Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, November 17, 1919, Page 13, Image 13

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    Lancaster Away Up in
Agriculture Again
Pennsylvania pushed into high
rank among the corn-raising states
and took first place as a producer
of buckwheat in 1919 and took out
a crop ,of more than 28,556,200
bushels in .spite of pests and adverse
weather and labor conditions. Fig
ures issued to-day by Secretary of
Agriculture Fred Rasmussen show
an unusually good yield of potatoes
and records in corn and buckwheat.
The value of the crops will run
higher in the millons '/ia*i ever
known before.
Lancaster county is the leader in
j|j Home Baking Robs |
You of Needed jj;
Recreation j;j
Jjl # Assuming that you can
■[! buy good bakers' bread, is
it the part of wisdom to toil J>[
■ g and fret over a hot oven
V doing your own baking? JJsJ
M Modern methods have been
J? gradually working the Jj
emancipation of woman |i
■I" from household drudgery. 2j
ROL3UM Bread is superior a||i
jljj to bread baked at home. J 2
Let HOLSUM help in your o
JsJ emancipation. # JiJ
V Better bread isn't M
S baked than
| HOhSUM a
Thanksgiving ffer
One Dessert
A Real-Fruit Dessert For Six People
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L —.......... ..........—... J
corn, as it was in the raising of
wheat. Of an estimated corn crop
of 72.369,480 bushels, it produced
5,312,916, with an average yield of
58 bushels to the acre. York county
was second with 4,885.371, Berks
third with 3.843,939; Bucks, 2,686,-
980, and Adams, 2.527,600. Berks has
the second best average yield aver
age. The total crop for the State
last year was 63,597,000 bushels.
Lehigh leads the potato counties
with 1.794,420 bushels and an aver
age yield of 135 bushels an acre,
which is also the average in Lu
zerne. Lancaster was second in pro
duction with 1,450,650 bushels,
Berks, 1,278,704; York. 1,267,800;
Schuylkill, 964,495; Bradford, 831,-
007; Bucks, 814,352; Erie, 814.320,
and Luzerne, 805,140.
Organization Being Rapidly
Worked Out by the State
Department of Health
Appointments of
\\\ yV// medical Inspection
vW\fc of schools and for
f the extension of
the work of drug
control have al-
QQQgK most been coin
; SMIRKLjttjBI. Edward Martin,
State Commis
sloner of Health,
and the inspection
activities of the State now reach
virtually every school district.
Fenton Hayes, of Williamsport,
has been appointed general Inspec
tor in the Bureau of Drug Control,
and David H. Buehler, Harrisburg,
formerly attached to the engineer
ing division, has been appointed a
narcotic Inspector.
Medical inspectors of schools
named include: Dr. L. R. Light,
Bethel township, Lebanon county;
Dr. S. P. Boyer, FinleyviUe and New
Eagle, county; Dr. \V.
L Henderson, Whi.taker and Ver
sailles boroughs and Versailles and
South Versailles townships. Allegheny
county; Dr. Charles K. Sahnor for
Haysville, Osborne, Sewlckley, Glen
field, Leetsdale and Emsworth bor
oughs and Findley, Moon, Leet, Se
wlckley and Sewickley Heights town
ships. Allegheny county; Dr. R. W.
Cotton for Crafton Thornburg and
Ingram boroughs and Crescent town
ship; Dr. C. B. Moore, Darlington
borough and township. Beaver
county; Dr. George Smith, Liberty
.ownship, Tioga county.
Registrars named include Dr. L.
H. Seaton for Chambersburg and
Guilford, Green, Letterkenny, Ham
ilton and St. Thomas townships.
Franklin county; Frederick Fryer
Throop for Throop borough. Lacka
wanna county; Abram Whlpcll for
Lewis, Gamble, McNett, Cascade,
Mclntyre and Jackson townships,
Lycoming county; John Reinher for
Tarentum, Allegheny county. Dr. E.
R. Beidleman has,been named as
sistant in the clinic at Bethlehem.
New anti toxin distribution sta
tions have been opened at Ramey,
Clearfield county, and Sleckville,
Westmoreland county.
Silas S. Riddle, recently appointed
chief of the State Bureau of Re
habilitation in the Department of
Labor and Industry, has arranged
for the start of the survey required
by the act establishing the bureau
and the reports of accidents filed
with the offices of the Workmen's
Compensation Bureau in this city
will be utilized. Special attention is
to be given at the start to the rail
road, steel, coal and other industries
where the largest percentage of ac
cidents occur and cases will be se
lected for trying out the scheme in
the new law. Mr. Riddle having
made a study of accidents and re
habilitation in this and other states
and in Canada, is familiar in a gen
erl way with the situation and not
much time will be lost in getting the
n -aau into operation. He will
-\e inquiries into the system
sburgh companies in car
ired men and at places in
t gions.
ii for State permits for
i -i of bridges which has
been such u feature of the work of I
the Pennsylvania Water Supply Com
mission the last nine months appears
to be over, as very few such papers
are being filed these days. The
Commission at its last meeting
authorized only one bridge. Permits
have been given for the construction
of walls and making of creek
changes for coal companies in sev
eral western counties and for the
Victory Park Commission of Lewis
town to build a retaining wail and
make fills in creating a park in mem
ory of overseas men.
In the next few months the State
Public Service Commission will hand
down decisions apportioning costs in
construction work that will elimi
nate a score of grade crossings and
involve many thousands of dollars.
Some of the projects alone involve
between $150,000 and $200,000 and
a few even more. These cases have
been argued and the only question is
apportioning costs and the time for
starting construction.
Inspection of units by Federal of
ficers for Incorporation into the new
Pennsylvania National Guard will be
started the latter part of this month,
according to present expectations at
the Capitol. In a number of com
munities companies have been
formed for presentation to the com
manding officers of regiments and
following appointment of field offi
cers, which is expected to follow
the visit of Major General W. G.
Price, the commanding general, here
this week more will be organized.
Divisional and brigade staffs will
I soon be formed. Many former serv
ice men are enrolling in the new
Tims far comparatively few hunt
ing accidents have been reported to
the State Game authorities consider
ing the large number of hunters in
the field. State Game protectors 1
have been instructed to investigate I
all serious accidents and to make I
reports. The small game season has |
entered upon its last fortnight, as
hunting of almost everything except j
deer, whose season opens December i
1; bear, rabbits and raccoons, will :
close on November 30.
Detailed reports on health eondi- :
tions in Pennsylvania during the ;
first half of November show 225 cases
of diphtheria, a marked decline:,
from the same period of October
There have been reported 94 cases
of scarlet fever, 6 4 cases of typhoid
fever, 178 of measles, 177 of chicken- j
pox and much whooping cough. The
latter three diseases have shown in
creases over the same period of Oc
tober. x I
The State Compensation Board
finished hearings in the anthracite
region Saturday.
"No act of the widow could
in any way prejudice the rights of
the children," rules the State
Compensation Board in Gass vs.
Aetna Chemical Co., a Pittsburgh
case. The widow of a deceased em
ploye married, but did not appear 1
to have reported the fact and re
ceived compensation for the death ,
of the first husband for several 1
months after her second marriage. '
The compensation was ordered
stopped in her case, but the second
I marriage could not change the status
of the children as claimants. The
board has ordered new hearings in
Marsh vs. Vinton Colliery Co., Vin
tondale; Rendt vs. Wheeler, Rey
noldsville; Runioid vs. GiUen, Phila
delphia. In Bodner vs. Berwind-
White Mining Co., Windber, the
board says that it has "no power to
graduate an award in proportion to
the loss of vision." The board dis
allowed the claim of Gandolfi vs. ;
Rosenthal, Pittsburgh, holding that .
the claimant was not an employe at !
the time of the accident, ana d s
missed the petition in Alvano vs. 1
American Car and Foundry Co.. Her- |
State healtli inspectors arc invest!- :
gating typhoid at Dover.
Big Erie Gas Case
to Be Determined
The Public Service Commission |
has fixed December 15 as the time |
for the argument in the complaints i
of the cities of Erie and Corry j
against the new rate schedule of the !
Pennsylvania Gas Company which ;
will bring nearer determination the j
big questions of natural gas supply |
in Northern Pennsylvania. The ef- I
fective date of the new rate schedule,
which would revolutionize things in I
that section of the State as far as .
rates are concerned, has been post- |
poned until January 20, and mean- |
while the Commission will digest the i
findings of its engineers and ac
countants and hear argument. The j
decision will have wide effect in the
natural gas regions.
Anotlier interesting matter sched-j
uled for December is the action in
stituted by the Commission against !
the Punxsutawney and Lindsay!
water companies which are charged '
with failing to provide the service I
ordered. This grows out of a re- j
fusal of the Commission to author- '
lze certain changes in water service j
for the Punxsutawney district and j
the companies may be compelled to i
do as directed in the way of substan
tial improvements.
Many Report For
Work at Cambria
Plant at Johnstown
Johnstown, Nov. 17.—A large ;
number of men reported to work j
this morning at the plant of the!
Cambria Steel Company, which sev- j
eral days ago announced it would ;
resume operations after being closed j
some weeks because of the steel I
strike. Several blast and Bessemer 1
furnaces were in operation yester- ;
day. Surplus labor will be tern- 1
porarily employed in repairs and I
other necessary work, it was de- \
clared. No reduction of wages for
any class of work is contemplated '
says a company statement.
Workman's "Luckstone"
Is a SIOO,OOO Ruby
Omaha, Neb., Nov. 17. A "luck
stone," carried by John Mibok, a
Russian laborer, for the last twenty
years, has turned out to be a pigeon
blood ruby, the largests of its kind
in the world, weighing twenty-four
carats and valued at more than
Some time ago a friend of Niholt
suggested that he show the stone to
a jeweler and find out if it was worth
anything because of its unusual col
oring. The jeweler, after examin
ing it, advised that it be sent to a
Chicago gem expert fOT inspection.
There its real value was discovered
at once.
Trolley Hits Auto;
Five Persons Hurt
By Associated Press.
Philadelphia, Nov. 17.—Five per
sons, two of them from Spring City ,
and three from Royersford, Pa.,
were injured when their automobile
was struck by a trolley car here last ;
night. Only one, Olive Kulp, of i
Spring City, was seriously hurt. The j
other members of the party were ;
Richard Kulp, Ulysses Gregory, j
Mary Gregory and Mrs. Margaret
Donodue. All were taken to a hos- I
aua_ j
I "The Reliable"
WHEN the demand is s=====a=a== ™ =^a!aß j|
greater than the supply jg
C= any kind of goods will ; =
m ■ ' had a market.
That's the condition in
the clothing world this
Fall. It is doubly im
portant to know the
clothes you buy and the
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Iheimer will not attempt
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crease its production.
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The House of Kuppenheimer
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NOVEMBER 17, 1919.