Union County star and Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1859-1864, October 21, 1862, Image 1

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'THE UXIO.V e?taMLsheJ In 1514 TVcole 3.0,2,538.
At $1.M per Tear, always In Advance.
"CireOXirLE," established, in 1 ? 13 Wie Xo, S57.
f Morning & l'ri!av Afiorsnnn.
Tin. Legal Kajirpy must Rule."
ll't'iertn, the j riii. ipio of the
r.ntio hi l.een the j-riJe and h'.ji-
of the
- of A Kiel-ion. and the whole ririlir.-d
v. r'.l 1-U1 on with ,1-V.A.t and with
T!i-1T. Vt"e m"j.l:t 1 as e.iriiest an 1 a
is.-itod as we cli !'Ut when the lip?
of the Lai!. !-!' x closed, and tlie vote wi
duly coutitc
ererv true nun submitted,
One nun, or one rartv
iarht think ant-
il.r m,n or ,n..tl,. r i.-.r;v ;... .rant. .r
Ucluded, or base, or wicked, or fanatical,
' '
or tr. as..M..bb itill, wo a!i l-nwod (with
lu tuueh Kitiifjction as c.'iis:tont with our
varied fwlin-j t.i the majoritt. How-
ever unwise we tniht deem th.-m, t!i-y
liad t!.c rime opinion of us we all l.a l
the i-iiiK vrre.tt interest at tfa. tlifv;
would t-uff. r - uo'.l as we if tli-.y were in !
the wr.in '..'ir turn n t" the penile
can corri'OT tlieir mt.ik at pome c-imin
cb ftion au 1 so wo ail ae.;iiief J in
tin" deeisi.m, ri.L'tt or wr.nz, b Le;-t on
tho wholv for all rv.nrorncJ. 1
The first urrtnufl r -itance to tli's '
Kb dcsnmc rule, wis by the N'nlliScrs in
Gen. JueLon, Clay, and a I'uited ;
N rth. surrri' d thst outbreak ly inii.
!) ! a sarrifiee of tbc Tariff jdiey.
In lCl, the Susssiouits refused obo
dience t tbe Constituti.-tia! luajurity. not
ou'v cf the whole I'ni.m. bat also of the
Static of M.i-.lan.l, Virginia, N.nh Caro-'
Una, Kentu ky, Tentior.o, uul Miasuuri,
anj be::n this awful War.
In Fustainiti" our Government, tberc
fore, we stmi-u-le not only for the Umox
l.ut aLs-j f, r tbe MAJUITV PKINCI
I'LE it t!;e fouudalioa of all true, free.
Klf-iroverr.li! nt.
To n:;ike the uiaj..rity rule most wise
and benefievut. it is obvi.u. the nias(
must be 'jtmrraVi trlurattd and under the j
jruidacce of mnrol jtrinrifji. The '
more oeral thee re juisitt s. the Kappier
arc the fcoj.!e, and the better governed.
Hold Tiicm (o It.
"Polk, Delias and the Tariff of IS 12,"
was an admitted wiiful fraud. But thou
sands of honest men who voted for that
Uaihrt repudiated it.
The Ilemocraiie prty leaders in the
Border Freo States bare this year tri
amphed on declarations of support of the
(lOTcrnment atd crushing out the Rebel-
lion. Take, as a specimen, the following j
Itesolution of the Pennsylvania Platform 1
00 which Slenker and Barr ran j
t. That, to the en 3 ihat the I'aion t re- !
tored. and the Contitutiuii and Laws enforced
throoshoal its whoie extent, ase pledffe
our besartv and unjii;iliif 1 ut-
fart l" the Krdrral liuvernmeot in me
u.; War." I
T'ais is good doctrine. Unfortunately,
vher resolutions nullified (in our opinion)
tiis sound and wholesome declaration
As it stands, it is all we a-k all the Ad
ministration ask. All their orators and
presses uttered the same things. j
ry and wfnal'jir2 tvj'jiort to the Federal
Government in the encrg'tic pm&rvtion nf
the (xittinj tear," is what gained them i
moat of their Totes. We hope they will j
prore faithful to their word and honor,
and cot cheat us like Polk and Dallas.
The Ucioa Feeling.
The temporary Democratic ascendency
was not unexpected by those who realized
the ibsesce of 125,000 Republican and
D iuitIis Democratic rotors in the Arm v.
Our gains from ratriotic Democrats failed
. , ., . , IT
to make up tcr their absence. Hence we
ece no occasion for despair. The Editor
if tt,. r .v 11.. r i
. M-jm ii.iu if c.icsaea a very
general sentiment when be says
"We feel far prouder of the Union men
in their defeat, than we possibly could '
cave done, bad tbey been elected oa
principles tbeir opponents were. Th
defeated for the time beiog, tbey are
TATBIOTS. Tbey bsve maintained
integrity and hoor, and Union men will
Cot forget them. The causes that defeated
them this time, will not exist next year
Their hour of triumph is in the future."
'"The disunion par'y hive succeeded in
electing their entire eounty ticket by small
Bij intit-s. To ill true loves cf our coun
try, tbis defeat is humiliating, but it is
si;y accounted for. Mobs tuas 1000
I niox Mrs rsoM CLlsro.it abe ix THE ;
ARMY. These brave men have been de- !
tsrived of their votes by Democratic judges. 1
Alan these men been permitted to rote,!
the result would bav. been a glorious Un-1
ion victory. We bide
onr tim. I in.
soldiers will come home by and i,y ,od
then wo to D.mocncr. The triumrb of
. ai.. "
put eE-mi- win oe dut tmiv-rr---..ni1
their Coal defeat when it doei eume. will
Th. Av.rah.lminir
: . j
IIundtds wers induced to mte th.
Democratic ticket on Tuesday by the r-o-1
reseatation that its uce'a would positive-!
IT prevent the draft. The men wbo nude
tbs statements knw they were lg'g.
Bnt this is the loeof.ea stock io trade.
asauAji some who voted thus hiring
sines been drafted now swear " they'll
aerer, never rots tbe Dimecritie ticket,
Sgl B !"
SiTDr. Geo Lo'x of New Berlin is ser
v; in the 99tli Pa. VjI., at Washington
rzx.Thc Return Judg-s of Union coun
ty were in session when we weut ti pres,
last Friday Junes Liwon President,
and A. Kennedy and Win. Jones, Clerks
All present Lot the Judite from West
Buffaloe, for whcm they bad to stop until
after dinner, when he appeared.
The law requiring them to adjmrn un
til Nov , being still on the books, the
nuestion was considered, when it seems
it was unanimously concluded that their
general knowledge of the fact of the Su
premo Court's deciding against Soldiers
! votinc was a sufficient r peal 01 in AO',
and thej completed tb.ir dunes by order-
- Mm-
leg returns anl eertituates 01 election
. according to the following ote :
i Mr. Hern to return the Congress Tote,
and Mr. Millhoose the Assembly.
TMOX CO. ELECTION", Y.2 Ofi-'ial.
At pit. ats.
Cwfcr.. S1.D.-T.
Brady 7a
1! lift a!iK 143
Kit B.iffiW 113
West BulTaW l
Hinl.v 124
lfnrti.tou :!i
Kelly 12 i
Iwis ti'.t
Lew.N'orth W.1G5
CI ;
70 ;
11. v
New Berlin
' White Deer
1..59 lltj-
rs..n o0:i uiaj.
; Cv bran 425 inaj
I'.'ss. Ben. Union. 1''0
Barr, l'eui.
Jlosa' nnj. 473
Bitter. P. p. Uni-.n,
Sirotise. do
yuni. in.
AVbarton. 1'eUl.
Average uisj'a f..r K. i
I. V.2
II. '.2
S., 4 -t
Ssn-la. aUo.b. tirllr
Bradv 73 !" 7J M
Buffalo 13! ft 135 1"1
East BuffaloelU 57 110 5rt
West Buff-loo s7 102 73 117
Hartl.v 120 t'X 1CJ f.t
H. -,nlei..n 2tj 22 '". 21
Kelly 119 42 122 ::!
Ia-w:s till 47 7S o
lx-w.N"rtbW.12S 115 150 J2
SuthW. l:i'.t lii'J 152 M
r.!m.st..ue t2 7S M 77
MifBiiibnr- 104 03 7 l-x
N".-w Berlin ".! T4 f.
Union S2 75 ',: U
White Deer 173 151 103 102
1522 1209 1553 1W
Sands 313 uiaj. Eecd SCO ruaj
11. t. lull.
R73.lv 74 14
liuffa'loc 143 SO
East Buffal.ie 115 54
West liufialue '-5 123
Hartl.v 122 l'"2
Hank-ton ' 2S -0
Kellv 123
iAwi w 45
Le w. North Ward 141 103
S.,uth Ward 149 r-5
I. imst..ne 73 79
Miffiinburir 75 05
N.-w Berlin 72 ".0
Uni..n S5 72
White lH.-r I'M 150
1.V.C 1222 ,
Hayes 24 maj. 1
Average maj. 403.
o opr-w-.tion to I ..EralMioek.er, hep.
Union, for County Surveyor nor to J.P.
liacrnLucn, lielu. Llilou, lor LOUlitv
' ' -
COVCrFc rrrmrtr 1 '
Daililiin ."Ii
,- ' o,..,
1 nion o.i-s
Snyder SIS
For Miller 1
Nortbumberland WX
Tliis piTcs Miller 41 maj.
5TThe State Election Returns eome '
in slowly. They indicate a Rep. Union 1
maj. of Congressmen ind Stita Senitors.
lint th. Assemble fnerhans a mai. on I I
.v. i...-,kl. r ...... .
.u. row.. - j. ,
joint billot) and tbe State Ticket, we ,
sonsl, suspect, ar. of th. Democratic
persuMion. ery frry, eertiin.y
but we of Lewisburg, Kelly. East Buffi-
oti tDi Union eounty generally, did what
.kAnAk L.&t .n.l nol!nl . either
better rote tbao we expected.
FN'TDES COUNTY polled 2?
cig , i
.15 rotes,
: : . . ... n. Tr.r.tihli..tt I mm ma. j
6 r I T . : t f "11 as follow-'
3 ""I D 11' V o :
(nortriri n SlATltPr .ii.
Cochran over Slenker
lof" 0Ier 1,,rT
II... .... I'.-a .Sl .
818 '
! Ritter over Vnung
Ritter over Vnung 553 '
Strous over Wharton 353 I
Strous over Wharton
Middleawartb over Schnll fCommia) SO
Shiodell over I looser ( Auditor) S17 !
-pe over liarruon do 349
I Ir ai arenul n. r.... 9 ft ,
.. -e . u.wn. V ... ."it I j mo
B(ZA.Unicn and Snyder give an aggre
gate average majority of 714. With 500
or GOO Republican voters absent, that is
doing very welL
MIFFLIN COUN'TV elects the Union
Ticket Holmes Maelay for lbs Legisla
' tni. Jud A. S. Wilson ran for Pro
' tbjuatory, but Wat J. felted l-y 13 rutea-
aa-., luna inner u eioo.-u to .uc oy ,acm 1D trj05e PtaI0s; nor suan any .nrth ne to such feroeitv? "The rroe a- : .k
th. r , t..TJ J.v.et TU.. ' . v. :.j u a . . - ' - . -J"S5
AeElSiaiurr. BUI cuousa uuuwuvi. au.ti tax 00 le.ieu nponmopiwuti ui i.iu.i m.ti r.n " n.r. th. 7,..7 ; - . ,
ouph : v-r.;... r.t. . r... Th!-. the total valna of such nro inets I ' 1 . . . riat9 et- 1105F'
till -f" f 1 -, . . . -,r,n . "can no more make them more furious r,.,inn .nj M
. ..j ..k... a....kir. dunce the said rear, is less than SoUO ; 1 ....... . .'israion ana .a.
their ; r"T.r "-"-'r"- or shaU ... tax bz levied woo the in- or unscrupulous, than it will make tbe . Vols.
na Drafted in Ualon County.
! Martlet J -eb Birnet, David B.rtly,
: Jistah Boop, Michael Criswell 1
1 Kkli.v Leonard Bayer, Wil'ra GIa,
Jam-s Hjfi-r, A inn Nagd, Jacob N.
ilan.-k, Peter Rcithart 6
. Lnvts Martin Anrniller. T. P. Bird,
AlJ. J. Calhermin, Gen. W. Cathernaan,
Lcais Mcoscb, Wm. C. Smith 0
LlMF..roxr John Boyer, Joel Brouse,
James Ljso, Joseph Seeboid 4
Rs?-Tho following is a list of drafted
- 1 ; Chiliisqaaque :
. Wm.Miles.Jobn K.rstetter. Aaron Trox-
ell, 3Iirtio Khvne. Jieib liarber, Ienn-
ara oiscy, ti. i: oorim.n, r .a.er,
W na, T..1.-i-.aa IaIiii It. i Bt, . s . I . K.ifll
" m .-luiienar. joon ivincaue, i.eoj.
. . . " . .. : . J
i.ajoe, J ti. nucnsr, trans: rijitnamer,
Wm. Xsgle, Wm. Barnhart, Ban. Bom-
,rd'-n- J
Among th? drafred io Danville, ire
the faccilUr nams of Ise X Grier, L.
O Van Allen, A. C. Rn-sll, Wm. A.
Mrs, Eaannel Peters, Erau FUher,
,,. , ,, , , . ,
iuar:es .u. .aoer, rfames .'i L.Mrraiea.
Ia Watsni.t-n Norman Ball.
Eouaty for tha Drafted.
When it is oonriJerei that most of
thoe drafted are men of families, and not
the best off in means to take care of those
thee miv lease behind, it is evident!?
only jwt that tbey should receive as much
pay as those who saorifid less io enter
ing the service. Those now going ire
every way as worthy and many quits as
patriotic, as those who preceded them
Why not, then, place both classes upon 1
perfect eqiality in this repect, an 1 pay
the drafted men as much as the Vol
unteers 7
In honor, poliey, and eqiality,
we go for treating all alike who dj well
! in this treat struzjle for the property, the
i l.berty, ind the best interests of all, in
1 , . . .tm
I common, who remain at borne, ineuiia-
, ,
r "n nnt tb". bat ,h "7"
j can and should ba met by taxation accord-
j ing to the property of every citizen. By
: this wst. each will do his full and equal
duty in proportion to bis means.
f3.1t is suggested that the Drifted
Men of Pennsylvania will be putopon the
State Lines, for defence. This will
agreeable and profitable to all concerned
c ti, .1 . u... . -it .v..:. i -
men Will Ur HI ut. U 1 . . 1 1 '1 men uuucb.
Compromisers with the South endesvor :
, , .JfLUaLl
men., of th. Mlum voted for b, both
parties in Congress i taxation necessary
Rebellion bejun under the former Admi
nistration. The Rebels would dam
compromising merging of their Debt of
Ivor Uulrtt .UWtvFii c ltjuort wiia
oars say d .ub'.e our present debt. Let
our farmers and other tax-payers soe bow
enormous is the burden of tax imposed on
the impoverished South by
The Mew Semstva Tai Bill.
"That on the first day cf J anuary, 1 ?03.
tncre shall be levied and assessed on each
person resia
ident in the Confederate States,
for the sumort of the Governmentand the
defence of the e-untry, the following tax, and eonfUant.
to wit: Ont fifth the Talue of wheat, j
corn, rice, rye, oais, potatoes, hemp, flix, j Brt Threats acalasl rraasshaala.
peas, beans, tarly, hay, wool, roain, tar, Oa the day of the battle of Antietsm,
pitch, turpentine, cotton, sugir, moltsses, tha Richmond Dispatch, io expectation of
ind nbacco pr-duc.d by them in those the inTsic,a 0f Pennsylvania, spoke tbu
State, during the previous calender year ; j .. bude of" or o(
ISO VIC Jif'.'t t'4 us ..uo v. .wo u.l.-v r
f 1. th. rrarlin, '.enApr T.ftr of th. hnr.
... ..... ..,,: .i.,. ..j .;n.
I saj'S-lJli V.v-, ruci F aauw C"iui. j aaaow
i one fit'ih of the rroEis made in the preced-
ine calcndi r year by the feeding of swine,
.k" .ut9 or males; also on. fiih of
ech person's yearly income fjr the pre-
ceciing caieuuir )i, 110m .0
. . . . . -, , ,
. herein netore aescricea, ana except irom
,nP IUIereit 0D lOOieaeraic duuus, cerui-
. - r l 1 . :t
,.,.. n. tr..nrv nnl.o nmvidrd. that
v' -j L j a
n'a " " u" , 7or
payinie on ine d.-s. uay 01 .pru, jcjo,
vrutUt J further, that foreigners resident
-l.nin ,k. rnnf.rtt. States shall Dot
be required to Py, except from the afore-
:j k. . ,k.
aiuuir, -iu.iu... uj v.
profi'S derived from busioess conducted
come of residents where the total value of ;
such income is less ttin S500.'
tS.Compared with this, cor taxes
U.j .1 r,r.Tr.V. tKo. .r.e
nucu,. .s w... ...
ire are indeed nht W e can not meet
the debt of those who tnido the war, ind 1
our own too .
larVcrmont, Illinois, ind -e believe j
some other States have sent forward more
than their quota of men, and thus saved
e . i , r c t
tnemseives irom toe oralis, ceterai cvub- i
a '
tho e""li nws drfts 0,Te been
reouired, there is s deeirable general man-1
I 1
t :.n. thm fnftanr Snrh ft i
T aCTwl7BV,w. bm - ..a. ....
host soon movin firmly onw.rd, should ,
vonld seem) be overpowering.
StaTThe Peun'i Baptist State ConreB- .
the last Taes-
w bouse of wor-
w nouse oi wor-
rrisburg church
linn meet in Harri.bnrg,
s ootl)') X ,r. The new
'. ship, erected for the Harrisburg
v '
will be dedicated toe .uuuua j ; cicuiug
previouj. '
ejrAll the
son. of tbe late J.me. ;
Merrill Eq. of New Berlin, (rix. Cbirles, j
Geor?e. Lewis ind Jesse. ind the enlr i
sou in law ( A L.llourh-) are volunteers in I
lb e..n.r, Krtice-uu!e a familj of
riuu ! -
Master Roll Co. D. 150ih P. Backtails.
Captain Il'tHY Crotzeb.
1st Lieut. Wat. P. IViGAL.
-J Lieut. S. C. GL'TF.LltS.
Orderly Klias B. WeiJonssuI
.Tunes CuiiiiniiiLrs J 4 Sa H Himelreicli
Bold Sloujhton 5 J.'hu Stauiiert
( 1 W. B.irk l .ll J ; Micli i. 1 Brysn
.1 hn C. Uarde
.T .lin li if. r
i Win. E. Ilennin
4 Jallies A. Bell
7 J .hn A. llni. k
S J.jetih A. liultle
Abraham Kubn Henrv M. Kitfler
Wagoner J..!id ?:..Jaiu.
' .
: Am
mvtnn Alr,m
Kuittle .Tamos
I,nw J:iin.' A
l.x-helis Wilson
I. inn Abraham
Linn 13.10
Jliimr G'Wro L
M Fal'b n Edward
M i.b r ( Mi tries E
M:iv John
,T clarles S
ji;rii jlinn 45
i Bnyniart Mahlon
Ib.y'cr Jaib
Bruwaud Henry
Br.iarand Amos
,1 hambi-r James M
Cainpbell Ei.hraim M ilehorn Simon
iKiuae-hy Williain Marshall J:uu4 W
! T. V... T .1...
Miller William K
Master Henry
N'aj'.e Samuel
Nee Jneob
OlierdorfGeo. F
Paul Sam'l W
I'rntzman Jacob D
Paie;e I'avid
I'iek Natbia
Ree ly J.hI
1'u'al Samuel
R.ins.im Sam'l C
Bitter Howard
Sarba John
Soamau Jonathan
St.hl William
Smith Hiram
Stitzer William
, ,
ji,.a ,lsal
' Kberhard William
Enllv .iinon
. Eisenhower Isaac
: Foust Simon K.
Foster Albert
Fits Henry A
Filiman Jacob
Fry Charles A
Fox John F
Uutelius Joseph S
G melius Charles H
tillt'!:u Fiber
. ,inne jVtt.r
Cham-t EJwa:j
IIasenplns Sam'l F Shell Jacob
Hursh William II Sh.iff.-r Edwin .
IlotteusteinD.lt Stahl Petvr S
... ,, , ....
Iloffmester Ix-uevel ittenuiever ileiiry
Haut John M Weiser G.',,. W
H ,nrk Amnion L Wirth Calvin
Hersftter Sam'l P Zelk-r Isaac
Kil.-r John
'Deserted from n.irri-burg.
Two Giod Things.
ins ,ftl. P. r JifflH Maehsnan. is
said to have given Ooo Thousand dollars,
l0 ,",n 6e E"el Ijr lne " ")
' defeat Thadjeus Stevens for Conzres.
But I had. is re-elected bj 40C0 to 0000
maj irity 1
And ia the Tark, Cumberland, and
used to
rt.nomite for Cnenth Hon. Joaeph
Bailey, because he (though
would not vote with Valiandigham against
,hs War. J. B. & Co , took np and ran
for Congress, Adam J. Glossbrenner, of
who was Buchanan s private becre-
tary. The Republicans ind D.ug.as m-n
thereupon voted for Bailey, who has 2000
majority over Buck's picked min, Gloss-
brenner !
Verily, J. B.'s day hn pissed. The
people reflect fcy thousands the "pestilent
Abolitionist" be bates the worst, and re-
' . .. .. , ...
J" Dy tnonsands the man, in a Uemo-
, cratie district, who was bis chosen friend
com, or a barrel of Hour, or a bushel of
meil. a sack of salt, or a horse, or a cow.
- - . . t
or a hog, or a sheep, he left wherever they
move alone. Let Teneeance be taken foi
ill tbit has been done, until retribution
itself shall stand aghast." The editor
, . , v; v .. m . .v .
eomuiaica that V irzinia has 'Most thirtr 1
r 1
..nn;.nii npprn.. in. mnet v. n.rn. t-.r..n.
.-.-(,-, v-r
ertT a irtTiniah Can DVD. ilQ BdJS:
: va,ca l"m " 00 F " "
. e tbjt Mn b Mlle(J fb ,
.rj ,. h. i;'.A
K " w" (
4 bouse, that em be burned.
! After this, we mar well ask. Can the .
1 . . -
recent proclamation of the President add j
alligators of Florida mors ferocious, or
; the buszirds of Carolina more ravenous."
. 1
mr 1 n.r. .r. ran man nam. n.uMM
. Coneress in tbis State, orer whom er-
J. '
.Viected to Congress b, the War
friends of the Administration in Philadeb
pbi.hen b. began to denounce the war ;
; is a "Black Republican job," and played
! second fiid'.a to Vallindigham. He is J
l,, . .l. . . f onil TL.
taiu uu. tw mi ..ui v. mo
ij.v:.. r".....l M'is.m i... ,k.
Reserves, came home and tried to run for
Coogress in ths Chester district, but is '
..rfparnl be Bruamwt.il f AJm. 1 who bu :
-" or V ' I
3,000 m.j .rity-prcving that M'C.ll is is :
miserable candidate as a General.
IOWA. Tbis young
Giant of ths
wes has dons her duty in fighting and '
to As far as heard from ill I
a. i
ber SIX Member, of Coneres. are Repub- I
lieans, ind there ire 8,000 majority for i
,b. Unio. Stia. Tket, Mr. Maboney,
in mnEnament for his Seeessionism. was
... ...t.- o.... -...t,.. as- av.t.
M f, CongreM th, CoPpcrhe.ds, .nd j
ieftttti 3000 t
aa-Tb rhiladelphia (O. t? ) Presby
f5.ime fiefs ahuut tobaeeo which
i those who use it will read and f rget)
i r-.-i j; i..
r. . ."r. - -r
the oil, plaCfd on the tongue of eat, pr
daees eontulsiona and death in the SDaee
of a isioute.
A college of physteians has said that
not les, than twenty thouand in oor land
annoilly die by the use of this poison
j Ir. Shaw Dimes aime eighty diseases,
' and says they may be attributed to the
I use of tobacco.
' Gov. Sullivan says : "My Irither, Gen
' Soliivin, used and his snuff lodged him
j prematurely in the grave,
j Dr. Twitchell believed that sudden
; deaths anl tobacco, among men, were
I .... . . .
! usuai:y rauui tcgether, and be sustained j H-ri..V. r,,mn ltirr... will .o ovrr
1 this oniniun bv an arrav of facts altogether com it. Rat ih- A.trt in ano'hrr column.
J conclusive.
I Bocarne of Belgium, was murdered io
j two minutes and 1 half by a little nicotine,
; or aikiSi of tobacco.
j Three young men formed s smoking
i club, and they all died within two years
, of the lime thev formed it. The doctor was
'asked what they died of. He said they
toulitd to death.
j A youth of sixteen fell dead with a
' ciar in bis mouth, ia a dram shop.
v hat cause. Dis ueati f lae coroners'
I . . r . '
, inquest sail "It was a mysterious act of.
God." The minister at tho funeral, con-i
soled the friends by saying much the same,
'thing. Pb)icians said it was "heart
disease," anl said nothing about the cause
of the disease. A sensible woman, know
. ing the boy's habits, said, "Tobacco killed
Liin." It deranged the action of the
heart ;
it ceased to beat and the victim
Pe can not learn that iny soldiers
, ,- - . , c
iiuiM t. biuu vjuuij vuieii. o juio wcio re-
! ported in Dauphin and Schuylkill avers-
cine about 3 Ren. to 1 Dem. bat ws do
not know whether they were "counted in"
or rejected. Ws presume they will not ;
ce included, ss to appeal (in ease 01 eon-
ti.at.il Iicti.in.i vould ba aatlesa before
the same Supreme Democratic Judges who
already d..ir.o.a .bo fravt. ni-
diers who enlisted under the Law. promise.
expectation and hope of still being ibis to
exercise that dearest of the rights of Free-
- ..! 1. 1 e a .1 i
. d by ,h, raitJatM t0 ilt trooM .
are charged at average cost, and no soldier
who furnishes his blanket, woolen under-
,hirts boof of b,;,, u
eJ t0 dw fr01B ,h, Uuitsd Stites, it is to
tij . h; 10(J ,hfreb
oiJ mueh dU:Jmfjrt U :, -mpotAol.
fjr thg UoiuJ gu.f. , applj M
f imlne(Ji1ileJ.
I S-Lst week, Gen. M Clellan taide
idvance to Charlestown, Vs., driving
' "e P'cscts. lbe UcDele, now
j a.. .: . .t .: :
. ..,.6 ... ,
10 cro- " uaneoca. in torce, ana try tne
invasion of Maryland and Pennsylvania .
OTer i.-sin.
In the West, onr armies seem to be re
covering what tbey lost by inaction, lad
the Dew levies must soon be felt.
Exlratfjnt Hyoicingt. Elated by
eir gains an
nd successes in Pbilideipbil, '
ionists claimed the State bv I
. n . ,- j!
e Sunbury Demnent claimed ;
moerats by 30,000 on seeing
4c, the L nion
50,000. Th
! it for the Democrats by oO.OOO on seeing
the trains in its neighborhood.
lies between extremes.
r isl Ti r
IS.Messrs. Geo. bhorkly, Lri Ammon j
. an-1 John r-rdley are among toe
.Ti: L e -. r.-L .
so.uiera wm cive reiurneu 10 A.?wiourg
: to recover from their injuries.
I re- j
' l.Iiev. David F. Carnahin bis
signed his ofEce of Major of tbe
v- t w
, . .
e arrivals it Broad and
tal, Pbilad., we notice J.
G. Reed, Co. E. 51st Pa
CoLOMZATIox. At tbe last meeting af
tbe Pennsylvania Colonisation Society, the
e 1 - wA '
.mm Hiiuiiai iruji I ..9 uicseu.su. iiiuj .
, . . ,
which it appears that advio-s oi aa en-
e,rigiegcbmctcreonlioe to h reeeiwd '
from ul Liberia, republic. The ship- ,
meut of slaves from the western regions of
Africa ba, been much reduced of late,
owing mostly l me operation oi me new
treaty between the government of the
I'ntfo.l G...r.a an.l ( r.At Britain, which
...,hnriz. the detention and search of
suspected craft, in certain localities, Dj the
men-of-war of eaeb nation.
. . -
. - . v j
aatIAnB VMI all ta nt-jB II 1 1 1 D V Ilftn 1TI Wn f
. ntoXXanX fot the in. b. Irifh ,
residents of Loz-jrns eounty, IV, it was,
necessary on Wednesday to eali out i mil-
" ' '
iiary force (in tbs towa of Blakeley.) and ,
& P" insurfenis. Four or firs j
were kil ed, ind foreibls opposition is pat
' ... . "1
... .e .u .k. ...Ion th. n,.. I
e -V i
fleetioe ,rish hl,1Dg W ...rred np to
tki. f., Mr bv their cartixan leader.
. . . . ,
Solomon Foots has been reelected to tbe
.. i t .-.i.. .r v..
I . e. ceoaie, oy me aK....vt.. . ,
ntonr. for six year, from the 4th of March I
Th h" Uf0ff " I
We will pas from $25 to 75 per mnn'h
Af " "peD5r in aoivr rite a
. t-un)mi-noo. Panco'ars aei.i free. A J1re
I tnt twins .Whine C-mpany, K J VtES.
I general Ajeni. -Milan. Ohio. tH 9y
Time-Ta lie Lf w il urs R.R. Station.
MOri.Mi MiKTH.
j r,sht 4 Accom a pass Leis'hS
Mail Tram Co W ' M '
Kiorrjs do :) A V 1
.iml.r m.ral air. nnr mn A. .wral.H, tr.;a r
p fra SMMlHtr. a:i.r. ir.ii. 4-4.; mjtuitts ',
jtoI: solTH. I
Vail train pase I.eiLarg 9 ifi A M
Kreiihi AcctMnin.Kiaiu.0 do
Eipr- do 9:31 P M
If Hmifitntft BiUmmic Coniimt wiwe no
core, in me last s:ae of tVnsomptmnf. V
know from experience it ad" .rds rreal relic
.1 Dvspep'ia is a diffia'' disease to enre, bul
Cvrreete W'rjr
Wheat 51,20 E.'.'S
Rye 63 Tailow ..
Corn CO Lard
. .
1 Flaxseed...,
33 Ham
1,25 Shoo...-
Dried Apples. $1,25 Wool
FirkiuButter 8 Potatoes.
45 150 '
.... 40!
Fresh Butter... 14 Country Soap 4 A 6 ;
t whntn e.. i's ik. inon irwi
K.. R.-a A. Ma Miilc A aiuk,wt a icmt. s m.
I" ui-irr.t!i !"t. R:'.ECCA,4V-itrt of c.j
Shawp. ar-sl t..u 1
At J.h DanB'iL in Kri:Tp.T7th hxt.J-UY
IH5LET. of Co. (. ITth MichirM Tlnnt-rr.. Th
roota rw -fa a la th. t-rroM IB oor '4 lb. rrrrot b. '. '.'
nar th. rotomor, au4 vs. barrlr Mr to r-mrb b :. bit.
'-hoar lafei t" Sir. Orr mtt nrDa tb W&r m4
ttf -tb. aoaofall rlllnavHi,'" Sltrrrr '. if rktrcj bS L
trS inntln. llwlrt u bar! ia Milt. -a, Satar lar.
Y rer.uesi of ihe Baptist Sabbath School.
.Hons Mi a iv 1.00.
infall BIRMEsE t'OMl.ME.
Will deliver his hirh'v interest
jant amusinc l.EC'MKE on
ire instrnctire
C l.btllht. on the Mann.rs.
Castoms and Relisioa of h: people. The
'' 2'a.Ti1" "iJ 'oi!r
; tfem prwopai mim :ii b..ibiNti. ai ib. rf
j-iftTiaf sua it. Ur v.ll aipo a"- ov-r!p:lua of
At tK. diw .f Ibr Lrrtarr. h. til pmtk I hi. a.tirt
. I..m.m mtut mtrnr Or. diSrtwmt. dimlrrtM
j m .u s i ko kwahr.r-d m -
lctMrr in anar of
t ii ....... .j t.
' 1 mirror M uwMmrt. r. -r. a. a. vrrwt"
s-rssatrv ib Mrsjsrtaiisar, 1m7.
The Irciure will be dlirerej in tbt Bapiivt
1 . ft c---.-- v.. .
, - ; '- Z'-il-cln. '
Admission 10 Cta.
Children 6 Cls
Est ray.
ME to the premise, of the nV
ici.jei. torts or LewisMirr. Mf la-t.
a small, yoone. milch COW, brindled. with a
whue spot across the fore shonlaers. hi-e
face and crampled horn. The owner is re j
quested to come, prove property, pay charges
and take her awar.
Mrs.jrLI.1 M. EURRIEi.
Kelly Tp. Oct. SO. ISbt
The Family
Drug Store
Ahead .' I
If vou want note Ur-ars, a-o to SCHAFFLE'S !
4 Eip,now whw ,
, xr5t and reneral aorment a! wars. j
For any articie usually kept in a first class
MIS 01t2
call at ihe
Lewiabure .... Pennsvra
jQWrjnt BattlliOS Of Sea-COiit :
jyR G3rr;,0B rf portrr Monroe!!
X C'apt.ll. 4.H olt.of Xorthamtrland.
Y C'apt.ll. 4. olt.of Xorthamtrland.
has N-en aotn.T.ret to ra.se a eomr-inv fr
j this Oatailion on 1er Majer Jepj, R .nens
t V. S. A., n.w ia c.imaiaQd of Fortress Mon-
ro v- Tne express or-j-et of authorizing
,he ra,sint. of ihis Baia.iion is to secore a
permament earnson fur F.Tiress M.nrie.
Beinr. heavy artillery, they win not ce su
i-ct to hard marcnes, will have no picket ur
1 1 . . a.. 1
I .eoQtio? duty, and to onhea ;by exposures.
Tbeir d-aties and rations will be rezaiar. j
Mai.r Roberts is on? of the best anillerr of- J
hee'rs in the service and is trie auihor of the
i standard work on Artillery taeiics I
An opoonannv is now ottered to Patriotic t
Yoonz Men lo join ih.s most aitracnve branch !
of the service. Arplv 10
1st Lieut. Xorthamber'.aod or lwiabart;
Auditor's Notice. .
Ia the Orphans' Coort of l'nioa eoun'y.
In the matier of the areoont of n.nl M".
Cormifa, who was Artmimsiramr of Thomas
Hod. deceased, as filed by his Administrator,
W m. Fearoa.
j.pi. i t, isn.. Kepon tne AB.iar m me
ab),T, mr c,rreeie,t. cntirmel, and I
B. li. app.nated Ao.t,tr to saake uis-1
Zr iXZ i
rifire in lwishorr n0 Ihnrsdaye 16ihday I
'J'iaAuJ,(; LVn'iT "
JOH B. LIXX. Aoditcr.
Auditor's Notice.
THE unders ojned bavin; been appointed
bv ihe Orphans Court cf Cnion eoamy
to aodit and make distnbntioo of lb. baianre
in the hands of amael H. Orwi, Esq . A -4
nitaisiratur of Cbabibs llaiisaara. ot Burli
i- .n...k.M a .-,,-., ikn. .t.tn.i in
1". w bb -h . a-, v . as aa, -
rec; '. -' -'''
bore, on Tuesday. ihe 1st day of iki.'ber. at
10 o'clock A. M-. at which ne and p.ace ail
mar attend who think proper.
OrLlS S VM'I. S. BARTON. Auditor
1- Mow BY has remored bis Hboto-
li's," Z
...a k. ir. Ruria.. nrposlTK Tiif-.
a . . .... .
- -J ' .
Finest uaueries in ins uonniry:
5.p,nor facilities and a lent x-
pnenre. h. ; sao.n.l mai his work can Bui
Cti ttit hi7 woffctfl!-
K. R. Zlmmennaa,
MARKET S-joare, Lrwibnra;.
I-arr-i ij fnrBi$h 0eera' MUl'.iara
( loXl.lnz aerorJiCi u rrtalau.aai ia..rt
Bi.i cr. A " a general aortmat of Clu&j,
C'a. oner-. 't'ir.; ir.d rs iy-n-.ale Clolbit g.
A'k Zmraerraan's KJ, White & Bis
ST.' 1. 1. AHEAD! feme one! com all
anl examine fnr Tir.e.rPS 1 largent
an i ehra-e-i ttoek cf Home Blade Boots
J ar. t si. f -. in llil.n c.-n'r !
, ti' Jast r'reired a rt:E.ff srrPLT f
; C It) mailz work at uni-acilr hw prices.
; -Quii-k Sale? and ?n:all ProEts"
! is the orJer of the darV rJl"I5:ajTf
j if pome the Bint, Lewiabarg
t v l ne FAMILY f'MP M KEH.
I All Kitchen tireae can h made ir.to 50c d
I V Uireciiuns ace.Hnpanvinr each Box.
' SOP i as racily made wiia 11, as auiasg
1 cup of C iTee.
I ManufaeiareJ onlv Ir ike Patentees
. Pcnn'a S;i!tllanufacturinr Companr,
; V- ir. tlalaat SI, faiklliiLf 1:: A.
Feb 10, iMiitl
nan suainiE.
INsrmxt-E covpaxy OF NortTH
AMERICA Philadelphia.
Cnpilal 8300.000.00
Assets, J:in. . - 1.254,713.61
ARTHI R G. COFF1X. Pre.idenl
tlf 'B-jiUi.nss annaaily cr peretaallr. Max.
rhanJiz-'. ttram, Farnnare, &, uuured. al
carreci rales tf Pres. am.
JOI1 B LH!f,
t !Ix3 Arent for L'nioa county, P
R!3?Fai.n KfiHSl?
; w
'-mj., ve-, , .1.
Mill IS CtLIUEaV Preprletsjr.
rpHIS new Hotel is situated opposite the
I t-,,n Mase.m the most favshioaanlo and
beautifal part if the i. wn. and for strle and
coavenieace can not be surpassed ia Ceatrai
Thc- n-i.rr th t'cirenity. or t:ienditf
tVort. viil finl it the most eenrrntent q4
crnm) pathr lwo cbarjet will be tfc
most rrsucaie and leiLcer time or eipetu
wH be 5r3r ' rr -r
Umse wb ) mar call. Pen as io live Cwuty
will be c!urse"d 20 eti permfai.
Lewiibor, April l H62
Executor's Notice.
I "WOTICE is hereby eivea, that Letters- teav.
1 j tamemarv on the laslwill and irsLxmrnl
ot Mrs. ANN UAKER.(wife of Josiah) late of
i l.ewiborx boron: h. L'nioa enuniT.Bave beea
f raatrd u the BDCersicoeii, by the Register (
1 "" eoumy.ia aue lorra oi law; all persons
K'"- "'
,h!"n- a l!,"-e cw,n- s'd lrt rcqaea-
. " "" "
JiATHAN VYrRS. Eiceutor
Ia riT jbsenre. accoan's mat te left with.
Geo. F. Mi:ler, Esq. Lewisjcrt Aar.l. pd
Kew ttandIXew Giwds!
TCSEPn I. HA lixbz taken tie
t) rooms aD rT Telerraph and Cen.aiela
einces.rea.ied uaem,and tilled in aa extccaire
variety cf
jot, Cup; Gesticmem'$ Co?ii'y, dV.
Also a larie and spien .'id stuck of CLOTHS
CAIMERE.ie. which he will make un
ordtr.v- he atill continues the Tailorin Buai-
; He is prepared to execute ail wore
entrusiei to h. care.to the smafactioa of it
X. B.
Co.or-e ati Re'i'nmjj ions to
Lew.siurj, pnl lu. 1661
CARTES Lit VIsiTE at Howry's Gal
Pa tesrap., Albaois ai Vowrr's Gal
I'nousraphs iarce a.ze ai Mowry'a Gallery
Photciiraphs ia Oil ai Mwrr's Gallerir
lvorv.Tpes at Movrt'i Gallerr
Halioiyres it Mwr', Gailery
Am-jr. ;rpe. al
AH kmtsi.-tvpev at Mowry'a Ca-'lvrr
MDWEVs GALLERY, ia Mar.et .trtet,
opposite the Bin I.ewiscar? ft?s
THE unuer:cnt?J. harinr remov4
nrr Watch and Jeve'ry establishment
10 rne of the rooms recfa!'r occnpini
. - ' m. . k'l " , ,
beiveen rrin; ind &ecit.a,soe is prepared to
Repair WltChcS, Jecl'J,
, . "
lul.tEiul-O, SC.,
ia the mrst approved and satisfactory meanest
She kers oa hand an asss rment of choieaa
JEW ELki', for Ladies anl Gentlemen, wfcieai
she onVrs al prices 10 sait ihe limes. Aissa
Ail work and wares warrsnred r.Treeo.
led. MARIA 6. ZUDER.
U.inrr. W, V. tsfi
Peace Peace !
,.-1 tn t r-n fra '..rrr t.i tmwm
r f a fai4s f f ten &il. nr- ; nr HBvaa
Th. 11.1 . .!-j-nt '.n. .r-i jrt ;l r.r an,
A zil ur lrr, Ovod. pumI oianx tat. tut.
1 CsJli..t ani St: Dst-tic,
J mil
v.t. !.. .ej sbr.ti.f-a a, -
An-1 t-rrt.msi tri J llrt-).- I r HrsiBr-Ftj arvd atirfa.
.-L'rt-J I.ft aft'l -lllira fr r fw5 aTl InT UV
Wtf'tc 'iikTi 1.. I UalU's, l-at. Jvi. ltk. iB WjBa.
W''rm O I Of.'") n I -tw en rr-r f w OT.
Wr fs hjasia- 1 F y'str - -til i.B.s T vnul Stm
-? r.as-K. If t. i f.1'-t- tBl V.ttt-m Cf !M,
Ws'f Su9-aT BX.J i. . ( v -tvt liWitC ut t-JJA.
.fall sc'tb. -r hsjsjmc asB-bwf:
Y---3 .. f -.-l ' si Maitlrt 'fv-l rrttW-r 4 W-W
At -H Kt.l KU 1 fn.i
Uirtr. Apnl V 1"2
University at LewisbariT.
Tbe next -ioa will opca ca Tanr-day
uruiDC. pu b. id tbe
AUAI'EMV. an.l
J. R. LtMlMIS. Prrsideal
PLfM'K Maker an.l Krp-sirfr.
taw aim as is aunts sw4
f. Br-a Sn.-n S n-n r I'.Jl lsiw
Lc.lutf, Aftil CJ, iSS.-