Union County star and Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1859-1864, August 19, 1859, Image 3

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JjCicisburf, Ma,
AliVRM . .it.. u.. ..I-.-...... ,
',,l.... oi-eec In City 1 .Vuntiv. riil-Hsrier.
-.-.- i -.. s. i ... s.-......!..
.,, .ho W. '.!,... "T-n- nulddo..llt,.c...l"yll.
,nj ,. rirr..l.t,.m In. cm,,,,,.; .
leM,r..porn..a ..f u.-ut pr-siucer., um.
tul JnlMis w w) m .-Ut.
-. :
(J- Sec Xeiv Itlvt'i'l iN'in'i(s
How is Your Chance !
vTir ii:lk.. ti: cli:i rios m .rrura a en.i
iiipurtuall lo hiibwriln r .In t luht or ntltt-r
M l" "STAR c CKKOKICLE ." Lrl one
r Wiirr tr. at efrr) r.lrrtliin hlrlrt, ati irnti In
Ihr ann lmmrulli 1). II tf.'slnd. He mil a.l
fur itc tnrj li'll s.yu i Wirt.
Mr Hill airurJ our pi;, r u.ilil the On. Clrrtlun
k kiuiHD. at J.i rls. prr tn).
TI.IW..9l.r.ll onr ro.i) ; I tu?u fur $..; ID rip
In tor lu- t li In tdiaii.-i.
WA H'irvwt Home CV-lobraii u is ud
TurtilvJ at l.ew iiurg, on ta!ur iay, li'.Cb
i:ist., (to-morrovi ) Il.ia. Paviii Tag .r,
i'rteiucut ol tbn ijtaie Ai iculttiral ..i-it;-ty,
is auntut.cul as Sjivakir. Tin?
Iliuner will le trnvui up at tbtt liuCalo
House, at 4, 1'. M. j
JcJTbf sIcj.ti to lim muiu front pnlrance
of the Lcwigburg Court House are now uo,
and umily ready for use louring and
aftrr Sfjit. Court, it is dir'.d I bat tbiy'
tball be the Cuhiuioii v of rracl.i'ig the .
Court li'Mitn und Oinc-s. As you tnti r
jou nill did ibe ('oiiitiiiiout rs', elm li V,
and 'i Kasui ti 's ii u nif no the left, and tl.e
l'rollititiotary'b and ll.'islt.i'K Uiiii's, at.d
tlie Court liijuiu Maim, ou tliu riUt.
fa?Mf??is. 1 :u .i ti l'irbihoru Lav
Veen runuiiij; lite Kilo .Steam l.iii.n Mill,!
l.vn isl urji. wiib ujw IJrutii, last wick It
Lad Leeu ii. ad for two Jeats, Lul m ivcd
ofl well iiaul. l!y tlie-way, iho saio of
lliat Hi'.flt xci.lii.ijt Mill in a capita! I i.
caii'jo is an intpiirliiiit ntattr, to which
our readers wouid d i Weil to call aiti'n- :
EO.TlHre was a sfiiri'cJ c unpetiii in in
Jl iltoD for tin-1 'cation "f tlie'i f lir gron-ids.
(aliaa. "rai'e c.iursc.") l.iuds of Mr.
Cbambetliu, in ti e n . r eijd of tl.e boro',
we believe wire d.oiltd ujini. The cbiit
cnuipetitor was Mr. lavi., at the Iuer
end, wbo tlliiid most ground for the
largest '"course." We take tliis as an iu
dicatioo tba: the bor.se racers no longer
control the Society. ...Tlie W voruiua Couu-
. . , . ;
ty Agricultural fcoricty H'uic that lu tneir
....t oxl.il.iiioii '. IpsH of Ktr-.-nuth or
eed will be allowed" room will be a
l.iva.i r .r r.r.in.-T t1ii iirinn m n 11 1 tun 1
, f.,r th- tri.,1 "i n-i " Au.ui t
, ,, i
lnuicaiiou wiai uoisb j .c&.s ai.au um ou r iuv n. iie unless n ims tlie written sis
allowed to promote the cruel and d, m oral- naiute of-. V,utt " on the wrapper,
ixing system of bi r.-c-racing uudcr cuvcr uf M.tMiN .'.Ml ( .HIMtiv sKsfl.
"agricultural fairs." Oirreabrs mav lemcmW we have on
' ' " several occasii.iis spoken in v. rv eulo;:.s:ir
S(0,lCd"ard M i'iitrsou, M. 0. elect terms of a pr.-paiation xiinrh 1) . Sim S.
from tbe Adams Iiftric, will i-cet t our ; '"' '"""' tr.-et. II ..inn. re.
, , .,, , M.., lias discovered lor the cur,-of Lpiieptir
thariki for a copy of " 7.'ie ,.;i,'.y i its , f.jt, v,n. , we ,,av(, bp,. ,.,.
ntutiun to the .V' if," a Lecture delivered a,d ly tlie verv be-i in. aires, viz: the He-
nil tua maimer ol the Ad licss arc print c
wortby. Cougrefstueu
pbi teach aud i
.,. , c
practice after Ibis .uaumr are wonby of;
lhe CPTupliii'eti'ary term ' 1 1 mnr able."
SO?"0ur Iricnds of the .V7ot',i con
descend to tbitik the I nioti O'jutity IVus
"nextbest"iotLoseof tbtiriDUntj. TLal'a
clever. 15ut all we have jet seen of ours,
were superior t,j tboec of NortliutnberUtid
Leld tbe same year, iu ever; (Ling thai
rigbtl; appertains to Agricultural Kxbibi
tioue. St-Salrnon l. Muihob lias sold Lis
new bouse, near tbe IVuialc Institute, for
151525, lo Kev. StcpLcn II. Mitick ....IT.
llruggcr bas purchased of Ur. Locke tbe
lot on Market a'rert near Mra. Liid!",'.,
aud will tberc Luiid.
firWho in it iu Irt Scott, K&Dsa
tint wants tbe Uc-f ublican CJiROMCl.t in
xcuaiig9 for a !rd.r Kull.au oran
j'clept Democrat Don't kuow a so.il iti
Jia culuu.Ui, Lul X iu the Lope of better
" "
SiOT'l he IflDeU'al ft atUrtS of the llIiiir-
vest Hme Cckb?atioti" at Epytown, was
Kalkinj a cir by a foul-Lardy man.
Vbat a profound cibibitiou of Christian
gratitude ! ' .'
Sgi.Woods M'Guire, i'. q , of M'Lwen.
ville, was admitted to the practice of tbe
Law at tha recent eession of tbe Nortbnui
tierland county court.
.hSrSchoch's Machine. Shop, As., at
Selinsgrova, were e ild on Monday last, by
the Abs;guei9, at $300, to J-ctibuer &
tSAVe have bad tine rains during the
last week, and the farmers' faces generally
are at least an inch less iu longitude.
pe.Tbe Cuion furnace wag recently
topped by an accident f-T a short time,
tut ii again ia successful operation.
fcsrT. G. Kvans A Co. Lave a new and ,
Cinveni.nl f SC, ,,,. f... !'...,. :
j . ii-- - - -
JueJjrs. See Advertisement. i
IsijfThe Clover crop, we are informed,
It coming in f.r better than was auticina- .
5tealiso ur Wholesale. As is usual
lo ibe summer season, a lare number of
cattle have been dri.eu t, tbe mountains j
IB Sullivan county from tills Section, to
graie, and we learn that about one ban.
dred head, belonging to citizens in this
county and Sullivan, were stolen from the I
K'orth Mountllin, aud driven (iff. They!
Lave been traced berood Catawissa, but
a week elapsed beforo tbe robbery was !
Ciacnvered, it is doubtful whether the cat- '
will be recovered. Mnny Luminary
UtreUd t( Trui Id . rnl:.rto iifat lacllAd
,f 1 4 ;
TT ne. Jobn Major, in New York city,
6iM with sm,M Wckiy, at 12 fer i
laefV have received the List of I're-1
tii in ma ml 7!Atil..;nn. i it i
gut, AgriciiJlaral Society, for the Exhibi-1
i 4i ul-ji i uuau.. .i n in . itn cs...t
" near l'biUd.. STih to SOth Sent..
, -- . r--i
IS'iQ Tl.n ...,... -r 1 :. .
' , , """"
every precaution seems tobave bet-o tiiken
i , . ....
to ctsure areiiracy au l furncss. 'j bire
i are 61 Cnu-miitces. Tha List may be
secu at our ( lllice, an.I any one dunii in;: a
enr.y cau obluin it, by inuil, of Hou. A. (.
iicistcr, Secretary at Iljirisbuig.
l i.o c .mr"M'i f tt..- '.,mro.t -.- rVo h'.w '
tw.-iT,-ly . ..r l..ii- jiti.l ll.Min.hjn- n..-h'...ui.rt l.....
. -'Tlliu 1 r ... ii i, I- .itiu.'j in ).,r .-. un ,r.. I,i. .1
'I' J'i-J x '0 Aii.-tilt.in-. i.ii,t!Miiir.r-, A,-.
'1 liiil .'. in- mi I am i'ii I riui'ir i- luinim- i n u ! Ji t :"it .
Im !'n-.l.i.l "li....i.i m, r... Inn K p. .! ti
.-!IIK m ', I M.il ::.,.ii J,it.v i ujh
Mini... 1 1 m!i - Mi II iil, I .;ir, .-li ,ui. k.u mill
l.r. . Tt.rtnilt ,,.r itti-l lr.v.ii..ii .m, )i i:li i.,k
H nl. i. tin V . .. i: i.itlni.n-ri:..i.l
"' ' ' i- Umu; i .iifi i i -i-.ii ,-.im ,.
'v, -.-i ... .I ! : !.-. li- ii . f M,?!.r- I- r..-lv .it. I
t lit. r. i i-.-i'i ii' i" i, "i,i il..iiiii ..niiti t i",Ml r.r
Ill'l M.lJ. I' .'. Illifl I,. I. ,r J.t ..r. .. , ll,.t
I'M.t f N". C.I. I.' l'i. i.H ill l,ll", l,l ",, , f ;J;I. st.it.-.
tr.v,- 11. ..t r-'.inil ci ..I.,! ' ,,,... ht.h In tl.-
:..t.) 'i,.. I'll'" ii xh.t i, I. ....-.( i,;11 , ., t,tM.j ;
l-jru or im '1 oi i .'..!. l:tu. Hill in.. I .i.ilnii.j u-i,. '
l''i'i:i.eie Atigutt Kli cliou lioturus
rcLUur ibc O.itiL'tiiti.'ii as f.jll'iws :
l.t-l f '.'ii.r.''.H. N.-xt Ci.ii.ti
A im. Oj . A mi. ), i
K.'tiliiflcy L it it
i t'll ui:.-i 7 o ! 7
N. C.i,.hua 'J 4 4
Alatmiiia 7 7
'Kxii '2 'J
Or.-uti 1 1
31 7 '1 17
TIk!.c rrsulta tltfroy any liopenf AJm.
a'ci'tit-iiy i:i tin? lltiUM If the u.'Xt
I'rofiiK'iiti! KVcti ;u g"ps tn the !i u-f,
!iie Cp. will have a in .j nf I he iS t :T-. ;
T- ..( . . 1 1 .... i: l
uw .iiiir i ii ui ii I I ill. iJiiiiUiit"c
otic Nnh, and the othtr ifuulU wouM
thus Le blocki d.
Ciiimti ts CiiMl nir"
r. Thr lVnn K-a.
. rn.itpi"t,d at' rhur-
l ies ii.;ii:.:y in . Mii'ni i 'iiii .1, u i!l held
-iilii A'UHI.il S-'r,;nil Willi the l-f WlNTMiri;
.'.in-!iaii ( irin-ii, rninmfiic:iiir in Th'frti.iv
l!ic -"i'h inl . and ritninniiiijj the rerna tnhT
el iht w-r-ic. (.'iitilrTrnnr AddiP.t ( ii Ti.i,rs
day in -rnin. at 10 oVl"ikt by K!d. J. (J. n
biv, ol Ur-iiii'iird I'lfa'diine even eve.
nin dunii" the einn. The public aie te-
pfcEllllv !HV!(rd ! .Tti:d.
,mY V. M'Damfl. Cnf. (Ifrlc.
Tul lfi:n !sr. !i was sat-d U a lead.!
iit'inhi i t.'iii-.'tiL', in a nc-'iit atldis; lo his
iirethrvn, that tii- aiii-'imt d S"''- P-' nn t
!i-;if 11 -td in the I'nin ! Si.iies iti one vcar, t'.-r
1 r i- .i'-'mr n n 1 r'-j i f f- i v. -f.- lh. ;." " "
A fi'i tilt h :i)'iiii.':.nrlv :t 'ti-T - . -t-n - . f -t hi jh
r:i.:.iti n hii i a I 'I'-il ' t t'-llii- ti. i!t tr i- 1
l:ii 1. i 1 a 1 t iu'i- h "t Iht 1- chiihI l-v w-i.Mli n j.i.t
ti.fn i-i h .- Vt M.il'i. llf F'-I'trf. r'i-.'iintii-it'i l i n'l
j.. r-..ii t'. i-iiT- t;:, :. ir it. t-i mi 1 ii-- . f.i. m ai: -n.
rk'in rn.M-i: lL ..link, win -rt tiiitv dl tMin t'm t--l
t;.i .;:tv ( ..ii' l.- ct.it i) rin l Shn-e. tf lit- f uu l. !
tli- rl.v .;iif l...tli I'ltin in Ort.lt M'-h. lot, 1 iti' li in 1'i.rkl
. . - -
A lars."'" vol'lnl" '.ml I not e.oitain the m.i
if lesion. .tiv which has arrtitniilated in favor
,if V. inter's ii.iKain of Wild heri v. as a sat',",
ffhrinn t n ni rr h :i hit rem1. . v in rn n iiff Ct ms'hs. '
coUU- '" P'1'"""""-.' Iia-e" "Ma".v uf ,he ;
cures are irtllv wololerlnl.
, viaiion ot lui!iiaii salt, 'nil', r r-'in rirrtim.
! slances winch have lately rotr.e to our knoTV
le it-e w fear there is a certain r'ass of per-
sons who ate not disposed to tiv tins r.-mt tly
... .. 11 . I.. . .
in a coniuioii sense .i.anii i. iic ,i..u .c u
(ie f f a pt.etar ra-e ,n a
town r liere perhaps ibrre are six f" eiht ca
ses B1' irvms ii nn one ca-ic. prn.ips
t!.- r" f-'t t e mi.-Lt !;- fm' y orir'rM f T.. l.le it.ini- .
it v.,ii'.t nf.l u;-. Tiii i if i;li. r.l',iti tii mtrf
i.'.r th.- ni" I -fir: j r !:. Ii .!.. n i-i.' .r--I ri -k- j
ti ! i witri c!i...i-r:t in I'll" Oin, .r n-:-litirli'.ii, i
-ul I v :t il . u.l f. r 1 hy.;,-;.!.. or wotii- i-uiv i.ii :
"iiiii L iii. mi 1 v : !:! ' it In-nir. ,1 tlip ti -t pi- j
li -i.t" Tti.it j li'i f ini-e!i;rc wdi'l I- i..-t a U'-I '
fn r!i m-e-.f 'r li.iTi' r-in-ty. r. rv in- In. lin r
I- its f-h 'I'd try it f.r a vi.f'iir!'l'' in-ih 1 I'm-. It
will imt r.irn in a 'I i t weet- : i'.!l.i:ii; w-.rtti 1 tijk
ran li- si;-.-. n; ii.-t.-. nt t. it it- .-if.Iv ! n . iJ
i- irilv h mi' v. 'J 'it urowtd of tin- i-i tciu? .v Frrn
lh' Tn'l r"-i''C, i'l- ( t nn uy w.-iii- i xniuiti'-'i, v
tffi --urs-l lli..t ' IT 'jr p"--T. inp-f in thi- rfiT1
lv. luri- '.!! l' 1-; it- ( -v i-ul 1 u n riii n-'-l. Th
l ilt, :trv '.-nt t y m Tr-- f i-.-fa.-i- t iy v ivt f id. ,
.,i !t. I'r:.-.': r.r ln $1; two ; tweit' VoU i
will t r.t! n l.Ir "s.h .i!t t-. .
TstK v;i:v. rM iti r i t:m. ;
YT III-'ir ,1" Iv-Pl.l' or iM.Hiisrl'.s. t'rtrfi
rr .r,.(i
t i
II tr f:r-t. h. A ,'. S. i -! t.
,Sr urry. .m
vc any ti-n-.
f. H''itirUf, ,!, anl '-"'i-i tf-tf'y, j
I., iiijc it- " i Tin n X'Kj-rii.v.Cc.n j
, H-Jiil rl;i.i-t-st o;' I'lir l.-i.otv ri! o n, in-
M.mli, r" el r-in'p-.. L,iw.t'. I'l v-ii'iaim, ;
t'liTji tin-it. I'lai.tiTK l-ariil- rs. i,l i:li-ri t t.rV. r '
tin; cli.'y -.t . c'i t'in :ii.il .nrf tyn ef I'Jif.' lor tli" 11,111 it- :
ilmin i-ii- I and p Tinciii' nt i-ur- ot lh- iimiiv oru'l r"n- -
l-i.tiiili- wliii U iu uiu' oliusi.' or otlitrr 01 i'-na alan'-t ',
tar r.it-e. 1
'f !:- (-rVrT wi-rp .ItM-nTi'rr-.ll.r (.fciTior It. f-cctS, una ;
in tuir t'Tiiiulu .lilf.-r a-i.t-rly from llmt 1 mnv olhe-r i
I r-J-HTMl l"l 1,1 HI iji'inc. t ilit.4ITUIIH Ui Bl'-l.'ill'li 0 1
Diiin-ni. I, jj ii-011 no intXiniiR ilniiT in ili- it nulurn
t' Hir. in t sl1111.1Ut.i11r. rt'titiniui thfir irtu-s. in any .
: t-Iituf . lii'-v ur- -jt i-ointiiiiHtiDii Mtrl m f'-rni iti- i" of 1
MHi'.ftriw which kni'Wri tin rival in sl-rin:itiii i--- I
nn l r.-t n..i: tl. t-Wm U.ti i rictttr- i r I liuillh. :
er ,il I, I'.n .lati.tiiii;. .r li,'r-.-i. r in.l'i
Iir.iuir o. its etian.rtHr th 'ii..-nn,-niHv li, n.i no.tt.T
lh.lt II ll.kS I.-iltt.-a tl.e ek ill of Ihe I t,Ji'inil. all. I r.-.i-tr,
u.- eii. ii. ,.1 M.,i,c.e, . .imii, t,ii 01 th.-... ii.tt.-r. will ,
tisiv il-es,iit-rir th.i bu uitoue is iini.usi le te
i,r'T'T reme.iy. i
pily ri-tt-rticf in luirj to th writt'-n ci-rtitirjit' from ili-tit.ulLi-l
iuliiuu!? ku-iwn all c.cr LL land.
All Obdurate and Inveterate Case of
I dyspepsia Cured by the JJittor?.
Tim f .llowinir fr"in a c-iltlfiniii wtl kniwn In thm
r-ii.it mi winch ttf u,;tit to sati-ly all tln-wj o( iit-
l ' Uitb ' TT'Ti r.Tcirs. N. V . July 1
5.W. Fowl! k r., Iloftwi, tort: Sin- y rn mr I
, ntU- V' J hv tl .tt rur ft mil Vtwn,
witi, i t-o HH--t-d ui- to en.wf (rn-t i..i r-.i"0. ful--.
int t.Io;tt;nK(t tlie tnii.-l-. im un 'Jiit. I .ill- r.-nliiikf.
aecriiiijjiiit-'il imh ttrrtJ'l' ?'tin in the t"iiii-li. .ft-n
mill": Ui,i'l, V tllltineT. ttrl-llty. UUt llr.uiMi-lit. tu-
p-ih-ritli yi-ut-rjl tl.-i-ilit utl ajullrriug. lti-'Ll;i:r
r.-ii l riiu f- a ! urtlo n.
After hniiiir trl-.l t-r-ry known rMnMy witlirnt "ff-ct,
at ui il-!.iitnii.' !! t-viT r- t'ji.t.inK ir.v l"-t li-aUh, I wnm
IIi.tn.TU totTirit.!' Ilf'f ttV U v JfiO'-J ItHttT". ill-' 't
ril- t- l-i which w.tw inim.sJiMt.'.v t-.m! ! on mv b:th
nn l ni.t.'tii. Itflrf u-:nc n -i- httte i -.- fi;ttr. iy
ntrnl; noJ I I-! flt-aur- in iii.tii.-mn; all like f-ul!t-r-
i-r ms uivfil to lunate U-k-ui iihsrhmiuboi, .......j.
TIIKO rAl.t.W Kl.l..
Vorrrcitil Weekly
Wheat 5.1,00 Kj:.:s S 10
Ho,. ill 'J'allllW 1-
() I
Oats f I'CU'OD
Flaxseed 1,1- Ham
Plied appk'B- l.-'W Miou.uer
.. . . 11 o
14 Clovcrsced.
r 1st .a" Leiors r. ni.,u.u in th lburgFcwtcaici
nLr n. Fooih n..rr. irs.. Me.
Mart", hva-b, harim II. Drsr.rs Sauil, B.ier Mrs. Mar.'
J,.hn m. i. n.
Mrto,anUenr?,,llin.lk,.to.an,HarrliMr. r.H.H.r-
jnn r.av. i c, jon Rev. b E,JonstiE, Johnson
j,', Pp,.r. Kin- A-dr. w.kh-. Ms
Miirir. n l. M ci.oiock iu.iei.,i.tiherTh"uiaa,
tllirleu Mlrliael.
K.parit 'ire, ICeed D M.
pane ha,lf.-r .
Ttiema. II... Art
an.r Joto u,
Tliemos II... Artnnr ... ieas -ire. ean. .,,
Wulrruo so a.
h cp.orzES. r. M.
WVf.r.n- t',ir. rt i- i umim, i..i.tii.
A. bridge across till rife it Sunbury it
!. , . 1 :ii a i - i i i
la- lo one dij $11,000 was signed fur
lue ol'ct untmry.
M. h. of lied..,., 'mil M.M CMCILli AC. lIlKUlj, of
"ii ll:4th ult. t Mlll..n.l. n.r C O Culiir. rn
i;k K...-Kii,uf tuiou :.nmty, uu makv a. utoK, ..f
'i'url.nl Ti.
in tin- Itli in-t la Miin -y. tiy Hpt. T. P. lotwalt. J.
ui "I'uri.u'uin..". ' ,1 LI. the Gents who intend ftoine to Ca in
Unit., mil iiii.lyliit P. tinrn, JOSF.Pll ItTAS, I j Meeiinp ihis season .also those who can
of i" .in. i.ni-.-i;.- M.IXK..I i,liiis..i.,u. j nnl make j, su , j,,,,.,, arf cordially invi
iajauaiaiii ii rjjrrri BaD3caaaarriara lo ca at (jie uew establishmeiit oppo
tlCU, site Walls' store, Leu isburjr, and furnish
in Mw Kiritn. i:itli Itil., 1..HK .H'.rc, latitfliT.r nl
i- ... ii .,h. -.ii.. Ki.-. k. r. i r ...!
In Lin u 1 1.. Mini a.-.v. JollN maIZk.iu: -.1 ji.ut ib
,'i,;.v.r.,1n,....:1i.i.i,SA!i.vii Tit atk, tf.'d to
.,.,-. 11 UI...UI.-. ...4 isja,..
in i..-ii I-... utt. nisi., a e.in 01 .iscob K.-isiy, agwi
Dr-rtl.si un-1 i:'. .lav
In Mi-i !I.-Wr, inst., JiKIN MITII, tSn , at mn i
(ti 4i.ii-ny If., M'-nt-nrCo, uihull., ADAM DUKlt, 1
n J 1j Jul xtitl I in 'tuli.
Jt WJ!" a I Art)' !."t t.i'h cip
Utn n i.t i-k l il i Aii im nrtli tu lwvf.
An trout ' ur ti-it-ijt in; U-mw
lie- ru!ittt .nil" Mhi'-rLi tilt' Min.f.!. '
ir f. tx'iiz w.tkh w. ii-J I;.--. In
H- r :..-.i i ii .iiiu-.ii..- k i Hi rwi, ;
An 1 uiurmu.. J n -t, tntt w in-ir'il olt
"i lr dm Ir.Hl di-ir. thin l.i tiud."
Tru-tinic in I" i r"f lu-ril
Ti.in it tli-- Mf-..".l h'-jtf nh1 ff!,
Ai.-I i n ii' ti u i r fHf-f, in li-Mttu,
liui we met) im'.-t tifuutl t)t ,;riifl.
Ct'int. th-n, il- ir 1. i jti-le. ! tic'il uioarn no mot
fur In r If wii.-iii n, rrown i j,iv-ut
But tft Uwf;i'lt .- -In.' U trfi
KitU-1 in rt-iuu witti li.r nt liravfn. H X-A.
i: i-;rMn Corn,
I lOli Dryitigor Itr pie sent use.
This most
f xtt if 11 1 arurie win uc suiiiiiirti w inc
m ..cw mi . ai . j-..
r o-i ct-i. per hu.h'-l, until trot Comes, by
An.'. 1C W OAl.L. I
II K Fail TlTIll (if 1 1 WlTh's Will
CiiLLLUC-Tuitiun per Term - -
K.Mm ma ar.d .ul - 4.5't
J.ilrary care repairs 05 ;
Tuition - From to $7.00
Care and repairs - - - 45
FEM. I.STFFL"i E Tuition, from f 7 to lli.Oil
11. pairs - - - - .0
J. R. I.I lilMIS, President
I.cwistiurir. Ati. IS, Ik.i'j
EWSlttorc illcnt.
Ac. will (!. supplied to lh hunr; ppitpte bv
ihe Mibcnber. ai his shop (in Murib Fifth
lr'et, uhTf lie canifs mi the IJutcheriii
bu-it.ci, and will tipply ail Uind uf lt-at
in us seaso n. On Vedoday and Saturday
lnorniitirs, he will be l"undat .Market in Ir.inl
ol M Ka ldin's Hardware S'orelV at low rates
fur Cash exclusively. Calves wan!" Ileeves
and Snrp purchased as usual. Try ibe 'e i
Uutchtr. I
I.ewi-ibuitr, AtitT- I "iv
Preserve your Fruiti
- -
Willouliliy's Talent Air-Tijiht Stopper
ii ritriT rAXX, JAKS OH tlOTTLKS,
JS the ai. ist simple, convenient, economical '
and tisi'lul aiticle ever invented. It is
composed of two plates attached by a screw, i
between which is placed a circular piece of 1
(C-i n. The turning of the burr compresses j
the (Jam and spreads it on;, thus fiilinjj up lhe '
onenins and uiakin; it perfectly air-iiohi. It
e applied to 1 ml. ai,s.M,.neorl.lass Jars, i
i tiis t'pper bt'in simple in construction
and o easily applied, is the great desidera
tum .s h'lig ri jUei It r, and oitiy needs an
exaiuiiiatiuti lo rouvince Ibe niosl incredulous
I Us soperu my over anyibins ye: invrniel i
The Cans can also be Tested helore pultttij !
in the Fruit
v lillii.; .he,,, with water and
puo.n- en tne popper wnn a pressure.
attached, or the Moppets aloue, can always
be had at moderate pnees r.t
T. (i. EVANS ,V CO.,
Aui(. 19 Sole Ag'ts for Lewisburg
L'otice to Trespassers.
VLL persons are cautioned against tres-pas-nt
on the orchards or lands of the
sui-i-ci iters lor the purpose of shootmc; birds
or coiniiiittini; any oilier trespass, unwarranta
bly, as we are detei mined lo prosecute all per
sons thus ..llendine, according to the Act of
Asseinhly lu such case made and provided.
ilson I. l-iuti,
John Hn-wn,
Jacob (undv
John (i. Brown,
William Hrown,
John i'. (jtindy,
John (iiindy,
John Penny,
John t.heckert
J. Winfirt.
Michael Brown.
W. H. (.'haniber.tn.
Jos. W. Shriiier,
J. . IJrown,
Ahraham Brown,
Adam iindy,
Alex. Penny.
Thomas Penny,
!ndlrey Deck,
Kranci iHon,
Jamb Hrown,
ti. F. Miller,
J.thn -.dl.
Ilast liullaio, A Ofj. 3. 1M9
Notice to Trespassers.
I un fersisned, Mho have hereunto set
I their names, cit.zrns of Chillisquaijue
and Point townships, herehv give notice that
herealter they will prosecute 10 Ihe lull extent
.k. i-iW evei voersou found trespassing 1
,U-. K., k.,nlinw a,.lli a (rnn n. '
upon lhir premises by huntins with a iron or
doi;, fisbin; with a seine, carrying ( IfliuHor ,
nuis, or in any other way trespassing upon
our premises.
V.'m. liamhatt,
Sol. 11. Walter,
J. cV. N. Butler.
William llousel.
Win. stiver,
Hujh Caul,
Jacob Pdeeor,
fatnuel Keyser,
James Rtissel,
Wm. R. Dentler,
riohert Lyon,
Jonathan Wolfe,
M'm. Cameron,
Henry Wans,
Thus. II W alts,
Daniel Sterner,
Henry Hummel,
John Frederick,
II. P. shelter.
Benjamin Rhine,
Rev. Ceorpe liostenlschnig.
Notice to Heirs of Engel Schrader.
rv j l'nion County, ss : The Common-
L.t. weaiih of Pennsylvania to Hannah
sew Schrader liiieruiarricd with Jacob
frichawver; Catharine Schrader intermarried
with Peter Btnscman, which Catharine since ;
Will, .to, uiu.uu, ....... .... i
died, leavini; eicht children, vix. Elixaheth 1
married in John tiearhart. Julian married to I
marrien to join. s.,-a...an, i.nu.. ueio.., s.
Thomas Swart Frederick, John, Hannah
married to Jacob Dries, Catharine married lo :
Aaron Kliue, Maria married lo JacoD hcuh, 1
and Lavina married to Joseph Urunr.cr, (the
said Frederick and John utnt'inan, two oi tne
f 1 .'...I. .,r.M r. d.ail 9tiH l.li
. rill lure.) o. s.i:u s. au.a. . ... - - -
l-sue, hut is n..t k.iiau o.llie Court hw many; tbat
t.. will .ar .t. an lli,n.oh. which llnnnau is inienuar. :
I .itnJarol.rtnrk; that .11 the .b. Dsuied heir.
. - .. . ...... ...eii. Ileish an.l .
! ZZ:Z rTiux. f j
Mi.-hinan, and heirs el Fpslenet Ulniiamon, ds-uae.!,
who reeid. in or n.,ar Hell. lew. in th. Stateorohio;) j EXeCUtOr'S WOtiCe.
ml l.nal r,Tr-fiitalis.of Kimels.ilirad r. late ol ,
lurii. j t,.wDj,hip, iuii.e.idecunijof Lniou.deceaaed. -wroTICE is hereby Riven that letters iesi
,ir.7.".'i?:. n.,.1 f.r that rutro dnlr 1 menlary on the last will and testament
nuT,"s - . ...
. - - , .. i.aK ...... ...P.:,U.1. I
IlKD. IflUfl I" "1. H.UUIJ h
the Keal t.sla.e o. nie .am fc..i . ;
.i...... i. 1....1.. InanHliin. Cuion rouotv. ..lloitiing
lands of Jacob inkinan on the tut, reoosens-k on tb.
.uta and North, ud lands of llmrr FelteroS oo th
.L containing lour acres more or leas with the appur
tenance". whi. li fa.d real e.H.te wa valued and appraio.
ad at and fur the snm olone huodrist and tttjr dullara
''linn'wbeeaaa. nnoeof Ihe heirs of the said deeeaiod ap
peared in C-urt on tbe return of the Mid lu,..ia.lKn. to
take the premise! therein mcntione.1 at the appraMeraenl
Vou and ery of ..u ara hereby cited to be and appear
al the n-lt te.wral orphan'a Court to be held at Leatia
burj. f..rtlieruutT ofl Dlen.on the 12th day of Sep
tember nctt, lo accept tbe real ertat descritd In tho
writ and Inualsttloa. at tb. .alnatien thereof, or show
cause why lue lourt slu.ll notdeoree th. asm. to be fold
Bt tb. t urt ; w itneos toe band. nd of iallOcurt.
" ,-'-i'1"" ""1 !" '" sh, r,k
Langstroth's Beehives.
The undersigned. Af-ent for the above
a Beehive for East Bulfaloe.isprepared
tu dispose of RIGHTS wiihui that
Township. LVAlso, lots of BKt.S on hand
for sale constantly.
Persons bavins unseltled account fnrllees
Or Hive
i npi Ui
' .
! Au"-
ves, are requested lo put up during the
inon t otinly Airiciillural r air.
ft. 1859 UCU. S i Am,, Ajtt
luriinoics mill me wk. 't.i nun m,c...
HATS and C.M'.S lo be found in tins section
1 . . i 1 1 ....... .1. -
in romnry. n piacii'iai jiauri is uic jiowh
i lo btiv of. when you want a good Hat.
, I?Couutry produce taken in exchange for
1 , ,
f County SuperimiMidnt will be in at -
U'ndat.ee at the .pw Scho-t H-iitiinir.cn
A. al.. I. examine perms wish.n? to
pplir.attiti ftr the .schools in this H-inmi-h.
Sevrral Mle ami Female Teachers wili be
wriineil. Srhoi.l ti c.tinmence on Munilay
Seiitpinber Itiih.aiid continue nnen six mtmihs.
M. l.EISER, Stc.B'd of Dirs.
I.ewisburc. Aug. 4 . IS.ifl. j
VNEW Hat r.Nial.llwlimrnt just
opened in ihe olj Post Ollice stand opp
osite WaiS' store, where the latest styles and .
.1.. r..... ...... 1...1 ii-,,. ..ainr.D In . ......
... ... , ' f... ..... ..,
... . 1. . .- 1 .. ..n 1
II V Litli it im i n i n pi ii t.i "i j
i.. ntiirtr rro.ince. umi i laii 10 can hiiu ci
amine lhe sU)ck
LJu,y J
Cimds shinned from .Philadelphia!
iVc. ny nALl.OWKk S Line are .Ol rr-
fhipped at llarnburg." (as would appear by
Air. reipntrr s anvfrueDieiHi uui u uiiuuku .
1 -1 ...i,u,ina, .i,s,u.:
niieharma or lIie WW Itranch.
Julytli4..H 1. If. I-hiLK, Agent
as. Letters of Administration on the es-
ta'e ol ANNA ll.VL'CK.Iate ol Bullaloe town-
ship. Union county, deceased, have been gran-
led to Ihe undersisned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted m said estate are req-ies-
j ted to make iiniuedtate payment ; an 1 thn.e
II, dil'l iiiosc
bavins claims araiu-t it will present Ihem
properly authenticated for settlement.
1 1 ' ,.,,.s- .i . . , L- , i.. .
jon.i ji:ii.i.n, nuiil I.
ti-ir a n a vti'Ii t
..nf -li-,.; Z debase .
quantity ol SUMAC P '' 'he
hmhest market price for the raw maerial
the haves, well dried and threshed Iroin the
sinlk. To he delivered as soon as prarnrable
ai the Tan Yard, formerly of Henry W. Fries,
111 l.ewishur?.
July IS, I
E. J. Ht.'LL.
Dress Goods, at Cost !
determined to sell off their
Summer Silks and Dress Goods,
t-"a l" t.stsiaiaj
If you wish to purchase, call and examne our
stock. B., K. dc M.
l.ewlsburjr, July 15, 1559.
Wot A'ready 7
Es .Veadv-C.IIiSON has received the
1 fa I.L STYI.: f ,lrr llAT.-i. Who
Wi.uld study the wants of the lovers of fashion
if he did not! Echo answers, who T His
lare Summer ?lock mw c!o.in? rut at Cost.
I arve .i.,.nm.ni ni lie.t sule Sfi Hals iust
Trcve&' stop at OII)soN".s tor Bargains !
,, . ,..,,. , .,...., ,hr, i.i:-nair.l
. r-Ti.. te. , h,,.: .,h
, ci ,Ul5 is of an eiperiPnCed Hatter.,
New Firm New Goods.
riMIE snhscrioers would respectfully an
J nonnce to the Public, that they have;
entered mm a Co-Partnership, at the old stand 1
of J. 4 J- under the rirm Name of
We havr insi receivetl a fresh assortment :
of summer iooDs, cons.s-!
Clotli?. Ca?inierc.'. Vc5tiii(rr, t??a-
dv-Made CI.O I IHNd. t;arpeline. Oil Cloth.
Shcetin;. Muslin, Linen, UnlliDgs, Ace.
I VIII';' DRrsJsJ nilflllss c,,rh
as Calicoes. Shallie, Kan-ns.DucaN. Brases,
lLaines Black and Fancy Dress Silky, timc
hain?, ShawN.Organdies, Viola Zephnnes,A:c.
Also, a larire fitork of (.kocekies,
Hardware. Cedar and Willow Ware, Loukiug
Glasses, Glassware, Queensware, Vc.
SALT, FISH, Plaster, and Coal,
constantly on hand.
Country Produce taken in exchange.
for Goods as Usual.
.kir-Tlio hifrliest market priccjaid
in Caah lor all kinds of 4.K 1 1.
I.ewisburg, July 12,
Adiuinitlralor'ii -olli-.
"VfOTK'E is hereby given, that Letters
i.1 of Administration on the fcslate l ;
WILLIAM -NEV1L, late of Hartley township,'
L'nion county, dee d. have been granted to the ,
endersined by the Register of I nion county
in due tbrm of law ; therefore, ail persons i
dented lo said estate are requested to make
immediate payment.and those having any just
Claims are also reqitesieu lo presem Itiein le- :
gallv authentira'ed for settlement.
RICHARD V.B.LINt;OLN',Adainistrator I
Hartley Tp, July V, I8.VJ
. . i I
The nndcrsiened keeps con- ;
- i .. nn ..-a J.' . . '., . .. r
" '
all sizes, an.l lurnishes every ar- ,
.;nl. ...... I v. ili.illi..,..l. '
VOM.. Ii ,. llij'l'l cu s-j mc luin n. i. nur. ,
Complete satislactlon etiaranteed for every I
.rilrlo sold Millers who prefer tne solid
article soio. ni.iicrs wn., prr.er mc so.iu ,
Burr. byeiving4 to (J months' nolice, can
lilve their orders executed at the quarnes in
France. Address WM.H.hLPNER.
April I. lSim6 tlarrUlnirg P. V.,Pa
--s rvTOl'lt 1. A II Ia.1 t...
. i..i.v . ... i.i im. . ...... I ...
i-i removed 10 the bouse lately occupied hy
"rc u si: Mr-1
streets, two squares .son a 01 ,arKei l, fast
OFFICE in Same building. Snlilh door
... . "
on Third si.-Lewisbur?, INov IN, KM
v .. au........ , j
..f irri t.iiu KKIMHU. Inle nl Hart ev
. I IT.!.. .1 . . 1 k . .. . 1 .
iQwnsnip, S.ll.O.1 tou.ujr. u.wu. uc.c ue ..
eranted to the nndersiened, by the Rejisterof
L'nion county, indue form of law.ihere.ore.all
persons indebted to said estate are requested to
make immediate payment, and those having
claims against the same will present them
duly authenticated for settlement.
OEOKOE B00P, Execulor.
Hartley, July 2, 18.S9
ALIllir.Li ailU r.LIi.UJLft,
tFW.s-flf're PA I
Orotfr, , ,h. Cntverr.i'e h'tMwf "'
a. jc.i SMS
Auditor'! Notice.
i rilHG nndersianed Auditor appointed by the
j Orphan's Court of Union County t.. re -
Port up..,, the eiceplions filed to the Adm:ni -
1 iratioi. Account ofdrorge Kleckner, Admin-
1 iMrator of Gcoaoa hiicnna, do d.. Will mi
, ihe parlies eoncemed, lor that purpose, at
; me Hunaloe House on r alnit, M oay oi oep.
i leraner next, at lu o cmcK. A- "iMoi wnien ai:
i luteresled will please lalce notice.
! ALUEUT W. V'OKSE, Auditor.
I.ew isriur?, Aug. 9. 1859
STi: AM ISlL.r.K .Manulaciurrrs
A?"A1!IL'S pal'.crns Cemetery Railings to
orilpr, Ac. Krilers promptly attended
. - ,,.,
! 1 nis firm has been Ion established, and
lean pive iiiaavsatislaclorvrelerenr.es. e.
..... . w '
; Palmer .o. at l.ew,sbur. ,
. I'Tsons wi-hrns further .nfor.nalion or any ;
; Work in our line will pirase aaurrss us ai
I 13, Mirktt St., lbirruburj, l'u.
i :
Something Extra KiC6 !
! DIPL fOIll itOt'S MW rOtatOCv-
. it Cucnmherv IVa CnShace Ktpe
Apples an.t n;her Trim and VeiuMe-. are
, reoeived by Eipicss heh TWit'E KVKI1V ,
WKKK by T LVANs & CO. i
Lewtsburtr, July S. 1B.VJ
I .1,11 oi.prr, , -"
- Tr.fi u.... itn.i... .ml l...il in.
V w , . o , 101 h-iiis.ii im ...0...-- --. ,
wiil be paid in cash, at ihe
Penna R. Road, above State ati ttl.
Harristiurs. May 'M. IRS'JniK.
' a
a. I
NY and every descrtpiion of Brass ct
; iu Metai Ca-tinpf made in the tnuM
iiMiiuM mlnlipr i.t lha hs.( mMtrTull. Mfl.l at
ioueM niaiket prices, at the
I'enna. K. Knart, aH'vp ,taie street.
j Harrbnri', May tW, I859m6.
i.i.t. ii-i i' v.
! JUMdil DUlvtl Oky L'Un
, TTjrr n ,i nrr-inn-pnifnt'i U illl F.
K. Locke A f;o. to iurnish 35 per cent.
: hT the BW. ami Half Bid. as cheap as it can
i oe hotilit in Philadelphia.
I They have abo just received a general as -
i soriment of
-.,.-. ti i.Ta-nT.-. n 'S IV
I JJ J ij ii j ii JJiii iliiiiU J
I . . ..... . . ...
iiinl unit ll2K.(.laN and I'utlv.
I VI ;;.r,Ju,oifi.ti,iUJ'i.t.ii,
,. .... . r,i.. i.,i.,t A!.,d!i.iiiuv-
' " J""i'",ui j ...... v a. s...i,
LiijiKirs.Tnbiicfo, .Suiill'.Inks, Soda
Ash, h?el Urease, &f. sc.
AH lhe above articles offered VFRV
CHEAP FOR CASH. Call before buying
eNewhere. Our Motto is
'Small I'lulifM & quick Sale.'
I.ewishurp, Mav 13, H59.
rfflt rrifniicnt !
'1 IKE STOCK ,.f IIOUTS AXD .". 11 J
tin nn hanc" iwhich is lhe laiu'est in the' w
CouiMvi at ( lslhelatbest.nthe
nnoT nilird mn fl.ri! .
-3-X.. u.,l,ee,ll nd e.Kin.n,, for vour.
selves either WAufrwie or Ktfail. j i More-
j keepers and others engaged in lhe Shoe trade
1 will find it to their advantage to call aud look
a. h,s s..,.k and
save Bt least 25 per cent.!
Manilla! tlirilli; of all kinds done nt
very inooerale prices and KEPAIKINU at the
i-r iion't forget the place-j-f dunr to J.
Jj .7. Wall' Mure, LE W IsBI RU.
May 9, ISy9
I n.,rh fa n.Wman Vrr. h.,,,1, 1,,r;j.r
, w. , j
n c li n i
cwSpriiigixbum eruoou
HAVE received and opened a CHOICE .
assortment of all the laiesi styles of,
uot and Summer Goods. The ameolar
attention ot me Ladies is caiiea to ineirsioca
Dress Silks
Umichsms lusertinis
Foulards Kdjintrs
Chintzes liloves.Ae.
At.SO Cloths, Plain and Farcy Cassnneres,
Jeans, Tweeds, Vestmcs, Muslins, Drill"
in?s, 'Pickings, Flannels, Boots and
I jT Shoes,, Hats and Caps.j
lopeiher with a complete assortment of
Groceries, Hardware,
Cedanvare, Qiieensware, Ac.
all of which will be disposed of on as lavora-1
ble terms as the same articles can be purch
a.ed anvwhere. t.ire u a end:
7 J
; X'U"dforil'iT'
,. 1 Marker!, in half, jaarter. an.l eljlith Ms,
111 l.Ml i,iwu)1A.
vo. !irlt,i.!,lilliiidi-:n lt!, jiiisf'il ml
lor sale b III nsil A huimax.
V0. l Shodi (extra) just rrot.e.1 .ml fr .ie W
as m nsn a iiuii man.
rllITK ri-h in half .od quarter harrels, just rts-eied
" anj for ...e I.y Hl hSH A Olj, lM AM.
! ii ehui.su, lu whol. rMr-l..j..t rus-i.e.! an.l fhr sale
" T
in nsti it UO-loMAN.
obiltXtl Alum. Slorsh&Il an,1 tTiiirr Salt, just n-csirej
u J i;t ih. neti a wia.s. i
f rRAB Ciier Vinegar, just receive.! an-l f.r sal. br
!v utiislltiioiiliMAN.
LtWIS" Int. Lead, lo lu, So. . u.l Vi Ih. keg., !
jus. tec u .i,J lor sale by 111 Hsll A liOL.oMAi. '
I l.Nsl.KO, Susrm aud ri.h oili.jit r.-e.'iv,sl autl for ,
L i.. ' uli.-ii a uooOMaN.
i ,iv 11.11 s'.i !...,. .ml U nn. flti.k.e. iusi nt- !
t ;;,Vn;rioVi.T, iicitiit u.j..iiiAS.
j. d ike j.lSl Tssui.tf, ami f ir.sle .
J) ' u- 'r' 'nVYsn a ii..iim'an. ;
. 1
T,...r, si . i it . k.k ms. r.rieej -
b f,rr,r is iiLiisii a ., kiDMax. I
TI LACK Sll.KDleTEBa.nd MANTILLAS Ji.il r-eeir.l
JJ e.1 and I. r e.le.hv 111 ll.-ll 1, K-I.M AN.
ly OOP unit Zior Wah fwrd ltrot ra-'.GJx n l Putty,
... ,
.;,,l,.rra.li. or el.b,n.e.r all kin.1.,1 country I'r.i- j
I i-iKkrv ftn.l tnnn n bth. iai rwmu inn pir ,
rtu.-. Ili-h.l msrk.lprn.sjl ail f..rell I
,RU 4
' . . ....:.....
uuouua.s. 1
-sKAeE nrower. ran earrr nn their b-asinea most sue- ;
s-" eMtullr .t llauimi.rmo. nssa Imm .r.ssos sro
fort iti-vard Mt out ttt pant .i-on. iulfrtiK-
mcut of llamiDouton LaQdii, unotlicr t.utnu.
SftOK Bti-lo-i8 and Fsctoii bb tVcarrtwd oo prof tv
biy at Uaiuiauotoa. Bs atittrrtiseaieal uf Uatutnun
ton Landft.
I i). iiitEIYEK) 1'roprietor.
THIS House is the largest and most
spacious in Lewtsburg, aod situated up
posile the Court House, on Ihe most elevated
and oleasant part of the town. The proprie
tor, who has recently purchased of the late :
firm of Lawshe i Set-old, has spared nennei
pains nor expense io refit.teg and re-furnish-
1 f-Vcf ic h, ae.ll nd iudr. f r '
ISTFlea;- pre him a call end l'fr
yeUrsl-i. ..5 It !-ei 1
.1B Milt l.rillltl i;liiuiiu. ia riuiLaci i n ., . . u to these pictures. I am eki err
. V Dried Peaches Prtines.C urranls.liiinch ; . 1 . . '
ritHE undersipned.findin-limes rather hard I'aisiiis.Cooknig R iisiu, cheap Curon.Corn . ,1" t'nS.a'de ... vwheV' IT
I ..,. offers h,s r". . Starch. Far.na. Ic:ce Flour. Flarcrmi Ex - ; ,fc"1 "'.ade ".bere- A
m n ..-j ............... , v.. v . ... ---.- . ' I i r. l;ieSni.-trfcra. I
; (f hrtrnhfTltlt Hm '4 (furl. '
! , )
1 VehavC tested tlie merits Ofai
n,htl.ttm, u mU Mti.faetin., and ar. fully
. ijntrrcil(Di to j.ut turn It. Our ock to now
1 urnr.and aiora craislru tbaa rr. ml an cra
. ris to rurnlhoarpironltlimrtbiiiiila oar im i
of bo.lo"". t thlot tria lor CMh.or in n:nu ,
i ,T Wb.at, Hj: Corn, ot., iorriti. bmi-7. umoiuj
6-i, n.t s-d, Puuu, Bacon, Uutur, LaiJ, t-u:
T.lli.w, S..p, e.
W w aliwl par w 1,11 a 1 1 ia OT lro.in.
KKUS .Nails and Spikes, assoned sizes,
fur a!e bv
riiAMi!i:r.i.ix Bros.
11RIMF. Sliad and Jrv Salt Herring
1,-S ()()() LI- Country Ouvi Ua-
ib rll lll:Kl:LI Ull'ls
. m , . .
... - , .
17KESII from t!;u kiln, for sal.? 1-v
1 r; BBLS. Enstport Horring jut
t m il lin .iulily,n J rties..
- - -
V TEAS ! TEAS ! TEA? ! e
I 11 i i.-.. . i. .... I... ,. ...Hri... . i " 1. 1 . 1 v
. ' . ..... v s..i.
, ...' ni ' ''
A K".1 srtl.'lir of Yuuuz lln st .'l t r-r lb.
reeu. Ki" Hull Jn.a (.'gIV". l:-":..tisl an-t r...,iiil
sl;,n,l...l,t nionti:!;!. BMIs.
O jf ail kmJc, ouiri'ir -ihU. uti'l nt rf.v.fir
T A 1 t.'i' lecti a it s rui . ali'l M-'tn.-i... at .1-trem.-ly
lo J..-IC 4. Vll A M IIKKLl " I.HO 3.
) LUE and White P!;i?tf.r. ami Coal,
I J) (,riH.y CM M1;KK1.1. liK"
. , r . . . . .it 'I
"I l-'-il T ( .rrmiifl Alum. Mursliall
VJ tli .ud t.Iort.;
11 vl
; -
1 kepp a constant svyU of vs -
lernwL. Wheat 11, ur : .li Vn..-.o-li.iir.
' rtiAMiiKiit.lv mi,-
' -
10RN". Kvc. O.tts and all kinils of
' cii. i jiutl. t ia:.t.tj' on t.u.l.
.. n nor i.i.i .s riio s.
........ . ri'ii-ivi.
I h'Ol'h. CUhI t 1WLNL
A a.-'ortmrnt ot Hay Kopc,
I IIW I.Hl'. Ir4 ll'UlF, ntn'J'l I .r-a a m liif.
hint r.-ti, jp i ii 'Miu.t'.i.n ii; t
i L At ft OQ LliIiJ.
, CHAMSF.KLIN nr." ?
1 QO CULS. Fresh Mackerel, in ns-
una-UaUj tn ll.lo wrcm. Aln. !i t. Ilvrrii-,-. ai.ii
C'-if.tlf :rt:l hj rHAMlihl.LI.N IsKiJ?..
L pet a monthly snjijdy, lrcsli
v 1 rr-m m Bsio-rv, iiii' .,u.iii.j nM
eltAMltfc!;i.t.N hft.
; tracts. Olive Oil, Sap c-a::o I h'ese, Uned
.. l LL kinds of M res Dried APn e. , c-,n U!",' "P"" 'yie. m
i ucel, Hoasted and l.rounrt I orfee, Alamaiitine ., . , , .. ,
Candles. Tallow Candles. Ouve Soap. Kostn " ? ,ha ieli y of expression and feature.
B"aP- Peters.ve Soap. T .lei Soap. Castile 1 can le P'id '.v by the Camera.
!si.ap-B3kerSChocolate.Baker-sCocoa,Ea.lhVer,,',l,7,i';e ri.ie.I. and I h.trih.
I kins Soda. Sal Soda. Soda Ash. Wason i 'x,0!"Te V'ht 1 awa Tvun'?- '
urease, tvocnen rails, i uos, inurnsn ni-.e
Sand, Ki.sendale Cement, Calcined Plaster
Hesns. Brooms, Brushes. A lariceass, riment
i i-f Tubatto and S-sar. c. Ac.
iui a.c i'y ii .a -i i J ta i i Lii J&
Lewisbur:, April 29, 18"9.
I Srream !..-Ira Cream !
I, a. s..
14 , . ... . . .... ,
I i next door to the Irlesraph and ( In milr
"luce .siaikei-sijiiare, i-euisDurg. i ne very
j best in town. Call in and see ! (May 4,S4
." 7 -
. i tt 1 riT VV t .1, C.r,.l
.1 in I .....-
. UOA 1.1. 1 1.1 I 1.1 ill kliC SUU1C
in Kewistur? j
!iansstr'th on the Honey Eee. new edition,
rnce isl.Sa. The attenlion of ail overs ol
H .ney are invited to this valuable b. ...
J'nt's Lectures on Fulfilment of Prophecy
j especially as regards the I'niied states. IT. 're !
411 cis. - This is truly a remarkable book.
May 19. M.M. .MLKRAY. i
Family Grocery Store.
T. G. EVANS & Co.,
Kml.mcintr rtrry nr:! roinnjcD to thetnxdV. nnrha
FKU1TS. Ac. A'C. Ac,
, . , ,, -
Market itrtrt, of.pnte tlie lu,l Once,
l,m iNbura;, lu.
I rP Ct. E. V: Co. have .inst rccpivcil
1 . fresh from !'hilili.I'hia a triiu.-Q.li.ua .tm'k ef
i Hkkil lir.s-ne ol tserji LH..I. atuoui; .lii.L .r.
IVarlirs and Toma
put up lu C.ua anil marranleil pur. and lr.ih.
Dried Apple?, Peaches, Prime?, Cur -
rants, Preferring Citrons, 1 lgS,
Uatcs.Iiaisins lrom lii to 18,
cU. per lu., Pick ics of
all tlcsci'ijition?,
Pure Java (ll'Fi:t:, ground,
and pat upia air-tight Cans, ,-3l'resl f..r famtlT ust..
A Lirst i.t uj anterior .W.l CA EHEL. .IIA D,
A General aseortment of
Willow ami l;ir Warr.f.IaKS
Marc, ijiK-rnsivart-, i:arlliru-
ware, i.oiu-, iiiine, a.r.
r-- I s t I I. ' f i g ir . . ,
rin v"' ' "If"' """
a tut Lamp YUkt Tallow, jViruf, tic.
I ""'' . uiwii, ji.imi, ui.
s;n,,s ,,f 0l L;n,l AVIirol CiP'iBn etc
- luu- ut'- x ica.c, ui.
. v - . - .
LO0l!rrO flulj XigLlt9, a ll)0uc udriCin. i
L'l,.- 'n,.n Mr.nl l..l...r....- I'r,,-.,
xtui, .s.., a . , s. u. ...
RvC. OatS. tkC. tllwaVJ OU llUUll. i
(iuods dtUvrrtd frte oj charge to euafomtrs
- - . ,
m...;fj,n,r niIAih f in-i.uAri.
x.. ...m. 1 in ...nm.r.,. n ,n. .Tt.rir. whirls m.
i r . . -...,s-i. ,
I1...3 1..THH 111. puotir local! an.l .iTHsiiueour ossoriioeni: t
of Orocenea. tic ar. conn-lent ol is'tos al lv Ti, ,11 as
ra-ap as in- . rau s vx ..uau.ii'uia.
u ..ii ....n,,,:.,:,- .i,eit ,.ae .... f.v .
us.raiiifcr j
He fturrhase all mnnntr of i".Wuce,
and pay a bib of anj Isslj tlo.. I
la.wi.luri.Apr.ly.. lew.. T. 0 . ETANS iiCa j
"I ET married when you wish, rnlv so you j
kind: and .l a firsl rite COOK 9 I'fl V E al
first cost, as 1 want to close out my stock of
cook stove. JOS. MTADUliY
Lewisbure. March 11. 1854.
ALL wanting fats) lo ft DMitiMfoI climate, rkh toil.
anJ tenure frotu trrwU. a'if rtiMinuat of Uau-
mcni. u Lnd-. anmbr w iawa.
exee'lent 6il.
T) ARE CtA. e.a I 6 .1-
FsrgaiD-musi fo. Inqmre of
t f eoEM AM'iE , l.f itVar,
lv MomJ , , - it
I.MMIW ol Haiti.
1,1 Css e's- per lf0 pounds
1st Class
a - 40
3 xi -
4 1:7 -
Special 8 "
floods left a! the Depot in Philadelphia ff.'
fi re 4 o'clock, F. M , will be furwarded iarn
evening. Apply to
I'cacfiei. 'tt ii'ir'imrrn. As',
S0H A 'il Mai Ice t Si.. Ph.laJ.
f. J. I ICU K, Agi. l.ewist arj.
! ewisSurs:, July I, l-.Vj.
-1 FA,r
s in Ihir nte i f .N- Jrrv. ikitl Ka ti
Kt:. itL m c.y b it m T!i ltt-l l lar ltw, di
,iu4K..tj, i, .m i.nir.i. tr-,
ll 1 .trm r
?.!..'; ir.tT,-
, ,,,.,J,;, ., ,t ; -( .4 .u . I.y l.ailr..ui l..r ll.u.11.' i-to. ,
,.r s i lr- 1. J. i-.ri.' S. 1 1 1. ir. r. lli.,ui' M1 ti r- f " i
!.".- n-w .
. n.-nt in n -th-r filuinn.
1- -- -
LARfiK snj'plvof Do'ikslalwsert,
. J Pertmnery, Jewelry, Toys, Confection-
..... 'I". w ..... L' . . . . V..,c O -. . L . . .
T ' ...........
i f,, lures, and a variety of Alt K A At Kb fof
sale t heap at the
"Ll'lD AND PINE OIL can he hud at ih
t MNE ;. !d PI N'S :t r La i.esard CCerts catt
he f:
O Krecist Prtis a:ii Ear R.ns ran Le haj
very cl.eap at the I'tlsT OFFICE
)l"TTEIt, E-.'Es, I.ard end Poultry taken 13
) Ea( l.ui.ge ! r tiooiis a the
VFEW iioaies of ICaisins, Fi,s, Llates anil
I'li.cie Piurces lor sa at the
: I jllDKK"? lor Bo. ks or Go, is of any kii.J
, rroinptlr attended to ar the
. z ,.. -, - . - - -
I A IHI.CS can fill ! tne largest and h'rt assnrt-
j fc.ei:t ot l.t;i..r and Note PAH:H.KnveI.
o es 4r. at the
uhnlhi. jos. .ns. j.j. eiLx.
ja-aaij lewbbor? I'laninij Jlilf,
aiircrcViij: seep cocstant'v ca hand ardl
inanuiac tore lo order I'loorilisr. Siding 4
! .SsIi. Shullc-rs).
.llniiiiUiiES ot all patterns,
and all 1 ;her descriptions of Ys'ocd Kurk used)
m Biiildii.cr.
Orders respectfully wliefed and protnpi'y
filled. All wors warranted:;-E,ve satisfaction.
ll"An extensive lot of Lumber of ail
descriptions on hand fcr sa.e.
Fart. .ry an 'nrl, Stci.ndntrittLtwirburi'.ra.
April VS. IS;,.
"VVER J... M'Fadden's Hardware tsiore.
s Hardware tsiore.
Shoe acre. Mai La-
j lormenv iio'isiiti.ii s
street, Lewi-bar?. Pa.
! A Jlliii U 1 1 1 r. V MI. I. A YD T YrFS.
. ,
. In addition
fared to ial,
equal to
oreo to ii;
1 . '""
i , PV I .(l0il I 1 1 I !)( lllllir.n
.-" lut, .iiujutu.
I JIAtl. iusi received their ceneral snrp'T
! 1 i f Ooods for the SPP.IM; 4 Sl"MMt.i
' '" tneirsiocK eoBsisis in part U tbf
latest anu tni'st tashionate stves ol
: JujiJL; J.il' J.Jiii.iJ
so, h 8s shawls, Muntles. cruks. Eereees i i.
i r' d Laines, iineha-ns, Punts, ol a.l
DatttriK. Rihhons. !..-. Tt.
. nr.t .s.
i Iior.r.et I riromins
Cloves, Handkerchiefs. Ac.
I'Oli 1 111. (il A I IMI V
; they hare a heavv assortment of Cloths. Jat
! .inir, Cottonets, Vestiiics. Half Hose.
i ravats. and all other descriptii ns . f
masculine t.-cuerr." which can
not he b a, en in this re:cn.
if Call and take a look at onr ass. rtn.er',
and you will !e convinced that too ran'! d.
better ai) where ebr. LT? Coui'.try 1'rodi.c
taken as nnii. J. SCHRE YEK A SON.
Lewitiir Aj .-i; 2J, Is...!.
H IO i Iil:iriliiof ih
Irnn iy
t umnirrr'til i otitic.
Address 0,,
Jlay IT. I-5J.
Leist.rS p. o
I THE OI.U MIOP!-The suhsrr-1-M
jL respectluliv announce lo the ril'Tens. of
Lewisl ur;; and vicinuy that they have ftiu.ed
a Partnership in the
at the Weil-knoll
, .
Tailoring Business,
wn stand ol James Criswell rrt
.Market siree!, where ihev ate piepared o
CiT AM) .W.tAt' I'loiu'-r m ife vei
hest SIlTe t..n . an.l P...-. . ....... ..
, eveiy ttescnpuon on si., rt n. uce. We ask-
I a share ol lhe public patrorape
Lewisbnrz, April t, ls".
rilAKE NOTICE ! The ni.dersi-ned ars
I appointed A-ents for the sale of
Ior, IiliiKN ji.. Window Sash
of ail sies, maderf the best material. A'!
work warianted. t y Made by L.li.J-PhOl T
iiuichesviii-, Pa. and for sale bv
(51 J F S CALDWELLiLewisbun;
I. ..s.l,. . IK..1I i IMIf M Tr Olirf
L THmming K'ft, a cnernient art.ci tur
,,,,,,,. . ,., Mm,i,i,,. a .
i;nK SALE. CHEAP A .v and
t urners 10 trim pamrotiets. cse.
May S7. 'fit. C.J. -TAHL.Bork Binder.
". . . " " : " "
K(j jjj irjflStOIieS.GrCCeUeS, 01 IHOnKf V
n .
1 1 IT hundreds ct Hats and Caps of ihn
a i i i .1 v
J-' : . M'"- rueaptr man ear. i.
1 laie
......... . i . . n i . . a- ,, .n ... . i. .... ..
( ,,,! ,,, ir,-,,, i.;j.ir, rt
...... j, - .- .... -
t cpotrTMrrn b icnTVJ
w .;vui44.i-i
" T.VE received IheirSECOND ARRIVAL
I of Spring and Summer (..n ds. Ladies'
Li ess ! Coo.ls, Matltllas, Bod a large lot rf
, . , C( aj S1,. frm a,,in.
Al'o a general assortment of Men's W.r.
Triniiuirt;. C. tlona.ies, Cassimcis k Cloth',
which will be sold the a p.
Mav 15. 159.
j-ruiaei ' '"""'"" '
.'n". .-;of that kind on band or lorrder by ih
Le--isbore Book-nder. CHt Te rlu
, II. f.CKlliHT, FV7f.cr.
ftlarket street, next door tn Vrown .V
Ritter's Store l.EWISBl I' A.
PEKS.1NS wlabir.fi to cbaBvie ttwlr bu-HHM ! a e.p.1
ly li.er-a.ra c.ur'rr. a n-w setllsD.iir w.r t'ft
deed. r 'dc. wb.i. "a. rtlcau. va n 4 am :ti:
c: . . ' .....lL.ma- of 1 Ks-.e.' c. f .'e.
I ..!- rfiseil
... trnr -1" ' t'urn
1 dopy Meljcl