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    The Two Voices
(Copyright, 1919, Star Company.)
Hugh Rodney was In love with
Doris Courtney.
At least, he believed he was, and j
had believed it for some time. Now
that he was going away from New !
York, where she lived, he was sure [
that he cared more for her than for
any other girl.
As he sat A and watched her one
evening a week before his depart- j
ure he found himself afraid to leave '
here without making open declara- '
tion of his love for her. She was,
so attractive some other man might
woo and win her.
'That was the way he put it to him- I
self while he seemed to listen to his j
young hostess's merry talk.
Hugh Rodney's father owned sev- '
eral large factories in various parts I
of the country. He had taken Hugh
into his office two years ago and
had gradually taught him the in
tricacies of the business. Hugh had |
proved himself such an apt pupil ;
that his father had decided to send
him out to Minneapolis to look after
the factory there.
"You have good stuff In you, my
boy," Daniel Rodney had said. "f
am' not entirely satisfied \V>' the
way things are running in the T"">t
ern plant, and would like to have
you on the ground."
"You want me to stay there?" '
Hugh asked.
lie rather hoped that this respon
sibility might be his—yet at the
same time dreaded leaving New
York. For that city held the girl
he loved.
'I cannot say as to that," the !
parent informed him. "If you make!
good—that is, if things run much ;
better under your eye—why, it may
be that 1 will make you manager of \
our branch at the West. That j
would mean 11 big thing for you— ;
but I hesitate to keep you there per- i
manently, I would miss you."
"Oh, well, you have Isiura," Hugh j
reminded him. "And she is through '
college now —-so is pretty sure to
stay right at home with you for!
some time to come."
A Rankling Thought.
"Yes. and is a /treat comfort, too,"
l'anicl Rodney replied.
Hugh was not wounded by the
knowledge that the father clung to
the daughter more than to his son.!
Had Hugh's mother lived, she would •'
have needed him. Rut she had been
dead for two years.
Laura expressed regret at her
brother's proposed departure.
"1 am sorry you are going away,
Hugh," she said frankly. "I hoped
now that I was through college you
could take me to dances and places
like that Hut if you remained
here, I suppose you would get en-1
gaged and married and be no good
to me."
"He may do that anyway," her
father smiled. "I expert him to I
make such a success of tHo business 1
i" Minneapolis that lie will be able
t.v Ln<) u:;7. himself a wife before'
long." '
He laughed, but Hugh flushed,.
If. he only might win the wife he;
"1 would not ne too sure that ilie j
girl 1 am thinking about would wait I
for you, brother dear!" Laura I
teased. i
"She's rather attractive, you know."!
"If she is the girl I'am thinking;
of. she certainly is attractive," Mr. ;
Rodney agreed. "Roth those siste s
are "
"Rut Hugh i kes the old.*" one j
V W \
\ Stops Indigestion 'i'
' In hve ' J v
Open Evenings Until Xmas
I he large Holiday assortments of I*ootwear at
this big exclusive uptown Shoe Store. Our stock is
so extensive there is practically no restriction in mak
ing selections. Xo matter what your requirements
may he, you arc sure to lind just the model, style and
grade you desire. Stecklcy's Shoes are reliable for
quality, style comfort and durability—our uptown lo
cation and other low expenses enables us to offer un
usual values.
If you look id St<*klcy*N
You wl!l buy at storkh>*
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and a wonderful showing of •
Slippers for Xmas ■>
1220 N. Third St., Near Broad St.
letter than the ycunger, don't vou,
]Hugh?" Laura accused.
"His taste and mine differ then."
the father declared before Hugh
could reply. "I am no judge. Still,
j Miss Ruth is my favorite."
Laura started to echo this state
• nient, but refrained.
I Hugh sat silent. His sister's sug
gestion had startled him. Suppose
| Doris should fotget all about liim
and should become engaged to some
1 other man.
The idea haunted him until lie
] felt he must face it boldly. That
1 evening he went to call at the Court
ney home.
He did not ask for the two young
j ladies, as was his custom. Indeed,
as soon as the maid admitted him
'she ushered him into the library,
j where Doris Courtney was seated,
j "Oh. how do you do?" she greeted
him cordially. "1 am glad to see
j you, for, strange to say, I was just
'thinking very haul about you. I
.met laturu to-day. She tells me
I you are going away soon. Isn't that
j plan rather sudden?"
He Tell His Ixtve.
"Ys," he replied. "Dad only de
cided the thing a couple of days itgo.
r am starting next week."
; "Sit down and toll me about it,"
she commanded, with an imperious
ness he thought charming.
He did as she ordered, his eyes
resting admiringly upon lieri
j She was dressed in filmy pale blue.
He had told her once that blue was
1 bis favorite color, and that be liked
especially to see her wear it. But.
of course, she liad not known be
; was coming this evening, so could
. not have dressed to please him.
| She did not inform him that the
! news Laura had told her had con
vinced her that Hugh would be here
| frequently before leaving New York.
: As he was going so soon, he might
call to-night. Hence the wearing
• of this particular frock.
"You will be returning to New
, York soon, won't you?" she asked,
j after a while.
| This was his opportunity. He
seised it eagerly, "i do not know.
1 may remain in Minneapolis—but
1 hope not."
"So do 1," she murmured.
"Doris!" Hugh exclaimed, taking
; her unresisting hand in his; "do you
really mean that it would make any
J difference lo' you?"
A soft blush came to her cheeks.
'Yes, Hugh," she said. "You must
know it would."
"Darling!" he murmured raptur
j ously.
(To Ho Continued.)
Dinner at Colonial Club
Celebrating Birthday
Mrs. Karl T. JjcWald ntet*tai!ie<l
at a surprise dinner at the Colonial
Country Club in celebration of her
' husband's birthday anniversary. Cov
| era were laid for 111 and an effective
I decorative scheme of pink and white
i v.*as carried >ut. Following the sup
per. cards were played. The guests
! were Mr. and Mrs. Charles 11. liofr
j man, Mr. and Mrs. Charles I>. Koch.
I Mr. and Mrs. William J. Marks. Mr.
J and Mrs. I>. Ashmore Caley, Miss Car
j rie L. ortli. Miss Hannah Crump, and
I Mr. and Mrs. Fail T. DeWald.
The Sunda> School of the Otterbein
; Foiled Brethren Cburcli will hold a
Christmas bazar 011 Thursday, Friday
: and Saturday afternoons and eve
j n'ngs. December 18. 19, 20, in the
• m udebaker automobile salesroom.
! Third and Roily streets. Fancy work
' and toys will be for sale as well as
i heme-made cakes, pies and candy.
The proceeds will help pay for the
pipe'org in no'v being installed in the
church, Fourth and Reily streets.
Mr. and Mrs. Pari K. Owen and
children, William and Dorothea
Owen, of Pittsburgh, will be holiday
guests of their relatives, Mr. aml
Mrs. Charles !•'. Dennis, of (ireen
.Mrs. W. T. Cockney,, of Baltimore,
is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. J.
Mo well Hawkins, of the Cameron
1 Extension.
Miss Kdith Cunningham, of I'ort
\\ ay no, Indiana, is a Christmas visi-
I lor at tile home of her aunt, Mrs.
i r.uther 1!. Shope, of North Second
I street.
Bringing Up Father Copyright. 1919, International News Service Bg McDfanus
v ... , . ... , I ~~l M I THE fROUBLE WITH VOU . nrMM T I II THAT t>o WEl_u MKr t./KvO T1 HTTF IF SHE COULD 1 ;
' CA<b>r It VOO OON'T know THlNr s I wITHAVOKE likE Mine i OuW to J §§2 ONLX t)irs<, J $
ZZZZ' I r^To |_COOO I^O^W N eTsThLrd I —~r<--T 0 '"'" A 1 oH L,KE^HE f "'J •
Jf, ' L_ 5j L C s J ANV fes>Tj WCLL |F ou . o oinu Y / K.N HIT:: J
V/ / - <T~ I ) \ Y/ <& r 1 ON THE Ntn 1 MT .
! . p St— d?€ I>vTP®EF
Jst/Z ' MV \fMTI =JL gv&\/ A"
pil' '*' _ ' |'4 •T_ I
" When a Girl Harries"
Uy A\.\ I.ISLE
A New, Romantic Serial Dealing With tl.e Absorbing
Problem of a Girl Wife
(Copyright, 1919, King Feature Syn
dicate, Inc. .
There 011 the threshold of the
room in which my strange interview
with I'nele Ned hart just taken
-place stood Lane. With a new
tightening of the throat I wondered
what he'd heard, what he'd made
of it.
Then a sudden impression of
Lane himself overcame my pertur
bation. The big brown bear looked
dingv and pale. In the moments
since I'd seen him he seemed to
have shrunK into the beginnings of
age. Something told me lie wasn t
thinking about anything we'd said,
lie stumbled into the room and
huddled down on the big couch in
front of the fire of hickory logs.
After a minute he started talking
without any preamble.
"You cana't see her, Ned. My
poor little girl is completely done
up. It was a bad fall. Might have
been worse, though," he rumbled
along, half to the hickory logs, halt
to us. "Thank the kind Fates it
wasn't —worse. The nurse just got
back. She's giving my poor little
girl a sleeping powder. She put me
out. So you can't* see her, Ned."'
Then, as if he were opening a
book at a given place and showing
an illustrator a scene he wanted pic
tured, he tlung this straight at
Uncle Ned.
"My little girl wants to get away
at once. I'm going to take her in
the morning. If she stays here
she'll never get her i.'drvca under
control. I want you to go right tip
to the city, Ned, and book 11s through
to the old place. A private car, ot
course. And have Mollie find a
nurse We won't tako this one
along. She's too much of a • tie
with—the present."
"I.unar, you aren't going back to
the old ranch." exclaimed Uncle Ned
in a tone that was both warning
and command. His keen eyes
searched Lane's face, and these
cropped away as if sparing it.
"That's where my poor little, girl
wants to go." replied Lane. And I
felt there was a volume of hidden
meaning in the three words which
he kept designating Yal.
"Is that wise?" warned Uncle Ned.
"She wants to go," Jjane replied
"But she mustn't go there, of all
places The memories. People."
Uncle Ned blurted out his words,
popping them at Lane as if they
were blank cartridges. A warning
but not a menace.
"il's what she wants. My poor
little girl. All she could say over
and over again was If I'd only take
her home she'd get well and make
it all up to me. Sh# wants to go.
lo light it out there with the peo
ple who judged her wrongly, instead
of staying here and ——
Lane didn't timsh. 1 wondered it
there had been a parallel in his
mind. But now Uncle Ned engaged
my attention.
"You're going to take her back
to the ranch," he said in a tone
which suggested that he was quietly
weighing uli the values and decid
ing something then and there for all
time. "You're going to take her
hack home. Well, it's home to us,
too. And home would always some
how seem where you two were
camping. That goes for my bride
and me. So we'll go with you."
No protests. No exclamations.
Lane got to his feet with some of
the gray gone out of his face, and
then before my blurred eyes the two
men stood eye to eye in a long,
sturdy liand-clasp. That was all.
After a minute. Uncle New turned
io me.
"Uood-by, little girl," he said. "I
think you're all right. I think
some day I'll know the chat we just
indulged in went a long ways to
prove it. Shake that young fellow
of your's by the hand for me, and
tell him that Mollie and her beau
will be looking ior a visit from you
inside of the year. We got attached
to you. t'bildless old folks like us
love feeling related to young-uns
like you."
I held his strong, gnarled old
hand in inine, and I wondered If 1
was going to burst out crying like
the Idiot I didn't see much advant
age in prov ng myself ,to be.
"You're the most wonderful, loyal
friend in all the world," 1 -stam
"IV s nice to hear jou say that,
little, Anne," replied Uncle Ned,
tightening his ilrm clasp on my
hand. "And don't forget my bride
ain't a whit less fond of you than
I am."
"I wish 1 could see her again.
I'd come to the city to see her ofT
no matter how early you started,"
1 1 egun.
Vaguely then I heard Lane stir,
clear his throat, and 1 hastily cor
rected myself:
"I'd come to say good by to Aunt
Mollie, if it weren't for the fact thut
or Tonsilitis, gargle
with warm salt rftjA
water, then apply—
| all (he excitement of parting
wouldn't do for Val at all. And,
I anyway, it's only 'nu revolt -1 between
> .Aunt Mollie and me. That 1 know.
I Friendships like ours don't just
stop. They go on. I'll telephone
I her this evening and tell her I love
j her and that if she wants hie to
take those little Willoughby twins
I under my wing I'll flap it right up
i for them."
"Mercy! I clean forgot the little
j song sparrows," said Uncle Ned.
J Then he took my face between
j his two worn hands and kissed my
i forehead. It felt like a benediction.
"The car's going to the station
( for Jim and Pat in a few minutes.
; You'll wait while 1 order it to come
! around for you?" I asked chokingly,
i Then 1 went to the garage to give
; the order, so Uncle Ned and Lane
! could have the minutes alone 1 felt
j they needed. And five minutes later
l.ane and 1 were seeing Uncle Ned
1 ofT.
Then Lane turned to inc.
I "Where can we have a talk with
| out being interrupted?" he asked.
, "Anywhere." T replied uneasily,
i "There's no one tc interrupt."
"Not even Mrs. Dalton?" insisted
; I.ane. "When I came up to Yal's
: room she said she'd go and do her
! mending."
"She's gone out now. She always
! walks to the station to meet her
i husband," I explained. "Wel'll have
i until- the car comes back with
i them."
"We mustn't, waste time, then."
' Lane spoke with a gravity so in
) tense it frightened me.
To Be Continued.
Moorhead Girls Give
Christmas Entertainment
' The Moorhead Choral Society
gave its third annual entertainment
to the children of the Industrial
Home and the Nursery Home last
evening in the Chestnut Street Hall.
From movies to the three big trees.
, with their fine presents for each
: child, the party was one big evening
!of happiness. The choral society
j sang "The King Cometh," directed
|by Mrs. Florence Ackley Ley and
with Mrs. Henry H. Lentz accom
panying. Soloists included;
; Miss Pearl Beidel, Miss Lillian
| Goodyear, Mrs. Grace Smith, Mrs.
I Catherine Seward, sopranos; Miss
Margaret Farmer and Miss Gay
j Beard, contraltos; Carlton Uunmoy
j or .tenor, and Gordon Bergstresser,
| bass.
Members of the chorus are: Miss
Mary Mowery. Miss Cinda Kobeits.
Miss Helen Wallace, Miss Esther-
Johns, Miss Belle Fortuey. Miss
Catherine Lerch, Aliss Isabel Mor
row, Miss Kuth Morton. Miss Helen
Ititner, Miss Florence Springer, Miss
I Mary Buser, Miss Magdalene Alartz
| on. Miss Ida Wise, Miss Maude
Campbell, Miss Alaude Goodyear,
Miss Fannie AfcClsin, Aliss Beatrice
Lerch, George Miles, H. B. Lau,
George W. Delker, Karl Moser, llaT
vey Shade and Edward Ward.
; Native of India to
Speak Before Y. M. C. A.
The lecture on India to be given
I at Fahnestock hall of Central Y. Af.
| C. .A. building at 8 o'clock this eveti
i Ing by N. K. Dhulwani, of Poona,
j India, will be open to the public
No admission will be charged, it
I being announced that "admission
j and seats are for those who first
' arrive." Mr. Dhalwuni will appear
! with his wife in native costume,
j Some lantern slides will he used in
[ explaining numerous interesting fea-
I lures about India. It is announced
I that Air. Dhalwani is not attached
! to any mission hoard of any sort.
| lie is an educator, traveling in tills,
j country. He will, therefore, be
limited to no special phase of the
I life and conditions of India.
| Air. Dhalwani is to speak under
■ the auspices of the Boys' Division of
I (lie *Yi" He has been secured at :
, the suggestion of boys themselves,
| who heard him in his recent lec-
I tures in city schools. The hoys to
i night are inviting parents and
j friends of the general public to.bear '
, the lecture, because they think oth- .
: era ought not miss the opportunity.
Steele School to Give
Pleasing Little Playlet
Pupils of the Steele school will
1 present "While Mortals Sleep" to
! morrow evening at 7.4 5 In the school ;
! auditorium. The cast of principals.
| who will be supported by a large
; chorus, is us follows: Prince Good- j
j Will. John Christian; Alother Goose, |
t Lucille Morton; North AVlnd, ]
' Mitchell Snider; Little 80-Peep,
'Dorothy Critchfield: Star, \''rginia
: Davis; Hurriet, Dorothy Peffer:
I Sunta Glaus, Frank Kautz; Dawn,
i Helen Davis.
I Dr. and Mrs. Fred W. Gnovcr. of
'228 Pine street, started this morning
' for a fiputhern trip. They will stop
first at Ghnrleston. S. (\. ano then go
on to St. Augustine. Florida. They
expect lo spend the winter months,
at various resorts lu Florida.
iMrs. Gilbert's Gliosis Moot
Relatives Who Have Been
in Service Abroad
Guests a buffet luncheon to
day of Mrs. Lyman D. Gilbert, at
j her borne, 205 North Front street,
had pleasure of meeting her
house guests, Mrs. Alexander Cam
j eron, of England, and her. sister, j
Miss Helen Cameron, of Petersburg,!
i Va., recently returned after serv- 1
i ing four years with the Duryea Mis-
I sion in France.
The house gaily decorated in!
.festoons of laurel, cedar antl holly j
and among the guests were: Mrs.;
| James I. Cliamberlin, Mrs. John 11. 1
I Weiss, Mrs. Henry McCormlck, Mrs.
1 Henry M. Gross. Mrs. Charles A.
Thuis, Mrs. William Watts Gal- ;
| braitli, Mrs. Henry M. Stine, Miss,
; Caroline Pearson, Miss Mary Harris
, Pearson, .Mrs. Walter Severance, Mrs. ;
.J. George Recht, Mrs. George liawvs.
Mrs. Rollin A. Sawyer, Miss Funny
Eby, Miss Helen Espy, Mrs, E. 11. 1
I Downey, Mrs. Francis J. Hull, Mrs.
! Thomas E. Finegnn, Mrs. Sant'oid
j I>. Coe, Mrs. Thomas Williamson,
I Mrs. David Tracey, Mrs. John Oen
j slager, Miss Jennie Dull, Mrs. John
! Fox Weiss, Miss Alice H. Eaton, Miss,
Mary Lemer, Mrs. Daniel H. Hast- |
ings, Mrs. Edward 55. Gross, Mrs. j
'Edward M. Green, Mrs. Lesley Mc-1
Creutli, Mrs. Walter P. Magulre, Mrs. j
• William Elmer, Mrs. George R. |
Tripp, Mrs. Robert McCreath, Mrs. |
Farley Gannett, Mrs. Robert G. i
Goldsborough, Mrs. William Hen- j
demon. Miss Mart-T/a O. 3eller, Miss j
! .Sue Seller, Miss Eleanor Sltunk, Miss i
Nancy Shunk, Mrs. Henry S. Gross, j
Miss Hays, Miss Helen Wallace, Mrs.
A. P. L. Dull, Mrs. Anne McLain,
Mrs. George B. Kunkel, Mrs. George I
Kunkel, Mrs. Cann, Mrs. Philip T.
Meredith, Mrs. Frank Payne, Mis. Si- |
raon ,D. Cameron, Mrs. Mercer U. i
Tate. Mrs. Paul Johnston. Mrs. John I
W. Reily .Mrs. W. D. B. Alney, Mrs.'
W. O. Hickok, 111, Mrs. William P., j
Hammond, Mrs. J. Blackwood Cant-1
eron, of Reading; Mrs.'George Corn
stock, Jr., Mrs. Meade D. Detweiler'
and Mrs. George E. Etter.
Y. W. C. A. Christmas Party
For Home Department
Mlsi Mildred Etlenmyer,' house
secretary of the V. W. C. A., in
vited members of the Home Depart
ment to. a Christmas party last !
evening:. There was a blazing fire,
myriads of holiday greens and tall
. red candles to give a soft light. Miss ;
Helen Alkinan told several Christ-!
mas stories and Miss Kuthryn ]
Grimes impersonated Sanla Clans, i
Members of the Home Department I
Include Mist Frances Keim, Miss i
Ruth Stofflets, Miss Betty Blocher, j
Miss Freda Redman. Miss Anna T. '
Thumnin. Miss Mahle Myers. Mrs. j
Sara Matlien, Miss Mary Mager, Mrs. j
Sara Erlenmyer, Miss Josephine Itoh- I
bins. Miss Oberlin, Miss Ruth Wise, I
Miss Martha Wise. Miss Emma Ful
ton, Miss Rudy, Miss Mary Bitting, |
Miss May I'cnman, Miss Elizabeth •
Gill, Mrs. Bowers. Miss Rlllie MJtt- i
linger, Miss Kaidu Hurt man. Miss i
Katliryn Grlines, Miss J. W. Miller. '
Miss Rydia Patton, Miss Anna Book, ]
Mrs. Neplier, Miss Relden Raub, Miss
llomaine Crawford. Miss Edith My- j
ers. Miss Taylor, Miss Emily Huber. i
Miss Emily Rooßbart, Miss Ruth .
Smith. .Miss Amy Fnher. Miss Doro- i
thy Hoover, Miss Mildred Erleniny- j
er, Miss Minnie Slitelas, Mrs. Helen !
Mac Nay. .Miss Betty Kaufman, Miss!
Violet Miller, Miss Margaret Her-j
sliey. Miss Margaret Rove. Miss An- |
nie Be'stllne, Miss lluth Todd. M'ss j
Ella M. Still. Mrs. John W. Kelly, |
• Miss laitimer Ilickernell.
Edward F. Barton, of Cincinnati, j
will be a Christmas guest at the !
home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. |
Watson, of Market street.
Kloyd M. Shelton and his brother, 1
Charles B. Shelton, went home to I
Youngstown, Ohio, to-day after a I
week's stay among relatives in tills
j vicinity. '
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Crab'er, of.
Springlield, Illinois, will spend the 1
holidays with their relatives, Mr. !
and Mrs. Ellis B. Craber, of I'onn
street. i
Miss Helen I hitllps, of San Francis- I
Co., Cab. a Junior at Wellesly College,]
will spend the Christmas vacation i
i with her cousin,, Mrs. John Hardy,
1 !2H North Second street.
\A/hdn your head feels like j
rv ficil a b as ket of broken
bottles —you need
Stomach or bowel dis- !
order poisons the blood I
and thus irritates the 1
rest of the body.
LM* S*K ofAar MIICIM hi tk. Wsrid. j
Sold •vnrrwher*. In hmxjm, JJk !
" \ 1
Christmas Entertainment
by the Shimmell Pupils
Teachers and pupils of the Sliiin
nioll school will give an entertain
mint Monday evening, December 222
with door door at 7.30 o'clock. Beau
tiful Christmas' carols will be sung,
directed by Professor Harclerode,
who. with his assistant musical di
r< ctors have trained the pupils so that
they sing with wonderful' effect.
.Christinas stories will be told by
members of the Story Tellers League
and several reels of good motion pic
tures will bo shown This building lias
one of the best motion 'picture ma
chines in the city The auditorium
will be decorated with two Christinas
trees and the proceeds will go toward
the purchase of a piano for the audi
torium Tickets may be purchased
from the pupils of the building-
Miss Martha Treiman. of Washing
ton, D. t\. formerly a teacher in lite
public schools of this city, is spend
ing a week as the guest of her pa
rent's Dr. and Mrs. U. A. Treiman, 721
North Sixth street.
ladies Bazaar
Buy Wisely g. 10-12 S FOURTH ST.
Drastic Price Reductions
In Fine Coats
Special For Friday and Saturday
High Grade Coals Beautiful Coats
Unusual Values wSSffi Greatly Reduced
$125°1 Coats Coats
Now sß4= Now s39<x
s B4d Coats Em $4 Q95 Coats
Now s64= WE§||| Now H
$74 5 Coats
Now $ Ogm I \r ow s22=
s69= Coats
Now -■ s49= Now sl9W>.
: ; ; Bear Skin Coatees r
Hudson Seal Now Natural
Coat slßd Muskrat
Selected Pelts; roll col- Coney Fur Coatee $27502
1 lar oiul cuffs of Golden \7Vm Jaunty Sport Model
.. n 1 y i t I\UIU with stripe border. I^arce
Beaver, 30-Inch model. _ XT
ft*. a f\ r collar of Australian Opos
\*alue $500.00. sum. Value $450.00.
Wonderful Values In Children's Coats
Smart Coats for the girls ranging in size from the tot of three
to the young miss of fourteen. Various models made of the finest
quality fabrics. Lined throughout and warmly interlined. The
prices now are
sßd slod slto
DECEMBER 18, 1919
Misg Virginia Downey, a student ef i
Mi. Holyokc Collegf, South Hatlley, j
Mays., will arrive here this evening
t . spend I lie holidays with her pa- '
rents. Dr. and Mrs. Frederick E. j
Downey, ISfl North Second street.
Kenneth Downey, a student of Le- i
high University, will be home Satur
day for the Christmas vacation.
Enter Now—Day or Night
School of Commerce
J. 11. Troup Building 15 S. Market Square
Bell ts& Dial 4383
Garments of Quality
Cuticura Soap
Are Healthy
Sou.Ointnieiit.Ta]ran,Be.crarrwhjr*.For Mania,
addrew: Count. Lkttriterlw.btpt.Z. bldnXia