The Daily Pittsburgh gazette and commercial journal. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1861-1863, December 08, 1863, Image 2

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AY MOBITING:::::.DC. 8,1868
„'I,,:•n I P,,AqUBUBBA:If
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5 i
:i I , itte
blire,and ,Coritteltuilie Railroad
" A:Alsitttal Meeting.
Thetinl i iial Meeting - of the stockholders
. of
,Pftbibrirgb" and Cotunalinu° i'llu'iut
114141 P i t/ Wgilleitt on Monday afternoon, a
' ' irter'' iftlee cif-lite ' ' company, on Fourth street.
,The meetinf was organized by caCiny J. 11.
...^. ' lasiiil4•Pseq., to the Chair, and appointing
•., ,' S ealith'Rtirri;Esq..,Bscretari•
erstaa . than read the annual report t . „,.. l t f til7i. fti
e . oz
.11 .
*ditto's °Pike road, and showing the
..r. ' rlsetd .- ptir is;ncl ,expenditures for the past fiscal
' ar The " - ire . as revenue from the operations
it,7•—• — rues of
' ' d wag $215 , 557.49 . Tie trar
‘ 4041 ker"
~, rung , and administration,
a,40 The net revenue of the
$85,22049. The whole number of
leglo lPril "I F
ed seas $62,841, with a rove
--2nue therefrom o f= $l O
0,1520-4prinst 145 0 M0
' ' ,tiaseagine earned-the prev ious year with a
8 Thor fright tra ns ferred
2' avenue $5 8 ,4 5 .. , a reve nue
..;. ifiIASOIMIOA to 140,702 ;T.
;4124' 4 *rinfl'is'r,,1.... TIV A ,I
1. carn age 7 of = w ail matter yielded 0,650.
.., 7•• t e ha report was received and adopted..
• ,7. sr - , Latr - ale, .the President, asked who
....isd-itritten, and the Secretary re
,..,.... , .plled'thot it had: . - been writte nby Mr. La
-7?1°..11(-144 . 'Fenton, B. F. Jones, and J.
elected Judges and Messrs.
' I'llaatan
• it inteteee of the
~l Taylor and M. Ea :IS,
e B E LOr .. ted illat an important °ammo
'''..on..- looklaMi".roceired from Gen. Case,
' a
44E81°E..t. d f the Plttsbtrrgh, Fort Wayne and
vra COmpany which had not
J tribe:late -
. "t a liliti R t
the Board of Directors.
i de - e n
0 .12116 rlluiltmlUalan was
theL3ll handed to the
bildratilij rtnd waa read as
Comte° RAILWAY 14"6:
M/M=l4lPa, Co.,', t
L , Opyiez aillit 4.113:81he r
' 4 ll'
t , ssietruk
miiideuseflargie lkyiy 'Colipany.
Dux Sirs The share • end bondholders of
company, at their hat annual meeting,
'tmed reedritions sixprientive of their wish for
,ths Andy : completion of the Pittsburgh and
Conhettavila Railroad, and a willingness that
. - rthis company should aid to the full extent of
"I Aline* and Inflitenee. Tho theatre of war
',greet:int Oittnfthe rebellion is now being re-
Morels° far South that it seems to me you
flollEtti , able to make -satisfactory arrange
.t/ttlittits-fbr the early prosecution of the work.
,Thin.taight.ho . .dono through the agency of
inlitlentiel-plartiea of °apeman°, who hare
'..5414 - commandoPeopital, if the company itself
cannot:COßl control the necessary means.
TO effect the.objeet in either of these ways
'Atte lifnilenet to Alio company, no coutin
-gentreiuntld• be left as to how or on what
i. 7 tettoselte: reaffle of the road is to reach the
atillantle cities, for where a risk is' taken in
'7ll.lhenteltignlipitsiVa. corresponding charge Is
•niade. A definite and equitable ar
--,:rangement for your trafficeast of Cumberland,
on the eastern terminus of the road, would
not only-facilitate the building and cheapen
`rthi r :Ott - ' of the read, but - would greatly
.014qt/then you with Western, roads.
P„' hand-you herewith a copy_ of the resale
' RoniNfirithe information - of your
(it W. Cass, Pres't.
That the to okboldere and Bond
of thin potnpany are conrtheed7that
,n- -imilletleastward from Pittsburgh for
And increasing trade which flows
into the, tat- front the west is indispensible
tat' Ft amp . dispatch at all times of the
t brought hero by - the western channels'
:,,Praltnoportatibitr —
Amami, %tit is the Pittsburgh and Con
nellseille sailtoad Railroadaffords thu only route; east
;Wirdlortiss .-Alleghenies now open to the
et such - ,an additional outlay In
Iliatilireibtlesi," :the Steeitholders" And
halation( the Pitteburgh,PortWayneandChi
nagq-ligniniy-Coniviny topsider that their
- ', - "listlet - ,'lnterestir require 'them • to promote the
i 7;;;plol,_edisirdetion of that road.; and that it IS'
dionttbat they shonhi aid in the aceom
-1.,--., t that object to the foil extent of
their polreilind infitterieo.'c •
Xsrolned. That thik:l+6oo,i of tfia:action
3 ard.ol Ilikeetors,7,l4 appointing a
Rilmalitteo to act upon the subject, hopo they
may-inteoied* - devising come suitable and
andpt-- so dogtrot:Ye a
ut-hf.r. °Winn, with - a
-power of attorney from
%Nat/Mb:tore and Ohio'Railroad Company,
iarlelinoirdiabid the :.folltioing ticket for Di
* 'ireetoisiind demanded that the "vote should
cr.,..,44..takers,npon- the --dock and by the stock
/3.:Bidell;JOseph Pennock, Wm-Bing
ham, G. fi.116 Fatted:min, John Fleming, Wm.
lleldwiri, B. De. Ford, W. F. Murdock, Benj.
At. Latrobe and Cyrus Myers.
Col. Davidson nominated the following
ticket t •
James Park, jr.. Thomas S. Blair, Cyrus P.
. A. Miller, John A. Caughey, Wm. S.
Haven, H . B. Goo ? W. W. Taylor , Joseph B.
iNaradee `- Joel D. Stiton, D. R. ,Davidson,_
and Des. Nichol
4.;::Cf4,-PaTifbOt(thetrseird a communisation
.';.'crstit'A obi Leo ,Chapman, .3fayor of Balti
d4ildrifirjkatting forth that he. had appointed W.
aisten hid J. M. Steven
'.:-..4ottipu*tmitiai the.,Oart of the City of Bab
••• _
Tim INiudy U. S. Earshot caused to bo
is lrad thearder• of the United States District
41kart44ilittlit.;g1LOW the election' shonfd be
. '
• ; IMe.tiludati;.irho held a prosy- from. the Bal.
'''fl.tinsore mid Ohio Railroad. Company, with au
. • thttity-Aie 7ittte = l:,4oo . ' Shares • held by said
;Re the', rejection by the
Calluntlivina cooiliii4;ef:the frets of the hit
April 1863, passed by the Penuryl-.
.'-‘triranist Legislature.
The their ruled thismotion out of order— ,
'beim given that this amend.
?Asatottutir,oitartur wastrrbe voted upon.
atiftraltidAdui.this 'decision, but
the applahwas.not ettranded.-
Xi. Diann moved to. adjourn, but the me.
• :tion!wat titled' out of Order.
Thu 'tattler' Val then proceeded with, atter
' 4, the ladiree cad Tellsislutd been sworn.
• The election wee luMeet exciting one, as it
that !Week ledger" had not
~linextured for furrearpr , eight years, and that.
• dolt ratifers bminoel:Veen entered alien it for
alfat..,*ind of Watt,' /.I,i" this means, man,
dta . wete_doniedithe.privilege ot•rof
intrerorder of the court—
)2lsl4lelciit,headed by James Path, Jr., was
'..teeted by
ovantliatt!telf tattiOdris and the
1P 4404 # 1 410± 3. 44:
,Ottit:Ball Piece. .
1 ...-.,
.: vo__ -
'''':•'''' hos litin'3oB /Ir', 0 Gosling, dIT
..-- of*, Jar" 0 of
''''''i .11"htemino7; eitedftn A. 01 4 , rg
:'iliiichinti*"-arr the person ors
.-'4itti inteltZeta" upon
Aiteithe!li' The
.I',Niii.rozidl'hg ii , ii • ttellia.7„ar, an d
.. •:16‘,,M1u '' ' b etting before
Pst'u O l. i i.
-•.avitietkalitAtNV 14; gosling,ZlOng'i'Veiri
-, - liaa - held' ioor , 14 1. y. lir. .Ifieteher halo ~.
• follaq slliPs;,.-.1:60":ss nntLthi°klllo might e
~ iaLgaitr, we.
_.bitsbeioit...ths th at to
lln-Lr":7ltii:Pll-....t./1- p • W it-: t ail w . .P., l 2l e 4 ourati :
'''ltlillll7.llo-!..itfi'4": rfail#4'"•Tiik jail. • lie
- - -1 -11b1"' . ,F 1144., was . t h e -of
~..which , , .
/10,., . m tho,f
' — ..ik a ddidn'.-P° unali.lgo higAslit.
litirein.;7ol7, rose, and it :slot'in -
".-v . it'ltitelto:'<2:-. '-'• - '-' ' -
1 ' • -,-, . - -wistailtto, ''
. ", , '""litzt .
..,„'t, ~.___,,.....,...,_--, 1.. Allegheny'
-..„-.Mlswevfa+Lag. . -
• '''' ' : ' l Ale elttellarind Individual homed , George
r ,'-: , (tiAirn woo ariCatedin thaAllighadj rosrket,
...,:-...,'lnterdar, vt.igwa PivuLking asithotar-- b '
t ; ',l...iiigtfilifiiit'all the poultry to be.m:liduly:-
' :',.10;t4 1 :44 1 ) it te . / 341 44P0r e, _
.°l' 9 6 0 1 A tion •
.{4;"tdevaty 'ohlokaa ;or turkey watch. he saw be
; _ gobbled-, ap, cad if ho had not been stopped
c r . _ ,7,,,l t t lim ilr vo otill eies ka o i t e
prod urep ue4 f . th u e - e n ins tir tak e uutr anbe ke r t ;ro of
11.11rrahluauder, and after a hessiug he was
hued ten dollars:ad coste--the full aslant of
.thalia.:ziltit ov alexauder it of , the :opinion.
, lhad Pp . eof Allegheny have as good
!, - ..-vi silt- to in la eldoken and lackey as the
1 1
~ Ore—or any °german.
t 1 -- . 5 MPIALII 0011ilarp.omr he Vila
"3' WO pproud-thls the most- fletuisSitg
AnC ,
• ,- - Temoi* ;college west of the Alleghenies. The
,w,. 03 , 14-Im,',,ertich earemerices -Ml:Morrow
• '' . ' lisbt r ' ' s iOdtPrordiattiviAr pour any
, • ' IL vipon dt ot po the bigamy afahe Ihstitutlea.
t -4-. , - "*.lguom mr Cuclutraeork—Wat.lfetlaU was
r4 .6„• - • gaed two dollen an
oasts, by
. • •,- Ui . ,:stpler, for pining -meat without`
lovrtilltwegb..l4 .311thec0sg1184gr,
6 p. k - : .7.- :,. V.,i - Ja , ...e..1.1-4.- 4 .
• 1,-' I.
1 :11 ~._
Our Book Table.
Urrar Java:. Brikeeet Ewan; Neesbreabi
"I' rnioit.t.. -- Ttahilatedihnn the 014IlteaTtoneb,
by Merles Edielzi , lllltemeVireallgar a "L es
Mbierablas." _Now Text: Carleton. P/Iteberze
for We by Henry Mier . , Filth street, (rmar door
to the Poat.oflce ) 370 pp. 12mo.
Here is a very readable English translation
of a work which in French luta already attained
inch celebrity as must have greatly delighted
the publisher s—for we read in the newspapers
that 'between the praises of Its friends and the
censures of its enemies—ttust between the
strange, but of come unintentional end purely
fortuitous, co-operation in its behalf of ap
preciation and depreciation—of salvos ,of
welcome from the free-thinkers and thunders
of denunciation from the orthodox—of plau
dits from the lyceum and anathemas from the
chuieh--thia superficial but brilliantly written
volume of rationalistic theology, biography,
exegesis, historical criticism, or what aloe. (for
it is a little of everything and not much of
anything, except yerhaps surprising examples
of cool assumption and flippant assertion,)
has reached the amazing mean, commer
cially speaking, of a gale of 35,000 copies I
As M. Ream presents his opinions in an agree
able, indeel an engaging style, speaking of
his work from a purely literary point of view,
and as he is an accredited oclialar in the ori
ental languages, which saves him from the
folly of denying the authenticity of the sacred
writings, like the skeptics of the; last genera
tion, and the more illiterate of those of our
time, it may be an interesting and even pro
iltable study for the stadtnt who has not yet.
examined that phase of modern rationalism,
which probably reached its fullest and most
adequate expression in Stranas's celebrated
Leber' Jens, published in 1835, to open this vo
lume, which has all the attractiveness of style
and clearness of exposition that are almost
characteristics of French, as distinguished
from Garman, scholarship, and ace what this
now method of historical and critical inquiry
really is, how it is applied, and winder° its
results. After such examination, he will be
more than ever before, we think, ready to ex
claim with Dr. Young:
' 1 f weak thy faith, why choose 163 harder aide?"
Containing s Grammer, Exercises. Reading Lee
eons, and et comploneVronouncing Irocabul.y
WiUlem I. Knapp, A. M., Professor of Modeln
Languages and Renato° in Madison University,
NOW York, and author of a "F rench Reading.
Book." New York.: Harper & Brothers. Pitts
burgh : for sale by Henry Miner, 71 and 7?, Filth
street. 502 pp. 12mo.
We noticed, some time ago, the "French
Reading-Book" above •mentioned, and had oc
casion in doing so to commend. the'care and
die criminationotith which Pref.lCiapp had per
task lie had undertaken. We are
happy to say that the present work on French
Grammar deeervoe equal commendation at
our hands. For a thorough eleatentary course
in the French language, as wall as for the
more advanced course, which contemplates
not only translating from books, but the ful
ler mastery and readiness required for the
purposes, of writing and conversation, we
now not that any better text-book can be
found than Professor Knapp has here sup
plied—speaking 'from the !repression it has
made on us during a somewhat pains-taking
examination of Its arrangement and peculiar
features. We consider it to be well adapted
to meet all the reasonable requirements of the
student who would attain a thorougti and
practicanowledge of the French language
—that is, as for as any grammar, or any book,
can meet them.
Darn u. RAT. A Nosel. By Anthony Tro!lope.
author of" Orley Fenn," " Castle Richmond,"
" Frawley Parson s -r,"" Doctor Thorne," "The
Bertram'," etc., etc., etc. New 'Fork: Harper A
Brothers. Pittablirkth: for sale by Uenry Miner,
Fifth street, (next door to-thePose-oillce.)
• Our novel-reading friends are so well ac
quainted with the previous works, in their line
of literature, which have proceeded from Mr.
Trollop!. pen, that anything from ns beyond
saying ' Hero is another,' may seem imperil a
one. Let tts therefore only add, that we hare
found by experience that "'Rachel Ray" will
seen take hold of the reader, and hold.hire—
Just as a good story full of life and character
ought to do. It lea worthy accession to Har
per's " Library of Select Novels."
Tna LONDON Qcsarentv Ervtaw.—The Oc
tober number of this well-known exponent of
the piinciplos of _English "Conversatism" in
politico, and of far better and more genorous
principles in literature, Nut just appeared on
. this side the Atlantic—Messrs. L. Scott k Co.,
the American
. pdblishers, being later than
usual. in thin instance. The contents are:
Progress of Engineering Science; Life and
Writings of Thomas . Hood Antiquity of Man;
Co-operative Societies ; Japan; Anti-Papal
Movement initaly;Fronde's Queen Elizabeth;
31‘e Church-of • Pegland. and her Bisbops.i—
From which it will be seen that the readers of
this, Review have a pretty good bill of fare
presented to them in this number.
- Agent for thepublishers in Pittsburgh—W.
A. Gfidenfenney, 45 Fifth street.
Pittaburgit Sanitary Comma Won.
We wish to direct the attention of our Aid
Society, to tho 'natality of sending some
krout, pickles, .to., to tho army. Last your
our brave soldiers suffered much from Matey.
This winter, if the prove - Mires are sent in
time, that drendfuldlsease may not make its
appearanco at all..
Tho ttood:lteiety of Richland, Hampton
and Pine townships, hiM set the example Ity
sending two barreli of soar trent.
Calvary churcb„Vast Liberty, Thankegiclng
collection- . _ea Ou
Unitarian etu2AT.peiTii:iiifecor,r.eq., Theriir„ .
21 00
Presbyterian church, Emberton, Ber.. Dr.
Thunkeeihinig collectlou„„
.-....N. 000
ficlu irdw ar Spriger, Gram Garden„......--„„ 2 00
The following donation hare been reeeiv ed
for the week ending Deeeitber sth :
8. A. S., of Clarion, E. woolen shirts, 1 pair woolien
drawers, 2 comfort,, 2 arm, slings. Hellen Town
ship—Esquire Caßeliun, 6 sirts, 3 pair drawn,
pair woolen mocks, 1 Pair pillow cases, 4 packages
bandages. 8. A. 8., of Rlchhood, Hampton and ftrie
townstdps, 1 sheet, 8 fair woolen socks, 60 half-gal
lon cans fruit, 55 cans fruit, 28 pounds butter, 2 bar
rels sottrkimt,'slrnehels petatenl.r . Mla B. Whiter, 1
large package old muslin. , Diturrville Sanitary Com
mittee, 2 burbsiedriild •Plidesr rocks dried frail, 3
rout batter; 3 tuna fruit, &pillows, 1 pair socks. Idol
diem' Aid Society off Kittanning, rA pair. drawers,
flannel abirta 14 =Win 4birts, 1 mange rage, 25
towels, 4 pair socks. 4 pairalippera,s6baralkm
1 package tracts,. 1 packap. papers, 3. sacks tidied
/ sack dridd sPPlell 20 mobs dried 'idler
box,sto name, cdulrdning S handkercluiefs
and milt% natter.. 114nersrlito and Csorter
S. A. 17 =splits dmwers,.,l9Tair spoke,. 16 Amine
shlrt 2 rti= llll 9pere , 2410wei5,12 Modkerchlrob, 1
...... -
Kral Alders, tpackage paper.. 24 ral
riSisaasWh . ields, 12 sansapplebutter, 10 small Pillitrik 1 I
keg pickles. Dr; L.ll. Xarria2 dozen bottlai Jeanne
syrup, 1 dozen bottlasadd '.lllonongsbels Wblak.r,
dozen bottles French brandy. 9. Van Gamier,
0 bottles raspberry cordial, BHarpar's blagazinse; 12
Lartke Iteprodtary. 8. A.S. of Webster; 6 shirr.s, 4
pair drawers, 3mdr wicks, 0 towel; 1 • quilt, 12 rolls
bandages, 3 packages:gap, 1 package, lint, 20 gnarls
apple butter- Mac Way, berwickityrilk.i 12
s peaches. Ita.l3abdol, 11 Jars pickle 1111 y. Mrs.
George Roes, °cans trait.' • Mrs.FrankEiellars, 4 cans
fruit. 2 bottles blackberry brandy, 3 bottler calm', 2
cape quince Jelly„ 3 obt shirts, 2 towels. Freeport
Soldlere. Aid hociety, ..eighteen pair drawers, ]B shirts, •• 2 pair socks, 1 bushel cidarbertba. 1 roil
rap, 16 pads, &pillows, 2 cans frulL White Town.
Alp 8. A. 8.,10 flannel shirts, 4 cans fru% VI pack
ages dried fruit, cloth and handapi,' 1 pair pillows, 5
pair socks, T pads, 1 sheet, 1 pair pillow cases, 1 pair
.dragers, - 1 towel. I peck 'Vetoes, ?, peek onions,
The Hebrew Ladles" Aid Society, 0 Woolen shirts, 18
„pair woolen drawers. 18 glair muslin drawers 12
woolen scarfs. A Friend, 13 lawn handkerchiefs.
Mrs. Georgell.ditite,abottler of wine. Episcopal
L. A. 6.,.0 Waal shirts, 4 mono shlits,4s pair slip= :
- pers,liper drawers, 4neettles, 1 packapraga2 drat,
shag gowns. West 'hetet= El. A.S., °pair canton Ilan.
, torldrawera, 2 pair muslin drawent,2lLintalahlrts, 2
muslin shine, '2 old muslin. abeettr, 2 pillnWs, 4 pals
soas. Mrs. Eliza Cralt„liertltstown,ignirdrawers,
.3 Pip Unclips, package ',Hat, 2 sheet, y blanket,
9 Muds, 3 pair soeks, y Jar fruit; it pounds dried
fruit. A friend, 3 PaPlia.corizeterckl Yar:Peachm,
13.' Claws Jelly, 1 can' fruit, 4 - pountErdriad %nit, 1
.31es. D. 24 Lion g. 4 mut paehes, cans
papers corn starch. ttia. Joseph 'Craig, 5
,wdolen lancks:Lt,'AS.: ot Pleasant'"VisW,
. ' calorie, 3 'Peke" potatoes;*l peck turnips.
beads eabbage, 12 quarts appli butter, cane apple
,battiti, do. quinces, 3 do.,seachcir,‘ 3 do. apples, 1
46;orspi blaetbertim, I.' do. bnckelberries, 1
dd. ,cherrist,'2 do; tti marries; 2 1 4 pound* r29.helples,
do.ls4l74•E,Jit.d , Mage (1 . -
The Death ot Col.Craghton.
The following resolutions of respect , to the I
.. .
Mei:mut CoL W. It. Creighton, woreadopted
at itresting of the Vigilant Fire • Corertny,
on 3foaday evening : •
airs 4 Pit
v!iin 4 5 2 ublarial., Dec 7 . /fa
iennaitas. Earing-Ktin bmii WU@ ' , Pan t° Marn
theft. Of *frier'
~d and compalon—ttnother of the
vigilant having twin ..,whi.w in usd Aetna per
tain:tee of Ida duty," and deeming it roper that a
fillioirtributeofreerpoct should bepald tohlantemory,
ere have,therefore, ,
Baefee,Naltat, While ere bow - with submission to
the Want Writs Prue:lsom yet ye deeply mourn
*ekes or our Col. W: n. Creighton, the pa.
I t
tdot wither Sad man.. „
,- ilemeticl, Una Med es he lited-4 hero-=the
country is Again upon to mourn one more pl
iant •Wia, "tote died. wllll.lro gremlin the
of all who knew and loved hint; LW soonnme= l
be naneaseting than marble; tie grays watered by
the Mama all who Imnithetrootintrl.
..Beentre4 naive year the usual harm of mourn
ing for thirty geys, and that •
coy of these mom.
tions be forwarded to Om family of the honored dean ;
I lomat they be published in the Clereland and Mts.
ig::..ti.attes II stierart, R. C. Plikat, Cleo.
LarYill, L,Srfkon. W• Dltet t anghlin.
Plfenients Association.
9 4riOnarnai . lituseting of the Siremea'rAa :
aociation was bald .on .Manduy;firiettliii;.Ve:
comber HI.. Pram:mi., Britain. :Hare,...Simmt,
Blontgomell. Hammitt, Capplei, Creagan,-
Stewart, Graham, T. Little, • Welder', Swint,
J. Little, Sawyer, and President Irvin.
In the absence of Mr. Dorrington, Mr. W.
J. Montgomery was chosen Secretary pro
Mr. Hare, Chairman of the Committee of
Conference and Inspection, made a verbal re
port to the effect that, since the last meeting
of the Association, he bad made another effort
to call the committee together, but only three
members attended.
A discussion then followed open the import
ance of having a report of the condition of
the Fire Department, previous to the meeting
of the new councils, but the fact was apparent
that a majority of the committee hid no in
tention of performing their duty.
It was then ordered that thg members ab
senting themselves from the meetings of the
Committee should be tined.
A discussion then followed upon the pro
priety of enforcing that clause in the consti
tution which provides that any member ab
senting himself from two consecutive meet
ings of the Association, without giving a rea
sonable excuse, shall forfeit his seat in the
The list of absentees was called over, ma
Goes imposed in every instance.
On motion, the seat of Mr. Woods, delegate
from the Independence, was declared vacant,
and the Secretary requested to notify him of
the fart.
Mr. Capples moved that the Secretary be re
quested to notify the Committee on Fire En
gines and Hose of Councils) that thelliagara
Fire Company cannot use the now hose lately
furnished to them, in consequnce of the info.
riority of the couplings.
The motion gave rise to considerable dis
The President stated that the Vigilant bad
no trouble with the couplings furnished with.
their hose, and that there must have been
some mistake made in ordering the couplings.
Mr. Guppies stated that the hose could not
be need until the couplings were bored gat,
and he thought ft very strange that the
lant were so eucoessful in getting a good or
dole, while other companies were imposed
upon with couplings almost worthless.
Mr. Hare stated that the hose furnishedthe
Eagle wore of a very Inferior quality, and be
had notified the Chairman of the Como:dab°
on Engines and lipse of the fact.
After some further ,dismission on the sub-.
ject, the motion of Mr. Clippies prevailed and
the Association adjourned.
Too Zsaraerra F.tunx.—This troupe will
give a grand matinee at Concert Hall, on
Wednesday afternoon, at half-past 2 o'clock,
for the purpose of giving ladies and children
an opportunity of witnessing their performan
ces. See advertisement.
ments of the iyitem incidental to the change
of diet, Wounds, Eruptions, and exposures
which every Volunteer to liable to, there are
no remedies so safe, convenient, and reliable
Holloways PiUs and Ointment, cents
per pot. 209.
Tat Bajurinator, will cure all Mottoes of
the Scalp. Price one dollar. Forfeit, by all
respectable Druggist& Simon Johnson, gen
eral agent, corner of Fourth and Smithfield
Sam) the Soldier a box ofitiowns Bronchial
Trochee, which will relieve the distressing
alleetions of the Throat -and Cough, produced
by Cold and Exposure.
DEIITAL hilltrirrs, No. 251 Porn street, is
the place where you can get the best cheap
dentistry is the city. Don't forgot the place,
No. 251 Pcdn street, near Hancock.
biarkets by Tetegrayb.
Naw Toss, Dee. 7.—Cotton quiet istio without do'
aided change at 770t0e. Flour a the* firmer for
shipping grad.; 801006.40 for rstra State, IpAos
7.i01 for Extra 15, U., and 57.Zi05P.Z.0 for trade
brands, closing quiet. Whisky more native and
firmer ;re 81467 e. There is more doing in Wheat,
and the market la Itege hotter, at 8141 1.42}' for
0.1.,50 ' 51.3,101.1,7 for 11111wau.koe Club,
$1.3241.57 for Winter Red \Yemeni. Rye heavy
and - lower, at Corn a shade 'Winer
and In Moderate *mond at 51,21 In store, $1.51 fir
Western Yellow afloat, and $l.) for nnaortod.. rots
hoary at 6i,34.51c fur Western, Including ono lot
very choice. Western at Mc. Wool quiet and firm.
Petrolatum dull; Crude 30c; Refined In bond 45!.4c
Refined, frearis66l6fict Crude for December, huYers'
optialr,ql2Km.:;.Purk s &sada firmer, at 81.6.75g17.60
..for, old Kass, $1(1.00 fon new Masa, $1.2.011(410 for
• neirPHroM*ls.6l4l2,o6t km new Prime Itom; also,
new Atom for February $21.00. Deaf quiet arid no
asingel. Lard quiet.
Sr. Leas, Dec. T.—Colton doll; salmi 167 Wes by
auction at 406560; recision! within the Lie forty
eight !Wawa, 247 bales. "There 6 no material change
In other strict!". • •
New York. Thank Statement.
TO/I=i Dini_.-I.—Dactetwe of loans, 11.%11,M;
doors wof Specie; 41486,4130; faineant of circulation,
$52,003; ditcrom of•dopoalta, $1,440,751.
'ew York stock and Money Market.
lizw Tax*, Den...:.--Gorersztent Stocks quiet. I
1-Year Ocattllcatas, 98.
- . -
Stocks dna. but (Vet.
P. FL W. & frzyi AL
A. H 66 Ilht. C. ..... 118
C. F. Ar. ....62 C. 43 P.- 10P/
C. It T 01....„ —II3X Erie....._..._. 100!
C to 7 N. Y. C 134
Quicknilyer C 0..--.. 65
Erie, Ptd—
Harlem B.
D'ADING—DICDDY.—Ou Thursday evening, Do
camber 3d, at the ttnldense of the bride. parents
Centre avenue, by the Ear. Dr. Jar.obus, Mr. E. B
WADING to Atlas JANE, daughter of Isatah Dkkey
No cards.
FI7."JOBS COCEBAN &880., Man
' ufacturere of IRON RAILING, MON
TERS, wurpovi , GUARDS, de., Nos. 91 SEOOND
and 86 THIRD STREET, bot. Wood and MarboL
Have on band ararlety of near Patterns, fancy and
plain, suitable for all p
Particular attention4;a7dr . eneloslng Grave Lots.
Jobblns done at abort node*. ap9
Hazes, & soNs. ; DR a.t. ERs
STREET, Pittsburgh, Ps,.
Ear Collectiond made en all tho prioelpal cities
throughout the United States. ap22
pla.ros, Of US lc, lye.
.LI The Minkel Mestere of the East ' 2--
speuting out In favor of DECKER'S V I
" After having examined the Flaw Fortes of the
.Mews. DECKER 131109. vary carefully, we have
atm to the conclusion and ebeerfkilly UAW?, that
they are In every respe ct superior instruments. Their
time is pure, rich brilliant, very distinct. and of au
entirely MILICAI character. . Their workmmishp
thethe very beet, plainly domonitrsting that non e but .
the very beet materials are need, and their touch,
avenues and equality of tone throughout the whole
trampaes of the key bawd, unsurpassed by any other
Plane Porte we have yet seen,
B. B. Mills, Theodora Thomas, William Mason,
Ohm. 7lcadell,l Theo. gamin, editor of th e Markel
aria irid. Treed ; Carl Anithuts, Director of the
Gemara Opera; John Bendel editor Aurelia qf Pab
lo Tre.hiP; F. B. Ritter, Ca r l Woltsolm, Phila."
A aludee lot Of them Oupodor instruments just ar
riving. J. 3.4 norma it BRO.,
des 61. TIM street-
SEEDLE &;.BRO. have, -„-;-
N• iint ief•l•ed • now 'socket' the '"-
colsbraUsl: Soebbeler3 &hi:aides •
' I
ANOS. Thai instriunints are inperlar to nay° sr,.
sad will be sold atlas, prices. Also on bind,.l. you
7 octavo ROSEWOOD PIANO, reduced tram
$725 to £2OO. Violins, Accordsons, Strings, do.
No. us Birriusurip.smarr,
now mouldered the beet Paso* '
to the world.", BAINES DUOS.. PI. I . I i
ANOS arm the best Pintos la the country at the
price. GEOVISTAIIIf it: COd PIANOS, fah 7 oe.
tars tosairood,, font warranted, for VW. IdAft.
IBLNCEI2, SEELODEONS, the best .istado: , Prime
from 1r,5 to 140.
_ 0112,1MOTTE DIATME,43 Fifth street,
das 6910 atseatfor Mora Instruments.
1864 e DIARIIII4. 1804
A bug• assortment ofTOO= AND COITSITNO'
HOUSE DIARIES, tar ISl4—in paper, to cloth, la
roan, in imitation Turkey, to Turkey Horocco—
with gilt edges and with marble sages—with tneks,
Dams clasps and audio fastenings.. AU sites, as
Prose its icommOnest to the very best. For alb at
WM. O. °HESTON & 00., Stationers,
oeltSaw.wres 67 Wood street.
LIOtSg sptstst. s m sto of
Also, ZNVZLOPEB.Io Vela vadetlik, colors ,s$
for OTM tots.. for sale b 7 '
W. G.-aotuirroNoo4 Nu
teadimpirns . :Wood stmt.
~, n . ~.
Siusial Dispatch to the Pittsburg? Gazette.
WASIitACTOII, Dec, 7.--The happy and
speedy organization of the House to-day, is
loathe timidity of Emerson'Etheridge, rather
than to any leek of dishonest efforts. He
neat just far enough to demonstrate his caps-.
city for high-handed outrages, but got fright
ened and stopped short before going far
enough to mlize any benefit from it. The
Administration men all suPPoseti if he wen(
to the length of excluding . from his list the
names of Maryland and other delegations,be
would twist nit maintaininkthis list as a roll
of the house until an organization had been
effected. It was determined, however, to be
gin by trying to amend the roll by adding
the names he had loft off, and to the manifest
disgust of the Dynamite. _lns 'kneel attollee
became weak sale suceolned. Tbatprinti
mbility ended the matter. all that' remained
was to move successively to read the cer
tificates of each delegation he jhad
left off . and to order their cameo put
on the cell. lie had omitted tbo names of all
the members from Maryland, Virginit4West
Virginia, gnaws and. Oregon, and tilt from
Missouri h eave two copperheads, and had put
on the. names of three - bins membeli from
Louisiana. The. Adminietration soon first
called for the reading Of ilartificates of mem
bers from Maryland. On reading, thcyproved
to be from the Governor; to be duly certified
by seal and signature, ta recite the law of
Maryland under which they Were 011544, end
to specify with partionlareare titay.hey. Were
elected in accordance with this law. 'Nothing
could of course be plainer than this,.and a
motion wan Instantly mige 144 ring-them to
put the names onj. trot in calling the yeas and
nays he could only be required to call from
the roil ho had already made, hand it was
feared the remaining AdrainietratiOn men on
it would not be sufficient to have it majority,
To the dismay, however, of the conspirators,
(mites masher of Democra ts, disgusted with
bare faced fraud, voted for the resolution re
quiring Etheridge to put the names on,
while othere refused to eats against it, eo it
was carried by twenty-odd majority, and the
five Maryland men, four of 'limn Administra
tion roes, were put on the roll. After that, ell
was easy, and other excluded members, their
certificates having been read and found equal
ly good] were successively voted on. Ethe
fitird the rooment'of tbg fret vote, hav
ing became exceedingly olisequiour, and
manifestlY cowed. On proceeding to the
election of Speaker further demoralization of
Democratic discipline was discovered.
It appeared that no mucus nomination on
their ride had hoestmade for Speaker, Poodle- !
ton having withdrawn, and the CAUCt.IS having
refused to nominate Cox. Their vote was
ecatterred on Cox, Dawson„Mallory, Stebbins,
King, Prank Blair and Stiles. The Adminis
tration men from the Northern States voted
"square through fur Colfax, Brutus Clay,
'Lucien Anderson, Clay Smith, and William
D. Randall, of Kenteeky ; Winter Davis,
Webster, and Creswell. of Mary land ; Blow,
Boyd, McClurg, and Loon, of NIMPOUTI
Smithere, of Delaware,,and all the West Vit.-
girds members formed the border State column
who voted for Colfax. lie had nine votes
mar:than a majority ever all•competiters and
had a majority of fifty-nine over little Mr.
Samuel Cox. Reso d * have bad three votes
more, but fur (he oillitnelair':cd , the Virginia'
membere, and `would. have had three less
agalasthim had the bogus Louisiana mem
bers been plaited ouihnfays....instead of after
the election. This would have brought his ,
majority up'to fifteen. That is about the prac
tical working Admlnistrationtnejority.
In the House; to-day, the announcement of
Mr. Colfax's election was received with pro
longed applause from the galleries, in which
the members on the floor heartily joined.
Mr. Colfax's speech receives univarsal praise.
The prevalent remark about it Is, that he
said jut enough, said it in the best possible
way, and stopped when be got done.
Mr. Brooks, of N. T., manifested a disposi
tion to lead off on the Democratic side, but
got handsomely 'nabbed. He tried to filli
buster, and his party refused to fillibuster
with him.
Mr. Frank Blair had the honor of being
put in nomination, and voted for Speaker by
the bogus Louisiana members.
The galleries were densely packed during
the proceedings, and the floor was covered by
• crowd of distinguished strangers, conspicu
ous among whom wore Henry Wadsworth,
Longfellow, Horace arealy, Ben. Heintzelman,
the members of the Senate and a hest of the
members of the Lest House.
The bogus Governor of Louisiana, who
signed the bogs* members' certificates with hie
private seal, was Postmaster in Now Orleans
under the rebel government, when Butler
entered that city. Oneef the bogus members
was inside the rebel lines at the time of the
pretended election, and was sent through by
them that be might &me on and take his
seat. Thad. Stevens ',tatted in debate that
they had applied already to the Sergeant-at-
Arme for their pay and mileage.
The President's Message will probably bo
sent in to-morrow, provided the administra
tion canons now in session geU nominations
for the minor silicas ao that the organisation
- can be promptly completed. It dismisses
mainly the qutation of slavery, rooonsttne
tion,Military and DAVI] MOTU:Matey and the
progress of the war. lie holds that, by virtu)
of his proclamation, enemy is dead in alit but
She eneeptottgates. Ile recounts our vieto
tiara:A dweile upon the present hopeful! as
peet.of the war.
Becretisy Chore's report it riot yet ready.
It will be printed to-morrow, but is not likely
to go in to Congress before Thursday or Fri
day. Other reports are required by law to
accompany tbe message. It is doubtful
wbetbcr Cholla will call for any men author
ity to issue " greenbacks ;" the probability is
that be will net.
Pitts burgh, P 4!
The President has issued ,a general order
ceigratnbiting the country on our-victories In
Tennessee, assured noOr by Longstreet'n re.
treat and the complete destruction of the rebel
plane. On the heels of this comes the news
that the Army of tbu PotemiC is falling back
towittt their entrenchments, about which the
Preside6t ls understood to be coneiderably
It the lieptiblinan Senatorial canoes„ Fat
ter, Sherman, Feceenden, Harlan and Harem'
were appointed a committee to TOTIIIO. the ,
committees. It la probable that the pritleipal
change will be in ejecting IdoDottgal from the
pb:lsitte Committee, and tputting copal's*, the
-new Punter- Irtticalllorniai in hit pike.
fit eip#oo l :t•4.ll,tilolistkintluit* ll l ,4
*id Want and leade4tintikti:probibleithat
OFbe Clialrmao, and "(ectiliodasii,
.~.,y._~_._.~ __.~_..
lastOng member of the Committee on Military
Sprague Otiter neer' Settatoi*;
*era sworain. No other bagmen in:wanting
to noted •
A mOtion - ift to he made soon to inquire what
right the apostate Carille has to his seat as
Senator of Tirgibia, white resident of West
The amount of flre-twentios sold to dati
Lt V5,a111,600.
For the trill of Col. Mcßeynolds awl other.
is to meet hero soon.
Most of the habeas corpus suspend.le by the
President's Proclamation, even in the case of
minors enlisted without their parents consent,
there Is no remedy at law. Minors between
eighteen and twenty . ..ono years are not dis
chargeable at all under the laws. Those un
der eighteen not discharged, if in their oath
of enlistmett they set forth that they are IS,
and even where the age is correctly stated, a
discharge is obtainable only from the Secre
tary of War.
The assertion, repeatedly made in these
dispatches for the last ten days, that McPher
son had the inside track for the Clerkship, re
ceived their verification tonight. The con
test narrowed down to three candidates—Mc-
Pherson, of Pennsylvania ; Linffington, of
Massachusetts, and Green Adams, of Ken
tucky. McPherson led from the start in the
balloting', and Green Adams gradually ran
down, till at last Adams disappeared, and on
the sixth ballot the vote stood : McPherson,
57; Buffington, 44. McPherson was acoord
ingly made the unanimous nominee. The
following were the final cotes for other
nominees: For Doorkeeper, Goodnow,
Taylor, 44. Goodnow, the old Doorkeeper,
woe consequently re-nominated. For her
goant-at-Arms, Orderly, of New 'Hampshire,
57; Clayton, 41. For Postmaster, King. of
Minnesota, late incumbent, ; Brooks, of
California, 10. The nominations were all
made unanimous, and will bi• elected the firnt
thing to-morrow.
Fight on the Memphis and Charleston
Ilallroad—The Itebels Defeated—Cot.
Hatch Seriously Wounded
M KNIP BIS, Dee. 6.—Gans.Chalmers and Lao,
commanding the rebel forces, attacked Mos
cow and Lafayette, on the Memphis & Charles -
ton Railroad, yesterday noon, and burned
Lafayette and some small bridgeson the road.
We repulsed them at Alone.w. Col. llatoli's
cavalry, followed their retreat and' forced
them to another fight tour elites out, and
again repulsed them. Iletween twenty and
thirty of their dead were found on the field •
among them were three officers. Their dead
and wounded were neattered all along the
road, in addition to three wagon loads taker.
away. The citizens nay they acknowledged
themselves badly whipped. Their 101! 3 will
probably reach a hundred. Oar loss is three
killed, forty•ono wounded, and forty-one
missing. Col. Hatch, of the id lowa, com
manding brigade, WAS seriously though oat
dangerously wounded, a ball panning through
hin right lune.
The telegraph is now working through 1.,
Corinth, and the railroad sill be workiti,g
morro In.
At this writing, are p. ni.,tiring yr, h os -d
in the direction of Muscow.
From Calro--Cnlton for Cincinnati—
Steamer Fired Into—Stet and
,Vounded Sotillers from Chattantiga
—Rebels Advancing on Mayfield
Carno, Dec. 7.—The steamer Liberty, fro l.
Memphis, bringing 2a; hales of cotton bar
Eranseilla,passed the steamers Jewess nod
St. Cloud. The former with eight hundred and
six. and the latter two hundred and eighty
nine bales of cotton for Caminnati. blemplds
pcpers of the sth report an advance of two to
three cents on all grades of cotton, with salter
of ninety bales from twenty-fire to seven:y
-[llre. The stock le smell and rapidly dem cms
havrader the Operation of the recent order
prohibiting bureomingin.
The steamer Sultana, from New Orleans on
the Ist, reports the steatner Siren fired into et
the month of Red river.
-_The hospital boat Woodford, from Paducah,
brought ono hundred and aisey Lick pad
wounded soldiers from Chattanooga to Mound
City hospital to-day.
Reports from Columbus, Ky., says that five
thousand reels wore advancing .tit May firld,
Kentucky. yesterday.
The Rebels Retreating from East Ten
nessee—Thanksgiving Recommended
• by the President.
EMOTIVE MA.ll6lolf, W•>utNorus, bco. 7.
Reliable news having been received that the
insurgent force is retreating from Root Ten
nessee, under eircumceinces rendering it
probable that the Union forces can't hereafter
be dislodged from that important position,
and esteeming this to be of high national im•
portanee,l recommend that all loyal people
do, on receipt of this, informally assemble at
their places of worship, and render special
homage and gratitude to Almighty God for
this groat adraneemerc , of the national
[Signed,) A. Lnquot.s.
Longstreet Itetreatlug from Knoxville
—Our Cavalry In Pursuit.
WASEITSCITOS, Dec. 7.—The following has
boon reeelyed from the headquarters of the
army :
Tazroceil, Ten..., Dee. 7.—Major General
leek: Longstreet is in foil retreat op the val
ley. Your orders about following hint with
cavalry shall be obeyed.
My division of cavalry attacked die rebel
cavalry in one of the gaps of Clinch Moun
tain yesterday afternoon, and are pushing
them vigorobusly.
Couriers from Knoxville arrived tact night ,
state that the road is clear.
Sherman arrived here yesterday.
J. G. Foster, Maj.-fien.
From New Orleans
New Yoe; Dee. 7.--A New Orleans letter
states that the forgo interfering with the nav
igation of the Mississippi below the mouth of
Red river, Is estimated at 4,000 under Gen.
Dick Taylor, and a sort of flying corm ap
pearing from time to
.time at different points
of the ; river, preying, upon its commerce.
The 'merchants of New Orleans and trades
generally are seriously alarmed at the au
dacity, frequency, and success of these at
tacks, and applied to the military authorities
to have all the river boat: armed.
Gen. Washburn., with his command, is
moving in the direction of Matagorda, with
every prospect of capturing that place. Our
forces will then hare a footing on the main
land, with a fine harbor to anchor Jar vessels
in and a good base of operations.
Tbo Relief Gen. Polk to COlllll2llllll in
Southern. fillaelealppl—....Conscrlption
Ordered by Gen. McPherson.
ST. Loots, Dee. 7.—Tho Republican'. Vicks
burg correspondent of thq.2Blkult” says that
the robol Gen. Polk is ordered to the command
of Southern Mississippi, with his'headquar
tors at Drandon, fifteen miles east of Jackson.
A division of rebel Infantry at Canton,
and several regiments at Meridian.
GodWdoPherson has Issued a conscription
order similar to that recently issued by Gen,
Meeting of the , United States Supreme
Warnoctronipac 7th.--Thia morning the
tL 6. Supreme jCoiirt act, all the justices
being torment,: namely : Taney, Waynei Ca
tron, Nelson, Orion Clifford, Swaynes Miller,
Dui, and Fields. The only baldness trailer
ted was announced by Chief 'Justice Toney,
that the Court had elected D. W. Middleton,
Esq., of. this 'city, to be; Clerk of the Court,
rim Carroll siectuteed.
The: California Legislature. Pusan% Dee. 7.—Tho ship Derby
his an-Vied, sixty doe trout Bong Kong.
The California LogirdaturCinet to-day at
Saeramento,and.orgaulited , bTeleeting Bur,
nett Preeident pro tenr Of ihis Soweto, and
William Sears, of Voradi, Speaker of the
Juumintte.L.-Th`o new . .fievernor !in probably .
bo inanerated on Wedneeday.,
• •
ififeciatirAdge Not Dead.
Bat:Th:6la'; Dife.l„.;=The Biehmend papers
of o'e:4thcontain * dlirpitob that Gin. T. 0.
Siadtbilits*l4.l34.llnint wart Airmailed
V a t
Broskilift• 111)Vdqlla:
. .
, Winsttnnihit'CitiaStte.. - T,1663:
HesoinersTho Clark read , the , ,:of the
memberillotn all :the States excepting 'Ma
ryland, Weit Virginia, Oregon, Illissonrl, anti
Ea a sas.
Mr. Stevens, of Va., desired that the cre
dentials of those whose names were mason the
roll be reed.
Tho Clerk said ha bad placed on the roll
the names of all those whose credentials bore
evidence in accordance with the law passed
in this House in March last.
Mr. "%Yoshio:woe risked whether there were
any contestants of seats.
The Clerk replied that there were three or
four from Missouri, one from Virginia. one
from Kentucky, as he recollected.
Mr. Stephens repeated his request.
Mr. Stiles, of Pennsylvania, asked for the
reading of the act of March Sd.
The actwas read as follows :
An Art regu/ating the duties of the Clerk of
the Houle of. Reprotentot:res, in preparing As
the organization qf the House—Be It enacted,
Ac., that before the first meeting of the next
Congress, and of every subsequent Congress,
that the Clerk of the next preceding House
of Representatives shall make a roll of the
representatives elect, and place thereon the
names of all persons, and of such persons only
whose credentials show that they were regu
larly elected in accordance with the laws of
their States respectively, or the laws of the
l'nited States.
At the request of Mr. Stevens, the Clerk
road the form of the:credentials of the radi
cal members, which ho had ruled out for in
Sir. Dawes offered et resolution that the
names of the Maryland delegation be placed
on the rolls of the House, and moved the
previous question which was seconded.
Mr. J. C. Allen moved to lay the resolution
on the table. The question taken on Mr.
Allen's motion to lay Mr. Dawes' resolution
on the table was decided in the negative; yeas
74, nays 94, which caused applause from the
galleries and on the floor of the House;
Mr. Dawes demanded a Tote on his resolu
tion, which was ad'o'pted, and followed by ap
pious°. So the names of the Maryland dele
gation wave placed on the rolls..
Mr. Denis, of Aid., offered a resolution di
recting the names of the Missouei members to
be placed on the
On:motion of Mr. Garfield, the credential of
the Representatives from Oregon was read,
and that gentleman's name was entered in
the rolls.
On motion of Mr. Pike, a similar course was
adopted In regard to tile member from Man
On motion of Mr. Stevens, the same course
1.39 adopted with regard to the names of the
members from West Virginia. Mr. Stevens
Own asked that the credentials of the Louis
iana member,. Messy,. Deal, Coltman and
Baker, be read. The credentials state that
the election was in accordance with the Con
:citation and lows of Lonisana, and thatsaid
election we, held oh the."2d of November last.
Tho credential.; of the Lents:ma members aro
signed by J. L. Kiddie, Governor of Loui•-
Stevens moved that the frames of the
LOnifialla members be stricken off the rolls.
Mr. Brooks said the House could elect a
Speaker without the names of these gents
from Louisiana being stricken off the roll.
Mr. Stevens protested against this admis
sion, but in order to facilitate the organization
of the House, he would withdraw his metier,
for the present, and again offer it when the
Louisiana members were to be sworn in.
The eredentiels of members from Virginia
were read at the instance of Mr. Lovejoy and
resolution was offered that their names ho
entered on the rolls.
Mr..l. C. Allen raised the point that the
credentials were certified to merely by the
county clerks. He moved to lay the resolu
tion on the table.
• The Clerk said the credentials, as ho under
stood thorn, were in accordance with the laws
of Virginia. A brief conversation ensued a
to the legality of the credentials, when the
question was taken up and the resolution
was agreed tot so that the names of the mem
ber front Virginia were entered on the rolls.
Mr. Wellborn() moved that that the Hoare
proceed to the election of a Sp6aker nix , ens,
which was agreed to.
Mr. Washborne nominated Mr. Colfax: Mr.
Pendleton nominated Mr. Col: Mr. Anemia
nominated Mr. Dawson; Mr. Gruder 1301:11i
noted Mr. Mallory; Mr. Steele, of N. Y., uom.
inated Mr. Stebbins. Messrs. Kingaud
of MO.. were also placed in nomination.
Messrs. Pendleton, Dames. Wadsworth and
Pomeroy were appointed tellers to condoet tbo
el net ion .
The HOUao then prococdoil to rote, with
following result: Whole number of votes,
161: necessary to a choice, 82 : Colfax, 101 ;
Cox. : King, 4 ; Mallory, 10; Stebbins, 8;
Damson, 42; Blair, 2i Miles.
the Clerk declared Mr. Colfax duly and
legally elected. The announcement was
greeted with vociferous applanse.
Messrs. bassoon and Cox wore appointed a
Committee to conduct the Speaker to the
Tho Speaker, on taking the Choir, delivered
a brief, eloquent and patriotic address, which
woo received with general applause.
The members of the House were then
The names of members from Louisiana be
ing called, Mr Stevens objected to their being
sworn. Considerable discussion ensued when
Mr. Stevens offered a resolution that their cre
dentials be referred to the Committee of Elec
Mr. Allen moved to lay the motion on the
table—lost, 101 to 74.
The resolution of Mr. Stevens was then
adopted—all to 71.
The Clerk then proceeded to administer
'oath to the delegates - from the several terri
The House then adjourned.
SENSTF..—The Vico President called the
Senate to order at noon to-day.
The credentials of Messrs. Wiley and Van
Winkle. Senators elected from West Virginia,
wore presented by Mr. Cinnes.
The credentials of Mr. Cinnes, of Cal.,
wore presented by Mr. Nesmith, and the ore
dentiali of Mr. Henderson, of Mo., by Mr.
Foote. Messrs Cinnea and Henderson were
qualified and took the oath of loyalty pre
scribed by the lost Congress.
Mr. Davis raised the question as to the
right of the gentlemen from West Virginia
to take seats. Ho held that there was constl-
tutionally and legally no each State as Weet
Virginia. There could therefore be no Sena
tors from such aState. Ills object was simply
to put on record his objections. He believed
the old State to be intact, end that this whole
thing to a flagrant violation.
After - a debate, Mr. Davis, as a test ques
tion, moved that the oath of offioe be adminia
tered to the gentlemen from West Virginia,
which was carried by yeas 116, nose s—the
nays being Bnekalew, Davis, Hendricks,
McDougall and Powell.
Mr. Sherman submitted a resolution that
the Committee on the Judiciary inquire and
report whether the Hon. Wilson is still a Sen
ator from Missourfi, Mr. Brown having re
cently been elected Sonator by the Legisla
ture of Missouri, bat not appearing here yet,
Mr. 'Wilson, who was appointed by the Gov
ernor at the last session to 011 a vacancy, was
still in his eeat to-day. The resolution was
not voted on.
On motion of Mr. Foote, a resolution was
adopted appointing a eommittepof three en
the part of the House, to wait upon the Pres
, Mont of the United States, and • inform him
of tho readiness of Congress to receive his an
nual message. Meson- Foote, Trumbull and
Nesmith were appointed.,_
Mr. Foote offered a reafitutioa for the class
of Senators fromitirginia, be the usual means
of drawing by lot, which was adopted. Mr.
• Van Wickle'te MI the long.:term:expiring in
1809, and Mr. Wiley tbe - AlbOrt term, expir
lug in 1865.
Mr. Lano, of -Indiana, gave 'notice of thisit
tention of a bill to repeal the $3OO eimma
tation feature of the enrolment nct t cad to in
crease the pay of the- non-commissioned and
privates lathe-army fifty per cent. -.The daily
hour of meeting is fixed at 2 •••-•
WOMIIiGTON, Dco . 7.—Brig. John - Welsch;'
Jr., from-Port Royal Deo, tat and Charlestoli
Dec. 2d, arrPred this morning. Tho:CaptoSsi
reports when ho passod off Charicaton third
we no tiring, bEtt a deuso smoke was visible
over the city, and . ho supposed it to be burn- ,
ing. -.. • .
• c.l44cimviaz - 1 , Purtz. Lc.
No. 8 .7 DIA 3 iOND $ 124 47.1 Wrayma. •
, .
• Aclmowtodgmeito &opted', Dopcsitions.sod ma,
WIC" Ulm. Also, Aloft, - 111ortrAgeo, krtielly
Agreoset*t.,s s ,2 l lLe . gol - Paper* of every
written. - • ;".. selt:Clo •
triftiOTtar SEEI).-4,00 bustiels,prima
4142*./ 610.40,1,:a ale
DASI 4, =wale. ,
G 7.1 ii,,,,, - USTREVT. lentaidt; clasp
'' " ' 1111"t .IT 7011.152(WCASSI.
- for :alb sped -1311I ?IdICK:CLOTIO 1 4P - 1 135:
inntr.""r" ittath. Ps fri roar: bourg; ~--.',...
A_kat et clo th -----..-- ,•--:,••, •-,..,... i, 1, --
- - '...- ''' '. ~.''''',• . -•';':'.,,-1.,W;#4410t; '-••';'-:
--...; - '-.- , ' r,7, : :', 4:•:',-.,--:•-,-„:----, ii-4,-,l4t,i,huri..
• • - ~ . ..i?:-.,,, o r.-m..-....1,5 .14, ,C.....,"4 , .
i ~,,,-, -Z=.,..-,-,.. 4S, ' , t"'" ' • --,. •.,' , . t 4 .. •extli•ifi , - '
• - -- -: ,- --is:s - •:,4Y •%• , - 4 .*:••'! 1 7., - t1v...".- - - , •-tr. •-••• •1 - _ ri .
- ' . ''..:.
'-'—''' ''': '''''"'" fr
-'t°7' '
.;•,- . -. , ~,
, - I elt• -T";--,:-A-"-, . -: • • ~'
Charleston on' Fire.
0. ,, , ,,, . ,, ,. , ;-4 . ... 3 4.:
ns ssittheissttsiallAts!'iksgrfud.C944,,
the rims - ii - stM 'needing lassely - lii'pref'itstlts
last ..enning indleatini. _telt Hula over .466' Est
Therteappesnein& mons *initial : J:4s tilittrtlin
pier marks and "Class Ilarite" for while, seistmillng
to these maxim there are over fear feet In tbseltstine
steamboemen dettaviel that itief can find hat tittle
- over three leet on "Masa Homes" There is otidently
a mlitake, and we presume 'that the pier marks aro
wrong, as it is (*Stain that they do no 11% , . indicate
correctly absetsgo ofcenter.
Thera is iMtbing tin:1.471A1%; at the velsair westitti
aspects' notice. ttasincm continues moderately se. ,
tire, and with fair Rhlptnicki;ilie Mieelptitito more
liberal. The arrivals fueled!. &S EM= tubes"'
from Zatitssino, and thns.ltaarnsfront Chteinwati,
both havingsgoect.tripp., ,
The Criektirt Igo 3, from Ciaratants4l. ersa. dos z last
Mght„ and wit' probstity be formilV
morning. to returns Kahl to CinsirivisiliinWed•
. s
The neat. and popular selahter Uteerra,
Herron Is the Cincinnati packet for titatayi Malang
at noon. Tate Bite grimier Is of tight drighti'4
charge of gentlemenlyand experleical
torperior occomauxiations for pimeagera L atnt aStort
more room for freight... Mr,
is io every way qualified Cur
The Emma Orahom, Capt..ll,yersOnekennl7.
to-day at 4p. m., for Zariervillo. _ifeasn.lincee„Ondr
Borelmad are associated together In the
The Rate Robinson, Capt. RAU: 'Roblame* (for
marly of the liadinge) Is rapidly 4prmirli(ne t to
completion, and will be ready far htinindifirrif TerY
ebort time.
Tho now and spleadid steamer Darltut,4pt,.
Batchelor, as will I. spew by card;' intiOstaia4„ for
Memphis. -
The Paragon, arrived at Wheeling...from 60q1lnAti
011 Sunday, and waif atinntmccd .to - mtstrts ,agata, on
Monday, the water being ton low Zr. her id reach
this port. •
lt has becuma almost-a daily °tramline for thi ter
egraph to furnish cis Intelligence of some itearaboat
having been fired lola by larlars 'ban Vilet:ll , lhe . t
the Idlaslasippi Tba rebels having &bk.' dented ,
for a time th e burning of our steam:tem, .serb,tsesselry,
lag to cool:commie a hcavy breezed Lt, l abelu Port
ittohon, to impede navtgatkra. Thor ara,,aolir fiery
&afire all along the rater, alum Elatottltatgiiiki-lbe
ali,sisslppf State ilneyand orldently'li*qtd-to'idant
batteries at certain points with yr blph to ithilr all
painting steamers. Adutiral Porter : dinuirkorte!
has tinder his commend over' a'dinotteeti.nrkied,:res
sels, wilt not allow theaneMY tub
plan, but will be on baud to . vrateb and 4,44tha the
designs of throe river Mier:lllns.
Trade revives very sheets en,the.hower
The New Urbana topers have; foracime.thmtrettnned
their river and romMorcial reports, and notnt
ls ar
riva and departures of,steameri, the - operaff sof
the eto.,k exchange, andStransactioneolitbefeittyhttt
their reports ere the feeble ghost. of thedistikqg
UMI. wl
of the days the- rerolntion. A few
roosting steamers . nave resumed their trade. and the
DAV. Bon and DonsdeDonedleepso has recommenc
ed Its rruhr tri', abide threnorfdur techihs week
are leaving for this port. Thle, alt dust remains of a
once flourishing eon:a:twee is, and 'yet it he illeaded
letpreeement au the brshouirofda,sorlngc-majt the
tdt., an unusually lively day r the.arrirals at - ,New
trrlenne embraced two steamers, ebetPhltet Mind
and Netrraske from St. Loots, Salivate 411iteleaPine
and one each from Vicksburg, DonaldeoneUle and
Port Rudman. The Nebraska and inthi:Vlond
landed an anserted riffgo of Dont,. potattiPOSlßdC.l
- stores; unman the lading of thoother boats,
chiefly plantation produce, were tivehrunted litakefof
rotten, a notable change of three year. ligo,iieben
thomandi of bales arrival daily. ..
Cleveland Market.
De. s.—klnur, nit. LO bbl, ehotee LX.Xi4e4 at
36. M. Wheat receipts better. Mirka qulaLand a
stuuln firmer. Pales two can. redo.m.treal.
and two ears do do at 123 c. Cerra: that reqmput are
nominal and holders firm at lloe. from 'store. Oats;
receipts fair, market quiet and ateady;4atee two cars
nu track at rnc; txla bash attest Lenge.. Bye:titans
tire met from non" private tenna,llatley; no
trausaetlona reported. Nominal at :
. .Vtic,,frens
store. Drawn' logs; fair supplyotreggig' t
inferior light at gs; medium at' .00, and
heavy to extra henry choice corn fed at OfhWIJILE.O.
Mess Pork steady at. Pit for city and: B"thfueedoar.
Hams aro firm and city erwar.ecured-are rittataLat
1.13;e. Lard Orm at Lk for city In bbl. .O
to Reg, Ciniese; market' rery aid.*4dm:4lw.
Jeratt. supply. We quote at 13a f o r lame Skipping
toot, and 13 1 / 4 _,0 (tot ttmall tots adeeted, seit.b , shady
.nice at those Azure,: ilighwlnes; holders Orin at
s 3. Green AnPlmt sales at s 4 cs , s • , Itried Apples
to good demand at 7e for prime. Potatoes, belling
from store at Torg7Sc. Clorer steadj. MIS.
Timothy seed; not much inquiry. Oates •114.75.
16 , 20100 and Itisuager.
Ui jM.
, ," •
Eighth' night of thig ts4gairetarttt'ill eel;
equestrian ankle, Mr. U. B. J.
minuted Items 11104Titilan?I'll'itAligil.
aoLun, .1a will th , ; 100 *".
of •'A Martin, the Terror at 8e5i0ra,' 1 ......;
TIIIB (Tuesday)
ITLI nu.presentrci. the original .drausaseninisel.
Nike Ali Z. 3.llilles.
Bhettry '
Bot 3.(4,.,yasvaan.
To coneludo with •
• Airala'gritt
J. O. &Roo
Dints, with noryg
Lew. and )tanager
Stage Idanager.—.....
The manageateat has the Oltaitire otlialicaracteg
to the eltireas of Pittsburgh that Hear Masao ea the
above Hall, for ONE WISE ONLlfoatatarrOm en
Thursday. Eveningi.Deo, 441
With the great .
Who hey* been playing - In Pio prtneltial"Tfientrea of
Europe and the Unit. Meteor with thaindatfirfautph. ,
ant maim, recently from Eiblo's CiardendleirTark,
andahe Academy of Moak, Phtladolphiaostskin they
played over sixty. night& Title conipany, Indy play
to first chum Theatres and to audances com
posed of Lidice and gentlemen;and are innillaying
one of the most suceasaftd rigagritenteeyer4layed
to Whoeling.
. Matinees twice a weekk, angitua SaU ituieried with
ladies and children, to so this wentiesfid company.
The company, sa reorganised; Is composed Neatly of
the members of the RAVEL FAMILY. - '4;
The beat Pantomimist" L , tha world! •
IlAillant end - Gni:eta-Did:as!
The 11, 94 wal*F4 l ,9milait I
The lienntlful Mamie, " • " • ~
The Cobas,of &merles. •
The iroadarfol and tr_rottlaTlAllgopeTerlbadn_ r
Thapsetrt Contortlaabit la the World;
• ' MONS. ckpoto.zroirgitrrA.
Together ;lath the satoundlatertista of •t-•-•
00, 1 4.4.73 1 ;ti11aR1.
And that boantlfai - ' - T,t
cones *,r4ter I -
• GRAND allATlNEß , z;' 7 '''.:
Oa skrtranAt4n6mm3 ,
To give ,Ladles ''
tOoktisali"to us
The Griat"Zdnfre
• larAdailsitcns,l3 ants. Reeer ed sestss6 rims.
de.Doors open at 7 o'clock t!Mini rtisssnSn'olclock.
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"fillOß wantiziconatuzaa t
isengor ottani . EMU' OlLASULL'llonsorAorea.
Oommondor..leams PietabohatervetiollMlDAY.44
4 p. iv.. and Zuomeillo . 131 DAT:IAlkeslosk.
m. 'Shoves' Mama JU Wokcoatosalots
mauler, lesno l'ltubargh ItTmxikAicurior. at 4
v. m..,:oad Zanesville mai T.SDAT,..Sh
s. m. frofght CZ - IMMO/MO" Mu - beard:or to
IMOR ftile ! . 1 .1 111C4 .
I new ii4404b44i DATILINO;
Cain. T. Datebelor;idll kir, U aborros
DAT, test Al 4 40:4414ek a r
70y flitted or pinup r far baud ZS
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ravlLLe—rit,6 spijpsta - stdatt
narnint - asa. - D.11.- - aertoii,iirmliirerit aboTe
'THIS DAY 7tbr Wt., 410 .telcck sE
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on WlCDNEFDAYilftiviast:St
• For height nr ploago *Poly on baud (mi.:4
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