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    "When a Girl Marries"
A New, Romantic Serial Dealing With the Absorbing
Problem of a Girl Wife
(Copyright, Ik's. King Feature
Syndicate, Inc.)
At an unearthly hour the morn
ing after I chaperoned Neal and
Phoebe for their weekend at the
lake, my phone woke me. It was a
long distance call from Jim, who
had just gotten near enough to
civilization again to speak to me.
"I'm taking tke train to come
back to you, deat, in an hour," he
explained. "Hut 1 wunted you to |
know, so you'd keep the evening
open for me."
"Don't joke. You've a guilty
conscience because you didn't
write," 1 replied, trying to be jocose ;
so I wouldn't be reproachful. "Are '
you rested? Did you have a tine
"Yes," irritably. "Only don't hold I
me up—because I've an Important
message for you. Call Neal and tell
him to catch the eight forty-five—
same train I took. Pat's here and
will meet him. There's some prop- j
orty to go over—and, besides, Uncle j
Ned and I aren't keen to leave Pat
up here alone, and the old gentle
man has to come back same as 1
do. Neal's not to miss It. Impor- '
"But Neal cant come." I protest- :
ed. 'He has plans. There's some- j
thing important for him here." j
"Neal must come. He must, I say. i
Tell him"
Then Jim's voice burned off, and
the connection was broken.
Phoebe stirred uneasily in her i
sleep: but I had to wake her. be- I
cause I knew well enough she'd I
never forgive me if I didn't get her I
up in time to see Neal off.
Again a whirl of dressing, and j
coffee, and farewells, as Neal came 1
in to breakfast with us and then I
whirled off to the station, unhap- I
pily, but like a good soldier. When >
he'd whispered a warning to me to '
keep silent, he and Phoebe hurried I
off. Then I sat about unpacking and '
ordering my household for the day; I
and in the midst of everything Tom i
Mason phoned and pleaded, beyond I
note in these smart
new pumps ,
© i
(j "Isn't she attractive?
A casual remark, but what a compliment! It
f tells of thoughtful attention to the smallest de
| tails of dress. ,
The choice of dainty slippers to accompany
your costume —whether simple or elaborate, is
I | one of the very important things to consider if
| j you would create such an impression.
24 North Third Street. laj
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U>6 20 Silvertone and Silver Tip ' ' " &S
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my powers to refuse, that I lunch
.rwith him.
*i "Is it a guilty conscience?" 1
| asked myself, us I taxied down to
| the appointed place,
i I was soon to know, for directly
i the lunch was ordered and the
| waiter off attending to it, Tom
I plunged in:
j "Why did you skip out of the
I dining room last night the minute
J you caught sight of me. Donna
There was an eouivocation ready
to hand, and I took advantage of
! it.
"I was waiting for Phoebe and
Neal, and just as I got to the din
ing room door, . Neal appeared
Moreover, I was glad to avoid you
j for fear you'd be hurt at me for
not chaperoning your party and i
then chaperoning another." _ j
1 "Do you know me so tittle?"
asked Tom reproachfully. "Do you j
actually think I demand explana- I
tions of my friends? Apt 1 petty?'
"Indeed you're not!" I lion- i
; estly. adding mischievously, "that's j
1 not one of vour faults T. J. M."
"Got plenty without," he replied,
j with that disarming frankness of
his. "But why did you skip without
j a howdy?"
"I've told you."
"You have—no't! Because if that
| was it. why didn't you come back
i and §ay a word or two —instead of
i avoiding the dining room so long
that I took the hint and skipped
hack to the city without trying to
! see- vou?"
"Please don't ask," 1 begged.
| hating to get right back into the
I role of administrator of other peo-
I pie's welfare —and fairy—god
j mother.
j "Anne Harrison are you misin
\ terpreting my friendship for the
little Condon girl?" demanded Tom.
"Forgive me for this—but you
j force me to say it. You introduced
j us. She's your friend, isn't she?
j Now. why under the sun should you
I avoid me—or her —when I take her
I out to dine?"
"To?? you will have it. T thought
' you wanted—to be nvo'ded. You're
Bringing Up Father Copyright, 1919, International News Service - By McManus
-irlll-r I WHAT 6 THE ADORER' YOU I'VE TO HAVE TOO jS O EHr > T TOO To bEE >T FlßtiT- vr— ZT~\ fi ) '* U
V ° U V<o^ RE IT NOW - / / |
a flirt. Forgive me, but you won't
let me off. You make me—butt in.
I've cause to know that you—phi
lander, without thinking beyond the
momentary attraction a woman has
for you."
"You're right. I had this coming
to me," said Tom in a voice. I'd
never heard from him before. "I
—bothered you in the beginning.
Then I trailed off after Val Cosby,
v >ther men's wives—an unworthy
i I d dating into playing. I
didn t know any other. Y'ou startled
me almost awake. Val Oosbv fol
lowed up. though differently." She.
cased me along and then turned
on me with some ugly truths. But
it sr* only recently I've begun to
realize—and have tried to make up.
I'to been reaching out after some-
I tning different."
'T>o I deserve to hear this?" I
! asked.
! "You deserve all the credit for
I waking me. I'd like to confess if
you've the patience to listen.
"If you're sure you've changed"—
I began uneasily.
"I know it!" said Tom with con
viction. "I vaguely knew when I
gave little Daisy Condon a good
job because she was a friend of
? ours. It was an expression of my
grateful friendship for you. I made
myself hand her a bigger salary
than she'd have demanded. And
when I saw that she was unhappy
and lonesome, I set out to give her
the seri of good time she crated
and didn't get because the people
she knew hadn't the means to .af
ford it I'm doing the decent tiling
by young Daisy as a tribute to
"Thank you, Tom," I replied .
humbly. "I apologize lor letting the I
city and its cynicism get me so that i
I doubted —doubted your motives."
"You're sure now?" he asked.
"Yes,'' I said, since he had -auked
peif I was sure of him rather
than of Daisy. And I forgot the
"vening when she, at least, had
"avoided" me.
"That's good. Great. You musn't i
ever doubt me again!" came from a i
satisfied and complacent Tom. "And .
now I want to make a dinner date. '
I want to have you and Jimmie and
Mr. Haldane and that wonderful j
Miss Warren down to my place for '
one of Mrs. Hill's bang up home
dinners some time this week. I I
•hink that way of entertaining will!
please the old gentleman."
"We've never had a meal at your i
own home." I murmured—actually
'liinking aloud.
Tom didn't seem to sense the i
unguardedness of that, nor its im- I
plications, for be replied with self- !
JOl5 '
3015—For this design, brown serge
! and moire were combined. The
j blouse is mounted on a lining, which
| may be omitted. The lacings on
! blouse and skirt, muy also lie onnt
j ted.
J The pattern is cut in 6 sizes: 34,
j 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44 inches bust
I measure. Sizo 38 requires 6 3-S
i yards of 44-inch material. Width of
[skirt at lower edge is about 1 D-S
A pattern of this illustration
; mailed to any address on receipt of
! 10c. in silver or lc. and 2c. stamps.
Telegraph Pnttcm Department
For the 10 cents Inclosed please
send pattern to the following
Site Pattern No
I Name
j Address
| City and State •#,.
! ■ "-N
H. C. Kunkpl, division superintendent of plant of the Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania an
nounced to-day several changes i n the Bell organization.
Victor L. C. Hasskarl, construction foreman of the. Bell Company of the Harrisburg district has been
promoted to district superintendent of plant at Wiillamsport. Mr. Hasskarl entered the employ of the Bell
company in 1903 and since has held various positions of responsibility. He has been located in Harris
burg since 1915. In June, 1917, Hasskarl entered the service, enlisting with the First Telegraph Battalion
which later was the 406 th and was composed entirely of Bell Telephone men. C. B. Ziegler of this city has
been appointed construction foreman to succeed Mr. Hasskarl. Announcement was also made that R. O.
Demming, of Williamsport, had been transferred to Harrisburg as superintendent of methods. Mr. Demming
is a former Habrisburg boy.
! revelation which somehow left me
| puzzled:
| "I'm not much of a homebody.
I Probably would'nt have you there
l now—if I weren't so dead anxious
| to get in right with that fine old
| gentleman of the fine old school."
To He Continued.
The Beta Phis Meet
at Masquerade Dance
The Beta Phi Society of '2l gave
a masquerade dance, in honor of the
Society of '2O, last evening, at St.
1 Paul's Church, Second and Emerald
j streets. The dance was chaperoned
j by Mrs: Silks and W. P. Stuart.
Refreshments were served to the
| Misses Winifred Tripner, Mary Rose, 1
| Ruth Marks, Evelyn Snyder, "Polly"
j Long, Margaret Brown, Doris Stuart, ]
! Vivian Showers, Dorothy Rankin, i
| Ida Myers, Elva Myers, Amy Botts, !
; Florence Burtnett, Evelyn Dußree,
Edythe Hockley, Homer Balsbaugh,!
Donald Brinser, George Myers, Curt!
| Tripner, Timothy Euker, Gilbert i
' Mattson, Eugene Walter, William
j Euker and "Budd" Lingle.
Miss Georgia Bailey '
Takes Aeroplane Trip;
j Miss Georgia Bailey, of Ardmore,!
j who sailed from New York, Septem-J
iber 17 enroute to Paris, where she;
I will take a course of study at the j
ISorbonne, has written, to friends in j
I this city tel'ing of her first flight
!in an aeroplane. Stranded in Eng- |
'land on account of the railroad]
| strike, which affected the shipping;
I facilities across the English Channel,"
j Miss Bailey and her party boarded a
huge Handley-Page plane, were lock
ed in and comfortably ensconced in
wicker chairs, and in four hours had
made the trip from London to Paris.
, The Eightli Anniversary Ua'l of
1 the Hebrew Wbmen's Benevolent So-
I ciety will be held at Chestnut Street
i Auditorium, Wednesday evening, No
! vember 12, with the Sourbeer-Meyers
| Orchestra playing for the dancing.
At once! —"Pape's Diapepsin" corrects your Sour, 1
Gassy, Acid Stomach—Relief awaits you!
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I uncertain one—or a harmful on"—!
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£;' 'ift
- , .^|^
' : ■ • ■ ■■■-..: ' ,' '■ ~ " "■
Says Churches in
Northern Tier of
State Are Dying
Philadelphia, Oct. 24.—The Rev.
; Dr. George T. Donehoo, of Couders
! port, speaking at the executive meet
j ing of the annual session of the
! Presbyterian Synod of Pennsylvania
! here, said the churches in the north
j ern mountain section of Pennsylvania
I are dying. "There, in the most civi
, lized State on earth, native-born
: Americans live and die in condi
tions unbelieveably wretched," he
j continued. "Yet wo talk only of
doing aid and mission work among
Armenians, Syrians and other war
stricken countries. Let us help
i these, our own peoples, first."
His statement followed an asser
| tion by the Rev. John Harvey Lee,
i Philadelphia, to the effect that the !
synodical home mission committee,
with a bank balance of more than
i $19,000, bids fair to have an over
flowing treasury und no work to do.
Gasoline Production
Increases in Canada
I Calgary, Alberta, Oct. 24.—Gaso-
I line production from natural pas by ;
I the absorption method, practiced
I successfully in the oil fields of the
! United States, has been introduced in i
j Alberta and in view of the vast
1 natural gas deposits of the province,
! promises to develop into a large in
i dustry.
The Hope Engineering Company
, of Ohio has installed a plant at the
I Dingman natural gas wells near Cal
. Gary and is producing from 15 to 20
'! barrels a day of high-grade gaso
i line. Operations have been carried
]: on only two months, but the venture
i is declared already to be beyond the
experimental stage.
! This is the first time the absorp
| tion process of making gasoline
from natural gas has been attempted
'in Canada on a commercial scale.
"I The method is a combination of
• ■ whut is known as the horizontal and
t vertical vaporizations.
The Suburb Unparalleled.—Adv.
| of Pape's Diapepsin and the stomach
; distress Is gone.
Millions of people know the magic
lof Pape's Diapepsln as an antacid.
They know that indigestion and dis
; ordered stomach arc so needless.
The relief comes quickly, no disap
pointment! Pape's Diapepsln tastes
, like candy and a box of this world
famous indigestion relief costs so
: little at drug stores. Ptipe's Dia-1
pepsin helps neutralize the stomach!
'acids so you can eat without fear.
. • • " .. ... . . .
V> --. . a^M^^ : V#VVV •
' - - •v : v v - wi'i l !S^W >:v
f ; :
• 4 " * %
ißfc- ll9iK
Says Country Faces
Huge International
Financial Problems
Atlantic City, N. J., Oct. 24. —The
United States faces the problem of
extending by next summer approxi
mately $2,000,000,000 in interna
tional credits to the war-torn coun
tries of Europe, Dwight W. Mor
row, of J. P. Morgan and Company,
declared in an address on "The Prob
lem of International Credits," be
fore the International Trade Confer
ence here last night. He said that
the people in this Country would
have "to produce and save" to aid
in this big financial plan.
European countries are not com
ing to the United States seeking
charity, Mr. Morrow said, but they
are "asking us in our strength to
co-operate with them in their
strength to rebuild and restore their
productive capacity."
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OCTOBER 24, 1919,
King Finds Relatives
Living in This City
When Albert, King of the Belgians i
came to Harrisburg this morning he j
little thought he'd lind one of his rel-'
atives residing here, but stranger j
things than that have happened.
Mrs. Samuel Z. Shope, of 610 North I
Third street, who before her marriage i
was Miss Blizabeth Lentz. of Mauch
Chunk, is of the same lineage as Kin- !
.Mben, through her paternal grand j
father, both being descendants of the !
Duke of Saxe-Coburg Panlfeld. Mrs. j
Shope's cousin, Horace De Young
Uontz, of Mauch Chunk, is called
"King Albert's Twin."
i J Of Oriental Rug Display \ S
J f and Special Sale \|
i Tomorrow, Saturday, Mr. Mooradian will 1
jj wind up his special exhibit and sale of Oriental |
Mi Rugs at our shop. Mr. Mooradian has the finest
ml collection of Oriental Rugs you will find any
tl where. We believe it is really better than you
|f will find in the bigger cities, because Mr. Moor
adian has all genuine Oriental Rugs and has
li selected the choicest specimens for his collection.
V At the same time you, Avill be able to save a con- /
\ "——
I (§|s) 225 North Second St. ('(|JJ)) |
Halloween Dance Cards
Issued by Alpha Gammas
I Russell Baker. Ed. Craig and Harry
i Rensel, a committee from the Alpha
i Gamma society, fotinerly the Arm>
Club, have sent out cnvdfl of invita
tion f -r an informal l'.jtl-.oween daito*.
Thursday ovehlnf, October 30, .n
Frey's Hall, Front and Pine streets,
Music will be furnished by "ThC
Syncopators" of this city, which
piomlsca a tine dance program,
j 'lids club is composed of the sinm
• members giving many delightful so-
I cini entertainments riu 1 dances last