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    Boy Scout News
John Thompson Is Elected to
Fill Place of Charles
Krause, Resigned
To add to scouting interest new
activities are being planned and the
social committee of Troop 13 is bus>.
John Thompson has been elected
scribe In place of Charles Krause,
who said he could not fulfill his
duties properly and give the or
the necessary time. John TllolTip ®" u
has as his assistant, Charles Alex
,n After the meeting the boys ad
journed to the gymnasium. The first
event was the spring high Jump
won by the Wolf Pntrol with twen
ty-eight points. The Eagle Patrol
took second place with twenty-three
points. Donald McCammant, of the
Wolf Patrol, Jumped six feet, one
inch, the record for that evening.
The next stunt was the chin up,
won by the Wolf Patrol with twen
ty-four points. The Owl Patrol, came
in second, winning by twenty P o > n j*-
Charles Krause, of the Wolf I atrol,
and Russell Huber, of the Hound
Patrol, won the record of the even
ing in this event by chinning fif
teen times. - .
The next event was the Hussel
ball, won again by the Wolf Pa
trol. The relay race, which came
next, was also won by the Wolves,
the Cobra Patrol coming in a close
After these events, the first ana
second basketball teams were mixed
together and practice held. This is
only one of the means by which
scouting is made interesting to
Troop 13.
Troop 11 Invited
to Hallowe'en Party
Last Friday evening Troop 16
visited us at our meeting, and also
invited us to a Hallowe'en party to
be given in Bethlehem Lutheran
Church this evening.
All boys are to report at the
church not later than 7.10 p. m.
They also must bring a hatpin, a
needle and some thread, as it will be
used during the evening's entertain
ment. Different boys were told to
take certain things to the church
this afternoon, such as a clothes-
Hnsket, a crock, a broomhandle and
some rope, as they would also he
used in the fun.
We all are anticipating having an
evening full of fun and good times
with Troop 16.
Gold Star Covered
With Gold by Troop 2
Troop 2 tired her last shot yes
terday when Scoutmaster D. F.
Rumpf paid twenty dollars in gold
to the treasurer of the Soldiers' Me
morial Fund. The money covered
the gold star of Jacob Smith. 405
Walnut street, who died from an at
tack of spinal meningitis on his re
turn to camp from a furlough.
Troop 2 is the first troop to an
swer the last call of the war. This
troop has not always been the first
in every undertaking, but that was
owing to the fact that we went
along quite a while without a scout
master, but nevertheless No. 2 held
up its own during the war and we
emerge<J from war service with
many medals and other honors to
our credit. Now since we have an
efficient scoutmaster we expect to
come out on top of the heap every
Some may wonder at the fact that
Troop 2 covered a star belonging to
one outside of the troop, but we can
answer this by saying that our treas
ury is substantial enough to cover
the three stars of our former scout
masters and we would have done so
very willingly if they had not al
ready been covered by others before.
Troop No. 2 Passes
Second Class Exams
Under the leadership of Scoutmas
ter Rumpf, Troop No. 2 hiked to the
mountains above Rockville. The hike
proved to be a very successful one,
as everyone present passed their out
door second class examinations which
consist of a tracking a mile in 12
minutes, making a fire without paper
using only two matches and cooking.
Troop No. 2 is going through the
process of reorganization with a
bang. First of all we have a cracker-
Jack troop committee. We are not
afraid to state that our troop com
mittee is the best that ever represent,
ed any troop in the city. This com
mittee consists of Leon Lowengard,
chairman. Ell Goldstein, Louis Schiff
man. ex-lieutenant U. S. A., J. Fried
berg and Henry Levlne, ex-soldier.
Not only does our troop have the
best troop committee, but also we
have the best Deputy Commissioner
of the city. We are very proud to
have Dr. J. H. Fager lead our district
and we appreciate very deeply what
he has done to make our troop a
great success.
The Scoutmaster has registered 32
rames on the troop charter and we
hope before the month is over we will
have at least 25 second-class scouts.
Crowing Beards as Sign
That Paris Waiters Won
Paris Conquerors triumphantly
flaunt their banners. The waiters in
Parisian hotels, restaurants and cafes
are displaying ostentatiously mustachios
Don't Spoil a Good Meal
With a Bad Stomach
If a physician, a specialist in stom
ach diseases, came to you and said:
"I will fix up that miserable, worn
out stomach for you or money back
"I will make it as good as new so
you will not suffer from any distress
and can eat what you want without
fear or suffering, or money back."
Would you turn down his offer?
And when you are offered Mi-o-na
stomach tablets, made from a pre
scription better -than many of the
stomach specialists know how to
write, are you going to be narrow
minded and continue to suffer from
Indigestion, or are you going to be
fair to yourself and try Mi-o-na on
the money-back agreement.
Mi-o-na stomach tablets are offered
to you on this basis, that if they do
not pdt your stomach into su?h good
shape that there is no dizziness, sour
stomach, biliousness, sick headache,
and stomach distress, your money
will be returned. For sale by H. C
Kennedy and all leading druggists.
Seventeen Cubs were on the Job last
Friday. The greater part of the
meeting was taken up by a quizz on
Wolf Cub work. Bob Cunkle's team
won 11 to 7. After the meeting, five
fellows tried the Tenderpad test, but
only one got by. The test is easy.
Perhaps that is the trouble —too easy
to require very much effort, and so
the effort isn't made—with the result
that four fellows failed to pass.
Plans for our hike are coming along
well, an announcement concerning
and whiskers as visible signs that they
won their recent strikes. One of the
demands was the right to wear bristly
adornment on their faces. Now, every
breeze plays through their perfumed
mustachios and beards.
Haughty headwalters sport Dun
drearies or muttonchop effects. The
1 lb. 52c
3 lbs. $1.50
Face Powders
Mary Garden 75e
Garden Allah 54c
Pompeian 39c
Mavis 39c
Lady Mary 39c
Hudnut's 3 Flowers . ,39c
L-Ame (La May) .19c, 39c
Elmo 19c, 39c
La Blache 41c
Swansdown 13c
Boomerang 79c
Waltz Dream 68c
Petalis : 49c
Velaska Surette 43c
Fascination .49c
Flora Sweet 59c
Carmen 34c
Ven Dome 98c
Pussywillow 37c
Sanitol 23c
Chinvah 39c
Melbaline 21c
Mitzi 79c
Toilet Creams
V _J
Othene Double 69c
De Meridor 18c, 34c
Pond's Vanishing, 18c, 33c
Ara Mara 39c
Pond's Cold Cream 18c, 34c
Kenlay Double ,79c
Quince Cucumber Cr. ,27c
Orchard White, 28c
Pompeian Night . .27c, 63c
Woodbury's Facial Cr. . 19c
Howard's Buttermilk .45c
Stillman's Freckle 32c
Mercolized Wax 66c
Gilt Edge Peroxide . .28c
Elcaya 45c
Ingram Milkweed 39c
Palmolive Vanishing . .38c
Palmolive Cold Cream 38c
Palmolive Cold Cr., tube,
Rose Cold Cream 28c
Mum Deoderant 17c
this will be made at the meeting.
To-night we are going to the dis
trict rally to be held at our rooms at
7.30. Don't come to the church ex
pecting the doors to be open at 6.30.
Not to-night. Seventy-thirty is the
hour. We expect at least 125 boys
and quite a few men. Mr. German,
Mr. Virgin, Dr. Hazen, and various
troop committeemen will be present.
There will be something doing every
minute—and eats. Don't forget.
waiter of lower degree affects a close
clipped mustachio of the military, or
toothbrush style.
Even the bus-boys are patiently
cultivating down on their upper lips, en
couraging themselves with the thought
that all things come to him who waits.
Who Is Who, and Why?
Kennedy Sells It Cheaper
f 1 \
Toilet Waters Shaving Specials Hair Tonics
v. V. ____)
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Mary Garden, 7'/ 2 oz $3.98 $7.50 Gillette Razor .$6.79 Molle Shaving Cream 19c Wild Root Tonic 43c, 79c
Bjer-Kiss Vegetale 98c SB.OO Gillette Razor $6.98 Mennen's Shaving Cream 39c Parisian Sage 38c
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Snappy Program Is Prepared
For Big Night in Rooms
of Sixteeners
Every Sixteener on his toes to
night at 7.30 for the district rally to
be held In our rooms. We shall have
the pleasure of meeting with Troops
5. 11 and 19, to say nothing of Pack
Two. A good snappy program has
been prepared, and we hope to have
a very busy evening. Scout Commis
sioner German will be with us. Dr.
Hazen will be master of ceremonies.
Sure, the Scout Executive will be
present, too. Several Scouts will re
ceive badges, and our new assistant
scoutmaster, none other than Scout
Wilbur Criswell will be commission
Candy! Candy! Candy!
v ✓
Betsy Adams Assorted Chocolates and Bon
' Bons, Half Pound, 43c; Pound 83
Flange Assorted Chocolates 69
r N
Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipes
Pipe Specials 10c Straight
Bis: Values GIRARD
uig ¥ aiucs HENRIETTA
Prices ranging from MURIEL
On totf>i/10 ACHIEVER
20c $4.98 EL toX CTO
WHITE STATUE A " Camels 15c
DON ABILO "IJ'/vi* Lucky Strike 15c
"44" * J? 01 Piedmont 15c
CINCO AW Chesterfield 15c
ROSE O'CUBA ...J Fatima. 20c
t ' V
Candy! Candy! Candy!
v_ ___/
Helm Assorted Chocolates 49
Kellogg's Chocolate-Coated Nuts (Creamed) 63
Chocolate-Coated Nuts and Fruits (Creamed) 63
Helm Banquet Mints 29
ed. Scoutmaster Miller of Troop 19
has charge of the games. Mr. Man
ser, of Troop 11. has a stunt up his
sleeve, and knowing Mr. Mehring. of
Troop 5 as we do, we'll surely expect
something from Troop 5. Then, of
course, we may have something on
the block, too. Lastly, there will be
eats, so get in on this.
Nine of our fellows did a good turn
at Chestnut Street Hall on Monday
r.ight at the meeting of the Memorial
Committee. Twenty-three fellows
were at the meeting last Friday. Or
ders were taken for supplies. One
tenderfoot was raised to second class
and we decided to spend the evening
of Friday, November 7th, out of
doors. Enough said.
HUSTON, Scribe.
"Cholly tried to kiss me, upset
the canoe, fell out, ruined his new
suit, and was nearly drowned. He's
in the hospital now. What should
I do?"
"I think you should go round and
give him that kiss." Kansas City
Defeat of Amendment to Alien
Bill May Cause Ministry
to Quit
By Associated Press•
London, Oct. '24. —The country is
suddenly faced by the possibility of a
change of government, or dissolution
of Parliament, owing to the quite un
expected defeat of the government in
the House of Commons vesterday by
a majority of 72. Only about half the
members were present, and the vote
by which the government was defeat
ed was 185 to 113.
The Allen bill, the earlier stages of
c ■>
I *
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Oil 19c, 39c
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Campherole 21c, 40c
Hobson's Ointment 40c
Capsoline.. .; 19c
Peterson's Ointment.. .23c, 43c
Unguentine, tubes 19c
Ice Mint 34c
Yelogen 17c
Home Needs
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Lux Soap Chips, 2 pkgs. . .23c
Pure Witch Hazel, pint 35c
Sterno Heat, 3 cans 25c
Rubber Gloves, pair 43c
Liquid Veneer 19c, 37c, 67c
O'Cedar Polish 17c, 34c, 67c
Peroxide, pint 19c
Hire's Root Beer 17c
Fever Thermometers 89c
Syringe Tubing, length, 23c, 39c
Merck's Phosphate Soda 17c
Boric Acid, 2 half lbs., 25c
Dead Stuck 19c
Roach Salt 17c
Ivory Soap, 3 bars 23c
Dutch Cleanser, 2 cans ... .17c
2 in 1 Shoe Polish 17c
OCTOBER 24, 1919.
which were disposed of during the
summer session, was in the report
stage. The committee had previously
inserted an amendment withholding
pilotage certificates from all aliens,
and yesterday the government sought
by amendment to modify this restric
tion. in favor mainly of a number of
French pilots, for whom special pro
vision had been made in the existing
pilotage act. This amendment, how
ever, was defeated, although in
charge of government whips.
The announcement of the figures
was greeted with loud cheers from
the opposition quarters and caused
much excitement: Andrew Bonar Law
Immediately moved adjournment of
the House until Monday to enable the
government to consider what course
it should adopt. He admitted that tho
defeat of an amendment with gov
ernment whips was a serious matter,
requiring consideration, but lie de
clined to admit that it necessarily im
plied the resignation of the ministry.
This, lie declared, would depend upon
the view of the House of Commons as
a whole.
Opinions on the situation express
ed in the lobbies are conflicting, but
in View'of the small attendance in the
iHouse, it is thought that tho govern
ment may decide not to resign.
The Slightest Symptom
—Check It Effectively.
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down follow*. Your kidney* moat function
properly if you would be atrong and happy.
Dodd'a Kidney Pills hare been the standard
remedy for nearly fifty years. Don't neglect
your health. Buy Dodd'a at any druggist.
If he has none send us his name ana 60a.
for the genuine Dodd'a (three D'al Kidney
Pills. The Dodd Medicine Co, Buffalo, N.Y.
A safe cathartic —Diamond Dinner Pill*.
October 25th
From 9 A. M. to
10 P. M.
I 1
Peruna .<.79c
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Fellows' Syrup .73c, $1.05
Father John's .77c
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Nujol, 20 ozs. 75c
Stearns' Wine 79c
Miles' Heart Remedy- *79 c
Miles' Nervine ... .79c
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Tanlac ...75c
Vinol Original 75c
Mayr's Stomach Rem. .83c
Angler's Emulsion
American Oil ..... .*►.ssc t
Lysol 19c, 39c, 73c
Golf's Cough Syrup ...19c '
Maltine Preparations . .98c -
Lambert's Listerine 67c \
"■ i
Armour's Red Bone .$1.27
Pierce's Discovery ■„. 77c
Pierce's Prescription . .77c
Atwood's Bitters 19c ,
Philip's Milk Magnesia 37c
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Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
37c, 73c
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Varnesis (Green) 83c
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