Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, October 21, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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A Quart of Hers key's Ice Cream
For 35c and the JVonderful
Thermopak,] $145
To Carry it Home in .
§We are not in the ice •
cream business and are sell
ing it at practically cost dur
ing the demonstration of the
Thermopak. The Thermo
pak is unbreakable, is light
and durable.
It is handy to carry, takes
up little space, handy for
auto parties, as it keeps the
edibles in good condition.
Will keep hot or cold food or
drink and you can enjoy
home cooking away from
home and save the cost.
The price, $1.45, is within
the reach of all. It does the
work of a high-priced
vacuum bottle that costs
four to five times as much.
We have exclusive sale of it.
Women's Ribbed Wool
Sport Hose
For Fall and Winter. Women wearing low
shoes for fall will find an added degree of com
fort in wearing wool stockings. We are.show
ing the light weight heather mixtures; $2.25
BOWMAN'S —Main Floor.
Women's Hosiery For Evening Wear
TTiese stockings are well fortified for the Fall and
Winter festivities, in all the newer ideas appealing to
women. The beautiful lace effects, the smart-looking
clocks and the always dependable plain black, white
and silver-. The quality in these stockings is of the
best obtainable, right up to the minute in style, and
they are just such .ones that appeal to all who happen
to glance at them. The only way to have the right
Idea of them is to come in and see them
Lace stockings; $l-95, $3-95 and $4.95.
Stockings with clocks; $3-95-
Plain black, white and silver stockings; $325 to
ip"T.. y
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Ms. Individual
,! : , Corsets
We are confident that we have a model for
you —a corset which will feel like a part of
comfortable, restful, light, and, oh, how
surpassingly and individually smart!
I BOWMAN'S—Second Floor.
Latest Winter Fashions For Stout 'Women
And Those Who ear Extra Large Sizes
Models of the moment developed in fabrics of popularity most complete assortment of coats fashioned along the
iand quality lend distinction, to the matron who takes an extra new s ty^ e tendency, of the most desired materials, such as:—
size or the plump debutante, by their long, graceful lines and yo Frost Glow Silvertone jm
permit them to wear successfully the season's newest whim. fk lljbflPeachbloom Tinseltone I
hrnfJA I \ Chameleon Cords Polo Cloth
Suits that are especially designed to emphasize the slender vf If \ V Cascade Oxford /7j' f \
silhouette are represented in M _V V / Bohvia > Broadcloth ujyl^TSj
Silvertone Tricotine $39.50 to $195.00 f|W
Velour Men's Wear Serge 1 ' |g& Dresses that reveal the newer lines and radiate that air of / ! |
Broadcloth Oxford Cloth youthful smartness so necessary to the woman of ample propor- / .
Cheviot Poplin it l i ons are here shown in a variety of fascinating styles, in / L
v Sgi; Crepe Meteor Tricotine Georgette
,$45.00 to $135.00 IJ ift Sizes 39 to 51 for the slightly fhortwaisted figured ™ lette ,/ JF I
Sizes 42 to 50 for the regular stout figure; /
A full range of skirts in plaids and plain colors; waist bands 12W Sizes 42*4 to 48}4 for the long waisted stylish stout. I
to 48 inches, $10.95 to $25.00. V AA j. „ <CI HH • i
BOWMAN'S—Third Floor. I
"f • ' ||'- -■ ~ N , i BOWMAN'S—Third Floot. 1
Is Your House Ready
For the New Rugs?
If you are through with housecleaning, perhaps you have found one of the rooms that is badly in need
of a new rug to brighten up the room . You know that, even though a room is empty, entirely devoid of fur
niture or other furnishings, and you spread a beautiful rug on the floor, the room at once presents an appear
ance of being more than half furnished. Did you ever try it?
It proves without question the important part the rug plays in the proper furnishing of a home. The
beautiful designs, rich colorings and soft, luxurious tread seem first essentials when it comes to'furnishing a
room and first in consideration when it comes to re-furnishing.
Bowman's Rug. Department has for years been known for its excellent rug values. We now have in stock
many rugs that were purchased months ago. The manufacturers are now getting considerably higher prices
than we paid and we will naturally have to pay more for all we secure later. Our present selling prices are
based upon the prices we paid and, therefore, in many instances are about equal to the present wholesale prices.
So, investigate these values if you need rugs now.
Axminster Rugs Velvet Rugs
A great variety of Axminster rugs, in pretty colors Seamless, in floral, all-over and Oriental patterns:
and patterns: 6x9 ft s. <K24 00
6x9 ft $22.50 to $33.00 ' _, f f*'™
7.6x9 ft $30.00 7 ' 6x9ft $26.50
8.3x10.6 ft $35.00, $39.00 to $52.50 8.3x10.6 ft $32.50 to s+o.oo
9x12 ft $40.00, $45.00, $47.50 to $55.00 9x12 ft $35.00, $40.00 to $60.00
11.3x12 ft $50.00 11.3x12 ft $45.00 to $50.00
JVilton Rugs
These are made by one of our best mills from spool ends of high-grade worsted yarn in small all-over pat
terns, 9x12 ft. only; $57.50.
BOWMAN'S—Fourth Floor.
Cleanup Sale Of
Women's Low Shoes
Continues Tomorrow
Choice $4.95 Pair
At this price you can afford to lay in several pairs
even though you may not wear them a great deal un
til Spring. The price is only about half of what
most of them would cost at the beginning of a sea
son. Excellent quality in Extent Coltskin, Brown
Calfskin, Black Kidskin, Brown Kidskin and Gray
Kidskin in Pumps and Oxfords.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Wash Goods
Cotton fabrics of the finer textures are the
year around in demand. Some are designed for
the house wear, others for party dresses; some
are woven with silk, giving it the sheen and fin
ish of silken goods, thereby reducing the cost of
a little frock which fills the bill and leaves plenty
margin for another as all occasions call for some
thing different.
36-inch Printed Silk Mixed Tussahs,
$l.OO and $1.50
36-inch Self-figured Habutines, /z silk, yd.
36-inch Plain Habutine, ]/z silk, yard.
45-inch Swiss Organdies, evening shades,
$1.25 yard
36-inch Silk Mixed Crepes yard
32 and 36-inch English and Domestic Madras,
and yard
32-inch Finest American and English Ging
hams and 75^
36-inch Linen Finish Suitings, many good
shades, plenty pink and tan yard
36-inch Figured Eiderdown yard
BOWMAN'S— Ma In Flocr.
OCTOBER 21, 1919.
Why Dread Wash Day
A Vacuum Electric Washer
removes all worry. No
you need do is turn on |J|Pj| 'JIB
ing the wash you can be
doing something else. Come in and see the Easy
Vacuum Washer. When the washer is in operation,
the two vacuum cups inside the tub move up and
down one stroke each second, taking a new position
on each downward stroke. The air contained in the
cups on the down stroke forces soapy .water through
the mesh of the garments. While on the up stroke,
the cups suck the soap water back through the mesh.
1 his suction carries with it any foreign substances
and dirt that might be lodged in the mesh. It does
not tear the dainty laces, lingerie, etc. In fact, it pre
serves them as there is no dragging, rubbing or jerk
ing of the clothes over cleated or corrugated surfaces.
BOWMAN'S—Fifth Floor, Furniture Department
Women's Pure Thread Silk
Stockings, $1.25
With mock seam, medium heavy silk with
lisle tops and feet in a good assortment of colors;
Black, White, Navy and Gray; well-fitting stock
ings for $1.25 pair I
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Wash Cape Gloves
That Are Just Right
Right in fit, right in color, right in workmanship
and finish. Wear right, look right—
These wash cape gloves of one and two-clasp, in tan,
brown, gray and mastic, with spear and embroidery
backs. These are noted for their good service, for
they can't be worn out in one season. They are a
glove that any woman would appreciate as a gift;
$2.50 pair.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.
Umbrellas in New Styles
For Men, JVomen and Children
Umbrellas are needed as much in the month of
October as any other month of the year. Perhaps
you've been waiting for a rainy day to buy a good
looking, durable umbrella; but don't wait any longer,
buy now, so that when it rains you'll have it. Our
stock of umbrellas is of the best and the handles of
the latest. Umbrellas are wonderful gifts.
Children's umbrellas, with mission, straight han
dles, crooked, etc., in every shade.
Mission handles, cord handles, ring, straight ahd
fancy handles, in all shades and sizes for men and
women; $1.95 to $11.95.
BOWMAN'S—Main Floor.