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Believes It Is Destined to Play
Big Part in Affairs
of Nation
Governor Sproul's Words
In his address to the members of
the American Legion cantonment.
Governor Sproul said in part:
"I am-proud to have the oppor
tunity of joining in this important
occasion. When I call to mind the
part which I feel sure that the
American Legion will play in the
affairs of the nation and the affairs
of the world in the next half cen
tury, I cannot but regard this first
cajatonment of the organization in
Pennsylvania as a great historic
event and one which will distinguish
all of those who have participated
in it.
"One of the things which I have
hoped would come out of the war
is a union of spirit among our
younger Americans, those who will
play the main part in shaping the
policies and progress of the nation
during the coming decades. The or
ganization of this Legion is a long
step toward bringing about that
union, and the good that you can
do for your country and for man
kind by following your ideals as to
American policies and American
progress is beyond my adequate ex
Lands Grand Army
"When one thinks of what an in
fluence the Grand Army of the Re
public has been in the more than
fifty years since the veterans of the
Union Army founded that organi
zation one may get some impression
of what your and your organization
are to mean to the country during
the naxt half century. It is, indeed,
fortunate that a new union of Amer
icans, real Americans, Americans
who are ready and anxious to sacri
fice their all upon the altar of their
country's devotion, is coming into
being right now because, my friends,
we have great need of a militant
\jnion of American souls and Amer
ican spirit to-day.
"To those of us now in author
ity and whose only ambition is to ad
minister the duties of the places
which we hold in accordance with
our sworn pledge to defend and up
hold the constitution and institu
tions of our government, it is a great
comfort, a mighty encouragement
to know that an organization like
this, with the principles for Which
you have declared, is in existence in
this State and nation. You will have
advantage over the Grand Army of
the Republic in that while that
splendid organization has repre
sented the soldiers of only a portion
of the country, you will represent
the defenders of all of the States
and your activities and nfluence will
be nation-wide.
Post Offers Services
One of the touching things which
has come to me during the past few
weeks has been the effort of the frail
recmnant. of one of the great posts
of the veterans of the Civil War to
place at the disposal of my adminis
tration, themselves .and their re
sources in the preservation of law
and order in the Commonwealth.
These splendid old fellows, every
man of them now must be past the
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allotted span of life, still have the
spirit and the desire to render serv
ice to their country in time of crisis.
Alongside of this there came numer
ous similar communications \from
posts of the American Legion, and I
can tell you it made me feel good
and it gave me confidence and cour
age to go about the things which I
knew had to be done to meet con
ditions which threaten the peace
and good order of the State.
Points to Politics
"I am glad, indeed, to see that a
motto of the American Legion is
'Policies and not politics.' I take it
that the meaning of this is that you
or your organization will, at no time,
be partisan but will always be for
those policies which you, as true
hearted and red-blooded American
citibens, believe are for the best in
terests of the country. But in fol
lowing out your policies you must, as
individuals take a hand in the poli
tics of your localites, of the State
and of the nation. I have been
preaching during all my public life
that our young people should take
a more active interest in their poli
tics, in the selection of those who
are to represent them in public of
fices and in the determination of the
policies which are to govern the de
velopment of our communities, our
Commonwealth and our country. I
hope, as individuals you will all
into politics. American politics, but
that you -will keep your organization
as you have started it, free from any
partisan slant or political bias.
Too Tolerant to Enemies
"One of the things which we have
to do in this country is to separate
the Americans from those who are
not Americans or do not wish to be
come Americans. We have been too
tolerant here, of those who are ene
mies of our country and of our in
stitutions. In our easy going way
we have allowed colonies of traitors
to exist in our land. We have cod
dled nests of vipers who would bite
the breast that feeds them and who,
at every opportunity, seek to inject
the .poison of anarchy and destruc
tion into our national body. We have
every consideration for those who
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come here to help us in the develop
ment of our land—we welcome them
and encourage them to become citi
zens and to help us with our prob
lems. When they become citizens
they may have their influence in
shaping and determining the poli
cies of this nation, but if they will
not become citizens or are hostile
to our institutions and desire to de
stroy the Republic we should not
keep them here but should send
them back to the land whence they
came or to some other place in the
world where conditions may suit
them better. Surely there is suffi
cient variety in the forms of gov
ernment in the world now to enable
every restless spirit to find, some
where, a state which will suit him.
We must be very careful in the kind
of people whom we admit to this
country as sojourners and take ex
treme care in increasing our citi
zenship that our Americanism may
not be overwhelmed by those who
are not in sympathy with our insti
"On the other hand, our national
government, our state government,
and our community organizations
must do their part in remedying
abuses and bringing about better
conditions. There are lots of things
to be done in this State, althongh
Pennsylvania is one of the most en
lightened states uon the face of
the earth. We must encourage the
man who is ambitious along right
lines to rise to the realization of
his ambitions; we must have better
surroundings for him in his com
munity, better houses to live in, bet
ter schools for his children and bet
ter protection for his rights. The
State may do much in this direction
and we are going ahead with these
problems as fast as we can, but
public sentiment will do much more,
and especially public sentiment
when directed by a strong, patriotic,
militant Americanism such as is typi
fied by such influence as you boys—
you defenders of Americanism—may
wield individually and through your
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dise of recklessness and entr&va
gance In which we seem to be living,
and get back again to our old habits
of industry and thrift, we shall have
wonderful times Iff this country
for many years to come. If,
however, we are to continue to spend
money faster than we earn it, to
work shiftlessly and carelessly and
seize upon every occasion for Idle
ness, we :Vall get into disorderly
habits and fall back In the race for
industrial supremacy. We have a
running start on the other nations
of the world, but if we are to lag
by the way and idle our time, we
shall soon be outstripped. If we
don't go about our business and at
tend to it as a people we shall soon
find that the cunning German has
supplanted us in the business marts
of the world and that we have
thrown away the chance of a na
tion's lifetime in building up the
prosperity of our people.
"I sincerely welcome you as a part
of the great civic organization of
Pennsylvania and am happy in the
assurance that you stand for the
State and will help In the realiza
tion of those things which Pennsyl
vania is ambitious to attain."
Liverpool, Pa., Oct. 3. —A fare
well party was tendered Miss Caro
line Mitchell by her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. H. O. Mitchell, at their
home on North Front street prior
to her departure for Comb's Con
servatory of Music in Philadelphia,
where Miss Mitchell is pursuing a
course in piano and vocal music.
Covers were laid for 20 and games,
I dancing and refreshments were
greatly enjoyed by the guests.
When you puff up on a
King Oscar Cigar
You're getting a darn good
smoke for the money. Care,
brains, experience and the de
sire to do the right thing takes
care of that
7c at All Dealers
John C. Herman & Co.
Harrisburg, Pa.
Name Cashier For New
Campbellstown Bank
Campbells town, Pa., Oct. 3.
Deputy Sheriff Harry P. Strupp, of
Lebanon, has been elected cashier of
the newly organized State bank at
this place. The announcement was
made to-day by directors who were
elected at the meeting of stockhold
ers on Friday night last.
It was stated, but not confirmod,
that Ethan Krelder, a son of the
Revr H. K. Kreider, of Campbell
town, will be the teller. For the
present, It is likely that the two em
ployes will be sufficient to conduct
the affairs of the institution.
It was stated that the bank may be
opened for business by October 15.
Liverpool, Pa., Oct. 3.—Chief of
Police apd Mrs. Thomas Ulsh an
nounce the birth of a daughter, Sep
tember JO. Mrs. Ulsh was Miss
Merle Shuler, who was prominent
in social circles of the town.
Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Brink an
nounce the birth of a daughter on
Friday, September, 26. Mrs. Brink
prior to her marriage was Miss E.
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Cardinal Mercier
Welcomed to Yale
New Haven, Conn., Oct. 3.—Car
dinal Mercier was welcomed to Yale
University yesterday, the reception
following his arrival from Hartford,
where he had received the degree
of doctor of laws from Trinity Col
On the way from Hartford the Bel
gian primate and his party stopped
at Woslegan University in Middle
town, where the degree of doctor
The American Legion Is a
New Organization
' ''
It represents the sturdiest manhood
of our country. Its founders are the
boys who went away "that the country
might live These youths are the men
who will mould the pleasures and the
business policies of the future, and en
act, as well as enforce, the laws of the
land. They are "Future America,"
which means the peer of all nations.
These boys were schooled in the Cafe
teria system of eating because it is one
of the best lessons in economics, and it
is here to stay.
Ask these boys about
The Cafeteria
3rd and Walnut Streets
11 to 2 P. M.
5 to 8 P. M.
OCTOBER 3, 1919.
of laws was conferred on the church
Cardinal Mercier was greeted at
Yalo University by Dr. A. T. Hadley,
resident. Dr. Hadley addressed the
visitor as a "victorious champion of
i the faith which looks through
; death."
Liverpool, Pa., Oct. 3.—Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Kerstetter and daughter,
Grace, Liverpool stationmaster, mo
tored to Colburn this week to at
j tend the fiftieth anniversary of Mr.
j Kcrstetter's parents. The reunion
I was held in the Narrows at Crystal
Springs. Over a hundred members
of the immediate family enjoyed the
big feast prepared for the day.
George A. Gorgas, Druggist.