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103 d Anniversary
Services at Wesley
Church End Today
The services of to-day will close
the 103 rd anniversary of the Wes
ley A. M. E. Zion Church. At 11:45
a. m. the anniversary sermon will
be preached by the pastor, the Rev.
Stephen A. McNeill, on "The Church
Above Our Chief Joy."
At 3 p. m., there w(ill be a citi
zen's service. Many prominent
citizens of the city will be present.
At 7:45 p. m., Prof. J. P. Scott will
conduct a platform service: "The
Church Present and Future." Topics
will be discussed as follows: "The
Church a Spiritual Force," Walter
Gillis; "The Church from the View
point of a Trustee," Chas. White:
"The Relationship of the Family of
Churches," J. M. Auter; "The Choir
and the Church," Marshall Ficklin;
"Obligation of the World to the
Church," Dr. A. L. Marshall; "Obli
gation of the Church to the World,"
Dr. C. L. Carter; "The Future of the
Church," Dr. C. H. Crampton; "The
Young People's Place in the
Church," Harry Burns. The Wesley
union choir under the leadership of
Prof. William Shield will furnish
music at all of these services.
Fourth Reformed Sixth
Dedication Anniversary
The Fourth Reformed congrega
tion will observe the Feast of In
gathering to-morrow at both of the
church services and at the same
time celebrate the sixth anniver
sary of the dedication of their
church building. On October 6,
1913, this splendid edifice was dedi
cated. The day will be appronriate
ly observed with a fine muy>"i pro
gram by the choir and with special
sermons by the pastor, the Rev.
Homer Skyles May. Flowers, fruits
and grains will adorn the church
and pulpit. The morning theme
will be "The Over-ripe Harvest,"
and in the evening the pastor will
speak on the subject "Toilers of the
World and Their Service to Christ
and the Church." The offerings for
the day will be used for the church
debt fund.
Tyrone, Pa., Oct. 11.—Bast evening
Miss Hilda Garland, of Tyrone, and
Charles F. Meyer, of Altoona, were |
united in marriage at the home of
the bride's parents here by the Rev.
J. E. Beard, pastor of Columbia Ave
nue Methodist Church. The young
people were attended by Mr. and Mrs.
John Hengster, brother-in-law and
sister of the bridegroom. The bride
groom is employed in the car shops
at Altoona.
Famous pain and ache IJnlmciit,
kept liandy, brings gratify
ing relief
RHEUMATIC twinges ease up
soon. So did stiff joints, lame
back, neuralgia, overtaxed
muscles, and those pains from
weather exposure, too-—they don't
fight long against the counter
irritant Sloan's Linimerrt produces.
Keep this old family friend handy
for instant use—a little penetrates
without rubbing, leaving no skin
stains, muss or clogged pores. You
ought to keep a bottle handy al
All druggists. Three sizes—3sc,
70c, $1.40.
ROOM 10,
202 Walnut Street
(Lawrence Process)
No new pistons required.
of all kind*
Aluminum a specialty.
Machine Work of All Kinds
06-08 S. Cameron St.
Both Phones.
Rapid Transit
and Its Important
Position among
American Trac
tion Companies—
Both the commercial and the
financial positions of a trac
tion company are this day
largely dependent upon Its re
lations with its employes,
which Is an Indication- of mod
ern management.
An outline of the remark
uble condition of Philadelphia
Rapid Transit In this and In
many other respects, which
make It a model for the entire
country, Is one of the leading
articles of the currerA number
of our Market Review.
Sent on request for IIT-ILS.
< I*lt 11 ii Stock ftßxo-linnifc
C'hlruKO fioitriS of Trade
Penn-Harris Hotel,
Church Directory
Bethlehem—lo.3o and 7.30, Holy
Communion. The Rev. H. C. Alle
man, of Gettysburg Theological Sem
inary, will be pastor in charge; 1.45,
Sunday school.
Augsburg—The Rev. A. Maxwell
Stamets. 10, Infant Baptism, Holy
Communion; 7.30, "The Christian's
Glorious Calling;" 2, Sunday school;
6.30, Intermediate and Senior Chris
tian Endeavor.
Holy Communion —The Rev. John
Henry Miller. 10.45, "The Lord and
the Sabbath;" 7.30, "The Word;"
9.30, Sunday school.
Memorial —The Rev. L. C. Manges.
10.30 and 7.30, pastor will preach;
2, Sunday school rally and address
by the Rev. Prof. Abdel R. Wentz;
10, men's prayer meeting; 5.30,
Junior Luther League; 6.30, Senior
Luther League.
Trinity, Camp Hill—The Rev. Dr.
E. D. Weigle. 10.45, "Church
Unity"; 7.30, "Preaching Jesus";
9.30, Sunday School; 6.30, Luther
Calvary—The Rev. Edward 11.
Paar. 11, "Christ's Controversy with
Pharisees on the Sabbath"; 7.30,
"Moses Called to Deliver Israel";
10.30, Sunday School.
St. Mark's, Mechantcsburg 9,
Bible School; 10.30, "What Glorious
Things are Spoken of Zion"; 6.45,
Luther League; 7.30, "The Dire
Distress of Poland, Finland, etc.—
Shall They Die?"
Christ The Rev. Dr. Thomas
Reisch. 10.30, "The Work of, the
Church"; 7.30, "The Knowledge of
Sin and Guilt"; 2, Sunday School.
Zion—The Rev. S. W. Herman,
D. D. 10.30, "Spiritual Enlarge
ment"; 7.30, "A Type of Unrest that
is Blessed"; 1.45, Sunday School;
Rally Day in Sunday School.
Messiah —The Rev. Henry W. A.
Hanson, D. D. 10.30, "The New
Age of Faith"; 2 Sunday School,
Rally Day; 7.30, "New Loyalty to
Old Landmarks."
St. Paul's, Riverside—The Rev. E.
E. Snyder will preach at 3; Sunday
School at 2; C. E. Society aet 7.
St. Matthew's —The Rev. E. E.
Snyder will preach at 11 and 7.30;
Sunday School, 9.45; C. E. Society
at 9.30.
Redeemer—The Rev. M. S. Shafer.
10.30, "The Mark of the Church;"
7.30, "Strength, How to Obtain It."
St. Paul's—B, Communion service;
11, "Joy of Unselfish Service;" 2.30,1
Sunday school; 8, popular service
and address.
Church of the Holy Cross—The
Rev. Willoughby M. Parchment.
10.30, Matins; 11, Holy Communion;
1.30, Sunday school; 8, evensong and
St. Stephen's—The Rev. Rollin
Alger Sawyer. 8, Holy Communion;
10, Sunday school; 11, "The Four
Commands of Christ;" 8, "The Great
St. Andrew's, Market and Nine
teenth Streets—The Rev. Henry A. j
P.ost. 8, Holy Communion; 9.45,
church school; 11, morning prayer
and sermon on "Our Call;" 7.30, eve
ning prayer and address.
First—The Rev. Ira Boyd Wen
ger. 11, "The Church That Will
Abide;" 7.30, the Rev. William
Kachel will preach; 9.45, Sunday
Lemoyne—The Rev. Ira P. Har
baugh. 9.30, Bible school; 10.30,
"God's All-Sufllcient Message for the
Present;" 7.30, "The Soul's Anchor."
No Disposition Made
of Bogus Order Case;
Girl Believed Deranged
No disposition has yet been made in
the case of Miss Miriam Haines, aged
20 years, of 203 South Thirteenth
street, who was given a hearing in
police court yesterday afternoon on
a charge of having attempted to se
cure big orders of goods by fraud
from Bowman and Company, and
Dives, Pomeroy and Stewart.
Alderman De Shong, before whom
the case was heard yesterday, is to
day conferring with District Attor
ney Stroup. The announcement of
his decision is expected to come some
time during the late afternoon.
Miss Haines was arrested shortly
after leaving the Philadelphia and
Reading station telephone booth on
Wednesday afternoon, according to
the story told at the hearing yester
She had Just completed a telephone
conversation with the employes of the
Bowman store In reference to the or
der, and it was this conversation
which led to her arrest. While she
was conversing with employes, the
chief operator had traced the call.
Bowman's had notified the authorities
and Detectives Allison and Shuler ar
rived at the station while the girl
was still in the telephone booth. Part
of the conversation was overheard,
and they followed her for a short
distance, and then placed her under
The girl at present is out under
SSOO bail. Police authorities are in
clined to believe that she is suffering
with a mental ailment which may ac
count for her actions.
Stinbury, Pa., Oct. 11.—Marriage
licenses were issued here to-day to
Miss Dora Orner, of Sunbury, and
Charles D. Broslous, of Detroit,
Mich.; Miss Olive V. Llndauer, of
Watsontown, and W. Van Person, of
Wllliamsport, and Miss Anna Worln
ski and Joseph Klocker, both of
I 1 130 LQGUST 8L HARRIB(fc. PA. U
r — ~
Help Wanted
Press Feeders
at Once
The Telegraph
Printing Co.
Cameron and State Sts.
Harrisburg, Pa.
i Market Square—The Rev. George
J Edward Hawes, D. D.; the Rev.
j Howard Rodgers, assistant. 9.45,
i Sunday school; 11, "Having Spirit
jual Life, and Knowing It"; 7.30, "A
.Precious Refuge; or, a Stumbling
I Block."
I Pine Street —The Rev. Lewis S.
Mudge, D. D. 10.30, "What to Be-
J About God"; 7.30, "The Clay
(Christ Made"; Supday School, 1.40.
! Division Street—The Rev. Harold
jH. Baldwin. 7.45, "Christian Pre
] paredness."
Covenant—The Rev. Harvey Klaer.
10.30, "One Mind, One Mouth";
17.30, "Practicing the Precepts"; 2,
j Sunday School.
I Camp Hill—The Rev. R. A. Ketch-
I ledge. 11, sacraments of baptism
|and Lord's Supper; 7.30, "The Walk
lof the Christian"; 9.45, Sunday
! School.
I Westminster —The Rev. Henry W.
I Miller. 10.30, "Cross Bearing"; 1.45,
I Sunday School. At 7.30 in the eve
| ning demobilzation of the serviie
flag with appropriate services and
extra music. William S. Essich will
make the address.
Capital Street —The Rev. B. M.
Ward, D. D. 10.45, "A Fatal De
cision"; 7.30, "Our Loyalty Pro
gram"; 12.15, Sunday School; 6.10,
Christian Endeavor.
Bethany—The Rev. John Martin
Warden. 7.30, "Love for God's
House;" 9, Sunday school; 6.30,
'christian Endeavor.
Immanuel—The Rev. H. Everett
Hallman. 10, morning worship;
11.15, Sunday School; 6.30, Christian
Endeavor; 7.30, "The Man of Af
Tabernacle —Sunday School at
9.45; communion service at 11. by
the Rev. P. Vanis Slowter, of Phila
delphia; preaching at 7.30; B. Y.
P. M. at 6.45.
Second —The Rev. Albert Josiah
Greene, pastor, at 10.30 and 7.30;
Sunday School, 12; B. Y. P. U., 6.30.
First—The Rev. William J. Lock-I
hart, 10.30, "God Is Faithful"; j
11.45, Special Rally Day service in I
the Bible School; 7.30, Song service,
Chaplain Theodore Beck, Ist Lieut. |
320 th Infantry, U. S. A., who was |
wounded in the Argonne Forest will j
speak on: "A Chaplain's Front Line
St. Paul—E. Luther Cunningham,
pastor, at 10.30, "The Glory of the
Church"; at 7.30, "The Miriam of
the Households"; Sunday School,
12.30; special sermon, to household
of Ruth, No. 1; B. Y. P. U., 6.30.
Mt. Olivet—The Moses J. Birge,
10.30, "I Am the Bread of Life";
Sunday School, 12.30; B. Y. P. U.,
6.30; 8, "A Strange Message."
Lemoyne—The Rev. E. Crumbling.
10.45, "Joash Taking the Collection;"
7.30, "Over Against the Treasury;"
9.30, Sunday school: 6.30, C. E.
Harris Street —The Rev. A. G.
Flexer. 9.30, Sunday school; 10.30,
church service; 6.40, K. L. C. E. meet
ing; 7.30, church service.
Rally Day services at which the
Rev. 11. V. Summers, presiding elder
of the Ohio conference of the United
Evangelical Church, will preach both
morning and evening.
Enola—The Rev. H. M. Buck. 10.45,
"The Prayer Meeting;" 7.30, "The
Man Who Stays Away From Prayer
Meeting;" 9.30, Sunday school.
Park Street—The Revs. A. E. Han
gen and S. A. Miller. 10.45, "Prayer
meeting;" 7.30, "Growing for God;"
Y. M. C. A. Evening Classes
Will Open Monday With
Appropriate Exercises
An Interesting program Monday
night will mark the formal opening
of the night school at the Central Y.
IM. C. A. The entertainment will start
at 7.30 o'clock. All registered and
prospective students are Invited to
attend. The courses will be outlined
by the instructors, and full announce
ment made.
The program will include moving
pictures on educational subjects; bar
itone solos by William Boyer: an ad
dress on "Education with a Purpose,"
by Dr. George Boeht, First Deputy
Superintendent of Public Instruction
and Chairman of the Y. M. C. A. Edu
cational Committee. Following regis
tration of students refreshmens will
be served and everybody given an op
portunity to get acquainted. The
classes will include;
Twenty lessons in salesmanship,
with G. W. Spahr, sale manager of
ElUott-Flsher Company as instruct
or; public speaking, Prof. H. H.
Shenk, instructor; Commercial Span
ish. William D. Melkle, instructor;
mechanical drawing, James W. Phil
lips, instructor; business, English and
correspondence. W. A. Strawinski, In
structor; bookkeeping, Mlley T.
Sheaffer, instructor, and glee club
training, by Bernard R. Mausert.
Delegates to Optometrical
Convention Here Tomorrow
To-morrow will see the first dele
gates from all over the state arriv
ing In Harrisburg to attend the two-
Joy convention of the Pennsylvania
State Optical Society whlclf will be
held Ift the Penn-Harrle. This con
vention is a yearly one, and this year
Harrisburg optometrists feel that
they are particularly favored In hav
ing the convention here. Plans for
the convention havo been most care
fully laid by the local optometrists,
and they have been at work silently,
hut nono the loss effectively for the
past three or four months. Every
optometrist In the state has received
a most urgent Invitation to bo pros
ent, and Indeed It seems that a
great many of them will attend. Re
ports as they are coming In and be
ing compiled show that a goodly
percentage of them are coming.
I There will be a lot of exhibits, and
I a most Interstlng schedule of lee
| turps has been arranged. Men of
j national reputation In optics have
j been secured to give the lectures,
j and It Is altogether possible that
■ grent strides will be made at the
I convention of this profession. The
convention will convene at 9 a. m.
on Monday and will continue until
Tuesday evening, ending with a ban
quet at which It Is exjected there
will be at least 250 guests.
Portsmouth, Ohio, Oct. 11. —All
departments of the Whitaker-Gless
ner steel plant except the blast fur
nace will be Idle to-night, It
was announced to-day by General
Manager A. J, McFarland, The
plant employes 5,000 men. Shortage
of mqterlal It Is said, caused the shut
The Mite Society of the Shep
herdstown United Brethren Church
will give Its fall entertainment to
morrow evening.
9.30, Sunday school; 5.46, Junior C. E.;
6.30, Senior C. E.; annal Rally Day,
Sunday, October 19.
Nagle Street—The Rev. Elmer E.
Kgiiffinan. 10.45, "What Constitutes
An Ordinance;" 7.30, there will be
the quarterly ordinance meeting; 1.30,
Sunday school; 6, Junior C. E.; 6.45,
Senior C. E.
Green Street—The Rev. H. S.
Hershey. 10.30, "Power;" 7.30, serv
ice will be conducted by the P. R. R.
Y. M. C. A. Gospel Crew.
Rally Day exercises in the Sunday
j Maclay Street—The Rev. Dr. Wm.
|S. Houck. 11, "God's Care of His
Church;" 7.30, "The Friend of Sin
ners;" 9.45, Sunday school; 6, Junior
C. E.; 6.45, Senior C. E.; Rally Day
First—The Rev. William N. Yates.
10.30, "Spirit and Form;" 7.30,
"Knowledge and Happiness;" 1.40,
Sunday shool; 6.30, C .E.
Progress—The Rev. J. M. Wag
goner. 10.30, church service; 9.30,
Sunday school; 6, Junior C. E.; 6.30,
Senior C. E.; Rally Day.
Chas. Basehore, of Enhaut, will
give an address.
Linglestown—The Rev. J. M. Wag
goner. 7.30, church service; ' 9.30,
! Sunday school.
Ridge Avenue—The Rev. H. R.
Bender. Morning, "The Joy in Har
vest;" evening, "The Value of a
Vow;" 10, Rally Day Sunday School.
Fifth Street—The ' Rev. Edwin A.
Pyles. 10.30, sermon by the Rev. B.
H. Hart; 7.30, musical program; 2,
rally in Sunday school.
Dauphin—The Rev. Geo. L. Schaffer.
7.30, special Rally Day service; 2,
Methodist Evangelical Church at
St. Paul's—The Rev. William Moses
will preach at 10.30 and at 7.30; Sun
day school, 1.45; Kpworth League,
Riverside—The Rev. George Murray
Klepfer. 10.30, "Story of the Stolen
Gods;" 8, "Near-Sighted People; 2,
Sunday school Rally Day service;
7, Epworth League.
Camp Curtin—The Rev. John H.
Mortimer. 10.30. "The Vision of the
Angel Face;" 7.30, "Vision and Mis
sion;" 2, Sunday school; 6.30, Ep
worth League.
Second—The Rev. Alfred Nevin
Sayre. 11.15, Holy Communion; 7.30,
Holy Communion, "Fellowship With
God;" 10, Sunday school; 6.30, C. E.
Salem—The Rev. Ellis N. Kremer.
11, Holy Communion; 7.30. Holy Com
muion; 9.45, Sunday school.
Fourth—The Rev. Homer Skyles
May. 10.45, "The Overripe Harvest;"
7.30, "Going Forth to Serve in the
Church; 9.30, Sunday school; 6.30,
Young People's Service.
St. John's—The Rev. Clayton H.
Ranck. 10. annual "Feast of Ingath
ering." address by the Rev. George
W. Hartman, former pastor; 7.30,
"War Expenses," the Rev. George W
Hartman; 6.30, C. E.; 7.45, Wednes
day, fund week.
•t n l T i n rSt 7!T' rhe Rev. W. E. Daugherty.
IO.JO, Responsiveness to Christ;"
7.30, "A Word in the Prayer;" 1.45,
Rally Day, Sunday school; 6.4 5,
Christian Endeavor.
Sixth Street—The Rev. J. Owen
Jones. 10.30, "Tabor's Reward;"
7.30, "Our Source of Strength;"
1.45, Sunday school; 6.20, C. E.; 9.45,
praise service.
State Street The Rev. H. F.
Rhoad; 10.45, "The Work of the
Preacher;" 7.30, "The Militant in
the Christian's Life;" 8.30, Sunday
school; 6.30, Y. P. S. C. E.
Derry Street—The Rev. J. A. Ly
ter. At 10.30 a. m. the church will
rally, at 2 the Bible school and its
friends will rally and at 7.30 a great
mass assembly of all the church or
ganizations and their friends will
unite. The Rev. H. F. Shupe, D. D.,
for many years editor of The Watch
word, of Dayton, Ohio, will be the
speaker at each meeting.
Hummel Street—The Rev. William
K. Conner. 11, Sunday Scriptures
for "Striving" Saints; 7.30, "If I
Wash Thee Not, or Feetwashing and
Capital and Labor;" 10, Sunday
school; 6.4 5, C. W. G.
First Church—ll and 7.30, "Are
Sin, Disease and Death Real?";
Sunday School at 11; Testimonial
Meeting, Wednesday at 8; Free
reading room, Kunkel Building,
11.30 to 5 daily.
Christian and Missionary Alli
ance—The Rev. W. H. Worrall,
Sunday School at 9.30, 10.30;
evangelistic service at 7.30.
Bethosdn Mission—John Fulton
Supt, Saturday night, Martin Stutz
man, Sunday night, 7 to 8, open air
meeting; 3rd and Market street, in
mission at 8 o'clock, H. J. Beach
ley will speak on "Second Coming
of Christ."
Rally Day in
Coxestown Church
Rally Dad exercises will be ob
served by the Coxestown Methodist
Episcopal Sunday school to-morrow
morning at 9.30. An Instructive and
unique program, prepared under the
direction of the pastor and the of
ficers of the school, will be given.
Bible readings will be given by
members of the primary and Junior
Jacob Enslnger, superintendent,
will speak, In which he will present
a resume of the progress of the
school during the past year, and out
line the plan for the fall and win
ter activities! Tho Invocation will
bo offered by Associate Superintend
ent Frank Bowman.
The program will be interspersed
with the following musical numbers:
Selection, male quartet, Elmer Moy
er, E. B. Dunkle, Frank Bowman
and Jacob Enslnger; duet, Mrs. L.
L. Sturtevant and Mrs. Simon Fas
holt; solo, Miss Llulsa Moyer; duet,
Miss Mary Enslnger and Mrs. L. L.
In Messiah Lutheran Church, the
Rev. Henry W. A. Hanson, D. D.,
pustor. Rally Day services will bo
held In all departments. At 10:30
a. m, the pastor will preach on "The
New Age of Faith." At 2 p. m., the
annual Sunday School Rally Day
services will have many new fea
tures. An Invitation has been mailed
to each member who was enlisted
in any branch of war service, Each
lias been asked to wear his uni
form, and to respond when the roll
call is held. The two members of
the church who died in service will
also be remembered. An address
will be delivered by Mr. Wm. Ernest
one of our leading Harrisburg lay
men. At 7:30, the pastor will take
up the solution of modern discon
tent and unrest in a sermon on
"New Loyalty for old Landmarks."
(Other Church News on l'age 16.)
Music in the Churches
Morning—Prelude, "Choral and
Andante" (Sixth Sonata), Mendel
ssohn; solo, "O Love That Will Not
Let Me Go," (F. Flaxlngton Hark
er) Mrs. Wilbur F. Harris; offertory,
"Song of Autumn," Stoughton; post
lude, "Finale from Sixth Sonata,"
Evening—Prelude, "An Autumn
Sketch," Brewer; offertory, "Au
tumn leaves," Stoughton; anthem,
"The Sun Is Sinking Fast," Thom
son; postlude, "Postlude in F Ma
jor," Rtnck.
M or n i n g—Prelude, "Legend,"
Friml; anthem, "Dreams of Galilee,"
Morrison; offertory, "Lullaby," Mac-
Farlane; anthem, "The Earth Is the
Lord's," Lerman; postlude, "Inter
mezzo," Huhn.
Evening—Prelude, (a) "Allegro
Moderate" (Sonata II), Guilmant;
(b) "Evening Song," Bairstow; an
them (In Memoriam), "Hark, Hark
My Soul," Shelley: offertory (for
'cello), "Elegy," Massenet; patriotic
song, "When the Boys Come Home,"
(Parks), Stevens Men's Chorus;
postlude, "Torchlight March," Guil
mant; Miss Margaretta Kennedey,
•cellist; Miss Ruth Krayblll, organ
ist; John W. Phillips, director.
Morning -Prelude, "Autumn,"
Johnston; soprano solo, "My Re
deemer and My Lord," (Buck), Mrs.
Lee Izer; offertory, "Andante Re
ligioso," Smith; anthem, "What Are
These Which Are Arrayed?" Stultz;
postlude, "Temple Mareh," Lyon.
Evening—Prelude, "I n the Gar
den, Goodwin; quartet, "The Mel
low Eve Is Gliding," Holden; offer-
Intermezzo." Rogers; anthem.
Doth Not. Wisdom Cry?" Rogers"
postlude, "Gothic March," Foshlni.
Morning Prelude, "Prayer
Theme and Variation," Mason; offer
°A7- 'Meditation," Sibley; anthem.
Give Ear to My Words. O Lord,"
Pilgrim; postlude, "Postlude in B
1' lat," Page.
. Prelude, "Communion
in *. Munro; offertory, "L'lnvOca
"Centw P T 7 I'" E) " ssek ' anthem,
° Gently Lead Us,"
f n P A kC . ha T. ,n: P° s tludo, "postlude
in D Major," Hudson.
♦i^ X !?*S nnl i' ersary of th e dedica
tion of the church.
Morning—"Praise the Lord, O
Jerusalem (XLVII Psalm). C. Darn
ton. prelude. Andante Con Mote,"
7i oPr ran:.s ° n: . offor tory, "Religioso"
"IYjI-emaigre; postlude, "March
Brilliante," C. H. London.
Evening—"The Earth Is the
Lords, J. w Lerman; the soprano
*? ° ''* r, s will "e sung by Miss
Merle Smith, and the tenor and so
prano duet by Miss Smith and W. J
Lingle; prelude, "Offertory," L H
SP 0 ? I*' 1 *' °lertory, "Pastorale," i V
Flagler; postlude, "Fughetta," Le
maigre. Miss Helen Runkle, or
■ - ;/§ ; dt* s' J• N v j/i | 1
I / - /\\
I Says a friend o' mine, who wasn't in th' Then I says something about th' ol' say- I
Service, "What's th' Big Idea? Are you on ing which mentions th' water we don't miss
King Oscar's payroll, th' way y'er boostin' ' tJl th ' well ' s empty, an' I tell him that's th'
th' ol' smoke?" "No," says I, "I ain't on idea!
his payroll, but, s'posin'Edison'd kept it a "After smokin' any ol' thing a feller 9
secret when he discovered th' electric could get over there, I comes back an' finds
light?" same °P K O smoke waitin' f'r me an'
I feels like I'd discovered somethin' An' I
This here friend o' mine didn't seem t' can't see th' reason f'r keepin' it a secret any
I!! savvy, so I explains, careful like, how every- more'n Edison did with his electric light."
body couldn't be in th' Big Scrap, an' them idea now ?
as had t' stay back home hadn't never had y
to go without their favorite smoke-spot (~7-^
tickler, like we did. ' 7\ [)
P. S.—The Comparison Is Good
Why make a secret of a good thing? price, we had to pay the increase or see
King Oscar has been the smoothest <I ua lity go out of KO.
Havana- fillered, Sumatra-wrappered We paid the price, and, K. O. had to go flEik
™ smoke that Nature-mellowed tobacco to 7c, but the increased demand proves
could make it for the past 29 years, and, that smokers didn't want a cheap smoke
when Quality tobacco went soaring in —they wanted their accustomed quality. ■
!John C. Herman Co.
Manufacturers of King Oscar, Harrisburg, Pa.
Morning—Prelude, "Chanson Pas
torale," Miller; anthem, "O Worship
the Lord," Alfred llollins; offertory,
"The Answer," Walstenholme; post
lude, "Prelude Heroic," Faulkes.
Evening—Prelude, "First Move
ment" (Sixth Sonata), Mendelssohn:
ladies' quartet, "Venitc in D," E.
L. owers Cecilia Quartet; offer
tory, "Finale" (Sixth Sonata), Men
delssohn; anthem, "O Lord, Our
Governor," Henry Gadsby; postlude,
"March Pontificate," Lemmens.
Rhoda M. Desenberger, organist;
Howard E. Gensler, director.
Morning—Prelude, "Oftertoire in
E Major," Dubois; anthem, "Teach
Us Good Lord," Harvey B. Gaul; of
fertory, "Canoyna," Guilmant; an
them, "A Song in the Night," Wood
i man; postlude, "Allegro in G,"
Evening Prelude, "Legende,"
1 Friml-McFarland; anthem, ''Be
Glad, O Ye Righteous," Woodwurd;
offertory, "At the Church," Rorodin-
Dunkley; solo and quartet, "The
Great Physician," J. H. Stockton:
postlude, "Fugue in E Minor," J. S.
Morning—"Communion" on "Ec.ce
Panis Angelorum," Guilmant (Be
hold the Bread of the Angels);
"Gloria in Excelsis"; "Gloria Patri";
anthem, "O Lamb of God," Holden;
"Seraphic Hymn"; "Prelude in F."
Evening—"At Evening," Dudley
Buck; anthem, "Nearer My God to
Thee"; "Litany," Shubert; "Seraphic
Hymn ; "March in D," Lemmens.
Morning—Prelude, "Angels' Sere
nade," Braga; offertory, "Melody in
F," Rockwell; quartet, "Some Sweet
Day"; duet. "Christ Whose Glory
Fills the Skies," Miss Mae Shoop,
Mr. Wenrieh; .postlude, "Andante
Religioso," Smith.
Evening Prelude, "Offerture,"
Batiste; offertory, "Virgin's Prayer,"
Massenot; anthem, "Here I See Thee
Face to Face," Nevin; solo, "Hold
Thou My Hand" (Briggs), Miss
Katherine Dubbs; postlude, "Temple
March," Lyon.
Morning—Prelude, "Andante Re
ligioso," Lemaigrc; offertory, "Ofter
toire in G Major," Herzog; anthem
"O Jesus, Thou Art Standing," Fos
ter; postlude, "Festal March,"
Evening—Prelude, "Offertoire in
F Flat," Salome; quartet, "God Is a
Spirit" (From "The Woman of Sa
maria"), (Bennett), Mrs. Decevee
Miss Bennett, Mr. Zarker, Mr.'
Smith; offertory, "Andante Religi
oso," Lemaigre; "Gospel Hymn,"
Mrs. Decevee; postlude, "Procession,
| al March," Parker.
Morning Prelude, "Traumerei
and Romance," Robert Schumann;
solo. Miss Edna Mutzabaugh; offer
tory, "Request," Robert Franz; an
them, "Jesus, Lover of My Soul," E.
J. Decevee; duet, "Hark! Hark! My
OCTOBER 11, 1919.
Soul" (Rockwell), Mrs. Frank M.
Green and Mrs. H. Fenstermaeher;
postlude, "Festal March," Chr. Teil
Evening—Patriotic service con
sisting of patriotic selections on the
organ from 7.15 to 7.30; anthem,
"America the Beautiful"; solo,
"Thou Art My AH" (Ashford), Mrs.
Frank M. Green; "offertory in G,"
Gustav Merkel; duet, "Glory to
Thee, My God This Night" (Gou
nod), Mrs. Fenstermaeher and Miss
Mutzabaugh; postlude, ''Battle
Hymn of the Republic."
Christ Lutheran Church
Autumn Rally Tomorrow
Christ Lutheran Sunday School
will observe Autumn Rally Day to
morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock in
the school, when at least 1,000 are
expected to be in attendance. Fol
lowing is the program: Song by
the school; order of service; pray
er, William M. Hoerner, ex-superin
tendent; duet, "Love Divine All
Love Excelling,' Edgar Ward, and
Mrs. Charles Schaffner. Address,
Dr. William D. B. Ainey, Public
Service Commission. Quartet,
"Dreams of Gallilee", Louis Smith,
Mrs. Carl Heefner, Mrs. la>uis
Smith, Gwilym Watkins; Bible
Study; solo, Mr. Charles Ising, of
Philadelphia; Quartet, "The King of
Love My Shepherd Is".
Will Baptize Infants in
Augsburg Lutheran Church
The Sacrament of Infant Baptism
will be administered at the Augs
burg Lutheran Church, at the
morning service, at 10 o'clock. The
Annual Fall Communion will be
administered'at both morning and
evening services. The new mem
bers will be received at the morn
ing service. At the evening service
the choir will sing special music
end the pastor Rev. Amos Maxwell
"■itamets, will speak of the "Chris
tian's Glorious Calling."
"Rally Day" will be observed at
the Dauphin and Hecton M. E.
Churches Sunday with special pro
grams by the Sunday Schools. At
Dauphin, at 7:30 p. m., addresses
will be delivered by Mrs. Harry Mot
ter and the Rev. W. H. Zweizig and
special musical selections by the
choir. There will be violin and
vocal solos by Miss Gross and exer
cises by numbers of the school.
At Heckton the Rally Day exer
cises will be held at 2 p. m. with
addresses by Mrs. H. D. Jackson and
Mrs. William G. Hean. There will
be special music by the choir and
other features by the school.
Paxton Presbyterian Church will
have the pleasure of hearing the
Rev. A. W. Halsey, secretary of the
Board of Foreign Missions, at 11
a. m. Dr. Halsey has visited all the
foreign fields of the church activi
ties and is possibly one of the best
informed men in the country on
mission work and conditions. Dur
ing the past war he has been in
charge of the mission house of the
New Era movement. The mission
ary organizations of Paxton Church
hold their Praise Service Sunday
morning. Dr. Halsey gives flie ad
dress. The pastor, the Rev. Harry
B. King, will preach at 7:30 p. m.
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Special Sermons in
Presbyterian Churches
Special sermons will be preached
in practically every congregation of
the United Presbyterian church in
this city between to-morrow and Oc
tober 20 in an effort to enroll 100,-
000 members as "comrades in inter
section." On October 22 prayer
meetings will be held simultaneously
all over America for the enroll en—
listment of additional members.
The great drive for a praying"
brotherhood in the church is similar
to the movement being conducted in
practically every other evangelical
church. Millions will be enrolled
as intercessors, say church leaders,
when the various campaigns such ad
the New World Movement in the
United I'resbyterian church, come to
a climax.
Pledges of membership in the
brotherhood are pouring by the hun
dred by Dr. J. Knox Montgomery,
who left the presidency of Muskin
gum College, to assume direction of
the department of spiritual life in
the New World Movement, witlti
headquarters in Pittsburgh, P.a
Virtually every minister in tht
United Presbyterian church will be
enrolled by the middle of October
and the pledges of thousands of
other members of the church already
have been received.
Put an End to
' Head Noises, Hay Fever, Deafness
An Old Physician's Gennine
Remedy That Hits the Spot
tine to same cause;
also ' ,a i ( ever
cian. Dr. Blosser,
has found a combinationof herbs—fragrant,
soothing and healing—to be smoked in a,
fipe. cigarette, or by burning on a holder,
nhale the wholesome medicated vapor.
Dr. Rlosser's Remedy Is harmless: it contains
no tobacco or other deleterious drucs. No stomach
dosing: a pleasant herbal rellof directed toward
a complete cure of irritation, discharges, offen- •
dive odor, falling of mucus Into throat; alio
bussing, roaring, ringing _
or other distressing head
sounds and hearing dlf-
Acuity due to ever ob
! noxious and health in- l
| jiving catarrh. Rid your-
self of it. Enjoy l\l e! rX.
Dr. Rlosser says also,
I you should keep some of
I this smoking compound f
ready to aid in prevent- ( \ T/'A
Ing the dreaded influmza. ,'j&S <—mill W/ V
I While enjoying the pleas- V
| ant smoking benefit, you r ; |.N 1 ,
may save your life, ao 1 ' H
don't be negligent. t
I a box . of DR - BI.OSSER'S REM-
I EDY at any busy drug store. Or obtain a
Proof package of this potent herbal remedy,
i by sending only 10 cts., silver or stamps to the i