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Tam Enna pftwwieoz► - Baa4.ustii.."-Fiom. in
cad friend, ' the Mnlopiet the poet of Lieutenant
Colones of tide Regiment, we have received *
letter, front which we. extract the folloning,
conecnibtg,tlie_rimarlut'of our, tnirreepondeat
.upon she under-ids commend:.
!•I leant' from an old friend of Pittsburgh
!het - your, papei notion the atiloir* this regi
- - meet very:unfavorably. • _ _
I know that yea - would. not willingly de . as
lojustioe, isad that you would rather err favor.
ably toward as old friend like me then other.
wise. - •
• We Iv:inters reen,'stood .our ground better,
our flag„ i 7,) Allied more' of the enemy, and
took aorc prisoners than any other regiment I
saw in the battle, or here beard of since."
Our correspondent cast-no imputetions upon
the bravery of the Minnesota Re I I; -- I,lk
g men 0
sit tee reSt; it bettered nobly ••while in action,
and the sword of its lames Is oerudoly credits
ble to the!etand it Made upon the held. Whet
- - our correiiondent remstkr; upon wee, not in
it. . •
behavior.under fire, but the fret that it left
the field lite lo the afternoon, apparently with
out an °MOGI.; that the men oomplained of_hav
, log no one to command them; and that looking
round among them, not a man with a strap on
his shoulder was to be seen.
It was to this part of the day's history our
oorthepondent directed his attention, and to
nothing Ass connected with that regiment. Ws
are glad to note that, as one not after another
comes cut in the record of that day, the bright..
re grove the credit of ail our troops for bravery.
No doubt sow exists that every regiment that
thin went into action behaved with great inter.
pidity,ddring the nice hours of bard fighting
that 000nSed ; and this renders the Panto that
seised this afterward the more utonLehing and
We elMuld be tray sorry to our Mead, the
Ltedt bilonel of this regiment, any bjustioe.
We are seared that he behaved nobly and gal
lantly l!trougaout, the fight, and wa:do not doubt
it; and , the Colonel, the letter before no tells
got sepa rated trout the main body of the regi
sent euly in the day, with three hundred of
his miii,iwith whom be fought in another part
7 . . ' •
of tee Atilt'_was The Lieut. Colonel the last to
feces, when, hi. reghaeut retired, and „this ao-
Mounts: for hie not being at their head; bat
there were the esptaina and lieutenants!
; frawitne zurorenann.
; At lin opening of the war there was an arty
t vol at linilebing, every day, of "a reliable gob
elemart from the South," who came loaded with
Impertitit infornudion and whose statements
were duly.telegraphed all over the country. It
: was very enginr that only one of these "fella
', ble" gentlemen should arrive at once, and that
tine Comb every day; but so it . was.
• - Bbortly afterwerds the "reliable" gentlemen
chaegetf, the scene of their arrival to Westing
: ton, and the sensation correspondents of the
Y. Essterit I press had the privilege of convening
itrith inn of them every day. These fellows
0... were eillefe ,"reliable ;" but their accounts
never agreed
Their,elme, however, is up. They have given
;dine to the "escaped prisoner" Jost from the
'hospital at Centreville or Idanassae. ' Enry - day
he tarns up with expositions of Beauregard's
10f course It Is well understood AMA
ilesurekeri conferred freely with him during
' - :hie leopileonmeit, and gave him a great.'deal of
Informitlon which was withheld from the louth.
fern Miners themselves.
Heide the !' e soaped prisoner" is able le glee
- us the rim& number of-the rebel troops; and to
inform:us to-day that Besuregard is manhing
en - Weiittington, and to-morrow that he is acting
and will sot only on the deftssiee. If any are
regretting thsf the tattle of 801 l Run wu fought,
- - . let It ph remembered that had it not been for our
',.mlerforiane, we shoaldaow be wiibout the doily
supplyiet. important and carrell news which the
"escaped prinner"..bringe as
_ „
I r A Queer Val= Nan. •
Human 'peach, whatever_ quelldu have been
attribtited to it in times past by sussriog wits
of thei . 'faUeyrand type.; u the vehicle of 'con
' ceellig itiought has never been more strikingly
supple than in certain of the tar:ailed °Border"
Stater; Ez•Governor Morehead, of Kentucky,
sae midting a speech some days ago, &inured's
Creak Orldge, In that Btate, and declared that
the Preyir of his heart - iris - that the Confeder
ale dais might triumph over the Stir Spangled
Bennet , en:every battlefield. Aud yet Ex-Oor•
. eruct Morehead claims to be a trice Union =II
a very lover _of the Union:and the Coned.
intionnotwlthstanding_ that - prayer of his
The=hioreheeds and „Mays and Popells and
Barnette:and 7 Breeklueldges, form a class of
--Bordrvrierhose exploits In eonfoundlngell lines
- and Likud marks the:fined:ad the boundaries of
truth . and falsehood, will compare with the most
weeklies and ormorupulons sets of !Seeder war.
fare ikat barn yet beenchronioled latcry.
''' 4 ": .?- " : "'''-i-1 Ciitioaszir adjatirti.ta:day. It hae u been . I n n
..''''''''''' ' ' soil. end In that abort`
0.'......:_ , :-.... , .. , 1111111/1011 aID *
a l 7 reg b .
k.: -7. : 1 - ':''''' done i*o much VOA IS I. I'
' 1:-. " - ' '.'" 'lt has artthorized the enlistment
~ ' 1 "- Ml*r.hrstion•-.
-"-`;'-."' ri , iiiinaiie .., It DeOes.rsT; i PP"P i
i:f,.- -- ‘; : ' - Ab g initissivooii • p dootoi,eleir p urposes; 71riniii
,:,'..-:•-?' i p iii i3 O gi ur ' Bob.messnry - taw; sothor s iz t e o d in tb:
''' . ' tes In sums ofs6,
~,,,,,, -..., - , issui pf ireviaryl2o_ ,
t 1 `--• ~ 't , ':!?t., -' - the properly of the re be l; a nd
•-„:,•,,ie...,„diteet)sx; monied th e .
••• , : 2 ' , ..,.. '',, , .j..r . .n' lb. aliquots. &eked for by the goy- ,
7:)4'tstil4l OtO w 7ii — fot tiCsa - ppnission of *be JtabelliOn.
. ' ' los • It s measures
„It .b 'bees itfe iftifilt. ! ss ' rt 5 , . and
o iolio l eihi. with, the highest ", 10, P° a _'. f or
',:theif.effeat'opan the country-1011h, reit
genendlohe to coati.
_. . I__
GIL. Washington come.
Wtadent et , the N. Y. commircia ddogntier
hints that Gin. ItioCiellsa is not to rentals folic
4 - in Washington. lie nye: • -
VIII Cot surprise too it Nee; McClellan
soon earnmee, lie tamer command in Wanton:
Visgthia. - He bee, I suspect, bath ordered boil
tamely seeppetiatle clamorieg of the publio.'!
Abe Stemoringet the OAR° keep him
Any attempt to saint ktim oirnmet have
•-:." a Mei* one,eireot both en the troop!, and the
entatty.- Let him stay !hem be le:
Twit Drennaeon.—When Gen. Genet' wu
killed by or troops in Waders Virginia, his
bodl wu taken ease of, embalmed and etas
bows to k i s mends, but "ibis Got Cameron
- 1 ay killed by the Titbits the emu sent after his
bodj were impelsoned. *ilset not your pearls
before tine, lest they time again end rend
pi :,. • .. Tar. Carroasu ♦excernes AT Rl= Mao". ...._____ , m ___
~r in , i. ,.... T ,
I* 3 '''':. - - ill ! ' —et- carr°4"debt or U. cl° ` llsl6 21 ' 4 " sall s l7w * kZe " B . e " n n ato ‘ r Wilson '''''' wes . m;l b tinl
iivig „i t ' 9 " l ., (4 ,, l° „„„ inig .r * :o: so ll to u c a 5 1 i : 0 e L t ...... " 44 ; h o e , Ms nostril) utrest in Virginia, on being se-'.
up( , stvi t V.., ,- "r -- ',., - - --'--- pulsed by a teamster, whose Worn he sought
f - at Mona."" - 7,000 to occupy, he protested, in plaintive accents,
, 1,004 ottikots#lB,(X o fouods.,°f Powder , that be was Henry Wilson,. of Massachusetts.
c 101 0 th , io 9991 1 ii, r ,,...* 4 °9 ' 3 4/ "a 1 t...." o ca rs tt; 4 .,.. -I T 4 The MIMI* or the teamster' was to the point,
s -4 - ~,.. . , , ,T,, v ,,,, 1*11441 2 p i " 6 A ,A' It 4;a t I , , 73 °41 / 4 93 i7', 2 1,,, T " 's in s,, t o — i of - o dors, ''Llemy Wilson be d—d. I have kicked him
."'-' 4OM palmitin% l'bookinstua forge, t bora "AO oil the wagon six 00301111Ifeadr."
filmes , clota,tresiused ealo9eliolfilleorroimi
. kuldir a_ brio' lot Oi ilgillp4olltoT4l,dragii, 4:Lodi.' „-l'ovtiorz bmill Wealth; a nd wea l th to ice
, ~, 4 2 eigh t fireed-Untring44ll4 aid ter. thalik not inta breeds PovelV• The earth, to Conn 'hi
ire, e - ;" zegiiitilcorlegfilbswatioYf il a 800 4 onsadred ,
, I nowyt fit taus out of Atm &tea ; ind what.
..•;?' v• - . ~ e. t h b 7 A 9l:t'e g talit. t. ,l.°W l , l :c g at: rtr:g -
cs»7:4: ~,.. ~.7 b. ateheitit Of th 9 owl la Icf the
'',.,...t . '.... - 4",t It a rootolor eel" 600esequi. 614 of thit AO, Or: ‘- - - '- 1
fi , ;•.-:;,.,7 • - '' - '_...t.. ',. ' , • ' - ;
-,_4',.„-: ,, - ;
~ CI. , ~. ,•"; ;:,
\i, - --
t , '-': „;,7 ..C"_....m. '- '-,, - ' • ,',,, dr",-",..:',.--12,a5,,,_,4 r f,.. - J , , -
- .<„f ' , i , ,,'2,- . r ~ ; „ _•,..' it-iir" , l--, - --e - k , * , :w'' , _. „,'7,,, , . 4 `2 ,1,81 * . "'"' "'" •••:= ...,--'" -^.......,,,,...,^.--
, - ;4, - .
''':.'- ..;,..'4 l- '7 2 :',."^',.;P :' 1 4 %,4 4, -2-' - ' , "`' . _, ,, r . '9. 1 ;0 '4 - `
111.' , tbe
t+reekte~ of the , _ibit:tietviama- '..:Verted:Suettf
laitieralasza e d Ibe tei‘!tOieln rtr Cteethek
‘ZracY;:l leteiNtett.
lekneei.:mtbti- 1 1elieth - es.begerthlit klikm*„
;Roy. eh - ikeceeteellreCtitteettiebeeitt4 td- 44 90- 1--
station* Illifebtintilislho eventof:thefinpraseiit
tailted!thiatPUKi44 pvetbief •_
ide);feet'imeti4 , Ifthitt'.4lllt.” l !:lina prhicb
I iftiCetetrteVpitti;thir:,eoitheteittekett *OW
I 'Northam , Viotti ' . :-Ittetkies4eifettiti:Att.'keset4
42 , 044 1 4 . 71W7ied
• bitinedle
RUiPtali?4,M:the7ol loll,l 4l lll d . etiteetitat
tow thee, .1.64 bare letter font atiletehtt the
fillfietlyo4.6l4llol-114 - heittht teitretietut
'kap tinitlhat
writetr:beliente - to Lobe the greatchate afi
ilikki+OiatiiiihiVA,rgeaent the inteissir AC *Jul:,
oat - *Ow thitelvitiileill ell be treed—;tat
thieobjetit ofehe present mift,stidalist thee negomm:
ofoft Qaslhen ustintind it.,
Data it,
thi great 'Karol the tieepte of thitlibedt
"ditMead,,titiflitimplied •-objecaorthe present Ad.:
minietrAloo to put down rebellion, tobsOirmf the •
Coutitntiosanit - the Lime, end tO reclaim /Ow
possimithe large lIIZIOUnt el public property wbented ,
from the binds of the general govareettat:4 the
le-eared Confederacy etAbit:finethl • •
' I mai add; in concirsion:'that:Lvotiiieti
htai L'incolni - and flabold -Att:goVersinest - is
that it -hes done tip - to the pigment moment ; :but
am: very tar from believing 32 the thiCgit bine,
indicated is Allie above SMCUIZZA.
, .
".Envoirer" is right is to ihe pupae , of this
Irak. It wstuommeneed solely to meats Use
Colon, defend the Constitution and enforoi the
Lows; and beyond that there wu, no .purpose
entertained, nor Is there now., Bu Slavery was
at the bottom of the hostility to the Union, the
Constitution and the Laws, Which the war wY
. .
Inaugurated to gut down; and although the
extinction of Slavery was no part of tsi . pur.
pose of the goveromenilo undertsking it, the:
two—Slavery sod hostility to the government—
are eo eloettly Untied together that it may be ha.:
possible to extinguish one without exttigubh;
tog the other. We say may; for it depend;
altogether on the temper of the Southern Rebels
and thefuture developments:of 'hewer, whether.
the . .llabeillon shall periShAfilisso or both shall
perish together. It is impossible now to forme
whet complications the wee may lead to. For
the Present, it le enough to know that no change
has yet taken place in the original' purpose of
the war ; sad that if any : should take place in
Rs results upon Slaiery, it be itt conex!
Toms of the blindness and fatuity of die
Rebels, cud not through say design of the goe4
ernment to !Lateen, with the icetitution in ths
&mitts In 'which it now exists.
The Loss of Caufsdorato paean at Ball
fie far u ascertained,the following field offiars;
on the "idea theConfederater, are kciown to hare
been either killed or Wounded at the battle offinli
Una I
Gpn.-Bernard R. Bee, Sous' Carolina.
Gen. Francis S. Bartow, Georgia.
Col. Nelson, dr Virginia Regiment.
Col. Bother, Sib North Carolina Regiment.
Col. Mason, of Geo. Jobuton , " start.
Lientsnant.Colonel but. J. Jidusos. Hamptoo
Major Robert Wheat, Laois' ens Battalion. • 't
Gen. Kirby Smith, regular army. •
Col. Wade Hampton, Hampton Legion.
Col. L. J. Gartrell, 7th Tavola Regiment.
Col. Jones, 4th Alabama Regiment.
Col. Thomas, of Gen. Johision , s staff'
Col. H. C. Stevens, oft Gen. Bears start
Bigot Scott, 4th Alabama Regiment. ,
Gen. Heir, rumor their killed, was a West Paler.'
Cadet of ,1844, and won dietinction in the Mexican
war. Gni. Bartow mil a prominent Georgia pear.
titian. , bl,jilr Wheat is • wellAnovris
He wart kilted by • Sergeant of the Second' New
Hampshire !regiment, while is advance of him
battalion, 'ratting them on in the charge, after
which they Sid to every direction. Gee—Smith is
a Cadet of 1841, and served with distinction in flee
Mexican war. Col. Gartrell was a member CI
Congress from. Georgia, stwaye one of the leaders
the disunionist/ in that State. .
The Betemianiste h.d. ■n immense .nataber 01
Captain. kilted, among ',pima wan John Avis, at
Winchester, Virginia, the jailor of nit John
Sontbern Oplelon.or tien•ral'Acclelliasi
The New Ormans .Tres Delia ;I'W*_ hoar
that fdoCkilan olliner of unquestionable asperity,
an accomplished, enterprising and succusful soldier
is to be pat at ohs head of. their invading armies,
e ubordissado only to Lieutenant General Scott. We
do not regret this el:tangly - so car as 'the tame of
Baeuregard tee concerned ; on the contrary, we re.
Joie* that it has been mad*, becalms we know there
could be little credit in scattering such troops as
have hitherto encountsced our heroic man in battle,
led on by the Panorama, Modem sad rush like po
litical trash. McClellan is worthy of Beauregard's
"attention, and while wa bay. not for a moment a
doubt of dm remit of their fret mear.riment of arms
bathe 'Sold, nor of any later conflict; so fu as the
honor and reputation of. Loulaisne'e great soldier's
invoked, we hope when they us Gee to twee arrayed
against each. other no great disparity of force nor
&Alaimo, of material will be allowed to cripple our
side on the' eventful occasion. In presence of iere
°Meer sd thoroughly a soldier as McClellan, it will
not do fat unr garant boys to sleep or be negligent
on outpost duty in contempt of their few; but will, if
any one 'coo, make remething of the eons of tbs
the descendants of the Mayflower's pis
acespre, and therefore our complete satisfaction that
one whom it will be really • great honor to defeat is
now at Mahood of rbe Lincoln army of imblugatiori."
Meson Lotus to Jusr.—Deting the pest
month 31 vessels wets lost, of which 8 were abipa,
2 bake. 8 brine, 14 er.hoonere and 1 sloop. The
value 1649,500.
t'issels. Value.
Total Lomas for 3100ary.......:43, - $1,366,006
Felnvary--.48 1,39,815
o 111areb„—....' 68 . 2,125,155
• 0 Apri1.....„,.—:b7 . , 1,357 400
0 1day............ 43 1,3.4,000
0 June...._ .....:78 1,079,500
Total to AogOlt
Tee lintegana.—We are grad to see indications
that the 6emetal7 of the Navy is using all possible
&nonce in providing fore still more clfeative
'blockade of the Bouthan.porta. ' In addition to the
ousels of the Nary, he hes already secured nixtj or
seventy ousels belonging to ilie•mereentlie merino,
'and usigned them to this duty. - We undevitind
that steps Sr. actively in - ptogreas still farther to:ln
crease their number. We trust that there will very
soon be no reason to apprehend socsulaint from sOY
truths: that the blockade is cf.:Aire—N.! Y.
Nola Taoors.--The Southern papers contain 'the
proclamation of the Gorentors of several seceded
States, rallies far additional ler ies'of troops. j lo
alimersipni,-eight regiments are called far, tri be
fully Tended end encamped by August 15. h; /
requisition bee 'berstutde upon South Carotin' tot
two thousand more,troopt..- Alabama is called upon
for three thounnd:seditioaal volunteer's.-'Regi
ments are still moving northward ; among ethers,
one from Georgie, Rod thei Sumter Fiyisg Artillery.
Tits Csors at Tan WisT.--The Cincinnati
Price Current says : "t he acconets from 'the
Country represent. the corn and other.creps
in a good coedition, leaving' no doubt of an
abundant I ield,Should. the weather provii 16-
',arable the coming month. Wheat has been
all harvested throughout the West, and !the
result shows a fair avenge in all the .Btates,
which, will give, with the amount of old Crop
on hand, a large - riurplas for eiport, much
larger than that of 1860, because the 'crop
failed that. year in some sections, whilit it
was good in others, but this year there has
been no failure and the quality ii fair to geod,
rather above the average in this respect."
Gee. McDownn b a native of Franklin
county, Ohio,and son of the Clerk. of the
Courts of tha county. Early' in life be iMit ,
ed France, with s . teacher by thq mone,of
Geuther. ' Upon his return, be mu nominated
NI e cadet at VOW. Point, by the Ron. Jere.
miah McLane, who represented tbe Franklin
Diitrict of Ohio, in Omgrne, -from 1833 to .
van. lie has been on Chm. Scott's ataf; , ind,
has been regarded es an officer of great prom"-
A- coassermanswr of the London Times,
irpeakidg of Abdul idedjid, says that it is mat-,
ter of history that no rialtan of tho Ottchnan
hiS been legally married since the days
of Bajazet the Great: On his capture bir Ti
mar alter the battle of /ingots, the Sultana
pas treated with gross insult, and to guard
against the shadow of a chance of such a div•
grace recurring no inmate of the seraglio' : buts .
lot more than 400 years been s legitimate !ilk
according to Iduramhzimi law. 7
t' ~~ _E
~:.:. ! .c.- : ':, i T',
~ • j , :.'i. 7 -.7 ,-: .:,,
..,-.'::.,]•,-,, , ..1: - t - 4•1:4 .
' -
1:,.. ' ,.... b. ..... , .. -r^:i.
itia2 0* '' " - 7 77-**3*7to": ' 7 %...-
di A ia lgotys
Us , siwebte ;.)04 3 .16. * se
thqie irlici he late ! ' - 'Usk
hicapitityffixtditiiitettlisiiiitittinf, tan'
.fo 5 . 11 1•1 18 4, ' 41:thlencf thiarmy With
Med Wholattli, ' ' ' - '*roparlf tabu:dews& to
,irlifsit.itility.iiileadarx. cur acdffiefol may
haiMadiandMince - ,' ri% .: . 1
1 ;'''af- Om- battle :et:Stone Bridge: weeds the
I stmt' otticompitent offices', it will do the
country and the awes of the Union a tanks
Fir which we may hold it is pstehil remain-
Itatioa. " And that it tabling this effect toga
grater; extent than was. suspected, is a fact
we learn from the best authority.
yet Generals Scott and McClellan now see
to It that capahle - and experienced m e n are put
in the places made vacant by resignation, and
our wadies' will, go into: battle hereafter with
that coadence ;Which arises from Gm' Prom*
don or able leaders, and which can max oz
lit while men have raison to suspect that their
worioss are a - uperioni only in name and not
in Imowledge. oßolioll9 o or conduct-[N. Y.
Post ' •
1181.-tlie broluiate now mar tor. madam
the Monstalla last* .I'itz for the soar Ultimo:l ell
who nib to tarp roam will do Intl to call sad tam
out that lima. without,
aura or • ' T.eete nr
.••••.' ADM& 1-e ma•llng of the Company IrM b. had
CON. armor}, on the ember of NOM& sad
. 14ordi edge,
on TUESDAY. tba;lkh last, at 134 ricloca p. in. All the
orstabms ara orpattad to attead, Wanda.* Of Importance
wDI Im broodbi safaris Cop mooning • Ikons haviad duos
NCI roma amp, as an la peet'aa .111.00 n b. ordu ed.
• sad' •
• - Pirreariana, sagest 8,11161.
vw ay 'citing M'entbniikr defied from the Honorable
Secretive of Wu, I will organist a Regiment for service
daring the Wer,tiiimelerrecia et Pttfilinrgai; oa or bob..,
the Dith fostatic. !Lae legtment .111 omelet of Om (10)
Cciakiacibm, and each Oompeay De ugentsel as loth..
One Captain, one I fret lkintaamicome nomad I.l.nuctut,
.one thee !unmet, 00. 6.l..nuaght Carimehk 0 . 0
1111111CMCI., Mei e'er. mar and eightykno Prieater—lut
'griiignie. LOOM.* Is ems of IMOMit War* lad honate
bb urrica Oeseleacidere of Onaspentee or Detachments
and Indisidaele dome. of taking toad la the Wage*
determine the permanence alma tree hum
time can reporl es orate at 1t0.% YOURS El 112101% tar.
insrly *dame' Zama* Wok '
anklmts , • ALOZONDIR HATS. CothaaL
A'fTlrliTlONl-41 taw more men
vootki to 111 op p Company Co. masittlos to
GA T. A; Boirtorti Apply 14 Collor 13A11, !AP
MIMI ea PI AA Amt. •
MU WILWAINIA 11th Reglouta.
Paid A. P. GALLOP. hrosas Ifslerr.l9lb. Real
" blitcre az no Samosas Wixom OoPeasi,
"Ult.* . WY 111. 116L 1
DIVIDSND NOTIOS.-.-The Directqrs
of she la aTIvNal. 1111117/8 COP PANT Moo clio
di:al o Matisse of aro dollars per sham, payable on Me
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ttttt sO•1311. of OM trOD .131.11.7 nook,
'Milanill, Anon I. keel, •
Cepital Ronk 100,00 u On
Loans and Illtdcrente---- 15111.24
. liter Lamle uateteemeeen---- 40.003
Dos by other Banks.-*
31611 76 .
Hotta and Cheeks of *they Banks-- 170,0.9 91
SR 2 1. t,
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The above stasament is - correct =ceding to the beet el,
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307 P,423,080
PAINT. ORICASE/. spo'ra.
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It Is oroaborabla sad iady W lor_yoare without Ila
proverbs. Wag In tie Was clasp& Tem Sfebly
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- Drow,lor abet Dealer In family larglcibea,
barns emltbbetd and /mirth wort,
. 4 tionntaL wATEL,
111111111YAL WATS%
. . .
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• . i . . aments,-
MIT Rabat,
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T UST RILOSIVBIII—In !tore and for two.
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Aseigow of Jokalreiti • 800,
Na-UO Youth !Nowt.
LIQUID 'RENNBTT—Itor . making
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sae • • ; of Liberty and nand Id& .
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ft. Inl removal to
Preparatory -- - - mi d bit*
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to /WIN. i''' bestow dim $0 in 7 he YSIN. W OS ' ' -
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40.114 filibtuummcnts.
lIIIZAT Or w•al
Fo'rte and sta t ions
tor w. r. 11AV/KEPL
come Wool and Thtrd Orrita
78 Market street,
English Corsets for 25 cents,
Mechanic Corsets,
Reid French Corsets,
Embroidered Corsets,
Hoop, Ekirte, tio,t. quality,
Lima Veils,
Grenadine Vella all colors
/of the Immodista amoral of
4ad tar claming
OF ite.rc*A..H.D OOLLEGEt
Pity 1 0 1 =4.eir r a y x
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Lima Oallant ilia Seta. •
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Lae: oiltuis,a
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bditutir trio. ind inspa:
Black Lull 1e W. .
Weary Silk Bate, all ears,
oat, Ohsp for Chub at
R 0831141 TOSIDIII9O
aatraill • • 71 Market intred.
tl AOKS9N 11.1.W.NriNNIU.
• l • AND ?, . • ,
o. 1.1 Iroarth atritet,
ifnoo• t.•n • do• asfOrtment of Dual. Lard sad Pork
Mg of frb Is of lholr ova mfr. •
500511 CV HAIIIJ, of Oluchninfl and WAY at••.
PLAIN HA 5, with •nd without annum.
SIDI& lizuckld acid to dr, WI-
kill PORK. ne!ry
LIAR LARD, In bbla , Rhin* nod path. Pat up espreaddy
for holly an, and all of their own uncle, tog.
GBIII.BII. n'tablo 10 mill pmt.'s..
13001. 881,11.2"8.
?be fallowing atylas are bnautuado oxpr.sly to our 0 ,, 0
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=puler quality sod atyla of dal.b; mint of hem ars aro
:Way ear, uith lataet icapiotoutauta.
.MODIC =tyro. extra p 4., erabroktersil hp*, with
.tTet. eleePo •
extes oMeomebroldered tepee, *•7 cheap
!DIAMOND, corded, strong and Way. -
! HIDING SON,oorded, good mama akin t
.Tllollo,eordel, Ilea for immular.
Throe of Ulie abate ►t7lai an w.II sult*l tazoa►t•7
1/11olsea1. Musa ►applkdlt lowest cosh peon.
aal 17 11101111 Mb strait
.woRTa 87 CENTS,
All of the Latest Style.,
j 36 W. & D.
Brass Founders and Manufacturers.
GALS tiND arm:. &NI: Przpaans;
sitnrunornaints AND DIALERS IN
Pumps and Brass Work'
COIL 177.10X..2. pirrnerve,
of Errede,Coppar or Irartovide tha mat approved OP am;t
bora sad Vain* of ale leads, ared varracteted era add
taatiork. -
No. 110 Water sad 104. erront Sta
.1,7441m0&F • Prrvisuitaa.
c.p.strAtoto teresofere existing Delimit'
Juan P.HUllT.taHEN&Yrltiaa.ander the brat of
Sleet illtner, 1., m 4 iley 410.51.4
The beanies of lb. Isle ens will be Settied by Mary
/Clam wbe to eottunierd to wee Wawa." a tb. Inn 11 :!
Deakistlon. JOLIN P NOWT._
. MOAT 11161111.
: • - , i
1101:01110311 TO
wuoLlatLi ASD RttAf4
00181011, isTATIONER, 111119111,14
Nos. 'il and 73 PHA Street,
J Ubl LN tsiGAItiON. •
Bleak and White Spotted Lace Veile
Drab, Oranidine and Tione.Veils;
Wide Awake Bomu)t Ribbons'
New Etyle of Fan for io emits ; •
Black OfLime Lice.'
Now lot of Uhenillo and. Cord gen4l.New
Tba atom Just reeallid lirIso:0 REFmr. !bed .4i*
Moen sad TO ellth ouralt.,
A 7 90 bbts. Now No. I Mailman) llstring;
10 6o do N 0.3 bro . Mockenl; - •
10 boll le.lo do do -do; •
IA boa...prima Oran Utkoka „ • ; •
IV) do do dela) par/
SOuo mL dDooM hbooldoe;
1050 6. do num:f' •
In atom sod for NU by • H. '
JIM'S '• • - ilbortt
CARD.trom the lot -of - July; our
term, both ha lb. grbobriKle sae mall 411.pwcamis.
wilt bir OAHU.- O 11/411PT IMITLIMAST
SWIM Dere. .
Of tit/adman/oiot . theCain Preis re hops :Us tio
alma oat camtanars, hr tea for prime at which peal pea
ha ante, Whoa 2451.1.0L91191111.11 rVli OaeH..'
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ti‘Vshektills,- - -
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00M11011 - 111D SAIMAA% eI•OI,rTAIWPMA.
Partlealse Mod ce stupid APIILES &SD MIVATB,Iiii , O .
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• WA wad wit:moat twituthr as liroa. stslemi
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Ichuls ambabotaimat. • I -
all/Apra guar 111
SMITH 11. wassusm Sao!
Par al. by ' • . SOWN SllTlalia
4,2 TRAY VU 1 0 1.—A fouled Cow csaa
A 7 to th• prolosbro of Ito suborriboroarr drop 1,4`.`
to. 201 b of Jody, t 3 Poobhur township( Lor•und
HUI. !Ito lo • rod amity cow, dor. The Omura
pore pow= •zpotos• and teal her
.•Ir9, - or idok
aulk St ' . ato%
QPIOED tiALMON.,-20 iN6tuakcirt3piold
tahoosjctot focohod from baton: :Ito: toot fa.
oaf IA Lobster veal:pin cans. 6ar0011,4 : *LI R OW,
of solo &Übe IhmU3,eraatry ISCoro of; -
. ear:LIAM , ood no.d 4 . 04 -
raa.d imply a Prf my Java °climb la Om.ry.
xuas bqi ,t 1 gnu sem fay yob by slob= of Mall
by ' 1111050.11 W,
018 . cor.l.berty .b 4 Band snvt.
—Pubibliod by orbit of too War DoootooK- Hi 3
vireos. ao3 - KAI 00. bo Woof strolti
DRlUrai ItEDUUNIA-'-for she 'season, on
all kiade of wen !spot, for astio-bi ' •• -
Al Pug *loporid. Ompsabir not vet -wi dfall iciLL
glaaw and their odors. 7 wimus, P. 120141.4. 00
ows - Zelatty_stwok ROL
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raLinUradn *-014
•‘1 . 4,
11144-13 X
,'.1 , ', 1 =,',- . :.7'..' ,. .!
2 - '
0 ! 1 !
- •
irra not snort, er inatmut oMoriark, oahead.
doarmlned - to elOpoollt Ids malts stoek . for 011111
Berage reduced from 31 to in meta.
Berne reduced from 50 to 25'eents.
Eawniteduaeit from., - 25 tolo centi.
Celine reduced from . B to 6 cents
Calico; redroad from:l42i to °onto
Black and White Calico from 12 to 8 cents
Fancy - Silks at cot and lam.
Fanbroideriei at ItaLf price
Shavrle, Dastere, Lace Naafithis half price.
. 1 Call and see Ms peatirt terplas ent . dire&
AT . CO .8 T
Are selling off the balanOo of Spring and
113=mer (foods aifironi 25 to 50 per cent. re.
• , '
ie. PLEAT J 3 411.13:GKELINS 4arVIEIN.
!D 011111BLK8 H. BTOW,B,
izizor sicuucr AND' arcritoporc
0m... No. 38 TOBoval Moot.
OppodteCkantade tow, pv as Itogniaion llttOth
.103 V W1/1.116
of tertian Wixom of tbellothllerd; flitehargb, M
wit a metala alley. tames Willies sod elfftoi 1.1.1411.
to W,Oeort album's, Berens ef 41,11“hany Coaoty.
Ilsa nor. July the 20th 1664 the Court yams role ea
all melte intermted, lo be met eppeet to mem WWI, to
flatordey. the alst ,My of August mat; to *Mei came if
my they hem, alm the alley. la t phltimi
Me: ma Wm treoty4uar Wt to mo
MAIM leattait ftem
laulbin - y Wry to amelleim Wirt" lutema Frofeell
of Wady P.ftk Om matJamee Madura I. 'Matta Doi ta
%) &LUPTON kw. 41,6 tb.a Mr.
/11e.Citt I BALD WaLL AO iloanda do am d /461111111 T.
Sturrom a co. Tb. 6661.••• ad I.66tbsit & 6htptall win
to rattled by abhor pretreat t 66 oid ...4, Na'6 Hixtb
• .Ipttatitort4 July -%
" DltgalD4l'B pap#oynr.•
CAIt . OIL . 2
Leas celfered to th. pablea. Thep are flee best kg th.
awsloL L
Because. beteg of an and slug" the . gtme to every.
whom eqttally diesaat brow lb* Sarni es that th. draft
eircuare sod wee regular.
1. The oral shape Is .tetter Waited to vadat the elieet of
ea dam expausices. so that It is haposelbis to entek thus:
Tl. g * 1i ! .*1*1 1. 7 _1) 4 4 4 4 44 11•1!"h_
- egers
Ine • aro rum of aurae(
so and, elastary. T
ors boomerepare Are rind to be be
brittle se U to
erect men urn or la re, ere Inentle err of r
Or taster are pla t Ore, of which bte
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nton too her MO it WS rim n 4 tf any boor
karat breaks re trr ths her of the hop. let bet ell al
tne Ilatorctore, gentanetom Wrist, mar Prowylrenle
Iteestog sr rop ter ended etre=
dor whole onee. That roar dosenot burrs
or Orr near ruler where drearier bee, Orr*
tuespetietw. been senor so -early bar leap r to
purer Pr expoosioarhen hosed. , "" •
Tree who h. hitherto denied thauteeleel tna Imam
of the Carbon Ott liar all wooer ottbe gnat annum of
chimera thoold row that them le noLle•Ber • tu aerkY
for darer endure the dtm, eralduet Hats elf the era
• quart tallow saute. toe DlTBlltlolr LIIPROViD
OttIIOSZY re riparian Ohletur that broods to
and not or We to herr-
sr tietnientr, pre at the BORT PITT OULU
ROB Rh. wastriscrins ovum: am: 1N= 3 7. 1 .
Meer. Jellarterstl R. D. Dna
more trouble 114 TIMM ". •
No mon tnebisover red hot stone Oa trout.' daYs•
Vow* gralabltar gait NOM tints or dream
int tb• good old -SIALT 141,0 X Ittpd;rtgli treathal
'MO. so inovio siiamorr, -
Colombia - owls, Caw island, N. I.
opalocl for tb. • • tk•11 dimwits an JCIE1111:bib„1011.
. 1•.:It.. , .I? 4 0 000.1
•• ,) , e, , - - -,... :...
..... . .-.,.. ... .: 0,v6.... ~,,,,
Messer/am feu Wass. At bosses IW.LagaD On.
- . r ••. ~ .., ."PACIRKMSII;3I4 . II, - 11161: .
OTICI—re hereby pm, pat
‘ptruito - 24 ' - - '
tbs andarabgned Is stspirsi la fettla an issUsS dolt
'sufluatfestarl. what tbkrllbAstrgb. tat w... It Ohs ,
fogs tallros4 Owasso , I Besstsa for the inarpoiss of
au:spatula:4pda to ifisecobsr talk tlfs3toS tarn
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sp. isurroftible Isla tbs third scat gags' bonds- of lb*
sof sops, Omits orstatssi;ns6sr obi= aimed
a bf Ow Orrissittss of litottbalses sad lissdbcddsre
s ft* old Fttsbargh, tort Wsll3o . 4k CAMP Zoilfood
Ocaspasy,Sats4 October Mk MI 1 rut in boUlfrqg stpb
4."1 1 . 111 .Prar I=..d. at tbe 'caw Of Pa .o 0
Ego • Me. 1.3 lfhbors& ' T. P. liltBLlll. -,
it • 10f - /Intim, fifiths tforessertsa Dosssuso.
talus—littlCNN bTdSIST.—ThaVie.
ors oppohtud to Ifsolosod lons dosoohyo sod bow
orsvostlllog hoot the opal:4 ofOroos amt. olsostal is
sho Tithe' Word of Alleyway, from LW Is.. 41 Mots=
moot, of In. .14th of wittj soot, .odor the get of My 1.
1111. .111 .rotas the gross. ocrAnost Mb. 1141, ot li
*Thous ball lbw Millar; whirs 004 Ifloso all par**
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orunc.:=Lorni ALLNl.—The,Ali.wen
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001 saw, falba TOard B a llot y. 4124
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1 1001,at 10 1101111 th eft ratio, Ow AM
re oil pagYam Isometed may alkali IS Ms at* pram.
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pain ,Itgag,
susaN4 yen AND semis
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Aram atiezirotast
C.).1.4 1 01,11.k78/0 „.1E1416.X.L.
Cape efi . sy, - Cape blind, • New Juway.
110111 L will be wood' lbeitaseicepike of P. 0 1,4 fir
TUTIREDAT.AIEM AU. litard peg abl or $l3 pit
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William' of SO Mit,,ttatior Aber - aal. of WM ti_tte4 *At
Met to thoirrotad onTQIIDAT.£aSD4 1161 1 1111146‘
dace. to bait their ifoolitok, OWN* . 4olfOrti!Al PUP."
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Attuning'? cur.
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COTTON AIWA. Allssisia, .. sous be ihasiuti obi ow -
Ilm of lot!. , (MI-MO I MUT -PAINT'S WON
cruaroza INLILL-1 1 011; P.T.IIIIS
is tb• addst of. a. tam Oils coned , : • IlVt
la good order. 'Mk two tun of 200 ms osit lbw
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ketifi lINNT—The al'Unti tagRM. wine
L` folast mai W.t Aren't., Ott, of AlSibeoyi
Runt. blew ads masatot, end -Imzeltstity; ovicortto We
Mow of El. P. Schirezta and J. L. earnagbis A; 00. ..1
mond! • • : . ' Sal. Doll. •
12 4 08, l7i
, alms no. m WOOD minni•
FIOiLSR AND DISAY ro,n wan. I;4_
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D. OMB You 1714 bay.o
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14 . - 11 1 2 1 1116 1 1 1 M1 4 113 Vrottd stied.
SEA : AT,I3/14,0
P K 1 L Al)' E L P , 411 - 1. 1 4%
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