Union County star and Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1859-1864, May 20, 1859, Image 4

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The Landlord's Joke.
Nut Lit frmii the eiijr of Moutgomerji
in ibr State of Alabama, ou one of (lie old
stage romls running fnuu that city, lived
j IU landlur.1 by the l.hiii- of Ford. Iu
fur weather or foul, iu liar J times or soft,
Ford would have liis j'ke. One bitter,
stormy night, or lather morning, two
hour before daybreak, he was aroused
from bis sluuibiis by ioiid fliuuung and j
knocks at bis door. 1 1 o tumid out, but
Sorely against Lin wi'.l, and deiiiainled
what was the niattci ? It wastlmkaf
tar, and a he ceuld .-ee no one bu cried
out, ''who are. you there ?"
' Murder and Yancy and Klui'ire, from
M"Utg"inery," was the aiirwcr, "on our
way to Tuscalnosa, to at lend Court. M't
are benighted, and want to stay all night."
"Very sorry I can't accommodate you,
to far, ge.nl Icuien. o anything lu oblige
jou, but that's impossible."
The iawyirs three uf tbe smartest iu
the State, and all ready to drop down
with fttigue held a brief "consultation,"
aud then, as they could du no belter, and
were too tired to g'l another step, they
a.-ked :
"Well, can you stable our horses and
give us chairs and a good lire till morning?'1
"O, yesj can do that, gentlcuieu."
Our learned and legal friends were soon
drying their wet clothes by a bright fire,
and composed themselves to pass the few
remaining hours iu their chairs, doziug,
nodding, aud now aud thcu swearing a
word or two of imi atn nee, as they waitid
until dijli-ht did at'ieur.
The longest night has a morning. and at
list the sun came along, aud theu in due
tune a go "1 Lreakf.i.-t made its appear
anco ; but, to the surprise of the lawyers,
who thought the bouse was crowded with
g iestc, nuiie Lut themselves sat down to
".Vhy, Ford, I thought your house
was so full you couldn't give us a bed,
last uight ?" said Uurder.
"I didu't say so," replied Ford.
"You didn't? What in the Dame of
wonder, then, did jou say ?"
"You asked me to let you stay 'all
ni-jht' aud I said that would be iuipossi
bie, for the night was nigh unto two-thirds
gone when you came. If you only want
ed beds, why on earth didu't yon say ao 1"
Tbo lawyers had to give it up. TViree
latcyrrt on one aide., aud I ha landlord
Lad beat them all !
Spurgeon and the Yankee.
A gentleman who has recently returned
from England, relates an anecdote of Mr.
Spurgeoo that ia too good to be lost.
The preacher bad for bis theme one day
the power of individual, personal efiurt,
and to illustrate it be told a story of a
Yaukce who boasted tbat he could whip
the entire English natiou himself. "And
how could you do it?" said a bystander.
"Why," said the Yankee, "I would whip
one, and then I would take another, and
o 1 would go along till I bad whipped
the entire nation."
At the close of the sermon, Mr. Spur
geoo and several friends retired into a
vestry. Soon there came in a tall, lean,
long-faced, solemn looking man, who
bailed from the State of Maine. lie pre
ented to Mr. Spurgeon a letter of iutro
duction, and was welcomed by tbo preach
er. Soon, Mr. Spurgeon addressed the
new comer by saying, "Well, my Ameri
can friend, how do you like my illustra
tion uf individual power, drawn from
jour countryman !
"Oh," said the member from Ihe Tine
Tree State, "1 was well pleased with it,
because it was so true" aud this was raid
with the utmost suleuiuity of tone and
gravity of maimer.
"So true, so true," said Mr. S., "what
jln vtm mean, sir ?"
"I knew a Yankee that did that.ouce,"
was the reply.
"And what was bis name?" Mr.
Spurgeon asked, to which Yankee an
swered "The name, sir, was George Washing
ton ; perhaps you have beard of bitu ?"
Mr. Spurgeoo was dumb for a momeut,
then joiucd in a hearty laugh, and allowed
the Yankee was too much fur him. Jiui
tun Juurim.
Who is I'eaii ? The W as'uiugton Re
publicans, uot leiug allowed to fire their
.... i.. i.ncclicut victory within !
.t . i rMi ,,r nr.ln.jnni ,,rn t
the city, dragged their ordnance across j
the river into Virginia, and fired them
from the banks of the Potomac right into !
, . ..... I
tbc ears of the 1 resident of the bite j
House opposite. While engaged iu this
v . . ..,
uusiue.s, ui.u.u ..- ,
from tbc Presidential mansion with very
anxious looks, and supposing that some
one was drowned, and tbat the firing was
ouly to raise the body, eagerly asked, "Is
any one dead !" "Y'es," waa the reply
ia) solemn tones. "Who is it ?" "Jamea
lluchanan." Tke truth bore began slowly
to creep over the visitors, and they bowed
themselves off.
A "hasdy" Aticlb. Adam Slona
ker, a number of years ago, came to Hun
tingdon Furnace, and seeing there, for the
first time, a pair of snuffers, he asked,
"What's them for?"
"To snuff the candle."
The candle just then needed attention,
and Adam, with Lis thumb and finger
pinched off the snuff, and carefully pukeil
it into the tnuffen, saying, "Well, now,
them is bandy."
The bell swinging ia the tower of St.
Stephen's Church, Eist Haddam, Conn.,
if over a thousand years old ! It bears the
date of A. D. 815. f Guess there should
Utl before the S J
1 JAYS fur a full course in the Iron City
Ct.llese. inosi exiensivelv patronized and
best organized Commercial School in the Uni
ted Stale-.
uf)7 Students nIMiiliii'i daily, Jn'A,18:i!L
Usual time to complete a lull course, from
6 to 10 weeks. Everv Student, upon cradua
tiiiX. i guaranteed lo lie competent to manage
the Hooks ol any Huniess, and tiualilied to
earn a salary of fiotn
sr.OO lo S.1UOO.
Students enter al any time Ko Vacation
Review at pleasure.
Fifty-One rreminins for Host rcnmaii-.-liifi
awarded in 1S8.
t"v"Minister.s" Sons received at half rrire..
For Circular and Specimens of Writing
tnelosc two letter stamps, and adiltess
? F. W. JENKINS. I'iitsliiireh. Pa.
.riLl, conimemxon MONDAY,April
IK51I, tit continue :l weeks.
Instriietooi will be siven in all the branch
es of a ihorouch Academic Course; anil
vouilis desirous of preparing for College, lor
Tcaehintr.or for btiMtics, will liud it Iu their
advantage to enter this Institution.
The Itible is a text book.
A large t;i.iss of Young Ladies is secured.
TUITION per session uf 13 weeks, including
contingent expenses.
riilMAKY tn-n.liti;. Vt mitt;!. tt fitter. AriMimetie-
!... tiratit. n.l I'. S. llislory. $' "0
A I V A t'l It KMil.lsil alt o..t ill-lu,le.l att.Ye.l !' :
LAMiLAi.ES, S-'iu
No additional charges; also, no deductions
except for protracted su kness. Tuition paya
ble imiiiedialely upon ihe close of the session.
April s, 1S59. Principal
r I 'HE Summer St'ssion.cnnsistin"; of one
1 Term of 1 1 weeks, will open on Thurs
day, April 21st.
VOLLtiiE Tuilmn fnr the SYion of 14 wwk $10 00
Kiton reul, lilmry, rre aud iviire '
ACADEMY Tuition for tlir Seiwion of 14 wwka :
rint.ii-al mid hirlier Knglirb 7 00
A lunml Kngitdb 4 IM
LiiwitCIhmi S (K
i'Mn nml n i-niri 4a
FEU IXSrirrTETmUou per St ien 14 wU:
n.'iiulKr eiurAe 10 00
rrimujr 7 0(1
A. K. UK. 1. 1., Treasurer
I.ewisburg, March 31, 18S9
JUST received at the I.ewisburg Book
Store from Ihe late Hhiladelphiu Trade
ale, a large collection of Books and Station
ery, embracing gimiu Books in the different
departments of
Science and Literature; Religion, I. aw,
and Polities; Histories, Biographies, Travels;
a varied and well selected stork of Miscella
neous books; Pocket and Family Bibles,
from thirty-five cents to seventeen dollars;
Encyclopedias ; Ladies' Albums, Gilt books.
Autographs, Architects; Dockets for Law
yers and Justices of the Peace; Day Books,
Ledgers, Composition books. Copy books.
Pass books and Pocket Memorandums; Math
ematical Instruments; Visiting Cards; a
large lot of Printers' Cards, very cheap;
good Cap, Bath and Note paper, from 12 to
40 rln. ptr'i'tirr; Opaque, Damask, de la
Kue aud Buff Enrrlopa from 4 to 15 cs.
per park; Blank Deeds and Bonds; a large
assortment of Sunday School books and Re
wards ; I'ommon School and College Text
books atwai9 on hand.
This stock was bought at very low prices,
and is offered so much below regular prices
as to make il an inducement to persons wish
ing good Books either for the library, general
reading, ora handsome present, to call before
purehain" elsewhere. Special attention of
Superintendents and Teachers ol Sunday
Schools is inviled to our large slock of SS. S.
Books and Rewards always In he found on
our shelves. Sunday School Catalogues fur
nished Iree of charge.
Merchants supplied at the usual rates of
Lew ishurs. April . 1S.VJ.
IViiilicr'k Vinv, It.K. l'rt-ittlit C ars
j&gt riiilauVIiiliiii and Lewihur?;.
The subscriber is running a line of freishl
cars to and from Philadelphia tmthtmt rt-nhip-ror,
and hopes to establish a good business
by prompt deliveries at reasonable rales.
WiiMiousc in Philad. with Freed Ward &
Freed.Hll Market street, where goods Ac. lor
l.ewisbur? and intermediate points should be
left. THOMAS PEIPHEIi, Harrisburg
reD. a, mi-pn
( licnp Tor Cash.
No. 16 North Sixth street, Philadelphia, is the
largest Manufacturer of
and dealer in WINDOW SHADES, of every
variety. He is the Originator of all New
Styles, and has a line Stock to be sold at re
duced Prices.
Biilf, and all other colors of Linen Shades.
TiiinmiiigvFixtures.&c. STOKE SHADES
Painted lo order.
t sT B. J. VV. invites Citizens of this County
lo ca" l)t"",re purchasing, and assures them
K H sell a better an icle for the money than
(,1(.r Kstamisnmen,
lr-A' T T 'U PITVI Vlfl nTT
"l ' an iim vim
"I LI.Ih r.s all pain and soreness in from
I ' 5 , :((, ,,,. s,c anthrr clumn.
Price nil cts. per bottle only. Shipped to all
partsol the i,. s. 1
F r sale by
M CrviL-ht a llnnrk.riuf X Rita
I' W Srli.lfli- do tt Linilrnmiilh. Buff. lli.U-l
C I) Itmi-h. N IVrtin f ItVuviT, Morrin k C, Wintivld
l.i I tooiIt. Turtlili Yniiii'.'in.B k I'o. do
J II lt.ii.n. K.-ll, Tp II II Miller. Mifflinhnrg
Cummtnffia'n.llrtletn I NariTR M Stern de
Administratrix' Notice.
"Vl 7" HE RE AS. Letters of Administration
to Ihe estate of DAVID HAVES Esq.
deceased, late of Hartletnn borough, t.'nion
county, have been granted to the subscriber,
bv ihe Register of said county, in due form;
all persons indebted to said estate are request
ed to make payment, and those having claims
against the same will present them duly
aulhenticated for settlement, to
Hartleton, April 1, mS9
nAS just received a splendid assortment
of the very best, cheapest and most
fashiunable Jewelry in Ihe market. His
Stock comprises
Breat Pins,
Ear Rlngra,
Flaarer Rlnjr,
Sleeve Buttons,
which will be sold extremely low for Cub.
He respectfully asks the patronage of all
his old customers; and also invites new ones
,0 him before ""kin hir pur.
chases. Call at the sign of the Big Watch.
j Varkc: w; mi of Seon -i. Dec. 24,'Sa
Commonwealth Insurance Co.,IIarrisb'g
rpiIE subscriber is appointed agent for
I this well established Company, which
insures Buildings and other property against
loss or damage by fire, perils of inland navi
gation, traiii.port.iUon, Ac, on most favorable
iwrUmtcm. .v.wi.v r.4 vr.nox.
r rm.-nt.XJ. r.mht:. t-i-
StfreUryS Atih'lt H. I''"" rW(i'J.
Lewisburg, Feb. 1, ISS ni5
Dl'Jf (BiOHJIJBJ. a'JO'Jtt
Just opened, ojipositc the Riviere
House, in the Itoom lately
owiipied liy A. Singer.
IT'LL ami i-oniplt'le assortment of
I N G such as Overcoats. Dress Coats, Ilusi
ness Croats, and t'oats of every style ani'. pat
tern ; and Pantaloons and Vests to suit. Also,
a large variety of Under ('bulling, such as
Drawers, Shirts, &c. Also, a tine assortment
of Hoys' Clothing of the latest stvles. Also,
Ha 'IS and CA Vi equal to any offered in this
country. In fact,' haveeverylhing necessary
in the shape of Clothing, which I oiler al a
very small advance for cash.
I'lllLll (iOODMAX, Ag't.
rTAIl kinds of Country Produce taken in
exchange fi r Coeds. Lewishurg, Oct. 22.
Ayor's Sarsaparilla
A compound remedy, in wliieh we bave la
in irerl to produce the most elFeetual alterative
that can be made. It is a concentrated extract
of Para Sarsii:irilla, so comhined with other
sulxlanecs of still greater alterative power as
to alford an elfcctivc antidote for the diseases
Sur.-aparilla is reputed to cure. It is believed
that such a remedy is wanted by those who
suffer from Strumous complaints, and that one
w hich will accomplish their cure must prove
of immense service to this hirgc class of our
atUictcd fellow-citizens. How completely this
coiniound will do it has been proven by exper
iment on many of the worst cases to be found
of the following complaints:
SiuoiiLi and hi.norri.or CoMrr.Aixrs,
Eui prioss and Kuvri'iva Diseases, Ulceus,
bcALD Head, Svriiii.is axu Sviiiilitic Ar- ;
fectioxk, Mekccuial Disease, Dnorsr, Xev
eali-.ia oa Tic DouLociiEi x, Debility, Dys-
or St. Antiioxy's Fikk, and indeed the whole
class of complaints arising from Impliuty or
THE llLOOl).
This compound will be found a great pro
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
expclstthe foul humors which fester in tha
blood at that season of the year. Uy the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
are nipped in the hud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through the natural channels ot the txxiy
by an alterative medicine. Cleanso out the
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
bursting through the akin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores; cleanse it when you find it is ob
structed and sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it
whenever it is f ml, and your feelings will tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and Jive
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this
pabulum of life disordered, there can be no
lasting health. Sooner or later something
most go wrong, aud the great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown.
Sarsaparilla has, and deserves orach, the
reputation, of accomplishing these ends. But
the world has been egregiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sanaparilla,
or any thing else.
During late years the public have been mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Most
of these have been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if any, barsaa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed the use of the various extracts of
Sarsaparilla width flood the market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
we cailthis compound Sursapaiilla, and intend
to supply such a reiuedy as shall rescue the
name from the load of obloquy hich rests
upon it. And we tliink we have ground for
believing it has virtue's which are irresistible
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is intend
ed to cure. Iu order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions on
the bottle.
I.OWi:i,L, MASS.
Price, 8 1 per Itottlc f Six llottles for $3.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
has von for itsrlf nich a renown for the cure of
every variety of Throat and I-unt; (.'on i plaint, that
it is entirely unnecessary for us to recount the
evidence of its virtues, wherever it lins been era
loyeti. Ah it has lonr been iu ennt.int use
throughout this section, we need not do more than
assure the people its quality is k-pt up to the best
it ever has hern, and that it may be relied on to
do for their relief all it ha ever been found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
Cottirenns, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, InrHgrstifm,
Jlyseidery, Foul Mnmach, llty&ipela, Htatlache,
3tles, lificiimatixm. Eruption and Mm Diseases,
Liter Complaint, lwpiy. Tetter, Tumor and
Stall lihtiim. Worm, Gout, Neuralgia, a a
Dinner Vill, and for Purifying the Blood.
They are sttpnr-roateri, so that the most sensi
tive can take them pleasantly, and they are the
best aperient iu the world fur all the purposes of a
family physic.
Price 25 cents per Box- ivr Boxes for $1.00.
Creat mimbersof Clercymen, Physicians, States
men, and eminent ncrsonaues. have lent their
I name; to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space here will not permit the
; ;M-tu,n of them. The Acenta below named fur-
liif-h gratis onrAMr.ii a i ... J- :- -k,u tv,.
I are piven; with alo full descriptions of the atMv
! complaints, and the treatment that should be fol
lowed for their cure.
Do not bo put otF hy unprincipled dealers with
other preparations they make more protit on.
lemaud Ayek's, and take no others. The sick
want the best aid there ia for them, and they should
have it.
Ail our Remedies arc for sale by
CSold by CWPchaflle and KSCaldweil
Isewisburs; C JJ Roush, New Berlin ; J I) S
Gast, Mirtlinburg; and all Druggists ly764
rpHE subscriber respectfully takes tbismt
I thod to inform Ihe citizens of Lewisbnrg
and vicinity in general, and the Ladies in par
ticulai, thai he has opnned a Bakery and
Confrrlioncrj-, on Market street, in Mr.
Beaver's Building, where he will be ready to
supply all who mny favor him with a call
with the best of everything in his line of bu
TIONERY on hand at all times. Being a
practical Baker and Confectioner fornpwards
of twenty-five years, he feels confident that all
who favor him with a call or give him a trial
shall not be disappointed. Weddings and
Parties supplied at ihe shortest notice, on the
most reasonable terms. Alt sorts of Orna
mental Work done to order.
BREAD delivered at Houses at all timet
when desired. CHARLES HEINER.
Lewisburg, Oct. 7, t5
John B. Linn,
his house on N. Market Su bet. 1st & 2d
678 Lewliburf, Pa.
the GirtAhn mfr ixsvkaX'.k, Asxrirr asp 1
TKl.ST lOMt'ASl', if VUtLAltKLk'UtA,
TIIOS. R 1 Dli W A Y, Presiilcnt. JSO.r.JAMK.-.Artrj. j
Usltftl (MM mp) $3W.mM-4 barter prrpelnal.
j MVC3 on the most reasonable terms.
The capital being paid up and invented to- ;
reihrr with a laree and constantly increaing :
reserved fund, oilers a perfect security to the
one insured.
The pre:ninms mnsl be paid yearly, half
yearly, ;r quarterly
The fallowing are a few examples from the
Am mntof uwrf
ltoitusJ"ttt iitrfauii
y futHTt iltifittf'H.
1,:;j6 ..il
r.i (Mi
:a: m
l?"l'he undersisned is nt fur ihe Com
pany in Union county, ra.,inrmi;;h a hmii ap
plications for Insurance can be made. To '
mechanics and tiusus men cenerally, ilesi- ,
ring to ell'ccl Insurance on their lives, il of- j
fers inducements not equalled Dy any oiner
company in Ihe United Slates.
Tho. II. V'iimi. M.D.. Examining Physician
8. H.OKWIU, Agent, Lewisburg. Pa
1 EMOVAI.. Ir. .4. I. Mfjlcrl has
i removed to the house lately occupied I'y
Mrs. Kiucaid, corner of Third and Si. Mary
streets, two squares North of Market St, east
side. OFFICE in same building. South door
on Third SI. Lewisburg, Nov IH, lN.i
rilllE subscribers have for sale
(in lots to suit purchasers if) p!1!"7kJ
a larse stock of (fF'SjfSSiS
i'.VK IIOAUDS Panel Stn(T.Vlw.a
Plank. Ac. Also 5.0M i'AA.' KAIL.
.Mi inch Sawed Shingles superior quality.
Also Snuare Timber lor Buildings :
Which are offered low for cash, al otir MilN
on South Branch of the White Deer Cieek in
Hartley township or delivered on the r,ru-h
Valley Marrows road at the end of our Road.
I iTA Diploma lor a superior sample of
Planks, and a Premium for Rails and Shing
les, were awarded us at the last Union ('o.Ag.
Fair. JtlllX 1 M'CAI.L A lil.u s. j
iy?73 Forest Hiii p o. Union Co, Pa
1S59 Spring Styles.
Just received at GIBSO.VS H AT
Manulactoty. Call and see them.
I.. I. IIRi:wi'K, I'roprlctor.
THIS House is the largest ami nuM
spacious in Lewisburg, and situated op
poite the Court House, on Ihe most elevated
and pleasant part of Ihe town. The proprle- j
tor, who nas rerenuy piirrnasett 01 ihe late
firm of Lawshe & Setold, has spared neither
pains nor expense in refitting and re-furnishing
the House.
ryPlease give him a call and jndeefor
yourselves July
Caldwell's mammoth Drug Store.
X tinz l'ui Drolni le.llelnj ill .- nMiny by
hUTlnK l.ttbJ iwmJTAJJ'I!M.'S Prnl'.
C rl!
lam to bur tlmrrltwin'fc llmirrm mti lllenn rele-
brmul Terfumerf. Kxlnrtu for tbr huKlkercbwI. from
16 cttt ll.uo pr ItotUe, wiirrmnu-d ipwd. .'
itf. Him and kin.1, rnlH mnd nnrnled. front ft.ttv to
$iO(Hir ram, fomle-t CAI.lWKLI'Dru(E Store.
r-ture tn bnf Pstntn, .Ml, Putty, !.". Pii.h. Tine
Oil. Hut'!. rnuftTtmiMTy. Nti, Ki-oi!i. I'runfc A-.. r.
Pocket llooks, 100 diUerent ktitil., for wtt very rhwp
st t AI.IIWKI.L'S Until u.t.
rood and fine awortmptit, at almnf't t pri". at
rALOWKLL't lrn bw.
T Al
ADIKS, remember that Caldwell
in ra-llinc Woratwl. Ftw, Thread. rrocht Nordlm
I' inn, tfciwrft, He-ltn. It ut toon, "-, cb-aLcr than Ui-r
werm er otFrrtfl in IwUlmrir.
I"?XVELorES of everr kind and
J nr.fnrtnli' at CALItWKI.L'S Bruc Store.
US. S. A. Allen's celebrated Hair
KDtorer anil Hair llreffPintr. for Mir at
CALItWKI.L'S llrntr Store.
FANCY BASKETS. The fiuest aud
cheapest in town, just rerelTed at
CALItWKI.L'S nrng ftore.
CASTILE Soap, Itosin Soap, and a
large stock of Toilet and Fanrr Soa.it. at
AIR Oils, Pomades, Ac. at
CAI.UWKLL S Droit Store.
ELM COLD'S P.tteliti for sale at
Cil.llH Kl.L.s Drug Sbire.
CALDWKLL keeps for ?aU; I. aor?.
lltn.o,tnip.t( having oaps.Crfaoir and Brushffl
CALDWELL'S Drug Store is the tilace
to buy all kinds of Fancy Notions for Wbat-Nots,
Centre Tables, Ac
1"flflk-t TtrtnL-s t t nt ntv n-l.nlnsnln
J .rice,rhearrthantheyeanh. bottiti .itr.tiere
rise, at i'ALUWKLl.s linn M.m.
a-'avIJa ai a. 7 t iiiiiiiiil, mi niunui i
J Ji-IIirtt, IHanc-MaDf. Sonps. l.rnTi-". Ac. Idiet
try it. For ! at CALIWK1.I, I 'rue More.
ALliWKLL'ri Drttrr store is the
y placv to huy th Wet quality of lrt M init-J'lboo
Wine, WJiiskcy. 11 rand v. Ai.. fur Ditlt'-inal purootf a-
COD Liver Oil. Simc's pure Cod
Lirr Oil, juft received and for m1 at
CALKtt Kl.lS Itmtr Ptorp.
TVOUWOOD'S Vcratrum Virido. a
X 1 mdiint' for Heart di. and Artcri-n. Kwm
niendfd ty tbe medical Farultv. Warraiitfd )nod, for
aalt-t.y 'AUiWKI.I.'S bruic Ston-.
T notd'ii celr.rU-d Writitift Fluid. Itiifuier, l.ip
pincott's. HifWley'H, FahnrKtork'n. and Hott' Ink a, for
ftalcrhap. at l'Al.lWKl.li Hriiff Stt-.
IOOTII lrusliC3 of every st leant!
kind. at all pi If w, at CALKWKI.I.'S I'ruj Stoi .
ALU WHIRL'S Drug Store is the place;
A- itlifrffrj tint- can tv nuppHru witn an 'ndlpa vtt- ;
rtty or arti'-lra.
Coror and make jour prlretionp. Titt I
AT a meeting of the Board of Direc
tors of the Lewisburs. Centre &.
Spruce Creek Railroad Company, a
Resolution was adopted, '-That iu order to
defray expense of survey, .$2.50 be called in
on each share of stock subscribed on which
nothing has been paid, and where notes for IU
per cent, have been given, one half of said
notes be now collected.
In pursuance thereof, I hereby give notice!
that payment is required within 30 days, ane
those neglecting lo pay will be proceeded
against according tn law.
G. F. MILLER. Treasurer.
Lewisburg, Sept. 9, 1858.
SALT !! We are clearing out the last of
IOOO Sacks at $1.35 for Ground Alua.
A deduction made to the trade. .
Lewisburg, Jan. Sift, 185S
In W.Brown't Aeur Block, Market .,
738 (tames Fifth k Sixth,) LEWIflllltO, Pa
William VanGezer,
xL aLewlfburg, I'd Ion Co., Pa.
tyOffiee opposite Kliae's Hotel S74
FOUND. A pair of Spec-
tacles, which the owner can have by calling
a: thfCAronjWe otSre aod" paying eipeuse- 7H
and Fiirnniis,
Floorincr, Hlilliijr,
Frainii:, A.c.
Fur Mir l Hk It Pt"i "f
Lrwl.l.ilrir, IVt J5
jr The iinilt-rsinni'il Lave as-
f!-jTjL?Jocialeil themselycs into copart
fjK.tnersliip fr Ihe purpose of carry
tKmsSrsa on J.timbrnn..', I'laninz,
anilCarpentrring business in all theirvarious
branches, at the
tctuiobnra Dtcnm planing fUills,
where thev inteml to keep a sirck of Pine,
Hemlock, Walnut, Cherrv, l'. plar, sh. Ma
ple, and all kinds ol l.unilicr. Kionniia shel
ving, Siding, Shingles, Lsth. J.i-ts, lud.ling.
Fencing, Pickets, l)...r and Window Frames,
Doors, Shuiurs, Uiinds, Sash, .Mouldings,
Brackets, &c. Planing, Slitting, Scroll Saw
inir, &c, done at .shi rt nonce and all work
warranted lo give salisfariiou, bolli in rice
aud workmanship.
Iwtkliurir Planing lill. A ril 1. lk''S.
8:3,000 Wanted! !
TX pursuance of an art of the last Legisla
ture of Pennsylvania, the Comniissii. tiers
ol I nion county desire lo ISori'UW money
to the above amount, in
tuns not less tliai
SillHI.ihe interest to be paid annually, and the i
princioal within Ihiee years. Iii(uire ol
II. P. SUELLKR. Treasurer.
Lewisburg, Pa., May -ii, l.'.H.
William Jones,
TTOnNEY at Law. rollcct inns
rromptly attended to. Olliceon Market
street, opposite the Presbyterian chinch.
5:m Li:lslil Hi:, I' A.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
q0 itrci'ii'q i'i.-ii
e. The subscriber has on hand a splendid
collection of both Fruit and I Irnamenial
TKKES, Ac. Ac. emhracii.z the very best
varieties of Annies, pe.-rs. Peaches, I lutns,
t'herries. Apricots, Xer ari leSjIlrapes.tJoose
berries, Haspberries., Currants, Sirawberne--
Large Horse Chestnut. European Mountain
Ash. American Mountain Ash, Surar Maple
for street plannns. Ever-bhiomins lo.se, and
a splendid rollecuon ol liulbous and oiner
Floerni2 Plants.
IV Nursery (ironnds on the farm of Ja's
F. I. inn Esq. on the Turnpike, within hall a
mile of l.ewisburj. All orders will receive
strict attention. IVTeraua itirarinlilu CASH.
I.ewisburg, July 7, !H5.
New Arrangements---New Goods!
1 OSEPH L. HA WX having taken the
J well known SI'YKEK HA T STOKE, has
refitted it, anil filled in an eitensive variety ol
ILitt, Clip, Gentlrmin's Clfthi)iijt if r.
Also a larse and splendid slock of t'l.OTHS
CArtMMEKEtS, &c, which he will ,'iAe up to
order, as he Mill continues the Tailoring Busi
ness. He is prepared to execute all work
entrusted to his care,lo the satislaction of the
X. B. Cuttins and Repairing at done to
order. Lewisburg, . 4 pril lti,
THE subscriber is engaged in the manuf
acture of the
Latest Improved
HUNSECKEI! Clover Hullers.which he offers
at very reasonable rates. There have teen a
large number of these Hollers sold in this
neighborhood and county, and they give good
satisfaction as the very best. Any person
wishing to purchase a good machine. will call
or apply by letter to ". I' KMEKY.
lv'J;i3 Laurelton P O, Union Co, Pa
VOUTH 4th Street. The subscribei
1.1 most respecttully informs the citizens ol
Lewisburg and vicinity, that he has on hand
and for sale a cheap lot of II It II I lit,
for the Spring trade, comprism
Ilrcssing and conimon Jureans, .-CL-
ItlUI 11 J tlll( ...."-. l-v llt.i
P.ir.l i..r Tm1i14 Iriiiiiifr jtml
t ir . n n , m... . l r .
I.rcaklast lalile?. (.npliotirils, ( , t -
tarc and other IJeditead, Staud.-i,
Sdfas, ami Chairs
of all kinds. COFFINS made to order or"
shlTt ntittre.
j The P"1''6 cordially invited to eiamine
; his work, as he is sure that ihey will he satis-
Lewisburg, Sept. IS, ltv'16
James F. Linn. J. Elerrill Linn.
T F. & J. M. LINN,
J Attorn?) at Law,
Union County, Penn'a.
i. MKItlillL ll " Cnxismr fnr the State of towa,
wilh ftwertoUke Itepoiti(ini.a,'kntwVJite ltr.l,.ar.
Broom Handles and Curtain Rollers,
auri m
llltkok l'ati nt .Maililncry.
WE have completed arrangements
for making Broom llandl1 and t'lirtain lioltfra
in a man tier and prrlrrtioa hithrto unattainaM- in the
Bn-.m MMk-ra, Window Manufn.-turen and Mriw
rnanw witii mi hi -f ah.trt notin.
1 hT r made ot tin ot fan! Mutt, and in a "upe-
rior mnBitr. on nrw utat-hiTi.Tr nt-rrr t forr ttr.1.
Vt aim, make, on Nrwly 1'alnt.nl Mat-hitifrtr, the beat
llrttYn l'truth ami llund Kerens
that have erer l.s-n rM-ritri1 tli publir.
-trdr protuptly tiH,-d. .A.l.lre.
W. O. IIK hOH.
IlABBittBURfi, Pa, CmTitH Attt'bt ol th 1Ui:I Worktt.
LEW IS I'll.. !!:,
AKimiLti ana
1 UAMSHLhG, r.4
CT0ir.ee in the I.'niversity Building 68:1
. ... r..m , ...... , ....
ClorkH.Watf li
eu, and Jewelry,
1th door west of Uauk,
Also, particular attention paid to RE
PAIRINC of all kinds.
I have also the agency for the sale of
the celebrated C oal Oil LailipN,
which will recommend themselves to
every one. Call and see.
Sept. 9, 1858 A E DEXORMANlllE
PURE and No. 1 Ground Pepper.
Ginger, Cinnamon. .Allspice, Cloves.
American and Enelish Mustard.
Cayenne Pepper, Nutmejs, Mace.
Sup. Carb. Soda, Saltpetre, Saleratus.
Caraway and Coriander Seed,
rial Soda, Indigo.
Ashton Dairy and Ground Salt, Ac,
For Sale at the Eagle Mills Mo. 241 and
146 North Front street, corner of New Phil
t"Pnrchasers will find it greatly to their
interest both in quality and price to buy these
goods, which are warranted as repreaented.or
forfeited. A trial is solicited. fit'-'yl)
'C.filLV.4Il.l AtCS C
( i;i:at ukulction i. i'i:irK.
l .,ir,ori..lrr--.l.iii.l.t!.. l;i:nlLrul
I l.j (if ur S' wtiiu' Vai hiet-. will Im 3 l..l:u :
Jlhl'lL f 'n l .l le, '
" Hull ('.- fjfl
II .. I ' I'-J crl'.!ark Vtali.tr -
tun :
Mill ' U "
VMM .1. 1A' IU.NK
LAK'.K -1 A 111 Mi ,''.
TV itiiHi.ntiou- luv'Thi'- I nttt-n !') thf ifitt"! nr
tif l, 1. 1 V. h'tlT A U. i. l-rtlll.ly rrWlll; M; l..U.l
it....'.-iit .-..J.-ur, .i i:n . .;i.u.v. It I- rimll.
t., i-'n t. it li.i- ti-. Mil ii!-f!.i;.-ii i- t" "I'll-' a !' tn---Il
i.i.l.tiitr i.. ih t.-t n'niM bv ii"""""':'' '
l,,..u-..i..tr ft Bti.i.t iiinnf rank in li - I.. ti...
It.. tn- l.ltli- ft" r. fi fi Ui :t ailing tt.e-tii -' t
it-:. lv..t.T;.L-.-,. it .. tt ' I - au..-..ll.-tlt.-tj..ry
ir. iM.t l rM-H' t' l- M.1V..I. i tit uwn nip-n-iv r- .1-
,- t i. l - t t- -tim : .- 't.u-l.iij l T i.fTur.i. , . i.nr
Tt-nii'-t l.it It liac't?utl.jriii.-iruii.fit.-n.vl:
uiiiiif tli
an i
, Tin Mmhin i"
! IAI. t.ilit! I'f l.ll
. il (.mi rrin-h!" fTt!-f.Tf-:-:-:.ili!iir:it''
:;.( tr.l n- tin mi.-t
rK tterv kii'l : tun! rial: atiJ. iKm:
t.-U..a tl-r-'. .:.!" I t -I th in ' -t.-. :n- Ii -v
I- itnK t ui -1 :tt -itl- u.- 1 i .ii.. .'- I Vs.t
ill. ii.t"ii" 't ::, i' i- lr;,-te.. Ih.tt
ii -.T i . II.:- i.-.jui-it- t" -.int,i. tr ait-J ru. 'i
Mai-iiiu--. it CMia ii"t t bj i iourln-J iu lt:el-
,., ar
ill a I I Ii-
it j on ott all
i u iff :
otlitr-. iiit-k it:tJ"-l t'.ln.it.:
1. t. -ut.i li. i! v ! r..n-trii ti"n. ami
. rwiuftit fr-
d'-rn lr..iii ili-rant-ti!fnt at!i n- i "I rt'l1"
'Z It- un- iamj-!ft Titi-vhtv an I a.-r ol
If. t...'.nl. I IU" Ti ll.' lit.
4 1 "r-:tt arir-tv I t i-rn - wl:
li it t an ' ar
t lir-l, t.;ih rati U- a-hi. ly
i utiit-r tu.L-t.abu al.
ui.iin-. Ami.
i. Tic- rt-f ininetit rr'.ni an I r ; r i!:ii.itt f r '-rK
IVrsiHiS o.-'!'Tififj tiecp!flr;itftl Marhine s
from ihe Out nil Affnry, have i.nly tlie
rreiohi tn rav In m H irnsl urs ; n. i-haiii l r
bttjini:. An (
ratiT will soon visit l.e-.vi-
i bur" to show its t-reat beauties and
I 1.rs,)ns WMiiin:f Marhine will plea-e
W O lil('KtiK,Ham-buri
.'( l V ItT. 1'FMIsT,
j ArfVrr5 MarifI street, nejt d...r lo Brown ,V
- n, si.,re-
Killer's Su re LEW l.-Ul Mr,, PA.
West Branch Insurance Company,
OF Lock Haven, Pa., insure DelaelieJ
lluildtngs. Stores, Merchandize, Farm
Property, and other buildings, and their con
tents, at moderate rales. Doing business on
both Cash and Mutual plans. l'apital,$lHt,uuO.
Hon John J Pearce
John H Hall
( has A Mayer
I has Crist
Hon (i C Harvey
T T Abrams
Il J Jarkman
W While
Thos Kitchen
Peler Dickinson
Hon. C. C
T. T.
HARVEY, President.
A PR AMS, Vice Pres.
627 I.ewisburg, I nion Co. Pa.
THE subscriber tnn-
1. tinues to carry on the
l.lierj BiiMinrNsi at
the Old Stand on South
Third street, near Market, and re.pectfutlj
solicits the patronaee of his friends and ih
public generally. CH ARLES F. HESS.
Lewisburg. May 22, IXftll
Druij and Chemical Emporium
M.irket Street - - - Lewishurg. Pa.
James B. Hamlin,
SY Vv Otlicr on Second St. west sii!e,2ni
dcMir south of Market, L.4.' M ilui
tim.r'.l L'moD I o. Pa.
Ar llurllcloll, Union Co., I'a.
THE subscriber, thankful
fttr past patronage, would inform
his friends and the public in gene
ral, that he continues lo manufac
ture all kinds of Woolen t.uutls, such as
t'lolhs, t'assimeres. Tweeua.altinetts, Jeans,
Blankets and Flannels; also. Carpet and
Stocking Yarns. His machinery being of the
I...-. t...i ..... u ..I ,h.
i besl of workmen, he feels sale in sarinr
j v.iw uaauiiaai-t s- I '
: anyfRiablivhmentin the countrv. A sihxNhp-
; plv if the above eid kept Ct'nsianily in hanl
. p - elch fl,r .,,. i, mces
that can not fail lo please. WOOL will be
Carded in the best manner and on the shortest
notice. Terms for cnrding, cash on the de
livery of the rolls. MARK HALFPENNY.
Wmfield Mills, March :t, 18'7.
M altliniakfr and Jonrllcr,
Located two ,l..r rttyt of tlit tjtr..t rtmitlj occUte-d t
Mr Ymlrr LKW ism liii. I'a.
Clot'kw, Watches, Ac, repaired on shoit
notice am! warranted to give satisfaction.
LV An excellent assortment of atches,
('locks an.l Jewelry en hand Cheap for ( '.A.
(ill.T KKA.ME8 of all sizes made to order.
Lewisburs, April 29, lefts
Executrix' Notice.
VOTICK is herc!.y siven, that letters
V .r , . Jv , . ,, ,
J.1 Jestaiiientar . 1 the last will anil testa-
mont II III V r Wll SillV lot. -f
inent of JOHN I'. WILSON, late cf
I nion county, deceased, have been granted to
the undersisned. by the Kesister of Inion
county, in due form of law; therefore all per
sons knowing themselves indebted to said
estate are requested to make immediate pay
ment, and those havmir just claims against
the same are also requested to present Ihem
properly authentiratrd for settlement.
Hartleton, April !), 18."i9
A RE opening, direct from M'Calliim A;
kV Co. s Carpet Manutactory. (ilen Echo !
1 to Lewisburg, such as
Three j,, jj yeH;,:,m
.111 s ermantitu'r, rn. ,uu .
Sup. lmjrain, Manilla Matt,
Union da., Cocoa do..
l-lTiciledrenttian,4-l Oil Cloth,
31 do. do.,
Fine do.,
84 do. do..
Carpet Binding, Ac.
a n U Jenelrr,
second door above Third,
on Market street
LEW I an it nr..
ur...n . r- ii ....
" uum respecituiiy iniorm the public lhat he
has on hand a fine assortment of f :.,!, an, I
Silver Lever and Lepine Watches a good
sloclt ol (iold.1 amroand Masonic Brcastptiis
of ihe latent style iold and Cameo Earnnes
Ac, which he intends to sell vervrhean un
a splendid assortment of Eight-Dav and Thirtv
HourCLtiCA'SandTime pieces. Every article
watiitiiiru 10 oe wnat it is sold for.
The greatest care will betaken in Be pal
ring and Cleaning of Clocks, Watches and
Jewelry, and everything warranted 10 give
satisfaction. Please make bun a call, and
give him some trouble to show bis Walrhes
j and Jewe'ry. Jti y SI, lets
fSefiti Evans & Watson.
it i I,- . ' " " fciml ,
lfo b.r. I..r B..uk.-i0'l.sI'.r',irf.B Miultr, IrB .
II ,.. Ik,,r.,u .l U, U m IL. lo:t-l JUU,. '
V Five Safrs in one Frre a) enmr ( ot rihl
Wiih contents in roimI condition. t s
Jht SiluuiawU-r 3f'. f iful-jd'ptit a-inu 0 w,lTlif
i;T.4s &. W iTSO
!! tbt- "Uf -t 4nKBiinrt(n in th.- fa. 'r,mr
lirtfitr Hint tl.t'ir niruf:-ttirt-r.t ..l..nih'lr r t
at i.ti;i h f i ' v wrrnti tt.r r-ifriit.;t. Lt:,( ; 4.
I rtu in-.-t tlis-m a rs-Mlfrii ;to una'-i.t:ra.t,tar
yaiitdl iLe ivrrittK eiiwiriit :
1'i'inti. Atx - v
fr f.is i Wt-5 ; n:. in n : it ,rj. Vr ,,a
In-1.' - i-f ;,,ri ''tat- t" ' U. that i ii: it, tjr. f-"
i ri.t. i-uii- 'piain,-. t'.. 'f ti.e .tiiij.an ivf jifcj,,.
w i-urt !n ' "f V " "- t, w 0 !l --
A , t-X t. tt ' :tfl M'-0 hTK IU KaU-hj t. , J
ti r n.-.ruii).- ' r tt- f.it.n -tiM.
U, l.f .-S.-rt tlt.l lh--.-af- w I. !B .
fit.rt.ti i-t.-rj t r -n.-I: iijt - (ffuph-l. ari'l tLj rf
I. tt -t;t - ilt-il tt I' 1" li'iH' t litrn:i:- r:iri, , '
i t
1 tt.- t.r.;
i .t Itf t TJT
ta'u.-.l If "itt- ui- a n:bt
M-r-tr.tv a-'.-ifl. -I "f -;
. -IimI . Uk IM"' U p'.fif'T
v- uifu buin" ;i -'- "
i.K .T..K M MM
tw' Wi... I.-' I'.ir-t..-
"- Ilea
'.N t hi..).
1 m ::r.-. .
.uif.i.'s.. Chicktiin,' &. Sun-;
((Ji)T J) n ar 'ifae'urer. i f
i . n.inritniani
picno Jartts
i ii'-imit St.
1 iiu..uit,t.nt;.t.
l I ..1,-iii.llv nb and a iar-.-e si. tliiti.or
Ijrutit 'uand uniij'iull'd instruin. li'. I',r. l.f !
in eierv variety tt :i.e, at jfr., r;i:e.r,:
from 175 to J.ri.'i. We have aaar'ei
and .Wr firt Vlw V. 'a.i at iti
li!Vf rHt KxluKri in th -s c l:.
riipc J . r v.-pericr nianiit;ic:i:rp.
.' i:.d Y.:
A i'lTi!
Iisrouitt t" ti.e c:. t;v ami seu.it;dr.' s , : ,nP
niti7. II' l.lu-uaiei de.cr.f;r.e rii'a.-::,,
seiit to ary a.I ii s l11"4
CA It l'KTS.
t r ii. i.i.diciim;i:.
L 1 Mat.ul.'turer, lu.poiter and Iiea'fr.a
UarIctii.fcv.0;lcl otI
' 3I;itt:r.;.
&.C. Bi in? in a bye-street, nnder verv 3:i
expene. this Il. ue has been ei.b.t ', .,
many ve?rs to mat o tain .he reputaiii n ct if.ri
the iHtirt.T in the City.
iirrhut -Vo. j:J Mrairhrry Str.
secoi.d d. or aS. ve l'hetnut street. S:r;
berry is tl:e fn: street west of Secttd i'.:rt'H
f AMI M S A rhHK"S
4rjited to (.ive rntrerr mTt-rs-Tio!!, oe thi itif
WILL HL aUTl.flitft.
And nHT Agut mrr hrf y avthorttrd ta mal pori Mf
Jutlu -J if ol our tJ-f UM.
A. TAN HA AtiKN Yinf j.nrtwul Makir sM
hnviiii: pt ihf iatt t-if rr'.i .iin. m t-0"
j-rriDH lit'd Upon iiD'l t's-trt! tli io (Mrtirulair SuV- :E
Tu n- m: (t w . fl-r it U th- , ut-itr sn a '
will ! TIMI-. I.Al;K n-i h'N.V. We -rf
tt f liotl I.t t"-t U-U lt(-D Birlllf. All W It .
it a lair trial, atid um it rr.riii t -nr air'
ttr uti't id -!ch I- x. and iff il ! mot gi fui. .La
tii r it,.- moi.fv will !. rr-tumltti.
Am.DC Ibr BlkDV axlVHta.f- OTer OtbtT W.L.B
Small-, til" btilowttii: Blf T ft- tlatnifil.
I. t u tb'f r'l no t .ilt eg, Bud rrT Jj:;. rofcfiof.
f moj-t artivl- ft n I
I, Mi'1 l'-Mt"! Hi v tar. ' T -e. tt r
r.un-tf ut c iumtD rucio my, tit two j-uuiiUr ur iini-
Iw wap.
li. It r-iuirc Ifin triKBj onr half t!i tim-and
in do tt.r WNi-iijR.: tfi family, tl -t it r-,-.ir. Mi
(fft Uuu'y atiap, aiiU i arrabUl t tu injure Ut
4. F'-r !' nnifirr Puint and rrmoTitie tl'-!!1'. Tar it:
I'riirt. r luk. it li MO-uriaor-d. f an-br ; -t-. rr;t
ait) I'-tnt-r ai'i t cii it an invalnabl artirir f r
iuit hand-, &i tt dii Dt t chap, tut gn-atlj at t J
i. Thr anfi-writy of th material? ni. and tl'
ivr ifiMiiiMi i xt ff" cr n hies. imorv nn..l
any i.th- r kit n W a-h-r- -j and ui.dt ut i
fwt a i.t'tt i i.r whit a'i ri l' r d rttithirff.
rnit ri. - l.s-r. and ia W AliKAMfci I -THEi
! 1 ill-:.
tr naif at alt rreertaM firorerr 5torf io tir
Dd o.eLbotiDg tvDt. aud hfWat "tiiT
3m5 Pelwwn M irkrt and(.brtut ru.lt.
I'aper, lrinlrr ( aid. and Lb
No. 405, Commerce St., Phi'-aMi
ECash buyers will find it for their ltr.rri
to call Phiiad, Jan 1. is.'itf y
iiito r tic an,t wTIMU' rflf)T'
No. 46 North Third street,
brlnern Market aitl Arcb.
M. root'FR.
t. It UOKK
;, rniLADn.ri.
wixciiiti:r & co.
Talent Shoulder Steam Shirt JlarJ';-
Xo. to I Cliesttnut l. I'liilad.
OPPOMTE the Washinston
WINCHESTER will ive.as lierf.:
his personal supervisitn of Ihe I V.:::i;J
.Munutaciurinc departments. I r it-rs :
celebrated styles ot shirts and t t i.jrs i. -
the shortest notice.
Persons desiring to or;ler h.r'-. t'j" "
supplied with the Immula It r laeas-irKa:
application ty mail.
Ctinstantlv in hand a rarifil an ! selcc-
of i'T'1' f" V . u
Lif holesale Orders su: : l.ti ti
Ir"1! ''S" - -
' AniPrii 'ltl 1 il'r Insttr-in,,. v TrL"I 0-i
i AIUlntJn LU nWMtl A- if-'1
(Capital stock :
CIOMPANY'S r.'jildirrs.M.i''
corner of Fourth i ''
UV Lives insuied al tlu u-'1-or
at Joint Stuck rates at t i:t '-'
or at Total Abstinenre rat. s ilif li"'J
world. A. tllLLUlN.
Jons C. Sins, Src. t
547 CEO. F. MILLER. ."! !'.'-
qh)ci'st TJaVifiiiK's' K
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