Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, December 05, 1919, Page 15, Image 15

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    Boy Scout News
9 Scouts Have Good Opportun
ity to Study Nature and
Small Game
A troop of Boy Scouts come hik
ing along the road above Marysville,
the air is cold and raw and they
a.re moving rather fast to, keep
When they get above Marysville
a short distance they leave the road
and strtke in toward the mountain
♦ ■ and cross over into the valley and
after a short hike along the moun
tain they come to a large, snug,
roomy cabin; there is a mad scram
„ ble to be the first one in and before
long there is a fire roaring merrilj
and "chow" is cooking, then eats.
After everything is cleaned up
and put away they all get around
the fire and Sparrow tells the tales
of the Indians that used to roam
these mountains, and then, aft f r
an hour of story-telling they begin
dropping off to the bunks" and by
the time the bugler blows taps the
bunch is sleeping merrily.
This is Red Cloud s Lodge, the
overnight hike headquarters of
Troop 26, of Stevens Memorial Meth
odist Church, located in the valley
between the two mountains above
_ Marysville. It is a large,
* two-story building, equipped with
bunks, and is an ideal spot for an
overnight hike. The spot is sur
rounded by large hemlock trees and
has a spring of clear, cold water
close by. , ~ .
This is an excellent location for
the study and practice of w °o"-
craft, for one comes in contact wil b
all varieties of trees and flowers and
nearly all species of small game
roam the mountains.
The lodge has been named in
honor of our very good friend. Red
Cloud, and will only require a visit
from him to make it a success.
Troop 13
Our inspection last week was a
f success with the exception of uni
forms. The majority of the fellows
were n in uniform, and of course
we f jn on that point. Troop
13 had some good games this week.
On Wednesday they played Troop 2,
and on Thursday evening they play
ed Troop 18 and the Middletown
Triangle Club. If it rains the over
night hike to Lamb's Gap will not
be taken, and a meeting will be held
in Boyd Memorial instead.
Scoutmaster John German. Ben
Witmer, an honorary member of the
troop and several officers of the pa-
I trols took an overnight hike to the
' McCormick Lodge at Gap
last Friday, returning home Satur
day. On account of this hike no
scout meeting was held on Friday
night. The boys who took the trip
were Patrol Leader Charles Alexan
der, Assistant Patrol Leader Bill
German, Assistant Patrol leader
John Thompson, Color Bearer
Thomas Webster.
We left town at 1 o'clock and
took the Enola car, getting off at
Enola where the road leads out to
lamb's Gap. The crowd was well
equipped with blankets and provi
sions for two meals. Bill German
r was the only one who did not have
eat 3 for two meals, but he had eats
for five meals and he ate all he had
and then some. We walked along
the road and some to a place where
some people were butchering. They
must have imagined we were the
first division marching by, for they
surely did look us over. After go
ing about three miles we came to a
little country store, where we stop
ped to get a rest and something to
eat. We then continued and in a
short time came to Mr. Miller's
place. Mr. Miller is the caretaker of
the lodge. We then took up the
L hardest part of our trip which was
the hike up the mountain. After
arriving at the lodge we unloaded
our packs and searched around for
wood with which to make a fire.
Then we went down to the other
house to bring up our cots and some
extra blankets which we found. In
a short time supper was prepared
and we were all very hungry. Alex
ander volunteered to stay up and
watch the fire, but about the mid
dle of the night lie crawled into bed
with Webster and the tire died down.
However, Charles got up bright and
early next morning and started to
chop wood for the fire. It was
mighty cold and he shivered and
shook, much to our delight. He said
he was doing the "chimney dance."
About 7 o'clock we all crawled out
| and had breakfast after which we
cleaned up the place and were soon
ready to leave.
We will soon have another of
these overnight hikes, so be pre
pared for a good time. They are the
real thing.
Troop 4
Troop 4 met Monday evening at
7 o'clock. We had with us Scout
Executive Virgin. Mr. Virgin told
y the troop to be sure to attend the
Scout rally at Zion Lutheran Church
to-night. You fellows that were ab
sent on Monday should be at Troop
4's headquarters at 6.50 p. m., sharp.
Troop 4 has a very interesting part
at-the rally that will appeal to all
mirror reflect 9
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Friday evening, eabrisburg telegraph December 4,1919.
Big Scout Rally
at Zion Lutheran
By far the largest and most
elaborate rally yet given in Har
risburg will be held to-night at
Zion Lutheran Church at 8
o'clock. Under the direction of
John F. O'Neill, deputy commis
sioner, Troop 1, Reformed Salem,
and Troop 14, Zion Lutheran, will
act as hosts of the evening.
There will be addresses by Br.
John Fager, deputy commission
er, and fiiend of all boys; and by
Scout Commissioner W. H. Ger
man. A complete program from
reveille to taps around a camp
fire will be put on, which will in
clude signalling, first aid, knot
tying, use of compass, fire mak
ing, and every other department
of scoutcraft. Troops participat
ing will be: Troop 17, Penbrook;
Troop 2, Chtsuk Emuna; Troop
11, Market Square Presbyterian;
Troop 14, Zion Lutheran; Troop
13, Pine Street Presbyterian;
Troop 8, Christ Lutheran; Troop
9, Capital Street Presbyterian:
Troop 15, Sixth Street Uiyted
Brethren; Troop 26, St /ens
Memorial; Troop 16. Bethlehem
Lutheran; Troop 4, Immanuel
A number of guests have been
invited, and a cordial Invitation
is extended to all those who aro
interested in boys and boys' work,
to be present.
Scouts, so be sure to be on time
and you won't regret it
We had a hike on Friday, but due
to a very important engineering feat
in the vicinity of Shrcinertown sev
eral fellows failed to participate.
Several new clauses have been
added to the revised constitution.
The treasurer collected dues for De-|
cember at the last meeting, and the
"poor box" was opened and the
money counted. This money goes
to buy articles for the poor of the
city, and this has been a custom of
Troop 4 for a number of years.
Troop 22
Once more Troop 22 at Shiloh Lu
theran Church, Riverside, is decided
ly on the map. It all came about
because of the kindness and brother
ly feeling that all good scouts show,
on the part of Scoutmaster Roy J.
Shenk, of Troop 15 in releasing one
of his assistants, Lawrence Miller,
for the position of Scoutmaster of
Troop 22.
Three meetings have been held
since the reorganization and every
time a larger number of scouts have
returned to renew their allegiance
to the troop. Last Tuesday night
twenty-three scouts turned up, and
the meeting was a hummer. This
meeting was held in the old lire
company's headquarters which has
been donated to the scouts for their
exclusive use. The place was clean
ed, attractive posters put on the
walls, and is now furnished and one
of the most attractive scout head
quarters in the city.
A number of tenderfoot scouts are
preparing for second class examina
tion, and the second class scouts are
pledging themselves to reach first
class rank early in January.
Troop 8
Last Monday evening Boy Scout
Commissioner German inspected
Troop 8. It was an inspection of
both the rooms and the troop.
Every one in Troop 8 is prepar
ing for the big time to be held on
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graduates of war service abroad.
Monday* December 15 Troop 8
wil hcid their fourth Interpatrol
meet on that evening. It will be
like the previous meets, except that
there will be no first aid stunts
pulled off.
Troop B's orchestra has been
practicing for the rally at Zion Lu
! tlieran Church, as they are expected
r to play while the Scoutb march into
, the room.
! To make flaky
• biscuits, delicious
- muffins and will*1*1111!*
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fine texture —
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With the assistance of Instructors,'
the Misses Frar."Ces Hamilton and
Marie Finton, domestic science stu
dents, filled a bag with salted pea
nuts to be sold between Hie acts of
the fairy operetta, "Cinderella."
Messrs. Harlaclier, chairman, and
Weinsartner and Peiffer met the
members of the lunch hour commit-
I tee Wednesday during the home
I room activities period to discuss
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plans for complete organization. |
Prof. Brehm has praised the work
of these faithful students, appointed
to keep the lunchrooms tidy and to
control the behavior of the students
in the auditorium preceding th 3 aft
ernoon session.
The students forming the commit
tee are: Elsie Lownsby, Mildred
Wickershnm, Edna Ebert, Mary La
man, Ruth Lisse, Margaret Kauff
man, Grace Stoncr, Gladys Fox,
Helen Constantino, Dorothy Kenne
dy, Doris Fair, Frances Blumenstein,
Mildred McCurdy, Bertha Freedman,
Evelyn Arthur, Florence Brunei-,
Ruth Seltz, Edith Katz, Marie Ker-:
son, Paul Yaverbaum, Paul Swab,
William Tyson, Edward Polder, Eli- !
hu Wicstling, Austin Brunner, Rich
ard Johnson, Frederick Morgenthal
er, Oliver Eveier, Carl Schultz,
George Armstrong, Stuart Osmarp,
Fred Stroh, Norman Ergle, Ray
mond Balsbnugh, William Hogen
togler, Charles Richwine, Edwin \
Kautz, William Martin, John Diffen
derfer, Ralph Yontz and James:
Students of Miss Mildred Conkllng
are expressing appreciation for her
talks to them concerning her rece.nt j
trip to Scranton for the purpose of
hearing the Vatican choir, which, ae- '
cording to James Mevln, director is
"a choir of notable singers from the
world-famous Sistine Chapel, St.
Peter's Basilica, St. John Lateran
and the Pontifical School of Higher
Sacred Music, under the direction of
the Itt. Ucv. Monsignor Maestro Doit
ltaffaele Casimire."
Through a suggestion of Rebecca
Pelen, Section !)157, Miss Katherine
Aumiller, instructor, each home
room section will select a motto to
live up to.
The executive committee of 987
selected Samuel Yoffe, who, with
the consent of the principal, visited
all the home rooms yesterday and
' presented the idea, making an effec
tive, patriotic appeal to the students
The students of ea/ch home room,
! according to the plan suggested bj
Yoffe, will harnl mottoes to their re
i spective home room executive com
, | mittees. These groups will select
i the best mottoes suggested and pre
! sent them to their own sections foi
! one final selection. The students are
j earnestly interested in making th
1 j best selections possible.
The Camp Curtin Athletic Asso
i elation met Wednesday at 3.30 and
elected the following officers: Rob
i ert Grecnawalt, manager; Russell
! Asper, assistant, manager of th
. boys' basketball team.