Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, December 11, 1919, Page 5, Image 5

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    College Ties Stretch
Around the World
ACT York. l>ec. 11.—Sixteen for
eign countries, as well as the 48
states in the Union, were represented
in analysis completed here to-day of
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Stuits ... n 69c ESEfa-
fleeced lined, medium weight'. Women's Silk Cft .. Children's Ker- O C Hj
reg u i ar* sizes? 'e'x t ra" sizes' a t sue Lisle Hose .... DV C 1 Mens fcQQQ chiefs, 4 for .... Zt>C |j
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Women's bio soles and heels, garter tops: jA __J tg (/ , Heavy rope stitch knit sweat- nect a n J assorted colored bor- Ss
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White Kid <t 1 /I o "into; extra special. (r*-C Jt?f\Cr*\ fcXWrTTx - maroon; special. LM
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but in all size*. acceptable; special. c. v / A iT*V-% I 111% 111 ## W% I I \J JIMI ll wit 1 f \v\V /Jv'J< our-ln-hand neckwear in the comes in cordovan, navy, gray
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C ollarH, Kit Coney, ( ollars, comes in / \ I I 1 / • _ _ U* • m m w ■ m TLJ
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I COATS sOft-00 133 Mk Blouses -cu.. 162 Fine Georg- Men's Cordwo, P.nt, 1
I KKSHi flte tf<K "; $1 I 1! e,te Blouses
Black, Navy, Dark Brown, Deer tllg 1. I#a ■ 11/ A • ■/•f /4v m —. tt) 42. Special. |jM
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lars; all are splendidly lined throughout; swugcer bucks . i <• -TiCj.
I belted backs; sizes IG to 46. agger backs, 1 nie quality crcpe dc chine The lot consists of crepe de
I Pretty Poplin Suits JJ'SIZ - >p Sim torgl .„, b ,., ust . s in „ K Men s Work Coats I
N special at nn ty hand embroidered and bead- stvlc that will <m ne , v V P ast cl shades as well as ... . _ hi
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sC ceptlonal models. 1 lie.v will be found 4^v_7 •A 7\/ nicker! in i sxrit.. PI • . "'C arc neat!} embroidered the verv nouoa I , | . bl-i nL-et lininirc • ui'irm inrl OK
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|y and Navy, and Jerseys In all heather mixtures. box and ready tor giving; ex- assortment will be t m,i .11 embroidered models. This lot serviceable; Sizes o4 to 44. |S
si d_ 1* j I c•. ceptional values every one of intr at less th-m the °ci f SC " includes values tip to $7.95;
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I s ™"„"
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I , y e,ou L an l rnday Bargains rrom the Bargain Basement- 1
I ®2b.00 saui5 aui "Wiueni Brown Beach Vests-All Prices i
31 lower-priced assortments; good colors und-all sizes, but, of ifll 1 1171 i mv , 1111 l
1 vT qT' n R " y, l, u. • . .affgßSßafe, Blue and White Napkins .. 89c B, C h vt a<i co.t., P iet y of tod, *„d i
M Veiour buiU, B'ue bird iapan.se fi) ri , dl . c *,. n ~ . qualities; sizes 34 to 59; very warm. I
I Wool Suits, Tweed Suits '%' ' ; Men's Bath Robes U 1 ? 00 to H7 10
I $29.00 I%^sl ?r o^o 4r ®MMm$ Mensßat Kobes .Qotos7.sQ |
| fu* ? CnU,ne BeaC J banket Robes,
I - Cy Kne linings; braided and embroidere|l models anions them. - luininutii louml loast- | )()u . ( x o ts In cxtrn 1,1 tllC lICWCSt and lllOSt Serviceable Colorings.
1 gt... 55c St- $1.95 54c sr- 24c El. akfc. 48c*lS> $1.39 ?"" ta sl.4B ,r~ $3.95 I
a sssrss £s. &zsssz js?.'x J?srras jsn si ,rt st Atxr/s I
;■) r - : "'<■■ Spr- limiietl; uniulivr ..tt|y at .uclti-ii; well iiiaij.' aitd to crack. \ cry special ideal-lor the'makiiiK of fill iiamcs - til likca'ik- ..t, ri'.-civor• II l * ' bioon ur white white or plaid patterns, H
fl _ c-ai l-ridy rice. prey. Special. FWday only. nndettceat; ntctcenaed. stil.jecls. Special. vcn I-L""' < " M#i |
the returns In the campaign for Har
vard University's 115,850,000 endow
ment Fund. The response of Harvard
' graduates all over the world, from
Norway to the beach at Waikiki. has
demonstrated for all of the one hun
; died American colleges now seeking
additional endowments to combat the
High Cost of Learning, the fact that
college men are loyal to their alma
mater regardless of their distance
from her home.
Aside from the subscriptions among
gtaduates in the Cnited States, gifts
have been received from France
China. Great Britain, Japan, Holland.
Australia. Germany, Hawaii. Bulga
ria, Norway, Porto' Rico, Italy, Brazil,'
Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Alaska, New!
Zealand, and the Philippine Islands, j
Vow York, Dec. 11. —Oil instead
of coal will be used by the Hotel
Astor in its heating and lighting
I plant if the city department of build
lings permits the change, the hotel
I management announced. The trans
j formation, which could be made im-
I mediately, would have 30 tons of coal
daily. The hotel coal bins were said
to be nearly empty.
Trehcrbert, Wales, Dec. 11. —>■
George Morgan, a working collier of
this place, lias just been notified by
the government, that bis claim to
the ownership of 2,000,000 tons of
coal in Dean Forest has been estab
lished. He "pegged out>" the claim
on some common land forty years
I'se McNeil's Pain Exterminator Ad
DECEMBER 11, 1919.
Ix'wistown, Pa., Dec. 11.—The
coldest weather of the winter pre
vailed here yesterday. There was
u high wind with temperature at
eight degrees above zero. Many
people were without coal and not
a few without the means to pur
chase any.
Cuticura Soap
The Complexion
Sap.Ointment,Talcnm,2se. every where. For sample*
address: Cotleara Laboratorlss.Dspt. X.