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Committee Decides Not to
Hold Celebration; Memor
ial Suggested Instead
With the decision of a committte
of the Municipal League, appointed
to determine the feasibility of hold
ing a welcome home celebration for
the borough's service men, unfa
vorable to a demonstration, it is al
together likely the league will in
augurate a move to erect a building
to be used by the community, as a
memorial to the service men.
The committee in session in the
steel plant office building last night
heard reports from individuals that
the service men do not care for a
celebration and felt a community
building erected in their honor would
not only be a fitting token of the
town's appreciation, but would sup
ply the borough with a building that
it has needed for a long time.
When the committee reports to
league members in monthly session
on Monday that a celebration is not
favored it is altogether likely a rec
ommendation will be made to be
gin a move to erect a community
building. Businessmen have been
advocating a move of this kind for
a long time and during the past
year several moves have been made
to encourage the reorganization of a
Y. M. C. A.
The mov ® to erect a community
building has been encouraged by the
J-'*' 6 Club when several months ago
this organization recommended that
the Y. M. C. A., or a similar center
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be established as a memorial to the
town's fighting men.
Members of the league committee
which met last night are: Frank A.
Robbins, Jr., chairman; E. F. Ent
wisle, the Rev. J. C. Thompson, Wal
ter L. Guyer and Professor C. S.
Troop of Girl Scouts
Organized in Highspire
Mrs. Helen Mehler, director of
instruction of the borough Red Cross
Chapter, announced this morning
the organization of a troop of Girl
Scouts in Highspire. The troop will
be known as Troop 1 and will be
composed of four patrols. "Jack in
the Pulpit" was selected as the troop
emblem. Officers elected are: Mrsf
Megary, captain; Mrs. Walter Sides,
scout lieutenant; Miss Mary Gal
lagher, secretary; Mrs. Sarah Parth
emore, treasurer; Miss Helen Work
man, corresponding reporter.
When a slag pile at the Steelton
plant of the Bethlehem Steel Com
pany blew up yesterday afternoon
after a quantity of water had been
placed in it, William Tipsey, 668
South Third street, was severely in
jured. He was taken to the Harris
burg Hospital at once. In addition
to severe burns of the face, neck,
hands and back, Tipsey has a lacer
ated scalp and contusions of the
righ eye. His condition is reported
to be fairly good.
Some few Christmas parcels for
provinces in Austria-Hungary are
being sent through the local post
office, Postmaster Cusack said today.
Local postal authorities do not ex
pect a heavy foreign Christmas mall
this year on account of so many
foreigners going back to Europe in
the last six months.
Plan to Close Scout
Drive in Two Weeks
The Executive Council of the Boy
Scouts of the borough In monthly
session In the steel plant offices last
night decided to close the SSOO fund
drive in two weeks. Reports from
the various committees indicate that
some more subscriptions will be
needed to bring the total amount up
to the goal. Scoutmaster Charles W.
McCoy reported that five troops have
been organized; two ready for or
ganization and two or three pros
pective outfits for organization. The
Council decided to hold meetings and
demonstrations during the month of
February in compliance with a letter
from the national organization sug
gesting a campaign to promote Scout
welfare in the various districts.
Clancy-Lavin Wedding
Thanksgiving Morning
The wedding of Mife Nora Clancy,
436 North Third street, widely
known school teacher and Bernard
Ravin of Washington, D. C., will
take place in St. James' Catholic
j Church, Thanksgiving morning at 7
[ o'clock. The Rev. J. C. Thompson
| will perform the ceremony. The
bride will wear a brown coat suit
with hat to match. Other arrange
ments for the wedding, which will be
one of the largest of theseason, have
not been announced.
' Announcement was made to-day
| by Mrs. Helen Mehler, director ot
instruction of the borough Red Cross
t Chapter, that a meeting will be held
this evening for the purpose of or
i ganizing colored classes in Red Cross
home hygiene and care of sick. The
meeting will be held at 7.30 o'clock
i in the Red Cross Teacher center.
Infantry Company Will
Represent Boroughs
The Infantry company that will rep
resent Middletown and Highaplre in
the Eighth Regiment National Guard,
ia rapidly assuming shape. Forty
members out of a minimum strength
of 100 have already indicated their
intention of enlisting in the company,
and many more are expected to enroll
in the near future.
| A booster meeting was leld in
I Highspire last evening in the interest
Jor the company, ana a number of
stirring addresses were mude. Cap
-1 tains H. M. Stlne and John T. Bretz,
jof Harrisburg, former members of
tlit Twenty-eighth Division, spoke on
j behalf of the company, and Lieuten
! ant Wallace, and President King, of
j Middletown Car Company, also spoke,
telling of the opportunities that ae
. ciue to the Individual through mili
tary service, in a business and pro
, fessional way as well as in personal
| development.
j Captain Bretz dwelt at length on
i the attitude of some labor organiza-j
j tions toward the National Guard, and
' the mistakes that have been made by
I agitators in opposing the Guard. As
j a former secretary and treasurer of
I the local branch, Brotherhood of
i Trainmen, and a National Guardsman
j for SO years, Captain Bretz said the
| only way for labor organizations to
prosper is to be for law and order.The
Captain said he stood firmly for the
rights of the Brotherhood, but insist
ed that they were compatible with
the activities of the National Guard.
Another meeting will be held this
evening in the Liberty Englnehouse,
Middletown, to further stimulate in
terest in the local company.
Steelton News Notes
Card Cnrty.—The benefit card
party held by the Ladierf Guild of
Trinity Episcopal Church in the
home of Mrs. C. A. Alden yesterday
afternoon was attended tc nearly
a hundred persons.
Training Class. —Training of Sun
day school teachers, suspended dur
: ing the war, has been resumed in
! Centenary United Brethren Church,
j A class In Its first meeting elected
the following officers: President,
Robert Miller; vice-president, John
Railing; secretary, Miss Catherine
Troup; assistant secretary, Miss Na
omi Kapp; treasurer, Miss Marie
EiSlit-lloiir Day—Employes of the
bridge and construction department
of the local steel plant decided in
favor of the eight-hour day when
the vote was taken in the depart
ment, The ballot was decisive
against lengthening the working
Sermon Series—The Rev. C. B.
Segelken, pastor of the First Pres
byterian Church, will preach a series
of sermons on "First Things." "The
First Man" will be the subject of
the first sermon on Sunday. Other
subjects and the dates follow: No- ;
vember 30, "The First Woman;" De
cember 7, "The First Sin," and De
cember 14, "The First Promise."
The choir will meet for rehearsal this
evening at 7.45. Work on the
Christmas cantata has been started
and a'full attendance is desired.
Candidates for the central gram
mar school basketball team will be
called out officially the early part
of next week It was announced to
day. A large number of the boys
have been practicing during the last
week but no call for candidates has
yet been made. High school candi
dates will be called out after
Thanksgiving. Felton Hall which
has been used by the teams for many
seasons has been remodeled anil
the old floor replaced with one of j
solid oak.
The wedding of Miss Gertrude ;
Leckner and James F. Leo was ]
solemnized with nuptial high mass !
in St. Ann's Catholic Church yes
terday morning by the Rev. B. Sama. !
A large number of friends were in |
attendance. Leo Is the son of Mr. '
and Mrs. Salvatore Leo, 349 South
Front street, and is employed in the
coke ovens office of the Bethlehem
steel plant. The newly-married
couple are, on a wedding trip and
upon their return will take up their !
residence at 249 South Front street. .
Highspire, Pa., Nov. 21. The i
first of a series of entertainments i
under the auspices of the local High !
school given on Wednesday evening '
was largely attended. The Maude !
Stevens Concert Company presented 1
the program. The next number of i
the Lyceum Course on December 6
will be given by the University Four, j
Membership Campaign
Closes With Banquet
To close® the membership contest |
being conducted by the Women's |
Bible Class No. 3 of Stevens Me- I
modal Methodist Church, of which I
John A. Affleck is the teacher, a |
banquet was given last night by the '
losing one.
Those present last night included;
The Rev. Dr. Clayton Albert Smuck
er, John A. Affleck, Mrs. R. O.
Stuckermath. Mrs. William Shope, !
Miss Mary E. Asper, Mrs. J. H. !
Steele, Mrs. C. 11. Beyer, Mrs. E. W.- i
Elliott, Mrs. L. S. Howard, Mrs. j
John Falconer, Miss Annie L. Pin- I
dnr. Miss Hannah Weiser, Mrs. I
Richard P. Shapter, Mrs. M. P j
Frederick, Mrs. C. A. Sheoslev. Miss !
Iva Sheesley, Mrs. P. E. McElhoes, j
Mrs. B. M. Earp, Mr.'*. George AT i
Wolfe, Mrs. Harry W. Rooser, Mrs. •
Emma Pottiger. Mrs. W. P. Keim, i
Miss Amaza S. Brubaker, Miss Mol- •
lie Perry. Mrs. W G. Arrmon. Mrs. !
William Sutton. Mrs. A. 0. Fiilw der. I
Mrs. F. P. Ray, Mrs. Lewis H.
Pmith. Mrs. William Bvrem. Mrs E i
C. Pmtth, Mrs. Smith Kuhn, Mrs. H. I
E. Gelger, Miss Esther M. Perrv. I
Mrs. B. Leib, Miss Sarah Sheesley. ,
Mrs. J. C. Swartz, Minnie Hoffman.
Mrs. H. O. Feirv. Mrs. Minn'e Col- i
haugh. Mrs. A. H. Craig. Mrs. Wil- ;
liam R. Hamilton, Miss Elizabeth
Etter. Mrs R. V. MncNe. Mrs. E. .T.
Hockenburv, Mrs. E. A. Lattinm.
Mrs. J. H. Re'l. Miss Elda Mae j
Asper. Mrs. F. M. Pnsm'nger. Miss
Para E. Houser. Camn Hill; Mrs T.
P. Carey. Mrs. T. AT. Eves. Airs. Cora. I
F. Fuller. Mrs. C. E. Chamherlin, !
Mrs Tra Newcomer, Mrs. H H. Bly
er, Mrs. T. AT. Slikes. Alias Carrie A. ]
Rae, C. W. Thompson.
This evening is the third and last j
session of the "country fair" whirh j
the Alen's League of St. Andrew's j
Episcopal Church is conducting.
Hundreds of people hnve already en- !
joyed the antics of the performing:
"rubes," and bought themselves the j
regular country food wHoh Is being ,
ret forth in such appetizing fashion. J
The league hones to close out every- i
thing this evening and promises spe- :
einl Inducements to those who come]
early to a vols rush.
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NOVEMBER 21, 1919