Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, December 23, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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Phonal Shnnnincr Servire "1 L * te Early in the Season Van . Raalte Silk r ~ :
— But It s Not Too Late to Be Early in the Day— Rapid Store Service
If you find Christmas shopping arduous, r j Undergarments x*,- , , , . .
seek the aid of our Personal Shopping Service. ! v ♦,* i ru & . m °P? ratlon additional
Shoppers who know the store and its merchan- Yes exquisite in love- T™ rl gfS , 7 pv M? ° UI " cus !° mers
dise will cheerfully make purchases for you. Men, _ j Hness.' excellent in to ret P ° SSI Servlce known
especially, will appreciate this service. Apply at ; j shapeliness. All the ] | J
the Information Bureau, rear main floor. ! j j daintiness and charm ~ T
—Dl ! i I S^i° discrim - . Beaded Bags-
Gift Blouses ! i>, / /, ./ / /// TT i i ~ . ...
, fw • / //. ///( y 1 Unusual values that All-over Beaded Bags in Con-
Pretty Fine Georgette Blouses i ffi • / ///&///'■'T' i & ives . a woman an at- • i ventional designs, in many color <#v
,v , . -, .. *>.; o?- ! k ,~s/) / '■/.}. . ; tractive opportunity to | combinations. Round model. ' /U
ri /? )e!,t qua l-\ ,Col f l e - V lp "i >n '• i ; • . i :• make gifts of extra-fine headed strap handle and bead *
/T styles with lace collars and cuffs, ; U, | t Aft'//# / ? ft.\ 1 mutprcrarnipnts if 1 SPBPW
Val. edging ; laces J j',J
collars, cluster of fine tucks with jl R1 • j ; sfw £ ! , d ,';u with bead fringe, lined with silk W
row 0 f srn all crochet buttons B|| • | 'i_ mßbßf .'j HK 1 p"® a!^ themo-texacthv> fitted and mirror
Sale of Blouses at $6.79 and $9.49. and One Fifth I|: J * ff* ;[ II'S A \SK 1 | Envelope Chemise in signs of various colors, worked with unusual effec-
Off Finer Suit Blouses. lira &lfjl . J-fIEF I ffilltft ')] WVlA'd \ : §|ja S| i Crepe de Chine, Georg- .-l- ,^ a . ,^ tra P handles finished with bead
ip'j fored and pretti'y trim- j $2/ " so ' 1
Attractive Umbrellas I Toys Bring Joys
Umbrellas should never be for- i|fl 'lf \ 'v-y' 1 V. tailored as well as the Yes we hear nothing lut M
gotten. Many a person is happy 181 l<| |8 more elaborate models. Santa, Christmas and Toys.
on Christmas morning * Colors are flesh, biege, fihese three link themselves
have umbrellas in Silk, American piked aT$/!98 from t the e y fdks? o^
M&w novelty handles that are popular x L-t inforced and cut verv V ai akout tJ ie tree. All
1 § in various colored transparent I ' 1 1 f"- Trimmed with theseform a happy and joyous Christmas.
I B in various colored transparent i three rows of hemstitch- ' 'f you want dto be such you'd better come
materials, large rings, cords and I . opyrtKh t, Bowman & coic _ ' i ! ing and blue flowered ! now a . nd plck the tO - vs for the children or the last mik
fU; plain: $2.25 to $25.00. 1 . HXHL-gn j i ribbon, colors are orchid "te might be too late, for the stock is growing less,
' BOWMA.VS— Main Floor ' TT ' Z, L ' ' andflesh. Very special an ( lN the 'ast day.
Mr. Late Shopper Gets Around at Daybreak at $7 98 A persona representative of Bowman & Co. went along
n 1 T tr\ m r x, J-suyuTluk at q/ wlt h Santa Claus in his airship to-day, so Santa would get:
u • Un the Bast Day Before Christmas* ■" i BOWMANS— second Floor. there on time.
VJfIU X IQSiery j — — BOWMAN'S—Basement.
most appropriate and popular of Gloves
gifts is evidenced by the remark- Wy Lvtl vJ XX v W JI, VjLfefejLA?
MO% demand in our Hosiery De- mo (jj j.j nc j ()r >
JT fneTon n siderine 'the vtLcsV'nd Crepe de Chine Chemise Children's Sweaters, Bed Blankets $3.50 Voile Waists $1.39 street! dress'and'sports
, • , & . TT $5.98 $2 75 Grey Cotton Bed BlankeU; ; Waists of fine quality Voile; Weatf. Among the HlOSt
g-yrA tfyS. i newer Ideas 111 Women s rlos- Dainty envelope chemise, made size 72x80. Soft fleecy nap and ! some lace trimmed, others with 1 1* Itf 1 f+ ( Ulr \ •
ierv that are nresented for frift of a very fine quality crepe de Sweaters for children. 2to 6 i weight. Assorted colors ! tucks and embroidery. Round. OeilgnttUl glttS lor
-;W j- Wf ••lyiF' c - v V P'caciiucu IUI & iit chtne and wash satl „, trimmed years. Gray, Khaki Cooen w:th borders - Star Special. j square and V-shape necks. All Christmas
.69 selections. w 't h Val. lace and satin ribbon. Brown and Red. Square and I ,3 ' 50 pair ' ! Bizes - Star Special, $1.39.
f AmftWomen's Lisle Stockings; flooh SiVSX. ! BOWMAN ' S - SEN ° >'tooß . BOWMA.NS-TH.rd FLOOR p Wednesday
Ir $1 tr and ® l ' 2 d. u r u BOWMAN'S- — SECOND RDOOR Fire Proof Casseroles <
'' 1 VI uomens Black Cashmere u,;, rmhe our Satm Garters 20% Off <5l c n T-. 1 IT' J r^\
J W f Stockings; $1.25. Hair Combs 25c Garters made of satinribbons SLSO JH rCIICh KI(J GIOVCS
WniTlPn'q Pure White Ivory Hair Combs, full n rw:c C..J. Qrw>„:-Ic. I s ol i d colors and combinations i These Casseroles are in ,
_\\ omen S rure inread Stock- sizc , in coarse and fine. Star ) Press Goods specials ! of colors. Trimmed in rose- ; pierced nickel plated frame,
nigs; mock seam, lisle tcet and tops; black and colors; special. 25c. 1 .a i„„ k m..,, D u. a 2. s lace> star s P ec,al . with ebonized handles, star 0 • 1 ch r
CI BOWMAN'S—MAIN FLOOR. lc * [t L?J ""v","* 1 20% reduction. Special. $1.50. \f)Prifll \/ / S
Women's Pure Thread Silk Stockings; full fash- j star special, $3.45 yard. . 1 _ ..
ioned superior nualitv 75 1 5 and "PlncVi Qfr>lAc 2 .-inch English Silk Finish Electric Boudoir Lamp Two-Clasp—white and heaver—contrasting embroidery—These are
u, . upc IUI m > v l- ' J t anu . Piusn otoies <J>j Corduroy for suits or skirts and o:il o 4 I • e,-, - the gloves she prefers for Christmas, so buy while this unequalled op-t
All Silk Stockings with silk toos and fept ' full 1 children's suits. Star Special, oIIK Stockings $1.45 $1.98 portunity lasts.
au oua DtuiMiip Willi biiKiopb anu ieec, lUll In the hMr Department are $2.35 yard. v„TI V * Women's Chamoisette Mousquetalre Gloves—2-elasp—white, beaver
fashioned in black and colors' 2"> /■> c* I 7; Plush Stoles silk lined and with 0..,. Gauge Full Eashioned I ,—iii.., T— l . 1 fawn and mastic —slip-on styles and gauntlets; $1.25.
,T. Vv- ' ' ' ' linildsi f-ao 36-Inch Printed Silk Mixed Silk Stockings of splendid qual- Mahogany I tntshed Electric Children's Gloves—special. 55c.
and $4.9?. ! pockets. Star Special. so.oo. Kimono fabrics* plaid and fig lty * E,aati c lisle tops and feet Boudoir Lamp, with silk shade; Women's Fleece-Lined Gloves—black and gray—special, 45e.
I BOWMAN'S —THIRD FLOOR ureT stirs P "clal 76c yard g Black and white. Star Special, Co,or - StarBpe " self ss%T UeUire a " d GUUntUt OloV r~ br ° Wn4
Our Hosiery Special j Ma"as a stripes^checks nS S U tl h r BQWMAN-S-MAIN FLOOR BOWMANS-BASEMENT . BOWMAN'S Main Floor ''
Silk Stockings, full fashioned; an exceptional Purses at 95c specials. 4 5c yard. cec 8 ' r ' Tea Wagons, 20% Off c 1 J TT *
1 r '1 a •,, I*l a , . cc P lI " nl Purses in lambs' leather ! 50-inch Black Silk Plush. rp U1 rl a a, or Every tea wagon in the Fur- Xf'T'PCI L'Pri HITIT"
value; medium weight with lisle tops and teet; black J TflXnt ! star specials, $9.00 yard. Table Cloths $1.25 niture Department 20% off. JLItdKCU Hall
and colors; $2.49. finishes. Black' and colors. ' 48-inch Black Broadcloth. Hemstitched and Scallopedflnfh°L pp e r: ° d ' —^
Some have coin purses and mlr- Star Specials, $3.25 yard i Table Cloths. Star I A ' 1 f ' ? al L°.lf" ' Tl,. CeWJee T! ie h. Ah
r-,. ... , 0 . . rors star Special 95c. ' * >ara ' Special, $1.25. any, American walnut and white Ihe bolution JaICS in the A£* v
Superior Combed Yarns and Lisles; these stock- 1 Crj/ fVXX _ AllOt* OU 111 All <iir ' 1() f- /{M;;
ings for service and appearance; SSc and 65c pair. lZ> v / 0 V2II Oil /111 OlippCfS It offers new ideas in how to
bom man's Main Floor. I No Exchanges—No Sales Final wear the Transformation, how to
Children's Sleeping: Garments For Women - Daniel I For Children-Felt cover streaked and faded hair Its VJjJ
Green and Cozy Toe Felt i Comfy Slippers /f >V / remarkable nnprovement makes U- fM
for the kiddies. Keep them warm at night; tuck them Slippers, in all colors. F M ~ . /[{Qsy /Al purchase iriesisttblc. TT
under the covers with a nice soft flcecv sleeping gar- V Boudoir Slippers, in sat- I siinners 5 I ransformation; $2.40. J /
ment;,9sc and $1.15. _) In, with or without heels. ! C Swttches; $3.00. .
BOWMAN'S Main F.oor. 1 11 1 " STAR SPECIAL—IS% OFF. BOU.M.VN* -Th.rd Floor. .
% Reductions on All I 205 Navy Blankets
jT \Xr OcttS Will Be Sold For Uncle Sam at
coL^oTnle^i^ roll co,lar of rac -i One-Fifth Less f\ C\ V * ' 1
4 Marmot Coats; 30 Inches; $145.00. m l l/ll yCi f* |1
1 Sealine Coat; 30 inches; $195.00. Qn All Senarafe \fr AA
1 Seahne Coat ;36 inches; g39.00, None Charged. None C. O. D. None On Approval.
Hudson Seal, 30 Inches; $285.00, Scarfs, Sets and Muffs Sold by us for the Government under Government conditions / £ U"'^
1 Hudson Seal; large collar and cuffs of —Cash. Will sell to dealers, institutions or individuals. fft,
Squirrel; $295.00. , These are commercially all wool, made according to the
W ua bty Hudson Seal; shawl collar Splendid Assortment of Government's rigid specifications, and used for overseas ser
and hell shape cuff of finest squirrel, full vice. 66x84 inches; weight about four pounds. Cost Govern- -
-T' del; $4.50^.00. llldfPTl'c TTure of* ment more than this price, but you know they are being con- -JUHIC/iTaPVi
- aupe Nutria; 30-inch models; $275.00. UIS 3L verted Into cash. We are selling them for the Government
m Squlrrel C oa< ; 30 ,nches; Prices That Will Interest You through Major Jones, at Quartermaster's Office, in Philadel- V 1 I
v \ ,>4Af?.uu. phia. An excellent special at $5.00. ■ . ~n J j
J5i BIIWMAN'S Third Floor * BOWMAN'B-fl.cond Floor. |
'' 1 . ' I JJI ■ ■ I ■ ■ , I ! , . i, , '
..... % <
DECEMBER 23, 1919.