The Daily Pittsburgh gazette and commercial journal. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1861-1863, January 07, 1861, Image 2

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that I. &Info. ollieltolly lo Pruitt, and most
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tbotitOte same relation soon to tits haat
ittooOptisioleog tiNowEoglaad. “that the pan
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Thi,Rnietrer tierstors think,
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rf sAlaser of a Tots of steam
—4 4ilrottit of Comatesi, sed.oo .dittoes the
South le tats'eare of-itsalt
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Ma. Ratourness.—The followleg
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‘ • are the smulthiese Introduce!' into the Halite at
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' •.• • -,.• liarrithurAi by; Ma...Willkime. They havi the
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right Mai•thud them, and we truants Jai:l4-
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' • ;.; • tees say idoe. u....,:
• ir.k.t. , That Uas present attitude of the
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.... , people or Golub Carolina In armed releikkei
• ' ageism the Uonaltutios and taws of this trelos
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Imperatively dimwit the prompt and special
• .- - applitisUote of book mamma as rosy be nitdred
• • . to emyel her gambols:a thereto : That the
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;.; :.,..,„ perms* of thol Federal Government are shun
!. deaUy adaq - ball to lie own preservation by - the
•. ~ saferonient of lie Isis : Thu it Is th e Am yet
the 'Witham of Me Gaited Mama to me that
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~.. '., these his are at executed: sad that MI the power
•'' --. .- sad meisumie !of Peaseylvinie maybe emu
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•, •, • msded by him' if for the pupate.
-• leselord;That if there ; ay . grievants, of
~•::' . • which say portion of Ibis nation Lae ay Just
;,- - : COUIIIIIIO oompleta , the remedy therefor is is the
, Belo,,and themethe of redress are apple sad
• 4 satequath asiterthe Constitution of the Vatted
States ; sad Gait the assertion of a right oa the
ram of the oommunity, euppoeing Itself to be
p- -- aggriseit; b'rui't the arbitrament of the oom•
attested authorities; and to determine such quer
ties fir Wolf limo more Of AVOW in subiellans,
them an appeal to the sword. 1 •
emeteerf,,That so long as the-State of South
- . . Carellai;Maidm la an *Ulnae- of deetared re^
• btilloi kolas: the a oyerutout,.witb anus la
, 1 ker hods*Te'reidelllte authority of the Imre,
it would im ineoispattble with the Amity of this
Obannamweelth sad her just pride as a member
of Mk atelifederboy to treat with that State open
W gumbos Impales the perfonnsam of our
• . duties leader ; tkeCoutltutioa of the limited
;; • ' saws.. ,
, - iiireek- That while the people of . Peansyl.;
•• .; voids thesineseumitie those blather stag free
4 . Mates km JaatTdause of , complaint; Oast the
• rights of lierithe Milani nadir the Othetitu•
Ilea have been dialed to theassime la some of
: 4 the Siam litstim! they protest spinet Oa GM*
truthful amomptioa that they hue in any way
. birdman their oevessmul fklik toward. the pm-
,••;, ' phi ef say park* of this litalm ; thst they are
..1, , --, ambled with the Coastitution as it is, end will
^' . emittaiitto stead by ' sad observe ail lie sotopro
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,;;; maw; 'sa d that wills they are ever reedy of
!.. • Mb arm free will, and without - regard to ma- .
-; - - nes Mete-any quarter to mires say wrong Vila inky be dirty tainted to them In the spirit
, - .„I anal* and with the magasoimity rahieh be.
-- : ales tie pupil el a great and powerful Slate,
~.....- th ey vhf mad Waist theteveryother Stele
-""';'-'-' • if the lislosishall!do the same. .. • -,
Ittestook TAM itemeslOs is revelation, sad lie
. ' inevitable oossequeneu, war; lant Um integrity
' k of the Vale Mot ! be maintained and defended
. _
at ail Malmtemth Redman otrania••••• lad
1641, apiallais ciusiosion the people of Patheyl:
" 'de wlllitei sa they have ever bees; ausited
- .
VOW,* mtelek of omens to Osumi,
- Gs., bibxibe: nollead of the ism York
Sibesne. Ws sled wy ',feel almost sorry to
sad that the lase. sat of t h e Mk posturing
mobodrems of polities, which they tried to play
• Jbers, MlS;isdlisppoiatieg. They should be
. e da m wag* is vit: op whit Would please
, • ensmalves,.. serybom,
.when the'; Abolitloibds
deal Intidornwlth thorn: • -
salisiiikiipte expressed theirjoy at
the milet+ef Booth Coronas by it toroh.light
lasade;Aii:Vfielsoiday night. Thor* was a
remiliy sad-right job, crowd I. wisdo m math , Bs of Bea of Froodom.Boss of Um
• Pslmmtler•lttete: Meat Avery bedy's ens.' flog•
sin* &motive ; men ou nOrmbsok,"osi
taseadak,ntins JIM of teem oat their owe Nat
wore 4,Akikilst Wei does;eke slalom of homy
sad lee szpostorstles of bravory--411 weirs
then . • Moor fie papers' sanounaed that 'dt.
imonninec Miss mould odd lustat. to the eel.
de, empeirjelits Alta repreantitives of
Ago is highly deen - wated sad
,s , ;, , , ,,, inkigestiftlibs44:l- - Thle sounded so ouch
bred aitlsp nsa. lineerirmstris, dr elms. bills of es
latish .Triaimpial Ears.'
amiably maadmhst, I see wee
dlespierinted Gm runty. , *AU Mil.
rem mho it Is their power' mar, - minted
to Ilbuilitab tkidtdiriMegi4bel.lf Nemo.
(lee vairdierekvsli*lies'ilotibte.doid ton*"
• 0000illiell tat ABOTlMlAklaiipomeful the
*Mole st Mai `iendle. 'I supposed us great
hamlet/en ovules Miredd be tho mamma
ihalavimisk Tolulten - Gandet who
ordered islaramniAm. Bar maks (exciptimi
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the peuts..l4tot they did not Blovelly ofetf, the'
,- ardor, Everybody ours thst - the reline MA
'••fenturs WWI PrettllMlFS the sisighig of ,s
tomeewl liftteefflotsk ommme
add a sieroMlTTSieriiMems,, lABITO etsed-Mpse
beleoaritra primivnistdesse sod did ,tbe
74 , 110!1, Olt no; WWII! lait opialialso at lash
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at CO.,-
' a ' • rsopitzzroii.
• It MORNING,:.... JAM 1861.
Train Coosote-irrnsanisinma sur
priimijMe.been abuts, her., at the adobe &an
by ikittabeiy of clengsma: from this plats, Is
member;.sir State legislature, sot to pass
eke lays,sk metal; for amnia* the Stats
we know,- although. it seems
1144; :whofrom me:whomy Strong
la the Itspublican Mill and are free from weak
onii, 1 1 4 AA back and knees.. It proceeds, lot
from tlmi dl i y , but From,esution.
It olignate d, we nadmotaisti, la a regard for
the Mitical polities Is which the Goverser. of
Marylacid to - pbtests-:grils beset, ea all aid*
with itpPiam io callal ape. L 1 :erase of UM
481141 (nro , ' 1 11MIleisis, Maryland Ms atm,
foto UM buds of lisr,Seoeseloidall, BIM ask
profit* me winddi then. be - to seize upon thi
Distils of Columbia and'provent the lamp*
Cos of Pinsk liy.foree. If be holds out, their
4am* M opened; and the Republicans, id Ni s h.
leiton tool-that It Is sot wise to weaken his pa
MUDS by say precipitate sot on, the part of
Peragyiemda.. Their advice may not be judlr
elms: trim a goad motiva-.the
deeiriti, told lip tie hands of Goo: Maki wait
tM Ben t n Amakkites are eoliqa,M. •
Ansrrirria Twarroari.—The igoverassant at
Washla&wi la wow all right; bat op to withia
o ••!k li.lum! ben ladrudrionsly playing int*
Abe basal ,of ilotiUteii; triitors... As among
has shandy bees 'gloss of the rernoial of 10,000
stain t ,of Orton from the Watinialt. Aram !,and
their, by Secretary -Floydie Luau, of
taanah, for $2 00 nob, sad of cowered
aldpmaats of - arms 'South by the gowerninent.
The Moils% diseleeart is nab ooseeralag the
Bilthilliaitiiisaltal by the Roolthaear
fiad.thas dazieg year 1860. there have
twee raraosss hem the armory to this eity, and do
pdaßold fen eat. kesidnie la other smash onto Tioltid
Stably 20,430 arms, as follows :
• O Telne Arc
luiriamo, B. CI 16,000
Mninon, .... ... ....
raystasony . . ....... & h olm
itatewltimi Ls - bO,OOO
Ma: kJ:
Nalri r • _
, 2 map
It awful
.b. undatstood that Ude removal of.
L tiLit l a c...i ttow Union haa nothing to do with the
Wash is 0 00salonally made to *Wm
twViainTj Of thequota to which atniOtane Is enti
tled kw Iti *ten
_ -
Tni, ifolimuntePooa--Whllit the Bcalb la
' likli*llifiorp of Marralto ills inearrete•
atilt war Ito, moo are Millis
t mama with the idea that the work
if the North aro pirenliese, without
~. 'irerkin:d Upon the brink of au open outbreak,
imeliai bread or blood: In answer to this
expogation, eo fondly cherished by rho
Sentient prem. the Now York Times shows that
the ifMeett seem Saying Beaks hare oo Wide,
deposited bq workingmen, tit* euniof $46125,-
bib ; Akpe!of ;Cinmeationt hare $18,466,273,
sad Neitiligliad, taken -attoimiMr. 5115,446,-
6 7 6 . ...lad Now York sad Premaylvenbi to New
Elitism! Sod the' warklei mend those States
aft undobbtedly prodooe, from their own re.
11 1 001 . 0110i14 ISO days solid*, tads as lava) mousy
so all 111 1 130 sthlttn alum; WIN; trent of mar
aloe, d Oise in a year, by taxation, or borrow/
Is of the world.
7" ---- „
A 14111:, 4ore prin*ally &bout
liteildoin.- 'for tithe *ink/ ineeirst
ttOlisupeirire asstesionpliirepte4to of.
lie 'Partitive Blase, who he. 4he credit of haw
they brook-O
llows : M - tat - prism state .ot th ings
Inn !a
moony! eaa men :resign thee,
Noe baths tektby morons gusto?'
sboild 'judge; by tbe abort'way in - *blob
Ibis celebration was disposed of by the load
pill% HIM
Oar tta hey were sligid
comlymend disap ed. nted in it.
If so, ste is to be
, Tun 1411reees speoial .00riespondent, writing
. . ..
from Columba', Ge., after • stating that the 'p
i .
reloaded insarreetion of the slaves In those
parts had not taken plus, thus goes on to ao
Next for the alarme whioh'iutd prevailed
'The lifoulgomeiy, - Atalanta,- pipers, esl
*ally the MBA, ban abotraded meetly In amoun pia ts
of buddieg insurrections, and in letismatery
paregroor Calculated to melte the„peeple. j I
believe it le quits genersly kriciits now that a
anions plot tu disoovenW at Rine Level, and
that several barbarous executions followed the
disarray. Asollaikplot fit Antonia county was
;demoted, aad many aggress were arrested and
padded: The Montgomery iloil, without giv•
tag any particulars, came out with several pars.
graph., !kilning all iii readers in the Cotton
States to be on the alert, advising them to hang
every man w ,i o should be head in *ammonia.-
don with , as. 'And tids advice we give,'
says the pa named, 'ln consequence of evi
dence noes girdled, proving that Christmas
week has bein'appointod by the abolitionists for
a lents innivreetion in portions of the South;
bifire sad Olen.' This portentous warning
would be enough le frighten a slaveholder; of
itself; but early in Chrbnmas week Jew's . said
that quits a number of the slaves who would
ellterwies have been arrested in Alabama, . had
disappeared, sad that it was. thought they had
come Into Georgia. fee therms of auoHek wit h. m
l a f t L e a r t ind u a g ry h
alien. 'nudes from certain ' death, or from a
pulahmsat worse than death, had Gems Into the
State, they would, of Nurse, at ones endeavor
to lours their own safety in the only way poi
titlark by exalting *strong Wu of the Mutate
insurrection. 1
i; Udine the rumorlf a rising came from this
slight foundation; flat the report did not spread
—far it was confined to a very few people—wai
due, fret, to the very jealous care taken to pre
vent everything: ike a general alarm; and, in
the 1 suond place, to the exalting news from
Ohinlestoo, which liandshed to every man an
abserbing topic for thought and discussloo. 8o
, thati, so far as I am able to see,. the reported
triable bad an encenrsgingly slooder foundation
though-it is probable that fame slaves were .
cruelly dogged, in Order to make them coats"
! on e
s of which they had no knowledge, or by
that reeolide !demo to glee tranquility to their
own r. It is a pleuent system this of Slavery,
is it not? . The rumor of a riot among Degrees
rue es the ears of a planter; there is no direct
end ne e of the oilstones of any snob plot; yet
It as be 'inquired into.' The system of 'in.
Tali' is very simple; ' it. principal feature is the
whip. If, after ininging the wretched vlatim
daagarnosirtisar the galas of death, silence is
44 :3 in tilisiltd, *by. the master breathes free.
1 7 again, and calms the anxiety of his family.
But though there was, happily, no adequate
mai for the excitement spoken o the feat that
thete:iras excitement end alarm f,
remains, and
adds] another testimony to the truth of the fee
quest remark andronsing the daily peril of the
slaveholder; a peril, too, not to be spoken of in
publli, exaept wan abetted thing talked loosely
about:in political 'penises, and Charged upon
the &rib. If an army of invasion were . to
suddenly land on the Southern shone, men
would proclaim the tidlnso with a trumpet voice
la they open street. But when the chilling rumor
'gamin, on the wind almost, that the staves are
plottleg an insurrection, it must be loudly denied,
_ tf, by Chance, people talk of it. If they do not
know of it, they must be kept to ignorance.—
Only a few, thee* whose similar Interest" lead
them to aid eaoh other in insuring secrecy, are
told of it, unless it is too Important a conspira
cy to allow concealment. Then 'eatables inqui
sition Is bad, terrible punishment laflicted,
always privately, sad the rumor dies away. I
tell you, theflauthern planter may deny with es
missy oaths as he has slaves, that anything but
the most cheerful alacrity for hard work and no
pay is u teen among his avert:4lc he does not be.
1111111 own mores, though I think he einem],
Mrs believe; and tit trowel' his rage when
he occasionhen to deny adverts mom, only
provesthe 'oakum of ids position."
Stet , interest was manifested to hear Mr.
bone ' but his speed' did not seem to be at
all squid to the occasion, and did not oompare
;bears* with his former speaohes.
',.- , He denied the right ofsecestion, bat suest
id no remedy sayw - the broad sesertion th g at g all
giveranients were founded in ceereloo, leaving
his UMW,. to infer that this principle of gov
.ernme:inalatsit be made to operate In the rare°.
tory . es.
The titath Csrolina aocomieeioners withdrew
Ito doh their mission not beteg recognised in
any way. They assumed in their letter to the
Preeideit that he had not totalled his 'engage
ments with the state of South Carolina.
• Mr. Ilueleaun feeling this to be s thrust at
ids perscesai bettor, after reflution, refuted to
recognise the oommulleation. Mr. Tresoott
will go lathe morning. The commillea of thirty
three roeto-dey, that the fugitive slave law
should b' carried out fully. it prominent mem
ber of tin committee Informs me 'hilt it is not
possible t at this committee can ameffpliih . any
good for he country. and nothing need be ee
-1 tioipaladl' r from the liaticiing rumors circulated
i al
to ram:shift hopes.—N. F. World.
The nuns that armed bands were organi
zing to take ponsesedon of the Capital before the
votes for; President and 'ice '.Preeldslat are
daunted, ment.with credence everywhere. Oen
Scott is migrate engaged la the preparations for
patting Is this Jacobi' mob. Capt. _ N . Stone,
ressifiy pointed, Inepooter-Gesersi of the
Militia of • District of Columbia, istued his
Oder* • to4sy for mid py to
mettlektimi respective armories th is evening for
drill;add to any home their guns with them
is order that the seisms of the armories may be
muted,':l' • . - -
Itepublisen members of the Senate and House
have • buil apprised - of a eouteroplated asses
eine .attaok 'thou them, but are generally pre
palt re •I
is understood amass Democratic Senators
that the nomination of Mclntyre as Collector at
Charleston shall not be °manned, as a Western
Healer declares that, if nemetary, hiwill See
lEzeoutive sesaion in' debate in Or
der to defeat It.—N. Y. them
.. , _
ac WM relieve the apprehensions of dial, who
suppese dithenlty will be encountered here in
inaugurating Mr. Line 1., to know that three
compeales of dying artillery are to be oilcan.
tested at or; near • Menasha, aid that Gen..
Sent will su perintend all the neonsar ‘ y arrange
anti for presenlat order if difficulty should
I be teeth threatened.
1 Senator Cameron appeared in kismet in the,
• Senate this morning, looking greatly Improved
r by his trip 14 Springfield, 111. „He New, to be
fully Emilieee that Mr. . Lineols is the roakfof
the dense. e represent" him as bold and de.
torailied in oppositioa to seossaloo, and ex.
presses great admiration for his ability and,
irmnees. The news of. - Patent CillnerWea
appolnineent las "' Secreiny of . the. Tenthly:
under the 'Da gdmialelration is generally re. I
Calved with favor, be. being regarded se in-,
every way .b ter qualified for the poeltion th an
( le
y o th er en' ti whom Mr. Lincoln could have
selected. • I bear of no opposition to it in the
Pennsylvania delegation, except on the part of
Hon. Ed. Joy Morris, of your city.
, There le no truth in the rumor that the revs
lie cutter:amlet Lane has been dispatched to
°heirloom' nth Mr. Mclntire, the newly ap
pointed Collor of that port. It was deemed
advisle, In *bloat meeting, not to send him
down'until the course of the' Adennistrafion in
declaim by his appointment that the revenue
mast be collected at Chartists was paned upon
the denoted If Mr. Mclntire is colirmed the
Harriet Line,. which It-In readiatem, will at
etme chutic7 hlui to the neighborhood of that
rdly. The President, by Me appointment, has
thrown the reeponeibillty upon toe Senate of say.
1 1 pig whether or ; dot tholes* shill be enforced in
Bola Duel's* tie Bret.,Bectedlog Elite. _The
Soulltesiletiatou have resolved, not to le into
Iluemtirsieeeltia; is order to prevent action up
eil the questlop,. and au defeat the object
which the President hue in view. • There is no
doubt that the
_sympathy - snob hem so long ex
tow bowers Mr. Boum= and the Senators
frOs the Clair &stale at en end. They now
regird him u atsmemy of secession; and watch
envy movemen the melees with Intense inept
ohs add distrust. -: .
o - The Dimudonlets Sr. malting every day to
I hew news of riots and' bloodshed is Plistiolplia,
" Neer York; and l[losters; bet, like many other
' _et their pridistleas, tide to destined, to a dined
t failure. All our letters from the few SWIM I..dhete that Mere is lees aulfering sad feker peck
Snout of Im ei atoyment tbs. usual. Tim otmerti•
Mora *boat remember that ivory time they
speak oat am Me Union they make thous•
bads of, saw fileede :for it Is the North,: and
, Nelblreitt lif: being ready. to die • le 'its de.
• fib,, *lll lea hit all ordiaaryintlaring grow-
lag cut et -d ' -tiliSsultlea—ptikr. Fmk
• —Pattern Id from": /loath Carolina slate
diatilte pap wire emserad thesseemion more
-1 milk( would bd conducted - tithing , say. diaar:
! magemeat et hesiales, matte I pliaoefel oon
ithiskin la their en way.. ,Iteoent Winslow,
keno. korsisr; disairt lOU oploloss; sad atiy
ail now - Implaalai to realise Ike onsequsoce
0 _pro I,}oll ppiehrilic7pipletab,.lnow_4l
thr,Swit NUMB of tki year for - her trade r sior; '
slinks deormsd; aildomailrettraieserklapanother
lid eitar.olisaaft: s ' •
The Prestdratfkoloifle ua 4 sod 411 W,, Ootil:
idtbulaticro, OorooVrAffe =ion of *Lewitt
Stior Anderstne oftel:incoefot '4111,d10-.
uslooloto to "the inid lioness three Sorb, `blob`
00411111110 soot, of the alo opproooltio to the atty.
and moons! in Chroloston. Hod be sated
promptly and eftioieutly; this whole roOTO*II
would lave bolo crushed before die Convention
111011tAST 1101.? AND OW. 3COM
. The beat nodstatanding exists between Sawn
(sty Holt.and Gat Snit; as the former very
properly delete to the'experience of the latter !on"
military mitten:' , Mi. Floyd dlitributed 000,-
000 stantlnf come in the South during the pent
year, and he cold $lOO,OOO -worth of muskets,
whloh costsl,4 teeth,' at, $2 60, iodependene,ef
the sale at
_Watervliet, lanai ham attracted re
cent deament: Col. Craig of the Ordnance
Depittment was ordeted away for refusing ' , to
mauttannes thess.tamentioss and others !of
equally dopbthilokuseder.N.
Wozattanner, • Friday, Jan. 4, 1801.—Mr.
Toombs telegraphed to Georgia urging the State
authorities to take the forts, and the order bf
Gov. Brown la • that effect was doubtless premilt
*4 by that dispatch. This the melons ofpate-
Ho properly Mad rebellion ardent the Goveri
men are oeunieled openly from the 1301101.
Mr.:Thempsin will retire from the Cabinet as
soon se illesisiippi passes her ordisance of SS
osseltie. He in much pressed now, and would
yield but for the investigation Into the robber'
perpetrated by!his confidential clerk and private
g etlretar.f, which was the relation Bahl heid
towarditim. ;
Three hundred marines will be ordered herb
in addition to the flying Artillery, mentioned in
my dispatch yeatertday, for the purpose of pair
banes the putelio property against ail pessible
depredation, ;The Meyer and city authorities
express the fullest confidence la being able to
guarantee the peace of the city from any threa4
and rullianteml outside. They are abundantly
prepared for ali - contingenolos. '
The departure of four companies of flying at:
&Mary, whine hies made suede sensation at Forri
ress Mourne, to not designed for Charleston;
an supposed, but for Washington.
Mr. Baohnen's flnal stand In sustaining
Major Anderson; and dismissing the South Cer-'
olio* CommiseiOnere, his brought him letters'
of approbation from ell ntrient.
The letter of the South Carolina Coma/don.:
'era to Mr. Buchanan was of the most insulting
oharenter, aod distinctly charied him with falai.;
Galileo and violation of pledges. He hid no
other recourse bit to return it.
The Brooklyn atilt continues in readiness, cub
jeet to Immediate orders, av events may require.
p of ies te heaviest and beat battery st of an
shi carr her I h lse in the eervice,
midable for belligerent purposes. —AL P . .1114.
If the South Carolina Postmasters fail to an
ewer satisfaatotili Mr. Holt's clamber, inquiring
whether they maintain their responsibility to
the .13 I Gotersment, under their official
oath, he will est - taint, withhold the mails from
that State. One; effedt of Gila movement will
be to atop all through malls via the seaboard
line, to points beyond South Carolina.
At a Republican num held to-sight, Unity
members of the House were present. Mr. How
ard, of Michigan, liras Chairman, and Mr. Col-
Secretary. A proposition, made by Mr.
Sherman, that he Republicans should dangle/r
-age all Meanies of the political crisis, and de
vote theft time altogether to the Appropriation
bills, and other necessary legisistioe, as such
discussion only tends to novenae the Opposi-
I lion, and divide Republican, was adopted.' A
resolution was adopted pledging each Republi
; cm delegation to see to it that their members
are regularly present in the House, so as to be
ready for any emergency. The remaining time
of the canons wee spent to dispensing a prope
-1 milieu which is under consideration by a Com•
mitlee of the Genus of border slave State
Members, with a probability that they may pro
pose it ae a oompromise mature, to wit Tho
re-eetablishment of the Thesauri Compromise
lice, the Territory North to be all, with the ex
ception of Kansas, organized under the Terri
; tonal Government excluding slavery, the Terri
tory Beath to be free or slave, as the people
thereof shall choose, end Kansas to be admitted
forthwith. This met muck oppoeition in the
mane, and the present disposition le to reject
It altogether, bat the Gauen, adjourned without
taking a vote, nod Meets again to-morrow.
It le elated, on the authority of a member of
the Georgia delegatiou, that the United States
neselDelphin wee ;tired upon and seized, to.
day, by the Secessionism at Savannah. Another
stetement le, that 14 telegraph °Mon through
out the State of Genes lave been placed under
the eurveillanee of the Commissional by order
of the Genf:mt.—R. P. Anus.
Sim Mr. fitechanin has consented to and
by the Union and the Constitution, the new
member of Mr. Lincoln's Cabinet, General CAM
atop, hes, I hear, paid him one or two limits.—
Why should not the D. P. P. tenet to inaugurate
the N. P. F.
Dispatches were received this afternoon noti
fying the President that an attempt would be
made by Gem WWI Minnie Men at Norfolk to
prevent the departuninf *besiege, frigate Brook.
iyn, which is COW taking in coals at the Gosport
luny yard, and Soout to runner, to pro
ceed immediately to th Carolina.- The Pres
ident has sent word back that force shall be re-
pelled by force. ! •
l'as South Oarwlinatommlimionere have gone
home with eau in their can. Five days ago
we dld not suppose Mr. Boohoos. would ever
glossa, honest man Ln opportualty to praise
him. It is, therefore', an nosspeoted pleasure
to tee that he is not wholly Inneesible to the
foree of nerthath pothile *Maio°. lib spoint.
most of Mr. lielmyri to the eollsatershlp of
Charleston is prseiseli ; the right thing to do, at
the present . Juneture; ;load if followed up by •
ent naval and Military force to protect
that °Mar in the &Vyborg° of his dillies, the
odualry will try to forget Mr. Buchanan's We
ridirillasimosis and vs/gliding sours,. Blsoe he
Is rid of Cobb and Floyd, the two worst wpirits
in hi, cabinet, sad .thoe the rebuke ladithotly
administered to him by; the anthimons applause
with whiob the whole North grated the spirited
soidard of Iditior Azderitos, the President lease
iambi,' of meting marl like • patriot and lea
like timid old woman—?V: Y. World.
Nike LW 111 sod 1 1304011 an &Irrupt Mowing/6i
ohm lisassuils. • Dv npailtio - oa sad broacblita or non.
ouaudbon any I Una milk lad you may cm than
plosaudiy. pinintly and *annuity. 1101114111111'
&Duni do lb* work. You *daily A. CU plass& Misr
Ohl, Sod your nub la row 411 d cold cored so by enchant.
• .
Prfek 2$ conb per box, wl direction.. Fly loam $l.
N. —A kat eel of Iffortreiresi U O I I IOSOPATISIC Drumm
with Neck of Direct/Me, rod Omit, dlffrrent Nreredtro.ln
large via* manococes., $8; ditto. to plrlo cw , $1; core of
an..,, bogy, Sort Nook, p. Anglo bottler, ZS coats end 60
Throe Rotoodfor, by tbo Weil* box or • ma. rre ant by
soil or groom Itro of rboryi4 to may &Minor. OD /. 61 0 ,
of the Fria. Addrror. Dr. T. UUIIIIII24IIYII &ON
No. osa
Noll by J. M. 2 2 1 1.7 , 01.1.•11f4 etre AIN, Br rray, Nolo York.
et,,sroond door f
lb. Portofloo, Ivor tor Plttabyrsh. deldetArlturrom
1161 - 31 n. WINSLOW" an experienced Nurse
Ond Fends Ph;laden, hllll ■ Ibadittag ilyrrip Grr children
imathing, which vastly facilitate. the promo or toethieg
by eidleadag the gum, rodadni all
illy all pidn,andl..earo t 6 regalia. the bowels. Belated
open It, Whom It .111 give tut to yoanelne and relief
.aad health to your ln4ny , P411%11204 111 111 wan.—
Ikteadiartlremt ancalum• aquas. 611Wirler
/public "nun.
ugh sad Pad Llborty rewrap. Itothrity Comps.
ay aro brrrby nolltlad that an Mention for Piro Wasson
ot Bald Company to emu for SU lentalng year. will ba bald
at the eine& or the Cbrapaoy.Ttard attend, on Monday. Ma
;Hat lost, botraira tbe nota lb A. N. and 11
• A. P. BIAOICANRIA, noAratratary. .
E&WIT OL OF PRAYER.—The following
or. o, AlTgatettaktilii han Inote I made fur the obserrsnoe
rha W..a. a
'ilea r filer."—hale Jen. 7th tor... 17th It
sded- by the Others! Assembly of
Vatted Prowl.' t e—recommeeerlaa Chord , sail other Wigton, bodka the ,
by the Oat ted Preebyteri en OrmitregaLloos of -PI deborgh,
Ladreettrllle sad Birmingham, 711.: I
First Ohara, thereath street, i hioudey, 23.6 Wet la et.
&mond Ch., Idath street, , Monday, 7p. et.
Third Ott,lttemoad et.. i Teeeday, 7p, tp.
Ifeerth CO , eer. Factory and Pike Mt. Wetter olday,h p. Er.
Lewrintoerlde, lloblarsotee 11•11, I Thoralay, 7p. m.
illrmlrghero, LI. P. Church, • Friday, 7p. rot
The ladled for remark en tha OM moles, to the mod
Church, Sloth does*, will be oillheloae.—the penal nob.
J.ot. Robjeete for the ether melba' will be aesonered I.
doe ooenie_._L_.L_O_Y_lJlll'7ZE.
Dramlloo of ram of tee Mut ward, Allratnny, In (roe of lbo
to-et a em ZW n M O T D AYOOMP D N O7
1h loatard, lo
bear report of Ward Delegate to the Irate Clooreotton.
sibb R., No. 25 ea. Clair
. WlLARrtnirelbi g i rr'"" "l&diliiil24l-khetlen"'""matirbllt°ls'ida:
)able fatlOLfle” ° ! aIWAVAINNI boos
lEEE Liam!. Trossurer._
••••.- viutom—Tes embirtoti thelntoboolh O.
nutio Am:oilman borobysotlAol to Mood biltotor
uoset? lgootlos WI LISCCIASIOI4 tia be bold eoVON.
VAT ITEMS°, JoNi s4 tAtt the Gyro wham. o clook.
13914"°"" J. P. le/ADEL Becrelary. •
grnOutig . os F lJQ Annual
Mamie/ of the Cootritatote 1.6 Ili. lime of We
or *wow Toomoinam. toe the pinpoei of leftist% 01
- loped r.. the Dowd or Mammon, sad *Wiles • ow
Cowl for the Maim year, TM 1w Me et dm Otate, comer
Wo.ll To o- 4 stream,oi MONDAY. Jemmy 41061,
at 10 eeMoelt n. •.. Hy order*. Itimetire Committee,
Aluje se_ an
Zi4l %Inv &ft. ;747
A um,. t hia=2 s t Zrt ia l OM* Coaagjt
Coutollooel of Po Oompan
UN. to of -bat Its • NroilisvOrlieht i °P. ( 1 "
maul h ty
on groan On MS sion, - '
r .". • I ' =WAIN VUOlirof,
lortni ,- iiiINCrAIo'IdRETIN I 2I of the
Et:ektttio.ortht uriih and Etentomerfiler
14064 ma Company will ka 6rl: MONDAY, hommr7 Ite
at Mak Mae, No /44 /corn. alert, Pstiebargb, bee
loom The hams' er 10 'o'clock a reL'and I.lo'cleok ra.. at
.blob Una aml plata an Election for Pruldent Ind Direct•
otamlll be bel4 tn aere.,far ito 111112.13thg par.
de3lolll stoner F. VON BONNEGRIIT, Secemaey
Vilna CaAntinikt. Vassar t. R. Coacrani,l
Pittsburgh Ineember V),1O. I
--, eictetit s or the Ctrartlers Volley Ittdrvol Com.
piny will too he ou MONDAY, Ms 14th Jsousrp,ll4l, at
thstr Offlos, Vol I roaith street, Pittsburgh, between the
Loon of A
end a o'clock p. no, at which time and pinto au
Meagan for Dlrsetors will to bold to servo durtug the on•
gulag Year.
&Shit .
Onus as, ernnahur, Tr W.! R. Uo. t
Nuogree Nun
RONDROLDRIth of the Ohiosad Ptomains:de
Railroad Company, Ohio sad Indiana Rallread Catopea,
Pt Wan. and Chicago Rallowd Ouyany, and PittebarM•
Ti. Won* and Chian° Railroad Company:
Tb• Man dt Reorgenhation Mahn heed pertected. the
many "Nashua Counltteen ban soot to tnecaleur the
Wte 2401.4 by those Igendholden who &also to he.
come parade to Um punnet or the rude.
Pardee lonrested Arany:meted Legit nod Cu the mew
Emig Ir they prefer, blank powers att.n. 7 will be
nent Mam e withlt they cuterwente and Mon to tan.
by the time of Cuing the egrunients, the MN owned
by the Aram bad better be depodted, ea prorated In Ms
agrumata. deglAf O. mum.
NITAELDNIZSD.A.Y. December /9th,
Cornow Pm. and Clef. •
to tenter fr. =O. i f . to 4p. me, mad from Eto io
Ae.ka ticwatr. &WM] Tkkell 60 mu.
mow to fovea b goal paper or other eobritleo,
to Snalliti robing from bar months to Car year,
Also, Stooks owl La Rotate br sole.
dell WK. 1 1 / 1 1ID anal et, ow--
e are
S MPS for OD Wollo, with erlit r i !a c red t°
Imo hobo. RODS sod moped :or
UMW toady 1 : 1 4;11 . •
I re
134 Wood 44,162 Ant it.
Acta Abbentsgments
No 'Barad at boa Oil, (* A ult* by
JOUN MaGILL BON, 183 Liberty of
DAL Z. 00170111113 i
Important to krannlies:
LOON. AT , TtiAst
NoN•rapLostve sizorma rum)
poly 66 teats peripilloo. I Oily 06 mite per piton,
Cheapest Illnithuiting ilakl la the Wald I
Obenpeit Illoadoetho t Mold Jo the World
(*loped Illitailastlog 16.14 /a the Warta
N. B. The oldloary 1601 Lampe ere need for the Non.
llephetre rold—au cheap temps- Par mato only by
JOB. FLltklllfo,
by 706. PLIIIIING.
- • b JOB. 1 / I .IWING,
by y
308. 1LT.311110,
eerier bleriterstreet sod the Dlsitood,
Magni. Mika et net sad the Diamond,
°MN. /Mutat alroet and !be Diamond.
Oarnor .114rkst.treet,!ild thiDhunotd.
BELT LEArgss, LACE Lirarmvs.
lb. icry !mot quallUso4ll/1. on Good and for Ws b 1
M. DeLANG 1E 9
A 33 Libel ty at, oy.pailn Leal or
Wall Papal/ wturertoome.
and Dealer, AT Wood .treat, Wawa Poona areal
and Diamond Allay, wham may be foam, an extol:Wm moron
mialat rimy d PAM', RA 610.1106, So Par
lots, Balla, INa'ne Mama and Obambera. Al., Wiadow
nada% In great variety at lowrat prima to country deafen.
.11.1 ad Roving appolot•J Rote Aguas fat Watt.
Wog It ouutrasury to enter hail Spy irit/pdad of
eh* met; to ttsty Nate mold th e toot of ININ7 Tt,
ThO catalogue olobtacoa k.,. tblrt, vadat:xi, which
aoltblos from • soli dollar to • lwatootiteran ts. walgßeS.
Poi Weal taus; ractontre prlars.
No. 9T Wood Street,
torNnr of Mamma alloy.
and:orors droortplioo of Accoont Booßs, WI hood or wad*
to ardor lo bort ataaner, 1.64 Lanny piton, minlroth
oltS or without prtated beading, by
j i p7 Blank Book Mafia* 57 Wood at,
Sl-GITI N TdEB.—WA—L—Pr•xsa well baotd at rdood prkea, bY
W. P. MA11161.11.4 67 Wood 61
aAL (RT ---- "! ----0111 k OTL:-50 bble. Owe
lefiosd Ho C
OW Oit..
160 Wits Onnbßeesal twit WOOD—fur al* by
JOHN 6t, 2.14.024-
• _ 60 _
CiATS-24. b msfin• rality
[WIXOM • On.
AWN; pApiThi,6l-7------_mfrS side by
W P WASISUALL. 87 Wood th..t.
D uid pApj per Oak Gold pftnel s,
11. Ng
We by 1.7 W. P. ituanALL, 87 Wcod .t.
lat WO sad air Pio. moat.. NW TORR. •
Osalle at , LI VIERPOOL--.10 aad 21 Topiary, LONDON.
Pald 4 Copia!, &Was and llarmad Pond ...... MONO%
tanned la this %entry, 80:‘,040
Pauly Baena%
SißreFolday Avowal) , fallow* for Ann g
ae emmli
Vatatmir. a DOVCIews waitle.dharefadert.
bialkftea WEIN aaaaaroweu me NEW TM*.
fJut* Paow. Chalrmarq Fayitam Oortutyr, yin
a. Y IrlistOeq Alereaß limaa, Yr .
Amyl? P&L lag , Fterslasat lloorwary; Acy.4„, el.r gyros,
uf the gaud.
o.ella BUM Zna , arm of WO Wart%
Jarmo Pus, Jr, tog. armor Para, leCardy o.
& &, Mop , arm af Wawa, Intim, Clo.
!L083.18 NE171411 AND PAID DE DP.
O. P. 0.4001111 Y, Mm.
Offire of Worm, Man t Cr.
am thlf do, lu receipt ate tarp fooply of
Floe Perfumery ,
cottflortlOg of groat wortment of ^not. ANA , * .ad
Atorrfaus RXTAOtB, 0 0 1.001;111, Rom 4111101.1/1 mot
/150144 :P0,1411/112, of /41 Itomiptimc •No.• won
meat of 6.U...
; English Toilet Emilie,
OWNS lind BlthleirEd, or ell dreoriptlono. 0 N■
Ofthlrillabe beg preporntlen In the world for ireroth
Doe Li" eta etc.
Twee wishing anyi Mug In the llo• should cell end cram•
lee my rtholr Wroth pnrrbealne
.7011XPII nrartna, •
Comm Yokel it. hail the Liamozid.
N. B. !i 0 i1•11(P1.01111VE BUIWINa /FLUID, at abc. pii
• okly always pi Mad.
A Brilliant Lt ht Without Banger, and Cheap
er Mao say Illitedoitloi . lnald Low Id °M.
Al ! ' . , Mil aid UT! O. .
lo rettlrolog tbeeks to the pohlar for their petrterge,
h HAMM op liberally wended, I woad tbrlr ette n ntloo
to wery,large deck of TaltAll for Mb fail.
Illy elect of Apple, t r ear,(etendard and dwarg) poach mot
Cherry far erceeda mobiles I lone Her raked. All ante
matt approved urban, winced by meow barbell • foil
irewle of the butler; and ettry care taken to bare
everyliall Mos totem.
Or Apple True lone we hare 160,000-80,000 of which
are three Tor old; bow to 8 feet. To mob am went
lIVISItan ANA, frotn.2 to Mt, by the 100 - or 1150, bar.
to won be iglreit. Extra Jorge Caplet, for abode, per
1181, VA Satre barge Montan otei litalleh Lamb, per
100, $2ll, Sc. Tree Planter% Owe iFi•• •• • 011 . 4 C 444.
lopes and free on Ippllcatlon. --, •
Addram;Plitesnit and Oakland Nersterlea, Pltlehorgb,
locllckwottf) ' JOHN IIIIIBVOCOVT.
1 ) t .F--r;tif;TT.--.----.--.----ilrpl•' .
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TIDO won AND • ativtea DAUB LUDY shirt
Alpmeadeast thedldno hoe acquire! tor natant-fable
efficacy to ell the awash which It renew to cure, has
Itia moil practice of oee
atiuoue puffing
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untwassary ton unworthy of thew. they are Itnnwo kr
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thve not by the ilth of the credulous.- to all came of
LUtthwuree, Divas, Dillon' enn ui - Lihr t i t= tA kch. gla
ITllateurei Inm4DreorT:grittorlitfthrratlDM” atarb
ably (macre urban ion VlNremedy: -A alnithe trial
will pate the Life PAL: Itn i icd {preach of theePealke to
Oh etticatuffi. Imo
Dr.1 1 4011/ATTA Pb XIIITIII3/1 wfll hetand equal;
17 affikahne to all cum of - Nervous DebUlty, Dollops*
Head Ache, the Mama forblent to Fewatre lo I/alkali
Ifeeltth and eon Aloe of 'Weaken.. of the Yolguffitto th ,
for seta by.. 'M
Dr. W. D. MOT/ AU Drowlway.Rew
Soh, nod bye Itlrdkie Dealers Awl Drualthe -morally.
roughout reach% ' . InDlffithef
RULL BUTTER.--8 bbls, choiceLßoll Ma
L. 0.06AT1, 26 - 3 Llttrrty t.
POLES.-5000 tight nd------Black RocT,
Polos,tor JAL A, Mug.
WI I , tamer }Win* sod llnt
61 satkituoVareel Pewbuq. •
200 Los White Sauk a bbist " rnmh;
• 40 bbla Cron A pplog 10 de I.olol—i'ar Rho,
i • 'Le 011*PV,1264 Merlyn. -
0.1:1241 tl_9 kege tter,
1,, tow h. oolui IN Ilan:- leo by OettW
IPOOkAttO AlltrOORM naLltmorty
EAR 10 0— Lard, jult , reo'd in
La Pm Ibr 1640
yORK 8 ATNApktl-200bbleOhoict.
York Stat., A
4:42 weed
&wed et.
Y& AnD
bulA ' ly make its by • •
44 a I BAWL a. non* cm OM
ar.obwi?tinstAPPh•-•*A"" iraooLtm
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N A9N B- i-111sactsjuatmed fttcpale b Mn 1 •
•aixuYtr on 14..
siAD.-4po pia ,Les Isa'd_put far alai
41 - JO _ STIP 0011140,_
P. •. VON BON?illiOßSTCPscretary.
ORPHAN'S COURT; of llilWrgeny County,
x 0.41, Deeenbor Term, 1549.
NOT/Ca TO ORMIDITORS Or sawn or Jon a' liT•
DOWE4 Dvole On and after tlia 11b Of Jimmy, 11164
the ontiverlber 1.01 pay to Um cradltaro a n dld Ilenito, by
order of hiart, a dual Dividend or diatomtire-Inglitlis
par reallof tbolr claim, as &head by salectded reixa tor
Anditar 19
in No. W. Deamber Tani, 1812, Cd MN CMG.
• W.D.411 OWELL.liervlving alveolar,
No. .6 Gnat rwt:
ETNA EitioVZl 11702,3Z11.
./:, 33 az 41. P a. lc 1.-
' Mumfootoroo ovary voiloty of
cannl - rm v aloNTa Fmarpicuk
I ago, ato. aro.
Bele Proprietor
ANDo celebrated
Office and Salm Room,,
1 No. 41. W o od Stree t.
Cornei of Market and Ptifth atreate.
Ila Ontbedral
Pirkaauno PA
Cloaks, Arabs, Coats
W. &D
w. 44 D.
GRA D PlAi 01
“" 1 0 - li fFf i g
JUST RECEIVED, a I;uperb carved ''
Me le one ok Melt NNW IMPROVRD SJIIAND3 for
oshlets CLIIOIIIIIIING BOND hove J cut recelvv4 the GOLD
MEDAL es lb. late Ixtdbillon of toe Masnochneette Ms.
domino' Aosoclition.
This 1101.11 c orb Invited to oat .of tea Mit •ploodi I to
mane at {l4 Warerooms nt
NO. 81 WOOD I.47BJCWr.
bet eon Diamond alley 484 lfoeirth stied,
Me km, for: Chlckering fione. Grand. Uptight and
pure Pleoof.tra, fur rlllyborgh and %Warn Newf.
$5O Piano for $350.
TSITIORIBER has had loft with 'him
for safe, by ai fmlIT about to leave the city, one of
ChiclCering & Sons'
(lost originally ssot).
This Pluto tits4soo IN MK LIAO THAN ONE YEAR.
sad hat had the b pusultds cam hitch of It. It es la pa%
hat order, both la psalmists sad faroltsts—ta hat, tea
NOM AR NEW jA. It most had of at owe, ft Is
ollerect ttak ORZAZAIDOOTION isp Rho PHU tutor
i M-
She above nailed 414.61* lemma. Catupsales. Wailed
la he
of New Vert, are reprserals4 la Mb My by the
ettbsartbre wbo le preptret boos Pollutes of Ineeraues
spinet leaser &asap by are, et nitre m Imam experianee
boa shown Insurance caw bs does, wlib a due mad to the
safety of toe ekompasiy, and lb* peruseuent security of the
Duquesne Foundry,
Liberty le/weeny (biter Depot Pe.R. N.
Virg undoreigeted, havin;:g purchased. the ..g DINIMOIMM Ina &DRY from WM. TOUNG, &M. cue
Mae to menuteetana 81 6 01/ 1 / 1 111T OASTIN4IB, sodomy
oil the rounds" BasiMai to all 11. various breehro,
Jul. let, INll—jsl4 /118.1.700110,J. P. T 017210.
.11WLTJT ON ml: wp _
1/ Tte thiertneship herstolote melba b.j
me the
eatforbers,nefor the 615•111 nod Mehl of WM. E. &ATILT
A CO., la Ude dm dueled by mutual commit Ws be&
terea of the late anti 4111 be i by either
t en, at the Mil Mud, No Cl rood Oil Oa. of tha pare
OSA rum ,
Plthib irlib.ialLlst. WBl. ' WM. PION MMIIIILI, 311.
CARD.--Tbe un ll
derei . etl, in retiring from
se. ono ot wri.o t.nv . T & CO. Wkw Wool Plial
are In reecrarrindieg to the ,Me tonskiestes of he
Meade eel the trusinew • - entity. the rey fins of
LA TILT, PANIC • 004erhe II oontieme the basinful at
the old aran,•No. 68 Wood .. •t, see for mhos he wooki
nberall7 a con thnetie r :ig • the • Ileac slid patronage a;
betowed n ;hob • mown.
Pittsburgh, /se let, MM. ' ILPIONMBEIGILL,Ja.
elibint. ariewasors4 • '. IL /AVID' &CIO , have
4 4 1 0014ftd th erLeM Of ether or the Torpor of Unmet
by a general HAREM OM . 118111186, ander the none
and Mee at LANZW, PARE tiO.,st the oth stand, No.
68 Wood wow, Pilbtddih. . Aviscr, MX - 11-011.- et
.1 1 1&then/ tenth • thatinirati, of the favors mint&xl to
toe late aneernau4 hope by - • wootkw sod *odd.
do to imbue to wildly.* MI , an al patroaago at three
wanting supplies In the. , Iles. Wlt. B. LA/21,T,
' - • - ..I ,•
Pit WM. H. swim.,
telitiorh,hts let, lath • ' . ' pilaw
IVOR itnir OR Lig
Water aunt. kw WNW& coannodldn.
wording IrOer Water tti
or Dna on rwornblo tam
wn.ne_lnd by Hewn .ash Ina
c ' w" aim
0 I,,ET At. ktig
Obilr - at. Ai0,U5.31, 10. by 5 LW. on Chin th of Not 52 sad UAL O& ottot, with thrift Whining
Chin Room. Absoir3OßJl MON, No NI 83
kith fia, 150 by 40 rat.* wond Itopre,
rat3ll, No. 61 Clair et:
,roulflat ..ttenttop of. d 6 Blend, .n ad rospeetf
eon og the newelt dettilknx tit locil
Dom Goode, for Gealtitettee Ippotet. Mao ko fal aad
atalano g of Boyer alloa. 'Won thee' Clothing
kept roe hand, find teak to &be fa.
%at ate. 1,7 . illamt a. A SST
'ma corner of Pena emd Cletr eta
NMI.* IV(.1114
,• • •
• NZii eliECirkTgliCilqa;
i3iiprO3( PiANnaapa4
• O.uUr W
JUST =l5
R °43 BUTTER-40 ern in•
4 . • •
• • lid. t Laitt6-16 •• , •
Whoa •- •
•-• tOClD.frir47a-20 bbiarsod 16k ;
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'doe Itmeg.
Ciente DreesThae,
%m4' And Yo
MOW igliOer UM.;
- oLL:iturmit..4
sir, warm ilsmililoy
, : - l' , .' 4 - 2.• • ' . littiiiintnitC,l. ". •• ?• 1 •
1 ........ -4 ; ;,--....-. L .„, 0; , ....._....w.............. :.............,,„.,,,,,,,,.... . -:,
IN the matter - of the Partition Of the Albeit°
of iJOBN LiltaD, deceased.
Be 'blue of order of tot OrDkeree Conti biii/Zurig
OcOnti, the undeceived 'lmam. rail IMPINIA to
trial yobbo celery, at the 001 : 4 / 2 4 1100211 In tbe t:ocr .
or P ia, on T IIIIISDAY.•the 241 b day of Jarmo,
IL. D. , 61;st 2t o p. in p
ie that astaln lot, moor
preset Cl ground *team In Meth mud of tbe
Flttebbrgb, and hcstoded and described as fallow; to wit
hat log la hoot on Urawford Wrest of = feet, and extendleg
t• depth about 125 feet towards Tennihill LIIIM; and hav
ing thole.. waited • 2K story brick dwaillog fu frontand
• tared &hop In the roan —belog the es oreFrerobeot or tdikh
the wad John Utrd di•d slued nod ordered to be,
proceedings In Furth:lon riled to No 2, Jinn lb; ro, - 11160,
, -Wei ,t. ANDRBSON, rrnetee.
T,rnat et eel 3. For tens
loco:tire Cr . Y
_ JOHN DA RTOle, attorney at Lew,
Pittarnrgh, Pa.
Four Yards Wide and All Colors.
ALSO, A 110 ' 01) STOOK OP
rirra AND meduccryre
I 00 TA V E
el Wood Streak.
RVIN Gl. ant
' or rex
Orr or mow rotor
Ornoo NO. 95 Market sr
SE.—The very
1 111/00615, N 0.1141
t. thlripeirlo teat tet
.lerifill'ain"r iteai
0. AZl i g PNNES
AN2OI, Amens WO.
ALB OIIIi errc•ot or
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Dew Parewsphie . esanw and ay Nos 46 4 _
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' aIPUSITIe Onle.
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'bblic prime zap 80,
_ finlarimcgoomh
100 A 1
„or ro
axmaniviax BY svE3ci4rnox
TWURICB ioolude the iOIOST SALS-
A:Aux DOOM PIMI.JBHZD, War # . lonta now in oar
awykoy euttor
From 00 to k.lOO per Month.
woe ii.. our_Amti Qt. ramtrarsiiottrael.ot any
trzaw..l:Yataawtoroa rot faU putkahane
G. IV..II(iNT, Gen • A. nt
%Unjust published ea *lithe of
FAltfILY' QUARTO iiistas,
. he •
New and Beautiful Style of Olnding,
gotten sip expressly for Agorae met GuirsOMsa.
lb sod
1 1 0•APplkardo may see 114. Hun at Oli M
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W.----ANTlD—"umneinifflen to tako
Than !baron in Coal Dompaloy, random the
lboannaa. Laoa Yosengabala Tivar.,'Ompraramanto
In grad arodinfA tion
nanai. tor parstanara hanks of
mo o' T ISO. Lbokar, 81.014 it.
Restorative Cordial
,AND :It
al 111 1 . 411411 , 13AL . Y p WIT; Ij. t 3 h NA Kg I t tib i l . 7Afit3 "
po trying exhileestlng and streem e hentia/lo the nal
,_, power= It also revlvilke, reinstates ant/mews the
ete blood in all its original purity, and thus stators. and
l rendes the Assam lavninecabla to Marts of Ma
roe. It he the only preparation ever Mitred to the
14 world I•
popular term oo os to ba width: thee reach
a . dell; Seohe mkaillyandatllfully combined &cabal
it, the mat liVerarfill tonio,ood yet es pefeCtlY•d•Pial
0 tan, to ad ispefafaccordeem tote Me {Opt ef W.
F. V b ere , andatmegootisthe waded sionfach,Mal tors up
itdair_,Thltertt'srd '4l .7t . yr i erh " lil m*"d o Irlt:
/0 elects; moo yet it Is never fohowtd by Sam& ca
gt dentate of Writ. ' It l• composed natilely of mg
ni Sables ma three Moroacy nenialning powerful at tone and asothing paean and conseqtlently cut w•erlylare. Pr never Ware. each • remedy as load beat belt to be
• desideratum In Us medical world, butte by the lb,
i n rourbly Milled la medical meow and Morale all who
ro have infrared tom debility: for It needs oh tepees'
A.llll or knowledge even to ilea that debility follows
all attacks of demos sad Skye the not peke
oopen to the steam of many of lb. man germs
...Id* poor humanity lo constantly . Sub,
for ormolus, as the folk:ming: consamptloa broamtd.
0 tie, lodl eetionolyempela, km of appatitalaintram I
nervous Irritability,
.neetnigto, palpitallet of the r .. 1
S been,iialancleoly h ypo:tad ria, night meats, too.
p per. Sid bass; and all that doe Masa erillearfulip I
Mal If asattandoi to In time. celled faatabr manes '
me or Irregularities. Also, liver dormant:seta or tor. I
e Miley, sod liver complaints, disuse of OM=
naming or tosculetano• of the urine, or apy
PI denouement of the urinary orgeonpain latb•bork 1
A Ode and between Ow ahonklers, predieptaltion to I
V slight odds, batting and continned Moog bf easels i
~, flan. diecnity of breetalag, sad laded so might
A acuminate many more odd, but me-have spate only ,
a le =Ye It will not only care tteadability allowing I
PI dile and even, but pretreat vet fro=
ulercatie Odense, and cure th e a r eism ,snos, ft •
ready attacked. And ea is me directly aod mersistally.
upon the beery system, arousing the liver talletioc. Po.
moting, to 141,141 the
Mattel, nerettonsandsreraMeArof -Us er
tam, It will attel, Protect any deleteticterimelese
wing upon doom of enamel* abd water; he` ruc
ms, all tra•
seen sigma • bathe with Mem, and all *boatel fate
stable lat leant before eater As It primonts oor
Ormn. Eva &therm the deaths organ., It atontil be la
tts bank of all poem of oedentory table eatileota rolo•
ateralltarary rasa. And MI ladles not acenatousd to tomb
landau ameba slmuld always use It. If tbe4 will, they
will dad Sa agreeable, plasma and edikant reamed, 7 apes:
thane Ills which rob than of their besaty—for litanifeeti.
not luta without health, and Minh cannot sale while the
shore Irregularities continue Then, spin, thet4rdla is
• perfect mother's relief. Token a month or twabelbre the
anal Sal, she will pea the dreadful period Witili perfect
caw and safety. There la WO rnistako Sabollh It.
Ws Cordial le als
o ) e claim for it. Ittaloth erg.
. it! dad uea appeal to detect thither. or
mote not only of iota daughters berreffle relate,
Ind also roar sorts acs hue bands; foal:whirs
former, !roe tale dailmoy, often go down to primers,
gray. other than let their condition be henna in lime, 1
edthe latter are often .0 mixed op with the a:Omen' of I
o coms at th If It ware r*4 for ion, they too staid travel
the ona path, until too late to art their
fetal tall. Dot eh., mother le always umlaut, dto ion
we confidently spare, for we are SUM Year Ireerfolliog
affection lOU unerringly point you to Prat Ilicareiteetors.
trio Cordial lead Blond , Renovator se the tweedy which
should be always on band in Ilme or need.
0, J. WOOD, Proprietor, lit Broadway, few *orb: 114
Market masa, Bt. Louis; Hat alai avid ha all gaud Draw
gran Price One Dollar per bottle.
For nee by ' BIIION JOllligalbl,
oulanyd.thlw corner Smlthfteld and lroOth sa
attartloll at lath. t
—rd-if-cif ill:7ll.—i
Nb. 13V Fourth st, Lowrie's Law Biiildiag
APICHIIIe., no. 111 Orman Iltreet.
Baru. .. roan & c■ .
We of Butler, to.
irrosszra A? AA In
In liallon's comm. it nth
•Pn solgedly
011XM Ai llaVa Oat,
Lth stmt. PlUa tnuith
aim No. 149
C.I B. BC 111111113. r
Attorney, and • Contumello at Laity.
No, 13 Maenad Street,
onlaorsol Nut &orb:sit, Pews %KU.
1 111 MA S H XIVING,
ONe. No. lad Fourth stred, mat Grant.
aal UMW!,
Viiiabropia abbirtuinnents.
B AI A!: 't ccgia,VEßN2+
m I
;111 101 01tP/111411D IN QUALITY &ND I , IIIOTILI
4 num Thal lIIVILITZdr AND 11/181. PHIIPABIn
ii Ite obey If &My bled, erld axe iodate tb• toes or
; lb. dfintrra cream beldame the bleed , she limb
~ end rotandtbe; home aa4 add new to els
6 mod sod none system. /te mane An beta tie .
4 eariebl; by Its boob/eel teeteratbeptes I
emblem ardlebry teaks bed tom !Web about*
E I It Mende beertaleattit baths body 'boo soothe/ I
L' to:oray sod torotabee the Imam with fat la • Intl !
, el st =Mac
t ler IMROPUE,it be Mt tie th eth:friseath,
~', C
) Ale wzazszex Wal7llllo. aid ney /*PI ,
) ANNUM Its entitle, proem tete me eteribded. ~" .
It beg be token erbbeet Metaled; by theme dele t
; 46 : 6 P 6 U 4 da, and mashed blebent Mat la the m C
tendlloi Nthiltheli. It• imperthrity Is Ude aid olb I
Impertmat chenetarldlor otemodoemss.lim guano.
bed lot It the cemeseektedoo el the pea entrant
I pa
Physlesum throaeboet the Mabee tbe bribes t - e
loosy oftm /WWII of tb• beet mak"! nimbi 14
1 Profaners ot lb.
osirsaurr np pzsitarirast,.-
PHILADELMA count ern:masa sad
abet. I .
Imralkle aboold I. earelbl to perched ell of; a. Ai
do.wa mat.Ajno, if they their. this mad lithh• IMO
thurthau actreathies of the ready. nth Whin!, VII ",
props:* dr Melded mhleeme et toperketty am !II
_briadi. 11" =;1 1 1Cak 00 .. °l
Impocut• end Dealers to Drap , OblellbslN - 4 , I. ' ir,
sothabS,lll tee. UN dm tb thlrd aL:
0 N
to, IPA! lowerdavr",!
~ntroznilis or'. 4l"
No. sl6 Booth /Not Mut, 1,1 :010101o;Pa.
daawroanniumirro midair. sod °Nor.. tholes( reoniooot lo
Tbs. on of Draiglow Grows ELI Othon
- •
()ARDS h 04.1tUt3
. , . ~,
, . . , paniFines BRENT AND CDT OARD4!
Ora and Clumptot la Go Mirlut.
CarOe for Blotuttiag Photograph Picture;
Of, pipit** Quality stot at Low Moot „
no air IVAtt4 crodjtria wao•rarr.a., ,, ktioNar Be We
.- . • do, on , Aaad rouf for oak by,
t'• . i - c 'A. 114.0OLLM
_. _'
Itaid um Witobow., totNON arum iduni , PHILADELPRAtu - ' '`i
iiiiiiiiiii __ ..
J. C. 111 E D W L
tor ALL TANYealltrilta OP
mows..:: .
Comm 60111Pera. Culthrit°ll44l°!
I Adapted to .the iirtiaa Baia of the Northern;
Weetept.autt Southern Stater. •
AlirlimarsiSorA Wart«A..i sod arm Comae
Daquaasa Wayillaystl• atrial mad Rai:
risen alleys la dy tfaesaillias
dal* nettsatystent Pa..- .
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_aria enoaqicoks,,sriosa
. Jmot.aum.4
BOOKI/111412 / 11.-INsught
MOTH! bits id..
iptii,frugotze. iPrinte.Pearl &web;
y IWs NNW piallottor , 26 Wm bib W. 111. MeV
icsg. upo. K . . , ) .21 dosilarl Ifsaey Broom;
IsObtebis itOitelisiUm' SOO Mb Pane is..l :
„,, buam,Apek,,,, se. chola/ M. a
tOe boa tqmit - Ital . _ _
_Emit OO Ikebda ftabilin; ''.' t' •
.-. 60,1.1!1, Cdthr V...inr....r0v/ Ise sal• - by .
:hil ” - . . FLIPS V rf 4101M1,131 Sitalil 01.-;,
• • 6....141:-7....Z0
JuLka--7-14.'"Irc stneklY P ~ p is lin for Rah 17
J. 11{1171111,14 OCL
rlikb are told
-ealifitram HILLIARD SALOON;
rizonanv BALL,
1 ) 1 (1 * • -
• . •
1:1 -, ... . , .
;• • ..k... -.--.---.-----. 7 7 .
Iti 4111....
$ll . . •
z sth, at, oprigarlite Pittabtureth_Thenten..
JO& MAITHIIIP lc, Proprietor ,
U. Frani elegant and oo;martons liali is noir
Sit L' ..a. gambled with NMI NSW MARDI:MUD IILLU
veLef tb• /gut NA Inalit•Kmared Ityhiandpatleih
wise Ailed op equal to any In the rpor
0 l the aaeomatraloo of dams arid stroogere, awl tar le
,t ;w ainbrt
egg catareAta p ee, a not earmag a. , tf . . la
0 albs Seagate so h.
liberally hestovedt i n hie !Zan liTeeta
11 : 74.1 britiereZit i tal athat in r 7ll beigiee win be
—Agent for the ma of hUllerd Taalsk nsoaolits..
i o OnsPoligh Melt end all other anklet In big
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Nuturyorit abbetliamentc
;; 1 , ----; " --- 1.x,_ --- iir ii;trobiazta
o,77l7.°EtTßopautakr Praukr.
/ OIST OF FOIW yolka.
Single Booms, Fitly Ceiti Per Day' *,,
, .
. I
aty atm equate. corner Chi Fritakp,rt sp.. I ,
' tOppotitt City H 611.1 - 'l'.
meets, the
e y may be ord Oh the 'R
_heims Itetectoey• .. ,
Than a Bats Shop sal Math Booms sttntei4oo the . .
N. B ? —lteware et Ranier, sad BaelraWit
Woe' we ere fon:
, ..
B. n itreni. Proidtion . .
1 _ .
';Of an qualities, la nvory Hy , ' of Packing, linyortod sad TOT ,
WO TO TSB Piaci on% by
217 lrialton Street, G.
New York.
' Kamm .1 & 7. Cowart Imo moony been grontoa• by tiro mNew York /11^--
I 2.marcron, by puim Clourt nuking
cidulent trar4y for OnantorANlng their Pia= Mau
nog Labe* sod otil yummier, WI mama aellog Spurious
Nutlet au theirs.
Tc w 0
peel a a
Improved Piano Fortes.
irourteetin-st. _
, Dower third Awry., NSW ItOnllG
Par • IIII•It*/ •f • oratory, tiro instrument. emmaissitur •
.I.t the @born Intablirbment hats ranked smog the Ant
In the country. dumbilliy,ntrungta, sag *Mow of
Imo *ad touch ore highly azyrookum ,by MI who Imo
pm Ihruil thorough trial. nu Proprietor, b shims Ms
mr. athmtlon to the muinfoctar• of rob last esiont.
.... lin ;II*1• onshird to Immo. sapmkrominseco
Armfilxv AT 41,7
PliTBßOßdil, Pt.
. .
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A 01\1D 04, - ‘
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0 -. - ,-, 0
Gr..N. As .A.RianzamaAis'A.GVlCNT.
21410,1111LICROUI TON/0 111111417LAWT. ' 1.-
VSPECIALLYVAgsm -for 4lie. asp 9E-AT,....i
_K2 Jtedkst Alt*. 4.04 the llitutiy,, haneg
*Wed tie doteallad las," .Aromatle," .ooddlok..* . .
V . il it cht= a4 . 4t4.. le now :endorsed by. ail a iho ' ,
410,g al
Own tabled,. modle&loalltbd (=al .: '
dlarotk) whkh Won tO lb old sad pore the. Pat up .
to art bottles end sold by KU &ITU. 'TOM; etc. 1_ ,
Dr.olo. H. MITI'S, 40 Wood 44.,_Agoat.
A. W. almanac° • ......._:'
Na"..lo.Nromd M1w4,10. Y. t"
errrouncati, Pl
Ilkt.bu.b.a me
l I R I S H : . 1., INE NS ~:- ..' ;',.,
us. abe then &dream ouot&Afte me elanYlNa
2, aboold Le that the articles they putehue the orb -
id etth the hail nem ot the fine. •
i J. N. Paan&steuN, now a miss, ... -
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th esthete le reedand emeestielly nementhibe=, ,
dmeatltletht Maier end &teethe - Undo end~ • .
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1102,, ;bp Ideb litwomirorbo, theardlthe of The tetleth thee ' • ' .‘---'
thektel tattoos the Amedema matattethe ad the maidteme . -• .
tenth or dr gmenthie Ora* will me neat, 'health • :: ,'
Sso poultibte, litiss pireitom aka be berme* 22 ."' - ''
et* Goods of a worthless ettaractor. .. -
2. IV(.00N. & J. lb LOOS/2, ''
. •
Aosta to needs Erred, Now Yak: • •
oOA ar 2N A afar AN4ALLI.EXIpENSittI
4).104 In the Uelbed beau, to engage ID •
Amy bligneas, by pleb tbo bare Robb buy" =WY •
mom,. AR wN yutkalars, *Mom Dr. HZIV2.I. • • - . 7 .
b 4 Nast Tweibb stfeed, Km Tack dry. it. •'•
ebb ponbybabuby _ ‘•/& 1•11 -
HOPI COTTON !WILL,- A LLEarlitlif Orrt
rLrcriaauY Of • -
32 itioheis to 40 izionedwide.- -
Orden kit at U. ahilda'a Co.',, 133 Vood
street Pittalbarstorin Iveidveattestion; 0dk17.,
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pICALER: IN PURR DRIIPS'inaL antir- - " . I
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LtDIT Da/MINOS and IlPi ol lloATlotib fora Waft:
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infoliettd.say oast melt, aid ion, Woo do".
wino, Biala oats, ao. P., R. ^ •.. • !, s
Allitisit els
4111.11 Tablas
laOiPZ FOR'OM WELLSOnaigaJOUITS, ' ' f t
'ia.- W2ol3 4 } Fe MIA trAgalD tUaßk 14 imilizanz,, - - - 474,;
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COBlO3. lira Malawi
To c o oolodo ultb, THAI TALITTIIII MUNI
II tl----i-fr • • 1
am lIIOI' II llll2llotVell ~
-.. .
- NUM STRUT : -: '--
•= -
FOR • ...) lille V., D.y.les,. ONLY!
DROP. HAIIIBEIJER boa the ' honor to au
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CO blo rontiZaihrard, to innb.ek dar ta_ i rir be Wilem!
mien aids norindad Ihdarishrmosin,inimpolbe
—tommoneing on .11101 Dalt SY,l4lllll4Jaa. fell.'
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ZROLIEAIN. no 101 azbiblisdp.rlmenta on
MISCOAD IlletiTY, . .
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T.. ...pilaw/ Wan of Tratund. Cawary.
girds o /a 11W.. win be exhibtad by ate. DOVALtd.
nub b. TROUPE Or BLUR. Inetsding a bunt, of
Paw and Annistbs Zinoestuents I
Tb. DWARF BEIII'OIIIW and Id/L1). 8i1.011431 vim
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Prof. Finabqkeft pus memo on Mitre "tilt Co Mtn
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-ink... to be had et ea book sad enadostono and at
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Dom vaunt OM o'clock; performboraldds,lnoW
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