The Daily Pittsburgh gazette and commercial journal. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1861-1863, June 25, 1861, Image 3

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TL.anavaresatte—dam s to. sae.
teem WeeIIILLO
Yesterday jitnernees,at direialifellik, according
, '"" 4 01171(birtSior
ar.eo cf the case of the Comateavadth vs. thin
j - Haute. POwea . Wei and If orguistanits, clothiers, of
i n . this nityi sad Chashrs M. Fnl, of Philadelphia, in
, ,
&clad for eonepirsoy Conusonsrealth
. of Pecouyivania, la tarnishing etrattlog to the tinny,
' came op for argument in the Quarter fiestioad, tik
- fore dodgem Blealors, Mellon and Mama. .11( true
bill tem found against Aloe dorm duds by the Greed
jury:of the present tarn, and the trial of the cam
flrad for *edneeday,Jaise 2 , 511. .
Thomai Ifsivball, Esq., on behalf of the 4s;
fondants, ealwaltted the anidavits of the follow*
Tirst—A,Cidavita of A. a Wove mud Jobe
ion, Etc's.,
_cense' for deferadante,settiag forth that
sabeccoat Inadbeendoly served anii.olompla lAS and
N.Bhairoan, matenal eltneues, bat that the at.
=dews of than. vitas:nu could not be had, Si
they. refused to obey the nommons. noel of the
goods lenahanued Into clothing had been•per.
chased iron Nears. tiladeand Lea, kr Philadelphia,
and Its dareadants could sot estaly go to trial 111111.
out them. Alfred Blade, of the ins of tallada a 00.,
vas lyteg siols to the hospital at Pedlsdalphia, and
no oblates to served op= hint. Bla brother's
depcnltiOn Wu Aston, mating that biz Illnsts was
mach as to prevent his au/induce.
The deamition farther Stitt/ that the millets
visited Cbtmbesbulg,to seine's% Ole. J. B. Neg.
'ley, dot - T. A Rowley. aid C4I. T. A. &mat, hot
they ueertabred that these li.4l[l•l3ll•rius oat of
the jariedietion of the co.n, Maw flatted for
three months.. The afloat, nate tint they believe
taserveratnesete eta be bad at the - ,neu term of
Gout, is their term of service would exedra in the
. .
. Second—The deposition of Mortis Pot imahrld,
Midas forth that Joseph Lee, Allred Mule and
H. N. fl,hasnott anrmaterial witnesses Rs , the de.
feats. sad eanint be bad at these praat farm, att.
Third—Affidavit of LollllllMorgamtern, arettlag
faith that Jacob Botha "rat a material wilt ma for
the athlete*, as be it Pally Connemara With Um Ma
terialmired, qaality of good& mode of neasame.
ture..ett:l that hisattaadaica memos be- had at
this. Lem: tat &Mut believes th at he can be bad
• thready aisle nut term- •
• Fourth Affidavit , of EdwardFroeeaeld, am
einciarth•that all due dillgenae had ban caul to
Imams the Wanda/Mae Mam.lleBlsy, Row
ley and Scott, material witaemee; that they were
cot of the jurlanittioa cribs Coon ; bat that, in
neauch se their absents eras bat temporary, Ai
ming believes their attendants can be had at the
'salt tem..
Fifth—Alfidavit .or Emsauel Froaaalald, ma
itiag forth that Allied Illade,lompb Lee 'and H.
N. Stamps, of Failidelphisoritamea for rhos de
louse, ctmld cot be obtained at t h e plasma tins,
for resiontramted is the first afhdartL •
These affidavits ware submitted to tha -Court,
asd a toattnuanestaked for. ''
Mr: Ilwariamider, 'on behalf 'or the Coalman
wealth, objected to th e a ffi davit' for
. sstieaa
retool,. As to th e absence of Me/me. Hea
ley, Rowley and Scott, there was no ceaulaty
. of
their Ming bore at tbe nert term; as it
,was tn
caredLegly probable that these men would monism
to the menthe ol the government danng the war.
Theism cow out of the juriadictios of the Court,
nd,it was a matter of public 'eternity that they
war* is the State until within a few days ash,
Col. Black suggested that the witociaos baths la
the serriete of ills gortrucoent, Were lot Maids to the
civil process of the Coors.
Mr. Sindiswelder replied that that we. merely a
personal pttsWge, and could not be set up as • rai
son for lutes or mailgram. ,
As to thaseadanit of Mont Frown Leld, that "be
espriotral to bogie to burs Joseph Lae aad Alfred
Blade bean, at the MU term. that was certainly not
• proper viand for continuum'. Loa L'oculd net
attend.". As to Slade, who was alck, its affidavit
of a physician, sad not Qatar Ms Mother, should
_tare been obtained. Hr. Bruno ucommander of
the Friend Rita& was also oat the juatediettoa of
Ms Coast, and as mm could suer poltelraly that
these oitntrasMir any of Clam, mild ha bars.
Mr. S outland du conteadsd that lamourch an
the °flans* charged 'mu ...camping to Maraud,.
the au/admen of them vamoose inlaid act be.
material; that the cantle num en eteltiaivaly La
the docretion of the Court, aed if it appeared that
the effete was to thwart or delay. Ca mita el jos
ute; n'tiritlimanca would act be graltad.' kis
concloded by sestina that, U the tam . ware menthe
ued now, it would ba tasty:mama to IR attar aban
donment of the t lal. . •
Thomas M. - Marshall and lady; Shaftse followed
lo able and fortiblemosamsrm la favor of . the o.
(ton to contieue, saawimag tharposiunas attained
by Mr. Swaitzsrelder, and costendag tau tha
f ai t fronted" for a COtlllaill.4l had baus — properly
District •Attorney Millar followed tot the Com
monwealth. and the argument was cloned by Col.
Black for the defendants. Alt the pours raised
were elaborately diseased, and with snore than
ordtauy liatllo4ll4nd Magas.
• • The Court took paisley:um of Um affidavits, ad
will probably reader a deeision . tbismorweg....
_ /144•1 /nAlfr
00.61.11in:a can h&v m opportaolty of sodas the
Ant rebel e.g, takegi it Lbstosttls of Philippi, at ibis
cities. It Vu osptaiti by W. E3 , hular, Lamar', a
tosidotit of th is oh". brit cho is Slow • coessbar of es
Matti/tot flaimds, ander command of Vapt.
- •
• Stoottey. sod Lion:lira:onto Ortni tad lifitlanki First
Virginia fligiment, Col: Filly.
Tim following Pitliaarghire are smatters of lb.
company, and arm sogagri as fight Thiry ma
. coodomed th.mrltn with ids frailest memo sod
it Lama°, nu Striae; it Stamm, &man Corporal;
W I.lolsba tub ' 1444 *az .W Essly, . HA ;
li.N•oly.loarth do&
.J /north
.. do_; •
J .1.154 ktnsOorparair • • - • -
coiary,•o ll.CCard, V Aholer,
J Alpo, - • ,L Oftenes, .
Tl...enotolt, 4 ' Illes•lggW. • Boas.
. J Ccewba, J OLlnt , w ann..
11 G.rretr, • Moan.% • W Walter,
110sorgy Olknoills DO Wm.v.
/ I 01 NU. 11 Wars"
W liontbsont Yr, P Piper, El Wog,
017 . ftrptuanr, I Prymaa,
/HM.r r JTllanwi:- -
T w 11.4.111010, Jac. al.ol
DR Idsuaatcr, ./
Greed hausimaid LtdLiurruy ilfeateammt..
. Oar neertere Mil bier in wilcui that • greed enter
tainment, ochipllateritaryto the ' , Park %firer takes
place . evealeg, Is Ocra pert _ Hall. Amon
the pirfortairs we patios the AMMO of these Dated
obtgorr. NOW& W. IL POP* sad 7felit &Ca., tria
marry to en time of w bet. nazeria e tallideatgaarmatee
of the 0,4 of the ecniert. Mr. Pope slap the 'Tuts
Speeeimi B r iefer; ttro tendering of which be ham
no roperlor la Doe city; Olt. Smith Introduces •rw
song, sod we hare no doubt Eat that he will tongs
his high ispotaittoa 04 vocal& Tim literary chm.
parole" trothreen the comae of itatiy..dwlehamere
well•hoowiite - the pcblk, atil we feel serf ell will
. acgD4 theeteeins atalflably, and nada the wreak g
- • plmelant eve to all *ho twey Etre& ' Nelda th.
auxita of the puforwere, the Poll LUI.." dame.
the enooermgmatent of oar catkins, am they are cola.
paged =Lbw or wroth,.
at their own expense,sndreadysoynotoml fpr ten
let oar citime me cat sad &lithe* 'hamp
er, ma they desert° - Oar word for it, raprip ha
pleased with thsparpitoottumel.
The aliegleearneeekbae tele. ' •
Y , •tereeyi the latealloa of the' coati
to talcs Sh,sedJokei
canengbito, of 9411.1W00
der of David pataallb aibtot ibikild tartest;
We pee 414.00pmeat Abe oteemeth et she
tiote;alld it owl?Weatilaary . now to mention that
toe Joel oC . ineellat rtadered a yard lot that David
Flew egneehr hie death'tmei rub a Bitted" by
Robert Cowell, Elr, at Jolts Ceasing EliZO• Owing
to the foist that a sets.patel of Jorore bad bass
a anzpoatd to Mauldin the laorsum many of 'bocci
Wile not in attendance, Out cue. saepont,oolted ,
anal Dille o'clock thin mottle:, whet It it
• elpecitd that a fell panel, will be preeest,
thopeor .IVivi Monthly Magazine for
/demo. Mut a Meer have recalled Ibis
tiatpu s ulaulantet• - .1. SUMO sr le New Eiglud,
No. 6—The White hioettalet; Lover. Mectugwv;
New Yea Circe atitaiipted, b T. Addis:re Rich.
arts ; Throws Togethari Predigest Talterat Or;
Icy Pane. Jor helium .Trollope;:idatigiret Taller
Ostoli; Zeal The Advestavet et Philip, by W. Br.
Teukersy ; Toot 'My Nasals 0; Little
_ Neattiei by E.l3:BrOweitig.' .Tee anal lidoethly
Record, Lulu" llotkeei std..- follow, "ad
the number feu ettrastive one thwegbeet, '
Ti. -Eau Me.forine for .rehr..-111te Eeliudit
comet urn* fired, 1. *goal, with igs, ch o ked
plodeeiJcies of • Emilie periodicals: w e g i g
is sew jumber CO.. fifteen wiles, driers boo
~moil se elasx,eowess, sad Au us of Use Um
may be read with plesatre sad profit- ali•
gravias Iti!• tetrad' to aienu I t of givasyckasii;
- Brugeihs irehodeerle:MexivaL-.. gum gu k , k
Mace have reeetved Abe wend pelt ol you,
arbich bda_Veate_Arreetd by lasiL ca. D. W.
paw of au
_Pdhtpliocat, Natio:a 0144 Mir
a the, V. 11...edielpsv..# Cantina • 4:l.ltrallrmisp
Tits:Diitiiiisi'Cisianr, sada Cutais
illervieret 'Camp Wright, suite dad. •ib • Third
Ilona Orettrytiltun cburcls, (Rim. D. G. Bead=
Ansel, AlleibrAy, op - Elude; sluts
4w; excellent discoarse *sushi' to the
- ceeki kkoirtede I iversi by the pastor, sad Haus d
to w i t ki k tre Ora °rift! Lry latareyt.try the cote
kregvilai.::Ause wholucas advicii fag i
the lththe..oidltr ba.seel witicar aotld sotha
torcaiva /). 11826 - - . _
.A .L ann , vers. A Bustin_ Utik Wad
Samoi /annuli win b. had to Central Hall,
wcA bn1141.1, oo Tcords, smut; the sksh to
at 71 Aadro,B"go ill ak , -‘, ll / &dm*
auid sweat ati ion a .Acteldiedehi
• a wn , It j .Klaber Lst itro. hare ktailitrhiegaitat
• ~ Oa. cs cs lased aiv the occaatire. ~211014111egfie F4O!
.- our sort voids.
irtiguit , ,, T irp?rassa& :
itiiiagieei Cat. Kelly out Dessiler—Boorted
Ste' beg i
c i ,
hlallj Worneibt—The dm Goreraor o {t.
- lilfnuthed, Va.. Jour 2218111.
Kay and daughter arrived is a . weletal
trait from Grattan, this afternoon.:
which the Colosel wag conveyed wan hamthdinlidg
decanted la the fend, with
_peg bumf
beMegis, catwitiedim.d the Arisedethi eq. , the
. . .
reeetive wee als o decora
tilitiiiii.ftsgs..„ itl.l
. .
Limon" th e oteuaet pans were taboo to provost the
assambling of a trend at the depot'on the snivel
ef Ostrom, yet 11l iitEratleot muititude bad gath:
end to recoin the hero of Peilllppi,loeg before
ill/ /lOU of arrival. The col. was conveyed is a
farts any chair from the Depot to the McLane
Boum. the routs oe the relate were lined with
people who geed wi th admiration on th e brave
std phut said er. -
Oa Tem:lday eurernieg lest, • party of StEl meo,
front Compley C, of the 20th Ohlo Rqlmirat,.et,
der command or Clew D. Y. Cobb,e of Ilietibea
vUle, 0., 'tabooed at Bantle'. Fairy, lone Mlle.
above Painnolt, cm the B. &O. R.ft.,weot out - Me a
'cooties erpedilloe, sod cuts epos Beettemicie
meeting, which we. being held la a hum earned
by, a mon named Pour B. MAU. OA R•0411'. Nee,
about eie• Wiles Northwest of E?elneont. Capt.!
ourn were hied on by therebels, aid Geo:
Amethroni • Wistannille, a few miles back of Burn
beeville,.o., vas killed, and Albert Zook, ofths
nue plum, mortally. wousded. The house was
al OACII sanovedad, nod a meawgur &lynched
to gallant tor • reisfercemest. Bitty moo were
seat 'wet nonce to aid to the captors orthe rebels.:
A flea is repmted to have taken place, ems Nil.
"of the rebel were certaioly killed. Al last an.
coasts the bateau were Is a lair way to be cap
toad. Tea discharge of the aim could' be dim-.
ttettlyhtartlit Fittrmord. The body of penny
Porter was brought to this city, la the bale thin
afternoon, aid will be out home to his frinds'at
Winterintlie,Oldo. Zoot eras still Being wbee
the erne tame down.- Several of the moat motor.
noes of the 'rebels arra reported as captured, and
the house of Et/der bunted.
Governor Pieepoint eras seensarated on Thurs
day afternoon last. The admisostntion of the oath
of of/lee vu ern of the most solemn sod , Snipes.
mu meets ere:beheld Is this city. Tbs. /game!
Vie Depertment: has beta established is the. Cu
tan Buss for the present.
- :TimsewGonraorls ett the was lot the place
In thus trying times: 'Hs will be held std feu.
less in the ;hectares of his daty, stv hat will muse.
.In personal appearence the.Goversor Indicates
the me gualsaug • He is Out. fles feat • eight
lichen **Veit; Meetly boils, broad ehorlders
and dui, slightly helixes, to, be mutest s Imp
head; Week hair, tontine:4 to tm. wary, In
terspersed with genius large, broad forehead,
with heawyeyetwour,darli-grey eyes:sad prom
isent eons. En.weste fell heard, without mos.
meth; coinplalion rather fluid. The essand
uptution of the face is pisuing, bet iedicatire
of arose defterminatioe. He Is shoot forty-fias
7 ears of age, e lawyer by profusion, bastes been
admitted to the bar et Pain:tont in 1840, and Ns
bad , s -large practise. lie is a graduate of 11.11 e.
'ghee, College, Alluded's- Pa.,. Mid; • chnseatent
member °rile lifelhodiet Protutentthanth t• was
bons ud raised Is Pain:mot, Va., where he bet
resided all his Ids.
The proceeds of the strawberry festival held by
the Ladles' Unto/ Aid Asaociatioa M this city, lut
week, amounted to tsar three hiactired
which was given to the troops at Camp Carlile.
Omit credit is doe to the ladies of the Associa
tion for Mats patriotism, and especially to Mrs.
Naivete' arid' Mrs. Bullock,, for their tdarte io
coodactiat U. fisted.
The Plummer °wards received their uniforms
yesterday from Plitsbergh,end came oat on parade
this allarsoos, lookici, as they are, every inch
the eoldier...' The uniforisur were mid. by A.
hlcratlawri,er Pitteborsh. The.bess ate load fa
their praise et Mciarlaad for tire seat and ■ab
stantitl nullity of the elothieg. T. P. W.
Atralas at amp Virebstit.
•Lut Bundy Le said, by the man in asap, to have
bate the finaday they hava been them that amid
Ilka Bandy. Icarytking about the camp wu or.
duly and thimall, geld and becoming. Thera was
preaching In the grows adjoining the estop, In
morning, at 8 - eialoar, by Rot. T. J. Baylf, of
Mona Jachami; at 10 ecloclt, by Rev. Mr. Bytati.
of Johastoreo • sad at 1 p. co. by May. Mr. Kan.
nedy, of Ladh . rea comity.. In Lb* analog, Gate
was preaching In the camp by Bey. Mr. Boyle and
Us. Dean a member of the Er* Regiment.
• Teaterday • couple of citations; eoneorna, -a
lifting machine and a blowing .easehtne, with Mir
imam - proprietors, ware mashed oat of camp. They
ate miserable inventions for taking Soldare mosey
trom am: • Thap nail their money. for mhor and
beta, potpies; and at "dm fools are not all dead
yet," us Ul'Uog and blowing machined will hare
enough et curt omen, no doubt, catalda.
There a esaddfarence between the. regulations as
they are at Camp Wright, gad as they arere at Camp
that wit may as weU mate for the, rata
, factios of perms viaitiag the asap. At Camp
Wiltiu titre wag p regimeetal riritl at five, and a
drem parade at ais p. m. at Camp Wright
there are boor Regimental drilla each day, and at
the gad. of each drill a dram parade 10 receive the
°Hereof itie der, as follows.
From g. a. to 10 a. in., the Pittabwrgti 11.1Ise,
Capt. Saab; Meadville 'Vole teen, Capt. Dail;
New Brilibma Rides, Capt. 'Cuthbert/on; COvorn•
inept Guards, cape. diadems; City Guard., Co. B,
Capt. Jackarai; Garibaldi Grairda, Capt. Buds.
Meyer;lron City Gsania, Cape.. uortaley; Allegheny
Mogen ' Capt. Flaming, aid Chattier' Valley
Gamer, Capt. Banta
From loam. to 12 a, the Washagton Biota,
Capt. Pyieles ; _Warm Guards, Capt. Alfa; car.
tin Lam, Capt. Adana; brad, Guards, Capt. Bra
dy; Mt. Jackson Buis, .Capt, DasJorth ; lode
pladeat Blues, Capt. Jackman; hallos biannual
Gouda, Capt. Porter ; • Waahiagtoa Biers ..(of
Ballwin') Capt. Nnbit, and the Dickson Guards,
Capt. Louden.
From J; to 6 p. m., the Dooms Gouda. Capt.
Dateaa; Ladino* Cadre, Capt. Maya; Payette
Clouds; Capt. 011pbsati I:ftwwwavllle 'Orem Capt.
Calmar Clad** Coto* Guards, Capt. Lawman;
Hopkins istraatur. Capt. Witbart; Oise** Co. Ran.
gars, Capt. Ailey; lafaricro Bloom. Capt. Joba
sto_ ,IVArautroog Eillsa,.Capt. Cantina]. •
Tbbi loran:Lau°, will coati. poring robbing to
visit the eamp, and to stay, tot part at a day, to
know ohan to solo as to asaJoy partial's" Sow
parry drill or parade, or whoa to sew into oat at
say oompary 01F.dn!y.
Judas (now (tolovel) lioCalmoot pall *4411 to
tha camp yeeferday. Hs was warmly grealsat
his anmarowa frloodt. •
Ausnnw ■uus4..
A reakny,eripplu attempt 01 nrc4e 1/10 0410
yeaterintiftlfilOnli at the "Belvedere Horso, 4
atm atilefliulew tip lb. Atl,Ebaoy Firer, by a Ga
mer! amid Fredot itlar. It theme ULU Mine
has been in thia coorary bet • 'bort time, end for
the brat two or three week. bee bean employed it
the boors above rimed. Alter dltuthr yesterday
he took • an Lad stepped out late the etude°, is
wee anapored for the poryore anseslag
at a terra A abort timll'alteriviVdi he Was ob.
eerrel• by.. • setighlw, !dr. Clieglopmilb, iittiog
be a betschth tie grape ether, with tie bast of toe
rao :on Abe - ironed aid bis due reeling' on ill
ath'et. will Salted west he was do:either/4th
chubbnallAlea."Nothh.lti . Theta was oattnag
verssal:abott appesranee . to *Waal etteatthor
aid Mr: C. started away ll* bid lose bat a law
stepeLthen he was eluded by the typed of • ges,
sad ow' taming wooed ha saw Ems lying on the
ironed, wltb the weapon by:Ms. side, bleadter
profaealy. Ni diseirsted tbatthensfortasete may
had soot bbsesic the ball p,ualeg tbroapbt die left
;beet and lodging oboes the eye, which wu en
tirely torn oat. A pbyeiciao erin• tientedietely
celled in, who •tried to cause t the ball, bat sp to
Lb. time when per informant left, be was woo.
uteri. No hope. are eauritaiaed able recovery.
jAlist prompted 01m to commit the rub ant le •
Mystery telturn at present Latinos be explained. Be
I. about thirty 'year, of up, end is , said to bane
.been a sober as!! ladosthou 0.,
=teemed by thou who heel. hob. ,
Comm Apraar cm rum Brill's BillalSOL...
04 Saturday caorulag tut, a diSloolty took plata
katarsiti .Joba iLLINg - eadmar, mats of the Itellancs,
lad Jacob Viantr, cook of th• puns boat, ThIl• ly.
tog at Wheeling. Tba two kept spatting atone
apothem , Rain batratithkalternoork, whoa Ming had
act • kale, lead It Is WS tbriatund to kill the othrr.
The Captals Of the boat took the knife . away from
Vat, but be afterwards got bold of lt alo, as d took
• seat upon ahs itspa leading Into Am cabin. Mate
Duna arts In ibis position Saimaa:doer come doles
!taint sad int& biro squat* ac roes the top of his
bead with the sharp ode of & hatchet. dppauing
lob. badly irdurs4, Due straw was arms tad, and
sutured bail for tri4l. part fro Warta, although pate.
lel.are not goo Wend disoacroks. -
Tars following ls an attract groom 'a private letter
written by as intelligent ciliate einiWitow; Serif
laad, to bie soa p who is irell4sowe resident' al
hive writtea to sbeet tie ahros,
innate rebellien of the Soetbers or eeeedirs Sales
'we have seas dangled
. is th e psSiirs for some time
D l e4 ved can assure ycu the aymptiblea of
ue people of this consul. .
silkiest ',copilot'. are '
wiu Joe Northam:no. Ws deride deplore the
Wl:olive, aid trem Mat .eritb Wetly eoesevelooe
011 both aidee, bloadened.reay be prerpoted eat.
,tits WWII made droner thee ever.!,.
Tiuni- - T 6421 1/ 4 ; tgletallsh Insane htenken
appear' la two elms,. wrest Woman of Mode=
Taithe ud wTb. Ere miaow& Bamalik," In the
wyrepeb Bey," list evenlag, the lair Adeb wen
awry rends et applause we understand the has
her celebrated bores .Csatlon" in the ally, end the
will sows appear Io anis of those darteg hone places
trbleh se meetly ; sends the people at Albany rue
irqd yelttisgeltentent b rq her.
4 4 11=. 0;86 bangle, et Allegheny, la now In the
Welted he tustrting Copt.Parrlo raising • eetw.
my, 001..Q.ary'a Ehtglgoost. Tbs Annecy Le to
the monad story et VIA Les Hall, whirs dose arta.
lag etl ese Jae modiste funk* CIA tureen 4 41 0112 °U1
Tsw DstILLL. ZOVATtIi hrn aisitisid by *lnt
-1 lag C. C. Monteath. Gyulai:l/y. Einholen/ h . /rat
-{eleutessett bacenel kuthl,l4o66lld LEINtszMIL
The nampuy Is aitnikkatteirluabLA&lsoil, Eaq..
01 oar gibmoti.
4 two arclotri /II
up id' ,
rayalllllol. at Camp WOW. ' Call iL 1•41 1
I'ia7.le,kPata sys.t. atm- Ai Cas2P, 10.1111
' .4.IIIXOIMIZIMAISCII •Us tiff( ••;laii; Ad; 4/.1#4,1
• Colones Eintusat. Ration, Pkilliptiirg, Remit
#MAit FL .
A regular mouthy areetiag 01.COCOIlles "rite
• • •
la&bd,amsmbereell pronest,ezeSptiogMenne
Barbie, Berger, Brows, Deccan and McCaphy.
Minot's of last mestiag read • aid approved.
Mr. Ward presumed • pctitios Imm oropexty
itelliers on Wood and Fifth areas, Lilco( that the
letting of tho newer be authorised. Accepted.
- A commerdestiod 'from J. F. 811gre. Er/
Oity Soliptor, gig tt u his &pinion. that
the - city toad mot MI np the cleat bunt without
farther legislation—a resolution auttiorimeg
mw to throw du t is the basis baring been refer.
rad VI W 41.44.14 *pintos. 'The communioatioa
was accepted sad filed.'
Mr. Teolopsoe'preianted a patuon hoot prop.
erty-boldere, matzos that the camel buns a the
head of Great store:, is a stagnant pool, and milling
tbmt Spring alley be attended through the beam to-
Washington street, and the Lenin tilled op sod kept
i• repair. Relemsd to Street Committee.
A recomastrasee from property.holders on.Wub.
lesson street, guest entering the grade of that
ikon:tutelars, way read . sad refined to the-Street
Mr. Ward *Sued the following I
• Resaved, Test the City Regulator be directed
to advertise for propagate for tee public. sower on
Wood and Fins' mogul, already authorized by
Councils. , •
Mr. Belltiett loosed that the reanintioa be laid
crier nail as [di:mined nairetirg to be held on nest '
Monday eventog, that all the property-holden may
is the' metal:se have aa oppormity to petit:tort
ortemoistrate, am they may leash proper.
caulm to portpole ram auotmoaaiy
* Tr. McCargo . presented a eononaniestioe from
L. U. Cameron._ entities to a supply of water from
the Braider, to aid in getting .two canal boats
over the sunken ageedects. Accepted.
Mr.-MeCargo moved that the city giant a mai-
Meat Supply or orate' , to M. Cameros, pros! ded it
cao be larailied without damage to tin eity's in
terest. Adopuld.
Mr.. Morrow offered the (ono slay :
Retorted, That the Street Cornea/moues of the
Pint Duane' be anthontad to soul, the owner of
the property lately eetopied u a brewery, floated
on the cort•r of I!;;ErieJa LiSerty inferlUr, to
have the same removed or made wore immed4.
stet,. Read three times and pissed. •
Is Cosmos amseil, Present, all the members sh•
eept Haydee, Mays, MeCate,
Petrie sod Willa.
Prayer by Mr. McGowan.
Minutes of last meeting reed sad eppromt.
Mr. Kinob, • remoturtranee from the Managers o
the Sites of Mt. Roe, asslast the malls: of Wash
Mean street at pmeent. Laid ea the table, aad of
forwards leisured and Sled.
ifs. W. Boott, • pothloo for the opeolog of P. le
stnot from HUTi/013 'WM to Locoat stmt. fts4mkl
to the Swot Committee.
Mr. Bantle', • petition for a eulvert co Daocan
Bama niterisce.
Mr. Chambers pswental dm following:
• Raoleaf, That the Controller neck, • warrant,
ohergemble to the Contingent Pond, in favor of J. P.
Hobe, Bp , for 111.60, be fal 1, for eervtam In the Dan
of !Cum e. Batton vt the city of Pitcher/h. Re
futed to the Etc me* Comm :car. 8. C. myna by
giving the Committee po wit to eat, In wh lai notion
R. C. cosicarred. •
nourtactaleallon from Mr. A. //Gallego, a4ltlug
Ilue privilege of rating the too Pet. hermit's's:nest,
Deterred to Ida Cuticulae. on Wooden Betiding".
Mr. Chamber', • oommenleatlan from W. R.
Daugherty J< Co., relative to the bent. la the Canal
Beata Referred to the Finalise OCJlMitta..
The SU.ti a oemmunkallan from the Coetroller
•Ith the toilet/lag reeolatlos
Reloloa, That the Controller ha, and hell hereby
xaborlud. to eerily earraate. as Wong on the
COM Unpin Feed:
One in favorer hate Morley for
Thee. Willissui for
" S. West for ......
Read three times anal pawl
Mr. Barkley offered the following :
Resolerdi That the West Ceres - alttee be lastrae
ts4 to pet down water pipes on Ron stnet, provid•
leg the rennin derived therefrom will fealty the
heprevemett. Rad three Sala and paw e d.
.151 s Hams, a report 'roadie Specisi Committee
ea 0.1 Reason which wits read aid accepted.
Mr. John See:tt, a commo•Leallt. Ifo6l lb. Ckty
Solicitor. to referaties to the radian ad pinion of
Crawford street Read sod oraland to be Sled.
Also, the felicitates:
Retaferd, That the COIIIIACI awarded to W.icoff
and O'Neal, for (riding sad pains Crawford creek
between sawn Amur and tt'abstar street, he sad
is hereby approved, sad the acrion or the Street
Committee and City Replan, is hereby ratified,
tad they ore hereby directed to proceed with the
radian sed pains le accord sees with said cos•
tract, sad the reeoleuoas of Melee 23,1861, tad
Aptil 23, so far u they reedier, are hereby
declared nail nod void
Heed thew elites... au pausii &tally by the rot
lowieg vote:
dyer—hadetios, Stile', Lashley, Cathay
Cheeibars, Deis, Hill, Killen, Kitsch, Little, hte
Gowns, McVay, Beet, Roertiottosi. 1. Scott, W
Scott, Wilton, Prem. IlitcCeid.ltes-18.
Mr. gearea, the report of the Committee to *e
dit the acct.:let* of the Cittardlass of the Poor.
The report wu accepted, tad wiO documents ac
compeayiers directed to be petit wiled le the papers
ambonzed to do the col Pristag.
Mr. Tetrad offered the Coltowleg:
Retraced, That we hear with trim of tie de
patters of Mr. J. R Meese, who Inn* the let
ter part of this week for Cahforma t Oat wetreder
hum oar mom sincere embers and whaharly Noes
dictioe;" that Ms trip map prove • plearaat sad
prorperous one, and that he may aorta nom to our
body sad corporate limit.. Adopted.
Mr. Wdaoe mooed that Commis recoawder deir
'time epos the °Mimeo .to 'laborite the Pena.
Wrote /minted Compaq to remove their Mari
from a pmtsh of piberty
?be pm tad asp men called, sad molted as
dye—isdessos, Cagey. Cluientitrs, Dili, F,y
sr, ulldrs, Rill, Kum, Ylog. Lttll% Agri
Nq.—Bally, Streiht.T. /Elsa, Kirsch
McVay, Bovbettom, J. Scott, W. Stott, Prot
fileCsadless... ID.
T. onlisiaca .110 dal? rienuideved, SOO
Councils wijoursed by a tut* or 16 tog.
I Thls birt: utios was not melted in Ealect
!Ttris was a tasted conarnscn 4 ill action
Bbl otherwise noted.
I Carrots or Aloe ae Bwerietw,--aa listens)
night, myelin lichitelieg hataiNgreeer, a squid of
eighteen men how Capt. Chritae! Phaeton Gault,
eider CO4llO d. of the fret sergeant of the cam.
way • west op f Slothuy wad took parapet°. of
Orly stead of ems is the chive. of a diabiaded
'slithery compsey, awe of whom OICOUIOIIIItO.
gaeb weatherer the company had poaotiethe of
hi. owe ionaket, ise that the U. 8. soldiers, site,
tablet •possessisn of the town sad guanine Ito
wires% had to go armed to the Meerut bowies
ead . tais the pas. No militaries wu oiloree,atid
the eqsad raterned to Camp Cesf ilo the same eight
with the =them hose ed the Ott.0010•11111 hod
"Pellidly evened that they would die before
they would flea op their arms. The people or
Bothell were it 6nt greatly sorptiond et the oe
espeeted 1a t , bet the athithr was soon explained
sad nearly all were welt satisfied.
Railroad Actldaat.
esunday 'Parad:a, a lad tweed Jaws &Alia
ses, aged algit years, sod sae of Mrs Hobbs's'',
ildow, 'sedan oil Wanes Arenas, Allagbasy,
was salmi, laJarsd by beteg roe over by a al:111-
in trait ollalsP/U.b.rlbs VOtt Whyna 4 CM sago
Radroad, eau this tsdsral .that depot. Rs wu
playlet Oa tbs tiara, sod addle watching atolls.:
train be was struck by as darling trala„whlish was
builds at tbe thew Ufa opper Jaw mu beius,
and sung teeth wars kaotted eat.' brad was
also oat sittsrely, sad ass shoulder badly brallad,
Tbal truth, flopped Wore the raglaa patrol over
Ides, or be 'sold probably bans bur kills& Ina
o,turberdsrp not of fetal chusetar.
/Womb E. u &i of •■ Atusaase Volum.
taut —Armor wu muunt In Allagheny, yawns
day, to ,ho eat that lir. Ph Buses; a Orate
10 the Jackie& 4adoptadent 41us, had -ban abot
dud by tome lawaseion 1401111.14 Iraqi' On rued et
POP. t;le alAhl lut west, towlawhato la tha
Udall of Haltlouna zirsiihing defalle to tiara
shoot the m War, sad Fite to be - hoped that the
r1:1113107 L ooh cornet. Mr. E. was as old rsaLL•t of
Allagtwoy, sod aotll arlibla the part fur months •
member of the Allegheny polka. Ue hu a wit*
and "avast child:tin, who ass 10 gnat ollatreaa to
mansulaante of the roma,.
Eirbosion at is Otbirsu,,—/t rotbsr elaiolor
uploslow umarrel at ew 01l well e'fbub olleteze.
Stile side of W4'1141018 on bisterday. It semi Lbw
bbl , tail htIIWOID 11)0111O .1 ooarlderoble dlitanoe
whoa eaddeo as e4ploUom loth plus, foreleg the
tools oat of lbw well ieuf throwing a volume of
water about fort: feet-above the surface of tim
rrotod, ',blob still eootlottel al lut sauced& For,
tweeter, DO pane wes loJond, bot the well
bars to ht wheadou4l for the pnivat.
;,-Ar To //Org. Ovraers.
incr.vra 1111W4LIolBLII
1110117 VOA LIU/LIMB h traelegad Lon to all
011 a al Lasserioa, nodal frtla Ipialeut Beldam oe Wesach•
to !le abet in mitical gad certain. Elaram_or &Ma
r pr t , == . l l laalPt fl tsill alas my epuellly.
aq bo way pm-salad sad eared la
laeltibral cape, oat aoaltrand car an boyezel tM
per.Udy . rattoal cars. Po ewe of ilto M.S. Downie
b deremeate or haywire Da t II may D. alleviated b 7 ate
1011310 at, not lei Wiltal apyliotioa &war. noon
We LIMO. and ntaitla thei bon. so travel arttli maws
111 r I gem
• Inn imam ow** Ada!! tan ltdo remedy al Mad, On
Ua tlmate are at tto Ira appmessem of lektosaan • 1.11 allho
*zany me m Wm IbrarletaLl. dbinros mem Weed, to
teaks all Loran ara litbla noel 'bleb muter al sway over
411.1**Yeaatkle Itometalleely ~Wow
' -
jpirßuson Poop.-=Attention Is called lo
lib etch retearrabkiraal ache tie pnpustice,a naiad
Aft mean edam. It le ea calmly eme ahem", sad
I vat wA to ohtethied vita Taz of ha •Iltmome patent
tomildtta of the My. 11 ts • math, meaty for all
41•••••• opalbf, mit amp. .1 by ttum of • chrealo man.
.-al lay& thaftukad ram. euCee•
lima Carp= 4 De, n, a Ifni, if pit, sap the id*
~ its 1 .." Howl al.. pnatetasof the wead-rootheed
Or. ham • Imams Cubist, im article stab nay
hear amid tan to tat Z61121.1410a ckme4 la our of oset,
sad roc teeth& 4, u dal% in Wiwi , la et (pats a say
VW foci:Alta I va11:171r al larablibi
ccisplattilis —o44:alate hanml, ham*.
hh.fle• Martiream oTa. u 10 . ri 'TM
418.4 ‘ 1110 Ikea Plalionit.. WM/tuba
• pis-NOT 014 0. p4r1.4 wsla enm sad norea.
yyausthhtlee Pbriti o l coo '4lO fat Uks bow% awl
um*, Cona4l4lfigirrld Ways,
• z
!Fr Dirnrist.—Dr NI. No. 348 Pam
strew, stlasda to all brushes 41 the bawd ;tofu
- - :.:.L:; . ..':::" . 1..,;!: . : - . ...:L . •:;:i . : :,...: 1. :: - ..... : ..' L . : :. . , .':: :: ' ,
ii.L. , -.t: :,..'::::. ,, ;...,.;:e. , ,', - ,' , :,.-,: , ;.-F-.,.-.,:. , ,,......
'3k4 .44t4jAii.04.:#2:r;:c:.
.w': •~ ~rA'.~.
Latest from'California.
Foes Xsaastr, Jane 24.—Tbe Posy Erprces
passed this marsing,:brutgieg the followhig .Sin
Fmocisco news, melodies Wee, to the fedi hut.
Mr. Latham bu returned from a tour through
the State, during 'Finch he has addreesed the peo
ple of most of the . priecipal couctiee. Be reports
the amnia' , almost untuictous tor the
Elaine. Ills 1011,04 fite.Washiagtos on the I Ith.
Tbennoieeliecti of the poliucians throughout
the State see, the propene( el loot politteal Con
ventions to be bald at Sacramento within a month.
All parties ore very active and the Chibeca ear
about even TTlRten the Douglze Lemocrau sod
the Republican" for carrying tae butte. Leaked
Stanford, sod T. G. Phelps are the leading }Ce
nobite's it:sedates for Goren:or, limb probabilities
to hror of the forma. Oar. powey, Engine Cait
eklay Jake Chances tr.,l .1°,..0 Bidwell are among
aspirants on the Douglas hetet.
The principal Federal officers appointed by the
present Admieistratioe here filed !wade and en
tered on the duties of their emcee.
Ode Million three hundred sod sixty thousand
dollars hive been subseribed towards bedding the
San Francisco and San Joan Railroad. The cost
of the read is estimated at $2,000,000.
A private letter has been received by a gentle
man, Dom Fort Yule, dated 20dt May, which gays
that Lliyd sod Kerr arrived to-day, and reported
that Giddioge, tee toad • conteactor, whilhoo the
way from El Paso to Tenses; was killed by the
Apachtmeeer Steniat Peak, together with Mr. Mc,
Reese, the overland toad agent. It is believed
that the overfeed mail stock is safe, and ea routs
for this plate.
A letter from Washoe, from a party Interested
in the Opblo mine, gives a timelier account of the
recent operaboes there. During the month past,
1600.000 in gold and silver, le bare, hive been meat
to Sae feminism.
By, the arrival of the-bark Yankee, 1•11 b dates
from Hoeolula to the 20th May a we learn tbsc the
reports about the dans:mte mutation of the MlA
simians. at Marquees, we. much 'unmated. The
natives were gales. ; ' •. : -
The Block Hawk, which reached Houidala oe
the 7th May, craned news from Washington to
April 14.13, bete/ the shork.: tine on record.
TOG Pony Repress with the news of the ad
'mace of the Federal troops into Virsiora, the
capture of.Aleashilria, mad other pollute about
Waabington,'and the aasssaination of illiswortli,
tits arrived. This intelligence hat ceased mach
escitemint thrnaghout the State sod intensified
the Uoion sentiment. The Ow everywhere are
at ball•mset In reapect to Rib/worth. Geo. Sam
set ha. pabliehed an order respiring army officers
to preacnbe so oath of allegeanee. lla MO also
mint one company of troop. from Beoecis to Fort
Churchill, to Nevado territory to protect the over.
laud matt Into the Indiana, std, it it stated, to
keep a look-ont for secession sympstOlsors, whoa@
bead loaners are in the. Carson Valley repro..
The State arms which were alit to Gino, Vat.
ley, lan year,l or nee spinet the Indians, mid since
recanted on that ogio 01 the toorinuina, haws
been reseed; delivered up to Capt. Moore, el the
U. H. Army.
Tee Repohlicso primary elegione to gas Fns.
Mato and Sacramento, ars terorable to the moan
nation ol biked Stanford for Governor.
Gen. Johan', who commanded the Salt Lake,
60d more roceetly the Pacific Military Deparmant,
has remained .t Los Segel., is ibis State, Since
Gee. Beenier superseded him, sod it dote soneem
to be !sown whether be coetereplates joeraeying
As lendlolllooo COI/troves.) , u Coin Os bittern
the mew Ssb.Treasurer and the Supenoteadant tat
the Sae Elmira° &lint, ae to which of those of
shall appoint the Cashier sad Weighing Clerk
to the SohiTrunory Deriartrumn. Two sets of
clerks ate coneguently •ppointrd. sad bulb are
performtvg duty. Tee old clerks still remain to
anon tate. /t sumo to be a vowel which one,
sated at Washingtoe, and wilt hems to cad there.
The La Aegean Stir Menlo:net partitions of
the late ladies hoeulium. The uoope from Pon
flectianan were out scomang the enstry m pursuit
of this, tad irs mirth of the awing man.
The tamer Ceder. Age sailed fur Panama,
curve, 123 puseagent sad $798,000 unser* for
New Von as. $146.0)0 for Ea:lead.
The attekiendge State Coneentio I met yester
day at Swamies°, tad elected Rebieson Pfau
dent, and appointed • Committee onfirtholnimes.
Thu fir tan bare Only triesactid print:niter,
benne.. It is prerremed that a fill State and Coo.
mettioeal ticket will be nominated, end Jrniu
eon demands% coercloa and adroutin an as
huwledsmeat of the ledepaimeace of the SOOIII.
ere fienfedersey to preferabte to war s will ba
adopted. The Comatiosi to 'Amon eaciusively
composed of ultra Summit proeienry men, and
sot mach importance re gine to il, a* so on ex
pecte to ties thet party eakilbit nay lotmidable
Weigle at the tootles election.
At Ptscerrille, lit Dorado cunt,. which Is the
sung hold of the floinkinridge party, coomdera
telteol6ot took placeses the 101 h, ilroknn eat
of the publication of as editunsl 10 the Hermon
Disauraf, mains( light of die smassmitian - of
Elimortk led the ensuing It sawed. The oat
tor sake: ..17,a1.1 unamination
produce the urns?" Major Wade was actin., aid
isclaied that he ? Dahl snow so crowd of citizen'
to discus the subject. Moat of the bonen,
breves withdrew their polrnes i ge lees the paper.
Amounta from the saran erep•tbronahoot the
State sr* taverna. They Ind preemie profanes to
be gotta as good as last year, while the unmher of
suss lowa Is u large.
Oregon duos to the Sib stave that them is a great
rush to the Net Heroes man of which there are
very favorable reports,
$ 76,60
. . •1,66
... 120 CO
Tao tondos at Albasy,Oregoa, oo the kb task.
for lb. ponce* or aaltiog tbo Douglas sod Bract
oblides * s tem prated to be a fallacy, dm Douglas
mat refustog to tali part to it
flov. Whitaters addreso to tba peoplo or Oregon
tympothlur teltb the sormaloaliwaod memo with
bat MN favor limn' tbo people.
Col,Wco.. 11. Wallam woe aotatuated u the Flo•
pablitaa candidat• for dalsgato to Cuogrus from
Waablagtea tonitory. r . -
Daum from Tidal Columbia orer vorelowl to the
de utast. the reporta are taut tte 110641 ate
dolog welL Tb. steamer Oust bad arrivod, witb
ssoolo o la pia dolt.
From Fortress Monroe.
FORTIM Nossoc, Jetto.2l—Vie Baltimore
Gee. Butler spent this morsizi at Newport News,
from whence them tom bees MO iIOOTOI3OIIt of Ma
portsoce reported.
Lest e•eoiag there areas reception at the bead.
loaners al Cot. Mu WOW:Met SOtb Nom York
Regiment, formerly tba 106161er rtaldellM al ra,
Plealdea' John Tyler. raenerals antlar sad Pierce;
witb their stafs'and ladies, were present, whoa"
the Germano • nag, and .l inen the performances
of the Tornere. Dia Et-Yreslitatt 'aft his Doane
at Healpton Creak alegsatly furnished. RIMS of
Sebnylsr and .Gootba ) adorn.. Colonel Webber's
Toworeod'it Reglama its an guard dat; yes
etdby lo tL. &motion of Fox 1111.1.
During treverat nights after the affair at q rept
Betbel we but to guard soroas Bettipton creek.
I bare had a long cogent:tee with Booboo Parket'.
of the Vermont Regiment, who war exchanged Ism
evening for ea Old Dominion Dragoon named Cu
tar. Ile minimal that tee rebels still have three
prisms/1N etc (horge Mums, of the N.Y.Reglamet.
Cbarles Metcalf, of Col. Doryea'e Z 401•1111, who are
Blebemod, and Beale! A. Moonily. of Capt. Wit
eon'. outplay.
Parker act bearing the order to reveal. waterer.
taken by a party of rebel Waal's, sod on the •400.
leg of the 4ght wee marched to Yorktown with the
maio body of their fore*, with bin hands lied be.
bled toe beck: Prom 'Yorktown ho was taken to
Richmond, tad their kept till exchaeged. Ue was
earefolly gentled, bat in every respect was well
touted. He report*. brae meet force at York.
town, and every stator Wisp dawn edditioest,
troops. Provision* ate .scarce and the rebels aro
lathy led and clothed. There were bet few peso
singers between Yorktowa - ind Riehmosdo Jeff.
Darla wee at the latter city.
The Troy Itegtment u et Ceoreettra.
D. W. Clarke, of the 44 N. y. Regumest,desett f
ed the eight kelore the Cmiet Bethel - affair, is ob.
Miami a eitiyeays dram from lee Beoessiosiste, and
gave the Rebels tell tolormattoa of our 'armaments.
H. is now at Itlchmoed, bet Ike Rabe). would not
10641111 him foto their service.
Loot *eel a wine bowie at Richt:toad too " g
$lOO.OOO worth of property, was destroyed by 6re,
aid oo eoturday night the war otramev Olooeovo,
was byroad to the water*. mtge. Roth - are cases of
Iseendlartmo, the authors' of which have not yet
been diacovered. 1 hay now poly have tiro pear
ere on James River.' • •
WIIISII2OTON, 711 - 011 . 24. Capt. Duckett, el gall*
sod axpenlenoed came, eommanding (our camps-.
01.. 01 teggrge ecealry, ea the Virginia 04 entling
Potooleo and who hu bee. tn.: WIWI tee l o iteliet .
and perllons ureic* there, “", dated hes eseleneetan;
wend days ago, Obt premed/ withdrew It entail',
°Medan, Informed that ID' orlar to . more forward,
which he bad not received, bad been sent to Me
camp. Rio name 'did not app..: le the Ilst of rw.
ClOl military promellonannd appointments.. 2 ' 2, •••
There le great aotirity at the nay/ yard, attired..
Ing the Amiable% of denim steam irrigate Peoesooli.
.mbibb, It In sopposuVw ill be ready for Web" to a
. ,
few meek",
It is told by thaw vett° bar" iLootss to °Motel dot*
As* am prison( arallobly voluntyor fora Is oar
300,000 um. Bytwomy TOO &oil 300 kilt or lam.
slant voluntary bars barna paid aft slooi Friday and
Mat bun*.
Po dlrpototto. of /coportanco hove boon roo.irod
Y the are, Impadquartun, from Ib• Vlrglnla ild• of
duo Potomac, within the lou two days, and il7stro In
that &notion an nporlod es quid%
Tk. 37th reilmosi of Nov TorIF volootters At.
find bare at, soot,
Ncw Yozz, Joao 114.;;-16o sumac Colombia
and Duoto Dave armed Hoe Hanoi' whit 'dated
• The Desoto Wisp
_Of . !iip4i . 1.14,:a of the lott
Yeliog layer bad made it, &potation at' He.
vast, hot mot yet among lee thlppmg. .
It It repotted It,tl is re important Wires to tate.
riot ot St. Domaine:li hare been lorueed, cod assist.
od by the the people tatted to :mitt
Splotab proves there. -
it le also :apogee. that the inhabitants of oae
there 'bare been-setwored by the Spaalab
troop., bluest, they refitted to swear allegisnee to
There let report that the Spanish troope . baie
beee diluted la soull'eangetosnt. • :
;ltddilloaal troops are beta gent from it
to releforee the artny.thein: • .
An Intense; ezeitementamide at Havana relative
sgtere lathe Uelled- . l . ltates. • -
Lnu neasi. Jibe 11.—Tbe vim EstalUci_idmrly,
ton 3 Fief 6 Weber 6stu la IM woad.'
.~a~ =...
4-' , .....! . 7. - •..
, ...•...
.. ..
. - .
. •
r' •-•.!. 0.1011.. at lutivaukte.-F :
Bituranirce, Jane 24 —The mob kkay,Uneed
greater loot of property thin wan at gent up
cited. The attack was ascertained to hare been
regularly organised thug. , Throughout yeller..
day, meetings were held in the upper wards of the
leity. About ten o'clock this morning, the rioter'
East arched Bona the Sink - and Ninth Wards thrbugh
East Water street to Mitchell , ' Bank, attacked it
ith stones, and bricks , anon riddling the window,
ompletely. The Clerk. barricaded the doors in
rder to gain time to peewit the ealaahler, which
nay did in a great measure. Tee mob' then broke
own the doors and soon stripped the room of
serything, throwing the furniture and books into
he street. The State Beak, on the opposite cor
er, and J. B. Martin's office, were then attacked,
tind served in a like manner. The Bank of Mil_
aukee was also coned. bat not moil' damage
ras done to it. Aden & IlleOrrgarri real estate
' dice was completely tutted, and the books, valued
t ssofinn destroyed. The Juneau Bank was
tiso the object of their wrath, bat they were con
ented with breaking the window.. ~
irTha Mayor and pollee were promptly on the
ormd, but wars utterly power:era. One willowy
f 4ti tun, the 'Montgomery thuards,were ordered oat,
ant declined to do anything. The Zonsvu wire
.hen ordered out, and cherged on the mob, Which Is&
nailiately broke end ran. - The streets ware soon
'cleared and guards statimsed at the earnera, and •
twad at each - bank. About 60 of therioters were
treated and confined it Jell under • strong guard of
OUSTIIII Bud Horns Boards. This evening the mob
lire In force In the 24 and 6th Wards, where Inliam.
• ;eatery quiches are being made. They hit , . one
nano.% and threaten to attack the Jail to-night on.
~leau their Mende are reigned. The Oseernor has de
'elated martial law, and telegraphed to Racine and
Madison for Bute troops, which will arrive trnight.
' I As tar as ascertained the following Cr. the
Inaines of those iryured: Alexander Mitchell, slight. I
it ; C. H. Larkins, Jr., paying teller el Mitchell"),
'Bank, badly bruised ; Judge Starkiseether, tram
led on and badly hart; Mayor Brown, • knocked
oon with a atone, and slightly hart t Mr. Hayden,
(book keeper of the Suite' rink, considerably hart.
;ne rioter morbidly cat is the ehoulder, and an
'Utter he'd hie hand cot of; ace was wounded in
the leg by . the thrust of s bayonet.
dThe riot was caaecd by the action of the Bank.
r* on Saturday in throwiag out of circulation toe
notes of a large number of the Banks of this State.
:../SlMPtsntlicr, Mo., June 24 —The Slate Fe
Pony Er?teas rizrivad here, two dap ahead of
limo. We learn from it that business is very doll.
Reports (corn the San Juan rubies continue (a.
Porable and many persons are leaving Santa Fe
daily for the diggings.
Cot. J. B. Grayson hes bpen ordered to repair to
Washington, and would leave in nee week, via the
Southern route.
Dr. W. 8. fling, of the Medical Department,
dame in as pamaenger by the stage to report hintheif
at Washington.
:1 The annsticeenterrii into between the GplarD.
meat and the Caraancoth, on the i.h:a of May last,
has again been, broken by the latter. Oa the 29th
Of May a large body of them came to Ditch's
gauche and drove off large numbers of horses.
Outs and sheep. Capt. Duncan, olthe U. S.
darny, with the small three lollowed, killicg one,
wounding eight, and taking several priaoners. Be
succeeded in tetaptering some of the stock. Fears
are entertained by the people of thit neighborhood
that the Indium would soon relent, and Pales,
they are recited by some strong hand, they will
suffer mach loss.
Officers of the U. S. Army eontustie to mile,
sad ere teavieg by way orate Southern mute.
Advice. of Dr, Comaelly's appOixtmeat as Gov
ernor had Jost been received. The bth arid 7tb
regiments are reported to be witid rows.
IKorrese Crrr,...Tune 24...... A horrible dilutor or.
Mitred at Wyandotte, Hies's, yesterday, 'bola ten
c'elock p. tn., by the falling in of the walla of two
'dude, some
sod part of a third, burying all the th
an, some 40 persona. The buildings were four
"'tortes high, 'Rutted on the lever, and had previous.
li been need es the bead-quarter, of the Pint }Logi
neent of Sanaa Volunteers. Yesterday, Cant.
Haines, with a compasy of -40 men, entered the
bitilding for the pupae of drilling, preparatory to
being received Into the U. B. service, when the
4,11 of. the building suddenly gave way, plunging
the whole eonpany beneath the mats of roles. A
n mbar were instantly killed; ate German, whose
o me Is unknown, was soon after liberated; one man
b d both legs and arm broke.; twelve or fifteen_
o bete wire slighdy Injured; tome escaped without
&bruise. The anionic* of lou of the buildings is not
Fir. cotopanlis oreivalry, eix compielee of in
f'try, two companies of mounted rifles -and dia.
g • ns, and ten comps:lW of volunteers. In elf about
00 men, with one battery, under oottoresiod of
Mejor J. D. Burge, left this city td-day,l. at 1 p. m.,
destined for southwestern fdlitsourL .
. lCaino, 111., June 24-I'he expedttion. under
the eomeiand of Col. Mope, sent to Little River,
Minatori, to espture the rebel. reported to be se.
unload there, returned, this evening, after a march
ol forty mile.. The rebels bad departed, having,
It ilt thought, been informed of the approaeli of the.
federal troops. The towns thvaegb which Cot.
aStgan passed were almost entirely deserted.
Three gr omusent rebel leaders woe arrested and
belooglo to this camp on the 18th. The regiments
frees Camp Douglas and a company of dragoons
/ r,
Ir at llentralit arrived here to day.
. her rteamer City or Alton lett here, last even.
is `d7 &clod., for up the river, with two them
es d troops, and four ma pounders, no doubt, dee.
alined for ktissonri.
he rebels in Timonium are reported to be on
Par . through Arkanasu for Missouri, to help
"born 3aeloson.
•'• r. • is, Jane 24 —Tits Desteeral learns from
ci tiros I Leitegton, arrived bete, - that the news
of the d feat el the State troops at Boonaville had
d hear -we the areeminetats is Lafayette and ad-
Joiaing • Reties. They also mate that the mode,
at 4 secessionists in Lextogton lag tiall nations to
testify their allegialea to the Federal Goverom en t,
atiaarettie peaoq sad order in the Slate ; that the
Milos of Lexington.* stollen seceasioaist. has
leb.the city, and his iniceeesor, a goad Caton
procloteav hln datormutation to prawns law
can wear, aid th'protoet the rights of all elitists
of!citiaese, is which be le austaioed by ths almost
eta:moos vole. of the people. It ta not thought
th 4( Gen. Lyon will proceed further op the river,
bat proceed to the South west, whore, io coppice
boa with Cal. SegelPs command at Spriogield,
bi will turas battle with Ben McCalloch, or any
oda else to command of as seecurioa troop..
I SCA, Jame 24 —The Nebraska regiment of
Tokllllollll fur throe seers !MIMICS, Will be filled
sod organked in a few days. Beres compasses
are tenth aroused at this potot, and addittonal mace
are comiag re daily. Major aettaral Jna. Thayer,
Cesomaeder of the ?armorial 11111tht, boo been
apputeted and oosamisanned IM Colonel, W. D.
bleCord, Major, sod Dr. Cool Low, Segeoe of this
The (timids of the Hon- J. filterlleg Norton, late
Secretary . sod stow delegate to Congreu, are
eltgrtned at the telegram from Wasbiogton rola.
ti to him sad Ms acennets, sad sagest that it was
esteemed by persons d to 111110•001 Me cabers
mg lost him in hie east coolest with Mr. Daly, and
tb t Mr. Monea'a eccuuare ere all straight:.
unattee, sine .14.—The COO TllllOOO, to.dey,
trausented no bestow, of Importance, their work be
tas for the present about 6QU/id.
otr. Carina, from the Committee of IT, reported
that the Ceinsaithea had concluded to adopt the pres
ent =URI* lairs of dm Stove.
ft resolution Tu . reporui eta reform!, setting
forth the apple/lois of the Itlehinond asurpent, and
to:the people of the State, explaioluig said jusUfylos
fhb Redo* of the Convention In not tables batnedr
et. stop to divide the State.
ost raw:dation sou adopted that when lb* o , lolllotird
adjourn to•teorrow, that 11 udionru till {be lit Igor.
d to oltasatt.
mown!, Jute 24 —A detachment of
yilialars host Kansas City, captured thirty-eve Ka
ceseloniais ud a small quantity of arms and am.
mat:mina, at Libetty, on Me 124 n. Th. three re
maining companiee of the Ent Kisses repealer'',
on* couiptey of nignlars, snatched to Kansas
Cu; yesterday. The Nice at teat potat sow num
bers about 2600 volanteers tad molars. Tneyve
priividad with unease of sransportation and camp
moippage lot a march: . .
Amway, Jape 21.—The bf Whigs, Fourth atlt.
meet received marchleg °edam to leave' at 10
o'clock to morrow moms( by railroad, via Tole.
do, Dunlitrk and Elmira to Ilairtabeg,wbue
will retries order.. Tbialeguaeat aumbere 1140
moo, well eqaipeed by the Smut. Magary area
regard Vale Regiment equal, it poi roP•flor, Ia
mambo aid diseipline, to say that bees yet left the
Jane 24.—Geo. McClellan is actively
engaged in perfecting per engegements m that his
movements will be made espedttloludy. When
evorythieg is prepared, piompt and decniee stove.
menu may be sapscped The lore* aide: General
McClellan , * command is amply ontfi cleat to lemma
a *mil gelatins clear trembly' in Heaters Virginia.
The guerilla system adopted by the seamy will be
Mat and pat down.
Joos Aessriosa lump &foliar
dated the 33d Instant, oft Dorset the itsarorr Pals.
osi, of Acosta creek, stating that • desariar from
rho rebels was Welted op la the water, after ow lto
mleg loot or gra us. tbattho rehire at
Oa creek smother from 2000 to 3000, awl hare sew.
oral Odd cacao. sods Dsbigrwm goo. The to Paw..
newkeephig a strict river polies at eight and bu
replayed several small boats. .
•. . itictimamuoimaita ll
Baglegeat Wei a. 1141. F • :
4.7er oospumi oesigniag We Lemon els regaene4
to goo dile {Sandal) mut& 41 4 o'cl ock=Meg et the tate
lUeebeet.llee tbe nevem amualeoe
fee 04.4.14a4 Lbeasases Odeon of
of l
Beg cletos of
14.11•4. to 111144. mos* enamel b IN teeiggetio44 . ol
Colget4 lievetaisaa4LleateawaCe6owel Osa.
aj Wier , • 1:14111BILIOn
0000 10& Wass daiPiearid Cesium! *mid
4 1000 da do Cboalo Oared am% • • ..•
. NM do • 01. Cored Stsiddere. ' " " •
I. idade far deli • CLAID1)1.11,111.1 Tdborty 01.
CAitela ItUOldePATuss rscierred-a fresh
hag No. I Offlryst Dams: Labire as •Lio, ne.
kar Sal Meta', epllteallietittnoms. far sab at the
GOMM; Stamet , . • JulIN A. faa; •••• • -- tbieerlibutr MEI antic
011NAR 1100D/I,llom 12 to 14L —A e
b." lastreatnau •• • •• • •
0" C.LSK 1311OULUENS. tilDtl AND
• -- .I.l.4llsl4 . oiestiusiat by
1.10,7 ke is.loor et drama vbtac Ito rway.4 trua,
sous sm. as et mu
'!;14,1,7'.',,.'"c-'-'-'-=', • •
..- . .
Arrivals: at. iha
..„.87r:47W+F39"*- il(ttaiti4ll7l:44-14•1".:
noracrne.: ,,
Captl Whhvt,o Walat . W ADM,
&near t J Hendry, do 3,W Pwni.oCey Jefralintl
B Baby; Etttanutog Dr A B Nort:M; Portornoulb
Col E H Cameroon, U Wright Mr. W if Bloyhanoon, Bier.
L rigatoni,
Worm: • - - PElelden,Bt ionla
ti McNeal, Woke Forge Z. Matta? W.oh
M /WY, Ell:tanning Min Carty, 'ido
J Milton, PaArius: rloe Llabole
G Iffaniffeld ', f
I.loll3E—Conter Dneneana War azA Irwin Ittrrtq
R. D. 41•1119:11. PSOPD.II2ICL
A W Pgter, Vreiit co 0 tociart., Rail I/kart/
0 Comp; Doesaster Mn. Craft Desier, P.
E Comp do J !tower, Cleveland.°
B Memo, Franklin It P Beam, Qrieloaatl
Tom MOW, New Iliiailton I Oradorf ' nr
D L Portir Carnti.WritAt I G Boyar, C:47rion Dya, Carfiele
ODOUR £010!
fl P Paucc: i•
0 aroms.
A 1' I:ve,betrt. Mar:livorille
0 It Pont, 14 moor
T 0 Mom. ClevelAnd
J McDowll, Oroenop, IEI
DJ 04111111, Polls
Cr444,r0, do
D o , 4r_ilic 44
E. Nam.. Crieve!onfl '
J M Plater, 1:144414burg
!AULD. 110ITG-1.1b4
Jon Won.
J Weenie., Indiana
J V Rh Iltpstriek
111 0 moan Weltanorel*cd
It /Awn, Stan City
.1 II Chamb,..r.
J :dentin •
J 0 tlarlsni Oroeme co
GIRARD 11017i3E—Corncr
J‘ti IletherlugtonC'p Wright
ferry Walter do
Alvin Klett, Won CUT
Reuben Buttt;Creatlinel •
Lewis i l .l/1,
1110. liestually
J 0 Miner, Camp Minna
J W Ontente• do
O Vir Ltria
Joe Otter, Baltimore
BARER 110TEI,—Libe
salmi nsli.
W B eslottn, CoduoLot , org
J F VTR* do
JCbambeni do
A IlleFsetand,Ablelsad •
A McFarland do
A Il Andstson, Tent.
John Morrow A eon, Dalt
DO flows, Dtolllt's ferry
J McElroy, West Middletown
W Olbsoo, Lsnesstar
LlUD LION .110 IL—
C CrdL. W. neat
O W Dinabowo, do
W HLok,u , P WACO.
J B Wilco, do
JU 0 skived,
- • . - I'OMPIX,
IL 8 Slimy . •
Jolla Panel.
P Dabdkk,Ossek Wright
OleamWO, ' 13ok' 11111; '
Grum NV. '
kti. 11k.
J.. Willan.etmlmmtl
O Mlller. licKempoot
JOmicet lady,
Wm Elsomm,.. do . : . .11
Cul.bmrl, its absth
Vaportal apacialli for MA' PWa6vrgA tiuksteci
Yrrhanraili. 11Ionia. Jane Y4 , ,: 1661+
We have Doctor or Woponaot haw, to oaks lo
flour market. She deomerleoalloceeoUeodlogly Whited,
• 0 0119 Parrs .10e.49 eiririaged.rmanlfest • drooping hoc
dory. gales of 75 001.9prlog and Wolter Wheat goodly
et fo 0.5,20 to $5,74 GO do eo st $5 for =flan 50410,60
to $5.75 Mr 1.017.40 doll/toter Wheat iamllyat $1,76.
UgOCEgllWl—gogar In light troves vitille;rea are
Aron gide of 2 had. low grade at act 10 do do - • 6f.,;:e7r..
fkßw Ann: We of 60 bag. prime Rio at 141‘c. , Molamor
Whoa to email iota al 844255 e.
BAI.I •N—The mertet continori very doll, and on elle.
rf any Importsoce ere mai log. horravor. have en
dergone parrktdar chaoas though the tendency is
iLernhard; vile of 1.703 to Nhooldere cod Plain Moos at
0 % and 9 1 2,0:0 do at s.lsc for r tioniCen..9slBXO for bider,
and, for Plato Rasa •
halo. relent; MO. of 10 .half bah Whit* Flab
al $4,25, and $0 do Late flerritig 5tg2,25.
LARD—doll and deo , halo We of 90 kr conniry heat at
7c; I bid and to km. nt 7
. w . , • , •
bRIED PAU il•—nuctiengro; tale of 16 Loth Apple. at
76e tijl Data, tan le r. prime Peach. at $2,91. ..•
INYIATOK.3.--very doll tot rude. drooplagthale of 00
hash prim. Reds at itr. 11 rash. -1 • •
Ran 91.0 1 / 1 1—unctieoged; sal, of Nils at $1;90 V hot.
oYRUP—dale In .mall luta of Golden at Mona ft to No 11
Tun following Is a omparallv• statement cf 11 . 1 Imparts
of Dry tlooikla at Now York, for .1.1 k• week Walnut
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For the watt. 1859 . ISNI. • I Bat.
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81000 JmL
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Thrown as laerfet..--. 60,853.673 47,647,740
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Steam Book Blnderi.''
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Rain and Ornamental Bitding, 1p over".
Mink Boots Iltdod to any tutrlcata pat.
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