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From Yesterdisik. Chizetie
Thts following is alabalsr ststemeet of the
Vs:Edition of the BanlEt of this eity, : foithe
month of tiosomber, 1843, as compered with
the pievionli ittb)sth :
" •
.1 , 14Wi
Spede. Nam. •
i /h aling.ttubargb.-,
Dina: ..Vi
Last mouth..., 4 7, ,715
• ,
Increase. .
• 1 31,876rE2.9141
, •1125,21)4
llorchanta & Manor 1,164,633 , 302,939
qt 11441 1 ... . ....... gsricup z•3Bl.en
10i,525 --agNoss -, ime.
771907 cm= ~.. $.)91
878,304 40,744 4,0)3
T 0441 1801,M, 4.184,425 -.o wat
Lwst mon 4 b--....---- 8/4'''"' 4.4744,843 10038
0a1}w.._._...........~ 19,734
Der e .............._... {37,0151 31.57
Recruiting In the 22d District.
Recruiting has hoerr already commenced is
this district, but ns..Tet very little hoe beet
done. Messrs. C. W..Lowlearuidames Sproul
heve.been appointed is Recnating`Agenta,
by the Provost Marshal , General," end have
their °Mee at No. 98 Fourth street. They ere
authorised to enlist either veterans or new
recruits, and under the ' regulations ; they are
entitled-to a fee ...of twenty-five dollars for
each veteran, and fifteen dollars for every
raw recruit mustered into the service. The
applicants mast all go before thelleard of Eis•
raiment, and pass a surgical examination',
the eama as drafted moo. Thoy will then be
sent outp ramp Copeland, end from thence
transferred id squads-to-this -armi. ...Previous
to leaving camp they draw the first
wont of bounty and paioimounting to seventyt
five dollarvitod in two months thereafter
they get another 'instalment. The Agenti
are authorised to 'recruit from any other die.
trict, but they must credit the man to the
district, from which he _comes. ,
Capt.' E.- B:Wright, , ther Provost 'Marshal of
the Department, is also authorised, undo;
orders of the War Department, to enlist vets
eran soldiers In the..volunteer :service.. iii}
office I 3 in the Girard lintel, Smithfield street.
Copt' Welintock, whose office is in Morton'l
Puildleg, Fifth street, is authorized to re.-
'emit for the Regular Aria', bud all persons
wishing to join the regular service hero most
apply to him.
-Distressing" Accident—Dirt Drowned;
On Monday,several members of the family of
Mr. Alexander:Cargo,residing in the dth Ward,
started on a vita to theliTath'er; who
ployed ail:oath: and witahnian an the steam
tog Dick Fulton, lying alongside of a fleet cif
coal barges on the south side of the Mononi
gahela river, opposite the Point. They reached
the- boat.without accident, but about tots
o'clock Mary Jane, aged nine years, auddenlY
disappeared. She bad been running about
the boat, and it was supposed that she had
1 taken a notion to go ashore. Search was
made for her, but she could not be found, and
a messenger was sent over to the house, laid
no tidings of her were received.- The fearfill
thought thsti forced itself upon the mind of
the father that 'she load fallen overboard sad
was drowned. A vigorous heareh waset - ouct ,
ins tituted,a dale river was dragged with grafi
piing irons for several hours, but wit/load
avail. The search was kept up until midnight,
whin the boat was moved 'troiti its position,
. anti. the body of , the unfortututter girl..was
found. She had evidently fallen into the rive
at the- bow , of the boat, es the body had floats ,
uriderlthe boll Anti lodged there, An tape
wee hildlw Coroner McClung, and the jury
found a verdict of accidental death.
and Others.
- Wo. !tett to direct special attention to th
card of Captain Batchelor, Surveyor of
tow, relative to the' initinetions Of the Sed.
-retaiy ofth. Trecattrk in reference to thenasi
igation of our rivers. Coder the law, erdr
description of coal boat, harry, tilt boot, ta
keel or canal hoot,*store or' trading • boat, df
oirapfbatons and bscthan•torenta ton tadaf
intretnent, roma int,tioenied, audit-over mint,
tons licensed and enrolled.' :The - fincrptirrof
the mnee tt in,• has •deetind•thattlid tatechign •
lating:thopottsting 3rade.s.rerlebbo_applied to
the inJAn si.uviotiop of the .gottio river and
and its tribatarice,gad, tha.Barreyor at tbi
Oft Lao
ai 1 0.tiu«4?fi4otber : 0 , 01
an*: riguilidg limre attorastod,,lo' Copl
ply with i
-thee regulations . Ile haa:alio sou,
missioited, ‘ u Special Agents ; Monne:: V. A
Detail:Lan and 8; Herron, ichfr'nritt nuthpr
bed to , Panama* all- bargeqtataft ERAS, etc.
ea maned by law. - Thie - matsbr , itticaild-IN
aliended•torentsptly,:aa thus are homy/an
allies attached to. violations of ttatstabliahec
regulations, Alt neceuary .4iformiktlon,ext
be obtained on appliCation Capt„,Batchelor
at the Custom Zoos°. •
A /Tett* t'ittiTnirgh Ito Ulna
The Cincinnati atataterciai, ,!parking co
tka. appliesition.of,the Eittsburgb,,,Mayrrtill
and Chadtatati •Raitroadr Company, Cor ,
right of way into that city, uyz elbaritit
now engagid In binytttit aline Timm Tfuol
street soros* tho mouth of be old 'Old tunnel,
through'a gorgein LooliWOrth's Gardoo 01
Edam; than! 4,24.410 d lino Mime
the 4aAtlinolliti -turnpike to Auk. Creek
The line contentplaseditrikeschtongt
setenii. of thertrer:bounties to . irateteaVarid
The attanea,4 . :
_.- 1 1 1 "eita*Pat
.anntii - *CAI l'inhiuttuoznau ta Pi 'oe ggb,
Aatint tuadtadlind:Aightritnr 7 bilreir. - The
Prlti"A44ca , 4 l 4PCFtnitutt -Pena 46i...rconrree
wit ofilitedinpaityyrith the Coatinide, .and
'OlO &tiro' of Ottai The
Itissidaof Uteri companyaiaiiii"the' netanfili of
ati Judipending intittick.whe aeeotict ' - of the
-rovertrinreit einsdition at enittitig ' iontei end
that ita pause from Bunt etreetdetranttodgh
.therttvetaln she heart ofahorctly tri-thlaiffer,
.will be of tnallicienk advantsgatationinnall
Wenent, the greetter. :24o,fattilitIes in
galliroad; ofjlefan.
id°llda Y—lst e ll,.. o6l 47 , bistWasits, cm, cud
.Seristike's , ocenerral- ourthe
Plcagrargb, Por& Waynosadebletiodiallway,
abouttkaands Half milis Iron otVoliimbi-,
snsi Ohio - between ' thi ire& oseltiekl:indrri-1
STISIP ,from this stll 4 7inikrafreltit
tist*-•Tba, locomi l t ru .were.
considerably enrsibid 'up; bob' forisuratigy no
pinion was injured, • The, freight' trilin Was
moping out of time, , an4.4nste t.hs ,scoldant.
Thsrosjuvlss train dne bele it seven' o'eleoir
!n the rvealu g,. djd ant arfads~ siitirnearly
alidlacatrThu t Gk.loss >no-'lliooknglo a - up .
wleli zas, wreck that no,trainsoculdpaes either
yar,tor say talbonra Collisions arohoooto.-
tag Rather frequent on this rand,- and
esesosillonld,be;ostreth exeux44q into and,
Obviated irpossiblir
PAioess laccittiir
A. Paige, the •ccalticaie-Eketrleisir, !tee. ar
ranged to delieexxierlex - ef lectures' se Excel
el 00411 i, Allegheny:l - Bix . :51111. and eeeond
leeturte bo delivendnn Wednesday anti
.pnbt6i '
.On itriday,duanaolow-iiiit-tettrir e
sa.Latairesothrekr;-geoutthb , avadng
Alen feintrtnentyy-ra.cente .eill,be charged.l
%he 14foi!i4itotxrer...exii. XicextPvly itktxx
'fitinto,P4oll/1;," 40 04 6 - 1 ‘44 1 4 1 .' ' "
I N %V Or.
sthadtl .10v
itatliiifirliTol2:Viii tieffiFfoU .
Oat zeskaanttOr advernor, OltetWitets.%
_;sol4liip',4ltaisiOrtillAr - f: rtar: atetto,l
3 0; for IroodivaraA.
V 1,.. ~1 4 - .7 ' '"'"•"' t - -- ..--,-,•• , - •
.• • Ettprtite lebarL
vaults-contain goM
.-' ' 7 New ,Yarli . Petrelettnr- Market.
' ) /bilitbar; Not lA-Read Ta: , Bettigetielez in- f 4,0, 0 i!.. .-11e6till ilui'desilalti t' i r thilan-c°i n . ii Peci 4 i MIPS ' ' la - 1.0:4 ,- C;:titteMirr , j, Gazette.
didigl , :k.stel, 11- , 7. -..,
__ , ,...
_, tier miff iitentitatocOme...Prozzustmassiat i o 1
NEW Tear., rer . .:-.l.L.Ciude is 'dull .d d., - 11e.-
inks elate than sufficient es pay , . i
' " iteger - els.` .GolAee. Calabria: . Sabi:tatted. te .e. 1.1 1,,,, t.t,
1 the specie ittereat of the publics debt no it ae- .r.
I° " . 'P " '' 27"312- '''''' lt I
• - .
Folielu_ri: Ciiheri ',VMsi.mtei: 'CliMtiria. ' mum. • _ . • , '''' 6 " r, dul l `" nr g le ` thd ' "‘! b ` l"ed m y l '
44; 1,0 4. - The Herald's eliepateh, dated Army of the quottli nominally at 40@ne on 11,,• $l-1 and 40,: NI- •
a...... 1.. --'' n_ ...
~, ss , ' Potomac, Nev. 2, says: Mosby still liras; , N ''''' / '''..“ l Dtcemby , •- 1- i , , r 3 • Fr"" ,I 1 b. 'I , -
t..-sastasosEiaail.ll,l4llolllollllrol4 !U.. iv oattaore- fifty of h• at c. , nlitosi to roii it '1• d•N ptl a N t.. mill,l nt '-'., ,I ~
!shoat is guerrillas wore seen l- - (-, ~ ell .et •
11" c urci 'b bj er I PS : t 0 4. v i it, z Id -
t iiii s i p roteell.. ..-b c.. i tsarina - this s. m. Another dash has been . ---,-- '
Toleftle Market.
Vs. A rt i cuti.: roatuoi. . Aiiiiei.
.. mad* by them, this . time . capturing cattle, and
a guard of Buford • dlruslon. . 00. 11.-Tbr tnatit+t has rain! vary ~ti. i t..-miss, I
Barnett Ts: Reed, ' Armstrong. - StatteWeti. I All • fron t and
quiet at the
Palleitote.rATitidal. '/thaiteobg.' Argued - . t....i..e. ri0t...._,,,, ..ev. Wheat-sib-1 of .49ti lito.h •
I Malta Mich at 149 c; 2 ,,, tutah R.' , 3it"4 at I.>,
Realise is: Iftser. Itlians. /ogee& The Rebel Pirates. I, 1 bush N 0.111,11 at ItUltu, :i,ikai luNti No. Red at
Jobb P . Baines; Esq., Cambria county, was
' Hat; irso bush No. I lied at litat; ii,...X. 1..1, No. 2 11.4.1
duly admitted to practise in the Supreme A.t 12,k; 330. bomb No. 2 lied at I . l', Nothing (hung
Court. - - in other grains.
. ,
KaAsir Bpr---Captain lotihaw, tJaa post
qaartonaastor of :Loxtngton, Ky., has boot
_triad sonrt iziatKar, had Budd $60,000, and
llitorqioiro‘ "imprfootmiat, for
dotraudinic the-Govorament.
Dna by
• 7.8,00 p
The Starvation of Our Prison
era. of Richmond Confirmed.
6 8.
svoclst Dunstan to the fluseursbnuotte.
Pnztaintrstre, Nov. 3, 1863.
Two escaped prisoners fro, Libby prison,
Richmond, arrived this morning, and confirm
tbo terrible vepurni &Alm starvation of our
meial4 - 1 : 44144C - - eight 4bicco Ware
helms, Culla Ttaknder and the; Libby, 12,000
Union ph,' mners &rip ineMcerited, with one
ration a- day of corn in the ear, beans and
rotten poik. The Indignation among the poo-
pie, is intense, because of retsliation being
tmpossibie.• and escaped prisoners in question
mat dle, as their emaciation is too terrible for
recorery. -They narrate terrible stories. Water
AV times - is dp*dOipil Mermen lie in filth,
and every individual Moovered with sores and
vermin, and dead
, hodies sometimes are not
{moored for twelve hours. Living skeletons
lie down too weak to walk. •
liy9,.4if the 31st olt. , three
days later, states that the bombardment of
Port -Siniter on tho piertohs day was the
heaviest yet. From Sundown , on Wednesday
until :ItllttiOSll3 on TIPPlakYs ono thousand
two hundred shots from 16• inch mortars and
three hundred-petutder Parrott; have been
thrown &plait Akio hit.
Cn the etoning erthe 30th nit., Gen. Gill ,
mere'a foreeeopemisi Crum' the Mortar battery
onthintreings' Point;nrinthenertheaat angle
of the fort. 'The batteries engaged were those
at Gregg and Wagner, the centre battery and
Cummings' Point battery, with three Mont
The bombardment of - Fort Sumter, sap the
lilig, still goes on, but the Ste is mnehOlaek
er than it was. Ow batteries Are slowly and
deliberately on' the .enemy, 'Who at present
pays 170 attention to thaw
Gen.Thomaa, in kir official report of Joe.
Hooker'a recent affair with the rebels, sap :
Hooker took many priionere, among whom
were (oar 'officers and 103 men. He captured
nearly 1,000 Kt:field rifles. ills !oasis 350 of
ficers and men killed and wounded.
The London' Limn, of the 24th nit. , refieons
in sorrowing tones on tho serino aspect, ex
tiling all over the world. tit:alb on 'England
to use all her power as a peacemaker.
The liondon' that Rl:imbibes lost
e very thieg 'Gulf Makes Ike possession of a ter
' ritery an advantage. The army-Itds obliged
to keep most absorb mare than the revenue of
the kingdom. Her commorce,agrleultureand
every kind of enterprise Sr - perishing. It
would be en 'neatenWAD gain to /truisla if
she abandoned the Kingdom of Poland to It
self. To govern it even by the sword agaisult
the hostility of the whole population
possible. If there be aufence of governmen t
the two moat modern Nara* bathe world are
meat deficient in it. Russia and-the Great
Pirestern Itepatlio Deere to have no principle
I ,pr e'xpediantit except the savage
imams of exterminating-all-opposed to them.
Napoleon is breaking in health. Old age
is rapidly creeping upon him.
The Poles seeing their hopes on the side of
Western Europe rlisappolnted, have, It Is sta.-
ted, 'Offered to Tailey en alliance offensive
MSd I it;
. ea tn.-conquer for the emp_re oY
the Sultans all that its sueeettive wars with
the Czar have 'ceased „it lose. Russia
preparing to transform the town of Keitsb
into a place oewir of the °lamb
, The' London' Acing Cad :Vary Gazette regards
the .catme.of tho rebels as very. hopeful' In the
field. An armistice leading to a peace Mot
be Obtained leaders-after the net`
' Mr": Litird bed delkketed a speech at Bitten ,
lead! defending It& *coarse in regard-. te the
The latest reporta from St. Petersburg state
That the: sitaatiei tyiltralts awl Turku
threatelled'a probal:;ility Asf war. The
etilt - ,hare 41411tutiatlerupture with r the Urea
e,stertr"Pirrersr_faiterii Chiistmig,
AMtlrs In Meade's Department.
. .
Importient Advieetantioipaftd troll
My; 2, 00.
kepeelal dispatch' to =the ida tdl
Wasiangran, liorenther We - !Mini
there ate..indleations of a disposition on the'
part of Gen. Mesita to obby orders by ' k;
fag the enemy, and the truth as to.whetherled
!uteri& to flglit of not, iCilr ijan . be 'settled-
There Le no deed oftenting for the foe,
they are all mound.
IY. 0. Sperm:mom arfAter. Ar. Sparrow,
I formerly princital oT• Fairfax 'fiqtrefnaryi *lc
acme, ted en-bls inkralfroniStanten, Vs., with
a rebel mall containing littera of Importance.
' He is now in-the Old Capitol.
The appointrain Vol ash: Nemo to, the De
partment, of whielr Tolliess:Tdomme in at
present headquarter*, br4Scituridered, /ID earn
est of pinpose to Mcminct thrswel In that quar
ter on what are briefly *norm As the Butter
A spatial to the World from Vaihington,
dated Nev. 2d, pays: Iniportertt..carless are
anticipated just now in proper quarters from
Gen. Gillmore. ==-
The Them' from • Welhilijilon. Nov.
2d, says Mairatioent contrast4o the
-holdwilte7 sod 1 IMandonlonacy Width, mile
and friguinalehmond,domotarrehasWea2l
- of tho Troonwhill aktreritcr the
world a cleat ( halirteb:COef on the lot bf No
vember. .g:104/09,-WifllthioCtS.000•000
sospendird=PrcnbriliMPlet.: will „show the
paymentat Prop creditor of the Goictrustent'
whose elsbrWlS on thaf ibornaditod-Atot,
Itddith4d.: ' This'. iksorAh hmo;toon,
who, thwi1mAb0r444.9 5 414, b o b.
; oink far
. 17041 91N-;i l o4tetont, Imo!
$30,000,0FP tow reet h em s nr..piho ;
Paroastooli.olindtoiliPtitk ToNhigtopkbor
ofiertedobot,-Will be bootie 'Wheal* , pre-,
&e.‘ do:,
REEDS , -Thera fa ronerlcterabko Inquiry Flax Betel
desk" •r• Ming 82,65 per busb; .ale 0,
2.0 bizab cm private trrmg.
- Ilov.3.—Tbere bee not boon a tingle tratthictldble
'either Crude or Ileilnod Petro:4oMo, to-day, and the
market to extremely dull," sod Inactive, with but
slight Indications of any Immediate insprorementl.
Crude le arriving more freely than nu.!, though thi
eapply I. comparatively light, yet fully equal to meet
the proaent demand. Them appears to ho but little
Inquiry for Ileflund, and.tha marina continues—ea it
has beau for some time past—to rule very - quiet and
don witb not enough doing to attablish quotialoac
Notha. and lies:idiom remain nominal et shout
former quotation.
. Livarptiol advice*, op to the 21th of October, report
•Eatrilletun dull and heavy, with °gm of Refined oils
104 per gallon--• material decline.
Weekly Review or tile Yew York Re.
Vloported Expressly for the Pittabtogb Casette.]
New Yuan, Cot. 31, IVO.
Thi4 hp been empluttically ••dull week, - ro thr..
the market fdr Petroleum Is cancerned, antlprices or
both Cruite and flatbed hay. fettieldselizted, it
tarp number of contracts have matured bilemonth , ,
which were undo some two months agoelMilly dtiring
the gnat toteltemeut of the totter part Of August,
limo of which wen as highs. aacti% coots, and in
Mow of the very low prices now prevailing, mash
trouble hes been occasioned q ibis' eltothitstnee:
Many fortunes have been hut, and tosityfiminore nt., ,
ported to hen roe to the well. "-learn of ous
tree 'who hai lost 450,000, and premium 'dal than
are wend more whose hems are semi, inheary, .6:
largo Dumber of contracts hero been vented, by which
moon, Senna Arun lime been enabled logo ozi. One
contract tbr UM IA& was settled for WM, and thi.
4 !ii speetreteeof =3l others. If the 'wiling her.
given, te hocked by the gomblors, the losnin will not
be thrown away, while the trade will be memorably
Punffed,ltit it Is altogether probable ChM another
mann of aWi o ,o= ough
Owned upon by the bettor portion of thodsalers. '
The Europsan news has dimoungeilahipMents, and
forward but little oil boa gone rward, though some of the
W as have been for export , and reported fo b. The
Wee for the week comp-Ind stout 12,100 bbl Crude,.
nearly all on the spot at alle, tot clueing very dub, 1
and warn' nominal, at iXic offend, and 30c anal.
Refined, In bond, was sold to the extent of 130,000,1
bble on the spot at lAS,L4. . cents, but mainly et Vet
:Ake; and for fatare dollen% &umber and Denny
lei: tmnriobtlon.but lotill 31 4`4 1 " bbigliff " r°6-
maul ire234c. Abe 60,030 Igmlous, In rant AM Fosse, t0ne:46671,16 - 62e,,fris light Wave to Whit*, and - 54 tar}'dirk drat 'The hilliness ..ticriallittoMPlike ab , oli
30,006h6leohomIriac, and.lrra bbi Or 1 . - nreto-._,, )
Our ant Demintor, rs 00100- Triill__L"mc`w,
Volt and be
at t 4463 c, on the
,____v ooo lsli
43c for November and DCC2I2IbOT:' . W... tC 1 5.Pil enip
Fres . ab ae o lower:
bales SAW Ws at
65 to 600 for tight straw to white; 630 for straw, and,
4 fortitarr . Alm13,(0) gallon, lotto. meal at 1
amed i t
I . ;J ig abicloultl *ill rakoommni 4
-- ibiohota - alleli cf . /rabble Ithridlntn - IF, , I
it GOO ibtoNimtlmOit We fint Ono*,
t, 144 ,
ti Rehm ; . Lane.,.[ .t thi - tialsinraftt y
New Toes ;Ott. 3.—Tbo Zamta's Cape of
Good Hope correspondent States that the
Alabama had been, with two prism, to the
Guano Islands, but returned to Simone Bay
on the lath of October. The Georgia left
Simons Bay ou the .21st of August, end was
supposed to have gone to hlarities for repair.
The Tuscaloosa had gone east, and it was:ex
pected that the Vanberbilt might fall in with
The Chicago and Alton Railroad.
Orman°, Nov. 2.—Judge Williams, of the
Circuit Court, to-day dissolved an Injunction
heretofore granted by him, restraining the
Chicago d. Alton Railroad Co. from paying a
.dividond due in New York, August 23th.
The Eleettaß lk New York
New Year. Nov. 2.—The election is pro
ceeding qale4y. Bo far, thently disturbance
was a small fight In Hrootlyn.
The Election In illasinichusetto
Boirox, Nor. 3.—The election is progress
ing quietly. The returns so far show heavy
gains for Andrew.
Tursaar, Nor. 3.--Gold was a !ration higher In
New York to-day, the noon quotation being 140,14.
'Silver, oleo, advanced elightly, being quoted at 141,
Ear*, the rates for coin an, 149 for Gold, buying, and
1164137 for 81iver. Thera le no new feature to no
tice in Exchange or Government Cirtillcatee of In
As will hoseoo from the notice. in another solemn ,
our city Banks have been doing a flourishing bind
new during the past six months. We believe that
about the one-half our Bank, of "hang" have declared
a dividend of Pm" per cent. Oct of their profits for
the sic months ending November let. The Piny
Sonora,. LIANA Or Ptttnenorr•' has declared a divi
dend of flex AND a nst.r par cent, via: One dollar
ands quarter per share on the stock of the Pius
burgh Trust Company to the hat of Augnst, and
two dollars on the capital stock of the Pint Nation
al Bank, out of the prottta, to the let Inst.
The Banks have been enabled to declare these large
dividend', not on account of the line of their dis
count" having been extended, hot been.e of their
having mirchased largely of Government Securiticr.
Thene>re no more mare or rollable institutions in the
...try than our Pittsburgh Beaks.
We me it authoritatively stated that J. Edgar
Thomtnon, Eeq., President of,the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company, now In New York oily, will Inn few
days embark for Runts with his Dually, wham it is
said he gore to fulfill an appointment tendered him
bylthenloadan Government, through their- Mlnieter
tl Washington. The poeftion le similar in its char
eater tothe onn he now holds ou the Pennsylvania
Earned. Col. Thomas A. Scott will be the acting
President of the Company, ad Minis,
TVIMMY, November, 3,1863.
FLOUR & ODATN—Wheat 1 qulol bol firm, with
mall Wee of Bad from wagon at $1,25. Batley I°
steady erith • regular demand from Bret hands at
51,30 for'Spring, and 11,50 for Fall, Corn Is
firm with mica of 2 can Shelled to arrive at $1,07; 1
car on the spot at 81,10—dellvercd; arid 130 sacks
from More at $l,lO. Oats less active, and without
quotable change; sale of 377 bash from canal at 73c.
Bye--none offering; It would command 51,20 to 51,2.5
Own .tore. Flour is very quiet, the demand halos
light and altogether local. Buckwheat lour I. sell.
log from sti.,ro at $3,75 to 4, 0 0 per eat.
GBOCERIPS—We hare to notice a continued , n 0
market, without, however, any further change In
.slue.. We note sal.. of 10 hod. choicu Cuba So•
gar at 13%c; 23 bids Relined Tallow at; 60 bbf.
Molitecas at 61r; Yu do do at L: c.; and 30 bids Syrup.
at from 65 to 860--the latter figure for Locating's.
PROVISIONS—Ea...a L. quint but it ady at tsrmer
qu.dations; sale la ant lot of 5,P Pa Ribbed Sidra
Lard is In fair deoutiol and a• note .mall
salte . of prime kattkid rendered at 11,1412 c. Mess
Pork Li firm with an occuclonal small sale at 515,ZA
per bbl.
BUTTER & WlGS—There is btu little doing In
Butter, and the market V quiet and unchanged;
=all sales of Puked at 1:418c, and 801 l at 20 to
Vie, for common to strictly choice. Eggs—steady at
16607 e.
CHEESE—is more attire, and prices are well ens
tabmwl; sales of 11X) bxs Western Reserve at 13e, suit
10 be, Hamburg at 1334 e. The receipt. are limited,
ad the atock is tight.
APPLES--The demand has fallen off some, b
and witb continued fair re.!elpts, prises aro a eta•le
ranging from $2,,0 to 10,03 per bbl--malty
at 132,1.5.
CILLNIIEILEIES—The demand Ls fair and tbemar
kot ateady with oleo at common at $l2 to $12,60 tx:
Ma, and nrfma Cultivated at $l4.
lEANkt—Tha demand is Imo active, cud the rt
caipta aro comparatively large: sale of 20 hush prfo
Small White at 8 2 , 75 Pvr Lush,
POrLTllT—firm; .ale of 50 pairs dressed Mirk
a. as lac SID
HAY—The market I. firm hot price. are anchamt
ad; Wei of loose from .cales at $3:143.5 per ton, and
$2,1,0 to sgo for pnewed.
WITI3IET-14 eteady with a regular Johbltte ,
mand, end wo note mall indeeof Common at bs6 .59c
Per iPilon—prinelpally at. 5 / 3 c.
CILYSTNITTS.--The market hi pA i rly wall yuppllid
and Eiticse glee evidence of a decline; Sale ef's4) lapd;
at 54 , 50436 per bosh.
Pittsburgh Petroleum Market:
troleupi Market.
Nor. nd pales reported. Sr hcat
--Sales 1 Car rod out:rack au $1,28; and 1 car chat,
dodo at 81,30. Mace 'Change nth. 11,0.0 book red
tree on board at $1.28; and 700 ha do at $.1,27. Cot u
—Salts 1 car on track at ole. 1 car do at talc and I
ear troth otoro at 010. Oats—Steady mud unchangcd.
gales 2 cant et 68C on track. ityr—Numlnal at $1.1%
Barley—:Nonanal at $1,30 on troth. AIM Food—la
actirn demand, and rallx rwa4Lly at slB(fit:Z 1•.0
at tba tam,'
Chicago Market
Nov. 2—Dldur—reithangod. Wheat—Steady to.
s l , o o9efgl,o7S. Corn—Quiet at 7Se. I fats---guint
at 50/ 2 4serk. Receipts-7,000 libbi flour; bO,OOO bush
whent; . .n,OOO timbals corn. Shipmento—y, - vn hi t t,
flour, 70,000 bush wiwat,lo,ooo but torn. Freights
—l2 l rja on wheat, 110 on Corn to Barulo,
Imports by Railroad.
Pmencuon, Fr. Worse A C 1110.1.0 RA/1.110kt., Not.
3.-13 libis scrap iron, Zusl Painter; 165 hidee G ti
Wood; 2 ck.s clay, Thus Coßhn; 3 idyls apldv. , N 3.4
Chessman; bags potatoes White A Br.; 5 empt)
packages, H MrSwlggen; 177 bus barloy, K El Gar
rarrli 3 dos wash, board., S Dilworth; 10 cha palls,
Lindsay A Tellordilo do do W 31 Gormley; 20 do do
W H Smith; 18 do do E. 11 31yars; 47 pkg. o 1,, It
Townsend; 1 kegsalt, W P Beck A Co; 10 1.. oen
Robison A Co; 16 Op potatoes. It Dalsoll A Co; b Ito
cider, Fetzer A A rnistrons; 1 pkg tobacco, Shri,r
Larear; 28 bp caste, J 14 pAslayer; 17 1,51, apples,
Culp A Shepard; 1 mu hay, J Hamilton; I car Cloy.
Brown & Co; 40 WA, whisky, I, Wallace. `ALI 1,1,134,
Taylort Erd hides, G N HolfstofP. Oil buts whisky, J
31cDeritt; %cars barley, Josh us Rhodes.
C33,13..1) A '/"IfillIIVISUIT ILL rtittun. N......
3,500 bush corn, Siropitiit A KNOX. &T.: Lid. apples.
L H Volgt A Co; 118 do do A /I Kee•ri I; len bids lon,,
Shornalier A Lang, 2 bbls rider Owens A Kennedy.
2 pkgs scrap iron, John Mullin:lW t. , Las icy, W II
Garrard; 70 tibia apples Cook, Pettitt A. Co: I-0 1, 3
lord, F Seller, A Cu; I Wel tohnu,.. It w ; . c .
pe,k s i er ,
1 do do J W Taylor; Ado du J A ilarurie: . 04 lows
.do herd A Alstagnr; 2 do do E II ri 1,41., hair,
A 1.1.011 r. STATION' Not. S.—lit, 1,4 riat "red, 31
II awydam; I 0 bbl. apples, U 313 •r. i..i I..deedad .1
goods; Jam. Schell; 4 bgn fl” weal, 17 I.g oat., 21.
tp. corn, J II Spear;l2 Mob. apple". 11 leo mei; 2 do .1..
Barney Oran 4 aka g.tatma,J II Gle• • 2 11,
S Breathwith; 2 pkg. butter and eg,- nor,
244 aka wheat, li T Kennedy S Bra: 2 bbl. applot, J
Moon; 30 bids cider, II Waldeelndll.
Was DxrAimocrr.
WA6IIIS.TON, Octobi, 2, 1661
SEALED PattPOSALS wlll b resets,' at thi
oßice until the :.s.lth day oi itetolier next, for 11.tZt
ING and BUSHING the 42-tosondor Gam, et th
Forts and Arsattels of the Putt,' Stott" in the At
teat!. State, /I.l2lollllting in windier t.i
The guns will be delivered st, nod retti,ived tr
the establishment% whet, the lverli /A to he don
the cost of tho Gutted Mats,
Proposals for those on tho Pawifir
in number—will be respired out II the lteh ...fltrortu •
bed next; snd in case of three, tho runs :II be de.
'Leered at Sao /111.7i3.1 or its rit
The gone are to ho tllll.l down 10 a tr.e mind.,
for the length of sweaty-wren Inchon from the mei
of the base Hog, prepaird to take a band ••f the
wrought iron, the Interior diameter of which will be
twenty inches, and Its tincknese there inch°,
The vent is to be bnabed with a new Buell of
ingot copper, one Inch in diameter and idiom
in a half Inches long, and bored with a vent of
tenths of an Inch.
Drawings of the gun In ite original form and with
(La band plat on can ha soon at this entice; at Lb,
Watertown Arsenal, Matt ; et the Wetersliet Ar
senal, and at the New York Ageney. N... 1.1 Worth
attest, city of Note York ; at the Arsenal of Brutes
burg, Pa.; and at Allegheny Arlene], Pitteborgh,
Pa.:at the Fort Monroc-Areenitl, Va.: Pt. Louie Ar.
semi, Mo.; and Denlca Arsenal, Cal.
The work is to be done to the entire satisfaction of
the Milker who will be ayepointed to an It
and payment will be paid in full for each gun wpou
hie certificate of Inspection and receipt.
Proposal/. legislate the price per gun for the whole
operation; Ih:scribe in detail the neumer Ina Mob it
propowel to put on the baud; the num ler linty
will hand per month ; and the time which ma Ifi he re/-
quintal to do the whole work. The method and the
time required fordoing the work, or writ as the peke,
with te, important element. in rolvolering the hide
and awarding the contract.
No bids will bo ecnsidered ft 9111 II o partiaa 1r
such an are actually engagad in the manufacture o
irun and heavy machinery. and who are. in the. old.
ion of this Drigtxlment, fully prepared to extwate th
work. in the casc of parties riot known to this Po
imminent, erlibudx to the f0rr,, , ,,, „z., t tint cc
company the propiand.
Bond with eatistartory 5U1141.41 to tb, tirtionnt of
fifty per Dent. of lw bid. will hw requirril for tho
nllment of the inni , ert nod the rw
serve* the right to rejr:el i any or oil toil, it dormer]
Propoitals will be engin-m.l . .Proponele for Bitinilhig
42-poi:lndere." and will ho arldro.woil to Ilrlgnilier
General Conirgi. D. Rittaray. Chief of Orilonni, IV wit.
ington City. GY:OlttiE U . RAMSAY,
1301 g. Got,. 'hie( of
Marittfacturers and dealers to all the different kinds
TING BOXES. dm. With greatly Inerraaral facili
ties for dotrrg business, Ire earnestly invite dealers to
ere as a tali. Manufactory, Tenurentoosville.
Warehouse, Cecil. ales land Liberty ht., Plttsb'gh.
nt. , 2
.L PAIN.—We take this method or informing or
frten4a and the publo generally that we ore 1140.
In thepractioe of Deutletry. Thos who hove been
postponing this touch dreaded operation oily now lay
amide their teem and give tie e ca 11... the epparatus
era here fp use has been thoroughly roared during di•
pout four yearn, folly cetabliehing the tale nod pan.
lea character of the operation. No Drugs ot Chem!.
axle nor Galvettle Battery need. All those wiehing
the eervlcea of e good told reliable Dentist trill do
well to cell anti rotanit rich
Yo. 1511 Fotu : til
or D. O. KING, ?tn. 47 Smphilvld atr.t, Pitts.
OLITL.ECT S.A.VV All L. 1.44.
Keeps constantly on hand n lark.. .ad thoroughly
sasscousi stock of DgOKINO, BOAT AND BOTTOM
1N08,40.,4c.; e •
its will 011 f o r SAWED STUFF with
promptaossAad at Oar rate+.
N. D. •Porsoat witottag.LONO TIMBER or POP.
LAR aro part Icsaary Matited toll:MI:1i. his stock.
Stirtgaco on Craig street, near Robinson.
mutureertrnsus or WIRE WORK,
Rave always on hand and Mks to order IRON AND
kinds; HIDDLI:9; for lrocuidry MOO nra VI
NADIENTAL WIRE WONII, for :Bowel*, do.
t AU aim MST= (or IWO, at
(1 . 48 ,-41 1 0*0PMX.M740.. •
No. es Itinzau f num, MkAhool CCY. And
,No. 527 Llbert
AsabrfarttiOasitalaaorrsals Omer,
llktier9 and Thrstreete,
Waiblnalon; DAL, Oct. 24 1803,
TI,, on iiiiBKOOND end EOOBTII W. 68-
8t 1 :88/11113, atettZth of Nommter, at be Carrel
near the .1 8 ashipston - 01* c ondemned. • 1.010.1nt of
MOMBSS AND MOLES, condemned. as unlit for
public ccrrice. Bale to commence sit In o'clock a. m.
Terme nub, In hlovernment nude.
matt Capt. and A. Q. B. Army.
CIRESE:--1300boxes W:TR;
Ito hamburg;
/8 do' Umben;
100 half tittle. No. 3 large• Mackerel;
30 bbl.. No. 2 largo Mackerol;
10 do I,` do;
100 Combats prim Thnetby SW; •
8 do Chestnuts;
li:ratite and for sae by -
oull ORAB 11411.81.8 Y Liltert
, thls day--4I
ISIGNMENTB- 2. -Re&sived
_Jr bboorkervAppliA-- •
33 do •(r byre .
HOD. do: Wlalts Beam%
= do . .liiiii# B)ieerP.taftrm
MD beim Neribiamock - ' do;
/0 bbli. Claili.: "
driii=4.o '8.40 - Bulter; • '
39 do.
1 .14 p, -06,[was; ,
N0*413 sloiviltivill*ipas by - -:_-
°l4 " -".."'', 7 e" ~,,,,,,W iTI VOIGT 0 IN't.
F REHR V44..MTEIL . ...,.r.. .. .
090 NI. )40 troldirditos.,
VA at 017 m
r4 Ociibilit woo:' . .
'.:: - .160 ;,...;•:: 017m /AK •
-11 / 0 0 . 100 1 / 1 41/*
fom calmhy2
acintx, commi
agrtii , OIL CLOTHS, Ice.
( 4P
Nos. 71 AND 73 FIFTH ST.,
Offer far inda, AT rn:lers PAR BELOW PRESENT
MARKET RATES, an entirely now and choice
stock of
Best Real Brussels Carpets,
A full lino or cow and very choke pattoms
Very choler• patWrus.
Lowell, Hartford and other etanderd make, of
at 6.1 than mannthcturvn . prasent prima, at whole
male and retail.
Vtil.‘ ET MATS, In great variety, the largnat u•
nortment of patterna to tio found anywhere; and a
vph odhl eveorttneut of SHEEP SKIN MATS.
Floor Oil Cloths,
now 2to 24 w Wu, new and elegaut patterns.
COCOA MATTING, for Churches, (Mom, Hale
Mlllll Stale, common auti extra quality.
Woolen, Llnen,& Cotton Drugget,
From % to 4 yards wide
CLOTHS, plain and Sulu ; Embroi
donell,Prlntod abd Embossed
'Window Shades and Fixtures
The stock ta hand having been purchased when
geld was at 24, will be sold at corresponding rates
oar stun BTREE'f,
Botwoso Pint Mika and Dispatch Buildings
1 1 / 4 - 7 - ENV STOCK AND N 1 SV EST
Carpets, Oil Cloths, Druggets
SHADES, &C., at
A very Inrg• assortment of all sends In our line
Nought at the lowest punt reel h In the Barite •
Market this season, and much minced Item last sea
eon's prime.
ocln W. D. 11. kInCALLIIII.
SEII'EVG .71.dfC111JrES
4: 4 : 4 J. l l B l"..a4yjsetrlVEViasor4:
Ananlod to Bening !inclines in Illinois
Tli,we Machinre rmrs awanh,l the Highest Premi
ums, orer all rompotitora, for the Boa rosily &wing
Moraine., the Boa Ifereefmnreine /Jackie., end the
Rest .Ifneassur Work, at tbo falkoring STATE FAIRS,
of Mira:
-Syr York Saar Fair,
First Premium fur &may machine.
First Premium for double-thread machine.
First Premium tor machine work.
Trowel Seas Poi,
First Premium for family machine.
Fir.. Premium for ninnufacturrag machine.
First Premium fur machine work. • -
/roar State Fair.
First Premium for family prechites.
First Premium for manufacturing machine
First Premium for machine work.
First Premium for Gamily machine.
First Premium. for manufacturing machine.
First ,yremium fur machine work.
ladial. team Foie.
First Premium far machine for all purposes.
First Premium for machine work.
/Sinn Sion Fair.
First Premium for machine for ail purpose..
Vint Premium for =chime work.
Kentucky State lair.
First Premium for Machine for all purpose..
First Premium for machine work.
Penmen:ale &au Fair.
First Premium for Inanulketuring machine.
First Premium for beautiful machine work.
Ohio sou Pair.
First Premium for machine work.
And at the following County Pairs :
crtizio.ts Co. (vi.)Aericalitirel Societe.
First Premium for family umehins.
First Premium for manufacturing machine_
First Premium for machine work.
Cbmeninhe Valley (Vt.) Agriewiteral Societe.
First Premium for family machine.
First Premium for manufacturing machine.
First Premium for machine work.
Hampden Cs. (-llfmr.) Afrinderrai Sorter.
Diploma for Stmlly machine.
Diploma for machine work. •
Franklin Cu, (N. Y.) Fa..
First Premium for family machine.
First Premium for manufecturing machine.
Quant's Co. (N. r.) Agricultural &rawly,
First Premium for family machine.
Washarproa Co. (N. F. ) Farr.
First Premium ibr family machine.
Strafes. Co. (F. Y.) fair.
First Prerniom for family machine.
dforaawic's Imaitala (Pa.) /hi,
Finn premium for machine for all purposes.
Filet Premium for machine work.
The above comprises all tho Fain .t which the
this year. At nearly all of them the leading Sewbil
Harbin. won in competition-
The work made open the Grover 2 Raker Sewing
Machine b roceireti the Float Pre/date at every
Stetrol - air In the United States where it ha* been
exhibited to this date.
Sales Rooms No. 18 FIFTH ST, Pittsburgh, P..
ociMasurawY A. F. CHATONET, Agent.
_ .
Highest premlameat the London and Parte Exh
bltions, and at .1! the Important Btato and Mob=
cal Vain where exhibited this waren. Cell and ex
wind then muldnes ba2ropueobrtng.
We offer for isle
Foote'e Patent Umbrella Look Stand,
'hich IntrulEa porfoct satitty to an article proveadally
ern to be led satraja
Wit ?NMI it CO.,
A." antrrartELD St4ET, (oppaalte
Custom House.) Chrt4tvred by du, Lestelaturok
Preeidest-4Alillb SWRIE,
tint entatorres
Wm. il.. Smith, • ' /L F. Dodd.
John V. Jennings, - .S.-Itainsanam.
Tea.Jaen= libmiss
Thos ,
. b. glair, Jacen iltsmiunth,
Franck Sellorl, • Atm
floury Lloyd, Altrad fidatk.
- -
Joelah King, C. Eng, •
C. n. Wolff,
A. 8. Dell, Jos. Dilworth, Cochran,
Fowler, • W. A. Reed, • Wm. &Wilt •
J. W. Woodwell, B. ti.Sherialts, G. B. JObil,
F. nyhm, C. W, Rickstpau, B. Y. Jones,
J. At. Tiernan, V. IL llirtman, W. /I. Phel
D. hl Long, B. J. Anderson. C. 13.• Herron ps , ,
Jan.WAlastet, D. E. IfelElider, W. 'hellion.
&meres, Oad•Trisaiewo,...,TL•
Open datlg, from 9.. m: to m. Atm, Timed*
Tad Saturday evening*, rneit to a- o'crl4.
Depteate teesileed-ATONE Dilikend upwards.
/Hviddodi *intent ih December nnd illizevorvich
allowed: tO retitle. :aro played to' the
credit 41211 ilTallitnov met by We.
liott =it ittnrun-
AR; Witt:34 egargOelPechille to IbilunPu•
mus*l4e mell. oppottotor to
olecutpulete r mall ihipoettecaestly aevedoFottilt
' , Veatch WSW_ iireed* o e When needed; their - more*
not-cub tegog asto,:bilt Stiaridir intend; Itintamt-Ait
remaining unproductive, my2o.lyin-01
A .plendld dock of
AND gulizorrow
fato 614 'or Ito 434c/cubit to osirmuy.
zNippriB,l3olThWi v ildeK•
. vtr..4.1.4141„-EPA:r.
. „
iacenada7 tboV.l!. Gotta:stoat, -
los irrne en*yor lodr bt4t4l/o:o4lfirkla.
Peonsylvatsti tioblictilsrest'ortbarnoantilisr, test
barehio tiohNs% and Ws o "Viliatb - Lidests, as
Melt ensions, &mot, aq.d pack ray mcisced
at ebb cam
Cirtsdati win be nut string Inizetnation to
the or to, doomed Naldimelfattrso showing
who* entitled to. tbs -Rankin, Bounty and Ns*
Psi, slid the Amin& SOcortos,Abs =M s br sPPI7.
Ing_t_o Viet* ot. paws. .
•• Noemogs notfl mtod. bi:trirs-to
at rirrix nun
PENSIONS ) Buiviscic rAY.
cat.troam Annamyrio •6* einkila*
promicnteesoLnixas or evert ainin
anal BoWl/48Or441.liar.wi t a swift: 3..zh
tilOrte•for..woondfd_ollkon andSoldleasi,ASOLlN-
TrE8,04q1m14241 hintati,.oa4lan,
Chlldr.o; Tethers ihd.ingtOmtrothtn• op"-
notattaw - 44.th00l Who hkit.dhod @Cynics, or
Join ated,allavdlschargmfrohrliknowutotradad
ammo ehargelatO col evd 4! , l a Coletter wrn
answwool mom afliptkop 1413nyoul
MALlWir:ifjVArkf)'V 1301:11i TIES,
EmapFil:.,ltAcar ` P, sod MILITA3t "LAllifi or rem clakrotfotobwiezted' 40-
Father. at' the follow-Mg Tate., Penirons SW 00;
on O th er chLlten33 041. , 5r, .
C. C. TATVALEtt 4: extv '
N 73 Crypt • Pittsburgh, Po.
N. D. Jgo chtto.
lf„t s hit elito dooanot.
onceend. Ittul all ,
Vol= rookciejodow;w3.3
Bins on am" x t rtan=ln
sethenn to engem-0, w t rizatratutra Co..
_ .• , _
GLAzED“ - Webti PAPJiatora jj
for sals b 7 W. P. II RAZAt9'
FARM FOR SALE.—Ttie undersiwod
or.o. at prtrate ash., a toy . 'saleable Fatty to
llr Ilin tormaLup, Allegheny county, Pa., contain
acres. with Loal.uuder it, situated one toile and tl
quarter from John 0'1'4414 Coat - Wort, on the .11 01
I,..ngettele rlc.o. ore utiles front MoKeetrport and
aloe miles frt. Pittsburgh, ky had. The-improve
trieute area truss dwelt n. ' hones, ham* hert,ed
Oh.* ....serY buildings aleanftneptclainL A.
00 nn. govni ricArrd 1.4. It I, the pruperty for
racily °ans.! by Jaruns Finney. The bind and reel
will he told together or Aeporate. to sult , lne Limper:
if sufficient inducement. be offered, it will to cut
up and sold in lout suitable for COUritry relildentvo.
II the abOVO 'tamed property is not hold before the
13th of h tttiEMßElt; ft trill be offered, on mid day,
et public oole, on the premise, at 1 o'clocb,
For term. of ante calf with the eabersther, nzi
MF.GitEW, West Newton, We.tMOTOISPII CO., Pa.
a dourietring Western horn on the P. F. W. it
C, It. it., not over SP./ miles fiiinifPlasburgls, now
doing a large and profitable toad,. 1:11,3 stook is
ars'• red has town eelocted Wilh reference to the
country trade. Mai all been puichased for 'cash at
lowest marker prhes.
The ptemnt proprietor has decided to Mire from
the trade owing to bad health, mid now rebutualy
offers the stock Ibr Nate ; also tlio good will of Om re
tiring perry. The home has alartggee and respectable
trade, which ant be retained. The yuesent stock
will Invoice from seven to ten thousand dollars, hat
could be reduresttflathrod.
Pardee wishing to knoirthe particulars will please
alioaa or tall Personally on
LYDAY n cuo - nizzeuNn,
ocls:tf 69Hand street, Pithilorgh, Pa.
PROPERTY FOR RATS, annals. on Black
Lick Creek, Indians county, Pa., mile from the
Black Lick Station, on the Indiana - Branch P. IL It.
Grist Mill, 40z50, four storks high; water power, two
ran of burry and one of stone, with all neosesary I
machinery complete and in plod reiulition ; ]idler's 1
tenant house. Good Saar Mill, roar the abor., with
mime sitter power. Sixty acres of land adjoining the
aLure, In gram and porton, fields, on a Lich is a good
dwelling house, fine stable and granary. 1n connec
tion with the above will be .sokl, if deeirod., one .
dad and eighty setts of doe white and rock . oak
timber Land, adjoining Om mill property. Bert mar
ket far grain and molter an:mama. Prico low and '
terms easy. Apply at
oral B. McJ,AIN d CO.'S, 102 Yourth stmt.
ACRES, • good Emma House of els rooms, •
stone cellar, orchard of poach, Pear and apple trees,
never falling spring, good eptinghoutie, nice inodoil
with choice dowers, shrill, ornamental trek., dr., t
situated In Moon township, twelve Mice Boni rtu.- I
burgh, and Omega miles from the Ohio riser, at Bays.
vino Station, on the Pittsburgh, FL Wayne and
Chicago Railroad.
Yor further perticulors enquire of
on the premlees;
Findley Township;
or, Capt. W. W. MARTIN,
Allegheny City.
A ' AILA FOE: SALK near Perrs• -•
Mlle, of 106 acres of land, nudge • good state of
cultivation. 70 acres cleared, balance good white
oak timber land. Improvement. are a good brick
cottage dwelling - of 9 rooms, a good frame barn and
stabling, with • brick granary. Alio a double log
barn. The place is well sup=
trees. with good;amorer a trater.
Alma choice variety of good
11:111311{0 deocviption and terms; apply to
Q. S. BATES, Commercial broker,
oc3l Butler street, Lawrenceville.
- .
pOR 12,A_LE OR LRASR--A-laige Lot
.e 2 Rharmburg, on the Pas/wager Railway, five
miles from Pittsburgh, gm which there Is a good
Dwelling House of nine rooms; ale's, several -offier
Houses, an front of brick. A mall of good water in
the yard, plenty of grad. fruit, and =swot= t to
Churches and School
For particulars address or can oo
Blerpeiburg, Allegheny County, Pa.
VOA HALR—A lot of land, containing
-U 78 acres. situatedmiles from Dismont Sm
t Lon. on the Pitts brugh, ibrt Wayne .4 Chicago H. B.
The .Erne property is well timbered, with s good
young orchard of bearing fruit trom. This protra:rty
will be sold on rassonable leans.
For further particular' eddreva
ocr.a.los 8. 0. MollfABTYl4,l4lWlvitterillo.
8A LB.—A two4iory Fraine . Horeer, of 6 rooms,
hall, good cellar, ae. Lot . GO feet front by 130 feet
deep, on labia there Cs choice fruit. This property
will be dlepoied of on very liberal term*, as theatre.-
er wishes to leave the pleas. For term. apply to
0. 8. DAM, Commerridßroter,
Butler meet, Lawrenceville
VTR AL E. —Four dares of Ground
and s Four Btecy Thicia-Bnibilng, Engine.
Boller. and Haddam ; adapted fn, a Cant
aetot7 ; 100 Tert by 120 tbet ; cua be par-Laird for
Ita original cost, by calling-on
sag Nd. IS Orantstreati.Plttatitnb.
SEPOOL, touching in QUEEN/520%TX; 4 •
(Coax llanaoa.)' TLe well,kaoma stoanamo o
tvarpol, New York sad Phillidalptdar.66itia)2( •
OompLev ere Intended a Ibllowd:
CITY Or NSW VOW-- ..... -.-Setnrdny, Oct. M.
ETNA.. ._» .... .-Baturday, Nov. 7;
CITY oeivisirtisara taeurefiLy, NOV: 14,
~..3starasy, Nov. 21;
And every enceseding - NOON, train . Piet
44, North Ricer. -
The Steamship OTT OT COBH, ef this line, will
sall se extra steamer on 7111711SDAY, Nov. nth,
and has splandld seeinaroalietlona fora tow Cabin
end Steerage Passerigerti, at naltieed rates, payable in
C. S. Ourreney.
kat( or PAW=
Avatar fa -Gold, or ibromiwarrot it Corrintm.
Tian Oormr.—..— —$M 00 larzsaimo.....— —.. $3O 00
do to h00d00.... 84 00 do to Load= 5400
do to Parlo r —. 96.00 to purls —4O 450
do to Ilatalmrg ,90 .00 do, to Rawl $57 00
Postenßors ola, forwarthol tirlfamo, Erman, Rot.
teed.), Aomori), &a., at vitally low rateo.
Parma from Lttorpool or . Querostawn i lot Cabin,
$75. $B5, $lO5. Steerage, $3O. Thaw who glob to
mud lbr tholr blonds op buy Robots hero at them
kW further (affirmation inip . : Ty at tbe Company's
Ogicos. JOHN 6. , DALT4 Agent.
36 Broadkap t hiair York.
• Jciwy TilOktPSON,..dvnt,
1/stai stmt. that,hools frutitim Wig°.
• •
rahnutt Pittsburgh.
ADRIATIC, 1.2L0 llorosprirer, 4,000 tone.
affiraatta, I,ooollorna-pOwer, 3.000 tam
C0L011331A,1,009 Rome. amer, 3,000 tom.
A LI lA, 1,000 liono.power, 2.000 torso.
The mAgolfreent 11teamship ADRIATIC eall
from Now York Ihr Una-pool on TuaDer. the 17 th
of November..
Rate. of from New York to Idurpool• Pt/-
able to oriurniolvalent to 'curremy.
Intannedlate 401
Painingers forenulled MAD to London, Perm, Hem.
bulivEllbrrat Bremen, Rotterdam. Antwerp, Re, at
Da. tw mud.
PartA R ist om Liverpool or Calireito New York and
Iteeton.l 2 4;/P s i 67APlc flo6. -
Tar pump apply at. the office of the Agents.
RABBI, it SMARM 03 BroadlotT.
Zu.s.sya Joan, Manager. -
or, D. 0773:11r1.,
Barg Clown& Belding.
No: _7O 71.01. street 4 Pittaburgh.
PROM XCW-YOllll, 633 tu.enttsoeq,
AWL every! irpek...Apply.4
" .2 4 0311:1511111120 , AB. tic
szallatalar • "'"
mizert istsviiTi;
A7V)II2IL'/r A t t.4 * Alit. ) aAnt AOEh.r,
i f>f•
•• •
TAR "'—
and alter MON D.A.Y r Apt •
Nacos the Pittsbuipti Station daily, (except Sandal)
at 4,50 . tri, 4 topplng al
bairn. Pitts
bc.c.(l, arid PhilailelPhia, and rank lug direct coati&
thin t.r Nose York. art&Phlindelphiri.
seiner Station ei Cry morning texcep. Sunttay) al
thnO m., stopping only at principal Hirdeps,.,tha
making, direct anima-dons at liantalinrg tor Estill
more and It ashingion, ILIA tor bra Pork ter
The THROCGII "sIX PRESS TRAIN teams daily at
3:50 p. m., stopping onlyat prlncipaistationasmaking
direct cvnuoottJti at Harrisburg tor Baltimore and
Washington, and for New Yeti via Allentown route
The VAST - LINE lawns the Sre(lon daily (except
B, t.dAY t u &MS p. m.,,atcppft only at principal eta
non% 1 .. 011 1, 0 1.1111,i4 et ilarriebnrg for ardttrattre end
Wuhington, and el Phllndelphia fur Nets . Turk.
The Johnztown Accommodation Train leaves daily
(except Sunday) aty.:4.5 p.m.,•topping stall Stallone
and running se far u Noemnugli.
irim Accommodation Train for Wail's Station
leaves daily (except Sandal.) nt 6;50 a. m.
Second Aceammodati. Train for Walt !Radon
leaves daily (except Sunday) ac 11:30 a. in.
Third {Accommodation Truitt I, 'WSD't Station
1 leaves daily (except Sunday) at 400 p. m.
Fourth Accommodation Train fur Wall's Ststi,n
leaves daily (except Sunday) at 5:10 p. m.
The Church Train tear. Wall's Station every Sun
day at. 0:05 a. m.; returning, leaves Pittsburgh at
12:45 p. m.
Becoming 'Trains arrive In Pittehargh
Baltimore Expre.s... ...... •
1'1.1.44010i in
...... p.
Fut a. in.
Through 141 ail .........
Johnstown Accommodation__ ...... —10:05 I. to.
Vint Wall's Station Accommodation.. - _-_.: 0t•26 a. m.
Second Wadi's Station Accommodation....:. Sa - .3 a m.
Third Wall's Station Acne:modal 1:40
Fourth Wall's Station Accommodation.. - eakl•p. m.
Baltimore Baps - cgs will arrive with l'hiLadolphie
Ear,. et 12:21, p. m. ou Mondays.
Trains for illairavlll f and I edition (*.neat at Blain--
ell,. 'mei - section w • Tin ongh Annonanudatoo,
Johnstown Axnutlanunletion wad l'srrrna Trnin
and with 1131tina , ro Exprrnn and Johnnt.m.
motlatiou Went.
Trains Sir litwitolowg ronneet a creraon with Et •
m.«. Trams sat Man 'redo Wost, and with Through
Atworunitaintion and F law,. 'ft nin
The public will find It greatly to their interest, In
going Lnat Or West, to travel by dm Pennsylvania
evutrul Railroad, as the lavomitualations now offered
...lot he surpassed on any other routes The Road
ballasted with stone, aud is entirely free from dust.
We um promise sn4ty, speed, and comfort to all
who may favor Oita road with their patronage,
To New York...—. 112
To Philadelphia__ 10
To Harrishurg..— 7
ni= g n e ilVi l lt - Zat o
and New York. .
Passenger. purchasing tickets In the can will be
charged an 010000, ...wording to the distance traveled,
in addition to the station rates, except from stations
where the Company has no agent.
NOTILM.—In case of t ie,. the Commmy will hold
themselves responsible for pawnsf hiLmisge only,
sod for an amount not exoreding $lOO.
N. B.—An Ontualbus Lino luta born employe,' to
convey passengers and baggage to and froth the De
pot, at • charge not to exceed 23 cants, for each pas
senger and baggage. hoe tickets apply to •
J. STE WART, Agent. -
At the Pennsylvania Central Railroad Prussonger
Station corner Liberty and Grant streets. aisle
DIdII E B. ARRANGESIENT.--On and atter
3LONDAY, April lanh, Dona, Trains will leave the
Depot of the Pennsylvania Railroad, la Pittsburgh,
as 1DU01,13 : •
80ro 8a1tb00re.........311 00
60 To II 60
I tatloom oa the Peonsylvs
d to Phllort.tphia, Bolttraore
P.M:leg, and ITlertina Lino.
Lent m Pfttabmgb 11:00 . m.' tr.lo a. M. 1..1....10 p. in.
do Wellsville,
lle, SAO 0 8:18 ° e 56 0
do Stenhonv'e 4.10 0 gAr: - 1,13 0
do . Wheeling. b,lO 0 10:0d " 4:66 °
Arrives 8011a1f.... .5..23 0 mas o 1 fao 0
Cotmecting it St...ahem - 111e nod Bennie with Etter,
Lionville and Indiana Railroad and CatitralObloßail
road for Zanaville, Newark. Colondlne, Xenia, Day
ton, indlanapolia, Cincinnati, Lotdmillit, Cairo, ht.
toes, Ht. J, and all points west and aoutharewt,
and at Wheeling with Dahlman,. and Ohio Nallroad.
Pittsburgh' onJ Were:mid Mee.
Leaves Pit teMirgh—...i............ lioo a. tn. , 12:40p. la.
do Wollaville.---..--... 4.10 " 2c50 0
do 8ayard.._.._..._..,. 6.40 ° 401 0
do Alliance...—.-....-.... 6,.35 .. . 4.t45 °
do Ravenna......... ......... ... 7,21 " fe..n 0
do 111.1 , 400............. 7:56 •. G,lO °
d,rrirva at Cleveland..._._..._ 9:lit" 7 :150
Connecting at Bayard with Tnrruawas b reachh go
New Philadelphia and Cinal Dover, at Alliance with
Pittabtirgh, Fort'Waynit and Clikiige 11ailmiad;'.at
Ravatetawithlitlantie and 'Great Western `Reamed
fur :Warren, , tirretnilia. anadvillo. Unfftwenrrf
Jarnertntrn and Mamma; at Iltalson with Gina e :
land;Zanesvillo and Cincinnati Railroad for Akron,
Ova:op Falb and Afillorsharg, and at Cleveland
nth II AR. R. R. for Brie, Dunkirk- And Buffalo
with - C.74 T. R. H. for Sandusky, Toledo, and also
With steamers fur Detroit. .
..Wellsville ACCUMMOdatiai4. ie.., at 150 p, at.
ltetarning rains antra at 9,10 a in., 1:W and 81 , 5
m. arid Stu a m.
Through Tickets to all prominent pninft can be
prccnrocl at the Liberty Street. Depot, ?Mal:alb.
GEORGE PARKIN, Ticket Agent.
Ati , .
• - • A. Q. C.A....LTLIILEIIY, Tiatickeenk
For further information apply to
WILLIAM 8- Me ART, Agent,
At the Oompany'e OtEtc• in freight Eitation, "'mar.
e l
OTIPTC2 -or Coaertaititast tnezeminzwez,
, Washington Cily. Aural 01 / 4 . 188 4''
Witramote By eatiefac tort' ovidemak,Pzeeent le
the undersigned, It has been 'Made to. appear that
In the Cocmty'of Allegteof,itind State of Peiensylva
nle, has boon duly organized under and timasdlieg to
the requirements of -the Act of Congress, entitled
"An Act to pmalde a National-Conency, secured by
a Pledge of Linked States Stocki,and _to provide ler
the circulation and' redemption thereof: approved
February 25th, 1863, awl has complied With all Us
prorisions aataid Act reemired toihe cOmpited with
before commencing the business of Banking:. 4
Now. therefore, 1, Holm alceirbtols Comptroller
tit the Currency, do hereby certify lhat- the said
county of Allegheny, and State . of Fein:sylvan* is
authorized to commence the !amines of Nanking ®-
der the Act aforesaid.
tebtituotty. whereof witue../ ray hand
fig„ L and *ea' Of oincew Ulla sth day. of .A 1,
liT3Oll 711oCULLaCa.
CorOptrollur-of the Cavoney.
CarrraL, ~„ 4 00.000, with privilege total:mos
to elr9OQ.OOO.
_•. •
The Pitisbargh 'Trend Company turvin:rsed
ender the am to provide a!National Oilmen Mid"
thin titinof thet .1 . 1813T-' NATIONAL le •Or
PITTBBURGLI, would tvpxtfully -offer in( mwriow
for the collection of Rot* of Re
recolvci money' n' depoilt, and Zny and *BIM
change cm ell parte Cif theicoMotry.- - -
The success which- bits -attended the Pittshargh
Trust Company. since Rs:organization -in 1852, will
Re! believe, be a sufficient •gnarantea that basin..
enfiladed to the new niganimdlon will receirnthe
UM prompt attention.
'~llovinga cozy aciansirecoricirisitidence with Banks
flartoghent the country, am believe we
can offer mansruil facilities to thee who Obi:witless
with WC. , .
The Moil:Mil will be 'cohdacted by the tame bike' 11
and Director....
DIEZCI0811: r'
James Laughlin, - I Alexander Rpeer,
Robert 2- nays, o."Uhijy, •
Thomas, Bed;
Thum.. WightmaD, Samuel Rea:
',101:12f - EiCinl,l"; Ceehier., • • •
- =Amman ni - is:s.t , , •z-. -
- oven diny trbitifilc; i eeltick, also ofi Vidatiday
and Saturday lestntugs, /rout Nay 7st to liZetember
La. tiote 7 to liteelockiand !him. November ld lo
Mailst front 17 ktaieclock.- •., , . :-.... ' ...:
Depoelte received - of at fuzee not log 'Min Om
iar, and a - d1.17G - rinf The ''lretlia declared twice •
Peri in Anneand , tieceniheec: haired bee bent da•
dared fieniatufauallyan ..Tuusi gut -Deeitutenabwe
r,,,.....fitiPt•tttiv et the ratePre#Prw saint.
it7Cliiia, - Ir,ai2 tihrivni alit Is plates74 - 64,1•etaitt
Mt thedepoeitor u prividpill aid' beam theastdatti
ttweat from the iturtdm of June and Taieetober.tean
pbundEn twice • year without tit:unit:wake" depod
tOr to tills or-men-topteeent-hirywai book. At this
rate money. will doublericoless that twelve maw
113noka, foutalniug the Charter:..BsAaare,' Hulse
"ati.fßeaulatione, hmi hked amitts, on application at
~, 1 - zusamiti—Guntaimmum.,.
. .
John B. latraddan, Isaac lr. TekaUtkr
.7uhn Rolm" • - John Marshall.
Alczaueler Bpew: . ' Jamaaß.•DAteeda:
' Scab L. rakneeteck, A. 71.4'olkch e liti It. -
aws Ma TP de'. , littlalurprir•
lazil4 UtLIII24 ' W i .t4141,14. Anaffilol, '
:r0i 42 ,4.-7144 . 011..,..,1
Walter F:Marshin.
-- JahlrOrr,
- Setae. Robb) . . ...“. 1' .1
- .lleary I•77tOgeita.
James 87ifilbe..,, t
John.H. Elneneerier..
• Willie& 2.4etteivartac
_- A brxisurllhav , - ,
Lou, irbitskir,„
.. tielm - P:litilinove,.
bark' gdsios,
John C. Dirlohn; -
John C. BlxrdisT,--
MO= A.Cartkr, , ,
Quilts A. Calton.
Joh William Douglas,
Petsr U. Rucker
Dkhard Bass. .
WIIOam Ilissfj.'' •
EuksiktiiieiT • - • ' •