Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, December 16, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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Orphan Child Dies at
Home of Grandparents
New Cumberland, Pa., Dec. 16. —
The funeral of Martha Belle Martin,
a fifteen pionths old child, who died
at the home of her grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs. William Hetflefinger
yesterday will be held to-morrow
morning. The funeral will be priv
ate. The Rev. C. H. Ileiges, a
pastor of the Church of God, and
the Rev. David S. Martin of the
Lutheran church, will have charge
of the services. Burial will be
made at Mt. Olivet cemetery. The
parent 3 died a year ago of Influenza.
80 Years Old—Fit as a
"l had a bad case of stomach and
bowel trouble that four doctors!
could not help. Suffered all kinds;
of pair?, was filled with gas and con- I
stipated for years. I was advised to j
use Mayr's Wonderful Remedy, j
Since taking a course of it, four j
years ago. my trouble has disap
peared and have felt like a young'
man. Although 80 years old, I feel I
fit as a fiddle." It Is a simple, harm- j
less preparation that removes the j
catarrhal mucus from the intestinal i
tract and allays the inflammation |
which causes practically all stom- 1
acli, liver and intestinal ailments, in- i
eluding appendicitis. Ot?e dose will;
convince or money refunded. H. O. [
Kennedy, ("lark's 2 drug stores and j
druggists everywhere. '
Are You One of the Scores
Who Have Taken Advantage of
Wm. Strouse & Co's |!
$lO Gift Sale il
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BUTTER is needed toAlways
PanC^ k " the Blue Label
adding anything else would be
; Pennsy Wire Operator Is
Dead of His Injuries
Lewistown, Pa., Dec. 16.—H v M.
Benton is dead at Petersburg from
injuries sustained in an automobile
accident on Thursday, December 4,
while on his way to attend the
funeral of a fellow craftsman who
had been killed when his motor
cycle was run down by an automo
bile. Ivan Davis, a telegraph opera
tor on the Petersburg branch, was
killed about two weeks ago, and
"Boone," traveling in a Ford run
about in company with Walter Barr,
| signal muintainer at Petersburg
j tower, was on his way to attend the;
funeral when the machine "bucked"
i near Water street and "Boone" was!
! thrown through the windshield, j
; alighting on the road. He was badly |
''cut and bruised, but no one constd
jered his injuries serious until a fewj
| hours before his death, when symp
! Toms of internal injuries developed,
jHe leaves a widow and four small
| children. He was 32 years old and
lan extra telegraph operator on thel
'Middle Division.
Sliiremanstowti, Pa., Dec. 16. |
i The monthly meeting of the
[ Woman's Missionary society of St. !
1 John's Lutheran church will be-beld I
• Thursday evening at the home of;
; Mrs. Kate A. Eberly in East Main ;
i street. Mrs. Charles McGuire will j
Jbe the leader. The topic will be :
' "Japan."
Employes* Organization Starts
Off New Year With Many
Holding Saving Shares
The Harrlsburg Telegraph Em- j
ployes' Association, which Is a dozen !
years old, is one of the lively young
sters these days and has started an
other year with 1,500 shares held in
its savings fund by employes of the
I various departments of the company.
! It is controlled entirely by its mem
j bers and in addition to its saving
! has some beneficial features as well.
Its recent year was very successful
j and something close to SIO,OOO was
saved and distributed. This year it
starts ofT with 165 shareholders hav
ing exactly 1,500 shares. The news
paper building has 94 shareholders
1 with 966 shares and the commercial
| printing building, at Cameron and
State streets, has 71 shareholders
I with 534.
H, B. Mumtna is the president for
1920 with Gus M. Steininetz as treas
! urer. Captain Charles P. Meek, sec
l rotary, and Mrs. Margaret M. Pan
; kake as assistant secretary. Mr.
Mumma succeeds A. R. Michener.
I The directors are: Business de
partment, Frank R. Oyster: editorial,
! A. Boyd Hamilton; news mechanical,
! Harry A. Fry; circulation. Robert C.
Gohl; commercial-composing room,
; Ralph Lav#rty; press room, Joseph j
| Orstnger; engraving, Edward Lich- I
tenberger, and binding, Frank
| Fisher.
York. Pa., Dec. 16.—Representa
! tives of eleven tribes of the Asso
j ciation of Improved Order of Red 1
J Men of York and Adams counties, I
j at a mooting in this city adopted I
; resolutions objecting to an increase I
in the tax of the Great Council for \
1 the support of orphans of members. I
, A delegation was appointed to pre
! sent the resolutions to the Great
I Council next June.
Use McNeil's Cold Tablets. Adv.
City Petitions Council
to Save Daylight
I Ihe Harrisburg Telegraph will continue to print the names of
! signers to the petitions addressed to council asking that the da>-
j light saving petition presented hy*Mavor Daniel L. Keister >e
i passed. Every class is represented. The names are those ot
j bankers, lawyers, politicians working men and women and em
Frank U Meek, C. W. Leaman. Jennie F. Snyder,
Robert K. Coon, S. H. MeGaugliey, Grace G. Mclntyre,
I ft: • King, A. Langletz, H. C. Kunkel,
| Charles C. Schriver, W. J. Malone, P. H. Chadwick,
• John D. Penny, Edward Metmg&r, John L. Hupp,
| George L. Henseker, h. Thomas Holahan, Joseph D. Smith.
]E. L Walton, George W. Bricker, Frances M. Mauley,
!, Sheatter i M. E. Reigart, H. W. Pe rl 7:.
I Charles A. Clement, F. J. Palser I. W. HetriCk,
Grant Ruston, W s Lick ' A P. Rutherford,
O. P. Maxwell, J. Vance, ' Paul W. England,
James R. Bumbaugh, p. W. Botts, Charles L. Hoke,
Charles S. Haxon, K. M. Wertz, Ralph Miller,
j7" * • Evenwir, H. J. Anderman, Robert E. Bates,
i o V 'Katherine S. Lehman, Edward E. Bastian,
jS. Ralph Eppley, Catherine H. Porter, Royal H. Beckley,
,Crawlord C. Anderson, Charlotte A. Crawford, R. C. Frantt,
Charles A. Fair, Mary A. Kaln, George W. Trump. Jr.,
P. B. Manley, Josephine G Dobbs, F. P. Clymer.
Llmer W. Ehler. * Vada Baker, J. M. Pollock,
J. H. Nixon, Violet R. Champion, Jlaude E. Faber,
J. B. Heckman, Mildred E. Dissinger, VV. B. Rice,
Charles L. Boak, Ida C. Sweger , J. R. Leary,
S- Steffy, Sarah E. Gurberich, A. R. Marstan,
A .G. Currand, Ruth V. Mower. F. R. Rayer,
J. E .Bowman. Mary W. Bollinger, L. S. Mudge,
| John H. Pexler, Caroline McClean, H. B. McCormick,
i Edwin J. Kniseiy, Margaret E. Coop, J. Austin Brady,
James McK. Reily, Jr. Ella Robinson Stoner, Mrs. H. W. Krewy,
Edward B. Roth, M. L. Light, R. A. Preble,
John W. O'Leary, M. Ruth Clay, F. J. Machlan,
Murry M. Washburn. M. A. Drabenstadt, Ross H. Swope,
T. F. Lutz, Helen M. Bear. C. W. Linde,
S. S. Fackler, Ethyl Mummert, W. A. Gulbrandsen,
(George E. Williams, Ethel L. Smith, W. B. Walser,
i Charles E. Covert. Frances L Shcrtzer, Buelah S. Hoverter,
I H. H. Trainer. Zoe G. Fortenbaugh, Lou M. Ernst.
I Charles A. Falna, Lindora Shertz, Mae C. Hoover,
iJ. B. Kautz, Jr., Alberta Hepperle, Margaret Ellenberger,
I George Roberts, Ethel M. Pye. Annie M. Holbert,
Arthur B. Cumbler, Daisie M. Arms, ' J. H. Kunkle,
E. C. Houdeshel, Delena McCann, C. B. Zeigler,
Benjamin F. Tschop, M. p. Forrest, Mary E. Itchn,
Thomas G. Smith, Ruth M. Hoover. A .A. Harrow,
Rush N. Hosier, Ruth H. Richards, C. A. Aughinbaugh,
Ralph M. Piln, Margaret J. Richards, W. E. Franklin.
Morris W. DeHart, Edna V. Forrer, Wayne M. Sheesley,
Charles A. Hoke, Margaret I. Kreider, Katherine V. Bierbower,
Charles A. Sullenberger, Vera C. Yohe, Miram M. Taylor,
James I. Hamaker, R. G. Knier, Mrs. P. B. Btllett,
James McCormicka, Jr.. Sarah E. Guigher, Margaretta F. Etter,
John Fox Weiss. C. H. Zellers, Elva G. Toomey,
R. F. L. Rldgway, Bertha M. Miller. Emily S. Taylor,
Harry B. King, Esther A. Stauffer, Blair G. Smith,
George B. Blessinger, Mary Z. Beatty, C. Holmes Mac Donald,
Edward G. Race, Robert J. Miller, J. A. Gadwallader,
Adeline V. Xlreathead, Lilliam C. Bower, Cloyd C. Holland.
Susan R. Hepford, Mary N. Reese. Stephen Huburtis,
John B. Corl, Julius Fluss, Sr., Edna L. Snyder,
Phoebe Richards, C. R. Deller, Mrs. S. E. Franklin,
Helen Goodyear, Anna E. Barnhart, Sliza M. B lir,
Mrs. Oscar Holtzman, James D. Hays, F. B. Vaughn,
Helen McKelvey, W. F. Nicalls, ''ranees W. Brown,
Ella N. Semple, M. E. Patterson, Frances W. Brown,
Esther V. Dunlap, W. K. Cohill, Mildred R. Mader, .
Mrs. A. Wildmur. Jr., E. S. Benfer, Mayme M. Rudy,
Ruth E. Tack, Esther Taylor, Minera Kunkel,
Helen Krall, Raphael C. Murphy, u A. Twitzer,
Sara R. Tack, S. B. Grubb, .Mildred L. Runkle,
Roxana M. Garman, Mabelle L. Orr, Edith G. Miller,
Mrs. Ed. A. Fletcher, Anne M. Feeser, \V. R. Page,
A. L. Crowe, Charles E. Hamill, William Hnseltine,
Ida M. Stewart, Harry W. Kerper, Merten S. Fales,
Mrs. C. E. Anderson, Ellen F. Kistler, Mrs. R. S. Black,
Sara Arnold, Laura F. Oyster, M. Frances Rockefeller,
Mrs. W. B. Bennett, E. R. Kulp, Mrs. W. G. Savage,
Carson Coover, A. Lillian Oyster, Mrs. S. M. Taylor,
I. H. Showers, Marion G. Bomgardner, Mrs. E. Z. Gross,
H. M. Reeser, C. F. Loper, Jr., Louise Whitman,
C. W. Miller, Lucy C. Crawford, H. H. Baldwin,
E. W. Payne, Grace L. Barnhart, Ella G. Sourbeer,
H. J. Dilcher, Esther M. Cooper, M. Eva Meckley,
C. A. Bender. Grace E. Bergstresser, Mrs. M. C. Martin,
William H. Schug, Margaret E. Shreiner, J. Frank Palmer,
Fred Yestadt, Marion G. Smith, Mrs. J. Frank Palmer,
J. W. Ryan, Sara I. Bentz, Mrs. M. M. Kline,
G. A. Bausman, Maude E. Burchfield, Esther Attick,
C. S. Boyer, S. Luella Nicodemus, Mrs. H. H. Lentz,
William M. Foster, D. M. Knouse, Morris Swenlck.
Russell S. Sayford , Helen C. Tracy, John W. Worden.
Raymond M. Myers, Anne R. Enright, Samuel Haldeman,
C. FredjOrth, Helen W. Hoffman, Mrs. Grant Lenlg,
T. J. Eiseinhart, Margaret Fager, Mrs. L. D. Robinson,
Dr. J. M. Strickland, Marie A. Liesmann, Mary E. Milleer,
I, Willis Appier, Helen H. English, Katherine Plant,
H. G. Miller, Ethel M. Hess, Helen F. Forsythe,
George A. Morissey, Laura Conrad, Marguerite Robinson,
H. R. Kerson, Clara McNaull, Margaret Roedr,
G. M. Klineline. Pauline Glass, Caroline M. Patterson,
William H. Maurer, Helen Rapp. Alice A. Graydon,
George Motter, Miriam B. Hlmes, Julia Graydon,
H. K. Hess, Rena Brehm, Samuel E. Franklin,
(To be Continued.)
Wiconisco Druggist Is
Dead of Heart Trouble
Lykons, Pa., Dec. 16. —Dr. Jacob
S. Prout, a druggist of Wiconisco,
died on Sunday night from valvular
heart disease. He was nearly G3
years old. Dr. Prout was born at
Trevorton, Pa. On December 24,
1878, he married Bethia White, of
In 1887 he went into the -drug
business and conducted the store to
the time of his death. He was one
of the leading druggists of the Up
per End of the county and well
known throughout this entire region.
Fraternally, he was a member ot
the P. O. S of A. 148, of Wiconisco
and the M. W. of A., of Lykens.
His widow nnd a son. Dr. Hadyn
Prout of Mnuch Chunck, Pa., and
daughter. Mrs. Clarence Toole, of
Nesquehonlng, Pa , survive.
Trainmen in Service
Overseas Get Charms
Columbia. Pa., Dec. 16.—Colum
bia Lodge, No. 117, Brotherhood of
Railroad Trainmen, and the Ladies'
Auxiliary, No. 15, In joint meeting
in the Bucher Building heard an In
teresting address by C. B. Rownnd.
state legislative representative, who
In hehalf of the Brotherhood, pre
sented the service men of the Co
lumhia Lodge with beautiful gold
watch charms as a mark of honor
and appreciation.
Six members of Columbia Lodge
were In the service, as follows: M.
F Smoker. . E, Dank. C. A.
Shary, J- A. Inwler. .T. H. Kimes,
William O. Corner. The last named
wns killed in action In the Argonne
Forest. His widow received the
emblem. After the exercises the
officers of both organizations were
installed and a luncheon served.
Poor Doctor*: Differ
on Third Board Member
Chambcrsburjr Pa., Deo. 10.—
Poor Director Jacob W. T ehman
and Director e'ect Trn B. Wenger
■will soon elect the third memher to
succeed Sheriff-elect Jacob H.
Mayer, who is enected to resign
from the board within a short time.
A deadlock now appears likely.
Director Lehmnn favors Davison
Creenawnlt. of Tthmllten township.
Creenowslt served op the hoard ten
yeans ago and Tubman recalls j,c
made a good director. Director
elect Wenger. howver. believes the
new dlreetor should eome from the
same section of the count*- that the
resigned member does. There are
two candidates from thnt section. |
Wilbur Kauffman of Waynesboro!
and W 4 Wertz, of Qulncy.
Money Refunded if it Fails
I '
; EDY relieves sharp, shooting pains
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breast, or soreness in any part of
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lameness, stiff and swollen joints,
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pain in the back should be treated
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edy. It rarely fails to give relief
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| before one bottle has been used It
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, If constipated, use Munyon's Paw'
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I druggists. Price 30c.
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| Itching eczema, scalp-scale, any dis- i
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Sold everywhere. For free sample i
write to Emergency Laboratories 343 i
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" Urge your skin to become clearer !
fairer, healthier by the use of Poslam j
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Chicago Daily News Manager
Urges Newsprint
Washington, Dec. 16.—Suggestion
tlmt an embargo be placed on coal
to Canada until Canadian newspa
pera, which, he said, were using all
the newsprint they desired, agreed
to submit to the same conservation
program forced on the newspapers
of the United States was made by
11. L. Rogers, business manager of
the Chicago Daily News. This ac
tion could be justified, he added, by
Li that Canadian pulp mills
used American coal in making their
The prospective shortage of print
1920 was estimated at
200,000 tons by Frank P. Glass, pub
lisher of the Birmingham, Alabama,
News and president of the Ameri-
i aTl ii Publishers' Association. He
predicted, however, that relief from
the shortage would come within six
Congress, Mr. Glass declared,
either should give the Federal Trade
Commission full power to handle
the entire newsprint paper situation
or should appoint a paper controller
with powers similar to those of the
fuel administrator,
r. Anthony bill," asserted
Bradford Merrill, business manager
of the Hearst group of newspapers,
would destroy some 65 great news
papers, representing in every case
n life time and in some cases three
or more generations of effort to
benefit in only a small degree the
rest of the newspapers of the coun
.r?*. "would place an embargo on
initiative and tend to encourage
r> for t,lp Kansas-Missouri
Publishers Association In support
°L. • ller,or t O'avaness denied
statements by metropolitan publish
ers that the country dailies and
weeklies could obtain plenty of
print paper if they had the initiative
and courage to contract for it.
Scores of publishers in his section
he said were running on a dav to
day basis, had no visible supply and
were utterly unable to make con
tracts at any price for the coming
year. °
"Many of them must cease publi
cation unless something is £one."
Mr. Cavaness declared. "Tliev do
not ask class legislation; on'lv a
chance to live. We have in it,.
new' 0 ' 1 Stutps thp onl >' real country
newspaper system that exists in the
in sight is pndan * e . rpd - The end
is in sight. the country newspapers
Goldsmith's Is the Christmas
Store Where Worth-While |
Gilts Abound |
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DECEMBER 16, 1919.
are fighting a losing fight for their
very lives. The large newspapers
can save them by cutting down the
size of their own editions and if the
large newspapers will not do this
voluntarily then the country dailies
will keep at Congress until that
body, which we have been tuuglit to
mhc (Mow <EiD
* *"Harri,b u rij. Smartest FaabioaShop •
The Second
Longing Look j
Streets, restaurants and theaters are
filled with ladies wearing garments of mo
notonous similarity. At rare intervals, in
cheerful contrast, the monotony is relieved I
by a |
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Its cut, swing, dash and harmonious col
ors reflect excellent personal taste, and
passersby take note—they turn for a second
longing look. They recognize at once that
• indefinable something called "style."
Cloos garments are created for the femi
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—Our Fixed Principle—Exclusive
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L - J!
believe is all wise and all power
ful. takes some action."
Representative Randall, Prohibi
tionist, California, suggested that the
situation might be remedied if the
newspapers would all refuse to ac
cept cigaret advertising and thus
save paper.