Union County star and Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1859-1864, July 29, 1859, Image 4

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(jHUl.tY'.sI'fcSCKMrROM Al!TIH( IAI.
To l.MM.t Lilt. In liis last ovcriaud ;
later, Mr. Grctlcy remarks; !
"I believe I liave now descended lie
, ,, . , . .
Jadd.r of artificial life nearly to Its lowest
round. lfilieChcjcnrics thirty of whom
, . , .. ...
mopped the last express du.ru ou the
route wc must traverse, and tried to leg
or steal from it should foe fit lo cap'tirc
. . . , . i
further experience in the same line; but
fir the present the progress I Lave mule
during the last f rtuilit, toward the
primitive simplicity of human existence,
liny he roughly noted thus :
May 15th I'hicMgi Chocolate and
morning newspapers last sceu uu the
lreakfa.-t table.
J'! 1 Lcivc nw-irtli Hym hells and
Laths make thiir last appearance.
iMtli Tuji-ka lieefs'eak and wash
1 owls (other than tin) last visible, liar
Ler ditu.
2o:b Manhattan Potatoes and epps
list recogn:ziJ amiiigthe lilcsiiij'. that
"brighten a they take their flight."
Chairs ditto.
liTth Junction City Last visitation
rfa bootblack, with dissolving views of a
board bed room. Chairs hid us good-by. '
l:Sih I'ipe Creek ISenchcs for soats
lit meals have disappeared, giving place to
bags and boxes. We (two passengeis of
a scribbling turn) write our Utters in the
express w igon that has borne us by day
and must supply us lodgings f . r the night
ThutiJer and lihtuing fiom both south
and west give strong promise of a shower
before morning. 1 lubious looks at several
boles in the canvass covering of the wag
Our trust is in buoyant hearts and
lin, udiu-rubbcr Muukct
(Joml ni ol.t.
Ar.TKMAS WauiVs C(.i:!:tim:. 'Twas
a carm still nite in J.mn, when a!! natur
whs hiislit & oary Zi ITer disturb- d the si
reoe silense. I sot with the ol j-.-k of my
heart's affLCtions on tbe fence of ber da-l- ,
dy's pastur. I baJ ixp riunsed a liatikcr
la artcr bur t r sum time, but daisant
proclaim mi pasbun, wal we sot tliete on
the fecse a swingiu of rur feet '2 A' frow &
l lu.-liin as red as tbe K.iul.linvilie skule
Ttrj c;mpul, 1 make DO dowt. iy Kit;
k. i ir
upidc io ballunsio nivself on ,
the Knee while my nht arm wis woouti
tiffik-bnitly round i-uzititii r's wa.-tc.
5tz I, 'SuzanDcr, I tbiuks very much
is.i sbe, "how you do run on."
8cz I. "I wish tbare was winders tu mi
file sol vou could sec 6OU1C of my fetlius,
' '
fi I side deeply.
I pawscd here, but as she made nn rc
p!y tu it, 1 coutiuued ou in tbe following
strane :
"Ar, cood jcr knew tbe sleeplis nites I
parze on jer account, how vittKs bas scast
to be attractive tu Die & bow my limbs is
tbiui.k up, TC wocdu't dnwt me nit ly no
,. , i
ineeiiS. Uazo on tins wastiu iorm anu
Ibese sonken ize," I cride, jumpiu up i
sbud have continurcd sum time longer
j robly, but unfortunitely I lost my bal
ance A" fell ever iuto tbe pastur ker
fiuasli, taring my close and severely dam
agio myself generally. Suzanncr sprung
In my assistance & drieged me 4th in
dubble quick time. Then dratviu herself
up to ber full bite sbe sed :
'I won't lUten to yur nnnccnts cny
longi. Jest jou sa rite out what you
arc drivin at. If you nieao gittiu bitched
l m in." '
?i.kkpimi ox Si'M'AVS. A minister of
the "A'ii!.-," in good old Scotland, once
discovered bis wife fallen asleep in tbe
tuidst of his homily on the Sabbath. So,
pausing in tbe steady, aud possibly some
what monotonous, fl iw of liis oratory, he
broke fjrih wilh (Lis personal address,
. , , . . in.
fcuaip auu vieaij vui vlij utiiueiiiii; j
"Susan :-' !
Susan opened her cjes and cars in a
twinkling, as did all other dreamers io
tbe house, whether asleep or awake.
"Susan, I dinna many ye for yoor
wealth, siu' yc hae'd none ! And I dinua
marry ye for jour beauty, that the hail
Congregation can sec. And if yc hae no
rracc, I have made but a fair bargain '. '
Susni.'a slumbers were effectually hrn .
, e i . i
Iran nr. Ir.e II, -it lr
r . a.
a meetiog of tbe American Friendly As- pains nor expense io refuting and re-furnish-.on;.,i;.,n
;n V v., ,V . f., ..,;nr. ins the House.
a...... .--"..6,
ago, M'Cliritock, by illustrating the igno
ranee ia Great 1J: itain of America, tulJ a
story of a distinguished book anil map
publisher of Loudon, who told bim that
he "knew IVnnsjiania. Yes ; had been
all over it, going by rail from l'urtland to
Boston." When in Irelaud, Dr. M'Clin- (
ioci said tuai many 01 me irisn couia not
bolitte he was an American born ; first,
because of his "dacint skin," and then
said'Uliss mesow! ; why, he talks a'most
as well as one of us." Mavor (jrcory
., ,,, . . ui- ' c r
na!d a W elchman told him a f-tory uf a
man who lived ''just back uf New York,
iu Cincinnati "
J , .
There is , good story told of Meolraj,
the native Last India General, iliafol -
lowtri took from the English a lot of ber-
ni.tic.lly sealed provisions, io -io ces,
ad not having seen anything of the kind
k.f,. I. -. t. . .
oeiorc, be mistook them for canuistcr
hot, and fired nothing from his guns for
Ihret days but fresh lobster. r,;,.t-l.J
n.oo andotLer.li .k 7- i
ih. t,;,; b V , . . . ""PP'J-'ng j
me iiniish camp (which he was trying to I
starve into a surrender) with a shower of i
the fresheat nf b-i; i. .
. . .
" fr ""1,)"anexi;Uange.Hi',ncvrrl
thrown awav
is the reason, CO j
doubt, hv wc
,'i so ftw of iLim.
yl I I. L, I X K K Y ,
I )tl)t I Zl HtK respectfully
A u.lorms the c.i.zen.ol Lew.sburg and
vicinity. lh.il she lias opened an extensile
M.iinirrv and Fancy Store in Porter's Hhr!i.
on Nonh 2d it., near the Riviere Hou-e, j
where she has lor sale Xeopoluan. l.acr, ,
s,ralri ,!ra, anJ KONKTS, also
a larv,e slock of MATS and FLATS ul vari-
"us 7e 3,1(1 "''apes- 1
llltKsS TRIMMINfiM of even-color, and
til- ii. ae.-latylej. alsn Ureas sleeve llaniues. lurllia. r
Mamie Cittern, at h--rnti.lv. AU lanety nf l.M
tcoilliKI.V.nu.'U as Cellari-. flw'. rl-'ioielii.:. Infant
li...ii. e. Iii-eniug umI td.ea all wf mLtrU ll l xfcl
VeiV .hi-en.
Ilavnis made mv ptirrh.isrs in hoth New
Vnk a .1 I'lnliiJ. 1 ln. I Halter nnarlr lliat III"" Vi
ru i.i l ioiiiii aiiviiini; in niy tine ran l,er tiiel a la t. j
i.-r iio k loiu wloVh lo eelra than a km-t l-rl..ri of- ,
f. r i fu llii jilacu. !
I am also prepared to do all kinds of
III. llAl'lilVI -ueli a Nfai-olitan, llraiil anl Straw ;
4..i.li.-t-.,t!,i;ei,l.-'a lt,,'lli.ts.alH'lilllienV Helmet i
'iviiij tin in a iieit. ! aii-eiiraitee neer la-lore at- j
tai i. d b milliner,- in ll.i B,eii,u l tnuotry. j
lire es MAHE 11' ai ihe shortest notice
an. I in it..- nml ai-pn-rej .tvle aarrul.t, d In ffive full i
!..ui"lfii'.u to any hti.u laioiini; m villi lloir l-atro- ,
U:iJ. I
;..r.!i.lenl that ! haee evrryihine usually !
!il!...l li.i in a I a.hV f anrv Slora. an.i tliat I iioi pl.-a-i- .
tli m.l ftlliu lai.li a. I Lilly aek vcli one lot all tie- .
f..rr I'urt-riaMug i-iww lii-rc 1
Lewishurs, April SO, 1
turll.in and I'linnlssin Iluosr In l(Miur(!.
Leil Auctioneer ! :
1". A.IOH'll'r having been appointed
.le Auctioneer lor .ewiln.re, is piepareil lo
aiiend in all calls
his line in town anil j
Commission Sales,
In April nexi, I intend lo oprn on Mail.e
'rcei a Room for ihe rerepiii-n. and the sale
ai siaieil tunes ol'all kunls of limits al Auc-.
lion. Anv one wi.-hinc loilipoeof any arti
cle ran ! pi-sit n ti-ith me and 1 w ill seil it al
the l-f-i aiivania?e I ran and chaise a per ;
centace fur the same i
ll. I -oil FA DONEHOHF.II ;
Executrix's Hoiice. I
""(iTK'i: is hereby iven, that Letters trs-
taineiiiarv on ihe laM will and teslainent j
,.i v W I.l Klf . Ijie of ihe hi.roni'h of
i.en-i-burz.riiinn couniv.ilecease.l. have heen
eranieil io the uiniervirnril. by ihe Ileci-ier -l
I nion county, in clue form law ; all persons j
having elattns acainst said estate will present I
ilo'in to ihe snl-i-rriber for settlement, ami '
llioe ovin said estate are reijuesleil to
prefr.t ilo'in lealH aiiiltniirai'd lor settle- .
ment. HMMIAKA THOMAS, Execiilnx I
l.ew-isl.iire. April 21, .'9 I
.. - . -I
i4wOQi JJlIKlCrV.
Hiiy . i
ilIK suli-riiber having rrntiit the enure ,
II,, ok IlllldlO" e-labllshineilt Of orden i
,V Coriif lius and added to it his own tools, is
prepared ui I
e.a ntm 1
DUMU Uit lUii-SllVU
jhhiolmh--. -i...i;i .
i tier r ii or na I'lkituiiu. in vii hii ini ui i
' . , , u i
l.t'. ATliF.K i'r 'I AM M.ii.iiiiu uiiru n nit .tiai utc
l.t-.aTIIF.R or ol
Paper of dillerent lisures. I
(11.1 liihles and other Hooks cr Papers which j
it is desired lo preserve as memorials in a
family, can be made more secure by ihe Bin
t - '
der's skill.
CDIanW Ttook. Bibles, Hymn and Praver
Hooks, I'orkei Hooks, Albums. Iliaries. Ac
EcPtferPtl vilh faolil
in legible and durable eharariers, lo order.
.-l.. .OI--L-Ol 1, n.la In .....
.Ill i-H. I .11. ( I.IV.J, ' t HI IU1I
'.. cood Hinderv has Ions been desired
in this vicinity, and I therefore respectfully
solicit ihe public paironase. mistine that my
experience and attention to business will Sive
satisfaction. I intend to charge moderate and
uniform prices, on the ' l.iv-e and Let Live
principle and hope to make it a permanent
l'n..lnre mil .Store (n.s tnl.rn in pny.
!"? Rent and siork requirinz meney.I expect
I'A V "A hr.l.l I t.K V ot all work, a
Bindery in Heaver's wooden block. N Third
street, four doors from Market sireet.r.ear ihe
Chn.nirlr efbee. CH.VS J. &TAHL.
I.ewi-burp. April I, IS59
1") EM0VA1.. Ir. .4. P. MPjIorl has I
, removed to Ihe house lately occupied by i
Mrs. Kineaid, corner of Third and SI. Mary
streets, two squares Norlh of Market St, east
side. OFFICE in same binldins. Sonih door
on Third Si. Lewisburs;. .Nov 18, 158
I.L. M I.Kit! LUMUKIt!!
Hi: sub-rribers have for sale
(in lots lo suit purchasers i
a tarire stork ol
ilW. HOMil'S Panel Stun
Plank. Ac. Also 5.MIO VIM. KAILS.
;r inch Saned Shinsles superior quality.
Also -jtiare 'riinber for Uuildini;s :
Which are tillered low for rash, at our Mills
on South Hianrh of the White Deer Creek in j
Hartley township or delivered on the Brush i
Val'tv Narrows road al ihe end of our Road.
IV" A Dipioma (or a superior sample of:
Planks, and a Premium for Hails anil Nun?
les, were awarded ns at the lat l.'nion Co.A;.
Fair. JOH.V M'CAI.L & BliO S.
Forest II ill P O, Fnion Co, Pa
185.)---Spriiis Styles.
Jut received at GIBSON S H AT
Manufactory. Call and see ihein.
I.. I). ItIlEWi:it, ITopriHor.
'I'lIK IfniKP ! s laro-piil anil mnsl
J- spacious in I.ewisburg. and situated op
posite ihe Court llou-e, on the most elevated
' ...
and pleasant part of ihe town. The proprie- i
.... .. l. u.. ' ,1- h. or ,h lm- i
,.r, .., t..,,.. A h nre.l neilhe.
' - "T I .- -. - :
p,--. , ,,,11 ,J iArf.,r
IV Please i
July 1, 1HSH
illklnn. I.ni. I n. fa.l
11 n
nndersizned are manufacturing all
' I
sizes of FI.OI II BAtiS in ihe mosl sub-
staniial manner.
Terms moderate orders
:fl pd:lin
' Executor's Notice.
' "V"OTlr K is hereby p,ven .ha. letters testa-
: ineutarv on ihe last will and testament
i JACOB MK. HI., late of East Buffaloe
township. I'nion county, deceased, have been
sranled to the undersigned, by the Registerof
. ,-, Cc.M.iy, in due form of law,lherelorell
I persons indebted to said estate are requested to
I nlaf immediate payment, and those havinj
claims azainst the same will present them
, authen.icaied jTurme.
l I.ewisburz, April 16, ls.w.
TnT, .E?e?Utr X NOtiCC.
I 0TI( L 1S L('rel,-V -1Ven' ,hat LettprS
ll' Testamentary on the last will and testa-
; ment ,.f JOHN F. WILSON, laie uf
i I'mon county, deceased, have been granted to
' llie tmdersiened. by the Register of Cnion
county, in due form of law; therefore all per-,
knowing memseives inuemeu io sain i
eMale re re-iuested to make immediate pay-1
TM' iiw',e SV C'a'mS "sat,nsl i
ia?e als" r"lcsted to present them ;
properly auinenneaiea lor seiuemeni.
AJF.S WII.SOX, Execuiril
Hanie- ;n. April t. IH59
QCItii.L oliDEKS neail. printed and Ur
tah a. Ihe L'krwiult tltiice
Just opcncd: opposite tliclliviere
House, in tlio Hootn lately
oceniiieJ liy A. Singer.
A FULL ami eoniplete assortment of
I N G snch as Oeercoals, Press Ctials, llusi-
nesst'oats, anil Coals of everv style an.' pat- ;
1 tern; and l'anialoons and Vests in suit. Also,
a lar-re variety i f I'nder (.'loilnnp, such as
Drawer. Mints, &C. Also, a tine assortment
' of Hoys' Clothing of the. latest stvles. Also,
ll.i 'is and CA is equal to anv oll'ered in this
i couiilrv. In fart, I have rvrrytliin necessary
in ihe shape ot (Thuhins. which I uller al a
very small advance for cah. !
I'llll.ll' ;oorMAN. As't.
IVAIl kimN ol Country Produce taken in
en hance for tiooils. Lewisburs. Ort. -.
t 11.1.141 MOT I K,
I'll.llKltT TREKT, (
(oi-ar tin- Mao- I'ai ilol Stam 1'1,-ur Mill.)
Harrisbarg, Fa.
A full assorimem of Ware ceiisiantlv on
hand. Ware made lo order. For I'nre l.its
address the I'ropnetor. t if Orders by Mail
promptly ato'itded to foii'is::
IViii.Ilrown Jr. X. Mi. C. DuiiKI,
flavin? ft)rmH n I'anner'-hip, at ihe It
stan! ii Win. V J. II. lit own, Maikei Kt.abuve ;
4ih, l.,uihirj, j
A UK ftririnff a tame arrtmrnt o' j
Ix. spiiii? si ml Siimmrr -ooiN,
H'Uistini; ol
Casltlit-res, (
lieailv Made iollol L'. Cloth-,
'atniLs. 'esiinir-, Carpeimi:-,
llleached and Drown I. mens, M11II11.
tiiiss, Ac.
A l-o a larr vaiieiy of I.M'IEH' ).7.v
r.'Cifii.v. Mi. h as Calicoes. Challtes. I. awns,
lielains. liaraces, Silks, (.iiihains SliawN.Ae
Also all kinds of Notions, f inn-cries. Hard
ware, Cedarnaie, Queens and tila.ssware,
Fl-h. Sail, Tohaci o.
Also all kind ol Cl ick for building pur
pose. I
.-.!! am! exninine f.ir vnfrve. Troi.tirf
of all kin.Is taken in xrhxnc W Co.-s. j
I,rn-isl'i.rr, .April St, l.'i'J.
v:. --- r- '
"V-MCJlt Mill'kct W
" 1 1 I
Arrnnyrmetitt J;r the i.nr. '
TACOB ii. r.ROW.N. bavins aupplirii the ,
' l-ewisbnis Market for the past six monihs 1
has made the loiioinn; arrangements lor the
C(njn; jear
't'U l..o r It..! Million Veal in,! Port! I
riln he ,aj on U'ednesdav and Satmdav mor-
ninrs of each week, al the Market House, on
...!.... . , . ' . I. ,1 1 '. n .. I I . I '.
.i.uaei mm. oci.ecu c. i.o.i.c aim ..imc, ,
mall Trofits.'
r'xammr hi meat.
n u
I. S. M FJiNEIt. A?
stLUiraD ij&n
r i i.u one vrar s niai, ar ,ne .i 01
thai a Hat .Manufactory can be sustained
- n
in I-ewishure. we are now nrenared with the ,
larcesi and best -eb-eiion of Spnn" Styles if
HA IS and I A IS ever hrtmshi lo this market,
such as line Mole. Silk. Hress Hals. Drab, j
Heaver, Otter. Htph and Low Crown, Soft
Hats and Caps, and Summer Hals of latest '
stvles for Sprins and Summer wear, all of
which will be sold al City Pr res, lor Casn.
Oer motto shall be, " Quick Sales and Small
Proftis, f hicli ihe pi blic shall be the judges.
"''' ' " T " .,
April If., .:.!. JOS. .I1IM). Halter.
Hats ma le to order at stout nonce.
New Hotel in Wifflinburg.
MTHK subscriher would respecifuilv in-!
f'rm the Traveling FuMic everywhere, '
that he has taken and fitted up the premises ;
ol Cieorge Srhoeh, in the centre ot
where he i? prepared lo accommodate Mrans- '
ers and traveler men and beasts in ihe !
beM manner, with Board and Lod?inS.
Flae cive me a call.
- . ! . . . j
Administratrix' Notice.
J HEliEAS, l.elter of Administration
ihe estate of DAVID H.U lis F.mi.
deceased, late of Harlleton boroneh, I'iuoii
j county, have been ".ranted to the subscriber,
by the llegisier of said county, in due form;
! all persons indebted to said estate are reiuest
i ed to make payment, and those havinc claims
' azainst Ihe same will present them duly
authenticated b-r settlement, lo
IIIil.K.N C. HAVKS, A,lin"r
Harlleton, April I, lrj.V.1
Tlic IlCNt Mork ami l.ali-Kt MjIcn
thankful for" past favors i
would si ne that he has re- i
ceived Ihe SprincslSiiinmer
Fashions, and is prepared t,.
earmenis as usual. He will i
endeavor, as heretofore, to
erecute his work satisfacto
rily to all. I.ewi.sf ur?, May -it, IKoS
riHIS Ware is clear of all poisonous mat-
ter. The clazine is made of enmmon mitt
and rluy. Apple llnller or anyihin? else may
be kept in il wiih prrjrrt rijity. There is no
I'OISON in it an there in in ecinmi-n nil Kartlien-.l are.
Milk and llnller keen tnui h le-lIT in tliin material iliao
in Kiirtlieii-W are. Il ia lairnt In a Hint lnKly. will not
a!r-rt anv nart ef aliat may 1 e tut iuto it, and ia Hot
li"1 - 1' ." '" ereta. k in u-mt. .,.,.
-?M "se-l-er. LK islll ll(J nd gen.
ril(v n,rr.,,,nu! Hie Male.
Wanitfarllirt-Fiibert St. near the Steam Flenr M1II0
llarr, ri. W'JI. MtlVFH,
tiinisei rroiirielor
SiKixc-185y !
"I UsT received a large assortment of
m a aa. aaa m as ff. av a AX a
f Jfi , f iJi-jtOO UVViJji
aiii-h aa
relainpp, Cliallir?. Ilorefre?, Crosso
ver Mohairs. Berege Aneelais,Sik Foulard,
Satin Challies, Tamartines, 8-4 while and
black Berege, Berege Robes and Organ
dies, very handsome French Brilliants prin
ted, Percals also a great variety of square
, and round cornered STEM, A SHAWLS,
varying in price from ijw.oO lo if'! I. Broche
borders, black lace, pointed and square
SHAWLS, lace Mantles, black silk Netting,
black demi Veils, real Maliese Collars, very
pretty sett of Collars and Sleeves from $2
lo Cambric Edging. Lace Skirling,
French Dimity. Dimity Bands, Handker
chiefs from fij els. to $1 each, embroidered
Mills from .SO cts. to $2 per pair, besides a
great variety of Fancy and Staple
Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
Qneensware, &c. &c. &c,
all of which will be sold very cheap. Call
and see.
I.ewisburg. April 29. IH.ie.
Chromatic I'rilillnrr
-jt AVmj purchased the right lo use IW
1 1 fnr prinl,I1? wilh v
c"lor'' f"r tn'"n -'o-'- ' are'prepared to
,CUIe ,(r,,.rs (ur
CARDS, Show-Bills, be.
t'H It'll. Green. Blue, tin,, .Sirer, Oiamnnd. or Ch.'i!
colors, in food siyle, IV al lh Otfice of the
Mar A Chronicle." I.en isburp.
Jim, ins w,.Rii!N a eoi.Ntuis.
TlAVSfor a full course
the Iron Citv -
College, mosl exlensivelv patronteil and
hesi organized Commercial School in llie Lni
tej Stales.
.'!."i7 Stii'rnts attintliifj ihiity, Min h,$.,U.
Csnal lime lo complete a toll course, from
f! to in weeks, l'.very Student, upon t railua
tii'C. is jMiaranteed to he coinpetem to manage
the Books ol any Holiness, anJ (qualified lo
earn a salary of from j
sr.oo to tiiicoo.
siiuilrnl enn-r at any nun -No Varaiion
Review at pleasure.
Fifiy-Ono rivminms fur I'st IVninan
liip awanloil in lf.'iS.
t"7 MiniMers" Sons received at half price.
For Circular and t-peciinens of V nun,',
inclose lu o letter stamp, and adilii ss j
-,.' F. W. J KN KIN'S, I'ltishursh. I'.i. '
or me
WILL tonina net' on MONDAY,April
f V lo n.nlimir I.( week",
ti.struriinn will be pivrn in all the Hranrh- 1
nl" a ihi'Ti'iiyh Aradt-mic Ourse; niu
v.mths deMru i-f prepann fur CnMpjjf. f -r
IV.n hm,(ir lur biisinos, will lititl n lo their
a lvntiuiL-e U enter (his InMiUilion. j
The llil.le ts a text look. 1
A taitre Class I Vouna I.m.ips i sprnre!.
'I't Ti'lON perMsion of I.l weeks, including
conhnifent expenes.
1M:IMKV . Kwlinr. Uritlii". ! fiur, Aritl.m-'tir.
t;-..ir.. itrxm. it ?tl I. S. Iliil- r. ' 'if
Al'V AM 1. 1 K.V.U.-Jl ail uot indu-li-tl t.r. t.:
LAMilA'.KS. Ht
No aiMiii.tnal chares; aUo, nn deiturtioiis
eicepl ir pmlrarleti McKfies. j tniinii paa
Me ii;inie)iale!' ttptnj fhe rlne if llie .e-.n.n.
April , IS.'fl. I'linc.pal
'VU KSunin'rSeM'iin,conslslinj:iif one :
1 Term of I S weeks, will open on Thui s-
-lav. April 21st.
tttlluTUUa H-r th ! f 14 fn rn
U.a.m kdi. lii.rar, , c.,e auJ n i-aira z
ae-JZirjfl-Tuition f,.ri he s..-:. n of 14 :
i la.m.ai ai.il iiml,erHngiiu ;i
A I.ains-,1 Knelti-h 4 "I
t'rt- and n fain
j-.eiillar Cour 11 eO
1'rioij.ry T '
Ki-Miir i;
A. K. UEI.L, Treasurer
I.ewishnrj. March ill, 1WJ
I"1 reeeivcu ai me i.rwisnurs ion k
.1 sin.re from ihe late I'hiladelohni Tiade i
,Hale. a larce collection of Books anil Station-
rrv, embracing ouou liuuks 111 ihe il.lli rent
il,-partmeiiis of
Science and Literature; Religion. Law.
and Politics; Histories. Biosri phii-s, Travels;
aramd and well selected sn ck of Mi-cella-
neous hoiks; Pocket and Family Ilibles,
from thirty-five cents lo seventten dollars;
Eneyclopa-dias ; Ladies Albums. (lilt books,
Aulecraph, Archileets; Hockets for Law-'
vers and Justices of ihe Peace; Day Books,
Ledgers. Composition books. Copy books.
Pass books and Pockei Memorandum-; Math- i
emaiical lu-lrtimenis ; YiMting Cards; a
larpe bit of Printer-' Cards, very cheap;!
cood Cap, Hath and Note paper, fiom 1SJ In
Vt tit. vr n'i'rr; Onanue, Dama-k, lie la;
line and Hull' i.nrelitpen from 4 ttt l-r rty. i
ltlnL- lleA.U an.l ltr,,lc. i UPnal
assnrtmonl of Sunday School boik; and Kt. ,
wards; rmnmon fr-'choul and Cuilec? Texi
books altmix on AW.
This slock was bon-ht at very Irw prices,
ani IS flfred so much below regular prices j
a., lo make it an inducemrni to persons wish-
im; por.d Bottks either for the librarv, general '
readme, ora handsome present, to call before i
I purcha-ms elsewhere. Special atlention of
Snpenntendents and Teiehers of Sunday
Schools is invited to our larse stock of S. S.
Hooks and Rewards always to be found on '
our shelves. Sunday School Catalogues fur-'
nished free of rharee. '
Merchants supplied at the usual rales of
discount. WILLIAM MLKKAY. .
I.ewisbtirir, April H, 18.ri.l. j
liM tltl.lMI YiLM- I
I F AS liecn ronidved to Beaver's Trick
-11 Hlork, on -Norih Third slriet, 3d door
fr",n Market, where they are prepared lo do
a" kinds u' work in their line i n ihe shortest
Orders and inquiries from neighboring
,uu'ns promptly attended to.
' lease call anil examine our larpre assort
ment of Fixtures of ihe mosl approved styles
and finish.
AH work warranted. Also Strani Fit
HlIK done to order. Lew-isburg, April l,'S9
William VanGezer,
i V l.rn Isburgr, I'nion Co., Pa.
lit I Ulice opposite Kline's Hotel Si t
tiios. ti. .kii:h
nAS just received a splendid assortment
of ihe very best, cheapest and most
lashionable Jewrlry in the market. His
Slock comprises
Breaxt Plan,
Ear Rings,
t'inscr Rings,
Meeie Millions.
which will be sold extremely low for Caaa.
He respectfully asks the patronage of all
his old customers; and also invites new ones
to give him a call before making their pur
chases. Call at the sign of the lire; VVau h,
Market street, east of Second. Dec. 24,'5il
F Danville. Milton, Muncy, M'Ewensville
Kunbury. iorthumberland, Selinsprove,
New Berlin,A1itilinburs, Harlleton, and scores
in I.ewisbnre. have bousht their HATS and
CATS at (.lliKon'M fcmporiuro ol rashion
wuhin ihe pasl year, and are urging their,
friends to do likewise. Always a fine assort
ment of latest styles nn hand, very cheap, at
John B. Linn,
ATTORNEY AT l.AW-Oflice at
his house ou N. Market Si. bet. 1st & 2d
h'8 laClViMburff, I'U.
rrilEY are the Best Calicoes yetof-
K fi red to tbe Publir Icr Uif meney.
fimitfj t lolk,
.SASH ami lOi:S,
Ui.iMis and Sim ttki:
I'lfi'irlnir, Siilino,
I'liimin.ir, Vc.
K- r -nV nt Ito- ll;irilw:,ri. SO f
I.. i-l iirr. O't
rrT J Lc niniiTsiirncii nave a v
oeiao d llieui. Ives into eopalt-
hip lor the purpose ol e;,riy-
nil l!f Lllniliellll'.', I liitillH.',
am! Carpent, nn2 business mail ll.i n various
br.iai'lo-s, at tlie
Lcn;ijltii';l Clcnm pinninr; Itti'.b,
where lliev llllend to !;eep a Sliel; i f 1'llie,
llen.loel;. alum, Cherrv. I', ! ir, Ah. Ma
ple, ai.d ali Kiii.l ! I.nihl-i r. l'loor;t,-' Mo !
v i ii idini.'. Iiiueli s. l.j'th .) i-is, Mol.liii:.,
Feio-iiiL'. PieUei, I'. r and Window Fr.Mt.e-,
loi r. .-Iioitir. lililols, .v.-h. Mi ii'diliL's.
Iir.iel.el-, Ac. I'lal.lh!. Slili ". S,-lo!l S.r.v
iii; Ai'., iti he al slo il lo lice iin l ;.!1 v tk
warrai.tiil in pive salistartioi., both i:i nee
and woikmaiisliip.
j. i. i i r: r k k x i -1 : i: f k ri,
.m m: i in nui:iP t ii,
iir.v iilis .wivons.
M.itiiiii: MOIs, A;ril 1. 1- .
il I nion eoiititv iloite lo lI'll'ItlYV
Jill !
to Ihe at.ove arm. tint. 111 Sinn- In t .ess
Sili'U. Ihe i ii i ere -i :o 1 e rai-l an Mot!1 v. ai
prineilal union tt-tee vears. Iiojinre i !'
II. T. slll-:i.I.i:r;. Treasurer.
I.ewishnr;. I'a.. May Is.'-H.
William Jcncs,
TTORMiY at Law. Collect inns
r rwiipt! v iilternl'-'l in. Oil'.ce on Market
lre(, i ppuMlf lUt I'resl-v rri;tn rh'itrh.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
Vi fK'UVi'ii'il i'l.iiii.s-. J,.
The subscriber his -n hard a -;.:i t.-t d
iCfr.-lleciii.il of l-o'li Fruit at d niaiiu-!i!i-l
TIiT.ES, Ac. Ac. elllbl acn.L' ti.e lei'.- lev;
varieties if Apple-. IV:. rs. Peaelie.-. Plums.
Cherries. Apririiis, Xec ari les.lirape-.tioose
berries, Kasplerries, Ci irants, S-.rawuerne- l
I.arje 11 ,r-e Che-tnut, European Monn'atn
Ah, Ainerican Mountain Ash. Minr Mapte
I'or-treel pt,llitili2. Ever Idc, -tniiis li, se. and
a splendid coltectiuii of Bulbous ani oil.er
Flowering Plants.
TTXar-erv (Jrounds on ihe farm i f Ja's
F. I.iiiii Esq. on the Turnpike, wiilmi bait a
mile of l,eu-i-,buri. ATI onb rs w ill receive
SII1CI aUcullon. l 'ltrru imiiTit.l.ltj ''.!.
W 1. 1.1...
I.ew-isbnrr. Julv 7. is.'s. j
Kew Arrangements Kew Goods !
-il.piii i 1IUIV In Imrlili.n thii
I I'M. I 11 i 11 1 . lid HU tdr.' " I'-'
well knojvn ."'' I'A" A' .' II. I V l,7.". has
relitti-d it. and liiivd in an e.vti -nsn e variety ol
H tfst Ciy, (Jttttttmt h& C(t.tfii) .1
A!-o a litrf ami splendid Muck of t l.THr
I'AmIM KKUS. Ac, w hich ho will m.. up tv
ortfir.ds he still continue the Tail, line li'iM
ness. He i f n-pareil tit execute all u-tvrk
enti utf'i i-i Ins care, to the !a(ituctjon ol ihf
N. U. ('titrint; and Rcpainntr, i " d'ne to
or lir. I.eu isburc, -4 ril lo, !."('
THE subscriber is engaged in the manuf
acture ot the
Latest Improved
Ht'NSECKER Clover ll-j!Vr.wh;rh he offers
at verv iea-onal,le rate-. Tl.ere have been a
large number of the-e Ilul.ers so d in il.i
neifihbiThood and cout.'v.aiul they cue roid
satisfaction as ihe very be-t. Any per-on
wi-hinz to piirclia-c a g .id niarhii.e.wii! call
i r apply by letter to C. P. EMERY.
lv'J-",:1 l.aurelton P O. I'nion Co. Pa
CArIiET AVAJiE 1.0031
V0KT1I 4ih Street. TLe .sult-ribt'i
1 most respeeimliy mli rnis the cinens ol
I.eu'isbur and virinitv, thai be has on hand
and fir sale a cheap lot of II ISIi.
for ihe Spring trade, comprising
llresiiiir and Common linn-ail?. Sec
retaries ami llt'tik Cu.si-s. (.'enter,
Card ami Tier 'l'alilis, Piiiin and
Ureakfast 'J'aMes. Ciirl oai ds. I'ot-ta-re
and otlii-r Kuditead.-, Stand.s,
Sit'dS. umI Cliaiis
of all kinds. COFFINS llia'!c to order or
short liolu-e. i
The public are cordially in vitrei to examine
his work, as be is sine thai they will be satis
fied with his slock of Ware, and prices.
I.ewisburg, Sept. IS, ls"o j
James F. Linn. J. Herrill Linn. ;
T F. & J. M. LINN, j
J i 4Uoiii'3 at I.;uv, j
I.EVlsjJt'K4i, !
Sl I'nion Oiur.ty, Tenn'a. !
J. MM'.iaLL llN r-'5in.--l -M f, r llie Stale ef t wa.
villi pnaer lo Hike i,- n-ilien.n, knun Ii di-e I',-, ls.4,-.
Broom Handles and Curtain Rollers,
Mint os
UUkoU'si I'a I ii I Wntliinc-ry.
"K liavc i-oniileted arraneinents
f f,-r niaKin!: IIrn..m llnii'lle. ami Curtain Kellers
III a manner alel perti-fti, n lotli'Tte iiiii.tlional le In I
niMnufai-iure of tins artii le. ami are r r,- ur, ,1 lo ni (.
manner aii irtVi-ti, n lotii- rte iini.tii.inai le in tlie
Ilri-m linkers, w m,lew simile .Munutu, Hirer- ai.J 31, r
rltunl aitli anv iiuaiititv uf them al -tier! until-,-.
I Tiler are Diai'le el llie !e-t I'unel Stiitl. nil 1 ill a ail e-
; rior manner, nn new niai-hinery never h. i-.n- ii-i il.
j Vie alM, make, en Nealj rat, nte,l Ia,-l.iiu-ry. Iln- T-est
I M"iiii Iknrh inn Jl-tnil iSatiis
tlial liave ever l-ei-n I f,-r- llie p ut'lie.
4 OrJers l-reoil llv Ml- J. A i,!r a
M. O. UK liOh,
IUkRI.-Bl'P.ii. I'a. I'-uiT.'.S A.-iit "I Ui,: Ku l - rt...
fVU Jeweler,
. second door aboi e Tiiiul,
mX'-" Market s.ree.
Would respectfully inform the public that bi
& on hand a line assortment i f (
ll and
fi,Ver I.ever and Lepine an lies
stoek of l.olil.Cameo and Masi mc Breasinins
of Ihe latest style liold and Cnmeo Earnnss
Ac, which he intends to sell verycheap also
a splendid assortment of Eiv.ht-1'ay ami Thirty
HourC.OCA'.S'andTiine pieces. Every article
warranted lo be what it is sold for.
The erratesl care will betaken in Itepsii
rln and Cleaning of Clocks, Waiehes and
Jewelry, and eVerylljing warranted lo give
satisfaction. Plea-e make him a call, and
pive him some trouble to show his Waiehes
and Jewelrv. July 21, 1KS8
(liMksi.MaW li
en, and Jrwelry,
4ih door west of Bank,
Also, particular attention paid to HE
PAIRINU of all kinds.
I have also the agency for the sale of
Ihe celebrated l uill Oil l.ainpN.
which will recommend ihniiM-ives to
every one. Call and see.
Sf pt - !, lbl At LiliNOliMA.M
7-1 1 ,;u: n. h I n t .vsi il l - : .v.vfiri" AM'
J.i.si M..K-I.V .J J HU.Alif.il IHA.
Illn-- KIIX.W V.fr.fi,let. JM J-llS.'tiiai-y.
ul mid U!i.' i:.IHI.tMil-bart.r priM-liil.
1IIMI.M Ii 10 in a l--", K.-
l.l lis on the mosl reasonable lenns.
'I he eapit.il I -mi paid up at.,i inves.e,, -
peilier with ii iar-e and roii-ianilv ii.creasina
n-., i .ed lino', oilers a pirleei srcuriiy lo u.e
one u.vuri d.
The pi
i-ini'iins inul te pa. 1 yearly, I: a 1 1
ve:ir v
1 r q'larl' 1 v.
..:ou,ii2 ate a few exau. ,'.e fr, in ihe
: j , Ml
:i.e,l i A lit lor 1 lie Coin
i' . 1'a., tnroni;h w io in ap
ir.ti.ee r:.n l e n.ade. 'i'u
lt,e-s men 'jeLeraiiv. d,-si-..1,1
e 1 n ll.eir live-, Il of
, ' ( ,;o;:ilt d I V ai.v olio r
p:tliv 111 1 no
1. icftli. lis to
:,..:! -o .0- a d I
, , 1.. ::. 1 1 ie-
Ids I.!.'!
c,-n pa'.
! e I
'I n... II. V. i.-.v. M il. F.1.111,
s. I! n;,U Hi. Ael.t. I
l-l 111
z I".
West 13rar.cl: Jr.surar.ie CcmpaEy,
V I.'i 'x llin'n.ia., lnMire i;c!;ii i.t'd
.. Merehand'e. farm
i.Idini;-. an-l ihe.r c. li-
ill-Ill-' I USIlie--, on
tans. Caiol.ii,.:il,i,l'H.
I'r 1
a lot
le!.!-. at In,
I ibCash ai,
Mui-.o ;
hi i.l.
II. -n J lm J I'eaice
.1. hn Ii M ill
Cha- A .Vaver
'has Ct'-i
II. ii (i C Harvey
T T A I ran, s
)i J .l.ickii,an
Th'.s Kiti lien
l'eter li
11, n. '. H A K F.V, President.
T. T. A III! MS, Vice I'res.
6i7 l.ewi-bure. I'mon Co. I'a.
Ciiiiiii.onwi'iilth In.surarci C(i..IIarfbu'
I 1IU. I
HE -til-,
this vie.i
III 1 li'lTtl. ttil.u.'UIII.
i.iir i- aj p'-inied auer.i f, r
e-!al.li-l:ed Con.i'aliy, ulia-h
t i-- and , :hi-r pr ;.criv a-jam-t
e i y foe. p, r,,s I in. an I iiavi-
ire- illl.,1
, , r d..u.a
ti.ii.-; i italic i,, iv c, i,ii u.i il ta vol aide
r. .s.i o.v i . , .v.
.-!-; A.r i ai h i :
,. - .s I-t hi II I. I . '''! '..
J. II. MI. A I t.HI.IN, Agent,
-bur-. Feb. 1, is.'ll lob
An.fiiian I.i:'t' IrMirarrp & Tru.it Co.,
(C.i; .'al ?-'tock .M-H.I ui')
KIM I' N P!iiblii.2-.W at ii in street,! E
I" I..Ve
urt -1 a l the u-i M ulca 1 ratf s
:-h ck rat s aloni per ceiit. !es
A.iiitenre iav il,- linesi m ihe
rr a I .! ml
r ai T' U.I
v,nl :. A. U lill.I.LI.N, rie.Miieni
f'T' The sulseriler has in hand for
-a:,- 'Jo l!llKi-. winch he
:i-r nt a ! a nam li t a-h i r iii Eiehance
!. r a c.i.il HUK.-E. fall sun r on will
n-s ii. Ii. F. li I P.s-11.
Hi ltnrh. A Li r..lm;.ii . r'.
r if absent, inquire ol W. H Killer, at in.
Un uii. Ji.'s store. Lvnbiiri:. Ftl. IS
'O thi I'ltiTis vf I.fwiv! urir aP'l vinnify
la. II ili has r'nMivfi h liar! r
n Ir.iin liie ICivirre Hnu-e ! M.irKt-t Mrer.,
I a in-lit i I W Miitf Ami ns I-11 1 i lt. fiie
di m ' r .li-cvc thf I'.'-t tt!. e. Tiuii.kml ir aii
pa-t lavnT-. lii..fN in merit a cuuimuame
nt the public pain n ;.:".
X. 15.
T- a'l mhn frrv h r.- ri.l tl;- ir i.-:trI tw long
T-i - t a ( fii.Hii !.ejf. c 1 .t I n f-r fi-r fcr.t
i-ri.i ii Il:i" ;if li' Jia'-' n. U" ui' rn .fit' uro'in,
T' wi-.M i lritii. r;i' r- -t.r;i an-l k-t-n.
I.ewi-l er-. April I, IkV.i. E. I.. MINES.
EIOMU OI-i I lll I'lllMI
In V.I!r,:uu't Ami- .'-.',. Murt'l
T"S (l.tae.-n F.llh SiMli.i I l.u t-i I ml, r
'j'JIK suIistriWr enn-
I ill-l l lillHilK-sial a af"?
the Old Slanil on r,iiitl.
Third street, near Market, and re-pei-tlully
sr. lints the pairi nae ot bis friends and tin
public siei.er.iliv. CHAIil.ES r. mS.
Leu-i.-burr. May 22. Is-'m
f n axe reit . Tint tee
vr 'ir..i ri r and KVT1M.
r Ih i: i umI flu m if u I L'miioritim
;reei - - Lewisburc. Pa.
James B. Hamlin,
l otiire on ei-,-i:d west side ,2i,u
,1m r -oiiin ol .iiaiuti. Lt n imiui u.
I. iiu-n I. o. Pa.
Ni r Ii;il lll llll. I iiio'i i o-, Va.
TliC Mt!icrilicr, llnnikfnl
for past pain naae. wouul inliirm
his triends and ihe public in cene-
' ral, that he coiiiinues to manufac
ture all kinds ot W ouU'll .noI, snih as
Cioihs, Cassimeres. 'i'weeosaltineits. Jeans.
Illankets and Flannels; also. Carpet and
Siockm? Yarns. 11 is machinery teiiiir of ihe
best kind in use, and having employed ihe
he.st of workmen, he feels sale in sayinz
that his work shall not be surpassed by
anv estal-lt-hment in ihe country. A eoodsop-
ply of the above poods kept constantly on hand
.-r sale or lo exi hanse lor wool, at prices
that can not fail to please. Wool, will be
Carded in the best mannerand en the shortest
lo'iice. Terms t r cnrdinir, ca-h on Ihe de
iuervof ihe rolls. MAKK 11 AI.l'PE.NNY.
Wmiield Mills, March an, IS.'iT.
(ll,Ti S,T.FI.J.I..1M1.
X a( ImiaUf-r ami Jt-irllc-r,
Loi-ateJ l.i,i!,i- eitt ef tlie BPI r, ei ntlj oivuiteil ly
Mr V,l, r--LKM.-bl lai, I n.
Clo Ki. Watches, Ac, repaired en shoil
in lice and warranted to p e satisiaeiion,
ty An excellent ass(rtineiit of Watches.
Cioi ks an-l .lewelrv i a band Coi.-n i,r C.-A.
(ill.T 1'li V EM of all sizes made io order
I.i-tti-buri. pril 29, 1SSS i
VII K epeinne. diri
C...-, Carpet M
litrnci trwn MTallom A
tft lanuiattiTy. iiiin l.c ho
nl-. (irrinatiii'V n, I'a-. t-ne ot ihe nrt-itiet
anJ 1 I a-MTiniftits it CurpC'lH ever bro'l
lit Leu ibury, such as
Th i re Vtyf limp Vmtttans
tSi'p. Iiejntiii) Jttintftn J!it(st
in inn (., Cot'ott io.,
1-4 Ttriltfi Ytntihn, 4-4 OU Cloth,
o I tfo. tfJ.9 S 4 ito. tf.9 i
Fine io.f Carpt t liiiniii.f, t r.
"I EUKVEf all pain antl Mtrenrss in fruni
f .S ti) IW nunutrs. .Vr awher culuum.
I'ru t? SO cis. prr boiie oiilv- hlppeci to all
parrs of Hie i. . . r r sale t y
j !.nkrr. Lrwinl'iur
V W PrlisiiTlf it
C tn; ii-h. N. w lu-rlin
I rt i rrni'v. Turtirttl V
I: l'f m.n. K H T
'. LILlItU'i- t' (-.Mailt:, tl'
H l.in.lriiiiiiiii.. Hu't. 1,-1.1
, V'Un.r'tn . 'i
lTg M t- 4f
41 h ii t" do
rielnl 'i (lu
1 tieat. It?, at'd Corn, la rent, per bubal.
rhilad. Iiepoi w:ih
irrnl. Ward tr 1'rrrd. 811 Market St.
Thankful for ihe lil eral patronage given us
we to pe ty s:nct an niion 10 business lo
men! a continuance of th same.
F. r fnriher inr(.rn'a':(.n apply lo
U -,11: .1 C l( M til.M.V. Ais'ut, Lwishnr
1)Iil;Mi.Sshippinr ;ik,.1 to Phiiad.
pi,-a-e be particular and
nark them in care of Peipher's Line;
. ihern'i-e. ihev will he re-sh pped at llnr.i
l.ur. uh;eh wiil be ailendeii wuh itelav.
.iay -. H.J- 'J HOS. PEII HER.
)l KK and 5o. I t.r un.I Frrpfr.
(im'T. C'iniianion. ALUpice. 4'ltve.
Atti'riran and r.iipu.-fi .MuMant.
I avrrrie Peppt-r. Nutmfcs, Macr.
Sup. arb. Sc.a, Saitptfrf. Sairraiuj. '
i u:;ia af.tl ' r.aiier 5eed.
Sa: s- la. Inlis...
A-h -n Iairy ai ! tin un-l Pa?r, Ac,
Fit ale al the Kns MiiK N.i. 241 and
i S' tin fn nt Mr-et. r..ii,r i N, Phit
vl h a. HOW.AKI) WChUllLL.
I W I'!irrha-rrs uill lii.i it creaily to thfif
f-ie-l h in in ;ua i'v arjl j r.ce In Luv ;h"-s
N, v hit h ari w r.n vii as teprenf nte-,of
r e:Tc(i. A trial -l;r .!(. (i9yl
i-'.i 11-?! Evans & Watson,
g rtf'twtir'jmi'if
T-..r'ri!. iif "t t tn nn-tlti' f I'r if ?'PVindT P. a -o
li..n In- rit T.-r ! -rk-cu nri-.-.Iri n l.uttrr.lrcB r 6,
a.t bMiif I.Otki1, t-'iUMt I mny .U lb L Oittrd ttrs.
Tr Five Safes in t ne Firf ail enrre rut right
wiih Cv.n:Fii:s in cord c r.d.iu
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5x (Lickerinj & Sons,
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sent to any aJtires 1)7-18
i Paper, I'liufi-r. aid, and Id--Iii"
j No. 411-3, ('"iiBinierre t., l'hiladrlf faia.
' rCa-h buyers w ill find it for their interesl
lo rail Plnfad. Jan 1, lei'J y
H7,'.A...!7.f: UEMri.: IX
No. 46 North Third street,
iLtaeeU Markil al.,1 Arch,
M roi'-rn:. i
: n. Mi ll i; i
Talent Shoulder S:eara SLirt Manuf'y,
Xo. to I Chestnut fct, I'll Had.
Ol'I-iITE ihe Wa-hinsion House. A.
WINCHESTER wui give.as heretofore,
bis prrsi tal supervisun id' the Cutting arJ
Maiiiifactorii p deparirrents. Ordrrs frhs
celebrated styles of Shirts and Collars tilled '
the shortest in lice.
Per-or.s desirin? to order Shirts, can ie
supplied w :;h ihe U imuia b-r measurrn.eatra
application by mail.
Constantly on hand a v?r:ed and selec: stccH
of tienilemen's Eurnisbu s; (J.-ods.
tlf Wholesale Onleis supplied tn hteril
lein.s ly.SS
Engraving and Seal Cutties
OF nil kinds. at 20-1, ( Lprut Sfwf,
rilII.AU. Visiiins and oiher I'AEl'S
Corporaiii n and o:her EAI.f .andeiervini
in our line cf business, pri mp tlv atierfd te.
in poo l style, and on reasonable terms. Or
ders trum i.'nv and Country s. I ritrd.
S. H. HT.TO.N. y ' W'. i. MAS-V
-L) heap tor (
, Xo. 16 N"or:h Sixth strrei. I'hi.adtlf hia.u ita
! largest Manufacturer of
; and dealer ,n WINDOW MlAl'Ef. c: every
varietv. He is the Originator ot all f
Siyles. and has & fine Slotk Io be sn.d al i
duerd Prices. ,
Huff, anil all other colors of l.men Sha .
Tiimminf:s,Kix:uies,s1.c. MtUiL HADb
Painied lo order,
i t"? B- J- W. invites Citijens of this I etin f
: i.i call before ptirchasmc. and assures ttif
1 he can sell a teller article!, r the an
any other Establishment in the I'nu n soi
0la tOAL IO.II.
ri'HE subscriber keeps constantly a
I a laree assorimriit of ihe vr iv brst -nJ
in, km and W likes-llai re COAL. I. r Iimr
stove purposes, which he will sell at the ' )
lowest prices fori a.-B or Country Producf
Also. Illuclumitlia !, riasttr end
Wish il disiinrllv urd.-r-toid. that I '"' j
le undersold by any man Havmi:
wei(;h-srales. full weisht will be eiveri.
Coal .anl near Weidensaul's h.-iel.
i;eoki;e hols-rM-
Lewisburs. May 7,'5V. .
Vlarce and well selected stock of
liooiN in Ihe Xi n and Varietv I "';
bas just been received and i penrd at i.''
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