The Daily Pittsburgh gazette and commercial journal. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1861-1863, August 29, 1861, Image 4

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.:C.*4"-e —Ais •
ciltrollory• • . •- I ' _
• . - . 1 The JPatit?..ciereepontient, of tee Man.
''' feridnitidinewiltes
..Pleetry jinn. ittestonlehed at the eudden
k....: - tontrwlseindneedppettianeC amongst _ ,
,:thtf,Oldfendallod.and lamest fitagot. ;
B ui er , fi ve f ra i l° ' D i e m,. , For Several
this: whiles': bee& eemPletelf
peravded by a small gold currency of the
- same value r s chengeentremely obnoxions
to the ° eerie' rs, who' pot only pereistedini
-,...‘ jiettebtlbanutort47ol,7es . A ,.
tdcb took , upetFuch more room and
W:;more' a chinking m their
.., . - iiiiiket, tit Pilo stronly-obleeted
to the facility.ot losing and the difficulty of
- picking op with their honty - flngeiencoin
~whose edge: is not Anuch thicket than the
- - blade of,a 4enlinfla. , Noir, hoirevei, 4e
. - -- , -have once more gone back again to the ken
- - ''t . 74bia, temps wben 'French back rotes idere
exceedingly SCACCO and looked shily Upon
.1,1403 n
eveh who:teen or eight nowt 'Tete - paid tur
-., a premium for convenience, bra elagli
- . laspoleon,And it was =neeeentry to
bike bilanvas g and a luteltney, Coach to
• - bring hones oners money from thechangenr.
' ..-“The bank _of - France once more pays its
only ln silWl,'4l,ve ban silver pieces
:-.'Yancie-plentital as gold ones e
lately acre,
iad iad Coin *Again, a buoy :which mast
_ :
..tie; purchased . This seems strange, When
riely Sill months back ' the bank begged
• ea stsvoi, from London and St.Petendpng,
,-,--the,:ectcl:dege,of ono handredlekitliona of
- dine sleet one Mi ll ions of gold,
and was, in II data? of alarm leer the th I
:of gold_ _which then overlaid t its
-- ,rinettdie nerve of .saver shonld be exhaust.: l
Asti t and all the money chaellem of -Parisi
- gold hasten to cash their bills and notes
hi order to profit by the . higher value cif
- : tbdiatte.T. 4 . 47ina r‘i -
• Tea Animism , Navy.
Atßerjean merchants who returned tiour
England in the late steamers report
the feeling of eydipatby for the Seceisien
was wonderfully strengthened t by
the resat of the • battle of DlatiasSas,•
that the, Engliskelen ensgei 112
the cotton trade and in the manufacture of
cotton goods are doing everything in their
poWer to Induce the British Government to
break, tbs blockade,of the Southern porta.
They do not eipect to succeed in this
- schemer however; it our blockade is mode
• • - entirely 'efficient,i nor do they intend to in.
slat upon very active measures in this mat
ter until semen' months hence—when the
new cotton crop will be gathered. From
present appearances we will before that time
have upon our coast a fleet sufficiently
large to guard ;every harbor and nearly,
every Inlet, and if the British cruisers tiu
dertake to interfere with us they will find
ready,tottope with them a navy worthy to
contend against their own.
Navies, like Osat armies, cannot be or
- :lonized In . day ; but the rapidity with
which iminavel ion* is being
and-large, new *sae built or adapted to
warlike - , i pWo6-0, is somewhat magical.
Notirit. the frequent complaints
which are being' made against the Navy
Department; the American people will , soon,
discover that they are about to become as
powerful on see as on land, and the insuic•
genti will be significantly taught the folly
". of fitting out utilateerthr expeditions, as
wolf as the danger of having an invincible
fleet boverhig upon their stiores.—UPhlla.
ims-Psoor; litrummos.—en article in
• Alit; L . oudop &Om mainuins that the . ;
late loganteo Are at London bridge tested
and •Wand warding the present eystem oil
firs warehousee. The conflegra-1
Um, made its-meal of no mem pike' of
voided how* tat of piles of buildings in
iddektticiante, bad exhausted bar torel
iiiMisitYling to fortify. them upuitts
Party - walls of immense 'Wanes
stslrealim iron beams and palate
WWI duo stied against the spontaneous
witobastion of little heap of limp. 'Poor
Bisibiwoodeirha lost his.ills sethis great
'slims ; protested against the uss of
cast Wu fur witehouses ; pillms made of
it.temowo 'led hot, the water contracts and
awls tlumu t , and sway go the floors at
once. Then there is anottum danger 0r4.:
aide—tim Odors 'supporting the flooring
mese, no weak - can resist tbeir lateral
tbrest, and down they fall. to the destruc
' *Mei thater neat at hand. Brabbrocdta
•'";, dm*" Wu ceased by each ia effect. - It'
'wsiapetriedlat the inquest held, on bin
tectity - OM. the' iron girders 'heated_ :Mla
7 *otitis; Mt - they were elonated nanny
'half fmt,'Plessism* g before them the soled
whicleproved his tomb. ' I
Tim ow tar Ouo . • s
erklrens" undoubtedinfecnalhmii-
Paired lire, in addition to the amp saes.
-oleo,. the mnall pox roger virulently
newly all .the camp and .other hoepitile .
from Vienni to Richmond. For inatatice,
W74—roWatiO, were
Cua ewes or sena pox -amoug *lir total
- • Rime of *Os thonsa44 et, Yippee'. 'trout
the best inforMahm ero can obtain,
hsthstioif 8» thousand or more, of
Reatireyeta force me in the hoipiiiilw
Therib# been one or two awes of ornell-_
Poi= / theixonmencement
occrgemon of W oohing=
porer.mro thaarionreass at a tin': e,
but a doge &Pig from the _ discus.
60 timid
awl and Johnston have
lost between three awl Are hundred men
from tliat
lawns sr nog BiteZlA ,
4 Lqhili Fetal balite eetfthliehe d a snoeriisloo
• of,sll litters forwarded from the Southern
sits,teilVenireati. - Mobile Adreitiset
Mari: tbilumouriciatent as follows :
49aa earn that-indsuitious-hiiire bee t
reeeliid at' the Expi.esi ' Age*
a sopstlidOnst temem le deemed u
1 , tObsuretbeir,ffieegy trmyportatlw Thin,
kiddie ;fit Pumas* _of order !rot= ,
hisior-Getteral Polk, and Major Fornythe
- - two ott:Orditillfy appointed Dr. Et. Miller;
laPeriki" ibrietters sent from thit city.;
stidng _to said letters
fritrtimei out 'Of the
_tlotifidoillit States wilithirefore hive them
endorsed. bj him before they. eau Vs sent
"Of coed% letters presented to Dr Miller
must be towerslerl, 600 a they 0 2 /t be ex•
The/igt3b laa:
put• 1 ~, , . ii.4o3creel l e x eL-4 jaliateka-
already az.
ltig%k vabet-43.,, and
seefelOß eiet—,tll4,2ll,,gfrada•'j'.°llr.
f arpeer roerati
_.-4 - -,r . " : ' ' • - '
to Fall`
it targl4
_sal the
num.° help the &
I,- _ nefab oat pddpn k
;4111, 51"""-
remment. ant place the
(' i ' - , 1 ,0 141 - I b . ' lit * 6° - g :r our b
r oke topless
''-, ' ' - ed eivil%o
ititll'e° r at; l';).7li 11:.
• t,
thee - that
. th eti.
f,'‘i'': . ~: • -, 11111=csr -ele r';.i.talted down
lu o i tbat ritFllollg-beta welgtollVar an
t; _ 1 :tate which has w and to" btA3 it la Flit
!A 1 nitY de izeo,, , ru i -,,,,,„e,drinif °wide
'''. j e g gizeirsrlo - libtetw th(t the—wlm, lB o ° T war: ' • . _,,, .
..,..._,.....° it.- 'l4a3e
- • t,„„......, . -
114!"*" rat-
t e. . AN
tioulallers wisrt /Lop, Al
71.1siatgriTtio M e uroblir Appeal cons
Wilke 4011r Ewa tiplati rot oipseba
'tiVisi=Pritmlamol, North laad
--111111011PEk - oom• tbrlrlstazd_ oubscribe
j oitairodaimilo 3a aE Coniodenktll.l*llll
In payment, our brave bojitin - the
w ilt B oos be-without keg?! It siso;
c os t l ioieviririkliii.t tit+. -up • pot--
tion Ktheir blanluvta to the mops, beetuse
du k supply froutliseliorth ht out off, int;
pleinhouses do not •svant blankets
ly aa soldiers in camp. • The mains
of supply - - lot , Abe-insurgents mutt be
getting moreteramped, itulthe , tool weattust
mid doubtless not unprtkvo_the obuintion,
of-thelkszmy. =
. . _
• Otifitloll9o;' '
, , brPbbisigOilded
. 100,, do IVA bros4l l ltolik;
1001M.ired b ri Varteftet.4r,
40otatuAtIk. ;An • t
, 100,hictita 4,11 snit Block Tian
osaoujeirota pid do • po
• - . . - PG. do , 61041.1. do
• ; ao. dp ' oo2u l p 4 tli -, •-.
_ - t0 . d00b10.44
do i
- • 20 bortaroi afaotii4•.
so WAY: da valor: sa
200 Podibs_7 . ...l ; - '
. . , . 100 tai tiv.a - Okei
IdatArs saa- fait aide • ,
ittoo GALS 8.
Ito twge pito. td o cbetjc: 6 :J ,, Z
76 ak-a"" •a! dull , .
210 do . Poachoza aftd
- ' blufliipirtal
bms. prtsnals Buds,
&JO DMA pria.ol,ollloldoadoo.
Tibtds soir4ted firogill„ ,
60 do Ifolinod Foot, - c' • • ' - -
126 boxed onottodltMols.lllo6 - asotuiTot okoo c o,
60 do Ooddy'o .do .; YID do,
44 kegs Stolid 'A. *ed. -
lib tibia Oat,a4tdsti7 !ammo,
, 76 ,do pew 140.$ large 4a tared.
60 tit 6136 - tie - 'de .
SO abli2low ) 3o;3ciedlant, 4o ,
• ' 261eltes Nerw and 3 ; do, ~;
60 key Bt Cartwaida Sods;
• 20, begs Orela-Prigeratid lilrylcs .
• -ea - do - Stereti; • -
• = 200 -do rast,►la IfladoW Glair;
-300 tett do' 3.716:7 •'
- go Gat daehnzelf Wolf 301110.
663.41aad for oda by.. J 043 /LOYD 00.;
aOI9 . 223, Viral, sad 17.6 Wood Ate:
4 11:18T,ItE0Eilln6et:—. 1 . 8 store end for
.I a nacos rooroono-rromo,
- —2.041,13. 4.70. Zanies. , •
beim M0.41=0103
- 60. W.Ntaerv, 04 .,
,:lasliab Dairy ;
No 4. Navy Beast;
. a& Nun pod pe A ckpi,
30 do . do :Apples.
. -
uA4 O Es and .exatz.u.tleXptlVlOßd
• 'run waxy& - 1
Lambe Zit:silted low inane of leiJitig; - .4nn
,Inettog Plehi Ileced raped b*,
'Preach Home* sad HO Due do do_ d 6
Gendeoenk BewedO Oid i P
cdelni V • iit erc
I .Do d ws AL B M # oo •
Oornerof - Wood and Fourth 'tired.
F-eLOUIt: ; :.,: - '
100tobls.Ciondwizes Imperial, • -.
- - 100 1 do Sigint ?allay - -.-
,: ~..100 do Warstr's do,.' = - - - '
.- - - 4- 100 do 0443r0v0 do, - -,• "'. ,
In dots and for roloby.- ; - 8.8. OLOTD 1100.
60 tom,
Stoat ao ao liontha. . • -
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9 beano ago* Ones Appko, • •
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lb do coaamo.bsest,
60 dos. null Janos &rams, -
IJust recotiredand Soy moo by • . •
salt) ULAN/ VAN cloaDis.
N 0.116 Second *trot.
4-41rti atil4VSlitS
Mist srablvd by liven another Baer AB tbA4llll.
Areal kinds monafactasetL
BUMS A wseaotri 7 BEtO4IIIPiAI4 II3 ,;
BCC ate 47 ' BOWS ASISIST,i .
liarth's 10 . P111160 /Mei, 8 yolk
Lint:lBton% do 'do do.
rayloe•TraBels to Aida.
Itttrtool Bee.= tif dotard Africa.
Chi Molt Igastortal /arks.
Tarns', Boat Ws la limps.
DL Jobn'tt Attlittit tt no to 880140 Demi.
/or sale by ' HAY 80
t 00.0* Wood
. .
FLOUR -2,00 0 bble. Ocesti !dills•• bt.
1,000 do ILL `lemon do. do
000 do Iladoidts do" ' do. '
too do_ Dews hum. A I.bitin. do;
SOD do. °rasp kaboay Mart, zd..;
`SW do - Wancy Insouto, . _ . 1
.1111 Otto; OW,* aro .e.10:41. 01..Todir 1 0011 bud"
loostrod and tot mobil - J. B. MONTT a 00., I
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w -.. A Mistook al Mal Rwerof sessoll , ftilar
blr otySmi, sad as millstone sill b. *anti diesgtba,
Bummer, ss Sibscidgan. No 4 W. Wad strata.
- - - - - P. aIU3IIALL.
RI:FINED bble6 Lo*i-.
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phial., acid retkm , pnwerling toiseLlstOeb int!
•milnitit roduct4 ptfouf, mtudeda• and . Won Vibe
1 . 14 4 431.000 0 ONat.or JOON N= 11 3 56/IA I P.
corms Libeft7 out thud "hosts.
• . • -
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rot bleollife, - -
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hialreaduel by USWILT cor,tat
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20 bbts.,2l 0 ,8010w.f - - -
10- &A- POLO Smog Vim' tr.
• • ••• ;in a VOIGT
, Qutu r_ -it%Diss_z i lo i r tait k
for tatza .
t. mina NMI t ,kb bow*,
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tr ' 4 . 8 " r
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ft 7ra 1..14 Mid B"
Dr A gpinevlt 14 w.
m,kulfaugh. , . , .r- . -.., ._•, 4. ..
saves, tac, 1 large Mole id. ' '-' - ' 1
- , . -,, - UL i! bbl. do do . Ls' d..• •• .• - • '' 1
tar wile Or -. icivrr h- WILSON, • '
6Gbittf~tf `_
4.12 tits, far fondly
rod odd dor- rocei tdroilooi to.
ducal prime, a. am vim* lanNtart 'oft* of- ' ,'-' L
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Jut remind and lot ntipirirowirir,6,wpok
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O.IIOIIIN .011,--60 . Rau forest. by t
= - • • B. A. 141131870011 fee
ofif ' • waif of Mot sad Vbof ots.
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' WAS.—
•IlbenD t.'INDIZEIr s Z e ." IO,6 " " 0
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utor-lt. arrnet, of xitef *sanitize, =~He 4 tea
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Mr. Kann Wilma losur Mid 'NIL Ira:NNW Int trier
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;Wage ta Assem ,bly, slalom to Ow -It ,
'Convention. •
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;caidth-sabjat to the SepitAkas Odo rs
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to obtain the Kepobliots an.
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of tho Boootatoos Waal! I:knncibt*.....
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tp- dedsioq of tba S.pnbucan Cotton
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-' the Third wird, nttebarstii s
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tiviknoart oweation-
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eitattOto toe tbo oWsobjeet to tto Stir
ot,thoOcat oadta- utrii
11011:KMICI ------ NOTABL — DAN 1.
wry Issassossi sin as M a t t tar Ithipsit
oteebn m• stexk !Mislabel* Matta . = yiLte
.putriliOrEuTAlLlL.-1116', 4. T.
IrsailuNor the earesec or strarlask4
elesaleatiltor the - dam of Prodbactori, Woo to
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withle4 "WilmatkaWelittn_A.
150 t, °flutists To, (WO lkir
lba • -01, dr the 11•900.
ea-----------------rBOTUUAIVT.aii:-401i ri • 1 ,0.
Inv" - 0 VATI 6,41 /MOM ciV,li a•Widhist.
lbelPliflLlSma .41 1 # P ill.
patiicall glaLbif Ons•Laim _ , , la
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1 ,21, , im 6 VttEral"."lllll.2'./1 - a concentrated extract : c ,r Para Sarsaparilla.
serrates trawl Salsf)st kw s.u.stotWos Gray at so co mbined other substances of salt
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etaladsktd• al cite antidote fox , the diseaso3 Sarsaparilla is
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it* L la , a e pilst m atprtrunpotstlse remedy is !lif thbse who suffer from
Oren al Omen a WitsbErg Zs WriautS 3 , 4 1 .ar• Strunlous complaint=, and that one which will
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, 4213 Lai r wit !tam e taltatio.htivoui44,_ accomplish their,cure mast prove of immense
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41grtf_, .tIMHOV_2_,Ine:SIEa. SP , ,-...,,,... , Primes, lltormiss, Tomas, Sat ,r Anson.
P m " an""i li T ribLu r' - " SCALD HEAD, STrlittle; AND STPHILTrIO AT
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Mrs. snotaM , asellonetailesa. istava. -, a. Ward This compoundl bef o un d a great pro
worear-L4entatattobtlowatter. A: "earth mo w o f health, }when !taken in the spring, to
rieilea ,'',W7earriaLail."-'*-1t.i4.1., expel the foul humors width fester in the
enif Nenealrlegi Utah Jobestorallonseatodstleesed blood at that season of the year. • Bye
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tte=oA.7,tehero,ll eletireasnas — lied eese the aid of this remedy; spare themselves from
salty iitoilloaT oo • ibliars:=llati am ' the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
l'' 114 11. " t i° l' Ir'' ' 2l4umb li ° I sores through 'wild' 'the yam will st to
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ordered or Overthrown.
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Sarsaparilla- s ec s, and deserves much, the
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in i, ra qu i t ers pa Ip sim p s om a ti o k k a io liroot, reputation of accomplishing these ends. But
et ethareir al to Wake Si mete for sarlipiesnisr the world hes been i,egregiously
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awl beji . .,__ - ,_'• , , „....,- ". — ,;„. 1 preparations ,of it,`r partly becaus the drug
Ai r ri e r',. 7 1 7typ iimw Th" "' 6 ,,, ea 'Ali,,,W . 4 alone has net; all . ,
..the virtue th at is • claimed .
gems iiti . - . len for it, but more Devause many preparation%
- -- -- - - pretending to be Concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little o the Virtue of Stuseparilla.
or ant
l a, : ,
Dun* latp i * public have been mis
led by large bo prey to give a quart .
of Extract of Sarsamirilla for one dollar. Most
of these bevel been frauds upon the sick. for
they not only comitha little, if , Seasapa
rills, but often no curative whatev
er. Hence,4bitter acid pa• disappointment
has followed the Use of the various extracts of
Sarsaparithiskhiett flood the et, mark until the
name itself justly despised, and hae become
synonymous with I,osition tuid cheat. Still
we call this kompcii. Sarsomuilla, tuul intend
to supply such a; remedy as cull nisue the
name from* linol af t obloquy which rests
upon it. - And we Oink. we have ground for
believing it has virtues vilich are irresistible
by-the ordinary. rib cif the diseases it is intend
ed to cure. . • In order to secure their complete
eradication'from the system, the remedy should
be jialidouslY taken according to directions on
the bottle. t i !Alt BY ' ,
- : I rltra'ED
DII. Y. C: A V ER Or CO.
Price, Sliver Bottle ; Six Bottles for $3.,
Ayer'S cherry Pectoral
has won far I itself ea' eh a renown for WO ems ot
every variety of Throat and Lang ComPleint, that
it is entirely unneeenary for us to recount the
evidence 44 its virtues, wherever it has been em
ployed. As; it has, - long been in constant use
throughout this a:ellen, we need notdo mare than
assure the people he q uality is kept up to the teat
it ever has been, an that it may be yelled on to
do for their relief iill it has evtribeen foul to do.
Aye? Cathartic Pills,
, rot.Talt Mkt Or.-- ~,
Costiressess,l Joulaliee Dyspepsia, . tyw:^.
.Dyseatery,, Foul .toso;seh. ErriPeklse .P lleaa4,t
Piles, Rhentaation; Eruptions and Skis Diseases,
Liter ONatilaia4 ,DroPsy,d Mee, - Team& awl
Salt Munas, Warms,' Gait, .7iiietwllio as , a
DinnerTig,• ansfftr arms,'
th k e axi.
They are aigeacosted, so that the incest leni
tive can take them pleasantly, rad-they= the
best apes r in the world:Ter all the purposes of a
f ~ yp hPrice 23 Dina per Bas- Five be= sag dllifn
Gireatntuffiletgytnen , •• 'Pkyrieleim,States.
men, and t personagei, have lent their
names to • the unpimillehtd naafi:dams of these
remedies; but our space Imre will not peradt the
insertion Of time., The fi n is below maned fur
nish palls our Astmucian marastao in which they
are given& With Mao full descriptions of the above
complain' to; aud i t* imam:eat that should be fol
lowed for , thek cure. ii 1 ,-. .
Do not lie 'PA Off hitumtheinled d:sithns with
=parataxis they endue mare profit on.
Avsn'il, - siiil fike, re others. The sick
want theleatvidthere Wei them, and they should
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Under the St. Curler Hotel, Pittsburgh:
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