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Assassins Pushed Cart Across
Road to Stop His
By ,4ssociuted Press
Dublin, Dec. 20. —Tliut the attack
'.yesterday 011 tlie life of Viscount
"French, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland,
was carefully planned became more
"evident to police to-day when bits
,©f evidence began (o dovetail. It
£las become known that his assailants
tplayed handball at a public house
,ncar the scene of the shooting while
'awaiting the viceroy's arrival. Fur
ther evidence of this is conveyed by
lihe fact that the assassins carefully
1 flung a cart across the road at the
•(Scene of the ambuscade, which stop
From le j
in 30 Minutes
That's what an owner of a RFO "SPKKDWAtiOX" could do if his I
truck was geared to run (i.IMIO miles an hour. Hut it isn't. I
The KKO "SI'KKDWAtiON" is geared to give the maximum II
amount of speed and power that is consistent with extra good I
service. The 111-it) reputation hears tlint out. Thousands of I
owners front coast to coast attest to that fact.
Order your "SPFI:i\YAt.'OV today. You will only realize what I
efficiency in delivery means after you have put it to work.
Harrisburg Auto Co.
Geo. G. McFarland, Pres.
Fourth and Kelker Sts. Harrisburg |
We Have Them For Every Make of Car
WIIOIOKHIO nml Kctnil \ utomoliilc
V4 ' MMOr^eM nml Mipplic*
JOSEPH mi \v\mr. ltli 2780-Wi Dial :*so3
v /
jg Inside Facts
|||f Inferior insulation wears out before the
3£m plates do, and reinsulation is necessary. yB
jffl Threaded Rubber Insulation eliminates the
i jg! need of reinsulation, makes a battery last much M
I ■■ longer under equal conditions, and reduces \§B
■ the liability to any other kind of repairs.
It's the one biggest battery improvement in
ten years—demonstrated now by four years of
You can't afford not to know about it, for
some day you'll need a new battery.
Call and let us tell you all about it,
ped the vice-regal procession of four
After the attack a case of Alills
bombs, similar to those used ill the
war, was found in the thoroughfare.
Thirty Men Kmployed
Late last night the police said that
there might have been thirty men
engaged in the attack, deployed at
intervals of more than two hundred
The viceroy had with him only
four armed policemen. These 111011
had orders not to leave the viceroy,
no matter what happened. Accord
ingly, they were unable to pursue the
Police and soldiers last night raid
ed the premises of a grocer named
Kirk in South Strand, Dublin, where
Savage was employed, and seized
some documents.
Hold I'p Postmistress
At Hie hour of .he attack on Mis
count French the postmistress of a
branch office in Dublin was held up
by bandits with revolvers and her
safe rifled.
All attempt was made yesterday
to derail a train near Corolla, I'ollll
- Flare. Stones were piled on the
track and the engine and cars of
'lu train were damaged, but the
pasu-'ngers woie not injured.
By Associated Press
Finnic, Dec. 20. —The plebi
scite, by which it was intended
to determine whether Uabrlele
D'Annunzio's forces should leave
Flume, was not held yesterday.
Persistent objections by various
i factions and insistence by the
Kxtroniists that the present gar
j rison remain in the city made
a postponement of the vote nec
essary until more uuiet condi
tions prevail. The voting prob
ably will take place to-morrow.
Dullinger Says Hp Will Take
| Action When the Latter
Presents Himself
\\ 11 mliimston. Dee. 20.—N0 move to
I dispute for Die second time the right
j"f Victor D. Bergcr. re-elected to the
II louse of ltepresentntlves, to a seat is
,i\pected until he presents himself to
<be sworn in as a member, Repre
jsi'ntative Dullinger. Massachusetts,
chairman of the Flection Committee,
j declares.
i "I shall then objeet as I did the
Iprevious time," Mr. Dullinger said,
j The house may take action on a
[ resolution to deny nerger a seat
without formality of referring .he
'matter to the Flections Committee or
Ire-opening hearings on the ease
again. Mr. Dullinger explained.
! "The facts in the ease," he said,
"are exactly the same as they were
(before and .will ever be. Merger, the
I committee decided, 'gave aid and
[comfort to the enemy.' and anyone so
(judged is barred from membership in
'the House under provisions of the
Constitution, His ineligibility is just
jas great as when lie lirst presented
j himself. The House by a decisive
j vote supported the resolution of the
j committee denying him a seat and
action will tie taken the second time."
] The resolution denying Merger a
1 seat passed the House on November
1 111 by a vote of "11 to 1, Rcpresenta
11iVe Voigt. Republican, AViseonstn,
voting in the negative.
[Continued from First Pago.]
jllsr & f?
a fitting representative of tlie Jo
seph of old.
These two characters in the man
ger will occupy a prominent place
on tlie stage when the "Spirit of
Christmas," portrayed by'little Miss
Geraldlno Powell, 325 I'effer street,
sets tlie pageant in motion witli .a
wave of her magic wand. There they
will receive tho three Wise Men of
the East, portrayed in this case by
prominent llarrisburgers, who will
be guided to tlie lowly manger by the
Star of Bethlehem, shining overhead.
These Wise Men, bearing frank in
cense and myrrh, will make obeis
ance and do.homage to the New-born
King, as in the story of the long ago
Christmas morning, n tlie. distance,
the ten shepherds with their sheep
will add tlie fitting climax of reality
to tlie picture. In this case the
shepherds will be well-known llar
risburgers, and the sheep will be
products of Dauphin county also,
having been secured from the Bon
nymead farms.
Two other factors wliieh will en
ter largely into the success of the
tableaux will he the musical num
bers find accompaniment, and tlie
electrical effects. These electrical
effects will culminate in a display in
which the words "Joy to the World"
will blaze forth from an electric
sign while the enrol by tlie same
name is rendered liy the Municipal
Band and tlie several choruses.
Besides tlie instrumental music by
tlie Municipal Band, which has vol
unteered its services for tlie oc
casion, there will be vocal numbers
by a chorus from the Wednesday
i'liib. Girl Scouts, a juvenile chorus
secured by tlie Department of Spe
cial Activities of the School Board,
anil the City Choir of 150 voices.
The City Park Department also is
co-operating in all the arrangements,
while a number of civic organizations
are behind tlie movement.
The pageant is designed to dem
onstrate the real slgnilicance ol
Christmas, at the same time fur
nishing a pleasant means for a com
munity observance of the religious
holiday that will appeal lo specta
tors and participants alike.
TO 111. SURE
"Sir, I hear you calling m'e a po
litical nonentity."
"1 did not, I merely said you
couldn't lie elected dog catcher."
"Isn't that tlie same thing?"
"Not at. all. A man might he de
feated for dog catcher nml still have
enough friends lo make him a person
uf some importance in his voting pre
cinct." —Birmingham Agc-1 Icrald.
By Associated Press
El Paso, Tex., Dec. 20.—An
American provost guard and a
Mexican civilian were killed dur
ing a pitched battle last night
between American soldiers and*
police and Mexican smugglers at
the International boundary line
near here.
Will Be Sponsor When
Submarine Is Launched
... J£_i anaonMEb
Mrs. Archibald McNeil, of Bridge
port, Conn., who was Miss Ann Orr.
has bun chosen by Secretary of the
Navy Joseph ur Daniels as sponsor for
the. subinarine s-lti, which will bo
launched at the Bake plant at Bridge
port. December "•!. The new sub
mersible, one of the largest, will he
able to cross the Atlantic and return
without refueling.
"Tou swear that this matt is no
chicken stealer," demanded' the
"Vesstir," replied Rnstus Rashley.
"Da's what Ah said, suit."
"What do you know about
the facts of this ease?"
"Ah isn' s'posed to know nuffin'
bout de facks in de ease, sttli. Ah
is an expert witness foh de defense."
—New York Kvening I'ost.
I Personal-Social
Holiday Family Reunion
at the Miller Home
Herman P. Miller, Jr., of Wash
ington, IJ. C., who is in government
service; Air. and Mrs. Lawrence C. I
Phipps, of Pittsburgh, the latter j
formerly Aliss Hillinn Miller, and j
Kvnn .1. Alillcr, recently of Austin, I
Minnesota and l,os Angeles, t'al., i
M ill all be guests of their parents, I
Mr. and Mrs. Herman P. Miller, j
Cottage Hidge, during the holidays. I
Evan Miller, who did such ex- ]
oellent photographic work during I
the war in a hospital in France; I
is leaving the middle of January for i
Cuba, as cameraman for Hubert C.
Bruce, of the Educational Film i
Company, a noted traveler and lec- |
turcr, whose work takes him all I
over the world.
Miss Bailey Is Hostess
at Engagement Dinner
Miss Alartlia Bailey, daughter of '
Air. and Airs. Edward Bailey,'is giv
ing a dinner this evening at her
homo, 3 517 North Front street, in
honor of Miss Mary Creighton, J
whose engagement to Albert 11.
I Staekpole was recently announced.
Holly, laurel and poinsettias will
form the table decorations, and the
guests will include Aliss Creighton,
Air. Staekpole, Air. and Alts. Henry
Ar. Gross. Alt. and Mrs. John C.
Herman, Ehrman 15. Alitehell, Arch
Knisely, Air. and Airs* Edward
Spencer C. Gilbert Is
Dining "Forty-Niners"
Spencer C, Gilbert, whoso name
rhymes with "Ilarrisburg," is cele
brating his seventieth birthday to
day and receiving congratulations
and good wishes from a host of
friends. This evening Mr. Gilbert
lis giving n dinner to some old
friends, ail of whom lie claims were
horn in '49. and who seriously ob
ject to their names being used in
| connection witli such a venerable
I gentleman's birthday parly.
! The marriage of Miss Bowie Kath
larine Alexander 1o James Herman
Emerick, look place last evening in
tlie parsonage of the Fourth Reform
ed Church, with tile Rev. Horner S.
May officiating. They will be ''at
homo" at H>4o Thompson street. Air,
Emerick. wlio servrd for over a year
as a soldier in France, is now em
ployed by tlie Pennsylvania Railroad
Mrs. William E. Smith, of South
Phiinfiehl. X. J.. will arrive Monday
for a holiday V'slt with her sister,
Mrs. Ellen A*. Illshop. lii.lt North
I Second street.
j [Other Social News on Page I.]
Come, men of the world,
Be cleansed of your sin;
A Saviour awaits you
With Mary within.
Sing sweetly, sing gladly,
, <> nations of earth;
Unite in rejoicing
dear Savior's Birth.
Speak softly, tread lightly
Across tlie hare floor;
And. seeing tlie Saviour,
Kneel down and adore. Refrain.
o Star brightly shining,
O Saviour divine;
The nations are coming
To bow at Thy shrine.—Refrain.
The above words have been set !o
I music in carol form by Professor
j John \Y. Phillips and will In- sung
| by the choir at to-morrow morning's
sen ice at Stevens Memorial AX, E.J
- ■;
New York, Dee. -'o*.—Oil the
ground of increased rink due to
the "high mivo of burglary." the
Burglary Insttrunce I'nderwrit- j
tors' Association, here,
voted for nil increase of -0 per j
cent on nil policies under $-.000, j
The increase affects immediately
New Jersey, Westchester anil
Rockland counties, New York,
Rhode Island, Massachusetts and
four townships in Connecticut.
It will he extended eventually, it
was stated, to cover all cities !
with more than 1110,000 popula- j
tion, excepting a few cases where
the higher rate already prevails.
Ovcrliiiul Takes Five Passcn-.
iters Over Bumpy Bond
lo Tost Springs
At noon to-day a new Model 1
overland accomplished a demon- j
I stralion that is new to Harritthurg-j
i cis. With live passengers iti the car,;
driven hy Carl Hanson, president of j
|the Overland-I larrisbnrg Company, |
j it climbed tiie front steps leading to j
the main entrance of the Capitol
from Bt.ite street.
| Making a flying start, the car was
driven up over the curb and on up ;
I the steps, reaching I lie top without
a stop or a mishap anil .due to the
I new "Triplex Spring" suspension
that is an exclusive Overland tea- ;
j ture, with very little jar.
j This new spring suspension, known
as the three point spring suspension, [
is claimed to give greater riding
comfort over exceedingly rough;
roads, negotiating bumps and ruts
'that are considered almost impossi
! hie.
it was for tlie purpose of testing
out the springs that the demon-,
| stralion of climbing the Capitol steps
[was staged to-day. These steps are
| long and steep and the curh at (he
| State street entrance is of the ordi
) nary height. With the snow on the
ground, the Overland started out
I without u slip and went right at the
steps and on up without a skid. The
steps had not been cleaned of the
I snow that fell on litem all day yes
terday which made the trip ever
! harder.
[ Other demostrations have been
| made front time to time with the
, new Overland to tost out the new
. Triplex Springs and each time they
I have conic through successfully.
Alcohol Red Seal " Gloves
and s7 ' oo Now • • S 6OO HffilSSlSl
I|i| 1 $5.00 Now .. 94.00
yy C Ever Ready $4.00 Now .. *3.14
MFTRRS 37C m MUCti °"
METERS . J on all M
List Price RedllCtlOllS Oils and IVIOIOF
SIO.OO Greases T% 1
f- so Goodrich Kobes
$5.00 r ,
UOQdyear ' Wool and Mohair
Our Price (J S. Cord A $8.50, Now $6.80
|£™ andFaiic f X AC
Tireß m RIB-SKID \ Plug s24 "°- Now s '° 2s
Bottles MB i iD- eiqqn 3 !*%i' and Muffler
List S List Price $19.9U For Fords
SIO.OO W s^Lss
Q _ Xb, Our Price
$7.79 .Qllc mz mQQ
List SI.OO List SI.OO
' ° ur Price .., D . j*ir Price
$7.75, $15.50, $27.25 fro m " $0 1A
Our Price Hi > I M $5.00 § /£L
$5.74, $12.49, $19.98 ■ *
Taplex Radiator Heaters. List Price, Taplex Hand Warmers, List Price, Electric Steer Worms. List Price,
$3.75 <fQ f\£\ SI.OO. Our
Our Price 3>$.UU Price : OUC Price tP^sUU
108 MARKET STREET Open Evenings Until 8 O'Clock. HARRISBURG
Seven Bids Are Received For '
$200,000; Bring $1:572 j 1
Above Face Value
i <
City school district homls sold again |j
at a high figure the board of directors j
at a regular session yesterday accept-j
ing the hid of Frazier and Company.
Philadelphia, to buy $200,000 worthy of i
bonds and pay a premium of $4.372.00..
making the sale price* about SIO.IS.
Seven bids were received from Phila
delphia and New York corporations. J
The bidders and the amounts of tin* |
premiums offered follow: Kiddie and]
Henry. Philadelphia. $2,7 10; Freeman!
and Company. Philadelphia. $2,660; (Ira- |
ham. Parsons and Company. $2,820 :
Montgomery and Company. $3,180; j
Holmes. KuJkloy and W'urdrop, $730; j
< iuprunty Trust Company. New York. |
$2,430; Fra/der and Company. $4,372.90. i
The bond issue was authorized to!
provide funds to pay for the purchase |
;of the Hoffman's woods site and for ]
; the equipment of the Junior Iligh;
Schools. The bonds will pay 4 1 ■> per
; rent, interest beginning to mature an- i
anally at the end of Ave years, the-'
j last ones beipg redcolfctd thirty years j
trom date.
The directors decided to accept the !
• eity's terms for the purchase* of the j
Fager building, now used for oftlees for
l the police and health bureaus. The
'city will pay slo,oon next month and!
; SIO,OOO with interest at ti per cent, in I
January. 1921.
An offer of S4O a front foot for the i
vacant ground at fifteenth and Vernon j
j streets, owned by the district was re- j
i fused. A majority of the directors fa- j
vorcd offering it for sale at $75 a foot \
front, while Director A. Carson Slutrun
/opposed any sale, urging the hoard to!
j keep the ground and use it for play
ground purposes.
It was voted hy the directors to hold
j session of the hoard in the evening in
t stead of the afternoon. Secretary D. I).
liummelhaugh will arrange a number
: of schedules for sessions and sunmit
. them to the board for consideration.
President Robert A. Knders and Pi-
I rectors Howard M. Kingairtan and
Franklin J. Itolh were named as a com
i niittec to investigate the need for ad
ditional rooms in the uptown district
and report an the advisability of con
structing an addition to the Steele
I building.
Berger Wins Over
Bodenstab by 4,806
Milwaukee. Wis., pec. 20. Victor
i)* I turgor. Socialist, yesterday was
ir-oiected to Congress from the Fifth
j Wisconsin district, having deiYalt d
• Henry 11. Kodenstab, Republican,
'running as a fusion candidate. Iy
4,806 votes.
liei'geFs total vote was 2 4,367 and
DECEMBER 20, 1919.
! Bodeii.lub's 19,(161. The return* in
dicate that upproxi mat*ly 9,000 vlra'
did not mo to the polls. The total
registration in the district was about'
r.:J.(Mo votes.
Should the House again r< fuse to
seat Berber the Kifth Wisconsin dis-j
triot will not he represented in Con-;
press until after the regular election
in 1920. Governor 10. I* Philip an-:
nouneed to-night.
"I do not believe in spending anyj
more, of the people's money In that
way," he declared.
j Merger's vote in 1918 was 17,822.1
and his opponents' combined vote was I
I 22.5r>4. His plurality over Joseph l\
| Carney. Democrat, was a.fio?. Carjiey I
polled 12,31"> and William 11. Stafford, i
|He publican. received 10.080.
Now Uncle Sam Wakes Up;
May Save Paper Himself
Washington, Dee. 20.—-A movo-j
| ment was started in Congress look- j
j ing to a reduction in the amount of j
news print pit pet* used by Govern-I
I ment departments. Chairman Steon
I. ======
The Right Truck For
Your Business
That „is the important problem for you
to decide. Don't buy a one-ton truck for a
five-ton job or a three-ton truck when a
two-ton will meet all requirements.
We can help you in making the right se
lection and you may be sure our advice will
be unprejudiced, because REPUBLIC
TRUCKS are furnished in practically every
We build nothing but motor trucks and
are specialists in all problems that deal
i! with the transportation of anything by mo
tor truck. Our knowledge is at your serv
Derry at 17th St., Harrisburg
" -
] erson, of the House Post Office Com
mittee. introduced a- resolution call
j ing on the departments to report
immediately the amount of print
! paper used by them and whether a
| ten per rent, reduction could be
made. The departments also would
i be asked to say whether or not the
j large amount of printed matter fur
i nished to newspapers which do not
! require it could be discontinued.
By Associated Press
Wooliawken, X. J., Dec. 20.
t Thieves are believed to have killed
| Grant Baker, a Ilrcntan employed by
| the West Shore railroad whoso body
I was found in a boiler room on tho
j railroad company's dock here early
J to-day. linker, who lived in Brook
! lyn, w.-ts' the only person employed
j in the boiler room during the night,
i He apparently was killed by a blow
lon the head, llis money and watch
i-are missing.