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    Pbsburgh Asantht.
-TiII3DBDAY-11085010,i1413P1.- 3, 1898
Prom Yeaterdare Evening (*etre.
Demonallo County Convention..
The blegatekto the Demeeratie County
Convention assembled at the Court Mum, an.
• Wednesday, September 2d, for the purpose et
nominating a Canty tlobt.
,_ .
- Thomas Fula. Chairman at the
etranly Ilmemittee, willed' the' Convention. to
tfrder. and /marked that then never was la
!lA* whin` the. energy of the party_ Wei "so
- sash bodes& as ea- present. 'FbaP hail a.
most, =slimautainy to cuiteo f lopitw
*si that the pally would =Own
oomptable ticket. If ply-Uwe ts.thetru;•
"and permitted to enjoy tlmprlvilep.of-Yoting
as latetafiri; they, achiun ait Away
ullopli"atthe BUN election.
Nose; ifizt.B 11031/in, E. P. Essiband
Jacob White:elf, EsT, were appointed tempo=
The eredentiala of delegates were than re
adeed,and representatives wine peasant from
neelly oaths districts.
On saoticmotlla...o Eras. Esq. • th ose dele
gates not jumbles were ierAted to take
their seats on presenting their credentials.
Onsmothai at Olissies.Busett, llon.4lhes.
Shale: wee peruagentßresblent bf the
Convention'end' wee esoorted. to the Chair.
Ifs theakkithe Carnation forthehoner eon
fused, andiftir alindlnE to hli physical
bullish said beggingtheir indulgence in any
awn or 'evinfghts of'Which 'lnv might be
guilty as -Chairman; he paoceeded to make a
few =Wines cemmon.plaai remarks of a
politial oharaoter.l Ile slated that elegant
Democratic pally hill In thus past witnessed
Its triumphs even in Allegheny county—and
that it not triumphed of /ate was not from
want of principle, but because of a lack of
vote! Allegheny county
.had become the
darkest, blaabs, woes abolawsteati, woolly
hooded, ardor headed Ando is eke whole cone
y [Weans* applause] If anything can
Member from hei intent lamentable situ
ation, It will be the great Democrat', Par
whlek he hoped to see triumphant at the etyn
- ming election. [The applause here was cog
, bunsnia3 •
Tits following Vim Prosidentearenohosen
Wm. Linn, Thomas Raley. Capt. Wm. J.
llonnts,Thomes Wagner, Nall O'Donnell,
Thomas Donnelly. A. McFarland Jo:Milton,
Col. S. Mollullongit.
Theromporary diserstaries were continued,
with the :addition of th e name of MA
110. Barnett now offered a resolution to the
effect that the ticket this day nominated, to:
mai, with the Beata tieketmenive the noon
illtintllaspport of-the delegates of this Con
ventlon—and that the delegates pledge them
se es to this end. He Walled the yeas :and
nua on the resolution.
The mil for the yeas and nays created
some fluttering, tut it was of short-duration.
nifissolittion was puled by , a vote of 104
yeas to Swap. EVon "Benton" Kerr voted
yes, and thin awalbured Woodward and Low
rie, much to the amusement of those dele
gates who were familiar with "Benton's".
opinion:of the State ticket.,
On motion of O. B. Strati), the following
Committee on Resolutlorm wee appointed by
the Chair: Charles B. Blobs, c ar ry
Nell O'Donnell, John El.Vnegravo, and John
J. ninon.
The nomination cf candidates was declared
=tin ceder..
The following nominations were then made
41114 of the Diorict Coen. —John E.
Morie. , --"Tames Blackmore.
Escorden—E. P. Kearns.
Register,- J. Ssolabluy.
Prcatarcr..-J. tole
tbesij Contaistiontr.—./bob Kyle.
For Assembly and Poor Director the follow
ing limn were enbmltted, to be balloted for
in the afternoon:-
-durably—Dr. A. EL Id'Qoaitte, Bhalor ;
Wm., J. Korate, Allegheny James Onslow,
city; Robert ticAyeai Finl ay; Peter Raba
. sun, Lower Si. Clair- 0. P. Whiston, Ails.
e; John Sill, Vanillas ,• John 21..Ifes
friferille; John Tit _ „soli A ll eghtmyf
_J. T.
P. Weight; city ; -Wm. Whlgham, allalia; P.
Felizoite; Win. M. Edgemoity; Con. James
Watson. Elisabeth;-Daniel Ilambright, Col
lins; Peter-Oraham, South Pittsburgh; Jamb
Steekiath..fallegheau Victor Milks, Rasura.
Director.—W. a. wightinag. win=
stswyt, •
The llonuntion then took a rums until
haltyset one o'olook.
arnuwoos stamen.
The Convention re.assembla at half past
one enloak„ and was ealled•to order by the
Vion,-Fresidatt, Wm. LlSin, • En.—thir ath
lase not appearing. . .
Mr. John S: aaagran, on land: of the
Committee on Resoluta:is,- submittals/se fbi.
aunt as the cuanimons report of the Coin
s:Attu i .
Bustard, That- aide (invention do moat
billyaad nutty endorse the nomination of
001 an: G. W. Woodward u the =dints
of the Dadonatie party for the office of Gai
snort and Hon. Wier U. Lowrie as their
candidate for Judge of the Supreme Court ;
else, the ticket this day Fomented to the Te
ton of Alleging county, and pledge to them
our fall and energetics support.
Botha, That this Convention except as
their' platform, thecae adopted by the Bata
Countless, said with one voles we pledge our
seine to stand by It through the campaign
uFa widish we ate now entering, and to work
with all the seal anddiligence we possum, to
inure the faneollllo3ll of the rebellion, and the
administration of all laws eiderth.Canstita.
Son, for the perpetuation of on of Goes best
giftsto man—the Gaon..- -
Thensolutiou wars unanimously adopted.
Ontnotion, the Counties' proceeded to bal
lot for five candidates fat Assembly--adhering
to tius Matta wan
The names of Jacob Stuekrath, P. Fells,
Wm. J. Kona and J. T. P.• Wright were
The ballot wu then taken, vied woe, for a
candidate for Assembly In the Flat Distriot,
(olty,) and resulted as follows:
Wm. M. Edgar- . —.25
Mr. Bann was declared and
the ' was unanimously approved.
This Walla Ufa Senn Distrios (Ulan.
ay) resulted as .follows
O. P. Whiteout-40.... 88
John .
Tit 5011....... --...—... —2O
Ma Within vas * domain duly nominated;
" and the eludes was nude unanimous.
Thebellet for candidate in the Third - Db.
blot (north ef the rinre)resni tad as follows
Victor Saba-- --
. ....-45
The,noadnationolDaMeQ;ade - was made
Is the You rth Distdot(bstersen the riva)'
.ffise.bellotaam.. ,
' James 16 •
Sill's nomitatlon wu made unanimous.
The ballot lot a candidate from the Fifth
District (south of the viverejsesulted than
Peter Graham.—.
—..... ... 1
Robert MeAyeala..—.7....—.-....
Wa. is
Jobit./4 —l7
Oa proonifttg to a second ba7ll;4,the nails
of Peter itriball' and Jaobb 'Drossell . - wen
withdraws. • -
- Tlr mend ballot sinned as follows:
WW.— 48
Itobsrt Mearsal ....27
Oassollsaillr.l o l3oma's aoagallon was
node wasalmoos.,
Oa aso' %Wawa Bralsbas7 was mogul.
od. brar4=MCritifilli off Beglskr.
Kr. Neal O'/Maw effirs4, the tol(owlnd
Asiolseck Thaiiria..Ll:34illOsssa
Qua. Stab sad 11. W Ilniat be appobltr:
td a whatalltas to sot in coalantalsifirlth
Madman of thltOoareatlea for Ota - purpese
of applatlas a oommlttoo of oorrespoadsnes
for Oka clowatp,
411* resolatlonislurinelrawst..
Oa inotloa. tam Shift MOM ta,
plebes, Vorpu cases._
Hln the United States District Court, tbis
lonians, irks In the followitig Oast were re.
tumid by Capt. Wright
_la the ease of Jacob Driebold, Capt. Wright
replisdltat "numb. Driaboldreportedatmy
odes !OtaniOdell/id In my altou-p, and, r.
ant Informed, was directed_ to_ Irak until to
day._ Tba.eald Jaccii-,Diebold.,ise-I am In.
fanned. tebg aninlistodmaa cf Co, 12, 78th
regiment N. , new fa the sondes of the
Mined States, and nim &tient bum the Milted
Statu iffel.oftersi Hospital at West Phila.
&VW, front which to received a pus for 24
toun nod thatbElinotreatesjted of hien-
Vey watiquileaL
In tanossevg Daniel Haney, Capt. Wright
replied: IfklioldNittlel.lleney faro auto,
d.Trthariled with deserting from Cal), 166th
'NellifalMfiLlf., now In the unto of the
OW theta, and 'I have in Court, the body
at DOW_lfenly, _I at aboye econntanded."
`The ease w as sionitlued Want SaMrday, at
ten /eerier, ladder to procure the Atte:door
et Capt. KUJOre; adiropertaut witness.
Abe UUW times Clroull'Uourt; in the
ofJobaliommerville, Capt. Wright made
a return, in answer to tho writ, that a.Tohn
flummanitte ripened to me on the Ant In.
slant as • paniaptisoner of War ruptured at
New Market, Aid., June 29, 19.63;, the .said
Busemerville being an enlisted - men of Co. D,
139th regiment, P. V.,- now in the service of
the United BMW, and absent without leave
from the puole amp at West Chester, Penn-
Wrath', established for troops captured au&
paroled during Umtata _lnvasion of Penni.
sofa, and I Imes in Gauntlet body of Jihn
Summerville as commanded." .The ease was
Continued till liaturdey_ next, so as to procure
testimony on the put of the Cionnnent.
Economy In a Faintly.
There IN nothing, says an exchange, which
goes so far toward placing young people
beyond the reach of poverty than economy in
the management of household affairs. It
matters not whether air= Ausdnes Mesa
much for his family, it there is a continual
leakagtinhis Mahal or piker; ltriall &eV
he knows not how, end that demon Waste
miss More I- like the horse-leech's daughter,
until he thatprovided beano more to give. It
is the husband's duty to bring into the house;
and it is the duty of the wife to NO that none
goes wrongtally _out d It. A man gets a wife
to look after his affairs, and to assist him in
his Journey through life; to adizosito and pre
pare their children for a proper etationin We,
and not to dissipate his property. The brio
band's interest, should be, the sdfa'a care, and
her greatest _ambition to .cairy her no farther
than his-welfare or hippiners,logether with
that of hir thildren I Thls should be her sole
alai, and the theatre of her exploits In the
bosom of her family, whore -the may do as
much towards making a fortune as ho can In
the counting-room or the workshop.
It Is not the money earned that makes a
man wealthy—it Is what he laves from his
earnings, Belf-gratilcattpa In dross, or indul
genes In aptietite, or more company than his
purse can well entertain, are equally perni
cious. The first adds vanity to extravagance;
the second fastens a dootor'e bill to a long
butcher's; recount, and the latter brings in
temperance...the worst of all evils—in its
Hank Note Quotations,
• Corrected meals' By for the Gazette by
ileum Feld h Laze, of the National Bank
Nate Reporter. Rates uncertain at present t
Prersiroaan, Sept. 8.1864.
Disocrat. Ducossa
New Ragland Sham. % triterkm.
New. York State.— North Caroline...—.
New-Yak Qtr... per Sooth
Nov Jenny..—.— Geo.
Praha. Phila....—. gar Alabama
Pittsburgh par
of Plttsb'gh,prem 11
Irk of Berra Co., pr. 14
Mat la ettoll3.,_ “ 15
Ito - Honk.
Ps. °gan
Itrownnillo,prom. 15
try Boulfo..
Mat. of Columbia--
Ilopeand, Itoltbaoro. psr
latorfor—. 4/
ti Whaelfag—
Wheelbas broaches—. 1%
ltraosaces-5411thg -
od:ribb .... l i tort. over ••
avor bankable tondo.
Okla pa
Whin; fres
Indiana. bit state— par
. 1
Canada 17
on Elawaork sad PIM
. • le fonds.
zt@4s, and Wives it IT
coming West on the Pannsy kraals iislircad,
night before list, in getting off the train at
Penn 13tatbn, before the engine stopped, was
drawn under the train and killed. We did
net learn the name of the unfortunate man.
The accident was not dlseosered-by el:Leafless'
of the train, nor'by the people a the station,.
until the nextmoratog. No blame' attaotee
to the employees of the company ; the reek
lemon of the soldier, in attempting to get
off before the stoppageof the train, and the
awkward manner In which he went about the
dangerous brat, was no doubt the cause of his
, .
Mucus Acrunier.-00 Saturday Imt,
Adam Stetsle, driver for Zog A. Painter, had
three of his ribs broken by being thrown fend
wsgonlyy - oomlng In aollialon with another
vehicle on Penn street, near Rand. The
shattered points of the ribs 'planed Melange,
causing serious Inflainmatiort.
Kau° tu Lawasmou.—Mr. David 2do-
Ohdlastd, formerly of Alleighsztrelty,sras kill
ed in Lawrimuss, Xingu, dosing the recant
murderous foray of Qurostriti's baud.! Hs was
In nu thirks.dxst lus t it d,waslormski,l etc ,-
Nord as a strum-clear.
Tea Dlreekee of the- rdza Ward (Alla
shear ) Elehopb artr dogma of nearing the
serviare or several arieptatat teachers.
Special Dlrpatah to the Pittablzrgb Gazette
841. 2, 1863
No intelligent* from Charleston reaches us
to-day, and even sensation telegraphers make
nothing from the Potomac.
nasaluee G 001 LISIB
Tleapurest feature of interest, Is the enor
mous number of rebel deserters entering ens
lines. B.tnne the array left ldartiasbarg, 2 4 000
have taken lip arms with us, regardless of
personal ensequertess. , Tharebel
Is so some, lkatAbe rnen,aie Arad , irlth ha
tred sad take up arm' agaijio Melt former.
eoreatiadm: • . r
UM= AT . L1271411.1)C1L
At Little Rook, ander - Lathy, Smith-and:
Pito, the rebore ate 4000 shrang, 'vistaed
: 1y olotbedand ied, • ; Thirteen miles bo,
low Littlitilook they are fortifylig.
In &battle at Pala Scott, on the 18tb, Gen.
Muni was (retested, with Our. Itia; Of 2,800
1,nt,1.1 ~
Senator Borland son, and , a brother of
Adana& and Cabot la Pails, were (upland on
the Nita, by' the Da Soto, bound for Havana,
with, new bolters. The De Soto' is nowlite
Seoul rand flour oaplairid She
Albs Vldanga.tye44tbslron Mobile, with
576 hales of cotton ad 200 barrels turantine,
and-took the Nita et next 'day, with ego
olhinarAo of milibumatorsaaatmedlebta:
, Akßaglish other, who, his • soil; LI our
:snay, teatime that;thotigh they:opt:aro'
10,0hariaston is acts% it oa t fillMgre and
:Crom..Dahlgrini sit flab Chriiiiiia.Waiwen
clhiskuitosqthorewlll do 'so isiaiWp*.as 'the
ilmpitor or Midi of LdaTiriaiolealsetadd
serscaz Zbars to not • obadow
of Within the repor t .
• .
oorniinosa MIL oturoontinza cc mon.
The perms; last night, of .ver* extensive
Zia of Enropsen jourstals—Fraud, English
sad Clontlecntal—Dhows that a panic is se
proaehing among Herbicide- of the rebels.
Some eighty wall-known hums in London,
Liverpool and Paris are tottering in =se
pence of the &aline in the rshalloin. Lloyd,
a wealthy Welihreen, as yea willseo, commit
ted Raid* in consequence. The anglo-cabal
Journals la London era at last genuinely de
The protalnent dealers in tobacco are pigg
ing a sharp game. Telegraphic reports are
fabricated of the destruetion of the tobame
iirop In Kentucky by the frost. The report Is
mass out of the whole cloth to workttPoo3,-
Reliable accounteirecettred to-dayi show that
time has been no frost yet In the Kentucky
tobacco districts.
I • 'I
The loe men in Philadelphia made fortunes
this year hl the'same mans. When be was
plenty they feigned Meredith and sold lee for
days together at $1,60 per hundred. Let the
trade sot accordingly.
Tim sivit-Torn-nr LOA!!
A Italtimorlan, this moraLag, anbscribed
$.50,000 more to the 7-20 loan, making $1.50 r
000 hs has taken. ;This will probably be the
=oleo of a National Bank In Baltimore.
Guerrilla Operationa in ben. Meade'
Rear—General Meigr—Letter from
Gen. Grant—The Reported Rebel
Crossing—Affairs at Charleston—
New You, Capt. 2.—A Tribune special dis
patch says i Lieut. Bargau, with thirty-sin
of Col. Baker's mounted rangers, went on a
reeennoissance yesterday In lurch of a camp
of White's guerrillas, which they found Just
beyond Leesburg, and encamped near it last
night. Tale morning the party were kilsolted
by about 200 rebel cavalry, and foreeto re
treat. Daring the skirmish Lieut. Burgess'
horse was 'hot, but the Lieutenant succeeded
In hiding, and he saw the rebels ride by in
pursuit of his men. He then made his way
tc the Potomac, and erossedat Point of Boobs.
There he learned that a large number of
br dues -cavalry had gone down the river.
The whole form: of Imboden and White
amounted to about 1,000 men. They were
prevented from cussing at Edward's Perry
by Infantry stationed there.
At Point of Rooks, it was rumored, a force
of-5,000 or 8,000 rebels were attempting to
cross below ' and several pieces of artillery were
mitt dawn to prevent such an attempt from
being sueousfrill. There are rumors that a
large force of rebel eaValry were at Great
Palls, eleven miles from-Washington—proba
bly the same body. Oar cavalry were sent in
pursuit, and ears hardly fell to meet them.
Gen. fileigs(Qurtermaster General, has
been ordered a the Army of the Pottage. It
is rumored that both he and the Surgeon Gen
eral are in disfavor;and that neither will re
turn to their posts.
We learn that the President hu received a
letter from Gen. Grant, in which he not only
pledges himself to aid Adjutant General
Thomas In his - labors, but also heartily an
dantes the Emancipation Proclamation and
the raising of eolored troops, and earnestly
expresses the opinion that with the latter
great results can be ettaised.
The Herald's dispatch relative to the re
ported rebel crossing at Port Conway save :
Parties who have arrived from the Front
to-day knew nothing of any such movement
of the enemy having taken place, audits im
probability is shorn by the crossing having.
been located at a point accessible to our gun
boats, which would have seriously interfered
with say snob movement.
A Humid epecisl, dated Washington, Sep
tember let, says: The Departmentsare
oat any later or additional information, either
aids' or otherwise, than has already been
published in regard" to • the operations at
Charleston. ben. Glilmore and Admiral
Dahlgren report that everything b progress
ing favorably. -The requisitions for men and
militarist are pr . :aptly being filled, and the
conduct of the liege left entirely to their
discretion, with every confidence that they
will finally meet with et mplets success.
Yesterday six baths went out to the front
heavy laden with consrepts. The army has
no little difficulty with some - substitutes, who
requirerilmost an equal number at man to
guard them, bath stringent orders, together
with recent executions, seam to have had a
boineticitel Clot, and - onuses for complaint are
now less frequent.
The Capture/2:cl an bent 8.
Naw Yoe; Sept. 2.—The ilerahre aPed&l,
ilstad_Washtnatorl.BePt• lees
When the otheareof the captured gunboats.
liallueoe and Satellite are !Aerated thus
will be a searching Investigation, and If
lost through carelessness or cowardice, as
foresenbxls the polka will be severely pen
Rebel Bald Pseparing.
Nissr You', Sept. 2 —The Wortcrt epocal
stateililearniron good asitheritr trom pri
vet* soaroos that Gat. flood, BMus's snows
for, his been reorganising his earab7 at Cul
pepper with the intention of making a raid in
a dlrutism oakum:.
OF/701 at en Prrazosalt DAILY Oissra
Wsonapay, &pt. 2, 1613:i. J
There lane • new feat= to notice to the rodeo
market, with the exception that them le rather more
doing to Grata Moan, Groovier, and Provisions
an quiet and rather drill, with so change whatever,
to notion in quotations. Gold continues to fluctuate
daily, and b quoted to-day, i 01213 , another ad-
01/91 . 12 t IfLOLlll—Shore 4 no chimp to notice
In Wheat, and ws continue to quote at $1,05 for Bed
from wagon, sod $1,100)1,12 for White. There le
more Inv*, for Oats, ;and the market Is • shade
finnan asla.on track 012 oars at 62a, 9do do, at 55a,
and WO bus from 'don at 080. Oorn to Arm and a
shads higher; Shelled loielllng.from store at.78480e.
Hui - el leauacttld, and far the presume, we - mast
lamp quotation. Thera Is hula ILealtod demand for
sad the market finale' and =changed. •
MILL NI XD—le von Arm, and all that orders
galls mdlly . at fall Finn Bale of 2 can iftalpstnift
5111,10 lle/' pert, and Int raldalude at 91,80.
-.Bactott—tto stook In dint heroin,. Is becoming
1414 and the 011lika ID cenercuoneo f flrm
upward tendency. We not• small sale. at Co for
Shea!don; 63 %e for Itlbbod Ham; 10 for Hale
Harneflt for Hate Canvassed, 4.1130 to 13y, for
edger Oared.
'a nafa—Thoottip Boodle atmal elt4.alalr total
arezuta, and we note email !atm at 43,8503 per Du.
lbw Bead b atlllag et $1,7001,60.
114 T—la lag calve bat satlanged; Wes from
Salm at 14 bade at from a= to Ps too.
APPLES—the market le better eapplieel,sed,aa •
oormoilmotor Priam are allueta miler; sales In lots or
170 bide at gooasjs per Dbl.
Pittsburgh Petroleum Market.
.EQr. 2.—'4iere has bawl rather more activity i
tb ail market today, and prism roled arm without,
however, any champ. Crodell neatly with a far de
mand, and we ‘note a tile of ZOO bide, in talk, as
Elm and IST bble at Sac; hbli included.
We here edelms from 011 0117, up to Auguaßlet,
quahog oil of the wells it frro m asp to 110,60 soon ,
414 g °l°3 # 34 and 1137,110 at the month, to bulk,
Or 11,9"Ze1e In bble. She rearkot there, ta reported
ea helm active, with demand la emote of the sup.
W 7.
slier lko remlpt albs How York am,
lop:atlas on advance, gain, was der-Wadi,' Aram,
trinlialduo, Lenonlly, anticipate bailor prima bore.
Wo nob s Ws Of 1750 bblObonilad, tir Waked dollo•
( 2 7f oin Plato term, Mid 1500bblm'aamb
1550. ALo, NO bola skimfroo k nt, ; _Nla, And
Ina Dbb wane, - 'lron
, .obleaso, at
fn boti4 , lkoOnmallalinay, Ls now
held .ak ,. 62o633 ' .nearzi n e ,.. m Außfoli Atkin: l4 d. oink
te . Oa , saoaago of mu m lO inoto nominally at 113
.17efor tliodarisol ,
New York PewolopoLOOrkot•
Byltlal nb@atcb to the ilptsbarth Guano.
- . Sat Tam &mt. 9,1e03.
i Gradeb vat. bat utichiaged, watt tam t4o.
at F416X9.. ,Taero sysculitivo de.
• in Baud in bond; apl ;FON 4Al4.l4itibeeak
*Nino oaths Septamber, bajoia.
4AffieekONXlOVinkrul'.oPig* sud Pc"
icrt► t ..
,s'VVY.4I/014TOPstitit'pan adr
. • ". 'Wanda% were nunifl4
Wit :1114 ta4 a Yrij ,Vl ' Lgt .
1 14 44 ./4
• : :V : ; , ';:tppi ,. :,:J.;. , .:_:i.'-. , ' , • - : , ''i''' ,,-.
1 1":4.4•:_.:1•Z,t.k.:...:Y .. tt:; . ; :75-4:
_...., - -
Auci.3L- 7 16 - *Rib 7.0304 cite.
abani9,37s luta& nb9
damandlt goaktlairpritat are without guy 'material
change. MI 'offered Were . dlaposed tf vrithin the
tangs of mama Inr : lLrat quality Wed= and
"Peziarghuh Btetus,4o93io kw mond do, atd
7% far eutnoton, according to quality. no mutat
doted very Ctm r tho cool =attei opoTating favora
bly on thatnalteL
The inhale anti salts of &neje, na the Ames
Dare Tad are Lugar this week than ern known at
thls yard, reworking 18,000 head. The mutat Is
Wets aild prices coneequence are rather lower, fat
Shan) solllag at tla If lb, gross, stock Sheep at from
IDMlddiJOHlurssi, sag. Lambs at frtm $344, awar
e/41 to gushy.
Tbo entrals and sates of Hags, at the Union and
ArentteDeaso,Theto era very small this week, only
reacktag about IX° head. There Is aguo_d_demand i
end play wet:Dm, ranging at frets VANIAbot iw
Its, nes,
en head told at Henry Glass' Union Dtore Yard
at Lem V,a0033,50 re 100 mine
660 head amd at the Amine Drove Yard, by John
Cramp &CO., at tram $8,98.60 1 00 /be. net.
Toledo Mariet.
Awn. 3L—Onr mutat °pond modentely nano,
at about Saturday , . cladittrprias, and a fah' amount
of Inn changed hands. lloar—No incaution" sc.
Fatted: Wheat—Balet, all bane New York reportt
COD Inorsatl 309 boa ladle 211th. at 111e. '
1000 bin
amberMotu at 103)t;, COO bee No 2 red at 100 q 1000
bee do at 930; COO bris, 000. 4000 sod 3000 Ina No 2
red at 100 n SOO bur white Min at lltn 1000 true do
at Inn' 1030 but, 600 bua cud 860 has white 3110..
all at ri2v, tOCO Doe No 2nd at 100 c. Corn—Sales
thte threaanu LIDO bee and NXIO be. No 1 ratted at
67e. Vats—No salsa- reported. /art saleat ella.
ther grata dal and no taloa.
Boston Fish Burkett.
Aro. 31--Tbe market for Codfish lo AM, with
Ilght noriPtii, and a steady demand. Pales of Grand
Bank at 6; Bay P00dy,.6640; moan. Alill 0 1 - alko
welllag at 1.76; Haddock; $1.3730= PollwAte 82,60
qtt Manton! arriving Meet/, but wltboot material
embalm la prime; sake of No I at Welk No II
large. V 4 5 4 9; medium. PAO; No 3 lap. at $ 6 . 50 Z
6,70, and medium do, 114,60,34,76 N NW. Alewives
in moderate demand at 84.64,6qfl bbl Pickled Her
ring welling at 52,6005 N bbl, and Salmon at SW
Idiports by Railroad.
Pttraabaoa Dr. WATER Oiria/aoll@maato,Bept.
L-1 Cur corn, Itcaa 60 bbls lour, 'Aran Wil
ton; 20 bbls Naar, Gockecheimer Be% 100 bbls
Goer, Ohu 11 Lech; 11 cars corn, MO Fp do, D & II
Wallace; 4 all =2,2 are barley, Hitchcock, 610.
01101 7 a co; I btu butter, 111cOlurkan, Herron it co;
121 oil bbls, k Lytmr, 6 bbls apples. ("alp &Shepard;
1 car cat; Bingham. Sturgeon a Cu, 1 do do, Graham
It Thai:mug 43 Co ricer, t et A Kell; 14 bbla v@ttky,
H A inert; 100 G N Hoffstott; 6 burr rll,
81tomakor A Lang.
flissamaan A Ptrrsscesu ILLILISOAD, P.O. 1.-
10 bbli Ian:1011, J A ct.ugh,7; 21 bbl. vrtd6k), J Ad
ler A co; 1 bbl ,lm, 0 I. retutestoek A co; 16 011 s to.
beao, 0.0 Croseote.; 80 Was bay, 8 B Floyd; Ho
1 06awbast; J 611466611 or, 33 1116 apples, I Van-
Prdor; 11 do do, Culp @ Shepard; 8 bgs wool, Stein a
tiro; 10 bbls flour, Jos A Fetzer , 3 Rai egri Ido
mad, L H Irofict @co; 11 kegs bolter, 8 111. apples.
ldreolkoagb, 8661 th & co; @Ns Kopko, W P Heck
At itturzar ETATIOIL bbls apples, J W Harmon;
27 balrwoottoo, %log a Peacock:Atoka cats.W &1s;
2 tads egg., bbnlta, Bon A eco lot stops ware, W 11
31'llecalr, 3 bal. brooms, tialzloger & Bon; can
barley, Job. 11 lilpear,l ear flour bble k lt 2 Itagned,
& Bro; 3 tus sunarlea, J Tata.
MX - 3=33 IT I 0 .1V
0/ TM
September 29th and 30th and October
let and 2nd, 1863.
Na damn is about weveriteeu miles west of Phil
adelphia, on the Schuylkill river, and is amectible
by railway to every portion of the State.
The grounds are beantttally situated, contaiding
t 3 arm a ground, with But large buildings theirerie
erected. togethereelth large amount Sledell-g. %le
teach is told to be one of the beet hall mile teethe in
the Seats. She premiums an the /woolen ever
bred by 'the Salty,
amounting to about s7,tro.
The premiums for all moan of mate eXcerd $ lOO.
Ave of which are $3O may /9 iron pa to SIS, otben
ruining down to leaser rate.. Beet herd not
than It head, let premium , 410; 2nd gemnium, 03.
threes for all grades the premiums mewed 5
The highest Butek BS beams% plead go. esulettfres
ringing from $lB,lllO and 55. For Shwa legirisine
the premium, range Born 510 to $5 and 53.
roe Poultry there Ls a long int of gremtunis from
19 ton each. In the hailowing 41MM most liberal
premiums ace offered: Plormtu, Oultivatam, Dale,
%Pollens, Beeping and Illowing filashimo, Cotten,
Oorn tattlers. ltder lilt,, Punish linckeda g %In
Were. Leather end its Manufactures, Use Pleturoi,
Hartle linnits, Butter, Stoat, Grain and Seeds,
VrepAablom end sled fro Dounstio and Bourebbid
fdannfactnees, Gioth, Carpet., Satinet. ithirt4m,
Sheeting, Blankets, Plasmas, Shawls, Snit Gods.
19eedle-weak. eta , Bread, Gokes,Procerms,
%ergs premiums are offered for every variety or
Pratt and Plowere. The rimed Tent will tea t he
Ingest sew erected by the Society, mei will Nina ne
of the molt attrecthre features of the ishitrttion.
hilt, Grantee and Glint will he exhibited In stela
..Ths Peutellvanta Bar al sod Noe rialto= Bill.
rood have arranged to canyesrelciel for 0210611t0n
to 1131 d 111119. imbibition freight Base requiring 4 0,
forward freight, to ke peeped. which will Fa repaid
shipper when goods ern returned to Ike station
whence skeppilL it hoped to since the emu with
other Impel wit MUM
lizairriansat reduced rate. will tenni on all the
leading railroads.
tent s can be mute at the MSc% m Norristogn,
aloe the 4th day ef September. All intl.:las meet
be entered 012 tie books ca or before Titeatay even
tug. Book 4941. istaltene mint become mernhoto.
Misnaberahlp $1.03, with tom coop= tickets, earliof
whili all admit onermrson to the lair or.m.
eINGLEI AD11115U0N«...... • 0:611:13.
A 144 of Prnaltrms and Bev halms can Le
had fly adthardns the Eta °tam
THOMAS P. KNOB, President
Warrbacra, Ps. j
MS 101111111011 lIIIIILDT !Oa
DTHXlirlialf, IMAUUBLtt, FLUX, cuoLzna
The launaniao itaka twill to the merits of thta
Tho flummox 11.14 reports of utonialdng core
attest to value.
I t bill iduattanos over any other romady, at own
to ttui
lag am Marta,ft. god tropvting tons and !tronttb
L sate and ttarinlosa to thd Infant, and pomfal
the Watt an'
-To tho analar, ft.hlty,lt. Ia tonalaanlay WWI
ippropdatnly tar and by than, in many =Make,
"The Soldiers' IPrlend."
Moth= dad it Lawlor today soothing syrup Ibi
children Whin, rreed - from the lejarlone abets 01
21A.110(Yrytn, errs reel. to ibneurforor by renuning
Sold by N. bIeOLAIIRAi & 00 , &5 Karkat strest,
Ylpabia4b, "ad by reapeotabto Aeolus errorywbeira.
.47 Pew, 4 2t$ Ulna A BOTTLE.
esurr AND TODLOCO tailitrYAOTtlllllß,
10 18 OB4MBEIEB orzprEr.
f,lfomootly 42 Chatham atiect, flaw Toffy)
Would call the alto; tin of dolma to ths &Woks of
Ida tuautdattoro, via
• nnowlustargr. •
Elacaboy, Oasis Rapp's*, America
Gentlmmo, Dazalgroa, Para Urea* Bachnoshes,
Boatetwlllgh•Vosat &club. blab IRO Tout or
lamdyfoot, Malay Dow Boolob,Treth Homy floately
treat Boot,*
611rAttention to oallitl to ilialargu reduction to
prima Ilati•Out Mowing SW•lmathit -Traulualla
"Ida VW to IbtnadOl • =parka quality.
Bioctiai—Long, 1110. I, 9,
19 ot. ; 9 mired,
Van Our Osizirtro—P. 01 4 1812 _1 097 i11a
ca Bwact eyed takoalol /morrow i you
Oitaadlab.siumack,43; • i fig oi o nlib; aine:sici; Taman..
L18..-4:ctetabir Flom willsot %%DU-
IP s: Gis etr.AX inssui - Puttenr r ting
rva.blirog IV3B= mon ?ma
to order. Ala; WOW CLYPINCII4 At an
Mods, mode mt rto
All orders left at r{oe.g.a
Llberthirat km pltlig _
tad :A ,
aft"striTia:: . PACITMINKE".- •
• ;,
rePiTILZIEiO El A.,:tilCs
Ail Enda: lona, mad in a good Vain of cal: It atlca.
The linprov,caruts /Wt cr a . .ivor DUCK DWI!,
LISG, .tallizg 10 rocxe ; large PEA BABY:
=SANT 3116 Z, *ltla S iwu s ; and gad =had
of ycrzna tre(s. GGAL coda the .1.6 Wm. OR
bate lu BaLlirtu toruth . r, about an mil.. (so. :be
city. Incaln of
edU#SI. 741.1.1i2LL i OU.,
VOR BALE.—A convoruens tvro-story
brick dwelling bongo, with back building, 210.
2$ Bon strati, Kitrbafgll:
Also, a large, convenient and wef•enlshed throe
fiery brick dwelling how% with back braiding. No.
ZS Soo s:rcot, between Pint and Second Merin.
Also, a twdotory brick dwelling house, with book
buildings, No 212 'knead street, war eon.
All the above are In good order, and annpliedirlth
gm awl wpm
Ale 4 a hue story frame cottage dwelling. No. 214
Becoed street, and tiro two awry trams dwelling ad.
joining. Both of thole bowoe we in good order, and
writable fog anual Camille%
6bri, e lot of ground on tha northeasts - at - Ily aide
of ghst street, tretween lice, end Try streak near
ROW street. haring* trout of 24 feet on Fitat street,
and fedentling back f.O Let.
The store property to situsted to . dealt . _ Us part
of the city.
POT terms of silo and..psrticalArs Inquire of
Wit. W. THinl -ON,
No IPA Fifth MhE4.
TtIS 011:0 PA. U. U., 1, , E . 11 COIJIITSZVA
EITATION.—Ibe cudcalgofi L atithcriz,d to MI
two 0..* of h ad, one of 61 and ono of 9 octal
each, ;routtniig on tho Obto & Ps. B. U., being part
of the term of David Dkkaon, da.usaL
p!aa of the same may be too by calling, at my
.61m, No. 79 rodaral street, Allogbenj Ca,
17- -As LE.—Tbe intiorltan, about to engage In
otbsr. business, rfkr for lido their DISSTILLEaIt.
minuted In import. Armstrong may. Po. Tbo
wembilsbment Is tu good roaming cooditton, tacel
tentis leaned br matio , tecuszlog Fps Whiskar, bit
ing In the ll e growl g neon of Western Pennsit•
soills. olOafs a b! • reposition for Its products,
"Boat' tor Wblekor.
We also offer for rate oar OIL 1310/SEHT, to
good working condition, situated on Paw am Boa,
adjoining lbe bonnet of Tmoperscoretllls.
for teuttur psrtlaalsr • laqutr► oT
1009. Bin & Oq., 05 Shit street
LETT POD 811LE..—Toro Lots, 2s foot 4 I.
hoot by 110 Est doep to an alley, with • large doable
hnaaq tektarten Flanonolt and Hand stmt. A dod.
table Ixotion Mr a Physician or Dentist.
Also, tome Ono building elks for wings teazle ter
near Minimills, ' from % to 1 into each.
A Ito, • lens numb*, of building lots, of ralio3ll
BIS., of that IS to 60 feet front by 100 to 160 tar
deep, silvered at the totadaca of the Wino Btra.l
Nailer Ir i .
ot 1 :1f3E11 tiltron. danl4:u od,
o E t i . a if 11171/101; ea
'WOE FIALA-0= GETinTi2T iceand•
hood cumulus BOIL to Nem tg
fut loog, all porbcl
Ono roperforpow.11011,1111,:161 locarat li Canaan, 1
foot loog, bob Iron.
Duo L1VD115.01,11.1 PELT 43.163, for Plasiur3, wlll
pomp ill conatirl7..
Enver:l now sn4 isoond-bud ITTSI.SI ENCIII.IBB,
Rtno 16 loot. ditootirer ;Dim to 6 tooth will to rats
Too t3r ernl." troom EL DOLT.,
tzar sst the Alleglainy river. car. ?obit Allet
p...)Yoa tlia GlL—a gcll brill sad coaroolontb
arrsogal Dwoillng Illortor,sultoblo fa two lomlllar,
coal baring a to:wilco, ball, tiro collar, arable
ond other hoe clams, gripsilnat. fruit
and shale tem; stuabbery, sie nostaatly albasto
on Obenant alreet. lot 100 bet trmxt by I 2 drip, to
an alloy. F.* price and tmosaoply to
col It Iforkot Wrest.
F " '3" TY,
50 bbin. limning Cement.
LUPTON, °LOD= & 00.,
cor. Set W °ad ainwev.
FOR SALE--A convenient end Well-
Oulthed Ti9043149111r HUI= EOl3Bl, with
too= and good do oaClar, aad bydatat water , with
a frame atabls back. Lot 1:01114 or 9 lota 6drllo,
oc.Loortt atm!, klacchertar, star Amager
wa gagatra at THU' esvion, or to H/11911T 11:
=DELL. Locust Anat. Manchester. Katt
nOUNTH,Y; HOMES.—Beautiful aifiL•
stlocu for Oolialry Rococo to colt, In NoClaxo
towactilp. towasl4, sad Bevictity &roues
MI timid lOU on *Min short Manta of gall=
Or oho , Pittsburgh, -Pori Wayne a Mimi Railway.
Enquire of DAVlCl,offlP.O.Batlillag,
so 3 • 63 Ulster hest. AUegbeasy.-
F as. EALII.-500 bble. Crude Oil in
wk. Ewa, of B. P. HIIck2ID.
Parry Block, Pittsburgh. Ps.
Lyell on the AnTqulty of Ilan.
Astronemrof the Biblo.
Moontaro Bo*ye, blue ant gold.
The Batarnsatlon to the Time of ( alv:ti, by
What/41m I Tole.
nunthig In fount Aldo:
Ward.. Tone Arena the Pymonte.a.
Ktnadakee Ottmeen War, TOL L.
Lthekettl Notes and Octonnonts On Bholupearo.
Colesso an the Pentateuch, Tole. 1 and 2.
Oohs= on the Book of Banana,
ldeban'a A nary to Coleuso.
The Pentatatich Ttodlcated, by W. 11. Gram
At Odds, by the Baronets Tentot
The Mori
Pszeon.Day-Pbtkitopher, by lb. Country
The Gantlenan. by Wrath
Legends of Chariest:nue, by Bulnaoh, files.
Babalk's Camp/Jive of 1882.1883.
Annual of Weal& DlotOTr TT, for 1883.
Dlokone. Boyne sad Take, Etverilde edition.
Long name wad Tennyson, Ctsblnet
/or tale by KAY it CO., 80. 55 Wood it.
.11 fly Baniharn Trfouda. By Kirk.
Lit =of the Baformatiou to tha times of 061.4.
on the Boraidary of anothrr World..
The area: Iron Whoa Exatalnad. 8r00n10...
Stmt.'. Thirty Trent in the U. B. &nal&
ld hfloorablea. Cloth and paper.
Byes and Bars. Boachar.
Tb. Blass and the £.p a.
Works In illotory, Thoo. ftledkino, 6a
inyl6 L L. W.A.D. 70 roneth Elrod.
(Bnocesices to Junco O. We%)
Merchant Tailors,
Arm now nothing their
ated to w
And areanutot the tr ad n, which bee been molest.
With great ee* approbatio at
many Meade end panne, end trnathog, kr n
eke th * at eir•
testi ea to boahteep end arid Istecriq. t• moot the
auroral et el whom, &for cm waifs tell,
ornosas , masounta
idede to order In the best manner and cm ream:made
terms. Having thabited • great many oarrounsfri
tar Malt, new sod Une Ottoers, es well ek lot lb
Neer, canta we ere prepared
and to execute orders In this Uter
tas , "despatch.
Lihewtee wiry choice Wootton of lIIItHIBIIibri
QOO.OB elwerratzt b n 3 .,
aaWIS oon.ervaza a EST.I3/1112 BUNS=
• '
"COttel 7.24. ER
1 3,11071181/1 FOE;
animate. Se., tout apgi Dr titan
Beau, of 4114rorthlesa mo4ooaa. P.ucapu Depot
So. 433 Dmadwiv. •
8.. A. TAM MOONS, 800 & 00.. B. D. EZI,
man 4 Co.. sv) danta am* ilttstlcesty Pa.
,La Nut Plat 0 . ha Ho ally on. that
aft! att. .•pat aatlttaation. It mu-Ma% labor.
away asS pattettaa. Zietstroatos abed tuna oat
to hit hauls. as It will Psfter hitho. satin si
elotbaa.. Ztra hy J. ilalL PHILLIPS;
'bat ";
,• 2100 •• St. Obis stista..
1. Atom: in wanv Pan Vinton. for
AckliZga be santled by Os lama nrpam, at
the Pt 'Greatly Mors of
1411orts so A. d
R and senotar..
VV.= HAIM% rate abraMiaa[bY
Omer Cl
. CorrruoiTacs or rniqyarir el,
4;ll'lliliiinaiiiTi7lll7;6lll. 11 89
B. eatbfathorvr arilroce petented to
the orderer/F.4,1,am both made to-smear that
ID the 00%164 Of difftgieO.To aid Etna rehosltth•
ti la hat Wen orgematmcdhoritr. tmd athoritog to
the recalretharte of tbs. /tarot Ctho 0 e et. ectittoi
se Act to amide* National tharency, secured by,
• plods" at United titstrwAttcha; and to provide for
the circa'arloa and • rairrepthth thereof, • approved
ifetatarr=th IW, artAbee complied with all the
provisions amid Act oe ath! to be complied 1111 b
teforo commencirgthe thalami of lianktag. •
Now. manic" 1 . , Bran Atcthamochti COtaperGl:S
of the Cernacy, do herery certify, , t hat
riftB7 ?lamina, vans - or livrrsttusaa,
earthy of Allecimrp, - tod Sate of Peutemirallik is
sortbothati towaromenrellthithstithataillankieg an
dth the Aet atorearid, • ~_•. • .
In testimony whereof Chest my hand
sE. aid ot otlke s do 6th thy of nunnst.
J Isca. • Uttga mootrtoo 9.
Oomptratia of thy - Oat rent'''.
(lames, $400.000. with iotivittgo to inareawo
to 61000,000.
7be Pitoborob Trull Coscpany having oil - gado:al
coder the act to prowidi alfational tiarreney, miler
the title tl the trIR3T StaleiffiLli BANK OS
PriTbBl7Boll, would rarperlibill offer Its *Mau
for the collection of !fates, Lit eta.Billa of Exchange,'
any reed's nosey on depoeft,Wnd bay std lOUs
clo4.o on aN path, et the tannitri.
lb. iuocme which ha. attended the`Pittahtitgli'
Trait Oonpedy do Its organtsatlon In 1153. VW;
we baileys, he w auftelent guarantts thtt butlnest
entrusted to the now orgeonottlan bWrtdalto the
awns prompt attention. • ` ''
lizeiag a. any- each:win cortespaidence
Dania and Bankeraihroughont the - cothefrd, we lit
Itera we otia offer mutual fachltloir to those who d,
Initiates with as
bturtani wW be c,ridected by the isms Gin
oars and Directors.
James taughtln,
Hobe:t 8. 134.55,
Thus. Dell,
Thus Wiritmani
w,,. K. himick,
45/A, BO
1' Mara 61311@.
otiwirmaan lB UM.
opim daffy &cm 9 to tel o'clock, aka gm Wednesday
end Batauday eves lnav tram flay let to Berember
let, from Y to 0 o'cicA t and from Bcnembor tat to
Key Ist from to B o'
Deposito received of all name mot lam than. One
Dotter, and a dlvldand of the pronto declared twice a
year, la Java sort December. Interest bag bum do.
ciao& seadAtturnal A December, duce
the Bank wan orYdzed.
at pas
the ra and
t* of atx per cent
=eat .
a If not drawn ont,io plated le the coal
al Om depositor NI fellterptho boars the exas In.
trust from the lint depot Joao arid Damao,. oozes
dial li terica a per. althmst troubling the &ma&
for to or se mtoum at pea book. At kl,la
rate, money -will doable la toes than tradtra 19.
Bogs, corataialog the Oberlin,By-Laws, =km
and Segal:Aka% fernithed gratis on syylleatlca,
We cam
John 11. lacWadden,
John 1i81164111.
hlonnr.der Speer,
Bad. L. Ilahneninck,
Jamas thanloy o
James liesdasa,
Mich) Mans,
John 0. Dackoten,
John 0. Bindlei,
George Blar.k.
&lons° A. Curios.
Mario A. Colton;
Witham Dunhill, •
John Evamh
William B. Emu,
Peter H. Rites ,; Maar* lim y
Jamie D.
WWl= 8. lamely,
errourrAem i T
DlBSOLurzoJrs, ore.
N OTICE.—Thd undersigned having
the entire }tact from the long os.
tablbff= of J.B. aIoCKINia would aawoturoe
to tds old custesnore and. thepublic Wt to
storalE) Liberty strtet, pate, ass by J. It,
Maros e,) where o large arid complete steel or !mi.',
diem' and Elhoessakers. Loather Maim. 133411%
Gila do, can be found. and at hortioandeo.
G. H. ANDEIWOH, so. 1.53 Mort" Oxasti
.1. AHD LUTZ= Btrittifig% I mod ccodinT7
commend Noy tuccrosor as Irma of Mkt Integrity
and good badness quallacstlons. Tor auto month
to come I will continuo to daapy Ile. ANDES.
TON'S counting-nom. and will tats great erasure
In Introducing him to my btolutes acquidntram%
J. IL tioGllsl4
thjs de, stroctated uttli tot In the Bolling KM
bonitos' A. J. DULL, the style of the firm to ha
BElCara 0 3 0/4 DULL, the partnership to hake
Went thll day. The CM tratintee will be ceniad on
by the andendosi as henstotare.
115th, !KU ' IMMSEI a GBAI7.
yam mart airsurw earn. mummy a. innL
Rxmaz. GRAIN & DULL,
itlanifactureri qf all d
kW Las. ocriptios of Hoop, Med and
Haring conatructad . oar warts with • view o
waking tlib kind citron • speciality, we tuspecittaly
solicit a alum et tile trade. _
• Office, corner of Eu0.11'21.1,1 and Water ..
atreet• sorila
—The pevtuerehlp hertionns extsting ander
the arm of WIWI% DALTALL 8 00. Int dimly
et on Meld day at Annest,l2o.
entritteg pattern
qinu UNDERSlGNEPoiticoessors to
J. the leo Arm of LEW7B.DALERtire di OD., sal
continue tas manufacture of Iron end Bella, Outer
A the MI6 scid-tiras of LIWIft,ITAILNY, DALZELL ,
OD , and solicit a wall:mance a i ns patronap co ,
extended to the late firm.
LEWIS W. IcldWlft
lifiarWanclionse, No. 111 Wafer and hilo. 00 First et.
ttab crib, Mandl!" DWI asitiMis
nISSOLUTION.—Tha Co-Partnership
.1.4, inlet toubetenten the andeeelyuet, =en the
Am name of SHAM RUDD A 00. totylred tale
by tholtetkm. rea bottom will be couthtual by day
• =I &NAP, by whom all demand, due to of
-Veto the lath eau will be settled.
• H. P. BAWD,
1120110 LAS K. WADS.
Port PM Foundry. July 1A,1803 IyUlaut
..LFpsztaereap_heratafto ellatlng between
0. 011 EGO and B. B. WARING; dein business at
Ns. lta Market arse, ands: lbs atirto a/ 011500
WAI/I2(0, Is Ms day dbaohsti 4 matted esatent.
15. sailustpg. O. O UEO B autbarLuel
la ass the amp of t 5 drm In settilint the beninnut
C. 08E00.
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DOE B.ENT—Thelibseeiatory BRICK
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