Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, December 16, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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    Shop Early And Early In The Day Shop Early And Early In The Day *:
_______ 1 FOC.VDED LOTJI
Novglty Silk Hosiery
Appropriate Footwear is never more important • Everyone likes Silk Hosiery. There is a sense of
tfttan during the holiday season. It is an essential fea- x-x MM ! luxury about it that makes it distinctly appropriate as
ture of holiday dress. For personal needs or for grift •Mm \ I 1 A _ I , A \| j a gift. The quality and durability of our silk hosiery
selection, you will find us prepared to meet every re- I m |l|| I ■ ■ j W1 " commend it to gift buyers who want the best. Of
quirement in styles of unquestionable taste and fine | V Vt v | I I % W I I j special interest at this time is a large assortment of
quality. M. M. v J- J_ beautiful novelty silk stockings for the holidays, con-
Street and Dress Shoes and Pumps for women. rr , did* sisting of embroidered clox, lace clox, lace clox em-
Children's Shoes for every need. Ihe -Regular Prices on | broidered, drop stitch, laces and accordion rib silk.
Gift Slippers for Women:—Felt Slippers with \ -fl "t I■t /• 1 71 /r ' Pure Thread Silk with lisle tops and feet; fancy
soft or leather soles and heels; $2.25 to $3.00. l\ I I Hll V* /A \/I t clox: $2.50 pair.
_ Mules and Boudoir Slippers in all shades; /*% | | | XvX |V| P\ ire Thread Silk with flexible lisle tops and lisle
for Men—Felt Slippers with soft or leather soles Blow, blow, wintry winds—for what cares she who goes wrapped in a cloak of fur <\ happy thought Pure Thread Silk: all silk tops and lisle feet; hand
and heels: $2.00 to $3.50. for a Christmas gift. And when you can get them at Twenty Per Cent below usual prices vou are savin- embroidered clox; black and white, white and black,
i:tm One-Fifth on your gift purchase. And we bought these furs early in the season before recent price acf- ! nav . y and white and African brown with self clox and
vances, consequently, you are getting still greater values even than this price reduction indicates. j wh,te c ,o x; s4.oopair.
lhe selecti °b consists of Alaska Fox, Wolf, Beaver. Hudson Seal, Lynx, Natural Skunk- in fact ! , , , e S,lk ot medium heavy silk;;
Oil K S eve 7 desired fur of the season. All finished to measure up to the Bowman standard of workmanship and i Ia cl °* hand embroidered design; black with:
quality. Children s furs at prices that will interest you; $2.98 to $15.00. j u 'bite: full fashioned; $3.50 pair.
The Citippti nf Wnhrirc ' ' - | Glove Silk Silk Lace Stockings; verv serviceable
W / ~ ' uj . raonis fIBSU- A 11 T-l /rx /r —. ! black, white, gray, navy and brown ; SLOO pair.
Makes a Queenly Gift at All Times ■* /jfiFfß' /\ | 1 h f j_ A I All Silk Full Fashioned Rich ieu Rib Stockings;
iVhy Not Christmas Time? MLV-lOatS at {" Jg?
The receiver of a fine silk compares in her mind wMNR j silk tops and teet ; black only; $4.9 a pair. ,
the exquisiteness and precious thought as though ' -fl * f I Heavy Accordion Silk Stockings; black ancfc
it was a raritv; vet practicability is the main ex- I VffßilXik 111 1/ f „ A f 111 t white; beautiful stockings and serviceable; $6.50 pair,
pression of today. Silks for all days—\lways M |HL ±W X GIT \j6llt. WTT Ml OUR HOLIDAY SPECIAL Pure Thread
36-inch White Japanese Silk and Satin: SI.OO to j| * Silk elastic^ lisle tops and lisle feet;
34-inch Ninghai Pongee; $2.00 to $3.50 yard. 1 j^ a f Ural d S 30-inch lengths, roll collar and |jl -BowMAx-s-Mam Floor.
40-inch Crepes; all colors'; $2.25 to $4.95 yard! / Hudson Seal Coat, 30-inch lengths, belted model, trimmed 111 Cilft ROUP'S ■>**<■ i
36-inch Fancy Silk Skirtings: $1.69 to $3.50 yd. BniPffll] d vvith Siberian Squirrel collar and cuffs;ssso.oo. \ih jf
36-inch Chiffon Taffetas; all colors; $2.25 to !IHBC m Taupe Nutria Coat, 30-inch length, full flare; can be worn Blfc dSfk Small Rugs in Velvet, Axminster, Body Brus
so.ao yard. -jj|n• IM with or Avithout belt; $325.00. roiliMll,|jj\ M&SlM se ' s and Wilton in rich colors and patterns;
il!-""I 4 , ( i" hlch J B i ack dks; SE9S to $5.00 vard. W Sealine Coat, 30-inch length, finest pelts - $25000 27x54 inches; $4.50, $5.00. $6.00 to SIO.OO.
incS IP T SO >' W i Sealine Coat. 36-inch len|,h belted-$295m FWKW ! f-? 00^ 1 ? 00
-+u-incn 3Mik uuvetj n; $12.50 yard. AN 171# at r- l n ~ - V ' v Wool Smyrna Rugs, hit and miss patterns, can
36 and 40-inch Tinsel Brocade: $12.50 vard. /Wjf / Marmot Coat, roll collar of finest Raccoon; $195.00. IT he used on both sides; 30x60 inches; $4.25. , j j
fia-inch \ elutina \ elveteen;s4.9s yard." j S*~-\ \j\' i^Q^n 18 311 au P c Marmot Coats, 30-inch length; / I Axminster Rugs, special in all over floral
35-inch Chiffon \ elvet; $6.75 yard. j v , SA and conventional patterns; 9x12 ft.; seamless;
BOWMAX's —Main Floor. Kolinsky Dyed Marmot Coat, full 30-inch length • $165 00 Hl ; SO
' BOWMAN'S—Third Floor. j ' BOWMAN'S—Fourth Floor.
Bowman's For Fine Gift Furniture
I, e i ec ted pieces of fuiniture that are small and cost little are unusual and delightful gifts. They may bring much cheer
Xi /3r an , ia PP J 0^ 11 iudividual or to all members of the family alike. Here are odd pieces of furniture of the kind that has
I maae the hilth Floor Famous For Fine Furniture." One trip through the department will convince you that this slogan is
I backed up with the goods—the kind of goods any one will be pleased to receive.
I Smokers iii cabinet and jtedestal styles. Some fitted Hall Clocks, Colonial and Period styles; beautiful
with lighten ana humidors; different finishes of wood eases, Westminster and Normandy chimes and Cathedral 1
and metal; $2.98 to $35.00. gong; $69.00 to $450.00.
Tea Wagons; a selection to please your own taste. An- Reception Hall Chairs, antique mahogany; high backs; fl
tique mahogany, American walnut, white enamel and cane and rush seats; Period styles and Colonial patterns
golden oak. $12.75 to $35.00. represented; $12.50 to $19.75. /MMS
Mahogany Spinet Desks, Colonial patterns, finished Overstuffed Tapestry Chairs and Rockers for library \IBHI
antique brown mahogany; $38.00 to $45.00. and living room; luxurious spring work, pillow chairs and
a logany Gate Leg Tables; several attractive patterns loose spring cushions; attractive patterns of tapestry;
shown in the gift section; $22.75 to $35.00. $29.00 to $95.00. Ww^
. - Extra large showing of Floor Lamps; variety of shades
° Wn ' Frei^ h S ra 7' °W ivory, upholstered in attrac- in plain and fancy designs; Reed and FibeFFloor Lamps
tive c retonne
DECEMBER 16, 1919.