The Daily Pittsburgh gazette and commercial journal. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1861-1863, August 06, 1861, Image 3

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.DestrialtrflOtiO In iiiiiiiii.htenieintla;•
' - A mOTA..lillittll.-fititescia Pitio:;
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bargb llo .4!isymonilsg, at 4-0. .44 ..-- -It ( Iliented
In the.oll•refliesi of Junes leans Billi i 00.,i short,
distancielniia thii , *d•rif - the Mehowbels itidiei.
: . It aPimees tint tliw tank. which Ws/fully( rill, bad ,
_ i . beet liaklligebek the Watchnind .*ivarba it 64.
soo, - iaitposed, bid :it stopped. Ii tido; brideier,
_. be wu inlatalred..; left It lint h Am . :dhoti'
when It eommieneed leaking egiihr and alll
mlaultd1011) llm : firs in am ftehaelb di. Jirtl7
so lo
short time the what banding was reloped In
fisMos- • Th. ralluery, - with - all, the - mactinerY and
about 120 linnets ief "Matted' oil, was coninletelY di.
_ stroll& ' The lots li eadmated et abut 55,00,0, ea
which thereto no iiiidanos. --.., 1.. 1 ••
• ."' - The grocery satoiji cf John. H.. 0 . Immiell.
• • Maly adjolniegitte refinery, was sown; kdatuaged. •
The mom geode were nearly ell , taken on ine:lith
• - the ezeipdon of s few arnolsii which - huh
wari ail sewed:. The bialldlng;which owned'by
Mrs. 0- Wind-Wit, with the azitepthin of windage
•-- - , hobs pretty wall socirehed and the glass ptidy
-- , riddled, - escaped with brit , little damage. Thfoss.
•i•• ---,.-- on - both more and boildiog, 0, II sup ,wilthot
• ' be over 060 or 11-75;:i - . 7
A smoke house, Occupied fora liable by Fmderlak
Hula, sod.owned by;Mrs. Whitton, was ,eompletely
- destroyed. • Mr. flails lost about 'e ton of hey, Arty
bashes of oats; end four sets 'of harness.. Mau
worn four horse. Id the stable - /A the time, but they
.are taken, Out uninjured. - •
_•-• The blacksmith *bop 'of kir. °Dor Adams, (col
ored) near — the •enit' l of the bridge, was also emu.
- Vanity ,destreyed: • Re lost all hie teals, sad two
new wagon', which had bufiscently been finished.
Mr. Adams, who Is a hard-working unithento, had
but recently started in buskin* Owe --- •
A amble in the tear or `the blacksmith shop, on
copied by lifr:"Beijimiii Banstny, was destroyed,
with a corwiderable. - quantity of bay and oats.
Tuere were fciur beittot . Mimes in It et the time,
but they wire mien d out utirjuted. •
The boat bodge of .ther Atalanta -- Barge Club,
which we Mina - fed blithe - dear 'bank, bet a abort
distance above the.bridge, was destroyed."' There
. were three, scull - baits and a fur-oared ro boat,
belonging lathe Cliqi; in the house, bet4 w. bay were
all eared uniijuredi. , ,-;. - • - '-- - •
Peers, fora tlme,,l wire entertained for the entity
of the bridge. - - A. kild.steilothoat boll lies immedi
ately under it, and it wait thought that the flames
from the burning-boat hump would reach it.' For.
towel'', there was ;linflittie wind at the time, and
but for thin tact the hull and bridge would probably
hue been ;destroyid. An It way - the.toil house
was some w Wit scorehed.- . ••
Three arrests were made for plundering during
the fire, and two of the parties were committed tit
Jen for , trial, by Borieis Barker. Thera being no
orideoce- evilest, the third - . fart), ha—Nue AM
. . _ ___
• j V,_ .
llts Danger of kiosk OLL
; The which hive fuelled is thti
-11-1 , -, 11
coretefinify 'handling otter-hod
1 ' have crente4 the flysheet apPreheeueofte of dope
i oe the atinai of thote,erhociproperty or dereallep
—lll - , 1 ...1 tatty thence to be - Stated le the haetediatie.viein.
refinerlisj 0" '
ity oi leven in proximity to large
stores of that inflammable material. The post few .
months hue witinted'the destruction of $20,000
worth of prOpinti,l. awed by 'earaleinase
Ind partly by thri,lgn nines of those w ho a r e ant
ployed in tie raflobig and handling of rock oil.
An oil rfilitry la no* more - dreaded in the „city
• , •
than a powder unpins would be, and it the peo
ple were - left to Cense, they would give the latter
•. • • .
the profanities.' - • -
2be tali' the; Duquesne - depot and adjoining
buildings (which ears twinned' by the iropplig of
a stook intweanutarickall) have nets yet elated to
born uotifill , ikie tailed ',v0n:114..40 daimo
n'. lire; orflineillig in a similar manner. Thast
cossittie4 rentid With thew or four otherinit very
remote poist of Maio, may - well create dread In
the Minds of the'pehlial Itniquent appeals s» Inds
to Major Wilsotie as to thereon, to be paned, but
the only pone - "blab he has in .the pandas ta to
. hold tie pact; to bail who. may be charged with
mointalolog a orditiowei la dateline of an oil MIA.
tirry, °ris m e sine of tat - Thls &what tottehthe
and the:Only' nutedy seems - to Ili t
'f' - .. .v'X'itith othstileho Min sad beadle the
1 - It Will not ignite spostsasonsly, bet it throws
a. g astom Tipp; highly Intlidetaabbi, Ind - bun
-it 'huddle - 6i **bi ll y guided from tin as • rm.,
de: • .
Ciarylskia s ilitited candle . or limp In "an Lab:dn.
phase 'charged eith this mu, I. •, , parcia4orau
itliongtilt common exprimeat.: When a ilia-beaks
cat fretWilitifejwss,l “naidinte I, too apt to"be sub
stitutedWAßE* . 4k , e 'amdliematie,. Than Speed
ba no iiikslreadir ChtlilllStallollll4li hazardous,
Oilmen have soon - enough to teach trisoitha dagger
of employing 1110e11611 or Ipitrant Lando, and Wittil
the material Is 'ceded as its nature ragtime, we
may output by.twar, 'of IIIIMIM)I12 Masters.
The- ordinate ',prohibiting the .tetining .rof oil
within the oitFlindta should be strictly anforeed.
Every do; prime the libelant of that regulation:
to a sanitary: pato of ,visw alone, the ordinate
would be very wise and proper, bat eh= the danger
to •life and property Wadded, it beams donkey
imptgtent to , the public.; - -
",' ',.. 1
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:.;f:: . ',.li: - :.:: . :i;.;.:::!: - •: - . , 1 ..;i.
;' ''! , ' , i'4'i
!:;-;•, , ;•:i:-:.;.1.,, , ,, ,;,;-:•;•
0,..'5...;>•:,i , .i . i;•.17.:::1• .1:1
.',.. - 4:- . ....;,: :- :i'2i*':' , :.'
'::.:•;i;' , : ,, ;:i.: : '.;•.i.. - :!'.•:-! ., ,;:
4 , : , - i'f. . .I', 1 •:
',i'' ' '.'7..,,,1'!' '*: ~.,': Z . . .4 1 ." :. '.' , '...'..17 '.: , ' 9
'0:1‘?,,:.%-.:.,.":•:,j '-1:
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; :
:;\,w,,: p*:
, : ,M 4 ~:,..
~ N ', .Tt:+:: 4 ,- , -,i-, 144
z%. ;4'..i e..7• : ...„,' 7 .t .;;:....
t•i,:i . ."', , .. . 4 .iNf.l
, 1: - .: , :;•:•:r.:4< •,, I .4 +1 , :•.
IT , rf4 4 ,t s : '•,0:::,. ': 10 . .
;'1 .;44•••1'..' - rN - :: - i' - ..
• ' l':! , :11.....2.". 1 e: '....; 1 •: , ; 4 '
•:`,l. i';': V".. . 1 1 .: i ii.. i •-%
't • '', ' • ''''', '' ?'' i•
s 4 *lst 4:ll. : ' /i1 11 N .. ::
.: ',:.,_: sr.,: -.;;"...4. , ...,..
1 ,..i, 3: 1: 4:;: 4 1 4 1P•1iTii:.."
;i'f l ix'ET:it'l l t''''-'4r 4l '
~ .i., • • , ';•,,..,..,-.,,-•
; .•I'.i: , +s ,- ' t':,:l
- , 1- 1 ;',, ,, ;;.44;f: ! 1i:i 1 '.;; 41 ,-K,'
V.l'le'•`.6*::;•;" , i.4!*;
4 l'.'- li ., ~:1 1 kiigW.
':4 111;i 4 5;14 „,
40 -14 't , g*.; . .4"1':::
.1,;i, - ;.'i , : 4.::4 - ::.- . .:,.,";..4:
• -
. .
. .
Tao Bum or' Tiii - Dic i vieri Depot .%—Tilt
Tame ortherDediesior Depot of the Posseybraela
-• Itadroad Dumpily bus Irma staffersd to-smoulder
✓ over alece - tbe ley Auld tbs. peopie residing to they
Ogiffq# 4, twi biu*ltt or the amass ps
_ • ego Ougooadag iradfke *WM VW from the debris. -
The whale_ veijiiallataweffeet spat the throat
I ' _ and: tong,, aid thus Ihflarf meat- by complale of
' . 4 mire 'broke self idoltitemt -, l:be.Pdayor hie settled
% • the rampeby to. bilis the In r latimgelehed. and the .
. ataiter.mtil sts doibt be attended to promptly.
Siaee.tb. *bore; was wriumlo we jests. that
the complay has mew actively engaged. is pattlet
Rar, the Gm,' which if by stO meats a very may tub.
-;L:' :
Tosvorma Covnuir.-On - Blinds), Lfonton
Aso flutebit otonn nitantr - cmiry,entinenta a i
On'Comp VI na, whore (boy airs noir. Enclosed,
• otonfry =army limn 'mats consty.': Yawl
the same officer niinnentO in I t B. Pittersotios
Mut ennapany of Union Cavalry,far ur fqhoon yearn
or the g • ..
Sospnar Thonsor,,- Patrick Tierney, employed at
miaow/ hoary on - Third ahoy and Avoid.
ist Wobinannntet,:illeii suddialiolflatarday. -
c on ga Binnwiey'nol4 as Locianot. sad tlin -jog.
• nonnntlitObi3OonfloOilnni iliimuM died of ape!,
PIM-At***l64o. l fl i f id *l.
elogist - at I. • iiiim*del who Sole
5g54,1,P45_ett.91 4 "..A -1 " 1 4* d0* 416 7 -4 0,
t . ; 6aatra r 1 9 iew
.0. 1 16 j
. ••;.-
1 ~,:.
_ iiitizosewmu. brim ea4b,
u• ovst.'o.o ll # ll o;.kilveded
t,i416.4„ •-•—•
r ,E; •
if as
zatori la 5-10
Some time Mace "'meeting oreltissna appointed
a conitnitteesto wake - prosiaion for'the nabsistanea
of the soldiers ihay, rented_laath C.:‘ , / old
ware-horae, - Mrena& aniageminis the feeding
the soldier*. ThM CAMBIUMS hare constanaleated
with the ,War 'llePiztament regarding the matter
which th ey basin bouge, and list week", Hai.
Thomas M. Howe.: their chermast,neeeired from
the Drparnnent 'Mpg of the following order :
mos lissom:sem donna: OMIRMAI Onocel
Cowart: I aur metracted to dimmt,you to n.
arise Mid L lDlUltilii" glarlriCo it • Pittsburgh, la
squad' of '3O or more, voltutteers for three years
centre. 'These sOlunteers, whim mustered is, will
be vezdtpi yoa to Comp %Whims, wed be then sub.'.
slated by the Govmemest ender the supervisioa,of
younelt and
I ma, Commit, yettrohedient Servant,
Gto:'D. Becmes, Asetittij.t
To Lieot, Col. Emoty,Opr Mimmandiii offieer of
ad Cuatry
This is &capital furszestamit, end will be availed
-of by all the new'regimeutesowitocraiting here.
The Secretary oli Witr.hes also communicated to
Howe M. How the ism that tbe," . voluateers.thas nom
'amid in sad encamped herelmmedisody,
clothed Red ittiliMed. ' , Those who may how Joie
the army limo autrdepeold opoo Goveramest
takieg pod Um* of them. •
„Ttlkaa* ef ;HLaop Bowman.
. ,
Tbelitat teat* of Ibislimits= minister. whisk hoe
. tamsd deep regret to hundreds one chime, 00.
. • •
Mild in thii left mushy bythoAlleolmay
Talley it."ll:,m's Messily Wain on tiatirloy moratop-
Mtaadlia it;gikto)isiempit'and Malmo to Dollar to
iStieluirte of hisvoislisteriil &ti105...0/1 farthing lb.
break at Pasha*, wok, omaakmott by the yormat
waablogieMy of the holdwo at that, p atat; the other
palm:wen met ,haid•Carle to movey-rhess to the
slide at Cluirtters,mbloh trod aotau . bestt — rwatnid.
but Bishop Bowmen add be onfernei walling, a.
the diatom* woe shots Wl= the . panes perk
reaehod the point where they were to tato the other
than, the Bishop hid motivate %mind aftsr.waidej
• for his they went , naelaand 'fond his lylag span
the week dead. , An inquest was bent sod *Ware
of ...Ewalt by_the visitation of Clod' reorrewl, . The
'body woe placed on the ant downward Moto. pod
anteing hamaarty ik the, aftsmoos, trtur roomed
to Bt. Pads Church. • Dar: Meath sod Brom att,
"an" thi "dr; bat Sonia Sat deterslas the muse
of thwth. whether aiopkty or ron.otroko, mithrooto,
post mate= examtsatioa; *blab was not beta. ; The
body wu sett to Lanamtar (tdiplaosit Moldetwos)
la toteramat, laallege of Bem - B.lf. Via Deems,
Jabot godsse aod.N. B. Smoot. Esq. ~elettop Bow ,
man was is Lh• sus yav of las add 4" able:
learned and ninth belated diatom. • - ••• -• • •
Peletredze Oettorer_ deourese.-0e Beterdey
i arternoos a little fellow, three aed a half years of
.go. so. of Jahn pitch, glaablower at Phillips It
^Co.% works, rwr eerbrarly II sot Wally Wand.,
its wee playing oeTersisylviuda Avena4,betwies
Mmes 'ad drephierwir Wrest; whoa Int - Was knierki.
ed dolor by a hotse — adiebed to comer the posse.
ger nitlwar,eanri thee pewter. His littler wee
taught , between the track and one of abs 'wheels
and terra:4l.o=lod, Wing the lietb open from
midway, of..the -OW.- to below the howl aid
availed the knee joint: The flab wee cradled
too jelly and - the; dirt front (be road droved)*
_ •
trozwsg-wA- - •
4, wry paeo-lciyrcarrte,4
°~ ~:=Y!~etdAtFt~ctnr
• tv*t OvAt•
ipletr ar*Tated ritkiaptrirllVA,!np; km* For:
the sFtt!mg -,8 0:1y1 -- ea-T4 ;Efhr
— had Instiftt'fdr Ilia - ligaments •
litssalithe bava** eedZoitv'fif'the fifd l o l 4
Mfdak i Mir former stsiking
, _ n
4Meta..tilitar- fan took pliatk,whinb'Wlts
BMA la , putties us both !Meg --Osier the
inlilitiMCß - Maed Meatus - A. Ountunte4 Wan attack
litvismttkine ems With' a Mak loglietkii three
.- _ .
nly, trotinds:,_Thil Saute fait, that ,track
Bemtain anew pistol from his pocket, and but for
Ilie3aMrferstote „of some bystanders would fa all
probability have shit WM.: Onnimine was toasted
and taken ; o the of of. Di. Badge:l...Cut dressed
Maim& Betwaa thou conveyed to the Melot's
Meseta Plaid in the look.ap. • • ' -
"The bar.keeper, Whose name Is Zebu Heimir, tab
alto aniseed; and Wend bail for eremites hearing.
Allot the units 'bad bian mid., Jeglia,-01 tbs
aOldiers- soli entered the house, made an attack
on the inmates (somiof whom it b said art WWJsnd
ileveralyt mashed the - windows, 'doig n and all
pit liztarec:baltlad : the bar . . - At this stage. of and;
CZlags, the police interfered and closed the
which conditioa :it will probably remain
for carnotite* to come.
Titers wore' errant d' esprit fights in the vi.
',deity. of ,Ififth gad Eireitaeld Mesta yeeterdiy—
Om ;milieu in amity every !armee being drunken
*Sidle's. Bei for the prompt interference of the
•ree the. probability is that soma of them, at
east, would have resulted sedately, The Mayor
deterinteed that a stop must be pat to the repo
titum °reach litigracelai steam, and to accomplish
this pallor* as eats pollee fotoo - irill be placed on
duty . to-day. :It limed neivittaryike will lame a
proclathatioa taqttitiegill the & habit houses to:
aloes until such time as ordernaa be folly restored._
The folloiriag 6 e comparailve Atatsttasat of:the
Backs of this airy for the ninth of Aaiitist. as opal
pared irlth that of kat mouth ,
Br pktate
et rk
&M. 0
China 0
Iron City
Aliseum7 ^
R 79 6.
kasha 1404417 93.3081
DOG ' to
Pt IL- 101:44144.51Dep0r154 I 34551.
121.131 1,184,135 26,818
1,211,611 343,456 31,213
11 41; 642,201 '277,090 32,299
Citlseatr.. 400,373 184,829 • 5,915
1192,345 145,575 22,280
Iron City. „.. 323,241 333,528 9,149
6111liglisoy 446,346 181,897 30,969
~• . • -
• 3 , 33 7.7 6 1 2,540,608 148.683
Vatri tt0tah„......... 3,631.289 2,393,198 249,128
93.8321 ..... I 100,648
Tait Wei/Niemen Run* rot Tau, 1581.--
This nainber of the Weittniuter: jut Fabliau' is
this country, mutates several utielee which will
trir need-with intermit, if.not with immingled pleas
ord. Oa certain sebjects, the w r iters in this Re
view siddriteconduct their-;discussions in a - spirit,
or with Watt, anch u to evoke oar sympathies.
Havertliless, it ta riot eaproficable to be led to
consider the etandloint and the Views therms de
rived of those whose =tend teidescies ate towards
a negative symem--in faith. if not also in Philos*.
phy. Rue tbe , ermet Warsaw:sr:l article in tits
preent umber, - Christian Creeds and then De
faaders,*. Canted= alter:marker Ile ill-catore of
which unlit - not wholly io preracc teem . from
doieg good. - .. , 114, taright to irvo. 0000 flout an
enemy:yr, The costume of thts rumber ore: The
Life aid Letters of fle.l:7e,c•ciachrr ; Tie Salmon
/Uhlman of Ragland lhd W; . 1. - . 1 Tilt C ritical
Theory sod Writing' of IL Taint; MIIE. Mill on Re
p_resentatire Goverern..nt: btu,
Eisatarial.Afrida and to lotr.S::rmt&; Et,-
History of eivilin.:tion g:t.:11 . -
CreedeandtheirDTh..idArr.;qot. , mrni-.7
For We by Mr. Einry.M.r.,: v.l[Z,•!,
for Pittsburgh.
- •
ThelhinavUle Gazate i,;l4.erea a table skewing
the amount of oil shipped over the P. & E. Railroad
from Na.. 1859, to the end of June, 1801, to b.
71;449 barrels.. The heaviest motith in that time
*as /annul Intiln watch' 15,052-wmet shipped.
Speaking - of the wells In operations near Titus.
waled the following taste concerning those
lately - opened : The Haysland -Merrick well at
480 fut, flow, about 100 bemol• per day. It tope
fin- at dret . deo:ores buildings, . engines, &e.
Tbe Floyd - wattle 1170 feet. amp, sod yields 160
barrels, per slay,. The amount of oil in this well
was greatly increased daring a hard thunderstorm.
Haldennia & Manny meek' a vein a 1 .444 feet a
week ago; and th e well bui flowed about 200 bar.
rats.. Pelf's well Booed 2,600' barrels in eight .
week,. •• The Phillio's well was opened a week
ago and Imeyielded about 400 barrels per day. The
Folk wall is still doing big business.: In nine weeks.
be. Solved 9000 band;
•which have been cav
ed, with as estimated looellt. 400 barrels a week.
The Quatro notices the insular phenomena in
a well near Roosevillst.. The tea becomes highly
magnetised, particularly fast before the oil here.
to flow when the gas is abandeet, eo much so that
lo iron cop 'adheres to it with considerable force.
.163c0r Alum Oaks.
The President tuts appointed this gallant son of
Penneylvaniee Brigadier General. Gan. Oaks is a
Rpm of.Jadge Cali of Lycoming county, Pa., and
iv:graduate of. West Point. - He armed With dia.
Unction in the maiden war, having' bass breveted
melee fort:write:ions servica goose ye= siege be
was 'utilised at the . Arsanal ir li t tawreoceville. He
is married So a daughter of th Anthony Beelen,
ol ibis , 'city. Lately he commanded a- Fort In
Taut. At .the time of Tenmee treason. Captain
Oaks huniedly lett Tins mad came - to ,
to aid -in quelling the. riballkui. .He is now in
Wester. Virgule actively discharging - his duty.
His friends is thiseity will leant with pleasure of
his promotiori. will do credit to himself and
to onr...good old &Me t es there is no m
or element officer in the service. ,
: Taltritsm—Notwithstaudiag the hot weather, the
beautiful otos,. Miss:Addle Proctor, end the
coma! Rohm Mr. 8. W. Glees, ocenredid in
comfortably filling the theatre last stealer with a
reshimiable and appreciative audios*, who loudly
applauded the mull ..Poistem made by these fa
vorite performers during the. progressioa or the
phone fa which they eppeued. Ass Procter does
irrisythiag undertalies with . such frau 'and
ease that people cannot dootberwiss thus admire
hems up ot the Oarsman is -whish Ole appears;
while Mr. Glenn bee nen* Retard way of making
spectators laughi that we would. sot be surprised,
did the pair 'combined, would fill 'the bones for
only evonsgs to come. To. eight a huge bill Will
be 'offered, sad all iho stay awsyales II rare
-United Watts Dfstillet Govt.
~Mode', August s.—Befon Judge AleCandlese.
At the opals/ of Court, the owe of Daniel W.
easighnoor wee ettliEted. If tiropelett delivered a
eery able address to the itah - sed eland the Fn.
meat on behalf of the Athena, -
Maiden Attaciary Qualm inn atidtened Our
jay an behalf of Ins Oorsennuast, a:plaiting
the law awl applying tb. textbnaay In . vary forelbl•
After reasiving I deu aid laapartlal diary from
that:load, thajory rettnd to matt up der verdict.
: The joy, of sr rumbaing oat eon f o'clock, re-
Ovid a vordiat of WI,: Tat Claud :than. ad
joind until thia monitor.-
` -Ahowerr.—.Triterday evening, u, some labor
teg wee were -engaged Is eamovleg the uffbith
which had aceatenleted at Abe Diquene Depot, in'
coatUneareed tee tam dtr, one of the - walle toed=
dual Out of: the mum,whore pima we
were tumble to aleeetale, Wes eirionely
Bit had weiehoeklarly cat and braised, and It le
reared he _!wita -both iateesidly. -'The other work- -
'eine narrowly. eeesped.: The Wilted tun wu
Olin to hie ref4deue on Point shey, and a physi•
elan calla/tato, drew his would,.-
. _
EXIIIIIITILT Of AT.—.A conies .ssaired
Messina& . 175., the othish_dey, if . 0112 Bohlen ,
having -been shot at daring the jaunty no lets then
three dines; by 'the seameted setests. One bell
struck him on the Masi psued,through some old
papers in his side . - wakes sad 41:tuosd elf upon
bastes of hie patsies:le, mealy bre:thin the skin
So se to bring she blood.* - AapiLet 1:211 panted
throagit the leg of Ids pastalnuts..ll6 read trots
Homo** so clubbing littixt - b3 ka r4. roadto ,
• - . • . .
Hoist Testi r.,ace a
OM named Miller @told a hurts. f:orn 3 gtatleatatt
ht- horse vika uremia* Washington,
Pl.; mhos be kad beau -414oadd oL Col: Byers
meted heat the torair of the hodal deactiption
of thethiar, who arraated Wail fro' dui twee;
and he aria committed to , jell lot lortbetpreceed-,
thran.—Mr:, A: W. Taylor, formal cozionolod
with gilt machine +born- or tio Pittabutgb,".tort
Waring Maio Railway. Company at : Allegheny
City,dlitil La Cardenar, otba, /101911 three woolly
nisei& Be hid been eatrigad ae
,4.9 mittinait in a
radar atablbbment ,;
Cosmrtiso.-The-caai of the United States vs.
Shoemaker ? of Johnstown, indicted for making ind
pawing .bas bean cot:Masan
anal neat tarm;upon 'application of delendsai's
conenet,' .;
Cmt.' Bowtre ass raetivediaatriatioa• to All bli
n[lmaatat Gaol sat report to the Saeratuy it
- k. ssa named litiabad
Bekrli ' nul ' AlanT '""" as ii, i hq tur Awn do
pDm waswilimuml
od, it ii - f5 l 9!rtf .. - =.:,, •• ! ',:: s'''..-'
44E4 4 an = t a a ,olis iliitl4 ,
sciiiiii .af ;,
....,---,.• ~.-d-,1::•-f,"-.:::_- - ::: , ':: , ".,-- . 11...7. i:;' , :3"--. , .. C4-- - ',..'''
.-..A:griatioil-tirsatitivrfititsitassiit Wren raised .
as Sta ' bpiißi the .other; day,V,Wdwitiplac
Patchiertit Biotite at sithwe of 114 parttei,itato;
tag thituis of 440010 e compute
the Usk* "it.•;•)01.11Be an ;their way from Bet
ha, eit,!cilsinttsayefees Etnek he the txmberea
bridge: it short distance cut -of Cambridge, ad
weroie s criticiLaredition. Thiyoung men as
injured . were James Oliver, - of Botabeaulle. and a
tnothrie of Mayor Over,' (slow serving as Captain
is the 25th. rsehient,) sad Jobe Lowe, ass of
'Georgi Bruen, Of Cross creek. • Babwegoest
patches iumounes. that . Brows : fits died. and 'tut
Oliver:woe Wahine Teo fast.
• -
Arrivals It the
777. .I.PS•Owdor
OW Addle PniCkir, If Y •
.8 Orowhoy. Lionlmoco !
J G JAW., -•
B 815 7 4, Blactscillo
P P KO; Browtrolao
• 8 81tc6h, W Middletami
. ill7lBloB HOl3llll-1
01108E1 MOW
7. Ilpineo, Altoona
Hodsdoo,, ilay got, Ye
I Beso,liartoillo •
W Itoymood. Philo .
kt Nor, POW.
II Garrott do
Bator, do
P Snow. do
W H •lock, do
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Bwrookt, A•twoo
8 P Socy, Phil.
Cooley, do W
W dimpoosa. Much 11111
T U**, Po
JP Sarsaw • at Anthony
IL Pwt.o•Bmw.
n Own boll. Char& DM
W &lowa, Loakcillo
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PS Boiclay. anclontil
O 8717 ray, McKeesport .
Toter Wm do
• D °Domin o lath Roe%
111•OLII llClTE7.—.llbock
ssl,nda. INN°4'."dot•te Eby
W Dija, Pa
ND Aaron, NY
D Vaulty. Johnstown
Jll.lLimwou, ibkaldon
maws acrrin,4l.
429,85 I
' 31,313
H 0 Oahailt akar, Trahr. I
Ida. •Ie
.T Haad;Btaaar
W J 9ymma, Bridgeville
J Maori IMAM, .
T Sethson, CleMstul
lin LION norr4-:.
a. t. aosacaL
0 W 1401d,Balem, 0
a T Goths • .
'W Twiddle, Waab, Pa
7. •111,1470
B Franklin, Ideadodport I J O Maw. 08 Cavidir
D A 17.7 a lir Gala, do
W liffttodlth, Nam 0 P Gononi do
II 1113dtstodt. Swift, 0 Scott DH Hopktod, do
J rcltodeldo, If B *mai J Bombe. • d d
.1 Osumi • . do 3 Louden% de
L Uglier, do J Neal, do
T U ("diem. do 3 Orgy, do
T Carlo, do • I 60b1s1N, do
• D Clialfey. do CB andel, . do
.7 THIN . do d Nandi, do
D *Perry.
.. _ A Tboaspodo, do
B low*, • d JO II Iv" so, do
WAUSAU—Ai one trolark p.m., August 6(0, WM
LIAM BIXBY WAIL SHAM, apd 1 'ear, 10 martllm and
14 MO
The funeral will take pima at l p. m.. Anna/ Elk, ham
tEe resPeota of Ma pereatia 4'0.47 Moslem arm;Ark
ftMal: 7b
friends of the hmlly are nwpsethlly Melted
tD attend.
Ecutscs, 07 PHILADrEnuA.- , This
gentleman, as wail be seen by en advertisement,
will oir in Pittabargh for; two des—Monday and
Tuesdety, August Sib aed 6,b—at the office of Dr.
goite, No. 140 Wood street. where be has been
prescribing for patients for the last two years with
remarkable success.. Schenck has an Minns-
Meat know. sit a Respirometer, with which he ex
amined Lungs, aad by which beets tell tbeir enact
condition sad the remedies proper to be glove in
`Carl Case. For a thormsgh ezmniestion of the
luccs bin charge is Three Dollars, brit for advice
be maker no charge. Persons examined in his
tomer' visits are °rambled without charge.
Wilk-Scoop Foot). =Attention is called to
lb% Ll* ronsirsoldo and salsolles propasstlos,advathod
In anoints damn- It Is an sannoly now dlorstrory, odd
must aid En tostoanded with 'any of • in* scossrosi patent
m.dtdeset Ins-aay. It Isla oortato nods foe sit Ms
dloamaspoetllod, and aspsetolly thoisTof • ebronto motors
.4.0 l lobo statsdlog—ol nests manna, and yearn &est.
Inn 1t74
Steam Corson • bosons ' , of Now Took. an, tb auto
won tat tt, sod also proprlokas at Vas worldosnotrood
Dr. lattan Waxen& coallau, on orttclo which moss
lionaridtoold haws In Ow nostidtaa dont In coos of mod;
nod ossitablng. ao It duo, na paregorlo or apts.. at say
kiwi, atom iw vsliod opou 1111110041 almost cottedonos,azd
CU Or loud an losolnable spooled to all ears of lalsolllo
onaptolats —otdo San .Thrzwal, Clalootbon
limbos •sdnastlootoooL. tar No by USU. 11. g rain
&mum Wow 01- Plitlabotab..Ps. dol73tulasl/
To Horse Owners.
•13.11. , : - /WALT,' Ilfiraia. ULM Lint.
aMN Troa earleandl'y any; la all
easafor Luilatmoionotolt fly* BMW, ar WO W.'
ita 114, amatal sad cortata.,. arum at 6•:.'1
Darla, &Tambov', blaagoOla„, tt alaa care mamma -
Sparta 404 Stuatvata may to sully promatml and =nod lo
mak loatlplant smog, but atoollumal man ma Dermal t.*
Kattility al a radmad ear of W. Mad, tev•Mor
M ea &Mende ea Impale., bat it may be allerbtbd by Ude
Lineman; and Its fantail epptembon win elmaya moon
the Lamer end enable the bare te Vint with ocalpsce
the ri..
• beery bale career devoid W. Mb remedy at hand, be
U. Waal/ U. lathe drat appearance of Lamar min Mho
wally preheat U.S. lermsdahls dire mpWad, te
widen ail how... and eetleb evader en many eab.
meets* eikabi• homes...4ly artelbleem'
a..admetememmet. ,
AM..DocroaNaar Care and Homo.
pubic Phisieienj also lone for Rainbow's celebrated
Truss for Rupsonal. • Corner of Pam and Wayne
15tre ,
fitStt , Dseertsitc—Dr. ,0. SW. No. US Peon
street, :atteohr to all breathes of the Dental proles.
seriLtnws -FizarsDl Ur Xvnr Mozarzwo,
fmax, 10 till 12. by 0. W. 111011ACWIAISL11, Ji., Ms Oa*
tawrint,rower Wylie and /11111@i. • „I3I, I.. arALL - should not &Dm react 4tte Myer.
of Pent Wand. la 1.4444", was,
iL Illinleint-,111. wean of •n Audition am.
mitissoin ths 1 ttli lidglinienc (Dail Cimptell, Co`onel
onnmindium)ot cad appointed item earl Oom~•ol. atm
mdionisin bids mein plum! %Ow sad dinned to to pind
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lisafine Drum linate an p•r $ IS In
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Itagimostrl lent% ta 11211 fix Aria month.,.—._ 944 00
For Drains 1 12
Bowen for llimpitid Musa. biolobar
. 06
Maine ,100arsa 00, Drayage', all
o Wa7o, 1111 60
Olannlog and Drytng 1600
Palate:lads 13 1 1 for Mud*, 00. . 26 10
Boarding Eirglntestal Band at 76600
211122, Petra* 00
fk,roing 00g0 ohatslo/ ' 00
M. 1.211101 6111 for liftmen • • 2gg
Boarding a Vora for FOratai Or. 10 1.0
'blinds:4lA PE1011:00. .... It 00
itaglorintal ' 1200
7'0 11 0 112 1, 00 / 0 4 AC . 10 1 as 76
• total . .-41.6111 7 6
• 70. (*origin bills warn dYilorirsd, lea thinipaollog lai
tarrxiiit haring nosily annimod thopnymant of Um maw
02.1, Boarding: &a, at Tara-- . . -„,„,2160 40
C. 13, 0 10 0110 2 811.6221dted at 0221;;0rgt,—.... 223 121
C.. B. Lainbar,Ae, tornishr4 by Ma (box, rt 001
• Tiral 6410
sisd 11,trudi . rjainall 0010 at !oar-- • 211 00
• 2ba aroma 2,001r0d flour 11.21020/0.1 road thus
tar 21276 00
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OoLoarnpboll 101evilog Iha warammilt wars pafrody
cornet. botionbkand..ino, and 0. torroby
votary ad ta the prombra. ;• . •
1, • • DANIEL LlAlll7ll.ll,llbalrman, •
11M110111L 2.2111111, Oa A,
. 0 W.:Ta11111111, 041, •
W. 1.1 . 0221112A211,Ca D
. . 1.2.
: • C2 0 1 2 1 1 ,141,0 0.0,
an; J.
M B. 210300,
- ' •
GROO&R1118-- •• . •
Nolo o bb4 Pslm2.ll 0 kr01002., oak putogoo, •
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;$0 Otos P00rg012110 , 11121.P.
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• ZOO Id ;buds Impalal 111 sod 0 f boo, .
102 100 onortof brood, Totowa
24110t0 and tor oat* by- . • •
•• . -au styli Dtt.woar a.
of Wm. Y. DuUogtou, eaggagtratar of Ma Aug.
rg Bridge, to b• thaufriOntFrale.sl9„,,Fgaggry Ur*
84 1 1 . .
• Asa bola, la ill; let ZlS.lllet. small sireoiro nab
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nbat thy Prothosaatry eve Mb* by palille•than Is.
thy Plitybargb DiatY &WU bad al U. Ddir IXch. l4,
00.111aannka Pr an* 'mak, 41 th . aslablilos Illug of
anti walnut
sod asstd. alittbst nay "WU allowed
" ta. nth dela inning. Um, Roam *task Pram% to
mal the it..%briL .• D. iIDISTRONO, • -
13,2141irsuard - r Poolboaatary.
Ur.QUITu BMW—White, Blue, -Pink.
AIL istemi Dolan, sholaidio sad (stall, et vary b►
mtt : Arm. .ea If Pam owes..
fleitTiffini& BC/Mk:, and OAP BOXES
71 4:1—Toebiewndeiti Cletniudo. Wpm sow crders
for that vecoutremnts pmertly; tagatlSlK with SMI. sod
2141 11, 4,tm • - PIMAILAJUDDLI GU -
11.6 Mott" stmt. oppodlit
Pataluilk Ana MO liao of Soo theibrothof,
rodoettoo pfloO k foolono oaf the
I•TOBI,ILiaIbUff • CO,
sof ffos,l7 mad menials:tout.
s tliffoo W. W. TbOgasof boron itatiltall foredo by , - votor a 00,80 üb.fty «ma.
nay ismu • SD HAVON
a hhda prlms.l.,*lorl wd 1571 , 1•Mbr
sot ' 11. VOIOT CO, W Lherir street.
O bbl e. N. U. MOLASBES—In store and
0 . 0
for Nlie by 1.111. VONT a Co,,
T 114 0114-475 bble.B.sw and tailed,
ju Rod e by . 004
eerier of alai and Wood via
T "6
TOWNBlll2.atid LOOM. LAWo of
viontaTivatiu—ocosamittrml Ito AN of 21 .
dy Na .2. 1 / 2 12, OR. gauss. PllO. $1 25.
1' : 4: 1.6. M: I tr. kit. •: ANTI .
At a ttAt Nam ili e wsrl ion ts
I Oi - rAuttuaroa, Aug.
Brawrz.—The &Mate met at .11 o'clock this
Mr. King presented the petition of, citizens of
.Western New York, in favor of the establishment
of a National Armory at the village of Genoozo.
Mr. Trumbull, of Illinois, presented the memo.
1.41 of Alfred Gottuie, on the subject of a steam
Basting hatter,. Also the petition of citizen of
Illinois in favor of prosecuting the war with energy.
Mr. Soulebury, of Del, mined to take up the
resolution which he `tamed some time since,
proposing amendments to the Constitution for the
adjustment of the present difficulty.. The motion
was disagreed to; yeas 11, nays 24. The yeas were
u follows. Breekinridge, Bright,Carlile,.! Johnson,
of Mo" Latham, MeDhugal, Pierce, Polk, Powell,
Rice end Saulsbury.
The motion to take op the bill was agreed to.
Mr. Brecluoridger called for the yeas and nays on
the amendment or the House, which was agreed
to—yeas 24, nays 11, as follow.: Nays—Mesita.
Breckieriage, Bright, Carrie, Cowanii :
of M0., - Lulththam, Pearce, Polk, Powell, Rice
'elnelpill Hotels.
Third nut Wood Wall..
l arßoismu.salloLm
I im
J B nWoon, d do o
BO Mein,- do
Ohaplo, Ohio
J O Taylor,Woe. City
•aOG.Liharryito .
13 5 WAWA, Micameeta
ISVClteek; do
W DUWA, Plano
CI Loa, Crastilos,o
rlll ll ,
8 Mitchell. Wash P.
0 H Allay Indisaapolb
FA .1 Wamaa, N!
al Mahal. JalWatoaa
JOIN.. Pella
A Josiah Irtrawat
ltclachillia,. • •
Orawbat. PDW
T otwr, Algoma
Illerrew, 0
11 Om* itavama
3 B headwall, Philo
P • Meow, do •
W H Gordon, Pa r
L e Iloatawhary Pa
• withheld and Wail dream.
Mr. Brecklaridge presented a petition caned by
600 churns of Niagara county, NOV York, depre
safaris civil war u leading to disunion, and asking
Congress to pan ap amendment to the Constitution
or call immediatsly for a National Convention.
He said the petal n was assosopaniad by a letter,
stating that many ors cl - ffiiir would be teat if
Congress condone in & a lga ' ' raw days longer.
Mr. Harris, of N York. prisented the mem
orials of the Cham er of Commerce of New York
on the tariff. It wits read and laid on the table.
Also, is bill to incorporate the Washington Panes.
ger. Railway Company. Referivd to the Counallta•
on the District of Columbia.
R Oramur,l2th Beet
Own% Maribor% do
♦ llsooltoo, Port Pm-
Mr. lialeiof N. ti,from the Committee on Naval
Affair*, reported. a joist , fetOhltloll authorising.
COulee Jemes to rife one large cannon, aid to
bees ft Dieted; and, also, to provide for an seamy
faction of James' projected for rifled cannon.
Agreed to. Mao a resolanon that the salary of
Asbury Dickens, lite of. the Sainte, be continued
tor one year. Also, a bill to provide for the en
listments in War of the Heated btatea- -Paned. - -
Mr. Wilson wired tii•jake rip the House hill to
promote the„tEciencV,of the Eegineer Corps.
Several ameh l ifineets le • made to Stettin.
Mr. Wilk ;riLjklaar We ars
en amendment to .
add four •per ati .to the pay of privates
and non-com lestbned cars of voluoteer• sere.
log for thre,Aorio lief' , acme ,liscuesion the
amendment WltiCwitlitirewn, with a view to offer le
ID a separate biIi..SZA,"
Wawa Vain=h4
t4pbese, enema,
y street, Wow dritenti.
Y CUus,Onomborg
Thompooto, A hilsautorg
0 SW!, Groondlurg
L O , P4r
it Deer, Greensbwg
Won, root 'm
JS Allstro,
0 W Lao, hod, ,0
• (7 By.d, Butker
Mr. Johneon aired an unendroant that Congress
recommend to the 'Governor, of the several Wrier
that delegatea be sleeted by itch Congretivional
district, to form a general convention to meet 'at
Loturrille, my., to tate mamma for restoring
peace to the country.
Mr. Garin., of Va., raid that no man war more
In favor ,4 peace than himself, hut, to the preeanee
of a large army to overthrow GU Government, be
thotigbt It vary loopportune that molt an amend
ment ought not to be offered until nett an• 11114
was disbuds& He thought Oaten& an emend
:nut, loilead of producing poses, would only pro.'
tong °brit war. • .
N 0.6. Stehle greet
Pried, Hannay
Ilmoal, Pa
N 0.137. Water anat.
Mr. MoDougsll, of California, said di* passage of
sash so ainsadinsot was not ooly inopportune. bat
The ammo:latent was Msagrasd to—sayi 29, sass
9. Ths litter as follows:
aye—Meews. Baysid, Braoklaridge,.. Bright,
Johnson, ! Latham, Placa, Polk, Powell and Seale
bory-9.. The bill was nen passed.
Mr. Trizuthnli, of !IL, from the Committee on the
Judiciary, reported a bill relative to appeals In coo
talzt land.easew to the-State of California, which,
after amftidsient, was passed.:.. ..
Mr. Coltman.. of Vermont. oared • wilohltioilhai
• Prwlident of tha Benue be elected to act • In the
aboanoe of the Taw Primldant, and to hold the *thee
Datil Ids enocessor la elected, and to perform all the
dual's of the Presithentpro row. •
Mr. Postai of Cr., mowed to take op the rapids!'
the Committee chi Jadleday on lb. twee of the con
tested sent from Kansas.
Mr. Linea of Kansas, laid that he had never as
oepted the appointment of Brigadier General; or
acted in any way Si Brigadier.. If a Kasai hot.
gad., altar it I. formed, should signify a desire to
have hint ,as their loader, thee be would feel it his
duty to lead them, and when ha did accept sorb ap
pointment, be than would inform the Senate and ro.
sign his seat
After further di/mouton the Senate refuted to pro
ceed to tbtz , neideration of the repot:.
Mr. W from the Committee on Military
Affairs, reportid a bill to increase the pay of privates
and non.siommissioned dithers of the army, and vol.
tam, ea ow end sailors. bill provides on in
crease of 2 par month. Laid over.
Mr. tii the Introduced a bin in relation be the.
army an 4 voluntaers of the United States. The bill
legalithessid approves of the proclamation of the
President r icalling ant the volunteers, 4te. , .
Mr. Pearce, of Md., objected to its present CClll
skteration, and the bill was laid over.
Mr. Wilson moved to take op the bill locraasiog .
do pay of privates and non.commieeloned OEM/ of
the artoy,land volunteers, marines, and sailors.
Mr. Consoler, of Vt., moved to amend en as to
increase the pity to $4 per month, indeed of $2.
Carried—Yeas - IS, nays 17.
Mr. Wilson moved to amend by adding the bill
approvlagl and legalising Ws military proclamation
of the President.— •
Ths anis:lda:rent was weed to, sad the but mat
• The Batiste then WWII lota Ecoontire Beulah.
. . . _ ..„
Elouss.4—Mr. Philip', of Mo., appeared in his
peat for the first time this session.
The Speaker laid before the Boum a letter from
Gan. ft. Il i . Canis, of lowa, statieg that he !meant
to the Goirmor of his State Ms remignatrou as a
repreeentitire from that State, douse of a military
character prompting me to this cdunie. ft will be
recollected that be has recently been appointed a
Brigadier Beneral.
Mr. Vallandighatn. of Ohio introduced a loitit
resolutiod relating to the holding of a Clotivention
of States to amend the Collatitation. On Ma motion
it was referrad to e.. Committee of the Whole cm
the state pl the Union.
The [Nun punt! the Senate bill creative a
metropolitan pollee system for the District of Co-
Isimbisi and to establish a police therefor.- Toe'
bill was opt even read.
Mr. Cower[, of bid., offered c preamble setting
forth thetlerbile it Will the duly of Congress,. by
proper leilitlation, to strengthen the hands of the
goterneent end to sustain the supremacy of the
leers, it ui so Invthelr duty to necklet into the
original Cann of the dinection, •and apply such
remedies as may reetorepeace, tot:eluding with a
neolnueCthat a joint committee, consisting of
WIN member■ ti the House arid four of the he n -.
ate, be appointed to consider and report nob.
emeedmehis to the Constituilonike In their judg
ment, will best restore confidence and insure the
preservation of the Union.
Mr. Lovejoy, of Illinois, mound that the resole.
Son be tido on the table. Agreed to—yeas 72,
nays 39. •
Mr. Blair, of Mo., from the •
Committee en Mili
tary AGIN, reported a bill, whin was passed, to
pay the volunteer eons say under Capt. White, for
protesting the railroad bridges at Oakland, Md.
Mr. H4legg, of Illinois, asked and obtained leers
to report from the Judiciary Committee the bill 61-
big the niimber of members of the House ceder the
lam asasuli, after Much 3,1863, at 239, to be appor
tioned among the moral Stain In anordance with
the act *OB3O. . The bill proired..
The House ixectorml In the Sanity's amendment
to the bill authorising addittonal enlistments In the
navy, sulking • out the word ''searkiesr no bill
was puma. • • .
Mr. Potter, of Indienei from the Jedlebtry Coat-,
mine', reported the fiesete r bill providing for bold.
lig District and Ciroult - Courts of the United States
during the temporary absence or inability of the
Judges. Passed.
Mr. Potter elm repotted the Senate bill requiring
an oath or allegiannand to support the Constltn.
don, front, those lei the elvil service of the United
States. • ,
Co motlon - of Mr. Mame, of Pe., the Donee took
op the Senate bill addbff $4 per mouth to-the pay
of ton.eointatestoned yews, mask/ape, of taloa
taint, seamen -and ordkuny seamen, and
approving and jegalising all acts nadir preolatea.
tton of Ohs. President after. Montt: 4th, 1821,. /*-
epode's the army and navy, regarding them of the
tam* afoot as It. tbsy..had been erarrattesi by the
previously 'sound will Of Coatings.,
Mr. Wan Witham objected; Wets there could be'
• dlatiaetvete on the 2/ section approving the sate
.Thtl bill use passed In the lame form aa It same
from iithe Senate. Adjourned.
KO' alit;'
...sigma. 11104 August 6.—By to morrow islyht it
gain Aortas& Om comity seats of Malmo, Mont:.
vouch Liboolo, Callaway, Androlna, Pike, Balls,
hfidtros r llandolpbellovrerd. !Won, SWOP. Clark
sad Livingston oonitlisi willi r by is - simaltassoos
enormous, be occopisd by strong bales of Unfold
atitill fOrpllB. the oommanding *Moen of whims will
appoint . * Committee of .Pnblio B&sq from amoog
the most Supossible Mamas of the county, viticve
doty it 'ball th to grassfire ths pampa In their holm.
Hon otinnilast; Emli COsimlttos shall Demist of not
morfilbsui four gowns, sod whiumem It aan con;
olstshtly too dom. the groper ocianty Oleos shall be
solsotodai. wombat.. lio one Moth appolotod shall.
but permitted to dulls% nor shalt ton to peddler MO
&dim hider soar peaaftim as the Commaading
.11enand shall MEL .Thent .4:imitation an °buts*
.sooordblg to aii geared orders Out. Pope
hrlth tho slaty of. malotaihilag pnos - sad-and lo
their' rssgeatirs aostudesomd shall Moro pow
call out all Millions of the county to aussob at
snob times and plow, and In sub thinihodi la i
bs namotafp to /SCILTIVOIM otdostM: -.. i . i
LOIIIIYILLX, Aag. 6—T4s leguilathe eke
•tevalted Henley, elitor pt t6n
mot, la el.eted over- Sa.Governor blaniweu , by
900 to 1100 majority, /bielvTrepregestir u atoll
majoritylii - Jefferson .codetyi , thelinum- maj
in Om city is about 6000. :Judge Buchan, U ion,
is slatted over Seam B. Clayton, in Payette e
ty, by 600 to 600 majority. Itiobard C. Aide a,
nepbew of Sumter Asdenron, is efeeied in j? et.
lie county by (rem 300 to 400 majority:' J. W
Jacobs,Usioo, le elected in. Oldham county. The
tatirllN thus far indicate a relative-Ualna- majority.
as large or larger than at the last Congressional'
election. All le quiet at the
{att. in the aftersoon, a !dated rencoutre oecumad'
at the Gill Horise r between.lildward Campbell sad
Thomas Savage, wherein botb were *overtly
jareilobe latter probably fatally;
8/111.4 Hoot, Aturott 6.--Tbla monthly • otaa:
*Mt of eke Rev York 2Sik eurprind s - tonict of
robot tawdry at a house opiosit• Point of Itackt.
VAT Idlled tbroit, trtnasdadAlre, took anon prima.
Ws, oapkved ism banes , itod rearotud the rives
*about taw
is Isirportskthat's eacilderiblo body of robot
•, Timm, Is sedampest cc iscui# bent. . .
... •
- •
Iliitereeitnstromarope': -
Pater Aitg.;:4.—The moaner Anglo
Saifahltete Limited, wiskii'edsices to the 27th
ult., throe daps later than those faraislied ahe
.Faltaa, *Mind to-eight. -
The itiglo. Saxon Wisp
.170 passengers and
The stenter &segue° had sailed kw Bow York
specie fist of 226,0042,
A wnt kid been issued prevail:a Ilit the election
ci a member of the Noon of COMMONe for the
city of London,in place of Lord John Howell.
Sir Robert eel, it is said, will be Bauman , for
A publicmeeting, having verereac• to the Amer.
'can crud , was held in London, on ths 241 n, the
object tieing to present a testimonial to Rev. Dr.
Cheerer, et Now York. Dr. C. spoke strongly
agatmit the secede. States. and advocated the *be.
lition el "slavery a dots incumbent on the Fed
eral Drovernmeat.
. .•
The Moister fro
made s!Vgbly•sa
trom•Tioo, le a d
Bone.'—da the
the Popeannoun
course of lwhah
the contfnued on
but waeseetaible o
order kneel made a
m the Kingdom o
LainaiVlA Lo Dosinviair.--The London De
posit add iscoa • Beek and Fun Insurance Como
pity, a a w and salt affair, has stopped payment,
with ade ciency I 300 000 pounds. nussuspett
sowtlion • tail m. h misery on the poor depositors.
Fungus c, Jul 26.—A reactionary, band has
been form dat lloochanella. Trtoopr will be die.
patched prevent their crossing the frontier.
Pan:l,loly 26.—A Constantinople dispatch,
dated toe sis
4tb, says the Sultan continues to effect
.. I
reform.t is promed to modify the prrsorusei
of the J 0 gem, and diminish the privilege and eel
arias of the Council of Judges. The rations al.
lowed to 'the civil turctionanes bays been stepped,
in consiiqbence of a complaint , from the French
embassy.. i e
Cadis,l sly 25.—A daughter of the Duke Mont
portlier to ead.
sly 16.--The ofilisial Gazette says two
indltidinil bays bon arrested on the charge of en
listing it runs for the Pentland army. They
had Papal and Austrian passports. A list of men
enrolled el as 1660, and a quantity of Bourbon and
Papal p Its and decorations ware fmad upon
them. T y ware about to enter the Itall army,
in order tai corrupt the soldiers. -
Liserpo f Brserfstefs Mark/rt.—Means. R chard
son & spruce report the breadstuff' market dull at
easier quotation.. Floor Dui downward tendency,
chiefly oe Ithe inferior qualities, which are 6d low
er; eaten St 27. 61. Wheat: Wilts Western Ile
662;1130. 6d; Rea do 6siti)lls; whits Southern Is
steady.' ors : Mixed 27.@221 6d; yellow 31,@
. ,
36r. white quiet bat steady.
ifverPo I Pror6aisns Aforkal.—Provisions con
tinue dui James McHenry, Blgland, Athya &
Co. ' and other astboritiev,„report beef flat, pork
'ill dectir lag, baron quiet at 50r, lard steady at
47.@49e,ta110w quiet at 29.431 e.
Lova-11 Proi ace Market.—ashes, both ,pots
sod pearls, steady; sugar Inactive; rice dull; cot.
fee steadj,J spirits turpeoune still-advancing—sales
at 7s @pc idt Too 0., common, dull.
London Mangy liftrkrt— Console for mousy quo.
ted at 8914,93: •
~: illattilimilon.
Wasuitgrow, ug. A.—The repreeentativerof
the newiiiiper . p en at Washiegtott recently held
o conauli4ion tit Major General Melanin et
hie specief invite ion, when a committee Was ease
imouly gipoin is view of th e suggestlonilrom
him on 041 he siou, and to transmit them to ed.
Iton of ill 'nears leers in the loyal Sum; and the
District of
i l Cole bit.
lat. Ti t ails eh editors 'hall be rep:meted to
. retrain freer .. pa atelier; ei th er as aditarm!s or as
•corrrepoilderts, or any description, or from any
paint, anyltnauer that may furnish aid sad emektrt
to the so/lay.:
24. - Thak they . ba also rcquated sad magically
sencited ti 'lrony to their correspondents here and
eVsewhere their approval of the foregoing emu.
tine and ; campy oath it in spirit and letters The rn i ce lose resolved that the goverament be
reepectlelli requested to allied the rePreentativet
„I .
of the press [saline, for obtaining end Immediate
ly trepunitting all information satiable. for pabli
catieni pefticelarly touching _engagement with the
enemy. 'den. McClelland he signed his spinout.
A half ;Which has passed both hooter, providing
for the pelishoteet of crimes naiad the United
State., vie to with imprisonment nod Ems any one
who eallos prow's., black or whits, to aid the re.
hellion tip well as those ciliated; white another
kindred bill debar. the owner of a alas. what em..
piny§ hilATIlp a standar coarse from any chili to his
recovery i: !thee hung the slave from hie disloyal
muter.:, t I
Throne ( the efforts of Gen. Sickles, an important
proitsion_bee bee
esteem iticepto
Sstn servieb ler o
tie way, eSe to
gors4tior mail the
dressed pi) of
so addiuettal yes
city 01 .beet $2O.
erabodsedln the
Foarki • Mon oh.— Tie Baltirriere.—The Ver
mont re Paint now embarking at Newport
News anti; will ors for New Heves early tomorrow.
It it mid %bat . Benedis hag relegated, but be
'gull reandire at • airport News. Mora order ,and
disciplinalnevai a there since the prohibition of
intoxicating drink.. Hereafter all the packiges
cud to Old Point belonging to °Mears and privates
are to be examined by the Proven Miriltall and the
spictuouglionors lousd in themwill be Weed over
to thehospital. GlO Butler has eat a said exam
pie to. minding. hems indoor ones or wine 'and
liquor. forwarded to him as prasente. •
• The sousiner S. IL Spanldlog will gamy to Boston
the celebrifted Winans 'teem pa. . _
Prof. LeMonetaie has discovered that the rebels
are mounting two very targeting on llieweilis Point,
with the idea of intoymg the 'hippie( at Old Point,
if not of teaching the fortmg.
Sy. Lome, Austen 6.—Yeetaiday ru the hottest
day of Melte atop, the thanneenster standing at 105
deems itli the abide, at 3 o'clock p. tn. Fifteen
deattui, thei afoot of the beat, 'are repotted by the
: Biz zraw'resimeata of voleetesre mewl, ready
to be mastered tab service for the war. • '
Trent - 14u load, of idiot, shall, reaohad hare
,ins Saturday ; also a larp npmber of Enfield
titles and koonaldentis qamitity perodat. 6
Fire oar, lands of ammunition ranched Cairo on
flatordahly the Illinois Oentral Ralltuad.
Oar troc - ips oaelpy • farm adJolettrig Monnt Vfior..
ion, on 00 side.
H hp the Patentee.
Wetter* that Oen. MeOA of Penns,leant; is to
he appolated to thee command of the troops between
tiers and kolot of Reek& Bonn ten regiments bees
boon senf,thltbsr with(' • few dayi. Oat of tbla
probably tau 'sprang the foolish raper that he iris
to supersede General Banks.
Passes are Do looser even the market people LIT.
fig fo Vir l ifigs, Irbleh'ents a halt tha market from
this city.
The Prat of Trues,
The 114 of hues oersted a demand to know
ebether ee bad bung any nt the Sobel:Pitfalls:a,
sod $ thriat of summery retaliation aboald each be
lb* cam a.No reply au warned. The °Zher was
however blinded an Inforhal minicrandsmaddratied
to an particular parson, and 'lmply
,stailat dist the
&hods of OoL Chimeras felt touch eolith:de la ha
poi to Ka fats and that any Information of th•dh.
position of. blur hoar, U found, mould be gratefully
We ettarratand that Mr. Bracklaridpoiptearea
the higheat opiatot of Get. Wealth:oe military
A Nesho,Sbere 'yap' the fortiticatiOaa al Mai. — -
Atio:aain7 works ectesele louseal lilies
-rlooethe rarvist .iwttie •
.eh ape • ati• rt-'asmi•errebr apiad : :. the • lasethil,
mile or Iwo •this hide el - that:Obit; cicadas' Ma:
Alexerofria• and, Orange.. Rthrzedirrad eateries'
some uhatilase.•aroaDA:ii the lies • 'of. that work. '
On Ws ninCol: th ir wait works, be says hribitit
heard thwlwbriera say that thei tart.batteries staf . •
• ttoold'al beast desirableiablet oa theArlfaraht
phoebesjig hit 'dews as SOlLltua k so, Oat they
could meat thOssiay - reveril hailer. oat aad vsda
hOt bath; if the trait eatrierbb
oasis ari ki•the the : Jaaettor,' , .--.,ps 'the,bolas of this
mat etshiiikmeita. - he ISO; the moat of thalami •
ghas• ste SioaaterVoit snivel Isaiah ea side, riake .
brans relAradir, - ,erith:loatimotives in solo ease
arreaSiatirehert, es it seedy salami at asset:Oaths
siernme, - .,,1bi1s a get : many thher,trabut # sole' of
thela• , lsided : with , < troSharialero' - oteresi,- lid •
othere4agrill•bee ea Me -Oasts- of the kodi
ioithlhoehautivis Itticher4tia -'the •
thaetifit iithisdaace: '.••• •_.• •• • •
-`Riot:. iornispondeets, soldiers, and *Neer,
.201) candies to mortal' along t-om 1,000 to 1000
dead sr*** the battle field at Hellos Rao. Now.
tbe'Ragonal troops Inee lees thin 300 la lulled,
*haw druid north@ °then and At greater mamba t
The conogazdieg ranee who - totem to sake an
dacha reilort - -11. bur low, I. not aboirdths
ids oltatiing off:dead. and ideating *swan
of_tbotentsay. ,Thlt was any at Balla Rariarhere
111111iftli ROO %regiwentit had naltoeury and arm
almost enintty ionie et - Oar torso. if than'
Were Rasa hundreid.thad bailee on that
and Att ii abort! Om , amigo :B townies Awe—
More tbstl twelve hanbed 0111Ints 'went DOM.
nieer'-'ltortrondtt the7'deellnitto glvenhe4 dip&
gill clog fil4t 21 4 1100 11•01.--at , T. 3FdMttiw
4.4;;. - e•. - ;; t - ;' , ;;;.... 40 .- • -- ;:4,,-4.;:,;;;:; , :,
. , . .. . „ . ..
plated frignoi Black Prince boo
actors trial trip on therOlyde.
emperor if • expected to return
7 or two, with restored health.
• nsiatery, at Rome, on the 23d,
ed a short allocution -in the
!e declared himself ignited for
pation by the French troop.,
the abuse which the enemies of
it will make of the act of France
n'adopted bPCongreas. AU vol.
by the President and mustered
e, two or three years. or during
be paid from that time, without
reach the The Inv
per month to rolenteate involves
it expenditure from the Treas.
1 , 00,n00. - This provialon buboes
•rm of a loan.
WAINER/IM. August 3, 1881.
Rlassut Vernosa.
The Itoboy Oa AfcWsllaa.
Asia tem act. swim,
ed - flii , ikati4lfto him
general in tin United
ry dreaded". Oa' tide,
Jve of experience within
M considered t trait-
OW Oa at ud eau the
laded Vadat iomilliza
34th Ntni York Roo
&saga Alillsorith the
alas wide* trete lets at
inseam* mrthent
sickets are sa to e
t those duo 4
'oat ey a.
be canal II row eo•wen
aced L Geograteera to.
(roles:air ease oit the
- in snail bodies, pad
Winded With Oar troops.
, aheaetti Regnant are
the Loss Brides, and
misra o Pall Ne
prraisposias ItLiaitirrs;
71 Ifizlotto0. Yaaaif, Aikalt 4 ism
&mad far Star ea lama Ilgbt, sad b.
lzaaactiono aro tiarlaid coal lots. flo fu bowing',
as pat*, ors cabotraid, that kat tow's* damp rhatiat.
mina. eau 0.207.b10 hag/ 114 0,600t00m ao 4i al
lor /lan. lad U.lOOlOO 40 do 140
at 011603,23-410, labor Agars Lot Wida
11111X1211111—tabanged bat aria 'with a Wk. too.lro
queob saw lam 100 bop Rio ( tar"; rill 12'4"
la do do, to moray. at 1110,0404; &AM/ old alp *atm.
aMa We Ilizor Bows Ityrop 0110. sltia7
Id NOM. to 0 011 117.
BACON—tlet adt,w6o. prime 'Midair/a; ' id*
010.600 be Shaiad•rt at IMO; 1410 I
Zvi thatti4ill
at 10. .
WELIBIET—rtum rake 7 bble romaron•
do do et 1130.
00831—in grad demand with bat ti •in marten; &alien
track dew= load of common tar airryo, and 165'karat'
prime Stalled ram More seek..
. .
Plia -25 t 5 • 5 1cd; isle of 2 bbl . No 2 !littoral at $OO3
and 16 ha II bbla 11 Wire Fish at $3,25. [
II•T—Bala on wharf of ID tons Wad at 0. 56 11 iv,.
From scabs it fa eaUing at $7 to $2 P • ' • 1' ' '
011111252-Bala otlJl bozo. prim. W
~t 1 Inn* a lb. j• • .
1160011,3--Bala of 10 dos tinny at 7011 loin
OlL—Thadomoust for Chide Olibla ',lmpronact and giticia
manliest an advancing landancy. W• not* • *al. 01,202
bbla Gun Allegturny W.U. at li. gei—cith. 11**
holden ars &Aldan It and 19*. •
BALI--54, otllo bbl. No I atsl,l II Dbl.
. Imports by Itttier, • • .:,!
CIACINNATI—pri Soggy bobs, 7 PUN. a.
!ChM a co;100 bbia grhhay. 11IINe a Woks toos; 911. k.
shoot, BT Somody lU , bblo Soar;7 AU, mai...,
300 Op; 011 mai, WA* a oac 10 11. Mohooorm, Ilorthme
• lbonor; IS de do, Brost Illtkpatilakv 60 do do, JAM
ltbyd k co; AO do do. Atwell, Lon Al co.
DlSPerts 11116140a4.
PrITILIII3OI, Pr Wdiai 6 , C3122dd1t Bin Roo ,—Aug.
6 .1..6 Ina MEd, I ck; 6 Wu win, V. TIMMS:A a ag I
car abluglos, Jobs Um/am Ido do, I. Swift; 10 dcz tote,
lo do eniedbuard., Back I Lnebri 4 befe oil. W P 190 , 0 1 / 1 824
1 111 egg; U /lupins= a co; 20 aka bank..ll iddeuudion;
66 dxs mum. W 9/.ltece; 1 ct old copper. I do braes,
U0..11 6 khd. pro•Bloob, Zug a P.lnter; 21 111. flour.
abound./ b Lang; 100 bide., a bellaul; 60 Us mud*, If
Bolters 1 co; 60 bole led Isky. Guinan Idosiptunr..
1117sM101 (UMW", BALL - :11.D.—Alairod 2--
8 *empty bbi.,ll.l.llllobad, 841111 a do; 3 bbls pews. John
/Subaru 1 bblasp, /OD obis etaar .ass by mitt feed, ti A
Noble; 16 ban paper, 11 B Godfrey; 9 ban flour.ll/.l>odald
U Arbucktr,2 et. luny efartln Ina; 6 - Dbl. wrap Itoiti
Drudirot do du, Lyon, t haat itedr; 6 bale flow; B rho t
86 do co, /as WIWI at co; 123 bdl..p.fese, J J Lai du
slant, L Wilmartar 106b1. ermine', Ibr-Flos . co. .
Th. rim contloure io mete atiorty .Bb 4 feet lodate
In the charmed Ws oreelad by ths Ora matt.. IS Is Pleb.
obis, booms that the beery abowers ef tho WS low by.. lntl duck It op s Ihrus---.Tbri arrivals also. oar Mai rb.
port wore the Malabo oustt BoIWr Ina Nethrdl. hem
staelonahl, Wade the Ids May far Lootorlllo woo the Only
&porton. The tutor host bad • Mfr beipOsthstabei •
Lsomber of plowmen.
A. f lit Bo etert odvotttootoet, the doe dames Na . '
eillo.Clept. 1.8 BanOsy, u wombed to kers bar 81.41 th
today. Mr. t Z. Jones, BM orlaeut des, will be M 4.4
to the edloo• ot ill Mai., ready to trailers boohoo. Itho
nßllesvo this molos sod se tatotaka
th• Moist stoma all.ttop,Cept. Ilatobloson, • •
a bolsi thence la the govornmeat ettei..-14 boa oltelo're ,
tamed, sod to rawly to moles bo.h freight sod psetoos9e.
tor soy patot bettnoto hero and LoolorM. eh. .Bt Islam
to Immo, (Wedooolan toreatog streeriesloek. • Mr. JOhn
Weary hachure eta. aa.. . - •
Markets by Talairewphw
Bair TOM Aactst_ I.—Cotton Ara; 1600 baba •old'at
Y.l admen. middling sl6%. Maur ana; 18,040 bbaw
maga dt 100. , 1 SCo, OWO L 45 T 5 Waal drag was. 170,500
bash; Ottawa aping 90®o?, =want. Cab 93.$611:01;
red western 11 lft whit. Emmcly Eat 36. owne
era; 183560 bash Nola at 406 4 ,- Wr. addl. 604560. Baum
dna7. at 60634. Lard W moots Ataqs94. Want,' la dad
at 1
Partamosat, August 4—Tioar dolt. Wan KO WA' did
stack wroatara $3760114; *atm orit 2601 6q. sad Nib;
gamd ham saw wbaaa at SS. By. Moat 6311 St $3. Cbra
Mad wasemaad draw at $3 Ot *Mat la red wwqmabeeta•
6000 bur at $1 met la las aad and $l5O badman • Altio:
Cam Iv aactraggaq walta_old yellow at 6241336. Thera ; fa
ea Maass Menem**. Waist, taw 8330. - • •
VOA. CINCINNATI, 1/01J1Z-lariit.
ULU. tad PT. LOIIII3.—Sbit Pao pa
adapt atoms PIaatIVILLI, Capt. P. It: P.m.,. low
Lim tor tits 4am-sand latarotattea pan:Mtn cow
day) 2111111-110, at d Volum. foe tralegt or pump
as oa Wad. - •
NnOti uIN4.IINfI Ali and LOUIS- •
„L" VII.= —Ms ip did proloicor stoat.
ay EfarrlNGS, Capt hottnooo, will beet tot tom ottrook
sad ell Intonoolloto pans= InttaitEDaT, yce thug*.
.4 4 0:took p. to. lcr trotilti or wogs opply oo bootAitr
to .anti. J. B. LEVI MO TON a 00.,6gtolo;
IleAltlN tx.rNatlitimustab.-.. . ~..
.11) IMO Mc of III:
6000.16 a of Rionldea; • -
11000 loa. of Ithfooi ' '
Is lANe sal smoke. Tor ROA by --1
IrtIONALD A 4RotrOELII, ,•„•
' 1111 libolorla Grocers. 1/24` [Arty ttreet.
box.. W. A. Cleans. WM: 1!
6 Ws. Apps,, to ant,*
lbu bEnla. Moto, Potatota; r
1 8 .1**l farx.Lbl ' INANE VAN GOIDIVIL, ti
hu VIA 11l Peend strehti
Q., MAR VIRZI) HAMS ANI) . B&Sfe , :.
10 10 Uwe:ea beefs' MrlottetS nom Cu. nubs; -, '
10 do do Cleoremed Beet;
TOr Ws by 111SOS* PAKYLSR,
1/ 19 009 Liberty etro.Ll
Lusitturerimi U l 4-20 . 1)111a. tsuperior
Ulric:Wets OU, fr Duck Oroik, Inintasect Was
ft= grit at neatved awl ks mile by . , ,7
Lima a rarataii, ~,••
his _ .. .. .. 112 &mid st'F
CIIIOIOE RIO .(3tirrics.;-4o .bags
I:bolo:11W Oodv•Just ,coadve4 ; abo •. large rapctly
of Flow trnicusynsick• Joralka".•binkvill be *cal kW.
wholccabovc Matt by, :JOHN A. RaiNtillAW, • ;;..;
sal •'• loonier of 14berty and RAM Oa,
Initto and Tonoir ettionaut remand " 4 kt . 64.
by te• barn, or at MAL° si lowet matss pricav at' Os
Namlly Oman" Eton of • • ,74)1E1N ih.11.11135HA11, •
CARPET ISRoolllo—Juit received a Matt
lot of No. 1 Wpm &wow Uwe mar. olas. Stao
low mad Ellokoo7 Bpl.ll Sort bang •Ilmossts, Or solo Itt:
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Ir. Geo. 11. Keyser.
iholesale Diuggist,
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2/faeles Brilßeal Cure Truss. -
, . .
Billies Patent Truss. . I
ritelfs Supporta Truss. - I
rlrSeKAdjustingVrttes. -
. Banning's Lace-orRAY brice, for the
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Yal breaknomea' -
Dir. S. S. Titelea Silrer-Plated Supporter.
Pile Pnips, for the support and ca r e of
Katlic Stockings, for weak and varicose
'el Knee Caps, for weak kneejointe..
nklb Supporters, for weak tinkle joints.
8 _, 610 1 7 sitandulDso• ..
Self-Ejecting Syringes; Ilmi, every kind
of Syringes.
i . .. Kamm has also a Trues Whie - h will
radic e olly cure Hernia or Raplasre. -
(HE at his Drug Store, No: 140 Wood
sign of the Golden Mortar.
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Addreen DR. GXO. U. KIM&
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I._ At DS ALTSBIL'S, 140 Wood pr. ' . .
, "It DI. ICSYSEWS,I4O Wood st.
• At DA. 'LATIUMI,I4O Wood rt.
At 116,1tA16160,110.W00d
At DA. SAY EMI'S, 140 Wood
• At DM HATBIAT.ItO Wood at. " •
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RAIL ROAD SPDILS, ClLtaith- , ,,
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