Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, December 18, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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    BELL 1901—2356 UNITED
Friday Bargains
Dress Goods
36-inch serges and ba
tiste; light and dark col
ors; Friday Bargains,
40-inch plaid or check
suitings or skirtings;
Friday Bargains, yard,
40-inch satin surface
with wool back cloths,
also silk and wool ben
galines; Friday Bar
gains, yard,
1 3-4 yards long fur
scarf lengths; Friday
Bargains, each,
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor
Gift Slippers
The daintiness and style of these slippers are
sure to please every one who chances to see them.
They arc appealing to the feminine taste and the
man also will welcome a pair for the evenings
when he is reclining comfortably at home in his
lounging coat. Those who have been elsewhere
commend us on having as fine assortment as has
ever been shown in Harrisburg.
For Women —high For Men —felt slip
grade felt slippers pers, soft or leather
with soft or leather soles and heels; $2.00
soles and heels; $2.25 | to $3.50.
to $3.00. For Children-—felt
Felt Juliets; 52.50 : comfy .slippers; $1.65
to $3.00. I
Samples of Daniel
Satin Boudoir Slip- j Green's felt comfy
pers with or without j slippers in sizes 4, 4j/i
heels; $2.50 to $6.00. ! and 5: $1.35.
BOWMAN'S—Main Fleer.
A Two-Day Sale of Beautiful Blouses
Fine Suit Blouses
at 20% Reductions
At this price you may choose from the entire line of the finer
georgette suit blouses that are regularly priced from $13.95 to $33.95.
They include beautiful beaded effects in all the desirable shades, such as
bisque, navy, black, brown, coral, psach and gray.
Also one lot of blouses in flesh, white and dainty shades, with hand
embroidered real lace trimming. Some of these blouses are embroidered
in wool. Cossack and peplum models are included in this lot.
See the regular price mark on each garment and take
TWENTY PER CENT. OFF—(one-fifth).
Shop Early And Early In The Day
Wash Goods
36-inch linen finish
suitings; tan and rose
only; -Friday Bargains,
32-inch finest grades
ginghams, plaids,
checks and stripes; Fri
day Bargains, yard,
45c and 59c
36-inch self checked
or figured silk mull: big
range of colors; Friday
Bargains, yard,
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor
Velonr Plush
36-inch Velour Plush
for dress, suit or coat;
six colorings; Friday
Bargains, yard,
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor
hast live shopping days before Christmas we offer this unusual opportunity to seeure Gift Blouses at a decided saving. Every good
current style in every size, reasonable fabric and color scheme. A splendid grouping of different price blouses, so conveniently arranged
that vou niav choose quickly, as your shopping time is limited so near Christmas. All who have been here know that there is 110 finer or
larger assortment of Blouses in this section of the State than Bowman's. You may rest assured; therefore, that here are hundreds of beauti-
I ul blouses selected from our regular stocks that will be unexcelled for values.
Baby Pants
Rubberized and silk;
Solvos and Ostermoor;
in a number of makes ,
and sizes; Friday Bar
Can field's stockinet
diapers; Friday Bar
69c and 89c
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor
Pretty Voiles at $2.98 and $3.95
Splendid quality in white voile, some em
broidered, others with lace trimming' and clus
ter of tucks; square neck, round and collarless
styles; sale price, $2.98.
Pretty v.hit| voile waists, trimmed with
hand embroidery and lace: smartest of cuffs
and collars; sale price, $3.95.
Serge Middies, $4.95
Navy serge middies of the regulation style
with white braid trimmings in all sizes; sale
price, $4.95.
Men's Bathrobes
One-Fourth Off
Select a nice warm blanket bathrobe for
father, husband, brother or sweetheart. All our
new blanket bathrobes of the newer jacquard
and all over designs in beautiful color combina
tions; full sizes. One-fourth less than the regu
lar price. Do not overlook this opportunitv;
$8.75 to $15.98 reduced to ONE-FOURTH OFF.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Georgette & Crepe de Chine
• Georgette and crepe de chine also
fine net blouses and dark suit shades,
flesh, white, etc. Variety of styles in all
the new collar and ruff effects; sale
price, $5.00.
■BOWMAN'S—Third Floor,
Another lot of odd
laces and insertions;
Friday Bargains,
BOWMAN'S —Main Floor
Women's pure thread
silk stockings of extra
fine quality with lisle
tops and feet in black
and colors; Friday Bar
gains, pair,
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor
Round collars, ribbon
or cord trimmed ki
monos in pink and blue;
sizes 36 to 44; Friday
BOWMAN'S—Third Floor
Cretonnes in good
quality of many im
ported patterns; among
them are beautiful col
orings ; Friday Bar
gains, yard,
50-inch Marquisette
of very line.quality; Fri
day Bargains, yard,
Comfort sateen in
light and dark colorings,
Friday Bargains, yard,
Filet net curtains in
white and ecru; neat ef
fects; 2/? yards long;
Friday Bargains, pair,
BOWMAN'S—Fourth Floor
A Remarkable Lot_ of
Georgette Blouses
To Sell at $9.49
Best quality georgette blouses in the dainty shades of flesh, white,
bisque and shades of blue. Hand embroidered, Val. and fine laces and
smart tucking effects. Round collars, square necks, flat and roll collars;
nicely packed in Christmas boxes, sale price, $9.49.
Sweaters, $3.95
A special sale of the regular coat styles;
belted effects, flat and roll collars; can be worn
high at neck; the shades arc navy, Copen,
brown, black, and rose; sale price, $3.95.
Fiber silk sweaters; belt and sash effects,
turn back cuffs, in colors of blue, rose, salmon
and buff ; sale price. $5.95.
How about a Warm Wool Scarf in Angora,
with fringed finish, all colors;sl.7s up.
DECEMBER 18, 1919.
Shop Early And Early In The Day
Friday Bargains
Table Cloths
Hemstitched damask
table cloth; size 66x54;
and y> dozen hem
stitched napkins to
match; Friday Bargains,
per set,
Hemstitched and scal
.loped damask table
cloths; Friday Bargains,
BOWMAN"S—SecOmi Floor.
Union Suits
Women's fine quality
cotton ribbed union
suits; fleece lined, Dutch
neck, elbow sleeves;
Friday Bargains, suits,
Children's fleece lined
union suits in gray; all
sizes: Friday Bargains,
BOWMAN'S-Main Floor
Sale of
' -A
560 Pieces Neckwear
Salesman's samples from one of New York's
largest neckwear manufacturers. We get this
line of samples every season. They comprise the
very newest and up-to-date styles in collars, sets,
vestees and points.
Materials are lace, georgette, organdie atidf
pique. For Friday selling we are selling them
for one-halt* price. Friday Bargains, each,
50c to $3.50
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Silk Remnants
At 20 Per Cent.
Remnants and short
ends from our most
active stocks in
lengths enough for
waist, skirt, dress or
suit, also many short
ends for trimmings,
vestings or millinery
purposes in such
weaves as satins, taf
fetas, crepes, foulards,
fancy silks, poplins
and silk tricolette. All
remnants marked at a
low figure, in addition
we will deduct 20%
on each sale, causing a
second reduction.
Rubberized Aprons
—' ui
Rubberized kitchen
aprons in different pat
terns. Just such a gift
that mother would like,
especially when she is
preparing her Christ
mas dinner. Friday
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor ,