Harrisburg telegraph. (Harrisburg, Pa.) 1879-1948, September 19, 1919, Page 5, Image 5

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    Train Airmen to
Berth Big Airships
I/ondon, Sept. -9.—ln anticipation
of the time when big airships will
be regularly arriving in England and
departing on their long overland and
overseas journeys; officers and men
"Store Opens Saturday at 9A. M. Closes Saturday at 9P.
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* r.iL./Lft . " 1 " ned and Stitching on backs, comes In every one is unusual at this shades, a big assortment, of wanted colors and black, sec- \ I Wmtißg beautifully embroidered, bead
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fitted with heavy web hose supporters, / widths Bto E; very special. ( fa Qc I_4lllllC allQ vxCOrglllG DIOUSGS
?sj also with self adjusting shield under "A • 8 P jg? J QCI Us
M lacers, sizes 19 to 36, prices range Vw Wnmen'n RnnU flt JhS 85 £<l>2S,i7 D
from LaCG DOOIS al . pjtOu /Qig/y Flesh or white crepe de chine and georgine blouses of 11 , |K.
. . N. This is a Goodyear welt boot with straight cut vamp in plain and tipped toes long yfa excellent quality materials, plain and tailored while some
if? 51l 11¥1 IT* SO X models, they come in beaver, brown and black liona kid, have military, Cuban and , \ are neatly embroidered, well made and in full sizes, 36 to KM
n| Up 1" ~leather Louis heels, sizes 2y 2 to 8, widths Bto E special. *- 46, very special.
of the Royal Air Force are being
trained to the task of landing and
putting them away.
It is a delicate operation berthing
a 600-foot airship in a great shed
without crushing the cars or ripping
the envelope, and must be perform
ed with no more apparent force than
a mother might use in wrapping up
her babe for the night.
French Overstocked
With Army Airplanes
Paris, Sept. 19.—The French army
is at a loss to know what to do
with its vast stock of aircraft. Auc
tion sales of aeroplanes organized
by the government are viewed with
absolute indifference by the general
public. At the last sale a scout plane
fitted with a 860 horsepower motor
found no purchaser even at $4O.
Carlisle, Pa, Sept. 19.—Merchants
here are arranging to hold a special
institute next week when a business
expert will speak at five evening ses-
sions and give Individual conferences
during the days. Interest centers in
the event in that it ia one of the fea
tures of increased co-operation be
tween the business men of the town
as a result of the efforts of the
Chamber of Commerce.
Carlisle, Ta., Sept. 19.—The an- I
nouncemrnt was made * here- to-day
that Mis,s Erma Klucker, of Carlisle,
and Cal D. SheafTer, also of Carlisle,
were married on August 30 at New
York City. The bride has been a
stenographer for the State Compen
sation Board for sometime and the
groom is employed at the Marsh Run
oepot. Both are well known. They
I will reside in Carlisle.
SEPTEMBER 19, 1919.
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