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Republicans of City Will Hold
Rallies; Very Quiet in
the County
The last week of the fall cam
paign finds Republicans all over the
county confident of big majorities
for the entire city and county ticket.
"It is all a matter of getting out
the vote," said County Chairman
Horner to-day. "and there Is ifo
question of a falldown in that direc
Anticipating the effect of big Re
publican majorities In this srity and
county will have on the vote at the
Presidential elections next year .the
workers and men of the party in
general are determined that the vote
shall be one of the largest polled in
years in a local election.
The party is absolutely harmon-
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iouß everywhere. Not a district re
ports any dissatisfaction either with
the ticket or with the party man
So confident are the candidates
that they have decided not to hold
any mass meetings throughout the
county this year. The nominees
have been getting about quietly and
meeting the voters, but there will be
no rallies outside the city. Up to
this time the I>emocrats have dis
played no activity. Their organiza
tion is badly split and there is no
acknowledged leadership. This has
aroused deep discontent among
Democrats who are determined^ that
those who ought to be leading the
campaign this year shall not seize
the reins of power at the primar
ies next spring when delegates are
chosen to the national convention. A
big fight is brewing in the party for
that time. Meanwhile the rank and
file of the local Democracy will be
found voting for Republican candi
The campaign will be actively
waged in llarrlsburg this week, two
big meetings being on the schedule.
Wednesday evening Tenth ward Re
publicans will meet in Woofs Hall,
in Forest street, and Thursday even
ing there will be a meeting of the
city and county committees and the
Republican League in the Court
Polyclinic Committee
Thanks Sale Promoters
Mrs. Gustave F. Foster and Mrs.
John L. Esslg, general chairman of the
committees in charge of the Polyclinic
Hospital Rummage Sale held last week
announced this morning that over SI,OOO
was realized as a result of the three
days' sale. They also stated that the
committees wish to thank every person
who in any way contributed to the suc
cess of the event, including those who
donated articles; the merchants who
;ave their time, energy, and trucks;
tnd Samuel Fishman, who gave two
storerooms at 108 South Fourth street,
where the sale was held.
Funeral services will be held to
morrow for Mrs. Lillian B. Newman,
wife of Dr. Oscar A. Newman, 617
Race street, who was killed on Sat
urday when she knocked over a
shotgun belonging to her husband.
Funeral services will be in charge
of Dr. George Edward Hawes, pas
tor of Market Square Presbyterian
Church. Coroner Eckinger is mak
ing an investigation.
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Staley, 2613 N. 18th St.. Phila., had
such poor blood'circulation that her
fingers became numb and useless.
To-day, after taking Tanlac, she can
use her hands freely, her nerves are
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The second woodchopping afternoon
put on by the social committee of the
"Y" is a thing of the past and the
choppers are nursing stift muscles and
waiting for next year to come l 'round
so they can go to it again.
On Saturday afternoon a big crowd
of members of the Chamber of Com
merce, the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs,
and the "Y" left in machines for Wild
wood Park, where Grant Forrer had
the wood all ready for the cutting. As
the cars pulled into the places reserved
for tlfem. they saw several long tables,
guarded over by figures in white aprons
and caps, which turned out to be Frank
Covert, Sholl Rutherford, Frank Foose,
and Walter Dietrich. Al. Thomas, who
was a casualty, also assis'ed in passing
out the sauerkraut, "hot dogs" rolls and
coffee. Corn cob pipes and a big box
of tobacco were also on the table, the
gift of Ed. S. Herman, and every one
was soon putting on the fatal weed.
The teams soon lined up ana went
at it. while wood and chips flew in all
Five more days remain for the
Nation-wide No Accident Drive. Be
ginning to-day extra efforts are to
be made to keep down the average
for deaths and injuries. This far
an excellent record has been made.
Officials this week will reach the
employes through new circulars and
posters. One was posted yesterday
leading, "Don't You Get Hurt."
Others called attention to the rea
sons lor some accidents.
It is \also known to the safety
workers that there is some opposi
tion. It was said to-day that some
employes are belittling the efforts
to keep down accidents and laugh
ing at the efforts. These men, it
is said, claim knowledge where acci
dents may be prevented but are not
coming forward to let the officials
and safety committee know. One
official said; "We would like em
ployes to come to the front with any
kick they may have. Now is the
time. This is a Nation-wide drive
and not confined to tdie Pennsyl
vania Railroad only. It is orders of
the Railroad Administration."
Some of the information handed
out is in several languages so that
the foreign employes may read and
practice what is preached. Here
is one notice that is posted and to
which the attention of the foreign
laborers ur>d workmen has been
"The Philadelphia Division Safety
Committee is counting on you to do
your part and to get not less than
two other fellow employes to do
their part in the National Railroad
Accident Prevention Drive between
October 18th and 31st, to the end
that there will be no accidents or
personal injury to railroad Em
ployes during that period."
Become A Safety Booster
One of the hardest workers in this
drive is E. R. Keller, a blacksmith
employed in Lucknow shops. He
tells home to overcome carelessness
and become a safety first booster.
He says, in part:
"Carelessness is not only a dis
honorable habit but also a danger
ous one and you should never
cease in your efforts to cast it from
your practices until you have suc
ceeded in doing: it thoroughly. G<<t
rid of it regardless of what the ef
forts may cost you. Carelessness is
what you cause to happen. Acci
dents do not stumble to happen.
Carelessness may always be largely
By Associated Press
Newark, N. J., Oct. 27. Phillip
F. Schilling, convicted Saturday of
the murder of Police Lieut. Patrick
J. Ryan, on July 16, last, was sen
tenced to-day by Judge William T.
Martin to die in the electric chair
during the week of December 21.
Lieut. Ryan was killed while trying
to put Schilling under arrest. Coun
sel for the accused announced that
a writ of error to take the case to
the Court of Errors and Appeals
woujd be applied for.
Mcehnnlciiburg. Pa., Oct- 27.—Mr.
and Mrs. S. Carroll Miller, of West
Main street, announce the birth of a
son, Samuel Carroll Miller, Jr., on
Saturday morning. Mrs. Miller was
formerly Miss Marie Strominger, of
this place.
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j directions and the Park Commissions
j squad of octogenarians, had a hard
i time keeping up their part of carrying
| and sawing. These five old fellows are
| more lively than youngsters or slx-
I teen, and hauled the lumoer around in
I great shape. They are E. M. Hassler,
70; Henry Hopple, 77; John Wagner.
174 ; Frank Shultz, 65 ; M. Eichenauer,
i 71. The other park assistance came
i from three generations of Shutts, V. L.
j Shutt, Menry Slum, and Truman Shutt,
| doing the sawing by machine.
I The winning team was said to be
( that one captained by Art Bacon ana
i Doc Miller, and the personnel was Curtis
j Fisher. H. L. Smith, Ross Swope and
Frank Davenport.
j Other teams were Frank Musser's,
who had Ed. Herman, George Reily,
j Ed. Frazer, Charles McNaughton, and
Doc. Kahn, Cameron Baer, with Charley
Reeser, W. M. Kline, Fred Rowe,
Charley Burns. Bil>. Lcgan, and C. h!
Lindey. Boh Reeves had the biggest
and probably the hardest working squad.
under our control. Life is a move
ment—nothing stands still. The
mind never rests, not even when the
body is lost during its period of
oblivious sleep. The brain keeps di
recting, the heart pumping, and the
lungs perform their function. Care
lessness comes about, but it must be
directed, if you want to make your
self safe from injury. SAFETY
FIRST will aid in destroying the
one great menace in our country to
Human Klenient.
"SAFETY FIRST is merely a
human element originating from the
simple words "caution" and
"thoughtfulness" and has been In
actual activity for five or more
years. Great results have sprung up
from all parts of the world since its
origin. We all know that caution
and thoughtfulness won for us the
greatest war in the world's history.
Through these two elements we
succeeded in placing ourselves upon
a sphere of appreciation. Why not
consider well the words "caution"
and "thoughtfulness" and forever
free (ftirselves from the habit of
carelessness? By so doing we can
also win the battle for SAFETY
Some Figures
"According to the figures of the
Division of Safetpr Engineering of
the Department of Labor eighty
eight per cent, of the industrial ac
cidents reported are due to care
lessness and the failure of the hu
man element and are not at all di
rectly chargeable to machinery. Ot
the 38,000,000 working men and
women in the United States, ac
cording to the report, 700,000 every
year lose limbs or arc disabled for
an average of four weeks each.
"It is important that employes
, fully realize and clearly understand
| the element of danger surrounding
the occupations in which they are
engaged and how it may be avoid
ed.- vFilms and slides make a more
effective presentation of the case
any speaker can offer.
"According to a newspaper, a
large motor company has made a
specialty for some time of showing
a safety film to its employes In
groups of about 175. When films
are shown they advise that the
safety films be only one of a pro
gram. They also suggest a comedy
film to start the program—a safety
film and a drama for the finale."
Six Stragglers in Air
Race Hope For Progress
By Associated Press
Chicago, Oct. 27. —Six stragglers
in the Army's double transcontinen
tal race hoped to make further prog
ress toward the finish to-day, al
though prospects for good flying
weather were poor. Lieutenant H.
W. Sheridan, who landed at Buffalo,
N. Y., Saturday and was held there
over Sunday by the rules of the race
against Sunday flying, expected to
complete the 323 miles to Mineola,
N. Y., during the day.
The other airmen eastbound are
Lieutenant Gish, at Cheyenne, Wyo.;
Lieutenant R. M. Bagbee and Lieu
tenant Colonel H. E. Hartney, at
i North Platte, Neb., and Captain F.
Steinlee at Battle Mountain, Nov.
•The only westbound flier is Lieuten
ant R. S. Worthington, who was at
Rock Island, Ills, to-day, ready to
resume his flight.
By Associated Press
Washington, Oct. 27. Heirs of
the late James J. Hill, at Minnesota,
lost their fight aguinst a transfer
tax imposed in New Jersey on stock
in a domestic corporation'valued at
12,317,000 when the Supreme Court
to-day upheld tho ratio provision of
the New Jersey inheritance tax law.
Action of the assessors was contested
as being discrimination between heirs
resident and nonresident In New Jer
sey and the case was carried to the
Supreme Court on Appeal,
Liverpool, Pa., Oct. 27. Hun
dreds of eels are being caught in
the Susquehanna at. this place. Tho
recent rains along tho valley of the
upper Susquehanna made a raise of
about a foot or more in the river
at this point which was welcomed
by fishermen and ferrymen In ahis
i which was first on the scene of action
I ar.il included in its ranks, Kamsey
| Black, Rufus McCord, William Young,
j I res Crowell, Prank Hicker, C. C.
Crispen, Chet Robeson, 11/ O. Reber,
Ed. Baum and Doc. Hazen.
'As they finished the last of the "dogs"
and sauerkraut, the tired and blistered
choppers agreed sadly that it was
tough on the back but wonderful for
Uie conscience, for enough wood was
hauled away to supply the Nursery
Home, Children's Industrial Home, and
"Y" fpr the entire winter.
Two loads of wood were hauled to
the Children's Industrial and the Nurs
ery Home, one to tiie Sylvan Heights
j Home, and five to the "Y."
I Those who furnished trucks ware
Charles Burns, "the Harrlsburg lyianu
facturing and Holier Company through
C. Binford Scott; the Selden Truck
| Company, 'the School Board through
| Frank Foose, and the Swift Company
1 through Frank Covert, 11. T. Barnes
j was the official photographer.
Courthouse Notes
I Divorce Cases Continued.—Seven
i teen of the seventy-six divorce cases
listed for hearing this week were
continued to-day upon motions by
attorneys. Judge S. J. M. McCarreli,
who is suffering from a slight illness,
was not present in court to-day.
Guardians Named. Philip 11.
Deimler resigned as guardian for
three minor children of John E.
Deimler, late of Swatara township,
and court named the Dauphin
t Deposit Trust Company to succeed
him. The Commonwealth Trust
Company was appointed guardian
for three minor children of Harry
Morningwake, late of Wicinisco
township; and the Mechanics' Trust
Company for Bix minor children of
Henry J. and Rosa Frantz, Williams
Naturalization Court.—Naturaliza
tion applications will be heard in the
Dauphin county courthouse Monday,
November 24.
Inspector Named.—The court ap
pointed Charles W. Mocklin majority
inspector of elections, Second ward,
Royalton, to succeed Irvin Fagcr,
who resigned because he is a candi
date for councilman.
Five Lancaster Girls
Are Guests of Honor
An attractive color scheme of
orange and black, with autumn foli
age and chrysanthemums, was car
ried out in the decorations of the
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Brick
er, 523 C'urtin stret, for the happy
little party given in honor of their
cousins, the Misses Anna Knight
and the Misses Anna, Mary, Agnes ,
anad Alice Lichty, of Lancaster.
All sorts of interesting games,
music and a delicious Hallowe'en
supper were enjoyed by the guests,
among whom were the Misses Es
ther Hollingsworth, Martha Shartzer,
Anna Matr, Edna Potter, Marion
Constantina, Helen Gable, Irene
Bricker, Mrs. William H. Harris,
Mrs. L. W. Keller and daughters,
Blanche and Mary Jane; Harper
Wharton, Walton Kerkstetter, Lee
Engleth, Robert Longacre, Paul j
Dapp, Carrol Woltz, Edgar McCoy.
Harry Nell, Ernest Lemer, Warren
Vless, James Boldosser and Miller ,
Germany Thought Well
of Theodore Roosevelt
Roosevelt Memorial Day brings to
light many Interesting anecdotes
in which the name of the late Colonel
Roosevelt was associated. A Har
risburg woman, the widow of a Civil
War veteran told this one to a Tele
graph reporter, to-day:
Eleven years ago while in Cologne,
she sought a picture of the Royal
family in one of the little shops of
that city. The storekeeper spoke
very good English, and in her con
versation with him, she remarked
that she desired a picture of the
royal family, because she was an
ardent admirer of Princess Cecelie.
The storekeeper replied, "Yes, wo all
love her, but many of us Germans
admire your President more than
we do our own Kaiser, and as for the
Crown Prince, we despise him."
Theodore Roosevelt was President of
the United States at that time.
The funeral of Mrs. Louisa Sloth
ower, aged 82 years, who died last
evening at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. John Gensler, Lemoyne, will be
held from the United Evangelical
Church Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock, the Rev. Mr. Krumbine of
ficiating. Burial will be made in
[the Paxtang Cemetery. Mrs..Sloth
ower, who had been a resident of
this city for many years and who
was a devoted worker in the United
Evangelical Church until her illness
some weeks ago, Is survived by the
following children; Charles, JacQh
and Arthur Slothower, of Harris
burg; Mrs. John Gensler, Mrs. Gur
ney Hartman and Wilson Slothower,
of Lemoyne, and Mrs. Ella Laughlan]
,of Alpine.
A Ruin Ine That noes Not Affect Hcnd
Because of its tonic and laxative
(Tablets) <yin be taken by anyone
without causing nervousness or ring
ing in the head. There is only one
"Bromo Quinine." E. W. GROVE'S
signature on the box. 30c.—Adv.
Avoid Imitation* & Substitute* I
State Department Seeks Re
dress For Deaths of
Washington, Oct. 27. At the
direction of the State Department an
intensive search is being conducted
for the murderers of Lieutenants
Cecil H. Connolly and Frederick B.
Owing to the often expressed
friendship of the Lower California
administration of Governor Cantu,
it is considered in unofficial quarters
hero that the prospects of appre
hending the slayers of the Americans
were more hopeful than had the
murders been committed in other
portions of Mexico.
No dispatches reached the State
Department during the day in reply
to the demand made on the Mexican
Government that it obtain the release
at any cost of William O. Jenkins,
American consular agent at Puebla,
who is being held by bandits for
$150,000 ransom.
Halloween Dance at
Colonial Club Thursday
Elaborate preparations are being
made by the entertainment committee
of the Colonial Country Club for the
club Halloween dance, on Thursday
evening, when a large crowd is ex
pected to enjoy what promises to be one
of the most attractive events of the
season. The assembly room will be
decorated in the spookiest of fashions
and delicious sweet cider will be on
tap for the guests.
Miss Rouise Johnson, an accomplished
young member of thi club, will be solo
ist for the evening and the Updegrove
Orchestra will play for the dancing.
Every effort is being made to have the
dance distinctly in keeping with the
Halloween time on 1 from present indi
cations it will surpass those given in
previous years.
There will be~no Informal dance Sat
urday evening, but in the afternoon
the Ladles' Advisory Committee will
serve teh as usual.
Gordon Ford and Ed. Sourbier,
basketball players, and Herman Early,
basketball referee, are included among
the candidates who will report for the
volley ball team which is to be or
ganized by Harrlsburg Lodge No. 12.
Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. A
big list of men is expected to answer
the call for candidates to-morrow even
ing at 8 o'clock. It is expected that
a strong contingent will bo organized
and arrangements for a big series of
games will be made at once. The Lan
caster Elk team has made a strong rec
ord, and the Harrisburg men hope to
arrange a game with it.
Mayor Keister and the following
printers. William W. Byrem, Frank
Hoffman and John S. Macklin, were in
Yort on Saturday in attendance at a
welcome home celebration arranged by
York printers for their members who
had been in the military service. The
reception was held in the Deer Club
Bungalowi Mayor Keister made a short
Patrolman Frank Jackson, who faces
serious charges preferred by a waitress
in a Market street restaurant, will be
given a further hearing by Mayor
Keister this evening. Action in his
case has been postponed by Capital
City Lodge, Fraternal Order of Police,
until after the Mayor's hearing.
Troop No. 8, Boy Scouts, will hold
a meeting in Messiah Lutheran
Church to-morrow afternoon at 4
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Ask Demonstrator
18 North Third Street
How to remove them
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Kloister Laboratories
Box 473 Ephrata, Pa.
OCTOBER 27, 1919.
Pupils of Section "B-8 held the
election for permanent home room
officers last Friday. Thomas Har
vey proved to he the successful can
didate for president while Miriam
Patterson was elected secretary.
The other officers elected are: Vice
president. I.uella Anderson; assist
ant secretary. Isabell Wright; treas
u:er, Anna Mcliridc; assistant treas
urer, Sara Comn; captain for boys,
Ralph Jacobs; lieutenant for boys,
Martin Duey; captain for girls, El
mira Weaver; lieutenant for girls,
Dorothy Cuddy; parliamentary
critic, Delia McNally; assistant par
l'amcntary critic, Esther Gilbert:
w.,tch your speech critic, Alice llart;
assistant watch your speech critic,
7 croy Robinson; reporter for the
Edison Guard, Martha Douglass.
Professor C. F. Seidel, supervisory
principal of the seventh and eighth
grades of the Allentown schools on
a visit to Edison complimented Har
risburg because of her splendid ju
nior high school buildings. He was
especially pleased with the junior
high schools of the city plan and
care for special activities. The
chance that these periods give to
the student for self expression seem
to him to be one of the vital things
in the education of the child.
The "watch your speech" move
ment is arousing interest among the
students of the school. This is es
pecially- true in the English classes.
The students of section 7A-5, dur
ing the recent class period, debated
the question. Resolved, "That the
use of poor English keeps you a pri
vate in the ranks while the use of
good English opens the way to an
officers' commission." ThV question
was debated with much spirit.
Section 9R-6 has elected the fol
lowing permanent officers to serve
during the remainder of the present
semester. The officers are: Presi
dent, Malcolm Graeff; vice-president,
Kathryn Anderson; secretary, Myra
Shadle; treasurer. Wilmer Powers;
captain for girls, Susan Evde; cap
tain for boys, Stanley Hardy; lieu
tenant for girls, Emma Fritz; lieu
tenant for boys, Harold Osmar;
watch your speech critic, Helen
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get
at the Cause and Remove It
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the sub
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People afflicted with bad breath find
quick relief through Dr. Edwards' Olive
Tablets. The pleasant, sugar-coated
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all who know them.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act gen
tly but firmly on the bowels and liver,
stimulating them to natural action,
clearing the blood and gently purifying
the entire ayitem. They do that which
dangerous calomel does without any
of the bad after effects.
All the benefits of nasty, sickening,
piping cathartics are derived from
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets without
gripingjiainor any disagreeable effects.
Dr.F. M. Edwards discovered the
formula after seventeen years of prac
tice among patients afflicted with
bowel and liver complaint, with the
attendant bad breath.
Olive Tablets are purely a vegetable
compound mixed with olive oil; you
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Take one or two every night for a weak
and note the effect. 10c and 25c.
Our Forefathers
rHred Their Robust Health To Tonics
Taksn When The Vitality Was
At Its Lowest Ebb.
Iron, Nux Vomica and Gentian combined with
other tonic medicines at found in Dr. Chaaa'a
Blood and Nerve Tableta make a perfect Tonic,
a# they assist nature in replacing the Iron. ate.
that haa been worn out by overwork, worry or
The tonic properties of Dr. Chaae's Blood and
Nerve Tableta produce a wonderful effect In
cases where the blood ie thin and watery and
when you feel tired, weak and run down or nerv
ous. Each does means more vim. vitality and
BloodiriNerve Tablets
Weigh Yourself Before Taking
Sold by Dm(giita at SO eeaia. Special. (Stmaaer
more Active 00 cents.)
SM North Tenth Street, • Philadelphia, Pa.
What we say it is—it IS
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Grove; parliamentary critic, Johß
Tolmie; program committee, Mar
garet Lobo, Kathryn McKloskey,
Harold Osman.
Hot water
FCJEIZB 5 Sure Relief
k - fiROMIDt
Standard cold remedy for 20 years 1
—in tablet form—safe, sure, no
opiates—breaks up a cold in 24
-MgQ~W hours—relieves grip in 3 days.
back if it fails, the
//genuine box haa • Red
!v [inllso top with Mr. Hill's
vjUr At All Drum Stmrrm
j B
bandaged over
that skin eruption
will relieve J t quickly
Cease tampering with that painful
eruption. Apply a healing and sooth
ing ointment that has the power to sink
in and correct the trouble. Resino!
Ointment aided by Resinol Soap
nually clears away such affections
quickly and thoroughly. ',
Sold bf drmcputt. Forfree smmjln
xvrilt Rtiinol, Baltimore, Md.
Throw Away Your Truss
Thousands of ruptnred people are flndin;:
relict trom the torture of rupture and thy
truss by using STUART'S scientific AD
mind to be able to throw away your old
truss. Do away with ateel or rubber bands
that chafe and pinch. Let us send you a
No oharga for it now dlr ever. Let us
aend you a mass ol evidence to provo
what the PLAPAO-PADS are doing for
othera. Let ua send you our book on Rup
ture, telling you many things about this
distressing malady that you don't know.
We have sworn statements on file from all
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the PLAPAO-PADB have corrected, for all
time to come, the dangerous condition that
is the cause of the protrusion known as
"rupture " DON'T WAIT, DON'T DELAY a
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