Union County star and Lewisburg chronicle. (Lewisburg, Pa.) 1859-1864, May 20, 1859, Image 1

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m STAl- M
At $1.50 per Year, always
l n;,.nlntm! tirfc T cu k'i!irT!irnnirl(
I nioat miiM Mar. Lew ijar iiruuiue .
fitarJ Ffilijf,at Is-iriJ'unjjL niun Co.Pa.
i t-r T.-ajT. T hC rUI IS AT'TASCt M
1 .r ur tit T j ri- fr-ix m -crlj. 1 !..
. ll-U Un-fUIl. i I-T two
our fr. io for t n coiir i nf
tiur lir. M -t kiui- Tr-iuf r.-t i-ii l tlieffir.
(du. ' ; dtp a runuiu: j t.-am it i Ti ,i'i'Kl-
t-jusrv ..u- K. ft- U 'IT ibM-rli-.n. i dyl I'- r t-ix
C; .utii. Pr ' ar- il 1 M1 rt- l; -
V -:. 4 J 1 1 - ;Jr. 1 ; '. . . M.-n l.uu. Ac.
Hot OT-r ftuf I urUi o! ruiainn. U U-1. (--r -nr. u:tn-r
I bi a if a.T- W 'i;- Q. A .(UTr is !tUr or
tmllrt ivt-- or "T n-xt r-iT. A i-n: tn-nt o
4trt r.tm- t-n.in-f . i.r- nit, o -t lunttl.
Comraimcstion j-irt-i --uv ; x m. int.-r t
D t mi.ii.ii! J ' : r.lr' r-: nr-- aaj )lrfi.
Thr M i N i i"J' 1 Kl-l.'.ii i- i--7it.4 ,n lb-
N w- ta :a'te f lh- !Mlvi. Ha:;.
O ni"-:-i h-" "- amj.l- matirll fr ot
k'-ti- ..I J JB FRIN'TIN. nt!i trul Irin-uird w.Ui
a: A :v. r i.- ui- ui if tw pujlvr waeu Laul.-d
-5 "'fcul-14rk"1
Wort 4 orm liu.
Ll)c tar aaD Cljroniflf.
M(IIV, ?14V 10, 1-9.
hl.ir.r.Y. The elevtions for a:l com
Biiiii uti 'ieers of tLe Volutitcers
throufh.-ut tbe State, except .'uj r ulu
era!, will t:ike ji'-ce ou tie first Monday
inJuLeutit. TL.se t (Biers are elected
r fiir vears. TLe Mii.T Generals are
elected, Ja.y f,., ty the CummU-
, j !
iioned c-ffietrs. :
Sure senate The terms of ff"
Senators txpired with the last .cssion
Meisrs. Wright and Kaudall, of PuiiaUel- i
phia; l etter of Perry and Cumberland; j
llrewtr of Franklin and Adams ; Steele
Of Lui.rue ; and Cretwell of lilair ; Lem-
ocrats, in ai us aua .-les.-ra. uamu,, .
f Allegheny; CVC.y of iuJiana; .Myer
of lklfrd; Scte.d of Warren; and
Harris of liutlcr; Kepubiicans, in all
"re. Those holding over are equally di
vided, eleven llepublicaus to eleven l'em-
ocrats. 1 he five U . publican districts tney
will certaiu'.y carry, as they are all strong-
ly lleputiicao. Cumberland and Perry
last Fall gave Porter 147 maj. over Head,
but ail the other districts went Opposition.
With ordinary prudence and energy, our
next State Senate must be Republican.
j--h was tor some time thought that
James Buchanan was the last "old etfcr-
alist" in public life. But this appears to
be a mistake. A correspondent of the
Williamsport JWu states that Capt. Wm. j
P. BaAUV, who for so many years, under
everv administration, has betu unanimous-
t i .t f tk- o.ii-i.n i Seward and Lincoln.
ly elected to oversee the Senate chamber we were not allowed to keep iL If retain
0fpennslvania,declares himself a "iiWt .cd, this would have been put under the
aT.i..j-V..,r..;;j " nothini? more.noth-' same restriction as the sword. I would i
ing less eschewing all 'isms, 'crats, and have liked to have kept my share. I could
ether new fangled inventions. Weil, he then have "stood treat" for all Lewi,burg
is an excellent wfficer, anyhow, and as "he ; to a cup of tea.
fought .o brave at Erie," and wears a Our stay in the Iragua, was short, and
lter medal as a memento of the fact, wturoeJ to Montevideo. Here we re
tbe Captain has a perfect right to be just i 6a b b of be'g fiaE hlP of tbe
what be please. '. (Be it understood.how-1 Paraguay Expedition and Brai.l Squadron,
ver the Captain is nU a Buchanan man.) ; bJ trnifer of onr fllS " 'b F"'e
' I Sabine.
Decline of Agriculture.
Some cf our Western free trade cotem- ;
. , , 1 1 i r,.a
eortrie. appear to be considerably betogged
' i
in contemplating the statistics ot .gncul-'
, . , g . , ,
. . . . .1 msrpB.l nf taking rains to ID-
ture;and, instead of taking pains to in- '
form themselves with regard to the causes
of the comparative declino in this impor-
f - .i '
tant department oi muusiry, iue, a eu- ;
deavoring to scold people into engaging in ,
nnprofitable employments. Here is an ;
extract from an arucie vj out u mo
t...kaM ff nn i ir. cctiDUUiv
kkucii j
"AGRICLLTlkb rui 'f-
. . T ; .ri r f 1 n I feari
petrs from carefully reTisea tables upon
Bbj, :
ou iu .fin...... r- . ---- a -i
L,h in .he till and New World, induced, ,
iio doubt, by the great desire to live easily
od live Uziiy ; to get ofEce, if possible,
.... -. L 'I TL.
and bold on to it as to an neir-ioom. aue
discrepancy can scarcely oe accouuiiu iur .
in any other way. it wors.s uj un ; ua (
tbe desire to evade hard labor is growing
with our crowth and strengthening with ;
cur .irenetb, in the face of facts going to ,
falling off of 32 per cent 1 et the Uuth !
is obvious, that there are too many men !
lt.tn. BC .1 . .1-1.. T.r'.li,'in thrnilfrh 1
...lyg uil luavviB.ug I t .--n
the medium of speculations and taxes of
various kinds,direct and indirect. On the
whole, Farming is the most profitable,
tappy and independent pursuit, as well a.
tbe most bonest,'but not the most popular
among the ill-judging.
sad kn tb Uxl. to IbrnMilf 111a s Fy,
W Im-t. .Mllb krr.aal.l but .t WJ 1
Pr. 4 lrd. w.i fl ntti. or w OlI
A knatk m kn.k liva . hmth baU mmir;
Bat a bt.14 vemry, w.u.lrV. prsic
IM ooot' t ia loat, aa r o. .oppiitd."
The New York correspondent of Tbe
Kentucky Free South advocates th.
show that the average oi me in iue rurai ; u ueeu - ; what do yon want oi me f ' lbe woman I a : th rrimean war .ft r ,v u I ascending streams. ben 1 nrl stocked jBt.. a merely rev,.l-i-,onar document, an ' . , 3 '
employments U far above that of any other bad several thousand ton. of our aothra- u d ..j dlJ , mean you, but mj ! , k a , T '.,,! my trout-pond, I placed 1,500 in it, ! abstract truth, applicable to all men and a'l squashes, and other plants .uVject to tho
branch of busine,s-Profe,iona!, mercan- cite caai geiecteJ and exported especially ! 'Z.'rk? he Was watchine the ! f and was accustomed to feed them with an! i! t v--
tile, or mechanical. fjr tbe U!e of tbU elpediloa. I bas cost, i " U "J V" ' L ".oU J i 'T '' "J FJa . "J s4 grasshop-! r.Tumbi.ng il-ck'to the very barhmger, ; Tbe plum and other fran. subje.-, to ho
"Inl30,the agricutural population ' " T . . ,fn ' &'e 3oad" kJ 'L tr,ok' , "" EM ulterior ODjeci. j" tr,hieh thev attacked with ereat of re-aipear.i,2 tv.annv and oppression. 1 ravage of insect., may be saved by plac-.ho-ed
TT per cent, male and female.while nearly as I ascertain, from fifte n to Uve hidJen bimself gomewher. from the In ; lbe iLflaeDce of LoUjs Xapo. ! P. f 5 , of te folk Yo" ulM "", ' iS o the tranches and thr..u,h the treo
S"o? IS lo exhibited the ratio of agri- t-enty-four dollar, per ton before being : itflrm. x eame t0 take bim bome. See , leon ,o of eJ , vorac-y, to the amu-ement of tho .look. aj,. ,
culturUt. at 45 per cent, of the entire pop- delivered aboard of our steamer., at ou thew fae Me. at last, out from the bush- ter. It is BCarceIj possibIe ,bat sbe wttlJ j S grow much more rap.dly Woman.-A Hartford , , ' ' k .
Nation, with increase of perhaps not less coiling sUt.ons, for use. This great cost , rMIk, ,hc boy from th. city, reli- j b meani be induced ,0 eB,Utagainst ! ' 3 felr ,eK, ,h, fl,0.iog s(0ry t, illustrate ' , Kl'P1,!' f
thin 5,000,000 in tbe ten years. .ri.e, it is true, pr.nc.pally, from trans- j ,cd how b, bld uken bcr yoice fjr , voice . Jf , from .be fact that they are better fed, and P . - ia-oaDecueal " ft"ful
We think there must be some mistake , portation. uut what I wish to draw your froffi belTen. Thtn lhe fMei , . not compelled to exercise. Trout ire the j ( lcDce ,bl h a!tenda the hrst stag,, of ,n-
either in that 77 or4o--hicb, w. do not j atuntion t0( i. that a great portion of it bsf deTOUtly tcd 0a j mJ j ( ; lm only fish known to me hat posse, a K.-PWi party every-. '"V-, r "
knew, but there could net have been a ( was 0f the mo.t inferior quality. V e ehj,d do ot tbaDk ,n- tb, C6S tbat I , . ' - ..'.,, -oice, which is perceived by pressing , SJ s,rurs of the h.st fail of eff.et, a
lowiog nominations lor l?ou: rrw'Jlkl An inferior article takes up too
ident, N. P. Bank, of Massachusetts; for . much epace aboirJ Bipf gnJ wiU no, plJ
Vice Presidwnt, Cassins M. Clay of Kj. ! fof exportation. Our Steam Navy is ra
"Test sami old Coos." CoL Slifer, ! pidly increasing. Pennsylvania ! look to
the State Treasurer, ha. completed the j your interests, and let us have your coal,
organization of hi. "Cabinet" by lbe ap-' not elate and du.-t.
pointmeLt of Mr. Jactb Ksco, Messenger. J E tti tin.e, I iuppoae, all cf car .:e-
In Advance.
Thf alf SirrmTMI tetra.iriaiza.Hl9 W rallh
.rmnlnts:lt,ir, hmv, M.br f.n..
oa our (ruirrnnirni. ,
Cvrrt.-j-ociJf nc of thp 5tr k Chrx-nirle.
U. f. ?tKM FCLT'S, at !
Off C.) Ii.Urr. April , lV.
Messrs. Kditurs : "There is & River in ;
the Ojcao. Ia the tererest droughts, it
.ever f.",!., ..d in the cight flood,
it nev.r ovc.fh.s. Its baDk3 and it. hot-
tom are cf cold water, while its cu
cf watm. The T.ulf cf M.iiea is iLs foun-
Uin, Hi iu mouth i ia the Arctic Seas,
It is the Gllf Stream. There i iu the ; 01 01 our " uul
world do other .uch maje,t:c flow of wa-' PeDsa "f our lnd "f J"'-
ters." A. I m haviog this one-.ided j I5't,er dJ re ""g- 0" stea"
chat with jou, we are ruhiDS across the me" P""1' WIP9 out ,he dl'gr"e
deep blue water, of this mighty river, at j "There goes eight belU," aod I must make
ti.. f .1 t , l , ,i- I the best of our tad anthracite fur the ntxt
a,usj laic ij. iitiu nuuta au ujui- .1 iuu
place, in bread'.b is estimated at about
seventy-five miles; its d.-pth, fevea hun
dred feet; aul its current, at about three
knots an hour. We will sjon be across it,
and pL'jhin the waters of the Chcaa
p eake, and then of the Potomac.
We are bound fjr Vrashintoo. When
I last wrote to you, we were ia the La
l'iata, at Kosario, coaiiug slip preparatory
to our Tirit up the Uruguay liver, on a
Tisit to Gen. L'rju'n. He ia the Presi
dent of the Argentine Confederation, and
h" h'-ea 1U"J Jei" IU1st Pminent
actor in the many tragic revolutions of
J .
these soutuera nations. We met hiin in
para-uay, when he urged the invitation
of m Tl4 Qf C:Jllr:.e) lbe Tislt wa, more
of , poiitie,j or Barional affair, than social,
The Fu!ton lal Wa(er Wl!ch wef( tbe
cnjr ,ijat weDt up tiie i;raguay :
ll)cj WiTe M tte oul 0Qcg tQ gJ up tte
paragU3J. xhe Commissioner and Com-
modore were accompnuied by as many of
the ot,-!.rs from each ehip as could be
spared from duty. They were entertained,
in munificent style, for several days, at bis
atamia. which is about twentv-one miles
;from C(juception ijrjmM ia probably
! ,he weaiia:est min on ,ce Western Hem-
Sphere, ile estimates his land by the l
vjuare Lnyuc, and bis cattle, horses, and
sheep by the hundreds of thoiuandi. As j
a memento of our vi.it, be presented Com.
Shubrick with a splendid sword, valued j
at about three thousand dMnrs. It was 1
roived with tbe understanding tnai mis
presentation must be ranctioned by Can-
gress before it becomes valid,
Afur our treaty with Paraguay, Lopei
preseuted us with Beteral thousand dollars
worth of yerba. mate or Paraguay tea ; but
i Wi;i not boast much of the warlike i
ppearance of that fleet of seventeen .ail.
i. ,
j, was not such as would make an Amen-
I . ... '
can abroad feel proud of his country. W e
; . . , , ,, ,, , . , .
..,.l ,.l. ,V,. '.t ,,1,.;V
parted company with the gallant Shubrick ;
and suit, also with Commissioner Bowlin, ;
with regret. Being ordered to return ;
. . ;
Dome ln company with the aterwitch,
we remained there about two weeks, until :
sha Was ready for sea. We bad a lively ;
time there, as tne Americans numDerea
ar.iiiT iventr.nra nnr.tirn an in n.
" -".--j w-.. ...... 1
M - .1 . . t t 1
nu iae exctpuon oi some oaa wea-
6hortlj tfler W9 eft Montevideo, w ;
8"J f"ored iQ M !
, j . ... - .
We ?t0PPed at tb isI"d of St" Catharine, !
at Pcrnambuco, and at Barbadoes, for coal, ;
spending a few days in each port pleas-;
. (
antly. i
Allow me to take this opportunity of
, l-.,rin. ..-.m. f r,,. I,nn.wln;. f.;.
- - "-'' "7 f ,
D0W L0W " lf e reputation ot our j
uvn - - vs wwsk ,
anthracite coal, lor me use oi me -avy, ,
frequently bad to throw at least forty per
ceEt overboard as waste. Do you ask the
reason T I reply, incompetency or rascal
ity in the persons who selected tbe coal
As a Pennsylvanian, I feel greatly inter
ested in this matter. The Keystone State
cm, and should furnish our Navy with i
coal. She can do it far cheaper and give
a. a better article for our purpose., than J
any other country. We are now consum.
ing thonsinds of tons of British coal, an- j
nually, which Pennsylvania might furnish, t
provided honest and capable men bad the
r ' .
.,nt nf :.. ,tiM,;0n and i.urchae.
Comi for onr ns, mutt U o a npcrior .
i t... Ar-.i'.i ii, a i. iF.rn rvi r v is s . . m.m w. i n c v. Muuiim i i .... - fcwuuv-, . v. . v. . ... j - ,iar fcfi i iitpi i nwi- mn :nvf pnenmriara.
ii ... Fi0t -rcrrtirfT ihft
Metacomet, are on their waj home. The
KniLr nf that atpamer h been condemned
.u .i,. -u -mi m.;n
nnc'avDrthv. io that sua will remain
tMoDtiJeonntil further order, from
home. The ch.rter of this old craft ha.
been Use swindle upon tb. purses 0f
j b. people. I. fc-. all of the chartered
tID"' b" CMt 0"om'J. im l tear
1 would have been found ery luefficicnt in
I ca3 ot tction-
A irlanee at them has
D i
j SiTe0 foreigners quite a favorable opiniun
four hours.
Kespeetfully yours,
tiii: un iri:.
Lav the Rein upon my bosom.
Let me feel her eet, warm breath,
For a stranee chill o'er me passes,
And I knuw that it is daih.
I Houlil gaze upon the treasure
Scarceiy uvea ere I co.
Feel her rosy, dimpled hnzrs
W'an ier o'er my cheek ui snow.
I am pasinj throujh the waters,
Bui a b!esed shore appears.
Kneel beside me, husband, dearest!
Let me kiss away thy tears;
W resile vtih thy enet, my husband,
. ?snve trom midnight until day.
It may have an angel's blessing
When it vanishes away.
Lay the srem open my bosom,
'Tis not U'ne she can be there ;
See ! how to my heart she nestles,
Tis the pearl I love lo wear.
If, in alter years, beside thee
sits anuiher in my chair,
Thouch her voic? be sweeter mnsie.
And her lace than mine more fair
If a cherub calls thee 'father,"
Far mure beautiful than this.
Love thy ilrst burn ; O, my husband !
Torn not trom the motherless.
Tell her sometimes of her mother,
You will call her by my name!
Shield her from the winds of sorrow ;
If she errs, oh ! gently blame.
Lead her sometimes where I'm sleeping,
I will answer if she calls, -An
1 ray breaih will stir her ringlets
When my voice in blessine tails,
And her soft black eyes will brighten
Who wonder whence it came ;
In my heart, when years pass o'er her,
She will And her mother's name.
It is said that tvery mortal
Wj ki between two angels here;
One recur ts the ill, but tiots it,
If before the midnight drear
Man repenteth ; if uncancelled.
Then he seals it for the skies ;
And the right hand an eel weepeth,
Bending low with veiled eyes.
I will be her richt hand angel,
Sealing up tne good fur Heaven,
Striving that he midnight watches
Find no misdeeds uulorgiven.
You will not U rget me, husband,
When I'm sleeping "neaih the sod!
Oh, love the jewel given as.
As 1 love thee next lo liod !
Frank, a boy from tbe city, bad been
picking raspberries in tbe woods. A. be
was on bis way home, a violent storm
arose; it began to rain, to lighten, and
to thunder, fearfully. Frank was very
' ,
macb frightened, and crept into a hole, in
an old eak tree, not far fiom the roadside.
m , , i . . i i . :
He did not know that lightning is very
arJt ta strike a hollow tree. But, all at
0BCa be heard a voice that called, "Frank! 1
' ;
Frank ; conle, 0h I come out quickly 1"
frallt jumped iustantly from the tree,
but ecarcel, bad his feet touched the
ground when the lightning struck the :
. i . u . .1 j 1 1 r.;nu.r..iiM
irec, iuu vu9 iuuuuci vt uucu iiiLutiuu .
. . . . .
Xhe cround quakea beneatix tna temned
boy aDd it Iecmed as if he was standing
io the midat of fire. Bat he was not hurt
at .n and he exclaimed
itb raised
hands, "That voice came from beiven !
n b
Xhrn, O dear Lord, bast .a1
once more the voice was heard
1 i "Frank! Frank! do vou not hear me?" i
.1 . . . ... ... .
lie looked around htm, and discovered a j
. - nn-t BhA a a I j in rv Krnr i
pint woman who waJ ealiiog. Frank
rlQ towards ber, and said, "Here I am,
the voice came from tbe month ot the
poor peasant woman. It was lis who
willed tbat I should call your name, al
though I knew nothing about yon."
"Yes, yes," said Frank, "God served
! himself of your voice', but my escape, nv-
crtbeieSa eame from heaven."
Aiway. remember, dear reader ! that
WQnr iafet depends not on accident or
ntnee) but jt proceeds directly from your
jjtaTeoij Father, and that not a sparrow
th ground without his notice.
. .
rr i:..t. lnn r aht i in the
II J w tic . uww w - .
bosoms of those around us! We might !
explain many a coldness could we look in- i
to the heart concealed from u. ; we should j
often, where we bate, love, when we cnrl
the lip with scorn and indigestion. To
i ad 'e without reserve of any hnman ac-
J e . ...
lion is a culpable temerity, of all oar Sins
tie icost unfeeling a&d .'reqarEt.
.k l.,...,.. Fl.ot ..n ni lha T. inmi m.r Pliln. of tkt (ontrnSlar resaraeu luo prcsn.." .
TkP m.p.piti. of ike toBteiiiiu
, ,
No complication of human affairs could
' more exciting and tracic than such a
t &
Penerl1 war M D0W threi,n turoPe-
j Tblt U (wi11 infl:ct
: pon m.ll.oo. of men, i, iceviuble. Tb.t
" ' - -v.
! "uruPBi " uul mpr"a"ie. inaiiimaj
give to tbs down-trodden nations of the
Old World extended political liberty and
j substantial rewards for the terrible evils
i wbicb the strife, let it result as it will,
j must entail upon tbem, is possible. If
tbe latter end is accomplished, tbe war will
1 serve a useful aod beneficent perpose; if
it l. not, it will prove, like many bloody
struggles which have preceded it, but ano
ther carnival of fiendish carnage, disirrace
fu! to the character, and unworthy of the
dignity, of man.
The immediate parties to the war arc
France, Sardinia, aad Austria, and the j
immediate pretext for it is the Italian po
licy of the two latter Powers. Italy, long
the cynosure of the world though she
has given birth to the greatest gianig of
.L-i . , , .
influence upon human destiny than any
other portion of, U globe-now lies bleed -
V.. .. , .. .."
mg, pr.trate ana Helpless, a mere depen -
dint upon the whims and caprice, of na- j xhe republican States, with their respec
tions which were once her abject pro- j tive wbit9 pop!1lation, are placed in one
vinces. Among ber States, Sardinia has j column tbe Democratic States, with their
for some year, past thone pre eminent for j respectiTe white population, in the other,
the wi.dom and liberality of ber govern-1 It wiU be8een that the white in habitants .f
ment. Toall her just popular concessions,
Austria has been .trongly opposed. She
ha. ruled ber Italian dominion, by despo
tic power, and curbed the aspirations of
ber oppressed subject, by the .tern band
of military rule, and by aavage erueltie.
,. ' ' b . .
disgraceful to the age. Her principal
cause of complaint airainst Sardinia at this
moment is, that the example of the latter,
and tbe sympathy she has .hown to tbe
victims of Austrian despotism in tbe Ital
ian fit.tA .nilini,.. ik. .nrti n na ( I
... , wuwuu.us u.
Austrian control over iu victims. The
Austrian monarchy has always bten dis -
. , , , ' J
tinguisbed for the tenacity of iu hold
upon its posse.ioD. It elutche. every
inch of territory that it can acquire by
force or fraud, with the determination of
an old miser in hoarding op bis precious
gold ; and tbe feelings, or tbe right, of
the people who inhabit it. provinces, are
no more respected than if they were mere
V.A..,. 1 1 fill. .1.1.1, I. . I J ,
"r" """" " uuiua
dominion. In the present war, tbe whole
royal family of Austria i. said to cordially
In France, the war is the most popular
movement that Louis Napoleon ever made,
With him war of some kind is to some
extent, a necessity, to gratify the martial
pride of bis country ; and he certainly
could not have engaged in one that would
nave been more congenial to tne feeling,
of his country. A. tbe French troop, are
marshalled to the seat of war tbe recollec
"on oi me inumpus oi toe great
r. .. .
! Uesliny upon the same theatre is
, . , - , ,
and their renewal u eairerlv and c
I e
tion cf tbe triumphs of the great Child o!
Jbfil nt-
! , - , , t ,u fc fP ,
I .,.. t?..:. b..i::. j
, .fi . .7 " ji r
ot acting tne seiosn and cowardlv tart ot
j Au,tris actively participated in the .trua -
j , . . , , -
!;.. of ,b. melnorabIe canjpai cn io thg
7. T. ..- , ,. ". " ,
i This claim to French sympathy
en further itrenthened bv . hi m,
sn lurmer atrengtneneu Dy tne ma -
ill alliance between the daughter of
- - 1
1 l
trimonial alliance between the daughter
the King of Sardinia and Prince Napo
lea. Thus, France is in an admirable
' position to command the svtnpathies of'"1 u" ' ""' '
I Mu .n I k ". . .j. I are always in season when their bead, are
her people, and to excite ber troops to the I . ... ...
disnlav of those miht .n.l of
. at wonderful miii trv .kill l,o-h
. . '.
repeneuiy euciieu tue asiouisumeat and
adn,iration of the world
ence against Austria for her rfimliifw
that she bas already entered into a secret
compact with France and Russia.
In EnyLwd, the public mind has been
terribly exercised by recent events. The
ry demand.
1 when it is
popular sentiment of tbe count
neutrality in the contest; and
recollected what an immense debt .be has
incurred by ber former interference iu con
tinental politics, and bow little benefit has
been realized by ber people from the ex
traordinary expenditures to which they
have been subjected, wisdom seems clearly
to dictate that she should not become an
active participant in the struggle. It is
natural tbat ber statesmen should have
made efforts to prevent the war, for it is .
one in whieb she can gain but little, while
she may lose much. In no quarter of the
world bas a more active sentiment against
. .- 1. -- ai L i
Austrian crueiue. ana uaroariue iu iiaiy
prsrailed, yet at tLe same time have Jong
MAY 20, 1859.
reetraea me preserTauuu ui ma u
I i .i -r L. A...
- . A t
UOTCromeDK U S ueccwarj wioui' ,v
the baUnc of power in Karope,and mnj
of them consider a combination between
two such powerful nations as France and
Kuasia, inimical to the safety of their own
"fast-anchored isle." JWaJ. 1'reu.
tiii: evi:ig 1IOBV.
IT E. O. V. JKHfU-
Th farmer at his plow duth stop.
His limbs are weak and wurn :
He fain would cae his tmlsome wurk
But waits the Evening Horn
Hark! from afar, a mellow sound;
On zephyr's wings 'tis borne
Mt is, it is," the farmer cries,
It is the Evening Hur."
With joyful haste he no leaves off
His work till morrow-m. rn.
And next we see him on his road
He heard the Evening Hum.
The bleatinz sheep now wend their way
Along the he.lge of thorn.
And, by the chiming of each be!!.
Answer the Evening Horn.
The crazing catile lift their heads,
And now their pasture scorn ;
Fast to the farm-house next they go
They heard the Evening Horn.
The Two Great Parties.
To those who are in the babit of re-
garding the Democratic as the dominant
(c o
i r-v - , "
: by apportionment, we commend the fol -
! lowiJ table, compiled by the AJU.,
1 juUrnal from the United States Census
the Republican State, out-number those
of the Democratic Sute. it proportion of
t ico to one :
Republican.' Democratic.
i Maine
5i,-!l.l Maryland 4I,W3
i -Vnampsnire ji7,4.s .rg.nia
'ermont 313.4i N. Carolina
i Khode Uland 14,753 s. Carolina
: Connecticut
363.099 Georgia
Massachusetts Ss5.no Alabama
New York 3.0H.:)5 Mississippi
New Jersey
456.509 Louisiana
a.558.160 Texas
1.955.0.sO Arkansas
677,1m Missouri
M6.031 Tennessee
376.071 Kentucky
304,757 California
Soo.otK) Delaware
162.1 9
i lil.'nois
1 JI.'cniB
. W isconsin
. L.wa
71.169 j
J Minnesota
Democra's are fond of applying to their
opponents the epithet of "Black Republi-
canism," a. if tbey in some way derived
their .trencth from tbe African race. We
- - - "
... .
tngeesi to toem a carciui examination oi
; the above figures, which show that the
Repablican is pre-eminently the Party of
j ,be White Men of the Union, while the
Democratic only maintains it. power at all
i by three million black, held in alavery,
; which it represent, in Congress and the
! Electoral College, although it will not
; allow them to tote either for Electors or
, Congressmen
The Tront.
The trout i. the only fish that comes in
f ! and goes out of season with deer ; he
B'"-t"-J " '
O mil giuniu, a ue louatu e um
1 ia October at a different time from
'. nearly all other fish ; after which, both
male and female become lean, weak, and
. .
1 unwb)I;s0me ",,Df' lnd ,f eximlne1 j
, closely, will be found covered with a pe-
eies of clov.-sb.ped insect, which appear;
' v.. j
! continue until warm weather, when tbey
) ... - , .
! rub be 1DSeCtS ff 00 ,he gf"e ' ,
I to suck their .ubstance trom them. Ihey
I medutely grow strong. The female is
t,. k.i f tn. M. Sn n h kr.nwn
U'D!.L II ..1 k.1. ... ,
! 80 aM M t0 U disproportioned to the
; siza of tbe,r bo J"' The trout is less oily
and rich than the salmon ; the female is
: ..... , '.
i macn DrlCuler lna m" oeautuui man
i itio ma a r n p Ta" wim raniii v. ami iiiLfii
fc ' e '
! ..,. -I, .h. .mil . tr-iriuTiriniT
sound and tremble all ever.-AWrt L.
The late Dr. Chalmers, of Scotland,
being interrogated by a woman of bis
! congregation as to what he meant by "ca-1
1 tastropne,
of which be bad spoken so
.. ... 0.M...1.
lUUCll aLI O uiciivua wawwwsu, tauiw.iw
.l. I uL
lUC ICriM U UCI B Ual.aUiU lit- st,.w hwh
of a thing." This satisfied the woman,
who thought she might now safely intro
duce so fine a word into ber own vocabu
lary. It so happened that tbe Doctor
bad to pass tbe woman's house that same
evening, and being buried in deep thought
as he rode along, be did not observe that
a large thorn bad been fastened to bis
bore's tail, until he came opposite tbe
bouse aod heard ber shouting "Ah,
Doctor, d'ye see that big thorn at je r
' ' aittumphtT
CIIROXICLE-Estabushed, 1843-Wuole No., 7s 3.
.Tii b.T.:F.l.TT
, Tnl llllft w i w " I
j w j, Sewari and the I
I Abribam LiBCOjDj were iofited to;
j Ueud he ce!ebra?ion ia honor j
of the birthday of Thomas Jeff rson
being able to attend, they write letter.
which we publish. Tbey speak the ear -
nest, bope.'ul word, of men who b"
.,ith in the truth, and its sure and eer-
tain triumph at no very distant dy Be-
publicanism, l.ketheD.mocracyof J.ff.r
son, is f iund.1 upon the per.onal rights
ol a,l men, ana tne numoiest c.tia u can
comprehend and be made to understand j
Fo Hos. V. H. S.w
a. .. . V. Y Annl 5. 1?S9. 1
Gentlemen; I eive you my sincere and
cratrful acknowledgments tr your kind invi -
tation to the festival vou propose to make in
honor of Thomas Jetterscn, -the father of the
ordinance of 1 W, and the apostle of Siaie
ordiuance 0: li',ana uic pLi.c ui oidx
r.ghts." occupation consent on a long
absence from my home, wi'l r ndrr it im-
pussle irme to accept th.s curtesy. I
trut, however, that you wil. a low a,e t. ccn -
cratula:e vou oa the uu'm-'akab evidenre
that the country is rapidly and surely return-
ing to the uuiy true oatiunai p .. .tica! plait. 'nn
laid duwn by" Jrfferson and his immortal as-
sociates in the Declaration of American In-
dependence, nameh.-he nshts li Human Na-
; ture. Alter a iuu scasuu
i mi-ar pre nensirn
, II l nu. .,.5 ,v ... .. ,
, can cause is at once a selt-sustamir.g and
fur.h I reel a-sured'that it will advance unul
it shail be universally accepted by the pepie
of our own country, and by all nations.
I am. tenilemen. A c.
WiLti.M H. Sawaao.
Facf Hon. Ataman L'coti
SfaivcritLit, LI., April 6, 159.
Gentlemen : Your kind ntte, inviting me
to atteud a festival in Boston, on the 1.1th
in si., in honor of the birth day of Thomas question, taken by the Opposition in Vir
Jenerson, .as duly received. My en-'. in;4 d KeDtucky. Tte opp3nenU 0f
m.nit ftnrh thai I rin not attciid. bear. . J rr
ing in mind that about seventy years ago two
i great political parties were first formed in
I this country; that Thomas JerJerson was at
the head of one ot them, and Busion the head
j quarters of the other, it is both eunros and
426.514 1 interesting that those sapposei lo descend,
S95.7M I politically, from the party opposed lo Jeffer
325.491 j son, should now be celebrating his birth-day
151.034 ! in their own original seat of empire, while
i those claiming pulmcal descent from him I
; nave Dearly ccascu iu uieauc uis name citif.
j where.
Remembering that the Jefferson party was
formed upon its supposed devotion
iu me perianal r.ghts cf men, holding the.
rights of prupertu to be secondarv onlv. and
' greatly inferior, aad then assuming that the
! fal'ed Democracy ufuiav are the Jeflr-
, son. and iheir opponents me anti-Jer!erson
panies.it w.U be equal interesting w note fae loealitie., in.lead of paBdering to iZ
how csmpletely the two have changed hands 1 . .. , ma
as u the pnnc.ples upon which they
onginally supposed to he divided.
the Dinucracy of to-day hold the .aerfy j
ai nn. man m apsdjiai. iv nmnmi- wnn in
of one man to be absolutely nothing, when in
i . .L
, connict wun anotner man s ngui ti frr.n.
Knn S, iranc on In f.inTfir- ar lor h,ilh
the man and the dulhr : but m cases of con -
flict the man ft?ure the dollar. ! my'. crcssing the Ticino. This stream
1 remember being once amused at seeing ,, .
two pamaly luumcatei men engaged mi 13 riTcri IlslDg ' the foot of
fisrb: with their great coats on, which fitrht. Mount St. Gothard, in Switzerland, Cow
alter a long and rather harmless contesi, end- ,0uthwardly through Lake Maggior.,
ed in eacn havinj fought himself out of his 1 . B ea
own coat and into thai of the other. If the and fina.Iy emptying into the Po near Pa
iwo leading parties of this day are really iden-1 wia. During the latter part of its course
tical wiui the two in the davs oi Jenersun and ; ., . , , ,. , T
Adams, they have performed the same feat as '. lt form tbe boundary liae between Lom
the two drunken men. j bardy and Piedmont, and bene its im-
Bui soberly, ii is t o child's play to p!)rUnce in a military point of view. It
save the principles of JeUersun Irom a total ; ., '
overthrow in this nation. , w easi.y crossed and not .trongly defen-
One would state with confidence that he ded, is remote from all the centres of Sar-
coold convince anv sane child that the sim- , ,i . .
pier propositions of Euclid are iru-; tut dinian population and streng'h, and bene,
nevertheless, he would fail, utterly, w.th one is naturally chosen as the most feasible
should deny the o-ehnit.oMan.1 axims.
anJ axioms of tree sucietv. And vttt.rrare
denied anl evaded, with no small h.'w of
!rrt. tine di.hmii ea i tnem 'sl.f.er-:
ing seneral.ties." ano.h-r bland v calls them
-self-evident lies ;" and others msidauusly
V11" the- cn 10 "ia
inese expressions, ci.tnns m mrm. air
i identical in object and effect, t has f'Pr'am -
, mg the pnncip.es of iree guvt-rnment, and
! restoring those of classificauon. cast and le -
Xne cXrrfsions, d.ifering in form, are
gmmacy. They would iiHi.:ht a rrntica!i..n
1 ot crowned heads plotting against tne perpie. ;
, i.iry .e .... ...ivvi..- u..
Thev are tht vancuari the mi1
.. .i ,
pers of returning despotism. e m.isi ie
pu'se them, or th-y will snt;ura-e cs.
-ri... .. . w.,.n f r.,mn,n..i,..., and
, sIaTe a'ut coa.rlll u,
, no s;ave. Those who deny freedom to other
deserve it not iur n,eme.r. . aim. u, .
lu-t Uod. can not long retain it. i
A,, h ,nr , Jcir.f,n lhe man who. m j
Tn j". .nrrt'rc nrfikurr ci anu.'.c iti uaut'ii-
indtfpendrnce bv a s.r pejpV, had the
wnere: ana is j
, . 1 . itl I, . tl.A rl.-cf irn Hit wa 1 1 1
otJ ' " '
, come, lout to tne story :
"In Mr. Arnold town, a cood womm
' , ber Bu,baad on Mondav morning :
' 'Husband, I have prd tu (W thai Mr. ,
Arnold may be defeated, and John Wood- j
run may am eiecieu ; ua nu, Uu.u....,
1 a I 1 1 :.ls BWi.leka
don I you come nome 1111 nigm, uu .uC
l. 1 .1..
1 1 i 1 J
LorJ belp you to do yo
onr duty !' "
Arnold was defeated Woodruff was
elected !
Bishop Jasks a Fbk Masos.
cording to one of the Westera Methodist
pspers, Bishop Janes, during the receni
noisy Conference in Texas, h.d in tbe
hour of extremity, given the -Mln'
sign, when tn. raoo.e ( ouf 5iclle, poiUy of
Conference was emitted to close lU seJ KaanaM for a low
sion. Soitseems that Border Kut5an. , .j mnmtM bo WM DOt wottk t
and Bishops U.C41 00 the sau ' broad'' i kiDg ,.jeb a about.'' True as p rea
plstfurm of a sceie. society ! : cbioj.
Advice from the Bench.
Judge Marvin, of the Circuit Court in
Cbatauque eoooty, ' York, a short
time tinee, bad eight or ten boys arraign,
ed for various offences, and before sentence
ia nerl. he inn'iire.! of them in
I wnrd ,0 tLfir parentage, employment,
; flf Aff j.- rep;ieJ ,ba ba
, hiJ br011,ht op a firmer ; that U
went ,0 UsniiDSi or iotl, , UTtr0i ieiraei
j t3 m of chfiw obiw dritit
j &e Ja ,he of h;j rem4rlj on tU
; ioa . , . .,
. - . , I Le . f,. ,rda to
. tfc f ct couat fc
agriculturists in particular, some of whom
are here to-day looking on the saddest
ssene that it has ever been my lot to see
. in this c.utltry so many boy., farmers'
; eonj) too, ail of them to be sent to the
' ,, . . ,. , , ,
j for st.al.ng and burglary,
I Farmers of Cbatauque county ! when your
i iiumciaui tur.auij'iecuuilij . wutll
. b , j enough to work, find
J e '
for them at Lome ; on no account let I
; gj t0 teaming ; I care not if they can get
. , , ., ., c
; J I month, It Will be . dead
, I '.s. They wi.i just as surely follow
j be fIample ,f tfcese boj, B0W fcefore
J , r J? . . '
tucy leave the .acred and restraining infla-
. encj or home. Oive them DlentT of eood
, , , , , ,
- 9
d t od keep tbem there until they art of aire.
I snd KiT tfis i A n m tr ratat ffita ramnr.
I " 1-
' tion of ,b bi!l wagj 0 the road or in
i the tavern, but obtiiaed at the expense of
j e.arie, "
The Baltimore Patriot, an old and in
Stieotial journal, of American proclivi
ties, declare, that it has 'no sympathy
with the extreme view of the alavery
j the Democracy in those State, will find,
' before tbe campaign closes, that they
! , ,.fu:,.j . , t ,
; ' "" - ..--v.. u. yr
cai friends in sister State, a. well as tba
confidence of the people whose vote, they
are endeavoring to secure. The self
styled democrat, are sufficiently ultra on
tbe slavery issues to suit tb most fastid
ious, and hence it is worse than folly ta
attempt to deprive them of that advan
tage. How much nobler their mission
ould have been bad the opposition of
, i-, t. . j v i a .
KeDtuck' nd ,rS10I endeavored to
. enlighten public opinion in their respee-
norant prejudices!
"Tne Ticixo." Cscsar'. decisive step
was tbe "crossing cf tbe Rubicon," and
, conceded on all har.U is ha Ari.
' sire oi peace or war, is the Austrian ar-
entrance fur tbe Austriaa troops into Sar-
dinian territory.
A Hint to take Now 1 White walls
and long linos of white fences gleaming
laiiJ iUI,iriiDt and embowering foliage,
, g;Ve to a farm establishment an appear-
ance oi neatness ana rural eitgioce mi
' f indescribably attractive to the
' J
, man of taste, and can in no way be so ef-
hhK of neatness and rural eltcanee and
fectually and ecnnmic!!? secured a- by
Liviii lueui a lew eoaia ui wuiiewasuioz
; . I f . t I . l. :
, ,, . ,,
, ot catt.e and low stall, as well as in-
I side cf b". totes and henneries not ro'v
me 11 n. coies aja nenn.ri.s, box ro.y
render, thtm more healthy, tut pr, ven-s
' ,be animal aud fowls from bein infested
it Li tr-utltsoUit; aud fiAhy Ttruiia.
Thk Klmb Blii Ij5cts never
touch cldtr buh?. The leaves of tho
grain of camphor, f rnied into a pill, and
followed ly a draught of aa ousce and a
half of tbe infusion of ho; s, mixed with
6e drops cf so phuric etb.r, u hi. rem-
tuy lor procuring sleep.
TLe fashionable tailoring firm of La-
. ....
. iiFnti... .s .1. w no. .'i.'iiicpy .it., .u i .....
7- '...'. . .
' isne a circular to the publie in which
; they "offer, at all times, to tbe purchaser
Dew r,,c'e, of 'te pattern, fur tie rei-
son tbat all those remaining at the end of
each vear are excorted to America. It
, mum appear that the Paris tailors send
, lbeir eld clothes to tbe Lnited stales s
j GaKlu ry
waad.. on tbe ?ickle qae9tion. It says,