Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, November 12, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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661 Umbrellas TOYS XkgggßgautiM Rugs
on Sale at 20 % off Jre Now Rmdv U j" Great, y hn P r,m The
r 7 p • Appearance of Your Home
Regular rrices For Inspection and They will show it off as attractively as it is possible to show it off. They I
± will give the rooms they adorn a richness that the old rugs can't.
These are women's umbrellas that were bought in March and delayed TJ* . C 1 sjl s> s>4- * s\/fi The nian 7 y ears of service that is gotten out of them will more than
in delivery. If we could have gotten them sooner they would have been #y (Jfj / [/ y \sL {/(/vt'xJil' offset their small cost.
sold long ere this. But here they are, just in time for Christmas gifts at the sL Our assortments include sizes, colors and designs appropriate for din
rainy fall days. At that time wc naturally bought them for a great deal T and the j of a Merrv Christmas will be ing room, parlor, bedroom and den. Ever see any to equal them at these
less than we could buy them for todav, and the lot was secured at splendid n,;, „i \ . *.u figures?
, _ J . ... . ~, • r K more evident this year in almost every home than
concessmns then. Consequently .f bought at wholesale pnce of today we since (he |or war Practicall all the 7, ,
could not sell them at twenty per cent off. uncles and brothers and father arc home from Over- 1 apCStry hug*
They come in American taffetas, cotton glorias and fine silks. Plain and seas to help make Christmas a joyous one and every Seamless tapestry rugs in floral ' over an
contrasting color effects. The colors are plain black, navy, royal blue, green, little tot may look forward to the jolliest kind of a and all over, Oriental and Medallion | <c?4nn
red, maroon, purple, brown, gray and fancy plaids and stripes. All guaran- time. Santa will open his pack wide without any con- patterns in blue, brown, tan and ft $26 50
teed rainproof. servadon restrictions as far as the children are con- green; ' 8-3xlo-6 ft,' $32.50, $37.50.
The handles are plain mission with cord, the large various colored -r 1 t j t- , . . , ~ 6x9 ft $lOOO $l2 50 $lB 00
, . „ 1 _ , ~ ' . j 5 Toys are here in abundance. Taking into consid- ux* u., jpiv.w, ipixau, quo.uu. 11-3x12 ft., $45.00, $50.00, $67.50
lings and practically ever}' novelty handle that is made. They come in eration the scarcity of toys this vear Santa Claus has 7x9 ft., $22.50, $25.00. T inolft/ms
seven-rib paragon frames, and the famous ten-rib India wind-proof umbrel- certainly been good to Bowman"& Co. a ck-i?** <t?snn ~• , . . ,
las. Every desirable style, color and size, ranging in price from $2.95 to T +ti T q <-• f i mU F A "T ' c I "mo em in printed patterns;
m i "t + -p r 1 In the Toy Section of our basement will be found 8-3xlo-6 ft., $22.00, $24.00 and s3a ! two yards wide; 9ac sq. yd.
$-o.UU, less twenty J. er Cent. hundreds of toys that will make the hearts of the little 9x12 ft $27 50 $3O 00 $37 50 and i Two and one half yards wide;
Men's and children's umbrellas are in this lot. *°*- s a P a *; And when the grown-ups look at, <64-s*oo ' st F yd
the vast array of toys they will note that practically Inlaid linoleum ;■ two yards wide;-
(Give a Thought to Christmas.) all of them were made in America. A few from Japan. 11-3x12 ft., $35.00, $52.50. , $1.35, $1.65, $2.00 and S2.SO sq. yd.
BOWMAN'S —Main Floor. Come in and See them. BOWMAN'S- Fourth Floor.
—**—*— BOWMAN'S—Basement. L—————
Men's Cashmere Hose Specialized Shoes | Athena Union Suits | Wool BlanketS
Fine quality cashmere hose, black, oxford and Fqi* • "
natural gray." Not the heavy, coarse, bulky kind, —_ u Fine cotton ribbed garments, fleece lined—the Ax. (T* H HO
but the medium weight, soft and serviceable, 75c Mothers who appreciate the necessity of having real cold weather garment for those who do not l\ r VL J
and 85c pair. their children properly shod will be interested in our wear woo l - Made hi £ h neck < lon S sleeves, ankle i KJ
BOWMANS-Main Floor. specialized shoes. They are made of solid leather, length; Dutch neck, elbow sleeves, ankle ength
on Goodyear welts. There are many models, all and low neck > sleeveless, ankle length, leiicct rn/
. strongly made and good looking: fitting, well made garments, $2.00 and $2.50. y COfUpClfe FCLVOYCIbIV
Black Calfskin Black Kidskin bowman's Main Floor. £— JL
lift I lay Bttite-XS -m . ~ .. — With the Regular
w r s™. liy, 2. J —fiS Women's Silk Stockings
In Silts and Dress Goods Z BIE L X 1. 75 Pair mi Nao ?
Sizes 5 to 8 $3.00 Sizes %V 2 to 11 .... $5.25 We have just received another shipment of
I'or di ess, suit, s kiit oi waist. Sizes 8/2 to 11 .... $4.50 Sizes llj/2 to 2 .... $6.00 Women's full-fashioned pure thread silk wool blankets, in light gray with blue border
hollowing our initial announcement of color sizesllj2to2 ....$5.00 Sizes 2 to S .... $8.50 stockings with mercerized lisle tops and lisle feet. and navy blue with black border. The manu
populanty, as to ,- 1 'l^°^y S T wf Children that wear the narrow sizes will find Bow- Black, white, cordovan, navy and gray, $1.75 facturer continued to work up his surplus stock
toice —\\ e will call this bLLE DA 1, which we man s shoe department ready with the narrow sizes, nair , f( ,, .1 A • , . Pl ~ ,
will call second color, as black started the range as well as the wider ones. bowman's—Mam Floor. I attel tllc Armistice was signed. Ihese blankets
first. bowman's—Main Floor. ' 1 could not be manufactured today for what we
.. . # 7 are selling them at. Suitable for home, institu
-36-inch Copen, Belgium, Electric, Sapphire,
Specials For National Blouse Week t d coX We
$3 49 $4 49 $C 49 $949 or more. $7.98.
00 and $2 95 varcl 1 / ) S* I•I S } (UiT/j *\) /• 1/ . BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
""36-inch Satin' de Lux, all blues, $2.50 and r , T he fo ur are unusual blouse values especially grouped for National Blouse Week. Almost every 1
$3 00 yard desirable style and material may be found among these blouses, with all the numerous methods of trifnmings
40-inch Crepe dc Chine, all blues, $2.25 and t0 ch °° se from - An unexcelled a ssortme*t of blouses at prices ranging in price from $3.95 to $45.
$195 vard BOWMAN"S—Third Floor.
40-I nch Meteor, all blues, s3.9s^ya^^
27-inch Navy Velvetina Cord, $3.00 yard. v&J' ~ -'
Woolen Goods and beaded ox Finest I vpe Boudoir Caps
54-inch Navy Piquette, $7.50 yard. P
54-inch Navy Suede Velour Changeable, $7.50 .
vard T7~ • Among the numerous gift suggestions to be
' 54rinch Navy Chevrette, $7.50 yard. CCC V kSTiCCiaI Sit found inthisrvell-stockedstore is a splendid as
-54-inch Navv Tricotine, $5.50 to $6.50 yard. / fJIsV V -Z J. It I sortment of damty lingerie in the undermuslin
54-inch Navy Silvertone, $5.95 yard. department. A variety of charming boudoir
54-inch Navy Duvet de Laine $5.50 yard. It is an unusually fine assortment of beaded bags that are offered at this special price. And "spe- ™ a d sffk" Pi'nT
54-inch Navy Cheviot Serge, $3.9 a yard. cial" is indeed to be emphasized, as similar beaded bags in the best stores of the larger cities sell for half i j hvender maize and rose SOe to $5 50
Navy Preistley Fine Twill Serge, $3.85 again as much, and in some instances at double the price asked here. here in
' 42-inch Navy Premiere Crepe, all blues $2.50 a sam P le no two al ike. Some brilliant combinations of gleaming beads and others more a variety of patterns and materials. Crepe de
d " ' softly toned. Exquisite in design and workmanship and admired by all who see them. If you wish Chine, Belding Satin and Jap Silk, prettily trim
-38-inch Navy Wool Taffeta, $2.00 yard something that will always be admired for exceptional beauty wherever they are seen, one of these French med with lace and georgette. Bodice top or
40-inch Popfins and Bengalees, all blues, $2 50 beaded bags will surely be distinctive and highly appreciated as a gift by the fortunate recipient. The shoulder effect. In whi|te and flesh, $1.25 t<J
and $3 25 yard. ' price of $54 is not costly for this unusually fine grade, and the price includes war tax. $4.98. , j
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor. BOWMAN'S—Main Floor. BOWMAN'S—Socond Floor.
NOVEMBER 12, 1919.