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. 2711 WTI:
NONDAT ,IiORNING, JAN. 7, 1861,,
lifirtrosounri Obrdrrationi for 11.5.05arisr, bj
Buy, optit,„s,o, t S Ilfth /31:—.55rrsoled d•Ur:
aeon nnaac
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Barrtostar 29 15 20
. .
Tnn , Souir_rdeontisisatoixas AID "nu Set
, reign Oocar-iltis • AM- itmidanturrs.Two
1 1 ! ! reWitt' peremptory - strottlartin have recently
,seresd upon , the Carat' Commissioners,
commanding Mira to , make provision for the
-- sertesttrett sid 'collectlen of a lox .suffielut - to
merig.dieiateerti, doe and (allies due ie the'
- ensuing year, dpen..5750,000, - bonds buried to
to OP - Pittebeirgh - tad Connollseille Itellroad
Cotitpaif -. and 5150 000 of the Cher_tiers Yelley
subpart don. This will make the BUM total of
S OO % for 'Oh: payment of the interest of
'Mob rovisior, rust be mode at the next an-'
coil, log of the Commissioner" for estima
ling 4 expenditures of - the county., . •
- Thg grit in the first 'ease recounts tie 'previ
ous preceediage had ageing John ll.lffeElkennj,
Joasthatt- Beset and Zia/Attu' Pattersou, - and
lOW fletlig they expiration of the term of office
of Johi 11. llcElhenny: substitutes the - tiara of
his sueesseer, ClOorge,Haraillan. The wrltoon
' eludes - with tbe folleetie&commaud
..Now. therefore; we peremptorily command you,
the-sold Zambesi Patterson, Jonathan Brash' and
Georgesliamilten-1 Commirstoners, and your seems..
eon to Mlles, that Without ; delay Inland your next
, aaooel mieticg:hhe e rrteaafftteerr , to -wit : to or .befefe the
meeth.ef.January!vext, y make full and ample
peevish*. ter-thapsymen . the Interest doe, or
which shall st that thnti rupiahs me, and ;bet which
shall Iseenie'dde - "lthis the Nyeer eat ensuing the !
nuctialet '
the said , Coudty Co mistionerr, en
the bolas of-the noway of Affeehinsey, issued in
payment of therabealption of $750,000 to the stook
of the Pittsbargh nod Connedleville Belhvad COO 3. 1
;may, acitording to the tailor . thereof," L o.
"And farther, we do hereby peremptorily nom
1 --
mind you, the said Zealous Patterson Jonathan
Brae andljeorgaillinfilton. that yon f or thwith. Pay
or tuoareto be pat the 'coati of this suit.
"And hers you *said Zetiettens- Patterson, Jou
! &than Brad; George Hamilton. and Jobe H. Mal. -
. • balmy chill exegete
-this oar sold , aelltoutodi You
shell eettify to us it a fisoreme Court to be held at
Harrisbarg 'on the' Snit Monday' of May. next, re
turning to as our writ."
The second writ is precisely elmilar in its
commands, the teal' differenge befog in the
The County C l otormissionsee, rintwitheteeding
the expression of the lite Tex Convention, that
• their fines might be paid out of the Cutely
Trolool7i have ebnoluded not to draw warrants
_ for that purpose; preferring to remain in jail
for - the present. I Tt will be seen, however, by
the terms of the plandatous i that ;tittether they
remain to prison lir not, it be the duty of
the Sheriff to hive them before the Supreme
. Couttot:Herrisbing, in May next. If they go
with the - gnawer that the writ hag not
been obeyed, the Court will undoubtedly inflict
multi" penally, erhaps greater then the one
under which they now softer, sod fiats will be
addedlo due, end coat to cost, until the amount
• will be Inch t h at Payment will be very onerous
and diffieult If apt impaisible. • •Vhe power to
- pay thitim Sine oat of the County Treasury is
admitted to be queetioneble on all hands, and
shonld it be attempted en effort would undoubt
edly be made to enjoin the treasurer from pay
. leg any. warrens for such a purpose. The
' Commissiners tb"toselves fully realise the air
, eumetancee in which they are about to be placed,
and we oaderettind that they have it In content
pillion to order a special election, or vote of
the people,
to determine exactly how many are
in favor of camprondae, and how men, are op
posed to that mode of settlement. The Com
promise-Committer appointed by themselves are
stilt empowered (to negotiate with the hoed.
fielders; stiil receive any honorable propositions
wktoh they may rate.
The Commissioners do not feel like ineorring
any additional penalties to those now Lifiloted,
withoutlinowingt,how they us to be met. The
tau and ousts imposed open them remain as a
lien upon- their - petiottal propeety, and the lilt
nasocusiful efforts to pay filej 111111henny's
due by private Itabeariptiou„ leaves them but
• little .gronad tfor hope In that qoarter,. The
. County Treasury: does not seem to be open for
their relief, and the momentous question braes
itself upon them;-ttHoW shall ate scoop. from
these pomade/ it we ineor them
As time progresses, new difficulties prevent
themselves, sad 111 concur in the opinion that
the Commielionetro should not. Re in jail much
longer. Neither le it presiming too much to soy
Mat they "Woof: -
Trust itst'ni. unit • Iltnestors'eoustrbe
• followlog liotofooiee.lSitl be - tikes up for Irbil
fu the District - Volerl,fe•-dsy, before Judges
Hereptos sod Witham :
Stewart vs Crawford;- hilabeny . City irj47. Donny;
Chlg, l 7. McArthu r C 0 .,. Moo. los. Co.;
P. s If. Ins. Co.;
" ; Alliance-Ins. Co.;
' • ' Merchants Ins. Co. ;
- : O. W. FT& M. Int. Co ;
noniron, Biaoklsin,ined ategin;
:aPromaer ealruiliOn
"'II - 47a vs Sane;
Jobostoo eb Wsltor;
Kerala wife es Illsok's Es'n;
almitt_vs ,Cilitaincham;
.3Wir vs Taylor-2 Suer;
Lorimer, for Ole vs Elder;
Itou Er.vei °Mott;
Nichols vs Micah
Moulton es 2feren;
Verner vi liok;
Kirk ye 009101;
Wafter v Vf,eLksr;
Mostar vs Ureter; •
Woods vs, hieys et of;
Hanshoni nlifartia; •
Howe Ve Osborne;
Crowe vs Leine; •
Ater TB Lotlik; . • •
Tonsgeu v Melfannis;
Case TIE. 4.8.-It. it. co.;
• tlitocruct Ocounitsacs most distressing
ease of burning to: death occurred in Conemaugh
Borough, Cambria comty, on Christmas day.
- Mrs. BarakLoaw t an old resident of that place,
sad wife of Mr. David Loose, was the unfortu
. Sate victim. It splines that all the remaining
members of the faintly wire ablaut from home,
. and the ollfLidi was 'klieg to front orthe grate
in one of the apartments of her residence, en.
gaged In rending a newspsper. Ifehig nese
sighted, ebe did uot notice, until too late, that
-the draft of the chimney had drawn the paper
kw near the otial4. Suddenly the paper took
Are, and the lam. ' communicated to the" old
which wateprinelpolly cotton, ikon
onseloped her la Ite oraeltibig and destbly em•
braces :4311olnuully, without uttering ' a scream,
limbed in !error to su_open space in the rear
of Ike luau, where she attracted the attention
of someattiglibore Including her eon, who Lor•
modally reus ;to iher togetstance. The unfor.
innate womio, was, Una, la Imaginal; Vert
'_ Tsly burned; and after suffering the moat Intense
Way mull 8 o'clock -that evening, death came
to leek —relief. Waco the news of Ike accident
yesobegluir,. ,, Liieser; who wee engaged at his
war*, be was sompletely prostrated from pet
. potion of the beer! co , that for a time, it wan feared
sorioni eitiseilueziees might mum
.Dearn tir A Pali - ma—lvo are Planed
to ia
abonoe the death Of Mr. 2urnizwAsttor.s„ who
departsd,this We yesterday. Mr.' GAMILY hi.
been actively eagogedln
_the Tresnseripi Mace
daring the post ; tie yeari, and front his oblig
leg and faithful discharge of his du
ties, hod Outlasted . ; himself to eiery member of
She establishoieut..—Peoria (11l ,) Transcript, of
- The sobjtol of ibe above sad notice 111%,, [M
ill within the :pitetlfear or five years a. resided
of Al/egheny alty,l and at one time, we believe,
wee engaged is ;the, capacity of preesmaa at this
*Moe.. kroci !anti he removed with Ms family
to Mansfield, 0; /here for some time he was
eoneecolvd:lellii Moe :Rena newspaper .of that
place, sad from -thence'. he emigrated to Peorla t ,
.where he residedel.the Maio of till &nib. The
- deoessed-ares nolitereilly beloved - by : all , who
eaJoyed Ste 'aequalstanoe, end the latelligesos
of his demise will be deeply regretted by a large
enrols of rsbitlves*l friends to :his common'.
ty. He was Aantifst - of 'tulles integrity-sad -
posseseed many 'e4obliajg tribe of character.
CRT fine . to' Lil9lllD 011.—bir.- Campbell,
0. Marshal for the Weetera Mottled, boa levied.
upon the gao stook and. railroad stook owned by
the oityvto.eatieff thrtain judmente obtained
by bondkohleth 'falba U. B. cirotat cow., :no
stooks biith betel, itdrarilied for thief but it,rosy.
be of interietto the paid% to know tbat the oily
of Plttebirgb does 150 i OW Iflo dollar of mato*
.0 baying wen s old a year ago uoder an not of
the Asogably.,,t.o to the : railroad. stook,. they
on not tilltdpoiitheibth of Na city, but hire
brew Awed .be the baud aet Trustees. Uoder
time eitt}ajryl{iiojait;will certainly bee Montt
natter hithaltatedtal Tabu anything' by
Pr0P 0 : 1 404 4 4 . ^ - '. - :: : f •
TU Miur lizirresnrear now ,
Oros linnetnitintsi twelve prisoners. Thus
ore coasidaraby lest, thfielthren 'flaunted cells
in the psis* sOiltit the regulation coalierning
"solliarit'Lloatiaiment,l iibeerren
lute 1441tioni sow in propels 'of ereetios
are isompisteil« - IWheir. eke essieinpisied
proremanir urmede, prison hive the
naillifitY Int srOlOnnilredismilea..4%
of eels* mils 'Abbe reedy for,oeonpsno,
;:.1;;;Ii ; , 14-r
F4sm.:l4entibri.iory sad &Goldoni oo•
s oma &Moe**. Pa:: em ?bored:, inirrshild;
wide& riondlWillibelotiaoi dull' a Mrs.
Kostskuj iliat.v*Us-,oonthig lot& Mot
plion It biriviitafborso k frierfrApd TIM
oivillifyWk, 1131.1411141DUIT:
~.,: ~~.=s~~•~ae»rte- 0 -~"`t~ :'~.. ~:
Csnousik-Liiii*i - riniestltazzoan.
—The elinsatikothreof the EllockhOldont , -of
kis etisapnay:was 11144,hwelmAci.hat7lewelitid.
Pros Me** of thwltlinetersiOrirptikr .She
rollout% fists; toadies to exhibit a.: viii-frall
f/hrg ketoses in the baskets of the road:
"A comparkon of the gross windings dudes
tho hut three years showrse follows: - -
IBS& 77303 63
1859. - 906.710 es
1860 1,020,037'82
~~~#Z~g :
The increase of lest year's earhisgs over those
or 1869 wee about 12} per eenl,, awn over 1868,
31 .per cent. The statement of emalsgs sod
operstlpg expenses for 1860 Ifs" follows:
Receipts for 1860..... $1,020.1387 92
Operating Expense ' 664,497 18
Net Earning, • $ 466,14068
The operating expenses were_ about 66/ per
dent of the gross receipts. In looking at this
per sentsge, low. SS it 111. it 'Mitt be •borne in
-mind that the road hes suffered a /00061111i04 of
disastrous casitalitiesAtirieg the pait:year. In
the month of April the unparalleled Hood under
mined and swept away large . portions !of the
river division, causing the stoppage of huskiest
for some time. The maul cost for repairing
this damage was between thirty and forty thong,
In October, the maohias shop at. Manchester
way destroyed by an incendiary fire, causing a
loss in the buildinwand• meabinery of. about
$16,000. The numerous bridges on the main
line have nearly all been replaced by new ones,
at a cost of over $11,000: AU these are extra.
ordinary eipenees, but are; included in the state
ment of operating expenses for the year. The .
track has been extensively repaired, about six
teen miles of new rails having been laid down .
and new ties placed wherever required. The
eoonomioal, and at the mune time efficient man
agement of the line, _reflects credit ou President
McCullough and Assistant Superintendent C.
E. Gorham.
Some progress has been made in the work of
reducing the indebtedness of tbo Company, se
teill,beeeenby the &newton figures : •
Indebtedness redacted in 1868 $1 ' 05,86146
1859 161,863 33
" lB6O womon
Theiadiclehe movements made with regard
to the re•ooaslruotion of the finanoial affairs of
the °employ, promise well for theluterests of
all concerned.
The Board of Direcdore L aubdantially. tee
same as ihef former Board:
. •
Jamei Farmer, James P. Clark, H. W. Clark,
Cleveland; D. O. List, Wheeling; W. W. Iloilo
1111117, Briegiport, J. Pennock, J. H. Shoenbes
ger, IS: Preiton, Pittaburgb; H. 0. Mosley, N
Haven; J; N. CaHough, Wellsville; J. Atwater,
Jr., Coatill, New York; B. P. Brennen, Steu
At a subsequent meeting albs Board all the
formes officers went eleeted.
Row. Ronnie Mcßawer AND run CANNON.
—lmmediately upon learning of the appoint
meet of thane. Secretary of War, Hon. ROUT.
Haraur addressed him the, following letter,
after procuring from - Secretary Br.ece and COI.
CRAIG, Chief of the Ordnance Bateau, promisee
to back the application : - •
January let, 1861.
lhar: ,, lLearning that yen are now held of the
War Depart ant, I seize au early boor of the New
reepleetfully to call your attention to the ship.
meet of hasty guns from Allegheny Arsenal, P.,
recently ordered to points in the Golf, where, it
seams to be agreed both by army-Arteare and by
Howe Committee on Military Affairs, they are not
now needted,if indeed they can be made available.
Few ortbeie gone are yet placed on.beird a boat,
and even whla all' chipped it seems doubtful wheth
er the I tan safely navigate the Ohio river, ow
ing to low water and running lee, which may jeopard
the whole, and canes great hiudrance and damage to
the service. !
Oa • recent visit to Pittsburgh I counselled oar
010.1111 F, to Make no *sista:toe to the shipment of
the guns, tialieving a change would occur in the War
Department, Mid that the order for their ehipment
would be countermanded.
Trotting I have not bean mistaken, and that emote
the allgenetir of the aarthe demand it, this cause
of emeriti:nen{ and mistrust may beat once mmovert
I am with grim respect, your (blot sensor,
Box. J. lieu., See'uy of War.
Mr. MoKsiorur bag laws's been attentive
to the Wien/Ste of his oonetituente, and in this
matter his effort., deserve their hearty appreci
ation. Tie Ift this shy for Washington the day
before the ruses meeting, with a view to call
upon the Secretary of War to intinoe him to
countermand the order, and a dispatch was re
ceived from him, which was read at the meet
tug, counseling obedience, and expressing the
hope that al would yet be well "*.
BOLD LADOSIT—Oa Saturday evening laid,
between nine and ten o'clock, a led named Carr,
son of a well-doown cattle dealer residing in
the vielnityief Mt. Union Cemetery, perpetra
ted a moat daring robbery in the house of Jas.
Mohiliater, kardstar, realding in the eases load
by. Young Carr's father le exist on bushiest,
- and the boy , was stopping with his mother.
Visiting McAllister'a house at the dine dealing
led, he fouuit that he and his wife had both re
tired for the night, the lady helot 111. McAllis
ter's father, an elderly, gentleman, wee still up,
and being requested by the young man to call
Over Widnes Mrs. Carr, he did so. While he-
Wes absent, the young meal stale &trunk from
• room in th's house, and earned it beak to the
stable, where he broke it open with en. ax, and
rifled it of lifty-two dollarein gold std two mil
err pencil Oases. A little bag of gold dust,
veined at ab l aut forty dollars, which had been
emit as a pretest to Mr. McAllister front
fornia. wee overlooked by the thief. When the
old mho had reached Ceres heave, ha found he
had not been sent for at all, and en kis return
the larceny was disooreeed. Mr. McAllister
and his wife both heard the noise in the house,
hut not being aware that the old gentleman was
'begot, theylpaid no attention to it. The young
scamp bee eiosped lime far, but may yet be sr
Gov. Coarfs's Arrotarwswri —The Berrie
burg Telegraph announces that Gov. Curtin bee
made the following appointments:
Secretary of State—Eli Slifer. of Union county.
Deputy Suntory—George W. Womanly, of
- Philadelphia!
Attemity Chuttral-13stnuel A. Parelavoo, of
Bailer oonolY. -
Whisky inipedor—William Butler, of Main
Physician of Me Pan of Philadelphia—Dr.
Clark, of Philadelphia.
Meninges ko Me Governor—Samuel Mika, of
Center ctouniy.
Actrittaiof General—J. S. Nog ley. Pittsburgh.
Wixom Row Inspector—Thomas Oolllos, of
- Sealer of Weigh!. and Measurer—J. D. Owens,
of Pittsburgh.
EBOAPI Mr 1A HOISII TUIZE-1110 indlvldual
who mole a hone and boggy belonging to Dr.
Wilbert, of Washington, and who was arrested
near Wheellig, escaped, from hls osptere while
Mopping over night at Morthrtown, Belmot Co.,
Ohio, Ile was hand.cofed and pieced in charge
of the town constable who fonad it convenient
to fall asleep !daring 04 night. The thief gave
his name in George Wilson,'and stated that he
bed beeti employed-in Bridgeport, oppoelte
Wheeling, by • man named Oster, to drive the
hone through to Maysville, Kent:mkt, that he
was to get five dollars Mid his expenies borne
for doing the same. He is described as It thick
set man erithlheavy red whisker., and according
to hie own amount. is 44 years of age.
learn by.% letter received from Mr. Speer Rid.
dell, formerly of this oily, but DOW of flea Fran..
allied, California, that Thomas M. Hamilton, a
resident of West Newton, Westmoreland comity,
illegrateea, on the 2d of D:oember last, onboard
the bark "Early Bird." Mr. Hamilton bad been
In Oilifortilalfor 1 years., and having made
• trip to Slam, was en his the Atlantio
Slates, via California.— His fritode In Westmont.
land banal will be glad to learn that ho received
*visualisation, lolls lest moments, from the
oensmander ettbe street, Capt. Coat. (Greens• '
burgh papers are requested to notes.) _
Acittnisr.i.-048undsy erenlog, as a German
named Albert Brohl was drielog a hares sad
wagon slang Rebecca street, in the First ward,
- Allegheny;• he horse becoMe natosnegoable and
rein off; dragging the seabeds against s fire . plug
at the oorner . of Tremont street. The wif e and
child of Mr..Brahl wore thrown from the wagon,
and severely bruised. After being "doctored
np". , by the , neighbors,. the party . wee *gala
paced 'in the wagon and, proceeded towards
their resideicelo Ohio townehip.
A Ftiia 'OIIIZAOII.—We are itiformsd
that, oo Satirday Wahl. a Dumber 'of rowdier
abed an looffenetro 'Froootiman afar Phttlipe
ghoul, hemp, to the Slzth ward, sad:after
Wog him, they out off.htst moustache with a
pen-kolfe—an operation Ira* must' hies been
ivy painful,' to say nothing of,the eters -ladtg
oily :to which - be '-wu irobjeoted. Boob so
outrage amnia' not , psis um paeliked; nod • will
not ff Om pollee use ferret out the perpetrators.
lYiac of Pmamain—lo yaienaroa of sews.;
emendation of the Geoeill deettm,bly ot the Lied
led. Presbyterian Chitroh;llai,peseentereek will
be obineved by all the churches of that denoml
"t,lo* as souiffl gordirmel aerobes.- To:
day hao been iet apart especially as a dip of
hatnilistioasnd pneyoe," *ad pill be
otlibtly and approppooly °bland_ by.all tit
ihnetwocon.—httitir Pants" -'of Illiarpelxies,
000104tted for idling' know on thendat,. was
iaauawd on; Illaturdartei pay a foe of ten dot
'Arvind nadOtio aselesprloomatinikof .lene daya
filhAeounty _ .
6111 Cuo, aillliser, DUN*.
"mid tali; ilipped 06 We foe, • day or tiro
stoWlid tr!*gril per "Mt
11.._ 011PWOWLEateix, d
Aideedalt" st-liewdidilived an eboatlioessiz
iiiietietiot *OW
~. x ?yam-~* , ~, ~H!.
twiricLw. have
Mocked the report of - the Auditor General
for the pest-Year. Stour la Vre- learn. that
the total reesipte for !the fiscal yete amount
to $8.479,257 81. In Elie revenues, from Alle
gheny ocultty-ire cots the falloerlag: W. C. 111 . -
CalriFloge• A. McClelland &adj. G. Davis, SOO'
tlonters.l.soo task; W. K IllaCilotock. auction.
eer,1100; James Brain, Allegheny. $250 Of
Bank Divldaftls the lAlleginny Bank pays
$4.996.60; •Bank of Pittsburgh $12,842 26;
Oithiens' Bank, $7,810 71; Exchange Bank
$7,4118; Mecha nics' Bank $4,000; Merchants
and Manufacturere Bank, $4,836 96. Of Coi
pondion Stooks,. the I. Allegheny Bank paid
$4,013, 62; Bank of !Pittsburgh, $5,142 65 ;
Ciders' Bask $B,BBO 25; Exchange Bank
$8,5 4; Mechanics Bank, $2,000; Pittsburgh,
Pore Wayne and Ohloigo Reilrosd Company,
0,912 69, Pittsburgh end Connellsville, $105;
Allegheny Wiley, $412; Allegheny Bridge Co-,
'11.660;: Hand Street Bridge, $600; Monongahela
Bridge, $429; Birmingham (new) Bridge Co.,
$167; Monongahela Navigation Co., $1,28.1;.
Pittsburgh GIB Company, $2,210. Of tax on
Real and Personal Estate, Allegheny County
paid, by G T. Coulter, treozurer, $41,468; and
by Jl J. Muse, late Treasurer, $19,000 Tav
ern licenses. from Mr Coulter, $15,153; from
Mr. - Maim, $2,737. Retailers' license, from Mr,
Conlier, $6,645; from Mr. Muse, $2,331. Pad
testi Hams ; $485; *otters' license, $1,734.
The :Eating Ef mums and Restaurants of this
ociuniy paid a lax dating the past year of
members of Councils mat in cmae, on Satur
dip 'creole!, for the Purpose of nominating
candidates for oily officers, to be formally elect
ed in Joint Session on Tuesday afternoon. The
contest for come of the offices wee quite spirit
ed, but most of the old lucumbente were re
J 'W. Riddell, Esq , bee been defeated for
Solicitor, mod the Journal has displaced the
Dispatch as one of the official papers of the
city.: The following are the canoes nominees:
Superintendent of Wolf Workr—*Joe. Neleon.
Assessor of Wester Rents—*E. S. Wright.
City flegulator—*lesio Morley.
Iforiongahela Wharf 'Master—*Wen. Forsyth.
Allegheny Wharf Master—*J. S. Patterson.
Betels Commissioner--iyirst District, *James
°weds; Second Distrietj *S. B. Cooper.
City Solicitor-4. F. Slagle.
Gouger—*Jamee Littell.
City Assessor-4. It. ffewmao,
Salt Inspector—*Joosgs Felder.
Collector at Aquwitief-.*Wm. Mackey.
Aureate. of 7'o6=o...LW's'. Rinehart. •
Clerk of the Markets-1 4 M. F. Irwin.
Superintendent of Mar eta—arid SIMS. .
Job Printers—Singerl & Myers.
Official Papers of the City—Enlist', ' , Gazette
and Journal: German, .Freedom's Friend.
Narrower of Commalef,—*k. F. Pratt.
.[ those marked with au asterisk (*) are old
1 1 / 1 3111VJWS VAIMITIMIL—We refer oar read
ers to the advertisement of Prof. Hatsbojer,
which will be bind under the head of amuse
ments. It is his intention to give a merles of
his unrivalled entertainment& at Concert Rail,
commencing this evening. The Profeseor is no
strunger to our citizen', and as bls exhibition,
were appreciated when he visited oar city last
fall, we can bespeak good houses far him at this
lesson of the pear- Set, advertisement.
Its4a—We laokhowiedge the ramp( of an in
'Witten to attend the soiree of the Ancient
Knights of the Bed Cross, which will bo glean
at Concert Hall, on Friday evening next. The af
fair ie in exeelleot hands, and will donbilees
prone pleasant and agreeable to the participants.
:BATZ.—Tbe members of cite "Breokit.
ridge" and 'Totten" ldooletits will meet Ms
evening, at College flail, to debate upon the
political issues of the day.
Reese, a,soldier of the war of 1812, died at
Herriebtrrg on Friday last, In the eighty-fifth
year of Ida age.
Maximum- Ennerione.—The election for
Mayn't., Directors of the Poor, and for Ward
officer,. rates place' In Allegheny to-morrow.
DIARIES von 1861.—The pine to boy Diaries
le Haat & Atiner'e, Fifth street, next to the Poet
°film They have now the beet assortment they
have over had, and cell them at mach lower pri
ces than ever they sold them before.
Tor. Pittehorgh Aloiao;; for IliGl, with
El's calculations. The edition of this popular
alumnae is nearly. 1I cold. Dealers viable%
them had better order boon.
pip.Btooro FOOD.—Attention is called to
Ohio obi nunaritsble and ecientinz proparatiatardrarateed
In women colanan. It le on entirety cow dleonweery, and
moat not he connoriothal with soy of the anniern. patent
tot dirk,. of It. day. It Ira certain raoredy for all the
dhaezra *arida,, and especially tboni of a throat° ratan
—ol king etnallog..ait week, months, and Isere, dog*.
us, try it'
Clecacu a Derate, of New York are We ode
.pitta for If, and oleo pinyenianoi of Ito worktomovrned
Or. ll4talir! ibbvallta 0040 , L1.. 00 5111041 whkh erg
blather. Ovate bete in her medicine duet to owed noord:
.ad C 004.114,4, as le dote; tee ptreleorie to ophitardf say
Mad. I% so tan netted upon with the otbioat enieftdatfce,and
win be fort an Itrralnable eYeelle Is all mew of Infantlie
noispialote —Ohio &d.i• ✓o.nlnt. Phst64.a.
111311. P.: adnrus...areKt. Par on. by asio. H. HITIBIL
Acto t, Odd 1:17.41 et, Pitt.borll. P.. 6elndUhrlstr
O' BW. No. 246 Paws
'trot, attends to all braisqloso of , the Nodal profit*.
the 66ZITTB RCILDINtI, noa tutu et lino tremor tea,
on ronlannbto Wan. Apply to R. 1411.1Mr6 OR,
__ . annals Counting MM..
)211 - Doeton 0. Rants,' Warm Cora and Maw.
partite Physician; /11ru agani for Rainbow's ealabratad
Troia la Raptures. N0..1110 Etaiibliald St.
should not (SR to rasa the atlyer
timemost of Prof. Wood, la towtoro papa,
00 Mania, emdog, sa, ton, WILLIAM srecumrau,
tOrgmt tan of Merman and Mara ELM; aged 1 Jet' 10
otaothit ...I 21 data.
The trloed.of the fen:l(4 sm rfeeectfell, leettedi te et.
tend the funeral. which will h.,te piece :TM Amalgam. at
three o'clock. 0.. m the feeder,. of tho ponces. Omura
6.44,0ppi11te Dr. Erin . Allegbetly, to promed
t 3 Mt. Mtr
important to Families!
Sive Time, Troutdo, and Expanso.
a• LI E Tllll
ARTICLE ..: 0 1 : 'on
. ._.
Ono pound squall to Ms woods
.1 ::. CO r r .A_ 1%; II ! !
air 41. .1 Wielosoloo by
Penn'a. Salt Manufaot'g. Co.
PITT/3E11140H, PA.
And by ail Druggist. a chwiar. to ins stow mols.
Ironton 'Star Nail Works
Master C;ommlis:slocei's Bala.
Y virtue of anOrder lamed out of the Court
ii ofOomeo. .Pteas uttviU.iid for t b . mover of law
rota staletate °COW°, to thart of Jobo PetenaPlatatill;
'P Cla
lait. Jahn wybellatid ot ors, Dattedautu, sod to me
dtrectei4 I will offer for ..t. .t Park Auction. how tha
hoot door of the Court Mow, o Iroutoh,Ohlo,
On the 10th Day of Jiinuary, A. D. 1861,
. ,
* at Debase Of op o'clock p.m.:lf sald day, Lrlt asteber four
bilsin 4, M 3 (dal.] In the Ant Wallop to the
lowa ofltolltoh, sod that Pitt or Poridoil 01 ,7 31 .SO:rye'
"Wain/ aakt Lot maimbey 401, hitter:ding from Ueda street
to VaraWls, at, together with tbs Mar Nafl Warts, WPM
cm sold Promisee, sod all thingd applittoiclag Swab; &BIM
the tillbt to alter apart, dlq swd any eity tko coal from
the Slim:dog deemited roil redaie, to MI: A part of the
south4mt quarter °Nadi= noptar Ilalrtproor,lB4l Wish
SSP mdabse two, RI taco mumber eighties, DV 0001 .
march* at a .tone lo Jame. Sodom A Oo's Has, from
abidh ths meth comer of asid!ismes Rodgers A Ca% tad
tea bean north, 00 dogma 21,imitiont•• vest, ens Mara]
sod forty sad a half [L10541 bed; theme north, 26 degrees
00 talirates east, blatalra [lll chains sad .react( tfol lino
Mil Scat four RI feet from tie iwuth Mb of the star:home
. /1.. SOW 41 004. Manes .04 Nark= UN as/UMW
AMY 031 hots to s stake east of on codt tree; theme math,
SI dogma SI minutes wt. ids I tal MMllis sort tsmll7l lo l
Usk* theme sooth, 29depot 43 minstse mart, twenty.
goer IPIU Pales to a sham In same badgers • Co.'s Bog
titmice Barth, 00 decrees 33 ratas wed, mmmtaia
abalimsoda twenty 120) Saks wjcb mid Its. to lb. place of
toptaidat—costatolag fairy OR acres mon, or We—cm
irldednimmalsea real 'bags toim beta oPaseditiosres for
*Mars licactsd, sad the amomarp way. for tablas GP cod
bitter stalion of &taros Balton& An or odd *mho
attsalid elm Oa®tyor LawMitio afonisald, r . Ameba,
at fortyint thommul dollies .
Sham :Safi 'Works sot MMUS{ to tie IniaSaglos, la lb:.
ballitere part of 001 s -about BO tallMaboie Portisumfb,
mat üb'solteo Mena Olacluaell. Tho meta Imilding Is goo
bet biprzigth, by 110 bud ISSidtb, orabstrwalolly halls Met
Mal,* how sad haptarredeasoldsay, cossalthsg of 3
strialishigme,Bo sail mar.blilimehlos formeklag sail
Implrilar, 10 halo; rum mers prettog fornacei,
grams wllh t u escamery rella,artd has capacity to mans.
*lto 8 0 08 :01a. !SIPS sers7,3B balm _ . .
onn N,lh to ow,
' 10tik .ii6r.;4";." 111rOtl itZth r 8"8 711•111, —;17131"1.4 17347:21:14 " :11/ 114 )1141= fi
PrralOi V: , b." toteioitthina tire cooirn o r or tro,omo
aldg SWOON 3.1
rvsmo= seta
-; aoTAlCaw
i .
Y T w^ ~:
Tl)v. LATEst NEWs.
- razzefakpa
XLIVIth Congress—Suesd Session.
WA111111414111 Crer, Jan. 6.
, Sagerst—Mr. Thompson, of N .1., presented the
reeointioas, paled at a polilla Meeting In New Jor.
thy. fit fever of sustaining the Vein, which were
ilaid cif the table..
*Mason, of Va., offered a resolution of inquiry,
requesting the Seorstary of War to give the Senate
• copY, of any orderslard from th e department
the ofdoen couunandin the fortifications of Booth
Carolina. date, soapy o any plus or tseammen
, dittoes relative to boressing the forces or otherwbe
In the forts and arsenals in Virginia, or any States
in the South, by the Commander in Chief, and if is
sued Ise pursuance thereto. Led over.
On Motion of Mr. Helm the Pacific, Railroad bill,
(Hone, bill,) was token up. •
The House is not in amnion.
Mni Seward said he 'head vote for the bill though
he had some objections. Ile preferred • more north.
erly route, het should not vote for this proposition,
115 it bid been one great object of his We to Pours
Such isgrand result: '.The great evil of Mir times is
sootithallits, and the' des ger Is division by , see.
Canalise'. Every. men li On every either man
for a Compromise, aid to vlie soma new memo to
cement impairer the 8 which, it it apprehended,
are it the danger of falli lle bad listened
to every =mum that ha been. suggested to avert
the mill, bat there was one orMilleh hawar prepared
to vote. Ile wanted it to known that at the miry
day ape hour when it apprehended that the
Urals was falling to piece Canines had placed on
the statute book, as • moo fart, an appropriation
of $96,000,000, to bind to the North and the
South', the East and the l est, by a national bond.
This iss great mestere• conoillation, pacification
and compromise of the Union, The bill simmer:li
end equal Janice to all. There his one Interest and
one elvilizatiou at the Northp another Interest and
oivillution at the Rooth. This motivate equally
provides for the progrus and development of Mirth.
ere eiellization and that of the South. He thought
the outlay would be kmply retuned. The advance
of railroads,
spread and develops In
desire both North and South, and give material
prosperity and aggrandizement to the United States,
earpaseing all that could ever be seloomplbthed by
any pl,lioy ever penned by the government. In 30
yeare, the population and wealth of the United States
will be doubled. Ile referred to tea great success of
the canal in Now York, connecting the great lakes
with the tido water. This railroad.was no sectional
work,l but • great national 'enterprise, which, it
completed, would extend the Amesican prinelples
over the Pacific coast, and to the Astute nations.
liir.!ltice, of Minn., said that after what he bed
heard,: he could not hope that his amendment would
be accepted, but he claimed that the great north: ,
west was not only not benefitted, but injured by the
route provided by this bill. He had been told that
the bill would save the Union. If so, he was wil
lies to vote for It. Ile was a Union nun, and if the
Southlwas willing to take money for In priaolples,
he waeld give it, provided that when the got it she
wouldnot leave the Union.
lir. Rice offered an amendment providing another
route from Minnesota to Pageu Sound.
lir.lPolk moved to mead so es to make the route
run teem the mouth of the Kansaa river.
Mr.j Gwio, of CM., hoped that no amendments
Wooldlhe pot on the bill, unless of vital Importance.
Al thoggh he was in favor of the proposed 1101111113U1,
yet he thought it dangerous to load the bill with
Mr. lOreco. of Mo., said be wu lo favor of per.
the bill. It Was right that both branches of
Coogrin should dettbepats sod perfect soy measure.
Mr. !Wilson, el Mass, thought the amendment of
the &Wilder from Missouri wu right, and he should
vote far He thought we ought to perfect the bill
and make it as good as possible.
Ad)Crirned till Monday.
impprtast from,Wa,blagtos.
Wasentarorr, Jan. s.,Namerpas Western mem
bers of the Legislature of Virginia, wind hers
yesterday and to-day on their way to Richmond.
The general feeling expressed by them la, that the
Legislatare should Immediately enact a law railing
a State Convention, and pass a declaratory resolu
tion aielnet .onerong a sttedlog• State. Represen
tatives Curry and Pugh, of Ali., bare left for home.
0 thari of the mma Stets will follow next week, while
membire of other prospectively seceding Slates are
makinkready to go. The Republicans held seances
to-dayi eighty members wore present. Sir.
of Madigan occupied the °hair, and Mr. Colfax
'toted is Scentary. The nacos resolved that their
promialiogs should be prints, Imam the proceedings
canooF legitimately be procured.
Thenmor which prevailed thatne dimmer Brook
lyn bed! been ordered with recruits to Charleston, M
pronounced fain by official authority. i . , •
Mr. huger, the Postmaster at Charleaton, has
written to the Postmaster Gummi that he beide him
self re/Poi:alb'e to the Federal Government fir the
revenue accruing In his oSce. For the present,
chamfer., the pastel annensmets will continue
Al,O INGTON, Jon. s.—The commitme oa the part
of the i Bowler States, of tibial Senator Critter:ldea Is
the chew:too, held • wood meeting, and at twelve
&Sloth adopted the followleg propositions: Recom
mending a repeal of all parsons; bills; as efficient •
emeadotent to the fogitire tiara law; prereatieg
kidnapping that the coned:Mim ba so aumodad as
to prohibit any interferon°, with slow In say of
the Statist. that Congos" ebili not stiolteh Oases,
the doik yard., do., or in the Illettiet of Colombia,
wittusirthe content of Maryland; aid the warms of
the Inhabitants of the distriet, nor without coomem
tattoo:l that Coagresa shalt not tutorfste-with the
iotor-State slave trad4 that Mein shall be a perpet
ual priihibltion of the African dire wadi; that the
Iluo 31' Se' shall be eve through the nixing tent.
tory of the United Stow, .and to all north of that
line shivery shall be prohibited, and that math of
that lii. neither Congress nor the territorial , legiels
tare shill hereafter pass any law abolishing, prohib
iting, br In any maneer, Interhwieg with Mesas
slavery, and when rosy tiOrrltory ,coutantig a ant
dent population for owe member of gagmen, In say
area of
,011,000 equate miles, shall apply for admin..
don as a titste, it shall be admitted with or without
slalom! as its tionstitotlon may. detertniae.
Thai Committals reponitand, at its meeting. the
States of Maryland. Virginia, Missouri, North Oar.
cline. Tags., Kentucky, Delaware, Arkansas, Ohio,
Indiana; lilluois, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
The Oritreaden Compromim sums to be fain
friandS, who entertain the opinion that if It were
fairly presented to tho people, it would
by Otero a basis of settita be
as ent. The nt=lll
- th the way, however, is that some partite are
at present indisposed to Ole It without assuranoes
that others will recite It la a mutual spirit of an.
oommAation by both South and North. Maul
from 66 city of New York and here are endeavor
log to ferret out the complicity of government om
en with the then and sale of . the State bonds
taken from the Interior Department. The object Is
to prosecute to behalf of the holders of the bonds,
who ant thrsehmed with lose is ionmineace of at.
trimptsto morn them.
The enrollment of the Dbtrict iof Columbia mill.
tie will probably commence to-morrow. The plan
fur tuotganication was matured more than ale
months ago, but all the °Meets wire not appointed
nil ...cooly. The movement noel Is to coneeutrete
the militia so MI to be anicient for revise should It
he necessary to call them oat to muerte the pesos:
Not =Mother, one oompatiy of marines went sent
yesterday to garrison Fort Washington, which Is on
the Potomac river,
about fourtesubmiles from Wash.
Thos fort has had no garrison for come
years. ; Tho object for aupporting it with one now,
Is to avoid the possibility of its being occupied by
lamb* parsons as a rallying point for mischief. The
troops ordered from learsoworth to Port ?di:Monty,
are nor to be scot south, as wrongly Imprinted by
many gentleman nom that motion.
Van:Bonen; Ark, Jae. 6.—Tim largest meeting
eta bald la Crawford Co., took place es-day. Hoary
Welonv presided. A list of resolutions won adopted
nearly vosennonsly, dada'sg that the butiteriona
of the Blare holdbag Statn ought to be maintained
at 50e57 hmard, and to the but extremity; that we
view personal liberty bills as pasted for the purpose
of defoiting the teethe slave la/ and u impalpa.
ble infraotioni of tho Constitation and that we
lutist Mt their speedy repeal and the faithful seen.
tine of said law as a (modifier' to the restoration
of practise! relations; that it a our ardent
desire to preserve the Union. it'll oaa be .preserral
eonsietentey with the bonor,rights end Interests of the
siarebelding States, sad boor a onfernes of the
daveheldier States at Nentrille, and tf need be a
convention of all the Rams; daub element of the
feleraiot the South to obtain nett a gement.* of
their 71121titS to the Union as may be oompatable with
It o h e ,4,4. and Interests, that they Insist upon an
equit a ble ,;.ivision of the public property aid public
from their north Out
debt, and ;his cannot be obtained they scants
oontedentte—tnot paserably, bat
that they g rew th e eword and tight for their rights
to the bitter endraha,We are -to
action tametally the eMOl.On Atkl=lll,7tart
t b m me ... Able thus should be given
to the non.daveholding State.' to ratfane their stir
and depose their noprinobled :vies" and Itin toe
month snob guaranties se will seesn'N their rights and
equality la the Union; that though a 4 •lorl,,_eg detain
don of Lineola,we unhesitatingly dealara'neat tt lanai
In itsel4 a radioing cease for a dissolneen of the
Union; that we teed.r oar thank.: to Messrs; ' 41 , 1-
tendea, , filgler, Bast, endoderm for their efforla„ln
CoursesC o ueo, to heal the unhappy diessallone wh.'9
have Arlan between the North and the Beath, anti
to preserve the Federal Colon ,
-eoughtently with the
rights and honor .of all the Shan that we are In
favor of a State Coevention at an early day, and
that weptoommend to the Legislating an bergamot
the Moisturises dades t 0.460 on the 1100, which will
furnish Iresourees to defray the Putnam of arm,
and munitions of war withwhieh tq protest out lieu
and our homes from survidaft - and maaaelag.
Petniniscrata, Jan. adjourned wendndof
oldwas to madder the state of the tram Wllll held
at the Beard of Trade Roane tadiy at noon. The
Committee to whom the resoladons was Meted
made nd report, and there being an 'widget debate
linden. on the pat ogmaey protest whOdldnot par;
dapata at tba tut weeded to , haw the loaners of
Judas fawle•non-rostelre reeolattcau," whloh wend
waned by prominent Itabileasks, an slotting aesn
of Mao rdar oecamd,"darbg whialLDlstrlet Attorney
Mann e tented hie wllllnowes to isht on the 'pot.
Co aition, the Repablioan aesang adjourned, but
anothatiwee tamediately waled at ans sew plea,
and Jodi* Lents placed lathe °halt. - Resolailona
detwannlait We personal Ilbertyldlls, and anproving
of the Crittenden resolatkat• were adopted ananti
inonskr4 I The Reinsbllearte :Waal to participate, la,
those., fiid maths& end =Wrest alleh-fir ballad at
the cm 'Out of their, polldnal opponents in over.
War eel:morn, Po, Jan. 6—A timing l
posted bili.tbia mode% gain • IMPOUNt the
Coati Mauls& to Omni o. Mewl of
Illautar ;County Vidnotaten tole afford to the Pow-
Mont to Li maintain tbs Claistitotioi and enforce the
0 I. A mi d Si.opptito Jobs B. Tworihir
sivw -ametsiaLntimenr*WlCibi. an
aid a Ilatia;Maora. , at itifinantial olturg of
•--Chthatiett 13. T...--The Mahe Bane,
Amity Cow/math adjoarned Mann rteloaktldi
nolstaf: =Moot *tithe all of the PresideitL
The President sinnonstedthencedged atavism
from Mayor Monroe, et New Orleons,thadisil
follow' :•—New • Orleans my. sympattim
Charleston in the 'paths to which . shale exposed, end
will not fail to support bar when the ocatConfoquitho
hse action:
An ordinanee Wu adopted vesting dm thane of
the Postal arrangements lo the. General Assembly.
The late Commisdoners to Washington ware re
quested to prepant a statement of their attempt lit
Yisclations withlthe trailed Steles.
h A
e table. chant, and other &protonic."'" need
on the night of the visaing of the ordinance of es
ausion pore ordered to be placed in the State Hones
at Colamble.
' Gomm, Jan: 51—Govern - or Andrew was bingo.
rated to-day, and ;delinnd his inampiral menage le
the Legblature. fHe imbmlts a financial statement,
showing that duet handed end thou
sand dollars are *be rend by a Slate tax to wow
deficits in the Inman of previous years. The aggro,
gate amount of taxable property 'in tbe'S4te 'is
1807,795,526, bob* an Inman of about 50 per cent
in ten years. Tim enrolled militia In the State ex ,
geed§ 165,000 mea, while the actin militia numbers
about 3,000. The Governor smut' that a larger
number be plated' on au satire footing, to that the
State may be ready to contribute her dime of fame
In an ultimo, of puha, danger. -The Goternor
favors the abolition of the death - .penalty, and .•
change in the statitee on marriage . and divorce. The
Perim's' Liberty Law be 'Wined to be 'Wetly eon.
stitutionel, as the right of a moon to reclaim an.
alleged fugitive most always be .. subordinate to - the :
indefeatible right* ivory freeman to Marty: He
kebmite the evaded to thearkdoin of the Legislature.
The emission question he treats at some length; to
the effect that the !people of Musaohusitte reepond
In the words of-Tedlison ' , The Union mostandshall
be preserved."
A hundred Luna were tired on theiommonito-day,
In honor of Ifajor. Audition. The steam frigate
Ellmissippi, has gone out of the dry docks thoroughly
ri paired.
The granite building, N 0.112 Long Wharf, wu
damaged by tire this morning. It wu occupied by
Van, Bray 3, Co; Alphas Hardy;
SOIL e Co. Lou 316,000; harmed.
Cnasaastox, Jan. s.—The ,journals of this
city publish the pondence between the Booth '
Carolina Commissioners and the President of the
United Slaw.
ProL A. B. Lavinia,' Pneident of the Booth
Carolina College, issues a four paged pamphlet en
titled "Shall Beath Carolina begin the Wer "in
which be eanieslii desires that the collector on board
:the Harriet Lane May be allowed to land, sad that
.be he treated politely, and that every means be af
forded to allow the collector, of the two sovereign.
ties to settle thelrl respective alai= In a 'phis of
coarlsey and kindoese. If the poste were reinforced.
it would be an unfair conflict. Hundreds of our sons
would be Foii Moultrie would bosom, deserted
and the wrath of the Maud States, be brought upon
our devoted city. 'He implores his fellow 'likens to
let the drib shot come from the enemy.
Ararosow, Jan. A.—Rev. M. Mahon, agent of the
Methodist Ohnroh l , reports having noelved, op to
the let of this month, Moduli, from TWorde, sup
plies to as amount of 175,037 pooads, which have
been distributedtlaut t r the ipso, of the minis
ters and stewards lof distrait to the destitute
throughout the territory. A oonsiderable mount of
money hen also been received, which has been ex
pended in the purehase of suppliee hero and the pay
mesa of freights.
The UM= of this city publishes a statement that
there is gnat imlibrim moat the Pottowatoisle lax
dime, and that two of the tribe hate been Wadi
starred to &alb. They hare a Aseresetwatin, and
depend ptinsipally, upon their crops for subsistence,
which have totally, failed the past atuon.
Mesita, Ala., yin L—Ttr United States Arsenal
was taken at daylight this morales by tke /hats
troops at SLAM*. I
It contains 78,000 stand of inns, 1,600 boxed of
powder, 100,000 rounds of plastid earsidges, and
other munitions of war.
No defense eras Offered by thole co dirge of tbe
It to rumored that Fort Morgan wu Whin lart
Jan, s.—The Workingmen's meeting
lam night wu largely attended, and speeches were
made sod resolutions adopted. &cluing that the
Union mut be Maintained and presermod In Its to.
turity, by the enforcement of the Laws in army
part of the Unloul a bY . whatever means mammary;
that a remedy for I grievances can be hod under
the Coostitutkm, and that the only sure way to
safety and paarwand prosperity, pin maintaining It..
Sr. Loins, Jen.lrak= wan soaalmons
ly adopted is tie Senate yesterday, lostmoUng
the committee on Federal molt:doom to report a
calling a State Contention.
The friends of Wm. H. !tassel% vesldlos In La
fayette conaty,:ilol, 'tined bonda erocroothig to IL.
000,000, welch will be tendered to the judicial -
thorithts at Washinatost, for his release, frost .
• "POR/LAMOr MiNv Jaa. tireahlturne'e I -
anger* Address bids Maine Leattletore commode
conaillatloa and to/hammers; to Mend by the Con
/antilop ; and althottab urging the Legislators to
mate .
_no„orsoproailse „iorroltrins metal Imams, be
"ncoastends the repeal of OW Person% Liberty bill,
If found to he asoonsUtutkmal.
Ifosonsvoo, Jab. b A potato to bola( thaws
el to•olobt in Indio e tooppolat a committee of
tho Moods of bloww.o.• woo and Wilmot, to noon
olio theft totoraot,! o taking the, ong fiwtattaial
tam and lb. other itbe ay to be socaliasod by
Comma's oppoistitivo
ennatnaron, Jan. b.—All is quiet hem Fort
Goatee has not beim besieged as reported. Major
-Anderson waa trial* to-day by his brother, to nom.
pony with three gentlemen. The anderetandlog
wu that the Interview should take plena to their
Laaranwostn; gas. s.—The awallable twee at
Ft. EattrenwortianOnsists of two composts* of light
wintry. Anangeseenta bore bete web with the
tolltuad company ttsnaport 226 men sad ISO
horns, and bums on Monday morning.
Nitw Toni, ;Jan. s.—The Meatier Star of the
West *sated aryesterday with onvousl Writ,. A
report which ridiculed at the oflioe of the Com
pany says Ask gohkg to Charleston with troops.
AtXXANDIII, Jtia. 6.—Tha shame, Philadelphia
hu just paned dowa the Over with • patty eflas.'
dohs, it Is said to Maori.* the gimlet's at Wuh•
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COOK. P.R.K.1..08. and HEATING
Warehouse, Fetleral Street, near New Brie.
WNW. WWl*, A1.411091D1T OITI.,
Wort tho •noutiou IS dealers 'idea t aincrloug
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Plain and Fano i Grate Fronts, Fenders, eto.,
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Thcosiebn OW Oohing dedran
"Fiotoiy" and "Triumph,"
and Wood Owing
"Black Oak" and "Forest Rome."
The:"Capitolu and "Eagle" Cooking Ranges,
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WIN DOW GLASF-200 boxes amnried
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/Bade, gold or 4plltd(in p private rooms) et t h e WN fio
Staglril Broadway, New Tort .
acid.* and tow= of the Maid Anita, by:Brog
glob and Panay Goad, Deans
Sir SLa pada, hail the nano and addrase opal ►tloN
gate engraving on baralthw *leech bour n,
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S. B. aC. P. MARKLE% L.
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Or. Geo II Keyser - ',-
Wholesale Druggist ,
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