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Season Starts Next Week;
Good Team on Floor
This Season
Aiuiville, Pa., Dec. 10.—Only two
games are on Lebanon Valley's bas-
Stcetball schedule to be played prior
Ro the Christmas vacation, which
* begins December 20. The opening
game of the season will take place
this evening in the gymnasium here,
the opponents being the Lebanon Y.
>l. C. A. five. The second game is
scheduled for the following Wed
nesday evening, when the Lebanon
Valley quintet will journey to Ilethle
hem to play the Moravian College
team. The school for the entire
season is not yet complete but will
be definitely arranged immediately
after the holidays. Thus far games
have been scheduled with Albright,
Susquehanna, Juniata, State College,
Bucknell, Johns Hopkins, Delaware,
Lehigh, Temple, Mt. St. Mary's,
Washington and Lee. Virginia Mili
tary Institute and other teams.
Seltzer Is Captain
Seltzer, the veteran center, who
has played on the varsity five for
the past couple years, will captain
the team this year and each even
ing has his men in the gymnasium
for more than an hour. Two other
stars of last year will play with the
team which will open the game to
morrow, Moore at forward and
Fisliburn at guard, with Harvey at
forward and Wine at guard have
been picked from the other candi
dates to play in the first contest.
The candidates for the team this
year are perhaps greater in number
than those for any previous year at
this institution. The majority of
those at practice each day starred
on the football eleven during the
past Season, among these being Giles
and Schumacher, who played at end;
Behman and Smith, tackles: Klein
felter, center, and Homan, halfback.
Baseball. Writers Re-elect
Officers For Another Year;
to Adopt Uniform Scoring
lip Asaociatrd Prcs/>.
Xrw York. Dee. 10.—At the annual
meeting of the Baseball Writers' As
sociation of America held here last
night. President I. K. Sanborn. Chica
go: Vice-President Hobert W. Max
well and Secretary-Treasurer Joseph
M. McCready. Philadelphia, were re
flected. T he following were elected as
the hoard of directors: Jack Ryder,
Cincinnati: Harry Gross. New York:
Kdward F. Balinser, Pittsburgh, and
•Tames M. Gould, St. Louis.
It was decided to admit to associate
membership the baseball writers in
the cities on the Class AA League cir
cuits. President Sanborn will select a
committee on uniformity of scoring
rules and to confer with the joint
committee on playing rules of the
National and American Leagues.
A sum was voted from the Tim Mur
nane memorial fund towards sub
scribing for four sets of the books
written by the late Charles E. van
Bonn, a former member of the asso
Yale Awards Letters to
Season's Football Warriors
New Haven, Conn., Dec. 10.
Tale's annual award of the letter
"Y" was announced by the athletic
board of control. Twenty-five mem
bers of the football eleven were
given the coveted Insignia as follows:
Acosta, Aldrlch, Allen, Brnden, Cal
lahan, Campbell. Dickens, Gait, Gal
vin. Ham mill, Hubbard. Mempton,
I-aroche. Lay, Hunger, Neville, Rein
bardt. Robinson, Sidenberg, A oris.
Walters, Walker, Webb, Welles and
Zenner. Of this number. Allen.
Itradden, Campbell. Gait. Hubbard,
Laroche Neville, Robinson, vorjs,
Walters and Zenner will not return
to Yale next season. Laroche, Brad
en. Neville. Allen, Callahan and Gait,
alone of the twenty-five had won
their insignia formerly.
The appointment of Haule Troa
che. Jr., of Charleston, S. C., as presi
dent of the Yale Football Associa
tion for next year was announced,
hie succeeds Totten Heffelfinger of
St. Paul.
Resile Halcolm MeNaughton of
Fort Edward, N. Y., one of Yale's
war martyrs, was awarded the "Y"
for rowing on the crew that raced
the University of Pennsylvania, in
1917. With McNanghton's exception,
the members of the crew have been
able to return to Yale to win their
insignia in later competition.
Have Gordon Saunders of Ern
mettsbury. Towa. was appointed
manager of the hoclfey team.
The Hummelstown basketball
team has been organized for the
coming season. Manager Carl Eber
sole, 25 South Rosina street, Hum
melstown, is anxious to arrange with
teams whose players average 17 to
19 years of age. The team will be
composed of the following players:
Shope, Breckenridga, Grill, Eber
sole. Hood and Muldner.
"Notice, Old Timer
How, in spite of rising
costs, they've kept that
Million Dollar flavor in
Knull's Ambrosia
.Hut the time came to
either cut quality, which
meant the loss of that
llavor. or raise the price
( to Bc—2 for 15c.
Personally, I'd rather
pay tho extra cent to
keep that true smokc
llavor, wouldn't you?"
Chas. L. Boak
Maker of Knull's Ambrosia
Hooker 147 152 192 491
Critchley 115 132 121 368
Price 135 ... 102 237
Henderson ... 133 136 ... 269
Pennypacker . . 98 98
Flesh er, capt 107 141 248
Shlomberg 116 103 219
Totals 628 643 659 1930
Hoist 112 112 95 319
Yoffe 136 185 127 458
Preston 120 102 ... 222
Shields 96 116 98 310
Da vies 128 12$
Sehlichter 141 117 130 388
Totals 605 632 588 1825
J. Denl - 131 130 119 380
L. Sible 131 126 160 41 7
J. Miller 140 107 127 374
M. Shaner 120 129 125 374
J. Shaffer 96 122 110 328
Totals 618 614 641 1873
E. Bollinger .. 11l 134 123 368
J. Shaner .... 128 139 109 376
E. Bennett ... 151 119 111 381
J. Germer .... 141 122 105 368
J. Conrad 125 145 141 411
Totals 656 659 589 1904
The Crescentii .scored a 573 pin
margin victory over the Triangles in
a First Baptist Church League game
rolled on the Y. M. C. A. alleys last
night. The summary:
F. Raenchle .. 117 102 53 272
R. Shoemaker. 142 101 107 340
H. Winch ell .. 59 113 111 282
W. Nearley ... 88 105 118 311
F. Murry 108 120 104 332
Totals 514 541 488 1543
J. Pearson ... 130 151 172 453
R.-Haines 135 170 172 437
P. Arnold 124 105 95 324
M. Urich 126 136 142 404
A. Hocker ... 179 142 177 498
Totals 694 704 718 2116
H.Brenner ... 113 134 145 392
S. Lego 128 145 155 428
It. Cleland 150 179 134 463
E. Walts 174 111 86 371
N. Lego 140 106 ... 246
G. Lego ... 182 182
Totals 705 675 702 2082
G. Blessing ... 84 109 102 295
H. Keeny 118 109 129 356
Palmer 94 106 126 326
Morris 103 128 171 402
Allsow 37 92 119 248
Totals 432 544 647 1627
Shipley 120 110 165 — 395
Low 124 96 89— 309
Sible 117 74 87 — 278
Nunemaker 131 121 163 415
Burger .... 121 101 105— 327
Totals ... 613 502 609—1724
Page 106 109 105— 320
>ttull 104 80 159—• 343
Rowe 121 96 127 344
Coloviras .. 123 131 114— 368
Simmons ... 115 128 130— 373
Totals ... 569 544 635—1748
Burd 110 116 108— 824
Rice 133 117 125 — 375
Magaro 112 102 75 — 289
Andrews ... 139 143 134 416
Sol 122 103 133 358
Totals ... 606 581 575 —1762
Julius 112 149 116— 377
Shields 102 1 14 118— 334
Buela 9g 105 100— 300
Fager 11l 101 106— 318
Hinnenkamp 111 123 128— 362
Totals ... 531 592 568 —1.691
Ehling 104 105 108— 317
Banks 133 208 129 470
Frey 125 105 78— 308
Smith 105 91 133 332
Rogers .... 102 145 120— 367
Totals ... 569 657 568—1794
If. Martin .. 117 106 167 390
Keneker ... 100 122 111— 333
Kissinger .. 101 105 85 — 291
Warfel 98 112 146 — 356
Fox 123 154 148— 425
Totals ... 539 599 657—1795
Schedule for Wednesday, Decem
ber 10—Yankees vs. Pirates.
Montgomery 148 191 195—* 534
Senior 189 184 178— 551
Haas 167 166 167 500
Ford 143 156 153 452
Martin 156 168 156 480
Totals ... 803 865 849 —2517
Earley 219 162 181— 562
Bentz 162 164 146 472
Turner ..... 140 184 198— 522
Lightner .. 188 176 178— 542
Morrison ... 167 166 167 500
Totals ... 876 852 870—2598
Standing of the Teams
W. L. Pet
Majesties 19 5 .791
Jolly Five 14 7 .666
Orpheums 15 12 .555
Crescents 10 11 .476
Colonials 6 18 .250
Alphas 5 16 .238
Schedule for Thursday. December
11—Majesties vs. Jolly Five.
Dubendorf . 130 128 101— 359
Kurndema . 106 158 118— 382
Ileverltng .. 118 134 101 —352
Eshelman .. 189 150 109— 448
Wharton ... 134 114 156 404
Totals ... 677 684 585 —1946
Rarnes 'll7 ir.7 104— 378
O'Lcary 138 120 161— 419
Hargost 94 11 9 141— 354
Hinkle 17 89 1 14— 320
Bamford ... 156 186 143 — 485
Totnls ... 622 671 663—1956
These same teams will meet on
the Casino alley next week for their
second match for the championship
of the county.
All members of the West End Re
serve Club who are interested In
basketball are requested to meet at
the home of N. C. Roones, 2415 Reel
street, at 7 o'clock to-morrow night.
The following men are requested lo
bo present: Longenecker, Robins
kee. Hurling. Trotter. Kltzmtllor,
Kurle, Knrr. jflnlebuugh, Spotts,
Deanc, O. Bolton, Dill and Schlnd
SNOODLES Bu Hungerford
4 f VsiHpas ( H€Y~! \A uc \ 7 A/" we"\ /"PC stones A
-1 ( "Ttus i see ) IWWN/ IWE\ f ND )/is ) ( COM, J*' *, )
Before e\y/ \ 60TTA j WHAT smoke 2 / I CMAODS } PjPE *■ AN /
Season Will Open in Three
Weeks With the Strong
Alumni Team
Three weeks from to-night the
Tech basketball quintet will play its
Initial contest of the 1919-1920 cage
season with the alumni team as the
opponent. Because of the fast teams
that have been developed during the
past several years, there is an abund
ance of graduate players who will
give Tech the hardest run of the sea
son. Red Huston and Glenn Kil
linger, of the State College squad,
with Vic Bihl and Gil Ebner, of
Bucknell, will be a quartet of play
ers who will be home for the Christ
mas vacation. If they put on a uni
form they will give the Tech quintet
the hardest battle of the year. This
quartet, with another player, could
likely take the Maroon players into
Tech has not "as yet begun prac
tice. Games will be played at the
Chestnut Street auditorium with
dancing following each contest. Man
ager Edw&rd Craig has announced
three other dates. Tech will play
with Perkiomen Seminary at Penns
burg, February 6. The following
date they will travel to lzinsford.
This aggregation played Tech here
at the close of last season.
Letters Come Christmas
February 13 either Yonkers, N.
Y., High or Perkiomen Seminary will
be' the attraction at Chestnut Street
auditorium. The matter of a coach
for the team has not been settled as
>G The Tech High executive commit
tee held a meeting last evening to
settle a number of questions, but
not much was accomplished. The
matter of awarding "T's" and "T.
H. S.'s" was the important problem
before the committee, and this mat
ter has not been finally settled. Let
ters will be awarded at the Christ
mas entertainment. Gold footballs
will be granted to the varsity men,
while the Seniors will receive sweat
ers In addition.
Offers For Fight Are Many;
Prefer to Battle Here
IAIS Angeles. Cal., Dec. 10.— ''We
have had numerous offers of match
tes," said Jack Kearns, manager for
! Jack Denipsey, here to-day. 'I have
just received a cablegram from De
coin ,of Paris, asking for a fight
i there in the Pershing Stadium next
June or July.
"I haven't answered any of these
offers yet and probably will not be in
any hurry. We will want more
money for a fight abroad than we
would for one In this country and
I am waiting to see what the best
responsible offer here is before I
make any answers to foreign promot
ers-" ..
ICearns intimated that he and
Dempsey would me here perhaps
three The champion has
taken a house und opened a down
town business office.
Gettysburg's New Manager
Is Harrisburg Booster
Gettysburg. Dec. 10. William F.
Boath, of Harrisburg, has been elect
ed student football manager at Get
tysburg College for next season. It
will be the plan to secure games with
Johns Hopkins, Swarthmoce and Hav
erford, to supplant some of the small
er schools which have appeared on
the Gettysburg schedule in recent
years. Only one of this season's team
will be lost by graduation. This Is
Moyer, who ran the team throughout
the past season, with the exception
of the first and last games.
lit/ Associated Press
Now York, Dec. 10.—Robert Mc-
Lean, American ice skating cham
pion, has accepted the challenge of
Oscar Mathleson, of Norway, world s
champion, for a match race at Chris
tiania next February, McLean's
munuger announced here.
(At Progress)
Longenecker 34 159 139—• 432
H. Wix .... 156 196 1 45 497
Brinton .... 123 170 168— 461
Schmidt ... 126 156 135 417
R. Wix .... 143 157 149 451
Totals ... 684 838 736 —2258
R. Brinton . 152 162 149 463
Hoak 134 111 124 369
Saber 160 131 131— 422
Mummert .. 130 142 143 415
Knupp 140 116 89— 345
Totals ... 716 662 636—2014
Krai I 172 166 169 507
Wagner 131 148 179 458
Zelders 131 182 164 477
Springer ... 154 128 195 —- 477
I. Schrlner . 170 170 ... — 340
McFarland 157 157
Totals ... 758 794 864—2416
Lclsmnn ... 157 155 177 489
Ilrown 209 Ilu 178— 502
Kohler 150 193 128— 471
Hnrr 156 157 1 42 455
Hawley ..., 137 117 185— 439
Totals ... 809 737 810—2356
Signed papers for a 10-round fight
between Johnny GIU and Knock- Out
Brennen. of Buffalo: were received
Inst night. The battle is to take place
on New Year's Day. Where this im
portant fight will be staged is not
yet decided. Arrangements may be
made with the Motive Power Athletic
Association of the Pennsylvania Rail
road. This is the most important
ring announcement Harrisburg fans
have had for a long time.
That Brennen is after a battle for
the title has long been the talk of
the fistic world. The Buffnio fighter
has been delivering the goods and is
in line to meet the champion, but first
wants to get a chance at Gill. Both
fighters have agreed to make the
necessary weight for this battle. This
match was made by Joe'Barrett, who
has Johnny Gill under his care. It
came through his friendship with
Brcnnen's manager. Barrett has the
signed contracts and the battle is cer
Due to the expense attached to a
match of this kind a large hall Is
necessary. The Steelton promoter
says he will pull the fight oft either
here or in Steelton. There will
also have to be a slight increase In
the price of admission, but local fans
who are up to the minute on ring
information realize that if this battle
was pulled off In Philadelphia, it
There Is a Difference Now
in Goal From Touchdown
The Penn-Dartmouth. Pittsburgh-
W. and J., and Dartmouth-Brown
games, which were decided by goals
from touchdowns, has started anew
the discussion over the advisability
of abolishing the count altogether.
The goal from touchdown has taken
some hard knocks in its time.
In 1883 it ranked 4 points to 2 for
a touchdown, and 5 for a goal from
field. The following season the
touchdown moved up in value to 4
points, while the goal dropped to 2,
where it remained until 1897. when
the touchdown added a point and tho
goal lost one. In 1904 the value of a
goal from field was reduced from 5 to
4 points and in 1909 to 3 points. In
1912 the touchdown advanced to C
In the evolution of the gridiron
game the touchdown has moved up
from 2 to 6 points, while the goal has
dropped from 4 to 1 point, and the
field goal from 5 to 3. This shows
that, football, as its name implies
started out as a kicking game, and
the high values were placed on the
art of hoisting the oval with the foot.
Then came the predominance of rush
ing. which in turn seems to have
given way to the forward pass,
which smacks of basketball. The
skill of the foot bows to the prowess
of the hand.—William 11. Wright in
New York World.
Camp Hill Teams Will
Oppose Speedy Quintets
The Camp Hill High School varsity
five and girls' team will play tlieir
first joint bill of the schedule in the
gymnasium of the 'cross river school
building on Friday evening. Gettys
burg High School is scheduled to
meet the varsity five and the girls'
team of the Millersville Normal
School will oppose the feminine out
fit. Both games are expected to be
fast. The 'cross river teams have
been undergoing hard training for
the past month and bid fair to come
through the season with quite a few
victories. The girls' team is expected
to come through with a victory as the
team is working better this season
than last year when the outfit was
defeated but once.
Center College Lands Place
on Harvard Grid Schedule
Cnmbrlrigr, Mass.. Dec. 10.—The
football eleven of Center College, un
beaten during the last season, will
meet the Harvard University team
here for the Crimson's principal mid
season game on October 23, next year.
The announcement of this game was
followed to-day by the statement of
Harvard athletic authorities that a
proposal for a game with University
of Illinois had been dismissed. Illi
nois, it was said, requested that
Harvard go west in 1921 if Illinois
played here next year, and stipulated
that the games if played be regarded
as "practice" contests. Harvard re
plied that long trips in mid-term
could not be considered. Tt was felt
that a game between Harvard and
the team which won the conference
championship this year could not be
considered a "practice" one.
Harrisburg Tech on Saturday
afternoon cinched their claim to the
championship football title of the
country by decisively defeating the
heretofore undefeated high school
eleven from Portlund, Me. A local
critic in commenting on the game
said: "There was nothing to it but
Harrlsburg. Whenever ttiey got the
hall they just simply journeyed down
the Held un'.l! they scored a touch
es. Wll." Among the offo'a's was V.'
R. Okeson, secretary of the l<ehigh
Association and a member of the
Central Hoard, who umpired. >lr.
Okeson officiated in many of the most
important college games this season.
—By Fred Nonnetnoehe in the I'elli
lehem Globe.
lly Associated Press
Mcadvlllo, Pa., Dec. 10.—A regu
lar course for prospective football,
basketball and track couches will
be given at Allegheny College, ac
cording to announcement yesterday
by Professor C. F. Hammett, chief
athletic director. The theoretical
and practical sides of the three
sports will be given by Professor
Hnmmett. and certificates will be
awarded those who pass the exa: "fi
liations at the end of each year.
would mean even still higher rates
To Confer To-Uu)'
Manager Bill Hunk of the Motive
Power Athletic Association held a
conference at noon to-day, and took
the matter up with other officials. If
arrangements can be made to seat no
less than 900 people, it is said a bid
will lie made by the railroad organ
ization, providing suitable arrange
ment can be made with Manager Joe
The Steelton promoter said to-day
that he realized his club was too
smull to take care of u light of this
kind, but that he had the contract,
and if Harrisburg was unable to
stage the battle he would take it else
where. He would like to see the bat
tle take place in Harrisburg. and is
willing to make any conccston neces
sary. to show his appreciation for the
patronage given him by Harrisburg
fight fans.
He is anxious to find out how strong
his hoy Johnny Gill will be against a
real champion. If a suitable hall is
secured the necessary forfeit will bo
placed at once, as several Steelton
boosters have agreed to furnish the
necessary cash.
If Harrisburg gets this battle, it
means many cut of town visitors, as
there is unusual interest Just now as
to who is the best man to go up
against O'Dowd.
Annapolis, Md., Dec. 10. The
Naval Academy has decided to co
operate with the movement for In
tercollegiate boxing, and the author
ities have granted permission for the
scheduling of one tourney at Anna
polis this season.
The middies' opponent is expected
to be the University of Pennsylva
nia, with whom correspondence has
been opened.
The instructor at the academy is
"Spike" Webb, formerly instructor
of the Twenty-Ninth Division, A.
E. F.. and one of the directors of
interallied boxing matches in
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Decide to Return to the Old
Schedule; Elect New
New York, Dec. 10.— The annual
meeting of the board of directors of
the National League and the regular
meeting of the club owners took
place here to-day. President Heydler
said much urgent business still re
mained unfinished, and that the meet
ing might last through the greater
part of this week.
The new board of directors was
elected consisting of Mors. Stoneham,
New York: Grant. Boston: Dreyfus,
Pittsburgh and Veock, Chicago. It
was decided that in future two west
ern and two eastern clubs will he rep
resented on the board and that they
would alternate each succeeding year,
llnck to Old Schedule
The league recommended, subect to
American League approval, the re
turn to the 154-game schedule, with
Wednesday, April 14, as the opening
day. The period for spring training
was Increased from four weeks to six
but no change in the player limit or
of the trading season was adopted,
both being lengthily discussed.
Those present at the meeting
were G. W. Grant, Boston: William
Veock, Chicago; August Herrmann,
Cincinnati; W. Frledlander and Fran
cis X. McQuadc, New York; William
F. Baker. Philadelphia; Barney Drey
fuss, Pittsburgh, and Lon Hocker and
Branch Rickey, St. Louis.
The president reviewed the sea
son's achievements, mentioning,
among other things, the attendance
and final standing of the eight clubs.
The New York Club, of course, led in
attendance, and the other clubs rated
as follows: Cincinnati, Chicago,
Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia,
Braton and St. Louis. And even St.
Louis finished with a profit.
The president also recommended a
joint conference between the major
leagues and the estranged minor or
ganizations. in order to regulate the
commerce in players between majors
and minors.
DECEMBER 10, 1919.
Scholastic Basketball Holds
Attention; Girls Have
Fast Team
Three West Shore High schools are
represented by basketball teams this
season, the largest number in the his
tory of the West Shore. Camp Hill
High which has had several fast
loams in the field, both lioys and girls,
in recent years again is represented
with a lively outfit. The girl's team
of this school which established an
enviable record last year, Is again
going at a fast clip. The Enola and
West Falrview High teams although
composed of unpolished and inexperi
enced material will speedily develop
into winning aggregations. ,
The Camp Hill Tigh teams were or
ganized several years ago and al
though not making any new high rec
ords in the game, put- up stiff con
tests and the players were considered
of a high caliber due to the fact that
most of (he teams opposing the 'cross
river outfit were much faster and
composed of finished material.
Boys Team Strong
The boys' team lias been showing
| good team work in practices this
week and with a few hard contests
I which they have scheduled to play
the early part of the season, the
quintet should be working In good
shape and come through with quite
a few victories. That the girls' team
is going to have another record
breaker season, is manifested by the
speed whicli members show in the
workouts. Four members of last year's
outfit which lost but one game, are on
this year's five. A hard schedule is
before the girls, hut they expect to
come through with (lying colors.
Enola and Camp Hill are scheduled
to clash in a series of games and it
is altogether likely that West Fair
view will join in a series with the
other West Shore teams. A champion
ship series on the West Shore sport
enthuastics declare, would be very
Revival of Sport*
Talking of West Shoie basketball
teams takes graduates of 'cross river
schools bock seven years ago when
Lemoyne High was represented for
several years by fast teams. The Le
moyne organization made quite a rec
otd during several seasons hut for
the lack of adequate facilities were
forced to quit. Installation of a gym
nasium in the Camp Hill school
building was the first step toward the
encouragement of sports in the West
Shore districts. Should an addition be
made to the Lemoyne schools, It is
altogether likely sport facilities
would be made. The Camp Hill am
Knola schools are the only buildings
having gymnasiums at the present
Cornell Starts Cage Game
Tonight With Hobart Fiv<
j I Hint u, N. Y„ Dec. 10.—Cornell Wil
open the home basketball season to
j night when the Hobart College fivi
j will come here to test the team thai
| Coach Ortner has organized aftei
(six weeks of preliminary try-outs
| Basketball will be the first of the
I minor sports teams at Ithaca to go
; under way. The intercollegiatt
I league schedule for Cornell openi
i here oil December 19 with Princetoi
ins the opponent. The Ilobart gann
to-morrow will give the supporter!
lof the Cornell five a fairly good ilm
ion the prospects of the ithacaur. 11
I the more important match with the
| Tigers.
From a sound of 100 men Coaol
l Ortner has chosen a team that witl
j t lie exception of Captain Joajuii
IMollnet. '2l, at left forward, is made
1 up of men new to varsity basketball
'Cornell lost three of the live men whi
! made up, last year's Ave by gradua,
Ition, Stewart and Ortner. forwards
i and Kendall, a guard, leaving Molt
'net, who played center last year. an<
I Sidman, a guard, as a nucleus of the
I varsity team. As evidence of tin
i quality of the material this year it 1:
(worth noting that Sidman has not
i won a place on the varsity five.
Bp Associated rrcss
i Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 10.—Man]
I telegrams from Harvard graduate!
lon the Pacific ,coast protesting <
j against the cancellation of the Crim- J
' son football team's trip to Pasadena •
j < ,'al., for a game with a coast elever J
:on New Year's Day, were receivec ,
' by the Harvard Athletic Associatioi
j to-day. '
The faculty and the athletic com .
| niittee will discuss the matter at i '
' meeting to-morrow night.
lip Associated Press
j Johnstown, Dec. 10.—Steve T.alzo
Hazleton, after getting way to a
poor start against Jack Britton, wel
terweight champion, here last night
finished strong in the tenth round \
The champion was wary .refusing ti
open up, but held the miner in checl
with strong body punches. Althougl .
willing at all times, Hatzo was un
able to touch a vital spot. Thi ,
Hazleton lad took loads of punish
ment but finished on the aggressive '