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Reconstruction and Reforma
tion Are Watchwords For
Church Campaign
One of the largest Lutheran ral
lies held in years In this city was
attended by 600 representatives
from churches of Harrisburg and
vicinity last evening In Chestnut
Street Auditorium.
The Rev. Dr. L. C. Manges, chair
man of the nation-wide campaign
* in the interests of which the rally
was held, presided and described In
detail the great work which the
Lutheran Church hoped to accom
plish through their great campuign.
which is similar to the New Era
movement of the Presbyterian
Church. Reformation and recon
struction are the watchwords of the
A. "W. Hartman directed the sing
ing at the meeting, when the large
congregation sang the "Battle Hymn
of the Reformation," Martin Luther s
"A Mighty Fortress Is Our God."
Among the speakers who pleaded
for support of the campaign were
the Rev. Dr. George Edward Reed,
former president of Dickinson Col
lege, and the Rev. Dr. I. Chantry
Hoffman, of Philadelphia. Both
speakers laid emphasis on the neces
sity for co-operation and real, hard
work. If the campaign is to meet
with the success which is so essen
tial. They declared that the time Is
ripe for a second spiritual reforma
tion. and that the Lutheran Church
must take a large part in that re
Penn State Downs Cornell
by Brilliant Play Saturday
Ithaca. N. Y„ Nov. 17.—A brilliant
forward pass attack was the chief
cause of Cornell's undoing by Penn
State Saturday by the score of 20 to
0 in the last home game of the sea
son. After the first period there
was no doubt as to which was the
better team. State's play was more
finished and more clever, her backs
were speedier and their plays were
better concealed and more skillfully
executed, while the forward line was
well nigh impregnable. Cornell mak
ing only occasional gains through it.
when Mayer and Sliuler broke
In the third period the Ithacans
opened up an aerial attack which
in two plays netted 40 yards and
which might had it been used earlier
and oftener proved an effective
weapon, but later when they tried to
repeat this maneuver the passes
were thrown away.
Two new members were added to
the roll at yesterday's meeting of
the Men's Organized Bible Class of
Zion Lutheran Church. Included i
among the visitors were G. W. Hal- j
bach, superintendent and H. L. {
Snyder, of St. John's Lutheran Sun- l
day School. Lancaster. Solos were :
sung by Mrs. \Y. E. Bachman and I
Airs. George Butterworth. W. E. j
Bretz accompanied both singers.
Mrs. P.obert Bagnell, president of ]
the Philadelphia Branch ot' the
Women's Foreign Mission Society,
will make a report this evening at ]
7.30 o'clock in Grace Methodist j
Church social hall, on the recent |
jubilee meeting held in Boston. j
Harrisburg brokers will attend the j
annual meeting of the Pennsylvania i
Industrial Licensed Lenders' Asso- j
ciation to be held in Philadelphia .
to-morrow at the Hotel Adelpliia. |
Election of officers will take place, j
Mrs. Robert Bagnell, president of I
the Philadelphia Branch of the Worn- 1
er.'s Foreign Missionary Society, will
give a report of the jubilee meeting;
recently held at Boston, this evening!
at S o'clock, in the social hall of Grac-e I
Method.st Episcopal Church. This |
riveting is open to everyone, both j
men and women having been invited.
Thousand® of mothers have found Mother
Gray 's Sweet Powier® an excellent remedy for
children complaining of headaches colds, fever- (
is lines?, stomach troubles and other irregulari
ties from whirh children suffer durimr thee '
days and excellent results are accomplished by j
its use. feed by vxothert for oicr 30 year*.
Sold by Droplets everywhere.
"At eighty I feel just as spry and !
active as I did 15 years ago," said j
Mrs. M. J. Wolff, 1200 W. Montgom-j
ery ave., Phila. "Until recently,
however, I was beginning to slow !
Up. due to nervous debility arxi a
run-down system. I lost my appe- '
t'te; food didn't taste right and I !
couldn't sleep peacefully. A neigh
bor urged me to try Tanlac. My ap
petite increased and my food digest
ed the way it should. Tanlac also
quieted my nerves." Tanlac is a
boon to the aged. Debility, which is j
so common umong old and young. '
wears the victim away u3 it gathers
force and nourishes itself upon your j
very life blood. Tanlac acts like
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Then Take
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Health, Strength and Weight.
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Augsburg Class Gives
Surprise to Old Member
Ladies' Bible class No. 17 of the
Augsburg Lutheran Church of which
■ Mrs. Herman K. Snyder was a mem
| ber twelve years ago. gave her a
I surprise party at Iter home, 1610
(Market street.
It was a happy reunion for the
members and the teacher, \V. L.
Gardner, who has had charge for
many years.
Social diversions and refreshments
were enjoyed by Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Gardner, Mrs. Grace King. Mrs. C.
E. King, Mrs. John Brice. Mrs. John
Wilt, Mrs. J. p. Fortenbaugh, Mrs.
David laindis. Mrs. Harry Manning,
Mrs. John Wertz, Mrs. J. J. Charles.
Mrs. Rose O'Hail, Mrs. Minnie Mes-
I sersmith, Mrs. R. R. Shapley, Mrs.
V. L. Brenneman, Mrs. S. M. Mit
chell, Mrs. Ira Wrigle. Mrs. Howard,
Mrs. William Utsh, Mrs. F. (A Nes
tor, Miss Eva Anguay, Miss Anna
Brenneman. Mrs. Snvder and Miss
I Ernestine Snyder.
Vive Voce Club to Bring
Noted Pianist to the City
At i!} e rp £ular monthly meeting of
the \ ive Voce Club held last week.
It was decided to bring Leopold God
owsky the world famous pianist, to
llarrisburg some time this season. No
dennite date has been set, but the
concert will probably take place some
time in February.
At the conclusion of the business
meeting the following program was
given: Club chorus, led by Mrs. Freoh
■ tch: "Attitude of Congress Toward
Peace League," Mrs. Maude Miller;
.thopin "Waltz. A flat." Miss Adeline
F.merick: "Chopin, the Boy," Claire
Van Dyke; "Chopin Maiden Wish,"
Miss Ruth Steinauer: "Chopin, Ber
ceuse." Miss Frances Sutton.
I Mrs. Samuel F. Dunkle, of Nine- ]
! leenth and Derry streets. Mrs. j
Charles A. Chambers, and small j
daughter. Isabel Chambers, of 1923 i
Bellevue Road and Mrs. J. C. Dodge. I
of Steelton, are home after an au
tomobile trip to Indiana and Pitts
burgh. Mrs. Dunkle was one of the,
delegates from Ilarrisburg Chapter!
D. A. R. to the State conference and I
one of the tellers at the State elec- j
tion on Thursday.
The local lodge of Klks has plan
ned a sfjies of weekly amusements
to be helo during the winter months,
the tirst event to be given this even
ing at S.SO o'clock, when the mem-1
hers and their guests will dance to •
the music of the Sourbeer-Meyers ten-.
piece orchestra. At the conclusion fi
the dance, a supper will be served in i
the Palm room.
George Bevier Schuyler, son of El- .
rner E. Schuyler, editor of the Ga- j
zette and Bulletin, Williamsport. and 1
a Bucktiell man. was in town Satur
day calling on old friends before the
big game. |
Mr. and Mrs. John E. I' ox and!
! family are occupying their town
I bouse at 223 North Front street af-
I ter summering at Foxlea along the
j Yellow Breeches.
Percival Warren went home to
' Brooklyn to-day after a week s visit
i with his relatives. Mr. and Mrs. An
son Gottschall of Green street.
Mr. and Mrs. 'Frank
j of the Donaldson, are spending the
i week in Philadelphia and New \ork.
Howard F. Andrews started for a
j western journey to-day. including
) stops in Chicago, St. Bonis and Mil
i waukee, Wisconsin.
! Miss Clarissa Walton, of Denver.
| Colo., is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ed-
I gar F. Nolan, of North Third street.
! for a month.
Miss Estelle Young, of WiHianis
| port, is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Sam
| uel F. Thompson, of North street, on
1 the way home after a trip to Wash
i ington and Richmond, Va.
! Miss Mary Kelker, of 15 South
Front street and her sister, Mrs.
| John Jordan Moffitt. went to Atlan
| tic City to spend a few days.
Horace Bodine and Miss Claire M.
• Bodine. of Jersey City, tire in town
j for a brief stay among relatives and
j old friends.
Deaths and Funerals
Mcchaiiioburg. Nov. IT. Miss
| Carrie Bell McCoy, 33 years old.
I died last evening at her home here.
I She was an active member of the
> Presbyterian Church and of the Pit
' t'.sburgh Y. M. C. A. Miss McCoy
j resided in Pittsburgh for the last
! three years. Several months ago
I Miss McCoy returned home because
!of ill health. She leaves a sister.
| Mrs. Jeinz, of Jersey City, and four
I brothers. Mert McCoy, Cleveland;
. Harry McCoy, Steelton: Raymond
| Mi Coy. Altoona and William McCoy,
i Pittsburgh. Funeral services will he
! held at the home of Arthur Zeigler
J and burial will be made in Mechan-
I icsburg cemetery.
IM cclianiesburg, l'a., Nov. 17.
After two weeks' illness of a stroke
of paralysis, Eli Spahr. died Sntur
| day morning at his home in South
I High street. He was 76 years old
I'and a member of the Citizens Fire
< 'ompa ny.
Mr. Spahr was born in Shepherds
town, and lived his entire life in
1 this vicinity. He was an employe
' of the J. K. Hinkel Manufacturing
' Company plant previous to his ad
vanced years and for seventeen years
was employed by the Burial Casket
Company, of Hurrisburg.
His wife, two sons and a daughter
survive, as follows: Michael Spahr.
I who is confined to bed at his home
! in West Simpson street, as the resu!'
of a fall from a scaffold about ter.
j days ago; John Spahr and Mrs.
: Catherine Bobb, both of Mechanics
-1 burg. Also one ]>rother, Henry K
| Spahr, of Mechnnicsburg and a sis
| ter, Mrs. George l,eas, of New Cum
; in-Hand. The funeral services will
; be held to-morrow afternoon at 2.:'< i
' o'clock at his lute home, with burial
in the Mechanicshurg cemetery.
I From the London Mail. |
Princess Charlotte of Meningcn.
dster of the ex-kaiser, who died re
cently, had been a sufferer for many
years and had undergone man.
• operations. She passed most of hei
time on the Riviera. Indeed. lh>
princess was a woman you couldr.'t
miss. She wore bobbed hair; when
no other woman had ever dreamed
a such a tiling, and talked democ
racy, ami smoked all the time The
x-kaiser was rather alarmed at hei
vagaries and preferred his other sis
or. Queen Sophie, of Greece, who
more his sort.
Fioni the Passing Show, London I
Merchant (interviewing applicant
or position of travelerr. — So you
-ally feel you could sell my goods','
Applicant Sure! Anything from
Rolls-Royce to a pea shooter. F.;:
■nance —that car of yours outside
Merchant Vim. yes?
Applicant---Well. I sold that to
ay who was passing!
Usu McNeil's Cold Tablets. Ad>
' Leave to Direct Social
Welfare Work at Cresson
Miss Kathleen Westbrook anil
Miss Susanne A. Westbrook, daugh
ters of Mr. and Mrs. Cherrtck West
brook, of this eily, left Saturday for
ICresson where they will direct the
social welfare work at the State
I Sanatorium. This work is part of
Ithat recently inaugurated by State
j Health Commissioner Martin who
| believes that it will mean much to
wards the improvement of the
I State's tubercular patients.
The Misses Westbrook. who were
; "Y" workers in France and Germany
; during the war, returned with the
First Division with which they were
1 attached, participating in the final
! review of that division in both New
I York and Washington. Prior to the
| war aijey were engaged in newspaper
; work in this city.
Miss Shatto's Guests
Take Strawride by Motor
Guests of Miss Ora Shatto on Fri
day evening took a strawride by au
i tcmobile truck to a farm near Cov
allen, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. John
Copp and family. Among the pleas
ures of the evening were contests and
dancing with refreshments.
In attendance were the Misses Al
ima Brunner, Hester Culp. Margaret
Chester. Dorothy Stoner. Ella Lopp,
Lillian Culp. Reba Handler, Ida Shatto
Ora Shatto, Verna Copp, and Margaret
Copp, Thomas Peifer, Chester Long.
Raymond Bennett Moriison Locho,
Stanley Kozsiki, Wilber Fleisher, Ed.
Wagner, Atench Copp. Oscar Miller,
John Copp. Walter Qonrad. The par-
I ty was chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs.
Victor Hassler, and Mr. and Mrs. J.
Russell Copp.
The Meade W. C. T. XT. will meet
at the home of Mrs. W. F. Elder,
101 Evergreen street, to-morrow eve
ning, at 7.30 o'clock. A musical pro
gram has been prepared and Mrs.
Walter Fishel, delegate from the
Meade I'nion to the convention at
'Easton, will make her report. Other
important business will be trans
Mrs. Henry Clay Reese, of Dayton,
Ohio, is the guest of her daughters,
Mrs. George P. Rubidge. 1712 State
street, and Mrs. Thomas I'. McCubbin.
2223 North Third street. Mrs. Besse
expects to join her husband later,
when they will leave for Long Beach.
Cal., to remain until spring.
Word was received late Saturday
night by Miss Mary Killottgh. of 205
Calder street, of the serious illness
of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Edward M.
Killough, of Bethlehem, Pa., a for
mer Harrisburger.
Other Social on PaSo fi
A Big Ready-to-Wear
Week at Kaufman's
Special Announcement
On Wednesday (next) We Place
On Sale Just
All taken from our regular stocks and sold regu
larly at $79.50, $69.50, $59.50, $55.00 and $49.50
Choice of the Lot At
Sale Sale
Starts j Starts
Wednesday (jtwfiX'i Wednesday
Morning ® Morning
at at
9 o'clock \ 9 o'clock
See Suits now on display in our windows.
None will be on sale until Wednesdav morning
at 9 o'clock.
See Full Descriptions and Full
Particulars In Tomorrow's Papers
Interesting Meeting
of Civic Club Today
Miss Martha Berry, of the Berry
Schools. Georgia, spoke this after
noon at the November meeting of
the Civic Club, also exhibiting a
number of articles made by the boys
and gills of the schools. Two other
interesting talks were given, one by
Postmaster Frank C. Sites on
! "Thrift." the other by Homer B.
Mr. Hulbert, who was the speaker
to-day at the Chamber of Commerce
meeting, was for many years special
j adviser to the Emperor of Korea,
who was forced to abdicate in 1917.
During the recerrt war he was en
gaged to talk to the American forces
in France, winning the reputation of
being one of the most interesting
and forceful speakers in the field.
Prior to the regular meeting et
3.30 o'cloek. there were meetings of
the municipal and educational de
Gives Birthday Party
For Little Miss Yost
Mrs. E. F. Heffon entertained on
Saturday evening at a birthday sur
pnise party for little Miss Lillian
Yost, of 1074 Cameron street. An
attractive decorative scheme of pink
and white was effectively carried
out. a tall vase of white chrysanthe
mums gracing the table. A la>-ge
birthday cake bore six tiny candles.
The guests were Edna Yost, Mil
dred Saul, Oda Saul. Bessie Hippen
steel. Dorothy Lippert. Mildred Dow
ney, I-illiam Downey, Frank Downey,
John Downey. Karl Saul, Richard
Yost, George Saul and Edward Saul.
Guests of Miss Stewart
Meet Brooklyn Visitors
Miss Hallie Stewart of North Third
street. entertained informally at
luncheon on Saturday in honor of the
Misses Sara and Bertha Leeds. of
Brooklyn, her house guests. The ap
pointments of pink and white were
enhanced by bowls of chrysanthe
mums at either end of the table with
a large crystal candelabra in the cen
Ten guests played cards and enjoy
ed music after the luncheon. This
evening, Mrs. Charles F. Baird of
State street will entertain at a small
dinner-dance for the Misses Leeds, at
her home.
A number of local people attended
the Yale-Princeton game at New Hav
en. Saturday, including Mr. and Mis.
Robert McCreath. Miss Susanna Flem
ing. Miss Almeda Herman. Miss Eliza
beth Ross. Miss Mary Oreighton. Mr.
and Mrs. John C. Herman. Richard
Robinson. A. IT. Sta< kpole. Ross A.
H'ckok. Hastings itickok. George AV.
Roily. Jr., George AV. Reily 3d. Don
aid McCormick, AA'alter Maguirc and
John Maguire.
I Middletown |
Football Player Falls
Dead in Restaurant
Bryan S. Groupe, aged 22 years,
died Saturday evening at 9.30 o'clock
in Stipe and Cain's newly operated
restaurant. He was sitting in a chair
and suddenly feli to the floor. Dr.
C. E. Bowers was sent for and be
fore he arrived young Groupe had
•lied,, never regaining consciousness.
The cause of death was due to heart
disease. He played football in the
afternoon at Enhaufc but did not
complain of any injuries. He was
well known in town and is survived
by his widowed mother. Mrs. Cath
erine Groupe with whom he resided
and the following brothers and sis
ters: Foster Groupe. of Adams
county: Mrs. D. E. Chronister, of
Harrisburg; Mrs. Roy Balnier. of
Ellzabethtown; Mrs. George Cain,
Jr., Mrs. Ed. Schaeffer and John
Groupe, of town, and Mabel Groupe
at home. Funeral services will be
held from the home of his mother
in South Catherine street on Wed
nesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. w|th
the Rev. James Cunningham officiat
ing. Burial in the Middletown Ceme
Riverside chapel Sunday school
celebrated Its twenty-ninth anniver
sary yesterday at 1.30 o'clock with
Dr. T. C. McCarrell making the prin
cipal address. A very interesting
program, was rendered.
Maynard to Try Nonstop
Flight Across Continent
By Associated Press.
New York. Nov. 17.—Lieutenant
R. W. Maynard, the "flying parson"
winner of the recent transconti
nental air race, within the next
eight days expects to try a one-stop
flight from coast to coast. lie hopes
to cover 1,500 miles or better in a
single hop with a remodeled De
Haviland plane which has been
named the Greyhound.
Russians Seek
Passports Home
By Associated Press.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 17.—Acting
under police permission, ninety
Russians met here and drafted a pe
tition to the United States Govern
ment asking that Russians in Amer
ica desirous of returning home be
granted passports. The meeting
place was a room raided by police
last week in a campaign against In
dustrial Workers of the World.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Houser re
turned yesterday from New York,
where they attended a meeting and
banquet of the Midwest Gulf Com
pany. held at the Commodore Hotel.
Mr. Houser is vice-president of this
successful company and much of its
stock is held in this city.
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Jersey Cranberry
Crop Going West
Brown's Mills, N. J., Nov. 17.
Central Jersey cranberry growers
are finding a ready outlet for their
crop this year, in the AA'estern mar
kets, where the abundance of beet
sugar has not affected the general
demand. With the aid of an adver
tising campaign centered in that sec
tion, the combined growers believe
the entire product, which it was
feared a few weeks ago might largely
rot for lack of sale, will be moved
before the first of December. I.ess
than one-fifth the usual quantities
of berries are being sold in the Phila
delphia. New York and other Eastern
markets, where sugar is hard to get
and there is a general rush to send
the fruit West.
Petrograd's Fall
Appears Imminent
Washington. Nov. 17.—Informa
tion in the hands of the Government
and of several of the foreign em
bassies here ts that Petrograd.
which repeatedly has been rumored
as captured by the anti-Bolshevik
armies, is now actually about to
Its capture is spoken of as inevi
table. the Reds who have held it
heretofore having been successful
only from the fact of the great
weakness of the attacking forces
whicli have been given little sup
port. Only a small Red Army is in
possession and it was seen that as
soon as an anti-Bolshevik army
any size and discipline was brought
before Petrograd the city's fall was
only a matter of a brief time.
"Down With America,"
Shouts Mob in Berlin
Berlin, Nov. 17. As an after
math to the meeting 1 arranged by
Mathias Erzberger, vice chancellor
and minister of finance. Kriday
Avoid Imitation* A Substitute.
NOVEMBER 17, 1919.
night, at which speeches favoring
the League of Nations were made
and which was broken up by hos
tile persons, the crowd marched to
the Wilhelm Platz and gathered in
front of the old American embassy. !
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Attention Smokers
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and "Down with America." WW*
raised by the people.
Afterward the mob proceeded to
Krzberger's office in Budapest street*
i where Erzberger was hooted.
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Salts and violent Pill*
"Cascarets" are a delightful laxa
tive-cathartic for grownups and
children. ,
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