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Mt. Vernon Plans For
Big Winter's Work
In session in rooms In Faokler's
Hall last evening. Mt. Vernon Coun
cil, No. 333. Order of Independent
Americans chose the following social
committee: Norman Munley. chair
man: O. M. Bowers, Perry Smith. Mi.
Kmrick and Arlington Walt. A press
committee, consisting of .Secretary R.
G, Humphries and A. G. Krout vi.is
also appointed. Arrangements for an
initiation on February 3 have been
made. O. M. Bowers is captain of
team No. 1. and W. O. Jones is to
lead No 3 with the council equally
divided between the two teams in a
drive for members.
The Firemen's I'nion. of Harris
burg. ai a meeting last evening, is
sued a report on the Pre in the Elite
Shoe Repairing Company. It South
Dewberry street, last week.
Here Is One Treatment That All Suf
ferers 1 an Itely I pon
If YOU want to drive catarrh and all
its disgusting symptoms front your
system in tic shortest possible "nt
go to your druggist and ask for a
lfvoniei outllt to-day.
Breathe tiie air of llyomei and 1
i ritl \ ; of catarrh anil nroni*
head colds P gives such quick relief
that all who use It for the flrst time
°"ilyontvi is a l< m pleasant antisep
tic which s hr.-ath.-J through the
mm.. and throat .1.-.-p into the head
and lungs; it so -tlies tlie 'ii
flamed membranes, reduce* swelling
and quickly h.als all inflammation.
Don't suffer another day With ca
tarrh: the disease is dangerous and
often ends in consumption, start the
11 \ omei treatimnt to-day. No stom
ach dosing, no .prays, or douch-s no
dangerous drugs or narcotics Abso
jutelv harmless Just breathe it -
thats all. At H. F. Kennedy and
leading druggists everywhere.
Ends indigestion
It relievos stomach misery, sour
stomach, belching and all stomach dis
ease or money back. I.nrge box of tab
lets CO cents. Druggists In all towns.
r \
United States Railroad
Director General of Railroad*
Cumberland Valley R. R.
For the purpose of saving coal,
effective Wednesday. December 1.
1919. and continuing until further
notice, parlor curs on all trains
will l-e discontinued und the fol
lowing trains will be annulled.
Train No. 5 leaving Harrisburg
at 11.59 A. M. for Hagerstown.
Train No. S arriving 2.35 P. M.
from Hagerstown.
Consult Ticket Agents.
V ——— /
F. O. B.
" a Safe
One turn of the dial—your
car is safe—absolutely thief- j
proof. Leave it anywhere—
no one can make a getaway
with it.
CLICK, CLICK, the spe
cial combination is released—• 1
you alone can do it. Xo |
keys to lose, just a simple
combination which unlocks
the car in a jiffy.
Know that your property is
safe with an F. O. B. Lock. ;
Contentment of mind is alone i
worth the price.
A reduction in
theft insurance premiums
is authorized for cars
equipped with the F. O. B.
O. E. B. Malehorn
405 Swatara St.
Steelton, Pa.
It lias been a difficult matter
to supply
King Oscar Cigars
in quantities sufficient to meet
the ever increasing demands.
Sustained quality and increased
quantity insure your steady sup
ply at the old
Seven Cent Price
J. C. Herman & Co.
Harrishurg, Pa.
American Members Hidden
Farewell as Thev Start
From Paris
l*nrlM. Hot' 10 The chief nn-mh-is
of th* Alii' ru an I'nin 1 delegation left
I'hiN and ><> n their wav home to
day on th tirst state of their return )
joiirne.N to the I'nited States. Frank,
1.. ]'oik. I lent > White and th nernl
Tasker 11. I*l iss were lidden farewell
last night ut the station by Premier'
t'lemein-eaii. Marshal Fo h. Atnhassa
dor Walla.the Karl of Derby. the,
lapanese ambassador, the Mar.iuis uf
L'hamhrtin and others
Mr Polk was accompanied ly Mrs.
Polk and their two children to whom
M. 'letnenoeati presented flowers as
he said gondby. Marshal Foeh als
shook hands with them. The marshal
embraced (teneral Hllss just before
the train pulled out front the station.;
A large crowd of spectators was in;
tit.' station at the time of the depar
ture .f the Americans and a shout of j
"(jongr l.ive America.*' was given as;
the train departed.
Mission Superintendent
to Address Y. M. C. A.
- I
John G. Hallimoiid, superintendent,
o, the Bowery Mission, of New York
City, will speak at the.men's meeting!
in the Central Y. M. C. A. Second and 1
locust streets. Sunday afternoon at '
3.50 o'clock. The speaker has select
ed as the subject of his talk. "The
Salvaging of Humanity on the Bow- |
Two men representing: the Anteri- |
can Flyers Corporation, of Klntira. N. j
Y.. on an airplane trip to Florida. I
were lost on their Way and landed j
near Penbrook. They later were j
shown the wav to this city b> a local :
flyer and will stay here for favor
iblo weath. r.
His Piles
Now HH Years OKI. But Works At!
Trntle of Blacksmith anil Feels
Younger Slnee Piles j.
Are Gone.
The oldest active blacksmith in
Michigan is still pounding his an
vil in the town of Homer—thanks
to my internal method for treating ;
o- , Y
Mr. .larflb Lyon, Homer, Mich.
I wish that you could hear him
tell of his many experiences with
ointments, salves, dilators, etc.. be
fore he tried my method. Here is a
letter just received front him:
Mr. F.. n. Fas-, Marshall. Mich.
Dear Sir: I want you to know
what your treatment has done lor
me. 1 had suffered with piles for
many years and used suppositories
and all kinds of treatments, but
never got relief until i tried yours.
Am now completely cured. Although
1 am bS years old. and the oldest
active blacksmith in Micitigan, 1
feel years younger since the piles
hate left me. I will surely recom
mend it to all 1 know who suffer
this way. You can use my letter
any way you wish and I hope it will
lead others to try this wonderful
yours truly,
J. U I.YON*.
There are thousands of afflicted
people suffering with piles who have I
never yet tried the one sensible way
of treating them.
Don t be cut. Don't waste raonev
on foolish salves, ointments, dila
tors, etc., but send today for a Free
Trial of my internal method for the
healing of Piles.
No matter whether your case is of
long standing or recent development
whether it is occasional or perma
nent—you should send for this free
trial treatment.
N'o matter where you live—no mat
ter what your age or occupation—if
vott are troubled with piles, my
method will relieve you promptly.
This liberal offer of free treatment
i too important for you to neglect
a single day. Write now. Send no
money. Pimply mail the coupon—but
do this now —TODAY.
E. R- Page.
96:;-B Page Rldg , Marshall, Mich.
Please send free trial of your
Method to:
Exhibition tit Local Store
rooms Interesting ami
. Educational
An Interesting iiml educational
exhibition showing the various pro
cesses used in tiie making of "I*"
' tires is now being conducted by the
I'nited Tire and Kuhber Corpora
tion tit their newly-leased store
rooms at 33 1 North Second street.
This novel idea showing the motor
ists just what quality of materials
and the many proeosses through
which the tine passes before it is
placed <>u the rim was originated
by 11. 11. N'esbit, president of the
, corporation, who is a tire man of
long experience. He lias been eon
| nected with the tire industry in the
I capacity of executive oltieer for
many years and in taking the presi
j deney op this newlv-formcd com
pany brings to it a wealth of prac
tical knowledge,
j The headquarters and factory of
I the I'nited Tires and Kuhber Coni
j puny is located at Wilmington Del
! aware. It is their intention to lo
; cute branch offices and salesrooms
lin the larger cities of the East
I They make the I'nited "l"' tires and
i tiieir offices and salesrooms here are
i in the room now occupied by the
Williams Motor Company, local
j Ford distributors. The Williams
j Motor Company will move about
, April Ito their new building in
South Cameron street.
In the demonstration now being
j conducted, to which every niolor
, ist is invited, the entire tire is built
j from the fabric up. Bayer after
; layer of the finest Sea Island fabrics.
I frictioned with the best quality
' Para rubber is built up to which is
j added more layers of pure Para
| rubber. This is done on a mold, the
j exact size of the tire that is being
| Built. After these processes arc
i completed, the "V"' tread, which is
; standard on all sizes, is added and
i then the tire is sent to the factory
ito he vulcanized. The tire then
leaves the factory and conies back
j to the branch store here and is sold
j to the motorist on an S.OOo-ntile
I guarantee. This big demonstration
! is to continue to-day and to-mor
Nude Man Runs in
Streets Claiming He Is
"Ben Hassan the Devil"
Jersey City. N. J., Dec. 10 —Two
breathless policemen chasing a nude
man who shrieked "I am Ben Hassan
jilie devil." in the residential district
here yesterday, ended their pursuit
when a sheriff's clerk, a former
athlete, caught the fleeing man. The
j overcoat placed about hint by the
(clerk for protection from the cold and
(damp weather was the second he wore
that dav.
The first overcoat was put on the
i prisoner, who said he was Julian De
j iatowre. a photographer of Philadel
phia. when the police yvere about to
Itake him from the station to the cotin
: ty jail for an investigation into his
j sanity. He yyas found undraped and
the coat was hurriedly thrown over
i him before lie was placed in the police
! automobile, from which he later leap
led without the overcoat.
Delatowre was arrested Monday
after he had jumped from a car win
dow of a Pennsylvania railroad train.
Premier George to
Introduce New Irish
Bill Next Monday
Bp Associated Press
IJOIUIOII. Dec. 10.—Premier Lloyd
.George will introduce the new Jrish
j home rule bill in Parliament Mon
j day, according to the Daily Mail,
j The newspaper adds that the bill
j provides for two legislatures with
a co-ordinating Senate, but that the
powers to be allotted to the Senate
have not vet been defined. It says
the fate of the bill will deppnd on
the government's generosity in this
For the first time In history- there
is every prospect of the Irish ques
tion being settled satisfactorily, ac
cording to a statement made in a
speech last night by Walter Hume
| I.ong, First layrd of the Admiralty.
No Agreement With
Soviet Russia on
Prisoner Exchange
By Associated Press
l-uiitlon. Dec. 10.—No agreement
has been reached with Soviet Rus
sia on the exchange of prisoners
question, according to an announce
ment last night by Lord Stattmore.
The conditions proposed by Maxim
Litvinoff. the Bolshevik plenipoten
tiary. were too comprehensive to be
accepted by the British government.
| Lord Stanmore said.
Cost of Living Soars
to New High Level
1 ork. Dec. 10.—The cost of
living. based on 96 staple commod
ities, advanced 1.3 per cent, in No
vember. and now stands at 131 per
cent, above the prewar level, or the
highest ever known, according to
figures made public to-day by Brad
street's. Textiles, provisions and
groceries constitute the bulk of the
< omniodities.
The basis of the computation is the
total wholesale price of a pound of
each of the articles included. This
total was 120,176.56 on December 1,
which was eight-tenths of one per
cent, above the previous high level of
August 1 last.
It is an advance of 6.1 per cent,
over December 1. 1918, three weeks
after the armistice was signed: 14
per cent, over December 1, 1917, and
131 per cent, over August 1. 1914.
Dr. Howard always recommended
Bronchial Asthma
Taw of study and obisi e*in mitinl
Dim It wo.ld Mf.tr. quickly end auralr
atop a bad couch aud civ* inatant relief tu
Broaehial Asthma. Guaranteed harm I em.
Hera U absolute proof from user*.
Water bv r y.Ct.—Vo asthma thanks to Oxidase.
Salem. W. fa.—We find It all jou claim.
XeHdrick.Col.-Am well pleaaed with reealM.
Circlevilie.O.— More help thao from anythinc.
Somereet. Matt.— lt gives fall satisfaction.
Detroit. Mick.—lt has benefited me creatlj.
Worreeter. Mast.— la worth ttaoomnda to me.
Irene. AT. H.—l apeak In hirbest praise of it.
Aenton. Mick.—l got nearly instant relief.
Botctll. Mick.—T or asthma, best I've foond.
Cincinnati. O.— lt la a wonderful medicine.
Bmitke Sarin, M. T.— Delighted with Oxidaze.
Backdate.Maee.-Coagb gone .gained elf tit) he.
Signed letters on file. Order today.
Mousy hack If it falls. AH Diwdgleta.
G. A. tiorgag can supply you
Ilril Cross Plans to Supplo
iiiiMil ! lis Work This
The Hume Service Section of tlie
loeul Aiiii-riiati Itctl I'rusii has spon
sored ;tii activity which hue been
named the To) Mission. Tin purpose
of this pliin i : ihai families of tliis
city and neighboring towns who will
have little or no Christmas unless il
is provided for them, may be eared
for. The Toy Mission ..- essentially
for the purpose of gathi ring toys of
which children havu grown tin d. and
the re-distribution of tliem. Hut the
work will lit- of sueit magnitude as
to need the help and assistance of
the grown-ups, too
Just a few days ago Miss itinifliind,
the executive head of the llotne Ser
vice Section was called to a neigh
boring borough to see a family in
which there were four children. The
father had been killed several years
J ,e'o itt an accident, and since that
time the mother had supported the
family on her Income of a little over
tilt' a month.
How much of a Christmas this
mother is going to provide for her
family of children any one can easily
tisure. Such are the stories which
the Ked Cross can tell, and such are
the places where if the Red Cross
does not provide Christnius cheer
there will be but little.
-Vliss Hingold this morning told that
the lied Cross not only needed the
ioys for children, but there will be a
great need, too, for food articles and
Cot cash, so that whatever is lacking
may be provided for from the cash
fund. Clothing, coal, food and medi
cine will all play their respective
parts in the Christmas cheer. Checks
may be made payable to Miss Marga
ret Ringland. Home Service Section,
American Red Cross.
'SPORT me^news*
Harrisburg Academy Plans
Busy Basketball Season
Harrisburg Academy will have a
strong team for cage games this
season. Included among the candi
dates who answered the call yes
terday were:
Armstrong, Clement. Bacon, Mer
sereau, Milnor, Starkey, Smith, Eng
land, McKay and AVallerstein. Next
week a number of the football var
sity men will join the squad.
The cage season will officially
open in January and will be con
tinued until the latter part of
March. The schedule follows:
January 10—Schuylkill Seminary,
January 17—Keystone Normal,
January 24 F. and M. Academy,
January 30—York Collegiate In
stitute, away.
February 7—Millersburg Normal,
February 14—Gettysburg, Acad
emy, home.
February 21—York Collegiate In
stitute. home.
February 28 —Gettysburg Acad
emy, away.
March 6—Schuylkill Seminarv,
Mardh 13—Keystone Normal,
March 30— F. and M. Academy,
Looks Like Long Fight
in American League
New York, Dec. 10.—If the dove
of pence hovered over the annual
meeting of the American Baseball
league to-day it was obscured from
sight by the smoke screens thrown
out by the rival factions in the
t'p to the time of the arrival here
yesterday of President Ban Johnson
and his five "loyal" supporters,
hopes were entertained that the
split in the ranks would be healed.
Conferences between representa
tives of the two factions, however,
lasting well into the night, broke
up with the breach apparently as
wide as ever.
Charles Comiskey, of Chicago;
Jacob Ruppert and Colonel T. Is.
Huston, of New York, and Harry
Frazee, of Boston, who have been
opposing President Johnson, de
clared that the "professions of
peace" made by Johnson were "in
sincere." They also asserted that
the president and his followers in
tended to "railroad through" legis
lation favorable to their interests.
Good ring shows are promised by
the National Sporting Club. This is
a new organization, including Frank
Demma and several local business
men. The first show will in all
probability be held on New Year's
day. Irry Hansen is to be in the
Frank Armstrong, one of the sea
son's big football stars at the llar
risburg Academy. was yesterday
elected captain for next year. Pros
pects for a good team are bright.
Seven players will remain at the
Academy and the second-string
players include good material.
Harrisburg Independents will
meet a strong team Saturday night
when they line up against the Lo
cust Gap five. This is Jimmy
Doyle's aggregation and he will be
here with the team. The local five
will begin practice to-day and will
be out every afternoon up to and
including Saturday.
Expect Final Vote on
the Railroad Bill This
Week, Despite Attacks
Washington. Dec. 10.—Given a re
newed opportunity by restoration of
the measure to the committee of
the whole, Senate critics of the
Cummins Railroad bill yesterday
launched a new and heated attack
on various provisions of the legis
lation designed to meet conditions
incident to the forthcoming return
of the railroad properties. Leaders,
however, expressed the hope that
a final vote would be reached be
fore the end of the week.
Members of the Sixth Street
United Brethren Church have been
requested by officers of the Ladies'
Aid Society to assist in filling a
Christmas box to be sent to the
Quiney Orphans' Home. Members
of the committee taking up the
work are: Mrs. MeCurdy, Mrs. Bell,
Mrs. Stewart. Mrs. Smedley, Mrs.
1 Parthemore and Mrm. German.
Josephine Hall and Sidney Toler in "On the hiving, I go tn ili'i' theater uml j'nvj
II- • • ft . -i . _. , ">> pptt happily aiid lightly. When I
Wiring Line at the Orpheum Friday ""tnt!
[likely in make my character on thej
11 4 1 us*'* reveal his meaner side. I play
j tin pai l always Just us I feel like
j j playing it.
jj| ibbb^
The most brilliant cast of enme
uiatis that has been announced in
some seasons will appear, it is said,
at the Orpheum Theater this Friday
night in the new Harriett Ford- 1
Harvey O'Higgins offering. "On the I
Hiring nine." It is by a complication;
of bookings that this comedy inter- j
rupts its New York run for one week. ;
Being compelled to vacate the Cri
terion Theater in favor of laiurette j
Taylor, it leaves New York while '
waiting for another house.
This play is thoroughly domestic,
finding food for laughter in the sol
rows that afflict nearly every |
To-night only—Philadelphia Orches
tra concert under the auspices of
the Patriot and the Evening News.
Thursday, night only, December 11—
The Shuliert's present "Oh. What a
Girl." with the original cast.
Friday night onlv.December 12—"On;
the Hiring Eine." a happy farce of
household difficulties.
Saturday, matinee and evening—Den-
man Thompson presents "The Old i
High grade vaudeville- —Bissett and
Scott, eccentric dancers: Eelaya,
son of ex-president of Nicaiagua, I
in a pianologue; Oh! That Mel-1
ody." a musical syncopation that is;
sweeping the city: also "\\ ho s
Who in Harrisburg." the picture
showing 84 local business men. and
another episode of "The Fatal For
tune." with daring Helen Holmes. |
Coming last half of week—Resist*,
lire 98-pound girl that cant be'
To-dav —East showings of William,
Fariium. the highest salaried star
in America, in bis latest screen
contribution, "Wings of the Morn-i
Thursday. Friday and Saturday—
Anita Stewart in "Mind the Paint
Girl." her latest success.
All next week—Mary Pickford in
"Heart of the Hills."
To-dav —East showings of Constance
Talriiadge as "The Virtuous \ ainp.
Thursdav, Friday and Saturday—
Viola Papa in "Please Get Mar
ried " her best screen novelty,
adapted from the famous stage
success of the same name.
To-dav and To-morrow— Geraldine 1
Farrar with Eou Tellegen in
"Flame of the Desert."
Friday and Saturday—Double At
traction Shirley aMson in Ihe
Final Close-up." and Charlie 1 nap
lin in "Sunnyside."
How a pair of up-to-date lover*
overcome all sort* of obstacles .in- '
eluding a skinflint uncle who controls
all the money hags. is the tersest
statement possible of the theme of
the Messrs. Shubert's latest musical .
eoinedv. "Oh. What a Oirl." which
will have its first local presentation
at the Orpheum Theater to-morrow
night only. . , ~ , , ,
"Oh. What a Girl' is the work of
Rdgar Smith, who knows his Broad
way as well as any librettist of tne j
present time: and Jacques Presburg
and Charles Jules, two new corn-j
posers who captured New York at the
first hearing of their catchy score. .
The new piece is in two acts, the first 1
laid in New York, the second at ■
Cemetery Corners, n typical New
Jersey town which reflects, neverthe-j
less, a strong influence from the Big
0 i t. v*
lvdgar Smith has discovered snd
developed a farce motif that will |
prove both novel and highly divert-1
ing and the specialty and dance tea-I
Hires that have been added in the I
lavish manner of the Shuberts will I
go to make up an uncommon feast of'
the good things of the up-to-date j
sort in theatrical fare.
Otis Skinner, coming to the Or
pheum Theater for one performance (
onlr, next Monday evening, in "The
Rise of Peter Barban," objects
strenuously to the theory advanced
by some 'authorities on the theater 1
that, after a role has been satisfac
torily established and the actor has
played it according to the way it wai
starts with a Cold^kMP
Kill tha Cold. At tha
sneeze taka
Standard cold remedy for 20 years
—in tablet form—sate, sure, no
opiates—breaks up a cold in 24
hours—relieves crip it 3 days.
Money back if it fails. The
ur?\f\renuine box has a Red
f r 11 top with Mr. Hlll'a
At AllOrmw s<aree
American home all too frequently,
.when the servants walk nut and the
; husband has to pinchhit for the l'ui'- I
nace man while mother does the i
( cooking and everybod.vs nerves get j
|on edge. But the worst privations
I have their funny side, and these,
j playwrights have written one of the |
| wittiest of American comedies around I
Mr. Fessenden's attempt to solve the!
servant problem.
The sparkling cast includes I,aurai
Hope Crews, Cyril Scott, Minna!
Combel. Josephine Hall. Vivian
Tobin. Sidney Toler. liobert Hudson,
John Blair and Donald Galleher. |
written—obviously the way the |
author intended it should be played
—the actor then should not change I
his way of acting the part.
"I don't agree with that theory at
| all." says Mr. Skinner. "If an actor
nelieved that, no performance he
gave would differ in the slightest de
gree from any other performance he
gave in the same role. Every per
formance would be identically tho
same—just as the same motion pic
ture reel gives the same performance
e.very time it is .run. N'o. the actor
1 must feel. There is that indefinite
something which an audience gives;
Ito an actor that makes every per
formance different.
1 audiences are not the only:
,'hings that affect a performance.;
theaters themselves actually seem;
to shout back vile names at an actor!
tW to smile at him and welcome hint!
with open arms. There are some
I playhouses in this country that X e.l-'
ways look forward to; some I posi-t
tively hate to act in. ,Again, the I
actor's physical condition often is
responsible for the performance he
gives. When I sleep well'and wakel
Have You Seen
=IN —=
the picture showing 8I local
Harrlsburgcrs in familiar JHISCS
—sso in prizes to the people who
know the greatest uuniber of
4—Keith Acts —4
Everyone lieadliners
Including That Sensation
Coming last lialf week
tlie OK-|M>umi (101 l girl that you
can't lift. You are clegiblc to trv
To-day and To-morrow.
in tier greatest triumph
With Lou Tellegen
You only Imve two more days
in which to see this stupendous
photoplay. Come to-day!
Admission—lse and SOc
Double Attraction
and a return engagement of
in one of Ills best comedies
DECEMBER 10, 1919.
[MSW I'\ Mil \ll PH'TtRK
i Audience* at the Regent Theater
I have been loudly praising "Flame of
the Desert," the photoplay starring'
(•erttldino Earrar whleh will he
shown nt the loeal playhouse for the
! Inst times to-<lav and to-morrow. It
is rare in pieturesi'iueness. and the
i gorgeous beauty of many of its set
ting* is worthy of litis praise. The
! gigantic seal** on which this picture
! has been produced appeals !• others,
i It Is a magnificent spectacle re
• Ycalingr a great uprising in the Far
j Fast and a woman's courageous light
j for love and happiness. A superb
; suppon ing eust including lsu Telle
gen. Sidney Alnsworth. Cassen Fer
• gusen and Maee.v llarlatn presents
lite drama.
"THI-: lll.l) HOMICSTKAir
The seat sale for the Den man
i Thompson's "The Old IlmPHteaJ.''
I which Augustus Pitou. Imf. will
l bring t*i the Oi pheum Theater for a
(return engagement this Saturday,
j will open Thursday morning at 19
{o'clock. The play is presented under
the personal direction of Augustus
I Pitou with William Rawrence as
"Fncle Josh." his fifteenth year and
in typical "Homestead" east including
jail th<* special and original features,
|iho famous double quartet. the
Swan/ey Hand, Grace I'hurch y„
moonlight and thi* Salvation Army.
. As to the merit* of this play suf-
To-day last sliowiiics
star or hundreds of famous pic
tures in the greatest success of
tier brilliant career
A Heal l.aiiglt l east Supreme,
fan a vamp "vamp" anil yet be
virtuous? she says ami thinks so
and so will you after you have
seen her.
will entrance you with her
vivacious manner in that cele
brated play—
adapted from the famous stage
version which swept the country
for several years.
" ,U 11 * DECEMBER 13
Matinee and Night
With William Lawrence as Uncle Josh.
Prices: Matinee, 25c to 75c; Nights, 25c to SI.OO
All the world loves a lover, but more people love
as tlie staunch, robust swain in his latest pieture
Idly I"pjohn was lonely and needed money so she joined the
Chorus of a slum troupe. I.lttle <li<l she think that before Ions:
she would 1m- wearing good clothes and that two men of noble
character would battle for her love. Yet this occurred and all
tlironsrh the spilling of a bucket or paint—its only one of the
delightful bits in
latest contribution to the silver screen, entitled
H ere—Th u rstlay—Friday—a nd—Saturday—only.
the cleverest comedy of the season,
crowded out of the Criterion Theater,
N. Y. C., last week, will go back to
Broadway next week. For Friday only
it's here at the OKPIIEUM. Buy your seats
early. It's a comedy about servants uud wives and
prices of and other disturbing things. Written
by Harvey O'lliSglns and Harriet Ford. Produced
by tieorge C. Tyler with this 20-karat comedy rnst:
Laura Hope Crews Cyril Scott
Minna Gombel John Blair
Josephine Hall Sidney Toler
Vivian Tobin Robert Hudson
Donald Gallaher.
fleo it to May that this is the thirty
hiri annual tour of the. grandest of
ill "The Old Homestead."
Tlll'ltsDAV NKiHT, DEC. 11
Messrs. Shubert's
I.a test. Greatest Musical l.augh
Willi original cast direct from
Sliubert Theater. N. Y.
I'riees rOe to 52.00
"Cowards! I dare you to come
and lijilit**
Heart 0* the Hills
Adapted from the famous
novel by John Fox, Jr.
Tlie girls upset Mary's lunch
basket and made i'mt of her
elothes, when she lirst went hi
school, hut they would not stand
up to light with the hot-temperml
feudist girl of the mountains, who
was loyal to friends but a terror
to enemies.