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The biggest victory in the history
®f Technical High School's football
flnnals was won Saturday when the
fefaroon eleven defeated Mercersburg
Academy 20 to 0. The first quarter
®ndcd without any scoring, so that
Mercersburg has the distinction of
being the only team that has held
•Tech scoreless during a quarter. In
(the second quarter Tech scored once
and the half ended 7 to 0. Tech added
aix more in the third quarter, while
Jn the fourth period the final touch
flown and resultant goal were added
to the final total of 20. It was a
great victory for Tech as Mercers
burg is rated as one of the very best
frep school teams in the country.
Tech's first score came in the sec
end quarter when "Buddie" Lingle
burled a forward pass a distance of
(0 yards to Carl Beck who raced 10
yards. Spectators never saw a pret
tier hurl of the pigskin than "Bud-
Ale'' pulled off. It sailed through the
air like a shot, and Beck caught it on
the dead run. That was the only tal
ly of the half. Mercersburg came
within striking distance in the first
quarter, but. were held for downs, and
lost their only opportunity to score.
Long End Huns Looking
While Meroersburg presented a
powerful line, the long end runs that
have characterized Tech's offense
Were lacking. This was due to the
fact that the field was wet and sog
gy. The Beck-Lingle-Wilsbach com
bination was considerably impeded in
their footwork by the soft ground.
With the half ending 7 to 0 Tech sup
porters were not yet sure of the
game. Shortly after the start of the
third quarted Lingle made a 30-
yard run for the second touchdown.
Just prior to this. Comfort, the clever
Tech tackle was injured in his battle
With Starcher, the opposing tackle.
SHis left ankle was wrenched, with
the result that Comfort missed the
trial for goal, making the score 13
to 0.
Starcher went out of the game in j
the third period, and after that Com.
lort also was compelled to drop out.
Fleam went in for Tech, The final
tally came in the fourth'period. The
•STech backfleld did its best work at
this time, and brought the ball to the
8-yard line. Carl Beck was given the
ball and chased over the lirte. The
Mercersburg line was desperate, and
pushed the Tech star back. But Ref
eree Raby claimed a touchdown for
the local "team in spite of the protests
f>f the Mercersburg team. Wilsbach
Jlay Schuylkill Seminary at
Reading; Strong De
fensive Work
At Reading ' Saturday the Schuyl
kill Seminary went down to defeat
fct the hands of the husky Harris
burg Academy eleven, score 12 to 0.
It was a hard fought game and the
Winner was not certain until the final
Whistle blew. Both teams had tne
ball within a kicking distance of the
goals, but were driven back.
The Academy kicked off. On
Schuylkill's second down there was
a fumble, Academy recovering the
ball. The best work came in the
Second quarter after Schuylkill lost
the ball on downs. Loose punted
on the fourth down, and Schuylkill
punted back. Loose made a great
20-yard run, bringing the ball to
Schuylkill's five-yard line. By a
hair line plunge Armstrong went
over for the first touchdown for
Harrisburg Academy, be missed the
goal. During the remainder of the
half the ball was In Schuylkill's terri
tory all the time.
In the third quarter Academy
Showed up strong. Academy lost
the ball on downs and Schuylkill,
after several unsuccessful attempts,
was obliged to kick Armstrong
made a great run back with the ball.
Gregg caught a forward pass and
made 20 yards. Armstrong went
around the tackle for five yards, and
Gregg caught a forward pass for a
gain of ten yards. Menger in a line
plunge went over for the second
touchdown. Armstrong missed the
goal. There was nothing scored dur
ing the remainder of the game,
Academy holding their opponents.
Academy players were in good
form except Good who had a bad
ankle but put up a plucky battle.
fine work on the de
fensive was a big feature. Gregg
was another star. Nyquist was
Schuylkill's star. The lineup and
Buxton, 1. e. Ruhl, 1. e.
Frundt, 1. t. White, 1. t.
Rahr, 1. g. Hendry, 1. g.
Albright, c. Rouse, e.
Miller, r. g. Rottinger, r.g.
Palm, r. t. Hoke, r. t.
Gaete, r. g. Gregg, r. g.
Culp, q. b. Armstrong, q.b.
Harper, 1. b. b. Menger, 1. h. b.
Howard, r. h. b. Good, r. h. b.
Nvquist, f. b. Loose, f. b.
Substitutions, Harrisburg Academy
McCav for Hoke, Ernest for Ruhl,
Morgan Labler for Good. Touch
downs, Armstrong, Menger. Officiate,
Referee, Reed, Muhlenberg; umpire,
Johnson, U. of P.; head linesman,
Kingsley, Reading A. C. Time of
periods, 12 minutes.
The Hick-A-Th rifts will have
{heir monthly class meeting at the
Joyd Memorial building this eve
ning at 8 o'clock.
This is perhaps the most import
tint meeting the "Hicks" have had
for several years, and a full attend
ance is requested by President W.
D. Sweger and Benjamin Whitman,
the teacher.
I \ The Cigar Supreme
\ At the price FLOR DE, MELBA is
better, bigger and more pleasing
,than any mild Havana cigar!
in C OTHER Sizes .
CTOS 3, * E *" Different PRICES
I B Aak your Staler for your favorite size..
' vm
Urgeat independent Cigar factory in the World,
r kicked the last goal, making the to
! tal 20.
Emaauel Is Star
While the entire team played well
' as Indicated by the score, "Snaps"
Emanuel was again in evidence. He
I recovered several fumbles, and was
; the "Johnny on the spot" at all times.
| The Tech backfleld did well, but was
impeded through wet grounds. On
1 the line "Fat" Ellinger did all that
was hoped of him in filling the gap
left by Captain Frank, who saw the
game from the side lines. Comfort
put up a great game against Starch
er. and while the Tech tackle was
forced out of the game, his opponent
gave up the sponge first. Mercers
burg was held to four first downs,
sliuwlng the great defense presented
by the Tech line.
Thirty auto loads of Tech rooters
went by machine, in all, a total of 250
Harrisburgers being present to see
Tech land the battle. This contest
was considered the hardest on Tech's
schedule, and to-day the student body
took a little time in chapel to cele
brate the great victory. The Maroon
lads will endeavor to gain recognition
to play for the championship of the
United States at the close of the regu
lar season.
Tech's scrubs were defeated at Car
lisle by the Hospital teqm 20 to 7.
"Johnny" Black crossed the goal line
three times before the score was al
lowed. With the score 7 to 0 at the
start of the first half the Hospital
lads tallied three goals while Tech
failed to add lurther to the total. The
Ttch reserves claimed that they were
not outplayed, but "outofficialed" as
one of the lads put it The Mercers
burg-Tech lineup and score:
Emanuel, r. e. Sanford, r. e.
Comfort, r. t- Robb, r. t.
Ellinger, r. g. Fleck, r. g.
Smith, c. Dahlgren, c.
Hoffheimer, l.g. Hunt, 1. g.
Arnold, 1. t. Klein, 1. t.
Wallick, 1. e. Starcher, I.e.
Garret, r.h.b. Stearns, r.h.b.
Beck,, l.h.b. Harper, l.h.b.
Lingle, q. b. Seasholtz, q. b.
Wilsbach, I. b. Garver, f. b.
Mercersburg 0 0 0 0— 0
Harrisburg 0 7 6 7—20
Touchdowns, Beck, 3. Goals from
touchdowns. Comfort, 2. Score, Har
risburg, 20; Mercersburg, 0. Substi
tutes, Harrisburg, Boaks for Wils
bach. Wilsbach for Smith. Mer
cersburg, Gaerpheldie for Stamford,
Stamford for Gerpheidie, Lucas for
Harper, Reynolds for Dahlgren, Mc-
Elwain for Flock. Referee, Rofzy,
Gettysburg. Umpire, Vail, Pennsyl
vania. Head linesman, Barry, Mer
cersburg. Assistant, Taylor. Time
of periods, 12 minules.
Tech still leads the country with
a total of 342 points to its oppo
nents 0.
With the game with Wilmington
High canceled for next Saturday,
Manager "Bus" Snyder was anxious
to meet Lafayette High school, of
Buffalo, N. Y. In case they are not
available, either the Lafayette Col
lege reserves or the freshmen will
probably come to this city.
"Gil" Ebner, last year's captain
at Tech, made a run of seventy
yards for Bucknell against the Navy
at Aahnapolis. "Eb" intercepted a
forward pass, and came within ten
yards of tho goal posts. A forward
pass, Kostos to Dent, gave Bucknell
the first six points of the game.
Navy won, 21 to 6.
State cleaned Ursinus 4 8 to 7 on
Saturday. Clarence Beck, "Dick"
Rauch and Joe Lightner were local
athletes who helped to do the trick.
Georgia Tech lost to Pitt for the
second successive year. Score, 16
to 6.
Syracuse surprised the football
world by tripping Pitt. Saturday
they lost their prestige when W. and
J. won at Syracuse 13 to 0.
Little Colgate, from Hamilton, N.
Y., seems to be one of the best ot
the year. On the lost three Satur
days they won from Brown, Cornell
and Princeton.
F. and M. won from Dickinson, 13
to 0, at Lancaster. One of the Lan
caster touchdowns was scored by
May, formerly the Academy and
Central High squads. He plays at
quarterback for "By" Dickson's
Leo Harris refereed the Get
tysburg-Albright contest at Leba
non that was won by the Battlefield
boys, 34 to 0. "Vic" Emanuel was
responsible for one of Gettysburg's
After being without a football
team for six years, York High school
came back, losing to Lancaster, 10
to 0. A series of accidents to York
High players six years ago, when
arms and legs were broken in every
game, molded sentiment to abolish
the sport. York will soon be one of
Tech's gridiron rivals.
Camp Curtin Wins Over
Steelton Scrubs Saturday
Camp Curtin Juniors won Satur
day, defeating Steelton High Scrubs,
score 2 5 to 20. The game was play
ed at Island Park. Williams scored
the first touchdown after making
a forty-yard run and then a fifteen
yard run, showing very good judg
ment in picking out the weak spots
in the Steelton line.
Camp Curtin lined up as follows:
Lytle, DeShong, left end; Wissler,
Boyer, left tackle; Rummel, left
guard; Asper, center; Lautz, right
guard; Greenawalt, right
Liggett, right end; Bricker, quarter
back; Crownshield left halfback;
Williams, Stroup, right hulfback;
Wilsbach, fullback.
Touchdowns, Wilbach, 2; Crown
sheld, Williams. Goal from touch
down, Wilsbach, 1. Referee, Hall.
Umpire, Bell. Head linesman, Wof
SNOODLES By Hungerford
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If 1 1 OIT 1 77 \—/ WOOR poppy wpnt mve / nuT V VV
Vwith poppy / ) I A.NV 3opy f o HlMKfwrvy / IfvT vS*? /
I xa. \ ) \ fACe WHEN HE WAS A LrtTCT / lOU WVZ. \ ,
Results of Grid Games
Played Saturday Afternoon
Tech, 20; Mercersburg, 0.
Camp Curtin, 25; Steelton
Scrubs, 0.
Carlisle Hospital, 20; Tech
Scrubs, 0. "
Sunbury High, 13; Edison, 0.
Royal A. C., 10; Highspire, High 2.
Fairmont, York, 13; West End, 6.
Harrisburg Academy, 12; Schuyl
kill Seminary, 0.
Pottsville High, 24; Steelton High
School, 2.
Eastern Games
At New Brunswick—Rutgers, 14;
New York Aggies, 0.
At Swarthmore—Swarthmore, 20;
Johns Hopkins, 6.
At Princeton —Colgate, 7; Prince
ton, 0.
At Polo Grounds —Dartmouth, 9;
Cornell, 0.
At Cambridge—Harvard, 36; Vir
ginia, 0.
At Syracuse—Washington and Jef
ferson, 13; Syracuse, 0.
At Philadelphia Pennsylvania,
23; Lafayette, 0.
At South Field —Columbia, 9;
Amherst, 7.
At Providence—Brown, 20; Nor
wich, 0.
At New Haven —Yale, 37; Tuffs, 0.
At Lancaster—Franklin and Mar
shall, 15; Dickinson, 0.
At Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, 16;
Georgia Tech, 6.
At Annapolis—Navy, 21; Buck
nell, 6.
At West Point—Army, 13; Boston
College, 0.
At Ohio Field—New York Uni
versity, 9; Rensselaer, 0.
At Williamstown —Williams, 13;
Hamilton, 0.
At Hoboken —Stevens, 31; Rhode
Island, 2.
At Lewi&ton—Maine, 26; Bates, 17.
At Brunswick —Bowdoin, 30; Wor
cester Tech, 7.
At Worcester —Trinity, 20; Wor
cester Tech, 7.
At Worcester—Holy Cross, 69;
Connecticut Aggies, 0.
At Worcester —Worcester Acad
emy, 13; Cushing Academy, 3.
At Springfield—Springfield Col
lege, 58; Fort McKinley, 0.
At Pittsburgh—Lehigh, 16; Carne
gie, 0.
At Durham —New Hampshire Col
lege, 12; Lowell Textile School, 2.
At Allentown —Muhlenburg, 13;
Catholic University, 0.
At State College Pennsylvania
State, 48; Ursinus, 7.
At Cambridge—Harvard Fresh
men, 14; Phillips Exeter Academy,
1 12 -
At New Haven —Yale Freshmen,
35; Andover, 0.
At Amherst—Massachusetts Ag
gies, 25; Vermont, 0.
At Rochester Rochester, 27;
Clarkson, 0.
At Middletown —Wesleyan, 47;
Union, 0.
Western Games
At Westminster —Western Mary,
land, 9; Mount St. Mary's, 0.
At Detroit —University of Detroit,
16; Georgetown, 13.
At East Lansing—Michigan Ag.
gies, 27; Depauw, 0.
At Ann Arbor —Ohio, 13; MicbL
gan, 3.
At Urbana —Wisconsin, 14; Illi
nois, 10.
At Minneapolis—lowa, 9; Minne
sota, 6.
At Chicago—Chicago, 41; North-
At Cincinnati—Denison, 9; Cincin
nati, 2.
At Cleveland Western Reserve,
52; Baldwin-Wallace, 0.
At Wooster —Wooster, 28; Case, 0.
At Oxford —Oberlin, 13; Miami, 0.
Southern Section
At College Park—Virginia Poly,
6; Maryland State, 0.
At Wheeling—West Virginia Uni
versity, 60; Bethany, 0.
Bucknell Hands Navy
Stubborn Opposition
Annapolis, Md., Oct. 26. An
napolis in a game in which the mid
shipmen got down to football, the
Navuy Academy won from Bucknoll
here Saturday afternoon by 21 to 6.
There was not a moment when the
visitors did not put up a stern de
fense and they showed much ability
in the open attack.
Naval Academy Bucknell
Woodruff L. E Dent
Murray L. T Morgan
Denfeld L. G Morrett
Larson C Bihl
More R- G. ..Rohenbloom
King R. T Peale
Parr R. E. ...McDermolt
Watters Q. B. Mangal
Alford L. H. B Eoner
Benolst R. H. B Kostos
Clark F. B Bowser
Score by periods—
Naval Academy 7 0 0 14 —21
Bucknell 0 0 6 0— 6
Referee —Maurice, U. of P. Um
pire—Carl Williams, U. of P. Head
linesman W. G. Stevenson, War
Dept. Time of quarters —15 min
utes. Touchdowns —Naval Academy
Koehler 2, Denfeld. Bucknell, Dent,
Goals from touchdowns Naval
Academy, King 3 in 3; Bucknell,
Ksatos missed one. Substitutions —
Naval Academy, Koehler for Alford,
Rawlings for Clark, Dole for Benoist,
Lowe for Parr, Nlemeyer for Moore,
Homan for Morgan.
The Rockwood Juniors organised
for their basketball season last
night, electing A. Mlchlovitz man
ager. The team will include Kram
er, Crane, Katzman, Abrams Sher
man and Mlchlovitz. The Rook
wood five is anxious to arrange
; games with Junior teams from 14 to
il6 years of age, particularly the
' Royals, Middletown and out-of-town
i teams. . r . ,
Local Fighter Has Tough
Boy on His Week's Program
7\;- : ' •• ' .H;. . •. ri'/- : 'V. v
7 . ■ , * ' t -
mBBSm 'iWi
On Thursday night Sammy Schlff, the local boy who has been doing
his bit for soldiers, will come out in the open and meet Young Mahoirey,
of Baltimore. This will be Schlff's first appearance here in a year. Ac
cording to Manager Joe Barrett, this is a grudge battle. Schlff was
scheduled to meet Mahoney here a year ago but the Baltimore lad broke
his arm and cancelled the battle. The battle will take place at the
Olympia A. A.. Steelton, and will be a ten round wlndup. There are
other good bouts on the bill, but local Interest Is strong in the wlndup
Franklin and Marshall Wins
in Game With Dickinson
Lancaster, Pa., Oct. 27. Coach
"By" Ditkaon's Franklin and Mar
shall contingent had little trouble In
conquering the heavier Dickinson
College squad on Williamson- Field
on Saturday, score 15-0. The Blue
and White contingent outplayed the
Cumberland countians in every de
partment of the game.
"Louie" May, Harrisburg youth,
who earned a varsity berth when
"Dot" Mellingcr was injured before
the opening of the season, featured.
He scored one of the two touch
downs himself and tossed the pass
which "Iloustie" Weaver took across
for the second.
Franklin and Marshall did her
best work In the first half, easing up
perceptibly in the second half.
Straight footbull was used largely,
but Jhe Blue and White aerial at
tack had Dickinson guessing and
was largely Instrumental in the scor
ing of both touchdowns.
Franklin and Marshall's goal line
has not been crossed this year. She
downed both Albright and Dickinson
and played scoreless ties with the
Lancaster Professionals, Delaware
State and P. M. C. V
The lineup and summary of Sat
urday's game: .
Hoster L. E Pritchard
Kurtz L. T Marcus
Barr L. G Dougherty
Rickert C Hendrlx
L. Weaver ... R. G. . . Wertachnick
H. Weaver ... R. E Goeltz
Dtffenbaugh .. R. T Healey
May Q. B Scigenfus
Deehant .... L. H. B. *. Pippa
Marshall ... R. H. B Davis"
Sheaffer F. B Palm
Substitutions F. and M., Lein
baeh for Sheafcr; Truxall for Lein
bach; Trier for Truxall; Dickinson,
Young for Seigcnfus; Sheatty for
Heaicy; Mulien for Marcus; Smith
for Pritchard; Sharp for Sheatty.
Touchdowns May and H. Weaver.
Goal from touchdown May. Safety
Davis. Referee Ryan, Michi
gan. Umpires Miller, Haverford.
Head linesman Saul Otterbein.
The Mechanicsburg A. C. defeated
i the Penbrook A. C. on Saturday by a
score of 6 to 0. With one minute to
play, Rupp, of Mechanicsburg, Inter
cepted a forward pass and ran forty
yards for a touchdown. Black and
Landis played well for Penbrook,
while Howe and Rupp did good work
for Mechanicsburg. A return game
will be played at Mechanicsburg on
November 1. i
MillerßVille Normal won from
Franklin and Marshall Academy
Saturday, 13 to 6. Warfel, Reese
and Martin starred.
Shippensburg Normal Is
Winner in Hard Game
In a hard-fought game Saturday
the Shippensburg State Normal
School won over the Tarsus eleven
of Harrisburg, score 13 to 0. The
game was played at Shippensburg.
The result was in doubt up to the
last seven minutes of play, when
the Normal team came back strong
and rolled up two touchdowns. Bo
lan kicked one goal after the sec
ond touchdown.
The Tarsus Club was held for
downs when they were within scor
ing distance. This occurred twice
In the game. At no other time were
the visitors dangerous.
The Normal line was strong on
both offense and defense and no
plays were successfully run through
It by the Harrisburg team.
The touchdowns were made by
Shope and S. Shearer. Five hun
dred people witnessed the game. The
officials were: Referee, Davis,
Dickinson; umpire, Taylor, Ship
pensburg; head linesman, Shearer,
Ursinus; time keeper, Krebs, Penn
State. Time of halves —27 minutes.
Rulings Made on
Feeble-Minded Cases
Persons committed to the Spring
City institution for the Feeble Minded
prior to the act of 1913, which placed
such inmates under control of the
courts, do no come within the pro
visions of that law and if they are
not dangerous to the public Inmates
may be distnisscd at the request of
the parent or legal guardian, accord
ing to a ruling given to Superinten
dent Oscar E. Thomas, of the insti
tution, by Deputy Attorney General
W. M. Hargeat to-day. It is also held
that the trustees can not require the
return of such patients admitted prl-
I or to the act of 1913 and granted a
vacation for a fled period if the pa
rent or guardian refuses to return,'
them. The decision will affect num
erous persons in state institutions
for the feeble minded.
The State Compensation Board to
day announced that it would sit at
Harrisburg November 10, Philadel
phia November 11, 12, 13 and 14 and
a*. Wilkes-Barre and Schanton, No
vember 19, 20 and 21.
Heavy state tax payments are com
mencing to be made at the State
Treasury as the close of the fiscal
year is within five weeks. The United
Gas Improvement Company, paid the
State 2279,654 to-day.
Colonel appointed for the new Penn
sylvania Guard have been summnoed
to meet here Wednesday for confer
ence with Adjutant General Beary
and Major General Price. •
Governor Sproul will speak for the
next few days in the Massachusetts
Mr. and Mrs. John Kilgore Johnston,
of Tyrone, have issued invitations for
the marriage of their daughter. Miss
Alfreda Kilgore Johnston to Norman
Maxwell Lawrence, Saturday evening,
November eighth at 8 o'clock, at their
home, 1443 Lincoln avenue.
The Johnston family resided in this
city several years ago.
Fairmont Team of York
Hands West End Defeat
The Fairmont team of York, de
feated the West End A. C. of this \
city 13-0 at York yesterday after- ;
noon in a hard fought game. York ,
scored in the first and last quarters. \
Johnny Gill, the well known boxer ,
played a fast game. Bill Euker, a ]
Harrisburg boy and Quickel both ,
former Mt. Bt. Mary's College play- ,
ers, gave good exhibitions. Dave j
Ellingcr and Hennard made several j
spectacular runs for Harrisburg ,
while Winn put up a star game on <
the defense. The lineup and sum- 1
mary: (
Fairmont West End.
Strickler L. E Spotts .
Wampler L. T Heed
Weaver L. G Hoffman
Walton C Hack
Kottmyer R. G Winn
Weitkanip R. T. Haas ,
Hale R. E. ..... McCann
Gill Q. B Ellinger
Quickel L. H. B Williams
Euker R. H. B Rennard
Allen F. B W. Dill
Touchdowns, Euker, Quickel.
Goals from touchdown, Euker. Sub- .
stitutions, Porter for Weitkamp, C. J
Dill for Reed. Referee, Myers, W.
& J.; umpire, Flohr, Gettysburg;
head linesman, Smith; timekeeper,
Walters; time of quarters, 10, 8,
10, 8.
Big League Basketball to i
Start in Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Oct. 27.—Big league j
basketball stages its opening scene in ,
this city to-night when the new local
team, North Philadelphia, is booked
to entertain Manager Lou Sugar- (
man's reupholstered Reading Bears.
Of the Bears of yesteryear George
Morris and Horace Haggerty alone
remain in the up-State lineup. No
more will the sweatgloves encrest
the proud bald head of Andy Sears
as he stands paralyzed on the foul
line. No more will the speed of
Charlie O'Donnell, the Fracfiville
storekeeper, bring bursts of applause.
No more will Bush Beggs knock in
those skyscraping gt>ala from the
other end of the cage.
In their places an almost local
contingent will appear. Young Gal
lagher, one of the finest products of
the American League, and Joe
Fogarty, grizzled but eagle-eyed
veteran, will share forward berths
with Shuggie, and lean Lou Martin,
the college star, is booked for roam
ing guard job, while Morris sticks
back to knocking them off as they
rush up the floor.
Gettysburg Is Easy Winner
in Game With Albright
Lebanon, Pa., Oct. 27. Gettys
burg's heavy team crushed "Haps"
Albright's eleven 34 to 0 in opening
the season on Albright Field Satur
day. The visitors' smashing attack
smashed the Red and White de
tense and their line crumbled Al
bright's attack. Lineup:
Kaiser. I.e. Roland, I.e.
Larue, l.t Lackey, l.t.
Y.ivgler, l.g. Allwein, l.g.
Martz, c. Kebaugh, c.
Briggs, r.g. Kline, r.g.
Dtilabahn, r.t. Jacoby, r.L
Emanuel, r.e. Teeter, r.e.
Bream, q.b. Hartzler, q.b.
Houtz, l.h.b. Wagner, l.h.b.
McDowell, r.h.b. Cbadwick, r.h.b.
Moyer, f.b. Troutman, f.b.
Substitutions: Albright, Allwein
for Troutman, Roffensberger for All
wein, Stricklager for Kline; Gettys
burg, Phillip for McDowell, Leigles
for Bream. Touchdowns, Moyer,
Emanuel, Bream, 2; Ziegler. Goals
from touchdowns, Bream, 4. Ref
eree, Harris, Harrisburg. Umpire,
Hean, Ursinus. Head linesman, Zlnn,
Albright. Time of quarters, 10 min
The West End Reserves easily de
feated the Peerless A. C. on Saturday
afternoon by the score of 24 to 12,
in a game played on the West End
, grounds. The West End Reserves
would like to arrange games with
other teams In and about the city
whose average weight Is 124 pounds.
Any team desiring to arrange a game
should communicate with Normar.
C. Boone, 2 415 Reel street,
(Other Sports on Pago 18)
Five Are Dead After
Eating Canned Food
Detroit, Oct. 27. The death of
five perons following a dinner served
In the home of Murrny W. Sales at
the social colony of Grosse Polnte,
Detroit suburb, resulted in a decis
ion to examine samples of canned
food served and suspected of having
caused ptomaine poisoning. The food
samples have been sent to the Uni
versity of Michigan for .chemical
Those dead are A. Ingersoll Lewis,
prominent socially and financially;
Miss Frances Sales, 22 years old,
Leonard A. Sales, 12 years old,
daughter and son respectively of
Murray W. Sales; Mrs. H. Cassell,
who assisted with the dinner and
Julia Manes, a maid. Mrs. Murray
Saleß is reported to be critically ill.
OCTOBER 27, 1919.
Penn State Triumphs in
Game With Ursinus College
State College, Pa, Oct. 27.—With
three complete teams in the game,
Penn State triumphed over Ursinus
on Saturday, the final score being 48
to 7. Just before the close of the
game, after Coach Bezdek had sent
his third team into the fray, a bag
pass from Penn State's center was
scooped up by Howell, Ursinus'
halfback, and he went eighty yards
for his team's only score. While the
first and second Blue and White
elecens were in the game Ursinus
was helpless
After Captain Higgins and the first
team had registered 13 points in the
first quarter, Coach Bezdek sent in
the second eleven, headed by Robb,
and they put across three touch
downs before the end of the half. At
the start of the second half Higgins'
team again took the field, but they
were held scoreless throughout the
third quarter. In the fourth quarter
the second team returned and put
across two more touchdowns before
they were relieved by the third
Royal A. C. Again Winner
Defeat Highspire Team
The Royal A. C. again proved su
perior to the strong Highspire High
School by a score of 10 to 2. This
is the second time this year that the
Royal Tigers won from Highspire.
The Royal A. C. line defense stood
out as a feature and W. Dreese
starred in the backfleld shown far
superior to the Highspire High
School team.
Nye and Hahn excelled for the
Highspire team. Forward passes
were numerous and well played.
The Royal A. C. has won five games
this season and has lost but two
games by close scores.
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Lewistown Wins Game Over
Millersburg Grid Warriors
Lcwlstowii, Pa., Oct. 27. Lewis
town defeated Susquehanna A. C., of
Millersburg, here Saturday, 19 to 0.
The features of the game was the
line bucking of Giles for Lewistown
and of Kline for the visitors.
Britt, 1. e. Hartman, 1. e.
Price, 1. t. Roberts, 1. t. .♦
Printz, 1. g. Gilbert, 1. g. |
Pauly, c. Johnson, c.
Ellis, r. g. C. Fraellc, r. g. 1
Wheelock, r.t. Sothe, r. t
Jordan, r. e. R. Fraelic, r.e.
Lawler, q. b. Kepler, q. b.
Fish, 1. h. b. Kline, 1. h. b.
C'hara, r. h. b. Lawley, r. h. b,
Giles, f. b. Etzweller, f. b.
Touchdowns, Lawler, 2; Giles.
Goal from touchdown, Wheelock.
Time of quarters, 10 and 12 minutes.
Referee, Prof. Beighle. Umpire,
Messmer Head linesman, Coutry.
Linesmen, Hanna and Novinger.
Famous Boxing Teacher
Resigns at St. Louis
St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 27. —Mike
Mooney, instructor of boxing at the
Missouri . Athletic Association for
three years has resigned and in
tends to become engaged in the
poultry business in California. Mike
is one of the most prominent char
acters the sporting circles of SL
Louis own.
He has actively engaged in boxing
for nearly forty years, and thirty
four of these have been spent in the
Mound City. He at one time was
owner of the Business Men's Gym
nasium. Mike says that he simply
wants a change and has decided to
1 get into the poultry business, as it
will afford him an outdoor life.