Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, October 01, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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Dr. Frederick W. Coover Re
tires From Service at Har
risburg Hospital
Hr. Frederick W. Coover, for for
ty-four years connected with the
Harrlsburg Hospital, has severed his
connection with the institution, his
resignation being accepted late yes
terday afternoon at a meeting of
the board of directors. At the time
of his resignation he was one of the
four interne surgeons and was dean
of the staff.
resignation he was one of the four
interne surgeons and was dean of
the staff.
Resolutions were adopted by the
board on Dr. Coover's resignation as
Whereas, Frederick Welty Coov
er* M. D., has found it necessary to
resign as a Member of the staff of
physicians and surgeons, the board
of managers of this institution re
luctantly complying with his re
quest, places on record in this min
ute its sincere regret that he has
felt compelled to sever his connec
tion with the hospital. The hospital
in this minute also records its
appreciation and gratitude for the
forty-four years of efficient, loyal
and unselfish service which Dr.
rho Fear of Indigestion Often
Prompts One to Start the Day
Wrong. Eat What You Like,
Take a Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablet and
You're Safe
Breakfast < fliers many of the most
savory dishes of all the things we
eat. And yet more people than
otherwise go without breakfast save
a roll and cup of coffee for fear of
indigestion. If you like a fried egg,
or some buckwheat or sausage for
breakfast go to it and follow with
a Stuarts Dyspepsia Tablet. You'll
have no troubla The average per
son who neglects breakfast will be
nungry before noon. Most men
smoke to kill the appetite, or munch
on something to carry on till lunch
time. An empty stomach under
ihese conditions Is not storing up
energy, but on the contrary, is sus- |
reptible to many influences that may
work hardship for the next meal.
it Is advisable to eat three good
meals a day and digest them. If
the stomach seems to be weak, to
help It or give it assistance is the
rational thing to do. Try a good
breakfast and follow it with Stu
art's Dyspepsia Tablets and you'll
soon learn that regularity of meals
follows a natural tendency, not an |
acquired one. You will find Stuart's
Dyspepsia Tablets on sale in almost
all drug stores throughout the United
States and Canada
lecouiuiends Ball) Liae of Magnesia
To Overcome Trouble. Caused
by Fermenting Food and
Acid Indigestion.
Gas and wind In the stomach ac
companied by that full, bloated feel
ing after eating are almost certain
evidence of tho presence of exces
eive hydrochloric acid in the stom
ach, creating so-called "acid indiges
Acid stomachs are dangerous be
cause too much acid irritates the
delicate lining of the stomach, often
leading to gastritis accompanied by
serious stomach ulcers. Food fer
ments and sours, creating the dis
tressing gas which distends tho stom
ach and hampers the normal func
tions of tho vital Internal organs,
often affecting the heart.
It is the worst of lolly to neglect
such a serious condition or to treat
with ordinary digestive aids which
have no neutralising effect on the
stomach acids, instead get from any
druggist a few ounces of Bisur&ted
Magnesia and take a teaspoonful in
a quarter glass of water right after
eating. This will drive the gas, wind
and bloat right out of the body,
sweeten the stomach, neutralize tho
excess acid and prevent its formation
and there is no sourness or pain.
Bisurutcd Magnesia fin powder or
tablet form never liquid or milk)
is harmless to the inexpen
sive to take and the >oest form of
magnesia for stomach purposes, xt
is used by thousands ot people who
enjoy their meals with no more fear
of indigestion.
Ilreafbp lITOIUOI for Two Mlnutrs and
Ilelleve Stuffed I'p Head
If you want to get relief from ca
tarrh, cold in the head or from an ir
ritating cough in the shortest time
breathe Hyomei.
It should clean out your head and
open up your nose In two minutes and
allow you to breathe freely,
Hyomei often ends a cold in one
day, and brings quick relief from
snuffles, hard crusts In the nose,
hawking, spitting and catarrhal mu
Hyomei Is made chiefly from a
soothing, healing antiseptic oil, that
comes from the eucalyptus forests of
Inland Australia where Catarrh Asth
ma, Bronchitis, Tonsllltls, Influenza,
Pneumonia and Consumption were
never known to exist:
Hyomei is pleasant and easy to
breathe. Just pour a few drops Into
the hard rubber inhaler, use as di
rected and relief Is almost certain.
A complete Hyomei outfit, Including
Inhaler and one bottie' of Hyomei,
costs but little at H. C; Kennedy and
druggists lf you already
Own an Inhaler you can get an extra
ottle of Home! at druggists.
Coover has rendered to the hospital
and to our community.
Resident In 1875
Dr. Coover was elected resident
lfhyslcian In the year 1876 and
served for one year. He served as
Interne phyßician from 1876 to 1889.
for a short time he served as both
interne physician and interne sur
geon. From 1889 to the present time
he has ben an interne surgeon. From
1893 to date he has been dean of
the staff of physicians and surgeons.
In the year 1876, when Dr. Coover
commenced his term of service, the
average number of patients in the
hospital was from lour to twelve,
its stall of physicians and surgeons
uumbered three, Interne and dispen
sary and there were no trained
nurses. The nursing, and In fact
all work necessary to care for pa
tients and building, was performed
by one man, assisted by his wife
and and an occasional con
valescent patient. To-day the capac
ity of the hospital is one hundred
and twenty-live patients, the staff
numbers thirty-five and there are
live resident physlcianls. With mod
ern step there is a fully equipped
laboratory with two pathologists
and technician,, also an apothecary
department with a registered dis
pensing pharmacist. The officers, at
tendants and employes number sev
ently, and there are forty-four
It is resolved by the board ot
| managers that this minute shall be
I approved and spread on the minutes
I of the board of managers and a
copy shall be sent to Dr. Coover.
Thff resolutions were accompanied
by the following letter:
"Dear Doctor Coover:
"Your severing of connection with
the hospital after so many years of
I devoted service, brought unanimous
expressions of regret from the
hoard of managers in accepting your
resignation as a member of the
medical staff and also dean.
"If appreciation of your services
to humanity and interest In the wel
fare and progress of the hospital can
be emphasized in words, it is to be
hoped that the enclosed resolu
tion adopted will not be a futile at
: tempt.
"Very truly yours,
Following the acceptance of Dr.
Coover's resignation, it was voted
to increase the surgical staff from
four to five members. Dr. George
B. Stull and Dr. Carson C. Coover
were appointed to the staff. The
| other surgeons are Dr. H. B. Wal-
I ter, Dr. George B. Kunkel and Dr.
| Harvey F. Smith.
Announcement was made at the
meeting that the first and second
floors of the McCreath home, 119
South Front street, purchased some
time ago by the hospital manage
ment, will be used as the head
quarters of the Harrlsburg Chapter
of the American Red Crojs during
the winter months.
Commerce Chamber Expects
Soldier Subscriptions Before
Drive Is Started in the City
Although the regular campaign for
subscribers to the soldiers' and sail
ors' memorial does not begin until
next Monday, October 8, the Cham
ber of Commerce office said to-day
it was expected scores of subscrip
tions twoiuld "Be received all this
It has been announced that the
Allison Hill end of the new Btate
street bridge will have a memorial
erected upon It to commemorate the
3,600 service men and women who
went out from this city. The scheme
of subscription has been outlined
With the subscription of t2O for
a soldier or sailor, his name Is with
drawn from the list which the Cham
ber of Commerce has compiled, and
the name of the subscriber publish
"The stores and factories are co
operating very eagerly in the work,"
said George S. Reinoehl, who Is In
charge of a canvass among them.
According to Mr. Reinoehl, many
already have promised to give $2O
for each of the men who went from
their plant to the service.
Churches, lodges and fraternal so
cieties also are responding very
generously to the appeal made by
AV. K. Thomas, who has that feature
of the work in charge. All of them
will take care of their own service
Donald MeCormtck, chairman of
the finance committee, is convinced
there will be no trouble In raising
the needed funds. He expects the
public will not wait for the opening
day but will phone to the Cham
ber of Commerce and have the
name of their soldier taken off the
list by sending in $2O.
United Brethren Ministers
Leave For Conference
Many ministers from Harrlsburg
and vicinity left yesterday for Read
ing to attend the 120 th annual ses
sion of the East Pennsylvania con
ference of the United Brethren
Church, which opened at 9 o'clock
this morning.
This section Includes the district
from Sunbury to Philadelphia, east
of the Susquehanna river. There are
12 9 ministers representing 161 or
ganized churches. The membership
represented approaches 125,000.
The session will be presided over
by the Rev. Dr. "William M. Bell,
bishop of the Eastern district, and
♦he conference superintendent, the
Rev. S. C. Enck, will take an ac
tive part.
The following ministers from the
Harrlsburg churches will attend the
conference: The Rev. J. A. Lyter,
pastor of the Derry Street Church:
the Rev. H. F. Rhoad, pastor of tlm
State Street Church: the Rev. w.
E. Dougherty, First Church; the
Rev. S. Edwin Rupp, Otterbein
Church, and the Rev. John O. Jones,,
of the Sixth Street Church.
The following United Brethren
ministers from surrounding towns
will also be present before the con
clusion of the conference: The Rev.
Joseph Dougherty, Steelton Cen
tenary Church; the Rev. H. M. Mil
ler, Penbrnok Chureh; the T>ev \T.
H. Wert, Hlghsplre Church; thi Rev
E. A. G. Bossier, Middletown
Church, and the Rev. H. S. Kiefer,*
Oberlln Church.
Joseph Bricker to Lead
Camp Cnrtin Grid Eleven
The Camp Curtin football squad
has elected Joseph Brlcker captain
for this season. There was a lively
contest among the voters to make
itheir candidates winners, J>ut the
election of Brlcker has resulted in
general satisfaction, and all the boys
have confidence in his ability to
handle the team.
Through the faithful, efficient
work of Manager Jerald Daley, the
Camp Curtin football season will
open Saturday of this week at Her
shey with Camp Curtin playing the
strong High school team of Her
Manager Daley is arranging for
other games, but the schedule is not
yet complete.
Permission has been secured to
play all home games at Island Park,
on Friday afternoons after school.
Meatmen and CRildim I
oP Hanisburd and Vicinity I
are wHKnd to Kberally I
£o-r y'ovar personal opinions oP I
v n jtk' p' I ' 8 If, However, PYRO- |B\
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But, before launching this campaign of Secretary Daaphln Co. Pharmaceutical Aaaociation. I
Like to Have You IH|
° J J - niUOIIM, Principal Junior High School A HB
advertising, we want to feel reasonably hm AD BUB, uarriabnrg xeicgmph Editorial stair. Answer;
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19 Did your first trial convince you that
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9 The Pyro Chemical Co., Baltimore Md. j 9
Supervisor Zorger Explains
Plans Whereby Busy Peo
ple Can Profit
Many residents of the city who are
unable to secure further educational
advantages except after hours of
daily employment are being offered
evening courses by the city school
Professor C. E. Zorger, supervisor
of special activities. Is organizing
the classes this year and arranging
the program of night schools. In a
statement to-day he explains the
plans for these classes which will
open to-morrow evening:
"Added opportunities are offered
this year for those working In a rut
and whose chances for advancement
In their particular line of work Is
limited for want of a little training
In English, mathematics, mechanical
drawing. These classes will be or
ganised primarily for the man or
woman now employed who wishes
to advance in their own chosen field,
whether In the office, shop or home.
"The course In commercial train
ing offers training in bookkeeping
and business arithmetic besides the
regular classes In business English,
shorthand and typewriting. It is
also hoped to organize a course In
shop training which will offer shop
arlthmetlo, shop sketching, mechan
ical drawing, and other related
studies. Classes In sewing and other
courses In domestic science will be
r OCTOBER 1, 1919. 1
arranged If there is a demand for
"The school for the forelgn-born
who wish to learn English will be
opened In the Harris Park School
and at Central High School. Classes
will be arranged to suit the needs
of those who can speak English and
wish to learn to read and write as
well as for those who wish to learn
to speak the language better.
"In Central High School will be
enrolled all those people who went
to any of the various classes in com
mercial and shop courses. Those
who would study other branches of
learning if it were offered will also
be registered for any classes they
might want to enter and such classes
will be opened as soon as the facil
ities allow.
"All these classes are free to the 'Y
residents of the city who are over
16 years of age, not in attendance
at any day school, and who can show
satisfactory evidence that they can
carry on the s'udles they desire. The
regular sessions of the school will
be held on Monday, Tuesday and
'Thursday evenings from 7.30 to 9.39
o'clock. Prospective students should
enroll as soon as possible so that
class facilities can be provided."