttperloti_
%dunce& 1234 e. %neat - quiet Bed deafest! 24,,
Corn dull; old $1.13d1.18. Whisk/ atendy.. , ,Cisrav
.New • York :lltotk and Money Market. „ „
Nzw YoaxiDoe:B;-' MonsyMore settee at T. , :ster•
Ilog &shade enalin at iw0btfri. , .... , ..G01d irtgalar and
lower, opening at 149, declining to / 41 Fai . 114.1W101011
to ISO, closing steady at 18.9 y.
Government Stocks Ann; U. E..* Gr's;,'lll; tosiposis,
109. 7-30's 'IO3N. li•Year=l.
110. 6's. CG%
T. & 28 mtg..—„ 87 . CLL. C. &Tr,
Pacific ..... —.971 C.
N. Y. .....
"'TO, It 8. 54 _
Iludson-..... ...... --11....
..P., N. & P. D. C...-.. 4.”.
D.e.ading...—. 4. —.115 , 4 P. 71.'.W. it 0.-4 , -.. * .
IL 8.. ........... , 1 ITo1;500 . 15.-.. .......-. 54 ...
M. 8. g . t.'d -......4....-.1:1531' '
-.- .
Neer York 'Cattle Maracrol-1;
NE% Toni; D. O.—Currentyortees4b . r teavoikot.all the markets ire as tollo*r Beef Cattle, fad oil. -.
ity, 14412; ordinary to good, 107 4 ; commtsi43:
10; Inferior, 70831.- Coin and 'first ..:-.
5C50170; ordinary, 010345; euranson;' ; I --: ,
riot, SEAS. - .v. 4. Coins -1 1 .2 WL Z. - -
8e; ordinary, 13437 c ; common, a, -; ...Mar C.
Sheep iii hastdcreetraa,llB.lXlGT ; ptlek;ta, . ..., -'..
oneoary, et.e0:35.00; common, 51.0ki1t4.801 - huerior, . - . 7 -- -
63.80Q4.00. -- Swine ii M t , ca led; ;IsYdaofo_l area ; .....
ind, sgsx,e. Receipt" of Stock tor thanreek-eueerea -.
4,702; Cowell29; Veal Cairn li0; I,illieell 'WI' .. - r4 ,41 . -
. .
• .-c• ." '•
..ssomesee. • -'- •
Meth olght or the sopeptotent of lEttstsslehrierj4 ;'
loPleatilatt artists, If r. 2. J.:X:1;4E4.4U his 'I."
Maalox! access fILIWAVI.e,' wed,.7 l / 4 7'41.11411.
Woo, OOLTAII. - • - •
. • . mss (1r54.6084.4).2MM1NC1.•
Mil pristoled,,the rrattl. apstiso r tilir drama or - I
MAZIIPPAt'ori Tin WILD goitax ormuirsur
J. =so
A ; , •
bder Eames.
neat*. •
• To wooled* with -
: DUVAL or, Tat Esierrs ars Hass.
To rehearsal, Strott, tbS Etetoter. - •
/ • .
Watilni.ll:ET., - •0.
C engUit T a il t il t. :114341A1 InIAR4I'I4,""
p, VD.t_atotis ea mmill• mar
_Nam * - iit"
372 s now stammer ZUZLlAriis:dolgeol,Cepa
tr• and' Ziaendller
1 - 14 1 0R.CINGINNAV7i , L011,...
isugs,Thcolkow. Am am
modiaakorteauttrismrl;•oipt.,l. 4 -..
sboi t i o :Alsit ODA/.
.V9t,11•041t1 °PO , 4, 9) 126 5 1 ' 0 11 ,
. 4E501115- I .Thek -- 41a6
itaftici -
D N. l mimT
ODAT,othinet.,settaockv. _
I rr „, cT;srk
d~Lnit4 ? LACK 41,rr4-
DI •
;15 10 . 1 ):T•CLNCINSA.T . F.4 1 . 14.1p7
MOCK 117.11kieic 'AWL 3011
rifiriteVtt puniirViem-Wird brli•x.-
af>. - aw~ •
• •••::•,:-.• • '
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;'S :"