Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, October 24, 1919, Page 10, Image 10

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Na+ion's Meat Supplies
Continue to Shrink
Chicago, Oct. 24.—Storage stocks
of meats and lard, which have de
. clined steadily since June, were esti
mated by the American Meat Pack
ers to-day to be sufficient for hardly
more than 18 days, if they were all
available and the sole supply.
The Bureau of Markets has just
reported that a total of 1,060.358.-
336 pounds of meat and lard are
stored. On June 1 an amount was
on hand adequate for 20 or 25 days.
On September 1 the stocks had de
clined until there were no more than
enough for 19 or 20 days.
Eliminating the stocks which are
awaiting cure or are in curing pro
cess now, the stored meats are prob
ably insufficient to fill normal needs
i u
Ed u /. a p= .
The quality of our furs is so tvell
known and the integrity of our
house so well established ice know
that those who really desire the
finest in furs will select their fur
I coats and fur pieces here.
Hatter and Furrier
17 North Third Street
REGULAR $2.25 TO $4.00 VALUE
Quality Brand Aluminum
Housewives, Boarding House and Hotel Owners, here is the chance of a lifetime! Articles
needed in every kitchen are placed before you at prices that challenge all competition. Of course
you KNOW they will sell quickly because other people are reading this announcement and will
lose no time getting here promptly, so in order to avoid any disappointment we urge that you
do likewise. By special arrangement a factory representative will be here.
I ' Fact d
Every one of these kitchen utensils* is made of Quality
Brand Aluminum and is guaranteed to wear for twenty PS
I I years by the manufacturers. If it fails to give satisfaction
we will give you a new utensil in exchange. K 1
Sale Saturday, 10 A. M., October 25
No goods reserved before the sale. No telephone orders. None wrapped and no C O D
312 Market Street
for more than eight or ten days.
if the Nation had to be rationed I
from its reserve supply, every per
son could have only .72 of a pound
of lard; .07 of a pound of lamb and
mutton; little more than one pound
of beef, frozen or cured; and six or
seven pounds of frozen, dry salt, or
pickled pork.
Philadelphia. Oct. 2*. Three
members of the crew of the tug
Aral were drowned yesterday when
the towboat collided with the Dutch
steamer Farmsum in the Delaware
river and sank. The Formsum was
not damaged.
To get the genuine, call for full name i
lets. Look for signature of E W.
GROVE. Cures a Cold in One Day.
30c. —Adv.
A. F. L. Calls Unions
For Discussion of
Industrial Disputes
Washington, Oct. 24.—A confer
ence of international unions affili
ated with the. American Federation
of Lubor will be held in Washing
ton soon to consider industrial dis
putes now in progress and impend
This was disclosed to-day on the
following telegram sent by Samuel
Gompers, president of the federa
tion, to the Illinois State Federation
of Labor in session at Peoria:
"Executive Council of the Ameri
can Federation of Labor before its
adjournment Tuesday evening,
adopted a declaration calling for a
conference to be held in Washing
ton at an early date to deal with
several of the subjects contained in
your message."
The Illinois Federation had ask
ed that a special convention of the
American Federation be held here
for the purpose of perfecting an al
liance of the international unions of
the United States and Canada "more
| effectively to fight out the life and
death struggles of the workers now
in progress."
The date for the conference au
thorized by the executive council
! has not yet been determined.
Helps Whole Family, Quickly
Woman's Interesting
Mrs. M. H. Van Wart, Lents, Ore.,
j writes:
i "I feel it a duty to write you.
! Four years ago my husband had a
i bad cough, and found no relief from
j medicines he tried. Finally tried
j your Mentlio-Laxene and made it
j up as a cough syrup and it quickly
; cured him. Now, this last winter,
; my two boys had fearful coughs and
jit has cured them. It also gives me
! great relief from asthma, from
j which I suffer in wintertime, as you
1 know here we have it so rainy in
stead of snow, as back East, etc."
\ This concentrated essence, called
Mentho-Laxene, is sold by drug
j gists in 2Vz -ounce bottles. You mix
lit at home with syrup, making a
'.whole pint very cheaply, as per di
'rections with each bottle. —Adv.
West Shore Borough Will
Raise Fund For Soldier
Etiola, Pa., Oct. 24.—The mem
bers of War Relief composed of the'
following persons will start their
drive on Monday to solicit funds
I and assistance for the Welcome
| Home celebration to be held here
' on Thursday, October SO:
| District No. 1, Mrs. J. William
i Keller and Mrs. E. A. Brunner.
j District No. 2, Mrs. David W.
Vogel and Mrs. Benjamin J. Pass
' more.
District No. 3, Mrs. Harry W.
I Smith and Mrs. J. H. Rotte.
j District No. 4, Mrs. John F.
Gruver and Mrs. S. J. Putt.
District No. 5, Mrs. Christian "F.
Kantz and Mrs. C. H. Miller.
District No. 6, Mrs. William U
Troup and Mrs. William F. Martin.
District No. 7, Mrs. Howard A.
Wagner and Mrs. J. M. Jones.
District No. 8. Mrs. G. Hepford.
District No. 9, Mrs. C. N. Miller
and Mrs. J. S. McCormick.
District No. 10, Mrs. H. S. Hass
ler and Mrs. Paul L. Bensler.
District No. 11, Mrs. H. E. Kline,
Mrs. Edward Himes and Mrs. S. W.
The Finance Committee, R. H.
Holmes. George W. Ellinger, Chas.
H. Gottshall, P. M. Miller, Edward
Baohman and Paul L. Bender will
The other committees in charge
are: Publicity. Bankes E. Shull,
Miss Margarette E. Hassler, Mrs.
W. L. Fisher, Roy H. Holmes and
H. H. Way: decorating, Guy A.
Yeager, George Fickle, Paul L.
Bender. Christian F. Kantz, J. Lib
hart. W. T. Barrow, Rev. H. M.
Buck, V. Ersinberger, Clinton Geltz,
H. L. Hoffman, John F. Gruver, J.
D. Bordlemay and Bruce Beimer.
Western Union Men
Visit Local Office
Western Union officials were here
to-day on a tour of Inspection. They
came in their special car from Bal
timore this morning and after visit
ing the local offices left over the
Philadelphia and Reading Railway
for an Inspection of Eastern points.
The officials were much pleased with
the business and management in
Harrisburg. In the party were:
Newcomb Carlton, president; J.
C. Williver, vice-president and in
charge of the commercial depart
ment; W. M. Fosbaugh, vice-presi
dent and traffic manager;; G. M.
Yorke. vice-president In charge of
plants and engineering; S. B. Haig,
division Jraffic superintendent; T.
W. Carroll, general manager eastern
division; J. S. Calvert, commercial
superintendent at Philadelphia, and
E. M. Haston, traffic superintendent.
Roosevelt's Widow Gives
Town of Quentin Silver Cup
Lebanon, Pa., Oct. 24 —When Mrs.
Roosevelt, widow of the late Col-
Theodore Roosevelt, learned that a
Lebanon county town had been
named in honor of her son, Lieut.
Quentin Roosevelt, who lost his life
in France, she presented the village
with a handsome silver cup. It now
occupies a prominent place in the
high school building, which is the
center of the social activities of the
Quentin for many years was
known as Bismarck, having been
named in honor of the German Iron
Chancellor, but with the declaration
of war against Germany the towns
people demanded a change and the
Postoffice Department acceded to the
request that hereafter it be known as
One Killed, Six Hurt
When Fly-Wheel Breaks
By A ssocxated Press
Lancaster, Pa., Oct. 24.—1n the
explosion of a fifteen-ton flywheel
at the plant of the Penn Iron and
Steel Corporation this morning, Ira
J. Weaver ,of Ephrata, was killed,
and six other employes were in
jured. The puddling mill of the
plant was wrecked by the flying
It is believed the governor on the
engine jammed, allowing the ma
chinery to run wild. A piece of the
flywheel, weighing 1,500 pounds,
struck Weaver, the engineer, crush
ing him. The injuries to the other
employes were caused by steam.
Wilson Continues Slowly
• to Gain More Strength
* By Associated Press
Washington, Oct. 24.—President
Wilson continues slowly to gain
strength said a bulletin issued to
day by his physician. The bulletin
"The President continues to slow
ly gain in strength. There is noth
ing additional to report this morn
Burglars Steal 7,000
Pairs of Trousers; Haul
Loot Away in Autos
West Point, Pa., Oct. 24.—Seven
thousand pairs of trousers were
stolen from the Montgomery Cloth
ng Company plant here early yes
terday. The garments were taken
away in an automobile truck and a
touring car by burglars, who jimmied
a lock on the front door of the
Miss Panie A. Reinard died Wed
nesday morning after a lingering ill
ness at her home, 1803 North Third
street She was a life-long member
of the Zlon Lutheran Church and
Sunday School, and active in church
work until prevented by illness. She
is survived by her step-father Harry
S. Watson, one brother, Harry S.
Watson, Jr., of Baltimore, Mr., and
one sister. Miss Amy M. Watson, of
this city.' Funeral services will be
held at the home, Saturday after
i noon at 2 o'clock, and will be in
charge of the Rev. S. W. Herman, of
]Zion Lutheran Church. Burial will
be made in Harrisburg cemetery.
By Associated Press
Toklo, Saturday, Oct. 18.—The Ja
panese government having not yet
replied to the American note con
cerning co-operation in the adminis
tration of the trans-Siberian rail
road, it is understood here that the
United States government has dis
patched a second note on the sub
ject to Japan.
Bolsheviki Considering
Evacuation of Soviet
Russia, Reports Say
By Associated Press
London, Oct. 2 4. —The Bolsheviki j
are considering the evacuatidn of j
Soviet Russia, according to reports
reaching General Denikine, a wire- j
less dispatch received to-day from |
his headquarters says.
The reported plan is for the re
moval of the cabinet to Tashkend, !
ifter the abandonment of Moscow,
and the withdrawal of the troops on
all fronts to Turkestan.
Reports similar to the foregoing
reached Copenhagen on October 14
from Helslngfors. One dispatch pre
dicted that if Tula, 129 miles south
of Moscow, were taken the Bol
shevik commissaries would abandon
their present capital and retire into
Turkestan. Recent reports from
General Denikine's front announced
that the Soviet forces had begun to
fortify the suburbs of Tula, War
Minister Trotzky having declared
that a general battle must be fought
outside that town.
Charges Second Armed
Invasion of Coal Fields
Is Planned by Miners
By Associated Press
Charleston, W. Va., Oct. 24.—Gov
ernor John J. Cornwell to-day sent |
a message to John L. Lewis, presl- i
dent of the United Mine Workers |
of America in which he charged that !
a second armed invasion of the Gu
yan valley coal district was being
planned by the miners of the Cabin
creek coal section. The governors
also charged that arms and ammu
nition had been distributed among
the miners, and there had been much
talk of shooting public officials and
taking control of the government.
The telegram. It was announced,
had been sent to Mr. Lewis in Wash
Twenty-one reasons for a new
trial were given in a motion filed by
attorneys for the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company in the suit brought
against tlie corporation by John C.
Witmer, in which he secured a ver
dict of almost S7OO.
Lift off Corns!
Doesn't hurt a bit and Freezone
costs only a few cents.
With your Angers! You can lift oft!
any hard corn, soft corn, or corn be- I
tween the toes, and the hard skin
calluses from bottom of feet.
A tiny bottle of "Freezone" costs |
little at any drug store; apply a few
drops upon the corn or callus. In- I
stantly it stops hurting, then shortly I
you lift that bothersome corn or I
callus right off, root and all, with
out one bit of pain or soreness, :
Truly! No humbugl
Simple Home Remedy
Advised For Rose
And Hay Fever
Anyone Can Make a Pint For
Trifling Sum and Used In
Time May Prevent
Annual Attack
i"No matter bow severe your yearly
attack be.
No matter how distressing or ha>
Its intensity can be reduced to a harm
less, mildness,"
says a Kentucky druggist who believe*
from what he has seen that this simple
borne made remedy Is e most im
portant discovery.
He has seen the most severe and
apparently unconquerable cases re
duced to what might be called a mild
cold In twenty-four hours.
In many cases where the patient
•tarted treatment a week or ten days
before the expected attack the unwel
come yearly visitor failed to appear
with anything like Its usual Intensity.
People who want to try this new
treatment can make a pint In a few
Pour one ounce of Menthollzed Ar
cine into a pint bottle then fill the
bottle with water that has been boiled.
Gargle dally as directed and snuff of
■pray the nostrils twice dally.
That's all there Is to the treatment
which eo many sufferers have found t#
be a true friend.
Menthollzed Arclne In one oune*
Vials Is dispensed by all the better
How Every Woman Can Quick,
ly Charm Her Friends With
Lovely Teeth,
Clean, White and Brilliant
If you want the cleanest of white
teeth and healthy gums free from die
ease, an easy and quick way to get
both Is to use a tooth paste so effective
ar<d perfect that astonishing results
usually come in' a week's time.
And tho cost Is so little. Just go te
any drug or department store, and get
a large tube of BEXRECO TOOTH
PASTE for 35 cents.
Not only will it make your teeth
clean and white, but It will at once
remove any filmy coating, help to
check the ravages of Pyorrhea and
banish acidity In the mouth.
It Is used by thousands of dentists
an,_ its sale has been remarknbla.
When you visit your dentist, which
you should do at least Twice a year,
ask him about SENRECO. It's a most
delightful and refreshing tooth paste.
OCTOBER 24, 1919. "
Paris, Oct. 24.— Bulgaria's reply
to the peace terms of the Allied and
: Associated Powers were handed to
! Secretary Dutasta, of the Peace Con
j ference, this morning. The time
. limit for the presentation of the re
( Ply expired to-day 7 The answer
i comprises three pamphlets, the first
| relating to the political and labor
j clauses, the second to the territorial
■ provisions and the third to the mil
; itary, naval, aerial and reparations
| terms.
The Supreme Council is holding
! no session to-day.
I A special meeting of Oak Troop, No.
[ 4. Girl Scouts, of Stevens Memorial
[ Methodist Episcopal Church, has been
1 called for this evening at 7.16 o'clock
iat the church when final arrange
ments for an overnight hike will be
In memory of Mildred Esterline,
who died one year ago to-day, Octo
ber 24, 191S, aged 14 years.
A precious one from us Is gone,
A voice we loved is stilled.
A vacant chair is in our home,
tyhich never can be filled.
By Her Mother, Father and Three
1612 Logan St., Harrisburg.
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