Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, October 08, 1919, Page 11, Image 11

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    Sims and Benson Cut
to Vice-Admirals
Washington, Oct B.—The Senate j
Naval Affairs Committee has voted j
against conferring the permanent!
rank of Admiral on Admiral W. S.
Sims and Rear Admiral W. S.
Instead, the committee amended
the bill recently passed by the House
to have it provided for three Vice-
Admirals at an active salary of
$19,000 a year and retired pay of
This amendment was forced as a
compromise by Senators who refused
to grant the rank of full Admiral to
Benson and" Sims unless the bill In
cluded Rear Admiral Mayo. All
three would receive the rank of
Viee-Admiral under the measure as
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Dyspeptic Soil* Right Into the
Hood Thine* to Eat.
But they can eat melons, fried fish,
mince pie, cheese and such terrors
of the dyspeptic provided the meal
is followed with a Stuart's Dyspep
sia Tablet-
Thua to rule out all the tasty and
savory foods for fear of indigestion
gas and a a sour stomach, is both
needless and depressing.
These tablets are composed of di
gestants and stomachics in such
proportion as to digest food and
thus relieve the stomach of an ex
cess burden, particularly if the
stomach has been overworked. It
is a safe rule to follow each meal
with a Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet,
then you may eat what you like
wherever you are and not be rated
a forlorn dyspeptic.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets may be
found in all drugstores throughout
the United States and Canada.
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The Globe
| Middletown
Members of Literary Society
to Meet on Friday
Middletown, Oct. B.—The first'
meeting of the literary society of the .
Central grammar school will be held j
Friday afternoon, the program being j
of a military nature. War will be
discussed in two debates and sev
eral of the referred questions pertain
to the same subjects.
Solomon Swartz the new presi
dent of the society, will make his
inaugural address. The remainder
of the program will be of unusual
The program committee consists
of Lillinn Bachman, Kenneth Klahr
and Charles Weidner..
The Pastor's Aid Society of the
Methodist Church was entertained at
the home of Mrs. Miley Schaeffer,
Harrisburg. last evening. After the
business of the evening wns trans
acted, a social ho.nr was spent Re
freshments were served to the fol
lowing: Mrs. John Groupe. Mrs.
Robert Gross, Miss Martha Swartz,
Miss Jennie Campbell, Miss Mary
Stipe. Miss Xettie Cain. Mrs. Paul
Hippie. Miss Louella Cletand, Miss
Mary Beachler, Miss Kathryn Ray
mond. Miss Mary Gross, Miss
Blanche Churchman, Miss Kathryn
Beachler. Miss Harriett Swartz, Miss
Pauline Deihl, Mr. and Mrs. Miley
Schaeffer and Mrs. Maggie Palmer.
Charles Hendricks is attending the
State Firemen's Convention at Ban
caster this week as a delegate from
the Rescue Hose Company. Wil
liam Crow is attending the conven
tion as a delegate from the Union
Hose Company.
Charles Orth and daughter, Mrs.
Fetrow, have returned home from a
week's visit to relatives at Martins
burg, Va.
The chicken coop of William
Bradley, of Grant street. Rife's Ex
tension, was robbed of 12 largo
R. C. Burd moved his household
goods from the Kramer flat. South
Union street, to Herr street, Har
risburg, yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Allen and
daughter, who spent the past week
in town, returned to their home at
Baltimore, Md. They were accom
panied by Mr. Hanson, who spent
the past week in town.
George Thomas is spending the
week at Irfincaster attending the
State Firemen's Convention, repre-1
senting the Liberty Fire Company. |
The funeral of the late James G. j
Robson, Sr., who died at the home |
of his son, James Robson, Jr., Cath
erine street. Monday morning, will
be held from the home of his son
to-morrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock.
The Rev. T. C. McCarrell, pastor of
the Presbyterian Church, will offi
ciate. The remains can be viewed
from 12 to 1 o'clock Thursday.
Burial will be made in the Middle
town Cemetery.
The Rev. O. M. Kraybill, who has
been pastor of the Church of God for
the past four years, has been re
turned to the Middletown charge.
The Rev. E. A. G. Bossier has been
returned to Middletown for another
year as pastor of the First United
Brethren Church.
Mr. and Mrs. T. XL Tost have re
turned home from a week's automo
bile trip to Philadelphia.
May Allison, after her day with
the Bolshevlkl, framed some rules
for their deportment, among which
we find this: "Never slice bread—
i Bolshevists are whole loafers."
This Simple Home Treatment Haa
Stood the Test of Time
Every fall and winter, for more
than twenty years, thousands of peo
ple have made it a dally practice to
breathe 'the air of Hyomel and so
keep thcm.selves free from Catarrh.
Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis. Sore Throat
and Influenza.
This Is certain and vou should try
it. If you will breathe Hyomel dally,
as directed, It wil' free you and keep
you free from all these troubles or
it won't cost you a cent.
11. C. Kennedy or any reliable drug
gist can supply you with the Com
plete Hyomei Outfit, including a hard
rubber pocket Inhaler. The Inhaler
will last a life tune and extra bot
tles of the liquid Hyomei cost but a
few cents. A few drops of oil in the
inhaler will last for days nnd its
pure, soothing, antiseptic, healing air,
breathed deep in the air passages
of your nose and throat, should keep
you free from coughs, colds, influ
enza and catarrh all winter long.
Pleasant to takes but a few min
utes dally and is guaranteed to sat
isfy or money back.
(War Tax 24 rents additional)
October 12 and November 16
From— ■ v 4 iT
lIA It HI SB URG 3.35
llummelKtoviß 3.50
Swntnrn " 3.55
Hcrshcy 3 >, 7
l'ulmyra 4.04
Annville 4 13
LEBANON 4 '.j4
New York tor.) ~ D.'gg
Returning I.eave New York
from foot West 23d St. 50 p. m
foot Liberty St., 7 p. m. name day
for above stations.
Tickets good going and rrtnrn
ing only on above Special Train
dote of excursion. Children be
tween 5 and 12 years of age, half
Aquarium. Battery Park, open 9
a. m. to 5 p. in.
Metropolitan Museum of Art. sth
Ave. and 82d St., open 1 p. m to
6 p. m.
American Museum of Natural His
tory. Columbia Avenue and 77th
St., open 1 p. m. to 5 p. m
Zoological Gardens, Bronx Park
182 d St. and Boston Road, open
all day.
Botanical Gardens, Bronx Park
3d" Ave. and 190 th St., open 10
a. m. to 5 p. m.
Central Park and Menagerie, sth
Ave. and 65th St., open all day.
Fifth Ave. Busses via Riverside
Drive to Fort George; fare. 10c
Statue of Liberty from Battery
Park, open 9 a. m. to 7 p."m.; fare,
2."> cents.
P! i atielphia & Reading Railroad
Fort Lcßocuf and Bushy Bun
Will Be Commemorated
by Commonwealth
Definite plans!
,n thpP erectlon of I
memorials on the |
: i IMI I? Westmoreland
! S \ county, have been
I IWjjjjgggggH made by the State
mission with the approval of Gov
ernor William C. Sproul. In tlie
Erie county project there will be
erected a statue of Washington as
he appeared when he first visited
what is now that county before the
Revolution, and tho State will meet t
any subscriptions which may be j
made up to 13,500. In the Bushy,
Run project the plan is to erect a
monument on the Wanamaker tract.
The State Commission, to whose.
charge was given the property of;
the Economy Society near Ambridge 1
when purchased by the Common
wealth, has arranged with a local j
committee to administer it as a pub- |
lie place without cost to the State, j
It is calculated that rents from the
property will maintain it.
The State Game Commission has!
given notice that 22 counties of the j
State have been closed to hunting!
of certain kinds of game and warn- I
ing hunters that they should famil-!
iarizo themselves with the condi-j
tions. Ten of the counties are I
closed to wild turkey hunting and:
14 to various kinds of quail. Twelve!
counties are closed to shooting of j
ring-necked pheasants. The coun
ties which are closed to certain kinds
of game are Adams, Allegheny,
Armstrong, Bucks, Carbon, Chester,
Clearfield, Crawford, Delaware, Erie,
Fayette, Greene, Jefferson, Lancas
ter, McKean, Mercer, Monroe, Mon
tour. Northumberland, Somerset,
Wayne and Wyoming.
Pennsylvania will be interested in
the coming general convention of
the New York State Teachers' Asso
ciation, which will hold its annual
meeting in Albany on November 24,
25 and 26. It is expected that be
tween seven and eight thousand
teachers and educators from the
State of New York will be in attend
ance at this meeting. Dr. Thomas
E. Finegan, Superintendent of Pub
lic Instruction of Pensylvania, is to
be the speaker at the session of No
vember 25, when the teachers' asso
ciation has arranged a farewell pro
gram in his honor. Dr. Fincgau had
27 years' service in one capacity or
another with the public schools of
New York State, and according to
the announced program of the meet
ing, "it is proposed to pay a fitting
tribute to the excellent and success
ful services of Dr. Finegan to the
State of New York." Governor
Sproul has been invited to partici
pate in the meeting.
State Health Department offieinls
say that with the first anniversary
of the inauguration of the influenza
quarantine just passed, there are not
moro than the normal number of
infiuenze cases in the State. The In
fluenza quarantine was made effec
tive October 4, 1918. At present
some outbreaks, of diphtheria and
infantile paralysis are being followed
up, but there is nothing else out of
the ordinary.
Three ftrst-degre murder cases are
listed for the October meeting of
the State Board of Pardons which
will be held a week from to-day.
Over 30 other cases are listed.
Corn In Pennsylvania is declared
out of the reach of frost by men who
have been studying the crop reports
coming to the State Department of
Agriculture. The crop may be a
record-breaker and Is much better
than expected In some localities,
j Potatoes are also turning out better
than anticipated In some districts.
Farmers are generally plowing and
seeding wheat late to avoid the dan
ger of the fly, according to reports
from southern counties in the State
"wheat belt."
Tlio Public Service Commission lias
approved the application for a char
ter for the Eastern Aero Service
Corporation to operate an airplane
express and passenger service with
offices at Easton, but with the reser
vation that the commission shall
have the right at any time to regu
late and define the business. The
hearing was marked by presence of
the licensed pilot engaged by the
! promoters of the company and
| statement that they could get $lOO,-
i 000 In cash to start business.
Danger to Cattle
in Insecticides
The Bureau of Chemistry of the
State Department of Agriculture,
j which recently analyzed specimens
| obtained from hogs and cows sus
-1 pected of having been poisoned,
I found that death had resulted from
arsenical poisoning.
In several cases of this kind re
cently Investigated it developed that
the poisoning resulted from the Btock
having access to Insecticides contain
ing arsenic, says a department bul
letin, Cases of this kind will con
tinue unless gTeat enre Is taken that
all lnseetleldes and poisons used
about the farm for the extermina
tion of pests be kept away from the
stock, and especial care should be
taken that no material used for feed
ing purposes has come In contact
with the Insecticides that are used
in spraying.
It Is frequently due to careless
ness that these poisons find their way
Into the feed boxes, causing loss of
livestock, and such cases can be
avoided If care Is taken. Owners of
livestock, therefore, are cautioned to
guard against poisoning from such
materials by keeping them stored In
a safe place away from stock.
Senate Asked to Act
on Sugar Situation
t Washington, Oct. B.—Action by the
Senate to prevent a threatened
shortage of sugar next year is ex
pected within a short time. It will
be based on recommendations made
to the Committee on Agriculture by
a special subcommittee which was
authorized to Investigate the sugar
Senator McNary, of Oregon, chair
man of the subcommittee, said to
day that his committee would recom
mend either that the President,
through a resolution of Congress, be
asked to pxtend the authority of the
United States Equalization Board to
the 1920 crop of cane sugar and
1919 crop of beet sugar or that. In
the event the President decides he
has no power to authorize such ex
tension. to recommend the passage
of a bill which will give him such
Reports from the sugar planters of
Louisiana say that although the crop
In that State will be short, the world
crop will be ample and that there isi
to be no apparent sugar shortage. 1
Preach Patriotism
on Street Corners
Buffalo, N. T., Oct. 8. Buffalo's
! Four Minute men who organized
during the Oreat War to promote the
sale of Liberty Bonds have under-
r* • * i
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f ■" mmmmmmmMMWmmmmsmmsmMMMMNMMM■MmJTjJ ' "
taken a new task. They are preach
ing patriotism and love of country
at the street corners.
The soapbox has been the rostrum
of those who preached class hatred
and revolution, it was said in an
nouncing the campaign, and the
Four Minute men believed that this
class of speakers should be met on
their own ground.
Accordingly>they reorganized as
the Minute ftfen and one of their
number speaks each night. The tirst
meeiings have been well attended
and the Minute Men say they have
been encouraged by sympathetic re
sponse from their audiences. It is
OCTOBER 8, 1919.
planned to continue the "soapbox"
campaign as long .as there is uppar- |
ent need lor it.
. '
A meteor of exceeding brilliance
was seen near Los Angeles a short
time ago. Jealous of the stars gath
ered there, evidently.
| I' ""j
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